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Holiday Catalog 2018

Welcome to our 2018 holiday catalog!

We have many new and exciting products from fresh, innovative producers in combination with classic and trusted brands. This year we are also making use of the “and beyond” in our name and inviting you to try the wonderful flavors of Scandinavia! Add some Glogg to your holiday selections and enjoy with “pepparkakor” and “polkagrisar” to make it a VERY international holiday season!

ALL THE PICTURES YOU SEE in this catalog are available to you should you want to promote the products on your web or in a flyer. Just contact your rep and they will provide you with pictures.

The order deadline this year is Wednesday, August 15th. A pre-payment discount of 5% for all wholesale customers is valid up to that day. Unless paid in full (excluding shipping) that day, the discount will not be available. First available delivery/ship date is October 22, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Last available delivery/ship date is November 17th, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Please note that as every year, an order is NOT confirmed unless you have received the pro forma and have signed off that it is ok. This is for your protection to ensure that what you wanted has been ordered for you. We bring in orders exclusively on your request and with very little extra. So, make sure we did not make a mistake and double check our confirmation to you. Once you sign off and send back to us, your order is complete. THANK YOU FOR WORKING WITH US. WE LOOK FORWARD TO A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON! 2

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PANETTONE & SPECIALTY CAKES Fratelli Motta Panettone .........................4-6 .............................7 Augusta Panettone Bonifanti Panettone ..............................8 Vincente Panettone .............................9 Flamigni Panettone Regional holiday specialties .....................10 Gluten free Panettone ...........................11 COOKIES & PANFORTE .....................12 Vincente Sicilian cookie tins .................13 Dream of Sweden cookie tins ..........................14 Tuscania Tuscan cookies Fratelli Motta almond cookies, ......................15 croccante & Sicilian cannoli ...........................16 Marabissi cookies ...........................17 & panforte TORRONE NOUGATS ...............18-19 Dolciaria Sara torrone cakes ..........................20 Quacquarini torrone bars Bronte dolci torrone bars & torroncini .....21 ......22 Flamigni torrone squares and wedges .....................23 Fratelli Motta torrone cakes

05 06


GLOGG, CANDY & CHOCOLATES ...........................24 Swedish Granna Polkagrisar .........................25 Swedish Glogg holiday drink ............................26 Bodrato Chocolate ............................27 Vannucci Chocolate ............................28 Sabadi Chocolate ............................29 La Molina Gianduia ........................30 Rango Calabrian Fig products CANDIED & MARZIPAN FRUITS .....................31 Fratelli Motta candied fruit peels Fratelli Motta marzipan and fruits ...................32 HOLIDAY GIFTS & GIFT BASKET ITEMS Flamigni chocolate cookies ............................33 ...................34 Pastificio Umbro risotto & spices ..................35 Dalla Costa 100% legumes pasta ......................36 Filotea pasta flavored egg pasta Santa Tea Tuscan Luxury Olive oil ............................37 & Giusti balsamic vinegar ............................38 Terre di Puglia taralli boxes ............................39 Nuova Coli ceramics Italian Products USA, Inc. 758 Lidgerwood Avenue Elizabeth, NJ 07202 O: +1 (201) 770-9130, F: +1 (201) 770-1551 E:

Fratelli Motta Panettone

From beautiful Sicily emerges a young company with a long family tradition of “pasticceria”. With the design created by “Mama”, the innovation in baking from brother Piero, and the passionate pursuit to make people smile when tasting their delightful products by brother Salvo, a fantastic family business is created. These stunning panettone are brimming with the intense fragrance of ripe Sicilian fruits, and made with only the highest caliber of raw materials and most beautiful packaging we have seen, we strongly recommend giving these “Brothers Motta” a try!

You will NOT be disappointed!

Glazed Panettone with Raisins and Zibibbo C M44A, 6x1.65 Lb, C M44B, 6x1.1 Lb, C M44, 6x2.2 Lb

Glazed Panettone with Chocolate Chips

C M41A, 6x1.65 Lb, C M41B, 6x1.1 Lb, C M41, 6x2.2 Lb


Classic Panettone with Raisins & Candied fruits C MV40, 6x1.65 Lb

Panettone with Orange Cream jar C M666, 4x2 Lb

Panettone with Candied Lemons from Sicily C MV50, 6x1.65 Lb

Panettone with Lemon Cream jar C M644, 4x2 Lb

Panettone with Candied Oranges from Sicily C MV20, 6x1.65 Lb

Panettone with Pistachio Cream jar C M677, 4x2 Lb

Panettone with Tangerine Cream jar C M655, 4x2 Lb

Panettone with Chocolate Chips 5

C MV10, 6x1.65 Lb

Tender, fluffy panettones with beautiful jars of delicious creams and jams included in box! Makes a stunning presentation on any holiday table!

Panettone with Tangerine Cream jar

Panettone with Pistachio Cream jar

C M65A, 12x1.1 Lb

M67A, 12x1.1 Lb

Panettone with Orange Cream jar

Panettone with Lemon Cream jar

C M66A, 12x1.1 Lb

C M64A, 12x1.1 Lb


Augusta Panettone

Augusta Panettoni was founded in 1945 in Milan by a master pastry chef using the traditional "Panettone Milano" recipe.

Chocolate Panettone Paper wrapped

Classic mini Panettone in tin

C AUG21, 9x1.65 Lb

C AUG23, 18x3.5 oz

Classic Panettone in Round tin

C AUG24, 6x2.2 Lb

Classic mini Panettone in pastry box

Today, as then, the master bakers at Augusta maintain the secret recipe of their special leavening agent, which is mixed with only European butter, vibrant candied fruits, the best quality raisins and other ingredients - all of which define this delicious Classic Panettone. The dough is left to rise naturally, and is then baked slowly and carefully. Next, it cools upside down for a full twelve hours, giving the cake it's unique fluffiness, and delicious flavor!

This is the quintessential Italian Milanese Panettone! 7

C AUG22, 6x3.5oz

Classic Panettone in pastry box

C AUG25, 6x1.1 Lb

Classic Panettone in hat box C AUG27, 6x1.65 Lb

Bonifanti & Vincente Panettone

Vincente Panettone from the South

Bonifanti Panettone from the North

“To obtain a perfect result we need to start from the simplicity and quality of the ingredients”. Vincente is BACK and better than ever! With a focus on quality, as well as sustainability, Vincente represents one of our more innovative producers, with their use of local and indigenious ingredients, ripe Sicilian oranges and lemons, they a put a spin on the traditional panettone. And the icing on the panettone? 80% of their workforce are women - JUST LIKE ITALIAN PRODUCTS!!

The pride of Bonifanti and the foundation of their outstanding quality of Panettone is their original “mother yeast”, which dates back to their original batch of this incredible sweet bread in 1938! Made using only Italian butter, studded with aromatic chunks of natural candied citron and orange peels, and plump Sultana raisins, Bonifanti hangs their panettoni upside down in the tradition to maintain its signature fluffy texture. Gorgeous boxes make Bonifanti a beautiful AND delicious addition to your holiday table.

Classic Panettone C F09, 12x1.1 Lb

Glazed Panettone C F36, 12x1.65 Lb

Sicilian Almond Glazed Panettone C PA109-500, 12x1.1 Lb, C PA109, 9x1.65 Lb.

Glazed Panettone in Coralla Box Red-White C C01, 6x2.2Lb

Gran Milanese Panettone in Corolla Box Blue-White C C03, 6x2.2 Lb

Sicilian Classic Panettone with Candied Oranges C PA103-500, 12x1.1 Lb, C PA103, 9x1.65 Lb


Flamigni Panettone Classic Pandoro

C 3306, 12x1.65 Lb

Maxi Panettone Flamigni C 1590, 1x22 Lb.

Classic Panettone Milano

Maxi Panettone Flamigni C 1587, 1x11 Lb.

Filled Panettone with cream of Marron Glaces (brown bow) C 1582, 12x12.3 oz

In 1930, pastry masters Armando, Lieto and Aurelio opened a pastry and coffee shop in Forli, beginning a three-generation long passion for producing torrone and panettone! It's been almost 90 years, and the Flamigni tradition and quality is synonymous with elegance and exquisite quality - with their insistence for only the highest quality raw materials, and their meticulous attention to detail. From the preservation of the mother yeast, to the selection of the finest European butter, candied fruits and Sultana raisins - the final product is tender and rich, and is as close to the most perfect expression of panettone there can be! Orange & Chocolate Panettone

C 1576, 12x1.1 C 1565, 12x1.65 Lb

C 1586, 12x1.1 lb

Fig & Chocolate Panettone C 1577, 12x1.1 LB


Panettone with Moscato without candied fruit C 1567, 12x1.65 Lb

Regional Specialties from Calabria and Friuli Every region in Italy has their own traditions, culture and of course, food! The holidays are especially distinctive – and just like the original Panettone is the traditional holiday cake from Milano, we have recently discovered other regional holiday specialties that we can now share with you! Here are two amazing examples: New from Calabria this year, we have the "Pitta 'mpigliata"; a fragrant and delicious rose shaped cake, made with walnuts, raisins, oranges, honey and liquor, and baked to crunchy perfection! Not only delicious, but a gorgeous presentation! You must try this with an espresso or glass of dessert wine, or bring as a hostess gift and say you made it yourself!

Gubana cake hand wrapped C 1602, 8x1 Lb

Pitta ‘mpigliata cake from Calabria C RA1604, 12x1.65 Lb

Gubana cake in box C 1601, 10x1lb

Strucchi – Petite Gubana bites

The “Gubana” is a traditional cake of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Northern C 1603, 20x10.6 oz Italy, symbolizing good luck and hospitality. With a base of a sweet leavened dough, it’s filled with dried fruits, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and pine nuts, and doused with 4 different kinds of liquor! Our Gubana is artisanally produced without any preservatives or flavors, is hand-wrapped in festive holiday paper with a bow or in a box and it makes a fabulous hostess gift! 10

Gluten Free Panettone & Pandoro After years of perfecting the recipes, our partners on gluten free panettone in Milano have managed to produce a great replica of the traditional version of Panettone. Finally, anyone gluten intolerant can enjoy the delicious holiday cakes we all love! Choose from Classic panettone cake or Pandoro cake, all with three options; classic, lemon cream filling or chocolate cream filling.

Gluten Free Pandoro filled with Lemon cream C GFPD, 6x1.1 Lb

Classic Gluten Free Panettone in Gift Box C GF01, 6x1.1 Lb,

Lemon Cream filled, C GF03, 6x1.1 Lb,

Chocolate Cream filled,

Gluten Free Panettone filled with chocolate cream

C GF02, 6x1.1 Lb

C GF02, 6x1.1 Lb

Classic Gluten Pandoro Free in Gift Box C GFPD, 6x1.1 Lb,

Lemon Cream filled,

Gluten Free Panettone filled with Lemon cream C GF03, 6x1.1 Lb

C GFPD2, 6x1.1 Lb,

Chocolate Cream filled


C FPD3, 6x1.1 Lb

Vincente Cookies in Tin

"To obtain a perfect result we need to start from the simplicity and quality of the ingredients". Well, Vincente is BACK and better than ever! With a focus on quality, as well as sustainability, Vincente represents one of our more innovative producers, with their use of local and indigenous ingredients, such as the renowned DOP Pistachios from Bronte. We're thrilled to bring back their Sicilian cookie assortments in the tins, chock full of of marizpan and shortbread biscuits, and baked with the most recognized pistachios and almonds in the world!

Sicilian Specialty Cookies Tin Box C 1751, 6x14.1 oz

Sicilian Specialty Cookies Tin Cube

C 1750, 4x1.1 Lb


Dream of Sweden Cookies

We are excited to introduce Dream of Sweden as one of our new Scandinavian producers! A Swedish holiday tradition is captured in these beautiful cookie tins with holiday motifs and bucolic images of the Swedish countryside! Traditional "Pepparkakor" (ginger bread cookies) and other traditional varieties make great stocking stuffers for both children and grownups alike!

Swedish Dream Cookies in Lake Vättern motif tin C DS401, 12x5.65 oz

Swedish Dream Cookies in Stockholm tin C DS402, 12x5.65 oz

Swedish Corinthian Cookies in holiday tin C DS404, 12x7.48 oz

Swedish Gingerbread Cookies in holiday tin C DS405, 12x7.48 oz

Swedish Dream Cookies in Moose motif tin 13

C DS403, 12x5.65 oz

Tuscan Cookies

When Loriano Paolini decided his true passion was confectionary, he quit his job in finance, and with his wife on a hilltop in Tuscany, created a line of the most delicious and beautiful cookies we have seen! From the local flours and sugar for his tender shortbread, to the all-natural preserves and decadent Gianduja fillings, hazelnuts and almonds, every detail is accounted for – and we guarantee you will love every bite!

Cioccolotti Cookies C P556, 12x7.05 oz

Noccioloni Cookies C P540, 12x7.05 oz

Golosoni Cookies C P541, 12x7.05 oz

Mandorloni Cookies C P557, 12x7.05 oz

Sorrisini Cookies C TU573, 2x3.3 Lb

Cuor di Frolla Cookies C TU270, 2x3.3 Lb

Golosoni Cookies C TU511, 2x4.4 Lb

Fior di Frolla Cookies C TU505, 2x3.3 Lb

Cioccolotti (Chocolate cantucci) Golosoni (Gianduja cream filled), Noccioloni (Toasted hazelnut cantucci), Madorloni (Toasted almond cantucci)


Mixed Almond Paste Cookies with Orange, Citrus & Pistachio, Individually Wrapped

From beautiful Sicily emerges a young company with a long family tradition of “Pasticceria”. Fratelli Motta’s “Pasta di Mandorla” are melt in your mouth delicious almond paste cookies, while their Croccante are crunchy, nutty bites, perfect with an espresso. And not to be missed, thier new mini Canoli which taste as fresh as if they were just made, but they are shelf stable!

Mixed Almond with Citrus Fruits and Pistachio Paste Cookies, individually wrapped C FR921, 5x2.2 Lb

Mixed Mini Croccante individually wrapped: Almond, Hazelnut and Pistachio C FR931, 5x2.2 Lb


Sicilian Cannoli in 4 flavors C FR951, 20x12.7 oz On tray C FR952, 1x4.4 Lb

Marabissi Cookies & Panforte

Pasticceria Marabissi started 60 years ago as a little pasticceria in the gorgeous spa town of Chianciano Terme in Tuscany. For three generations, Marabissi has epitomized the very best in traditional Italian “Cantucci” and “Amaretti”. Still baked by hand, according to Signora Jole’s original recipe, and using only the highest quality almonds in Italy, Marabissi continues to bring this sweet tradition to your table to enjoy with an espresso or a glass of vin santo!

Duo Amaretti

C 2211DUO, 6x(2x6.7 oz)

Ricciarelli (Tuscan Almond paste cookies) C 20201, 12x7.05 oz

Dark Chocolate & Seasalt Cookies C 20200, 12x7.05


Trio Amaretti

C 2211TRIO, 4x(3x6.7 oz)

Panforte is an ancient tradition in Siena, and Marabissi produces the best we have ever tasted! This sweet fruit and nut cake is made with local honey and spices, and is hand wrapped in beautiful paper, or presented in a box with a window. We have flavors and styles that will complement both cheese and dessert trays, and that will pair perfectly with dessert wine or espresso. Panforte is a must in your holiday basket, and all the styles make a really special hostess gift.

Panforte Cherry & Peperoncino

C 108, 15x3.5 oz, C 108-½, 12x12.35 oz, C 108-2, 1x11 Lb

Panforte Cherry & Peperoncino C 119-0, 12x7.05 oz

Panforte Fig & Walnuts C 118-0, 12x7.05 oz

Panforte Margherita C 117-0 , 12x7.05 oz

Panforte Fig & Walnuts Panforte Cioccolato C 106, 15x3.5 oz, C 106-½, 12x12.35 oz, C 106-2, 1x11 Lb

C 104 - 15x3.5 oz C 104-½, 12x12.35 oz C 104-2 - 1x11 Lb

Panforte Margherita C 102, 15x3.5oz, C 102-½, 12X12.35 oz, C 102-2, 1x11 Lb

Panforte Nero

C 101, 15x3.5 oz, C 101-½, 12x12.35 oz, C 101-2, 1x11 Lb

Torta Cioccolato

Panforte Nero 17

C 103 15x3.5 oz, C 103-½, 12x12.35 oz


Panforte Margherita

Fig & Walnut


Torrone cakes, Chocolate cakes and Croccante

From Dolciaria Sara comes a vast array of signature handmade torrone cakes, chocolate cakes and crocante cakes. These artisans enhance a base of soft and fluffy torrone made using only local ingredients such as organic honey, toasted almonds and cage free eggs, with a large variety of additional add-ins such as rich caramel and salted butter, limoncello, forest fruits, pistachios and so much more. Made using the same love and care that the founder, Nonna Anna, did when she created the recipe 100 years ago, her family is proudly continuing her tradition, and produces what we consider some of the best torrone you will find.

Chocolate Praline torrone cake 1x8.8 Lb

Strawberries torrone cake 1x8.8 Lb

Limoncello torrone cake w candied lemon peel 18

1x8.8 Lb

many more flavors available. See price list for complete selection Pistachio & Chocolate Torrone Cake 1x8.8 Lb

Chocolate Cake with Pistachios 1x8.8 Lb

Classic Almond Croccante 3X4.4 lb

Salted Butter & Caramel Torrone Cake 1x8.8 Lb

Cremino Torrone Cake 1x8.8 Lb

Forest Fruit Torrone Cake 1x8.8 Lb


Quacquarini Torrone Bars The family run Quacquarini Dolciaria is located in the Le Marche region of Italy - in the beautiful town of Serrapetrona, on a property situated in between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea. With a pure focus on quality and visuals, these beautiful torrone bars are made only using the highest caliber of raw materials – pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, honey, and chocolate. Bright beautiful packaging and a 5.3 oz pack size make these perfect for holiday baskets, or as part of a set. Beware! It’s VERY hard not to eat the entire bar in one gulp!

Tender Chocolate Covered Chocolate Torrone with Hazelnuts C T399, 12x5.3 oz

Tender Chocolate Covered Classic Torrone with Almonds C T400, 12x5.3 oz

Tender Chocolate Covered Coffee Torrone with Hazelnuts C T402, 12x5.3 oz

Tender Chocolate Covered Pistachio Torrone with Pistachio 20

C T401, 12x5.3 oz

Torrone and Torroncini from Bronte

From the foothills of Mount Etna on top of old, hardened lava, live the most prestigious pistachio trees in the world. It is from these trees that Brontedolci pick their select pistachios, as well as their local almonds, for some of the most delicious and beautiful torrone and torroncini we have found! Their three styles of white chocolate covered torrone bars are as gorgeous as they are delicious, and the minis come individually wrapped and in a great display unit for your cash wrap!

C BD1012, 12x5.3 oz

Tender Torrone Covered With White Chocolate

Torroncini display C BD6714, 6x2.2 Lb

Lemon Flavor Tender Torrone Covered With White Chocolate


C BD1011, 12x5.3 oz

Tender Torrone Covered With Dark Chocolate C BD1010, 12x5.3 oz

Flamigni Torrone Squares and Cakes In 1930, pastry masters Armando, Lieto and Aurelio opened a pastry and coffee shop in Forli, beginning a three-generation long passion for producing torrone and panettone! It's been almost 90 years, and the Flamigni tradition and quality is synonymous with elegance and exquisite quality - with their insistence for only the highest quality raw materials, and their meticulous attention to detail. Beautiful squares of honeyed almond torrone and whimsical "Brie" wedges add a festive and fun addition for the holidays!

'Brie' Shaped Torrone with Pistachios C 1580, 12x5.3 oz

Torrone squares C 1578, 18x7.05 oz

'Brie' Shaped Torrone with Hazelnuts C 1581, 12x5.3 oz

'Brie' Shaped Torrone with Almonds C 1579, 12x5.3 oz


Torrone Cakes from Fratelli Motta

Gorgeous hostess gifts for the holidays!

Tender Torrone Cake with Almonds C MT101 6x1.1 Lb, C MT102 6x2.2 Lb

Tender Torrone Cake with Mixed Nuts C MT103 6x1.1 Lb, C MT104 6x2.2 Lb

Tender Torrone with Candied Citrus Fruits C MT105 6x1.1 Lb, C MT106 6x2.2 Lb


Granna Polkagrisar New to our portfolio, these stunning traditional handmade sugarsticks and candy canes are baked in the little town of Gränna in Sweden, with the original secret recipe which was created in 1859! All natural and available in many shapes and flavors, this artisanal Swedish bakery gives us the quintessential flavors of the holidays - to give to you and yours! Handmade Swedish Peppermint Polkagris cane

C SW1101-40, 40x 0.9 oz


C SW1105-60, 60x1.75 oz C SW1107, 15x3.5 oz

Lollipop flat in displaybox

C SW1202, 40x1.75 oz

Lollipop twisted in displaybox

C SW1231, 40x1.75 oz

Polkagris Candy stick in many different flavor options like raspberry, salt licorice, Swedish Peppermint strawberry, lemon/lime, pear Handmade mini Candy in the jar and more (see price list) 100x1.76 oz or 80x0.9 oz


C SW4310-30, 30x2.8oz

Glogg, traditional Swedish holiday drink Cherry Glogg Swedish Holiday drink C HA901, 12x16.9 fl oz

Blackcurrant Glogg Swedish Holiday drink C HA901, 12x16.9 fl oz

Peppermint Glogg Swedish Holiday Drink C GP101, 12x16.9 fl oz


Bodrato Chocolate

Intense gianduja cream glass jar

After Bodrato picks their juicy Vignola cherries, they soak them in grappa for six months to a year before they cover them with a layer of cane sugar and roll them in dark, milk or white chocolate. This is one of our most popular and stunning collections of chocolates for the holidays, and they are now available in certain packaging WITH or WITHOUT the pit! Also a MUST for your holiday selection is Bodrato's totally decadent Hazelnut Chocolate creams! You won't be able to keep your spoon out of the jar!!

C G12, 56x1.23 oz, C G09, 6x5.3 oz, C G11, 2X1.27 Lb

Strong gianduja cream glass jar

Classic gianduja cream glass jar

C G08, 56x1.23 oz, C G26, 6x5.3 oz, C G06, 2X1.27 Lb

C G07, 56x1.23 oz, C G01, 6x5.3 oz, C G05, 2x1.27 Lb

Chocolate Covered Grappa Dipped Cherries C A04, 6x7.05 oz (dark chocolate) , C A05, 6x7.05 oz (mixed chocolate)

Chocolate Covered Grappa Dipped Cherries C A01, 2x64 units (in dispay case).


Vannucci Chocolate

From the chocolate capital of Perugia come these beautiful and delicious chocolates from Vannucci! From beautiful bars in all different styles that come in convenient display units, to bite size Neopolitan chocolates in an assortment of flavors, they are all perfect this holiday season for stocking stuffers, baskets or office gifts! Their 100% Cocoa bar is a must for dark chocolate connoisseurs, and chocolate covered filled bars are made with all natural flavorings and are delicious! Chocolate Bar of 100% cacao sugar free C I-056, 20x3.5 oz

Gift box with assorted Napolitans gourmet C I-077 assorted Napolitans, 12x6.35 oz, C I-079 Extra Dark Napolitanes, 12x6.35 oz

Flavored chocolate bars 15x3.5 oz C I-059 Peperoncino C I-061 Cinnamon C I-060 Milk Chocolate C I-051 Extra Dark Chocolate 60%

Chocolate Covered Sfogliatine of extra dark chocolate 15x1.23 oz C I-054 Extra Dark Chocolate 73% C I-058 Milk C I-066 Gianduia


C I-012 Hazelnuts C I-013 Coffee C I-014 Banana C I-016 Zuppa Inglese C-017 Coconut C I-018 Mint C I-037 Liquorice

Sabadi innovative chocolates


Simone Sabaini is passionate - and it shows in his outstanding and award-winning chocolates from Modica!! Formerly in the world of finance, Simone relocated to beautiful Sicily, to experience the Slow Living movement first hand - and where he now creates inspired chocolates using organic, fair trade and innovative raw materials, in the traditional age-old Modica cold-grinding process which preserves all the nutritional and aromatic properties of the cocoa. Alongside the Slow Food presidia, with the utmost respect for small indigenous communities, the environment and biodiversity, Sabadi Modica Chocolate bars are made in stunning combinations like the heady aroma of late harvest mandarin paired with a robust dark chocolate, or his entire line of "functional" chocolate blending holistic combinations of herbs, roots and seeds and fruits. Sabadi's beautiful collections are a healthy and whimsical line to add to your chocolate assortment!



Donato “Fruit” Organic Modica Chocolate in display C SA1332, 48x1.76 oz

“Crude” Organic Modica Chocolate in display, C SA1321, 48x1.76 oz

“Quality of Life” Organic Modica Chocolate bars in display 28

C SA1300, 48x 1.76 oz

Chocolates La Molina

We are thrilled to present to you

La Molina

for the holidays this year!

Born in 2015, this whimsical, yet serious, Tuscan chocolate company, with its Avant-Garde vision, and Joie de Vivre philosophy, take chocolate making to a new level! For your holiday table, you must try one of their luscious multilayered gianduia cakes with dark, milk and white gianduia hazelnut spread, which are stunning in their presentation and come as a wedge or in a jar. Also, gorgeous (and decadent!) are their 8.8 oz hand-wrapped bars in three flavors: tender crispy gianduia chocolate with whole IGP Hazelnuts from Piedmont, Tender gianduia dark chocolate with a layer of gianduia rich white perfume of IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, or milk chocolate gianduia with whole IGP hazelnuts from Piedmont.

La Molina - OVERSIZE XXL chocolate bar with salted pistachios C LM027X, 6x8.8 oz

La Molina - Ottavia 8 layers of spread gianduia, dark, milk and white chocolate C LM207,4x17.2 oz

La Molina - OVERSIZE XXL dark gianduia with whole PGI Piedmont hazelnuts C LM226, 6x8.8 oz

La Molina - OVERSIZE XXL milk gianduia with whole PGI Piedmont hazelnuts IGP C LM233, 6X8.8 oz

La Molina - OTTAVIO slice of gianduia, dark, milk, 8 layers C LM096, 10x8.8 oz

La Molina - MILLESTRATI dark, white & milk gianduia layers cake C LM519X, 01x70.54 oz


Calabrian Fig products

An exciting new addition to our holiday assortment, this line of Calabrian fig products has long been in the making! Perfect for cheese pairings or to be enjoyed on their own, you must try these this season! Spiced, dried then threaded onto bamboo, or wrapped and baked in their own fig leaves, not only are they delicious, but they are beautiful and unique! And the fig molasses is something not to be missed! This sweet, fragrant fig syrup is a decadent accompaniment to cheeses, or even drizzled over gelato!

Figs wrapped in fig leaves C RB03, 12X8.8 oz

Dried Figs

C RA10, 12x10.58 oz

Fig Braid

C RA11, 12x8.8 oz

Fig syrup

Fig salami

C B04, 12x3.38 fl oz

C RF04, 12x7.05 oz


Filli Motta Candied Fruit Peels

Fratelli Motta has done it again, with their candied Sicilian lemon and orange peels, making all of your holiday baking dreams come true! Their colors shine in a clear box, and display beautifully as well.

Candied Sicilian Lemon Peel C M61, 18x5.8 oz

Candied Sicilian Orange Peel C M60, 18x5.8 oz


Filli Motta Marzipan and Marzipan Fruits Delicious marzipan, called Frutta Matorana, from Fratelli Motta is made using the highest quality Sicilian pistachios and almonds, and is available in beautiful boxes - great for your holiday season's baking (and nibbling!) needs. Three types of paste; almond, toasted almond and pistachio, all three perfect for making your own pastry or to make a perfect, sweet almond milk. And their stunning marzipan fruits make perfect stocking or basket stuffers!

Frutta Martorana Marzipan

C M21, 21x5.3 oz, C M21C, In a tray 6x1.1 Lb, C M21D, 3x2.2 Lb

Toasted Almond Marzipan Paste C M17A, 36x3.5 oz, C M17, 24x7.5 oz

Pistachio Marzipan Paste

Almond Marzipan Paste C M18A, 36x3.5 oz, C M18, 24x7.5 oz

C M19A, 36x3.5 oz, C M19, 24x7.5 oz


Holiday Gifts & Giftbasket Products

Flamigni Single Bite Holiday Gift Cookies From our trusted producer Flamigni comes chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! A bite size cookie with loads of chocolate in a fun cookie jar for all year round or just bring a bag with you to your next dinner party

Triple chocolate cookies, bulk with a cookie jar

Triple chocolate cookies C FL2710, 12x7.05 oz

C FL2700 5x2.2 Lb


Pactificio Umbro Risotto

Arborio Porcini Mushrooms Risotto PU931 20x7 oz

Arborio Truffle Risotto

Arbrio Black Squid Ink Risotto

PU291 20x7 oz

PU921 20x7 oz


Saffron Risotto PU91 20x7 oz

Dalla Costa 100% legumes pasta


Made with 100% legumes, these delicious pastas are an option with high protein, no gluten and a refreshing line of flavors for the dinner table of the modern, healthy family! Chickpeas Fusilli gluten free C DC207, 6x8.8 oz

Lentils Strozzapreti gluten free C DC209, 6x8.8 oz

Gluten Free Legumes Pasta Peas Penne gluten free 35

C DC208, 6x8.8 oz

Filotea flavored Egg pasta Filotea egg pasta is produced following an Ancient Recipe from the Marche region. An artisan product made with genuine ingredients, reminiscent of the pasta traditionally prepared by the grandmothers for the Sunday meals with all the family.

Linguine garlic and parsely C 6013, 20x 8.8 oz


Fettuccine peperoncino C 6014, 20x8.8 oz

Santa Tea Tuscan Luxury Olive oil & Gifty balsamic vinegar In 1585 the Gonnelli family bought the farm of Santa Tea in Tuscany with the related Oil Mill built in 1426. Today the company which is the owner of the Vertine nel Chianti Classico Oil Mill represents one of the Italian excellences in the world of extra virgin olive oil. The philosophy is always healthy, genuine and natural. From them we offer a selection of their highestl level of oil “Profumo” as well as two of their classic extra virgins from their 43000 olive trees.

Patrizia flask balsamic vinegar

C GI726-A, 12x1.35 fl oz

Piazza del Palio Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP

Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil

C IGP500L, 12x16.9 Fl oz

C AX500L, 12x16.9 fl oz

'Parfume' Extra Virgin Olive Oil

C PZ501-0, 6x7 fl oz

'Parfume' Extra Virgin Olive Oil

C PZ501-1, 4x17 fl oz


It was Giuseppe Giusti in 1863, in the occasion of the Modena Agricultural Tradeshow who wrote down the recipe for the “perfect Balsamic Vinegar; the selection of the grapes, the quality of the barrels and time”. A testimony of historical value, on the earliest existing documents that outline the secrets of Balsamic Vinegar.

Terre di Puglia Taralli and Grissini Boxes An amazing testament to the tradition and raw ingredients of Puglia, these flaky, savory and sweet Taralli and Grissini crackers are made using all local ingredients, including white wine from their own cantina! Their Chocoralli and Coffeeralli are fun twists on the original – not too sweet, but rich and prefect for an espresso! Gorgeous modern packaging make these the perfect stocking stuffer or basket component.

Mini Grissini Box Classic- Olive oil C PZ71, 12x5.3 oz


C PZ75, 12x2.8 oz

Taralli Box Classic- Olive oil

Mini Grissini Box - Fennel C PZ72, 12x5.3 oz


C PZ70, 12X5.3 oz


C PZ74, 12x2.8 oz

Taralli Box - Fennel Seed C PZ73, 12x5.3 oz

Nuova Coli Ceramics Red Stove and Oven pot

Red Rectangular Baking pan

C PRBI00624, 24x12 cm

Red Stove and Oven rounded pot

Red Oven Chicken pot

C PRAM01636, 36x22x8 cm

C PRAM00118, 18x17 cm

White Stove an Oven pot Apulia C PRBI01520, 20x7 cm

C PRAM01032, 32x18x5 cm

White Oven Chiken pot C PRBI01636, 36x22x8 cm

* 10 cm is 3.93 inches

White Rectangular Baking pan C PRB101032, 32x18x5 cm

White Stove and Oven rounded pot C PRBI00118, 18x17 cm


Red Stove and Oven Apulia pot

C PRAM01520, 20x7 cm

White Stove and Oven pot C PRBI00624, 24x12 cm

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Italian Products & Beyond Holiday catalog 2018  

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