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Nostalgic Tour The aim of this tour is to bring you back in time, to your first trip to Italy, when you decided to spend your holiday in our country for the very first time…

Services 7 Nights overnight stay in 3* Hotel with enlarged breakfast 1 HB Area South Lake Garda 2 HB Area south Tuscany 3 HP Area Roman Hills 1 HB Area Adriatic Cost 1Ice cream Stop at Lake Garda 1 Half-day guided Tour in Parma visit and tasting of Prosciutto di Parma (Parmaham?) 1 Wine tasting and snack in Montepulciano 1 Visit of the Chocolate factory and museum „Perugina“ 1 taste of Perugina _”Baci” 1 Half-day guided tour in Orvieto 1 Half-day guided tour Ancient Rome 1 Visit of Frascati (no guided tour) 1 Half-day guided tour Rome- Vatican city 1 Tasting of Lambrusco and Piadina 1 Visit of san Marino (no guided tour)

Package price 7 nights p.P., from € 299 (min. 25 pax)

Bus permits and Parking not included


Dates 2011: 01.03-30.04 and 01-31.10.2011 (bank holidays not included) Extra services: Optional drive with “old timer” in the Tuscan Landscape. Starting from € 320,00 Per car with 4 seats (€ 80,00 per Pax)

The guest will be given a booklet in which they will write all their impressions, feelings, and (especially from the gastronomic point of view). They will also be asked to write their memories of the first Italian trip. The best scripts will be given an award.

Program This nice Program starts with an overnight in the area of Lake Garda, with the opportunity of taking a long walk on the lakeside and of course have a large Italian ice-cream Before reaching the southern part of Tuscany, you will have the chance of visiting the land of Prosciutto di Parma and enjoy a delicious tasting of this number-one Italian product. Is it possible, according to your experience , as a foreign not to talk about (not to remember) the fine quality of Italian food and specialties? Before arriving in Chianciano Terme, you will be invited to a Wine-tasting of some of the best red-wine qualities as: Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino. Would you remember the first time you had a sip of our warm wines? From Chianciano you will proceed to Perugia, and Assisi. In Perugia you will visit the world-wide famous chocolate factory “Perugina”-you certainly know the starry wrapped chocolates Baci (Kisses) and “its historical museum.” By looking through the windscreen of an oldtime cabrio one really can experience the Tuscany’s hills the way they did it decades ago. Seize the chance and pass this unique landscape for example with a Maggiolone VW (optional).


“Must” of the day is a cap for the Gents and a scarf for the ladies; you will be given all this together with the documents you need for the tour. You will also receive assistance during you’re your trip. The group can be divided; one part will drive the convertibles, and the other one can follow by bus. On the way to Chianciano direction Orvieto, you will drive on the same track of the well-known Mille Milla car -race through Radicofani and Bolsena. During your stay in the Roman Hills area you will be given the opportunity if visiting Rome, the town Fellini’ s “la dolce vita” and Frascati. Your tour will end with an excellent snack made of Piadina and Lambrusco , the visit of San Marino Republic (without guide) and an overnight in the area of Rimini.

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Gadis / Travel Tour Operator for Groups to Italy

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