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What a wonderful turnout of caring

individuals in Tara Woods that helped support our mission to supply toys for the needy. On Friday, December 13th, 2013, volunteers from Tara Woods transported all the wonderful toys that were given to Oma’s Heart located at Grace Community Center in North Fort Myers. Those that helped me with this project included: Linda and Warren Engel, Kathy Rafferty and Louise Patterson. Everyone was in awe at what was taking place at the Center. We all had jobs to do with the other volunteers, dividing the toys into age groups and gender as well as displaying them on tables for the families. Saturday, December 14th, 1,172 children were the beneficiaries of all the toys, to be opened on Christmas morning.

Oma’s Heart’s Mission is to offer parents the ability to provide Christmas gifts for their children, with the help of committed volunteers that have the desire and drive to obtain and supply cost free merchandise, renewing a sense of Christmas Spirit in parents through a financially difficult time. Parents that are struggling financially obtained a voucher from participating organizations and brought them to Oma’s Heart where they had the opportunity to select 2 gifts per child. There were toys for girls and boys up to 12 years of age, as well as toys separated by dollar amount. This assured that parents had the opportunity to select gifts of equal value. There were intake volunteers throughout to help our guests. Santa was very busy working in his workshop, inviting children to assist him

with making hand-made gifts (donated by Home Depot), and Mrs. Claus served our guests hot chocolate and cookies. Volunteers helped the parents wrap the gifts they selected and put them in their vehicles while the children were with Santa. Oma’s Heart also has people from Lee County and several churches, including Grace Methodist Church, pray, help parents that are struggling to pay their utilities and help those that are in jeopardy of losing their homes. What a blessed event and Tara Woods was part of it.

Thanks so much for your help and I wish you all a very

Happy New Year! ~Jane Crawford

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WELCOME NEW RESIDENTS time resident residing at 19436 Ganty Lane. She is originally from Massachusetts where she owned and operated a car wash for 30 years and then was a medical transcriptionist for 5 years. Her hobbies are golf, billiards and poker. James and Jacqueline Liberty are full time residents residing at 2749 Steamboat Loop. They previously resided in Pennsylvania until moving to Florida in 1981. James is retired from American Dredging Company. Their hobbies are traveling, eating out and all sports. They are the parents of one daughter, two grandchildren and one great grandchild. Wyatt and Lillie Longacre are new residents residing part time at 19604 Savannah Road and are originally from Pennsylvania and Virginia. Wyatt is retired from P.J. Sewing Company where he sold industrial

sewing equipment for 50 years. Lillie is still working as a lawyer for a firm in Virginia. Wyatt’s hobbies include fishing, sports, automobiles and gardening. Lillie’s hobbies include swimming, walking, biking and cooking. They are the parents of three children and four grandchildren. Carol West and Jackie Nadeau are full time residents at 19659 Woodfield Circle. Carol is retired and Jackie is still working. They have two children. Bob and Debbie Polenska are new residents residing part time at 2741 Steamboat Loop. They are originally from Wisconsin. Bob is retired from the Milwaukee Fire Department. Debbie retired from the Milwaukee Public School System where she taught the deaf and hard of hearing. Bob’s hobbies are tennis, softball, poker and going to

flea markets. Debbie’s hobbies are reading and wine tasting. They both enjoy swimming and traveling. They have two sons and 2 grand pets. Jon and Lynn Porter are new full time residents residing at 19426 Ganty Lane. They are originally from Indiana but have lived full time in Florida since 1979. Jon is retired from retail sales and Lynn is a retired nurse. Jack’s hobbies include tinkering, yard work and all fall trades. Lynn’s hobbies include quilting, sewing and crafts. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. Patti and Sandy Thompson are new part time residents residing at 19619 Charleston Circle. They are from Ontario Canada. He is retired from Toronto - Dominion Bank. His hobbies are fishing, tennis, squash, cards and horseshoes. Her hobbies include music, cards, inte-

rior decorating and gardening. They have two children and one grandchild. Bob and Susan Uccello are full time residents at 2794 Orlenes Street. They are originally from Connecticut and New Hampshire. Bob is retired from Windsor Locks High School in Connecticut and HCP Packaging. Susan is retired from Delta Airlines in Connecticut and CS Precision in Vermont. Bob’s hobby is fishing and Susan’s hobbies include fishing, crafts and sewing. They have three children and five grandchildren. They are all looking forward to meeting everyone and enjoying the many activities Tara Woods has to offer.

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Dana and Louise Hardy are full time residents residing at 2838 Cloister Street. They are originally from Massachusetts and they are both retired, Dana from professional recruiting and Louise from the government and as a nurse in Boston for many years prior to raising their children. His hobby is visiting fine restaurants, her hobby is crosswords. They both enjoy reading and traveling. They are the parents of two children James M. Howard is a full time resident residing at 2560 Macon Circle. He is originally from Connecticut, retiring in 1992 from General Dynamics Corporation. After retiring he took a part time job driving handicapped children to school and doctors appointments. His hobby is golf. He has two grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Ruth M. Lemire is a full

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Welcome to the “new” Columns! I hope you enjoy this updated and enhanced version of our community newspaper and see the potential for contributing in the coming year. Photographs of your events/ meetings or just something unusual or beautiful around the community are always welcome. Thank you to Donna Phillips, editor, and her staff for embracing this new format and bringing many months of planning together in this first issue. This is your newspaper. We welcome your comments, suggestions and contributions. We’re off to a good start for the new year. Your January calendar should have the Annual Meeting on Monday, January 13th at 7:00PM. This is an important meeting for the Homeowner’s Association, with election of new officers and adoption of the 2014 budget on the agenda. It is very important that we have a quorum present for this meeting. All members should have received their letter with a proxy and envelope enclosed. The proxy counts toward the quorum, so please send it back

if you know you will not be able to attend the meeting. If you are attending, you do not need the proxy. Please give me or Celeste Perre a call if you have any questions. The Board of Directors are now listed in The Columns and will be updated after the elections. Welcome to the renter snowbirds who are here for our winter months of January, February & March. Some of you are repeat renters for many years and know what an active and fun three months are in store. New renters, keep an eye on the posters on the clubhouse bulletin boards, The Columns, and watch channel 195 on TV to be aware of all the events, activities, sports, etc. available while you are here. Speaking of events, the Board of Directors is sponsoring a fun evening of Trivia on Wednesday, Feb. 19. This electronic version is new to Tara Woods and will be played on the big screen. Look for further details in the Columns, on the bulletin board and on Channel 195. While we are here for a relaxing and fun retirement/ vacation, we need to think

“safety” for it to stay that way. Concerns mentioned at the December Homeowner’s meeting were speeding, bicycle and walking safety. Sound familiar? The speed limit is 20 MPH – throughout the community – not just on the side streets, but down Tara Blvd and Tara Lakes Circle as well. Bicycle helmets are strongly suggested. Falling off your bike on Rt. 41 or on Steamboat Loop can result in the same head injury. Walkers at night should wear light clothing and a reflector and carry a flashlight. I don’t want a serious injury or fatality to finally wake people up to these safety measures. These apply to all inhabitants of Tara Woods. Inform your guests and visitors and remind vendors of the speed limit. It’s up to us to make this a safe and secure community. Happy 2014! I hope it is filled with joy and good health for everyone. I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting of the Association on Monday, January 13th at 7:00PM.

Janet Daly

COLUMNS STAFF EDITOR: Donna J Phillips ASSISTANTS: Bev Bayer Louise Patterson Linda Janis PHOTOGRAPHY Ann Kabbas & Pat Sparany CALENDER: Polly Brown CIRCULATION: Gail Sanfilippo, Manager

Coordinators: Rose Toscano, Lee Brda, Lloyd & Carolyn Kelsey, Ralph Latimer, Kathy & Roger Rafferty, Ed Simko, Pauline Paquette, Jane & Bill Crawford, George Stelling, Delores Paeth, Gerald & Julia Wehrung, Troy Duda and Agatha Breen.

REPORTERS Reporters will be noted by their bylines at the end of each article.


From the President, Pro-tem


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Computer Diagnostics General Repairs Air Conditioning Auto Electric Brakes Tires

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ASE Certified Master Mechanic On Duty Serving North Fort Myers Since 1988 Family Owned and Operated All Credit Cards Accepted



20 Cabana Ave., N. Ft. Myers (Across the street from Athenian Restaurant)



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TWHA MEETINGS The next Board meeting will be in January on the 7th and the next Homeowners Association meeting will be the annual meeting on January 13th at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse. All paid homeowner association members are encouraged to attend. A quorum is necessary to conduct the voting of officers.

All new residents, who have not yet attended an orientation meeting, are encouraged to attend this approximately 1-hour presentation of important community information. There are many hand-outs that you will refer to in the future.

MOBILE HOME DEPOT * Tubs & Showers * Toilets & Sinks * Vanities & Tops * Kitchen Cabinets * Water Heaters * Storm Awnings

14940 N. Cleveland Ave. North Ft. Myers FL 33903

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* Doors & Windows * Siding & Skirting * Steps & Rails * Anchors/Tie Downs * Roof Coating * Shutters

and an appetizer to share, BYOB and nickels to play “you know what”. It’s a great opportunity to keep in touch with friends or Remember to follow the make new ones, in a renew guidelines and type as a laxed, fun atmosphere. word document, then attach to New residents and renters your email. are especially welcome. Thank you. Any questions please call Donna. Bev @731-7734

ATTENTION – New Columns Deadline


* Mobile Home Supplies * RV Accessories * Air Conditioners * Aluminum Products * Screen Rooms * Carports


Mark this date: SATURDAY JANUARY 18th @ 11:00 AM in the clubhouse meeting room. We look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions The Friday night social please call Donna Phillips will be held January 31st at 731-5802 or Bev Bayer at at 5:00 PM. Please bring 731-7734. a potluck dish or dessert

The new deadline for the Columns is the 10th of the month. Deadline for February Columns is January 10th or before. Submit copy to me at

If you are a customer of


please be aware that there is a company soliciting homeowners by the name of CUSTOM CLIMATE CONCEPTS. PLEASE NOTE:


If you receive a phone call about your air conditioning, PLEASE make sure you listen carefully to the caller when they give their company name. Many of our customers have mistakenly thought it was us and therefore allowed service work to be done. As always, when it is time for your yearly check-up, you will receive the customary Yellow Reminder Card from us for you to call and schedule your appointment.



We will ONLY CALL YOU if you have not scheduled your appointment after you receive your card as a courtesy follow-up.

WE DO NOT DO ANY PHONE SOLICITATIONS! AS ALWAYS, if you feel that you have been mislead or taken advantage of by ANY company, you should contact your local Better Business Bureau.

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Financial Resolutions for the New Year About 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions, according to a survey from the University of Scranton. But the same survey shows that only 8% of us actually keep our resolutions. Perhaps this low success rate isn’t such a tragedy when our resolutions involve things like losing a little weight or learning a foreign language. But when we make financial resolutions — resolutions that, if achieved, could significantly help us in our pursuit of our important long-term goals — it’s clearly worthwhile to make every effort to follow through. So, what sorts of financial resolutions might you consider? Here are a few possibilities: Boost your contributions to your retirement plans. Each year, try to put in a little more to your IRA and your 401(k) or other employersponsored retirement plans. These tax-advantaged accounts are good options for your retirement savings strategy. Reduce your debts. It’s not always easy to reduce your debts, but make it a goal to finish 2014 with a smaller debt load than you had going into the new year. The lower your monthly debt payments, the more money you’ll have to invest for retirement, college for your children (or grandchildren) and other important objectives. Build your emergency fund. Work on building an “emergency fund” containing six to 12 months’ worth of living expenses, with the money held in a liquid account that offers a high degree of preservation of principal. Without such a fund, you might be forced to dip into your longterm investments to pay for emergencies, such as a new furnace, a major car repair, and so on. You might not be able to finish creating your emergency fund in one year, but contribute as much as you can afford. Plan for your protection needs. If you don’t already have the proper amounts of life and disability insurance in place, put it on your “To Do” list for 2014. Also, if you haven’t taken steps to protect yourself from the considerable costs of long-term care, such as an extended nursing home stay, consult with your financial professional, who can suggest the appropriate protection or investment vehicles. You may never need such care, but that’s a chance you may not want to take — and the longer you wait, the more expensive your protection options may become. Don’t overreact to market volatility. Too many people head to the investment “sidelines” during market downturns. But if you’re not invested, then you miss any potential market gains— and the biggest gains are often realized at the early stages of the rally. Focus on the long term. You can probably check your investment balance online, which means you can do it every day, or even several times a day — but should you? If you’re following a strategy that’s appropriate for your needs, goals, risk tolerance and time horizon, you’re already doing what you should be doing in the long run. So there’s no need to stress yourself over the short-term movements that show up in your investment statements. Do whatever you can to turn these New Year’s resolutions into realities. Your efforts could pay off well beyond 2014. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Edward Jones, its employees and investment representatives do not offer estate-planning, tax or legal advice. “Adam Hromiak AAMS, CRPC is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments in Cape Coral on 3571 North Del Prado Blvd. Suite 7 Entrada Plaza, 1/2 mile West of Rt. 41. He can be contacted at 731-6338” 2/14

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FMO UPDATE Its a no-brainer, any home owner in Tara Woods that has Citizens Insurance should already be an FMO member or they should immediately join, WHY? Last year Citizens decided to stop insuring a homes; carport, attached shed, and Lanai. FMO immediately approached them about this, FMO was told this was not a debatable matter and they shut the door. To make a long story short, as you may remember we all started an email/ letter writing protest, the response got everyone’s attention. FMO was joined by the FMHA in proposing HB 573 and SB 378 both require the state run insurer to reinstate coverage on the attachments. The Governor signed it into law on June 12th,

2013. Yea, another win for the good guys. If they had gotten away with this one what do you think the other Insurance companies would have tried? We all won, not just the ones with Citizens! Unless we constantly bring in new members our FMO membership numbers continually slide backwards, this is due to home sales, etc. One nice benefit of membership is the FMO magazine; I particularly enjoy the Legal Questions & Answers section. Membership applications are always available in the clubhouse at the rear bulletin board, or by going online, or by calling me. Bud Snell 567-2712

ENTERTAINING NEWS So Ladies and Gentlemen…….This is my first writing in public please bear with me. First, I would like to thank Joyce Elsbury for her dedication and hard work in writing the Column’s articles for The Entertainers. Now I have been given the opportunity to try my hand at it. So here it goes. The Friday after Thanksgiving, we, like all of you, joined together to decorate the Christmas trees. Each year we decorate with a theme of the play we are doing, and this year was no exception. I hope you got the opportunity to gaze upon our creation. Pictured here are just

a few of the many decorators, Irene D’Amico, Claudia Weiss, Polly Brown, Barbara Lenhart, Miriam Norris, Evelyn Loud, Sue Sobkowicz, Pat Dunning, John D’Amico.

The month of December was a busy one for the cast and crew. We have been in rehearsal since October, and are still working on putting it all together. If you ever

have done anything with a stage performance you understand. Also, if there are any of you who would like to check us out, maybe you have been bitten by an acting bug, or a desire to work back stage, or you are just curious, come by Mondays or Thursdays between 8:00 and 10:00 AM to see what makes us tick. As a reminder, mark your calendars for March 7th & 8th, 2014. These are the dates for our production of “The Scheme of The Driftless Shifter and other Spoonerisms”. We look forward to entertaining you all. Pat-one, Stage Manager Entertainers


LADIES INSPIRATIONAL HOUR “For if a man is in Christ he becomes a new person altogether-the past is finished and gone, everything has become fresh and new”. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Our January program is entitled New Beginnings. We will be looking back at some of the new beginnings we have experienced in the past. We will also be looking ahead at the possibilities for some new beginnings in our new year.

Our first meeting of the new year is Monday, January 20th at 9:00 AM in the clubhouse meeting room. Refreshments will be I know that for some of us 7:30AM is the middle of the night, but Tuesdays are usually better than served following the meeting. All ladies are invited. Saturday or Sunday. We meet at the Athenian restaurant on Old 41. We have had some interesting problems to solve (like ObamaCare) but we can fix them in minutes. I would not be surprised if one of us Questions? Call Ann Scott @ 543-9285 turned out to be the next President (it could even be a Canadian). Come and join us when you can, we will leave the front door light on and be watching for you. Bud Snell 567-2712.

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8-9/14 • 941.349.0194 • January 2014 • Island Visitor Publishing, LLC

We would like to “Welcome” the “New Look Columns” just as we “The New Image Chorus” were “Welcomed” (even including our name) With all this excitement, and these changes, we want to make sure you had not forgotten to mark your calendars to: “come along and listen to”


Ray Horton • Wood & Laminate Floors

Cell (239) 560-1365

• Sales, Certified Installation, Repairs • Licensed & Insured • Residential & Commercial

Office (239) 656-5979


Wood Floors, Inc.


OUR “SALUTE TO BROADWAY” Saturday, March 29th, 2014 7:00PM $7.00 Cabaret or Theater style seating Your Choice Beginning in January we are counting down 12 Saturdays before “Showtime.” Shirley Ringleben

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NORMA HAND BRILL, P.A. Board Certified Elder Law Attorney


Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives Probate, Medicaid Eligibility, VA Benefits


164 Pondella Road, North Fort Myers, Florida 33903 | 239.997.6464

The Garden Club wishes ev- thus. eryone a Very Happy New Year Herbs: Many herbs will thrive now that temperatures As a reminder our next meet- are cooler, including tarragon, ing is Saturday January 11th at thyme, dill, fennel, and any of 9:00 AM. the mints. This years’ Trash and TreaVegetables: Continue plantsure is Saturday March 15th. ing cool season crops including Time to start setting aside items beet, cabbage, turnip, lettuce, you no longer need, remember and broccoli. that the garden club depends on the proceds of this sale to What to Do continue to sponser the Fashion Rejuvenate the landscape: show as a free event. After the danger of freezing temperatures, it’s a good time What to Plant to plant woody shrubs. Water Bedding Plants: Plants that frequently to get new plantings can be added to the garden dur- off to a good start. ing the coolest months include Irrigation: Plants may need begonia, browallia, lobelia, di- water if temperatures remain anthus, dusty miller, and nico- higher than normal and rainfall tiana. is scarce. Bulbs: Winter is a great time Shrubs and Trees: Prune to plant bulbs that will bloom non-spring flowering shrubs this spring. Some to try are and trees this month to improve Clivia lily, crinum, and agapan- form.

Arbor Day: Florida observes Arbor Day on the 3rd Friday of January. To celebrate, plant a tree in your yard or community. Crapemyrtle: While crapemyrtles do not require pruning, removing seed pods, crossing branches and small twiggy growth improves the appearance and form of theplant. Cold Protection: If a frost or freeze is predicted, bring sensitive plants like orchids inside. Water sensitive plants in the landscape thoroughly 12-24 hours before a freeze and cover. Pests: To control scale on citrus, shrubs, and deciduous fruit trees, apply horticultural oil while plants are dormant. Apply copper spray to mangos after bloom. ( This is an excerpt from the University of Florida website , please visit for complete information )

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as much time as we need to on each topic, so the scheduling of the lessons is tentative. The next topic that will be covered is always posted on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse. It’s never too late to join our group, even if you’re a total novice. Bring your laptop computer with you if you want to follow along (this is optional). Each lesson is scheduled to last an hour, but tends to run overtime with general questions from the members. You can feel free to ask any question at all that is of general interest to the group. Bring something to take notes with. Please call me with any questions or comments at 652-0488. I can help you with any of your computer needs. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Dave St.Laurent, The Computer Tutor

Exp. 12/14

Come to the people you can trust!




26 Cardinal Drive N. Fort Myers, FL 33917 Corner of Pondella and Old 41


Horacio Rodriguez

(239) 645-2303


2710 Del Prado Blvd. #2-148 Cape Coral, FL 33904

CFC 1426990


The Tara Woods Computer Club provides free computer classes each Thursday at 10:30 AM in the Card Room at the Clubhouse. These lessons are open to all residents and visitors. We discuss Computer Basics on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, and cover Advanced Topics on the other weeks. We will be resuming our normal schedule on January 2, after a break for the Holidays. This year is starting well, with more members every week. We have reviewed the Basic topics that were covered last year, and have started on Programs, Files, and Folders. In January, we plan to continue the Basics with the Windows Wordpad word processor and the Windows Paint graphics program. We also intend to finish the second half of Working With Photos and to talk about Windows 8.1. We spend

Specializing in all American and foreign auto repairs.


Tara Woods Computer Club

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TWHA UPDATE FOR 2014 This is a reminder for those who have not yet paid their dues for 2014 to please do so now if possible. I am requesting payment before the annual meeting on January 13th , 2014. The drill is the same: Dues are $15 per household. Checks to TWHA / Cash accepted. The dues can be deposited in the mail slot outside the homeowners office, or outside my lanai door. Please make an effort to attend the annual meeting as we need a quorum of the members to complete the election process. If you are not able to attend the meeting, fill out, sign, and return the proxy received in the mail. Use the enclosed return envelope included with the annual letter. These returned proxies count as votes towards the quorum.


October 20th – Welcome Back Luau get-together had a very good attendance. We want to welcome everyone back to Tara Woods. We had a wonderful Hawaiian Luau dinner along with some delicious desserts. A special “volcano” cake was made by President: Janet Daly Dick Weiss. Vice President: November 2nd – Craft Fair Frank Millette and Bake Sale was very successDirector: Bill Nothnagel ful. A big thank-you to the New Director: Ann Millette England Club for all their assistance at our Bake Sale. Finally, I want to extend my November 17th – Italian Pot best wishes to all for a happy Luck dinner. We would like to and healthy New Year. welcome all our new members and hope they enjoy our friendly memFor any questions, please bers and all our good times. The contact me. members voted to not charge any Celeste Perre, Garden more dues for anyone 90+ years. TWHA Membership SecretaryClub This was proposed by Darryl Hord 239-731-7146 for a unanimous vote of yay. 19747 Pandora Circle November 30th – Tree decoE-mail: rating at the Clubhouse was a joyful time, as usual. This is a

There are four open positions for the Board of Directors. The following are the names of the members running for each position:

great time to get together with all your neighbors to start the Christmas Season. All the trees are beautiful so get to the Clubhouse and check them out. December 15th – Christmas Party held at Bianca’s Restaurant. January 11th – We will hold our “Annual Progressive Dinner” starting at 4:00 PM at the Clubhouse. Hord’oeuvres will be served and we will receive our assignments and proceed to the various homes for salad and dinner. Dessert will be back at the Clubhouse at 7:30 PM. Contact Chairpersons Jon & Mary Gold at 567-2169 if you have any questions. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Respectfully submitted by Audrey J. Perry Mid Atlantic

Canadian Club

All Canadians are invited

Friday, January 24 @ 5:00 pm Wine & Cheese Party (Provided by the club) Bring an appetizer Dues will be collected Social “50/50” Draw Please RSVP to Diane by January 21 Mid West Any questions, contact Diane Burns – 567-1391

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11 • 941.349.0194 • January 2014 • Island Visitor Publishing, LLC

New York/ New Jersey Club Our Christmas Party and Italian dinner was enjoyed by 81 people on Dec. 8. The food was great and everyone enjoyed the Christmas cheer with silly games and singing. It was a fun get together we shared with visiting family and friends. The January meeting is Sunday, Jan. 6 at 4:00pm. This is our “Soups, Stews and Chowders” meeting, so please sign up for what you will bring. This is also BYOB and a 50/50 raffle will be held. We may have an auction of some kind. I’ll e-mail the details and post it on the club bulletin board if I come up with something. Bring some extra dollars just in case. The sign-up sheet for help at “A Nite at the Races” to be held on Friday, Jan. 17th is posted . There will be a meeting on Sat. Jan. 11 at 9:30am for everyone

helping. The sign-up sheet for the Appreciation Weekend parade is posted. Please sign up if you will be walking or using your golf cart. We will be undecorating our Christmas tree and the clubhouse on Sat. Jan. 4th right after coffee. Come lend a hand if you can. As always, our meetings are open to everyone from New York or New Jersey. Visitors, new residents and renters are especially welcome. No dues - Just come for the fun! I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, Jan. 6th. Janet Daly

Garden Club

New England Club Our New England Club Christmas Party, held on Saturday, December 7th was a huge success. The officers cooked a delicious ziti with meat sauce dinner for the members, and every club member went home with a Christmas gift from Mr. and Mrs. Right. Team number 3 will be forever disbanded. Our next parade meeting will be on Monday, January 13th at 4:00PM to finalize plans we laid out at our first meeting.

Our next club function is our midwinter cook-out on Saturday, January 18th at 5:00 PM. We have a great crew of men who volunteered to man the grills. This party will also feature a scavenger hunt and a couple of other fun games as well. Please B.Y.O.B. and raffle money. Sign-ups start December 18th, are mandatory and end on January 12th. Judy Machnicz 543-8550

MIDWEST CLUB NEWS Our January Meeting is a PIG ROAST Join us on Sunday January 12, 2014 At 4:00 PM Buy your ticket in advance at Coffee or Bingo $11.00 Per Person

Includes: THE PIG Beans and Potato Salad Rolls, Butter and Dessert Casey Glandorf I want to thank my committee and every person who volunteered to make the Christmas Party a success. Barb Goodhue Mid Atlantic

Mid West

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TREASURES OF TARA A football hero and an enthusiastic cheer leader describe Ron and Carol Heidmous. Carol is an upbeat, spirited leader who encourages and helps many people in her “cheering and caring” way. Ron is the “strength” at her side. Carol and Ron were born and nurtured in Detroit, Michigan. Carol, an only child, was raised to love boats. Her father was the manager of the Edison Boat Club and Carol has many happy memories of boating. After graduating from Denby High School, Carol worked in the banking industry – (National Bank of Detroit, at first). She married, became a stay at home mom, raising 3 children – Sherry, Brian and Brenda. In 1981 she returned to work at Detroit Bank and Trust (now

Comerica Bank). This is where Carol developed her strong leadership skills and she eventually became the head supervisor of the Bank’s Call Center. Ron attended an all-boys Catholic High School, excelling in football, where he was named All City and All State!! He was given a full scholarship to the University of Detroit. Unfortunately, during his senior year his father died, his only brother went into the Marines and Ron opted to help take care of his grieving Mother, thus ending his football career. A wonderful family with 12 children took young Ron under their wings and provided a happy home for him. .Ron found employment at Chrysler for 38 ½ years, progressing from lineman, to general fore-

Scarlet Ladies of Tara Come join the Scarlet Ladies of Tara for a fun filled lunch. We have a social with a drawing for a gift certificate from the previous months restaurant. The money raised goes to a charity. This year approximately $400.00 was given to the Suncoast Mission at Christmastime. Thank you ladies.

Our next lunch will be at Mangia Bene, 3086 Cleveland Avenue on January 7th, 2014 at 1:00 PM. We would love to have you join us. The sign up sheet will be on the bulletin board in the clubhouse. If you have any questions, please call me at 543-5144. Patty Sparany

man, and eventually to becoming the superintendent. He was married for 12 years, raising 3children, George (who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska), Jim and

Janet (who live in Michigan. Janet is the proud mother of 11 year old twins. In 1982 Ron and Carol both attended Parents without Partners and Ron knew immediately he had met his soul mate,

which indeed he did! They married in 1983 and have been blessed with 31 years of a happy marriage. They shared deep sorrow when Carol’s daughter, Sherry was severely beaten and was in a 7 week coma with brain damage. Her death was a great loss, but her other daughter, Brenda’s little Sienna and her son’s 4 sons, help return joy. They both continued to love boating on their 30 foot Sea-ray and it was at the boat club 30 years ago they met their wonderful friends, Barb and Bill Goodhue. Fortunately

for us the Goodhue’s and now another couple, Bill and Lorie Keibler, have followed them to TW’s! In 2001 after visiting many communities they found TW’s and Tara Woods has never been the same!! Carol’s excitement and eagerness for life is evident wherever she is, e.g. Activities director for 3 years, President of Mid-West Club for 6 years. Ron, our football player, still loves and plays sports – bowling, golf, darts, and horseshoes. He was also on the TW Board of Directors for 4 years. They treasure their friends and their home and hearts are open to many. If you don’t know them, look them up. You will not be disappointed. Mary Nothnagel

SAFE YOUR HEAD I like to ride my bike and have been riding around Tara for a good number of years. What I have noticed since my return last fall is there are more and more of you out buzzing around the “neighborhood”. The other thing that I have noticed is most of you are not wearing helmets. Accidents happen and while some of you may have been called a hard head somewhere along the way, believe me your head is not very hard when it is smashed into something like the street or another vehicle. I have been riding bikes my entire life and have been tossed off twice. The first time a bug found its way behind my glasses and landed in my eye, I could not see and I crashed hard!!! I landed on a strip of grass and believe it or not my helmet was broken in seven (7) places. My shoulder was not so good but my head was fine. A few short

weeks ago a brake pad failed and jammed the front wheel of my bike and down I went, in the process my head smashed into a parked car and once again my helmet did the job it was intended to do, protect my head!! My intention here is to encour-

age the use of a proper helmet when you are riding your bike. A good helmet can be purchased for $15 to $40, a small investment to protect your head. Respectfully Submitted: Gib Loesel

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The main feature, “Soul & Inspiration”, will perform a tribute to “The Righteous Brothers”. Also, you will enjoy hits of other top artists such as Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, Blues Brothers and the Everly Brothers. Opening the show will be Comedian Harley Worthit. One of the many places Harley has performed is in Branson, MO in the Comedy Jamboree Show. Sound & Lighting Committee have seen both acts perform and know you will enjoy this show. DATE: January 10th, 2014 TIME: 7:00 PM PRICE: $12.00 (inc. tax) Tickets will be sold before bingo on Tuesdays and during Saturday morning coffee and at the door. Both cabaret and theater seating will be available. Call Polly Brown at 731-1614 for more information or to reserve a table.

BINGO at Tara Woods Be

one of the winners at our Tuesday night BINGO. And you can win more than once during the night!


your eyesight isn’t as good as it once was, now you can play too. We have really BIG game packs and “Specials” that are 8 ½” x 11” with 2” numbers.


additional charge for the ticket that can make you the “King” or the “Queen” for the night and earn you even more money or “Special” game sheets.


packets are sold with either 6 game squares per sheet or 9 game squares. The “Specials” have 3 game squares per sheet. You can buy as many as you’d like!

Our Tuesday night BINGO session consists of 14 regular games and 6 “Special” games.

We also have “Hot Ball” prizes of $50.00 or more and a “Social” raffle. Sales STOP at 6:45 PM. Come join the fun.

BUNCO Ladies join us on the first and third Sunday of each month at 7:00 PM in the card room. Cost is $3.00 Will you have the first Bunco or the last, or the most? Will you have the most wins, or the most losses? If you do, the prize money will be yours! Come join the fun. Questions: Call Polly Brown 731-1614 8-9/14


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TENNIS NEWS ROUND ROBIN At the November 24 Round Robin, three trophies were presented to the top Tara Woods tennis teams from the 20122013 tennis season. The trophies were donated by Art & Louise Frederick and were engraved with the names of the players from the three winning teams. We thank Art & Louise for their generosity and we appreciate their effort in getting these trophies for our tennis teams. The three winning teams are as follows: The Men’s Red Team achieved 1st Place. Their team consisted of Art Frederick (Captain), Glen Fisher (Co-Captain), Richard Binkowski, Don Boehlke, Warren Engel, Fred Puhlfuerst, and Bill Taylor. Both Women’s teams finished the season with good

results. The Angels took 1st Place and was comprised of Dawn Benjamin (Captain), Sharon Boehlke (Co-Captain), Ruth Aspin, Janet Daly, Sharon Davidson, Gigi Fisher, and Julie Wehrung. The Lady Bugs took 3rd Place. Their team consisted of Henri La Liberty (Captain), Priscilla Taylor (Co-Captain), Jean Bozick, Diane Burns, Shirley Chouinard, Linda Engel, Terry Gagnon, and Judy Holat. The next tennis Round Robin is scheduled for Sunday, January 26. The sign-up sheet will be posted on the tennis bulletin board in early January, so be sure to sign up to play and enjoy the dinner afterwards. The monthly Tennis Association Meeting will be held after the dinner, as usual, at 5:45 PM.

If you need to make any additions, changes or corrections to your listing, please call Polly Brown at 731-1614 to be included in the next monthly update and next year’s directory. CORRECTIONS TO THE CURRENT TARA WOODS DIRECTORY JANUARY 2014

Additions: HARDY, Dana & Louise 2838 Cloister Street, Lot #329..........................567-1265........MA LONGACRE, Lillie 19604 Savannah Road, Lot #135.............. 423-956-3392.........VA LONGACRE, Wyatt 19604 Savannah Road, Lot #135.............. 423-956-3393.........VA Phone # Changes: STONHILL, Richard & Carole 19649 Charleston Circle, Lot #81.................................. 217-0256 Address Changes: None Misc. Changes: On page 3 under “Audit Committee” change to Ruth Zimmer, phone # 731-8594 On page 3 under “Blood Pressure Check” change to Mary Biglin, phone # 599-4474 On page 4 under “Happy Hour Club (Summer)” change to Jackie Liberty, 321-223-5340 On page 4 under “Tennis” change to Nancy Schoeppner, phone # 599-4717 Delete the Following Names: None

TENNIS LEAGUES WOMEN’S LEAGUE Tara Woods has two Women’s tennis teams; they both play on Thursday mornings. The starting times vary a little when they play away, but they start at 10:45 AM when playing at home. On December 5 the Angels, who have Sharon Boehlke as their captain, played against the current 1st Place team, the Herons Glen Volley Girls. They won 3 sets and lost 3. The Lady Bugs, captained by Henri La Liberty, played against Sabal Springs, and also won 3 sets and lost 3. After the December 5 matches, the Angels are in 2nd Place and the Lady Bugs are in 3rd Place. There are nine teams in the Women’s league. MEN’S LEAGUE Tara Woods has four Men’s tennis teams, one Red, one White, and two Blue. The matches are scheduled to start at 1:30 PM on their respective day, but they sometimes start

playing a little earlier, so if you bulletin board. want to catch the beginning of the match you might want to ar- Blue League rive by 1:10 PM. The two teams in this league are the Bald Eagles, captained Red League by Bill Powers, and the Tigers, The Stallions, captained by with George D’Alessandro as Glen Fisher, play on Wednes- their captain. Both teams play days. On December 4 they on Thursdays at 1:30 PM. For won just 1 set out of 6 against the Bald Eagles, December 5 Herons Glen. There were a marked the fourth scheduled few very close sets during that match of the season. So far they match, but Herons Glen proved have had to reschedule two of to be a little stronger than our their matches. For the matchStallions. There are only five es they did play, they won all teams in the Red League. 6 sets one day, and they won 2 sets and lost 4 the last week White League they played, for a win/loss toThe Mustangs, with Gerry tal of 8 and 4. Manpower is Gagnon as their captain, won 5 always a problem this time of out of 6 sets against Six Lakes year so they do what they can on Tuesday afternoon, Decem- when subs are available. They ber 3. They now have 12 wins don’t expect a full roster until and 12 losses. There are nine early January 2014. For the Titeams in the White League. gers, after having played three They love spectators, so come matches so far, they have won 7 and watch their games which sets and lost 11. There are eight are played every Tuesday at teams in the Blue League. 1:30 PM thru March. For their home games please see the Submitted by Linda Engel schedule posted on the tennis

TARA WOODS RED TEAM TENNIS I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the tennis Red Team of Tara Woods. Even though we are not doing as well this year, our team is dedicated, determined, and enjoying the competition with other clubs, which is our priority. The introduction of the Red Team players (in no particular order) is as follows: We have tricky angles Warren who places the ball everywhere where you are not; big arms Don who hits the ball so hard that it smokes. Then, we have

two hands Fred who hits the ball with both left and right forehands. The next player on the team is Art the gazelle who runs extremely fast, and then there is slice and dice Glen who spins the ball in all directions. Our group of subs includes stretch Richard who stands like a giant at the net, and then we have the go-getter Bill who runs down all the shots, and, last but not least, we have finesse John who is very tricky at the net. We would like to encourage you to come and watch

the men’s team when they are at home at Tara Woods on Wednesdays at 1:30 PM. The schedule for all the home games is posted on the tennis bulletin board. We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Submitted by Glen Fisher


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Sailing Sailing Radio Controlled Boats By Gib Loesel Attention park “sailors” or “wantabe sailors”! For a number of years Al Dion and I have been putting sailboat racing buoys in the back lake. We have had a good time taking our boats there to do a little racing. If you stop by we would be more than happy to hand over the controls and give you a sailing lesson right there on the spot. Radio controlled sailing is a huge sport throughout the state of Florida; we both belong to a sailing club in Punta Gorda which has 80 members. We like to talk

sailing anytime, if you have any interest give either one of a call, Al’s number is 860 204 7395, my number is 239 322 7588. The entry level boat used the most here in Florida is the One Meter Soling, she measures one meter and weighs 10 lbs. A used boat can be purchased for about $400 which includes everything to get you up and sailing. These boats come in kits and are not terribly hard to build, Al and I would be glad to help; we have all of the equipment needed. This year we will also be hosting a small regatta on Su-

per Bowl Sunday, February 2nd 2014. There will be six great radio controlled sailors “doing battle” for the coveted prize, what else but a football. Several of them are national champions including our Tara neighbor and friend Al. Al has achieved national recognition in all the classes he sails winning numerous regattas and won the US 12 National Championship in 2012. A good guy to get tips from soooooooo give us a call and let’s get you started into a wonderful hobby!!!

ACTIVITIES Well a new year is about to begin, 2014, and I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year. My thank you goes out to the Midwest Club for a wonderful Christmas Party. Now that was the magic of Tara Woods ! My thanks to everyone who helped make the club house so beautiful for Christmas. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Tara Woods golf cart parade. All of the carts looked great. There were well over 60 carts. It gets larger every year. A very special thanks to Jim Brockhagen for being Santa Claus on a very warm evening. What a trooper and a big thanks to George Daly for heading up the sing along.

Since we have to submit this so early, we will post pictures of the Masquerade Ball in the next columns. Please continue to support all of the Clubs. The next big party will be Valentines Day, February 14th sponsored by the New England Club. Activities is still looking for a club to sponsor Memorial Day. It’s a chance for your club to put money into your treasury. Two clubs can combine. More surprises will be forthcoming at the January HOA meeting. Hope to see you there !! Linda McKay, Activities 543-1637 Happy New Year !

Comfort Food Corner Most of us have those favorite recipes that just make us anticipate the meal, enjoy it when we eat and make us feel good when we’re done. That’s my definition of “Comfort Food”. Most of these recipes are simple and easy to prepare. I’d like you to share your favorites with your neighbors here in Tara Woods. Please email them to me so that I can include them in future issues of The Columns. Below is one of my favorites that’s based on a staple dinner my parents used to make for us. It was served with Franco American canned spaghetti and string beans… George Daly -

Cod Fish Cakes 1 lb. Salted, dried Cod (Bacalao) 4 Medium Potatoes 1 sm. onion, grated

2 eggs beaten Salt and pepper to taste Bread crumbs for coating

Dice, boil and lightly mash potatoes (not creamy). Dice fish and place in food processer by small handfuls. Pulse until well shredded and place in wire strainer. Run water over fish to remove some salt. Taste and keep rinsing until most of salt has been washed out but still leaving the fish with a strong salty taste. Squeeze out excess water. Mix fish in a bowl along with mashed potatoes, eggs and onion. Form into pool ball size balls and roll in breadcrumbs to coat. Fry until golden brown in a 50/50 mix of olive oil and butter pressing down to form ¾ inch patties.

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Line Dancing Classes

LEE COUNTY BLOOD BANK Results of the Lee Memorial Hospital blood drive at Tara Woods on November 18th. The drive had a goal of 30 pints. Thirty one Tara Woods participants were scheduled. Four were unable to donate therefore 27 pints were collected. This was still a reasonable effort. We would like to thank all the participants for their kind support. The next drive date is now scheduled for March 10th, 2014. We will appreciate a continued effort of all the supporters of this next community project. You can

mark your calendars and keep in mind the date. You can also schedule your willingness to donate and the time for your visit to the bus. Please call 239-5670490 to be placed on the list. We will also start calling past participants several days before the scheduled date. Again, thank you for your donations. We are very pleased with your participation. Judy Holat, Blood drive coordinator

THANK YOU TARA WOODS This year the wonderful people of Tara Woods donated $840 to our annual Christmas thank you dinner for the members of the North Fort Myers Fire Department and Lee Co EMS. This enabled us to provide the three shifts with Christmas dinners over the holiday. It was your

kindness and generosity that made this possible and we sincerely appreciate it. Thank you all, and may you have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Thursdays - Starting January 9th 10:30 AM– 12:00 PM Beginners 10:30 – 11:00 followed by Intermediate Level

NOTICE!!! Drivers 55 alive (AARP) Class will be held in the clubhouse Friday February 7th, 2014, 9 AM to 3 PM. Certificates will be given after class is completed. Members $12.00 Non-Members $20.00 Bring a lunch, only 30 vacancies. Jack Boylan 239-567-0119 Fred Puhlfuest 239-731-1552

Chuck Poveromo and Frank Millette


Please Come Join Us Exercise your body and your mind. For further information contact Barb Goodhue 731-2287 or Janice Johnston 543-2398


Mark Your Calendar For

January Special Events

January 1st......... New Years Day January 4th......... Undecorate the Clubhouse WEDNESDAY SOCIAL January 10th....... Harley Worthit and Soul & Inspiration Show It’s a Winter Garden Januaru 11th....... Distribute Cruise Docs Club Wonderland Social January 13th....... TWHA Annual Meeting January 17th....... A Night at the Races Date: January 8th, 2014 January 18th....... Yard Sale @ Craft Building Time: 4:00 PM Mid Atlantic January 18th....... New Residents Orientation Drink: Poinsettia January 25th....... Movie Nite Cost: $2.00 January 31st....... Estate Planning Seminar Bring a dish to share and an appetizer

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January 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR – May this year be one of PEACE, JOY & HAPPINESS! January 2 SALUTE to VIENNA; a New Year’s Celebration – BBM January 10-29 ARSENIC & OLD LACE – Florida Rep Theatre – Something is fishy in the Brewster household; old men are missing, Boris Karloff has been seen wandering the halls, and there are reports of bodies in the basement. The madcap meets the macabre in this perfectly crafted comedy that is great for families. January 11 FINAL CRUISE MEETING – Clubhouse – 10 am – after pancake breakfast and Garden Club meeting. Kindly pass this date on to family and friends who do not live in TARA WOODS, but can conveniently attend. It will be an informative meeting. Much will be discussed and should not be missed. Please make an effort to attend. Bring pad and pen to take notes. PRE-CRUISE REGISTRATION is MANDATORY – Suzi or I may have completed this info for you; copies of which you should have in your possession. If you don’t have your copy, advise, and I will bring same with me to the meeting. LUGGAGE TAGS – have been ordered for ALL cruisers. One mailer per cabin is being sent directly to your home. Keep with travel documents, XPRESS PASS, Passport, etc. If lost or misplaced, you will have to get blank luggage tags when we arrive at pier and fill out required information. BRING YOUR BOARDING XPRESS PASSES WITH YOU TO THE MEETING – SO I CAN BE SURE THAT WE ALL HAVE THEM PASSENGERS WITHOUT PROPER DOCUMENTATION WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BOARD THE SHIP AND NO REFUND WILL BE PROVIDED January 12 KEVIN JAMES – BBM January 14 ROCK of AGES – BBM –Broadway’s hilarious hit comedy! In 1987 on the Sunset Strip, a small town girl met a big city rocker and in LA’s most famous club, they fell in love to the greatest songs of the 80’s. January 16-March 15 NANA’S NAUGHTY KNICKERS – Off BDT – The hysterical comedy about a sweet Grandmother who is illegally selling hand-made lingerie to the mature and frisky. January 19 MARVIN HAMLISCH REMEMBRANCE – Gulf Coast Symphony – BBM January 20-31 TW ANNUAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE – CELEBRITY – EQUINOX January 21-26 WIZARD of OZ – BBM – featuring all the classics plus new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber January 26/27 THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK – Concert Series – BPDT January 27 HAIFA SYMPHONY – ORCHESTRA of ISRAEL – BBM January 30 CHRIS MAC DONALD’S – ELVIS – BBM- Celebrating what would have been the King’s 79th birthday. Only tribute artist hired by Elvis Presley enterprises to perform at Graceland’s Heartbreak Hotel.

January 31 March 16 A GRAND NIGHT for SINGING – Florida Rep Theatre – An enchanted evening at the theatre! A love letter to Rodgers & Hammerstein! Till 2/15 SOUTH PACIFIC – BPDT – spins a romantic tale of love and loss on a tropical naval base during World War II. Two couples fall in love and their happiness is threatened by the realities of war and by their own prejudices. Features the classic music of Rodgers and Hammerstein. COMING UP IN FEBRUARY February 6 THERESA WALTERS – FM Community Concert – BBM February 9/10 SHEN YUN 2014 – BBM – 5000 years of myths and legends come to life on stage. February 11 KRASNOYARSK NATIONAL DANCE COMPANY OF SIBERIA – BBM February 12 2015 CRUISE PRESENTATION – Clubhouse – 7 pm. If you think you might be or are interested in taking a cruise, come join us for the 2015 cruise presentation. Come see/hear – when, where, what TARA WOODS’ annual cruise will be and maybe win a prize or two. ALL ARE INVITED. Brochures will be available for your perusal. SIGN THE BLUE BOOK IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND – SO WE CAN BE PREPARED. February 13 KENNY LOGGINS - BBM February 15 WICKED DIVAS – Gulf Coast Symphony – BBM February 16 BUDDY GUY & JONNY LANG – BBM February 18-23 ONCE – BBM – A new musical February 25 TOMMY EMMANUEL – BBM February 27 BOB NEWHART - BBM February 26 WOMEN IN IRELAND – BBM February 28 THE HIT MEN – BBM REMINDER Mar 31-4/3 AMELIA ISLAND, ST. AUGUSTINE & JACKSONVILLE – 4 days, 3 nights; 6 meals including 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners; shopping on historic St. George Street; visit to historic Kingsley Plantation; a narrated cruise on the St. John’s River; guided tours of Amelia Island and St. Augustine; a special Dinner Party with Entertainment. $350 pp based on double occupancy; $75 pp deposit req’d w/reservation $35 pp insurance payable w/reservation. No credit cards. Cash or checks only. Deposit and/or insurance payable in separate checks. Final due 1/23/14. REQUIRES 30 TO MATERIALIZE & BRING BUS INTO TARA WOODS. WE ARE HALF WAY THERE. SPREAD THE WORD! THANK YOU GRACIAS DANKE A sincere thank you to you, you and you (and you know who you are) who donated toys for the Guadalupe Center in Immokalee. Also, a very special thank you, to you, who donated the monies which enabled me to purchase toys for the children of the migrant workers. You, who participated and gave – your generosity is much appreciated. You helped Santa give 500 + needy children a MERRY CHRISTMAS! …………… GOD BLESS! WARM WISHES FOR A HEALTHY & PEACEFUL 2014

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Anniversaries in January 7........... Carole & Frank Neveu 13......... Jan & Fred Gabriel 14......... Lorie & Bill Keibler 17......... Jo & Frank Abbruzzese, - 66 Yrs. ............. Judy & Jim Hanson 20......... Colleen & Vic Achtelik, ............. Hannah & Paul Montelaro 23......... Kathy Hildreth & Ray McKinnon, 26......... Barb & Dan Litzkow 28......... Carol Ann & Don Impink 29......... Carol & Ron Heidmous Shirley Ringleben Contact Shirley Ringleben – 731-2748 Before Jan. 10th For Special Recognition of Anniversaries 50, 55, or 60+ in Feb. 2014

Birthdays in January 1.......... Mary Ellen Gold Val Roderick Alan Warner 2.......... Rick Virkus 3.......... Larry Jones Vi Sando, 92 Yrs. 4.......... Rich Araujo Robert Aspin Joyce Haynes, Jean VanSicklin 7.......... Diane Jenkins Helen Sullivan 8.......... Bob Anderson Mary Biglin 9.......... Sharon Davidson Mike O’Hearn 10......... George Korince Royce La Liberty Stan Miller 13......... Gloria Diggs 14......... Peggy Boncher Irv Buettner Audrey Perry 15......... Don Impink El Wilson 16......... Peggy Flynn John Goers 17......... Joyce Elsbury Louise Letourneau Bill Perry Dave Simonson Dave Sylvester

18......... Eddie Amarando Sue Moorhead Lynn Porter Nancy Schoeppner 20......... Henry Gardner Marti Hradkowsky Nancy LeClair Hannah Montelaro Alva Thibault 21......... Diane Ladlie 22......... Linda Byrd 23......... Roy Conner Gail Korince 24......... Janine Morton Bill Whitacre 25......... Loretta Deerhake Mike Girty 26......... Sal Furia Judy Holat 27......... Chick Jakacki 28......... Bette Davis Jean Schweinert 30......... Phyllis Carr Carole Clark Patricia Denis Judy Hanson, “Jo” Yamka 31......... Gerry Gagnon George Johnston Ann Kabbas Linda Weibel

TIDBITS SAY IT AGAIN Some think it’s a different way of talking but they’re common oxymoron’s: Soft Rock Tight Slacks Bright Shade Good Grief Plastic Glasses Random Order Sweet Sorrow Pretty Ugly Rush Hour Exact Estimate Definite Maybe Act Naturally Other bits of info: *Mickey Mouse welcomed Walt Disney World’s 150 millionth guest in 1983. Now, more than 47 million people

pass through the gates each year, making the Orlando, Fl attraction the most visited amusement park in the world. *The first lead pencil had no eraser. *The Miss America pageant began in 1921, first televised in 1954. *Charles M Schultz’s comic strip Peanuts debuted in October 1950. *Jack London was the first writer to earn 1 million dollars from his writings. *After more than two decades, The Ed Sullivan Show aired its final episode in 1971. The show helped launch Beatlemania in the U.S. when the band performed “I Want To Hold Your Hand” marking the

Beatles’ debut performance in the States. *Wonder Bread became a national brand in 1925. NOTABLE QUOTES “Giving up smoking is easy…I’ve done it hundreds of times”—Mark Twain “The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves”.. W C Fields “You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on”.. Dean Martin “I’m an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house”.. Zsa Zsa Gabor

MOVIE NITE Saturday, January 25th at 7:00 PM Featuring: Silver Lining’s Playbook Starring: Bradley Cooper, Robert Deniro, and Jennifer Lawrence Rated: PG 13 Romantic Comedy Free Popcorn Soda’s 50 cent’s Lloyd & Carolyn Kelsey

“A Nite at the Races” Coming to Tara Woods

Friday, January 17, 2014 Sponsored by the New York/New Jersey Club

Garden Admission: $2 Tickets available at Coffee and Bingo starting Sat., January 5th and at the door. Club

Doors Open at 4:00 p.m. 1st Race at 5:00 p.m.

Food: Nathan’s Hot Dogs, White Castle Sliders, Chips, Coffee & Cookies Mid Atlantic BYOB Race Tickets: $1.00/Horse 50/50 Raffle 10 Races Scheduled plus Daily Double All Tara Woods residents, friends and family are welcome.


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 



       

     

      


  

    


   

      

        



      

     

  

      

        

    

    

        


      

    

     


       



 

    

      



  

 

 

 


   

    

 


 

 

 

 

   

  

  

 


 


  


  


 

 

 


   

Deepest sympathy to the Boehlke family on the loss of Don’s two brothers, Carl and Franklin, who died unexpectantly in the same week. Condolences to Jackie Hammond and to the many friends in our community of Ann Grupman, her sister, who died December 4th, 2013. May the blessings of good health be yours in the New Year. Stay well, Nancy Wuebbeler 288-5778


 

 


 



    

 

  

 


  

 

    


   


  

 

  


 

 



   

 

    


 

  



Book Discussion Club Meeting January 2nd, 2014 at 1:30 PM 2760 Steamboat Loop Join us for a cup of tea, a cookie, and reviews of some of the latest best sellers and other good books. For information contact Marilyn Workman 543-1168

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