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TERM 4 2020



Transition and reconnecting to the School

• Provide a program that supports the pastoral and academic needs of students as they complete the 2020 academic year and prepare for transition to 2021.

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Alex Bacskos Geoff Brown Mirella Busso-Lee Linda Paltoglou Peter Swain Tim Swain

Photos: Josh Boland Dean Phipps Please advise us of any change in your personal contact details. Email or contact Linda Paltoglou at Ivanhoe Grammar School PO Box 91, Ivanhoe 3079, Australia Phone (03) 9490 3508 The Brown and White is a quarterly newsletter for alumni and supporters of Ivanhoe Grammar School. Cover photo: The first girls at Plenty Campus raise the flag in 1992.

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This has been a year like no other with terms like remote learning, social distancing, self-isolation and being agile becoming a normal part of our language. But, as I write this final Brown and White article for 2020, it is wonderful to hear the sound of happy students back at school. In late October, all students returned to on-site classes. Although continuing to follow COVIDSafe practices, we hope to progressively reintroduce many of the activities that are very much a part of an Ivanhoe education, including music, theatre, sports, cadets and house activities. In preparation for students returning on-site, the School adopted a very proactive approach with several key principles driving all that we do.


• Continue to provide a rigorous and engaging academic program • Identify and provide additional support for students where required through teacher consultation and feedback, internal assessment analysis and benchmarking data.


• Ensuring that we put the ‘fun’ back into education with a range of activities to reconnect students with the School and their friends • Support for students’ wellbeing through teachers meeting with primary students, and secondary students completing a Personalised Mentoring Survey to gauge broader year level concerns as well as individuals requiring help.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has updated our key operational practices with a COVIDSafe Plan to keep our community safe through additional cleaning, temperature testing where required and the creation of ‘bubbles’ to ensure the mixing of cohorts is minimised. As 2020 draws to a close, I want to acknowledge the efforts of our staff who have been phenomenal in the way they have supported our students, families and each other. Likewise the entire Ivanhoe community, including parents, alumni, donors and suppliers, have continued to support the School throughout this difficult period. While the Class of 2020 has unfortunately missed their Formal, school sport, the annual Cadet Camp and many other customary highlights of their final year, they have shown great resilience and maturity, understanding that many others have been doing it much harder. The skills that the Class of 2020 have learned this year will hold them in good stead, and they will be remembered as a group of people who displayed compassion and courage, and exhibited all the attributes of an Ivanhoe Learner, focused on service to others and the development of character. In the words of our School Song ‘We are proud to be members of Ivanhoe School’ and in 2020 collectively, we could not be more proud of Ivanhoe Grammar School. Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy Christmas, and we look forward to 2021 with great hope, optimism and expectation. Gerard Foley Principal


A Diamond in the Making One of our sporting stars, Alice TeagueNeeld (’14) has enjoyed a stellar few months having recently been selected in the Australian Diamonds 2020/2021 Development Squad, and in October playing Goal Attack for Westcoast Fever in the Suncorp Super Netball Grand Final. Unfortunately for Alice, Melbourne Vixens won the thrilling final by two points (66-64). The daughter of former Ivanhoe Grammar School teacher and exAFL Coach Mark Neeld, Alice began her professional netball career for the Melbourne Vixens in 2014 and went on to play for the Collingwood Magpies in 2017. Considered one of Australia’s best young netball talents, she was subsequently named vice-captain of the Australian Under 21 World Youth Squad in that year. At the end of the 2018 season Alice was signed by West Coast Fever on a multiyear deal. Currently enjoying a welldeserved break, Alice agreed to share some insights about her career so far. What are your key memories of netball at school? The 2013 netball tour to England was one of the highlights of my time at Ivanhoe Grammar School. It was such an incredible trip with a great group of girls and our coach, Julie Hibberd. We road tripped throughout England, playing games against different schools and seeing many sights, before finishing with three nights in Paris.

What advice would you give to current students wanting to pursue a professional career in sport? I am a big believer in having fun and enjoying what you do. At times it can be challenging and other times you might feel like you’ve had enough. But if you remember back to why you play your sport, it will help push and grow you into a more resilient person. How did you find the move to Perth at the end of 2018? I didn’t really have too many expectations when I moved here but the team and club made me feel at home and welcomed. My boyfriend, Tom O’Halloran (‘14) moved over to Perth with me which made it a lot easier! How did you cope with performing and training in a ‘lockdown hub environment’? At the start of the year there was mention of a potential ‘hub’, but I never expected it to happen. However, just a few months later, we were off to spend three months in Brisbane, staying in an apartment and living in close quarters with the rest of the team. We all got into a routine relatively quickly and I also had university studies to keep me busy which helped me stay sane! There were challenges as it was hard to separate netball from life, especially when living with your team and staff every day. This is where university studies helped me out!

How did you dig deep in those final games? As a team we were playing some of our best netball in the back end of the season. We had some great team discussions and really put our foot down heading into the second half. I really enjoyed my netball and playing with the girls around me. How do you feel about your selection in the Diamonds Development Squad? I am extremely grateful and excited to be selected. The squad is full of very talented athletes and I look forward to training with the girls when we start in early 2021. Is there any chance we can see you moving back home and returning to the Vixens in the future? I loved my time at Vixens and I am obviously from Victoria. However, I am really enjoying living and playing over here in Perth. You never know what the future may hold, but I would love to continue to play with West Coast Fever. What influence did your father have in choosing a professional sports career? Dad’s involvement with sport has definitely played a role in sparking my love for netball. I love being able to have conversations with him about sport and comparing how different sports do certain things. Mum and Dad have both been very supportive of my sporting career.

TERM 4 2020



Class of 2010 – Plenty Campus Most of our 2020 reunions have been postponed due to COVID-19 but we expect to resume our program and reconnect in person during 2021, including those reunions deferred this year. In the meantime, a few alumni from the Class of 2010 at Plenty Campus have sent us recollections from their time at school and an update on their current activities. Included are some photos of the Plenty Campus 2010 Formal.

Chloe Campbell (’10)

Janae Keil (’10)

Shannon Ammeraal (’10)

Chloe Campbell (nee Higgins) commented that the last ten years have been a remarkable adventure. She is now working in Early Education and gave kudos to teachers Ms Bellamy and Mr White who she felt were passionate and dedicated, in their teaching roles as well as the lives and wellbeing of their students. Her PE Class was certainly memorable, given she was accidentally hit in the head with a golf club during class! Chloe has started a family and states that as her greatest personal achievement.

Janae has filled the last ten years with travelling, university, a wonderful relationship and countless unforgettable experiences which she attributes to her years at Ivanhoe Grammar School. It’s no surprise that Janae’s most vivid memory is the 2010 Overland Track adventure lead by Rod Summerton. ‘It was an amazing experience with an amazing group of people. I can’t wait to do the track again!’ Janae fondly recalls Mrs Whelan – ‘she had so much faith in me and helped me to see what I am capable of’. After a long stint at RMIT University, Janae is about to graduate as a Chiropractor.

Shannon Ammeraal (nee Pearman) is a busy mother of two and works as a park ranger as well as operating a successful online textile/fabric business called Blossom Bums. The business sells waterproof fabric by the metre to creative seamstresses. Shannon reports that people initially made nappies from the fabric but she is now aware of a multitude of other items being made including swimwear and swimming bags. When asked about her favourite teacher, Shannon commented ‘I had a great line up including White, Place and Caracella but I’ll have to go with Mr Caracella.’

Brendan Knox (’10)

Grace Bonfadini (nee Tan) always wanted to be a teacher and she warmly remembers her teacher, Charlotte Lennie being the first person who encouraged her to follow that pathway. We can report that Grace ‘went to uni, got a bunch of degrees, got married and is now a teacher!’ Grace loved and still misses the school musicals. ‘I still remember them fondly and being under the stage playing piano in the pit.’

Stuart Archibald (’10) Stuart works in business banking for the Commonwealth Bank Finance Team and commented that ‘time has flown by’. He has fond memories of the Class of 2010, particularly the laughs and banter between them that kept them entertained. John Pollard was Stuart’s Chemistry teacher and was ‘a saint’ for his work with the group. Stuart is enjoying his lifestyle and spending time with his partner Tara.



Brendan resides interstate and serves with the Royal Australian Air Force as an Air Battle Manager. He enjoyed Mr Dalton’s classes because ‘he would always try to not laugh while we were misbehaving, but would often fail.’ Fatherhood is Brendan’s greatest achievement with his son Henley being his pride and joy.

Grace Bonfadini (’10)


Buckley Boys/Brown Era Reunion 2020 Unfortunately, the Buckley Boys/ Brown Era Chapel Service and Luncheon was not held this year. One of the highlights of the lunch has always been the presentation of awards by the Principal to those who have achieved age milestones during the year. This year we have a record 20 recipients attaining the age of 80, and we will present each of these alumni a desk plaque to mark this achievement at the next luncheon.

Recipients of our Living Treasure award, for those attaining 90 years of age, are as follows: David Ball (’47) Robert Breame (’48) Hux Carver (’47) Frank Gummow (’48) Sydney Hornsby (’48) William King (’48) Geoff Mason (’48) Gregor McGregor (’47) John Somerville (’47) We plan to deliver the awards in person to our Living Treasures in the coming weeks, and our best wishes go to all those listed above.

SAVE THE DATE – TERM 1, 2021 Wednesday 3 March 50 Year Reunion Friday 12 March OIGA Centenary Drinks Friday 26 March 40 Year Reunion for the Classes of 1980 and 1981

We are hoping to resume our comprehensive reunion program in 2021. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and the OIGA website to keep updated on all OIGA activities.

TERM 4 2020



Ian Rule

Recollections and Reflections In our previous edition of the Brown and White, we invited past students and foundation teachers to share some memories of Plenty Campus. In this edition, our founding Head of Campus, Ian Rule, as well as some parents, have provided reflections on their involvement with Plenty Campus over the last 30 years.

Ian Rule, Head of Campus, 1990 - 1997 ‘It is wonderful to have the opportunity to look back at 30 years of development at Plenty Campus. Those of us who were there in 1990 were certainly not looking ahead 30 years. Our everyday horizons were much lower, and our focus was sometimes no further ahead than 30 days. Nevertheless, these humble beginnings were filled with firsts; the first day, the first AGSV sport, the first musical production and most memorably the first female students. They were milestones to be celebrated.



The parents were very supportive and showed great faith in the School, particularly those who enrolled their children when all we could show them was a large paddock surrounded by more large paddocks, and an architect’s model of what the School may look like. At Plenty Campus, we were determined to provide the same range of experiences that were on offer at The Ridgeway Campus and with our small numbers there were always opportunities to be part of a sports team or other group activity. Being particularly skilful was less a requirement for being involved than enthusiasm - and there was plenty of that. The task of providing all these experiences fell to the teaching staff whose versatility and remarkable dedication made it all possible. A sense of humour helped too. It is a great joy to see the campus now with its fine buildings and beautiful surrounds, being enjoyed by young men and women who are making their own

contribution to the traditions of the School. I hope that many of them will be able to journey back to the School in another 30 years to observe the ongoing development of this part of Ivanhoe Grammar School.’

Haydn and Linda Gregson, past parents Haydn and Linda Gregson have three sons, all of whom attended Plenty Campus. Since the day their eldest son attended the inaugural day to the present, Haydn and Linda have been committed and generous supporters of Ivanhoe Grammar School. Together with Ian Rule, Haydn established the ‘Bell Tower Group’ in 1991 to facilitate communications between the School and parents, and to organise social activities to support fundraising programs. ‘The Gregson family is both proud and honoured to be a part of the foundation of Plenty Campus. From that auspicious, cold day in 1989 with the laying of the foundation stone, to the graduation of our youngest son Andrew in 2000,


we have been delighted to weave our story into what has become the rich, prestigious legacy of Ivanhoe Grammar School. Our sons, Anthony, Steven and Andrew, showed dedication, commitment and drive in both their scholastic and extracurricular activities, with all three being appointed Senior School Prefects. The Plenty Campus, faculty and curriculum played a hugely important role in them becoming the men they are today. I always wanted to reflect the dedication shown by my sons to the School, by contributing to and driving many initiatives that have helped it grow. We also established in perpetuity the annual Gregson Family Citizenship Award in 1990 and were awarded Honorary Life Membership of The Ridgeway Club in 2019, which was a great honour.’

Sophie and Jim Bacskos, past parents ‘Our family’s journey with Ivanhoe Grammar School began at Plenty Campus in 2002, when our eldest son Christopher commenced his secondary education. Like many parents, we were not sure if we had made the right decision and whether Ivanhoe Grammar School was the right fit for our children. Walking through Plenty Campus on the 2000 Open Day, we were struck by the interaction between the junior and senior students as well as the friendship between the students, staff and parents. It was clear that Plenty Campus was a happy place, where students felt safe, were nurtured and encouraged to be the best possible version of themselves.

By the end of first term, Christopher had settled in and our family commenced a wonderful connection with Ivanhoe Grammar School. Michael joined him in 2004 and Alex followed in 2008. In those early days, the School was small, both in student numbers and appearance. The School had few neighbours, non-existent public transport and few students walked to school. Gradually, the campus changed with the construction of many outstanding facilities. Whilst the Plenty Campus has evolved significantly, the essence of those formative years is still evident. We are very pleased that we made the decision to choose Plenty Campus, and couldn’t be happier with the outcome! It is evidenced by the fact that the boys still feel very much connected to the School through the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association (OIGA), the OIGA football club, and the long lasting cross-campus friendships that are treasured by all of us. Happy 30th Anniversary Plenty Campus, wishing you continued success and thank you for the fabulous journey we experienced!’

Leanne and Wayne Vanderwert (’89), current parents

As an old Ridgeway Campus boy, I had a passion to send the girls there, but after attending Open Days for both campuses, it was an easy and practical decision to send them to Plenty Campus. The Ivanhoe Grammar School ethos was certainly present, and the smaller, family-orientated feeling at Plenty Campus was attractive. The leadership structure at Plenty Campus has been fantastic. Deb Sukarna was an outstanding leader from 2012 to 2016 and we felt it would be difficult to replace her as Head of Campus. However, the School did an outstanding job in recruiting Daniel Brown who has also proven to be an excellent choice to lead Plenty Campus. Speaking as a current parent and also President of the OIGA, the School has exceeded all our expectations. It has been a large financial sacrifice but we have no regrets at all. In fact we view it as a great investment. I am convinced the School drew the very best out of our children in every respect - education, leadership, co-curricular activities and sport! Without a doubt, sending our daughters to Plenty Campus has been a great decision and the best possible school for both girls!’

‘We enrolled our two daughters Tayla and Zali into Ivanhoe Grammar School at the time of their birth (2001 and 2003). Originally we put their names down for The Ridgeway Campus but we moved into the local area not far from the Plenty Campus.

TERM 4 2020



School Crest 1915 – 1919 All past and present Ivanhoe Grammar School students would be very familiar with the School crest. It appears on every written, published and visual document, item and presentation associated with the School. The School crest is a traditional, yet simple representation of the ideals that the Reverend Sydney Buckley held for Ivanhoe Grammar School. It has endured, almost unchanged, since it was introduced in 1915, at a time when Australia was participating in the First World War. Buckley designed a crest that would speak to his boys about endeavour and purpose and, of course, faith. From ‘What Matter I”, John Harper provides some specific detail about Buckley’s design. ‘The origin of the School badge is not very clear. F.L. Emery recalls a chance meeting with the Headmaster on the



School Crest 1920 – present Upper Heidelberg Road in 1914 when the Head sketched his idea for the badge on the back of an old envelope. The central feature of the badge is the shield with crossed swords. This is surmounted by a mitre and scroll. Beneath the shield is a banner bearing the School Motto ‘Fidelis usque ad mortem”. The shield and swords are no doubt intended to symbolise the Crusaders’ resolution to uphold the faith to the death. The swords, however, have a further significance. The School began as a parish school of the Church of St James, Ivanhoe. The Apostle James is said to have perished by the sword, and the sword may therefore be regarded as his special symbol.” Originally, the swords pointed upwards. They were changed just prior to the move to Ivanhoe House and, pointing downwards, seem a more muted symbol of one’s readiness to defend God and country.

Following World War One, traditional notions of the glory of war were suddenly challenged by new images of horror and futility. Buckley was an army chaplain and spent months overseas during the war. The experience had a deep impact upon him and when hostilities again broke out in 1939, it troubled him greatly that his boys might need to make the ultimate sacrifice, faithful unto death. Indeed, it has been shown that Ivanhoe Grammar School students were over-represented on the battlefields of the Second World War and perhaps suffered more deaths, proportionally, than any other school in Australia. For over one hundred years our crest has represented the ideals upon which our school was founded. It is a crest that is intended to inspire and motivate us, to remind us that our faith sometimes calls us to give of ourselves in acts of quiet service.



Tarik Frimpong (‘12)

Nick Djorgonoski (‘09)

Destined for the stage from a very young age, Tarik’s journey over the last few years has included taking on the role of ‘Angus’ (one of the lead gas lighters) in the Disney movie ‘Mary Poppins Returns’, followed by playing ‘Prince Abdullah’ in the stage production of ‘Aladdin’ in London’s West End.

Nick knows all about the pressures of being at the top of your game. While still at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Nick played in numerous state underage baseball teams and was also selected for the Australian Under-16 squad.

With his career really taking off over the last few years, Tarik began work on a new Disney motion picture until production had to be postponed earlier this year due to COVID-19. As a result, Tarik returned home to be with family during the pandemic, but this has certainly not stopped him from pursuing his aspirations. Tarik recently founded the Artists of Colour Initiative (AOC) which is an Australian-based scholarship competition designed to provide financial assistance and industry support to exceptionally talented theatre performers who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour. The AOC Initiative seeks to correct the underrepresentation of these communities in the Australian theatre industry, with the scholarship ensuring greater participation in musical theatre. Tarik is passionate about the performing arts and recently commented that ‘it is so important to celebrate racial diversity in the Arts.’ The AOC Initiative brings people together for important conversations and provides a stepping stone to a more racially inclusive industry. Tarik recently returned to London – and lockdown – as he prepares for his role in the next Disney film.

Known by his classmates as the ‘baseball guy’, Nick’s dream was to play professional baseball and after approaches from ten US colleges he eventually accepted a place at Riverland Community College in Austin, Minnesota. However, prior to leaving Australia, Nick recognised that something was not right. He recalls ‘it was a slow build, starting around the end of Year 12.’ Nick now knows that what he once thought of as anxiety, was in fact ‘the yips’, a neurological condition (focal dystonia) causing involuntary muscle contractions. For Nick, ‘the yips’ got worse in the US, and he struggled to deal with these challenges at a time when the condition was not fully understood or discussed. Returning to Melbourne after two years in the College system and only a handful of games under his belt, he felt embarrassed about his lack of playing time. After working with a sports psychologist, Nick wants to bring ‘the yips’ out into the open and ‘help others that may be in the same position’. Nick’s ‘Root of All Yips’ podcast is attracting plenty of followers, with many people, including other athletes, appreciating Nick’s honesty in shining a light on this condition. Nick has found professional success off the field and has been working in Melbourne with Nicholson Real Estate for a number of years.

Look out for the new, dedicated Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association website, scheduled to ‘go live’ in early 2021. Stephen Mayne (‘87) and his daughter Laura (‘19) have both been elected to Manningham Council following the municipal elections in October. It’s quite a family affair with Stephen’s partner (and Laura’s mother) a former Mayor of Manningham! Stephen is a journalist, shareholder activist and former independent councillor in the City of Melbourne. The family is, according to The Age, united in their anti-gambling agenda which they intend to bring to the attention of Council. Readers may recall our article in the previous edition of the Brown & White which featured the astonishing work of one of our most distinguished alumni, Professor Peter Mitchell (’76), and his team at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. A recent article from The Herald Sun (‘Bionic spine’ breakthrough brings hope to the disabled’ – 28 October) further highlighted their ground-breaking trials, and the development of the Stentrode Implant to assist patients with paralysis. Peter Wallis (‘88) has recently been made a Senior Counsel. Peter’s mother Jill recently contacted the School to pass on the good news. Peter practises primarily in intellectual property, general commercial and trade practices law. He has substantial trial experience, having appeared in the Supreme Court and Federal Court in a wide range of interlocutory and final hearings. TERM 4 2020



In the words of our Principal Gerard Foley, ‘2020 has been a year like no other.’ And for over 300 Year 12 students at Ivanhoe Grammar School, that phrase could not be more true. The school year, from every perspective, has been particularly challenging for the Class of 2020. While there was a short return to School in late October – ironically before returning home for their pre-exam study – for well over half the year, the Class of 2020 has had to learn remotely. Clearly, they have missed many of the customary events that make the final year of school so memorable.


The Year 12 Celebration Evening replaced the Ridgeway Campus Valedictory Dinner and was held online for students, staff and families on Thursday 26 October. There were numerous moving speeches and great House presentations with individual tributes. School Captains Haleena Nguyen and Tristan Bell spoke about the courage of the Class of 2020 and forever being connected not only to the School but now also the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association (OIGA). Georgia Newland (’12) spoke on behalf of the OIGA, and welcomed the Class of 2020 into the alumni community and extended our best wishes for the upcoming exams.

A similar event was held at Plenty Campus - as you can see from the accompanying photos - with each member of the Class of 2020 being presented with an OIGA gift pack to celebrate them becoming a Life Member. We can be very proud of how the Class of 2020 has adapted to the many changes forced upon them this year, and how they have risen to these challenges with courage and compassion. The School and the OIGA wishes all our new Life Members well, both in their exams and in facing their futures in these somewhat uncertain times. The images reflect some the many yearend activities of the Class of 2020.


TERM 4 2020


DEVELOPMENT Looking Back at 2020

Vale: Garry Krauss 25 December 1941 – 4 August 2020

Principal Gerard Foley enjoying drinks with Ridgeway Club members in February 2020

Largely through our regular donors, our philanthropic efforts in 2020 have delivered similar financial outcomes to previous years, despite not running an Annual Appeal. Highlights of the 2020 gifts to the School include:

VALE The School and OIGA were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Gallery of Achievement member Garry Krauss AM.

• Significant donations to both the Slater/Graham and Peter Huxley Scholarship Funds

Garry attended Ivanhoe Grammar School as a student from 1950 after his parents had acquired and built on what had been School property situated below The Boulevard.

• Support for the Sports Centre development at The Ridgeway Campus and confirmation that the new full-size swimming pool will be named the ‘John Knorr Pool’

Following his studies, he had a very successful business career, as well as pursuing his two great interests being the Arts and the Richmond Football Club.

• Contributions to our new Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Centenary Scholarship, with the inaugural Centenary Scholar being a student who commenced Year 7 at Plenty Campus in 2020.

Garry was a director of the Victorian State Opera before becoming cochairman of the small and self-funded Melbourne City Opera. Together with Jeanne Pratt and others he founded The Production Company.

Many individuals and groups within the Ivanhoe Grammar School community have offered generous support to other families who have been directly impacted by the events of the last 12 months. A number of parents elected to re-gift the Ivanhoe Grammar School fee discount that was offered to them, enabling the school to support other families suffering financial hardship. On a similar note, groups such as the Ridgeway Club, The Ladies Association and The Friends of Plenty Campus, made additional donations in support of hardship families and other specific initiatives, even though our fundraising activities were severely curtailed for most of 2020. We expect to recommence our comprehensive program of activities in 2021, which should foster philanthropy and community service as key parts of building character at Ivanhoe Grammar School. 12


In 1997, Garry was made a Member of the Order of Australia for Service to the Performing Arts (particularly through the Victorian State Opera) and to Youth. A life-long avid Richmond supporter and former committee member, Garry singlehandedly financed the club out of debt in the mid 1980’s when it fell on hard times and very nearly folded. He served on the Richmond Football Club Board as Deputy Vice President and was the number one ticket holder from 1988 until 2003. Unassuming and generous to others, Garry will be missed by all who knew him.

We acknowledge the passing of the following individuals who were part of the Ivanhoe Grammar School family.

Michael Elton 1968 Brown Era

Mark Folley 1978 Brown/Sligo Eras

Robert Krall 1975 Brown/Sligo Eras

Bill Upham 1944 Buckley Boy and Yea Boarder