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Nominating Committee Announces 2022 LMA Board Candidates


The Kids, the Smiles & the Impact of The Landings Charitable Foundation

By Joan Koplin, LMA Nominating Committee Chair




Karen Snyder’s “eye catching” signs among photos featured




You helped us, help kids this Christmas season. Hundreds of “SPECIAL KIDS” will receive gifts this holiday season because of your generosity! Your support of the Landing Holiday Charitable Foundation again this year has made that possible. Please take time to reflect what you have again accomplished—you made it possible for parents (or Santa) to bring toys, clothes and food to their kids who unfortunately find themselves unable to do so because their income was needed for cancer treatment, grief counseling because of the loss of a loved one, and emotional and financial support because of family abuse. We are blessed for this opportunity to help others! See more photos on page 18

Household Community Hauling Program By Harvey Greller

Household Hazardous Waste

COLLECTION EVENT Sarasota County Hazardous Waste and


The Landings

Pedalers visit Myakka Park




T he next L a nd i ng s Com mu n it y Hau l Program is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Once again Sarasota County will be handling the collection for us. A list of acceptable items is provided in the adjacent box. Only these items will be accepted. All other items will be returned to you. The hazardous materials should be brought to the North Gate between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. You are required to have all materials in your trunk and remain in your car. You will be asked to open your trunk and your hazardous waste will be removed. Reservations are no longer required and please do not drop off anything prior to 8:00

AM as no one will accept your waste materials and they will remain at the gate. If these hours do not work for you, see if a neighbor can help and drop them off for you. The following should be disposed of in the weekly trash pickup: empty paint cans, batteries (A, C, D and 9 volt sizes), stereos, speakers and telephones. Take the batteries out first and you can recycle these batteries on March 15th. I f you h ave a ny que st ion s ab out t h i s program, please call Harvey Greller 908-8042300 or Brian Magnum, Hazardous Waste Coordinator, Sarasota Public Utilities at 941735-6430

are hosting a household hazardous waste collection event.

● Ammunition ● Empty containers (>5 gal) ● Fireworks ● Flares ● Medications ● Needles or syringes ● Radioactive materials ● Tires

Tuesday, 15MAR2022 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS From 8am - 10am ● Place materials in vehicle trunk. Remain in your vehicle. 4852 Peregrine Pointe Cir.●● North Staff will unload materials. ● No walk-ups accepted. Sarasota, FL 34231

TYPES OF ITEMS ACCEPTED ● Adhesives and glues ● Aerosols ● Antifreeze ● Automotive products ● Cleaners ● Electronics ● Fertilizers ● Fluorescent lamps ● Gasoline ● Household fire extinguishers ● Mercury ● Motor oil ● Oil filters ● Paint ● Pesticides


● Pool chemicals

The North Gate

● Propane cylinders ● Rechargeable batteries ● Solvents and thinners ● Vehicle batteries

This event is only for residents in The Landings . Proof of residency may be requested before any waste is accepted. Sarasota County may limit the amount of waste collected. No commercial or other organizational waste will be accepted.

Think before you throw… … No matter where you go.

Back to School (Landings “Free College” Style) By Irv Kushner John McFetridge leads group on outing




The Landings Free College is about to launch another interesting and informative season. Classes will be held again on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 PM, beginning January 6th. There will talks by a number of our neighbors in The Landings, some speakers from the outside world, and repeat app e a ra n c e s b y s ome o f t h e outstanding speakers of previous years. Here is the schedule:

January 6th Exploring Boca Grande



Joe & Carol Balsay will present Discovering Fossils. They will tell us about and display items from their extensive fossil collection – all of living plants, ocean dwelling animals, and corals. Fossils have

been collected throughout the United States and Canada; items range in age from 450 million years ago to their most recent tenmillion-year-old fossils of Florida. They have displayed much of their collection at many fossil shows, museums, and libraries.

and a PhD in psychology/preclinical neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University. His talk will highlight several success stories of treating aging or damaged brains and also some of the enduring puzzles yet to be solved.

January 13th

Ir v Kush ner was or ig i na l ly scheduled to give this talk in March 2020, but Covid-19 supervened. He’ll now present, two years late, Irresistible: Statues that people c a n ’t r e f rai n f r o m to u c h i ng , rubbing, or even kissing on 2022. There is an amazingly large number of such statues around the world; you will be amazed! It’s possible to make a trip around the world, Continued on page 8

Jo h n B r u n o, t h e E m e r i t u s Disting uished Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Psychiatry at Ohio State University, will present Lessons Learned from a 4 0 Year Caree r of St udying Healthy and ‘Broken’ Brains. John is an internationally renowned researcher and teacher. He holds BS degrees in biology and chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh

January 20th

Carol & Joe Balsay

John Bruno

Created by Sarasota County Communications 12.8.21

Upcoming environmental activities coming up to support and participate

The Landings Management Association nominating committee with Joan Koplin (Chair), Beverly Austgen, Sue Camins, Elida Ramberger, Dee Ricapito and Paul Weiner are working to bring a very exciting slate of candidates for the 2022 LMA board. Roger Kidder and Gary Kurnov are retiring from the board. They’ve done a yeoman’s job for our community, and we thank them for their service. There are four open seats. These are the candidates we have so far: Sue Camins, Harvey Greller, John McFetridge, Harry Moser, Norman Olshansky, Jeff Smith and Allison Taylor. The LMA Board election will take place at its annual meeting on Thursday, February 3, 2022. The deadline for placing additional names on the ballot is January 6, 2022. Nominations are also accepted from the floor at the annual meeting, but their names will not appear on the ballot. On January 13th, association presidents will have the opportunity meet the candidates and ask any questions they might have about serving on the LMA board. Votes are cast at the annual meeting by association presidents or their designated agents. Each president casts a vote that equals the number of units in their association times the number of open board seats. For example: 20 units x 4 open seats = 80 votes. Votes are cumulative, i.e, they may split votes among the candidates in any amount provided the total does not exceed their allotted number. Please read the following profiles of the 2022 candidates on pages 12-13 in this issue of the Eagle. Feel free to ask questions and give your feedback to your association presidents. The LMA board represents you, our neighbors. Continues on page 12


The Landings Eagle



President’s Report  The holidays are now history, as is 2021. My New Year’s wish for The Landings is that Covid will also be a thing of the past this coming year. Last month, lots of holiday events took place throughout The Landings, additional gravel was placed on low spots on the nature trail, and we held our first bike and kayak outings of the season. The next bike outing is scheduled for January 16th. The next Kayak outing is on January 20th. See details in this issue of the Eagle and photos from our events last month. Hopefully, you enjoyed our holiday lights. Thanks go to Ji m Goldma n who made t he arrangements for the lights to be installed. C he c k out t he pr of i le s of candidates for the LMA Board in this issue of the Eagle. I am pleased to note that we have more candidates for open positions than we have ever had before. There will be a meeting of association presidents to interview candidates on January 13th at 7 PM. LMA Board members are elected by your association Presidents so please encourage them to attend the January 13th meeting, seek input from your members, and submit their ballots. The election takes place on February 3rd. Many thanks to Joan Koplin and the nominating committee for their recruitment efforts. In April, Argus Management (LMA’s Management Company)

By Norm Olshansky

was purchased by RealManage, a Texas Company. Last month we h a d c o n t a c t w i t h t h e i r executive leadership and will be mon itoring the t ransition and integration, which will take place over the next 12-18 months. Our assigned manager, Steve Brockenshire, unfortunately has been plagued by personal and family medical problems. Argus is in the process of assigning L M A a n e w m a n ag e r. O u r thoughts and prayers go out to Steve and his family. Harvey Greller informed me that he has scheduled a new hazardous waste pick up (for residents in The Landings) in March with the County. Look to

the Eagle for more information. Ca li La mpton, LMA socia l c h a i r p e r s on, h a s pl a n ne d a newcomer’s event on February 2nd ,with the assistance of Paige Packman. It will be a stand-alone event. It’s been two years since our last newcomer’s’ event due to covid and there are over 125 new residents who have moved into The Landings since the last event. Mark your calendars. The next happy hour will take place on February 9th. The LRC has planned several great activities over the next few months. Check out their calendar of events in this issue of the Eagle.

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The Terrace | Siesta Key

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High School mentoring program teaching work ethic and responsibility


Locals’ Gathering Spot


Great Happy Hour from 4-6:30


ECO friendly restaurant


Proves you are not a member of the Chain Gang


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HAPPY NEW YEAR! FISH MARKET OPEN UNTIL 1 PM ON NEW YEAR’S EVE FOR SPECIAL ORDER PICK UP Please place your special orders as early as possible Restaurant will be closed for dining New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

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The Landings Eagle


LMA Meeting Notes LMA Pres. Norm Olshansky began the meeting by announcing the following during his president’s report: • After Joan Koplin made a correction, the minutes were amended and approved from the last LMA meeting. • Gravel h a s now b e en dist ributed on the low spots on the Nature Trail. Since this is not expected to completely solve the problem, the trail will be monitored moving forward. • Community bike rides have now begun. Residents who do not have a bike rack on their vehicles are asked to come to each event early as some participants may have room to transport an additional bike. The first ride is scheduled for Myakka State Park in mid-December. • The first kayak excursion is scheduled for 10 AM Dec 9. Participants are asked to meet at the kayak rack on the Nature Tra i l. Te n k aya k rac k sp ot s remain available for rent. • The cost of the Road project will not be k nown for a few months. Once that cost is known, a potential assessment will be determined and publicized. • Olshansky reported though the purchase of Argus by Real Manage occurred in April, no direct communication has been heard from this company since. A conference call with four of their executives was scheduled and many of LMA’s questions were answered. They reported


By Trebor Britt

their technology abilities would be an important asset for the com mu n it y. T hey i nd ic at e d during this meeting that it would be between 18–24 months before t hey were f u l ly operat ion a l. Olshansky shared a dozen or so quest ion s t hey a sked t he executives of the new company. • Propert y ma nager, Steve Brockenshire agreed to assume some of the follow-up responsibilities committee chairs have had with vendors. • Holiday lighting is in the process of being installed. • Nominations are still being sought for open positions on the LMA Board. • The next hazardous waste pickup is scheduled for March. • All submissions for publicat ion i n The Eagle newspaper need to be submitted by the 15th of each month. • Information about all LMA board candidates is expected to be included in the January issue of The Eagle. • A spe c ia l event for new residents has been scheduled for February 2nd. • Olshansky wished everyone Happy Holidays and hopes they will be enjoyable and meaningful to all.


Treasurer, Gary Kurnov reported income exceeded expenses by $41,000 year to date (YTD). YTD Categories below budget

include: • Grounds by about $10,000 • Roads $13,000 • Maintenance and Repairs $24,000 • Safety and Security • Community Events • Administrative O n ly si x ac cou nt s r e m a i n del i nque nt. Eac h a r e i n t he collection process.


L a nd i ng ’s M a n age r, St eve Brocken sh i re reported t he following: • Brockenshire checked on Christmas lighting progress and will follow up to see if there are power problems. • Inflatable’s were purchased for this year‘s Halloween event. He will check on where are these items will be stored and any insurance concerns. • Christmas bonus cards have been purchased for Securit y personnel and will be turned over to the Safety and Security Committee.


Committee Chairman, Elida Ramberger reported the roads construction plans would include all needed permits for all the roads and drainage concerns. The Roads Committee will do a thorough review of construction pla n s once t hey h ave t hem. Once the construction plans are

approved by the committee, bids will be solicited. Once bids are received, the Roads Committee and the LMA Board will be able to determine an assessment. The Roads committee can then supply the information needed for Association Presidents to de ter m i ne wh at t hey wou ld want to do regarding repaving their parking lots. Most of the 15 m i nute d i s c u ssion wh ic h followed concerned ownership and repaving parking lots.


Nom i nat i ng Com m it tee Chair, Joan Koplin pleaded for residents of the community to get involved by serving on The Board, recommending someone, or serving on any committees. The committee is hoping for an active and competitive campaign this year. Board members do not need to be full time residents. They can attend meetings electronically. January 6 is the deadline to get names on the ballot and the election of new board members will be February 3. Questions and suggestions may be made to Joan Koplin at


After hearing from several residents Paul Wiener lead a discussion about the closure discrepancy between the North a nd S out h G at e s. B a s e d o n resident complaints sometime

ago, the Sa fet y and Securit y Committee addressed the gate closure issue. After observing r e s ide n t i a l u s e o f t h e g at e between 10-11PM as well as other obser vat ion s, t he com m it tee voted u na n imously to beg i n closing the South Gate at 10PM. Further discussion of the issue was tabled.


Questions were raised by Board members regarding the expected 18-24 month delay between the purchase of Argus in April of 2021 and actually taking over m a n ag e m e n t . Br o c k e n s h i r e commented he had no direct contact with anyone from Real Manage and fran kly did not know what was going on. Kurnov suggested it takes time to integrate to different software systems which could account for some or most of the delay. It was noted Real Manage took over both Argus and Lighthouse. Real Manage is expected to provide The Board names of similar size clients who are already fully integrated into their systems. The topic was tabled after several minutes of discussion. Sign Committee Chair, Joan Koplin reported the sign contract i nclude s replacement of t he North and South Gate exterior signs, including installation and removal of old signs bringing the total to about $82,000. Once the contract is signed, they will move forward with the project.

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The Landings Eagle


Racquet Club News | Wow – where did 2021 go? It seems like it was just a couple of days ago that we were celebrating the start of 2021 and now we are celebrating the start of 2022. Tempus really does Fugit. And what a year 2021 was with the roller coaster rides of hope with regards to Covid vaccines. We started the year with great anticipation as the Covid vaccines were beginning to roll out – most of us eagerly rolling up our sleeves for the “jab” and booking long postponed vacations. Then, over the summer the Delta variant emerged, and the Covid roller coaster ride took a downturn. But Delta turned out to be not as bad as feared – and we rode the ride back up to high expectations of solving Covid once and for all. Then, the Omicron variant e me rge d, a nd we r o de ou r


LRC President’s Report

Cov id rol ler coaster back down. Thankfully, the worlds pharmaceutical companies are working hard on boosters – these scientists are truly cutting edge in both the speed and innovation. Hope springs eternal. Like all New Years, we make resolutions and plans for what we want to accomplish this year as we look forward to 2022. Working out is often on the top of many of our lists, so a friendly reminder – we still request reservations in the LRC gym – it helps ensure you will have the equipment you want at the time you want to use it. Our tennis courts remain busy – so do not forget an afternoon court time in winter is a great option – just not too close to happy hour! For those tennis players who are not string breakers, the new year is a great time to get your

By Richard Bayles

racquet restrung as strings can lose tension over time. Getting it restrung might give you some extra zip on your Roger Federerlike passing shots! Our social committee has been quite busy ramping up our social calendars. It is so refreshing to see a plethora of activities

available to us at our club. As Aristotle, the Greek philosopher stated, “Huma n s by nat ure, are social animals,” hence why we enjoy these gatherings so much. Many thanks to everyone involved – whether you are on the social committee or one of the many volunteers who help our

planning, setting up and (most importantly) cleaning up. On another note, Paige Packman and Eric (Rick) Waller have joined the Club’s board of directors. Rick is filling the spot vacated by Christine Knupp, a valued board member for many years who has resigned for personal reasons. Paige is filling Mayson’s board seat until the next election at the Club’s Annual Meeting on January 8, 2022. She will then remain on the board as all existing board members will fill the seats up for election, with there being an equal number of candidates for the positions available. We really do have a special club with the LRC. I am hoping everyone will use it to your fullest in 2022. May everyone have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Manager’s Report

News From the Court

By Kevin Lechlitner

By Adrian “Mo” Moghina

H ap p y Ne w Ye a r! I t r u s t everyone had a safe, happy & healthy holiday season. As a reminder, the Landings Racquet Club annual meeting will take place Tuesday, January 18th at 7:00 PM in the Lakeside Clubhouse. You should have received the annual meeting packet in the mail a few days ago. Please sign and return the proxy to the Club at your earliest convenience. We need a third of the membership present by proxy to establish a quorum, so the meeting can take place. Contact me by phone or email at if you haven’t received your mailing or have questions about it. All members are invited to be present at the annual meeting in person or by proxy. As a reminder, the Board doesn’t make day-to-day operational decisions at this meeting. If you have a concern or an idea, please share that with me or attend the regular Board meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. You should have received an invoice for the LRC annual assessment near the end of November. The annual fee for the Racquet Club for 2022 is $1,550.00. It is a $50.00 dollar increase over last year’s assessment. Thank

you to those that have already given me a check. If you haven’t submitted your payment, please keep in mind that it is due January 1, 2022. Late fees and interest will be charged February 1st on any unpaid assessments. I would like to see everyone avoid that, if possible. A new session of the Watercolor Painting class is scheduled to begin January 6th. Susan Martinolich has led the class for many years here on Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The cost for the 6-week session is $90.00 and is open to all levels. If you are interested in the class and would like to sign up or if you have some questions, please email Susan at Thank you to our Social Chair Paige Packman and her team of volunteers for their outstanding work in putting together the Holiday Dinner Dance. Although I didn’t attend the party, I heard a lot of positive comments about the decorations, the music and the food. Keep your eyes open for more social activities on the calendar in the coming months. Also, if you would like to be added to my email list, please contact me in the Pro Shop or via email at

Happy New Year! We start the year off with a new clinic option. There has been an expressed interest for a clinic on Tuesday nights 5:30 – 7PM. This clinic will be co-ed for Men 3.5 players and Ladies Advanced 3.5 – 4.0 Players. The clinic will be limited to the first 12 players, so contact or stop by the pro shop office to reserve your spot. New Year Tip: If you haven’t noticed, there is a lot more spin in the game than ever before. Part of that is due to the new modern strings and racquets. The other part is that players understand how to create spin more effectively and efficiently. If you are working on developing spin on the ball, here’s how I teach it: Visualize that the tennis ball is a globe. When you are looking straight at the ball, see the North Pole, South Pole and equator. Right above the equator is Europe and just below the equator is Africa. To hit top spin, approach the ball from the South Pole

and make contact below the equator in Africa. You can also have top spin approaching the ball above the equator making contact in Europe but in this case make sure that the ball is above the net and preferably at shoulder height. To get slice, approach the ball above the North Pole and make contact below the equator at Africa. To get effective spin on that ball you must realize that at contact you are moving across the ball and not directly at the ball. So in other words, you are not giving the ball a direct blow, but instead a glancing blow. These are the basic spins. In the next article, I will address how to create side spin on the ball. Don’t forget to watch the Australian Open. Watch specifically for players to execute these spins and let them inspire you to want to improve your game with spin. 2022 Australian Open starts Monday, January 17 – Sunday, January 30 See you on the courts!


JANUARY 2022 27th State Media, LLC


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Loaded NY Strip … $27 Grilled 10oz NY Strip Topped with Grilled Shrimp in our Gourmet Cheese Sauce. Hawaiian Surf & Turf … $23 Grilled Filet Mignon and Seared Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna. Turtles Trio … $26 Grilled Filet Mignon, ½ Rack of BBQ Ribs, Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Pineapple Dipping Sauce. Taste Of South East Asia … $21 Grilled Chicken Breast Topped with Mango Kiwi Salsa, ½ Rack of BBQ Ribs, Teriyaki Shrimp. Surf & Turf … $22 Grilled Mahi Mahi Topped with Mango Kiwi Salsa and ½ Rack of BBQ Rib

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The Landings Eagle


Open Daily 7am-9pm

Breakfast served all day, every day!

Back to School

*7 AM - 12 PM on holidays

Sarasota’s Family Diner since 1972!

hopping from one irresistible statue to another. Irv will take us on such a tour. Warning! This talk is rated PG - 13.

Continued from page 1

mother’s long search for records about her only sibling, a brother who perished in the Mauthausen concentration camp.

February 10th

Join Us for the holidays!

Special holiday menu Open Christmas Eve • Christmas Day New Year's Eve • New Year's Day 7 AM - 7 PM on holidays

6721 S. Tamiami Trl • Sarasota 941.924.1770 •

Bob Rosen

January 27th

Bob Rosen will present What has NASA aeronautics done for you and what are they planning to do next. Bob had a 40+ year career in the aerospace industry, the last 20 of which were with NASA where he worked at two NASA centers and at NASA headquarters. At headquarters, he was responsible for all of NASA’s work in aeronautics and space technology. He holds a Ph.D. deg ree in Aerospace Engineering, is the author of over 40 technical publications and is the recipient of NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Robert V. Barylski, retired associate professor in the Department of Government and International Relations at USF Sarasota and former Dean of the University as our speaker. His title is Russia; What’s really happening. He is an authority on Russia, and has spoken many times at SILL. In recent years, he has become one of the leading experts on Russian policy towards states and peoples of Islamic heritage.

February 17th

Gary & Angie Eason, Landings residents, will present Easons and Equines. They live in Romney, Indiana (when they are not in Sarasota) where they own a farm and stables. They have been married 35 years and have had horses the entire time. What started out as a hobby, developed into a full-time endeavor. As a result, they have become involved with the Special Olympics program in Northport, a program which provides year-round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for people with intellectual disabilities. In so doing they have helped a lot of kids.

February 27th


.,t� ~ 7(/uee, ~ g'ee,r LUNCH & DINNER -SERVED 11 AM -9 PM Live Music Thursday-Saturday 5-9 pm on the patio deck


886 Midni ht Pass Road

The Landings

Agnes Schipper

February 3rd

Agnes Schipper will tell us about her book to be published in May: Sabine’s Odyssey. In it, she relates the story of her mother’s experiences growing up in Germany and as a hidden child in the Netherlands during World War II; she lived underground in nine different places from 1942 to 1945. The book also describes her

40 + flavors of ice cream and milkshakes, bubble waffle, sundaes, tiramisu.

Open 7 days a week 4862 South Tamiami Trail in The Landings • 941-539-3939

Online Ordering for Take out and Delivery

Sandra Cacic, the newest addition to our tennis pro staff. Sandra played for many years on the WTA tour, reaching a ranking of 39th in the world in 1992. She will tell us about What goes on behind the scene in professional tennis?

March 3rd

Frank Pipers, who always gives us fascinating talks about aspects of science and technology, will bring us into the 21st century with his talk about Tesla: the indispensable innovation.

March 10th

Dr. Tracy Wagner, Executive VP

of The Ringling College of Art and Design will tell us about the college, a world-renowned art college that is poised to be the preeminent art and design college worldwide. Ringling College is a place for the world’s most talented emerging artists, designers, and scholars.

Irv Kushner

March 17th

Irv Kushner will show up again, and will tell us about a fabulous character - Two Gun Cohen: A Chinese general.

Ralph Ricapito

March 24th

Jeff Packman, speaking about Antarctica Adventures and Ralph Ricapito will present on All that I needed to know, I learned in kindergarten.

March 31st

Virginia Shearer, the Executive Director of the Sarasota Ar t Museum, established in the old Sarasota High School building. It is a contemporary art museum committed to providing inclusive experiences for all audiences. There are regular exhibits, and programs include family art sessions, jazz Thursdays, and talks by curators and artists The season will wind up with a bang again with refreshments provided by Judy and Tara.


BEYOND AND WITHIN OUR BACKYARD By Maralyn Kaufman-David, LMA Environmental Committee Chairperson Some exciting environmental activities beyond and within our backyard have been happening recently, and more are coming up in the early winter months.

Within Our Backyard

I am very pleased to announce that the LMA Environ mental Committee now has a committee member! Silke Cuff has volunteered to part icipate i n and initiate environmental ideas i n T he La ndi ngs. Si lke is a n environmental advocate dedicated to creat i ng neighborhood involvement in efforts to keep our neighborhood and beyond as ‘green’ as possible.

Beyond Our Backyard

In November 2021, I was proud to cont ribute to the Sarasota Seagrass Survey for the third year as part of a Selby Botanical Garden team. Keeping up with the annual Sarasota Seagrass survey and identifying needy areas of our surrounding waters is key to acting on maintaining and remediating the ever-important seagrass that supports our water quality and feeds the manatees! This effort also expands the minds of the volunteers who learn from one another and go on to share the knowledge in the community. The pictures below show some intrepid mon itors a nd some seag rass

samples and bonus wildlife found in the Sarasota Bay shoreline along Selby Botanical Garden this year. T here is a not her volu nteer opportunity coming up on March 15th. The Celery Fields Cleanup is an opportunity to impact the environment and maintain the health of this local treasure. If you are interested in participating, please respond to me by February 1st ( so I can alert the cleanup chair at Celery Fields! A project beyond our backyard but making an impact within our backyard is The Sarasota Bay Watershed Flood and Water Quality Improvement Project. This Sarasota-based initiative has identified 13 priority management areas, one of which is Route 41 and Proctor. This project will benefit both our neighborhood, a key area of the Sarasota Bay watershed that flows through The Landings lake system, and directly impact the health of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The focus will be on improving detention of pollutants at the head of the system via methods like removal of sediment a nd pol lut i ng nut r ient s t h at support algae blooms. Overall, this program will improve our Lake 1 efficiency and the quality of the water flowing through The Landings to the Bay and Gulf.

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The Photo Shop



By Bob Manteiga

This month’s Photo Shop features photographs by Landing’s residents Karen Snyder and Michael Cohen. A photo is not always defined by its intrinsic quality, compelling composition, or unique color and lighting. Some photos are interesting because of their storytelling nature or because they capture an iconic moment in time. Such is the case with Karen’s submissions to The Photo Shop. She enjoys photographing signs that catch her eye, either inside or in front of stores, bars, and even bathrooms. “I think they speak to me,” she says, “offering me a thought for the day… sometimes they just make me laugh out loud. Some are really thought provoking, and I text them to my high school and college grandkids. They always respond with hilarious emojis or say something like, ‘thanks G Lips, you made my day’.” Here are three examples that I am sure will make your day (Karen’s photos are 1-3 on the right). The other submission is by Michael Cohen, a newcomer to the Landings’ community (Photo 4). In last month’s column of The Photo Shop, we featured a few examples of what is often referred to as abstract photography. The term “abstract” can mean anything from the utilization of intentional camera movement, to light painting, bokeh, reflections, or even macro imaging. We asked our readers to try and identify one of those images. Although we did get some interesting guesses, no one thus far, has come up with the correct answer. I suggest, therefore, that we try once again with this image sent in by Michael. It is part of his collection entitled “what light does when nobody is looking”. I won’t tell you the name of the photo because it would give it away. The image was shot with a Panasonic LX3 camera, at an ISO of 200, F2 aperture, and a shutter speed of 1/20th of a second. By the way, this camera is the older brother of one I used to travel with (I had the LX7), mostly because of its small size and wide range of capabilities. The response to our column so far has been incredible. The February and March issues are already in preparation. Before the year is out, I would like to publish a special column on macro photography. So, keep sending me your photos. I will do my best to squeeze them in somewhere. Thanks. ( P.S.: The mystery image from last month’s The Photo Shop, captured by Steve Agren, was a sliced off stick of bamboo filled with water and shot from above.





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Landings’ Cyclists Take to the Road Next outing scheduled for January 6th The Landings’ cyclists December outing was a great success with 27 people participating in our ride to Myakka Park. The group enjoyed a lunch afterwards, too. Save Sunday, January 16, for our next community bike ride. Meet at the LRC at 9:30 AM. We will caravan from the LRC to Patriots Park in Venice and then ride on the Legacy Trail south past the old train station and canal. After the ride we will have lunch at a local restaurant i n Ve n i c e. C o n t a c t No r m a n Olshansky for more information at

Happiness is...Getting Back Together As we ring in a new year it is a great time to reflect on all the good things that the prior year has given us. Things like getting to see family again and a deeper appreciation for each other.

Jerry and Jill Williams, owners of Abel’s Ice Cream

The new year is also a perfect time to look forward to what lies ahead. The team at Abel’s Ice cream are excited to see their family of customers in the coming months. “A new year is always like a family reunion around

here,” said Jerry Williams, owner of Abel’s. “This year will be even more special as we anticipate getting to visit once again with our Canadian and overseas family of customers.” Abel’s is celebrating having them back with a seasonal favorite, Peppermint Ice Cream (Refreshing and vibrant; peppermint ice cream filled with peppermint candy.) Spend some special time with your favorite people over a cup or cone of delicious award-winning ice cream at

Abel’s. They’re located at 1886 Stickney Point Road, Sarasota in the South Bridge Plaza. Open Sunday through Thursday from Noon-9:30 pm, and Friday and Saturday from Noon-10 pm. Learn more online at our website, or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. Awarded their Certificate of Excellence for SIX years straight!


The Landings Eagle



Get to Know the 2022 LMA Board Candidates

Sue Camins

My husband, Harvey, and I have lived in The Landings at The Villas at Eagles Point where I am serving as our Landscape Chair. We also have a home in Chicago’s Gold Coast. Most of my life I have been a “professional volunteer.” I cofounded Baby-Toddler Nursery, the first of its kind at the time in Illinois for The Infant Welfare Society of Evanston. As fund raiser, I cofounded The Great American Horse Show and a Tiffany “Diamond in the Haystack” for the area Boy Scout group. Professionally, I opened Brava, a high end fashion boutique, on Chicago’s Oak Street. I’ve been the National Sales Manager for a Chicago designer. I hope to assist the Board’s efforts in our upcoming challenges.

full-time resident of The Landings with a schedule that allows me to serve. I am very proud of the community and would therefore be interested in serving accordingly. I previously served on the Board of Directors of the Monmouth County (NJ) SPCA for 5 years and served on The Landings Homeowners’ Association for seven years. I am currently heading The Landings Hazardous Waste Removal which I have been leading for the last five years. In my past life, I owned a manufacturing company which manufactured packag ing for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. I have a degree in accounting and business administration from Pace University. I also practiced accounting and earned a CPA certificate from New York State.

John McFetridge

Harvey Greller

I would like to submit my name for nomination to the board. I am a

I spent 50 years in the technology world that included starting my own software company, Simware, and served as CEO of the company and was on the board of directors. Additionally, I was director of technology for Corel Systems and one of developers of CorelDraw. I was involved in many other startups such as Coast where I served as CTO and was active board member. Other board experience includes Ottawa Tennis Club and 300 Club in Gainesville.

Now single after two marriages and I arrived in The Landings four years ago. I love living in this great community where I am very active in tennis, kayaking and little pickleball. I view my participation on the board as a way to give back to this wonderful place.

Harry Moser

I grew up in New Jersey and now summer in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. We are in our 4th winter in The Landings. Wife, Jo, is an active Landings walker, bicycler and swimmer. Son, Robert, is a professor at UGA. Go Bulldogs! Stepdaughter, Millar, works for my non-profit. I use LRC tennis courts and fitness 3-4 times a week and jog to the gazebo. Presented to an early Inquisitives session. Attend evening social events such as the recent Holiday Party. Signed up for the Italian Cooking Class. I am committed to the Landings, planning to live here for another 10-15 years, eventually year-round. I would plan to develop a longer-term strategic planning function that will help The Landings go from very good to great in that time period. My knowledge and experience in marketing, planning, accounting, non-profits and management will serve The Landings well. I am a good talker and an even better listener and will be seeking your suggestions. I have run committees in industry trade associations, am a good team player but will aggressively pursue needed changes. Here is some highlights from my professional career: • Fou nded t he non-prof it




OD &



Norman Olshansky

I have been a full-time resident in The Landings for over 32 years. I served on the LMA Board many years ago and again for the last four years as President. I retired several years ago from my career as a nonprofit executive and national consultant. I have an extensive background working and volunteering in nonprofit

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Continued from page 1

Reshoring Initiative to bring five million manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. after working for high end machine tool supplier GF AgieCharmilles, starting as President in 1985 and retiring 12/31/10 as Chairman Emeritus. • Inducted into the Halls of Fame of Industry Week magazine and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). • Participated actively in President Obama’s 1/11/12 Insourcing Forum at the White House. • Won The Economist debate on outsourcing and offshoring. • Named to the Commerce Department Investment Advisory Council. • Periodically quoted in the Wall Street Journal, NYT, Forbes, Financial Times, New Yorker, Washington Post and USA Today and seen on Fox Business, MarketWatch, PRI, NPR, Manufacturing Talk Radio and other national TV and radio programs. • BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Engineering at MIT in 1967 and an MBA from U. of Chicago in 1981.


organizations and associations. I have consulted, or served in an executive role, with botanical gardens, public and private schools, foundations, human relations organizations, law enforcement agencies, hospita ls, hospice, acute care clinics, home health agencies, national membership organizations, faith based social service agencies, mental health, religious and performing arts entities th roughout the U.S., Canada and Israel. My book, “You and Your Nonprofit” has been a special resource for nonprofit professionals, leaders, volunteers, universities and nonprofit resource centers. Charity Channel Press is the publisher. It was nominated for the Alliance of Nonprofit Management’s book award in the category of best new book o n n o n p r o f it m a n a g e m e n t , fundraising and leadership. In addition, I have been a frequent lecturer at Universities, authored a syndicated column, is a national book reviewer, has been a leader for, and is active as a volunteer in several civic, religious and professional organizations. I have served on the boards of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, and University of South Florida Manatee/Sarasota Advisory Board, JFCS of the Sun Coast and the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. I was formerly a Vista Volunteer, founding director of Common Ground, a crisis intervention center and acute care medical clinic, in Michigan, and served on advisory boards for Governors in Tennessee, Michigan and Virginia. I also served as the President and CEO of the Van Wezel Foundation, and has over 40 years of professional, executive level leadership and consulting experience within both the not for profit and for profit sectors. I have a master’s degree in social work, and have received national recognition for my work in human service and executive leadership. In The Landings, I am an active tennis player and is the go-to-guy


if you like to fish, especially by the gazebo at the end of the nature trail. He is known by many as the fish whisperer I love The Landings and if elected, is looking forward to serving another two years on the LMA Board.

Dan Schuman

Letitia and I, with our two dogs, have lived full-time in The Landings Treehouses for five years after we moved from Washington D.C. Before that, we were part-timers at another Sarasota condo. In the time that we’ve lived here, I have continued to be on the Treehouse Finance and Landscaping Committees and I organized and Chair the Water Management Committee (WMC). The WMC has collaborated with Roger Kidder, Mike Knupp and Jeff Smith on LMA and Treehouse drainage and lake management issues, and I actively participate in Treehouse Board meetings. I assisted in recruiting our new Treehouse full-time on-site property manager. By way of background, my clinical medical practice in Boston for 30 years included teaching at Tufts Medical School for 28 years. Then, after moving to D.C., for 15 years I administratively reviewed other physicians’ medical practices and treatment plans for medical necessity and quality of care, using a plain-language and common sense approach. In my pre-Treehouse condo lives, I chaired a task force that compiled a multi-million dollar infrastructure renovation plan and project for the 440-unit development in D.C. where

JANUARY 2022 27th State Media, LLC

we lived at that time. I also wrote the infrastructure renovation plan for a 70-unit condo development here in Sarasota. My approach to management is collaborative and transparent. Fully open communication with all owners and stakeholders comes from being open and available. It’s essential to listen to others’ ideas to try to find common ground. Things ought to make good sense. Decisions should be fully explained, and hopefully agreed upon. There are major matters that challenge The Landings now, including the new roads project, ongoing drainage and other water management concerns, financing and funding questions, and the future of our mature and aging grounds. I’d like to participate in maintaining and preserving our community with financial conservatism and efficiency. Friendliness and a sense of humor are going to be a big help.

Jeff Smith

I am seeking reelection to the LMA Board of Directors because I wish to continue to contribute to The Landings community. I was fortunate that my in-laws purchased a condominium here thirty-six years ago allowing us respite from the New York winters during school vacations. My children enjoyed the nature trail and learned to swim in the LRC pool. My wife and I purchased our condominium 15 years ago using it for vacations until retirement in 2018 when we moved here permanently. Now that our children are grown, they remain eager to visit, with grandchildren now, we look forward to sharing The Landings with them.

5430 Eagles Point Circle #103

My professional background was in international agribusiness dealing with global supply chains moving grain and agricultural products from areas of production (North and South America) to areas of consumption (China, Russia, Japan and Europe). In the years leading up to my retirement, I became an independent con su lt a nt to I nt e r n at ion a l Development Banks (The World Bank’s International Finance Corp. and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development). I advised the banks on their loans to agribusiness firms in developing areas of the world. Throughout my career, I always enjoyed working with people from differing cultures and perspectives in a team setting. Collaboration was essential to solve the many problems that would arise. I believe this experience has been useful to me as an LMA Director and as Chairman of the Lakes Committee. I have been a volunteer in many different settings including as Tennis Governor of two clubs, a coach for many years of boys/girl’s baseball and basketball and managing my Church’s participation in an outreach program assisting New York City’s homeless population over a period of fifteen years. I am eager to continue the progress that our committee has made during the past year that I have been Chair. We have nine lakes and thirteen fountains that require regular maintenance and repair. The objective is to achieve a consistent operation with limited down time. Given the age of most of our fountains, functionality is not guaranteed. Our approach is to be proactive repairing either fountain pumps, lights, wiring or control boxes so that the repair or replacement will be long lasting. This year we have completely replaced our largest fountain on Lake 9 (the Midrise Condominiums), the fountain on Lake 3 North (the Carriage Houses) and we have replaced the pump on Lake 8 (Portside Villas). The timers on a quarter of our control boxes have been replaced with commercial grade equipment. Additionally, we have mitigated serious erosion problems with three

capital projects: Lake 2 (Treehouses) inlet, Lake 5 (LRC/LS3) and Lake 1 (North Entrance). Finally, we are working to promote the recommendation of the Sarasota Bay Watershed Project to the Sarasota County Commissioners to undertake sediment remediation of Lake 1. Lake 1 accepts nearly all its runoff water from offsite and because of this the county maintains a right of way as well as the responsibility to address deficiencies within the Lake. The sediment buildup in the Lake creates shallow water which in turn promotes algae growth in addition to contributing to unnecessary erosion issues. During repairs and capital projects, the committee works e x t e n s i v e l y w i t h i n vo l v e d association presidents to be sure that the process is agreed upon and that all interested parties understand the scope and timing of the projects. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

Allison Taylor

David and I arrived in Sarasota Sept 2020 as full-timers. We chose Sarasota because we both love salt water and the beauty of the Florida Gulf Coast beaches. David enjoys wade fishing and I enjoy swimming in the waves as he fishes. The moment we drove through The Landings entrance, we were mesmerized by the beautiful treelined streets and the serenity of nature all around us. One of our favorite things to do here in The Landings is visit with our neighbors as they walk their dogs. Everyone is so friendly. A big bonus is The Landings location on Phillippi Creek and Roberts Bay.

A Sarasota resident since 1971.


The gazebo is a favorite place for David to enjoy fishing so we happily accepted the role as Nature Trail CoChairs. In our first year, we found contractors to rebuild the Cloisters’ Bridge, extend the Gazebo Stairs to a dry landing spot and added gravel to raise the trail level that also further protects the stair pilings from erosion. I was born and raised in Houston, TX and am a 3rd generation Texan. David and I call ourselves Flexans as we love Florida as much as Texas. Both our families live in Houston, so we know we will visit often as well as have many visitors. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering after taking 2.5 years of accounting. I had a very exciting and successful career as an open hole well logging engineer, software engineer in aerospace for General Dynamics F-16 & Boeing’s Commercial Aircraft. Then, 25 years in IT sales beginning with Hewlett-Packard. My first HOA Board experience is when I lived in the D.C. area for 19 years and was elected to the Old Town Greens Condominium HOA Board the first year and served for 3 consecutive 2 year terms. I participated in making decisions on the selection of new management companies, vendor contracts, reserve studies, communication with the city of Alexandria to address and resolve issues, and various legal issues we encountered over the years. I volunteered as the Landscape Committee Chairman as well (even though I don’t have a green thumb) to help organize community cleanup days and manage improvement projects. Old Town Greens is very similar to The Landings in that there are condos similar to our coach homes, townhomes and single family homes; therefore, multiple HOA’s. I currently serve on our South VII HOA Board; South VII Landscapting Co-Chair with David; we both served on the Signage Committee because I know our community is run by volunteers along with the help of a good propert y management company. I would be honored to serve on the LMA Board of Directors as I believe the more people we can get involved, the stronger our community becomes!

5400 Eagles Point Circle #106

The Landings resident since 2007.

Please contact me for information about these listings and/or the current market value of your residence. I’m here for you! MLS: A4511962

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The Landings Eagle



Resolutions with Rover

Pets of the Month

By Kyle Baker, Senior Pet Food Nutritionist at DOGPerfect

Our male is a Parsons Russell terrier, his name is Texas Slingshot “Shooter”. Parsons Russell Terriers were imported from England where they are used as swift, intelligent, fearless fox hunters. Our female is a smooth coat Jack Russell terrier. She is a shorty Jack. Not to exceed 9” in height. Her name is Lil Lee’s Angel “Lillee”. Bred for hunting and killing rats. They are very useful in our Equine operation in Indiana to keep our sheds and barns free of skunks, possums, raccoons, rats, mice, moles and other parasite and disease carrying varmints.

New year. New goals. New goals? Most of use the turn of the calendar to renew old goals: lose weight, get more exercise, learn a new skill, travel, or spend more time with friends and family. This year, how about trying something different and resolve to do something new…with your dog! Here are a few to get you started.

Submit your Pet of the Month Photo to

Take a Hike

Whether you live in the Sarasota area or you’re just visiting on vacation, one of the easiest ways to spend time with your dog is to go for a walk—a great way for you both to stay active and shed a few pounds. Seeking a little extra adventure? Check out Myakka State Park. With over 58 square miles of pine forest, scrub, and prairies, Myakka offers accessible hiking trails and even campgrounds welcome to dogs. Like Myakka, many Sarasota County parks and hiking trails allow dogs as long as they’re on a leash and accompanied by a responsible person—like you!

Visit the Market

Sarasota’s downtown Farmers Market is another great spot to take a well-behaved dog for a stroll. If your pup can handle the action, there’s plenty to see and often surprises to be enjoyed as many vendors offer water and treats for furry friends. If you’re planning to head to the market, we recommend getting there early before it gets too hot or crowded.

Play in the Park

Dog-f riendly a nd close by, Bayfront Park welcomes leashed dogs and their owners to a lush, grassy play space near the water. Located near Downtown Sarasota along a beautiful 32-acre peninsula, Bayfront is a favorite of dog owners all along the Sun Coast. Hungry? Main Street, featuring a n u m b e r o f d o g- f r i e n d l y restaurants with sidewalk or patio seating, is just around the corner.

Go to the Beach Ready? Let’s head down the coast for the ideal pet and pet-owner experience. That’s right – Brohard Beach and Paw Park in Venice is the only public beachfront in Sarasota County where dogs are not only welcome but encouraged to visit. How welcome? Brohard is off the leash, baby, and your pup will love the freedom to run the beach, go for a dip, and interact with other dogs out for a day in the sun.

Hop on a Boat

And there’s more fun to be had once you leave the land. See the sights and beat the heat with a day on the boat! If you don’t have your own boat, many area rental companies will allow you to bring your dog along for a ride on the waves. Just make sure your pup wears a life jacket and bring plenty of freshwater. With so many things to do and exciting places to visit in petfriendly Sarasota County, making and keeping resolutions can be easy. This year, resolve to spend more quality time with your best

friend and enjoy benefits and memories that will last for years to come.

About the Author: Kyle Baker, Senior Pet Food Nutritionist at DOGPerfect, has a passion for A special recipe for our beloved educating pet parents on the power of nutrition and how it canine friends By Dee Ricapito can improve their pet’s lives Gary Eason is showing me two of his new favorite dogs, “Lillee” and with proper food, supplements, “Shooter”. and treats. With over 17 years To honor their arrival, The Kitchen Ladies prepare a canine treat. of industry experience, he has h e lp e d c h a n g e t h e l ive s o f thousands of pets. PEANUT BUTTER DOG TREATS


10 servings • 3/4 cup creamy peanut butter • 1 1/4 cup oats • 1/4 tsp cinnamon • 1/4 cup water


Mix peanut butter, cinnamon, and water until smooth. You may add more water if you need to. Mixture should be thick.
- Gradually add oats
Form into round balls; size is preference of your choice
- Chill in refrigerator. Store in air tight Container in the refrigerator or freezer. • Stays fresh in the refrigerator for two weeks, in a freezer for two months. • 15 minutes, makes 21 cookie snaps. • NOTE: A TASTY WAY TO SNEEK YOUR PUP HIS MEDICINE.



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Armada of Kayaks Explore Local Waters The Landings inaugural kayak outing was a great success. In total, 18 kayaks, many of them doubles, participated in the outing. The excursion was led by John McFetridge and the group enjoyed going through the mangroves and touring parts of Siesta Key.

Next Kayak Tour Scheduled Join fellow kayakers on January 20th at 2 PM for our second kayak excursion led by John McFetrige. Meet by the kayak racks on the nature trail.

Sarasota Fine Art Show

January 15 & 16, 2022 At Phillippi Estate Park, Sarasota

COVID safety guidelines in place: Social distancing, all booths spread apart, face coverings recommended and more

Professionally Juried Fine Art & Fine Craft Show At Phillippi Estate Park 5500 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota All Art is Original, Personally Handmade & for Sale by the Artist Present at the Show Saturday, January 15 & Sunday, January 16 10am-5pm Daily Free Admission; Parking $5 supports Plus! Call for Entries! Budding Artist Competition for Grades 6-12 or Ages 9-19. More info

See Art, Love Art, Buy Art!™

Su Griggs Allen, Mixed Media Instagram @HotWorksArtShows


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LHA Meeting Come Strut your Stuff at Vampire Penguin Opens Vampire Penguin is a shaved Notes the Landings Dog Parade! snow and dessert store that offers T he La ndi ngs Homeow ners Association held its reg ularly s c hedu led b oa rd me e t i ng on December 9th, at 5:00 PM at the Landings Racquet Club. I n ot her act ion s, t he boa rd approved window replacements on Pi ne Ha r rier Ci rcle a nd Peregrine Point Circle North. It also approved the removal of an invasive carrotwood tree on Pine Harrier Circle. T h e A s s o c i a t i o n’s A n n u a l Meeting will be held on February 10th, at 6:00 PM, immediately fol low i ng a work i ng reg u la r meeting on that date at 5:00 PM. You will receive the meeting materials in early January. The next regular meeting is at 5:00 PM on January 13th, at the Landings Racquet Club. If an owner wishes to attend the meeting, advance notice is requested (via e-mail to with the topic to be discussed.

a healthier alternative to ice cream. Their menu of treats includes low sugar, low calorie, gluten free, and non-dairy options. So light, fluffy, and delicious you need to try it to believe it! Unlike shaved ice, this dessert isn’t constructed with flavored syrups. Everything is mixed in store with real quality ingredients. Each 12 ounce dessert has 55-75 calories and Rain date Sunday January 23rd 1:30 PM only 8-12 Grams of sugar but you’d never know by tasting it! We offer desserts as well as stuffed animals, custom made We will have music, goody bags, and a photo station with volunteer bouncers and gift cards. photographers for owners and their best buddies’ photos. Ow ned a nd operated by childhood friends who aim to HOW TO SIGN UP: Email Barbara Pendrell at bring joy to families in Sarasota. with your name, dog’s name, age, breed & size. Austin & Lucas are frequently Signup deadline January 14th at the store and love to socialize with everyone who walks in. PARKING: Please walk if you can. If not, park at Childhood health scares made LRC or on Landings Blvd. Austin learn the importance of Consider bringing cash for a donation to a pet charity. spreading happiness at an early age. Lucas and Austin have been SPECTATORS: Come and cheer for your favorite pup! best friends since the 5th grade and

Saturday, January 22nd 11:30 AM Eagles Point Circle

it has been their dream ever since to open a business together. Why Vampire Penguin you might ask. Well… the look on kid’s faces when they take that first bite is the most satisfying thing in the world. What about the name? We like to say that our dessert is so unique and amazing that it probably shouldn’t exist…. sort of like a Vampire Penguin! Be sure to try Sarasota’s coolest new dessert. Vampire Penguin is located in the Landings Shopping Center at 4976 Tamiami Trail and is open from 12:00 – 9 PM Monday-Saturday, 12:00 – 8:00 PM, Sunday and 3:00 – 8:00 PM on Mondays.


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The Kids, the Smiles & the Impact of The Landings Charitable Foundation

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HAPPY HOUR 4pm-6:30pm Happy Hour Food & Cocktails

OPA WEDNESDAY! Saganaki Opa! Appetizer $7

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 9 | Friday & Saturday 11:30 - 10 | Sunday 11:30-8


• Sunset Shrimp • Sunset New York Strip


(Salmon, Tuna, Cod or Grouper)

MONDAY PRIX-FIXE MENU 3 Course Menu for $25 — Every Monday

WINE THURSDAY 1/2 Off Bottles of Wine

• Sunset Chicken • Sunset Fish

18.00 $19.00 20.00 $24.00

All Dinners Include:


8235 Cooper Creek Blvd, University Park, FL 941-359-4816


4956 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 941-927-2270

Oriental Clear Soup, Green Salad, Shrimp Flambé, Stir Fried Vegetables, Japanese Steamed Rice and Japanese Green Tea 5:00pm-6:00pm Daily. Must be seated by 6:00pm. Excluding Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

4910 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, FL 34231 941.552.9465


Day Tripping By Betty Greenspan Rich and I have lived in Sarasota for over 30 years and are familiar with so many wonderful places to explore by car and boat. Often, when we talk with neighbors about some of these places, they state that they were totally unaware of the many nearby adventures awaiting them. One of our favorite day trips is to Boca Grande located on the seven mile long Gasparilla Island just south of Sarasota. It’s a beautiful island with amazing tropical trees, flowers, pristine beaches and miles of bike trails that were once a railroad line but now mostly covered by shade trees. This is an easy one-hour trip of about 43 miles, great for biking, beach combing (the shells are amazing), picnicking and hiking. Definitely take your bike if you are a biker and don’t forget your paddle board or kayak. If you're a photographer, sunrise and or sunset pictures near the two lighthouses on the island are spectacular! The Port Boca Grande Lighthouse & Museum (located at the south end of the island) and the Port Boca Grande Rear Range Lighthouse (just south of the town) are just two of the many sights to take in. If you are a fisherman, you’re in for a treat! Check out the local fishing guides to see what’s biting and let’s not forget that this is the tarpon capital of the world! There are several marinas if you come by boat with the option of renting a golf cart to tour the island. The primary and most popular form of transportation on the island is by golf cart. You can find rentals around the island. Banyan Street, which is shaded by a canopy of Banyan trees originally planted in 1915, is one of the most noted and memorable sights on the island and the homes and condos are quite exquisite to view. It’s tough to decide where to eat because there are many restaurants to choose from. Our favorite is the Pink Elephant, which also has boat docks if you decide to come by boat. The famous Gasparilla Inn and Club is a member of Historic Hotels of America and a great option to see how the rich and famous vacation. Former President Bush and his family are occasionally residents. Breakfast, which is a casual affair and dinner (jackets required) is offered to visitors but reservations are a must. If you decide to keep it simple with a picnic, there are several decent grocery stores to stock up on provisions for the day. Kappy’s Market and Hudson Grocery are two that come to mind. You can even get lobster rolls and other Maine food products at Newling’s Mainly Gourmet. There are a few cute shops and boutiques as well as a great old fashion hardware store that has been there for over 50 years. It is really fun to browse, and we even found a brush that we had been looking for but could never find elsewhere. Last but not least, check out the Loose Caboose for ice cream in the old rail road depot. It’s been one of our favorite places on the island. Imagine that, right? For more information, the Boca Grande Visitors Guide provides up to date information on things to do on Boca Grande. There is also a Boca Grande smartphone app. This column has been created to introduce Landings residents to fun day trips close to home that can be enjoyed without an overnight stay. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or thoughts about places you have discovered yourself and would like to share with your neighbors. The idea is to explore places within a two hour drive. My email is

Port Boca Grande Lighthouse and Museum

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The Landings — Sarasota’s Hidden Gem

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous

New Year


With the New Year comes new beginnings. I am proud to announce my switch to Coldwell Banker Realty. The brokerage with the highest market share in Sarasota County, combined with a strong national and international reach. This coupled with my long-proven track record, including almost $5 million sold in The Landings in 2021, makes this the perfect time to contact me about listing your home. Inventory is at historically low levels, while buyer demand remains strong, creating the opportunity to get the best value for your property.

Tina von Kessel

REALTOR | Coldwell Banker Realty 423 St. Armands Circle Sarasota, FL 34236 Cell: 941-266-2848 E-mail:

Profit from my Experience Port Boca Grande Rear Range Lighthouse



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Passages Barrie Taylor 1934 - 2021 Barrie Taylor passed away November 15th in his beloved St. Catherine’s, Canada. He was 87. He had suffered in his last years from Parkinson’s disease and other ailments. However, he will be remembered for always having a smile on this face and a kind word for everyone. Formerly an active tennis player and team captain, he was one of the most admired, respected and appreciated members of The Landings community, He and his wife of 62 years, Anne, were among the original residents, spending six months here each year. In addition to his wife, Barrie is survived by h is son Rick (wi fe Rosie) a nd h is daughter Whitney (husband Shaun), all residents of Canada. Ba r r ie worked i n top m a n agement positions for Canadian oil companies and the Canadian government. One of his most important positions was as the leader of the Energy Supplies Association Board of Canada. He met with top international energy companies and represented Canada internationally. After retiring, he was on the board of the Central City Mission of Gastown, an organization that provided many services to those in need in Vancouver. Here in the Landings, Barrie helped found the CANUKUS Challenge. Tennis players from Canada and the United Kingdom played against the United States. The tournament has become an anticipated annual event at the LRC while also collecting food for the All Faiths Food Bank in Sarasota. Recently, Barrie, with the help of his daughter Whitney, selfpublished a book about his life, printed just weeks before he died. In it he closed with this thought: “I have been so lucky to have lived in such interesting times, and to have had the exciting challenges of my work, my family, tennis and even taking on the government over taxes.” All of us who knew Barrie were blessed to have been with him on part of his journey.

Andrejs (Andy) Jurjans Andrejs passed aw ay O c t o b e r 24, 2021 su r rou nded by his wife Bonnie Cummings, son Janis Jurjans & wife, g ra ndson Jef f rey Cummings and step d au g h t e r Tr a c e y Cu m m i ngs. He is a l so su r v ived by his daughter Linda Jurjans & husband, and twin granddaughters. Andrejs was born and lived in Riga, Latvia until age five when his family moved to Fargo, North Dakota via Germany. He graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He began his career with Department of the Navy in San Francisco. Eventually he moved to Washington D.C. and worked for the Naval Sea Systems Command where he retired after 38 years of service. His last program was managing the ship building of the Coast Guard’s ice breaker “Healy”. He and Bonnie moved to Sarasota in a coach house in The Landings and adopted their grandson, Jeffrey, when he was 2 years old. They needed a bigger place and found a wonderful house in The Landings with a pool and a yard. Jeffrey started tennis at age four with The Landings then coach Joe, and since has trained with John, Moe and Jen. He is now a senior at Riverview High School and is #1 on the high school tennis team. Andrejs was full of life and loved skiing, sailing, tennis, gardening and singing in the Landoliers choir. And he loved a good party!! He will be missed by all that knew him.

Julian Frey, Jr. 1932 - 2021 Ju l i a n Jorda n “JJ” Frey Jr. passed away Wed nesday Octob er 6, 2021. He wa s t he husband of Janet Frey for 66 years. JJ was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 24, 1932 the son of the late Julian Sr., and Muriel Frey. He was a proud graduate o f Ho b a r t C o l l e g e, Class of 1955. Julian spent his entire career in the Aviation industry with the EDO Corporation in Long Island, finishing his long career as President of the Sea Plane division. JJ also was the author of the authoritative book on seaplane flying, “How to Fly Floats”, that sold in excess of a quarter million copies and is still required reading for students at Western Michigan University. News of Frey’s death prompted a tribute from the Seaplane Pilots Association, which Frey served in various roles including president and chairman of the board throughout the group’s 49-year history. “JJ was a great friend to all. Whether he was sharing wild tales of his seaplane adventures or providing wisdom on the art of float flying— he wrote How to Fly Floats, the definitive book on seaplane flying that has sold in excess of a quarter-million copies—our lives were enriched by his presence,” the Seaplane Pilots Association said in a statement about the loss of “a seaplane legend.” JJ is survived by his wife, Janet and their three sons Julian Jordan Frey III and his wife Paula, Tucker Frey and his wife Marilyn, Barclay Frey and his wife Roya and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Thank y ou…

Thank you all of our p articipants Fundraiser for the Sara for Boatyard’s Annua l sota’s Youth The busine Shelter sses and in dividuals w Mike Cald e would lik well & Fam e to thank: ily J o h n ny’s Car W Hot Yoga ash 4 You A lp ine Steak James Griffi house th Salon LV Nails Old Salty Dog Longhorn The Cotta Steakhou ge se T r iple Tail Beach Clu b Shaners P Gilligans izza Gator Club Monks Cask&Ale Crescent C lub Thirsty Tu Grasshopp rtle er Island Ho use Tap & Grill

Waterfront Dining…at its best!

Lunch and Dinner Served Daily

1500 Stickney Point Road • Sarasota, FL 34231 (Located at Channel Marker 62 at the Siesta Key South Bridge) • 941-921-6200


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The Eagle has landed in Bonaire!

Tips from the Fish Whisperer

Elida Ramberger was recently in Bonaire for a scuba diving vacation. Fun!

Fishing from the gazebo has been excellent, espe cia l ly when t here i s a n outgoi ng t ide. Live shrimp is your best choice of bait. Frozen shrimp is also effective, especially when fishing for snapper and sheepshead. While the use of artificial lures can be effective, they are not likely to catch as many fish as the use of live bait. The best fighting fish, among the 30 plus species caught at the gazebo, is the Jack Cravelle, better known as the yellowtail jack. Look for more fishing tips in future issues of the Eagle. The fish whisperer can be reached at

Team Ambassadors Pizza Lunch The LRC staff hosted a pizza party for the volunteers and ambassadors who welcomed t h e pl aye r s i n t h i s ye a r ’s National Father/Son Clay Court Championships. There was lots of pizza to go around and t-shirts were distributed. Also, a big “THANK YOU” to the staff for their tireless weeklong work making 2021 the biggest Landings Tournament ever!

Photo submitted by: Dee Ricapito L to R: Adrian “Mo” Moghina, Jen Fiers, Our Tennis Pros; Garry Bowen, Office, and Kevin Lechlitner, LRC Manager.

Submit your "The Eagle has Landed" photos to to be included in a future issue of the Eagle.

A concert 450 years in the making! Key Chorale, the Suncoast’s premier symphonic chorus, is back January 14 and 15 for Choral Splendor in 40 Parts, featuring over 40 voices of the Chamber Singers and special guest Les Canards Chantants, a solo-voice ensemble specializing in music of the Renaissance. Founded in England in 2011, Les Canards Chantants are now based in Philadelphia, where they are Ensemble in Residence at Glencairn Museum, and present concerts of renaissance polyphony at home and abroad. Innovative programs like 1.500 Surround Sound (an immersive polychoral experience), Dowland’s Table (Lute song choose-your-ownadventure) and Sex, Drugs and Madrigals (staged Italian madrigals) have cemented the ensemble’s reputation for daring and entertaining presentation in concert, and for engaging with the most unusual repertoire from the Renaissance. “We are excited to singing alongside of some of our country’s leading performers of this style,” said Maestro

Joseph Caulkins. “In addition to them being a special part of these incredible works for 40 or more voices, we will also get to hear them perform works as an ensemble by Gabrieli, Palestrina, and Victoria – all masters of the 16th century. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Experience a rare live performance of Thomas Tallis’ Spem in alium considered one of the greatest compositions of all time and Alessandro Striggio’s Mass in 40 parts, a masterpiece lost for more than 400 years! These masterpieces are scored for 40 independent vocal parts, and as many as 60 parts for Striggio’s final Agnus Dei – a feat unequaled to this day. Experience an unforgettable program of polychoral extravagance and unparalleled splendor. Performance Dates: Friday, January 14, 7:30 PM First Presbyterian Church Saturday, January 15, 4:00 PM St. Boniface Episcopal Church

For tickets, go to or call the box office at 941-552-8768. ADVERTORIAL


The Landings Eagle


Upcoming Social Events & Activities Inside events are for members who are fully vaccinated with booster.



LRC Latin Dance Lesson Series – January 10, 17, 24, & 31. Monday’s 5-7 PM. Limited to 8 couples, signup at Pro Shop two weeks prior. If sufficient interest, will hold second session.


LRC Art Exhibit & Happy Hour: January 12th 5:30 PM. Food truck signup at LRC Pro Shop two weeks prior.



Landings Bike Outing – Sunday January 16th, 9:30 AM. To signup email Norm at

Counts Type of Incident

Updated monthly metrics The Safety Committee has worked with Guard One staff to reinstate reporting of security incidents at The Landings

Details/ Resolution


Resident advise teens on golf carts making noises overnight. Patrol officer addressed the issue.



The Landings plants are overgrowing onto Marina property. Assn advised. Security Cameras Down. Vendor contacted for repair. An approved guest was turned away due to a miscommunication.


Open Door Reports

All doors noted were garage doors.


Landings Kayaking – Thursday January 20th, 2 pm. From nature trail. 21-Nov


Reckless Driving (Speeding)

2 Resident Violators (one in excess of 15MPH of posted speed limit) 1 Vendors 1 Guest Violators

Tennis Round Robin & Exhibition – Friday, January 28th 2-5 PM. Round Robin signup at Pro Shop two weeks prior.



Suspicious person

Resident advises unknown persons fishing in lake. Subjects identified as authorized.

Landings Newcomer Reception – February 2nd 5-7 PM. Open newcomers who arrived in 2020 and 2021! To register email

Monthly Total


Total Incidents

LRC Cooking Lessons – January 7th, 21st & February 11th. Registration to be announced by LRC. Landings Dog Parade - January 22nd, 11:30 AM Eagles Point. Dog/ Owners can register by emailing

LRC Happy Hour & Game Night – Wednesday February 9th

Artwo Local rk by & Cel Artis ts ebriti es

2021 — “The Great Escape”

presents the 3rd Annual


— Funds Support Visual Artists Fellowship Awards —

Virtual Auction Wednesday, January 26, 2022 5:30pm – 7:00pm


Silent Art Auction

Thursday, January 27, 2022 5:30pm – 8:00pm MARA GALLERY — 1421 5th St., Sarasota, FL 34236

Cocktails - Meet the Artists Tickets: $20

For Info and Sponsorship: #halo_arts_project


6600 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota

Halo Arts Project, Inc. is registered 501 c 3

Complimentary shuttle service to and from anywhere on Siesta Key. 7 days a week from 10 AM to 11 PM. (driver tips only) 941.924.4900 Still Family Owned and Operated Since 2007 AAA-3 Diamond Property

HOURS: Sunday - Thursday 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM Friday & Saturday 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM Happy Hour 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

• 114 Guest Rooms • One and Two Bedroom Suites Now Available • Complimentary breakfast included with every stay • Free Shuttle Service to and from Siesta Key every day. • Microwave/Fridge in every guestroom *Amenities and services may be adjusted due to COVID-19, please contact the hotel or visit our website for details

Open to the public Live music Thursday thru Sunday starting at 4:00 PM (check the schedule on Facebook or call 941-924-4900) *Use of the pool for Registered Guests Only










2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24 31

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

SAT 1 8 15 22 29



6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

Day Date Time Event 4 Tuesday 2:00 PM Eagle Editorial (Poolside Room) 4 Tuesday 7:00 PM Trivia Challenge (Lakeside Room) 5 Wednesday 11:30 AM 3.0 Team Party (Lakeside Room) 5 Wednesday 1:00 PM LMA Roads (Poolside Room) 5 Wednesday 3:00 PM Treehouse Welcome Committee (Lakeside Room) 6 Thursday 7:00 PM LMA Board Meeting (Lakeside Room) 7 Friday 3:00 PM Cooking Demonstration (Lakeside Room) 10 Monday 11:00 AM South III 10 Monday 4:00 PM LMA Safety (Multipurpose Room) 11 Tuesday 9:00 AM Koffee Klatsche (Poolside Room) 12 Wednesday 5:30 PM Happy Hour (Lakeside Room & Poolside Room) 13 Thursday 5:00 PM South 5 (Lakeside Room) 13 Thursday 5:00 PM LHA (Poolside Room) 13 Thursday 7:00 PM LMA Presidents (Poolside Room) 17 Monday 5:00 PM Bayview (Lakeside Room) 18 Tuesday 7:00 PM Trivia Challenge (Lakeside Room) 19 Wednesday 1:00 PM LRC Board (Lakeside Room) 19 Wednesday 5:00 PM South VII (Poolside Room) 20 Thursday 4:00 PM Social Committee (Multipurpose Room) 21 Friday 2:00 PM Cooking Class Demo/Dining (Lakeside Room) 25 Tuesday 10:00 AM Carriage House I (Poolside Room) 25 Tuesday 5:30 PM Treehouse Meeting (Lakeside Room) 26 Wednesday 9:00 AM Koffee Klatsche (Poolside Room) 26 Wednesday 4:00 PM Association Presidents (Lakeside Room) 27 Wednesday 1:00 PM EP II 27 Wednesday 3:00 PM EP I 27 Wednesday 5:00 PM South IV Annual Meeting (Poolside Room)

Barre Exercise Free College Landoliers Latin Dance Series Ping Pong Ping Pong Tai Chi Water Color Painting Writing Workshops (starts 1/19) Zumba Gold Zumba Gold


JANUARY 2022 27th State Media, LLC

Regularly Scheduled Items Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Monday Monday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Thursday

Day Date 1 Tuesday 1 Tuesday 2 Wednesday 3 Thursday 8 Tuesday 9 Wednesday 9 Wednesday 10 Thursday 11 Friday 14 Monday 14 Monday 15 Tuesday 16 Wednesday 16 Wednesday 17 Thursday 21 Monday 22 Tuesday 22 Tuesday 23 Wednesday 23 Wednesday 24 Thursday

11:00 AM 2:30 PM 4:00 PM 3:30 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 10:00 AM 3:00 PM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM

TUE 1 8 15 22

WED 2 9 16 23

THU 3 10 17 24

FRI 4 11 18 25

SAT 5 12 19 26

Time Event 2:00 PM Eagle Editorial (Poolside Room) 7:00 PM Trivia Challenge (Lakeside Room) 5:00 PM Newcomer Party (Lakeside Room) 7:00 PM LMA Board Meeting (Lakeside Room) 9:00 AM Koffee Klatsch (Poolside Room) 4:00 PM Happy Hour (Poolside & Lakeside Room) 4:00 PM South II (Multipurpose Room) 7:00 PM LHA (Poolside Room) 2:00 PM Cooking Class (Lakeside Room) 11:00 AM South III (Poolside Room) 4:00 PM LMA Safety (Multipurpose Room) 7:00 PM Trivia Challenge (Lakeside Room) 1:00 PM LRC Board (Lakeside Room) 5:00 PM South VII (Lakeside Room) 5:00 PM Carriage House Annual Meeting (Lakeside Room) 5:00 PM Bayview (Lakeside Room) 10:00 AM Carriage House I (Poolside Room) 5:00 PM Treehouse (Lakeside Room) 9:00 AM Koffee Klatsche (Poolside Room) 2:00 PM EP IV (Lakeside Room) 4:00 PM Social Committee (Poolside Room)

Barre Exercise Free College Landoliers Latin Dance Series Ping Pong Ping Pong Tai Chi Water Color Painting Writing Workshops (starts 1/19) Zumba Gold Zumba Gold

Regularly Scheduled Items Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Monday Monday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Thursday

11:00 AM 2:30 PM 4:00 PM 3:30 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 10:00 AM 3:00 PM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM

Local Businesses

Your Companion

Compassionate Company To Help You Through The Day

Offering Transportation and Companionship to....

Insured, Bonded and Licensed by The National Home Watch Association.

(941) 961-4309

* Doctor Appointments * Beauty Salon Appointments * Shopping and more!

Please call for complimentary interview:

Patricia Newman from 9am-5pm

941-923-4301 “Serving All of Southwest Florida”


Long Distance Trips We Specialize in Helping the Elderly, Handicapped and We are Pet Friendly

PLEASE CALL: 941.735.4732

J Morgan O’Donoghue, MD.

Board-Certified dermatologist skin CanCer • laser • Botox and Hair/nail disorders

1952 Field Road Sarasota, Florida 34231


• Companionship • Dementia/Alzheimers Care • Medication Reminders • Meal Preparation • Transportation/Errands • Light Housekeeping • Shopping


Family Owned and Operated

House Watch Sarasota Licensed and Insured

Affordable and Dependable Service Solutions For Your Home While You Are Away

Environmentally Conscious Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service CONTACTLESS!

Free Pick Up & Delivery Service from your home or business

Call 941-275-4647

ExEcutivE Shirt SErvicE • houSEhold itEmS • SamE day SErvicE availablE

Come try Sarasota’s

COOLEST new dessert! 4976 S Tamiami Trl. Sarasota, FL 941-923-8155

Hours: Sun. 12-8pm Mon. 3-8pm Tues. - Sat. 12-9pm

R. BRuce Whittinghill, llc (941) 955-1864

Call or e-mail for quotes and references Serving SaraSota and Surrounding areaS Since 1979



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Landings Laughs

Judy Tara Greene Lamb

Jokes from the Neighborhood Compiled by: Dee Ricapito


Ted Shaffer thought of this one while walking his dogs: Why did the guy living on the north side of the Landings put Rogaine in his Christmas tree water? A. He wanted to make his “Pine Hairier”. Saul Lapedus sent: Without freedom of speech we wouldn’t know who the idiots are! What cookies do computers love? A. Chocolate microchip. Jane Carpenter sent: So, if a cow doesn’t produce milk, is it a milk dud or an utter failure? During the Middle Ages they celebrated the end of the plague with wine and orgies. Does anyone know if there is anything planned when this year ends?


Your Landings

Resident Real Estate Team



Now is the best time to sell your home in The Landings. Call Judy and Tara today.

The Landings multi-million-dollar producing team, Judy Greene and Tara Lamb. OUR FEATURED LANDINGS LISTINGS

Why can’t a tennis player light a fire? A. Because he lost his matches. Why are fish bad tennis players? A. They don’t like getting close to the net.



Sharon Goldman emailed: I’ve been to a lot of places, but I’ve never been in cahoots. Apparently, you can’t go alone, you have to be in cahoots with someone. I’ve also never been in cognito, either. I hear nobody recognizes you there. I have never been in sane. They don’t have an airport. You have to be driven there. I have made several trips.

Landings Directory New owner(s) in The Landings since the last issue: Keith Sten, 5420 Eagles Point Cir #105 For current owner information, use the online resident directory on the Landings website: www.thelandingsofsarasota. com/login. as t hei r sou rce for cu r rent directory listings and Landings information. Directory information is updated on the site no less often than weekly and changes are made to other Landing’s information when available. A directory, downloadable as a PDF file, dated November 2021 is also available on the LMA home page. If you want current information, use the website’s online directory! I encou rage ever y resident to check their online directory listing for accuracy. Additions,

1713 Starling Drive

1720 Pine Harrier Circle

3 BR | 2.5 BA | 2,634 SF Sold for $849,000 | Worked with seller & buyer

3 BR | 2.5 BA | 2,172 SF Listed for $599,000 | Representing the sellers

We are proud to announce both residences received pending contracts in a short time on the market. With world-class marketing, leading resources and local connections, our proven strategies continue to deliver exceptional result for our customers. HOMES PENDING Address









4732 Pine Harrier Drive





5179 Flicker Field Circle





4903 Peregrine Point Way





1669 Landings Lane





4808 Peregrine Point Circle W





1427 Cedar Bay Lane





HOMES SOLD 1720 Pine Harrier Circle

changes, or corrections to the online directory may be requested by filling out the change form on the online Residents Directory page or by e-mail to: landings.

CONDOS PENDING 5226 Landing Boulevard





1713 Staring Drive





CONDOS SOLD 5337 Landings Boulevard





4846 Kestral Park Circle





5420 Eagles Point Circle #105





5420 Eagles Point Circle #404





5440 Eagles Point Circle #301





5420 Eagles Point Circle #401





5430 Eagles Point Circle #203





*Chart data is compiled of Sold Properties as recorded in the Stellar MLS and county tax records.

A new year brings new possibilities and promise. We wish you a prosperous 2022 and may you reach all your hopes and dreams. Call us to discuss the value of your home or to schedule a meeting about your 2022 real estate goals!

• 2ND Month Free • Free Move-In Truck • Entire Facility Carpeted • Free Lock & Keys • Big Garage Bay For Loading And Unloading • Climate Controlled 941.315.5222 5260 Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, FL 34231

5100 Ocean Boulevard | Sarasota, FL 34242