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Ivanhoe Grammar School is committed to the principles of Australian Democracy which includes the process of elected government, adhering to the rules of law and equal rights for all before the law. In addition, the School believes in freedom of religion, freedom of speech and association and promotes the values of openness and tolerance.

Ivanhoe Grammar School is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome to be themselves. Please view our Inclusion Strategy.

Acknowledgment of Country

We would like to acknowledge and show our respect to the traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We would like to pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, and in addition to any other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of Aboriginal Australia. It is on their land that Ivanhoe Grammar School was built and as we share our knowledge, teaching and learning with the School community, may we also show our respect through the relationships we form and our own connection with this beautiful land around us. Please view our Reconciliation Action Plan.

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The provision of this Community report on the activities of Ivanhoe Grammar School during the 2022 academic year forms part of a series of communications with parents and other stakeholders within the School family to assist them in understanding our operations, achievements, and outcomes.

It was wonderful to see all students back on campus for the entire year in 2022, although it was not without its challenges! Throughout the year, the School continued to balance the complexities of COVID with providing high quality education and the range of co-curricular offerings and broad learning that is very much the essence of an Ivanhoe education. The pandemic impacted on different campuses at separate times, and while activities needed to be modified, our staff continued to be outstanding in their response to the needs of students.

Not only has 2022 seen the reintroduction of students for a full year, but it has also given us the opportunity to reconnect with our Ivanhoe community, with a number of highly successful social functions held where we were able to welcome visitors back on the various campuses. Open Mornings, assemblies attended by parents, full seasons of sport, a revitalised reunion program for our alumni and the welcome return of several music events including musicals, all contributed to returning to what we now refer to as ‘pre-COVID’ participation. Ivanhoe Grammar School has always valued community involvement and 2022 provided us with the opportunity to re-engage across the whole school.

The opening of the Sports and Aquatic Centre at the Ivanhoe Campus was one of the true highlights of the year as it was the culmination of many years of planning, revising, preparing and construction. The resultant facility is a state-ofthe-art sporting complex that caters for over eight different activities, to be used by students at all campuses. It was great to have Sam Bramham OAM (Class of 2007) and dual Olympic Gold Medallist to open the Centre. Part of the opening ceremony also included the announcement that the premier basketball show court would be named the Nigel Kendall Court, in recognition of Nigel’s enormous contribution to Ivanhoe Grammar School and his significant sporting alliance with the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria.

2022 has also been a year of significant strategic planning with both the School’s leadership team and the Board of Governors engaged in a series of meetings, which resulted in a number of important initiatives to be implemented over the coming years.


Recognising the importance of teachers as a student’s ultimate resource, the School intends to continue its strong investment in staff and learning to ensure that we are catering for the needs of all students into the future. Over the next twelve months, we intend to introduce the following:

The formation of an Ivanhoe Institute, which will oversee and be responsible for all professional learning for teachers, as well as learning research at Ivanhoe Grammar School. The Director of the Ivanhoe Institute’s primary focus will be to lead the continuous improvement of teacher


capability through the development of a highquality professional learning program. The Director will also lead the pedagogical leaders at each campus in the development and implementation of the School’s coaching program.

The establishment of a new career structure for highly accomplished staff who wish to remain in the classroom and provide ongoing coaching and support to their colleagues.


Commencing in Year 7 2025, Ivanhoe Grammar School will be running fully co-educational classes in all subjects. Our ‘Pathways’ model has served the School extremely well since the introduction of girls to the Ivanhoe Campus, as many students and families will testify. However, we see this as a significant step in the evolution of the School as our school-wide gender balance moves closer to fifty-fifty.


After the completion and opening of the Sports and Aquatic Centre this year, the School has now committed to the next set of capital work projects to be completed across all campuses. These include in order of priority:

1. A revitalised Sport Precinct at Plenty Campus which will include a twenty-five-metre pool, a Learn to Swim Pool, Weights Room, and Multipurpose Studio; a synthetic Hockey Pitch that converts to twelve Tennis Courts in the summer, and a full-sized Soccer Pitch.

2. Improved facilities at Chelsworth Park to cater for the growing number of students and community groups using the park and the expansion of girl’s sport played there.

3. The refurbishment of an additional terrace at the Year 9 University Campus to house additional classrooms and specialist facilities.

4. A Senior Years (Years 10 – 12) Centre at the Ivanhoe Campus to be known as the Fraser Centre, acknowledging the outstanding contribution to the School by former Principal Rod Fraser. The Fraser Centre will be built where the current Benson Gymnasium is located. It will be a multi-levelled building catering for the needs of our senior students.

All these projects are subject to various regulatory approvals, economic climate at the time and final approval from the School’s Board of Governors. We are very excited by these initiatives, and we look forward to updating you in the future as we move to turn plans into reality.


In keeping with the spirit of being a school that is community focused, Ivanhoe Grammar School was pleased to be able to assist twenty-five Year 12 students whose current school closed unexpectedly. These students completed their final eight weeks of school at Ivanhoe Grammar School, sat their exams with us and were provided with whatever support we could, to assist them during this time.



Chair Mr Daniel Proietto LLB(Hons), BComm, MAICD

Principal Mr Gerard Foley BEd, MEdLeadership

Deputy Chair Dr Amanda Caples BSc(Hons), PhD, GAICD

Treasurer Mr Kevin Teoh LLB(Hons), BComm, CA

Company Secretary Mr Leyton Miles BBus(Acc), CPA, MBA, GIA(Cert) MAICD, MIML

Board Member Mrs Helen Fazzino BEc(Hons) FCA, FTI

Board Member Mr Mark Lochran FAIQS, ARMIT

Board Member Professor Emeritus John McKenzie AM BSc(Hons), PhD

Board Member Ms Tina Savona, BEc, LLB(Hons), LLM

Board Member Ms Stephanie Louey BA, GradDipPR, MComm




Mr Gerard Foley BEd, MEdLeadership

Business Manager

Mr Leyton Miles BBus(Acc), CPA, MBA, GIA(Cert) MAICD, MIML

Deputy Principal / Head of Plenty Campus

Mrs Fiona Devlin BASc(Phys Ed), MEd

Deputy Principal / Head of The Ridgeway Campus

Mr Tom Rickards BSc, BCom, GradDipEd, MEd

Director of Academic Learning

Mrs Carmel Fry BSc(Ed) and MEd (Leadership & Management)

Director of Admissions & Community Engagement

Mr Paul Walsh DipT, BEd, MA(IntEd), MEd(EdMgt), FEdplus

Head of Buckley House

Mr Russell Feben BEd, DipT

Head of Human Resources

Ms Kimberley Poynton LLB, BA, GradDipMgt

Head of University Campus

Mrs Stella Batsanis BA, DipEd, CertCouns, CertEdMgmt




To develop young people of character.


We strive to be courageous, innovative, balanced, collaborative, ethical, reflective and compassionate.


» Learning Excellence

» Personal Growth

» Global Citizenship


» High Quality Learning – provide outstanding co-educational learning opportunities.

» Exceptional Staff – Recruit, develop and retain high quality staff.

» Connectivity and Data Transformation –Optimise the use of technology data to support and redefine learning.

» Engaged Community – Deepen, strengthen and grow community.

» Develop our resources, infrastructure and environment.

An Ivanhoe Learner is the embodiment of a young person of character.

It is our priority to integrate the attributes of an Ivanhoe Learner into every aspect of the learning experience. We do this so that whatever students set out to accomplish, both in school and in life, they will do so in accordance with the traits of a young person of character.

From the Early Learning Centre, through to our longest-serving staff, our community of Ivanhoe Learners extends beyond the classroom. Staff, students and families alike are committed to a life of enquiry and learning; from each other and the world around us.

Throughout all experiences at Ivanhoe Grammar School – curricular, co-curricular and community –we strive to embody these characteristics, nurture them in our students and lead by example.


Ivanhoe Grammar School is committed to the principles of Australian Democracy which includes the process of elected government, adhering to the rules of law and equal rights for all before the law. In addition, the School believes in freedom of religion, freedom of speech and association and promotes the values of openness and tolerance.



We have the confidence and tenacity to take responsible risks to extend our capacity, persevere when presented with a challenge, and learn from our mistakes.

We value being original and creative in our thinking; being curious and seeking opportunities to introduce new ideas or ways of doing things.

We develop intellectually, physically and emotionally in a balanced way, enhancing wellbeing.

We value the input of others and seek opportunities for shared effort across a range of methodologies and environments.

We value acquiring and building moral judgement in order to be autonomous and responsible.

We use our own ideas and experiences and those of others to support our own learning and development.

We take on the feelings and perspectives of others and act intuitively to support them.

» Plenty Campus ‘The Lion King’ Musical 10 | IVANHOE GRAMMAR SCHOOL



2022 can generally be described as the ‘Year of the Reset’ with organisations such as Ivanhoe Grammar School looking to return to ‘post-COVID’ normality across so many areas of the school.

School tours recommenced, parents and grandparents were invited back onto the campus, social functions were reinstated and students filled the classrooms and thrived on the face-to-face interaction between both teachers and peers.

From primary through to Year 12, the comments by many parents reinforced the content, care and consideration provided by teachers to ensure that students were able to transition back to the classroom after two disrupted years.

In terms of intertest in the school, our enquiries and enrolments exceeded expectations during 2022. Primary years at Plenty Campus continued to grow with Foundation numbers exceptionally strong with projections predicting continued capacity numbers in the coming years. In addition, our Year 9 University Campus maintains its status as a significant point of entry into the School for both campuses.

As per previous years, we surveyed our Year 12 parents at the conclusion of the year and asked several key questions pertaining to their child’s final year at school and their eventual ATAR score and tertiary placement (if applicable). Overall, the parent responses were very positive with the question ‘How satisfied are you with your child’s tertiary placement?’ attracting a weighted score of 9.23 out of 10, for ‘Extremely Satisfied’.




Across the School, 2022 was a year filled with rich learning and growth. Most importantly, it was a year of learning and connecting onsite together again. As Ivanhoe Learners we celebrate difference and recognise that learning success comes in a wide variety of forms. We believe that each student makes a unique contribution to our learning community. We value learning together and celebrate the achievements of all of our students with great pride. Students physically returned to campus in November 2021, just as the new academic year commenced for secondary students. Our primary students had just a short time before graduating to the next year level. Our learning environments are a critical factor influencing student learning success and wellbeing. As students returned to campus, everyone embraced the opportunity to re-establish great onsite learning routines, keep building upon our newly established digital skills, and wholeheartedly re-engage in the wide spectrum of learning activities that Ivanhoe offers. With an emphasis on student ownership and connection to school, our academic lessons deliberately involved increased opportunities for rich classroom discussions, sharing thinking, hands-on learning and collaborative group work.


Academic Learning at Ivanhoe involves much more than a traditional curriculum. We aspire to develop Ivanhoe Learners, with character attributes that enable each young person to have a positive influence upon their contemporary surrounding community and their future world. As such, our learning programs continue to embed Global Citizenship Education and to grow students’ capacity for living, working and learning with emerging digital technologies. To be future-ready, having the approaches and skills for continual learning is vital. Therefore, at each stage of schooling our academic programs aim to stretch students’ ability to reflect upon their own learning, think critically, research independently, problem solve and collaborate.

Our learning and teaching activities are deliberately varied. We contend that high quality instructional practices take many forms and that variety is

essential for learner success in the short and long term. Underpinned with core guiding principles, Ivanhoe has articulated a set of key practices and models of learning that best support student growth. Explicit teaching and guided-inquiry are our main instructional models, with experiential learning, immersion, concept and problem-based learning all having a role to play. Our return to onsite learning has also brought back immersive incursions, guest presenters, excursions, theatre workshops, fieldwork, class performances and specialist workshops.


Our Middle Years academic programs explicitly teach the skills and values of an Ivanhoe Learner. Our flagship programs at University Campus guide students to develop skills and adopt the benefits of owning their own unique learning journey. Immersion and experiential learning, guided-inquiry and periodic specialist out-of-class programs are designed to help students to recognise and realise their own passions and strengths and build independence. As young adults in the Senior Years, students are able to specialise further and elect their studies.

Developing student agency, voice, critical thinking and creativity continue to be important objectives throughout our academic programs. Therefore, our programs have included mock election campaigns, student debates, expos, global citizenship activities and advocacy, as well as drama and music performances. Through this learning, students develop the skills and dispositions required to make a difference in the world.


As I reflect on 2022, I am filled with admiration for the way in which our learning community worked together. I am very proud of the passion and dedication of our staff, and inspired by the abilities, energy and determination demonstrated by our students each and every day. The School is very appreciative of the outstanding ways in which our families support their child’s learning journeys. It is this connection and support that makes such a difference to the possibilities and achievements of our school. We achieve together.



Ivanhoe Grammar School is committed to providing a well-rounded education that encompasses academic excellence and co-curricular programs. These programs are integral to our students’ personal growth and development, and in this report, we aim to highlight their impact on our students and the wider community.

Our sports program is designed to enhance our students’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. With almost 30 sporting options, we offer a range of participation levels to cater to each student’s individual interests and abilities. We require our students to participate in the AGSV/APS summer and winter seasons to ensure their comprehensive development. The positive impact of sports on our students’ discipline, teamwork, leadership skills, and overall health has been evident. In 2022, we celebrated three premierships won at Firsts level by our Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball teams and our inaugural Girls’ Basketball premiership.

The Theatre program is an opportunity for our students to develop their creativity, communication, and performance skills. Annual and bi-annual productions are held across the campuses, for which the participating students rehearse for many months. Our students have consistently received recognition for their outstanding performances, and some have gone on to pursue careers in the performing arts industry. Unfortunately, due to pandemic restrictions, the Ridgeway Campus musical could not be staged during the initial rehearsal stage, but a successful musical was staged at Plenty Campus and Buckley House. The Ridgeway Campus cast is rehearsing eagerly for their 2023 production.

Our Music program offers numerous opportunities for students to develop their musical skills, including choir, ensembles, and individual instrument lessons. We hold concerts and competitions throughout the year, with More than Words and the Piano and Instrumentalists competition being the standout events. In 2022, the standard of play from our students was better than ever, and it may have been the only program to benefit from the pandemic!

The Cadets program is overseen by the Australian Defence Force and offers students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, discipline, teamwork, and outdoor skills. With the largest cadet unit in the state, many Ivanhoe students are gaining these benefits. Our cadets participate in training camps, field exercises, ceremonial duties, and a celebratory

dinner. Our cadets have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the community, and some have gone on to pursue careers in the defence force. In 2022, the Cadets program was able to operate at full capacity throughout the year.

Our Debating program provides an opportunity for our students to develop their critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. Our teams from all secondary campuses compete in the Debaters Association of Victoria competition, with many progressing beyond their regional competition to the finals period. Our most significant achievement, however, is our strong participation in the DAV competition. We are also proud to have returned the Greenway Cup to its preferred side of Lower Heidelberg Rd.

The community service and outreach programs encourage our students to develop empathy and compassion for others by participating in various service-learning activities. In 2022, we were able to re-establish our partnerships with Big Group Hug, 300 Blankets, Open House, Whittlesea Food Collective, and BANSIC. The Cambodia Service Project will return in 2023, and pleasingly the School has been able to continue supporting our partners in Cambodia during our time away. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this program has been slower to regain momentum.

Outdoor Education had to run in a reduced capacity in 2022 due to concerns regarding isolation requirements. Our Year 7 and Year 8 camps were only three days in length, while our Year 10 Journeys were only one night. Despite the reduction in camp length, the students were still able to appreciate the beauty and significance of the Australian bush and be challenged by completing familiar tasks in a different environment, which is essential for developing resilience, grit, and self-efficacy.

In 2022, our co-curricular programs have played a vital role in our students’ personal growth and development. We have seen the positive impact of these programs on their physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. Our students have consistently demonstrated outstanding performances and made significant contributions to the wider community. We will continue to provide opportunities for our students to excel in these co-curricular programs and achieve their full potential.




The average student attendance across all campuses of the School was 87 percent. The number of Year 9 students retained to Year 12 was 88 percent. Based on 252 students enrolled in Year 9 in 2019 and 222 of those students remaining enrolled in 2022 in Year 12.

The proportion of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students at or above National Minimum Standard can be seen in the tables below. Note that NAPLAN was cancelled for all schools in 2020.


Reading Writing Spelling Grammar and Punctuation Numeracy 2022 100 100 98 100 96 2021 100 100 98 100 100 2020 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2019 100 100 100 100 100 Year 3 Reading Writing Spelling Grammar and Punctuation Numeracy 2022 100 94 100 94 94 2021 100 100 100 100 98 2020 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2019 100 100 96 96 100 Year 5 Reading Writing Spelling Grammar and Punctuation Numeracy 2022 96 90 94 95 98 2021 99 99 99 99 100 2020 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2019 99 100 98 98 99 Year
Reading Writing Spelling Grammar and Punctuation Numeracy 2022 89 89 89 88 94 2021 99 97 99 96 100 2020 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2019 96 97 98 97 100 Year


Students completing their Year 12 studies at Ivanhoe Grammar School in 2022 again performed to a high standard. There were 255 students who completed either the VCE or IB Diploma. Overall 34 percent of the students scored an ATAR equivalent of 90 or above, placing them in the top 10 percent of the state.

In addition 61 percent of students achieved an ATAR equivalent of 80 or above, placing them in the top 20 percent of the state.

Consolidated VCE and IB 2022 Results: ATAR 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 99+ 4% 5% 3% 3% 3% 95+ 20% 19% 16% 23% 16% 90+ 34% 36% 32% 41% 36% 80+ 61% 59% 57% 69% 62%






IB students


Total students

We are very proud of the Class of 2022. Congratulations to the Dux at each campus in achieving exceptional results. Dux of School, International Baccalaureate (IB) Dux and Dux of The Ridgeway Campus Leia Casci, and Dux of School, School VCE Dux and Dux of The Ridgeway Campus Koen Dubrow, both received an ATAR of 99.7. Also, Samuel Bevacqua, VCE Dux of Plenty Campus achieved an ATAR of 98.2.

As an open-entry school, students of all abilities are a part of our School community. Although the results share some of our top achievements, the importance of celebrating the personal best of all our students cannot be underestimated. We congratulate all students who have worked to their capacity and thank the dedicated teaching staff who have supported them.

‘Excellence is the greatest result of always striving to do better’ – Pat Riley.

The Class of 2022 have lived this mantra and I have great confidence that we will hear much about their successes in all walks of life in the years to come.

We are extremely proud of our Class of 2022, who once again faced a challenging year. These students showed great maturity and empathy for others. Each and every member of this year level is an exemplary young person of character. We wish them success in their future endeavours, and they will hold a special place in the history of our School.

Gerard Foley

4.1% 99+ Top 1% of the State

20% 95+ Top 5% of the State

34% 90+ Top 10% of the State

Combined VCE and IB median ATAR



Combined VCE and IB median ATAR is an impressive 84.6, placing 50 percent of students in the top 15.4 percent of the State.



Combined perfect VCE subject scores and IB grades of 7 (highest possible grade)

What’s inside... Consolidated results 2 IB highlights 3 Duces of 2022 3 House Spirit 4 Young people of character 6 Student pathways – where to next? 7
2 Celebrating the Class of 2022 – Young people of character 16 | IVANHOE GRAMMAR SCHOOL




Australian Catholic University - 1.2%

Deakin College - 0.4%

Deakin University - 8.6%

Melbourne Polytechnic - 0.4%

Federation University Australia - 0.8%

La Trobe University - 16.1%

University of Melbourne - 25.9%

Monash College - 2.3%

Monash University - 20.4%

RMIT - 18%

Swinburne University of Technology - 3.9%

Victoria University - 1.6%

SAE Creative Media Institute - 0.4%



Over 98 percent of the Class of 2022 received a university offer as at 14 February (excluding students who didn’t apply for a local university place through the VTAC system).


51 students from the Class of 2022 were offered a double degree (excluding University of Melbourne as they do not offer double degrees).

Agriculture, Environmental & Related Studies - 0.3%

Architecture & Building - 7.5%

Creative Arts - 7.5%

Education - 1%

Engineering & Related Technologies - 11.1%

Food, Hospitality & Personal Services - 0.3%

Health - 11.8%

Information Technology - 5.6%

Management & Commerce - 19.9%

Natural & Physical Science - 17%

Society & Culture - 18%



18 students were offered the University of Melbourne Graduate Entry Guarantee.

1 student was offered a Monash University Masters Accelerated Pathway.

30 students were offered the Aspire Program at La Trobe University.

5 students received the Swinburne University Early Offer Program.

3 students from the Class of 2022 were offered an ACU Guarantee.

53 students from the Class of 2022 were offered places in Honours courses.


La Trobe Vice-Chancellor Scholarship.

The University of Melbourne Principals’ Scholarship.

1 student was offered a La Trobe University Master Course Package.


Parent Score 9.24


In a recent survey of parents of the Class of 2022, their average satisfaction was found to be extremely high regarding their child’s tertiary placement.



There is so much to celebrate at Ivanhoe in 2022! It has been a year filled with rich learning and growth. Most importantly, it has been a year of connecting onsite together! As Ivanhoe Learners we value and celebrate difference. We believe that learning success comes in a variety of forms. Learning at Ivanhoe involves much more than a traditional curriculum. We aspire to develop Ivanhoe Learners, with character


The best thing about the final years of an Ivanhoe education was the sense of unity and family in the Class of 2022. This family vibe was constructed through total inclusivity and familiarity between all students and all teachers. There were two key challenges I experienced during Year 11 and 12 of the IB. They were academic self-belief and balance. However, through collaborating with my teachers and changing my mindset as well as implementing a weekly study schedule I was able to overcome these challenges. A young person of character is someone who believes in themselves, and further, someone who stays true to their internal values. The ‘character’ inside of the young person of character refers to a strength in being oneself in whichever and whatever environment. This character also depicts someone who is not afraid to stick out and doesn’t feel obliged to conform to what may be seen as ‘cool’. By completing my last few years at Ivanhoe there’s no doubt my character has grown.


The best thing about Ivanhoe was the myriad of opportunities, allowing me to develop aspects of myself that will serve me well into the future. This was made possible due to the dedication of a talented and motivated team of teachers and mentors. This enabled me to build rich relationships with other students in a supportive and caring community. I have a tendency to be naturally conservative, being somewhat risk averse. However, I learned that when I took a risk and was courageous enough to try something new and apply myself to that activity, I developed my skills and grew as a person, developing deeper relationships and gaining satisfaction and confidence from new achievements. This was mainly realised through the excellent Cadet Program at Ivanhoe as well as the brilliant Musical Theatre Program. A young person of character is someone who practises and displays the values of integrity, understanding, responsibility, and respect, in every aspect of their life. A young person of character also displays leadership and has the kindness and courage to make others in the community feel welcomed and included, even when it means that you have to step out of your own comfort zone to do so. I think that a young person of character is someone that you can rely on to volunteer their own time and resources into helping serve the community with a positive demeanour. Also, by helping others to gain confidence within themselves and shine you can become a better person yourself and further reinforce the content of your character.

attributes that enable each young person to have a positive influence upon their contemporary surrounding community and their future world. There are many, many stories of individual growth and great learning success, congratulations to the Class of 2022.


Cadet camps were a highlight of my final years at school. I was fortunate enough to be Head of Training and Assessment, and played a part in planning the camps. Seeing the hard work come to fruition was really rewarding. I was able to make new friends, build upon past friendships and have fun. Cadet camps were a time I could get away from the stress of school and challenge myself, while also having fun with my friends and creating many unique memories. The two biggest challenges I faced were managing my time and coping with the stress of school. I was involved in many activities both in and outside of school. With the increase in workload for Year 12, it took time to get organised and figure out how to make everything work. With that, as well as it being my final year of school, I felt a lot more stress than usual. It took a bit to figure out the best ways to cope, but I am grateful to my family, friends and teachers for helping me get through those challenges. A young person of character is hard to define with just one quality. If I had to, I would say a young person of character is someone that is willing to be true to themselves. Having the confidence to be unapologetically yourself is a quality I’ve always admired and is something easier said than done.


The best thing about my final years of school was the bond formed with my classmates going into the Senior Years. Having been through so much together and being such a small cohort, I found that we were always there for each other and made some of the best memories. The main challenge that I faced and overcame in my final years was finding a balance between school and personal life. I often found myself overwhelmed with schoolwork and needed a reminder to take time out for the things I loved as well. I believe a young person of character is one that is open minded and self-aware of their actions as well as their impact on others.

6 Celebrating the Class of 2022 – Young people of character 18 | IVANHOE GRAMMAR SCHOOL


IB scores have converted to impressive ATAR equivalents.

In 2022, a number of Year 12 students at Ivanhoe Grammar School chose to undertake the well-respected International Baccalaureate (IB) to expand their options for tertiary education.

The dedication and hard work for these students were realised in early January 2023 with the release of the IB results.



80+ ATAR

Congratulations to all students, we are extremely proud of their achievements.

In particular, we would like to congratulate our Dux of School, International Baccalaureate (IB) Dux and Dux of The Ridgeway Campus, Leia Casci who achieved an IB score of 44 and an ATAR of 99.7 which places her in the top 0.3% of the State.



Dux of School, International Baccalaureate (IB) Dux and Dux of The Ridgeway Campus

ATAR: 99.7

What university are you going to and what will you be studying?

I am going to Melbourne University to study Biomedicine.

What is your future aspiration? To practise medicine.


Dux of School, School VCE Dux and Dux of The Ridgeway Campus

ATAR: 99.7

What university are you going to and what will you be studying?

I am going to study a Bachelor of Philosophy (Science) at Australian National University.

What is your future aspiration?

Right now I am looking at completing my course and then to a future in science.


VCE Dux of Plenty Campus

ATAR: 98.2

What university are you going to and what will you be studying?

I’m studying a double degree in Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts at Monash University. I’m also exploring international programs in Classical Studies.

What is your future aspiration?

I’m exploring several possible future careers. My general aspiration is to be happy in whatever career I choose, and to make a meaningful and inspired contribution to my chosen field.

80+ 90+ 95+ 99+ 19.4% 47% 67% 94% ATAR
The IB median ATAR is an impressive 94.6 and 94 percent of the IB Class of 2022 achieved an ATAR above 80. 3 COMMUNITY REPORT 2022 | 19



» Opening/completion of the Sports and Aquatic Centre

» New canteen/café at Plenty Campus

» Additional Solar panel installation at Ridgeway Campus

» Playground at Buckley House






Subject and Other Fees

State and Federal Government Grants

Other Income (inc IPL seminar income, donations)


Salaries, Superannuation and other oncosts

Academic Expenses

Finance and Interest Costs

Communication and Development

Operations and Utilities

Administration Expenses

IT Expenses

Scholarships and concessions


Community Programs

1% 73% 6% 20% 59% 9% 3% 9% 2% 8% 9% 0.2% 1% 0.2% COMMUNITY REPORT 2022 | 21


Our purpose is to build young people of character and one of the ways in which we do this is to immerse our students in an environment where character is modelled for them. Our staff work to do exactly this and across our School we have continued to see many examples of our people living out our Ivanhoe Learner Attributes of Courageous, Innovative, Balanced, Collaborative, Ethical, Reflective and Compassionate.

In a year where our staff were able to return to working on site, the task of ensuring student learning remained undisrupted continued on as isolation due to COVID related illness led to significant staffing challenges in the first half of 2022. The work ethic of our staff across all campuses gave testimony to their resilience and commitment to our student’s learning and saw the School successfully navigate these challenges.

Through all of this, the journey of ensuring Ivanhoe attracts, retains and develops exceptional staff continued through what proved to be a very highly demanding and difficult time across the education marketplace. Our School continued to experience success in recruitment and was able to build on our existing exceptional staff cohort in a manner reflective of our People First Strategy and our considered approach to workforce planning.

Staff engaged in professional learning across a range of disciplines with Professional Development Days focusing on learning for Academic staff and the continuation of our coaching and mentoring model. Included in this was the ongoing training of all staff in the area of Child Safety which remains our highest priority in all facets of School operations and planning. We continued to provide professional development opportunities to our staff to drive


our Reconciliation Action Plan. Our reconciliation vision is for an inclusive inter-cultural relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Australians based on common respect and recognition of the enduring value of First Peoples’ knowledge and cultures. Tied to this was further work in finalising the First Nations Program and the continued work of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee in delivering on strategic initiatives.

Our team partnered with key stakeholders in developing and enabling appropriate staffing structures to better support student learning, particularly in the area of Individual Needs learning and also in our extensive Performing Arts, Sport and broader co-curricular program. On a practical level, the Human Resources team continued the implementation and review of its employment

lifecycle processes and workflows, benefiting from the efficiencies of now embedded, onboarding software. This platform has enabled efficient and timely engagement with potential candidates for employment and has streamlined our induction processes allowing for a great deal of automation in supporting staff as they begin or continue their professional journeys at Ivanhoe. Of course, the personal touch and connection remains a high priority and key element of the successful transition into our School that our new staff experience.


Staff List

Board of Governors


Mr D Proietto


Mr G Foley

Deputy Chair

Dr A Caples


Mr K Teoh


Mr L Miles


Ms H Fazzino

Mr M Lochran

Ms S Louey

Professor J McKenzie AM

Ms T Savona


Mr G Foley

Principal’s Executive Business Manager

Mr L Miles

Deputy Principal/Head of Plenty Campus

Mrs F Devlin

Deputy Principal/Head of The Ridgeway Campus

Mr T Rickards

Director of Academic Learning

Mrs C Fry

Head of Advancement

Mr P Walsh

Head of Buckley House

Mr R Feben

Head of University Campus

Mrs S Batsanis

Finance & Administration

Finance Manager

Mr M Wilson

Risk Manager

Ms B Dooley

Executive Assistant to the Principal

Mrs V Costigan

Personal Assistant to the Business Manager

Ms R Lakeman

HR & Payroll Services

Mr D Jordan

Senior Human Resources Advisor

Mrs C Godfrey

Human Resources Advisor

Mrs R Falcone

HR Team Administrator

Mrs P Welham

Health & Safety Coordinator

Mr P Scott

Accounts Officer

Mr D Udawatte

Ms S Vella

Credit Services Manager

Mr P Davis

Facilities Manager

Mr B Swaby

Administration Assistant –Calendar & Events

Ms L Wein

Calendar, Events & Community Engagement Manager

Mr A Stephens

Events & Facilities Coordinator

Ms S Karatzidis

Miss G Noonan

Aquatics Manager

Ms K Gevaux


Communications & Marketing Manager

Ms K Garla

Admissions Manager

Mrs R Groenewegen

Associate Registrar

Mrs N Wilson

Administration Assistant –

Domestic Admissions

Ms M Dehne

International Admissions Coordinator

Ms J Girdwood

Communications & Marketing Specialist

Mrs S Drummond

Ms R Good

Ms M Healy

Development Manager

Mr G Brown

Development Administrator

Mrs L Paltoglou

Alumni Coordinator

Mrs M Busso-Lee

Information & Communications Technology

Director of Digital Transformation

Mr S Brophy

Director of Systems & Infrastructure

Mr W Mattson

Software Development Manager

Mr D McCraw

Database & LMS Manager

Mrs L Davis

ICT Systems Administrator

Mrs S Loganathan

Director of ICT Operations

Mrs M Hawkeswood

Client Systems Administrator

Mr S Crossley

IT Technician Trainee

Mr C Duggan

Mr L Stewart

Mr T Churchward

Mr D Paladino

Mr J Smith

Client Support

Team Manager

Mr J Paladino

Audio Visual Manager

Mr N White

Print Room

Mrs L Bullock

Senior Support Staff

Dean of International Students

Ms L Bruhn

Director of Co-Curricular


Mr C Branigan

Director of Research & Innovation

Ms M Supple

Director of Sport

Miss A Geoghegan

Director of Student Futures

Mr J Peat


Rev. Canon John Sanderson

As at 1 December 2022 24 | IVANHOE GRAMMAR SCHOOL

Buckley House

Senior Staff

Head of Buckley House

Mr R Feben

Deputy Head of Buckley House

Miss K Redmond

Early Learning Centre Director

Mrs K Harding

Pedagogical & Curriculum Leaders

Mr J Coleman

Ms K Hartnell

Professional Learning Team Leaders

Foundation to Year 2

Ms I Bond

Years 3 & 4

Mrs D Capuano

Years 5 & 6

Ms L Broben Specialists

Mrs J Keenan

Individual Needs Coordinator

Mrs A McCaffrey

Instrumental Music Coordinator

Mrs F Chindamo


Mr P Keuneman

Academic Staff

Ms F Arbon

Miss A Blanch-Frederick

Mrs N Braddy

Mr T Braddy

Mrs A Breteler

Ms F Chew

Mrs L Cotter

Ms C Delahunty

Ms G Digiglio

Mrs M Goetz

Ms C Harkin

Ms A Lett

Mr R Loft

Mr D McClean

Miss B McHugh

Mr J McInerney

Mr M Narkowicz

Mrs M Neilson

Mrs H Page-Wood

Mrs N Rose

Mrs A Stock

Mrs S Taylor

Ms S White

Administrative Staff

Personal Assistant to the Head of Buckley House

Mrs N Hales

Administration Assistant

Mrs A Rooke

ELC Co-educators

Ms E Leighton

Mrs T Prinsloo

Ms L Quach

Miss J Young

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L Apicella

Mr S Daniel

Mrs H Flanagan

Mrs D Galapi

Mrs C Gibson

School Nurses

Mrs K Maule

Mrs K Wilson

Library Staff

Ms A Kok

Ms G Molinaro

Mrs S Munro

Plenty Campus

Campus Executive

Deputy Principal/

Head of Plenty Campus

Mrs F Devlin

Deputy Head of Plenty Campus

Mrs R Rowe

Head of Primary

Mr D Gibson

Deputy Head of Campus –

Staffing & Operations

Mr A Wilson

Heads of Learning Areas

Head of Learning Area –Humanities & Social Science

Mr A Luscombe

Head of Learning Area –

Language & Literature

Mr C Bourne

Head of Learning Area –


Mrs S Scott

Head of Learning Area –

The Arts

Mr M Barnett

Heads of Year Levels

Head of Year 12

Mr C Caracella

Head of Year 11

Mr A Ratskos

Head of Year 10

Mrs N Luscombe

Head of Year 8

Mr D Hrovat

Head of Year 7

Mrs K Horsford

Senior Leaders

Administration Manager

Mrs J Harrison

Deputy Head of Primary

Ms N Simpson

Careers Advisor

Mrs N McFadden

Head of Performing Arts

Mrs M Denni

VCE Coordinator

Mrs R O’Keeffe

Individual Needs Coordinator

Ms A Gower

ISP Coordinator

Mrs J Vanderzweep

Pastoral Coordinator

Mr L Dahl

Curriculum Leaders

Curriculum Leader –Digital Technology

Mr R Fox

Curriculum Leader –English

Mr C Stein

Curriculum Leader –Health & Physical Education

Mr H Tyler

Curriculum Leader –Humanities & Commerce

Mr J Rowe

Curriculum Leader –


Mr B Langford

Curriculum Leader –Mathematics

Mr P Briggs

Curriculum Leader –Science & Technology

Ms R Zammit

Curriculum Leader – Visual Arts

Mr L Dalton

Academic Staff

Ms J Bosevska

Mrs K Boyd-Gerny

Mr H Bullen

Mr A Burton

Mrs A Burton

Mr M Callegari

Mr J Chappel

Ms W Chang

Miss K Crichton

Mrs C Comito

Mrs S Cracknell

Mr J Delaney

Mr L Fleming

Ms G Garner

Mrs N Hewitt

Mr A Hoogenraad

Mrs S Horton

Mrs M Irving

Ms S James

Mrs A Jones


Staff List

As at 1 December 2022

Miss J Knights

Mr D Kolasseril

Ms M Koppany

Miss D Lin

Ms S MacEwan

Mrs A Moravski

Miss N Rickard

Ms G Saadeh

Mrs N Smith

Ms R Smith

Ms H Swift

Ms N Ventrice

Ms S Wike

Miss J Xu

Ms E Yeo

Administrative Staff

Personal Assistant to the Deputy Principal/Head of Campus

Mrs S Anderson

Academic Secretary/ VASS Administrator

Mrs J Villanti

School Nurse

Mrs D Strauss

Learning Support


Mrs C Duff

Ms Z Pattison

Ms A Persico

Mrs L Stevens

Mrs B Thorne


Ms L O’Brien

Music Secretary

Mrs K Said

Primary Years Secretary

Mrs M Kilkenny

Science Laboratory


Ms A Trainor

Ms D Vodopija

Studio Assistant

Mr K Whitechurch

Library Staff

Head of Library Services

Miss J White

Primary Library Teacher

Mrs N Grant

Library Support Staff

Ms J Simpson

School Psychologist

Dr E Hartley

Ms Z Guest

Grounds & Maintenance

Grounds & Maintenance Coordinator

Mr A Wiseman

Grounds & Maintenance Staff

Mr R Patterson

The Ridgeway Campus

Campus Executive

Deputy Principal/Head of The Ridgeway Campus

Mr T Rickards

Deputy Head of Campus –

Head of Senior Years

Mrs A Di Ciocco

Deputy Head of Campus –Staffing & Operations

Mrs J Scanlon

Head of Middle School/ Deputy Head of Campus

Mrs V Arnas

Heads of Learning Areas

Head of Learning Area –Humanities & Social Sciences

Mr R Utting

Head of Learning Area –Language & Literature

Ms N Jarni

Head of Learning Area –Science

Ms M Greenwood-Smith

Head of Learning Area –STEM

Ms R Maynard

Head of Learning Area –The Arts

Ms J Patterson

Heads of Year Levels

Head of Year 7

Mrs F Burgess

Head of Year 8

Mr D Verrocchi

Senior Leaders

Head of Curriculum

Ms E Agius

Head of Academic


Ms W Mc Carry

VCE Coordinator

Ms H Seadon

IB Coordinator

Dr N Mercer

Director of Performance

Mr S Murphy

Lay Chaplain

Mr A Fox

Head of Individual Needs

Mrs E Linke

Head of AGSV Sport (Summer)

Mr R Gill

Head of AGSV Sport (Winter)

Mr L Lochran

Heads of House


Ms K Wilson


Mr D Voss


Mrs O Rothnie


Mr S van Beek

Curriculum Leaders

Curriculum Leader –Art & Design

Miss S Elali

Curriculum Leader –Commerce

Mr M Smyth

Curriculum Leader –English

Ms P Rao

Curriculum Leader –Health & Physical Education

Miss C Parodi

Curriculum Leader –Humanities

Miss L Portella

Curriculum Leader –


Mrs K van Leest

Curriculum Leader –Mathematics

Miss J Ranasinghe

Curriculum Leader –Performing Arts

Mr N Pease

Academic Staff

Mrs C Aile

Ms J Akrigg

Mr P Allen

Ms J Angwin

Mr D Atkinson-Buck

Mrs L Aubrey

Ms E Attardi

Mr P Bowers

Miss C Bernardi

Ms J Brown

Ms K Brown

Ms L Brown

Mrs V Buzzard

Ms W Chaidir

Ms A Chiodo

Ms C Chuter

Ms R Clyne

Mrs R Coleman

Mr M Cousins

Mr F Dauchez

Ms T Deguara

Mr J Doman

Mr W Draper

Miss C Dunstan

Mr H El-Hassan

Mr B Ernest

Mrs K Filbey

Mr C Galvez Gonzalez

Mr A Gibbs

Mr M Gill

Ms C Gleeson

Ms Y Graham

Miss G Grant

Miss J Green

Ms E Grills

Mr D Harris

Miss J Healey

Ms N Hin

Mr P Hodge

Mrs H Holland

Miss B Howell

Mr B Ingleton

Mrs E Jeffries

Dr E Kakoschke

Mrs S Kelly

Miss C Lennon

Ms M Leonard

Mr I Le Page

Dr H Li

Mr I Lobo

Miss S McDougall

Ms I McGann

Ms S McLaughlin

Ms G Mitchell


Mr D Naude

Mr S Nelson

Mrs H Perrone

Mx C Planko

Mr D Plumb

Mr L Pratt

Mrs E Pucius

Miss G Ratcliffe

Mr R Rizzo

Mr M Robertson

Ms C Saez

Dr R Savage

Miss D Scott

Mr J Scuruchi

Mrs G Shadbolt

Mr C Shallcross

Ms K Shipsides

Mrs P Shire

Mr R Smith

Ms L Spencer

Mr J Stajcer

Mr P Szczur

Mrs G Thorpe

Mrs P Turner

Mr S Underwood

Mrs M Vallury

Mrs M van Beek

Ms N Verdon

Mr G Wade

Dr R Waese

Mr C Ward

Ms S Warren

Ms L Wei

Ms N Wei

Mrs W Wilkinson

Ms K Williams

Mr M Yau

Ms J Zhang

Mr C Zois

Administrative Staff

Academic Secretary –Co-Curricular

Mrs S Mileto

Academic Secretary –Curriculum & IB

Ms A Marchese

Academic Secretary –Student Services (Senior Years)

Mrs C Brennan

Academic Secretary/VASS


Mrs D De Silva

Co-Curricular Secretary –Sport & Cadets

Miss B Bryan

Educational Support Staff Coordinator

Ms C McGowan

First Nations Program Coordinator

Mr A Taylor

Food technology Assistant

Mrs R Flesser

Laboratory Manager

Mrs J Kelly

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs E Ahimastos

Ms K Bhar

Ms F Edge

Mrs S Golden

Middle Years Secretary

Ms N Alexander

Music & Performing Arts


Ms R Heron

Personal Assistant to the Deputy Principal/Head of Campus

Mrs A McGrath

Production Assistant

Mr A McDougall


Mrs L Raimundo

Miss S White

School Nurses

Ms K Fyvie

Mrs S Sargeant

Mrs M Taylor

Mrs L Telford

Science Laboratory


Ms M Nigro

Mrs C Whelan

Library Staff

Head of Library Services

Mrs W Logan

Library Staff

Ms T Bruhn

Mrs M Canals

Ms A Galati

Miss K Hoogenraad

Mrs S Lowe

Ms R Phung

Music Staff

Ms R Burke

Mr A Piechocinski

Mr M Savage

Ms C Stringer

Mrs R Stone

School Psychologists

Ms K Li

Ms A Nikolaou

Miss L Punaro

Grounds & Maintenance

Property Manager

Mr J Atherton

Grounds Manager

Mr J Patterson

Grounds & Maintenance Staff

Mr M Davies

Mr S Pachis

Mr N Pinder

Mr M Schoen

Mr J Sinadino

University Campus

Senior Staff

Head of University Campus

Mrs S Batsanis

Senior Support Staff

Deputy Head of campus –Staffing & Operations

Mr P Hogg

Head of Learning

Ms A Baker

Heads of Wellbeing

Mr S Adderley

Ms J Roberts

Individual Needs


Ms A Burns

Academic Staff

Mr S Ballantyne

Mrs T Beeby

Mr J Capuano

Ms C Cassandro

Mrs H D’Elia

Mr H Do

Mr C Fotinopoulos

Ms C Gill

Miss A Greaves

Mr B Heuser

Miss E Kyrgios

Miss M Nicholls

Ms C Norwood

Ms C O’Loughlin

Ms K Pinnuck

Mrs K Robertson

Ms R Tascone

Ms A Taylor

Mrs K Yeats

Ms W Yu

Mrs L Zampichelli

Ms Y Zhang

Administrative Staff

Administrator/ Receptionist

Ms H Smith

School Nurses

Mrs M Ardley

Ms S Fankhauser

Learning Support Assistant

Miss M Joiner

Ivanhoe Campus (Buckley House and The Ridgeway Campus) The Ridgeway, Ivanhoe 3079 University Campus Terrace 1 & 2, Terrace Way Macleod 3085 Plenty Campus 730 Bridge Inn Road, Doreen 3754 www.ivanhoe.com.au info@ivanhoe.com.au +61 3 9490 1877
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