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TERM 4 2019



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The Brown and White is a quarterly newsletter for alumni and supporters of Ivanhoe Grammar School.

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Welcome to the Term 4 edition of The Brown and White. We had some great feedback to our first edition in Term 3. We will try to incorporate your suggestions and cover a range of topics in each issue. We hope that this will enable you to stay connected with alumni news as well as current happenings at Ivanhoe Grammar School. The Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association (OIGA) hosted nine reunions in 2019, including the 30 Year Reunion of the Class of 1989, which was our largest ever in terms of alumni and past staff attendance. The challenge is on for other peer years to achieve better numbers at their reunions. The recent Buckley Boys/Brown Era event and Plenty Campus 10 Year reunion (see photograph above) were well attended and are featured in this edition. Next year gives us opportunities for further celebrations, being the OIGA Centenary. In addition to the decade reunions, look out for regional and interstate events, as well as the Principal hosting alumni drinks in several overseas locations. Please mark the dates from page 5 in your diary, in particular taking note of the Centenary Friday Night Drinks, scheduled for Friday 13 March 2020. This event will appeal equally to the young, and the young at heart. Our various Old Ivanhoe sporting teams continue to do well on the

field, and more importantly, these clubs provide another way for alumni to stay connected. If you need information about any of our affiliated clubs, please check our website at or if you have suggestions for new clubs or activities, please email us at and we will give your ideas due consideration.

Strong enrolments Our School is experiencing strong forward enrolments so alumni parents are reminded of changes to enrolment procedures. From 1 November 2019, to ensure priority status for all year levels, alumni must be Life Members of the OIGA and will need to have the application for enrolment submitted to the School prior to the child’s 5th birthday. An application at birth would be most advisable for any alumni considering ELC or Foundation entry. We look forward to seeing you at one of our OIGA Centenary events during 2020. In the meantime, wishing you all the best for a safe and happy Christmas and a bright and successful New Year. Wayne Vanderwert (’89) President OIGA Peter Swain (’75) Head of Development


OILS – A club that is not! You may have noticed the increased presence of the Old Ivanhoe Law Society (OILS) at alumni events and on social media in the last couple of years and wondered exactly what it is? OILS is not a sporting or social club and does not hold regular club meetings. OILS does, however, hold an annual dinner. So what benefits does OILS offer our members? OILS is a society that exists to assist its members by the effective and timely utilisation of other member’s knowledge and contacts. It is based on the principle of mutuality and its only agenda is to do good for its members. So far, the society has been particularly useful in assisting members looking for a graduate position with law firms, advising Ivanhoe Grammar School students who are considering a law course and connecting undergraduates to practitioner mentors. In future, OILS will be used by members to explore job opportunities and offer advice in relation to career changes; in fact, there are no limits to the benefits that OILS could provide to members.

Podcasts a hit with young lawyers Good advice freely given OILS is an illustration of the deep well of goodwill which exists between older, more experienced lawyers and younger alumni. OILS is a resource that is knowledgeable, comprehensive, without agenda or cost; an example of good advice freely given. To become a member of OILS, you must be a Life Member of the OIGA and have completed or be studying for a law degree. OILS is made up of practicing and retired solicitors, barristers, corporate and public sector lawyers, and an increasing number of people who have completed a law degree before embarking on a career in commerce or industry. If you fit the criteria, we’d love you to join and participate in our annual dinner, because you may need a friend sometime! Go to to join.

Just over 12 months ago, OILS commenced the production of podcasts based on interviews with selected alumni lawyers. The podcasts feature alumni sharing their experiences, observations and insights of the law. We have tried to cover a range of demographics and circumstances, resulting in a diverse set of topics. Those who have been interviewed include partners of some of Australia’s best-known firms, as well as barristers and corporate counsels. Because the interviews are kept ‘in-house’, the comments are remarkably candid and informative. The podcasts are only available to OILS members doing a tertiary law course or Ivanhoe Grammar School students who are considering a career in the law. Without doubt, these podcasts have provided invaluable insights and guidance. The success of our podcasts has attracted the attention of the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV). After a number of discussions, OILS and LIV have reached an agreement whereby OILS will conduct interviews on behalf of LIV, on the condition that these additional podcasts will also be made available to our members via the OILS website. These podcasts will be a fantastic resource for the Ivanhoe Grammar School family. TERM 4 2019



Buckley Boy’s/Brown Era Reunion 2019 One thing you can always be sure of at this reunion is plenty of chatter and lots of ‘remember when…’ This year was no exception, with our reunion on Thursday 28 November starting off at The Chapel of the Holy Trinity with Father John Sanderson leading our Service and Graham Hawke (’44), our oldest living School Captain, reading the lesson. Then it was on to lunch at Buckley Hall where everyone was brought up to date on School matters by our Principal, Gerard Foley. Our Year 2 students arrived arrived and showed how proudly they could sing the School Song and do the War Cry. Everyone joined in the War Cry thanks to John Knorr (’52) stirring them on. OIGA President Wayne Vanderwert (’89) spoke to the group and informed them of the many activities that will take place next year to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the OIGA. The highlights will include Centenary Friday Night Drinks on 13 March



and the OIGA Centenary Dinner on Saturday 22 August. Next year is also the centenary of the AGSV and several sporting functions will take place as part of these celebrations, so there will be many opportunities for Buckley Boys/Brown Era alumni to get involved.

Reaching milestones Living Treasure plaques were presented to Noel Griffith (’47) and John Kenyon-Smith (’45) on reaching 90 years of age. Our octogenarians, David Bogle (’57), Peter Gunston (‘56), Geoff List (’57), Ken Pemberton (‘57), Howard Purcell (’57) and Michael Roth (’57) each received their Life Member plaques acknowledging the milestone. We look forward to welcoming them back next year as we celebrate our centenary.


Save the date 2020

Class of 2009 – Plenty Campus 10 Year Reunion Temple Brewing in East Brunswick was the venue for the Plenty 10 Year Reunion. School Captain and current OIGA Treasurer Michael Bacskos (’09) and Vice-Captain Chloe Wilson (’09) did a great job re-connecting with their classmates resulting in a really good turnout. Current staff members Lawrence Dalton and Graham White as well as Pauline Swain and Kumiko McLay (both past staff) enjoyed catching up with their former charges.

Making a big commitment Some of these young alumni made a big commitment to get to the reunion. Steve Spencer (’09) and his partner travelled from Sydney for the weekend. Tayla Rowsell (’09) made the longest journey driving from Darwin to Melbourne to join her cohort. Tayla had just been assigned to Canberra from the Northern Territory to take up her next Royal Australian Air Force posting. When driving such a long way, a side trip to Melbourne for a 10 Year Reunion must have seemed like a minor diversion! The Plenty Class of 2009 appears to have turned out very well, and as you can see from the photographs, Temple Brewing again proved a most enjoyable venue for the reunion.

Sunday 12 January London Drinks with the Principal Wednesday 12 February Albury Reunion Lunch Friday 28 February New York Drinks with the Principal Wednesday 4 March 50 Year Reunion, School House Friday 13 March OIGA Centenary Drinks, The Ridge Café Wednesday 18 March Mornington Reunion Lunch Friday 27 March 40 Year Reunion, Buckley Hall Friday 17 April Adelaide Reunion Friday 1 May TRC 20 Year Reunion, Vasko Wednesday 6 May Guangzhou Drinks with the Principal Friday 8 May Hong Kong Drinks with the Principal Friday 15 May Plenty Campus 20 Year Reunion, Temple Brewing Friday 22 May Plenty Campus 30th Anniversary Dinner, Leonda Friday 29 May TRC 30 Year Reunion, Buckley Hall Friday 12 June Plenty Campus 5 Year Reunion, Temple Brewing Friday 17 July Sydney Friday Night Drinks Saturday 18 July Sydney Reunion Lunch Friday 31 July Perth Reunion Friday 07 August Canberra Reunion Saturday 22 August OIGA Centenary Dinner, Buckley Hall Tuesday 1 September Geelong Reunion Lunch Friday 4 September TRC 10 Year Reunion, Vasko Friday 11 September TRC 5 Year Reunion, Vasko Friday 23 October Brisbane Friday Night Drinks Saturday 24 October Brisbane Reunion Lunch Friday 6 November Plenty Campus 10 Year Reunion, Temple Brewing Wednesday 25 November Buckley Boys/Brown Era Reunion, Buckley Hall TERM 4 2019



Bill King (’48)

Kehley Bitzas (‘15)

Bernie Jacobson (’54)

In documenting his fascinating family history Bill King (’48) discovered that his ancestors were early settlers in the Swan River Colony in Western Australia and were great contributors to the development of the colony in its infancy. Earlier research had uncovered the role that the King family played in the settlement of the North West Cape and Gascoyne Goldfields. The Kings were apparently the first permanent settlers in the region at the turn of the 20th Century when they established Exmouth Gulf Station and prospected the Eldorado goldmine in the 1920s.

Current Culver-Stockton College student Kehley Bitzas (’15) has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics A.O. Duer Scholarship. This award recognises students who excel in terms of character, citizenship and academic achievement. Kehley is a standout goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team and has set the benchmark for ‘shutouts’ (nil score lines) with 21 shutouts in her college career.

He might be ‘Livin La Vida Lagonda’, but Bernie Jacobson (’54) still keeps in touch with Ivanhoe Grammar School through Geoff Brown (’62). Such a proud owner of his Lagonda, Bernie even takes it with him on holidays!

Pictured atop Mt Augustus, Bill still cuts a fine figure. Not to be outdone, Bill’s wife Val is pictured having landed a monster 20kg barramundi on the Roper River in the Northern Territory. ‘When Val and I retired in 1998 we headed off to the west to research the achievements of the family’, Bill reported. ‘I’d travelled extensively through the Kimberley for work and did in fact open up the Gibb River Road some 50 odd years ago.’ The Gibb River Road is a 660 kilometre track right through the wild heart of the Kimberley and is one of the main attractions in the region, being on the bucket list for all serious 4WD explorers.



In 2018, Kehley recorded seven shutouts and was subsequently selected for the Heart of America Athletic Conference first-team. Her Head Coach Tyler Tomlinson described Kehley as ‘one of the most determined and focused students I have coached at Culver-Stockton. She is a very talented player and has left her legacy all over our soccer record books.’ While starring on the pitch, Kehley is also kicking goals off the field. She is majoring in psychology and hopes to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Outside of her sporting and academic success, Kehley exemplifies the Ivanhoe Learner attributes, being always willing to serve others. She has participated in causes such as Field of Dreams Uganda, the annual Kick it for Cancer Game and Toys for Tots. What a great role model for all Old Ivanhoe Grammarians.

Car aficionados would recognise the Lagonda as a British luxury car marque. Lagonda was established in 1906 and subsequently purchased by Aston Martin in 1947. Late models of the Lagonda are still available for purchase, as long as the buyer can raise a few million dollars! Bernie’s Lagonda is a 1934 ‘Rapier’ which he has owned since 1976. The holidays that Bernie’s Lagonda has enjoyed are in keeping with the quality and exclusivity of the marque itself. Among other outings, the Lagonda has travelled throughout the United Kingdom and Europe five times since 1984, and has been used for daily commuting as well as highway cruising. Bernie can be seen in the photo with his ‘Rapier’ in the French countryside. What a charming way to travel across Europe!


Gunnie Waddell (’36) hits the ton! The Principal and Geoff Brown recently flew to Canberra to celebrate the 100th birthday of Gunnie Waddell from the Class of 1936. Gunnie was born on 13 November 1919 on a farm in Yea, spending his primary years there before boarding at Ivanhoe. During his short time at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Gunnie was involved in tennis and cricket but his real claim to fame was being a member of our first Premiership Football Team in 1934. Gunnie is pictured above with Gerard Foley, proudly holding a photo of this Premiership Team. Returning home in 1935 after his father was taken ill, Gunnie subsequently answered his country’s call in 1939 and enlisted in the Army. Assigned to the 2/2 Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Gunnie saw service in Palestine, Syria and New Guinea and considers himself one of the lucky ones. At the end of hostilities, Gunnie undertook university studies and began working for the Immigration Department. He became Ivanhoe Grammar School’s first diplomat and represented Australia in New York, Washington, London, Paris and Rome interspersed with short stints in the Channel Islands and Spain.

From the Archives Gunnie still lives independently. Asked if he does his own cooking, he replied with a wry smile that ‘I heat things up, rather than cook.’ Gunnie has full intentions of coming to Melbourne in April next year to march in the Melbourne ANZAC Parade and participate in The Ridgeway Campus ANZAC Service on 24 April 2020.

A long life, well lived Gunnie considers the people that he has met over his lifetime to be the most important aspect of what has been a long life, well lived. A highlight of the visit was a special video message to Gunnie from the School. The video included a rendition of the War Cry from the whole of Buckley House followed by our Foundation students singing Happy Birthday. On behalf of Ivanhoe Grammar School, Gerard and Geoff wished Gunnie many happy returns!

With the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) celebrating its centenary in 2020 it is appropriate to recognise one of our finest athletes. Alf Watson (’24), pictured in the centre of the photo, was a champion all-round sportsman and Ivanhoe Grammar School’s first Olympian. In addition to being a fine footballer, Alf captained our First XI in 1923 and 1924, winning the AGSV batting average in 1924. Alf became best known for Athletics, leading our Champion teams in 1922 and 1923. In 1922 he won his two individual races and anchored the winning relay team, while in 1923 he won all four AGSV events in which he competed. After school, Alf joined St James Harriers (now Ivanhoe Harriers), and was subsequently appointed Captain of their Team of the Century. In 1928, Alf broke the Australasian 440 yard hurdles record and represented Australia at both the 1928 and 1936 Olympics. At the 1938 Empire (now Commonwealth) Games, Alf was a member of our Bronze Medal winning 4x110 yards relay team. By the end of his long athletics career, Alf had won 16 Victorian and 5 Australian Hurdles Championships. During Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Centenary celebrations in 2015, Alf Watson was appointed to both the Athletics and Cricket Teams of the Century. TERM 4 2019



Jamie Forsyth (‘90) The trailblazing Jamie Forsyth (’90), co-founder of the revolutionary KeepCup, is again leading the way towards sustainability. Along with his sister Abigail, Jamie’s latest venture involves an innovative business idea called RETURNR. RETURNR is an environmental initiative that aims to replace single use takeaway packaging with equivalent sustainable, reusable solutions that are managed and shared throughout existing cafe networks, minimising waste and resources. Curious as to how RETURNR works? At participating cafes, restaurants and other outlets, customers request that their food be provided in a RETURNR. The customer pays a deposit along with cost of the meal. Once dinner is over, the customer simply rinses the RETURNR and takes it back to any café or outlet within the network and the deposit is refunded. RETURNR packaging is 100% recyclable and is designed to be reused regularly. Since the trial launch in Melbourne in late 2018, over 85,000 singleuse plastic bowls have been saved from landfill, so Jamie’s push toward sustainable food service practices is clearly working. Ivanhoe Grammar School wishes the dynamic sibling duo all the best with their latest endeavour!



Karl Van Buuren (‘02), Jake (‘98) and Josh Uljans (’02) Since its opening in October, Moon Dog World has been dubbed ‘a craft brewery on steroids!’ Moon Dog World is the latest project from our unconventional alumni Karl Van Buuren (’02), and brothers Jake (’98) and Josh Uljans (’02). More than an enormous brewery, Moon Dog World is a destination with a lagoon, waterfall and of course a beer garden. The venue caters for over 700 people and the brewery is capable of producing ten million litres of beer annually. After years of successful brewing in Abbotsford, our erstwhile alumni decided they needed a bigger space to brew beer and serve more customers, in order to keep up with growing demand. The solution was to establish Moon Dog World in industrial-sized premises in Preston! Apart from the beverages on offer, Moon Dog World offers a food menu to satisfy all group sizes and dietary requirements, and a range of entertainment for any occasion. The unique style, music and atmosphere is attracting plenty of attention and has lots of people craving the Moon Dog experience. Well done boys.

Grange Wallis (‘01) Already recognised as one of Australia’s leading commercial artists, Grange Wallis (’01) has teamed up with some of our finest writers, comedians and jokers to produce the children’s book ‘Funny Bones’. The book is due for release prior to Christmas and will be Grange’s first published work. Proceeds from the sale of ‘Funny Bones’ are being directed to War Child Australia. The mission of War Child Australia is to support the care of young people living with insecurity, poverty and exclusion in the world’s worst conflict zones. Grange specialises in creative illustration and has worked in the Sports Media, Gaming and Comic industries for several years. Many alumni would have seen Grange’s work for some of Australia’s best-known companies and sporting organisations. His body of work includes AFL team game cards and collaborations with both the Carlton and Fremantle Football Clubs. Grange’s work has also been featured in various high-profile social media campaigns for the NRL, Tabcorp and William Hill. In the Comic industry, Grange has also completed three covers for the Australian publication of The Phantom. With his first book under his belt, we are looking forward to seeing what Grange has in store for us next.


Young alumni – From Ivanhoe to Facebook Headquarters A group of young alumni has become an online sensation with their Facebook Group ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ (SAT). Siblings Angela (’14) and Kerry Kang (’18), twins Anny (’18) and Tony Xie (’18), Lydia Jiang (’18) and other friends set up this Facebook Group as a laugh and to relieve some stress during exams. In just over a year, SAT has become a global cultural online sensation with more than 1.5 million followers worldwide. SAT was predominantly a memes group in the initial stages, whose members shared anecdotes about growing up in a western culture as first generation Asian immigrants. SAT is now a global online community with shared stories and experiences providing the foundation for the group’s cultural connection.

A global phenomenon The explosion in numbers necessitated the recruitment of moderators around the world. The moderators approve content in real time across all timezones, ensuring adherence to SAT guidelines (for example, no bullying or harassment) and enabling the Australian-based co-founders to get some sleep!

The SAT member base exceeded one million in less than 3 months, attracting the attention of the New York Times and the BBC. Facebook headquarters also contacted the group, resulting in Kerry heading to the United States as part of a Facebook forum and discussion group. He also met key Facebook executives and other Group Administrators. Squeezing the overseas trip in between his exams was not easy, but the trip gave the group valuable insight relating to online communities. A second trip to San Francisco was organised for October 2019. Angela and Tony were guests of Facebook, attending focus groups, testing products and meeting with Facebook engineers. The key message they received was to ‘protect your intellectual property’, so the SAT co-founders have since established the trademark of Subtle Asian Traits. According to Angela, SAT is an ‘authentic, supportive online community with people sharing stories and experiences’. SAT’s most interacted post was a recent story shared by a member regarding interracial relationships. Happy Birthday SAT – may your community continue to grow!

Snippets The incredibly talented Efjay, aka Fadi Jabbour (’16), has released his debut hip-hop EP ‘Don’t Delete’. Fadi’s distinct sound is captivating audiences everywhere. Congratulations to Shae Wissell (‘97) who is shining a light on Dyslexia Awareness. Shae, the founder and CEO of the Dear Dyslexic Foundation received three leadership and advocacy awards at the recent 2019 Ausmumpreneur awards ceremony. Outstanding effort to have five alumni at the Senior World Canoe Championships earlier this year. Well done to Maddie Wilson (’17), Tristan Carter (’17), Kaylen Bassett (’15), Richard Merjan (’07) and Lachie Bassett (’18). Brothers Matthew (’90) and David Aitchison (’94) spotted their favourite Ivanhoe teacher, Graham Renshaw, when attending the Hawthorn Football Club Best and Fairest Presentation night. Graham has been a trainer at the Hawks for over 25 years and was awarded Life Membership in 2012. Have you heard any other snippets of information that we should all know about? Email us at

TERM 4 2019



One hundred years in the making – the Centenary of the OIGA

A century of AGSV sport

Clear your diaries and schedule 13 March 2020 to have Friday night drinks with us.

be taking our reunions ‘on the road’ in addition to hosting our regular decade reunions. See Save the date on page 5 for a summary of our major reunions and events for the year.

Mirroring the history of the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association, The Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) is celebrating its centenary in 2020.

We will also be hosting two OIGA Centenary functions and will continue to work with six affiliated sporting and other clubs. Leveraging our significant social media presence, we will ensure that the OIGA provides a wide range of opportunities for our alumni to stay in touch.

Along with Ivanhoe Grammar School, the AGSV originally comprised All Saints, Brighton, Camberwell, Caulfield, Haileybury, Malvern, St Thomas and Trinity. Since formation, there have been many changes to AGSV membership; however since 1971 the AGSV has enjoyed a period of stability, with the same nine schools in competition.

The August 1920 Ivanarian records the formation of the OIGA and the intention that our meetings would include ‘dances, smoke nights, musical evenings, games etc.’ The first official meeting of the OIGA was held on 27 March 1920, and the rest, as they say, is history. The OIGA has flourished and is an important part of the Ivanhoe Grammar School family, providing the opportunity for past students to maintain their connection with the School and each other. And while a few things have changed, one hundred years down the track, Old Ivanhoe Grammarians still like to get together and celebrate!

Reach, Connect and Support Our mission is to ‘Reach, Connect and Support current and past students of Ivanhoe Grammar School’. In 2020, as we celebrate our Centenary, we will



To ‘kick off’ our OIGA Centenary, we are gathering at The Ridge Café at The Ridgeway Campus from 6 pm on 13 March 2020 for Centenary Drinks. As you can see from the above photo of the last time we hosted Friday night drinks, you are sure to have a great time. The OIGA Council has agreed to subsidise this fantastic event. Early bird tickets are $30 per person including food, beverages and great entertainment. Save the date, message your classmates or, better still, book now via

By the year 2000, five of the AGSV schools had transitioned to become co-educational. A joint AGSV/APS Girls’ Sport Competition was formed in conjunction with five schools from the Associated Public Schools (APS), which has since expanded to a total of 12 Schools. As you can see from the photograph of the 2019 premiership winning Open Volleyball team, Ivanhoe Grammar School is now enjoying success in girls’ sport, as well as boys! As part of the AGSV Centenary celebrations, during Term 1 2020, Ivanhoe Grammar School will be hosting the Summer Sport Centenary Round on Saturday 8 February. The First XI Cricket team will play Trinity on Saturday 15 February, at which the South Ground Club will host a luncheon. From 20 April 2020, our School will fly the AGSV Centenary Flag with many more celebrations planned for later in the year.


Plenty Campus 30th Anniversary

The Creed Prize for the Performing Arts

The Ridgeway Club

Where has the last 30 years gone? Clearly a rhetorical question, but relevant for those 70 first day students who commenced on 6 February 1990.

Virginia and Richard Creed have generously endowed a new award, the Creed Prize for the Performing Arts at Plenty Campus. The Creed Prize will be presented at the Year 12 Prize Giving Assembly in February 2020 to the student who receives the highest study score in a VCE Unit 4 Performing Arts subject, including music, theatre studies, drama or dance.

The Ridgeway Club has provided great support to our School for over 30 years. Funds raised in 2019 have been allocated to the newly established University Campus. A real highlight this year was a lunch and tour of Hanging Rock Winery, hosted by Annie and John Ellis (’64). As you can see from the photo, our members really enjoyed themselves.

From the time of the laying of the Foundation Stone on 3 June 1989, the progress in just six months was remarkable. By Orientation Day in December, the classrooms were completed and furnished, the landscaping almost completed and the central courtyard created. Since then, subsequent building programs have transformed the campus into a spacious, dynamic and open environment. The campus now caters for students from Foundation to Year 12, while the state-of-the-art facilities include an award-winning STEM Centre (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), an interactive adventure playground, gymnasium, chapel and an equestrian centre, all set within beautifully landscaped grounds. Celebrate the extraordinary development of Plenty Campus on Friday 22 May 2020 at our 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner at Leonda.

Virginia and Richard Creed have a long association with our Plenty Campus having both commenced work there in 1990. Their two sons Nick (’00) and Will (’03) attended Plenty Campus where Richard worked as the Property Manager until retiring in 2015, though he still works at Ivanhoe Grammar School in a part-time capacity. Virginia (pictured above) commenced at Plenty Campus as a music teacher and was appointed Director of Music in 1993. She subsequently worked for some years as the Campus Development and Communications Coordinator, returning to the role of Head of Music and Curriculum Leader of the Performing Arts in 2011. Additionally, Virginia was involved in the Cadet program for over 25 years and established our successful Equestrian program. Virginia retires at the end of this year, but her legacy continues through the establishment of this prize. Richard and Virginia’s continued philanthropic support is greatly appreciated. For a confidential discussion regarding endowment of a named award, please contact Peter Swain

In October, the annual golf weekend at the RACV Goldfields Resort in Creswick proved to be another great success for both players and dinner guests. To round out the year, on Friday 29 November, members and friends gathered at Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club for dinner and, in particular, to remember our dear friend and colleague, Astrida Cooper, who passed away in July. Astrida was a Committee Member at Royal South Yarra and previously hosted our 2014 end of year function. We are indebted to Astrida’s husband Craig who was our gracious host for the event this year. Ivanhoe Grammar School certainly appreciates the support of all Ridgeway Club members this year. In particular, we thank retiring President, Grant Nichol, for his leadership of the Club over the last three years and welcome past parent, Robyn Angus, as our next President. Wayne Motton (’77) has agreed to support Robyn as Vice President and we look forward to Robyn and Wayne taking the Ridgeway Club forward in 2020.

TERM 4 2019



Sports Centre Naming Rights

Donor Thank You Drinks

The new Sports Centre will be one of the largest capital projects ever undertaken at Ivanhoe Grammar School. Perhaps it is too early to say the facility is taking shape, but the above photograph showing the 30m excavation gives the reader an indication of the scale of this impressive development.

During the last week of October, our Principal, Gerard Foley, hosted the annual Donor Thank You Drinks in the Boardroom at School House. Gerard acknowledged the significant contribution made by our donors in 2019, all of whom are committed to the future of Ivanhoe Grammar School. Gerard provided a report on the School including an outline of the exciting new projects which are underway or planned for the future. The School is experiencing a very high number of enrolments, which is indicative of the standing of Ivanhoe Grammar School.

The state of the art facilities within the Sports Centre include an Olympic swimming pool that can be divided into two water polo fields, show courts for basketball, netball and other sports, and rooftop tennis courts. Classroom learning will be provided in multipurpose rooms that are equivalent in size to two classrooms, and the gymnasium, weights room and fitness studio will provide ample opportunity for students to let off steam. Seating is provided for over 600 swimming spectators, while 300 netball and basketball fans can be accommodated in comfort. Spectators will also have the opportunity to enjoy the kiosk and recreational areas,

including a display area for sporting archival material. Saturday morning sport will never be the same for our hard working parents.

Add your name to the history of Ivanhoe Grammar School We anticipate that the new Sports Centre will put Ivanhoe Grammar School at the forefront of sports education in Victoria. There are a number of opportunities to etch your name in our history by taking up naming rights of one of the spaces or facilities within the Sports Centre. In making a capital contribution to the Sports Centre, you would be joining Jack Benson (1916), Bill Lyon (’48) and other Ivanhoe sporting legends. If you would like further information about opportunities for naming rights in the Ivanhoe Grammar School Sports Centre, please contact Peter Swain

Gerard also outlined the busy schedule that is ahead of us in 2020, including celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of Plenty Campus and the centenaries of both the OIGA and the AGSV. And to top off a very busy year, Ivanhoe Grammar School will be hosting the Global Round Square Conference in September. The perfect spring weather added to the enjoyable atmosphere. Attendees at the function included current and past parents, grandparents, staff members and alumni, all of whom enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to mix with other supporters of Ivanhoe Grammar School.

VALE – FIDELIS USQUE AD MORTEM Geoff Jacobson 1951 Robert Oakley 1921 Ian Petty 1948 Laurie Wills 1995 Buckley Boy Buckley Boy Buckley Boy Sligo Era David Lowrie 1979 Mark Penttila 1969 Alfred Smith 1936 Sligo Era Brown Era Buckley Boy