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TERM 2 2020



appreciation for the great work of our teaching staff over the last few months. I include the following extract by way of example: ‘I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to the staff at Ivanhoe Grammar School. You have continued to update us and make choices that are in the best interest of our children, and I feel incredibly grateful to be part of your community. I know my children will still be receiving care and an education through this tough and uncertain time.’

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Photos: Josh Boland Dean Phipps Please advise us of any change in your personal contact details. Email or contact Linda Paltoglou at Ivanhoe Grammar School PO Box 91, Ivanhoe 3079, Australia Phone (03) 9490 3508

The Brown and White is a quarterly newsletter for alumni and supporters of Ivanhoe Grammar School. Cover photo: Stephanie Louey (’08) and Ryan Buckley (’06) enjoying an idyllic sunset while in isolation in New York.

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Like all organisations, Ivanhoe Grammar School has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been following the Victorian Government Health guidelines during this time, and moved proactively to an online learning platform in the last week of Term One. Our staff responded quickly and professionally, moving to different modes of learning including ‘live’ lessons for older students and ageappropriate online learning for the younger ones. Considerable time has also been spent with our ELC and Foundation students to ensure they remain fully connected to the School despite the disjointed nature of the start of their Ivanhoe journey. We also offered additional support to our Year 12 students and explored alternative ways to deliver some of the customary highlights of their final year at school. We are delighted to report that students adapted to these changes quickly and positively, and I have received many messages of

The transition back to on-campus learning commenced on 18 May with the return of ELC. This was followed by the return of Foundation, Years 1, 2, 11 and 12 on 25 May, and Years 3 to 10 who returned on 9 June. The focus of the first week back on campus for each year level was reconnecting with school, friends and routines, rather than completing assessment tasks. I take this opportunity to thank the entire Ivanhoe Grammar School community for their support during this time. Our parents, staff, students and alumni have been exceptional. While the OIGA Centenary celebrations have been put on hold, we look forward to celebrating our Centenary during the 101st year of the OIGA! In the words of our School song: ‘We are proud to be members of Ivanhoe School’. We could never be more proud than we are of the way our entire school community has responded to this crisis. Gerard Foley Principal


Protect Our Frontline Dr Michael Zoran Mutavdzija (’11) was School Captain at Plenty Campus in 2011. Since leaving school, Michael has established his career in medicine and is currently working as a resident at Western Health, working in the departments of cardiology, infectious diseases and emergency medicine. Always committed to helping others, Michael has also assisted in establishing an online education platform for medical students. In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, recognising the urgent need for additional supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Michael and his colleagues created ‘Protect Our Frontline’. This ground-breaking initiative utilises 3D printing to produce reusable face-shields for medical and hospital staff across Victoria. Towards the end of April, Michael contacted the Development Office seeking our support for this initiative. We connected Michael with Steve Brophy, Ivanhoe Grammar School’s

Director of ICT & eLearning, who mobilised his team and began the process of producing the head band component of the face-shields using the School’s 3D printers. Ivanhoe Grammar School committed to produce 800 units during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Ivanhoe Grammar School community rallied to the cause, with significant contributions from the Ladies Association and members of the Ridgeway Club offsetting the expenses incurred by the School that related to 3D printing consumables.

Steve (centre) is pictured above with the finished product, along with Dr Tony Truong from Protect Our Frontline (left) and Michael (right).

For further details of how you can support this initiative, given the importance of PPE for our healthcare workers during this pandemic, please contact our Head of Development via email at

Community support Our Alumni Coordinator, Mirella BussoLee, was instrumental in contacting other schools and organisations who could potentially provide access to 3D printing or injection-moulding capability, resulting in additional offers of assistance. Michael and the team at Protect Our Frontline have been extremely grateful for the additional support they have received.

TERM 2 2020


REUNIONS Class of 2015 – Plenty Campus

Left to right: Kehley Bitzas, Jake Grant, Paul Angelkoski and Justine Ewings

Kehley Bitzas (’15)

Paul Angelkoski (’15)

Awarded a soccer scholarship from Culver–Stockton College in the US, Kehley Bitzas (’15) recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and plans to return to the US to study for her doctorate in Occupational Therapy.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infastructure) with First Class Honours, Paul Angelkoski (’15) is currently working as a Development Engineer. His most memorable moment from his time at Ivanhoe Grammar School was being woken-up during a downpour while on cadet bivouac: ‘The CUO wanted to make sure our hoochies and personal belongings didn’t get flooded’.

Kehley describes her time overseas as an ‘experience of a lifetime’ with the highlights including graduating with several honours, being named in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) All-America soccer team and also as the winner of the A.O.Duer Scholarship for excellence in citizenship, character and academic results. Kehley is in Melbourne with her family and fondly remembers her time at Plenty Campus, particularly cadet camps and her favourite teacher Ms Lidgett. ‘I was always able to relate to her and she was able to give me great life advice. She also taught my favourite subject, Psychology.’

Jake Grant (’15) Jake Grant (’15) is working as a Civil Engineer with the Level Crossing Removal Project in Melbourne, having had the opportunity to work as an Undergraduate Engineer on the removal of the Reservoir crossing in the northern suburbs while still attending university. Clearly a young man on a mission, Jake remembers spending every Year 12 spare period looking at the specifications of earthmoving equipment and credits Mr Hoogenraad for ‘understanding the way I learn’.



Paul’s favourite subject at school was Mathematics, and he enjoyed learning from Mr Ratskos who was ‘a massive Liverpool supporter and chess player who taught my favourite subject’.

Justine Ewings (’15) After graduating from university and being awarded the APW Collie Print Trust Scholarship for Most Improved Student, Justine Ewings (’15) commenced work as a Graphic Designer in the motor vehicle industry. She enjoys working on cars, as well as the outdoors and spending time with friends. When reminiscing about her time at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Justine fondly recalls one of her favourite teachers, Mr Dalton, and his love of caramel koalas, toast and canned coffee, plus all the ‘supportive teachers who would always go out of their way to help’.

REUNIONS Class of 2000 – The Ridgeway Campus

Jarrod Gieschen (’00)

Zac Dowker (’00)

Barry Rennie (’00)

A Director of Sales in the motor industry, Jarrod Gieschen (’00) is trying to focus on the positives during isolation. He is enjoying spending more time with his family but admits he misses his coaching role at the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Football Club, with the season on hold at this stage.

Describing his life after Ivanhoe Grammar School as 20 ‘great years’, Zac Dowker (’00) thanks Ivanhoe, for ‘laying the groundwork’.

I am ‘living the dream’, reports Barry Rennie (’00) who is an electrician. He lists his greatest personal achievement as his family, which includes an eight year-old daughter and six year-old son.

Despite being busy with his work and coaching commitments and having two young boys (Jack and Harvey, aged five and three respectively), Jarrod has stayed connected and has many strong friendships from his time at Ivanhoe Grammar School. The picture above was taken at Jarrod’s 10 Year reunion and shows (left to right) Matt Paine, Jarrod, John Roberts and past staff member, Judy Hewett. While acknowledging that his school day memories are pretty hazy, Jarrod is pretty sure he beat Steve Jenkins in the 100m sprint, ‘which made me the fastest at the school!’ Jarrod considered Roger Gill to be ‘a great mentor; he always kept us honest and genuinely cared about us’.

Having lived overseas for five years, Zac is now married and his two young lads (aged eight and ten years-old) are keeping him busy, as is his rewarding work as a chiropractor in the healthcare sector. Zac is pictured (above right) at his 10 Year reunion with Justin Crow, and his most memorable moment at school was being appointed Captain of the Athletics Team, which won the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) Championship by a record margin in 2000. Mr Brudenell, was ‘without a doubt my favourite teacher. He taught me life skills I will never forget. I utilise his teachings, guidance and pearls of wisdom every day.’

Barry (pictured above from school days) fondly remembers his time in Cadets, especially his role in the Catafalque Guard in the Anzac Day Service of 2000. His favourite teachers were Mr Wanless (Woodwork) and Mr Fox (Sport) both of whom he considered to be ‘good blokes’.

Reunions and Centenary Celebration These pages are dedicated to our alumni from the year levels whose reunions were scheduled to be held during Term 2.

We are still hoping to hold a major alumni event to celebrate the Centenary of the OIGA next year, as well as resuming our reunion program.

In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and via the OIGA website to keep updated on all OIGA activities.

TERM 2 2020


REUNIONS Class of 2000 – Plenty Campus

Emily May (’00)

Rebecca Shields (’00)

Kimberley Smith (’00)

Having worked in fundraising in the tertiary education sector for most of her career, Emily May (’00) describes the 20 years since leaving Ivanhoe Grammar School as ‘eventful, wonderful, tiring and fortunate’. She lists her greatest personal achievement as being mother to Matilda and Sadie (aged four and two years-old respectively).

Rebecca Shields (’00) is well-respected in her profession as an Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist. She completed her medical degree at Monash University and went on to specialist training with Monash Health, Eastern Health and Northern Health. Passionate about women’s health, Rebecca juggles her career with being mum to a 16-month old boy.

Recently in lockdown in Dubai due to COVID-19, Kimberley Smith (’00) works as a Human Resources Manager in the government sector.

With the Plenty Campus being quite the rural community back in 2000, it seems fitting that Emily’s most memorable moment was being distracted by mooing cows during her Year 12 English Exam! She also recalls her favourite teacher Mr White, after being asked by the class what he thought they would be in the future, went around the room and predicted teacher, politician and so on. ‘When it came to me, he stopped and said ‘a kind person’. I was so mad at the time. Is that all he saw for my future? I’ve since realised it is probably the greatest compliment I’ve ever received.’

A memorable moment from school days for Rebecca was when a classmate ‘turned left instead of right during a cadet parade. We were facing each other and desperately trying not to giggle. When the next order was ‘quick march’ she panicked and marched straight into me.’



Kimberley moved to the Middle East 13 years ago and is coping well despite the period of lockdown, but she plans to return to Australia soon. She has enjoyed some amazing experiences overseas including ‘adventure, learning, travel, culture and challenges.’

REUNIONS Class of 1990 – The Ridgeway Campus

Left to right: George Koulouris, Ralph Esslinger, Scott Assender and Heath McSolvin

George Koulouris (’90)

Scott Assender (’90)

After completing his studies in radiology, George Koulouris (’90) went on to do a one-year fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. While in the US he assisted in the provision of medical services to the city’s major sporting teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles (American football) and the Philadelphia 76ers (basketball). Since returning to Australia, he has established the Melbourne Radiology Clinic in East Melbourne.

Many readers would know Scott Assender (’90) from the Melbourne hospitality scene, with major venues such as Welcome to Thornbury, The Penny Black and The Brunswick Mess Hall on his resume.

George is widely published, having written numerous articles aimed at assisting his colleagues as well as trainees. Recalling his time at Ivanhoe Grammar School, George wrote fondly of his English teacher, Mrs Runco. ‘Her passion for English Literature was infectious and it motivated me. She taught me how to think outside the box and be creative. She truly inspired me.’

Ralph Esslinger (’90) Ralph Esslinger (’90) is a software developer and has a great interest in genealogy. The complexity of collating and explaining distant familial relationships drove Ralph to develop a family history app which is currently in testing and is ‘close to a release date’. At Ivanhoe Grammar School, Ralph’s favourite teacher was Mr Dooley who had a ‘good knowledge of physics and taught well, with a quiet humour’.

After leaving Ivanhoe Grammar School, Scott studied Hospitality Administration Management at William Angliss Institute. This was followed by many years working his way through the industry, including bar work and management roles in various Melbourne hotels and an exciting stint in London, that included managing Walkabout in Shepherds Bush. Scott has great memories of cadets from his time at Ivanhoe Grammar School and his ‘favourite teachers included Mr Le Plastrier, Mr Le Page and also Mr Cox.’

Heath McSolvin Now working as a paramedic, Heath McSolvin (’90) worked for many years at CBM International, eventually reaching the position of Director of Fundraising. CBM International is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to empower people living with a disability, transforming lives and breaking down barriers in their communities that stop them from reaching their full potential. Heath remembers his final year at Ivanhoe Grammar School with a great deal of fondness. ‘It was a great year. I recall water balloon fights and good relationships with teachers. Mr Prideaux was a legend, and still is’.

TERM 2 2020



Frank Prenesti (’82)

Adrian Del Monte (’06)

Pavel Kucera (’88)

From his garden in London, everything seems more pronounced for Frank Prenesti (‘82). The birdsong is louder, the sky usually so full of planes, is clearer. In Frank’s words, ‘it is almost idyllic in the late afternoon spring sun.’

Ten weeks locked inside his central Milan apartment is not what Adrian had envisaged after a busy start to the year. One day he was in Madrid covering El Clásico, Spain’s most famous football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona; a few days later he was in lockdown. Planned visits from parents and close friends were cancelled and scheduled work projects in exciting European cities came to a crashing halt. The coronavirus situation had escalated in Italy’s north, leaving no choice but to adhere to the strict lockdown.

Lockdown in the Czech Republic has not been dissimilar to many other parts of the world according to Pavel Kucera (’88), being implemented in mid-March within hours of the first recorded community transmission. With a very strict face-masking policy, the infamous curve flattened relatively early. Given the low rate of infections and even lower mortality rate, the draconian restriction of movement imposed in Italy and Spain was not required in the Czech Republic.

Frank’s daily scroll through the newspapers and on-line services brings life into sharp relief as the headlines speak of new coronavirus cases, the increasingly dreadful number who have not survived and the lack of personal protective equipment for staff in Britain’s overstretched National Health Service. To Frank it seems hard to imagine that only a month or two earlier, the OIGA London Reunion was in full swing, and locals were gearing up for spring. Frank reports that people in London, when out and about during the lockdown, would eye each other nervously as they passed on the street, often stepping onto the road to maintain the minimum safe social distance of two metres. ‘It has become a strange dance in a city of eight million people that normally live cheek-by-jowl across its sprawl’. In recent weeks, the lockdown measures have been eased, though with confusing and conflicting advice. Hopefully Frank and all our other London-based alumni remain safe and well, though no-one seems too convinced that the ‘minimum distance dance’ will stop anytime soon.



Suddenly without work, and no income or short-term direction given the cancellation of football, Adrian sought to make the most of the situation. He quickly reached agreement with 20 broadcasters globally, with a view to providing updates on Italy’s situation from his lounge room. Outside of his new work assignment, highlights of Adrian’s life in isolation included a weekly walk to the supermarket (along with a one-hour queue to get in), checking daily statistics at 6pm with the hope that the situation was improving, and reconnecting with friends from around the world. Adrian will take very little for granted in the future. Not an experience he would like to relive, but one he will always remember when facing challenges in the future.

‘On a personal level, lockdown in Prague has been a good opportunity to go for long walks with my partner and dog,’ Pavel reports. The reduction in tourist numbers has also allowed ready access for locals to the usually crowded attractions of the city. As Pavel says, ‘there’s nothing like having Charles Bridge or Old Town Square to myself on a sunny morning.’ As the above photo indicates, Pavel has also been able to combine his passion for the outdoors with his interest in beer! From a work perspective, Pavel’s consulting has gone from office to home without any significant impact and he now has more time to get some long overdue projects up and running. Pavel has also taken the opportunity to reconnect and compare notes with fellow alumni Andrew Ford (‘88) about doing some online lecturing.


Blasko Teleski (’07)

Sophie Brasacchio (’19)


Congratulations to Blasko Taleski (’07), known in music circles as Blush’ko, who released his latest single ’Al Capone’ during May.

Congratulations to Sophie Brasacchio (’19) who has been appointed a Youth Ambassador for Big Group Hug, a volunteer-driven organisation based in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Established as an independent not-forprofit, Big Group Hug has the mission of mobilising community support to meet the immediate needs of young children and their families.

Always looking for a new angle, Josh Uljans (‘02), Karl Van Buuren (‘02) and the team at Moon Dog World spent time in isolation searching for Melbourne’s best ‘Iso-mullet.’ If the above photo is anything to go by, it was one heck of a competition!

Big Group Hug provides assistance to vulnerable families with children under 13 years of age, who experience situational hardship or disadvantage, and who have been referred by community groups or social sector agencies, such as Maternal and Child Health Centres.

As featured on our front cover, Stephanie Louey (’08) and Ryan Buckley (’06) have been isolating in New York, messages from friends and family keeping them connected with Australia during this period.

Blasko, or Bill as he was known at Ivanhoe Grammar School, became a musician in unconventional circumstances, having never played an instrument or studied music while at school. None of his cohort knew he could even sing until his friend Matt Foudoulis (’07) performed at More than Words with Blasko offering his vocals in accompaniment. Following a break from music and working in other sectors, at 24 years of age Blasko realised that music was his first love and the interest that he wanted to pursue as a career. Some ten years after leaving school, Blasko released his first single ‘Another Love’ to global acclaim and a subsequent signing with the German Music Label, Majestic Casual. In 2018 he toured Europe with gigs in major cities such as Berlin, Budapest, Paris and London, which was followed by a successful tour of Australia and New Zealand during 2019. As well as writing and performing his own music, Blasko is currently writing for other artists in the Universal and Sony portfolio, and younger alumni may be familiar with some of his vocal work on Dom Dolla’s hit track ‘You’, which has been streamed over 27 million times.

Sophie’s involvement with Big Group Hug began while she was a student at Ivanhoe Grammar School. Now, as Youth Ambassador, she is hoping to raise awareness and enhance youth engagement, helping in the response to the immediate material needs of disadvantaged families and their children. As part of a Mother’s Day initiative, Sophie garnered the support of our alumni community and raised awareness through the ‘Blinding Lights’ TikTok video, concluding with a Big Group Hug. Check out the Brasacchio family video at Great work Sophie!

Sava Djukic (’01), a music teacher and member of the a capella group Suade, kept himself and others entertained in lockdown with a series he named ‘Music in Isolation’. Not your average music lesson and it made everyone smile! Noel Griffith (’46) was awarded an OAM in the recent Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to music and the community. Noel is a Buckley Boy who worked in the Music Department at Ivanhoe Grammar School during the early 1980’s. Noel’s son and two grandsons were also students here.

TERM 2 2020



Lillian Foote Benefactor of our award-winning library In 2016, The Lillian Foote Library at The Ridgeway Campus received a special certificate in recognition as one of Australia’s Great School Libraries. Our fully trained teacher-librarians who guide teaching and learning programs, the fully resourced reading and research programs and the wide range of extracurricular activities were the key reasons for this award. However, many members of our school community would be unaware as to how this invaluable school asset came to be named in memory of Lillian Foote. Mrs Foote came to Australia in 1929 when her husband, Mr Henry B Foote, took up a senior post with Kodak Australia. They remained in Melbourne



until 1964 when, upon Mr Foote’s retirement, they returned to the USA. During their years in Australia, the Footes lived in the Ivanhoe area and, although they had no children of their own, came to know many members of the school community including students, alumni and staff. In particular they became close friends with Mr C.K. ‘Pug’ Wright, a member of staff over four decades from 1931. Both Lillian and Henry formed a deep affection toward the School and its boys, and when Lillian Foote died in January 1971, she bequeathed her entire Australian estate to Ivanhoe Grammar School, with a desire that her significant bequest be ‘applied to educational

ends’. Subsequently, the dedication of the Lillian Foote Library took place in 1972 with over 1200 parents, friends and students in attendance. Since that time, all Ridgeway Campus students have benefitted from her generosity. Henry Foote died in 1982, and his Australian estate was also left to the School; his generous bequest providing the basis for the Special Purpose Fidelis Endowment Fund. Lillian and Henry Foote had no direct connection with our school, yet their affection for and generosity towards Ivanhoe Grammar School have had a significant and perpetual impact.


Students return to campus Around the School Term 2 commenced with the School operating a comprehensive on-line learning program across all year levels. The response from parents was overwhelmingly positive, particularly in relation to our teaching staff. Ivanhoe Grammar School adopted three key principles at the outset of the pandemic that guided our response throughout this difficult period. What is right for the wellbeing of all our students? How do we free-up funds so that we can support families in hardship? What plans are in place to ensure we can ‘bounce back’ so that this crisis has minimal impact on future students and their families?

Year 12 A key focus has been to ensure that our Year 12 students achieve their potential, whether in academic terms or other outcomes. While some yearend arrangements have not been finalised, the VCE exams have been delayed by approximately two weeks and curriculum assessments have been reduced. With the adjusted timelines, there is no doubt that Ivanhoe Grammar School students have benefitted from our Early Commencement Program (ECP), which allows, even in a ‘normal’ year, far greater time for revision and exam practice than the standard model adopted by most schools.

Sports Centre Development Building work has continued apace adjacent to ArtsEdge at Locksley, as can be seen from the recent photo (above) of the Sports Centre. Reduced road traffic over the last few months has allowed an increase in the frequency of oversize deliveries to site and the project remains on track for completion in late 2021.

Enrolments Despite the current public health crisis, during Term 2 we had ten new enrolments at Ivanhoe Grammar School in addition to a number of enquiries for places at Buckley House and Plenty Campus. There has also been significant enrolment interest from expatriate families who are returning to Australia in the next 12 months. While it will be many months before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is fully reflected in our enrolment pipeline, the current level of interest in an Ivanhoe education serves as a timely reminder to all alumni. Life Membership of the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association (OIGA) does afford some priority for their children and grandchildren, as long as the application is received prior to the child’s fifth birthday.

Ivanhoe Grammar School students progressively returned to the classroom from late-May. However, there will be no assemblies, camps or visitors allowed for some time. Notwithstanding that School life is slowly returning to normal, many of our parents are facing an uncertain future due to the pandemic with some approaching the School to discuss fee relief. Ivanhoe Grammar School is supporting as many of these families as possible with individual responses being developed appropriate to each situation. In light of the summer bushfires and COVID-19, both of which have caused severe financial hardship across the community, the Principal decided that there would be no Annual Appeal in 2020. However, many of our supporters have sought to make a donation to Ivanhoe Grammar School over recent months. An updated Giving Form has been added to the School’s website under Support Ivanhoe or please contact in the event that you can support the School through these challenging times.

TERM 2 2020



Online Learning An Ivanhoe Teacher’s Perspective From late in Term 1, Ivanhoe Grammar School moved proactively to an online learning platform in line with Victorian Government Health guidelines. Many readers of The Brown and White would have little understanding of online learning, so the following perspective is provided, with thanks to Prithi Rao, English teacher at The Ridgeway Campus.

various ways to test, challenge, engage and entertain students; a steep learning curve for many. Despite all the available technology, this period of online learning served to heighten the fundamental question that confronts all of us: what is it that we value in our communication with other human beings?

What happens when the stage is taken away? Our recent foray into online learning has challenged the norms that underpin the classroom and encouraged the actors to re-think their parts within the new online platform that replaced the traditional classroom from late in Term 1.

Communication is at the heart of education. Communicating through the wall of a screen, facing several purple dots, with student’s initials for identification, and attempting to convey information about how language persuades audiences must be one of the great ironies of a teacher’s experience. Yet that was what English teachers were attempting to convey. What we learned from the online experience is not just how language persuades, but that language makes us receptive to absorbing new information and really keeps us going when assessment is no longer the main motivation.

One way of reflecting on the online learning experience is to view it as an opportunity to improve waning computer skills. Many teachers had to expand their computer literacy and explore the

Although a few students felt that their output during remote learning was enhanced due to the lack of distractions, others needed to address their discipline and motivation levels

Teaching has been described as a piece of theatre. Whether it is a good or bad performance might vary, but the drama of the classroom relies on the chemistry between the performers; students with teachers and students with other students.

through structuring their time to resemble school days. Everyone missed direct contact with their friends and teachers so the gradual return to oncampus learning has been greeted with great enthusiasm. The students of Ivanhoe Grammar School have really appreciated the efforts of our fantastic teaching staff. Whether expressed through the beautiful work (above) of Denzel Vaghani (Year 8, The Ridgeway Campus), in the many emails of appreciation from parents, or the student thank you video, the feedback has been very positive. With students now back on campus, the key question will be how teachers and students assimilate what has been learned during the online experience with traditional classroom education. This will ensure that everyone at Ivanhoe Grammar School is prepared for the future.

VALE – FIDELIS USQUE AD MORTEM Greg Denovan 1959 Brown Era Ian Good Much respected former Deputy Headmaster 1981 - 1989 12


Colin Gronn 1953 Buckley Boy/Brown Era Murray Hull 1943 Buckley Boy and Yea Boarder

Adam Thyssen 1987 Sligo Era Bob White Former member of staff at Charnwood 1987 - 2002