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Why the world comes to Sarasota


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Planners give nod to hotel No. 1

Chicken fight is a beach delight

Calle Miramar proposal will now go before county commissioners By Phil Colpas If the Sarasota County Planning Commission has its way, Hotel Siesta Key is a go. At its Aug. 19 meeting, the commission approved an amendment and special exception to allow a proposed eight-story, 170-room hotel to be built between Beach Road and Calle Miramar. The decision now goes to the County Commission and is on its agenda for the Oct. 27 meeting. The only commissioners who voted no were Justin Taylor, who voted against both the Unified Development Code (UDC) amendment and the special exception; and Kevin Cooper, who voted against the special exception. The rest of the commissioners present voted to approve both measures: UDC amendment 5-1, special exception 4-2. This means the Planning Commission will recommend that the County Commission approve the hotel. The UDC amendment seeks to remove limits

countywide on density INSIDE: relating to transient The Siesta accommodations (the current Key Coalition’s limit is 26 per acre on Siesta), presentation, issues. and the special exception would permit transient Pages 12, 13 accommodations within the Siesta Key Overlay District (SKOD) and allow a maximum height of 80 feet above base flood elevation (the current limit is 35 feet). The proposed structure, referred to as “Hotel Siesta Key” in the renderings, was designed in the Sarasota School of Architecture style and will be eight stories and 92.5 feet tall. Proponents of the Calle Miramar project, led by attorney William Merrill of Icard Merrill, say it will bring increased ad valorem and tourist development taxes. Enhanced landscape buffers will be provided, including an 8-foot wall Continued on page 13

The Devlin family, visiting from northern Kentucky, has some fun with a friendly chicken fight in the Gulf of Mexico off Cresent Beach. Father Keith and mother Lindsay hold on tight for sons Eli, 7, and Easton, 6. Notice the poor water quality; a few days after this moment, Siesta Key would be ravaged by red tide and a substantial fish kill. For more on the situation, see page 4. (photo by John Morton)

Save Siesta Key: Next stop, Tallahassee By John Morton Save Siesta Key, the group that is pushing for the incorporation of the island, isn’t messing around with its deadline. “We’re getting the application to Tallahassee a couple days early, just to be safe,” board member Tracy Jackson said of the Sept. 1 deadline set by the Florida Legislature. It convenes in January, and if it approves of the request through a special act a local

referendum would likely be held in the spring. A majority vote in favor at that point would result in Siesta Key becoming its own town on Dec. 31, 2022. Throughout its existence, the Key has been governed by Sarasota County. Forming in late March, the incorporation team has fast-tracked its efforts to reach its lofty goal. Few applications have reached the state level in just five months, but that’s what is

happening. A required feasibility study and charter creation is wrapping up, while 1,474 petitions of support have been solicited from residents, business owners, and property owners. Also, $87,919 has been raised (as of Aug. 25). So eager to reach its deadline and avoid another year of waiting, Save Siesta Key even postponed its Aug. 18 public meeting in which consultant Bill Underwood was scheduled to reveal

the findings of the feasibility study, instead allowing him to focus on his task. He will do so in the near future, when more residents are on the Key, Jackson said. The final piece of the puzzle was the hiring of Tallahassee-based attorney Jon Moyle to serve as a lobbyist during the state proceedings. “As a long-time Tallahassee resident Continued on page 24


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Siesta lifeguard can really swing

The art of being in the know

Catch the redfish fever

Cindy Breslin was part of the soul of the Village

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Siesta Sand




On Little Sarasota Bay

Casual Waterfront Dining Fun, Fresh & Affordable

Outdoor Waterfront Dining! Open 11:30am-9pm Daily Sunday Brunch starting at $9.99 from 10am-3pm.

Following all Social Distancing and CDC Guidelines

Turtles All Day Menu APPETIZERS Bang Bang Shrimp … $9 Coconut Shrimp … $10 Calamari … $10

SALADS Turtles Salad … $17 Caesar Salad … $15 With grilled shrimp or chicken

SEAFOOD PLATTERS Fried Coconut Shrimp … $17 Large Gulf Shrimp … $16 Fish & Chips … $15


Coconut Mahi Mahi … $17 Sea Scallops … $22 6oz Filet Mignon … $18 Gulf of Mexico Grouper … $19 Salmon … $18 Filet Mignon & Stuffed Shrimp … $28 Potato Crusted Haddock … $14 Orange Pecan Chicken … $13 Turtles Fisherman Platter … $25 Baked Stuffed Shrimp … $19 Shrimp and Crab Au Gratin … $14

SANDWICHES Grouper Sandwich … $16 Cheeseburger … $11 Chicken Breast Sandwich … $10 Salmon BLT … $14



Taste of Turtles … $23 Seared Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna, Grilled Chicken Breast Topped with Mango & Kiwi Salsa, Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Pineapple Dipping Sauce.

Shrimp & Crab Scampi … $20 Turtles Salmon Pasta … $16 Chicken & Shrimp Curry … $17 Pasta Primavera … $13

Turtles Steak & Shrimp … $26 Grilled Filet Mignon, Shrimp in Scampi Sauce, Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Pineapple Dipping Sauce.

Loaded NY Strip … $27 Grilled 10oz NY Strip Topped with Grilled Shrimp in our Gourmet Cheese Sauce. Hawaiian Surf & Turf … $23 Grilled Filet Mignon and Seared Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna. Turtles Trio … $26 Grilled Filet Mignon, ½ Rack of BBQ Ribs, Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Pineapple Dipping Sauce. Taste Of South East Asia … $21 Grilled Chicken Breast Topped with Mango Kiwi Salsa, ½ Rack of BBQ Ribs, Teriyaki Shrimp. Surf & Turf … $22 Grilled Mahi Mahi Topped with Mango Kiwi Salsa and ½ Rack of BBQ Rib

It’s Turtles Time!

8875 Midnight Pass Rd. • Siesta Key 941-346-2207 • turtlessiestakey • turtlessiestakey Ride the Siesta Breeze Trolley from the Village



Greetings from the Gulf

Here’s to our local Olympians, and to the memory of a bygone era By John Morton


es indeed, Mark Spitz’s accomplishments in 1972 resulted in me sporting the allAmerican red, white and blue Speedo. I loved that swim suit. I once even tried to wear it to school. FYI. Forty-nine years later, I’m still working on the mustache. Hey, sister of mine, don’t laugh so loud. Dorothy Hamill’s success in figure skating in 1976 no doubt led to your “wedge” haircut, which I must agree went well with your cowl neck sweater, painter pants, and clogs. And I have a photo of this. You’ve been warned. The Tokyo Olympics have come and gone, without much fanfare if any at all, and that’s a shame. Especially because our area saw six athletes compete: skateboarder Jake Ilardi, swimmer Emma Weyant, rifle shooter Mary Tucker, rower Clark Dean, and golfing sisters Nelly and Jessica Korda. And there were some mighty successes, as Tucker and Weyant won silver and Nelly Korda gold. Let’s hope their accomplishments make them local legends, and that they don’t fade into obscurity. On the national stage, however, they’ll likely be mere footnotes. That’s because, sadly, the Olympics have been a non-story for a while. This time around, a one-year COVID-19 reset hurt a lot, as did a pandemic resurgence that resulted in no fans in the stands.

Then there’s the fact that America’s biggest name, gymnast Simone Biles, made the headlines in the most popular event for what she didn’t do. So did members of Norway’s beach handball team for what they wouldn’t wear. These games came on the heels of a Rio de Janeiro Olympiad that was an unorganized mess of dirty water for rowers and a scandal for swimmers who claimed they were mugged. Meanwhile, Beijing is on deck for the Winter Games just a few months from now. Between COVID-19 concerns and worldwide condemnation for alleged humanrights violations, I can’t see this going very well. If at all. Remember when the Olympic events were a huge deal? I come from the golden age of the games, when the silver screen and bronze statues awaited our sports stars. Both the grand and glorious (think gymnast Kerri Strug landing on one foot in 1996, or 1980’s Miracle on Ice) and the disturbing and dramatic (think 1972’s terrorist attacks on the Israeli team, or the 1994 Tonya vs. Nancy saga) captivated us. And we had the voices of Jim McKay and later Bob Costas to bring it all to life. Mike Tirico, you are fine, but it’s not the same. Then there were the global tensions of the Cold War. Knowing that the Olympics gave us a few weeks every few years to put mankind’s differences aside was very cathartic for me. Remember Nadia Comaneci? The 14-yearold Romanian came from the

Communist country of Romania, but we cheered for her like she was one of our own. She must have felt the love, because in 1989 she would become one of our own when she defected to America. Nadia, you were the first perfect 10. Sorry, Bo Derek. By the way, I think it was a mistake for Jimmy Carter to boycott the 1980 Moscow games. The Soviets would return the favor in 1984 when the Olympics were held in Los Angeles. The games are always supposed to bring the world together. As a teenager in Madison, Wisconsin, I watched wide-eyed and starstruck as speedskater Eric Heiden won five gold medals in Lake Placid, and while hockey player Mark Johnson led the Stars and Stripes in scoring. These were two hometown guys I used to chase on frozen ponds. They, and many other athletes, literally helped our country feel better during a time of inflation and a hostage crisis. We were a mess. Today, you still hear the “U-S-A!, U-S-A!” chants for most anything. I busted it out at Denny’s not so long ago when an extra flapjack fell my way. Then there were the boxers. Olympic gold launched huge careers for the likes of Joe Frazier, Cassius Clay, Ray Leonard, and Oscar De La Hoya. The boxers were larger-than-life gods. Now, U.S. boxers haven’t seen the top step of the podium since 2004. The title “Dream Team” came out of the Olympics. It’s outrageous to think it would next be used to describe O.J. Simpson’s defense

team. Mary Lou Retton became a household name, thanks to the Olympics. So did Greg Louganis, Michael Phelps, Jackie JoynerKersee, Florence Griffith Joyner, Edwin Moses, Gabby Douglas, Peggy Fleming. Will any of our current Olympians receive the same timeless recognition? I can’t imagine. But I sure hope that changes. Heck, Carl Lewis was so inspired by his U.S. Olympic fame back in the day that he once took on our national anthem (Google this if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Then there were Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who took on the establishment. One of our country’s seminal moments came when they raised their fists and hung their heads in Mexico City in 1968, making a statement against racism. They would be kicked out of the Olympic Village as a result. My, how times have changed. Finally, the Olympic moment I remember best is when Bruce Jenner waved our flag after taking the decathlon gold in Montreal in 1976. I’d be eating Wheaties with that image on the box for months to come. That sport required such range, such an ability to change gears, such an ability to go in a different direction. I can’t wait to someday tell my grandkids all about … ah, um … that person. (John Morton is managing editor of Siesta Sand.)

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Word on the beach What’s your take on the red tide situation? Gene Cincinnati “The smell is rough and it’s hard on the lungs. I’m a little uncomfortable, but when you’re given lemons you make lemonade. I’m still glad I’m here.” Ron Sarasota “Every year, for the most part, it’s here at some strength. Nature just has to take its course. I don’t think mankind has anything to do with this, like a lot of people seem to think.” Troy Sturgis, Michigan “I just wish I’d gotten a phone call from the people at the condo we’re renting, where we’re spending a good chunk of change. I’ve seen red tide before, but this one seems to have a little more bite to it. I’m not sure I’ll be coming back this time of year.” Vicki St. Augustine “I don’t like the fact that I can’t be in the water. And that smell! But I come here every year, and I love it here, and I’ll still come. Just bad timing this year. That’s OK.”


Siesta Sand



Seeing red, once again

Much like the summer of 2018, Siesta Key hit hard by another nasty algae bloom and subsequent fish kill By John Morton More than 30 tons. That’s how much debris, made up mostly of dead fish, was collected by Sarasota County in the twoday period of Aug. 4 and 5 along its 16 beaches, nearly 3 tons of which came from Siesta Key, as another round of red tide caused misery throughout the region. By the end of the month, nearly 70 tons of debris was collected, the county reports. Red-tide warning signage first appeared on July 13, and it remains, while 11 of the county’s beaches were also hit with no-swim advisories at some point due to unacceptable levels of bacteria. Turtle Beach was one of them, holding the dismal designation between Aug. 5 and 10, while Siesta Beach managed to avoid making the list. But that’s not to say things weren’t rough there, to which members of a family of more than 50 from Ohio can attest. They stuck it out for their entire two-week stay, but they suffered. “The biggest thing is the coughing,” Kathy Ernst, of Cincinnati, said of the poor air quality as she held a cloth

over her face on Aug. 4 while shorebound winds reached 30 mph. In the background, tractors rolled by in a first effort to collect the thousands of dead fish. “My 13-year-old daughter won’t even get in the water,” Ernst continued, “so there’s not much for her and the other kids to do. And my poor mother, who’s 95, can’t even leave the room because she has asthma. And she’s the reason we all get together here every year. “I even had to call my doctor and get Prednisone, which is an oral steroid, in order to deal with this.” The first major fish kill arrived Aug. 5, prompting clean-up efforts on the Key via trucks and raking. The county also placed dumpsters at Beach Access 5 and Beach Access 7 to assist with both public and private debris removal. A reprieve would come the next week, thanks to calm conditions, but Tropical Storm Fred would change all that during the weekend of Aug. 14 and 15, sending another massive fish kill to the shore on Aug. 17. Continued on page 31

Top left and clockwise: Dead fish and seaweed kept beachgoers far off the shoreline; 4-year-olds Erin and David don’t like what they see; the county had to collect debris on Siesta Key on many occasions during the month of August. (photos by John Morton)



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Island  Chatter Traffic measures suggested for Siesta Promenade neighbors At a July 30 workshop related to possible traffic-calming measures for a neighborhood near the Siesta Promenade project, recommendations were proposed by the Kimley-Horn engineering and consulting firm. Homeowners who would be impacted by the suggestions will be receiving a survey in the mail. Anything less than a 67% approval rate will mean none of the measures will be put in place. The suggestions: • A flashing speed-feedback sign on Upper Beachwood Avenue. Drivers have been using the road to enter the Pine Shores neighborhood from U.S. 41, and the sign will alert them to the speed at which they are traveling. • A raised crosswalk on Crestwood Avenue at the location of the Mangrove School of Sarasota. • A mini roundabout at the intersection of Crestwood Avenue and Glencoe Avenue. • Two speed humps on Hollywood Boulevard and three on Beechwood Avenue. They’d be between 250 and 500 feet apart. Siesta Promenade will feature 414 apartments/condominiums, a 130-room hotel, 133,000 square feet of retail space, and 7,000 square feet of office space. It is being built on the northwest corner of U.S. 41 and Stickney Point Road across 24 acres.

Coastal cleanup is Sept. 18 Siesta Beach and Turtle Beach are among the locations to benefit from the annual International Coastal Cleanup , set for 8 to 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 18. Keep Sarasota County Beautiful is sponsoring the event locally. The first 700 volunteers can receive a free event-themed T-shirt. Individual registration is required. No walk-up participation is allowed. Students can receive service hours for their involvement. For more information and to register, call (941) 861-5000 or visit






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@crescentclubsiestakey #crescentclubsiestakey

6519 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key Bar and Package • First Pour 1949

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Your Go-To Store on the Island Morton’s Siesta Market is your one-stop shop for easy island living. We offer a large selection of staple groceries, beer and wine, as well as fresh produce, meats and seafood. In keeping with our Morton’s tradition, we also carry a delicious array of prepared foods, perfect for take-out, picnics, parties and more.

Please stop in and say hello!

205 Canal Road, Siesta Key • 941-349-1474 •



Siesta Sand



  Community Spotlight Jon Thaxton

Weighing in on a place he cherishes and helps nurture Jon Thaxton is senior vicepresident for community investment with the Venice-based Gulf Coast Community Foundation. The organization has been named one of the “best nonprofits to work for” nationally by The NonProfit Times in 2010, 2011, 2017, 2020, and 2021. It is the philanthropic home of more than 1,000 families that have created their own charitable funds here, and together more $400 million in grants has been invested in the areas of health and human services, civic and economic development, education, arts and culture, and the environment.


As a Sarasota native, what does Siesta Key mean to you personally?

As a 5-year-old child, I learned to swim in a YMCA program at Siesta Key Public Beach. The “Y” used the Gulf as they did not yet have a swimming pool. When I was a teenager in the early 1970s, Siesta Key was always a hot spot for parties and other activities best not mentioned here. And then finally, as a mostly responsible adult, I knew Siesta Key as a great place for hooking up with a tarpon or a working waterfront real-estate sale as a Realtor. Many generations of my family have shown off Siesta Key to first-time visitors to the area because of its natural beauty and cultural attractions.


Among your areas of expertise are water quality and land use. How does Siesta Key stand in regard to those issues?

elsewhere and cannot afford to be squandered.


What do you consider the foundation’s most significant investments in Siesta Key? And what have its residents meant to your organization?


Water quality: With limited green open space, the challenges associated with the man-made dredged Grant Canal, an archaic stormwater system, and the desire for ever-green lawns, Siesta Key has no shortage of water-quality challenges. If one were to deliberately plan a community that would have the extraordinary negative impacts to water quality, Siesta Key could act as the model. Because many residents chose Siesta Key for its natural beauty, there are now several attempts to figuratively turn back the hands of time, and literally correct the mistakes of the past. Land use: Sarasota is fortunate to have five barrier islands (counting Siesta and Casey keys individually) that have five distinctive personalities. These personalities contribute to Sarasota’s being one of the most attractive places to live in the world. Siesta Key residents and Siesta Key fans are right to fight to preserve those amenities that keep Siesta Key different, funky, attractive, and a fun place to live, work, and play. Keep up the fight!


What is the greatest threat facing Siesta Key today and in the future?

Without clean and healthy waterways including the bays, canals, and Gulf of Mexico, Siesta Key will suffer in many ways. Similarly, if Siesta Key becomes just


another cookie-cutter tourist destination, which is sure to be lost with overdevelopment, one of the historic and culturally significant places on the west coast of Florida will be irretrievably lost. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic here, but these are both clear and present threats.


Conversely, what do you see as Siesta Key’s greatest strengths in looking to the future?


Just as a precious jewel attains its value through scarcity, Siesta Key’s strengths are attributed in the same way. The primary source of Siesta Key’s strength is found in the amenities it offers to its visitors and residents that cannot be found elsewhere. These strengths, such as Siesta Village, Crescent Beach, Point of Rocks, and amazing waterfront living, are strengths that cannot be cumulatively recreated or duplicated

When I review the relationship between Gulf Coast Community Foundation and Siesta Key, I could talk about our water-quality improvement participation with homeowners groups, or the Siesta Beach turtle sculpture design to educate beachgoers about the importance of keeping plastics out of our beautiful Gulf of Mexico. However, the true value of our relationship is found in the bond that Siesta Key philanthropists have created with Gulf Coast. Their passion for preserving Sarasota, helping the under-served and children in our community, preserving our natural environment, and enhancing educational opportunities for all, is a relationship that cannot be assessed in terms of dollars and cents, but can only be valued by assessing the numerous benefits -- not just to Siesta Key, but our entire community.


As a former Sarasota commissioner and in your current role, you maintain a very public presence. Do you plan to seek public office on the local, state, or federal level?


No. I maintain a “public presence” to advance the goals established by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation Board of Directors. I look forward to retiring and becoming irrelevant.


Refresh with Luxury


Inspired by you. Created by us. Concierge Custom Construction | Remodeling | Project Management 3534 South Osprey Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34239 | 941.924.1868 | LEED Accredited Professional Florida Licensed Building Contractor CBC 060004

Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker BK3222256 Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI4630



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A rare opportunity emerges on the Key Five houses, eight lots now available off Ocean Boulevard in gated Coronas Park neighborhood By Jane Bartnett


iesta Key is home to a wide array of rental apartments, condominiums and single-family houses that dot the landscape. With availability of single-family units at record lows, buyers interested in becoming homeowners in a small, new, gated single- family community may be in luck. The newly established Coronas Park is designed in a coastal style and is known as the crown of Siesta Key, located at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Givens Street. It is available for buyers and builders alike, combining 13 properties that are on the market. For example, on Bochi Circle -- only a few blocks from the private Out-of-Door Academy and half a mile from Siesta Key Village and the beach -- stand five existing luxury three-story homes that came on the market in early August. Built between 2009 and 2015, all five are being sold fully furnished and turnkey. Each has a private pool/spa, multicar garage, balconies, and an elevator. Coronas Park also has eight buildable lots for sale that are ready to become home sites for single-family residences. When built, the design of the new homes will be required to adhere to the architectural codes of the community’s homeowners association. The existing three-, four- and five-bedroom homes with multiple baths range in size from 2,300 square feet to 3,800 square feet, and span in price from $1.2 million to $1.8 million. Buildable lots that face the Gulf of Mexico and the private Lake Norma range in price from $550,000 to $650,000. The Coronas Park Homeowners Association fees will include all maintenance and landscaping for the 13 properties. The community also features a paved roadway and a decorative fountain. Before the properties changed hands in June, a previous owner held the homes and land. The residences were used as investment rental properties. All five residences as well as the buildable lots and common land and are now under the ownership of Coronas Park, LLC. Mark Kara, a Siesta Key and Sarasota business executive, and Dale Maggard, of the Tampa area, are officers of the company. After the homeowners association was created,

From left, clockwise: An aerial view of the Coronas Park neighborhood, the entryway, and a home for sale on Bochi Circle (submitted photos)

sale of the residences and lots began under the direction of the Ware Group of Sarasota. “It was the right time and the right place to create this unique residential community on the Key,” Kara said.

Added Ware, “Coronas Park is absolutely a unique place. For buyers, this truly is a rare opportunity to become a part of a newly established homeowners association right here on Siesta Key in a quiet residential neighborhood.” Continued on page 27


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  What’s new ... on Siesta Key

Multi-state real estate firm makes Key acquisition William Raveis now operates where Key Solutions stood for a decade on Midnight Pass Road By Jane Bartnett Siesta Key’s well-known Key Solutions Real Estate Group has a new name and a new owner. On Aug. 2, the Connecticut-based William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance company acquired the luxury Siesta Key real estate firm that boasts 44 professional sales associates and two Sarasota offices -- one on the Key and the second in Lakewood Ranch. Both offices now bear the William Raveis Real Estate name. Following the acquisition of Key Solutions’ two Sarasota offices, there are now 14 William Raveis offices in Florida. Additional Florida west-coast locations include Naples and Bonita Springs. On the state’s east coast, offices are in Delray Beach, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, and Wellington. To date, there are 134 Raveis real estate offices operating in eight states ranging from Maine to Florida. The firm has more than 4,300 agents and compiled $16 billion in production in 2020. In discussing his company’s entry into the Sarasota market, Bill Raveis, chairman and CEO who founded the company 47 years ago, said that “Florida is hot in more ways than one.” He noted that “More and more people from the northeast buy primary or vacation homes in Florida. We plan to expand throughout Florida for many years, further strengthening our luxury network.” Prior to its sale last month, Key Solutions was recognized as a leading luxury and family-owned brokerage. Susan Saltalamacchia, along with her son, Brian Tresidder, and close family friend Keith Redding, spent a decade building Key Solutions into a successful business that specialized in the sale and rental of properties throughout Siesta Key and the Sarasota region. Since the company’s inception, Key Solutions generated close to $1 billion in sales. Discussing the sale of his company, Tressider said “We knew this was a company we wanted to be working with and not against.” He noted that the Ravies company and

From left, Brian Tressider, a former principal with Key Solutions, and Matt Lane, general manager with William Raveis, share thoughts outside the newly established William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance on Midnight Pass Road. (photo by Jane Bartnett)

leadership team “have the same values we embrace.” Its focus,” he explained, is based on “agent success and training to ensure the customer experience is second to none.” Matt Lane, general manager of William Raveis in Florida who is based in the Naples office, reported that his company’s research shows that Sarasota County’s growth is



SESSIONS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS BEST EVER OFFER! ZERO OBLIGATION. First time clients only. One promotion per person. Offer expires December 31, 2021.



being fueled by residents from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Lane said that the company views the west coast of Florida as a strong growth market, as recent record sales reflect. “We don’t see demand stopping here,” he said emphatically. Current inventory, Tressider stated, is very low. His advice to buyers looking for

properties on Siesta Key is to be “ready to buy.” He stated that intense competition and low availability, coupled with cash-ready buyers, makes for quick sales. Siesta Key’s enduring appeal, said the veteran Realtor, is that the island continues to offer easy outdoor living, access to the Gulf Coast’s unique natural habitat, and mild weather. “Properties are selling at list and above with many properties never reaching the Multiple Listing Service and real estate websites,” he said. Condominiums, both Tressider and Lane agree, continue to have great appeal for those looking for a vacation property or retirement home. Last year, many vacationers delayed their returns to northern climates due to COVID-19, creating an extended winter season. Lane noted that the trend continued again in 2021. “We’re seeing a shift in how long people are staying during the winter into spring months,” he said. “Many are deciding to make Siesta Key or the Sarasota region their permanent home.” Tressider said that in the next five years “our research shows that growth will remain strong, here on the Key -- ownership remains dominated by the second-home, retired home buyer.” Prices in the Siesta Key market are continuing to climb, Tressider added. “On the low side,” he reported, “onebedroom, one-bath condominium units are selling in the area of $350,000 to $400,000. Prices for two-bedroom, two-bath units are starting closer to $500,000, and single-family homes are starting at about $600,000.” Also, just over the Stickney Point Road bridge, the Gulf Gate area is attracting buyers interested in what Tressider calls “old Florida homes.” As is the case in the rest of the Sarasota region, the Gulf Gate community has also become “a hot area” due to its single-family homes with yards and a 10-minute or less drive to Siesta Key beaches.

Best Burgers & Tacos on the Island! 5110 Ocean Blvd. • Siesta Key Village 941-487-8116 •



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Bitcoin: Investing or speculating? Sarasota Local Brings Experience & Trust to Siesta Key Many people have decided that bitcoin is the next big thing – and they are backing up their enthusiasm with dollars. Should you, too, consider putting money into bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? First of all, keep in mind an essential piece of financial advice: Don’t invest in something you don’t understand. And bitcoin is not easily understandable. There’s no physical bitcoin, nor is it backed by a bank or government. It’s a digital currency, used for transactions on a decentralized network of computers. The market’s demand for bitcoin largely determines its price, though other factors are also involved. And this price can vary widely. Since bitcoin was introduced in 2009, it has gone through periods of enormous gains and precipitous declines. Its short history has reminded market watchers of the bursting of the “” bubble in 2000 and the housing market bubble in 2007. These results have raised the following question about purchasing bitcoin: Is it investing or speculating? There’s a big difference

lot of buying and selling, saving on fees and potential taxes. But this “buy and hold” approach doesn’t mean investors put their portfolios on autopilot. Instead, they review their portfolios at least once a year to make sure their investment mix is still appropriate for their needs.

Joe St. Onge outside his office on Siesta Key.

between the two. Speculators engage in risky transactions with the hope of profiting from shortterm price fluctuations in various financial vehicles. Investors, on the other hand, stick with these practices: • They follow a long-term strategy. Real investors follow a long-term strategy based on their goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. Generally speaking, long-term investors don’t do a

• They focus on quality. Longterm investors stay away from the flashier – and riskier – financial instruments. Instead, these investors seek quality. When they’re considering stocks, for example, they look for companies with solid fundamentals, including strong management teams, competitive products and services and business plans that bode well for the future. When they buy bonds, they seek those with high credit ratings issued by the independent rating agencies. Focusing on quality doesn’t yield quick results, but it can instill confidence in one’s investment choices. • They diversify their holdings. If a downturn in the financial markets affects one type of asset particularly hard, and your portfolio contains a high concentration of that asset, your financial strategy could be jeopardized. Long-term investors

reduce this risk by owning a variety of investments. While diversification can’t guarantee profits or protect against all losses, it can help reduce the impact of market volatility on your portfolio. And here’s one more difference between investors and speculators: track record. Investors put their money into companies that provide tangible goods and services, and these companies have historically grown with the overall economy. Stocks and bonds are established investment vehicles with welldefined and regulated markets. Consequently, investors can assume a certain degree of predictability, though, of course, stock prices will always fluctuate in the short term and there are no guarantees against loss of principal. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are relatively new, largely unpredictable and will likely face increased regulation in the future, with the ultimate risk being an outright ban by some governments.

Joe St. Onge, ChFC® Financial Advisor Edward Jones Investments 5112 Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key, FL 34242 (941)-346-0560 phone (941)-320-4030 mobile

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Edward Jones. Member SIPC.

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Swinging into action Robert Martini’s efforts result in playgrounds equipped for all

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obert Martini talks about fatherhood in terms of “advocacy.” The 37-year-old Siesta lifeguard and his wife, Jill, have a 7-year-old daughter, Lyla, as well as a 4-yearold son, Maverick, who is on the autism spectrum. Whether it’s talking teachers about Maverick’s needs or educating strangers about his behavior, Martini is an active advocate on behalf of his child. This summer, his advocacy took the form of a 50-kilometer fundraising run to bring ADA-compliant swings to Sarasota County parks. “You should always be an advocate for your child,” he said. “You’re looking out for their best interests. I might seem like I’m being a difficult parent asking for these things, but I’m advocating for my son because he can’t advocate for himself.” On his days off, Martini likes

After speaking at a dedication ceremony on Siesta Beach, Robert Martini celebrates a new ADA-compliant swing with his son Maverick. (submitted photos)

to take his children to local playgrounds. But he quickly realized that Maverick was struggling with the swings, when Lyla had not. Traditional swings require the user to grasp the chain supports and generate momentum by kicking their legs back and forth — tasks that can be difficult for children on the autism spectrum or with sensory disorders.


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“As a parent, I want my children to be loved and happy,” he said. “I felt like Maverick was missing an opportunity to enjoy physical play.” Martini went into advocacy mode. He first asked the county’s parks and rec department about adding special swings to the playgrounds. When he was told there was no budget for them, he took the fundraising responsibilities himself. Martini created the “Maverick Movement” to raise money for specially designed, ADA-compliant swings to be purchased and installed at four public Sarasota County park playgrounds: Siesta Beach, Turtle Beach, Blind Pass, and South Lido. The smooth, plastic swings cradle the user and make it easier for them to be pushed by a caretaker. They’re designed for ages 2 to 15 and can support users up to 125 pounds. Martini also chose swings that could be easily installed around the parks’ existing swing sets. Each swing cost $1,114.98 with shipping and tax. Friends and family quickly donated enough to cover the cost of two swings. To gain attention and public support for two additional swings, Martini vowed to run 50 kilometers—and to livestream the feat on Facebook. “People like to donate money for a cause,” he said. “And their reward was watching me go through a lot of pain and suffering.” In the end, he raised a total of $4,600. At 4 a.m. on Aug. 8, Martini set off from Sarasota’s Trader Joe’s. He Continued on page 31


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Siesta Key residents help with arrest of car thief The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reports it arrested a Sarasota man after he crashed a stolen vehicle on Siesta Key and fled. On Aug. 22 around 11 a.m., deputies responded to a vehicle crash involving a black SUV and white Mazda near the 4300 block of Midnight Pass Road. According to witnesses, the white Mazda turned southbound from Higel Avenue at a high rate of speed into the opposite lane, striking the black SUV head on before colliding with a nearby fence. The driver of the white Mazda

fled on foot before deputies arrived on scene. When deputies ran the tag of the Mazda, it came back stolen out of Sarasota. With assistance from the agency’s aviation, marine and K-9 units, as well as the Longboat Key and Sarasota police departments, deputies searched the area for the suspect who was later identified as 25-year-old Dahowd Alyan. In an attempt to locate Alyan, a reverse 911 call was placed to all residents within a 2-mile radius of the vehicle crash. Around 1 p.m., after

receiving several tips from the public, deputies located Alyan on foot near 2635 Mall Drive in Gulf Gate and took him into custody. He is charged with three counts of leaving the scene of a crash with property damage and injuries, driving while license suspended, and violation of probation. He has more than 20 prior arrests on charges including possession of a firearm by convicted felon, burglary, grand theft, fraud, drug possession, and more.



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Driver dies in local crash A single-car accident after midnight on Aug. 8 resulted in the death of the 28-year-old driver and critical injuries to his 37-year-old front-seat passenger. The fatal crash occurred at 12:40 a.m. at the intersection of Stickney Point Road and Midnight Pass Road, according to Florida Highway Patrol. The westbound sedan ran the stoplight on Stickney Point Road and slammed into a pole while attempting to turn left on Midnight Pass Road, causing the car to burst into flames.

Did you know that Siesta Key has a Gemstone? Looking into the water at Siesta Key Beach is an incredible, captivating feeling - hues of blue and green dancing in light waves on top of crystal white sand with sunlight reflecting on it. Undeniably, the “Siesta Key Watercolor GemstoneTM” has captured the colors of this experience. It’s no secret that the sand on Siesta Key Beach is composed of 99% pure quartz. The crystalline white sand of Siesta Key is luxurious, soft, white and cool to the touch 365 days a year. This is why our beloved beach has been revered as one of the most beautiful in the world. Wanting to capture the experience and essence of Siesta Key beach was the goal of the proprietor of Silver City, Monica. “Tourists always wish they can somehow take their vacation memories with them,” so with this in mind, Silver City designed the Siesta Key Watercolor GemstoneTM. They were able to capture the colors of Siesta Key’s blue/green water and put it into a quartz gemstone. This quartz gemstone is a fusion of the tropical colors that surround us. Just looking into the clear, beautiful gemstone will transport you back to our island paradise representing the Sea, Sky and beautiful sand of Siesta Key Beach. Silver City has now become a “Must Stop” destination for tourists (Currently named #1 shopping destination on TRIP ADVISOR on Siesta Key). Shining brightly among the cases of this uniquely mirrored store lies the much raved about Siesta Key Watercolor GemstoneTM. Every jewelry piece is designed and made by Silver City Sarasota. The staff of Silver City Sarasota is very proud of their unique collection and variety of designs in Sterling Silver and in 14K gold.

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Siesta Key Coalition mounts major offensive Wave of speakers, computer images are part of anti-hotel group’s presentation to planners, but to no avail By Phil Colpas The Siesta Key Coalition came loaded for bear at the Aug. 19 meeting of the Planning Commission, presenting a unified front against the first of four hotels proposed for the barrier island. About 50 concerned citizens were in attendance as 19 speakers, including planning experts and longtime residents, tried to convince the commissioners to vote no on the proposed eight-story, 170-room hotel at Beach Road and Calle Miramar, which exceeds current limits for both height and density on Siesta Key. But it wasn’t enough. “I felt our speakers gave clear objective evidence of the lack of compatibility with the standards required to grant special exceptions, and identified multiple inconsistencies with the Comprehensive Plan,” said Siesta Key Coalition president and

commercial real estate developer Mark Spiegel. “Unfortunately, all but two of the commissioners seemed to use their own general beliefs that the key needs a new hotel, rather than following the legislated regulations of our Comprehensive Plan on what they are supposed to be considering, regardless of their personal perspective.” The commissioners to which Spiegel refers are Justin Taylor, who voted against both the Unified Development Code (UDC) amendment and the special exception; and Kevin Cooper, who voted against the special exception. The rest of the commissioners present voted to approve both measures: UDC amendment 5-1, special exception 4-2. This means the Planning Commission will recommend that the County Commission approve the hotel.

The Siesta Key Coalition presented the Sarasota County Planning Commission this 3-D massing plan/block study image, among others, depicting how the area along Calle Miramar and Beach Road would look if a proposed eight-story, 170-room hotel is built. Later, the commission voted to support the project. (submitted image)

“We were becoming increasingly concerned about hotel developments that were seeking height and density code special exceptions that were far in excess of what was allowed in their commercial zoning,” Spiegel said of the coalition, which was established

a year ago to prevent such developments and now represents 70 neighborhood and condominium associations comprising more than 6,500 Siesta Key households. “Plus, they were proposing to make text amendments to our Comprehensive Plan and the Siesta Key Overlay

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District (SKOD) that have protected us from this type of density and intensity on the barrier island.” Proponents of the Calle Miramar project, led by attorney William Merrill of Icard Merrill, point to the nearby 12-story Terrace condominium as evidence the proposed eight-story hotel fits the landscape. According to Spiegel, the Terrace is not compatible with the neighborhood because it was built 50 years ago, before limits were in place. In fact, the 12-story building was one of the reasons for imposing height and density limits in the first place, he said. “The hotel will block the views of many private homes. It’s six-and-ahalf times the allowed density and more than twice the allowed height with minimum setbacks.” “We don’t want anything as tall as the Terrace built ever again,” said Catherine Luckner, president of the Siesta Key Association. “They (the County Commission) approved our Siesta Key Overlay District in 1989; we still hold them accountable for that.” Dr. Neil Shleifer, board member of the Siesta Key Coalition and View 2 the Siesta Key Condominium Council, showed drone footage of traffic backed up in Siesta Village. He explained that as a main ingress and egress for residents, Calle Miramar and Beach Road is already a heavily trafficked intersection -- and the hotel would make it much worse. Bill Oliver, a Siesta Key resident and traffic impact expert consultant, expressed concern over poor access off Calle Miramar and the lack of traffic data, noting that a barrier island was not a typical-use case. “This has never been about trying to stop a boutique hotel or two coming to Siesta Key, but seven- and eight-story high-rise hotels -- next to residential -- that are proposed to be 4 to 6.5 times the allowed density of rooms per acre bring far too many adverse consequences than economic Continued on next page


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Coalition presentation Continued from previous page

benefits,” Spiegel said. “We have spent our time educating the public and requesting that the county engage with the stakeholders and residents of Siesta Key before allowing this developer, with only 1 acre of land, to so excessively change our regulations.” A longtime Siesta resident and owner representative for the 222 Beach Road condos across the street from the site of the proposed hotel, Dr. Carola Fleener said the hotel would block out the sun, diminish views and interfere with emergency services. “We’re relying on you to protect our homes and our way of life,” she told the Planning Commission. “This decision will have far-reaching implications,” said Linda Dickinson, longtime resident, Realtor and volunteer for Sarasota non-profit organizations, who compared the “short-sighted destruction of valuable resources” to Aesop’s fable about killing the goose that laid the golden egg, citing Siesta Key’s tourism draw. “Saying no to this extravagant request is not saying no to development on the Key. But there is a way to do it.”

Planners support hotel Continued from page 1

with vegetation on the east boundary. The entrance and exit will be off Calle Miramar, not Beach Road. Public parking will be provided for 36 vehicles, the team for the developer said. Planning Commission Vice-Chair Teresa Mast asked Merrill what the approximate cost per night would be. “$600 per room and up,” Merrill answered. “I could say ‘bougie,’” Mast said. “High-value customers.” The Siesta Key Coalition signed up 19 residents and experts to speak in opposition to the project (see facing story). They were given three minutes each to speak. The coalition argued unsuccessfully that they should have six minutes since there were two issues being voted on. “Why is an owner of less than 1 acre on Siesta Key allowed to amend the UDC in a manner that will have countywide impact?” asked Patricia Petruff, land-use attorney with Dye, Harrison, Kirkland, Petruff, Pratt & St. Paul, PLLC. “Most people don’t even know about it. There needs to be more public hearings to educate people about what is going on. The current regulations allow only 26 transient accommodation units per acre.” Rose Battles, longtime resident and owner representative for Beach Villas at the Oasis (adjacent to the site of the proposed hotel), said the building will block out the afternoon sun. “Siesta Key is very special -- so much of its charm is in its smallness,” she continued. “I’m not against hotels. I love hotels. But this hotel is too tall, too big and will cause major traffic and congestion problems. We’re begging you to vote no on this proposal.” Longtime resident and former Siesta Key Association president Lourdes Ramirez urged the planning commission to deny the hotel proposal as “inconsistent with the comp plan,” which has limited density on the island to 26 units per acre since 1989. She revealed the SKA will be submitting a 12-page white paper rebuttal to the county. The next meeting of the Planning Commission will be 5 p.m. Sept. 2, when the team representing Gary Kompothecras will discuss his proposal for a seven-story, 120-room hotel on Old Stickney Point Road and a five-story parking garage on Stickney Point Road. The Calle Miramar project will be the solitary item on the County Commission’s Oct. 27 agenda.


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Here are protest group’s issues with proposed hotels Presented by Mark Spiegel, president, Siesta Key Coalition (Editor’s note: The Siesta Key Coalition is a non-profit group created last year that is fighting against the size, density and intensity of the four hotel proposals currently being reviewed by Sarasota County. It currently reports it has more than 70 neighborhood and condominium associations as members, joining through homeowners association approval, comprising more than 6,500 households. It has raised more than $140,000 in donations, as of Aug. 25, and further reports that the Siesta Key Association and the Siesta Key Condominium Council are considered strategic partners.) 1. Comprehensive study of collective impact of four hotels Now that four hotels have submitted development applications, we advocate that county planners should initiate an integrated study on how transient accommodations will collectively impact Siesta Key, rather than review each application separately. The studies should incorporate the impact of the already-approved hotel and condominiums at the Siesta Promenade, and address many of the issues discussed below.

speeches at hearings are insufficient community input. To change policies put in place by years of interaction between community and county planning and leadership, a similar dialog is merited. 6. Precedents set for 30-plus acres zoned Commercial General There are 30 acres of commercially zoned land on Siesta Key. The proposed Calle Miramar hotel would be built on less than 1 acre, yet approval of its excessive height (eight stories), density (222,000 square feet), and high room count (6.5-times greater than current code) will set legal precedents for the other 30 acres. Commercial land will be assembled by other developers, and we lose our character and become like Fort Myers, Clearwater Beach, or Miami Beach. There are similar issues with the other three hotels.

2. Standards for Special Exceptions Commercial General zoning does not allow hotel use, or excess height beyond 35 feet (above flood level) “by right.” To change these limits requires special exceptions. Special exceptions were drafted in the code for “special” circumstances and were not intended to be an automatic right of zoning. There are many “standards” required of the commissioners to grant a special exception, and it requires that all the standards must be met. Examples of those standards are: The project will have no adverse impact on traffic flow, and the development must be “compatible” with neighborhood and “will not Calle Miramar by size, position, scale have adverse impact on neighboring properties.” These hotels clearly do not meet many of the special-exception standards.

7. Access from the mainland Sarasota County taxpayers residing on the mainland should have concerns about limited access to the Key in peak season being further exacerbated by highdensity hotels. They will find traffic deadlock and overcrowded beaches. 8. Beach access None of these developers own direct access to the beach. How will their guests access the beach when nearby public access lead to private beach areas above the mean high water mark, and the parkingconstrained public beach is more than a mile away? Existing conflicts between private property owners and visitors will only get worse.

3. Comprehensive Plan amendments Recently, in a surprising overreach of their role, county planning staff members decided to allow the developers to withdraw their requirement to seek an amendment to the countywide Comprehensive Old Stickney Point Road Plan (Future Land Use Policy 2.9.1) that protects our 9. Traffic congestion barrier island from increased density and intensity. Access routes from the mainland via the two For more than a year, all parties (developers, county bridges, and several other on-island roads, are always staff, commissioners and the public) understood this busy but are gridlocked in season and during spring to be a critical requirement of the developers. This break. Traffic jams stretching back beyond the Tamiami understanding was evidenced by the fact that the Trail are not uncommon. Another 500 private cars, Board of County Commissioners themselves, upon staff transportation and delivery vehicles will only this same county staff’s recommendation, voted in make the situation worse. Emergency-vehicle a public meeting in late January to allow planning response times and hurricane evacuation will all be staff to review the four hotel applications for the impacted for the worse. A bridge-to-bridge traffic sole purpose of allowing these Comprehensive Plan study should be undertaken, with proposed road Siesta Key Beach Resort & Suites site amendments to be evaluated “out of cycle.” changes to address these issues. The neighborhood workshops were also held with the public under the clear understanding that 10. Pedestrian and bicycle safety these amendments were requested. Several of the proposed hotels are at the greatest Yet only weeks before the first developer’s traffic-pinch points and at crossings that are already presentation to the Planning Commission, in unsafe and busy. Adding 560 rooms and more than letters we had to discover through public records 1,000 more guests will heighten safety concerns, requests, we learned that correspondence between and further delay congestion of traffic at crossings. A one developer’s attorney and a county staff bicyclist was killed recently on Siesta Key. manager was being exchanged. The developer’s attorney presented a legal argument for why the 11. Reduced property values Site of the former Wells Fargo amendments are now, after all this time, no longer A recent informal survey of a group of successful necessary. Not only do we disagree legally with that real-estate professionals revealed that they anticipate attorney’s interpretation, but we find it highly questionable why the county that the proposed hotels will have a negative impact on residential property planning staff manager would prejudice due process by consenting to a values. They see values dropping due to the increase in traffic congestion, matter which is not a code interpretation, but an actual legislated policy of noise, and transient visitors. In one workshop the developer representative the county’s Comprehensive Plan. This is a matter for the Board of County claimed neighboring residences were all “short-term vacation rentals.” Of the Commissioners to review. six largest and closest condominium communities to that site, less than 10% This pattern of interaction between county staff and land-use attorneys of the owners actively rent. These are our homes. outside the public process and without involvement of the Board of County Commissioners is very concerning. The goal of the developers is clear: 12. Environmental/construction issues Without the need for this Comp Plan amendment, approval of their plans Stormwater and runoff issues need to be addressed. What volume of would only require a simple majority of the Board of County Commissioners water will be generated, where will it go, and how will it be treated and how instead of the super-majority (four out of five votes) required to amend the will it affect current street flooding? Considering what happened in Surfside, Comprehensive Plan. partially due to nearby highrise construction, what could be the result of the Furthermore, the responsibility of the county staff to engage with driving of deep pilings required for 80- to 83-foot buildings near the beach? the public community-wide, and the burden to more comprehensively The Calle Miramar/Beach Road Hotel is only 200 yards from the 50-year-old study the cumulative impacts of these changes, are much higher with Beach Terrace tower. The Old Stickney Point Road hotel would be adjacent Comprehensive Plan amendments in play. to a mid-rise residential tower, Marina del Sol. That developer plans to fill in wetlands, without a study of the adverse impact on these wetlands, 4. Residential setbacks wildlife, birds, fish, and mangroves on Sabal Lake, as required by law. What The proposed Calle Miramar/Beach Road hotel shares its entire location precedents will be set on property, environmental and flood protection? along Calle Miramar and Beach Road with four-story condo residences. Yet, the planned hotel has a sheer wall, is eight stories tall, and is only 20 feet off 13. Quality of life for existing homeowners its property line, looming over private balconies and pool areas. The code The addition of tall hotels, 560 new rooms and more than 1,000 visitors clearly states that when a commercial use abuts residential, there is a 20-foot will negatively affect the existing residents of the Key. Loss of privacy, minimum setback requirement, and if the developer requests excess height excessive noise from bar and restaurant music, traffic congestion, and above the by-right height of 35 feet, then it must add 1 foot to the setback obstructed views of beaches and sunsets are concerns. for every 4 feet of excess height. The Calle Miramar/Beach Road hotel should therefore have a 31.25-foot setback from the residential. Yet, after making 14. Obstruction of Old Stickney Point Road this comment to another hotel developer’s plan, the county administrator There are 74 households with more than 170 residents living told the developers they only now need the minimum 20 feet. This is illogical “downstream” of the proposed hotel and parking garage whose only and unfair to the residential owners that relied on the county to ensure the vehicular ingress and egress is by means of the dead-end Old Stickney Point codes in place when they purchased residences. There are similar setback Road. Any blockage of this narrow two-lane road -- for example by frequent issues with the other three hotels proposed. deliveries to the hotel, traffic entering and exiting the parking garage -- backup traffic waiting for hotel registration, pedestrian and bicycle beach traffic, 5. Process for amending the Comprehensive Plan as well as blockages due to year-long construction activities. It would lead to Changing our Comprehensive Plan codes (Siesta Key Overlay District/ incalculable hardship upon those 150 residents. Plans to keep this road open Unified Development Code) and Florida land-use policies without seeking to freely flowing traffic (including emergency vehicles) always must be an community input is unwelcome. Zoom workshops and five-minute important part of any community review of plans.


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Mind Body Soul: ‘I can’ Captain Curt’s By Dolores Day has everything “Clear your mind of can’t.” once again persuading our mind that in fact our will is going you need to -- Samuel Jackson to be done in its proper time. The mind will actually begin feel Totally n all of my experience and to respond to this affirmative I personal growth as well as command and work towards Refreshed! working with so many others, I ways to seek the fulfillment of


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have found that doing this one act of radical mind sweeping completely alters one’s attitude. When we alter our attitude, we change our life! When the word “can’t” is eradicated from the mind, the proper and true attitude that replaces it is I can. It literally sings the opposite to be bold and true that all things are possible. When the mind believes and affirms that it can, it opens the many doors of possibility and limitations are released. The “I can’t” prison door that closes out all potential is blown wide open. Now the world of unlimited potential and opportunity can slowly become our reality. The mind is absolutely our most powerful tool when we learn how to use it properly and for the highest good. Removing the word can’t, and either assuming its opposite, I can, or even more affirmative, I will, is the single largest step towards any kind of desired success. Let me explain. When ones says either out loud or in the deep caverns of the mind, “I can’t”, they are cutting themselves off of all possible countless outcomes and any combination of unforeseen possibilities and future success. They shut off their connection to their faith that there is greater unknowns. It is as if they have chosen with the power of their word to shut off the running water to their home. Saying can’t removes all hope. However, if one simply removes this word completely and replaces it with I can or I could or even just simply eliminates the suggestion altogether, one is empowering the mind and opening itself up to expansive opportunities.



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Eliminating this word takes time and practice. For most of us it is a trained habit to repeat this word on autopilot and continue casting this limiting spell over our lives. One way to eliminate this toxic word from our vocabulary is to ask ourselves, and also answer, “I can’t?, or I won’t?” Because indeed there is a difference. If the answer is I won’t, that is OK. In fact, that is a self-empowering statement that says you stand firm in your belief or lack of desire to do something for whatever your reason. This is true power. You are not denying that you can, but rather making a conscious choice that you do not will it. We can also stop ourselves mid-sentence and actually erase the word in our mind by saying out loud “delete, delete.” By this we remove its power and slowly train the mind to find this word disagreeable and untruthful. In time our mind will create new patterns that not only make us feel good, but that relinquish the self-limiting belief that we are not capable of any sort of thing. If our desire or intention to accomplish something is even stronger and has become a must in our mind, then our word should become stronger and even more powerful by affirming “I will,”

our desire. The physical body will also begin to shift when we alter the mind to living in a state of unlimited potential! The word ‘not’ is a negative word that neutralizes or even cancels out positive. Yes, words can either emit positive or negative energy depending on our personal association to the word itself. So, if we stick to I can or I could, we will find our psyche will actually approve this possibility and begin to feel good. Our body will feel excited or even more alive. This truth can be established with a quick muscle test using your own arm. More and more people use Dr. David Hawkins’ studies and teachings on muscle testing of the body with specific words. Try it, it’s fun! When this word is cleared from our mind and is a long-lost memory and we no longer play tribute to its falseness, we will alas begin to see external changes in our world. Here is the truth: You CAN do anything, you may not WANT to do all that is required to achieving it, but it doesn’t negate the possibility that you can. And just because we can, doesn’t mean that we should. We all already exist in a sea of unlimited potential. We must just train our mind to know and feel it. So set your goals and make a plan. You CAN in fact do anything your heart and mind truly desires! -- Yours in love and light, De Day

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Time for a sports title trifecta?

Siesta Funship slides nicely into Gulf recreation market By John Morton those hoping for just a dip, while deep enough at the other end for the sliders. “I pump water down the slide, so you really can pick up some speed,” Hewes said. The boat has a bathroom and the entire lower level can be completely shaded. It’s bring-yourown beverages, but a cooler with ice is provided. Guests can also bring their favorite tunes. “I’ve got a state-of-the-art sound system,” he said. “I’ll hook up to whatever you want to hear.” The boat also has enough power to pull tubers and skiers. His marketing efforts have recently increased, now that the tourists are back in droves, but he still depends mostly on being seen in action. “I don’t know a single kid, or an adult with a beer in hand, who can resist a waterslide,” Hewes said. Full-day tours run between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., while half-day trips go from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Two-hour sunsets cruises are also available. Locally, pick-up is at Nora Patterson Bay Island Park, 946 Siesta Drive, along Siesta Key’s north bridge. Hewes will also pull up to canal locations where he can fit. “I get people along Grand Canal all the time,” he said. Visit or call (941) 800-1FUN (1386) for more information.

We’re No. 1! As you know, it’s a common Siesta Key rallying cry when it comes to our white-sand beach. But it has also become something you hear shouted throughout our sports bars, from Gilligan’s to the Sniki Tiki to Turtle’s Bar & Grill. Yes, Sarasota is part of the Tampa Bay market, home to across-the-board sports success never-before seen in these parts. “Champ”-a Bay is what we’re now called. The Lightning recently hoisted its second-straight Stanley Cup, the Buccaneers raised the Lombardi Trophy in February, and the Rays won last year’s American League pennant. However, they narrowly lost in the World Series. Had the Rays finished the job, Tampa would have become only the second U.S. city in history to capture three major sports titles in the same season. The other is Detroit in 1935-36, as the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings were crowned champions. Something tells me you’re not about to change your plans and head to the beaches of Lake Huron and Lake Erie in tribute of this fun fact. No city has won four titles in the same year. Philadelphia had the best chance in 1980, as the Phillies won the World Series. Its other teams (Sixers, Flyers and Eagles) would all lose in their respective finals, however. Back to Siesta Key. In case you do get a bit of beach burnout here, or suffer a cloudy forecast during your stay, consider heading an hour-and-change northbound to catch some of the sports action. In September, the Bucs host the Cowboys and Falcons at Raymond James Stadium. The scene is literally a blast, provided you like cannons. Don’t worry, they’re not lethal. We leave that to Tom Brady’s arm. Tropicana Field may not offer the same exciting atmosphere but it is a domed stadium, so no need to fear the dreaded rainout. The Red Sox, Twins, Tigers, Blue Jays, and Marlins are on the Rays’ September home slate. Meanwhile, the drive to St. Petersburg on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge is a treat as you travel 430 feet above Tampa Bay. Finally, preseason Lightning hockey at Amalie Arena takes place Sept. 30. The place is full of electricity, thanks to some shockingly cool special effects. And no doubt the Stanley Cup will be on display in the lobby. Could this be the year we match Detroit’s record? The Lightning have set the stage with its title, the Rays are sitting solid in the postseason race, and the Bucs return their whole team. Before you think that’s selfish, please note that this market was long considered a sports graveyard. The losing went on for decades. So, feel free to join in our fair-weather fandom while you’re here. We promise to be good sports about it. -- John Morton

Don’t Waste Your Island Time Crossing Bridges! We are conveniently located just a few steps from Crescent Beach and minutes away from anywhere on the Key.

• Full Service Grocery • Party Trays • Boar’s Head Meat & Cheese • Domestic & Micro Beers • Fabulous Deli Sandwiches Made to Order! • Largest Wine Selection on Siesta Key • Farm Fresh Produce • Beach Supplies • Butcher Shop • Take Out Meals

We Deliver to Siesta Key!

941-312-0472 fax: 941-312-9588



Shipshape for fun Joe Hewes didn’t have a business plan in mind when he decided to buy a 30-foot tritoon boat and have it customized with a 10-foot slide. No, he was just doing something fun for his family. “We’d be out in Sarasota Bay and people would always pull up and ask me if it was available to be chartered,” Hewes said. “Eventually, I had to say ‘It will be soon.’” He created a company in 2015, became a certified captain, named the boat Siesta Funship, and waited for calls. And they came in a big way. So much so that it’s now his fulltime occupation. “Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, shelling and snorkeling outings, you name it,” Hewes said of his outings. “I got the idea from seeing those slides on lakes up north, especially in the Carolinas. I figured it would catch people’s eyes, and it turns out I was the first person to have this in our area.” Others have copied him with similar boats, he said, but he’s OK with that. “I know I was the first and that’s what counts,” he said. The three pontoons, instead of the customary two, make for a smoother ride, Hewes said, and the ability to carry more weight. Popular anchoring spots are the sandbar in Big Pass and Sand Dollar Island, he said. At both locations it’s shallow at the front of the boat for

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1211 Old Stickney Point Rd., Siesta Key, FL 34242 (corner of Stickney Pt. and Midnight Pass Rd.)


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* Authentic Italian food from Italian chefs

* Fresh housemade pasta

BEST HAPPY HOUR IN TOWN Daily 4pm - 6:30pm

Open for dinner from 4pm - 9pm 3900 Clark Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233 (941) 952-3186

Alpine Steakhouse is proud to be the recipient of the Sarasota Magazine Readers’ Choice award for

“Best Restaurant for Steak” for the past six consecutive years

Sarasota’s only old-fashioned Meat Market, Deli and Restaurant under one roof WE’VE REMODELED! Come check out our fresh, new look! Home of the Sarasota TurDucKen, as seen on The Food Network with Guy Fieri, host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos

A familiar sight on Siesta Key, Florida’s state bird lends its influence to American pop culture, finding its way into songs, lullabies, and book titles. As its scientific name suggests, this medium-sized songbird is a “many-tongued mimic” with a lot to say — or rather, sing. Not only does it imitate the songs of other birds, but also the vocalizations of other species like frogs, insects, cats, dogs, and

even humans! Still more amazing is this songster’s uncanny ability for reproducing sounds from inanimateobjects like mechanized machinery and car alarms. The mockingbird’s repertoire boasts up to 200 different song types, making it a veritable flying jukebox. Weighing just under 2 ounces and measuring only 8 to 11 inches from head to tail, the proud mockingbird packs a lot of moxie into its compact size. Known for its high intelligence and extremely territorial nature, the mockingbird is capable of defending its nest from the attacks of larger predators like cats and hawks. Jan Baumgartner’s handmade notecards are available at BLVD Beachwear, 5239 Ocean Blvd., and Shelly’s Gift and Christmas Boutique, 4420 S. Tamiami Tr.

Blooming this month: Clerodendrum (bleeding heart vine)


B ES T M E AL VALU E I N S AR A SOTA Every Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM, Philly cheesesteak for $8 Dine-in or to-go

Prime Aged Steaks, Chops, Seafood, NY Deli Meats, Sausage and Salads

We offer takeout and complete catering services. OPEN Tuesday through Saturday 9 A.M. - 9 P.M.

Voted Sarasota’s Best Philly Cheesesteak and NY Reuben

Serving Sarasota Since 1975

Clerodendrum thomsoniae is a species of the genus Clerodendrum, of the family Lamiaceae. It will wrap its dark green tendrils around a trellis, fence, or other support. This sub-tropical vine will grow best in semi-shade and does best in well-drained soil. If you have the room, this vine can get about 15 feet tall and wide. Beautiful clusters of blooms, which can bloom several times a

year, comes in colors of reddishpurple, white-red, or light lavender. A bonus is it attracts, birds, bees, and butterflies. It’s currently in bloom in the Quiet Garden at Sarasota Garden Club, located at 1131 Boulevard of the Arts. Submitted by Kay Weber, Botanical Gardens Chair, Sarasota Garden Club

Sea turtle nest count (through Aug. 21) Siesta Key: Turtle nests 521, false crawls 602. Lido Key: Turtle nests 107, false crawls 279. Longboat Key: Turtle nests 1,031, 1,441 false crawls. Casey Key: Turtle nests 1,469, false crawls 1,773. Venice: Turtle nests 630, false crawls 584.

Information gathered by Mote Marine.



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Beer • Wine • Pizzeria • Wings Subs • Salads • Catering


215 Avenida Madera • Siesta Key

2053 Reynolds St. • Sarasota

1703 Main St. • Sarasota

Curbside Pickup • Delivery • Dine-In •

Siesta Sand



Island Chatter

Local author serves up fourth novel that showcases Siesta Key Peacock Road is the new novel by Gulf Gate resident Jaime Forth, who uses Siesta Key landmarks and

Siesta Key Oyster Bar, or “SKOB” as the locals call it, is the hangout with the laid-back, beachy atmosphere that will get you right into the Island Spirit. One of the things that set SKOB apart from the other restaurants in Siesta Key Village is that we have some of the best food on the Key.

settings as the location of her fictional work. As of Aug. 8, it’s been available on Amazon. The book is her fourth to showcase the Key. Others are Midnight Pass, Crescent Beach, and Forth The Siesta Key Inn. The stories are set in life here in the 1970s. Forth also hosts a tour of her book-related locations on YouTube, entitled The Siesta Key Book Tour.

New promotion and event manager joins Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce Mandi Green has been hired by the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce as its new promotion and event manager. A press release noted that Green’s hands-on experience with sales, marketing, and event management will be an asset to the team. The Ohio native has lived in Florida for 25 years, and is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with a

New concessions operator at Siesta Beach pavilion Those who enjoy a treat at the Siesta Beach pavilion will now see a new menu from a new operator. The Venice Pier Group, which operates Sharky’s

• Organic and Fair Trade Coffees & Teas • Cold Pressed Coffee • Organic Smoothies • Light Lunch (Sandwiches) • Breakfast Sandwiches, Bagels & Lox • Homemade Pastries


ACCOMMODATIONS Beach Palms ........................................................ B-#74 Siesta Key Beach Resort & Spa............. Map-A #38A ATM / BANKS PNC ATM........................................... Map-C #61 Sun Trust Bank & ATM.......................Map-E #4 BARS & NIGHTCLUBS Blase Café..........................................Map-A #38 Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar.............. Map-B #42-43 Gilligan’s........................................... Map-B #33 My Village Pub............................ Map-C #53/54 Siesta Key Oyster Bar...................... Map-B #45 The Beach Club.................................. Map-D #22 The Cottage........................................ Map-C #58 The Hub-Baja Grill............................ Map-D #59



1250 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242 NI CE ND O F VE IS LA


325 John Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34236


300 W. Venice Ave, Venice, FL 34285

Anna Maria Island

107 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217

HEALTH & FITNESS Indep. Lifestyle Solutions ............... Map-D #10 Siesta Healing...................................... Map-D #9 Siesta Key Fitness............................ Map-B #73 Studio Yooga ................................... Map-B #51 ICE CREAM/SWEETS Big Olaf Creamery............................ Map-C #52 Curly Cream Ice Cream...................... Map-D #9 Local Chill Ice Cream......................Map-D #60 Made in Rome Organic Gelato........ Map-C #53 Meany’s Mini Donuts....................... Map-C #24 Stefano Versace Gelato..................... Map-C #50 SubZero Ice Cream/Yogurt............. Map-D #16 The Fudge Factory............................ Map-A #36 INTERNET / WiFi SERVICES Davidson Drugs...............................Map-D #65 Mojo Risin’ Coffee Company........ Map-B #31 JEWELRY Created Gems.................................... Map-C #51 Mount -N- Repair Jewelers................ Map-D #9


LIQUOR STORES / FINE WINES Gabbiano’s Wine Club....................Map-D #70 Gilligan’s........................................... Map-B #33 Siesta Key Wine Bar........................ Map-C #61 Siesta Village Liquors..................... Map-C #26 The Beach Club.................................. Map-D #22

IG N 941.349.9822 IC S U M HAPPY E V I L HOUR G N 3.14 PI 2 - 7 pm Daily RI U A T Awesome pizza, E F wings & bartenders! 941.346.1188

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Attorney Fleming.................................Map-E #1 Edward Jones Investments.............Map-D #68 Smith Architects................................... Map-E 74 REAL ESTATE / RENTAL SERVICES Amy Robinson RE................................Map-E #1 Beach Palms................................................... B-74 Coldwell Banker Realty.................... Map-D #20 EXP Realty............................................Map-E #4 Judith Guzzi & Assoc........................Map-E #74 Keller Williams Real Estate.............. Map-D #11 Michael Saunders Realty.................Map-E #72 ReMax Alliance Group................... Map-C #29 Map-D #9 Robasota Rentals & Real Estate....... Map-A #39 Siesta Key Rental Prop..................... Map-D #10 The Ringling Beach House Rentals......Map-D #9 Tropical Sands Accommodations....... Map-D #67

48 47 46


TWO GREAT ONE LOCATION! TWO GREATPLACES PLACES ONE LOCATION! 5263 SiestaKey Key 5263Ocean Ocean Blvd. Blvd. || Siesta

Arizona White Eva $ 44.95

Arizona Black Eva $ 44.95


MISCELLANEOUS Chamber of Commerce...................Map-D #67 Prime Audio Video..............................Map-E #1 Roberti Enterprises........................... Map-A #39 Village Arcade................................... Map-C #53

GIFTS & SOUVENIRS Beach Bazaar..................................... Map-C #28 Gilligan’s Gift Store...........................Map-B #32 Island Trader...................................... Map-C #51 Sea Pleasures & Treasures............... Map-C #29 Siesta Key Outfitters........................Map-D #13


& Martini Bar

Arizona Anthracite Eva $

RESTAURANTS / CAFÉS Another Broken Egg................ Map-C #54 & 55 Blasé Café..........................................Map-A #38 Bonjour French Cafe......................... Map-C #47 Café Gabbiano..................................Map-D #71 Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar.............. Map-B #42-43 Flavio’s Brick Oven & Bar.................Map-B #29 Flavio’s Italiano Ristorante...............Map-B #30 Gilligan’s Island Bar & Grill......... Map-B #33 Island House Bar & Grill................Map-D #69 Lobster Pot......................................... Map-C #23 Mojo Risin’ Coffee Company........ Map-B #31 Old Salty Dog Rest. & Pub..................Map-E #2 PI Pizza & Craft Beer........................Map-A#37 Ripfire Pizza........................................Map-B #47 Siesta Key Oyster Bar...................... Map-B #45 IL PANCIFICO.................................Map-D #15 Subway Sandwiches..........................Map-B #30 Summer House.................................. Map-C #57 Sun Garden Café............................... Map-D #19 The Cottage........................................ Map-C #58 The Hub - Baja Grill.......................... Map-C #59 The Seafood Joint.............................Map-D #15 The Star Thai Sushi.................. Map-D #17 & 18 Village Café.......................................Map-D #14 SPAS - HAIR & BEAUTY Sassy Hair Salon...............................Map-A #40 Siesta Key Nails & Spa.....................Map-D #9 Shaman Sanctuary Salon.................... Map-D #9 SPORTS INTEREST/RENTALS CaliFlorida.......................................... Map-C #29 Robin Hood Rentals........................ Map-B #34

Arizona Silver Eva $ 44.95


MEDICAL - DENTAL Siesta Village Dentistry.................... Map-D #63 Siesta Dental........................................Map-B #49 Siesta Key Physical Therapy............ Map-D #20

GAS STATION Circle K Store........................................Map-E #6


MASSAGE Hands of Light Massage...................Map-B #35 The Spa at Calle Minorga..................Map-E #74

FASHION & ACCESSORIES Beach Bazaar’s & Swin Shack........ Map-C #28 Blvd. Beachwear.................................Map-B #30 Casa Smeralda Fashion’Style............. D #12-11 Comfort Shoes-Birki & More........Map-D #64 Foxy Lady Fashions.........................Map-A #40 Ganja Mon Vibes................................. Map-D #9 Gidget’s Coastal Provisions........... Map-B #44 Island Boutique..................................Map-B #50 Island Style......................................... Map-C #53 Lilly Pulitzer.....................................Map-D #66 Sea Shanty.......................................... Map-C #24 Siesta T’s..............................................Map-B #30 The Sandal Factory............................Map-B #46


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é Ca s a l


MARKETS/FOOD STORES Circle K Store........................................Map-E #6 Morton’s Siesta Market................... Map-C #25

DRUGSTORE Davidson Drugs...............................Map-D #65

5250 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34242


MAILING - SHIPPING US Post Office.................................... Map-D #65

COFFEE SHOPS Bean Coffeehouse............................Map-D #62 Mojo Risin’ Coffee Company........ Map-B #31

Daily Drink Specials

on the Pier, Fins at Sharky’s, and Snook Haven Restaurant, will now run the concessions at the public beach. The Sun Deck and Sand Pavilion food businesses, as well as the retail shop, began to be managed by the Venice Pier Group on Aug. 1. The concessions were temporarily closed during the transition, with new hires taking place between Aug. 3 and 7. At the Sun Deck, expanded beverage offerings is part of the new plan, including frozen drinks and craft beer, as is a chef-inspired menu that includes fresh fish, grilled shrimp, and blackened chicken tacos. Made-to-order items will be sold at the Sand Pavilion.

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Coffee Shop • Tea Room • 5138 Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key Village

Live Music Every Day and Night


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degree in communications with an emphasis in marketing. After college, she spent seven years traveling, staging, and promoting shows such as Disney on Ice, Monster Jam, and the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Green “I’m excited to bring my love of live events and my passion for networking to the Siesta Key chamber,” she said. Green resides in Venice. She replaces Rachel Dixon, who has taken a position as sales and catering coordinator with the Gasparilla Inn & Club in Boca Grande.


fashion’style + art


Visit Sarasota County, the tourism-related promotional arm for the area, has reported that June was another strong month for Sarasota County. In fact, the June lodging occupancy and average daily rate was the highest in Sarasota County history, according to Virginia Haley, president of the organization. June 2019 vs June 2021 tourism statistics: • Visitors in paid lodging in June 2019 were 99,300 and in 2021 they were 132,700 -- a 33.6% increase. • Visitor direct spending in June 2019 was $81,663,300 and in June 2021 it was $117,693,300 -- a 44.1% increase. • Lodging occupancy in June 2019 was 63.8% and in June 2021 it was 81.3% -- an increase of 27.4%. • Lodging average daily rate in June 2019 was $157.19 and in June 2021 it was $204.55 -- an increase of 31%. • Lodging rooms sold in June 2019 were 211,500 and in June 2021 they were 287,400 -- a 35.9% increase.

Island Chatter

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Visit Sarasota County report: June lodging numbers best ever

Big G’s Oyster Happy Hour from 3-6 Every day 1/2 Priced House Oysters



Bringing you quality and comfort for more than 40 years!

Birkenstock & More 5128 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Village

941-346-7425 Gift Certificates Available





5131 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key Village 941-349-3490


Siesta Sand


BARS & NIGHTCLUBS Capt. Curt’s Backroom Saloon................B-3 #7 Crescent Club.......................................... C-3 #13 Sniki Tiki....................................................B-3 #8 COFFEE SHOPS Coffee Garden................................... B-3 #8 DELIS / BAKERIES Anna’s Deli & Sandwiches.................. C-3 #14 Nutritious You......................................... C-3 #14 The Beach Deli @ Crescent Beach Grocery......B-3 #1 DRUG STORES Davidson Drugs..................................... C-3 #14 FASHION & ACCESSORIES Fin Island Co.............................................. A-3 #2 CB’s Saltwater Outfitters........................ A-3 #4 Coconuts Fashion......................................B-3 #1 Green Turtle Swimwear......................... C-3 #14 Key Casual Fashions............................... D-3 #17



Things You Like...................................... C-3 #14 GIFTS & SOUVENIRS Capt. Curt’s Souvenirs.............................B-3 #8 Green Turtle Shells & Gifts................. C-3 #14 Sunshine Sand Hidden Treasures...... D-3 #17 Silver City Jewelry................................. C-3 #14 HEALTH & BEAUTY Sanctuary Siesta Key............................... A-5 #12 Siesta Key Salon & Spa........................... D-3 #17 The Key Spa & Salon.............................. A-5 #12 ICE CREAM & TREATS Orange Octopus ........................................B-3 #8 Siesta Creamery....................................... C-3 #14 INTERNET / WiFi SERVICES Davidson Drugs..................................... C-3 #14 Mail Pack Center..................................... C-3 #14 LIQUOR STORES Crescent Beach Grocery...........................B-3 #1


Siesta Key B

es tD

ine r

in Flo rida

MSN Food and Drink Jan. 2015

Full and

and Veggie

Beer, Wine

Breakfast Fresh Fruit Lunch Menu

Big Water Fish Market................................C-3 #17 Boatyard Waterfront Bar & Grill...............A-5 #12


Bloody Marys


call: 941-312-0665

6621 Midnight Pass Road Just S. of Stickney Pt. Road

941-552-6485 Open 7 Days A Week ~ 7 AM - 3 PM

Capt. Curts Crab & Oyster Bar.................B-3 #7 City Pizza Italian Restaurant................. D-3 #17 Clayton’s Siesta Grille...............................B-3 #9 Daiquiri Deck.................................................A-3 #2 Spear Fish Grill..............................................A-4 #5 Toasted Mango Cafe....................................C-3 #17 Miguel’s Restaurant................................ C-3 #17 WATER SPORTS - FISHING - RENTALS A to Z Beach & Bike Rentals.................. A-5 #12 FIN Island Co. ........................................... A-3 #2 CB’s Saltwater Outfitters........................ A-3 #4 Parasail Siesta........................................... A-3 #2 Siesta Key Bike & Kayak ........................B-3 #8 Siesta Key Marina.................................... A-4 #5 Siesta Key Jetski ........................................ A-3 #2 Siesta Sports Rentals............................. C-3 #14 Waves Boat & Social Club...................... A-5 #12

To advertise in


Crescent Club...........................................B-3 #13 Siesta Spirits............................................. C-3 #17 MAILING & SHIPPING Mail Pack Center..................................... C-3 #14 US Post Office Sub Station..................... C-3 #14 MARKETS 7-11 Store.................................................. C-3 #16 Big Water Fish Market.......................... C-3 #17 Crescent Beach Grocery...........................B-3 #1 REAL ESTATE / RENTALS Beckmann Properties.............................. C-2 #15 Homes & Condo Rentals........................ D-3 #17 Re/Max Tropical Sands............................B-3 #1 Siesta 4-Rent............................................ C-3 #14 Waterside Realty.................................... C-3 #17 RESTAURANTS / CAFES

Home of the Orange Squeeze HAND MADE:


• Ice Cream • Sundaes • Shakes


1220 Old Stickney Point Road

“A Tropical Department Store“



Siesta Key’s Most Friendly & Unique Shopping Spot! SOUTHBRIDGE MALL




Siesta Key’s Largest Seashell & Coral Selection!


6525 Midnight Pass Road

MAP B-3#14



FREE! FREE! FREE! A Free Tropical Gif t! 59¢ Just For Stopping In


With This Coupon

No Purchase Necessar y EXPIRES:12/31/2020

Boatyard Waterfront Bar & Grill 1500 Stickney Point Rd.

MAP A-5 #12

Coconuts Fashion MAP 1215 Old Stickney Point Rd. B-3 #1&8

Crescent Beach Grocery 1211 Old Stickney Pt. Rd.

MAP B-3 #1

Siesta 4-Rent 6555 Midnight Pass Rd.

Toasted Mango Cafe 6621 Midnight Pass Rd.

MAP C-3 #17

Anna’s Deli 6535 Midnight Pass Rd.

MAP C-3 #14

Big Water Fish Market 6641 Midnight Pass Road

CB’s Saltwater Outfitters 1249 Stickney Point Rd.

MAP A-3 #4

Davidson Drugs 6595 Midnight Pass Rd.

MAP C-3 #14

MAP C-4 #17

MAP C-3 #14


Siesta Snapshots


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Photos by Trebor Britt

“THE Beach” -- How many awesome beach activities can you find in this photo? Siesta Beach has long been considered one of the top beaches in the nation. Visitors constantly rave about one of its most popular features: the beach’s powdery white sand stays cool to the feet even in 90-degree temperatures.

“Up, Up and Away” -- On a calm day, eighth-grader Preston of Orlando created his own wind to get his kite airborne on Siesta Beach. He enjoys the cool sand on his feet in the middle of the hot summer. He related his favorite subjects in school are science and math, especially his experiments with Coke soda and Mentos candy.

“She’s Swingin It” -- First-timer Martina, 2, of Ecuador, enjoyed a light Gulf breeze while safely swinging at the popular Siesta Beach playground. Aside from the soft sand, all the playground apparatus stands above safe, spongy rubber matting. Martina’s father described the beach as “Beautiful, beautiful, so beautiful.“

“Seasoned Lifeguard” -- A firefighter turned lifeguard, Scott Horns of Ohio is always ready on a Siesta Beach lifeguard tower. “Lifeguarding is different every day and I love the people and I love being outside” he said. Without hesitation Horns identified his favorite movie as The River Runs Through It and his favorite kind of music as reggae. He has lived in Sarasota for 10 years.

“Doin’ the Wave” -- These sisters found a unique way of “doing the wave” on the Gulf of Mexico shoreline of Siesta Beach. Born in Moldova, Ukraine, is (left) Ivamka, 5, who tightly holds her 3-year-old sister Rafaela’s hand as they jump mild Gulf waves. Now living in Sacramento, they’re enjoying a vacation of firsts: first time flying and first time to Siesta Beach.

“Beach Excavator” -- First-grade graduate and Gulf Gate resident Mason, 6, is as busy as any Florida county worker, excavating a little valuable Siesta Beach sand. No surprise he loves this beach because it’s so easy to dig in the sand. Living so close, the family makes regular visits to the Gulf of Mexico shoreline.

“Yes, Captain” -- Brian Abell of Louisville enjoys Siesta Beach as he proudly displays the captain’s hat he purchased at the Little Truman Whitehouse compound in Key West. He rented a condo located on the compound grounds, which includes a replica of Harry Truman’s Oval Office. Abell represents veterans litigating agent orange and toxic substance issues from the Gulf and Vietnam wars.

“Under Cover” -- Seasoned beachgoers Jonathan and Stacy of Indianapolis enjoy the shade on Siesta Beach. After meeting in college, they both work as accountants. The awesome sand and clear water are a constant draw for this couple, who are also enjoying the winter home of Stacy’s parents.

“Girls on the Beach” -- The Las Vegas youth-17 soccer team members were all smiles on Siesta Beach. They could not wait to visit during their break from a weeklong 32-team national soccer tournament, hosted by Lakewood Ranch. Most of them said they would be back someday. “Beach Sliders” -- Ethan Brown, 3, and first-grade sister Lacey, 5, of Fort Campbell, Kentucky prepare to zip from top to bottom on one of several slides located in the kids playground at Siesta Beach. When in school, Lacey enjoys reading and going out to recess. Their father, a 2004 graduate of Sarasota High School, is an Army sergeant first class.


Siesta Sand



Clean Cut Comfort – The Benefits of Proper Pup Grooming Kyle Baker, Senior Pet Food Nutritionist at DOGPerfect Are you maintaining your pup’s health both inside and out? In addition to diet, nutrition and exercise, regular and proper grooming is a critical component of keeping your dog in good health. Bathing, brushing, nail trimming and more not only help your pup look good but feel good, too. So, let’s talk about some of the basics of proper grooming, its benefits, and the best ways you can help your pup stay fresh and clean. Grooming Basics Proper grooming begins with brushing and bathing. Brushing from the neck down removes dead skin, hair and mats, distributes your pup’s natural oils throughout their coat, aids circulation in the epidermis — and helps them stay cool. In places like Florida, where the weather stays warm year-round, that last point can be a big one for your pup’s well-being. Want to make your dog’s coat really shine? Regular brushing paired with routine bathing is a great place to start, but proper grooming requires more than the bare minimum. For example, dogs should have their nails trimmed to prevent discomfort and other health issues. Additionally, pet parents should attend to ears and eyes with consistent cleaning to limit irritation and infections. And finally, you also need to keep a close eye on your pup’s teeth with at least one trip to the doggie dentist each year. Home Grooming In addition to a clean coat and whiter teeth, grooming offers benefits beyond beauty. According to certified master groomer and best-selling author Jorge Bendersky, it’s one of nature’s strongest ways to bond. That’s why all pet parents should opt to perform at least some of the grooming at home. Home grooming presents the opportunity for you to grow your relationship with your pup and familiarize yourself with their body so potential issues like mats or pests can be identified and

pet retailers carry the basic supplies you’ll need, like brushes and shampoo, and some have self-serve dog washes if you don’t feel comfortable bathing your dog at home. In some cases, pet retailers will even have professional groomers on staff so you can drop your pet off for a clean, a cut, and more all while you shop. Lastly, it’s worth noting that regular grooming not only benefits your dog, but also your home and sanity by minimizing pet dander and hair in your rugs and furniture. So, get your dog on a regular grooming schedule to keep them looking and feeling great — and give your vacuum a break while you’re at it.

Paw Pals Meet Titus

He’s a 3-year-old shepard/lab mix and was rescued at 4 months old. He lives with his forever family in New Jersey. He made the 1,033-mile drive last month to visit his Grandma Sally, who has been living in Sarasota for 35 years. On his vacation, Titus enjoyed watching the sunrise every morning at Bird Key Park, taking long walks with Mom and Dad, and cuddling up with a grandma who spoils him with endless belly rubs! eliminated before they become a problem. Professional Grooming On top of a home grooming schedule, many pet parents also take their pup to see a professional. At minimum, you’ll likely need to see a pro groomer to ensure your dog gets a decent haircut from time to time. However, skilled groomers offer a number of other services that can help alleviate apprehension about certain needs — and help free up your schedule. Whether you feel confident about a complete home regimen or you need help from a professional, your local independent pet store is a great resource for both grooming tools and grooming pros. Most


(Submit your Paw Pal to the Siesta Sand at

Kyle Baker, senior pet food nutritionist at DOGPerfect, has a passion for educating pet parents on the power of nutrition and how it can improve their pet’s lives with proper food, supplements and treats. DOGPerfect is a locally owned and operated pet supply store with locations in The Landings, University Park, and Lakewood Ranch. Visit for more information and to sign-up for a free one-on-one nutrition consult with Kyle.

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Great Sandwiches

Since 1994

Sandwich Construction Specialists

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Adult Games of Skill Bridge & Marjane Game Clubs Forming Meet New Friends Fun Things to Do Complimentary Refreshments & Food Casual Atmosphere & Super Staff Covid Compliant & Temperature Checks Open 7 Days a Week — 10am-10pm Bring this ad in for a free gift: SS



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Siesta Sand


Incorporation who has represented many clients before the Legislature over the years, I can be the ‘boots on the ground’ to advocate and closely monitor the incorporation issue as it moves through the legislative process during the 2022 regular legislative session,” Moyle said.


Continued from page 1

Previously, he assisted the community of Panacea to successfully pass legislation to enable that coastal community to conduct a vote on municipal incorporation. He also assisted the northwest Florida communities of Seaside, Grayton Beach, Rosemary

Beach, Alys Beach, and Rosemary Beach as they collectively explored whether to pursue incorporation of the combined area. All the elected state officials representing Siesta Key in the House and Senate have been contacted in person by the incorporation team. They are Fiona McFarland, Tommy Gregory,

James Buchanan, Will Robinson Jr., and Joe Gruters. Save Siesta Key has reported that McFarland has agreed to sponsor its effort. “I will work with the board in my role as Siesta Key’s state representative as they follow the process established by Florida law to become a city,” McFarland said. Meanwhile, in keeping with

Happiness Is…Being A Local

Jerry and Jill Williams, owners of Abel’s Ice Cream

Being a local has a certain set of privileges. Season is always such a busy time, flooded with a beautiful diversity of people from all over the country and the world. But locals, including the Williams, certainly appreciate the slower pace and the perks that come along with the offseason. Like no wait times at their favorite restaurants, plentiful parking at the beach and of course, less traffic.

with family and friends at Abel’s Ice Cream, enjoying each other’s company over a cup or cone. Two current favorites are Raspberry Truffle (A Heavenly combination…Raspberry ice cream with raspberry ribbon & dark chocolate raspberry cups.) and Cookies and Cream (Scrumptious Cookie flavored ice cream with crushed chocolate cookies in every bite! It’s a staple for a reason!)

Since it is a little quieter, now is the perfect opportunity to spend a little extra time

Stop in today and discover your favorite! Abel’s Ice Cream is located at 1886

Stickney Point Road, Sarasota, in the South Bridge Plaza. Open Sunday through Thursday from Noon – 9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday from Noon – 10 p.m. Learn more online at or connect with them on Facebook and Instagram. Awarded their Certificate of Excellence for SIX years straight!

its “government lite” approach in which a municipality handles its own land-use and codeenforcement issues but outsources many services, such as police protection, Save Siesta Key leaders at their July 22 public meeting announced that the feasibility study indicated that only a .25 millage levy will be required. They called it a “bare-bones” number and will support between six to eight employees, including a town manager and town clerk. For a Siesta Key property valued at $479,000, which is the median assessed value for the Key, the local tax bill would be $119.75 per year. The owner of a $1 million home would pay $250 annually. Residents would still pay taxes to Sarasota County, as well. The new bill would result in a 7.8% tax increase in what residents currently pay. Millage, or mill rate, is a term some states and localities use to calculate property tax liability. A mill is one one-thousandth of a dollar, and in property tax terms is equal to $1 of tax for each $1,000 of assessment.


Sarasota’s Family Diner since 1972! Open Daily 7am-9pm

Barber Scott Reich Formerly of the Village Barber

Gulf Gate Barbershop Making Gulf Gate look good since the ‘60’s

Bringing over 70 years of life lessons and local knowledge to your haircut (trust us, we know alllll about what you did last summer). It’s not just a haircut, it’s life. We know all about it. Let’s laugh, have a beer, and talk nonsense….that’s free. Haircut? That’s gonna cost you…$18, if we like you, $25 if you’re a P.I.T.A. “Best Local Barbers” 20 years in the running Kyle and Scott “to the second power”

6575 Gateway Ave., Sarasota, FL 34231 941-809-9028 Walk-ins Welcome

Broasted Chicken Dinner special every Wednesday $

only 11.75

4 pcs. of our Broasted Chicken Cup of Soup or Tossed Salad Potato Choice & Dessert Served from 11:30 am - 8:30 pm No sharing or substitutions please

Over 100 menu items Open 365 days a year Daily specials Breakfast served all day, every day!

6721 S. Tamiami Trl, Sarasota • 941.924.1770


• Sunset Chicken • Sunset Fish


• Sunset Shrimp • Sunset New York Strip


(Salmon, Tuna, Cod or Grouper)

Online Ordering for Take out and Delivery

15.95 $17.95 18.95 $21.95

All Dinners Include:

Oriental Clear Soup, Green Salad, Shrimp Flambé, Stir Fried Vegetables, Japanese Steamed Rice and Japanese Green Tea 5:00pm-6:00pm Daily. Must be seated by 6:00pm. Excluding Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

4910 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, FL 34231 941.552.9465


Off Key!


27th State Media LLC


By Robert Frederickson

From dominating retail to fact-checking betrayal Commanding the high ground in local retail


ave you noticed the mega warehouse going up on the west side of US 301 just south of Tallevast road near the airport? Soon it will be filled with all manner of shiny baubles from China, Vietnam, Indonesia (and yes, even from a few U.S.-based manufacturers). The massive building will soon house this area’s new “last-mile” Amazon fulfillment center. Some will likely be impressed by the sheer scale of the facility and marvel at the logistical complexities Amazon has mastered to get all their merchandise to our doors, often in a day or less. But I can’t help but see the huge chunk of the local economy the company now controls as made clear by the massive scale of the building. I remember the fight residents

of Newtown – a few miles to the south – put up a decade or so back when Wal-Mart wanted to build one of its supercenters off 17th street. The community prevailed in 86-ing the project. The same thing happened on University Parkway when residents of the tony University Park successfully countered Wal-Mart’s plan to build another supercenter near their exclusive neighborhood. (They ended up with a Kohl’s instead... go figure). And neighborhoods around the old Ringling Shopping Center just east of downtown also fought back a Wal-Mart incursion a few years back. But Amazon? It seems we just can’t get enough of what they’re selling. Here’s my question though: whatever happened to the oh so popular slogan back in the day regarding Wal-Mart’s early attempts to gain a foothold in the local retail landscape? You remember the sentiment: “WalMart Destroys Local Businesses.” Well, I guess those convictions have been trumped by the convenience of getting that pair of Lululemon knockoff yoga pants by noon tomorrow ... guaranteed!

Coronas Park

Far right, Realtors Domanic Calamese (left) and Curt Ware prepare for an open house. Above, the rundown on what’s available at Coronas Park. (photos by Jane Bartnett)

A stand-in for Biden?

A Biden animatronic is set to make its debut in Disney’s Hall of Presidents this month. Meantime, the White House has denied rumors of secret negotiations underway seeking an exchange.

And you thought Sarasota was growing?

The Villages, northwest of Orlando, was the fastest growing metro area over the past decade ... and not just in Florida, but in the U.S. as a whole. In 2001 the population was 25,000. Today it is more than 130,000, according to the latest census figures. The 55-plus retirement community grew a remarkable 39% during the past decade. Central Florida as a whole has shown the fastest growth in the state during the period, making it likely that Florida’s newly apportioned Congressional district will be drawn from this region. As a solidly conservative area, Republicans see the new district as a solid pick-up in the U.S. House of Representatives they can bank on to help narrow or even flip the razor-thin majority of just eight

seats Democrats now hold. By comparison, the Sarasota/ Bradenton/North Port metro area grew at an 18.8% pace during the past decade, from 702,00 in 2010 to 833,716, according to the latest figures.

Politicizing language

Remember when you could talk about the weather with just about anyone from just about anywhere with little fear of sparking a political contretemps? Well, those days are long gone. Nowadays there’s no such thing as “bad weather.” The phrase has been replaced by the politically charged “climate change.” So even the formerly benign subject of weather, the ultimate entré for connecting us by way of the small-talk that recognizes a universally shared human experience – the cold, the heat, the rain, the snow – has become a potential minefield to be avoided, eliminating yet another avenue of connection that heretofore could bring strangers together while in public spaces like the check-out line at the local market or waiting for a bus or train.

Continued from page 7

He noted that there are only two other gated communities with single-family homes on Siesta Key. Siesta Estates is one of them. Built during the years of 1997 to 2017 on Midnight Pass Road, it is within a short drive or bike ride to the Village. The community features 20 stately, large single-family homes. As of late August, a review of showed that no Siesta Estates homes were for sale. The other is the Sanderling Club, located at the southern end of Midnight Pass Road. It dates back to the 1940s. Secluded and luxurious, it contains 67 waterfront homes and 25 gulf-facing cabanas that were designed by the distinguished architect Paul Rudolph. Residents of the Sanderling Club enjoy their own marina and many amenities. According to, there were three homes for sale in this exclusive enclave. They range in price from $4.475 million for a seven-bed, seven-bath,


6,697-square-foot home to $17.9 million for a six-bed, eight-bath, 9,096-square-foot beachfront home. In discussing the current availability of single -family luxury homes on the island, Ware Group Realtor Domanic Calamese stated “The real estate market on Siesta Key has been extremely strong with no signs of letting up.” Ware concurred, and said that “We expect that these five Coronas Park luxury homes, as well as the eight rare building lots, will go very fast.” He noted that “Second-home owners, snowbirds, as well as those looking for a year-round home, will find ownership in Coronas Park very appealing.” Added Kara, “Having grown up in Siesta Key, I knew the area very well. Architecturally, the style of the existing houses fits the landscape and complements the rest of the community. “We understood that this would be a special residential opportunity that would be good for the Key.”



OD &




FRESH SEAFOOD SMOOTH SPIRITS EXCEPTIONAL HOSPITALITY At The Landings 4870 So. Tamiami Trail | Sarasota, FL 34231 941.529.0555 |

Tripletail Seafood & Spirits is part of the Gecko’s Hospitality Group family of restaurants.

Progressives among us call this “progress.” But of course, it is anything but as language becomes a tool to create wedge issues to divide us at every turn.

Quote of the day

“The past cannot be cured.” –Queen Elizabeth I

So, who’s checking the fact-checkers?

Fact-checking website Snopes. com is under fire for lifting content from the L.A. Times, The Guardian, and other news outlets according to a report on BuzzFeed News. According to the report, Snopes co-founder and CEO David Mikkelson allegedly ran the appropriated material under his own byline as well as a generic Snopes byline from 2016-2019. All of which should serve as a reminder of what our founding fathers believed on the subject: That YOU, the citizen, are the final authority when it comes to fact-checking, not some third party that may or may not have its own agenda.


Siesta Sand



Arts on the Horizon By Rodger Skidmore How to (not) waste your time


merica’s, and the world’s, fascination with found objects did not start with the Broadway musical Stomp, that show about such items as broom handles, innertubes and garbage cans: The entire field of archeology is nothing but the sifting through of detritus left by the “us” of eons ago. Whole museums house those gems from our collective past. However, with the current world view that things aren’t going so well, what with plastics going into the sea, then into fish, and on into us, the packaging of things we buy weighing more than the items bought, and our running out of space for waste dumps, it is not strange that our interests turn to the waste we collectively generate. All this leads to a collective of waste pickers in Brazil that, on a daily basis, go through the world’s largest waste dump looking for things that can be recycled for cash. And, as with Stomp, the artistic view of this process can be either entertaining or educational. With Stomp it was turning junk into music and with the movie Waste Land it is turning garbage into (very little bits of) gold. A Brazilian artist from New York, Vic Muniz, spent three years convincing a town’s worth of waste pickers (the catadores of Jardim Gramacho) to assume poses of people in famous paintings by Picasso, Millet and David. As a result of Muniz’s efforts, Waste Land won more than 50 awards, was nominated for an Oscar, received a Golden Tomato as the best-reviewed film of the year from Rotten Tomatoes, and raised thousands of dollars for the catadores’ collective. Ballet and contemporary dancers generally follow the choreographer’s direction and do the dancing. In Trash Dance, trash collectors drive the trucks but the trucks are the ones

Waste Land is among the powerful series films at Asolo Theater. (submitted photo)

that seem to be dancing. Allison Orr is the choreographer, where a dozen or so sanitation workers and their trucks “dance” on an unoccupied airport runway. Trashy lives? That is what some critics said when Ingrid Bergman appeared in Roberto Rossellini’s Stromboli. It was a pretty good movie, but it was the behind-thescreen activities on that volcanic island that destroyed Ms. Bergman’s career (for a time -her role on Broadway as Joan of Arc restored it). Separately, on themes of betrayal and redemption, Casablanca (Ms. Bergman again) and The Infiltrators have a lot in common. Heavy-handed government agents against a resistance that does not always win. Both of these films bring you into the action rooting for the good guys. Closing out this series of films at the historic Asolo Theater is Petra, a film about the closing night of the theatrical production of Las Amargas Lágrimas of Petra von Kant (The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant). The text is by Rainer Werner Fassbinder but is a new creation by Ringling’s artist in residence Randy Valdes. For dates and times for all of these films is at

Seeing is believing. Really?

Now you see it, now you don’t. What you see is what you get. All these old sayings are so … old. Old, and out of date. Go to Selby Botanical Gardens on or after Sept. 20 and view some of its beautiful flowers and plants. Then close your eyes and picture some work of art next to them. Perhaps something by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, Denmark’s Jako Steensen, Refix Anadol from Turkey, or French-American artist Sarah Meyohas. Not too clear or distinct, are they? Now open your eyes and see them in their full glory -- the flowers and the art. Amazing, right? Not really, not in today’s world where we have gone beyond virtual reality and entered the world of shared reality -augmented reality. Sort of like animated movies where computer-generated cartoon-like creatures weave around live actors and live actors cavort around newly imagined scenery. Bring your laptop or smart phone to the Selby, point them at the flowers in front of you, look down at your device, and there it all is. Look up and then down, up and down; now you see it, now

you don’t. There are 12 botanical gardens, scattered around six countries, that will be hosting this show, Seeing the Invisible. The 13 artists and their works of art will be the same in each garden, but the shows themselves will be different because they will be showcased in quite different botanical settings. In old England, a highwayman was a robber who held you up. In old Florida (1950s) the highwaymen were 25 men and one woman who held up their art along the highway for you to buy. Those tourists, viewing the natural settings that were the rule rather than the exception, bought the paintings because they so beautifully represented what they were seeing all around, not because that art was a good investment. Of course, their children and grandchildren now have, in effect, money hanging on their walls, as well as scenes about which they may comment “My, it certainly was beautiful back then.” Florida is, in many spots, still as beautiful -- one simply has to get off of I-75 and U.S. 41, and drive down the back roads in the center of the state to see glimpses of what could have been seen every day, back in the day. Works by the Highwaymen are currently on display at Selby Gardens. The Glimmerglass ballet festival takes place in Cooperstown, New York, while Glimmer-in-the-Grass is in its fourth year at Selby Gardens. Some of the artists on display at the Duncan McClellan Gallery in St. Petersburg are having their work featured in the tropical conservatory with a backdrop of lush plants and flowers. Info about all of this is at

Thank you, Denise

Remember, a few years back, when the Sarasota Chalk Festival was held here in Sarasota? It was started and run by Denise Kowal, and the giant chalk drawings lined Pineapple Avenue. Each drawing took many days to complete and one could watch as the artists squatted on their haunches, or knelt on their kneepads, laying down stroke after stroke of colored chalk. While all the walkers and gawkers loved every moment, some drivers resented having to go a block out of their way as they drove the backstreets of Sarasota trying to skip the traffic on Tamiami Trail. Also, some shopkeepers resented the hundreds of potential customers that wandered by their stores (go figure!). The result was the festival moving to a spacious runway down at the Venice airport. Well, the chalk isn’t back but, thanks to

Selby Botanical Gardens offers a virtual reality of all things plants and flowers. (submitted photo)

Ms. Kowal, the drawings are. Rather than being in the street for the weekend after they were finished, the sidewalk squares are now the artists’ canvasses for painted portraits of Dolly Jacobs, Fredd “Glossie” Atkins, flamingos, a giant Twistee Treat stand, John and Mable Ringling, Pee Wee Herman, and a circus, in 1926, sponsored by the Ku Klux Klan, as well as close to a hundred others. The paintings will remain on both sides of Pineapple, parallel to Burns Court, through the end of September. See

The incredible works by those who contribute to Chalk Festival are being displayed in downtown Sarasota, where the event used to be held. (photo by Rodger Skidmore)

Weekly Specials Seabar drawS a collective influence from

the cultures of the Pacific ocean while keepInG a fresh local seafood driven focus SARASOTA

5446 Fruitville Road Sarasota, FL 34232 941-444-7823


6528 Superior Ave Sarasota, FL 34231 941-952-3361


6540 Superior Ave SArASotA Fl, 34231 941-923-6605



Notes from the Island Fishmonger

Capt. Jim Klopfer’s Fishing Forecast Adventure Charters (941) 371-1390

an is it hot! No surprise, as Florida is like this every summer. I’m trying to “chill” with air conditioning, cold-water oysters, snapper ceviche, octopus’ salad, and a refreshing cold one at happy hour which sometimes starts at noon on Siesta. A Captain Curt’s daiquiri is the way to go on a day off. Or, do the beach if that’s your thing. The good news is that the fish are biting. Fishing captains are reporting that fishing is off the hook right now. American red snapper is available, as are black grouper, amberjack, and mahimahi. All of Florida’s most popular local fish are in season, cost effective and abundant. I went out recently and had a field day catching about 10 different species. A lot of it was catch and release, but I did keep my limit of grouper and caught plenty of trout on the way in. Do not worry about red tide affecting your edible fish. All commercial fish is inspected by the FWC before it moves into markets and commercial fisherman do not fish anywhere near an algae bloom. Fish kills on the beaches are very disappointing to say the least, but all we can do is our part. Keep the beaches and oceans clean. Trust me, there is a lot more ocean than there are infected areas. The bad news is for crab-legs lovers. They are available, but the price has gone up considerably. Apparently, we are having trouble shipping anything from Canada and Alaska because of COVID-19 restrictions. Even the cost of lobster meat from Boston is through the roof because of demand and supply. You will probably see that taken off of many menus. At Big water Fish Market, we will continue to sell crab and lobster even at cost if we have to, as I know our patrons count on Thursday lobster rolls and the best crab-leg steam pot on the key. Speaking of the dog days of summer I thought I would have a little fun with this month’s recipe. Believe it or not, our dogs like to eat fish as well. At least most of them. I’m not a cat person, but I believe cats are fed canned tuna for the same reasons I give my dogs salmon. This may sound silly to some of you, but I actually cook for my dogs. Always have. Yes, they are spoiled but they are my pups. Be careful if you listen to me because it won’t be long before your dogs won’t even touch the dry food anymore. I have to mix it in with the meals and I do this just to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need, plus it adds a little


eptember is the month that redfish begin schooling-up in Sarasota. The expansive shallow flats in Sarasota Bay are traditionally the most productive areas to fish. A low, incoming tide in the morning is preferred, allowing anglers to see the large schools of reds. As the tide rises, the fish will work up from the edges of flats and holes onto the grass to feed. Locating the fish can be difficult under flood-tide conditions; there is just too much water up on the flat to effectively locate them. Both live bait and artificial lures will catch plenty of fish. A Bass Assassin grub on a ¼-ounce jig head is a great choice for anglers who enjoy casting artificial lures. Olive (08) X-Raps and other plugs are also effective along with gold and silver spoons. A live shrimp under a popping cork is a time-proven technique for catching “specks” on the west coast of Florida. Hopefully, the recent red tide will have abated. Snook will migrate from the beaches back into the bays in September. Both passes will be great spots to fish, especially on afternoon outgoing tides. The bars and mangrove shorelines along Siesta Key are prime spots as the fish move toward their fall feeding areas. Artificial baits will allow anglers to cover more water, while a well full of pilchards practically guarantees success. Redfish, large speckled trout, crevalle jack, and mangrove snapper may also be encountered while pursuing the mighty snook. Lighted docks and bridges are snook magnets and will provide great action for anglers looking to catch fish and escape the summer sun. Live and artificial shrimp free lined in the tide are deadly, as are small white flies. Surf fishing off the Siesta Key beaches should be good for snook, ladyfish, Spanish mackerel, pompano, and other species. Point of Rocks is the best spot as there is a lot of fish-holding structure, but any stretch of beach is likely to produce. Live bait such as shrimp and small bait fish works great. A #1 live bait hook with a short piece of leader and a split shot is the preferred rig. Spoons, plugs, and jigs are also sight fish. Speckled trout fishing has been rebounding this year and this should continue in September. Deeper flats will produce more fish, while the larger specimens may be found in shallow water. A topwater or shallow diving plug worked over bars at first light is a deadly technique for fooling gator trout. Anglers fishing the deep grass will catch a variety of species this month including bluefish, Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, pompano, ladyfish, jacks, and more. Jigs and live bait are very productive. The rocks and bridges in Big Pass will be excellent spots to target mangrove snapper this month. These tasty saltwater panfish will be migrating out of the bay and into the Gulf of Mexico. Slack tides are the best times to drop a live shrimp or bait fish along the structure. Don’t be surprised if a big snook intercepts a bait meant for a mang!

Kid Catch of the month!

of Siesta Key

Red Snapper Florida Puffer Yellowtail Florida Puffer Sailfish Sailfish Spanish Mackerel Dohlpin “Mahi-Mahi”

crunch which is good for their teeth. I’m not saying to take your dogs off proteins such as beef and chicken, as there is nothing wrong with red or white meat. Just know there is a healthier option out there, such as fish. Same for people. Fish meat offers a ton of great benefits. Not only is it low in transfats and saturated fats, but it contains a myriad of beneficial fats. Fish is rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids. A regular diet of fish can improve your dog’s cardiovascular and skin health and add a noticeable luster to your dog’s coat. Is this cost effective, you ask? Actually, I think making your pet’s food is less expensive or equal to buying weekly dry dog food. Option 1 is I grind up salmon tails and pieces, carrots, and celery every Sunday. I would be glad to do this for you upon request, as I know not everyone has a meat grinder. Option 2 is to use canned goods, as I often do as well. Alternate between salmon, chicken and ground beef. The recipe is simple, and I only do this twice a week: 1. Cook brown rice. 2. When almost cooked, add protein and veggie mix. 3. Crack a couple scrambled eggs or chopped hard-boiled eggs. 4. Mix, chill serve. I’ve done my research and this is a very healthy, cost-effective and tasty way to spoil your loved ones. By the way, do not feed dogs chocolate, or acidic foods like lemons, onions or garlic. It will only make your pup heavier. Eat fish ... live well. -- Scott Dolan 6641 Midnight Pass Rd.

Florida, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Sarasota Bay Date





High Tide 2.2

High Tide

September 2021



























9 10

Low Tide

Low Tide




























































































































































































































































































































































15 16



©2021 - For comparison only - Times are local - Tides in feet from MLLW

Mangrove Snapper Scoolmaster Lane Snapper Scamp Black Mullet Snook Red Drum “Redfish”



Gulf Flounder

Florida Pompano Jack Crevalle


Spotted Sea Trout


SEPT. 2021 TIDE CHART N 27° 20' / W 82° 33'

Preston. 8, was thrilled to land a puffer with help from his father underneath the south bridge while his family stayed nearby at Midnight Cove. (submitted photo)

Florida Fish

Welcome to the dog days of summer


A nice redfish caught below a Siesta Key dock. (submitted photo)


27th State Media LLC

Black Drum


Catfish New

King King Mackerel Mackerel



Blue Marlin

Black Grouper

2:08p 3rd



Siesta Sand



What’s new ... beyond the bridges


he school year has begun and the kids are back at school. Why not follow their lead and learn something new? If you’re in the market for learning a new sport or brushing up your skills, look no further than the Sarasota County Department of Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources. You’ll discover many parks and recreation facilities as well as upcoming special events and programs. The best news is that so many of these programs are free or low cost. Pickle ball fans should check locations for several indoor locations to beat the September heat. Visit government/parks-recreation-andnatural-resources. There’s good news for golfers, including veterans and those new to the sport. At the Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club in Palmer Ranch, at 8801 Stoneybrook Blvd., PGA and LPGA instructors are ready to take your golf game to new levels. Open to the public

for golf, Stoneybrook offers instruction for players of all levels. Just 10 minutes by car from Siesta Key, the club offers private, group and junior golf programs at the 18-hole championship-quality course. The restaurant is also open to the public for lunch and dinner (closed on Tuesdays). Call (941) 966-2711 or visit Tennis anyone? Payne Park Tennis Center, located at 2050 Adams Lane in downtown Sarasota and only a five-minute drive from Selby Gardens, is one of the best-kept tennis secrets in town. Run by the city of Sarasota’s Parks and Recreation, tennis players of all levels are welcome here. Staffed and open to the public, the center has 12 Har-Tru courts, group programs and clinics for adults and children, as well as private lessons. A hitting wall, locker room with showers, tournaments, and evening play on lit courts are amenities that tennis fans will appreciate. Reservations

Golf pros at Stoneybrook are ready to get you into the swing of things. The course is in Palmer Ranch, only a 10-minute drive from Siesta Key. (photo by Jane Bartnett)

By Jane Bartnett are required. Call (941) 263-6640 or visit ACE, the Adult & Community Enrichment program that is part of the Sarasota County School district, offers more than 2,000 non-credit adult classes each year. Classes (in person and online) on the arts, boating, cooking, fishing, gardening, languages and lectures are offered as well as day trips. Open to any adult 18 years of age or older, ACE has no residency requirements. Registration for the 10-week fall program opens Sept. 1. Classes begin Oct. 4 and run through Dec. 18. ACE is also looking for instructors. If you’d like to teach and share your expertise, ACE would like to hear from you. Register by phone at (941) 3616590, in person at the ACE office at Suncoast Technical College’s campus at 4748 Beneva Rd., building 3, or visit ACE online at In case you missed the news during the height of COVID-19, in May of last year the Historic Spanish Point in Osprey became a part of the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota. This fall, watercolor and out-of-door or “en plein” air drawing classes are being offered at both locations for beginner and veteran artists. Class space is limited Visit: to see the full list of upcoming classes and special events. As for what’s new beyond the bridges ...

Gulf Gate Flowers has opened its doors at 2260 Gulf Gate Drive. The area’s newest floral shop specializes in custom floral, plant and preserved arrangements. Call the store at (941) 402-6165, see its arrangements on Facebook, and visit In other Gulf Gate news, Hoshi Sushi has opened at 6516 Superior Ave. in Tokaj’s former spot. Try the sushi, sashimi, and hibachi Japanese lunch specials, or drop in for a delicious dinner. Hoshi Sushi hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Fridays, 3 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Saturdays, and 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays. Phone the restaurant at (941) 9238888 or visit Meanwhile, the popular Kazu’s 2.0 sushi restaurant has closed after its building at 6566 Gateway Ave. was sold. The good news is that, according to its website, the owners are looking for a new location. Check for news about a new, limited home delivery. Fans of the nationally acclaimed Ford’s Garage “burger and beer joint,” as the eatery calls itself, will

The Aloha arrangement is a favorite at the new Gulf Gate Flowers. (photo courtesy of the business)

be glad to learn that the restaurant is now open at Sarasota’s UTC Mall, 295 North Cattleman Road, unit 1, near Dick’s Sporting Goods. Known for its burgers, craft beer, and specialty cocktails set amidst vintage Ford vehicles, gas pumps and fixtures, the very first Ford’s Garage opened in Fort Myers near Henry Ford’s winter home. Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Phone (941) 803-3673 or visit Hoshi Sushi has opened in Gulf Gate, residing in the location on Superior Avenue that was formerly home to Tokaj. (photo by Jane Bartnett)

Farewell to a friend who knew how to throw a party Blase Cafe’s Cindy Breslin was a positive person in both business and the community By John Morton Blase Cafe & Martini Bar is as unique and eclectic a place as you’ll find anywhere. Cindy Breslin was the person who brought that one-of-a-kind vibe to the Village, and then some. “Dead she is not, but departed, for the artist never dies,” was the

words of tribute from Rob Clark, her executive chef from 2019 to 2021. Breslin, 65, who established her restaurant in 1997, passed away Aug. 23 at the Siesta Key home of Kevin Skiest, her business co-owner since 2016. She was

diagnosed with terminal cancer in July of 2020. “Her personality, and her ability to get along with people, made the place what it was,” Skiest said. “She was a big character.” And had lots of it, too. “She’d take in children. She’d

HAPPY HOUR 4pm-6:30pm Happy Hour Food & Cocktails

help people get a job. She was one of the few good people left around,” Skiest said. “When it came to the community, she always was helping with somebody’s fundraising efforts. She was a huge community entity.” Skeist said he plans to organize a celebration-of-life gathering for Breslin, “But I’m not sure my place is big enough,” he said. “She was that popular. “My favorite description of her was ‘She sure knows how to throw a party.’” Breslin’s daughter Olivia Cole, who describes her mother as “the matriarch of Blase Cafe,” said “She was a mother to many and a friend to all. She was known for saying ‘hey baby’ to anyone who walked

through the door, giving food to anyone who was hungry, and loving everything and everyone with a strength unparalleled. “Her love and light are infinite, and she will be missed something fierce.”

MONDAY PRIX-FIXE MENU 3 Course Menu for $22 — Every Monday OPA WEDNESDAY! Saganaki Opa! Appetizer $7 WINE THURSDAY 1/2 Off Bottles of Wine HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 9 | Friday & Saturday 11:30 - 10 | Sunday 11:30-8

Gift Certificates available


8235 Cooper Creek Blvd, University Park, FL 941-359-4816


4956 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 941-927-2270

Left, Breslin (on the right) and her sister Valerie when Blase Cafe opened in 1997. Right, the flag at Patriot’s Pier was at half-staff in her honor. (submitted photos)



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Beall’s Outlet



Dress for Less

Iberia Bank

Five Below

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Panera Bread

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Gulf Gate Drive


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enjoy great service and a variety of original dishes he has mastered over his years specializing in seafood. His fusion of fresh fish paired with unique and flavorful creations is divine. All ingredients are hand-picked and complimented by a refined wine selection from vineyards around the world as well as his choice in quality spirits and local craft beers. Off the Hook has become a signature culinary destination, from first sip to last bite. A perfect date-night-spot or gathering place with your foodie friends.

GG1 GG2 GG3 GG4 GG5 GG6 GG7 GG8 GG9 GG10 GG11 GG12 GG13 GG14 GG15 GG16 GG17 GG18 GG19 GG20 GG21 GG22 GG23 GG24 GG25 GG26 GG27 GG28 GG29 GG30 GG31 GG32 GG33 GG34 GG35 GG36 GG37 GG38 GG39 GG40 GG41 GG42 GG43 GG44 GG45 GG46 GG47 GG48 GG49 GG50 GG51 GG52 GG53 GG54


Mushroom stone-baked pizza, munchies, calzone, salad, hoagie, or even a burger. Pick from our selection of 24 draft beers or tasty, handcrafted cocktails. And, many of our pizzas can be made glutenfree or vegan. Located at 6727 S. Tamiami Trail. 941-388-7504. Off the Hook Operated and run by Chef Wes Duval, a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and master at serving guests the freshest fish possible with a focus on local delicacy delights, eclectic presentations, and legendary desserts. You will


who understand the importance of family and dedication. Their recipes and techniques have been perfected through three long generations based on the traditional simplicity of the methods used by their Italian ancestors. Dine inside, outside, pick up, or DELIVERY anywhere on Siesta Key, or in Sarasota until 3:30 a.m. 6574 Superior Ave., 941-924-5800. Gulf Gate Food + Beer (S-51): Sarasota’s late-night hot spot for the service industry, night owls, and midnight snackers. It’s not your typical sports bar, offering unique menu selections for carnivores and vegetarians. Be sure to check out their menu online at: Hours: 11 a.m. – 1 a.m. (Sun. - Thurs.) open until 2 a.m. (Fri & Sat.). ROBERTS REALTY, Inc. (M-5) John Garner, Broker Assoc. & Diane Shane, Broker Assoc. have a combined 40 years’ experience in Sarasota of making dreams come true for our clients. FOR BUYERS, we have had great success in finding the right property for our clients because we listen closely to their wants and needs and matching that as close as possible. FOR SELLERS, over the years we have successfully listed and sold many, many properties throughout E Sarasota County. OUR PHILOSOPHY is to have fun, enjoy the experience, achieve great results, make friends and receive referrals. We’re with you every step of the way! Call 941-924-2330 or D drop by our office. Only Eyes, Optical (S-24) brings a new, exotic, eclectic, eccentric, unique collection of vintage, hipster, contemporary C eyeglasses and sunglasses to the community. Licensed and experienced optician available to fill your prescriptions. Only Eyes Optical has a large assortment of free frames B with the purchase of new lenses. Call 941-444-7984 to set up an appointment with their licensed optician. Mellow Mushroom serves a one-of-a-kind pizza pie. A The flavors and ingredients are just as unique and special as the restaurant’s design. Try a Mellow

Sun Trust

With our map, located below, you’ll be able to navigate your way to our featured shops with ease. The Shop SRQ (G-2) offers flattops, fades, tapers, blowouts, razor cuts, and straight razor shaves. Owners, Erick and Dawn use a back to basics approach to grooming with a precise attention to personal detail. Their commitment to excellence has provided them with many loyal customers. They welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. Hours: Tues. – Fri. 8:30am – 6pm, Sat., 8:30am – 3pm. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. Sarasota Brewing Co. (G-4) Sarasota’s first micro brew pub always has something new to offer. From over 20 seasonal beers that rotate throughout the year, the Brewing Company always has at least five unique brews online as well as several favorites from around the world. Established in 1989, their menu has been a winner in the Reader’s Choice Awards of the Sarasota Herald Tribune featuring their mouth-watering burgers, Chicago style pizzas, and Chicago beef sandwiches. With dozens of televisions, it’s a great place to catch a game with friends and family. Gulf Gate Barber Shop (G11): has been an institution in the community for years, owned by Kyle Flannery. The super-clean barbershop’s clientele is comprised of primarily men, but the shop services children as well. Scott Reich, formerly of the Siesta Key Village Barber Shop has relocated to this location. West End Pub (G-49) Where else can you watch your favorite game with a great selection of beers, wines and liquors served by a friendly staff AND where you’re allowed to bring your own restaurant or deli food? Right here. 6500 Gateway Ave. – 941-554-8905. Tony’s Chicago Beef Company (S-16) is owned and operated by true Chicagoans. Dedicated to deliver Chicago’s best food Chicago style Hot Dogs wit’ the works...dragged through the garden on poppy seed buns with fresh cut fries, Italian Beef Sandwiches anyway you like, dipped or dry, sweet or hot. All served in true Authentic Chicago Style. Solórzano’s Late Night Pizzeria (S-32): At every Solórzano’s, they offer an experience familiar to those









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The Highs and Lows of Properties Sold on Siesta Key

ACCOMMODATIONS PAGE 35 Provided by William Raveis Real Estate /

The following are properties sold on Siesta Key in the last 60 days, providing a snapshot of home values on the Key for both single-family homes and condominiums. HIGHEST PRICED SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE 3970 ROBERTS POINT RD. $6.2 MILLION Built in 2014, this residence is designed for family gatherings, entertaining and relaxed island living, this home features multiple entertaining spaces both inside and out that flow seamlessly together using walls of glass, pocketing sliding doors, a strong, cohesive color palette and the same rich wood and stone floor materials throughout. The grand double door entry opens to the expansive living room, dining room

and bar area, complete with a walkin, climate-controlled wine room. The magnificent kitchen is at the center of the home and features custom cabinetry, marble countertops, professional appliances, an enormous functional island, a butler’s pantry and additional office space. The main floor master wing is a private oasis including an office/exercise room (technically a fifth en-suite bedroom), spalike master bath and sliding door access to the pool and patio area. There are three en-suite bedrooms and a spacious loft area/game room on the

second level. Complementing the interior, the outdoor space offers resort-style living with a heated saltwater pool and spa, including a 20-foot linear waterfall and firepit, covered outdoor kitchen and living area with custom electronic hideaway screens, Shellstone pool deck and an 80foot Trex dock with lift, water and electric. A 38 kW generator, hurricane impact-resistant windows, smart home automation, elevator and a stunningly well-organized, air-conditioned three-car garage complete this amazing home. Courtesy of Premier Sothebys

LOWEST PRICED SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE 8118 MIDNIGHT PASS RD. $750,000 This two-bedroom and two-bathroom home offers 1,140 square feet of living space. Courtesy of Re/Max Alliance Group

HIGHEST-PRICED CONDO 5740 MIDNIGHT PASS RD. UNITS 305 & 205 $3.5 MILLION The exclusive Gulf & Bay Club offers luxury and relaxation. This two-story residence is a total renovation completed in 2015, including a staircase; the only of its kind within this spectacular location! While stepping inside this unique Miami meets Siesta home, luxury surrounds you; brilliant detail throughout! The natural quartzite chef’s kitchen boasts a Thermador induction stove, two Wolf ovens and microwave, Dacor wine dispenser, a Miele coffee station and electric BBQ, Asko dishwasher, Subzero LOWEST-PRICED CONDO 1300 N. PORTOFINO DRIVE, UNIT S405 $343,000 Once again lucky enough to have a beautiful one bedroom with two full baths available! Fourth floor, great Views, spacious bedroom with desk area overlooking the canal!

stand-alone freezer and stand-alone refrigerator. The Schonbeck Swavorski crystal chandeliers elegantly present the dining area. The Wet bar includes U-line icemaker and refrigerator, an additional Mielle dishwasher, all while the ELAN digital home automation system keeps the allure present with surround sound speakers throughout the home. The Elan system includes Two Ipads that operate the entire residence, media room with an expansive drop-down screen. Enjoy movies and digital entertainment in five reclining theatre chairs and a Murphy bed for an unexpected guest. Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, the Vibracoustic soaking tub in the master bath is splendid relaxation.

This home has plenty of storage areas created, including a Wine Enthusiast 72-bottle temperaturecontrolled cabinet! The outstanding amenities included are: three pools, six saunas, a hot tub, two clubhouses with kitchens, two freshwater aerated ponds, BBQ areas, picnic island, Car washing station, two electric vehicle charging stations, shuffleboard, basketball/ pickleball/racquetball courts, community garden plots, state-of-the-art workout facility, eight tennis courts AND your spectacular private beach! Courtesy of Coldwell Banker

Enclosed lanai, sliding doors off (have them in storage if you would like them back up) opens up the living room to the lanai, nice size dining area easily seats six. The HVAC is barely three years old. Perfect unit for your touch of design! Courtesy of Judith Guzzi and Associates

Now more than ever, it is essential to have a real estate agent who pays attention to detail. Al Nemore never stops working to find the right property, negotiate the best deal, and navigate a smooth closing process for his clients. Al’s work ethic is impeccable and he makes you feel comfortable from start to finish. Not only did he find one amazing property for us, but we came back to Al for a second property! The awesome boat slip, right outside our door, makes our new life in Florida just that much sweeter. Thanks, Al!

— Sheila and Mike

Al Nemore

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Red tide


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While the Ohio family hung in there, not all visitors did. “I was in our lobby, and people were checking out early,” Ernst said. “This area is going to lose some business when the word gets out that the summers here aren’t something you can rely on. “It’s a shame, because everyone up north has been so eager to finally get away from


SEPTEMBER 2021 everything.” Steve Canavaugh, president of the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce and owner of Tropical Shores vacation rentals, said he received reports of “some” people leaving early, “but not many.” Ann Frescura, the chamber director, said she heard no reports of businesses being impacted, but said there were some tourists who visited the island’s information center in hopes of learning of options for non-beach activities.

A similar red-tide event struck the Key in the summer of 2018, moving up from the Fort Myers Beach area. That bloom was fueled, experts reported, by nutrientrich polluted water releases from Lake Okeechobee. This year, a March wastewater leak at the Piney Point reservoir in Palmetto, which sent 215 million gallons into Tampa Bay, is believed to be a contributing factor to the intense bloom that headed south. It is reported to be 300 square miles in size.

27th State Media LLC


Is this year’s red tide as bad as what 2018 saw? “This isn’t anything like 2018,” Cavanaugh said. “The beaches turned pink!” Nicki Wheeler, part of the Ohio group of visitors, was also here at that time. “That year, I saw a dead manatee. That was hard to take,” she said. “But on my walk this morning, I found a dead seahorse. That’s not what you’re accustomed to seeing here. “I’d say it’s almost as bad. And it’s all just so, so sad.”

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ran all the way to Venice Beach and back in 6 hours, 28 minutes, finishing around 10:30 a.m. Just more than a week later, on Aug. 14, Sarasota County hosted a dedication ceremony at Siesta Beach for the installation of the first of the swings. Martini is well aware that by advocating on behalf of Maverick he’s also supporting parents throughout the community who are similarly trying to give their children the best possible experiences. He wants those parents to know that they’re not alone. “My son is an amazing, handsome child, and he’s happy and healthy and that’s all I can really ask for,” Martini said. “My goal is simply to be the best father and friend for him that I can be.”

in ! d l S So day 3

Featured Listings

Siesta Key

Siesta Key

Siesta Key

5400 Ocean Blvd | $1,599,000 Holly Holton | 941.809.8050

6810 Midnight Pass | $1,350,000 Dawn Bear | 941.468.7224

5400 Ocean Blvd | $2,599,000 Holly Holton | 941.809.8050 Recognized as the #1 Luxury Br Luxury Portfolio International

#1 Family Owned Real Estate Company in Florida and the Northeast


338 Avenida Milano, Sarasota, Florida Beaches!, Boating! & Bistros!! Great seasonal getaway or investment located on a quiet cul de sac. This Tropical Paradise in “The Village” is the Siesta Key property you have been looking for. Beaches!- you are a short walk to World Famous Siesta Beach. Boating!- approx. 71 feet of Canal Front with access to world class fishing and watersports. Bistro’s!-You are steps away from locally acclaimed dining and entertainment of Siesta Village. Walk everywhere, no need to drive! This 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom is loaded with charm. The Master bedroom has a full En Suite bath. Walls of glass & lots of natural light. The back yard is a private tropical paradise with Mature landscaping. The front and back yards are a private tropical . Sold Turnkey (Fully) Furnished. This is Florida Living!!



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Classifieds / Here’s My Card ACCOMMODATIONS / VACATION RENTALS • Best Western Plus Siesta Key – AAA -3 Diamond Property, Free shuttle service to and from Siesta Key 941-924-4900, 6600 S. Tamiami Trl., Sarasota. • Landings Carriagehouse, $2,500 per month. Call Jim 941-539-0774. • Siesta 4 Rent - Vacation Rentals, from studios to 5 bedrooms. Serving Siesta Key since 1997, 941-349-5500


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• Hawk’s Nest Construction Inc. is a certified Class A general contractor

licensed in all phases of construction. Owner Mark Hawkins Sr. personally oversees every aspect of your project from start to finish, using only the best and most reliable licensed artisan and craftsmen. His passion is delighting his • DRIVER for YOUR vehicle, cargo and pets. Sarasota/Siesta clients by turning their home-improvement dreams into a beautiful reality. Call 941-650-9499 or visit their website: Key/Port Charlotte area to MICHIGAN ONLY. Offering services that carriers/haulers are unable to provide. Background check. Lic#CGC060852.

Board-Certified dermatologist skin CanCer • laser • Botox and Hair/nail disorders

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• CB’s Saltwater Outfitters – CB’s Saltwater Outfitters is an ORVIS Endorsed Outfitter Fishing Charter Service. Our veteran guides offer exciting Fishing Adventures for anglers of all ages from novice to the expert. See our website: or stop in their store for additional info. 1240 Stickney Point Rd, Siesta Key. (941) 349-4400.


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Book your slice of paradise today! Weekly rentals on Longboat Key, Siesta Key, and St. Augustine in Florida! Book online today at: or call 800-851-1096 to speak to a vacation specialist!


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HOMES FOR SALE GULF-FRONT UNIT Rarely available, spacious three-bedroom, three-bath. On the beach in The Terrace building. The location is second to none, directly on the beach and just steps away from the heart of the village. This fabulous beachfront corner unit has five oversized balconies with stunning sunsets. The swimming pool is fantastic; over-sized, extremely deep, heated, saltwater with full gulf-front views. If you enjoy sunsets and walking the beach you have found paradise. The award-winning white sugar sand of Siesta Key, the finest white sand in America is at your doorstep. Dreams do come true and this can be yours. 5400 OCEAN BLVD, #2-1, SARASOTA, FL 34242, MLS# A4472758, $2,599,999, William Raveis Real Estate, 941-894-1255 IDEAL ISLAND LIVING Oversized one bedroom, one bathroom condo in The Terrace building. A few steps from the beach to the village. To the east views of mature trees overhanging a tennis court with Siesta Village in the background. To the southwest peekaboo views of the beach. Sit back on the oversized balconies relaxing to background music from the village. Walk out your front door to the deep heated saltwater pool overlooking the beach. This is the lowest priced condo in the building and with interest rates at an all time low this will go fast. 5400 OCEAN BLVD, #1-4, SARASOTA, FL 34242 MLS# A4486578, $799,999, William Raveis Real Estate, 941-894-1255

Handmade Antique Rugs Bought and Sold

Florida’s Largest Selection of Antique Oriental and Chinese Rugs for 45 Years

Mosby oriental rugs

941-925-1025 by appointment

PERFECT INVESTMENT PROPERTY No minimum stays and no pet restrictions. The premier location of Sandy Toes is one of the most desirable spots on Siesta Key within close walking distance to everything that is needed for a memorable world-class island vacation experience. Park the cars in your two-car garage and walk to shops, restaurants, boutiques, and the newest most popular nightlife and live music on the island or jump on the Siesta Key Breeze Trolley to experience Siesta Village. 6810 MIDNIGHT PASS RD, SARASOTA, FL 34242, MLS# A4507853, $1,350,000, William Raveis Real Estate, 941-894-1255 PRICE DROP STUNNING VIEWS from three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom beach condo. The views are stunning and the sunsets never disappoint. The total square footage is 2,245 with 1,845 of air-conditioned space with five private balconies, three of which are oversized. This flowing open floor plan is perfect for beachside living and elegant entertaining. A walkers paradise on the white sands of Siesta Beach to the heart of the village, restaurants, boutiques, and nightlife. 5400 OCEAN BLVD, #1-3, SARASOTA, FL 34242, MLS# A4486556, $1,599,999, William Raveis Real Estate, 941-894-1255


To advertise in print or online contact: 27th State Media LLC at 941-312-0665 Send editorial and/or photos via email to:

Published by 27th State Media LLC Contributing Writers and Photographers will be noted with bylines. Guest commentary not necessarily the opinion of 27th State Media LLC Reproduction without written permission prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement. All business bios are extensions of the display advertisements. 27th State Media LLC is not responsible for claims made by advertisers. All ads are subject to the approval of the publisher. It is the responsibility of the party placing any ad for publication in Siesta Sand to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town, county and state codes in first obtaining an occupational license for business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property. DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that when you hire an unlicensed/uninsured person to do work at your home, you accept the liability. 27th State Media LLC is not responsible for claims made by advertisers.

P.O. BOX 35105, Sarasota, FL 34242



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Sunset Beach Resort Siesta Key Dream Inn

• 2ND Month Free • Free Move-In Truck • Entire Facility Carpeted • Free Lock & Keys • Big Garage Bay For Loading And Unloading • Climate Controlled 941.315.5222 5260 Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, FL 34231

6600 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota 941.924.4900

Complimentary shuttle service to and from anywhere on Siesta Key. Thursday-Sunday 10AM-11PM (driver tips only)

Still Family Owned and Operated Since 2007 AAA-3 Diamond Property

• 114 Guest Rooms • One and Two Bedroom Suites Now Available • Complimentary Grab & Go Breakfast Every Morning • Free Shuttle Service to and from Siesta Key every day. • Microwave/Fridge in every guestroom *Amenities and services may be adjusted due to COVID-19, please contact the hotel or visit our website for details

Hours: Thursday 2:00PM - 8:00PM Fri.& Sat. 2:00PM - 10:00PM Happy Hour 3-6PM OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Live Music every weekend (check the schedule on Facebook or call 941-924-4900) *Use of the pool for Registered Guests Only


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Paula moved from West Virgina to Bradenton in 1984. More than five years ago, she became part of the team at Morton’s Siesta Market in the Village and she continues to commute to Siesta Key for her cashier/stocker role. Which job does she prefer? “I’d say stocking, because it keeps me busy all the time,” she said. She also enjoys meeting people in the checkout line, face-to-face. “Everyone is so friendly and so happy to be here, because so many are on vacation. I meet all kinds of people from all over the world,” Paula said. “I enjoy helping all of them.” Photos by John Morton (To nominate a Siesta Key employee worthy of recognition, email:

Sun Garden Cafe recognizes the impact that quality workers can have on a business, and is proud to sponsor the Key Employee each month.

Congratulations, Paula! Your dedication has resulted in a gift certificate for breakfast for four at Sun Garden Cafe, located at 210 Avenida Madera in the Village.

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Siesta Sand - September 2021  

Siesta Sand - September 2021  

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