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Introduction The lines between recruitment and marketing are continuing to blur. Recruiters are taking up more responsibility for marketing their Employer Brand to attract the top talent.

You may have rich content but it’s all about how it’s packaged and tailored. Recruiters need visually stimulating content, relevant messaging and a benefit driven call to action.

Social media is now entrenched as a key digital channel, companies now recognise that this is a channel with huge potential, it is a powerful route to amplifying their brand. Whilst this medium is relatively new for Employer Branding, it is being adopted quickly, it is important that recruiters understand how to target the right audience and make their adverts cut through the noise.

In this lookbook we will be focusing on Twitter and Facebook ads run using Lengo, we will show you some of the best examples of promoted adverts for:

Lengo by Dice solves the challenge of targeting tech professionals. Lengo utilises the data in Open Web, which is Dice’s social recruiting tool. This enables recruiters to build a targeted audience based on skills, job title, location etc. This instantly reduces wastage, taking away the need to spray and pray your message on social media, however it still doesn’t guarantee any level of engagement.

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Public Sector Jobs Hampshire County Council When it comes to tech talent, salary isn’t everything. A common struggle for the public sector is trying to stay competitive with the private sector. Whilst it is difficult to compete on salary, there are still lots of great benefits that need to be called out. Hampshire County Council did a great job of this with their series of tweets promoting the family friendly culture that exists within their team, with flexible working hours and a push on work / life balance that so many professionals crave. The campaign generated over 900 clicks. The attached tweet was responsible for 45% of the total campaign response.



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Public Sector Jobs GCHQ GCHQ hit the nail on the head with this creative and inspiring advert. One of the most important elements of the EVP is purpose and what better purpose is there than protecting your country? Tech professionals love to be challenged and the wording in this advert definitely appeals to that, speaking of ‘high-quality code’ and ‘unbreakable systems’ inspired curiosity. Coupled with the bright and engaging visual, this ad has all the ingredients for success. The campaign generated over 1,700 website clicks, reaching 14,000 relevant tech professionals.



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Private Sector Jobs EE EE’s recent promoted ad campaign targeting digital tech professionals proved to be really successful. Adverts promoting actual jobs, tend to only focus on the key requirements for the role. However the copy used in this ad showed the 'purpose’ a tech professional has at EE, and the direct impact they can have on shaping the future of the company. As a result this Twitter Ad series generated over 650 link clicks and over 150,000 impressions.



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Private Sector Jobs Morrisons For a company that isn’t typically associated with technology, it can be difficult to attract top tech talent. Morrison’s recent Facebook Ad campaign was successful because it showed a sense of humour. The clever play on words showcased that Morrisons offers a fun culture and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The advert has generated over 15,000 impressions!


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Graduate Programmes Sky Betting & Gaming Millennials are a very hard group to please, these guys are heavy social media users, and they are showered with advertiser messages all day, every day. Sky Betting & Gaming’s Twitter Ad campaign promoting their graduate programme is a good example of understanding what graduates are looking for ‘fast-paced’, ‘new tech’, ‘real-life projects’ and ‘new challenges’. The advert generated over 400 link clicks with over 150,000 impressions.



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Competitions Dice and UEFA Competitions are a great way to generate interaction with your target audience. You can target passive candidates with brand messaging, making sure that you are considered, if and when candidates are ready to move. As part of Dice’s recent project with UEFA, we ran a unique competition, asking tech professionals to showcase their football skills on social media, entrants had the chance of winning some cool prizes. This Facebook Ad generated over 1,200 link clicks.


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Whitepapers Skillsoft Tech professionals crave information and Whitepapers are a great way to package content. Whilst they might be text heavy, your promoted advert has to be snappy which can be challenging. Skillsoft’s promoted Tweet proved successful with simple creative and copy that clearly explained the action required and the benefits. The Tweet generated over 94,000 impressions.


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Events Sky Events are a great way to network and uncover top tech talent in your local area. However it can be difficult to squeeze all the key points into just 140 characters. This promoted advert from Sky gave tech professionals the key details and squeezed in the benefits of attendance. As a result the campaign had over 600 clicks and 68,755 impressions.



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Videos University of Surrey A great way to boost engagement is to vary your content medium. Video is a highly interactive way to deliver your message. The University of Surrey’s Twitter ad campaign was a great example of this. The campaign helped to demonstrate what an MBA course would really be like, providing insight you just can’t share in 140 characters! The video was watched over 20,000 times over the course of the campaign.


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Reports Dice Not to blow our own trumpet but we generate some pretty good content and if you’ve read this far hopefully you agree! Our annual Job Market Report combines data from all aspects of the tech job market, with content relevant to tech professionals and recruiters. Our Twitter ad campaign promoting the report generated over 1,677 clicks, providing significant reach.


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Conclusion Despite the different brands, challenges and objectives of the examples shown in the look book, all of the tweets have a common thread. The copy has been engineered to be relevant and snappy, the call to action is obvious, benefits are called out, plus each ad has eye catching creative. It’s important to show the personality of your business, but most of all the key is test, refine and optimise. With Lengo from Dice, you can increase your engagement levels, say goodbye to spray and pray, supercharge your social campaigns today. If you want to know more about Lengo or need some more tips on how to optimise your promoted adverts contact us on 0207 292 3899.

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Promoted Adverts the Lookbook  

Find your Tech Superhero with promoted adverts from Dice.

Promoted Adverts the Lookbook  

Find your Tech Superhero with promoted adverts from Dice.