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Navigating the business and startup landscape in Goa

dranding Consulting

A brand consultancy firm based in Saligao that provides comprehensive branding solutions for enterprises


An app-based platform that enables users to book activities and rides during their vacation in Goa

Conexao Technology Solutions

A Panjim-based start-up  that provides innovative solutions for the smart building and smart city markets


A natural food-based supplement that can reverse cardiovascular illnesses like BP, cholesterol and heart attacks

Marketing guru Rohini Gonsalves talks about why it is important for businesses to have strong ‘Callto-Action’ cues in order to increase sales

Issue 2 February 2023

Welcome to the February issue of our Goa Tycoon e-magazine. This month, on our cover, we have featured Floyd and Katya Tavares, the founders of Dranding Consulting, a brand consultancy firm based in Saligao. The firm provides branding solutions for enterprises and has won several awards for the work they have been doing in this field over the years. Read the feature to know more about this interesting start-up.

Our inside pages feature stories on Conexao Tech solutions, a Panjim-based firm that provides innovative solutions for the Smart City and Smart Building markets. We also have done a story on the Goa App, an application that provides tourists with all that they need to plan their trip to Goa. Guest write-ups on 'Call-ToAction' by marketing guru Rohini Gonsalves and on 'Financial Planning for NRIs’ by noted financial planner Manalee Vernekar also feature in this month's issue of our e-magazine.

In other news, the Goa Chapter of The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) was formally launched earlier this month with the mission of serving as a platform for promoting ethical business practices, educating and training sector employees and promoters, fostering networking and collaboration, upholding

industry standards, and promoting regional enterprises and cuisines.

The establishment of the Goa chapter of the association comes at a time when a recent study revealed that nearly half of the money spent by a tourist in Goa is spent on food and beverages, highlighting the importance of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs to the Goan economy.

Also, earlier this week, Air Vistara began operations at Goa's Manohar International Airport, connecting it to Bengaluru with direct daily flights, as well as six weekly flights to and from Mumbai. Vistara, which is a joint venture between the Tata group and Singapore Airlines, currently flies to Dabolim Airport (Goa International Airport) from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

Also, Blade India, a  global urban air mobility platform, commenced helicopter services between Manohar International Airport in Mopa, North Goa, and the Taj Exotica hotel in South Goa, on 13th February. The service runs two times daily from the airport to the hotel. The helicopter on this route can currently carry four passengers at a cost of Rs. 6000 per person. According to Blade India, each passenger can carry up to 7 kg of luggage on the helicopter. The helicopter service will be available six days a week. According to the company, the air mobility service will also expand its network in North Goa, with Fort Aguada as the next location.

Well, that’s all I have for you all from my desk this month. I hope you enjoy reading this month's issue of Goan Tycoon. Do share it with your friends all across the world.

Until next month, cheers!


01 Goa App

02 Conexao Technology Solutions


04 Call-To-Action

05 Dranding Consulting

06 Pro Agri-9+And The Nobel Prize Winning

Science Behind it


Goa, the tiniest state on the western coast of India, boasts golden pristine beaches, palmfringed avenues, flavourful food, delicious Portuguese-influenced sweets, and warm, hospitable people. Also known as the Ibiza of India for its partying. A tropical paradise of flora and fauna, from the very famous 'almi' (mushrooms) endemic to its forests, that grow only on the red mud anthills, to the solar prawns that are fished immediately after the monsoons, Goa is unique. Tourists are also attracted to Goa for its cultural heritage - from the famous old Portuguese churches like Se Cathedral in Old Goa, the 16th Century Safa Masjid in Ponda and Shree Mangesha Temple in Mardol, the legendary Arvalem or Pandava Caves where the Pandavas of the Mahabharat fame lived, to its two unique festivals - Carnival and Shigmo. Goa plays host to many festivals - the International Film Festival of India that promotes cinema, the Serendipity Art Festival, Sunburn Music Festival, The Grape Escapade to name a few. To showcase this varied heritage of culture, art, tradition, food, and people, in 2015 ItsGoa was born. The main aim was to make it the premier portal for all things Goa. We were able to showcase Goa like never before. Soon our blogbased website transcended the virtual space, with the ItsGoa magazine – a sought-after resource for visitors to Goa from countries like Norway, Germany, UK, USA, UAE, etc.

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mobile application


An app-based platform that enables users to book activities to do during their vacation in Goa

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa
Mr. Radhaprasad Borkar (right) and Mr. Nilkant Shet Shirodkar (left),the co-founders of the Goa App

Goa App is the virtual gateway to the tropical paradise of Goa. Imagine the sun-kissed beaches, the sound of the waves, the vibrant culture, and the delicious cuisine - all at your fingertips. Whether you're planning a trip to this beautiful destination or just looking to learn more about it, Goa App has got you covered. It offers a unique and immersive experience, complete with stunning visuals, comprehensive information, and helpful tips to make your Goa experience unforgettable.

In 2017, Goa App was launched with a mission to provide the ultimate travel experience for visitors to Goa. From customized travel plans to adventure activities, car rental booking and loads of important information about Goa, the platform has become a one-stop-shop for all things Goa-related. With stunning visuals, comprehensive information and helpful tips, Goa App has quickly become a go-to resource for anyone planning a trip to this beautiful destination. So, if you're looking to discover all that Goa has to offer, Goa App is the perfect place to start your journey.

The Idea Behind the Goa App

The inspiration behind Goa App came from a shared love of Goa, and a desire to share its beauty and culture with the world. The team behind Goa App are all Goans and are struck by its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. They wanted to create a platform that would allow people from all over the world to experience the magic of Goa.

The team recognized that while there was already a wealth of information available about Goa, it was often scattered and incomplete. They wanted to create a one-stop-shop that would offer comprehensive information, travel plans, and adventure activities in one place. They also wanted to make it easier for visitors to navigate Goa, with features like car rental booking and local guides.

At the heart of Goa App is a passion for making travel easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable. The team behind the platform believes that travel has the power to inspire, educate, and connect people from all walks of life. By creating a platform that makes it easier to experience the beauty of Goa, they hope to inspire more people to explore this incredible destination and create lasting memories.

The People Behind Goa App

Behind this unique application are Mr. Radhaprasad Borkar and his team at Appbuddy Consultancy LLP.

Mr. Radhaprasad, who hails from Sanquelim in Bicholim, is a Post Graduate in Computer Science Engineering. His father is a retired school teacher and at present, the proprietor of a successful business venture. “I always wanted to become a teacher like my father and also a businessman with his sense of innovation,” says Radhaprasad.

Joining Radhaprasad is Mr. Nilkant Shirodkar, who holds a Master of Technology in Computer Science and lives in the picturesque village of Marcel in Goa. With his expertise in computer science and his love for the natural beauty of Goa, Mr. Shirodkar adds a valuable dimension to the team.

Radhaprasad's team who work on the Goa App consists of Radhaprasad’s wife Saee Mahambre and two extraordinary and super-talented engineers, Rayner Prezeres and Ria Colaco.

Miss Colaco is a skilled software developer with a passion for creating beautiful and functional applications. With her eye for detail and her deep understanding of coding, she has contributed greatly to the development of Goa App. Her expertise has been invaluable in creating the platform's userfriendly interface and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa
Mr. Radhaprasad and Mr. Nilkant Shirodkar at the Goa App Office

Mr. Prezeres is a talented software developer who has a keen eye for design and aesthetics. His contributions to Goa App have been essential in creating the platform's beautiful visuals and stunning graphics. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the platform is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Radhaprasad considers his team to be his family. “I consider myself to be fortunate to have such a motivated and talented team,” he says. Their service providers and their team also play a major role and are part of the family as well. They ensure prompt and smooth service to their guests. “We ensure that all our users are treated respectfully and offered the best experience during their vacation,” says Radhaprasad.

Their Pillars of Support

Apart from their core team, many other people helped the Goa App Team during their early days selflessly, as they connected with the cause and the social impact they wanted to bring into the travel community.

“John Gonsalves is one such person. A software engineer by profession, John helps tourists revolve their queries over a WhatsApp group. He has been the knowledge partner of Goa App since the day we

started off” says Radhaprasad. “He helps tourists with transportation alternatives by educating the tourists about the Kadamba bus service schedule from airports to other cities, what to do and what not to do in Goa, etc.”

The Goa App team also  received a lot of help and support from people like Shawn Almeida of My Goa 365, Paul Fernandes of Fernandes Travels, Rohan Kalangutkar, owner of Rohan Car Rentals, Fondu Ashwekar of Goa Tours Planner and Laxmi Tea Stall who offered them a table and chairs to work and hold meetings when they didn’t have an office.

The Contribution of AIC – GIM To The Startup

AIC – GIM’s contribution to the development of the Goa App cannot be side-lined as it taught Radhaprasad and his team the workings of a business and introduced them to the various schemes put forth by the Government of Goa through an incubator and helped provide them with a jumpstart. AIC, which is a startup incubator based at GIM in Sanquelim, helped Goa App to structure into a professional business. The incubator also helped them register as a start-up under Start-up India Mission and introduced them to the schemes and benefits offered by NITI Aayog.

During Covid, Radhaprasad and his team used to work from home because they didn't have an office.

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa
The Goa App’s office space at AIC-GIM

AIC – GIM helped them by providing them with an office space free of cost along with all the facilities they needed. Rajesh Joshi, CEO of AIC GIM familiarized Radhaprasad and his team with the startup ecosystem and taught them a lot about various concepts such as Total Addressable Market, Product Market Fit and Entrepreneur Market Fit to name a few. “These teachings are crucial in building a business”, says Radhaprasad.

Incubation manager, Abhishek Singh and Ecosystem Manager, Nikita Alve also provided their helping hand in every part of their journey of Goa App start-up with their guidance and channelled the venture in the right direction for proper growth and development. Recently the foundation helped them to avail of the benefits from the salary reimbursement scheme by the start-up cell, Government of Goa.

Challenges Faced

Goa App started with a basic version of their idea in 2017. It was a simple app that offered information about the tourist places of Goa with images, geolocation, routes and guidelines to reach those places and similar information. It was a simple prototype but to their surprise, it got nearly thirty thousand downloads within the first year of its launch. The app users loved the app and their average rating on the Google Play Store was 4.7/ 5 stars.

While the response to Goa App when it first launched was overwhelmingly positive, it wasn't without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges they faced was keeping up with the demand from their users. As soon as people started using the platform, they immediately saw the potential for additional features and services that would make their trip to Goa even better. While they were thrilled to see that people loved the platform and wanted to use it, it also meant that they had to work quickly to keep up with their demands.

Another challenge they faced was ensuring that Goa App remained user-friendly and accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise. They had to make sure that the platform was easy to use, intuitive, and provided all the information and services their users needed plan their trip to Goa.

This required a lot of careful design and planning, as well as constant user testing and feedback.

Despite these challenges, the team was determined to provide their users with the best possible experience on Goa App. They worked tirelessly to ensure that the platform remained stable, userfriendly, and packed with features and services that their users wanted and needed. Ultimately, their hard work paid off, and Goa App is proud to continue serving its users with the best possible experience on www.goa.app.

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa

Major Clients

Goa App’s major clientele includes tourists and corporates from all over the world. While the platform is designed to be useful for anyone planning a trip to Goa, their major clients tend to be domestic tourists, with around 90% of their clients coming from within India.

That being said, they also serve a significant number

They are working towards formulating their SOPs and replicating them in other places. They intend to successfully complete the journey from the name ‘GOA’ to the brand “Go On Adventures” all over the globe.

Radhaprasad believes that the world, the people and communities were built on the principle of ‘Helping One Another’. “We have been so busy with our lives

tEch start-up Conexao Technology Solutions A Panjim based start-up  that provides innovative solutions for the smart building and smart city markets
Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa
Images by: CTS

Conexao Technology Solutions (CTS) is a startup based in Panaji. The startup  aims to create products which help buildings and cities become smart, safe and sustainable for people.

The company had its genesis five years ago when three professionals - Kamal Nair, Kapil Nair, and Prajyot Gaitonde - invested in their domain knowledge, harnessed their entrepreneurial spirit and decided to pursue their vision. Although the firm is headquartered in Goa, it has operations in various states in India including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala and Gujarat. They also have a robust and growing Indian and global distribution partner network.

Services Provided

CTS is a provider of innovative solutions for the smart building and smart city markets. Their offerings include IoT and video systems, energy management, tenant billing, asset management, and a ticketing helpdesk, among others. Their approach is guided by five core principles:

1. prioritizing safety,

2. ensuring customer comfort,

3. driving cost and energy savings,

4. meeting regulatory requirements, and

5. promoting automation to improve quality of life.

The company believes in the harmonious coexistence of technology, automation, and sustainability and is committed to being carbon-neutral while delivering globally-acclaimed products and platforms.

About The Founders

Kamal Nair is a seasoned professional with a strong academic background. He completed his schooling at People’s High School in Panaji and went on to receive a B.E in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering from PCCE, Verna. He has a wealth of experience, having held various positions in India as well as overseas with the American multinational conglomerate, Honeywell. Today, Kamal serves as the CEO of Conexao Technology Solutions, where his meticulous approach, domain expertise, and innovative thinking have been instrumental in the company's success.

Prajyot Gaitonde is another accomplished professional with a background in Instrumentation

Engineering. He received his BE from V.E.S.I.T, Mumbai and has over 18 years of experience in the building automation industry, both in India and abroad. As the COO of CTS, Prajyot is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and is known for his optimistic and results-driven approach.

Kapil Nair is an experienced technology professional with a diverse background. He completed his schooling at People’s High School, Panaji and went on to receive a BE in Computer Engineering from Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi. He worked for several renowned IT firms in Pune and Bengaluru before moving to the US to join Symantec Corporation. While working in the US, he completed his MBA. After several years of experience, he returned to Goa to co-found CTS and currently serves as the CTO of the company. With his hardworking nature and extensive technical expertise, Kapil stays ahead of the technology curve and drives his team to reach new heights.

The reason Behind Starting The Company

Having worked in the domain for over 10 years, Kamal, Kapil and Prajyot were aware of the scope for innovation and the space available for a novel approach. They were part of established and leading organizations that provided them with extensive experience in the field and having put in many years working in the corporate world, they felt that it was time to venture into something new.

“We must admit that a major reason that prompted us to start our own firm was that we wanted to move back to our motherland Goa and start something on our own in a place that gave us our foundation”, says Kapil. “We were very excited about doing our bit to put our home state on the global technology map and are happy to say that we have been very successful in doing so ever since our journey began”.

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa

The CTS team develops products on open platforms, enabling advanced analytics, ensuring compliance, and maximizing savings. The products are customized to cater to a wide gamut of verticals like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, data centres, hospitality, and industries among others. Their products complement the Sustainability and Digital transformation goals of their clients while ensuring innovative technology.

Major Projects Undertaken

CTS has worked on some of the major airports in India and overseas, top pharmaceutical companies, data centres and some of the top names in the hospitality industry. They deployed 0-insights with Niagara at one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies to tackle the limitations present in their previous Building Management System. O-insights offered the client the capability of dealing with operations challenges, helped the facility stay compliant and enhanced its security by eliminating arbitrary and unnecessary restrictions imposed by the former, dated BMS solution. With advanced Fault Detection & Diagnostics, faults were identified and rectified before causing any adverse effect on the product. For example, sensor spikes. AI/ML-enabled energy savings and provided much-needed energy forecasts based on future weather predictions and historical data sets.

Challenges Faced

Although their firm is based in a beautiful place like Goa, Kamal, Kapil and Prajyot do come across certain challenges while running their company due to the fact that Goa is not a metropolitan city. “Scaling up the company as per our ambitions is another area that we need to work upon'' says Kapil. ''Also, our focus has been on being a bootstrapped company which brings along with it a unique set of challenges. The Covid pandemic and its aftermath also brought about a few obstacles that were faced by most companies at that time. However , Kamal and his partners successfully managed to circumvent those obstacles and are quite pleased with the way in which they managed to take the company to greater heights despite all the odds.

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa

Plans For The Future

Conexao Technology Solutions (CTS) is currently focussing on achieving sustained growth and expanding its partner/distributor network for wider reach. The CTS team is dedicated to innovation and creating cutting-edge products to meet the evolving needs of the automated world. They strive to develop systems that are operationally efficient, exceed customer expectations, and are sustainable and environmentally compliant.

CTS is actively engaged in the global community and has recently participated in events in Egypt, South Africa, and Dubai, showcasing its products and building relationships with partners. The company has plans to expand its presence in other regions in the coming year.

With a clear vision to become a global leader, CTS is committed to empowering organizations to reach their sustainability and digital transformation goals.

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa
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In this article, financial planner Manalee Verneker talks about a few reasons why NRIs should be more serious about planning their finances

Image Courtesy: Freepik

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa

Financial planning is all abo t re aring for f t re financial goals today. It’s an exercise of analyzing yo r c rrent financial state looking at yo r income, yo r ex enses, yo r de endents, yo r liabilities and yo r financial goals to create a roadma to achieve yo r financial goal. Earning good money is one of the rereq isites of a good financial life. However, if the money is not channelized ro erly in the right investment in a lanned manner, an investor can create a messy and bad financial life. As an NRI, yo need to make s re that yo are investing yo r money in the right financial rod ct, with the the right advice and ro er financial lanning.

Here are 6 reasons why NRIs sho ld be more serio s abo t their financial lan.

Higher Income Earned

As NRIs earn well and they have higher amo nts to invest every month, it’s im ortant to handle it with care and have a financial lanning a roach for investing. Most NRIs have lans for early retirement. Hence starting investing early and investing in the right aven e lays a key role. As most of the NRIs have their bankers advising on financial rod cts it’s advisable to have a lan-based a roach rather than a rod ct-based a roach to avoid financial disaster.

Complicated Taxation

NRI taxation is more com licated com ared to resident taxation and it de ends on vario s things like rod cts and co ntry of residence. NRIs can end aying lots of taxes in India d e to wrong investment choices. An NRI has to o timize his taxes along with an increase in investment ret rns and timely se of his money.

There are a lot of things which can be done to save taxes. Some of them are

U ing cro -country doubl taxation tr ati

Utilizing th gift tax law in India and aving tax by inv ting in th par nt’ nam

U ing inv tm nt product lik quity and d bt mutual fund and d f rring tax for th futur until withdrawal.

This began a massive amo nt of research on nitric oxide and L-arginine that is now a roaching


As an NRI, yo have to follow all the laws related to NRI investments and sho ld com ly with the r les. The doc mentation to start yo r investments is a bit more com ared to a normal resident b t it’s j st a one-time doc mentation after that the investment rocess is exactly as a normal resident.

Lack of time

NRIs visit India for a very short eriod of time. They don't have nlimited time to lan their finances and investments. There are also NRI-s ecific r les and reg lations which are very conf sing. Even if they nderstand these r les and try to create their own financial lan, the roblem is that these r les are dated reg larly. It also becomes very hectic and im ractical to kee track of all financial-related lans. Therefore, it is better to have the Financial Planning done by certified ex erts who are always wellinformed with all recent dates related to finances.

Better use of money earned

Most NRIs want to ret rn back to India in a few years and want to lan their finances from that ers ective. Hence Retirement Planning is their to riority, also lanning for their Child’s Ed cation, B ilding a ho se, going on a vacation, and b ying a car, an Emergency f nd follows next. Creating a com rehensive financial lan can hel NRIs address their financial goal and also create a roadma to achieve them.

Buy Health Insurance

With the cost of medical care rising, health ins rance is essential. As an NRI, yo have health ins rance. Let’s say yo are lanning to ret rn to India after retirement. Then yo will need health ins rance in India. When yo ret rn to India, yo may not be eligible for health coverage as yo may have reexisting diseases. Therefore, yo sho ld lan ahead and take o t health ins rance. Otherwise, yo can try to b ild a decent medical f nd.

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In this article, marketing guru Rohini Gonsalves talks about why it is important for businesses to have strong ‘Call- to-Action’ cues in order to increase sales, beat competition and gain market leadership.

Article by: Rohini Gonsalves

Images by: Freepik

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa

A marketing strategy can be multi-pronged and can have several layers to it. We undertake innumerable activities from identifying a need in a specifically defined target market, creating products and services to address that need, taking that product or service to the consumer in such a way that the need is met, and he is willing to pay the quoted price for the same.

The final nail in the coffin is when the seller convinces the prospective buyer to make that buying decision. That can be accomplished by using the ground sales force or advertising. The ultimate aim of every business is to clinch the deal, get the sale, or sign in. Yet, most businesses fail to establish that as the final goal of all activity.

Much as we would like to believe that our excellent product and service will sell itself, it is a myth. Every business needs to carefully maneuver its prospect into making the final buying decision and taking the step to cause the sale. We call it a 'Call to Action'.

While we may all have been subject to the maneuvering of marketers, we have to distinguish how to use some tried and tested cues. One can use various prompts to bring a prospective buyer closer to the sale, if not make the sale itself.

> On a telemarketing call, the prompt press 1 to receive a call from our sales officer or a website asking a browser to fill in a customer inquiry form. This is the first call to action to initiate contact with the business. It's like getting a foot in the door once the prospect has chosen to let you make a pitch.

> An advertisement which offers a time-bound offer 'Buy Now' persuades a person to grab the offer immediately. It creates an urgency to buy immediately. Food products, consumables and other products which have severe cut-throat competition succeed only when they force the consumer to choose them over another - mostly driven by impulse generated through their cue.

> When a salesman makes a sales call, he finally concludes his pitch by inviting the prospect to pay and seal the deal. This is the call to action. Letting the whole pitch sink in and finally letting the customer

make that final positive decision.

These cues may not always yield the desired results. A marketer needs to ensure the following to increase the chances of getting accurate outcomes

Identify the Goal or Objective of the Campaign/ Pitch. There may be various goals that an enterprise is pursuing. Right from doing a dipstick to identify market potential, to initiating a try and buy, driving early adoption, promoting sales, stock clearance, cross-selling etc. Once the objective is defined, it gives clarity as to what the final 'Call to Action' should be

Create the opportunity to present the cue during the campaign/pitch. Several times, sales persons talk about the product, the company, and even about him/herself and they completely miss the closure. They don't push the conversation leading to the prospect making the desired decision or taking a certain action

Make it an unmistakable cue. Let it not have any ambiguity. It should be the most natural outcome of the pitch. Ever so often, the call to action is camou aged. One is not compelled by the message to take that very action. There may be more than one outcome suggested. Like if a digital advertisement says, “Click Here” and also says “Visit Now” with the address of a store, it is very likely that the prospect will do neither. It is better to make the communication explicitly clear that the next step is to click the link only. There can be another campaign where it prompts one to visit the store only. Having more than one outcome suggested may look smart but is known to mostly fail in causing the desired results

4. Finally, organisations need to be prepared to act on the positive outcome of the prospect. It can't be emphasised enough on the ability of the business to complete the full circle of the campaign by delivering the promised product/ service. Ever so often, companies spend crores to advertise their products and when the consumer walks in to buy, either the product is unavailable or has an incredibly long wait time. Invariably, the buyer feels disgruntled by being drawn to the

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa

buying decision and not having received the product or service that he aims to now buy. It can waste the resources spent on creating the call to action.

Several organizations master the act of creating an impactful cue to 'Call to Action', but succumb to the biggest pitfall of not training the front-end staff about managing the final moments before the deal is sealed. Often, the excitement of having closed the sale gets the better of the individual helping with the closure of the deal in such a way that they may ruin the entire effort. Mostly, the job of the staff at this stage is to speak the least and merely carry out the actions required to process the transaction. Any further conversation can potentially cause delay, doubt and also a change of heart. It is a precarious stage that has to be dealt with caution and care. Hence, the most mature personnel may be assigned this task.

Businesses that want to increase sales and expand market share have to deliver stronger, and more compelling cues to the 'Call To Action' in all of their customer touch points to beat the competition and gain market leadership.

About the Author:

The author, Rohini Gonsalves, is a gold medallist in marketing, sales management, and sales promotion from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. She holds more than 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and sales, is a marketing consultant and also the founder of Sevarat, a Panjim-based start-up that provides geriatric care services to elderly patients.

Anyone wishing to avail of her services may contact her on:

Mobile: +91 8329 857965

Email: rohini@sevarat.com

Website: www.sevarat.com

Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa
Dranding Consulting A brand consultancy firm based in Panjim that provides comprehensive branding solutions to enterprises. Article by: Prataya Sarkar brand consultancy Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa Images: Dranding Consulting

Dranding Consulting is a brand consultancy firm based in Panjim that assists enterprises in developing brand strategies for their brand. The company was established in response to a common challenge faced by its co-founders, Katya Tavares and Floyd Tavares, in their previous roles as marketing professionals in the corporate sector. They realized that businesses often struggled to find a comprehensive branding solution that integrates all aspects of marketing, including advertising, digital marketing, and social media. In response to this, they founded Dranding Consulting to provide businesses with a cohesive brand plan to support their growth objectives.

About the Founders

Katya and Floyd, the founders of this unique venture hold years of experience working in various marketing and advertising firms.

Katya holds an MBA in marketing and has years of experience working in the IT industry. She has held prominent positions in the brand and marketing departments of major companies such as Vodafone and Kotak Mahindra Bank and has a broad range of experience in both B2C and B2B marketing environments. During her tenure at Vodafone, she advanced from Brand Management to Revenue Management, giving her a unique perspective on the impact of branding on a business's financial performance. She has also worked with well-known brands, including Bisleri, Standard Chartered, and National Geographic, during her time in the world of advertising.

Floyd holds a natural aptitude for marketing. He completed his MBA from Goa Institute of Management. He has a proven track record of building brands, both offline and online, and has kept pace with the evolution of marketing channels and consumption trends. His expertise in this field was recognized early in his career when he was named "Most Influential Young Leader" by the World Marketing Congress.

The team at Dranding Consulting comprises seasoned strategists, designers, editors, and innovators with over 25 years of combined experience and a passion for brand building. Their innovative approach to branding leverages the latest marketing strategies to drive business growth and support brand acceleration.

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Katya Tavares, Co - Founder Dranding Consulting Floyd Tavares, Co-Founder, Dranding Consulting

Services Provided

The company is committed to the belief that branding holds the key to driving business growth. To that end, they offer customized solutions that help clients transform their brands and achieve their goals. Their portfolio of brand-building services includes Brand Consulting, which is specifically designed for businesses with no or low brand value. This service covers all aspects of brand building, from developing a brand persona, look, feel and voice, to establishing marketing channels and optimizing sales operations to achieve business objectives.

Additionally, Dranding offers the Brand Leap Program, a time-bound brand-building solution for medium-scale enterprises that makes branding accessible to businesses of all sizes. In addition to Brand Consulting, the company also provides Content Creation services, recognizing that content plays a crucial role in today's market and focusing on creating content that is both relevant and engaging.

The Company’s USP

At Dranding Consulting, the team serves as a trusted business partner to their clients, working as an extension of their company. They differentiate themselves from traditional advertising agencies and PR firms by focusing on mid-sized businesses with a solid foundation, rather than solely on start-ups or large-scale enterprises. Their approach to branding and marketing is outcome-driven and holistic, filling a gap in the market for businesses looking to grow and scale.

Challenges Faced

At the onset of Dranding Consulting, Katya and Floyd encountered scepticism from prospective clients regarding the services they offered. However, their successful delivery of results for their initial clients quickly transformed Dranding into a valued business investment. Despite facing challenges in educating prospects about their distinct approach to branding and marketing, Dranding has continued to thrive, attracting a diverse global clientele from the medium enterprise sector, spanning industries from education, hospitality, healthcare, IT, and real estate.

To address misconceptions about the services provided by them, Dranding Consultancy has focused on educating clients about the benefits of their

holistic approach to branding and marketing andhas become selective in choosing clients they can add value to. Their early success was largely due to wordof-mouth referrals, and they are now leveraging technology to simplify branding and make it more accessible to digital enterprises.

Floyd and Katya both emphasize the importance of viewing branding as a long-term investment, rather than a one-time expense. By seeking the expertise of branding professionals, businesses can experience sustained growth and success. They advise businesses to focus on being present in the minds of their customers and emphasize the transformative power of a strong brand in driving success.

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Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa
Few of the awards which Floyd has been felicitated with for the work done by him in the field of marketing


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Website: www.itsgoa.com I Instagram: @_itsgoa I Facebook: Itsgoa