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ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

ARCHIZINES OSAKA/TOKYO ARCHIZINES OSAKA / /TOKYO is a touring exhibition ARCHIZINES that focus on independent architectural publishing in the world where originally held at 」 Architectural Association in London in 2011. As an associated event, there held a lecture talk by Elias Redstone, London-based independent curator,


:2012 / 0 9 / 0 1 sat - 09 / 17 mon

opening time:12:00 - 19:00 venue:Nakanoshima Design Musuem de sign de >    (5-3-56 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi Nakanoshima Banks EAST)

formerly worked at the Architecture Foundation and for Venice Biennale /talk series welcoming creators,


editors / workshop / pop-up bookshop.

term:2012 / 0 9 / 21 fri - 09 / 23 sun 21th 16:00-21:00 22 t h 11:00-19:00 23 t h 11:00-18:00 venue:Kyoto / Tohoku University of Art and Design GAIEN Campus     THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 内     (1-7-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to) -co-organizer:Nakanoshima Design Musuem de sign de >, Zine s Mate coordination:RAD - Research for Architectural Domain, Hiromi Fujii exhibition design:DAISUKE MOTOGI ARCHITECTURE graphic design :Shohei Iida sponsor:Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. / sixinch supporter:Gaku Shingu / NPO Uzo Nishiyama Memorial Library

ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain

curation:Elias Redstone


ARCHIZINES TOKYO©kentahasegawa

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


In this exhibition, we do not only introduce0 more than 80 publications

from more than 20 countries abroad, which belongs to ARCHIZINES original exhibition, but also introduce more than 50 publications as a local research contents that made in Japan from 1920 to today. With this chronologically both vertical and horizontal approach, we provide overviewing wide range of publishing activities. ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

アーキジン(JAPANESE ARCHIZINES) アーキジン introduce more than 50 publications as a、local research contents for fanzine or journal in Japan from 1920 s to now. Publications are individually exhibited in a just-sized acrylic case in chronological order. ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

ARCHIZINE ARCHIZINE introduces more than 80 independent publications distributed now in more than 20 countries abroad at original exhibition. Publications are geographically exhibited by issued country and displayed on the just-sized table that reflects pure scenery of books.

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain

ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa



90X60 arqzine #03

mono.kultur #18: MVRDV: On Statics

America Deserta Revisted #03: Detroit

and Statistics

another pamphlet #02: REPETITION!

MONU - magazine on urbanism #14:

Anza #01

Editing Urbanism

Apartamento - an everyday life interiors

New City Reader #16: Front


建築と社会 建築学研究

インターナショナル建築 DEZAM 建築工芸アイ・シー・オール

magazine #08

New Geographies Vol. 3: Urbanisms of


Archinect News Digest #01: The Ai



Weiwei Issue

no now: Towards an Architecture of


archphoto2.0 #01: Radical City

Opposition #01

Block #01: The modest

Noz #04


Boundaries #03

OASE #81: Constructing Criticism


Bracket #01: On Farming

One:Twelve #03, Vol. 1

Camenzind #08: The Great Report from

On Site #26: Dirt


Pablo Internacional Magazine: paisaje


Candide, Journal for Architectural

inútil / useless landscape / inútil


Knowledge #04

paisagem: A notebook on cities and

City as Material #10: An Overview


Civic City Cahier #03: Distributed

P. E . A . R . ( P a p e r f o r E m e r g i n g


Agency, Design s Potentiality

Architectural Research) #3: Sample and


CLOG #02: Apple


Glass & Architecture

Conditions #08: Preparing for the




PIN-UP Magazine for Architectural


Cornell Journal of Architecture #08: RE

Entertainment #09: The LA issue

criticat #07

PISEAGRAMA: Periodic Public Space


#03: Playtime

dérive - Magazine for Urban Research

PLAT #1.0: Imposter

#40/41: Understanding Stadtforschung

PLOT #04: arriving somewhere

Ein Magazin über Orte #06: HOME

Pollen #01

engawa #04

PRAXIS #09: Expanding Surface

Evil People in Modernist Homes in

Preston is my Paris: Preston Bus

Popular Films, Vol. 1


face b - architecture from the other

Sámi huksendáidda #01: For Beginners


side #03: back to basics

San Rocco #02: The even covering of


Foreign Architects Switzerland #01

the field

Fresh Meat Vol. IV: The How-To Issue

Scapegoat - Architecture ¦ Landscape ¦

Friendly Fire #01: das ist friendly fire

Political Economy #01: Service

GENERALIST #04: Saving / Sparen

scopio # 11/3: aboveground

Horizonte - Journal for Architectural


Discourse #03: RE-DEFINITION

SOILED, #02: Skinscrapers


Index Newspaper #01

SPAM_mag, Vol. 5

東北大学建築学報 トンチク

Journal Illustratif #0.5: City/Trip

STUDIO© #01: [from] CRISIS [to]

Junk Jet #04: statistics-of-mystics!

Thresholds #38: Future

Kerb #19: Paradigms of Nature: Post

TOO MUCH - Magazine of Romantic

棲 すみか

Natural Futures

Geography #02


Le Journal Spéciale Z #02

Touching on Architecture #01: Touching


Log - Observations on Architecture and

Architecture by The Jan Press

theContemporary City #22: The Absurd

trans #20: Relevanz

MAP - Manual of Architectural

The Unlimited Edition #02: Speculation

Possibilities #04: Floods

UP #08

Mark #36


MAS Context #10: Conflict

VOLUME #28: Internet of Things

matzine #08: Domestic Exotic

The Weather Ring #04

Maximum Maxim MMX

What About It? #01

Megawords#15 The Modernist #02: brilliant


建築新聞 PLAN

新建設 建築世代

TAU 燎 かがりび 建築美 群居 建築美 極 TELESCOPE 季刊都市 EDIFICARE アーキ・フォーラム in OSAKA

traverse 新建築学研究 木の建築 京都げのむ DECADE LUCHTA(ルフタ)

雑口罵乱 Fun Palace

月刊ビル ねもは pers. magazine 建築新人 TOO MUCH MAGAZINE Architekita S-meme ARCHIGORILLA FLAT HOUSE STYLE NEWTRAL まれ RAD - Research for Architectural Domain

all photos in this page©kentahasegawa


ARCHITECT-ZINES ARCHITECT-ZINES exhibit self-concept book by 10 architects that shows daily thinking, awareness, each architectural concept, and joy / charm of architecture. ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

assistant  assistant/mm Yusuke Omuro  little museum - instruction manual

dot architects「Reflecting No.00」

kimuramatsumoto  other s garden Yo Shimada  Studies 01 dot architects  Reflecting No.00 Jo Nagasaka  tunnel Yuko Nagayama  Linier kaleidoscope Shingo Masuda + Katsuhisa Otsubo  things outside Jumpei Matsushima  Still Life 403 architecture[dajiba]  Dear G RAD - Research for Architectural Domain

松島潤平「Still Life」


ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

ARCHIZINES TOKYO©kentahasegawa

ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

EXHIBITION DESIGN Exhibition design aims pure scenery with books. This designed by DAISUKE MOTOGI ARCHITECTURE, a young emerging architecture practice in Japan. ARCHIZINES from abroad are categorized by country and displayed on the table showing just same surface as each publication. Displayed table considered from a number of books or shapes brought specific scenery not by functionality or ornamentation but certainty. アーキジンズ so called architectural fanzines in Japan from 1920s

ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

to today, on the other hand, exhibited chronologically on the wall. Transparent acrylic book stand that stick out from the wall distinguishes existence of the books in the space. With this exhibition structure, it shows geographical wideness 、 that ARCHICHIZES come from and its time-based continuity in 、 one exhibition space.

ARCHIZINES TOKYO©kentahasegawa

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


talk series ARCHIZINE from tomorrow : design osaka:2012.09.02 14:00 - 16:00  guest:Yuma Harada (UMA/design farm) x Shohei Iida (nomazon) Talk event ARCHIZINES from tomorrow : design looked」originality, cover graphic and design with Yuma Harada, a designer represented the West side of Japan and Shohei Iida, a member of nomazon who also publishing free magazine NEWTRAL . Conversation between two designers points out basic view of how it designed while picking up precise structure and ingenious side of ARCHIZINES.

talk series ARCHIZINE from tomorrow : contents osaka:2012.09.14 19:00 - 21:00 guest:Pumu Kikaku x BMC (Building Mania Cafe) Pumu Kikaku launched arbitrary media as wide range of architectural media activity include website conversation architects duel , coordination of KENCHIKU night (2002), magazine GO! Towards bubble architecture and now work as writer and illustrator. Building Mania Café currently published magazine monthly building and good building photo book WEST and shows attraction of good old building to the public. Comparing both activity on the usage of media, all the participants 、 think about ARCHIZINES from tomorrow : contents .

curator talk The Joy of ARCHIZINES osaka:2012.09.16 15:00 - 17:00 tokyo:2012.09.22 15:00 - 17:00 guest:Elias Redstone ー Curator talk welcomed Elias Redstone, ARCHIZINES curator from United Kingdom. Talk include the exhibition-making activity in UK / abroad such as Poland pavilion in 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale, and contemporary architectural publishing trend through ARCHIZINES curation.

APPROACH TO WHAT? in ARCHIZINES Tokyo:2012.09.23 14:00 - 15:30 guest:So Hashizume(designer)/Toshimasa Kimura(graphic designer)/ Toshiaki Koga(editor)/Koji Kato(journalist)/Shinichi Kawakatsu(researcher) Mitsuhiro Sakakibara(researcher)/Daisuke Motogi(architect)/Shohei Iida(designer) Approach to What? is a site specific conversational series with guests and participant which previously held at somewhere functionally in between temporary class room, kitchen, bar and library. To approach to ARCHIZINES this time, conversation focused on architecture and architects, artists and their expressional possibility by referencing publishing and printed material on site. RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


ZINE making workshop with books DANTALION 2012.09.09 13:00 - 16:30

As an associated event of ARCHIZINES exhibition, there held an original ZINE making workshop by Tatsuro Sakai, an owner of books DANTALION, Osaka based zine specialized book shop. Referencing nice zine (little press) both in Japan and abroad, 、 guidebook, essay participants created photo book, book and map and so on. Participants used photos that taken by themselves and made original zine with quality material of 8 pages.

WS instructor, books DANTALION owner Tatsuro Sakai

pop-up shop by NOT PILLAR BOOK 2012.09.01 - 09.23

Kazuyoshi Katsura, an owner of NOT POLLAR BOOKS (Kyoto based zine shop) opened pop-up shop during ARCHIZINES OSAKA/TOKYO exhibition term.

zines made at workshop

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


ARCHIZINES TOKYO©kentahasegawa

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


ARCHIZINES poster ARCHIZINES OSAKA/TOKYO Y exhibition is designed by Shohei Iida. Background of the poster consists of 80 ARCHIZINES from abroad. All photo is captured in unified scale, so that you can measured original size by belly belt of this poster which printed ruler. One sheet of poster can be divided into 24 sheets of DM by cutting on dot line.

all photos ©kentahasegawa

a poster is divided into DM : 4lines x 6rows = total 24 sheets

one sheet of DM. top is front, bottom is back. right photo is a ruler. RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


left:ARCHIZINES catalogue cover left-bottom:ARCHIZINES catalogue DIY corner right top: Interview to Editors - TOO MUCH magazine / Yoshito Tsujimura

right bottom:ARCHIZINES catalogue poster-side all photos ©kentahasegawa

ARCHIZINES catalogue For the visitors, we provided ARCHIZINES catalogue that include photo of Japanese archizines, introduction of the zines and interviews for the editors (top) し This catalogue can be seen as a poster itself, but also as a booklet when you cut dot line on folded paper. Also belly band (left top) is in distribution as an exhibition DM. During the exhibition term, visitors can experience petit making of ZINES at ARCHIZINES catalogue DIY corner.

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


ARCHIZINES OSAKA©kentahasegawa

RAD - Research for Architectural Domain


report for ARCHIZINES osaka/tokyo