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July 2013

Hit the Road for Free Campaign Launched Following the success of our recentlyheld Gas Up to Win Promotion, we have just launched another promotion — Hit the Road for Free with NP. We’re giving away a lot of free gas, providing customers with the chance to go the extra mile on us. Make sure to tell your friends to fill up at NP for the opportunity to win big.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To ensure the safe, reliable, convenient and economical availability of quality petroleum products throughout Trinidad & Tobago.

Customer-focused, modern, efficient and profitable from refinery to pump, emerging from domestic leader to competitive regional player.


NOW OPEN New NP Carenage & Charlieville Service Stations Carenage Opening

Charlieville Opening

BUSINESS VENTURES Feasibility Study for LOBP in Panama As part of an energy agreement signed in 2012 between Trinidad and Tobago and Panama, it was agreed to conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of a Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) in Panama. NP in collaboration with a Panamanian firm, International Trading Services Limited, will complete this feasibility study in August 2013. The business drivers for such a venture include ready access to the Central American market, cheaper base oils, lower labour costs, better shipping logistics, and ultimately, lower cost of production of lubricants. This initiative is in keeping with NP’s vision of emerging from domestic leader to competitive regional player.


Employee Engagement Part I

Employee engagement is certainly a hot topic in organisations today – from employee engagement surveys to engagement scores and so on. Here, we are not talking generally about employee engagement, but rather specifically about employee engagement and participation in change. Prosci’s Five Tenets of Change Management are: • We change for a reason. • Organisational change requires individual change. • Organisational outcomes are the collective result of individual change. • Change management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change. • We apply change management to realise the benefits and desired outcomes of change.

CULTURE ‘I Am Not a Victim’ Course Teaches Managers the Art of Self-Defence


On the heels of our HSE Week last month, NP recently offered a one-day self-defence course for female managers entitled “I Am Not a Victim”. Conducted by MH Tactical Response Training, attendees learned how to survive a violent confrontation through psychological and tactical empowerment. The workshop consisted of presentations, consultative discussion with a psychologist, as well as physical tactics training. Qualified instructors taught the managers skills and techniques to employ escape methods, trained them in the use of improvised weapons, and helped them develop a combative mindset to aid survival in life threatening situations. As NP moves forward in our new journey, we continue to maintain a focus on the safety of all stakeholders. This course represents one such activity of our efforts.

Did you know that car tyres expire? Inspect your tyres monthly and keep them inflated to the recommended pressure for optimal gas mileage.

NP - Strategic Focus Newsletter - July 2013