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HOW TO BUY ART Start Your Own Art Collection

01: ART COLLECTING "an accumulation of works of art by a private individual or a public institution. Art collecting has a long history, and most of the world’s art museums grew out of great private collections formed by royalty, the aristocracy, or the wealthy." Encyclopedia Britannica

02: YOUR ART COLLECTION AS A SELF PORTRAIT IN PIECES Creating your own art collection will become one of the most fulfilling investments you make during your life. A piece of art in your home can become an oasis of rest, a springboard for new ideas or a memory of a particular moment in time. Art is personal, it showcases one’s taste and style just as the fashion, interiors and gadgets we choose.

03: A GOOD PLACE TO START: To sharpen your taste, look at as much art in as many different places as possible. Visit galleries, see exhibitions, find out about the big and local art fairs. Spend a moment analysing what speaks to you and what doesn’t. Once you spend some time engaging with lots of different art, you will develop ‘an eye’ for what you prefer and what you don’t care for. This will make it easier to know when something catches your eye, a piece of art that will work just right for you.



An original artwork is an artwork that is simply one of a kind. It can be an oil painting on canvas or board, done in acrylics, watercolours or mixed media. Art comes in many shapes, sizes and media used.

05: PRINTS Prints are artist made or artist approved editions of their work. They can come on paper but also on canvas. Limited edition or unlimited, signed or unsigned. All fine art prints are printed on acid free materials that last and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Sculpture is an object in space, viewable from many angles which can be made out of variety of materials. It can be made directly and some is cast from sculptor’s model. If cast, sculpture can be one of a kind or come in editions.

07: PHOTOGRAPHY In many ways similar to prints, photographs can come in limited or unlimited editions, be signed and is printed on materials that last.


Much as the name suggests, this is any kind of art work fixed to the wall that has sculptural elements to it. Neon art, ceramics, found material, fabrics – these can be either behind glass, perspex or have no covering.


09: IS BUYING ART AN INVESTMENT? This is one of the most complicated art related questions to answer. All parties involved are looking to have the value of the art increased overtime. That however should not be the sole reason for buying an artwork unless you are looking to work with an art investment adviser. The art market is famously fickle and doesn’t easily adhere to any rules. Often artists art organically increases in value as their career progresses, they gain recognition and show in more galleries and exhibitions. Artworld is run on originality and scarcity.

10: HOW CAN I TELL GOOD ART FROM BAD ART? The art market is huge, there are thousand of artists and only a handful of them make it to the popular consciousness. Some art, especially abstract art is often dismissed for ‘not being art’, being ‘pretentious’ ‘my 5 year old could have done it’ etc. One man treasure… and all that. However, everyone is free to like what they like. We are all different and art should and can cater to all of us.

“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.� Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

11: WHERE AND HOW DO I HANG MY ART? There’s a huge variety of ways to show off your collection. Large pieces can become rooms main focal points, they can be hung at eye level but you can place them higher if you want the eye to move upwards. Art can simply placed on shelves, the floor, furniture. It can be hung ‘gallery style’ in groups of similar sized pieces or uniformly especially if they are a series.

12: FRAMES Framing is often somewhat overlooked part of buying, preparing and showing art. Frame is chosen to work with the artwork in whichever way you prefer. You might want the frame to be noticeable and you might not. You can choose frames that match the work or you can have an old print in a contemporary floating frame. No frame or big frame, it’s something not to overlook.

What is an Edition? The number of times an image is printed is the edition. If the artist chooses to print just one piece however, as a silkscreen for example or an engraving lifted out of a plate, the original is then one of a kind, often called a monoprint. What is a Reproduction? A reproduction involves taking an original piece of art and photographing or scanning it, transferring that image to paper. Posters are produced in this manner. What are Limited and Numbered Editions? Editions may be limited or unlimited in number and may be numbered or unnumbered at the discretion of the artist. While it is often thought that limiting editions makes the print more valuable this is not necessarily true. Many of the most well known photographers (for example Ansel Adams) do not limit their editions and their prints are still extremely valuable. What is a Medium? Medium refers to either the type of artwork (painting, sculpture, drawing, print) or to the materials used in making of the work (bronze, plaster, charcoal, oils, etching, lithography etc).

“It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure.”  Albert Einstein

ABOUT US We are a sister company to a successful art consultancy Luminaire Arts in London. To support and encourage more young artists and to widen the audience of our established ones; we have created LumiArts to provide an art service that reaches world-wide and will provide you with art effortlessly. At LumiArts we are passionate about art and satisfaction of our customers as well as our artists.

LumiArts guide to buying art 2018  
LumiArts guide to buying art 2018