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In the thick of the Siesta Key spring break gridlock, a project is slated to begin in March that will see a convoy of 100 dump trucks each weekday head onto the island along the south bridge and then turn south to Turtle Beach.

Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., those trucks will be hauling a total of 92,505 cubic yards of sand to renourish 2.1 miles of the southern portion of Turtle Beach that was washed away during 2016’s Hurricane Hermine – just four months after a previous $21.5 million renourishment project.

This new window of opportunity is only about 60 days long because sea turtle season begins May 1 and the species is federally protected. The trucks will be accessing the shoreline through the county parking lot at the beach.

The project was originally projected for 2026, and then moved up several times by Sarasota County officials due

to pressure from FEMA. Now, it goes into hurry-up mode because the $4 million grant FEMA provided has been determined to expire June 30 of 2023. The agency gave out several grants to area’s impacted by Hermine, and Sarasota County is the only entity to not yet utilize it. In short, FEMA wants it off its books.

Bob Luckner of the Siesta Key Association civic group has expressed concern in recent months regarding traffic, road wear, resident and tourist safety, and whether or not the plan is even realistic. It goes out for bid soon.

“I don’t think they’ll be able to pull it off,” Luckner said. “Who out there right now has the manpower and the equipment that can do it all in such a short amount of time?”

Still, the county took step one in October by hiring a firm

He’s only been a member of the Sarasota County Legislative Delegation for a few months, joining the mix by inheriting a small portion of southern Sarasota County due to redistricting.

Nonetheless, Mike Grant suddenly finds himself the most important member of the delegation as far as Save Siesta Key is concerned.

And the good intentions of a non-required straw vote are also causing a bit of anxiety for the incorporation

group. It was suggested by the delegation last year, but Save Siesta Key took it upon itself to conduct the poll. Now, the results could mean everything.

At Save Siesta Key’s Dec. 6 public information meeting at Siesta Key Chapel, which drew roughly 200 people, Grant had all eyes on him when it became clear that the absence of state Rep. James Buchanan, who now serves as chairman of the delegation, would

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aiquiri o o
State Rep. Mike Grant of District 75 addresses the audience at the Dec. 6 public meeting hosted by the Save Siesta Key group that is looking to incorporate the island. (photo by Travis Dudley)
Captain Curt’s Village
Village Smiles with a Siesta Santa
Captain Curt’s
The Nelon kids, visiting from Lake Lure, North Carolina, share a Santa smile with the man himslef at the Daiquiri Deck’s south Siesta location on Dec. 18. From left are Owen, 2; Traveler, 8; and Oliver, 5. Bill Jotham played the role of Santa as part of his volunteer work with Sarasota Rotary. (photo by John Morton)
Grant is SSK’s focus New delegation member has the swing vote, and all eyes are upon him Continued on page 43 Continued on page 41 YOUR VOICE MATTERS RETURN YOUR STRAW BALLOT BY MAIL TODAY!  NO MORE MEGA HOTELS  STOP ILLEGAL SHORT-TERM RENTALS  PRESERVE OUR ISLAND’S UNIQUE CHARM AND PRISTINE ENVIRONMENT REASONS TO VOTE YES! If you are a registered Siesta Key voter and haven’t received a straw ballot, please contact 941-287-8024
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Last century had the Roaring Twenties.

A hundred years later, Siesta Key suffers from the Boring Twenties. It’s like, nothing ever happens here. So totally lame.

Ha! No, my head isn’t buried in the Siesta sand (actually, that’s not altogether correct). I’m just telling myself that all is tranquil and calm here -like it’s supposed to be.


Another year has passed, and it was as chaotic as the last two. The two-thousand-and-twenties are kickingour-butts-a-plenty. See our Year in Review on page 20 as a reminder.

Turns out, we have some parallels to those Roaring Twenties. On the heels of women getting the right to vote, they became known as “flappers” as they flouted Prohibition laws and pranced about in many a speakeasy.

If you’ve been to a Siesta Key Condominium Council meeting, you’ve heard the stories. Snicker, snicker.

Back in the 1920s, there was a sudden surge of mass consumerism.

Well, there’s no question that our island today is being massively consumed. So, there’s that.

As for these so-called flappers, the new version are these gals who take flight after just one date with your favorite columnist.

Many today are also far from deserving of any sort of voting rights. I know this from the misguided “swipe left” results on my dating profile.

Anyway, the past two years represented a super-speedway of issues and decisions here, and 2023 is the year where we finally see how they play out -- and this month sets the stage, right out of the 2023 gates. It’s where the rubber meets the road.

Assuming there’s any road to be seen. Will there be hotel construction blocking



Calle Miramar on the edge of the Village? A potential summary judgment Jan. 6 on Lourdes Ramirez’s lawsuit could play a role in that (see page 4.)

Next, on Jan. 17, James Wallace’s lawsuit regarding the approved stoplight at Avenue B&C off Stickney Point Road (part of the Siesta Promenade project) will proceed with oral arguments.

I’ve been told that cars would be stopping there every 85 seconds. I’ve also been told that if Wallace wins, all that infrastructure already in place would need to be torn out. You’ve likely noticed the stoplights are built, waiting to get the green light. Pretty brazen of the Benderson folks, eh?

Then there will be zillions of dump trucks going south to Turtle Beach for about two months (see story on page 1) and unrelated lane closures for a projected eight-plus months for a repaving project going the other way on Midnight Pass Road (see story on page 4).

In June, when the Trial of the Century likely goes down on the other hotel-related lawsuit, we will truly feel the force of all that is on our collective table.

Oh, and then there’s the roundabout project slated to now begin in December. A perfect 2023 bookend?

The Roaring Twenties ended with the Great Depression. Just two years into our decade, I think I’m already there.

Off the road, January brings us a big meeting, courtesy of the condo council (see ad on page 14). The insurance crisis in Florida, as expected, is skyrocketing. Go to the Siesta Key Chapel on Jan. 17 at 3 p.m. to hear from an expert.

And January brings another doozy -- the Jan. 12 Sarasota County Legislative Delegation’s vote on Round 2 of incorporation efforts (see page 1). As resilient and determined as this Save Siesta Key group is, I can’t imagine how it could survive another no vote. I think it would


Gulf January calendar has 2023 coming out swinging

run out of money and that would be that.

Then again, an exclusive Nov. 30 cocktail party board member John Davidson hosted did result in nearly $23,000 in donations. I wonder what an island-wide keg party at his crib could bring in? I have Bobby Schneck, musical director for Siesta Sand, on retainer for this very thing.

Anyway, by now you’ve seen the competing signage on the island -- the SSK making a final push and Gary Kompothecras fighting against it. Nice to see they at least agree on sign design!

There are so many local stakeholders impacted by this huge moment in Siesta Key’s history, but absurdly the big vote belongs to a gent from Port Charlotte who just happened to be thrust into Sarasota County’s southern outreaches, aka nowhere near here, via redistricting a few months back. Nothing against state Rep. Mike Grant, but should he really have the deciding vote?

Turns out he will, and two years of SSK work falls into the hands of a relative stranger.

Not fair to him, not fair to Siesta Key. Which brings me back to my disdain for this part of the incorporation process. Yes, the state legislature does need some sort of gatekeepers on matters like this, but it should belong to those at point-blank range -- as in our local district rep Fiona McFarland and local state senator Joe Gruters. Let them alone decide whether or not Tallahassee should entertain this notion. But to include a revolving door of politicians who happen to share a bit of the county within their footprint? Total nonsense.


Was the Key not quite as bright and festive this year? It seemed to lack a light or two, and that’s likely because a lack of interest forced the cancellation of the condo council’s annual holiday lights contest.

Folks, let’s put a return to form on our to-do list for 2023.

I did see a bit of color, however, during the Dec. 13 sunset. I’ve poo-pooed this whole “green flash” phenomenon my whole life, but I’ll be darned if I didn’t finally see it. And I’ve met several others in recent days who claim the same.

And no, it wasn’t the Siesta Photo Bomber being chased by a turtle. I truly saw the Great Greenie.

I’ll take that over seeing a Red Tide any day of the week.

And in closing, here’s to no such thing in 2023. I’m willing to feel and look a little blue as long as my Gulf can do the same.

(John Morton is managing editor of Siesta Sand.)

3 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC

Hotel-related lawsuits see flurry of activity

One of the two lawsuits fighting the new county-approved Siesta Key hotels will likely have a ruling Jan. 6.

The other received a ruling that pleases the plaintiffs.

Both allege that Sarasota County violated its own comprehensive plan when its commissioners approved two hotels late in 2021. A third hotel was approved in October of 2022.

All three hotels exceed the limits on height and the number of rooms per acre that had previously existed since 1989.

For starters, Sarasota County requested in late November a summary judgment in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court and Ramirez did the same on Dec. 1. With no more evidence to gather for both parties, it means the case will

bypass a jury trial that was scheduled for March and instead receive a ruling from Judge Stephen Walker.

Ramirez is fighting the eightstory, 170-room hotel on .96 acres between Calle Miramar and Beach Road near the Village. Three of her six claims will be ruled upon, the main one involving what Ramirez says is the violation of the county’s Future Land Use Policy 2.9.1.

Meanwhile, the second lawsuit filed against the county is still scheduled for a June trial. The plaintiffs are Robert Sax and Marina Del Sol condo owners near the seven story, 120-room hotel

approved on Old Stickney Road, along with the owners of the 222 Beach Road condo complex near the Calle Miramar project.

Walker recently eliminated three of the lawsuit’s five counts, but on Nov. 28 reinstated Count 1 in which the plaintiff’s claim the county, by amending its United Development Code, violated its own comprehensive plan by not following the procedural requirements outlined in the county’s charter.

The other counts are in many ways contingent upon that first count staying alive, Catherine Luckner of the Siesta Key Association explained, and keeps in play what she referred to as the lawsuit’s “kill shot.”

If victorious with regard to that

4 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
One moves ahead to Jan. 6, other sees new life
Continued on page 22 Fishing Charters 941.349.4400 Open 7 Days 7am-6pm 1249 Stickney Point Road, just over the Stickney Point Bridge “Voted BEST Parasail Company” ParasailSiesta .com BOAT RENTALS ORVIS Endorsed FLY SCHOOLS With Capt. Rick Grassett Jan. 14, Feb. 4 & Feb. 18 BOAT RENTALS GOLF CART RENTALS 941-346-8200 • Since 1959 LAUGH ABUNDANTLY Play, learn, and relax with meaningful relationships in a secure, supportive community To schedule a tour and to learn more, please call us at 941.966.5611 BAYVILLAGE.ORG Visit our website.


House being built near public beach will be ‘incredible’

Have you wondered what it is that’s being built immediately adjacent to Siesta Beach’s north end?

It’s a private residence for an Ohio family that is at least a year from being completed, according to Dan Gerdes of Gerdes Construction. The work began more than two years ago.

Its design is inspired by Guy Peterson, who designed the famous “Aquadisia” house on Sanderling Road on the south end of the Key that broke the island’s record for largest sale at $14 million in December of 2021.

Like Aquadisia, the Beach Road house will feature lots of glass to provide for plenty of sunlight and great views.

“It’s going to be incredible,” Gerdes said.

The lot is 50 feet wide and 100 feet deep. The house, which will be 3,800 square feet in size, will have three stories above parking. It will feature a ground-level pool and a rooftop deck that will be home to a hot tub.

The interior will be crafted by the renowned designer Richard Geary.

The house replaces a unique timber structure built in the 1980s.

“I hated to tear it down, but it had met its time,” Gerdes said, noting it suffered from rot and structural issues.

The price of the project is not being disclosed as part of an agreement Gerdes made with the owners, he said.

5 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC
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Community Spotlight

QVince, you cherish your many activities on Siesta Key. What is your history with the island?

AMy history with Siesta Key dates back to the late ‘80s, when my father lived in the old apartment buildings that ran along Avenida Navarra behind the walkthrough that is now Bonjour French Café. I’d spend some weekends there, and even at a young age knew it was a special place.

A lot has changed since then, but the core vibe relative to the music scene is still as strong as ever. When I started performing professionally, I knew Siesta Key was where I needed to be.

QSpeaking of music, it runs in your blood. Share with us your story.

AMy mother often tells stories about how when I was a baby, no matter where we would be or what we would be doing, if some music came on I’d stop and begin to sway and dance. As I grew older, I would often play through my father’s old vinyl. I had no doubt that I wanted to be a musician. I had no formal training, but began to tinker with guitar around the fifth grade. I think I played and tried too much, and it frustrated the hell out of me and I stopped playing for about two years.

Then, after some time, I picked it up again and began to progress rather quickly. I realized that I could sing pretty well, so I started singing everything. My sister and I would record ourselves singing and imitating different artists and

it became a big part of our young lives together.

In 2000, I recorded an album out in Tacoma, Washington with a high school friend. During this time, I was working as a line cook in different restaurants but would pursue music always in the background. As a struggling artist, I came back to Florida around 2002 and started to work my way up the ranks as a chef, which I was also naturally good at, like my father before me.

I would head out to the Key and check out the gigs around the village, still knowing it was what I really wanted to do. During this time, I still worked on music, and released an album under the band name Greenhouse Effect in 2007 with my friend and music partner Rick Almarode.

In 2015, after 13 years as a chef, I decided to put away my knives, walk away from a very well-paying career, and start playing music professionally.

to your days as a chef -tell us more and do any dishes at any Siesta Key

returning to Florida, I began working in private or semi-private country clubs and worked my way up to executive chef status after only a few years.

I was executive chef for Peridia Golf & Country Club in Bradenton, River Wilderness Golf & Country Club in Parrish, and TPC Prestancia here in SRQ.

I loved the creative aspects of the position, writing menus, profit-and-loss and budgeting, purchasing, and scheduling and running a crew.

Oddly enough, I am a simple eater these days. I used to work 12- to 15-hour shifts in the kitchen, preparing and executing these huge fancy meals and wine dinners for people, then come home and have a bowl of Lucky Charms or tomato soup and grilled cheese and call it a day.

Boring as can be, I know. I became so vanilla about food after all those years of as a chef.

My routine consists of hitting-up SKOB after my Friday gig, where I usually get a simple Caesar salad with chicken or some dry rub wings.

I often hit-up Thai Star for its amazing crab Rangoon, gyoza, and house fried rice.

The Hub has a secret veggie burrito menu item you can ask for, but I always get that with chicken. It has an amazing flavor profile.

QWe understand you also teach music?

ASome of my musician friends who taught at a local music school, Elizabeth Farrell Music, mentioned to Elizabeth that I had the knowledge and mannerisms to teach for her organization. I began teaching in October of 2017, providing guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and drums/percussion lessons for kids and adults in the Sarasota/Siesta Key/Lakewood Ranch area.

I also do studio session work locally, providing vocal parts on various artists’ albums under the guidance of local producer legend Bud Snyder.

QYou play music all around the Key. Describe that vibe you mentioned earlier.

AWe have such a great community of musicians out here on Siesta and in Sarasota, in general. The amount of talent this area has to offer never ceases to amaze. I jumped head first into the scene and was welcomed by so many great musicians that I now feel honored to call my friends. Not to mention being recognized by them as a fellow musician and colleague.

It’s been amazing. We all tend to really look out for one another. We show up at each other’s shows and support each other as much as we can. It’s just a fantastic group of humans.

My goal within the next year

6 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
Meet our multi-media renaissance man Vince Colaiocco has many passions, and brings them all to life here
establishments make an impression upon you?
Inspired by you. Created by us. LEED Accredited Professional Florida Licensed Building Contractor CBC 060004 Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker BK3222256 Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI4630 Concierge Custom Construction | Remodeling | Project Management 3534 South Osprey Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34239 | 941.924.1868 |
Performing on a Sunday morning at the SKOB. (photo by John Morton)
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Community Spotlight

Continued from

or two is to release a set of original singles in which I showcase the talent of these friends and musicians based on the needs of the tracks. I think it will be a great way to show some love for this community that has made me feel so welcomed and appreciated.

QFinally, you own a media company. Tell us about that.

AI started Vincent C Media to cover four main aspects of my business: music instruction, music performance, studio session work, and photography.

On the photography end of things, Vincent C Photography covers everything from weddings and events to family photo shoots and headshots. I have an Instagram page with examples of my work under the

handle @vincentcphotography.

I also have a dedicated Instagram page under the handle @vincolaiocco that is mostly all Siesta Key sunsets. I walk Siesta on evenings that I’m not teaching and snap photos of the sunsets and post them every other day on my profile. This page has started to become rather popular, so I have linked those shots to a website called Picfair that will sell prints and digital licenses to the pictures. It’s simply amazing how different and equally beautiful Siesta Key sunsets can be. Walking out there is my meditation.

My clients come from all over to the Siesta area and contact my company for pics of their family or wedding day. The best way to inquire about any of my business offerings is to email JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC 7
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Lane closures will be part of repaving project

Means start of highly anticipated roundabout near public beach is likely pushed back until December of 2023

Recently, a Florida Department of Transportation-approved road project for Midnight Pass Road in the middle of tourist season commenced on Siesta Key’s main drag. There was no public notice by the county – which oversees the road -- of the initiative, according to Bob Luckner of the Siesta Key Association during his group’s Dec. 1 meeting.

Nonetheless, as of Dec. 4, island residents began dealing with a projected 250 days of work that will include temporary lane closures of one to one-and-a-half lanes. They will be monitored for alternating traffic flow by flagmen.

Luckner learned of the $3.6 million project through his connection to FDOT officials, he said. He also said he didn’t believe that part of the Key needed repaving – pointing to parts of

Beach Road being in more need -- but the project is on the books.

Message boards notifying residents of the project did not appear, near the public beach, until late November.

The repaving project will likely push the start of the approved roundabout project at the intersection of Midnight Pass Road and Beach Road back to December of 2023 at the earliest, Luckner added. The resurfacing was originally slated to take place in conjunction with the roundabout project, but the county has since taken over that massive roundabout initiative.

The 1.635 miles of repaving work will take place between the Midnight Pass Road and Stickney Point Road intersection and Shadow Lawn Way, which intersects with Midnight Pass

Road at the entrance to the Siesta Isles neighborhood. It will involve mostly resurfacing, but will also feature the smoothing of sidewalks, the widening of shoulders and turn lanes, and possibly some drainage-related work near the flood-prone area near the former site of the Wells Fargo bank at 5810 Midnight Pass Rd., Luckner said.

AJAX Paving Industries of Venice will do the work.

“Not only will tourist season make this difficult on residents, but consider the idea of the sand being hauled to Turtle Beach (at the south end, see related story on Page 1) and the possibility of the new hotels beginning construction -- depending on the outcome of lawsuits -- and you’ve got most of the island” in potential gridlock, Luckner added.

Hello, Aloha, Hola, Grüezi, Bonjour,

customers as they walk through the door of this fashion-forward, stylish women’s boutique in Siesta Key Village. Casa Smeralda FASHION’Style + Art, relating to the emerald green coast of the Mediterranean Sardinia, is owned by Swiss-expat Marie-Louise Leuenberger. Having traveled around the world, she selects pieces inspired by life near the sea, with many years of experience as a boutique owner and designer. Marie-Louise understands lifestyle, quality and comfort. The flowy fabrics, pre-washed linens, washable silks, the fun and uplifting eclectic mix of women’s clothing, footwear and accessories, are mainly sourced from the continental US, Hawaii, Italy, Canada, Nepal, India and Indonesia.

Marie-Louise, being environmentally conscious, loves styling women who visit her store and loves helping them “to step into their best and sometimes even beyond their fantasy.”

Notification equipment in late November went into place near the public beach in anticipation of a repaving project along Midnight Pass Road that began Dec. 4. (photo by John Morton)

8 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
offer a large selection of staple groceries,
fresh produce, meats and
In keeping with our
of prepared foods,
Please stop in and say hello! 205 Canal Road, Siesta Key • 941-349-1474 • Your Go-To Store on the Island
Siesta Market is
one-stop shop for easy island living. We
beer and wine, as well as
Morton’s tradition, we also carry a delicious array
perfect for take-out, picnics, parties and more.
Hallo and
…are the words that greet
Siesta Center • 5121 Ocean Blvd. • Siesta Key, FL 34242 941.388.1305 • 941.232.4542 • • ADVERTORIAL
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75 years young

The venerable Beach Club enjoys a rehab and charitable celebration for its diamond anniversary

For 75 years, the Beach Club has earned its place as the grand dame of Siesta Key nightlife. The Ocean Boulevard mainstay, as the island’s oldest establishment, recently celebrated its diamond jubilee in true Siesta Village style: with live music at an upbeat, indoor-and-outdoor party benefitting a community cause.

Celebrated on Dec. 3, the familyfriendly anniversary bash featured a series of live musical acts setting the tone for general revelry — more or less what the Beach Club has been doing since it first opened in 1947. Altogether the event raised approximately $4,000 for Casting for the Kids (, a Sarasota charity that supports local families battling pediatric cancer. It’s just the latest way the Beach Club continues to honor its history as well as its community.

“Every time we do a big party, we try to involve the community as well,” said Mike Granthon, who purchased the Beach Club along with partners Chris Brown and Todd Carter in 2006. “We all live here. I live right off the bridge. We’re part of the community.”

Beach Club ownership has changed hands several times since it first opened in America’s postWorld War II, mid-century modern euphoria, but even the current generation of owners has roots in the area and appreciation for the location’s history.

These owners’ firsthand nostalgia dates back to the 1990s, when they first arrived in Sarasota

and became friends — just as generations of new Sarasotans have done, Granthon argued: “This is where we hung out, where we partied. Siesta Key is really where everyone comes to hang out in their first few years here, right?”

(Granthon and Brown are also responsible for the Siesta Key Summer House, a 2018 Village regeneration of the beloved Summerhouse of the 1970s through early 2000s. Theirs is an unaffiliated homage to the original.)

When Granthon and his partners took over the deed in 2006, the club had been styled to look — and even operate — like Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse in Chicago. The trio almost immediately began overseeing a series of significant restorations to re-establish and build upon the club’s beachy-sophisticated personality.

“We remembered it back to what’s always been, a beach bar that turns into a little bit of a nightclub,” he said.

Their first step was to restore the dance floor. Next was to add a stage for live acts. And their attention to their responsibilities hasn’t wavered for nearly 20 years.

When they hit 2022, having survived COVID-19 shutdowns, another renovation was due. “It was time, it needed a facelift. That place, between the saltwater, salt air, and the tourists and everybody that comes through, it gets beat,” Granthon said.

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10 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
Above, and clockwise: Dec. 3 saw patrons enjoying the Beach Club as it held an event benefitting the Casting for the Kids fight against childhood cancer; co-owners Todd Carter (left) and Mike Granthon display the 75year anniversary shirt; Siesta Key brothers Dominic Addario, 8, (in the dunk tank) and Dash Addario, 5, go to war; a musician entertained the club’s party guests. (photos by John Morton)


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Pasta Primavera … $14


Turtle Pie … $7

Key Lime Pie … $7

Sample Platter … $10 Ice Cream Bar … $5

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Late-night music request by Gilligan’s receives support

Gilligan’s Island Bar & Grill is a step closer to having the opportunity to host live music as late as 2 a.m. if it chooses.

At the Dec. 1 meeting of the Sarasota County Planning Commission, the five members present all voted in favor of supporting owner Scott Smith’s request for a special exception that would allow live indoor and outdoor music to continue past the current cutoff time of 10 p.m.

“My customers will look at me at 10 p.m. and ask, ‘What are you doing? We were having a good time,” Smith said of his nightly necessity to shut down the music at 10 p.m. and switch to prerecorded music.

Next up is a final vote on the matter by the Sarasota Board of County Commissioners, which has yet to be scheduled.

“We’re trying to make our customers happy, and they are really unhappy when he have to pull the plug at 10 p.m. And the performers don’t like it either,” said attorney Casey Colburn at the meeting on behalf of Gilligan’s, located in the Siesta Village at 5253 Ocean Blvd.

Easing the minds of the planners was the operation’s willingness to drop its request for the special exception to include extended hours for live music in its back parking lot, which faces residential properties as close as 60 feet away. Across the street from the bar’s front are other similar establishments that already have permits for live music past 10 p.m.

Colburn said the bar would still adhere to the limits on noise, which

varies on the Key in relation to type of business and time of day, but in this case would be capped at 75 decibels as a commercial property. Colburn noted that in the 20-plus years that Smith has owned the business, he’d never received a violation from code enforcement.

“There seems to be some confusion among the public,” Colburn said of letters and testimony of opposition. “This will not create more noise. It will not and cannot.”

Said commission member Kevin Cooper, who used to be part of the island’s chamber of commerce, “The nuisance is the noise if the music doesn’t maintain the right sound level. And the businesses across the street are doing the same thing.

“If Siesta Key is incorporated, this would be its downtown. The businesses have done a good job of policing themselves. They don’t want these things (permits) taken away.”

Added Colburn, “(Smith) is not going to be flippant about losing the investment in this.”

According to county staff, five establishments on the Key currently have special exceptions allowing them to have live music past 10 p.m. – three of which are in the Village. The business that is now The Hub Baja Grill, which features primarily acoustic music, received permission in 1992, while the Siesta Key Oyster Bar and Daiquiri Deck – both located directly across from Gilligan’s –got the same in 2001 while going through a process of being defined as a night club.

The nearby Beach Club also is allowed to have live music past 10 p.m. in what is primarily an enclosed area at night.

Four local residents opposed the application, while one spoke in favor. Mike Holderness, who co-owns the Siesta Key Beach Resort and Suites two doors down from Gilligan’s, said his guests are already bothered by the noise coming from Gilligan’s – especially when utilizing outdoor amenities like the swimming pool.

“More than ever, families and couples choose to rent for the family atmosphere and, more importantly, the private enjoyment,” he said of island guests, adding that a “bad element” is what live music brings to an area in the wee hours of the night.

“We don’t want the mayhem that spills out at 2 a.m.” he added.

Just a few months before Smith invested in the business in

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A band performs near the outdoor seating area at Gilligan’s. (photo by John Morton)
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• How to shop insurance re Crazy Marketplace

• Budgeting

Nov. 14 theft

Subject was caught on video walking up behind a maintenance shed and walked into one of the openings where a golf cart was parked. The subject backed out the golf cart and drove away from the maintenance area. Shortly thereafter the suspect was observed driving off the property and heading northbound on Midnight Pass Road. A beach chair that the suspect was carrying and left behind was processed into evidence.

Nov. 15 burglary

Deputy responded to report of a suspicious vehicle on a property that had been burglarized in the past. Upon arrival the deputy observed the vehicle in question in the back of the property. Sheriff deputies encountered two suspects on the property and observed drugs and tools potentially utilized to enter the building. Defendant was charged with burglary and possession of a controlled substance.

Sheriff’s Report

Nov. 21 theft

Victim reported that he lives in two states and recently came back to Florida. Upon his return he discovered that someone had cut the chains securing his bicycles and stole the bicycles. The bicycles were stored in his neighborhood parking garage. The last time he saw the bicycles in the garage was in July. The victim described the bicycles as two Panama Jack beach cruisers, one men’s single speed that was black in color, and one woman’s three speed that was turquoise in color.

Nov. 28 theft

Complainant reported that between approximately Nov. 12 and 24 his men’s 21-speed bike was stolen from the community bike rack at his condo complex. Complainant indicated that the bike was locked and that the lock was cut in order to steal the bike.

Dec. 6 burglary

Director of a construction company reported that certain

materials were stolen from a house that is under construction. Director reported that door/trim and plumbing materials were missing and were being stored in the living room and kitchen of the residence. The materials were estimated at a total value of $4,000. An invoice for the purchase of the door/trim materials was provided by the director.

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How did we get here?
Future of insurance-
(New Rules/Guidelines)
Roof Fraud-
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What’s new ... on Siesta Key

Cheers to the island’s first Irish pub

It’s a great day here for the Irish!

On Dec. 10, the Shebeen Irish Pub & Kitchen opened in Crescent Plaza. Beyond the new faces, there were many old friends on hand who had come to know owners Ross and Louise Galbraith at Pub 32 -- their former business on South Tamiami Trail. As they say in Ireland, a great time was had by all.

Siesta Key history was made when the pub, located at 6641 Midnight Pass Rd., officially opened. It is the first and only pub on all of Siesta Key.

In Gaelic, the native and ancient language of Ireland, the word “shebeen” can be defined as a speakeasy. With its cozy dark walls and seating for 29, the new pub has a feeling of an old-fashioned hideaway, tucked-in only a few doors away from the popular French restaurant Miguel’s.

“It took a lot to get here,” said Ross Galbraith. “We are very excited to be on Siesta Key. It’s been fantastic for us.”

The space became open when Scott Dolan, owner of neighboring Big Water Fish Market, consolidated his deli with his dining area.

The Northern Ireland natives first came to Sarasota in 2007. They’ve made Sarasota their home and Siesta Key is exactly where they had always wanted to run a charming Irish restaurant and pub. “We’ve been accepted onto the island with such warmth and friendship,” said Galbraith. “There’s a lot more hustle and bustle on this side of the Key and we’ve found great camaraderie here.”

Many fans of Pub 32 who came to know the couple during the restaurant’s 10-year run, treasured the live Irish music that the couple offered at their “public house.” The good news is that same Irish music will be

“I’m going to bring an acoustic guitar and we’ll have open mics for guitar playing and singing on some nights,” Galbraith said.

“Clover’s Revenge, an Irish band, will also be playing.”

The Galbraiths closed their Pub 32 last summer when a rent increase made it impossible for them to remain in business. In less than six-month’s time, they were able to reinvent their business model and realize

their dream of opening a new Irish pub on the Key.

As for the menu Galbraith reports that, just like Pub 32, all of the dishes at the Shebeen Irish Pub & Kitchen will be homemade from scratch. He promises that longtime favorites as well as “something different” will be on the menu. Galbraith’s Pub 32 burgers and Shepherd’s pie won rave reviews.

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Also new ...

A pair of 2nd-floor spas at 5212 Ocean Blvd.

Eastern Health Massage & Spa

The business offers Thai foot massage, Swedish deep tissue massage, essential oil massage, body scrub, cupping and hot stone massage with infrared heat lamps. Private couples massage rooms are also available, along with gift certificates.

Call (941) 787-0025. Open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 11 p.m. Sundays. Walk-ins are welcome

Fracassi Lashes Med Spa & Brows

Offerings include eyelash extensions, brow waxing, medical facials, chemical peels, microblading and micro-needling treatments. Laser hair removal, IV drip, botox and fillers are also on the beauty menu.

Call (941) 387-4911. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Visit

16 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
Business owner Sarah King does her thing at Eastern Health Massage & Spa. (submitted photo) The location of the new Fracassi Lashes Med Spa & Brows. (photo by John Morton) featured at the Shebeen Irish Pub & Kitchen. Ross Galbraith, with son Callan, outside the new Shebeen Irish Pub & Kitchen. The new business opened Dec. 10 in Crescent Plaza. (photo by John Morton)

Did you know that Siesta Key has a Gemstone?

Looking into the water at Siesta Key Beach is an incredible, captivating feeling - hues of blue and green dancing in light waves on top of crystal white sand with sunlight reflecting on it. Undeniably, the “Siesta Key Watercolor GemstoneTM” has captured the colors of this experience.

It’s no secret that the sand on Siesta Key Beach is composed of 99% pure quartz. The crystalline white sand of Siesta Key is luxurious, soft, white and cool to the touch 365 days a year. This is why our beloved beach has been revered as one of the most beautiful in the world. Wanting to capture the experience and essence of Siesta Key beach was the goal of the proprietor of Silver City, Monica.

“Tourists always wish they can somehow take their vacation memories with them,” so with this in mind, Silver City designed the Siesta Key Watercolor GemstoneTM. They were able to capture the colors of Siesta Key’s blue/green water and put it into a quartz gemstone. This quartz gemstone is a fusion of the tropical colors that surround us. Just looking into the clear, beautiful gemstone will transport you back to our island paradise representing the Sea, Sky and beautiful sand of Siesta Key Beach.

Silver City has now become a “Must Stop” destination for tourists (Currently named #1 shopping destination on TRIP ADVISOR on Siesta Key). Shining brightly among the cases of this uniquely mirrored store lies the much raved about Siesta Key Watercolor GemstoneTM Every jewelry piece is designed and made by Silver City Sarasota. The staff of Silver City Sarasota is very proud of their unique collection and variety of designs in Sterling Silver and in 14K gold.



Watercolors That Inspire

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Also available online at

Key Watercolor GemstoneTM

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• Laser jewelry repairs: unlike traditional fire torch use, repairs can be done

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Sarasota, Osprey, and Venice from the beautiful Bay Street Plaza.

Happiness is...Fresh

What a great time of the year to enjoy the beauty of fresh. A fresh year. A fresh start. Fresh, fantastic food. Fresh food? Oh, yes.

The owners of Simon’s Coffee House and Eatery, Jerry and Jill Williams, know all about fresh food. Simon’s caters to vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore palates with fresh, delicious options like the Mediterranean Tofu Plate ( Tofu, mushrooms, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes sauteed in basil pesto, with toast ) and the Big Ben

Skillet ( Banger sausage, onions, mushrooms, and home fries sauteed and topped with cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs ). Hungry for breakfast or lunch yet?

Simon’s Coffee House is located at 5900 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota in the DeSear’s Plaza. Open Monday through Saturday from 8-3 and Sundays from 9-3. Check out Simon’s full menu on their website, or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram for their specials.

18 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 Stay connected to life on Siesta Key. Subscribe to Siesta Sand Weekly eNewsletter. Visit to sign up.
Welcome aboard, commissioners!
Sarasota County’s new commissioners were sworn in during a Nov. 22 ceremony at the Sarasota County Administrative Center. Left, Mark Smith takes the oath with his wife, Esther, at his side. Right, Smith and Joe Neunder. Smith will represent District 2 (which includes the northern half of Siesta Key) and Smith will represent District 4 (which includes the southern half of Siesta Key). (photos courtesy of Sarasota County) Simon’s
FL • EST 2001 Trout Almondine, Macadamia Nut Encrusted Grouper, Cult favorites like Pizzas, Duck, Fish Tacos Exec Chef Mike Yoder, one of the best chefs in the world GM, Felicia O’Brien, and our friendly staff will provide a most entertaining experience. Clayton is a fun, spirited, community guy and lifelong resident Best Eatery in the country, says his mom “Kitten” High School mentoring program teaching work ethic and responsibility Locals’ Gathering Spot Great Happy Hour from 4-6:30 ECO friendly restaurant Proves you are not a member of the Chain Gang 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. TOP 10 REASONS TO VISIT CLAYTON’S SIESTA GRILLE 1265 Old Stickney Point Road Siesta Key 941-349-2800
coffee house SARASOTA


“This is a small family run restaurant and the owners are onsite there. The owners and staff are friendly and welcoming. The service is great, but the food is phenomenal ! We had the blackened grouper, crab cakes and fish stew. It was seasoned and prepared perfectly! We found it because we were looking a place to eat after a movie, and if we hadn’t looked for reviews on TripAdvisor we would never have found it. It’s in a small plaza in the back corner and does not stand out. It was 45 minutes from where we were staying but it was so good we had to go back again. Each of the last 3 years we have stayed for 2 months on longboat key and this was the best seafood restaurant we’ve been to, hands down! It was nice to meet the owner who it turns out was from the town next to us in Connecticut. You must try it, but I would recommend reservations at dinner time as it’s a small place.”

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TripAdvisor (April
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You can say that 2022 was literally a whirlwind of a year on Siesta Key, seeing as our area saw not one but two hurricanes less than two months apart.

And many other topsy-turvy twists came our way, beginning with some stormy news that launched the new year for the local incorporation effort

In early January, Save Siesta Key’s bid to transition the island into its own municipality was shot down in a 3-3 vote on its own turf, as the Sarasota County Legislative Delegation prevented it from finding its way to Tallahassee for consideration. In February, after vowing to reboot with another effort, leaders of the group were joined by other civic-group representatives for a meeting with then city of Sarasota Mayor Erik Arroyo, who had reached out with a pitch for possibly annexing the Key.

The meeting proved to be more or less a courtesy and Save Siesta Key would then overhaul its board of directors. Four of the eight original members had left, and newcomers Jodie Tierney and Gary Rodkin came on board to join John Davidson, Tracy Jackson, Stephen Lexow, and new chairman Tim Hensey.

A new lobbyist was hired, and a $100,000 campaign drive ensued as SSK geared up for a second try.

Then, in the fall, a non-binding straw-vote initiative was created by the group to gauge public interest. The results are pending with another delegation vote upcoming on Jan. 12.

A shake-up within the county delegation also took place in 2022, as redistricting narrowed the members from six to four and took two no votes – in the form of state Reps. Tommy Gregory and Will Robinson – out of Sarasota County,

with state Rep. Michael Grant entering the mix.

The other no vote belonged to state Rep. James Buchanan, who now chairs the delegation.

Meanwhile, the delegation’s two biggest supporters for incorporation – state Sen. Joe Gruters and state Rep. Fiona McFarland (the bill’s sponsor) -were re-elected in the summer and fall, respectively.

Thus, with two yes votes still in play against one likely no vote, Grant becomes the swing vote as a majority is needed to advance to the state legislature.

Save Siesta Key ended the year with a Dec. 6 public meeting, with Grant in attendance, to once again state its case. Buchanan was the only member of the delegation to not attend. A former Siesta Key resident, he did not attend a similar meeting at the end of 2021. ***

The ongoing controversy regarding the county’s approval of high-density hotels had its share of drama as well. In 2022, the two lawsuits filed against the county on the matter by Siesta Key residents and condos were upheld in different manners when the county fought to have them dismissed. Both are set to go to trial in 2023.

In each case, the plaintiffs allege the county violated its own landuse plans during the approvals. Lourdes Ramirez filed one of the lawsuits late last fall in 2021, the other coming from James Wallace, Robert Sax, Marina Del Sol, and 222 Beach Road shortly thereafter. Wallace would drop out this year.

Meanwhile, a third proposed hotel called The Hotel Siesta and slated to be built at the former Wells Fargo bank site at 5810 Midnight Pass Rd. received

unanimous approval from both the county’s planners (in September) and commissioners (in October). The two previous approvals saw at least one vote of opposition at both levels.

Owners of a fourth hotel seeking approval – the Siesta Key Beach Resort and Suites had filed a plan to raze its 55-room complex and replace it with a new 170-room structure – suspended their endeavor and will await the outcomes of the lawsuits.


Memorial Day saw chaos rock the island as well, as several fights on the beach resulted in shots being fired in the Village and a teenage girl being injured. The violence sent hundreds of people along the streets and business patios scurrying for cover.

Citing a lack of cooperation by witnesses, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has yet to make an arrest.


Another dangerous situation touched Siesta Key in early July when a nationwide listeria outbreak was traced back to Sarasota’s Big Olaf ice cream brand. After 40 years of carrying

that name at its Ocean Boulevard location, the local Big Olaf switched to the serving of Yoder’s ice cream and dropped its affiliation with Big Olaf. It went nameless for months before settling on the name Siesta Village Ice Cream in the fall.


Three Siesta Key residents entered the political arena in 2022, as Mark Smith, Ramirez, and Mike Cosentino all ran for the District 2 county commissioner seat being vacated by Christian Ziegler. Republicans Smith and Ramirez would go head-to-head as Republicans in the August, with Smith winning, while Cosentino finished last in a tight, three-way Democratic primary.

In the Nov. 8 general election, Smith became the first Siesta Key resident in eight years to have a seat on the Sarasota Board of County Commissioners when he defeated former Sarasota Mayor Fredd Atkins by a little more than 1% of the votes.

Joe Neunder, a Venice City Council member, won easily in District 4 over Daniel Kuether.

The race for both District 2 (representing the Key’s northern half) and District 4 (representing the Key’s southern half) were highlighted in July when Siesta Key’s “Island League” – made up of Save Siesta Key, the Siesta Key Association, the anti-hotel Siesta Key Coalition, the Siesta Key Condominium Council, and the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce – held a candidate forum at Siesta Key Chapel.


The deadly Category 4 Hurricane Ian that on Sept. 28 pounded the immediate area to the south of the island, causing major destruction. Somehow, Siesta Key only suffered mostly downed

trees and fences. The near miss kept alive the streak of Siesta never receiving a direct hit in recorded history.

As a precaution, a mandatory evacuation of the Key was ordered two days before the storm, with water being turned off by the county and the bridges eventually closed off. They re-opened in the late morning the day after the storm passed.

Power was first restored to the north end of the island, but some areas on the south end were in the dark for as many as five days.

Hurricane Nicole followed in November, leaving little damage to the Key other than more downed tree limbs.

It did, however, combined with Ian’s intensity, further stir up algae blooms in the Gulf of Mexico that brought yet another wave of red tide to the local beaches. Bacteria warnings began Oct. 19 and by Thanksgiving weekend there were fish kills present.


Two Siesta Key businesses reached major milestones in 2022, as the Foxy Lady clothing boutique turned 50 and the Beach Club turned 75. It’s the island’s oldest establishment.

Another longtime business closed its doors in April, as the $7.3 million purchase by developer Chris Brown of the complex that housed Crescent Beach Grocery led to the business owner’s retirement.

After months of speculation as to what business would move into the spot, independent first-time grocers Sean and Tana Anderson signed on board in September to work toward opening what will be called Crescent Beach Market. The couple hopes to be operating by the start of 2023.

20 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
21 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC 941-479-1175 | 941-500-2662 | Al Frederick & Danielle Mahon Mortgage Loan Officers 847-989-7709 Co NMLS: 132763 AL: 462432 Danielle: 1623790 When it’s Time to Buy or Sell, Call AL & MICHELLE! Legacy Settlement Services Michael Ruder, Owner | Legacy Title Services of Florida 443 834-2431 | HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you and your family a 2023 Filled with Blessings!

Time for New Year’s financial resolutions

Sarasota Local Brings Experience & Trust to Siesta Key

It’s that time of year when many of us promise ourselves we’ll go to the gym more, or learn a new language, or take up a musical instrument, or any number of other worthy goals. But this year, when making New Year’s resolutions, why not also consider some financial ones?

Here are a few to consider:

• Don’t let inflation derail your investment strategy. As you know, inflation was the big financial story of 2022, hitting a 40-year high. And while it may moderate somewhat this year, it will likely still be higher than what we experienced the past decade or so. Even so, it’s a good idea to try not to let today’s inflation harm your investment strategy for the future. That happened last year: More than half of American workers either reduced their contributions to their 401(k)s and other retirement plans or stopped contributing completely during the third quarter of 2022, according to a survey by Allianz


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Life Insurance of North America. Of course, focusing on your cash flow needs today is certainly understandable, but are there other ways you can free up some money, such as possibly lowering your spending, so you can continue contributing to your retirement accounts? It’s worth the effort because you could spend two or

claim, it could possibly result in the plaintiffs recouping their legal bills, Luckner added. Walker on Nov. 28 also denied for a second time the county’s motion to dismiss the case.

While both lawsuits are trying to stop the building of the new hotels, they were filed separately and will be heard separately despite it involving the same judge. However, Ramirez said a victory for her on Jan. 6 could impact the second lawsuit.

“If we win the case, the other attorney will likely file a motion for summary judgment in his case based on the judge’s ruling,” she said. “So, a win in our case should lead to a

three decades as a retiree.

• Control your debts. Inflation can also be a factor in debt management. For example, your credit card debt could rise due to rising prices and variable credit card interest rate increases. By paying your bill each month, you can avoid the effects of rising interest rates. If you do carry a balance, you might be able to transfer it to a lower-rate card, depending on your credit score. And if you’re carrying multiple credit cards, you might benefit by getting a fixed-rate debt consolidation loan. In any case, the lower your debt payments, the more you can invest for your longterm goals.

• Review your investment portfolio. At least once a year, you should review your investment portfolio to determine if it’s still appropriate for your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. But be careful not to make changes just because you feel your

recent performance is not what it should have been. When the financial markets are down, as was the case for most of 2022, even quality investments, such as stocks of companies with solid business fundamentals and strong prospects, can see declines in value. But if these investments are still suitable for your portfolio, you may want to keep them.

• Prepare for the unexpected. If you encountered a large unexpected expense, such as the need for a major home repair, how would you pay for it? If you didn’t have the money readily available, you might be forced to dip into your long-term investments or retirement accounts. To prevent this, you should build an emergency fund containing three to six months’ worth of living expenses — or a year’s worth, if you’re retired — with the money kept in a low-risk, liquid account. These resolutions can be useful, so try to put them to work in 2023.

win in their case.”

Meanwhile, Sax is relieved with Walker’s reversal.

“The plaintiffs in the case are very pleased with Judge Walker’s decision reinstating our complaint that the county acted beyond its legal power or authority (ultra vires) in creating the ordinance upon which approval of the hotels depended, while also clarifying our ability to challenge as ultra vires the hotel special exception approvals,” he wrote to the Siesta Sand. “We continue to strongly believe we have the law on our side in this case.”

Joe St. Onge, ChFC® Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments

5011 Ocean Blvd., suite 205 Siesta Key, FL 34242 (941)-346-0560 phone (941)-320-4030 mobile

Edward Jones. Member SIPC. -- Advertorial --

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941-800-5570 • 215 Avenida Madera • Siesta Key Curbside Pickup • Delivery • Dine-In • FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED, SERVING SARASOTA SINCE 1991 DINE WITH US Beer • Wine • Pizzeria • Wings Subs • Salads • Catering
Artist renderings of the Sarasota County-approved hotels on Calle Miramar (left) and Old Stickney Point Road. (submitted images)

It’s time to get into the swing of things

Tennis guru David McIntosh offers lessons at your residence or vacation condo, right here on Siesta Key

Tennis anyone? The answer is always yes from David McIntosh.

“I fell in love with Siesta Key the first time I got here,” said McIntosh. “It’s such a great tennis town. There are at least 100 locations on the Key with tennis courts. It’s fun to be a part of Siesta Key.”

A United States Pro Tennis Association certified tennis pro and coach, McIntosh is living his dream of teaching tennis on Siesta Key. He offers both private and group lessons here to participants of all levels and ages, having students ranging from 2 to 92.

McIntosh, who was a college standout, played on the pro tennis circuit and worked with many of the greats in the tennis world. As a pro at the Bollettieri/Chang Tennis center in Boston, he came to know the late, great tennis legend Nick Bollettieri, who coached Andre Agassi.

Bollettieri was the founder of the Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton that is now known as the IMG Academy.

When McIntosh became a tennis pro at the legendary Colony Beach and Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, he discovered Siesta Key. Despite being named the No. 1 tennis resort by Tennis Magazine, the Colony eventually closed its doors -- much to the dismay of many in the tennis world.

McIntosh went on to serve as a teaching pro at Ivan Lendl’s Grand Slam Tennis Academy, in Greenwich, Connecticut. He treasures the time that he spent working with both Bollettieri and Ivan Lendl, who

was the No. 1-ranked men’s player in the world for 270 weeks. Lendl, he noted, is considered to be one of the best men’s tennis players in history and a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Recalling lessons learned from the great Bollettieri, who was also a Tennis Hall of Fame inductee, McIntosh is proud to say that he’s following in the footsteps of the man he

considers a friend and mentor. “He was a very special person,” said McIntosh.

Bollettieri passed away recently at the age of 91.

Sharing Bollettieri’s experiences with his students and teaching the game of tennis is McIntosh’s mission.

“I want people to know that tennis is a game for life. It’s a lifetime sport,” he

said. “The great thing about tennis is that it makes you a part of something. We’re doing it together. I tell my students not to be intimidated. Tennis adds to your life. He was a great advocate of the concept of And McIntosh will come to your doorstep to pass along his passion for the game.

“So many Siesta Key communities have great tennis courts. I meet my students at the courts in their communities or at hotels for those who are vacationing, and we get to work. I bring racquets and balls and we start our lessons,” he said. “My students range from USTA league players to those picking up a racquet for the very first time.

“I also encourage people who haven’t played for years to get back on court.”

For five or more students, he brings in a second tennis pro to join him for the class.

“Group lessons can be a great way to get back in the game,” McIntosh said.

When he meets with a new student, he assesses the player’s level and then tailors those lessons to that person. “I also ask my players to let me know if they have a specific area that they want to improve upon,” McIntosh said.

He also arranges matches and links players with matching skill sets.

McIntosh’s one-hour rates are $95 for one person, $55 each for two people, and $40 each for groups of three or more.

To set up a private or group lesson, visit or call or text McIntosh at (941) 302-4291.

The Inside Scoop on Made In Rome Organic Gelato

invites you to watch the process as she creates a batch of her sinfully delicious gelato from scratch every 15 minutes.

“We are very proud and happy each day. to be here on Siesta Key,” says Theron-Cuna.

“My husband’s family recipes used to create our gelato comes directly from Rome, Italy and only certified USDA organic ingredients are ever used.”

There are 48 flavors to choose from and the staff at Made In Rome Organic Gelato generously provide samples of their made-from-scratch, in-house gelato. No hydrogenated fats or colorants, or preservatives are ever used so you can really taste the difference.

Sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan options are also made fresh each day. Besides their gelato, the shop

also carries Italian coffee, cakes, and focaccia sandwiches.

If you’re lucky enough to catch Theron-Cuna at the shop, she will happily entertain you with stories of her earlier days as a circus performer. She comes from three generations of circus entertainers and has traveled around the world performing with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The family earned their own “Star of Fame” at St. Armands Circle - The Theron Cycling Troupe.

Made In Rome Organic Gelato is located at 5204 Ocean Blvd, in the Siesta Key Village. Their hours are Mon. - Thurs: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Fri. - Sun. Their holiday hours are 11:00 a.m. -11:00 p.m. (941) 960-5344.


Diane is not only an incredible Gelato maker but she is an incredible human and has some of the most fascinating stories! Just come in and see the pictures on the wall from her extremely unique life, learn from the passion in how she makes each ingredient, and definitely have a delicious Cappuccino. You will be transported right to Italy. I will be coming back here for the rest of my life; how lucky for Sarasota and Siesta Key to have Diane’s passion and talent.

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Siesta Key tennis instructor David McIntosh (right) with the legendary Nick Bollettieri. (submitted photo) Owner Diane Theron-Cuna
Made In Rome would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us all these years and our new customers for appreciating our homemade organic gelato that is made daily in our shop! Sage, Nora, and Anna, staff at Made In Rome Gelato: The only organic Gelato shop on Siesta Key were everything is made daily in house and in front of the public eyes by real Italians. Our gelato has no artificial flavors, coloring ,or preservatives. Lots of vegan and sugar free flavors. Healthy and organic is the way to go!
December 2022

as the locals call it, is the hangout with the laid-back, beachy atmosphere that will get you right into the Island Spirit. One of the things that set SKOB apart from the other restaurants in Siesta Key Village is that we have some of the best food on the Key.

Andrew Monroe event is Jan. 8 at Siesta Beach

In honor of the life of Andrew Monroe, the annual Andrew Monroe Memorial Scholarship 5K Walk/Run was established for the benefit of senior soccer players at Riverview High School in Sarasota. Senior girls and boys, soccer players, track athletes and JROTC cadets have the opportunity to receive scholarships through an essay process.

The proceeds from the event also go toward the Andrew Monroe Memorial Scholarship Fund through the Sarasota Community Foundation. The scholarship is open for all county soccer players through an essay submission process. The event over the last nine years has generated roughly $115,000 in scholarships and has met the fund balance at the

Sarasota Community Foundation.

The event will be Jan. 8 on Siesta Beach, with same-day registration from 6 to 8 a.m. A chip-timed 5K begins at 8:15 a.m.; the 1-mile fun walk at 8:20 a.m.

The race is sanctioned by the Manasota Track Club.

Register at registration.

Please bring a can or two of food for Mayors Feed the Hungry.

Goodie bags go out to the first 400 entries.

Yoga returns to Turtle Beach

Julie Phillips-Turner will once again host yoga classes on Siesta Key’s Turtle Beach, starting Jan. 9.

Classes will be from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.

A minimum donation of $5 is requested.

Students are encouraged to bring

their own mats or towels, along with bottled water.

For more information about location or registration, please e-mail Julie at: julie@

Local blood drive is Jan. 12

The Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce and Davidson’s Drugstore will host a mobile SunCoast Blood Centers blood drive at Siesta Village Plaza, 5114 Ocean Blvd.

The event is 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan. 12. Visit

Other areas showing the high concentrations are southern Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

On Siesta Key, significant fish kills first became present late in November but subsided a week later.

For updates on local beach conditions, visit or

25 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC 24 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 ACCOMMODATIONS Beach Palms B-#74 Siesta Key Beach Resort & Spa Map-A #38A ATM BANKS PNC ATM Map-C #61 Sun Trust Bank & ATM Map-E #4 BARS & NIGHTCLUBS Blase Café Map-A #38 Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar Map-B #42-43 Gilligan’s Map-B #33 My Village Pub Map-C #53/54 Siesta Key Oyster Bar Map-B #45 The Beach Club Map-D #22 The Cottage Map-C #58 The Hub-Baja Grill Map-D #59 COFFEE SHOPS Bean Coffeehouse Map-D #62 Mojo Risin’ Coffee Company Map-B #31 DRUGSTORE Davidson Drugs Map-D #65 FASHION & ACCESSORIES Beach Bazaar’s & Swin Shack Map-C #28 Blvd. Beachwear Map-B #30 Casa Smeralda Fashion’Style D #12-11 Comfort Shoes-Birki & More Map-D #64 Foxy Lady Fashions Map-A #40 Gidget’s Coastal Provisions Map-B #44 Island Boutique Map-B #50 Island Style Map-C #53 Lilly Pulitzer Map-D #66 Sea Shanty Map-C #24 Siesta T’s Map-B #30 The Sandal Factory Map-B #46 GAS STATION Circle K Store Map-E #6 GIFTS & SOUVENIRS Beach Bazaar Map-C #28 Gilligan’s Gift Store Map-B #32 Island Trader Map-C #51 Sea Pleasures & Treasures Map-C #29 Siesta Key Outfitters Map-D #13 HEALTH & FITNESS Indep. Lifestyle Solutions Map-D #10 Siesta Healing Map-D #9 Siesta Key Fitness Map-B #73 Studio Yooga ................................... Map-B #51 ICE CREAM/SWEETS Big Olaf Creamery Map-C #52 Curly Cream Ice Cream Map-D #9 Local Chill Ice Cream Map-D #60 Made in Rome Organic Gelato Map-C #53 Meany’s Mini Donuts Map-C #24 Stefano Versace Gelato Map-C #50 SubZero Ice Cream/Yogurt Map-D #16 The Fudge Factory Map-A #36 INTERNET WiFi SERVICES Davidson Drugs Map-D #65 Mojo Risin’ Coffee Company Map-B #31 JEWELRY Created Gems Map-C #51 Mount -N- Repair Jewelers Map-D #9 LIQUOR STORES / FINE WINES Gabbiano’s Wine Club Map-D #70 Gilligan’s Map-B #33 Siesta Key Wine Bar Map-C #61 Siesta Village Liquors Map-C #26 The Beach Club Map-D #22 MAILING SHIPPING US Post Office Map-D #65 MARKETS/FOOD STORES Circle K Store Map-E #6 Morton’s Siesta Market Map-C #25 MASSAGE Hands of Light Massage Map-B #35 The Spa at Calle Minorga Map-E #74 Sassy ... the Little Day Spa.............Map-D #62 MEDICAL - DENTAL Siesta Village Dentistry Map-D #63 Siesta Dental Map-B #49 Siesta Key Physical Therapy Map-D #20 MISCELLANEOUS Chamber of Commerce Map-D #67 Prime Audio Video Map-E #1 Roberti Enterprises Map-A #39 Village Arcade Map-C #53 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Attorney Fleming Map-E #1 Edward Jones Investments Map-D #68 Smith Architects Map-E 74 REAL ESTATE / RENTAL SERVICES Amy Robinson RE Map-E #1 Beach Palms B-74 Coldwell Banker Realty Map-D #20 EXP Realty Map-E #4 Judith Guzzi & Assoc Map-E #74 Keller Williams Real Estate Map-D #11 Michael Saunders Realty Map-E #72 ReMax Alliance Group Map-C #29 Map-D #9 Robasota Rentals & Real Estate Map-A #39 Siesta Key Rental Prop Map-D #10 The Ringling Beach House Rentals Map-D #9 Tropical Sands Accommodations Map-D #67 RESTAURANTS / CAFÉS Another Broken Egg Map-C #54 & 55 Blase Café Map-A #38 Bonjour French Cafe Map-C #47 Café Gabbiano Map-D #71 Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar Map-B #42-43 Flavio’s Brick Oven & Bar Map-B #29 Flavio’s Italiano Ristorante Map-B #30 Gilligan’s Island Bar & Grill Map-B #33 Island House Bar & Grill Map-D #69 Lobster Pot Map-C #23 Mojo Risin’ Coffee Company Map-B #31 Old Salty Dog Rest. & Pub Map-E #2 PI Pizza & Craft Beer Map-A #3 Ripfire Pizza Map-B #47 Siesta Key Oyster Bar Map-B #45 IL PANCIFICO Map-D #15 Summer House Map-C #57 Sun Garden Café Map-D #19 The Cottage Map-C #58 The Hub Baja Grill Map-C #59 The Seafood Joint Map-D #15 The Star Thai Sushi Map-D #17 & 18 Village Café Map-D #14 SPAS - HAIR & BEAUTY Sassy Hair Salon Map-A #40 Sassy ... the Little Day Spa.............Map-D #62 Siesta Key Nails & Spa Map-D #9 Shaman Sanctuary Salon Map-D #9 SPORTS INTEREST/RENTALS CaliFlorida Map-C #29 Robin Hood Rentals Map-B #34 Island Chatter Continued from previous page Island Chatter Continued from page 5 Siesta Key Oyster Bar, or “SKOB”
Live Music Every Day and Night Big G’s
3-6 Every day 1/2 Priced House
Oyster Happy
DAIQUIRIDECK.COM SIESTA KEY 5250 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34242 SOUTH SIESTA 1250 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242 ST ARMANDS CIRCLE 325 John Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34236 ISLAND OF VENICE 300 W. Venice Ave, Venice, FL 34285 Anna Maria Island 107 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 ISLAND OF VENICE LET US CUSTOMIZE SHIRTS FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT! 5131 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key Village 941-349-3490 CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN SHIRT FROM HUNDREDS OF DESIGNS T-SHIRTS • SWEATSHIRTS • SOUVENIRS Continued on next page 5128 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Village 941-346-7425 Bringing you quality and comfort for more than 40 years! Gift Certificates Available Birkenstock & More Gizeh Pearl White Mayari Licorice Granada Habana Arizona Tobacco Brown Arizona Habana Hey Dude & Birkenstocks Back in Stock! Bogg Bags in Stock! Happy Holidays! Coffee Shop • Tea Room • 5138 Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key Village 941-260-6400 WHAT BETTER WAY TO START YOUR DAY IN PARADISE! • Organic and Fair Trade Coffees & Teas • Cold Pressed Coffee • Organic Smoothies • Light Lunch (Sandwiches) • Breakfast Sandwiches, Bagels & Lox • Homemade Pastries Above left: (From
left) Catherine Luckner, Jean Cannon, Sgt.
Smith, and Natalie Gutwein pose for photos alongside
collected at the Siesta Key Association’s Dec. 1 meeting at St. Boniface Church. The women are board members with the organization and Smith leads Siesta Key’s substation of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. The donations were part of the annual toy drive organized by the Sheriff’s Office. Avove right: Tracy Jackson of Save Siesta Key delevers toys collected at her group’s Dec. 6 public meeting at Siesta Key Chapel. They were given to children victimized by Hurricane Ian.
Red tide continues to plague Siesta Kay With warning signs first being posted Oct. 19, Sarasota County beaches continue to be home to some of the region’s highest concentrations of algae blooms creating red tide.
Our community delivers & Mart ini Bar Blasé Café T WO GREAT PL ACES ONE LOCATION! 5263 Ocean Blvd. | Siesta Key TWO GREAT PLACES ONE LOCATION! 5263 Ocean Blvd. | Siesta Key Awesome pizza, wings & bartenders! 941.346.1188 HAPPY HOUR 5-6 PM Daily 941.349.9822 HAPPY HOUR 2 - 6 pm Daily $5 Wells $2.50 Bud Light Drafts 3.14 PI

Willet Tringa semipalmata

These unassuming shore birds travel great distances to vacation with us on Siesta Key’s beaches — with some migrating from New England, Nova Scotia in eastern Canada, and even the distant prairies of western Canada! Willets may not wear the most impressive plumage or colors of Siesta Key’s coastal birds, but these industrious workaholics sure are fun to watch.

The willet scurries tirelessly through the swash — the seawater that rushes up the beach after the

breaking of a wave — in search of its next meal. Nimble legs quickly position the willet’s long bill for the best chance to snatch small crustaceans, mollusks and fish from the shallows. The willet often outruns its many sandpiper cousins whenever the ebbing waves set the table, so to speak.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty for everyone!

Jan Baumgartner’s handmade notecards are available at BLVD Beachwear, 5239 Ocean Blvd., and Shelly’s Gift and Christmas Boutique, 4420 S. Tamiami Trail.

Blooming this month: Cuban buttercup

Yellow, five-petaled buttercuplike flowers bloom prolifically on this butterfly bush. Commonly called Cuban Buttercup or yellow alder. Growing buttercup bushes provide continued blossoms.

Botanically called Turnera ulmifolisa, this spreading ground cover or small bush brightens up bare spots in the landscape with bright yellow flowers that bloom in the morning and last all day.

The rewards of growing buttercup bushes are abundant flowers and the attractive, ovalshaped, serrated evergreen foliage.

The Cuban buttercup attracts pollinator butterflies and bees. This bush reaches about 2 to 3 feet in height and width, and is a nice addition in a butterfly garden. This is a drought-resistant plant and grows best in full sun.

Currently in bloom in the Butterfly Garden at Sarasota Garden Club, 1131 Boulevard of the Arts. Don’t miss our Gardens in Paradise tour on March 25.

For more information go to

26 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
* Authentic Italian food from Italian chefs Open for dinner from 4pm - 9pm 3900 Clark Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233 (941) 952-3186 BEST HAPPY HOUR IN TOWN Daily 4pm - 6:30pm * Fresh housemade pasta 4832 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota• The Landings • 941-706-4225 Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 7:00am to 2:00pm (Closed Mondays) Opening this Winter! Place your orders now! Review our menu at ORDER NOW: TurDucKens Shipped Anywhere in the U.S. GREAT GIFT! Prime Aged Steaks, Chops, Seafood, NY Deli Meats, Sausage and Salads Voted Sarasota’s Best Philly Cheesesteak and NY Reuben Serving Sarasota Since 1975 We offer takeout and complete catering services. Sarasota’s only old-fashioned Meat Market, Deli and Restaurant under one roof Voted Sarasota’s best non-chain Steakhouse 4 years in a row! Home of the Sarasota TurDucKen, as seen on The Food Network with Guy Fieri, host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Time to order: • Beef Tenderloin • Prime Rib • TurDucKen • Crown Roast (Pork or Lamb) • Party Platters • Stone Crab Claws

A Timeline of Success


Sotheby’s Auction House established in London.


Sotheby’s Auction House established in New York.


Sotheby’s International Realty established in USA.


Sotheby’s International Realty established in Sarasota.


Peg joins Premier Sotheby’s International Realty in Sarasota as one of the original REALTORS®. Her first sale was a Siesta Key residence in the same year.

2014 2020

Peg was recognized as a Top 50 Premier Sotheby's International Realty associate.

Peg participated in the highest sale on Siesta Key.

Peg has successfully sold real estate on Siesta Key and Sarasota since 2006.

Whether you’re thinking of selling or buying, call her. The possibilities are endless. The time is now.

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Peg Davant 941.356.4552
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& SHIPPING Mail Pack Center C-3 #14 US Post Office Sub Station C-3 #14 MARKETS 7-11 Store C-3 #16 Big Water Fish Market C-3 #17
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/ CAFES Big Water Fish Market C-3 #17 Boatyard Waterfront Bar & Grill A-5 #12
Curts Crab & Oyster Bar B-3 #7 Clayton’s Siesta Grille B-3 #9 Daiquiri Deck A-3 #2 Pizza ‘N Brew Siesta Key D-3 #17 Spear Fish Grill A-4 #5 Toasted Mango Cafe C-3 #17 Miguel’s Restaurant C-3 #17 WATER SPORTS - FISHING - RENTALS A to Z Beach & Bike Rentals A-5 #12 FIN Island Co. A-3 #2 CB’s Saltwater Outfitters A-3 #4 Parasail Siesta A-3 #2 Siesta Key Bike & Kayak B-3 #8 Siesta Key Marina A-4 #5 Siesta Key Jetski A-3 #2 Siesta Sports Rentals C-3 #14 Waves Boat & Social Club A-5 #12 CRESCENT BEACH SHOP INDEX MAP C-3 #14 Anna’s Deli 6535 Midnight Pass Rd. MAP B-3 #1 Crescent Beach Grocery 1211 Old Stickney Pt. Rd. MAP A-3 #4 CB’s Saltwater Outfitters 1249 Stickney Point Rd. MAP B-3 #1&8 Coconuts Fashion 1215 Old Stickney Point Rd. MAP C-3 #17 Toasted Mango Cafe 6621 Midnight Pass Rd. MAP C-3 #14 Siesta 4-Rent 6555 Midnight Pass Rd. MAP C-4 #17 Big Water Fish Market 6641 Midnight Pass Road MAP A-5 #12 Boatyard Waterfront Bar & Grill 1500 Stickney Point Rd. MAP C-3 #14 Davidson Drugs 6595 Midnight Pass Rd. SHELL& GIFT CITY SHELL & GIF T THE GREEN TURTLE TUR 349-4751 349-4751 SiestaKey’s Largest Seashell& CoralSelection! SOUTHBRIDGEMALL CRESCENT BEACH SIESTA KEY SiestaKey’s Most Friendly& Unique Shopping Spot! 6525 Midnight Pass Road In South Bridge Mall “A Tropical Department Store Department Store“ MAP B -3#14 FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! With This Coupon No Pu r chase Necessary green TURTLE COUPON green TURTLE COUPON Just ForStopping In AF ree Tropical Gift! AF f t! EXPIRES:12/31/2020 VA59¢ LUE GIF TS& SOUVENIRS BEACH FASHIONS BEACH SUPPLIES BEACH COVER-UPS L ADIES & JUNIORS FASHIONS SUPER MEN'SLINE TS & ASHIONS JUNIORSFASHIONS S LINE $ T Siesta Key BestDiner in Florida 6621 Midnight Pass Road Just S. of Stickney Pt. Road 941-552-6485 Open 7 Days A Week ~ 7 AM - 3 PM BREAKFAST and LUNCH SERVED ALL DAY Full Breakfast and Lunch Menu All Natural Fresh Fruit and Veggie Smoothies Beer, Wine and Bloody Marys MSN Food and Drink Jan. 2015 To advertise in Siesta Sand, call 941-312-0665

Our extraordinary dogs transform lives. Beyond the Dark invites you to experience this transformation and connect with our mission. You’ll engage your senses while immersing into the challenges of people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities. You’ll meet graduates of our programs and hear their triumphant stories. You’ll witness our highly trained guide dogs and service dogs at work, and see the powerful difference they make. And you’ll come away with a greater connection to the human-dog teams who journey beyond the dark

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Local jewelers shine bright

Siesta’s Silver City owners open fine jewelry store

Diamonds, as the song goes, may be a girl’s best friend, but according to jeweler Monica Galfre beautiful, natural pearls and colored gemstones are having their day.

Galfre and her husband, George Rysko, a Swiss-trained watchmaker, recently opened Diamond Bay Jewelers -- a fine jewelry store in nearby Osprey. They are also the owners of the beloved Siesta Key Silver City Sarasota jewelry store on Midnight Pass Road.

Both bring more than 30 years of experience in the world of jewelry to their two stores. As they celebrate the opening of their new Osprey store, they are returning to their roots in the fine jewelry world.

Speaking of this year’s trends in fine jewelry, Galfre explained that “pearls have become very popular, especially among younger people,” appearing in many contemporary designs and often paired with diamonds as well as colored gemstones. These natural gifts of the sea are one of the treasures of the jewelry world that fell from popularity; however, a new generation has re-discovered them for their natural beauty, affordability and colors.

“We carry the Imperial Pearl line at Diamond Bay. It’s my favorite collection and I’m so happy that younger women are discovering these beautiful pieces,” Galfre said. “People want jewelry that they can wear every day that’s more simplistic and beautiful. I appreciate that.”

The couple, who hail from the western province of Alberta, Canada, owned a fine jewelry store there before making Sarasota their home.

“We want to be your family jeweler,” said Galfre as she stood in the spacious and elegant surroundings of the new store that opened in mid-December.

Added Rysko, “We offer fullservice in-house repairs of watches and jewelry with a state-of-the art laser,” said Rysko.

Customers will also be able to have their jewelry and watches professionally appraised by a GIA certified gemologist. “Tuesday is our appraisal clinic day,” said Galfre. “People don’t know the value of their jewelry and we can help with that. Gold is currently selling at $1,700 to $1,800 an ounce and diamonds are increasing in value.”

“One of the things that I enjoy most,” said Galfre with a smile, “is helping people re-design pieces that they may have inherited or that they don’t wear any longer.” One woman, she recalled, came to

her with a group of small single gemstones and asked for advice. Together, they designed a pendant that held all of the single stones a new creation.

“Beauty in jewelry is when the stone or the piece means something to that person. Jewelry is emotion,” Galfre said.

Engagement and diamond rings are another topic that Galfre delights in discussing. “Couples can design their own rings with the Engagement Bridal Builder that offers more than 1,300 possibilities for stone sizes, settings and colors,” she said. “Many of today’s brides are choosing colored gemstones or pearls, but diamonds are still popular.”

When choosing a stone, she said, it’s important to decide if the ring will be worn every day. “Diamonds can be worn daily. Rubies and sapphires also make excellent everyday rings. Emeralds, however, are a soft stone,” she advised.

Galfre also said that nontraditional stones and many semi-precious stones are gaining in popularity. “Topaz has become increasingly popular as a less expensive choice. A good yellow topaz looks very much like a canary diamond and it can be quite stunning when set with smaller diamonds,” said the jeweler.

As the new year begins, Galfre is looking ahead with great excitement to the new designs appearing in the fine jewelry world. She predicts that colored stones, opals, pearls, rose gold and layers of necklaces, bracelets and less traditional jewelry fashions will be in style.

“We’re also seeing more men discovering jewelry. We’re making special order chains and bracelets in leather and stainless steel for them. Hoop earrings are also very popular and can be worn for any occasion,” she said.

The long-forgotten opal, Galfre explained, has also become extremely popular. A new generation

30 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
Continued on page 43 HAPPY HOUR 4pm-6:30pm Happy Hour Food & Cocktails MONDAY PRIX-FIXE MENU 3 Course Menu for $22 — Every Monday OPA WEDNESDAY! Saganaki Opa! Appetizer $7 WINE THURSDAY 1/2 Off Bottles of Wine HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 9 | Friday & Saturday 11:30 - 10 | Sunday 11:30-8 UNIVERSITY PARK 8235 Cooper Creek Blvd, University Park, FL 941-359-4816 SARASOTA LANDINGS 4956 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 941-927-2270 Online Ordering for Take out and Delivery
Monica Galfre and George Rysko at Diamond Bay Jewelers. (photo by Jane Bartnett)

After completing the Life Transformation program at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, and experiencing firsthand the cutting-edge energy medicine offerings there, Connie Lewis is excited to bring Qrs and H-Wave healing therapies to Spa Experience Siesta Key. Lewis has created a new service that encompasses all her areas of expertise including trigger point therapy, Reiki, Cupping, CBD massage Hot stone Massage, Sports Massage, and now QRS and H-Wave therapies. Consultation and coaching time are included with your session.

Qrs is energy medicine that utilizes PEMF (pulsed electric magnetic therapy via a mat laser and ear and eye accessories. These noninvasive therapies are painless and ultra-relaxing and healing in nature. Some of the many benefits of the Qrs Mat and laser are improved and speedier recovery from physical tiredness and over-exertion. Qrs balances the body’s acupuncture points in 8 minutes leaving you feeling stress-free, energetic, and ready for whatever the day may bring. Qrs aids in healing muscle soreness and post-workout stress while healing the muscles joints and bones.

H-Wave is an FDA-approved medical device used to flush lymphatic fluid, increase circulation and eliminate pain and restore function. If the space around the cell is congested, the cells cannot uptake the oxygen

and nutrition it needs resulting in pain sickness, disease, and premature aging. If the space around the cells is free of congestion and metabolic waste products, the cell can now uptake oxygen and nutrition resulting in less pain sickness, more energy better health, and slower aging physically and mentally.

Incorporating these technologies into her Spa treatments will be an incredible leap forward in assisting clients live a more painfree relaxed life.

Spa Experience Siesta Key was opened in January of 2021 when Connie decided to expand her Spa in scope and services. Having owned and operated Massage Experience Siesta Key for 22 years she wanted to offer a wider range of services now including Acupuncture, Qrs, H-Wave energy medicine,

and Spa Parties. Lewis continues to offer her pampering results-driven facials using Pevonia Botanica Skincare and body line. Pevonia Botanica products are available for purchase by calling or stopping by the Spa.

Spa Experience Siesta Key boasts 5 treatment rooms that can accommodate up to 8 guests at a time. We are happy to help you make arrangements for your Bridal party, family reunion, or a spa day with friends. Please call for details and package options.

Spa Experience Siesta Key is conveniently located near the Siesta Key public beach at 5700 Midnight Pass Road, Suite 4b, Siesta Key, FL 34242 Our phone number is 941-349-4833 and our website is

31 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC
New Energy Medicine Technologies are Now Offered at Spa Experience, Siesta Key LICENSE #MM 40045 & MA 17596 Richard Franklin, Painting January 21 & 22 At Phillippi Estate Park, Sarasota Sarasota Fine Art Show™ Professionally Juried Fine Art & Craft Show All Art is Original, Personally Handmade & for Sale Hot Works Art Shows are Voted in the Top 100 Art Shows in America – 18x! Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm Great Food & Live Entertainment ~ Free Admission! Students – Call for Entries! Youth Art Competitions for Grades 6-12 or Ages 9-19! More info See Art, Love Art, Buy Art!™

Arts on the Horizon

Jumping down the rabbit hole

Going down strange paths can certainly lead to interesting places – or things. A trip to the Art Ovation Hotel down at North Palm and Cocoanut can open one’s eyes to worlds of art. Yes, the foyer is full of abstract art (Dasha Reich), but in this hotel there are many rooms (paraphrasing John 14:2). Behind the foyer’s wall of art there are conference rooms which are often filled with a multitude of attendees. And, when those attendees take a break and wander about, there needs to be something to help re-focus their glazed-over eyes and get their minds working again.

What better way to do so than to put mind altering paintings (rational expressionism) in front of them. Yes, expressionism can be rational if one starts with a bit of realistic imagery, surrounded by rational enough deviations of the subject’s thoughts and achievements, in complementary color schemes.

So, focusing on a painting of a clearly representative segment of Dr. Eugenie Clark’s (the Shark Lady) face, one’s eyes can wander off to the left or right and see shark fins and currents highlighted on oceanographic maps, in shades of aqua, teal, and golden orange. Ms. Clark, many years ago, started what has become Mote Marine, and her spirit lingers on.

Or walk around this interior gallery and gaze at the face of Mable Ringling looking down at one of the blossoms from her rose garden. Javi Suárez, the artist, has done a realistic rendering of each but, behind John Ringling’s wife there is an architectural sketch of Ca’ d’Zan, their home on Sarasota Bay.

Nearby there is a likeness of David Cohen, who had been a musician, concertmaster of the Florida West Coast Symphony, City Commissioner, and Mayor of Sarasota. He was credited with being “the man who conceived the Van Wezel.”

Why does Mr. Suárez paint these iconic figures? He says they reflect “the better

entering into an Artist Conversation in the late afternoon of January 12. This will be a discussion of her upcoming New Music, New College concert titled NEXT DOOR. One of the pieces, The Children’s Journey, is a new composition by Rocco Di Pietro. This five-part suite parallels, to a degree, Robert Schumann’s Scenes From My Childhood. Other compositions will be discussed as well, including a world premiere.

angels in our society, those who inspire us, who lead us, and those who we want to grow up to become.”

And, of course, there is a reason for all these architectural sketches and renderings of bridges, concert halls, homes and gardens in the background of the paintings on display. Just climb out of the rabbit warren you’ve entered and it will lead to real buildings, or a building like Sabal Palm Plaza on Ringling Boulevard, that look like a ship heading for the bay. The reason? Suárez, the artist, is also Suárez, the architect, a principle of Suárez Architecture.

More art info at and at

The far out is not that far away

Listen to the music of Arnold Schoenberg, Earl Brown or Jacob Niesbaum and you might say, “Oh, that hurts my ears.” Or, then again, you might lean back (or forward) and feel that something is different, and that it moves you. Actually, it’s often (sometimes) nice to be moved, if in a good or not too disconcerting way. One can also say, “I like Chopin or Mozart, but I’ve just heard that piece twice in the last week and it would be nice (or _______, or _______ ) to hear something else.

That something else will be at a Mildred Sainer Pavilion near you. Kathleen Supové, one of America’s most acclaimed and versatile contemporary music pianists, will be

Then, on the evening of the 14th Ms. Supové will present these works. Di Pietro’s notes give a hint as to how you might interpret his composition as, of course, filtered through your own perception. The first movement, The Playground, takes place in a toxic playground. But remember, this is where the child begins, not where it ends up.

The second movement, Roaming Among the Cuckoos, alludes to the fact that a cuckoo chick is raised by a step-family, rather than by its own parents. The third, First Loss, Inner Flight, is, perhaps, something through which every child goes.

The last two, A Curious Story and About Strange Lands and Peoples, have the same titles as ones in Schumann’s extended composition.

The concert’s title, NEXT DOOR, is an opening through which we can enter other worlds and spaces and contemplate concepts which are alien to our own. Ms. Supové’s previous concerts held at New College have been both entertaining and mind-expanding – a lovely result when they are combined.

More info at

Two for one

It may be a new year, but it’s always time to reflect on both old and new thoughts, those who first thought them, and those who think them now.

“Flyover country” is that part of the U.S. that is between New York and California. Allegedly to be ignored by those that live in New York and California.

“Go west, young man” is another famous phrase, this one from a bygone era that encouraged unsettled people living in states on the east coast to go settle further west. Horace Greeley is credited with that slogan after having gone to California during the years of the Gold Rush.

At that time “the West” was anywhere west of Jersey City, and thousands moved from New England out to what we now call the Mid-West in order to build a new life. But they also came from the South, as portrayed in Pearl Cleage’s play Flyin’ West presented by the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe from Jan. 4 through Feb. 12.

As the action takes place in the 1890s, they did not fly on American Airlines from Birmingham, Alabama to Nicodemus, Kansas. In this case the word “fly” was related to the more powerful word “flee,” and flee from the South this group of African American women did.

As leaving the harshness of one’s human oppressors and jumping feet first into the harshness of nature is not something one does without considerable thought, perhaps these ladies believed that nature, although sometimes harsh, and sometimes bountiful, was so to all, equally.

These women flyin’ west obviously had a dream and, some years later, someone else had an even greater dream. Not a dream for himself but for all of America. And each year the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe celebrates that man and that dream. On Jan. 16, they honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in spoken word and song in a production arranged and directed by Nate Jacobs.

More info at

32 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665

On Saturday & Sunday, January 21 – 22, Key Chorale’s Chamber Singers, professional harpist Anna Kate Mackle, pianist Stephen Fancher, and the Sarasota Music Conservatory String Quartet, will present a concert of miniature masterpieces – all 8 minutes or less – pint-sized pieces that pack a punch.

While Classical composers have often wowed us with large-scale symphonies, masses, and Requiems, they have also demonstrated their mastery in a matter of only minutes. Experience these choral miniature masterpieces – all 8 minutes or less – as Maestro Caulkins leads an interactive exploration of these miniature masterpieces. Spanning nearly 450 years, these works from the Renaissance to today will be not only performed but discussed in an entertaining and informative way throughout the program.

“Because of their short length you rarely hear but one or two of these selections in a program,” said Maestro Caulkins. “We came up with the idea to showcase these small gems and celebrate how much craftsmanship goes

into creating a masterpiece that spans a mere matter of minutes. To do that, requires a directness of musical language, composition conciseness, and something that captures the spirit of the listener. These pieces do all of that and are among choral music’s greatest treasures.”

Contemporary classics like Morten Lauridsen’s O Magnum Mysterium will be performed and contrasted with a setting of the same text in a timeless work by Spanish Renaissance composer Tomas Luis de Victoria. Another work by contemporary Latvian composer Eriks Esenvalds takes an ethereal poem by Sara Teasdale and sets it for 8-part choir and wine glasses tuned by partially filling them with water. The playing of these wine glasses adds to the mystery. Players wet their fingers and run it around the rim of the glass creating a halo of sound unlike any other. The program rounds out with two spirituals

arranged by Moses Hogan, who died tragically at the young age of 45 in 2003. In that short span he became the world’s greatest arranger of spirituals. His settings transformed spirituals into a highly regarded artform. His arrangements of My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord and The Battle of Jericho are among his finest, and true masterpieces.

The performances will take place: Saturday, January 21, 4:00 PM at Church of the Palms, Sarasota

Sunday, January 22, 5:00 PM at St. Boniface Episcopal Church, Siesta Key Tickets are $35-$45. For tickets, go to or call the box office at 941-552-8768.

33 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC #halo_arts_project haloartsprojectinc Halo Arts Project, Inc. is registered 501 c 3 presents the 4th Annual Angels for Artists SILENT ART AUCTION Cocktails - Meet the Artists - Let’s Go ONLINE ART AUCTION Rock ‘N Roll Benefit Featuring C Knight & The Daze Thursday, January 26, 2023 5:30pm – 8:00pm — MARA Studio + Gallery — 1421 5th St. Sarasota, FL 34236 Funds Support Visual Artists Halo Fellowship Awards Over 100 Works Donated By Accomplished Artists Nationwide
Pint-sized pieces that pack a punch!

The flip of the calendar offers all kinds of opportunities – opportunities to look back and note what worked or what didn’t, and opportunities to look forward and identify what needs to change.

So, you’ve got your own list—but what about one for your dog? What plans can you make and what habits can you form to improve their life in ways that will have them living happier, healthier, and longer? Here are a few suggestions for resolutions that can add a little extra bite to your pup’s 2023 and beyond.

Schedule a Check Up

When was the last time you took your dog to see the vet? Just like humans, scheduling an annual physical can go a long way to improving your dog’s health. But when everything seems fine, it’s a habit that can be tough to form.

The thing is, there are health issues that may not be noticeable right away, issues that a trained expert can catch well before they become a problem. So, get your dog on the schedule to see your family vet for a check up on shots, medications, and for an analysis of their overall health. And make the call today – appointments are booking up fast!

Update Their Diet

Is your dog tired of the same ol’ same ol’? Maybe it’s time for a change. Not only can dietary adjustments pique their interest in what’s for dinner, but they could also improve their digestion, energy, and longevity.

We’ve often talked in this column about the importance of gut health. If your dog is dealing with digestive issues like diarrhea, gas, or bloating, it’s probably time to make a change. Even if they seem fine, you should ask yourself if they’re getting the right mix of foods designed to bolster gut health in a way that will not only curtail digestive issues, but also benefit their total physical well-being.

Put it on your list to explore foods, supplements, or even a broader dietary change that will deliver more of the good to your dog’s gut.

Pamper Them a Little

Listen, when you look good you feel good too. And just like humans, if your dog’s outside isn’t being cared for as much as their inside, that can have a negative effect both physically and mentally.

If you haven’t already, this year add regular grooming to your pup’s list. Now, we’re not saying you’ve got to send them to the spa once a quarter, but a regular shampoo, haircut, and some nail trimming makes a huge difference—even if it’s just at home. Invest the extra time to give your dog healthier fur, skin, and nails and they’ll thank you for it.

Take It Easy

While our dogs don’t have things like work or bills to worry about, they still need the right blend of play, socialization, and mental stimulation to enjoy life. Assuming you’re already incorporating regular walks or trips to the park to your pup’s agenda, look for ways to increase the frequency of or add some excitement to that quality time.

Maybe it’s something as simple as a new toy or booking regular play dates with neighborhood puppy pals – or maybe it’s a trip to somewhere new for both you and your best friend to get away and bond. There’s no shortage of opportunities for you and your dog to enjoy time together.

From mealtime to playtime and more, make a point to create a list of 2023 goals for your best friend to help them live a happier and healthier life.

Meet Fletcher

He’s a 3-year-old English springer spaniel and is a competitive dock diver, trained locally by Florida West Coast Air Dogs. His personal best is 16 feet in competition. He has also cleared the 7-foot backyard fence at his home. He comes from a long line of working dogs. His sister is an FBI agent and his brothers are avalanche rescue dogs.

Fletcher’s favorite weekend activity is boating to Passage Key and hanging out at the outdoor bars along the Manatee River.

Another favorite is pheasant hunting in Minnesota.

(Submit your Paw Pal to the Siesta Sand at

34 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
Add More Bite to Your Pup’s 2023
Kyle Baker, senior pet food nutritionist at DOGPerfect, has a passion for educating pet parents on the power of nutrition and how it can improve their pet’s lives with proper food, supplements and treats. DOGPerfect is a locally owned and operated pet supply store with locations in The Landings, University Park, and Lakewood Ranch. Visit for more information and to sign-up for a free one-on-one nutrition consult with Kyle.
“The Landings Plaza” 4982 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota,
941-925-3955 Fax 926-0066 View menu at Explore Our $4.99 Daily Specials Great Sandwiches Since 1994 Sandwich Construction Specialists Paw Pals
Kyle Baker, Senior Pet Food Nutritionist at DOGPerfect
FL 34231
6721 S. Tamiami Trl • Sarasota 941.924.1770 • Sarasota’s Family Diner since 1972. Over 100 menu items Open 7 days a week Daily specials Breakfast served all day, every day!
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his is a Norwegian troll alert!

Those magical, mischievous Nordic creatures that Disney made famous far beyond the shores of Scandinavia and Siesta Key have found their way to Gulf Gate.

Be advised that they are sitting jauntily on the shelves of the Scandinavian Gifts, Baked Goods & Grocery store on Gulf Gate Drive, waiting to head off to a new home. Trolls, along with their Swedish mythical elf friends, have made themselves quite comfortable in this little bit of southern Scandinavia.

In the land of the midnight sun, according to Nordic mythology, Norwegian trolls share the land with friendly elves called Nissers. The Swedes call their elves Tomtes and in Finland they are known as Tonttus. No matter if you’re drawn to the homely troll or the better-

looking elves in their red caps, finding one in this captivating store will surely brighten your day.

My well-placed source Pam, who happens to be the owner of shop, told me that she has many troll-collector clients. “Troll collectors discovered us a long time ago,” she said with a laugh. “A troll collector recently purchased two motorcycle riding trolls.”

Yes, it seems that trolls can find themselves in all kinds of situations. In addition to trolls and elves, Pam told me that another popular folkloric item in great demand is the Swedish Dala Horse figures and items that are adorned with them. “They are very special to Swedish people,” she said.

A symbol of good luck in Sweden, the horses are also the most internationally recognized image in Swedish folk art.

As I made my way through the charming shop that is deceptively larger than it appears from the Gulf Gate Drive sidewalk, I found Pam behind the jewelry counter. She

took out several pieces of amber jewelry to show me and explained that they are distinctively Scandinavian and reminiscent of ancient Viking jewelry.

The Vikings, she explained, were especially fond of the golden amber stones. “Amber has been found in many Scandinavian archeological sites where the Vikings once lived,” she advised. “The amber washes up on the shores of the Baltic lands and much of it is very old.”

She explained that amber is the

product of fossilized tree sap. It is found on the beaches of southern Sweden, Denmark, and Latvia where 80% to 90% of the world’s amber is harvested. Once polished

Continued on page 46

36 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 2621 Mall Dr., Sarasota 941-924-2330 Working with Sarasota Buyers & Sellers since 1969 • Local Expertise • Proven Track Record • Happy Clients Condos, Villas, Single Family Homes & Investments We are with you every step of the way! John Garner Broker Associate Diane Shane Broker Associate Roberts Realty CBD + DELTA 8 THC Legal / No prescription needed RELIEF FOR PAIN, ANXIETY, INSOMNIA, DEPRESSION + MORE 6557 SUPERIOR AVENUE SARASOTA, FL • 34231 {IN GULF GATE VILLAGE} 941.312.5630 WILDGINGERAPOTHECARY COM OPEN MONDAY – SATURDAY 10-5 PM 941.312.5630 WILDGINGERAPOTHECARY COM OPEN MONDAY – SATURDAY 10-5 PM 6557 SUPERIOR AVENUE SARASOTA, FL • 34231 {IN GULF GATE VILLAGE} DROP-IN PSYCHIC, TAROT AND ASTROLOGY READINGS DAILY METAPHYSICAL GIFTS + CRYSTALS PSYCHIC READINGS
Exploring Gulf Gate ... with Jane Bartnett T
A little bit of southern Scandinavia • No more mega hotels • Stop illegal rentals • Preserve our island’s charm LET’S INCORPORATE! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP TO GET US THIS FAR! SAVESIESTAKEY.ORG TOGETHER WE CAN BRING HOME A VICTORY!  Attend the Legislative Delegation meeting: January 12th from 1:30 to 5 p.m. County Administration Center 1660 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota Wear your blue shirt to show your support  Contact Representatives Buchanan and Grant TELL THEM WE WANT OUR VOICES HEARD, LET US VOTE!

Myakka Magic Retreat Opening Jan 2023

Myakka Magic Retreat


Finally a local place to rejuvenate : Bone Fire, Digital Detox, Sauna, Salt Bath, Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Sound Bowl, Meditation, Fast or Farm to table delights close to Siesta Key & Myakka! We're so excited to

Jan 2023 Finally a local place to rejuvenate : Bone Fire, Digital Detox, Sauna, Salt Bath, Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Sound Bowl, Meditation, Fast or Farm to table delights close to Siesta Key & Myakka! We’re so excited to share it with you soon. Powerful Healers For You. - 818-793-7834 2106 Bispham Rd, Sarasota, FL 34231

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To achieve success you have to solve
Visit our store or order online
Intentions Candle Gift Sets - Smudging Kits -
Crystals -
Crystal Sex Toys - Private Coaching & Retreats
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Welcome to our Sarasota store. Passionate French Designer Gaëlle Wizenberg created a whole new product line locally, to give you the tools needed to
WANT. Keeping your dream alive, nurturing Your WHY, building Your inner faith is key. It requires good personal management skills to keep a Powerful Mindset.
life's constant challenges, stay healthy and stress free.
Crystal Singing Bowls
- Feng Shui
Design consultation.
Sound Bowl
Reiki Healing for you and your Pets. Try it, it's Magic.
Peaceful Retreat - Team building - Company Party for your Team? We offer tailored packages depending on group size & time. Packages include: Yoga, Sound Bowl Healing, Breath-work Exercise, Tantra, Power Talk, Power of Intentions Setting, Meditation, Reiki, Laughing Therapy and much more amazing healing technic you can integrate into your daily life.
Peaceful Retreat - Team building - Company Party for your Team? We offer tailored packages depending on group size & time Packages include: Yoga, Sound Bowl Healing, Breath-work Exercise, Tantra, Power Talk, Power of Intentions Setting, Meditation,
Therapy and much more amazing healing technic you can integrate into your daily life
Welcome to our Sarasota store. Passionate French Designer Gaëlle Wizenberg created a whole new product line locally, to give you the tools needed to ORDER THE LIFE YOU WANT Keeping your dream alive, nurturing Your WHY, building Your inner faith is key It requires good personal management skills to keep a Powerful Mindset To achieve success you have to solve life's constant challenges stay healthy and stress free Visit our store or order online Intentions Candle Gift Sets - Smudging Kits - Gorgeous Crystals - Crystal Singing Bowls Crystal Sex Toys - Private Coaching & Retreats - Feng Shui & Spiritual Interior Design consultation We offer Sound Bowl & Reiki Healing for you and your Pets. Try it, it's Magic.
share it with you soon Powerful Healers For You 2106 Bispham Rd, Sarasota, FL 34231 - Love@ObjectsOfMagic com - 818-793-7834
Reiki, Laughing


With our map on the next page you’ll be able to navigate your way to our featured shops with ease.

The Shop SRQ (G-2) offers flattops, fades, tapers, blowouts, razor cuts, and straight razor shaves. Owners, Erick and Dawn use a back to basics approach to grooming with a precise attention to personal detail.

Their commitment to excellence has provided them with many loyal customers. They welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.

Hours: Tues. – Fri. 8:30am – 6pm, Sat., 8:30am – 3pm. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Gulf Gate Barber Shop (G-7) has been an institution in the community for years, owned by Kyle Flannery. The super-clean barbershop’s clientele is comprised of primarily men, but the shop services children as well.

Scott Reich, formerly of the Siesta Key Village Barber Shop has relocated to this location.

West End Pub (G-49) Where else can you watch your favorite game with a great selection of beers, wines and liquors served by a friendly staff AND where you’re allowed to bring your own restaurant or deli food? Right here. 6500 Gateway Ave. 941554-8905.

Tony’s Chicago Beef Company (S-16) is owned and operated by true Chicagoans. Dedicated to deliver Chicago’s best food - Chicago style Hot Dogs wit’ the works...dragged through the garden on poppy seed buns with fresh cut fries, Italian Beef Sandwiches anyway you like, dipped or dry, sweet or hot. All served in true Authentic Chicago Style.

Solórzano’s Late Night Pizzeria (S-34): At every Solórzano’s, they

offer an experience familiar to those who understand the importance of family and dedication. Their recipes and techniques have been perfected through three long generations based on the traditional simplicity of the methods used by their Italian ancestors. Dine inside, outside, pick up, or DELIVERY anywhere on Siesta Key, or in Sarasota until 3:30 a.m. 6574 Superior Ave., 941-924-5800.

Gulf Gate Food + Beer (S-51): Sarasota’s late-night hot spot for the service industry, night owls, and midnight snackers. It’s not your typical sports bar, offering unique menu selections for carnivores and vegetarians. Be sure to check out their menu online at: eatfooddrinkbeer. com. Hours: 11 a.m. – 1 a.m. (Sun.Thurs.) open until 2 a.m. (Fri & Sat.).

Roberts Realty, Inc. (M-5) John Garner, Broker Assoc. & Diane Shane, Broker Assoc. have a combined 40 years’ experience in Sarasota of making dreams come true for our clients. For buyers, we have had great success in finding the right property for our clients because we listen closely to their wants and needs and matching that as close as possible. For sellers, over the years we have successfully listed and sold many, many properties throughout Sarasota County. Our philosophy is to have fun, enjoy the experience, achieve great results, make friends and receive referrals. We’re with you every step of the way! Call 941-9242330 or drop by our office.

Only Eyes Optical (S-24) brings a new, exotic, eclectic, eccentric, unique collection of vintage, hipster, contemporary eyeglasses and sunglasses to the community.

Licensed and experienced optician available to fill your prescriptions. Only Eyes Optical has a large assortment of free frames with the purchase of new lenses. Call 941-4447984 to set up an appointment with their licensed optician.

Zuzu’s & Moondoggy’s (GG26, GG25) Ready for an evening out? Choose from Zuzu’s -- an exotic Polynesian top shelf cocktail lounge where you can dress to impress and enjoy cocktails with friends, or Moondoggy’s -- a fun surfing-theme atmosphere where you can chill and have fun. Located at 2234-2236 Gulf Gate Drive, Zuzu’s & Moondoggy’s has 13 big screen TV’S, MLB Package, ACC, BIG10, SEC, NFL Package, pool table, SUPER CHEXX BUBBLE HOCKEY and a punching bag!

Zuzu’s is open 12:00 PM – 2:30 AM daily. Moondoggy’s is open 7AM –2:30AM daily.

Scandinavian Gifts Baked Goods and Grocery (GG-37) A fixture in Sarasota for 32 years, Scandinavian Gifts offers an assortment of linens, glassware, cookbooks, jewelry, candles, food items, and Christmas collectibles. Located at 2166 Gulf Gate Drive, the store is open MondaySaturday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Skinny Dip (G-26) Established in 2020. The Sarasota Skinny Dip location is a family-owned business, with husband-and-wife Alex and Sorelly, and their kiddos, Sophie and Noah. The business specializes in letting you make your frozen yogurt the way you want it! We specialize in Skinny8 Froyos, which are only 8 calories per once! Also available vegan and low-fat options so that all Dippers can, well, dip!

38 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
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Capt. Rick Grassett’s Fishing Forecast

CB’s Saltwater Outfitters (941) 923-7799

You may find reds along with big trout concentrated in potholes, along the edges of bars or tailing on shallow grass flats on negative low tides this month. This is a good month for catch and release snook action around lighted docks in the Intracoastal Waterway. Some lights will also have trout and reds making it possible to get a dock “slam.

There may also be some action in the coastal gulf with tripletail, depending on conditions.

Spotted seatrout has reopened to harvest in southwest Florida with a three-fish-per-person bag limit and a six-fish boat limit. Trout must be from 15 to 19 inches with one allowed per vessel over 19 inches. I feel that it’s important to protect these larger trout, which are usually female breeders.

Snook remains closed to harvest in the Charlotte Harbor area.

Full regulations and details can be viewed at

Catch-and-release snook fishing around lighted docks at night can be good in December and January, unless it gets too cool. I won’t target snook following a strong cold front or if the water temperature dips below 60 degrees. Since they may be stressed at that time.

However, it can be very good under normal conditions. Larger baitfish will thin out and snook will gorge themselves on glass minnows and small shrimp in the ICW at night. I like docks that have a good tidal flow and deep water under them. Fly anglers should do well with sink tip fly lines and small white flies, like my Grassett Snook Minnow. Shrimp Gurglers on floating lines may work well when snook are chasing shrimp in the lights. Fish peak tidal flows for the fastest action.

You may find reds in potholes or along the edges of flats and bars when the tide is low. They may also tail on shallow grass flats of lower Tampa Bay or Gasparilla Sound on negative low tides. Lightly weighted flies, like my Grassett Flats Minnow, will work well in that situation. Weed guards are also important when targeting reds on shallow grass. Spoon flies are another good choice when hunting for reds although you may need to add a small (#10) black barrel swivel ahead of your bite tippet to prevent twist in your leader depending on the style of spoon fly you use -- some will wobble while others may spin if stripped fast.

You may also find reds around docks this month. Use a sink tip fly line and a weighted fly to get your fly into the strike zone for reds. You may find big trout in skinny water this month in many of the same areas where you find reds. The same flies and techniques that I use for reds will also work for trout in the same areas.

You should also find trout on deep grass flats this month along with blues, Spanish mackerel, flounder or pompano. Blues and mackerel will sometimes feed on the surface in the bay, so bird activity may give their presence away. Pompano may skip when you drift or run past them and when that happens, circle back upwind and drift through the area casting ahead of your drift. Flounder prefer a mix of sand and grass,

particularly in potholes or on the edges of bars. Fly anglers should score with sink tip fly lines and weighted flies, like Ultra Hair Clousers or my Grassett Deep Flats Bunny fly, which behaves like a jig with a shad tail.

I tie Ultra Hair Clousers on long shank hooks, leaving a portion of the hook shank exposed, when toothy fish are around. I like the shallow flats of the south shore of Tampa Bay and Gasparilla Sound for reds and trout and deep grass flats that are close to passes, on points and along sand bars for trout, blues, flounder and pompano this time of year.

There should still be some action in the coastal gulf with Spanish mackerel, blues, false albacore and tripletail. Look for terns either diving or hovering low over the surface of the water to find albies, blues and mackerel feeding just below the surface. Once you’ve found them, cast glass minnow fly patterns, poppers or

Crease flies to them. Fly poppers may draw fish to the surface, especially over structure.

You’ll need to add wire or heavy fluorocarbon to your leader when blues and mackerel are around. Look for tripletail around crab trap floats or channel markers. Once you’ve located a fish, work back into the wind or current with an electric trolling motor to get into casting range and cast a lightly weighted fly to them.

Weed guards are important to avoid hooking the crab trap lines.

There should be lots of options this month, although weather becomes more of a factor. When conditions are good, I like to fish the coastal gulf for tripletail or albies.

If you’re able to choose when to fish, fish ahead of fronts or on the strongest tides for the best action. Shallow-water action can be very good on low winter tides.

40 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 JANUARY 2023 TIDE CHART Sarasota, FL - Jan 2023 Date High Low AM ft PM ft AM ft PM ft Rise Set Moon 1 Sun 10:01 1.0 7:50 1.8 3:41 -0.1 1:54 0.8 7:18 5:48 2 Mon 11:35 1.0 8:26 1.9 4:37 -0.4 2:25 1.0 7:19 5:49 3 Tue 12:52P 1.1 9:03 2.0 5:25 -0.5 2:55 1.0 7:19 5:50 4 Wed 9:41 2.0 6:08 -0.6 7:19 5:50 5 Thu 10:20 2.0 6:47 -0.7 7:19 5:51 6 Fri 10:59 2.0 7:23 -0.7 7:19 5:52 7 Sat 3:03P 1.0 11:39 2.0 7:56 -0.6 5:38 1.0 7:19 5:52 8 Sun 3:11 1.0 8:29 -0.6 6:30 0.9 7:20 5:53 9 Mon 12:20 1.9 3:21 1.0 9:00 -0.5 7:25 0.8 7:20 5:54 10 Tue 1:02 1.9 3:36 1.1 9:30 -0.4 8:25 0.7 7:20 5:55 11 Wed 1:48 1.7 3:56 1.2 10:00 -0.3 9:30 0.7 7:20 5:55 12 Thu 2:39 1.5 4:20 1.3 10:30 -0.1 10:41 0.5 7:20 5:56 13 Fri 3:39 1.3 4:48 1.4 11:01 0.1 11:58 0.4 7:20 5:57 14 Sat 4:57 1.0 5:20 1.5 11:32 0.3 7:20 5:58 15 Sun 6:43 0.9 5:56 1.7 1:17 0.1 12:03 0.5 7:20 5:59 16 Mon 9:03 0.8 6:38 1.8 2:34 -0.1 12:31 0.8 7:20 5:59 17 Tue 7:28 1.9 3:44 -0.4 7:19 6:00 18 Wed 8:24 2.1 4:46 -0.7 7:19 6:01 19 Thu 9:23 2.2 5:43 -0.9 7:19 6:02 20 Fri 10:22 2.3 6:36 -1.0 7:19 6:03 21 Sat 2:40P 1.0 11:20 2.3 7:25 -1.1 5:05 1.0 7:19 6:03 22 Sun 2:52 1.0 8:10 -1.0 6:16 0.8 7:18 6:04 23 Mon 12:17 2.3 3:07 1.0 8:51 -0.8 7:25 0.7 7:18 6:05 24 Tue 1:13 2.1 3:23 1.0 9:28 -0.6 8:35 0.5 7:18 6:06 25 Wed 2:11 1.8 3:43 1.2 10:01 -0.3 9:49 0.4 7:17 6:07 26 Thu 3:14 1.5 4:07 1.4 10:31 0.0 11:08 0.2 7:17 6:07 27 Fri 4:29 1.1 4:36 1.5 10:56 0.3 7:17 6:08 28 Sat 6:13 0.9 5:11 1.6 12:32 0.1 11:17A 0.6 7:16 6:09 29 Sun 8:50 0.8 5:53 1.7 1:57 -0.1 11:22A 0.8 7:16 6:10 30 Mon 6:43 1.7 3:14 -0.3 7:15 6:11 31 Tue 7:42 1.8 4:18 -0.5 7:15
Florida Puffer Mackerel Flounder Mackerel Florida Fish of Siesta Key Red Snapper Yellowtail Dohlpin “Mahi-Mahi” Mangrove Snapper Lane Snapper Black Mullet Red Drum “Redfish” Florida Pompano Jack Crevalle AmberJack Spotted Sea Trout Cobia Black Drum Catfish Blue Marlin Black Grouper Sheesphead Tarpon Baracuda Snook Scoolmaster Scamp King Mackerel Gulf Flounder Sailfish Florida Puffer A little guy and his father celebrate a great catch while out fishing with a captain from CB’s Saltwater Outfitters. If you’d like to submit a picture of a child’s fishing moment, send
it Kid Catch of the Month!
Kyle Ruffing (above) and Jon Yenari (below) enjoyed good results in Tampa Bay with Capt. Rick Grassett, landing plenty of reds and snook. (submitted photos)

Save Siesta Key

be a no vote. He did not attend a similar meeting in December of 2021 and voted no when a 3-3 tie from the delegation shot down the incorporation bill before it could get to the Florida Legislature for consideration.

Now, the two other no votes are gone in the form of state Reps. Will Robinson (last year’s delegation chairman) and Tommy Gregory, also the result of redistricting, leaving the delegation at four members with Grant the newcomer. He joins Buchanan, state Rep. Fiona McFarland (the bill’s sponsor), and state Sen. Joe Gruters (another yes vote) in the ranks.

“We know he’s not going to be a yes,” said Gruters at the meeting of Buchanan.

And that leaves Grant, a Port Charlotte resident who represents District 75.

Which brings us to the straw vote, a non-binding survey of sorts in ballot form that Save Siesta Key sent out to the more than 7,000 registered voters who reside on the island. The group plans to present the results to the delegation before the Jan. 12 meeting (1:30 p.m. at the county’s Adminstrtaive Center, 1660 Ringling Blvd.) where another delegation vote will once again determine the group’s fate.

“You went above and beyond what you had to do,” Gruters told the Save Siesta Key team.

Good intentions aside, could the straw vote become problematic? Grant said he was “looking for evidence for my support” and noted it would likely require more than just a large percentage of yes votes in what comes back. He wants to see a large response.

“If only 20% come back, it doesn’t tell me much. A 70% turnout, with at least 60% in support – that tells me something,” he said.

“I’ll be blunt – if you don’t have a voter turnout that is interested in


October 2001, the previous owner was denied a request for the same, opponents reminded the commission. Smith finally gained full ownership in 2007.

During a June workshop on the matter at Siesta Key’s Out-ofDoor Academy, opponents argued similar concerns. Both Holderness and Catherine Luckner, whose

incorporation, I’m not going to be there for you.”

If Save Siesta Key survives the delegation vote, and also gains approval in Tallahassee from the state House and Senate during the upcoming spring session, a local referendum in the form of a special election would be held in 2023 – because there is no November general election in odd years -- with a majority vote needed to make it official.

Such an election would cost about $10,000, Save Siesta Key chairman Tim Hensey reported, and could be done by either mail or paying to establish the local precincts, or a combination.

In that scenario, Siesta Key would be its own municipality on Dec. 31 of 2023.

However, Grant threw a possible wrench into that notion as well.

“I’d rather see it (the local vote) in a general election than a special election,” he said. “They have lower voter turnout, historically.”

In that case, the earliest Siesta Key could become a town is Dec. 31, 2024.

Another voice of caution came from newly elected Sarasota County Commissioner Mark Smith, a longtime Siesta Key resident, whose District 2 seat represents the northern portion of the island. Stating at the meeting that he felt the proposed .5 mill rate (doubled from last year’s .25 rate) was too low. He called his thoughts “a reality check.”

He stated his research showed that the average rate for barrierisland communities in the region is 1.9 mills, and for municipalities within the county it’s more than 3.2.

“.5, I believe, is too low. I think we should all vote, but know what we’re voting for,” Smith said. “When the town commission gets in, they’re going to need to raise the rate. If it ends up going from .5 to

There’s still time ... Save Siesta Key seeking ballots

The Save Siesta Key incorporation group is reporting that residents who have received straw-poll ballots in the mail still have time to return them, but the group asks that you do so as soon as possible so it can have results tabulated in time for its Jan. 12 meeting with the Sarasota County Legislative Delegation.

For those registered voters who reside on Siesta Key who have not received a ballot, there’s still time to request one. Call (941) 287-8024 and a ballot will immediately be sent to you.

1.9, are we OK with that?”

Hensey countered that by reminding those in attendance that Siesta Key’s staggering value of appraised property value of more than $7 billion should help keep money flowing, seeing as taxes are based upon those values. Therefore, substantial mill-rate increases won’t be needed.

“I like to call that the goose that laid the golden egg,” he said.

At the .5 mill rate, a home appraised at $500,000 (just slightly above the median value on the Key) would pay an additional $250 in taxes per year. A $1 million home, $500.

Hensey said the town’s budget would be roughly $3.8 million at the start, with $1.2 million in reserves expected after a year. By year five, that reserves number would be at almost $4 million, he added.

Hensey said the group is also exploring how Siesta Key can get additional bed-tax dollars. Currently, it produces about a third of the county’s total despite representing less than 2% of its population.

When asked why the proposed budget is so much lower than neighboring Longboat Key, which has revenues of about $17 million with a 1.99 mill rate, Hensey pointed to its police force and EMS services requiring more than 60 employees and making up more than half its budget.

Siesta Key would have only five or six employees, total, and would continue to use the county’s law enforcement and EMS services under its incorporation plan. Sheriff Kurt Hoffman has pledged his cooperation in that regard.

“We’re not trying to fix what ain’t broke,” Hensey said with a smile.

One area where the county will not be of assistance, Hensey reported, is with building and zoning services, noting said Sarasota County Administrator Jonathan Lewis has made that clear.

Thus, areas where Siesta Key would be on its own if incorporated are building/ zoning, code enforcement, land use, beautification, additional law enforcement needs, and local sidestreet street maintenance.

Beyond law enforcement/EMS, the county would continue to provide utilities, maintenance of primary roads, trash collection, parks support, and mosquito control.

One resident asked if Siesta Key would be credited for any duplication of services that the county would be otherwise providing – such as the building/ zoning services and code enforcement – and Hensey said law prohibits that.

Regarding the election of five volunteer town council members, should incorporation go through, Hensey said the plan for now is to

Siesta Key Association filed a letter in opposition, said they feel the commission didn’t receive a complete and/or accurate recap of the workshop and that Gilligan’s had subsequently altered its application. Both are planning to request another workshop before a final vote.

“The planning commission

gave the thumbs up with no compatibility, no conceptual plan, based upon trial and error, and with no buffering to residential and transient accommodations,” Holderness said after the commission vote. “I do like Scott (Smith) and (general manager) Mike

county’s Planning Services Division manager, “let everything slide through and omitted crucial facts.”

Said Luckner of the application at a Dec. 1 Siesta Key Association that occurred at the same time as the planning commission hearing, “I can’t believe it would be approved,” noting that the residential areas on nearby canals

have the three with the most votes serve three-year terms and the two lowest serve two-year terms, beginning a staggered rotation.

In closing. McFarland said that “greater headwinds” are now in play in Tallahassee for Siesta Key’s incorporation pursuit.

And Gruters, despite admitting “there is little appetite to expand government in Tallahassee,” he believes it’s understood by many lawmakers that incorporation would likely be seen as the will of the local citizens as opposed to having it thrust upon them.

“You’re voting yourselves to raise taxes,” he said. “That’s the difference.”

would suffer.

“Water just loves sound, and so do the breezes. I’m 2 1/2 miles away from the public beach and I can even hear the volleyball tournament speakers. There are places to go in the city where noise doesn’t bother people. It shouldn’t be here,” she said.

41 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC
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page 1
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Copyright©2012 Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. C4CE276337 04.12 YOU PICK IT OUT. W E’LL PACK A ND SHIP IT WITH CARE. 15 PARADISE PLAZA, SARASOTA, FL 34239 (941)957-1776 Brennan, Shelter, Toni, Sam, Chevy and Conner NewHappyYear!
State Sen. Joe Gruters asks attendees of a Dec. 6 public information meeting held by Save Siesta Key to raise their hands if they are in favor of incorporation. (photo by Travis Dudley)

The Highs and Lows of Properties Sold on Siesta Key

The following are properties sold on Siesta Key in the last 60 days, providing a snapshot of home values on the Key for both single-family homes and condominiums.




This stunning north Siesta Key estate on sailboat water offers deep-water dockage and multiple lifts for serious boaters. You’ll savor spectacular views of the protected harbor, bay and Intracoastal Waterway from the home, saltwater pool and dock. Expertly crafted by Voigt Brothers, an award-winning luxury homebuilder. Featuring numerous luxurious amenities: massive mahogany front doors, gleaming travertine and cherrywood floors, soaring coffered ceilings, crown molding and stone countertops. The spacious living room offers resplendent water views and a gas fireplace and coral stone mantel wall that meets the ceiling. The dining room is perfect for formal dining; a large cedar-lined wine cellar is steps away. The island kitchen features a six-burner gas range and pot-filler, double wall ovens, dual




This mid-century-style home has a Spanish Mediterranean ranch flare with lush, tropical manicured landscaping. The beautiful landscaping provides extreme privacy and welcomes you with the quiet Siesta Key charm you’ve been waiting for! The open, circular floor plan with tile floors, 2 outdoor patio

refrigeration drawers, ice maker, abundant storage, walk-in pantry, and breakfast bar.

Upstairs are two generous guest suites opening to a private 40-foot covered terrace with beadboard ceilings, a game room with a fully equipped wet bar and laundry room, all accessed by the elevator or staircase. A “captain’s suite” guest apartment with kitchenette, full bath and private balcony entrance is separate, yet attached. Enjoy year-round outdoor living with 80 feet of expansive covered patios including an outdoor grilling area overlooking the sparkling pool and spa surrounded by extensive Philippine shell stone decking. Additional features: tray ceilings, surround sound system throughout, master bedroom washer and dryer, pool bath, security system and cameras, whole-house generator, circular paver driveway, trellis and fountain, and threecar garage.

areas, 2 interior living spaces, a stunning pool area surrounded by a beautiful and private garden allows for relaxed yet elegant island family and friends entertaining.

The wonderful chef’s kitchen includes granite and abundant cabinet storage, is the heart of the home opening to both interior living areas. The large master opens to its own quiet patio.


222 BEACH RD. #3 $3.9 MILLION

This home is designed for easy living and entertaining. This remarkable property consists of 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths and has been beautifully updated with designer finishes. Take advantage of the modern open concept great room large enough to accommodate lots of friends and family gatherings. The recently installed hurricane-proof sliding doors on the main floor open up to a private balcony

with fantastic views! The functional kitchen features wood cabinets, stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a large kitchen island perfect for prepping and sitting around, and entertaining guests. The inviting master bedroom is bright and airy featuring an ensuite bathroom with dual vanities, a walk-in shower, and a garden tub. There is a cozy sitting area where you can enjoy your morning coffee. After soaking in the sun on the sand, cool off in the community pool, and then hit the Village for the evening.

Courtesy of Sarasota Land and Home

This amazing turnkey furnished first floor 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit offers the beach getaway resort lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Just steps to your boat docked in a deep-water canal with direct access to the intracoastal waterway. This fully furnished first floor unit boasts

a sublime canal view from your glass enclosed porch. Ground floor accessibility makes it very easy to come and go quickly without all the hassle of elevators. There is also great income potential with a seasonal lease already in place for January through March of 2023, which will generate income almost immediately. Beyond that, rentals are allowed 12 times per year, with a minimum lease period of 1 month.

Courtesy of Coldwell Banker

42 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665

from Florida’s east coast to begin the planning and engineering for the project. The price tag was more than $370,000.

FEMA will be paying for 75% of the project, the Florida Division of Emergency Management 12.5%, and Sarasota County 12.5% through its Tourist Development Council.

Regarding traffic, Curtis Smith, an engineer with the county’s planning services, on Dec. 1 told the Siesta Key Association that the trucks will add only 1% to the existing traffic.

Regarding the sand, it will come from sand mines located in the north-central part of Florida. Smith said it must meet Florida Department of Environmental Protection standards by not containing more than 3% silt. That threshold is lower than most of the sand already in place at Turtle Beach, he said, and is turtle-nest friendly. It will also likely be lighter in color and texture than the existing sand.

Previous renourishments there have been conducted by barge via dredging, but Smith said such a plan is not on the table.

“It would cost $4 to $5 million just to get a dredging boat to commit to the project,” he said. “And there’s not time to go back (to FEMA) and argue that with them.”

Others have suggested that existing sand currently blocking Midnight Pass could be used, but Smith said it’s also not a consideration.

No such need is in play for Crescent Beach, which has never required renourishment.

“We have beaches in this county that seem to behave this way,” Smith said. “For some reason, the Gulf doesn’t move sand around the Point of Rocks.”

The company signs on for the project, Smith added, would have to guarantee the work is done by May 1 or face liquidated damages.


ancient stone, once prized by the Romans, that were formed millions of years ago in Australia, Ethiopia and Mexico.

“For those who love opals,” Galfre said with great excitement, “we have ammolite. It looks like the best-quality black opal and no two are alike.” Found in Alberta, Canada, the land that Galfre and Rysko once called home, the International Gem Society reports that ammonite appears in a “dazzling range of colors and patterns and is highly desired for cabochons and assembled jewelry pieces.”

On Saturday, Jan. 28, to toast the new year and the new store, Diamond Bay Jewelers will host a special wine and cheese afternoon at the store from 3 to 6 p.m.

You’ll find Diamond Bay Jewelers in the Baystreet Town Center at 3976 Destination Drive in Osprey.

Visit or call (941) 786-1013. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 pm.

Waterfront masterpiece on Cocoanut Bayou.


43 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC
4205 HIGEL AVENUE | COCOANUT BAYOU | SIESTA KEY — 4 BR | 4.5 BA | 8,571 SF | $7,250,000 | MLS# A4539090
with a
with multiple
11-Year Recipients
Reminiscent of a 17th-century Palladian villa in the south of France, this North Siesta Key waterfront masterpiece
an extraordinary
experience. The elegantly appointed custom-built home on Cocoanut Bayou offers 120 feet of waterfront,
private deep-water dock offering easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico. The residence features travertine tile on the first floor, beamed ceilings, lavish fireplaces
a grand room
French doors to a covered terrace that spans the full width of the home. Other notable highlights include all new wood flooring on the second floor, four bedrooms with en-suite baths, a commercial-grade elevator, whole-house sound system and garage for 12+ vehicles.
Team Dunn to schedule a tour of this extraordinary home. Maurice Menager REALTOR ® 941.238.8119 Lin Dunn REALTOR ®, SRES, LSS, LSE 941.809.2154 |
of the
for life UNE RELATION pour la vie.
Sand haul Continued from page 1
A view from Turtle Beach Park, looking southward. More than 92,000 cubic yards of sand will be placed here along a 2.1-mile stretch beginning in March to replenish what was in lost in 2016 during Hurricane Hermine. (photo by John Morton)
from page 30

Beach Club

The most recent facelift, completed just before this year’s 75th anniversary celebration, added seating, changed the floors, and enhanced the walls and VIP section, as well as the bar itself, which now doubles as an homage to Siesta Key Beach’s famous sand.

“Quartz!” said Granthon of the new bar top. “What better way to fit the energy, right?”

The partners also invested in a significant upgrade to the club’s sound and lighting systems — all the better to accompany the high-energy stage performances the late-night Village hot spot has been known for. Live musical acts, both local and national, remain a big

draw for Beach Club crowds.

“We want to be bringing in seminational and national acts once or twice a year. Years ago, we had Eddie Money, Marshall Tucker Band, Molly Hatchet, Corey Smith,” said Granthon, rattling off artists and singers who played the Beach Club earlier in his tenure as owner.

“We’re discussing bringing that flair back.”

Someone told him, “It looks like a grownup bar now.” He’s pleased with that assessment.

“It got a little bit more sophisticated,” he said. “It’s still a beach bar. On Siesta Key, you can’t do it too fancy. We want everybody to be comfortable.”

Generation after generation, people continue to discover Sarasota, Siesta Key, and the Beach Club itself. The current ownership takes their role in that tradition seriously.

“It’s quite neat to be part of that history, to have the opportunity, 20 years into this, to have been part of these stories. So many people in Sarasota hear that we own the Beach Club and say, ‘Hey, we met there!’ And now their kids come here.” said Granthon. “There are hundreds and thousands of stories just like that.

“The way things were 33 years ago Siesta Key still have. We’d like to keep that.”

Siesta Key CONDO Monthly Update 11/16 to 12/14

ACTIVE LISTINGS: 88 actives vs 76 last month. 31are new listings. There’s 43 priced to 800k, 21 from 800 to 1.2mil and 24 over 1.2 mil. 9 have 1 bdrm, 53 have 2 bdrms and 26 have 3+. In the last 2 weeks there have been 21 new listings.

DAYS ON MARKET: a third have been on for 1 month (up from 20% a month ago), a third for 2 to 4 months and a third for 5+ months.

PRICE DROPS: there were 35 price drops, one more than the month before. 40% of the actives have had a price drop, 6 have had 2 and 7 three or more.

PENDINGS: 25 vs 17 the previous month. 6 went pending within a week of being listed, the same as the previous month.

SOLDS: 11 vs 15 in the previous month. 5 were in 2 wk or less rental complexes. 6 sold for under 800k, 3 for 800 to 1.2k and 2 over 1.2m.

SUMMARY: listings and pendings are gradually increasing. If you’re looking for a 3 bdrm condo now is the time with 26 listed for sale. As we get past the holidays expect to see increased activity in all categories. Happy Holidays!

Looking to BUY or SELL? To get up-to-date listing information emailed to you, call or email Bill Burns

44 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
The Beach Club, back in the day. The Siesta Key classic recently turned 75. (submitted images)

On a Facebook post when the Galbraiths were closing their Pub 32, they wrote: “Thanks to the help and support of our locals and regular customers we have managed to keep the pub afloat. We have made so many wonderful memories over the years. Thank you for being our village.”

Setting up shop in their new village offers lots of exciting opportunities to celebrate Irish culture and to introduce Siesta Key visitors and residents alike to Irish cuisine and to the Irish beverages that are treasured on the Emerald Isle. There will be Guinness stout, Harp lager, an Irish pale ale, and Smithwick’s red ale-style beer on tap, as well as Kilkenny lager and local offerings such as Calusa Beer, made in Sarasota.

Looking ahead, Galbraith said that he and Louise have already begun to plan for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in March. “We’ve also been talking to the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce about a possible St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the future and other ways to celebrate our Irish heritage,” he said. The business is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. Hours for the kitchen are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The bar will remain open beyond those hours. The business is closed Sundays.

Stay connected to life on Siesta Key.

45 JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665 27th State Media LLC WELCOME BACK SNOWBIRDS! Consider letting Citizen Jack watch your home when you depart again. Citizen Jack HOME WATCH SERVICE,LLC Accredited, Bonded, Insured & Certified Jim Farley 941.350.3610
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Public notice

Notice of Intention to Register a Fictitious Name

Spirit Acupuncture will commence business on Dec. 19, 2022. This will be a mobile Acupuncture and Wellness business for Siesta Key and Sarasota County.

Doviak 941-404-1750

Scandinavian store

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and cut, the amber is made into earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

As we continued to chat about Scandinavia’s rich history, Pam told me that she and her husband first opened their Gulf Gate store 33 years ago after moving from upstate New York. Her parents owned two Scandinavian shops in Buffalo and Rochester, and Pam managed their Rochester store. When she and her husband decided to relocate to Sarasota, they opened their own Scandinavian store.

“There’s something about Scandinavian designs and decorations that people find very appealing,” she said.

When I asked about the extensive offerings of Scandinavian food that they carry along with the many gift items, Pam explained that soon after they arrived in Sarasota the couple joined local Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish clubs. “It was fun to share the traditions of these Nordic countries’ foods,” she recalled. “So, we decided to offer frozen, dry, bottled and canned foods from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark. I do have some Norwegian in my family.”

When I asked Pam what is their best-selling food item, her immediate reply was “Kringles of course.”

Shipped frozen from the O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, Wisconsin, the flaky and delicious kringle is offered in 13 wonderful flavors: almond, apple, almond macaroon, blueberry, cherry, cherry cheese, chocolate, cinnamon roll, cream cheese, and turtle (chocolate and caramel or birthday, filled with raspberry and vanilla custard).

To support the many bakers who enjoy creating their own delicacies, Pam has carefully curated a tempting collection of special tins, Swedish rolling pins, cookbooks and other very useful and colorful kitchen items. There’s even a smiling Norwegian troll decked out in a white apron and chef’s hat.

As I continued to wander around the store, I discovered another of Pam’s special touches: glimmering Orrefors and Kosta Boda crystal from Sweden, colorful Arabia Finnish china, Marimekko designs, and small colorful wooden Swedish birds that were once featured in Martha Stewart’s magazine. On the other side of the store there were Scandinavian woolen socks, hats and sweaters ready to hit the slopes in style.

A charming children’s corner is filled with books, toys and Scandinavian items to delight young Vikings.

The annual after-Christmas sale that began the day after Christmas will run through the month of January. Every item in the store is 15% off.

Discover this shop known as “America’s largest and most complete Scandinavian Gift Shop in the South” at 2166 Gulf Gate Drive. Call (941) 923-4313 or shop online at Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sundays.

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Key Employee


Born in Hungary, Gabriella arrived in America “with a husband, two kids, six suitcases and not knowing anyone,” she said. After living in New York, she moved to Sarasota a year ago. What does she like about her job in sales at Casa Smerelda in the Village?

“It’s so nice to connect with so many people from so many places,” Gabriella said, noting she finally met a customer from Hungary recently and enjoyed conversing in Hungarian. She also loves being alongside the store’s “classy and gorgeous” inventory, she said.

Photos by John Morton.

48 Siesta Sand JANUARY 2023 941.312.0665
Sun Garden Cafe recognizes the impact that quality workers can have on a business, and is proud to sponsor the Key Employee each month. The community appreciates it. Congratulations, Gabriella! Your dedication has resulted in a gift certificate for breakfast for four at Sun Garden Cafe, located at 210 Avenida Madera in the heart of the Village.