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Fracking in SW Florida? By Keri Hendry Weeg, originally published in

The Island Sand Paper, Fort Myers Beach, FL

Fracking. To many here in southwest Florida, the word sounds like something out of a Star Trek episode. But the true meaning is much more controversial, as many in other parts of the country have discovered and what we here – living so far in blissful ignorance – are likely about to find out. Fracking is technically called ‘hydraulic fracturing’ and involves extracting previously unavailable reserve of oil and natural gas (methane) by injecting the surrounding rock with a mixture of water, sand and chemicals at high pressure. The controversial process, which has been done successfully – and quite lucratively – in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York, Wyoming, Colorado, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Ohio, Montana, Texas and elsewhere, was previously believed to be impossible in south Florida due to geological reasons. But not anymore. A recent leasing of over 100,000 acres in Lee and Collier Counties by an oil investor prompted one local congressman to ‘get ahead of the curve’ by quickly introducing legislation to try and regulate it. I had always thought that fracking was not possible in south Florida because we didn’t have the substrata to support it, until I saw an article last year in the Oil and Gas Journal saying it does,” said Representative Ray Rodrigues, a recently elected Republican from Estero who also represents the beach. “Then I saw where someone was leasing land in Lee and Collier and realized this Story continued on page 16 could happen here.”

Driven to Distraction?

|Texting Ban Gets Green Light in Senate, Next Exit: Florida’s House

By Robert Frederickson

January 30, 2013 dawned mild and clear on Longboat Key with temperatures in the mid 60s, climbing to a high of 80 that afternoon. It was the kind of day that explains why the population of this ten-mile long slice of paradise between the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay more than doubles during the winter months as snowbirds flock to the town’s white sand beaches and world class resorts. It’s was a day very much like this one that first attracted Louise Rich, 90, and her late husband Art to the area almost 30 years ago. There have been many memorable days since. January 30, 2013 would become a late addition to the list. Like most Wednesdays, Rich had risen early to take the aerobics class at Longboat’s Bayside Recreation Center. Her lifelong dedication to exercise is testament to the benefits of an active lifestyle. Most are surprised to hear her age. She looks and moves better than many folks twenty years her junior. Heading home after the class, she turned north on Gulf of Mexico Drive. It’s a route she has traveled hundreds of times. Traffic was light. The road was clear. She pondered the day ahead, invigorated by her workout. It was just shy of 9:00 A.M.

Photo by Robert Frederickson

Heading south, Billy Gene Atchley, 45, of Sarasota was driving a 2004 Ford pickup. In one hand was the steering wheel. In the other, a cell slipped from his hand. As he reached down to retrieve it from the floorboard he swerved into Rich’s lane.

Story continued on page 22

Abel’s Ice Cream completes second year in Business! Bill & Norma Abel opened in April 2011 with a mission to offer the South Sarasota, Palmer Ranch, Siesta Key residents and tourist a nationally award winning premium ice cream at a competitive price with generous portions. Abel’s Florida made ice cream brand is the recipient of 14 national awards issued by the National Ice Cream Retailers Association since 2009. Sarasota’s best specialty ice cream flavor, Spumoni (swirled pistachio, chocolate and cherry ice cream, almonds and a special blend of fruits) awarded to Abel’s in the July 2012 issue of Sarasota Magazine. Most recently Siesta Photo by Trebor Britt Key Chamber honored Abel’s Ice

Cream with its 2012 Small Business of the Year Award. Abel’s hot fudge, malted milk shakes and Dreamsicle flavor ice cream will remind you of the product quality from the 1960’s drug store soda fountain era. Other historical menu favorites include root beer floats, ice cream sodas, banana splits and brownie sundaes. Of the 36 flavors offered including two no sugar added and two frozen yogurts, the 3 best sellers are: • Stellar Coffee - Rich coffee ice cream with fudge and mini dark chocolate coffee cups. • Raspberry Truffle - Raspberry ice cream with raspberry ribbon & dark chocolate raspberry cups.

• Coconut Almond Fudge - Tropical coconut ice cream with fudge ribbon & whole roasted almonds. Other Popular Flavors • Caramel Caribou - Toffee ice cream with thick caramel weave & mini chocolate caramel cups. • Bear Claw - Dark intense chocolate ice cream with thick caramel weave & chocolate covered cashews. • Snickelicious - Candy bar flavored ice cream with snickers candy bar pieces & thick caramel weave. • Kahlua Almond Fudge - Kahlua flavored ice cream swirled with fudge & whole roasted almonds. • Cherry Vanilla - Vanilla ice cream loaded with black cherries. Abel’s is open 7 days a week. 1886 Stickney Point Road - 941-921-5700. Visit for additional information & directions.

Island Girl Stephie from Ottawa Ontario Canada If you would like to be considered for our next Island Girl, contact us at (You must be of legal age to participate)



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Island Chatter Beverly B. Arias

Director, Siesta Key Association Whether you have chosen to live here, or are visiting our lovely Florida paradise, Siesta Key can be a welcome respite from a workday routine, a retired career, or the mainland rush. While here on Siesta Key, it would be wise to be prepared to Slow Down! As our beloved island’s name implies, or really it is more an invitation, siesta is relaxation. Just crossing the bridge onto the island, appreciating the scenic water views and tropical landscape, one can take comfort in a Siesta Key arrival. The main streets of Siesta Key are filled with walkers, bikers, joggers, and shoppers. Driving through much of this activity takes great care and watchfulness. On some parts of the Key, there are stretches of quiet road where it might be tempting to kick that car or motorcycle into gear and feel the rush of the

|A Message From Your Siesta Key Association... wind as you take off. Though it may look like there’s only a light pedestrian presence, maybe just a few out enjoying a bike ride, driving at high speeds on Siesta roads could suddenly be cut short by a darting animal, an unfamiliar tourist, a distracted child, slower moving seniors, and also driver error. Speeding on Siesta Key is unnecessary and can put residents and visitors in harm’s way. Speed limits on the Key go no higher than 40 miles per hour with the lowest speed of 20 mph through Siesta Village. Lower speed limits are set around active areas such as church and school entrances, beach entrances, and shopping areas. On Midnight Pass Road, which runs the length of the Key and almost entirely through residential areas, cars drive right beside people on foot, on bikes, or walking their dogs. The so-called “hump bridge” over the Grand Canal on north Midnight Pass Rd is a narrowed roadway shared by cars and bikes and the incline can create a blind approach. Yet this bridge is frequently the launch of a high speed joy ride endangering the many bikers and pedestrians who enjoy this stretch of shared road. Siesta Key Association (SKA) is a committed advocate for safety on our island. About three years ago, with dedicated attention by SKA Director, Joe Volpe, SKA worked with

Sarasota County to secure six speed radar signs for traffic calming measures on our busiest roadways. During our April SKA meeting, guest speaker, Ryan Montague from Sarasota County Mobility & Traffic, reviewed the benefits of the radar devices since the last one was installed on Siesta Key in 2011. Speed radar signs have been strategically placed around the Key to alert drivers and discourage driving above posted speed limits. These signs use technology to measure and display the speed of approaching vehicles. Before the radar devices became fully active, they were first used to collect data during a preliminary period called ‘stealth mode’. During this time, vehicle speed data is recorded to establish a baseline in order to compare traffic speed data before and after installation of the radar signs. The signs on Siesta Key were placed on both north and south locations of Midnight Pass Rd, on Beach Rd by Siesta Beach, and on Ocean Blvd. Naturally, when the radar signs are first installed, cars will generally slow down. However, they tend to increase speed after the signs have been in place for a longer period. It has been about 1 ½ years since installation of the signs began on Siesta Key.

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Siesta Key Round-Up

By Stan Zimmerman

fifth of one penny from the five-percent “bed tax” on short term rentals, the so-called Tourist Development Tax. As tourism has increased, so have tax proceeds. But county commissioners have decided, until staff can untangle the financial books, these extra beach maintenance funds will remain flat. Like many Florida counties in a budget squeeze, many activities are “charged back” to a funding source. When the financial staff looks at beach maintenance, for example, their time is paid from the “beach maintenance account.” Commissioners were told the loss of the extra funding would cut back on trash pickup, restroom cleaning, less support for events like the Crystal Classic sand sculpture contest, beach volleyball tournaments and other efforts. County Administrator Randall Reid said he would provide a report on the funding and charge-backs.

Big Pass ebb shoal eyed

There are a lot of “island myths” up and down the southwest coast of Florida. One concerns pirate José Gaspar and his island full of captive beauties (named “Captiva” of course). Another is the role of the ebb shoal sandbar north of Big Pass. The sandbar is created by the outgoing tide, and has waxed and waned over the decades. It has never been dredged. Locals will swear the intact ebb shoal is the reason Siesta Beach has never needed renourishment. Now the City of Sarasota is eyeing the ebb shoal as a source of new sand for Lido Beach to the north. County officials say there is not enough sand of high quality available anywhere else. The Army Corps of Engineers agrees. Both have been meeting with city officials and residents. Big Pass has never been dredged for navigation, while New Pass to the north between Lido and Longboat Keys has been Golf carts on M-Pass Road? dredged frequently. The sand from that activity is normally A plan masquerading as reduction in the speed limit on used to renourish both North and South Lido public beaches. Midnight Pass Road was unmasked by the Sarasota County Lido beaches were last renourished in 2009. Commission. In reality it was a plot to allow golf carts to on it. State law forbids golf carts on public roads if the speed limit is Rough sledding for snowy plovers higher than 35 miles per hour. The carts still have to be built and It’s no wonder snowy plovers are endangered. They build approved for road use, with driving and stop lights, turn signals, a primitive nest in the open sand dunes, and often leave their seat belts, a horn etc. They are touted as the electric vehicle eggs or chicks unattended. Predators from crows to raccoons perfect for urban living. Some members of the Sandeling Club often get a free lunch. But it’s been even worse this year. There would like to drive to the Crescent Club area, or even into Siesta was a pre-dawn brush fire in late March on the north end of Village in their carts. But first the speed limit has to come down the beach used in the past by nesting plovers. And officials are to 35 from 40 along Midnight Pass Road. The Traffic Advisory investigating vandalism in a buffer zone around the nesting area Council approved the move, but county commissioners balked a couple of days before the fire. Stakes and tape were removed and deferred their decision until May 8. Commissioner Joe that kept beachgoers out of the nesting area. Last year 12 plover Barbetta worried about crashes between autos and carts, or carts nests were spotted on Siesta Key, but observers from the Sarasota and pedestrians on the heavily traveled road. Audubon Society found only one chick made it to adulthood.

Bounced back too far?

For the past several years, rental rates for accommodations slipped lower and lower as hotels motels and even mom-andpop’s with a spare room struggled to keep “heads in beds.” In 2012 the rebound began, and room rates began to rise. However a survey my indicates for Siesta Key and Sarasota, the bounce-back has put them near the top of the state in rates. Key West remained the most expensive place to stay, but Siesta Key ranked number five, and the City of Sarasota came in at number seven. Average rates on Key West were $254 per night, with Siesta coming in a $231 and Sarasota at $229. The survey looked at rates within a mile of a city center or top beach from December 2012 to March 2013. Marco Island south of Naples came in second in the survey, with room rates in the $242 range. Palm Beach was number three, and Sanibel was number four. At the bottom of the top-20 list The race will go on Commission defers more beach money The Suncoast Superboat Grand Prix faced dissolution this was Miami Beach, at $143 per night (equal to a night in Sarasota Sarasota County pays for extra beach maintenance with one- Spring. The sponsor – Suncoast Charities for Children – couldn’t plus a $90 dinner).




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raise the sanctioning fee of nearly $100,000. It held a press conference to toss down an ultimatum. If we can’t get the money, we give up. The race will go to another city and we’ll never get it back again. The race began in Sarasota in 1984, and has become a Fourth of July fixture with a parade, fireworks, boat displays, a golf championship and other free and fund-raising events. The Sarasota County Commission came to the rescue, grudgingly granting $79,200 from tourist development tax revenues. “This is going to be a special exception,” said Commissioner Christine Robinson. “This will certainly not be the rule for this commissioner.” The charity uses proceeds to build facilities for disabled children. It rents them to qualified care-givers for $1 per year. This year the event will run form June 29 through the final race on July 7.

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Pulled Pork Sandwich $5

Happy Hour

Mon. thru Fri. Noon-6 PM



Up & Down The Trail Correction: Writing and righting a great wrong I’m a great believer in fixing things up front. In the last issue, I made a grievous error in a story about the end of a city witch hunt that left the city manager and information tech chief looking for new employment despite the lack of any evidence of wrongdoing – even after an extensive and expensive search. I compared the episode to the 1950s-era witchhunt of a Senator from the upper Midwest. I meant to say Sen. Joe McCarthy…but I wrote Sen. Eugene McCarthy. The two men’s politics and activities could not be further apart. To make it even worse, I campaigned in 1968 for Eugene “Clean Gene” McCarthy for President, canvassing voters door-to-door. “Tail-gunner” Joe McCarthy ruined the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people with his secret lists of communists in government. “Clean Gene” McCarthy was the first national political figure to call for an end to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. His campaign led then-President Lyndon Johnson to retire rather than seek a second term.

North Trail gets “overlay light”

A plan three years in the making to fight neglect and blight along the North Tamiami Trail “gateway” to Sarasota received the green light in April, but minus its most critical component. The Sarasota City Commission approved a redevelopment plan called the North Trail Overlay District. But commissioners by a 3-2 margin stripped the plan of the one element supports hoped would spur activity – administrative site plan review. Instead of plowing through public hearings at the planning board and city commission, developers could seek staff approval only without the politics. But “administrative approval” is controversial. “The community gets nothing and it is unclear what the developer gets,” said City Commissioner Terry Turner. He was joined by Commissioners Willie Shaw and Shannon Snyder to strip

By Stan Zimmerman

administrative approval from the overlay plan. The omission may prove lethal to the new effort. Said Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown, “It doesn’t have a carrot anymore.”

Paint the bridge blue

Sometime this month, the Ringling Causeway Bridge to Bird Key and St. Armands will switch to blue lighting underneath the archways. What started as a one-month stunt turned into a permanent pursuit as two local businesses got in the act. Katie Klauber Moulton proposed a one-month switch to publicize Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. As she trolled the usually stuffy bureaucracies of the Florida Department of Transportation and the U.S. Coast Guard, she received surprisingly strong support for the idea. And not just as a one-month stand. Evolucia is offering blue LED lights – which will save electricity – and marine-quality fittings, while Roadrunner’s construction staff will make it happen.

Tube Dudes go national

While some downtown people worry that too many Tube Dudes might cheapen Sarasota’s tony aura, the creator is getting ready to open nine showrooms across the county because of strong interest and demand. The smiling life-size figurines are made of extruded aluminum tubes and finished in bright powder-coated colors. They can be shaped to order, from a beautician with a blow-dryer to a fisherman with a catch. They can hold signs, scissors, menus, mailboxes, or just wave hello. “Every city has its defining art. Chicago has its bulls. Bradenton has its geckos on the wall. Sarasota has the Tube Dude,” said Scott Gerber. He’s the creator-inventor-sculptor. “When people buy one and take it home, they say it reminds them of their visit [to Sarasota].” Four giant “Dudes” are being installed in New York City’s linear High Line Park over the lower west side of Manhattan. And four were in the arena for March’s NCAA basketball finals.

The $100,000 lighting failure

One of the first projects for the newly created Downtown Improvement District two years ago was the $81,000 installation of lights in the trees at Five Points Park. While they were pretty, they were also unreliable. As the trees grew, the wires snapped. Rodents gnawed at other lines, and the warranty covered neither tree growth nor acts of God. The district spent another $18,000 for repairs. Failures continued until only three of the original 31 strands were working before the district decided to throw in the towel and consider replacing the color-changers with plain white LED lights. “People are going to say we blew $90,000,” said district Chairman Ernie Ritz.

Chalk Fest stumbles forward

One of the city’s best-attended street events is also a great nightmare for city officials. The tradition continues, as the Chalk Festival came forward last month to ask for city help to defer a few fees for the November event. Last year the festival organizers neglected to tell city officials the duration of the event. They were thinking it was another long weekend. In reality it was 10 days. This year’s surprise was a request to waive for up to $17,000 in fees. “This year the theme is honoring veterans, we call it the Legacy of Valor,” said organizer Denise Kowal. “Freedom is not free, and neither is the chalk festival. It needs $1.2 million each year.” Unfortunately the city does not “waive” fees. Instead it reimburses departments for their efforts with grants. But this year there is no “grant program.” Kowal’s application was not complete either. The city commission finally blew up. “Every year it’s something else,” said City Commissioner Shannon Snyder. Never fear. For the past five years, any number of “something elses” have been resolved, and there’s little doubt the same will hold for this year.

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Sea turtle time starts on local beaches


on Siesta Key

209 Beach Road Sarasota, FL 34242 941.349.6525

wSwS yw H. saai srs y h a i r . c o m Sa on Siesta Key

209 Beach Road Captain Curt’s Sarasota, FL

Village SHOPS

By Paul Roat

Sea turtle nesting season officially begins May 1. Last For us, June is the big month for mama sea turtles to year set records for the number of nests on local beaches, dig their nests and eject their eggs, tapering off into July. and the big question is whether 2013 will hold the same June also usually sees the first hatchings, which takes high numbers. place between 55 and 60 days from when mom laid the 2012 set a 31-year record for the number of turtle nests little guys and girls. on the beaches from Longboat Key to Venice with a total After the hatch when baby turtles make their way out of 2,492, according to Mote Marine Laboratory statistics. of the sand is when the trouble starts. The breakouts by most-turtles-per-beach last year were: Hatchlings are programmed to go downslope from • Casey Key, 978. the nest, away from shadows of • Longboat Key, 639. land and toward the horizon’s • Venice Beaches, 424. lightness. • Siesta Key, 338. Shore lights attract them • Lido Key, 83. instead, and they end up easy prey Although protective measures for birds, dogs, cats, crabs, ants, of sea turtles have been in effect and other predators, and often die for decades, the ebb and flow of sea under auto tires or just dry up and turtle nests have varied annually. perish. Some scientists offer suggestions Beachfront homeowners that a cycle of climate fluctuations are required to dim their outdoor in the Northern Atlantic may play a lighting during the nesting season to An ailing loggerhead sea turtle was role in the yearly statistical changes. protect sea turtles. They need all the rehabilitated at Mote Marine Laboratory Others marine biologists say the and released on Lido Key in March 2010. protection possible, since only 1 in nesting changes may be a result of the 1,000 hatchlings live long enough to Sea turtle nesting season begins May 1. man-made protection of sea turtles reach sexual maturity. Photo by Paul Roat during the past few years. Sea turtle volunteers patrol all the Although May is the “official” start of the season on beaches just after dawn and stake out the nests. The nests Florida’s West Coast, sea turtles don’t carry calendars. are easy to spot: mama creates bulldozer-like tracks in Some have come ashore months earlier, a few stragglers the sand from the sea to the nest and back. after the official end Oct. 31. There are heavy state and federal criminal penalties East Coast nesting runs from March through October. for tampering with turtle nests. Female sea turtles lumber ashore at night during the Other problems here are beach chairs, which get in summer at the beach of their birth. After laboriously the mother turtles’ way, and dogs. making their way up-beach, they dig a hole, lay upwards It is not unheard-of for a female to nest twice or even of 100 golf-ball-size eggs, cover the nest, then make their three times a season. way back to the Gulf of Mexico. Happy turtle season!

1200 Old Stickney Point Rd, Siesta Key FL 34242

34242 941.349.6525



Siesta Key Bike & Kayak Fun for your vacation with Bike & Kayak Rental. Tours, Delivery & Pick-up. 346-0891

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Downtown and Beyond

By Paul Roat

|Some big things ongoing, brewing Downtown There is one big outdoor art exhibit on display at Sarasota’s Island Park, on the Bayfront off Ringling Boulevard Downtown. Embracing Our Differences is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The exhibit features 39 billboard-size artworks and statements “created by artists, writers, and students from around the world reflecting their interpretation of the message, ‘enriching lives through diversity,’” according to Michael Shelton, executive director of the group. The event, is also being exhibited in Bradenton and North Port, received more than 4,000 pictures and words from people in 52 countries, including Kenya, Malaysia, Israel, Iran, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Students from 128 elementary, junior, and high schools comprised 60 percent of the individuals submitting art and quotes. Nearly 250,000 people visited the exhibit in Island Park in 2012. Call Embracing Our Differences a big deal, both in size and scope. - More outdoor action proposed Another big outdoor event/business/social scene has been proposed for Downtown. Sarasota’s foremost current Downtown businessman Jesse Biter has proposed a 7,500-square-foot outdoor patio bar tentatively titled the HuBPuB, a takeoff on it’s next door neighbor The HuB. The bar would be located in the parking lot at 1680 Fruitville Road. He paid $400,000 and reportedly is considering spending $350,000 for the HuBPuB’s creation. Biter proposes having the outdoor establishment front

Second Street. It would have interior walls with flatscreen TVs and large heavily landscaped open spaces. He has been reported as saying he wants a place where people can sip an adult beverage and talk. His proposal will likely — no, definitely — create some conversation as it wends its way through community input hearings, board of adjustment hearings, planning commission hearings, city commission hearings … just about every board in the city will get a chance to have its say about the HuBPuB. Sarasota has long had a lively discussion regarding outdoor dining establishments Downtown. The issue of live entertainment outside has surfaced, been buried, and resurfaced often in the past few decades. Biter hopes to have the HuBPuB up and running by fall if the din on conversation on its proposal weighs in its favor. - Don’t forget to vote May 14 is Election Day for Sarasota City. The city’s two at-large seats will be on the ballot, meaning that all electors may cast ballots for two of the three candidates. On the ballot is incumbent Mayor Suzanne Atwell, Susan Chapman, and Richard Dorfman. It is a run-off election for the trio. Runoff elections historically have spectacularly low voter turnouts, so this will definitely be an election where your vote will count.

… and Beyond It’s a little early to start worrying about hurricane season, but it’s a good time to begin getting in the habit of keeping track of what’s beyond our shores in the Caribbean and Atlantic. It’s also a good time to ease into stocking up hurricane supplies. If you see batteries on sale, pick up a few. Same with tuna, or Spam, or your favorite canned stuff. Go all Scout and be prepared.

Embracing Our Differences outdoor art exhibit will be available for viewing through June 2 at Sarasota’s Island Park. Photo by Paul Roat



Spicy, not necessarily hot, cuisine offered at Isan Thai Restaurant By Paul Roat

You can visit Northern Thailand simply by going to Popular is Red Curry, with the spice served in a paste the South Trail in Sarasota. in coconut milk with mixed vegetables and Thai basil. Isan Thai Restaurant offers traditional Thai food from Isan Thai has one of the most extensive beer menus a province in the northern region of the country bordering seen outside of a specialty brew pub. Plan to sip your Cambodia and Laos. Owner P’Koong is from the Sisaket way across the world, with Thai, Japanese, Belgium, and or Isan region and brings her home cooking to Sarasota. other brews, a long list of craft beers also from around the Although Northern Thai dishes are spicy, as are most world, plus more traditional lagers. There is also a large dishes from that part of the world, this restaurant’s cuisine wine list. seems lighter and packed with a bit more flavor than most The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday other Asian restaurants. That statement has to be couched from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday with a dining tip: order the food mild with some of the featuring only the dinner menu. More information fiery sauce on the side to avoid any mouth searing. about the restaurant is available at 941-923-1232, or Isan Thai, at 5768 S. Tamiami Trail, just south of Phillippi Mansion, serves lunch and dinner. Menu items The décor is authentic Thai, with colorful furnishings are similar on either menu, with a more extensive dinner matching the bright dresses of the serving staff. And a menu featuring a large number of vegetarian dishes. special note about the servers: the food was presented at Popular appetizers include Golden Triangle ($4.50 a balanced, perfect pace without a hitch in service. for lunch, $4.95 dinner), a ground chicken, potato, and Thai spice blend wrapped in rice paper and served with sweet and sour dip. Also special for a starter is Sai Aour, a home-made sausage, hearty and lightly spiced at $5.95. Soups are a Southeast Asia dining mainstay. At Isan Thai, popular soups are the Tom Yum Goong, ($4.95), a hot and sour soup with shrimp, onion, raw mushrooms, cilantro and Thai basil, as well as the Noodle Soup with rice noodles with chicken or pork, bean sprouts and Thai basil. The latter soup is $4.95 for lunch, with a heartier portion available at dinner for $8.95 for chicken, $9.95 for pork. Chef P’Koong offers a lunch and dinner special of Soups, noodle dishes, a large vegetarian menu, and some several noodle dishes with a variety of vegetables, spices, spicy-or-not fare served at Isan Thai Restaurant. Photo by Paul Roat. and other ingredients, served with a variety of proteins and prices: chicken, pork, beef, tofu, or vegetable specials are $7.95 for lunch, $11.95 dinner; shrimp, scallop, or calamari is $8.95 lunch, $14.95 dinner; and a seafood combo at $10.95 lunch, $17.95 dinner. A popular special with diners at the above prices is Pad Thai with its rice noodles sautéed with egg, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, and scallions. With most of the world’s jasmine rice harvested in Thailand, rice dishes are featured at Isan Thai. Many of the chef’s dinner specials include a hearty helping of the fragrant rice. Isan Thai caters to vegetarians • PREMIUM SERVICE AND HONEST VALUE with a medley of appetizer, salad, • A Relaxed Shopping Atmosphere with Complimentary Coffee Lounge and entrée courses. Isan Thai serves five duck dishes • Family Owned and Operated for Over 30 Years A for dinner. Patrons may choose from • Visit our Grande 7000 sq. ft. showroom TODAY! Flooring Shopping Experience sweet chili sauce, ginger sauce, fresh in Sarasota garlic chili sauce, or Panang sauce. BRING IN THIS AD Panang Duck, ($19.95), is a highlight FOR A CHANCE TO and also a dish to which spice-wary diners should be wary. It is a roast One entry per household. boneless duck with a Panang curry Drawing is to be held 7-31-13. paste in coconut milk with mixed vegetables and ground roast peanuts. More of that wonderful jasmine rice is featured with coconut dishes. The fare again comes with a variety of proteins at varying prices for lunch or dinner.




18th Annual Blues Festival

WAKE & SHAKE Just roll out of bed - your hair looks great. Shampoo and towel dry - you’re done! The style is in the cut, not the blow-dry, so you don’t have to fuss with your hair to look good. Even fine, limp hair. By Appointment:




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Photos by Jaye Clements - Lauren Bates Photography




Gyros meat with raw onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce rolled up in a pita ..........$6.95

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Lettuce, feta cheese, kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, pepperoncini peppers, pita bread, Greek dressing and tzatziki sauce served on the side ..$6.75

One skewer, raw onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce rolled up in a pita ......................$6.25

Chicken Souvlaki Sandwich

One skewer, raw onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce rolled up in a pita ......................$5.25

Spiro Sandwich

(941) 312-5072

Open: M-Sat. 11am-9 pm; Sun. Noon-8 pm

DINE IN OR CARRY OUT See our complete menu at

Served with mustard, onion, neon green relish, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt and a dill pickle spear on a poppy seed bun........ $3.95


Lamb Souvlaki Sandwich

(In the Gulf Gate area)

Chicago Style Hot Dog

Lettuce, onion, tomato, feta cheese and kalamata olives rolled up in a pita ...........................$5.25 Gyros meat with sautéed fresh mushrooms, onions, green peppers and tzatziki sauce rolled up in a pita ................................................$6.95

6500 Superior Ave. • Sarasota, FL 34231

Classic Vienna Hot Dog

Gyros meat, spinach pie and tzatziki sauce rolled up in a pita ................................$7.25

Fish Sandwich

Beer battered and fried, topped with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce, served on a sub roll. ............................................................$6.25

Philly Cheese Steak

Beef or Chicken served with sauteed mushrooms, onions, green peppers and swiss cheese .................................................$6.95

Make it a “Combo” Meal Fries or rice and soft drink ...................$3.00 Upgrade to large soft drink ..................+50¢

Greek Salad

Gyros or Chicken Gyros Salad

Gyros on lettuce, green peppers, pepperoncini peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, feta cheese and kalamata olives. Served with pita bread, Greek dressing and tzatziki sauce served on the side ...............................$8.25

Village Salad

Gyros Platter

Chicken Gyros Platter

Chicken gyros, tomatoes, raw onion and tzatziki sauce rolled up in a pita. Served with rice, feta cheese and kalamata olives on the side ....$8.95

Lamb Souvlaki Platter

Two marinated lamb souvlaki skewers with raw onions on pita bread. Served with rice and tzatziki sauce....................................$10.45

Chicken Souvlaki Platter

Two marinated chicken skewers with raw onions on pita bread. Served with rice and tzatziki sauce.......................................$8.95

Zante Sampler

Original gyro meat, spinach pie, Village Salad, dolmades, cut pita and tzatziki sauce on the side .................................................$10.45

Tomato wedges, cucumbers, green peppers, raw onions, feta cheese, kalamata olives, pepperoncini peppers, Greek dressing, tzatziki sauce and pita bread ...........................$6.95 (Add gyro meat for: $2.00)

Spinach Pie & Gyros Platter

Chicken Souvlaki Salad

4 grape leaves filled with seasoned rice and 2 skewers of chicken souvlaki on pita bread with a side of tzatziki sauce. (substitute lamb for $2.00) .................$8.95

Greek salad with a skewer of chicken ..$8.25


Avgolemono Soup (32 oz.) ...... $10.00 Feta Cheese (1/2 lb.) ............... $ 4.50 Village Salad (serves approx 6-8) $22.00 Greek Salad (serves approx 6-8) $21.00 Dolmades (25) ...................... $12.00 1 lb. Gyros or Chicken Gyros Meat .............. $11.00 Tzatziki Sauce (8 oz.) ...............$ 3.50 Lamb Souvlaki Skewers(10) ... $30.00 Chicken Skewers (10)............. $22.00

Spinach pie, crisp phyllo filled with cheese and served with a gyros sandwich. (you may substitute with chicken gyros) .............$9.45

Spinach Pie (6) ..................... $28.00

Dolmades & Souvlaki Platter

Tiropita (6) ........................... $28.00

Spinach Pie and Souvlaki

Spinach pie with 2 skewers on pita. .....$9.45 Substitute lamb for +$2.00 Sub the rice for a Greek Salad for +$1.00

Pita Bread (10) ....................... $9.00

Falafel (12) ............................$ 6.50 Greek Rice (serves approx 10) ..... $17.00 Chocolate Baklava (10) .......... $30.00 Baklava (10) ......................... $18.00

All Prices In This Ad Are Subject To Change

Put some “OPA” In Your Life! 941.349.0194 • ISLAND VISITOR PUBLISHING, LLC


Is your sliding door hard to open?



Soulful Advice Q: Dear Donnarose, my job is really making me ill in my soul/spirit. I need out but I need my job. Please advise. ~Teresa A: ~ “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer I’m sorry you are going through this Teresa. I’ve been there as well, and there are a lot of people with this issue. The thing is, if you must keep your job for now, your only option is to look at it differently. With the above quote heavily in mind, I suggest you do what I did as it truly works. You will need to go deep inside yourself and increase your non-judgment and compassion energy- big time. Then force yourself to find one good thing about your boss and hold on tight to that. Focus on not taking things she says to you personally, especially if you know it’s untrue and all ego driven. Then equally critical, is that you must raise your level of love for yourself, and that will also help you tremendously. When we love ourselves fully, we place a higher value on ourselves, and cease seeking approval from others to determine it. Also, to keep yourself sane from dealing with this daily negative situation, you absolutely must create balance. So aside from work, you must do things that make you feel good. Be sure to continue to meditate, stay in the light and close to Spirit. Pray on it as well, but during it, do more listening than talking to God and your angels, as they will SURELY help you to progress through this. They already are, as they had you send me your question.

From Donnarose Consider this Divine support your first step towards success with this test! I know you will do great! ~♥ Q: Dear Donnarose, I constantly worry all the time, and because of this, I stress myself even more. And I know this won’t help to improve my finances or my life in general. Thanks for any advice you can give. ~Seidel A: ~ “Worry is like praying for what you don’t want.” ~Unknown I hear you Seidel. You have to make it a goal to really try to retrain your brain to do the opposite of what you’ve learned. That is, to focus on what you WANT to happen, as opposed to what you DON’T want to happen. I always say, only think of the thoughts you want to manifest, since whatever thoughts are in your mind, win...always. Also, be sure to raise your level of love energy for yourself. This will help the process of receiving what you desire, as when you love yourself enough, you will truly start to believe you deserve it. And always remember you are not alone. Surrender, Allow and Trust that God is right here assisting you, if you let Him. ~♥ Donnarose Melvin is a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, whose pleasure is to assist clients worldwide. She incorporates knowledge from her degree in psychology, along with her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic gifts to guide her clients towards peace and success. Please send your questions to or private message her via facebook: Go With Your Soul. Donnarose will select questions each month to share with you. She regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. ~ ♥

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Each year we honor our military for the sacrifices they’ve made for our country. For the “unknown soldier,” it is perhaps a more potent symbol of sacrifice for country. They cannot be returned home because their remains are not identifiable; a soldier that not only gave up his life for his country, but his very identity as well. We acknowledge these fallen heroes with a special place of reverence known as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. Following are some interesting facts about the Sentinels of the 3rd United States Infantry Regiment “Old Guard” on how they honor the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Q: How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why? A: 21 steps are taken because that number is considered a number of special significance that dates back to the 14th century when cannons became part of weaponry salutes. Q: How long does he wait after each turn? A: The sentinel marches 21 steps across the black mat. With a crisp turn, the sentinel turns 90 degrees to face east for 21 seconds. The sentinel then turns a sharp 90 degrees again to face north for 21 seconds. A crisp “shoulderarms” movement places the rifle on the shoulder nearest the visitors to signify that the sentinel stands between the tomb and any threat. After the moment, the sentinel paces 21 steps north, turns and repeats the process. The practiced cadence is timed so that the sentinel paces at a rate of 90 steps each minute. To these men the continuity of this post is the key to the honor and respect shown to these honored dead, symbolic of all unaccounted for American combat dead. The steady rhythmic step in rain, sleet, snow, hail, heat and cold must be uninterrupted. Uninterrupted is the important part of the honor shown.



Q: Why are his gloves wet? A: His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle. Q: How often are the guards changed? A: Guards are changed every thirty minutes, during summer daylight hours and every hour during winter daylight hours, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. At night, the guard is changed every two hours. They are relieved in a very formal drill Q: What are the physical traits of the guard limited to? A: For a person to apply for guard duty at the tomb, he must be in superb physical condition, possess an unblemished military record and be between 5’ 10” and 6’ 2” tall, with proportionate weight and build. All volunteers are considered to be the best of the elite 3rd Infantry Regiment, headquartered at Fort Myer, Va. It may take months for a soldier to earn the right to TEST to wear the coveted silver Tomb Guard Identification badge, and even then, the award is temporary. Only after the sentinel has served at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for nine months does the award become permanent. As of 2002, the 500th Tomb Guard Identification Badge was awarded with currently only around 525 recipients. In 2003, hurricane Isabel came through the area. The Regimental Commander of the U.S. Third Infantry sent word to the nighttime Sentry Detail to secure the post and seek shelter from the high winds, to ensure their personal safety. These men respectfully declined. Soaked to the skin, marching in the pelting rain of a tropical storm, they said that guarding the Tomb was not just an assignment; it was the highest honor that can be afforded to a service person. The tomb has been patrolled continuously, 24/7, since 1930.

Snapshots of Island Visitors


Retirement May Be Far Off, LianOliver Sliwka (6) and brother Dominic (3) creating an original sand sculpture with the pristine, white, powdery sands, of Siesta Beach. This is their second visit to Siesta Key from Hamilton Ontario, Canada. Photo by Trebor Britt

ButRetirement the April 15thMay Deadline Companionship & In-Home Care Be Far Off, Retirement May Be Far Off, for IRABut Contributions the April 15th Isn’t. Deadline A Safe and Reliable Source for Quality Care Since 1992

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The Landings Shopping Center The Landings Shopping The Landings Shopping Center Center 4800 S Tamiami Trail 48004800 S Tamiami Trail Trail S Tamiami Sarasota, FL 34231 Sarasota, FL 34231 Sarasota, FL941-923-9080 34231 941-923-9080 941-923-9080 . Member SIPC Member SIPC 941.349.0194 • ISLAND VISITOR PUBLISHING, LLC 13 Member SIPC

Customer Appreciation at The Local Bean Owner, Jen Cortez celebrates The Local Bean’s second successful year on The Key. Snack & drinks were on hand for all to enjoy while relaxing to the music of local musician, Bob Kraemer.

Owner, Jen & Linda from OH

Derek from Siesta Key

Angelique (Venice) & Jim (SRQ)

Bob & Betty from Palmer Ranch

Sara Sinaiko from Sarasota



Susie & Ethan from Bradenton

Musician Bob Kreamer

The greatest “Little Show” On Earth! In April, Sarasota’s own SAILOR CIRCUS presented its 64th annual Spring Show, and it was truly spectacular! All of the performers attend schools in either Sarasota or Manatee Counties, and have devoted weeks and sometimes years of after-school hours to practice. Under the Big Top, these young enthusiasts throw their hearts into the ring, much to the delight of an adoring audience. The April performance was dazzling! Four high school students flew breathtakingly through the air on the flying trapeze while younger kids skittered about on globes. There was a variety of aerialists, acrobats, wire-walkers and comedy routines. There were impressive hand-balancing acts, dramatic performances on teeter-boards, lyrical acts on silks, and intricate choreography performed on unicycles. There were acts using hula hoops, juggling, Spanish web, and so much more! It was an astonishing exhibition of talent and verve with approximately 100 children performing. SAILOR CIRCUS has for 64 years been one of Sarasota’s most unique offerings. Until 2004 it operated as a subsidiary of the Sarasota County School Board. In 2004, it fell under the operations of the Police Athletic League of Sarasota County, Inc. Then, in 2011, it became a program of the notfor-profit organization known as Circus Sarasota. Today, such international circus performing artists as Nik Wallenda, Encho, Trio Moscow, and the Platchov Duo deliver workshops and hands-on training in various circus disciplines to Sailor Circus youth. So—how does a kid get involved? I called Susan Loeffler, the Sailor Circus Program Director, and asked her that question. “We usually get students through word-of-mouth. Students mainly get interested in Sailor Circus by coming to one of our performances. Many have friends who are performing. Once interested, they can phone for information.”

By Diana Colson

To study circus during the summer, students ages 6 to 15 can attend Circus Summer Camp. All training takes place at the Sailor Circus arena at 2075 Bahia Vista St. Five sessions are offered, which vary in length from a 3-day mini-camp to a 10-day session. Information on this extraordinary summer camp can be found at or by calling (941) 3359335. When it comes to enrolling in the regular schoolyear program, registration begins the week before school starts. Once a student is registered, he or she goes through an orientation before deciding on the circus art they find most intriguing. Kids are taught by retired circus professionals as well as Sailor Circus alums. Glamorous Susan Loeffler is herself an alumna, as is Sarasota’s own Dolly Jacobs. There are two different training sessions during the regular school year: one in the fall (September through December) and one in the spring (January through April.) Children enrolled in the fall session train for the Holiday Show, which has six performances. Children enrolled in the second session train for the Spring Show, which has nine performances. Many children become so enthusiastic about working under the Big Top on Bahia Vista that they sign up to perform in both shows. At first, younger students attend training sessions only twice a week. As show time grows closer, however, they sometimes rehearse as many as five times a week. It’s a serious commitment, with young people practicing ten to twenty hours a week, depending on age level. It’s also a commitment for parents. In addition to getting children to training and rehearsals, parents are required to volunteer 25 hours a session. This might mean making popcorn at performance time, or sewing costumes in advance of the show. Sailor Circus has a large base of volunteers. There are

4 lane cradle act. (l-r) Breck Hausler, Lindsey Johns, Ryley Marquis, Cheyenne Pittman. High Wire: Tiffany Tellbuescher. Photos by Richard Czina

three ladies in the costume department who deserve special accolades for creating new costumes and refurbishing the old. Their heroic work is supplemented by the occasional purchase of brand new costumes ordered through a catalog. Sailor Circus has an amazing history. It was founded in 1949 as part of the Sarasota High School gymnastics program. In 1952, Warner Bros. made a 30-minute short-subject movie shown in theaters nationwide that featured our own Sailor Circus. In 1973, it traveled for six weeks to Fairbanks, Alaska. In 1976 it not only appeared on the “Today Show” with Barbara Walters, it also performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. In 1985 it spent 43 days performing near Fufuoka, Japan. In 1988 it traveled to Lima, Peru, for a five-week tour. By the 1990’s the world changed and the chance to go on the road diminished. Today Sailor Circus is a nonprofit organization which provides students in 4th grade through 12th training in circus performance. It is housed in a fabulous arena, a one-of-a-kind structure located in central Sarasota at 2075 Bahia Vista Street, 34239. Today this 4-ring youth circus is known worldwide as “The Greatest ‘Little’ Show on Earth



Fracking in SW Florida? By Keri Hendry Weeg, originally published in The Island Sand Paper, Fort Myers Beach, FL Continued from cover story

That article was written on March 2, 2012 by Brandt Temple – president and founder of Sunrise Exploration & Production of New Orleans. Temple previously worked the Gulf of Mexico in 1996-2003 before becoming Appalachian basin exploration vice-president for Whitmar Exploration, where he directed and developed 350,000 acres on 10 prospects in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. His current company, Sunrise, has put together eight-year leases for 135,000 acres in Lee, Collier and Hendry Counties. “Oil and gas producers are in the infant stages of a new liquids-rich play in the South Florida basin that could revive the

oil industry in rural-agricultural parts of South Florida,” Temple wrote in that March story. The controversy with fracking lies partly with the process itself – which uses approximately 1.8 million gallons of water per job – but mostly with what that water is mixed with. Fracking for oil and gas embedded in shale rock basins across the country involves the injection of a 99.5-percent cocktail of water and fine grained sand into a well that drops under the groundwater table to between 6,000-10,000 feet. That water and sand includes a 0.5% mix of chemicals – most of which are listed as “proprietary information” and a “trade secret” under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. When the mixture reaches the end of the well, the high pressure causes the nearby shale rock to crack – thus releasing gas and oil back up into the well. Critics say that some of the chemicals used in the mixture are nasty things like lead, radium, mercury, hydrochloric acid, and formaldehyde, which leak into drinking water for nearby cities and towns. Reports of methane gas coming from water faucets and radiation in drinking wells have had environmentalists and public health groups across the country up in arms trying to regulate and/or ban the practice and force the companies to publicly disclose what is in the chemical mixture. Proponents of the practice say these reports are inaccurate and are being overblown by environmentalists to the detriment of states’ economies. The problem is that disclosure requirements vary from state to state, with the majority of states where fracking is practiced having no requirements at all. This is what prompted Rodrigues to introduce House Bill 743, legislation he claims contains the most stringent disclosure laws in the country should fracking become part of our state lexicon – something he believes is imminent though Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) officials and several potential investors have been skating the issue in recent newspaper articles. “Fracking is a very real possibility for Southwest Florida,” he said. “There are no rules regarding permitting for this in this state. Fracking without any disclosure whatsoever is allowed under state law right now, and my bill would change that.” The bill, which has a twin version in the Senate sponsored by Senator Jeff Clements, a Democrat from Lake Worth, requires any companies fracking here to give full disclosure to the DEP of all the chemicals used in their process. The DEP would then determine what was covered by the federal act protecting trade secrets and what will be released to the public. “The trade secret exemption is part of federal law – there’s nothing that states can do to make companies give full disclosure – but at least with my bill the DEP decides what to disclose and not the companies themselves,” he said. Fracking may be unheard of here but oil drilling isn’t. In South Florida, drilling has been 4 MILES FROM SIESTA KEY! going on in a tract of land called the “Upper 8201 S TAMIAMI TRAIL SARASOTA, FL 34238--LOCATED OUTSIDE WESTFIELD SARASOTA SQUARE MALL (NEXT TO COSTCO) Sunniland Trend” for decades. This tract is 150 WWW.COYNESPIER28.COM (941.921.0028) miles long and 20 miles wide – stretching from



Fort Myers to Miami and crosses into the Big Cypress Preserve at the western end of the Everglades. In a “frack memo,” reported in the News-Press last fall, DEP Oil and Gas Administrator Ed Garrett wrote that fracking would be too deep to affect potable groundwater because Florida’s aquifers are no more than 2,000 feet deep and all of Florida’s oil production comes from 12,000 to 17,000 feet deep. “But they’re drilling through the aquifers in order to get down there,” pointed out Keith Laakkonen, Environmental Science Coordinator for the Town of Fort Myers Beach. “Florida in a whole doesn’t have good geology for drilling or fracking. I believe that the Sunniland Trend is the only area below I-10 where something like this is possible.” Laakkonen told us that his biggest concerns aren’t only with what’s being put into the fracking water, but what would happen to the wastewater associated with the process and the possibility of methane gas leaks. “Methane is the most powerful greenhouse gas there is,” he said. “It’s 30 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, and in the early days of this process there weren’t a lot of safety mechanisms – resulting in quite a bit of methane being released into the atmosphere.” But, like any new business resulting in high profits, the situation has improved quite a bit, Keith says, and there is another way to look at it. “The United States is the Saudi Arabia of natural gas,” he said. “It does go a long way towards making us energy independent, and, since it burns much cleaner, many people are calling it a ‘bridge fuel’ that would buy us time until we could come to rely completely on things like solar, wind and biofuels.” The problem, Laakkonen says, is getting it from the ground to the processing plant. “If they can really prove that it can be done safely – no leaks, no contamination of ground-water or surfacewater – it might not be a bad thing,” he said. “But, it’s still a fossil fuel.” Meanwhile, Rodrigues’ bill, which initially had support from both environmental groups and the Florida Petroleum Council, has drawn fire in recent weeks for either not demanding full disclosure or a ban on the practice entirely. “You cannot force full disclosure – it will be challenged in court and thrown out,” he told us, “Florida has some of the strongest Sunshine Laws in the country; we will know most of what’s being put into the ground. That’s much better than knowing nothing.” Rodrigues added that he does plan to add an amendment to the bill that requires the disclosure of the concentration of chemicals. NOTE: Since this article was written, the Florida House voted 92-19 in favor of HB 743, sponsored by Rodrigues. At time of press, similar legislation was being considered in the state Senate.

Blooming this month... Flaming Royal Poinciana now in bloom The Royal Poinciana is fast growing tree that can be 40 feet high and 60 feet wide. Individual flowers up to four inches across have five petals in each flower and range in color from deep scarlet to brick orange. The tree flowers from May to June. By the way, don’t miss Rob Branch’s Mother’s Day Garden tour, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at 1315 38th St., Sarasota. Photo by Rob Branch



GOURMET SANDWICHES Soups & Salads Cotton Candy Sno-Cones Fruit Smoothies

A true ambassador not just for the beach, but for the many businesses on the island, Carolyn also helps direct them to the many wonderful restaurants and shops right here on the island.

Carolyn Johnson

Well done Carolyn. Thank you for your generous service.

Build Your Own Sandwich Board

BREADS: White, Whole Wheat, Multi Grain, Gluten Free, Kaiser roll, Marble sWirl rye, Ciabatta, italian hoaGie 1000’s of Delicious sanDwich combinations COLD BEER! Meats & Cheeses EVERYTHING UNDER $9

Recognizing Our Volunteers Carolyn Johnson, originally from Bloomfield Hills, MI, started volunteering as a beach ambassador for Siesta Key nine years ago. She enjoys meeting the many visitors coming to our pristine beach and helps them understand the importance of keeping our beach clean.


“Early” Diners 4-Course Dinner Daily 5:00 - 6:30 PM

13 Entrees To Choose From!

6631 Midnight Pass Road


(1/4 Mile South of Stickney Point Road

Open 7 Days A Week 5 PM ‘til Close

All include appetizer, salad, dessert and beverage

Starting at $15.95

Entree selections include: • Chicken, Veal and Seafood Specialties • Filet Mignon • Lamb Chops • Salmon • Roast Duck • Tenders of Pork

4.50 COCKTAILS Daily 5-6 PM (Well Liquor Only)


For Reservations Call 941-349-4024

Best Sports Bar and Best Dinner $ Under 10! 5 Convenient Locations! 4870 Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231


Visit our website:

Your Family Neighborhood Grill and Sports Connection

Featuring Fresh Local Produce from Honeyside Farm which Inspires our Menu! 941.349.0194 • ISLAND VISITOR PUBLISHING, LLC


Local businesses

Be sure to support our advertisers








Turtle Beach • 8875 Midnight Pass Rd. • Siesta Key • 941-346-2207

Serving Lunch & Dinner From 11:30 AM


3-6 PM Daily 2 for 1 Well Drinks & Wine

Bar Appetizers $2, $3 and $4 (3-6 PM Daily)

Sunday Brunch $8.99 Includes complimentary

Bloody Mary or Mimosa 10 AM - 3 PM 3-6 PM EARLY BIRD DINNERS $9.99 - $12.99



A $33.00 Value at a 40% Savings!!!

Package includes a 9 oz. carafe of wine, fresh garden salad with hot rolls, a delectable entrée and your choise of veggie or starch. WINE: Our Copperidge Premium California Wine: Choose from Chardonnay, Pinto Grigio, White Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon Choose From The Following Entrées: Gulf Grouper Oscar, Baked Stuffed Large Gulf Shrimp, Choice Filet Mignon, Certified Black Angus Prime Ribe (8 oz. cut), North Atlantic Wild Caught Salmon, Surf ‘N Turf, Loin Lamb Chops, Surf ‘N Surf, Potato Crusted Haddock, Coconut Crusted Mahi-Mahi

5758 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota (Serving Siesta Key and Vicinity)


Sarasota History Happy Birthday, John Ringling May was a memorable month for “children of all ages.” John Ringling was born May 30, 1866, in MacGregor, Iowa. He and four of the seven Ringling brothers later formed traveling circus to have enough money to buy suits. The then- “Yankee Robinson and Ringling Brothers Great Double Shows, Circus and Caravan” later became “Ringling Brother United Monster Railroad Shows, Great Triple Circus, Museum and Menagerie, Roman Hippodrome and Universal World’s Exposition.” The circus later morphed, under Ringling brothers John and Charles, as “Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.” Ringling himself was one of Sarasota’s first financial moguls, using some of his vast wealth from his circus empire to build a bayfront mansion, an art museum, theater, acquire and develop hundreds of acres of waterfront property, and create an air of gentility to a hard-scrabble Sarasota of the early 1900s. - Ringling, circus promoter The Brothers Ringling went from a small horse-drawn set of shows to a huge pair of mile-long trains that performed throughout the United States and Europe. The Ringling circus grew and grew and in 1907 acquired the popular and financially successful Barnum & Bailey Circus. Both circus troupes performed individually until joining forces in 1919. The “Greatest Show On Earth” reached its heyday in the 1920s. Clowns, trapeze acts, jugglers, lion tamers, elephants, horses, dancing dogs, all performing under the big top, traveled from town to town throughout the country, wowing tens of thousands of locals annually during the summer months. It was in 1927 that John Ringling decided to relocate the winter quarters of the circus, complete with its entire troupe of performers and animals, to his new home, Sarasota.

By Paul Roat

impact best in a 2013 brochure. “John Ringling was reputed to be the fifth wealthiest man in the United States when he and Charles bought an estimated 67,000 acres of what is now Sarasota and Longboat Key as investment property. “When the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus moved its winter quarters to Sarasota in 1927, the serene seaside resort became the hub of circus activity, attracting famous circus families and artists from around the world. Sarasota quickly became known far and wide as Circus City, USA. “Today, the influence of the Ringlings and their circus is still prevalent throughout Sarasota county, from the Ringling estate that is home to the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, their personal home Cá d’Zan, and the Ringling Circus Museum and its new Tibbals Learning Center to the Circus Ring of Fame on St. Armands Circle.” The Ringling Estate reverted to the State of Florida upon John and wife Mable’s deaths. Highlight of the estate, located on the shores of Sarasota Bay, is the museum. By the early 1930s, they had acquired more than 600 paintings, sculptures, decorative pieces, and tapestries from the works of baroque artists Rubens, Hals, Van Dyck, and others. And keeping in Ringling thrifty style, he hired circus workers to build the museum and used elephants to move the heavier pieces of stone into place. Then there was the Asolo Theatre, the Ringling Bridge, St. Armands Key and its Circle, the extensive property holdings on Longboat Key, the never-completed RitzCarlton Hotel on the key … John Ringling’s legacy is intricately tied to Sarasota. Happy Birthday, Mr. Ringling.

- John Ringling’s Sarasota My Sarasota, the county’s convention and visitor bureau, probably summed up Ringling’s

Tropical Depression Drink




from the Northeast region of Thailand known as Isan.



Vegan/Vegetarian Curries

Craft Beer

Tues.-Sat. 11AM-10 PM; Lunch ‘til 3 PM Sunday Noon-9PM; Serving Dinner Menu



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A blend of mango, strawberry and dark rum this frozen tropical drink from Scrub Island Resort is sure to brighten anyone’s mood.

NFL/College Packages FULL BAR

• 1 oz. mango puree • 1 oz. strawberry puree • 1/2 oz. triple sec • 1/2 oz. amaretto • 1/2 oz. dark rum • 1/2 oz. coconut cream (Garnish of cherry, pineapple wedge and toasted coconut.) Combine all the ingredients in a blender with ice. Blend until smooth and serve in a cocktail glass garnished with a cherry, pineapple wedge and toasted coconut. Source:

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Pet Talk

By Dr. Anne Chauvet

My vet told me my dog has a collapsed trachea. I am not clear what that means to me in the long term? The trachea is the main airway to the lungs. It leads to coughing that can sound like a goose honk. In some dogs it collapses because the rings that make it are weak or there is redundant membranes. This can obstruct breathing particularly in the situation of stress. Sometimes medical care is enough and we can manage with cough medication. Sometimes it can be managed surgically but this is not an easy procedure. Nowadays we can place stents which are sort of metal flexible mesh tubes that keep the trachea open forever. It is best to manage this early so your pet lives a long healthy life

To you its making the right decision, to us its personal...

I am told that my dog needs to have heartworm medication every month but it is so expensive. He is indoors most of the time. Is this not enough?

Whether you are looking for someone to help an aging parent a few hours a week, or need more comprehensive assistance, Home Instead can help.

No it is not. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes and mosquitoes get in your home. Mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide, a gas that we breather out. they thus will go to your pet as well and there you go. So please protect your dog from a possibly fatal disease and use monthly prevention for heartworm. Plus, if your dog is heartworm free, no mosquitoes will pick it up and pass it on from your dog.

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Dr. Chauvet earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, completed a small animal medicine/surgery internship at the University of Illinois in Urbana and finished her residency in neurology/neurosurgery at the University of California, Davis. She has been trained in small animal rehabilitation by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute of Wellington, Florida and is known internationally for her specialized work in the relatively rare field of veterinary neurology speaking to, training, and consulting with veterinary practices and organizations globally.

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If you have a question about your pet, please email your question to Each month, Dr. Chauvet will choose a few questions to share with readers.

I can breathe! I got a tracheal stent

Dogs, particularly little ones, can get collapsed airway. This can be life threatening. Special stents can be placed under light anesthesia to keep their trachea open permanently.

When your family wants the best, hope begins here . . .


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Driven to Distraction?

By Robert Frederickson

Continued from cover story

“I saw him at the last possible moment,” she recalled recently. “But it was too late.” She was struck head on. There was the hideous sound of bending steel, shattering glass and the bang of her airbags deploying. The accident report states that Atchley admitted dropping his phone. He was cited for careless driving and also for driving with a suspended license. Rich was transported by the Longboat Fire & Rescue Department to Blake Memorial Hospital. Amazingly, her injuries were relatively minor, thanks to those airbags and also what she says her doctor termed her high level of fitness. In many other states, Atchley would have faced an additional charge: use of a cell phone while driving. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) 46 states restrict cell phone use while driving to some degree, from a complete ban in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia to a ban on texting in a total of 39. But Florida is among a group of just five states with no restrictions. That may be about to change. State Senator Nancy Detert, R. Venice, introduced a texting ban bill this year (SB-52) that recently passed the Senate. In the House a similar bill sponsored by Rep. Doug Holder, R. Sarasota, (HB-13) is pending. The bill only addresses texting, carrying a $30 fine; it would not extend to cell phone use for making or receiving calls. It also classifies a violation as a “secondary” rather than primary offense, meaning an officer would only be able to cite a driver stopped for some other infraction. That was also the case with Florida’s seat belt law that was enacted in July 1986. It wasn’t until 2009, that it became a primary violation. Then as now, the “secondary” designation



was added to placate critics worried about intrusions into personal areas of everyday life. As the Florida Current reported on April 16, “The texting ban has generally been favored in the Senate (in the past) but stumbled in the House, with key members averse to ‘nanny state’ laws.” But advocates for restrictions point to mounting evidence of the risks associated with distracted driving. A recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) study found that in 2010 nearly one in five crashes involved distracted driving. And that “In 2011, 3331 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver, compared to 3267 in 2010. An additional 387,000 people were injured due to a distracted driver in 2011.” Photo courtesy of LBK Police Dept. Here are some other statistics to consider: •69 percent of drivers in the United States ages 18-64 reported they had talked on their cell phones while driving Indeed, the Florida careless driving statute that Billy Gene within the past 30 days. For comparison, In the UK, the Atchley was cited for in his accident on Longboat reads as percentage was just 29 percent. follows: •31 percent of U.S. drivers 18-64 reported that they had read “Any person operating a vehicle upon the streets or or sent text messages while driving within the 30 days before highways within the state shall drive the same in a careful they were surveyed. and prudent manner…. Failure to drive in such a manner shall So how can you protect yourself while on the road? Experts constitute careless driving and a violation of this section.” agree the safest alternative is to simply turn off your phone. But Florida 316.1925 2 A for many, especially younger drivers, the temptation is often Calls were placed to the FHP seeking comment on whether too great to remain “plugged-in” at all times. The CDC report an officer could cite someone for careless driving before an included the revealing statistic that in June 2011, more than accident simply on the basis of the driver’s eyes not being on 196 billion text messages were sent and received in the U.S. the road due to texting. That was up more than 50 percent from June 2009. With such You might think it would be an easy question to answer. explosive momentum behind this increasingly popular mode You’d be wrong. of communication, the incidence of driving-while-distracted Lieutenant Gregory S. Bueno in Fort Myers, with the seems certain to rise. Public Affairs Division replied by email that he did not want Such growth in texting might explain the seemingly to comment on pending legislation and offered the boilerplate counter-intuitive findings of a recent study by response that FHP would enforce any legislation that is passed. the Highway Loss Data Institute that showed no He did say he would pass the question on to FHP’s legal section. reduction in accidents in states where distracted No response was received by press time. driving laws were passed. Longboat Key’s Chief of Police Peter Cumming was willing It may take increased awareness and education to tackle the question, and in the process perhaps shed some just to maintain the status quo, given the light on the reticence of most officers to use the careless driving burgeoning texting trend. Proponents of tougher approach: “You start getting into gray areas when you talk laws also point out that it took years for seatbelt about pulling someone over and detaining them; civil liberties use to reach current levels of over 85 percent challenges might be out there, saying that you detained them compliance and for highway death totals to begin unlawfully, even though your motives were public safety.” trending down. With that said, Chief Cumming added that personally, he According to Dr. Ileana Arias, CDC would stop someone if he thought they were a danger to others. Principal Deputy Director, “Not only is the “I would likely stop that person and issue a warning. If I had problem severe, it’s becoming worse over time.” to justify my actions later under the public safety intent - my Bluetooth devices can keep hands on the good faith effort being to make sure that nobody was hurt – I’d wheel and eyes on the road with voice calls. But let the judge make that decision.” most are of little help when it comes to texting. Many less senior officers might not be as willing to take “We kid ourselves into thinking we’re that stand though, not wanting to be responsible for burdening incredibly good multitaskers,” Arias continued. their departments with the time and expense of defending legal “But the data suggests multitasking is not as challenges. effective as people think.” So for now, the legislative approach seems to be the best Adds accident victim Rich, “My kids use option on the table for dealing with the issue. Still, the ‘nanny their phones when they drive and it really bothers state’ objection is persuasive for many. me. They say it’s no different than talking to Witness the reaction to Mayor Bloomberg of New York people in the car, but it is different. A phone call City over his proposed ban on soft drink servings larger than is finite. You expect to accomplish something and 32 ounces. He quickly became the butt of jokes from late your attention is outside the car.” night comedians and a lightning rod for those concerned with Carol Lacnit, consumer editor for edmunds. governmental intrusion into people’s daily lives. com, recommends an after market device like the But there is a critical difference between drinking too much one offered by ZOOMsafer. It blocks incoming sugary soda or having to buckle a seat belt on the one hand and calls and texts while a vehicle is in motion texting or use a handheld cell phone while driving on the other. but adds an automated message to the caller In the first two instances only one’s own health and safety is at informing them that the driver is unavailable. risk. With texting and cellphone use everyone sharing the road Some have voiced the opinion that laws with the offending driver is at risk as well. already on the books should be used to address Just ask Longboat Key’s Louise Rich. the matter.

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By Martha Stokes, CMT A New Approach to Balancing Your Portfolio One of the most daunting challenges for independent investors today is how to keep up with the onslaught of changes occurring in the financial markets. Not only are there far more financial markets you now have access to, there are far more “trading instruments” to consider. The term “trading instrument” refers not to “day trading” as most independent investors assume, but is a general term from the professional aka institutional side of the market. Trading is simply a term for any transaction in the financial markets. The retail side tends to confuse many terms used by the institutions. Another confusing term is “derivatives” often these are assumed to be the “terrible trading instruments”’ that caused the banking debacle, ruining the lives of millions of Americans and the collapse of the economy. Derivatives however are not just for the giant investment banks. These trading instruments also are a vital part of modern business activities. With a 640 Quadrillion notional value, the Derivatives Market is many times the size of the US GDP. This one financial market is the powerhouse of the global economy. How are derivatives used? Corporations in high risk, heavy investment industries such as natural resources use derivatives to “insure” against a massive loss. As an example an oil drilling company would buy derivative as an insurance policy against the uncertainty of the cost of drilling a well. Or a mining company could buy a derivative to insure a mining operation. Corporations use derivatives constantly nowadays as a means of mitigating and lowering risk. Smaller to mid-sized banks buy interest rate swaps to lower their exposure risk to rising interest rates. Mutual Funds lower their


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Arts on the Horizon SRQ…Our “not so” sleepy little town! Quite a lineup on the horizon! • May 1st “Buskers & Art Walk” 6pm on St. Armands Circle 388-1554. (free) • May 1st to the 18th The Art Center is hosting the annual exhibition of Sarasota students. The Center will exhibit local talent from floor to ceiling with artwork from K-12 students. The Art Center has been hosting exhibitions like this for over fifty years. (free) • May 2nd , 9th , 16th , 23rd “Art After 5” John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art. May 16th Ringling features The Lauren Mitchell Band. Admission $10. • May 2nd - 19th at 7:30 - Fiddler on the Roof www. • May 2nd, 3rd & 4th The Jazz Fest held at the Booker VPA Center - 7:30pm. May 15th Band Concert, May 27th Classical Music & May 30th Jazz. 355-2967. • May 3rd - 6pm First Friday Art Walk on Palm Ave. Matthew Frost will be performing from 6 to 9pm. (free) • May 3rd - Music on Main St. Lakewood Ranch 6 to 9pm. (free)




• May 3rd & 4th “Theatre of Dreams” Sarasota Ballet 8pm - FSU Center for Performing Arts. • May 4th - The 2nd Annual Cinco de Mayo and Taste of Latin America event held Saturday, on Lemon Avenue & Main Street in downtown Sarasota from 5:30 to 11:30 p.m. The evening will be filled with Latin rhythms, dancing, great food, mariachis, and a salsa band with ongoing entertainment throughout the night! • May 4th - Village of the Arts Bradenton “Art Walk” held the first Saturday of every month 11 to 4pm. May 4th & 5th – 7:30 to 9pm - Camille Zamora, soprano, and Lydia Brown, piano - Artist Series Concert – 3595700. Historic Asolo Theatre.

Toothbrushes: Hard or Soft?

Tooth brushing is an important part of daily oral hygiene and cleaning. Tooth brushing should be done several times a day, preferably after eating and always before retiring at the end of the day. Toothbrushes are used to remove soft particles and tooth plaque (the sticky home to tooth bacteria, etc.). Along with flossing, rinsing and use of picks and such, they form the basis for proper and effective oral cleaning. Since they remove soft materials and should be used several times a day the softest possible bristles are recommended so we’re not wearing grooves and removing tooth material. Usually round ended and plastic bristles are the best. Toothbrushes should be rinsed and allowed to dry after usage. They should also be replaced after sickness and every 2-3 months. Good oral health is one of the predictors to a long and disease free life...It’s up to you!

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• May 5, 11, 13, Sarasota Festival of New Plays at Florida Studio Theatre. The Young Playwrights Festival introduces young playwright enthusiasts to our community. The Festival will announce the winning plays on May 11th at the Young Playwrights award ceremony. Over 3,000 plays were received. FST provides an opportunity for young writers to create plays and be recognized for their achievements. The FST’s Education Program teaches children to enjoy writing plays with innovative classes, workshops, and tours. The program began in 1982 with only 11 students. It now reaches thousands of students throughout our area. The kids get to see their work performed by the FST. Shows run through May 24th. For times call 366-9000. The FST’s annual Richard and Betty Burdick New Play Reading Series will present three new plays by contemporary American playwrights. The series will take place in the Keating Theatre on May 6th at 7:00pm, and May 13th at 7:00pm, it is part of Sarasota Festival of New Plays. Visit • May 5th - 1pm Spring Music Series – Latin Rendezvous. Spring is in the air and the flowers are in bloom! On Sundays until May 12th at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Enjoy the sounds of soothing music under the Banyan trees. May 12th features Jennifer Leigh and Her New Digs. Tickets $17. Ph. 366-5731. • Embracing our Differences runs throughout May to June 2nd. This is an outdoor art exhibit on Bayfront Park (Island Park). Embracing Our Differences artfully displays billboard size images created by local, national

By Jaye Clements

and international artists. The presentation reflects the artists’ interpretations of the theme “enriching lives through diversity. The sidewalk along the Bayfront also has many sculptures, created by talented artists. Take a moment to pose for a photo at the base of the Surrender Statue! • May 6, 13, 20, 7pm Monday Night Movies at Ringling Museum. 359-5700. • May 8 - 7:30pm Crosby Stills and Nash at Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. 953-3368. • May 9 Chamber Series Sarasota Orchestra 5:30 at Holley Hall. 953-3434. • May 9, 16, and 23 from 6 – 8pm. A lecture series from Kevin Costello every Thursday titled “The Painter’s Lens” Focused on how photography and painting have influenced each other. The Art Center, $8. www. • May 11, 18, 25 at 10 am, near State of the Arts Gallery – “Meet the Makers” 955-2787. • May 11 Innovative Series – Revolution Sarasota Orchestra at Sarasota Opera House. 953-3434. • May 11, 12 Operetta’s Golden Favorites Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota 2pm & 7:30pm at Historic Asolo. 306-1200. • May 12, 2013: Enjoy the last show of the season of Sarasota’s own Ski-A-Rees Water Ski Team and their Sunday afternoon show at 2 p.m. This free show takes place at 1602 Ken Thompson Parkway (behind Mote Marine Aquarium) Ph. 388-1666 • May 17 - Third Friday “Art Walk” at Towles Court Artist Colony 6pm (free) • May 17th, 18th , 24th , 25th. Rhapsody, Rhythm and Romance for an evening of intimate music by internationally recognized local jazz ensemble, Jazz Juvenocracy… Highlighted with movement, performed by Fuzion Dance Artists 8pm at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center. Ticket $25 call 552-5325. • May 27th - 5pm. Sarasota Concert Band - Memorial Day Tribute to the Troops! “Youth in Service” is an outdoor concert, at Phillippi Estate Park, $5. • May 30th - 5pm at the Art Center Sarasota. Free exhibitions: The Leaf and The Textile and more… This is a community project directed by Jackie Peters-Cully. It is an opportunity for the public to participate in creating art. There is a class May 6th and May 11th, from 1 to 4pm at the Art Center. You will have the opportunity to design an artistic leaf that will be included in the display and your name will be credited on the wall. The gallery will be filled with strands of colorful falling leaves. Visit to find out more about art classes and workshops. •Longboat Key Center for the Arts is celebrating 60 years of imagination, creativity and culture on Longboat Key. 383-2345. • May 1 – 31st “Journey in Fine Art Photography” with Jim Johnson. Also on display in the Durante Gallery “The Inspiring Image”. Nine faculty members from Ringling College Department of Photography will display their work. Open Tuesday through Friday, 11am to 5pm. The LBK center for the arts is a division of Ringling College of Art & Design.

Snapshots of Island Visitors

5138A Ocean Blvd Siesta Key, FL 34242

Cell: 941.350.7495 Office: 941.349.4833 Top Left: A couple taking a leisurely stroll along the water line.. Bottom Left: An assortment of sand dollars collected by an island visitor. Right: Small catamaran sailboat parked on the beach after a fun day on the water.

In The Heart of Siesta Key Village MA00017596 • MM0006727

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Island Chatter

Snapshots of Island Visitors Photos by Jaye Clements - Lauren Bates Photography

|A Message From Your Siesta Key Association... 1

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Traffic data collection between December, 2012, and end of March, 2013, still recorded traffic traveling at speeds slightly higher than the posted speed limits, and there were some unique incidents of speed as high as 69 mph and 94 mph! Mr. Montague cautioned that the signs are not infallible as it was possible that even a bicycle spoke could have been part of the speed recording. The good news, however, is that for the most part, less than 1% of drivers recorded by the radar signs drove at speeds higher than the stated limits as compared to the mainland’s benchmark expectation of around 15%. Moreover, based on 6 month post-installation studies, the speed radar signs on Siesta Key have proven to be more effective and less costly than other methods of traffic calming such as infrastructure changes for speed bumps and speed tables that have been placed in other areas of Sarasota. Other good news for Siesta Key is that our Snowy Plovers have established several nesting sites in the dunes along Siesta Beach. Their nests, which require 100 feet of distance and protected space during and after incubation, are marked by special ‘buffers’. Nesting information can be seen on signs provided by Florida Fish and Wildlife. This preparation is made so that Snowy Plover chicks ‘arrive and survive’ in advance of heavy summer tourism and storm season which begins in June. Training for volunteers to monitor the chicks after they’re born will be offered by Sarasota Audubon in April and in May. SKA Vice President, Michael Shay, successfully recruited over 30 volunteers for ‘Keep Sarasota Beautiful--Great American Cleanup’ on April 27th. SKA Directors and Members volunteered throughout the two day annual Siesta Fiesta selling t-shirts to support free community events held in Siesta Village. Volunteers are always needed for the Adopta-Road cleanup hosted by SKA every few months. If you are interested in participating in these volunteer opportunities, please contact SKA at info@ SKA holds its monthly meetings the first Thursday each month, 4:30pm at St. Boniface Episcopal Church – Room F. We invite everyone to a special presentation during our May 2nd meeting. SKA hosts Edward J. McCrane, Jr., the Emergency Management Chief for Sarasota County Emergency Management Services. Chief McCrane will present “Hurricanes and more: Emergency Preparedness”. We remember that last year, “Debby” became a tropical storm on June 23rd, and a state of emergency was declared on June 24th. Special informational handouts and updates on our new Emergency Operations Center will be offered. With its focus on maintaining and enhancing the quality of life on the Key, the Siesta Key Association’s representation of island resident interests ultimately benefits everyone who spends time on Siesta Key. SKA’s website is “Like” us on Facebook!






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1:Mary Jane & Becky from Wyoming 2: Jorge & Jillian from Miami 3: Leandro and 2 from Tampa 4: Marci & Chris from SRQ 5: Christina, Noel (back) Kahe age 10 (front middle), Olivia age 8 from SRQ 6: Elizabeth age 14 & jack age 13 from NY 7: Chris & Elaine from LWR Sarasota 8: Jeremy, Ephraim age 1 1/2, Jessica from London Ontario

Beach Reads “All I Did Was Shoot My Man” by Walter Mosley ©2012, New American Library $15.00 / $16.00 Canada 327 pages.

The dirty glasses haven’t quite made it to the kitchen yet. They’re still communing with last weeks’ newspaper in the living room, while dust bunnies dance with cookie crumbs strewn on the carpet. Forgotten toys lie everywhere and your sweatshirt is right where you left it, balled up as a pillow on the sofa. So you made a mess. It’s called “living,” you’re not ashamed, and you’ll deal with it later. But in the novel “All I Did Was Shoot My Man” by Walter Mosley, another mess needs cleaning up soon - or somebody dies. Zella Grisham always said that she was innocent. Yes, it was her storage unit that had held some of the $58 million stolen from a capital holding firm nine years ago. Yes, she’d shot her boyfriend three times for cheating on her with her best friend, but the heist? No, Zella always claimed she didn’t have anything to do with that. Leonard T. McGill believed her. He believed her because it was he who set her up to take the fall for grand larceny. It was a scam that McGill had pulled before without problem but this time, it looked like there was trouble. With Zella out of prison, there were people who wanted to talk with her, a lot of people who figured that she knew where the rest of the cash was. They figured McGill did, too, because he was suddenly involved with Zella and he was not known for being squeaky-clean.

What they didn’t know – and neither did Zella – was that McGill was also the one who sprung her from prison. But in the midst of sorting out the mess, and while trying to keep Zella protected from thugs, McGill’s biggest nemesis warned him that he wasn’t safe. Three other men suspected of planning the heist were all dead, and it appeared that someone wanted McGill to join them. That notion was underscored when two professional gunmen broke into his house in the middle of the night with assassination on their minds. Through the years, Leonid McGill had annoyed a lot of people in New York City. Sure, he had enemies. But this time, he wasn’t sure who the enemy was. There’s something about a Leonid McGill mystery that I truly do love. Maybe it’s that author Walter Mosley strongly reminds his readers of trench coats, black-and-white movies, rainy streets, and Maltese falcons, even though this book is set in modern-day New York. Or maybe it’s that his main character is smart, wise, and cooler than a polar bear’s nose. Then again, I might love this series because, each time, Mosley gives his readers a little more about McGill and his (under)world, which only makes us want to visit it again and again. Now out in paperback, “All I Did Was Shoot My Man” is the latest in the McGill series but it can be read as a standalone novel. If you’re a fan of noir, you’ll want it… because missing this book would be a dirty shame.

Beach Reads Bio: The Bookworm is Terri Schlichenmeyer. Terri has been reading since she was 3 years old and she never goes anywhere without a book. She lives on a hill in Wisconsin with two dogs and 12,000 books.



Sarasota Waters

By Paul Roat

|Boating thoughts for the start of “unofficial” boat season Memorial Day signals the semi-official start of summer. Memorial Day, May 27 this year, is also the semiofficial start of high boating season in Florida. Everybody with a boat seems to be out on the water that weekend. Here are some basic things to keep in mind while you’re enjoying what is hoped to be a beautiful weekend. Pay attention. Everywhere. Probably the worst time I ever had on the water was coming through New Pass in my little boat after watching the Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix many years ago. I left the boat race early to avoid the watery traffic jam, as did apparently everyone else. The New Pass channel by City Island is narrow, there are docks that jut out from the shore to the south of the pass and a sandbar to the north, and I found myself in a mass of boats that were hellbent on getting through. Huge waves, nowhere to go but straight ahead, major rocking and rolling, and a bunch of dummies trying to run me over. I spent more time watching what was trying to run up my stern than I did looking ahead. The point of this little tale is to watch what’s coming at you as much as what you’re heading at while on the water. Life jackets are your friends. The Mae West-style life jackets were a thing of beauty and hold historical significance, but are far from the precautionary devices available today. Today’s life jackets — or collars — are thin, sleek, weigh virtually nothing, and really work. They don’t even cost all that much. The latest models resemble belts and suspenders. OK, so you don’t want to don the vests when you’re working on your tan on the boat. At least grab a vest, size it to fit you, take a big black marker and write your name on it, then keep it nearby on the deck. Do the same with all the other regulars who go yachting with you. You’ve gotta think this through, folks: Boat catches fire, or otherwise has an accident. Do you want to stand there amid the flames trying to figure out how to work the catches of a life jacket before you jump in the water and start to swim away? Do the life-vest test before you start your day on the water. Ditto for all your guests. For old models, I even suggest you put on the vest and then jump

in so you can splash around a bit to get an idea of what it’s like to have a life jacket buddy with you. Safe-boating courses are also a no-brainer for any water-person. Sure, we all state we know the rules of the “road of waterways.” We’ve figured out that “red right returning” means to take the red marks on the starboard side when we’re coming into a port, and we’re even pretty sure which side is starboard. But take the classes anyway. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Power Squadron — pick one, spend a few hours, and be sure and safe out on the water. Please. Safety checks. A boat safety check is one of the best things you can do for you, your boating friends and your vessel. And it’s FREE. The afore-mentioned groups run these really nifty checks on boats at many of the boat ramps in Sarasota most weekends. Bob Johnson at U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 84 said they do safety inspections weekends in late morning at the 19th Street Boat Ramp, Centennial Park. The men and women with the Flotilla are nice, they don’t bite, but they do tell you it you’ve got a problem with your boat. Fire extinguisher expired? No good. No whistle? No horn? Not good. More people than life vests? Very much no-good. And when did you, if ever, replace your flares? If/when you pass the safety check, you get a nice little sticker you can put on your boat to prove to the world that you’re a safe, responsible boater. Back when I had my little boat, a few of us were running off north Siesta Key in the Gulf. It was a pretty day, calm seas, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers were out in force to check on boats and boaters. We were only three in my little boat with its safety sticker on display when we saw at least 14 vessels flagged down to undergo a little “inspection.” In fact, all the boats around us were flagged. I slowed, waved, and got waved through by the water cops. It was a bit puzzling — jeez, they stopped everybody but me? — but of course I had a valid inspection sticker on the console of the boat. I smiled for a long time.

Meet the Natives Wild Boar

Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) Other names: CharlesSobczak Wild Pig, Razorback, European Boar, Boar, Feral Pig, Feral Swine, Piney Woods Rooter • Status: FL = thriving, IUCN = LC • Length: 2.9-6 ft (.09-1.8 m) • Height at shoulder: 30-42 in. (76-109 cm) • Weight: 110-420 lb (50-190 kg) • Life span: to 20 years • Breeds: throughout SW Florida • Found: All Counties, coastal, near coast, mainland • Months Found: JFMAMJJASOND (Note: Florida’s wild boars breed throughout the year) The European wild boar is one of the most destructive invasive species ever introduced into North America. Originally transported by Hernando de Soto to the gulf coast of Florida in 1539 as domestic livestock, these escaped pigs have now expanded their range northward to the upper peninsula of Michigan, westward to California, and eastward to Virginia. Texas and Florida have the largest populations of wild hogs. In Texas the wild boar is out-competing the native collared peccary, or javelina, which seldom weighs more than 50 pounds. In Florida the wild boar population is estimated in excess of 500,000. More than 100,000 wild boars are taken by hunters in the Sunshine State annually, though this impressive harvest is still inadequate for keeping the soaring population in check. It breeds year round; the sow is capable of producing two litters a year, with as many as 12 piglets per litter. Left unchecked, the wild hog population in Florida could easily overwhelm the balance of nature and do immeasurable harm to other species by consuming too much of the available food sources. A single 400-pound boar can devour bushels of acorns in a week, leaving little for the other acorn-eating species such as deer, wild turkeys, opossums, raccoons, armadillos, and any number of birds. The wild boar also eats snakes, carrion, refuse, insects, and reptiles. Another problem with the wild boar is its habit of using its six-inch tusks to root out grubs, roots, and tubers, causing irreparable damage to the understory of forests and pastureland. As a result, many of the region’s parks and preserves such as Myakka River State Park have ongoing trapping operations to reduce,

or optimistically eliminate, the wild boar from the ecosystem. The hogs taken from these traps are sold by the trappers as game meat. The wild boar story has a silver lining. In the 1920s and 1930s Florida’s whitetailed deer population was intentionally eradicated by the state because it was believed to be transmitting diseases to Florida’s domestic cattle. With the deer population down to 20,000 animals statewide, the only substantial food source left for the Florida panther became the wild boar. This allowed the panther to survive into the 21st century. Today the deer population has rebounded, but feral pigs, especially piglets, still play an important part in the panther’s survival. The trouble with the panther’s diet of wild pig is that swine are known vectors of diseases. One of these is pseudorabies, a disease similar to rabies that is fatal to panthers. Another common disease is swine brucellosis, which can be fatal to humans as well. Care should always be taken when handling wild boar meat as both the mucous and blood can transmit disease, including trichinosis. With a half-million wild hogs out there, it is unlikely Florida will ever be free of this intelligent and adaptive omnivore. Its primary cause of mortality is hunting by humans, followed by predation of smaller hogs by panthers; predation of piglets by owls, eagles, coyotes, bobcats, and black bears; and, finally, cannibalization by solitary male boars. Although not inherently dangerous to humans, a cornered or wounded boar wielding six-inch tusks is a formidable threat, and care should always be exercised when encountering one of these animals in the wild.

– This article is an excerpt from “The Living Gulf Coast A Natural Guide to Southwest Florida,” which is available for purchase at Capt. Curt’s Souvenir Shop, Beach Bazaar and Davidson’s Drugs Memorial Day, May 27, is the unofficial start of boating season in the Sarasota area. Are you prepared to brave the water this year? Photo by Paul Roat



Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Water World |Captain Jim Klopfer May is a transition month in Sarasota. Although the calendar says it is still spring, by late May it will definitely feel like summer time. Pelagic species such as king and Spanish mackerel will have migrated north, inshore fishing will be best early and late, and giant tarpon will invade the inshore Gulf of Mexico, a sure sign that summer is here! Speckled trout fishing should be outstanding in May. It has been unseasonably warm and bait will be scattered all throughout the bay. The flats near Big Pass will be productive. Casting gold, olive, and rootbeer/gold Cotee jigs in front of a drifting boat will produce a lot of speckled trout. A live shrimp under a noisy cork is a deadly technique for catching trout. Pinfish, grunts, and pilchards will produce less fish, but generally larger ones. The shallow flats will be very active as they flood with bait. A low, incoming tide is the best time to search for reds and snook in the skinny water. Fish will stage in holes and deeper water then move up onto the shallow flats as the tide floods. Scented soft plastics, weedless gold spoons, topwater plugs, and live bait are all effective. Lures work best when looking for fish, water can be covered quickly. Live bait is best once the fish are located. Some of the largest trout will also be found in shallow water. Snook will be moving out to the beaches and will be scattered out all

Adventure Charters 941-371-1390

over. Mangrove points and bars near the passes should hold snook, as will structure in both Big Pass and New Pass. Outgoing tides are preferred, but as long as the water is moving, fish can be caught. Rapala X-Raps and other plugs are great baits that cover a lot of water quickly and are great fun to fish. Jigs and other soft plastics work well, too. Anglers who are proficient with a cast net will load up the well with pilchards and catch a lot of fish. Surf fishing should be excellent and by the end of May there will be decent numbers of snook in the surf line. Small white jigs and flies work well on snook, as does live bait fish. Silver spoons cast out and retrieved in quickly will fool mackerel and ladyfish. Live shrimp will fool a variety of species. By the middle of the month, many guides and recreational anglers will be focusing on one of the most exciting angling challenges found anywhere, light tackle casting to giant tarpon! This is truly world class big game fishing. Tarpon that migrate up our coasts are large fish that average 80 pounds, but reach over 200 pounds. 25-30 lb spinning tackle and 12 weight fly rods are used most often. A live crab is the preferred bait, but live pinfish and other bait fish work well, too. These baits are fairly light and spinning tackle works best to cast and present baits.

Jennifer Vogel from Tampa with a nice Spanish mackerel caught on fly.

1518 Stickney Point Rd., Sarasota, FL 34231


|The Rumrunner

Located at Turtle Beach Marina in South Siesta Key | 941.349.3119 Captain Joe Bonaro offers more than exciting deep sea fishing opportunities aboard “Sarasota’s fastest charter boat,” the Rumrunner (941/349-3119). The skipper offers special boat and fishing trips for families – and for families with small children – as well as customized day and overnight trips.



Featured Artists

By Diana Colson

|Sarasota film Festival - looking Back How much adventure can you jam into ten days? A ton, if you went to the 15th Sarasota Film Festival. It proved to be a 10-day cultural expedition, filled with surprises and amazing samplings of lives utterly different from our own. Between April 5th and 14th one could choose to travel in armchair comfort to Denmark, Japan, Mexico, China, Pakistan, Slovakia, Columbia, France, Canada, U.K., Italy, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, Belarus, Russia, Austria, Ecuador, India, Spain, Australia or Latvia. Between April 5th and 14th one could choose to experience the lives of beekeepers, apple pickers, beauty queens, band members, transvestites, whiskey distillers, drug dealers, snowboarders, speed skaters, stoners, guitar-makers, NASCAR drivers, cowboys, circus performers, tennis players, or nuns. One could also enter the magical world of animated films to share the often dark and sometimes comical fantasies of their creators. My husband and I saw as many as three films in a day plus several groups of shorts. These were interspersed with dazzling parties and fascinating presentations by some of the brightest names in cinema who discussed their careers, their lives, and their craft. The experience was so remarkable it had all the impact of going on a trip around the world. Amid the vast selection of 223 films, a huge range of subjects were addressed. Keynote films dealt with such serious issues as the consequences of keeping orcas—or “killer whales”—in captivity (Blackfish); making a life for oneself in contemporary New York City (Frances Ha); and dealing with the legacy of depression and suicide (Mariel Hemingway in Running from Crazy.) These powerful films and their creators were all well publicized, so I will concentrate on a few of the lesser known aspects of SFF. THROUGH WOMEN’S EYES was a “festival within a festival”. Here the Gulf Coast Chapter of UN Women addressed the worldwide struggle for women and girls to live free from violence, poverty and inequality. Thought-provoking films in this category had all been made by women filmmakers, with the goal of expanding awareness of the lives of women throughout the world—a goal in which they brilliantly succeeded. Another sub-group of the festival was YouthFEST, and Maidentrip was one of their spectacular offerings. Staring at an enormous movie screen, we witnessed 14-year old Laura Dekker set out on a voyage in pursuit of her dream to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. Born on a boat in New Zealand, she and her father fought a protracted legal battle in their home country of The Netherlands before that government would let this teenager sail. Finally, the courts gave Laura permission to embark in her 40 foot red sailboat named The Guppy on a solo expedition that was to take

two years. (She was 16 by the time the journey came to an end.) Vivacious and resourceful, the teenager shot all her own film while at sea, and amazing footage it turned out to be. A portrait emerged of a remarkably confident and capable young woman who, at the end her expedition, decided to settle in New Zealand where she currently plans to enroll in a maritime college. A personal favorite of mine was a quirky film called Towheads, which was entered into the Independent Vision Competition. An extraordinary talent by the name of Shannon Plumb directed, created, and starred in this film. It depicted a loving mother of two beautiful blonde-haired sons overwhelmed by the restraints of being a stay-at-home mom. It was comic. It was sad. It was totally off the wall. In real life, Shannon is a video performance artist, her work inspired by the style of slapstick comedy developed in silent films by such legends as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Check out her website at www.shannonplumb. com . She is a truly original performer! Perhaps the most important part of the Sarasota Film Festival was its showcase of work created by talented young filmmakers. “Hollywood Nights” was a red carpet event that featured screenings of films made by local kids ages 10 through 18. We attended the High School Screening and emerged astounded at the quality of the entire group of student productions. Most were only minutes in length, but the scripts were fresh and unique. It was clear that the Education Department at SFF had worked long and hard with these students year-round, for the films were informed and sophisticated. Thanks to this SFF program, students all over Sarasota and Manatee Counties have been empowered with critical thinking skills and the tools to express themselves, and all at no cost to the kids. Under the upbeat leadership of Allison Koehler, Director of Education, SFF EDUCATION inspires, educates and entertains students by promoting creativity, collaboration and community involvement. It operates both in and out of area classrooms, reaching more than 10,000 students through yearround filmmaking, film review, screenwriting, movie screening programs, and festival participation. From elementary school through college, SFF EDUCATION is committed to having local children receive a rich cinematic experience. Well, that’s it. The festival was big, and I have only described the tip of the iceberg. I will say this, however: if

Top Photo: UN Women’s Sarasota Art Center Reception (April 6): Ann Fries, Artistic Director, Carol P. Buchanan, Nat’l Board Member, Carol Green, Film Committee Bottom Photo: Sarasota Arts

Center Reception. Ann Fries (L) you can possibly pull it off, UN Women’s Film Festival plan on sticking around for Artistic Director, and 9 Film the Sarasota Film Festival Directors who traveled from in April of 2014. Save up abroad to attend their film for one of the SFF ticket presentations at the UN Women’s packages, attend a party, Int’l Film Festival at and embark on a splendid Hollywood 20 armchair adventure. If you are lucky enough to already be a resident of Sarasota, this is guaranteed to be the best “staycation” in the world!

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[ A blonde is feeling really lousy so goes to the doctor. He gives her a thorough examination and tells her: “Good news, you’re going to have a baby!” The blonde says, “I can’t be pregnant, I’m not married!” The doctor says, “Well, you are pregnant.” The blonde asks, “Are you sure it’s mine?”

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his wallet at home. “I will have to go home and come back later.” The woman says, “Unbutton your shirt.” So he opens his shirt revealing curly silver hair. She says, “That silver hair on your chest is proof enough for me” and she processed his Social Security application. When he gets home, the man excitedly tells his wife about his experience at the social security office. She says, “You should have dropped your pants. You might have gotten disability too.”

[ Little Johnny watched, fascinated, as his mother smoothed cold cream on her face. “Why do you do that, mommy?” he asked. “To make myself beautiful,” said his mother, who then began removing the cream with a tissue. “What is the matter?” asked Little [ Two fellas are fishing in a boat Johnny. “Giving up?” under a bridge. [ A retired gentleman went to the One looks up and sees a funeral social security office to apply for Social procession starting across the bridge. He stands up, takes off his cap, and Security. The woman behind the counter bows his head. asked him for his driver’s license to The procession crosses the bridge and the man puts on his cap, picks up verify his age. He looked in his pockets and his rod and reel, and continues fishing. realized he had left his wallet at home. The other guy says, “That was He told the woman that he was touching. I didn’t know you had it in very sorry but he seemed to have left you.”

The first guy responds, “Well, I guess it was the thing to do - after all, I was married to her for 40 years.”

[ There once was an old couple who had been married for thirty years. Every morning the old boy would wake up and give off an enormous fart, much to his long suffering wife’s annoyance. “You’ll fart your guts out one of these days,” she always complained. After a particularly bad week the wife decided to have her revenge and got up early, placing some turkey giblets in the bed next to the old boy’s arse. While making breakfast downstairs she heard his usual morning fart reverberate through the floorboards followed by a scream. Twenty minutes later a rather shaken man came downstairs. “You was right all along Missus,” the old man says, “I finally did fart my guts out, but by the grace of God, and these two fingers, I managed to push ‘em back in!”

1423 LANDINGS PLACE - $474,500

Handsomely remodeled West of Trail home. Updated/replacement sliding glass doors; upstairs has roll-down hurricane shutters and downstairs has impact resistant glass. New interior doors, hardware and baseboards thoughout, Brazilian walnut hardwood floors downstairs and 100% wool carpet upstairs. Kitchen has granite and Corian with stainless appliances. Custom built-ins throughout. All bathroom completely remodeled. Tongue and groove ceiling and exquisite grass cloth make this a decorator’s dream home.

Andrea Smith 320-7020

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5497 BENEVA WOODS CIRCLE $ 289,000

Great Beneva Woods location. Lowest priced home in that area. Swimming pool, lake view, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with 2-car garge. New wood flooring in dining room and new carpet in bedrooms. Very affordable at $289,000.



4802 KESTRAL PARK CIR - $284,500

Large Carriage Housse II (3 BR/2 BA) is beautiful both inside and out. Private entrance way on corner lot. Two lanais are screened; on is fully roofed with Mexican tile floor. Additional gated courtyard off guest bedroom. Racquet & Swim Club membership included. Split-floor plan condo. New A/C in 2010. Air Duct cleaned in 2012, hurricane braced garage doors, new roof in 2005. Good sized closets and others spectacular features make this a home that your family will enjoy!

Call me to list your property.

If you’ve been sitting the fence, now is the time to sell. Free Market Analysis Proud Sponsor of the Senior and Super Senior Tennis Tournament at The Landings.



What’s Happening …on the beach • Beach Hoop Dance Class – Thurs. 6:30 – 7:45pm. Register at www. • Free Yoga Mon-Wed.-Fri.-Sat. 9-10:30 am. Classes held between blue & green lifeguard station. Call 941-320-6693 to register or www. • NIA Tues. & Thurs. 9 a.m., Siesta Public Beach (yellow lifeguard chair) Joy Donation: $10 Contact Kathy Oravec at 941-724-9719 or • Pilates on Siesta Key Beach – Mon & Wed 6pm. Sun. 9:30am. Cost: $10. (yellow lifeguard station). Register online: http://www.studiorubylake. com • Drum Circle – Every Sunday two hours before sunset and lasts until around 10pm. South of the main pavillion. • May 25 (Sat.) – Full Moom Meditation - 7-8pm. Far North end of the main public parking lot and enter into beach there. Open to the public. Donations accepted. home#!workshops • May 4 (Sat.) – Great Strides Walk 8-11am - Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Registration will be located in the picnic shelter day of walk. • May 4 (Sat.) - 41st Annual Amateur Sand Sculpting Contest 8am – 3pm Free entry with prizes awarded. • May 18 – 19 (Sat. & Sun.) ProMotion Sports Juniors Volleyball Tournament 8am – 6pm All players

must be AAU members. To join go to the following website: www. …around the island • Siesta Key Farmer’s Market – every Sunday from 8am – 2pm in Davidson’s Plaza in the Village. 5124 Ocean Blvd. Fresh fruits, vegetables, music, art. • May 4 (Tues.) Shoulders, Knees, and Hips: How to Reduce Pain and Avoid Surgery An educational, interactive presentation by Dave Ochsendorf, MPT Free Information, Questions and Answer Session and Expert Advice Please RSVP at 941870-5811 Presentation begins at 5pm. Siesta Key Physical Therapy - 5147 Ocean Blvd. • Orvis-Endorsed fly fishing school May 5 - The class will cover fly casting basics, line control, shooting line and the roll cast. Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, Capt. Rick Grassett, will also cover leader construction, fly selection and saltwater fly fishing techniques. The course, designed for beginning and intermediate fly casters, will focus on basics but also work with intermediate casters on correcting faults and improving casting skills. Cost for the schools, which will run from 9 AM to 3 PM, is $150 per person and includes the use of premium Orvis fly tackle, a text book and lunch. Contact CB’s Saltwater Outfitters at (941) 349-4400 (941) 349-4400 or Info for Reservations

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This week’s featured listings...

Best Sunsets In Sarasota!

Steps To Siesta Key Village

Florida Charm Near Siesta Key!

Private Beach on Siesta Key!

Spectacular sunsets meet designer decadence in this show stopping 4BR/ 4.5 BA modernluxe masterpiece. Situated in the heart of Siesta Key, this 5,040 square foot beauty boasts expansive terraces and floor to ceiling walls of glass indulging in the best Gulf and Bay views in Sarasota. This stunning home is just a short stroll from the famous white sparkling sands of the number one beach in America. $4,999,000

Entire home updated and expanded. High quality upgrades include granite counter tops, maple custom kitchen cabinets, custom wet bar in 15’ x 21’ game room, 19’ x 19’ media/ home theatre, many extra features. Close to the village / beach and boat to your favorite fishing hole. Jet ski davit as well as boat lift. Hurricane shutters, game room with full bath and steam shower. $1,100,000*

This captivating large and immaculate home reflects a wonderful family life style. Spacious, high ceilings, split plan,very nice solar heated pool, with beautiful hardwood floors throughout. An interior laundry room,2 car garage,and nicely landscaped on a cul de sac all combine to make this a must see for the discriminating buyer. $335,000

Come enjoy Siesta Key and all that it has to offer with its beautiful turquoise water and white sparkling sand beaches. This light and airy 2 bedroom/2 bath condo is located in a 25 acre community in the heart of Siesta Key and is right on the Gulf of Mexico with its own private beach! Relax on your 36’ lanai with views of the tranquil lagoon. You will enjoy the clubhouse and heated 2 pools and all that this wonderful community has to offer. $324,900

(941)894-1255 *

*Short Sale. Listing price may not be sufficient to pay the total of all liens and costs of sale. Sale of property at full listing price may require approval of seller's lender.



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Single Family Condos *Statistics provided by MFR MLS

The Sarasota real estate market is red hot. March 2013 and the first quarter of 2013 set records for the sale of real property. 887 units were sold in March, which surpassed the August 2005 record. During the first quarter of 2013, there was an 11.3 percent increase from 2012. 628 Sarasota homes for sale were sold by the Sarasota Association of Realtors. The Association also sold 259 condominiums for a total a total of 887 units, which easily beat the record set in August 2005. The 887 units sold is a twenty-one percent increase over the previous month. In February, a total of 736 units were sold, (628 single family homes and 229 condos).The March 2013 total represents a 6.7 percent increase over the March 2012 figures.



Phillippi Farmhouse Market PHILLIPPI FARMHOUSE MARKET continues through the month of May with local fruits and vegetables along with unique handicrafts from local artisans. Bring your friends, neighbors and your four-footed furry friends and visit the market every Wednesday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Enjoy the music and stroll the market. Lots to see and enjoy. May is Historic Preservation month, and the Phillippi farmhouse Market, Phillippi Estate Park and the Sarasota County History Center all partner to open the historic Keith Farmhouse. The farmhouse was the original building erected on the estate in 1916 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is believed that Edson Keith lived in the farmhouse while he oversaw construction of his Italian Renaissance Mansion. The farmhouse then housed the farm workers and household staff.

The farmhouse exterior was renovated in 2010, and the interior is in the process of being renovated. When completed, the Keith Farmhouse will become a interpretive center, featuring old photographs and memorabilia of life in the early days of Sarasota. The building remains a vivid reminder of Sarasota’s origins and the people who helped build the community. Join us on Wed., May 1 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for an Open House with docents in the various rooms. On Sat., May 11 the Bradenton-Sarasota Rose Society will hold their annual Rose Festival at the Edson Keith Mansion. The group will also have rose bushes for sale on the lawn in front of the Mansion and beautiful Mother’s Day Bouquets for sale inside the Mansion. There will be classes, clinics and seminars, and the Rose Doctor will be in attendance to answer your questions. The festival will occur from 10am - 4pm, it’s FREE and open to the public. You, too, can grow beautiful roses in Sarasota. Let the experts in the Bradenton-Sarasota Rose Society show you how. Mon., May 27 is Memorial Day and the Sarasota Concert Band will present their annual Salute to Veterans. Each year the band honors the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces to defend freedom. The concert starts at 5 p.m. For more information, please call: 941-364-2263. Wed., May 29 is the final farmers market of the season. The Phillippi Farmhouse Market will return Wed., Oct. 2nd for their 5th season.



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Rare opportunity in The Landings- a five bedroom family home! Situated on over a ½ acre lot and surrounded by the some of the most desirable homes in The Landings. There is tremendous potential with this property. The roof was new in 2010. Caged pool with spa. 1733 PINE HARRIER CIR - $525,000

SHORT SALE! Family home with pool nestled in a tropical paradise. Fenced yard with fruit trees overlook the pool. Newer tile roof, paver entryway, granite counters and stainless appliances. Floors are tile and Brazilian pecan. 1368 LANdINgs dR - $325,000

Enjoy the ambiance of living in a Landings Treehouse. Experience outdoor living at it’s best on the 27x 12 screened deck with southern exposure. On the inside, the open plan provides a spacious roomy feel with high vaulted ceilings. 1666 sTARLINg dR - $219,000

End unit Landings Coach House - three bedroom, two bath unit is spacious and open with vaulted ceilings and combination living/dining room. This corner lanai area makes a very comfortable living space with additional “end unit” windows. Watch for the “Judy & Tara’s Neighborhood” Open House signs on Sundays where “Just Looking” is always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to visit, call or stop us on the street... Your Landings Resident Real Estate Team is always ready to discuss the market and how we can be of service to you.

HomEs foR sALE 1435 Cedar Bay Ln 4639 Pine Harrier Dr 4812 Peregrine Point W Ci 4848 Peregrine Point N Ci 1460 Peregrine Pt 1672 Pine Harrier Ci 1733 Pine Harrier Ci HomEs PENdINg 1769 Pine Harrier Ci 5167 Kestral Park Ln HomEs soLd 1654 Landings Bv 1702 Pine Harrier Ci 5173 Flicker Field Ci 4852 Peregrine Point N Ci 5155 Flicker Field Ci CoNdos foR sALE 5440 Eagles Point Ci #204 1423 Landings Pl 1431 Landings Pl 1499 Landings Lake Dr 1368 Landings Dr 1600 Starling Dr 1618 Starling Dr 1666 Starling Dr 1752 Kestral Park Dr 1634 Starling Dr 1704 Starling Dr 1611 Starling Dr 5252 Heron Wy CoNdos PENdINg 5440 Eagles Point Ci #403 1746 Landings Bv 5329 Landings Bv 5035 Kestral Park Dr 1627 Starling Dr 1619 Starling Dr CoNdos soLd 1707 Starling Dr 1711 Starling Dr 1352 Landings Dr 1460 Landings Ci 1474 Landings Ci 4802 Kestral Park Ci 1636 Pintail Wy 1708 Kestral Park Dr 1730 Starling Dr 1756 Kestral Park Dr 5420 Eagles Point Ci #203 1644 Starling Dr 5420 Eagles Point Ci #104 1623 Starling Dr 5224 Landings Bv 5218 Landings Bv

Price BR BA 1/2BA

1,600,000 765,000 699,000 695,000 599,000 525,000 525,000

5 4 5 4 3 3 4

3 2 4 3 3 3 2

1 1 1 0 0 0 1

525,000 499,000

4 4

2 3

1 0

1,225,000 625,000 565,000 439,000 422,500

5 3 3 3 4

6 2 2 2 2

2 1 1 0 1

625,000 474,500 395,000 385,000 325,000 230,000 229,500 219,000 202,000 199,900 185,000 179,000 169,900

2 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 2 3 2 2 2

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

899,000 249,000 224,900 214,900 174,900 169,900

3 2 2 2 2 2

3 2 2 2 2 2

1 0 0 0 0 0

445,000 429,000 381,000 310,000 285,000 270,000 259,000 235,000 230,000 228,000 217,500 217,500 215,000 202,000 160,000 150,000

2 3 4 3 3 3 2 3 3 2 2 2 2 3 2 2

2 2 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1

Based on information from, Sarasota Property Appraiser, and Sarasota Association of Realtors for the period ending 4/15/13. These properties listed and sold in the past 4 months by various MLS participating offices.



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