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Happy New Year



Winners of the Father/Son National Whitefly Problem By Patricia Decker Championship Tournament 2013 Senior Division National Champions Joe Venezia, Brett Morse-Karzen, Jerry Morse-Karzen, Dick Bayles Photo by Rudy Blohm

2013 Super Senior Division National Champions Don Lang, Jimmy Parker, Chris Parker, Joe Venezia Photo by Rudy Blohm

See page 15 for additional photos of the event.

In 2009 , a whitefly CALEURODICUS rugioper culatus MARTIN, was collected in Miami. This was the first report of this insect on the US continent and is Photo Source: Lyle Buss, Department of believed to originate in Central Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida America. This has now spread to other counties and is currently These adult whiteflies are about 3 times larger than other prevalent in Sarasota. E n t e r m o l o g i s t , G e o r g e whiteflies that occur in the US. Decker, was the first to identify The adult whiteflies congregate the infestation of white fly at the on the underside of the leaves to Landings. The Landings Racquet feed and reproduce. The female Club and Landings South IV lays her eggs in a spiral pattern immediately took action and their on the leaves and also deposits pest control company, Massey, a white, waxy substance on the confirmed the infestation and eggs. This sugary substance treated. Other associations have causes the growth of sooty mold since followed suit to control this on the plants. This is what makes problem which can become very it easy to identify whether a tree/ costly if large amounts of foliage shrub is infected or not. Whitefly will spread from tree and trees are infected. This whitefly appears to have to tree rapidly so it is important a very broad host range from to control early before major palms to woody ornamentals damage is caused throughout and fruit trees. This would the Landings. Consult with your include black olive, copper leaf, pesticide management company bird of paradise, wax myrtle, live for remedial treatment if you oak and several palm species. suspect whitefly on any of your This identifies just a small range landscaping. of trees and shrubs grown at the HAPPY NEW YEAR, Patricia Decker Landings.

Abel’s Ice Cream - 1886 Stickney Point Road - 941-921-5700 Between New Balance & Stonewood Grill Abel’s Ice Cream, one of the many vendors that set up shop on Siesta Key Beach during the Crystal Classic Sand Castle competition, is also a proud supporter. “It’s a great event bringing thousands to enjoy the beauty of the sculptures created by artists from around the world on our beautiful Siesta Key beach“, Abel says. “We look forward to participating as a food vendor again in the November 2014 event“. After serving the many locals and visitors at the annual contest, Bill & Norma Abel are primed for the arrival

of this year’s winter residents. They look forward to seeing those who enjoyed their ice cream last year and anticipate they will meet new customers this season. “The best-selling flavors haven’t changed,” Abel confides. Still the #1 seller for their shop is Stellar Coffee (Rich coffee ice cream with fudge and mini dark chocolate coffee cups), followed by #2 Coconut Almond Fudge (Tropical coconut ice cream with fudge ribbon and loaded with whole roasted almonds) and #3 Raspberry Truffle (Raspberry ice cream with raspberry ribbon & dark chocolate

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LMA Pres., Henry Rhodes, began the meeting by announcing that Bill Whitman decided not to be considered for re-election to the LMA board after 10 years of faithful service. He would also be stepping down as chair of the Safety and Security committee. John Carson and Lou Furlong would co-chair the committee after Bill leaves the board in February. John Carson and his wife Agnes are reasonably new residents to the landings. John is the former human resources director of the 3M Company. Lou Furlong and his wife Carol are long-term residents of the Treehouses. Lou is a former executive of Exxon/Mobile. He is also a former Association President and has held many other leadership positions. Truman Menefee, long-term resident of the Landings, has agreed to serve as chairman of the Aesthetics committee. Recently, he has volunteered many hours of his time to the development of the Landing’s website. Bob Manteiga, a board candidate, and Jack Jost are working together to digitize important Landings documents that need to be retained due to recent state document retention requirements. Most if not all of these documents will eventually be available on the Landings website.



The 30 day suspension of the vehicle barcode does not prevent an owner or renter from entering the community. It only means that the vehicle involved will need to go through the main gate’s visitors entrance and identify themselves.


The LMA board is currently working to improve the safety of pedestrian and bicycle traffic traveling in and out of the North gate. Landings residents will enjoy the benefit of those improvements soon. A board member suggested that bikers should dismount when traveling through any of the Landings gates.


Sara Rhodes reported that website traffic continues to increase. More website pages are being visited and people are staying on the website longer. Visits to the website, page views, hits on the home page and visits to the directory, all have increased. Over 100 Landings residents have completed their member profiles, and lately, about 10 profiles are completed per day. Website committee members are beginning to recruit trainers. Their goal is to have at least one trainer in each of the Landings Associations.


By Trebor Britt

The committee has received a first draft drawing of a new gazebo. The committee is considering making the gazebo bigger, adding benches, a fish cleaning area and several other improvements.


Finance committee Chairman, Don McMurray reported that income continues to exceed expenses. Even with a few drainage project expenses, and expenses related to the entrance/pathway for the Eagle Preserve area, the committee believes they will still have a small budget surplus by the end of the year.


Drainage committee chair, Jack Josts reported a contract has now been accepted to correct the flooding issue at the Cul-de-sac on Kestral Park Place. The work on this project should begin soon. As suspected last month, the cost of the project did come in under the $13,500 budgeted funds agreed upon by the board. It was decided the drainage problems on Peregrine Point Way is primarily a LHA problem. The LMA did the engineering for the project and has received bids. This is an ongoing project and additional information will be reported as it becomes available.


Larry Lawrence reported that the Landings Eagle

editorial committee and the publisher of the paper are discussing the possibility of moving the publication and distribution of “The Eagle” to the middle of the month. The change would make the reporting of events from major holidays more timely. We would appreciate any input on the proposed change.


Fifteen Landings residents were happy to take advantage of the hazardous waste pick up in November. The next pick up is scheduled for Wednesday, February 12th.


Lakes committee chair, Larry Lawrence reported the lakes are in good condition. No outages or other concerns have been reported. Algae in all the lakes is under control and needed repairs on Lake Three have been completed. LED lights are going to be installed on Courtside Lake, Lake 5 by the end of the year to allow residents to experience the ambience of LED lighting. LED lights are better for the environment, would result in greater reliability and will likely save money in the long run. A meeting with county officials regarding improvements to North Lake, Lake 1 has been scheduled. A meeting took place in November with county officials, representatives of Landings South IV and LMA regarding

the level of lakes 6, 7 and 9 and the Starling Preserve. County officials indicated they will have some recommendations in mid-December regarding the clearing of the dead vegetation and perhaps a maintenance plan for the Landings South IV portion of the preserve. Re-planting would not take place until the rainy season approaches.


Holiday lights have been installed at the main and Northgate areas. A few electrical problems were discovered and are being traced and corrected. Residents should notice a recent improvement in foliage near the main gate area. Eagles Nest area improvements are progressing. Excavation has begun, and the shell path will be installed soon. The landscaping committee is also optimistic the paver path in that area will be installed by the end of the year. Pest treatment continues to be done in the Landings common areas and islands.


Safety and Security chair, Bill Whitman is working closely with John Carson and Lou Furlong to make his departure and the transition to new leadership as smooth as possible. Vehicles speeding through the Landings continues to be a safety concern. Story continued on page 5.

Serving the Landings Community for over 10 Years | | Island Visitor Publications, LLC | 941-349-0194 P.O. Box 35086, Siesta Key, Florida 34242. Publishers: Bob & Emy Stein To advertise in print or on-line call 941-349-0194. Advertising Representatives: Irene Brooks Photographer: Rudy Blohm, Trebor Britt, Kathy Whyte & Gary Warren Photography Contributing writers: Heidi Bodor, Dee Ricapito, Kevin Lechlitner, Dick Bayles, Scott Diamond, Stan Zimmerman, Patricia Decker Howard Feltman, Trebor Britt, Dr. Al Weeks, Joe Venezia, Capt. Joseph Jordan, Dr. Anne Chauvet, Paul Roat, Diana Colson, Ted Shaeffer, Henry Rhodes, Captain Klopfer, Jaye Clements and Barbara Pendrell (writer recruiter). Forgive us if we missed you – but please let us know.

The Landings Eagle is published monthly and is partially funded by the Landings Management Association & Landings Racquet Club, but is independently edited and reported by Landings residents. The Landings Eagle is published by Island Visitor Publishing, a Florida LLC. Advertising rates and information will be gladly furnished by calling us at 941-349-0194, We are ready to answer your questions and to assist you in preparing your ad at no extra charge. All advertising and editorial content is subject to editing to conform to our style, and is copyrighted 2013 by Island Visitor Publishing, LLC and may not be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Violators will be prosecuted under federal law. The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject copy for any reason. Island Visitor Publishing, LLC is not responsible for any claims made by the advertisers.



reSultS count Another hAPPy Seller

o S

D l

SAn remo terrAce

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LHA Meeting Notes By Dick Bayles

Judy Greene, membership chair, reported that there was one new owner (of two properties) and two properties without contract on the market. In response to the Association’s Notice of Election, two members – Ms. Christina Rienhoff and Mr. Harvey Greller – have indicated their candidacy for the board of directors. Two current members – Ms. Cindy Klein and Ms. Jane Hyslop – have indicated their desire to step down at the end of their current term. Therefore there will be no contested seats on the February ballot. The President discussed the items reviewed at a seminar regarding changes to Florida statutes that affect homeowner associations. Of significance to the LHA, either insurance or a fidelity bond is required in the absence of a waiver by members of that requirement. The Association maintains a crime insurance policy that is designed to protect the Association in the same manner as a fidelity bond. The costs of a fidelity bond vs. the cost of our existing crime policy will be compared to determine if a change should be made. The remainder of the brief meeting dealt with Landscaping and Architecture requests and violations. As is customary The Landings Eagle redacts names and specific addresses unless a violation is raised to the hearing level.

New Requests

Peregrine Point Dr – After reviewing a report concerning two ficus trees on the property, their removal was approved, subject to replacement plantings to be agreed upon with the owner.

A landings resident for 17 years. Peg Davant, Sales Associate 941.356.4552 | Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.



Kestral Park Ln – Approval was given for the removal of two trees with the condition that one be replaced by an appropriate shade tree. Landings Ln – Approval was given for the removal of a dead magnolia tree with an appropriate replacement in an acceptable location.

Flicker Field Cir – Approval was given for an exterior paint color and the removal of a palm tree. Peregrine Point Way – The Board reaffirmed its opposition to chain link fencing in any form. Peregrine Point Cir W – The board approved the removal of two palm trees. Peregrine Point Cir E – The board approved the plan to put a dual-coat elastomeric application on the existing roof, with the color to be approved by the Board.

Progress on Outstanding Violations

The maximum amount of the fine with respect to violations on the property at 4899 Peregrine Point Cir E of $2,500 has been reached. The owner will be billed.

Property Remediation

Pine Harrier Cir – Action with respect to a vacant property has been suspended pending anticipated bank action. Peregrine Point Way – The Board has agreed on the funding of drainage remediation that requires partial participation by the owners of the affected properties. A letter will be sent to each owner with details of the plan and the amount for which each owner is liable. Absent agreement of participation by the owners, further legal action may be taken.

President’s Column By Henry Rhodes To our Landings Community, The members of the LMA Board hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season! We begin the year 2014 with appreciation for your support for our board and community. With your help next year will also be a wonderful year! An enhanced Landings website, a new walking path in the ENA and new

and better gazebo before the end of the year are among the things to look forward to enjoying. Every day it seems that one of our residents makes a new contribution or performs a good deed helping make the Landings the best community in Sarasota. Best wishes and good health—


A Landings resident attending the meeting voiced his concern that dog owners be

005722_MHBF_LandingsEagle_Mech By Trebor Britt@ 100% Revision: 0 Created: 8/21/13 Printed Client: M. Heights

Colors: 4/c DPI: 300


Creative Director: REX GEE

Art Director: ALAN REYNOLDS more courteous about cleaning documents and the Green Copywriter: up their dog’s waste. AnBleed: LMAN/A Book. Association Presidents board member reminded are encouraged to send a letter Trim: N/A Proofreader: NANCY TUCKER everyone that policy concerning to any reported offenders. Live: 10"x5.125" Studio Artist: LUIS ARRIAGADA this issue is addressed in most Inspected By: Association documents, LMA

now to next.

Story continued from page 3.


LMA Meeting Notes

Production Manager: CAROL CAPOSINO Project Manager: LAURA WILMESMEIER



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Kids’ Corner

By Heidi Bodor

|Madison Horler Age 12. She is a 6th grader at Pine View. She has one brother, Tyler, two dogs (Max and Kobe), & seven fish • What do you like most about the Landings? I like the amount of space there is here and all the nature. It’s so pretty with many trees and flowers everywhere, and different paths everywhere. • What is your favorite subject in school? Math because it’s easy and I’m good with numbers and my teacher is nice. • What are your favorite books? Matched and Harry Potter series • What is your favorite sport? I like crew (rowing) because it’s a team sport and I like working with other people. I just had my first regatta. It was a lot of fun. I really like doing it with my friends. • Do you have a favorite team? I like watching baseball. The San Francisco Giants are my favorite since I’m from there. • What do you do in your spare time? I like playing on electronics and spending time with family, listening to music, and playing soccer or with Legos with my brother. • What do you want to be when you grow up? A kindergarten or first grade teacher because I like teaching things (like helping my friends understand math problems) and I really like little kids. •What’s your favorite food? Nutella. They served Nutella today at Crew practice and it was so good.

• If you were president for a day, what would you do? I would take my personal presidential jet Heidi Bodor and go all around the world and try different sweets. And I would get a pet monkey! • If you could be any animal, what would you be? I’d be a dog, because they get to sleep a lot and they don’t have to do homework and they get a lot of love and attention and they can pee outside and no one thinks it’s weird! • The holidays are approaching, any special wishes? I wish for money to buy more music and money to get all my friends presents. • What holiday traditions do you enjoy? I like making cookies. We are making brownies and pumpkin bread tonight! We also put out a snack for Santa every year: milk, wine, and cookies. Sometimes Santa leaves it and sometimes not. We eat the half eaten cookies even if he has bitten off of them. •Do you have one wish for the world? I have two wishes. One is for world peace and the other is a fix to global warming. If there was world peace, there’d be no evil people to hurt little kids and no dog fighting and everyone would be happy, smiling, and growing plants everywhere.

Madison Horler

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5222 Landings Blvd. SARASOTA TERRIFIC LOCATION IN THE LANDINGS: A wonderful water and fountain view of the small lake from this first floor unit, two bedrooms and two and half baths, an inside utility room and attached garage makes this a special place to live. The Landings is one of Sarasota’s finest Gated Communitities. You can choose from a wide array of social activities and sports. The Landings Racquet Club has eight Har-Tru courts, fitness center and aquatics club.



Exquisite details from its welcoming walkway to elegant formal dining area. Built-in shelves, tray ceilings and crown moulding throughout the home. Kitchen features rich wood cabinets and solid surface counters. Large screened pool area. All in a very private setting with a pond and the Oscar Scherer State Park just beyond. This one will steal your heart!

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Around The Landings |Showtime for Landings Dog Lovers January 15th (Wednesday) at 3 pm bring your leashed dog to the south parking lot of Eagles Point Circle. You will have the opportunity to make one single file lap around Eagles Point Circle and present your dog before Keke Kahn our own

renowned world class dog show judge. Keke Kahn will also be judging at the Westminster dog show in February. The categories in our show will be a grand finale surprise - no costumes please. Reminder posters will be posted soon !

|Phillippi Farmhouse Market starts off January with a bang! The market will be open on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 2014 from 9 am until 2 pm to welcome in the New Year with lots of fresh local produce for healthy eating, delicious prepared foods, unique handicrafts from local artisans and live music. What a great treat for your visiting family and houseguests to stroll around the market. Please don’t forget to bring your canine friends who are always welcome with bowls of cool water by the thoughtful vendors at the market. Sunday, January 26th, the BradentonSarasota Rose Society will hold their monthly For more information, please contact Rose meeting at the Edson Keith Mansion at 2:30 p.m., Society President Vincent Celeste at 941-400-3725 followed by a social hour. or at




MUSIC FRIDAYS 6:30 Enjoy live harp, guitar and “Cajon” Music

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Landings Holiday Party

Photos By Gary Warren Photography

Bonnie Warren, Anita Kincaid, Sara Rhodes, Sandy Frank, Dawn Smith, Sandy Goldman, Carmen Lawrence, Jill Eisner, & Lenora Jost. Landings Residents enjoying the party!

Dawn and Nelson Smith



Jean and Harvey Greller [new Landings residents]

Sara Rhodes, Anita Kincaid

Landings Holiday Party

Photos By Gary Warren Photography

Sandy Frank, Henry Rhodes, & Sandy Goldman

Jay and Jill Eisner

Sara Rhodes and Bonnie Warren

Jack Jost, Lenora Jost, Sandy Goldman, & Jim Goldman

Teresa and Bob Manteiga [new Landings residents]

Gary Warren, Carmen Lawrence, Larry Lawrence, & Bonnie Warren

Jim and Sandy Goldman

Bonnie Warren and Carmen Lawrence



Racquet Club News |Manager’s Report Happy New Year!

Photos from the Lessons for Life event

By Kevin Lechlitner

Photos by Kathy Whyte of Totally Tennis Magazine

who performs for us almost every year, did a fantastic job again with the entertainment. Chef James Riegel from Black Tie Catering who has also been here for the last three or four parties provided a wonderful dinner as well. Thank you to Jill Eisner and her committee of Carmen Lawrence, Bonnie Warren, Dawn Smith, Sandy Goldman, Sara Rhodes and Sandy Frank for their outstanding efforts in decorating the Clubhouse for the party. Events like this wouldn’t happen without all the volunteer help. Stop by and look at the pictures from the event if you would like to. They are posted on the bulletin board by the coffee.

I trust everyone had a safe and happy holiday season with all your family and friends. As a reminder, the Landings Racquet Club Annual Meeting will take place Tuesday, January 21st in the Lakeside Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. By now, you should have received the annual meeting packet in the mail. Please sign and return the blue proxy to the Club if you haven’t done so already. Contact me by phone or email at if you haven’t received your mailing or have questions about it. December 7th the LRC hosted our 8th Annual Lessons for Life charity event that benefited the Center for Building Hope. Sixteen local tennis professionals graciously donated their time to conduct clinics for roughly 75 players. Nancy’s BBQ provided the wonderful dinner and the silent auction went well as usual. All in all, the event raised $8,000.00. Thank you to Brenda Mertz and her team of volunteers for organizing another great fundraiser. The event raised over $8,000 for the Center for Building Hope. On December 14th the Landings Racquet Club held our Annual Holiday Dinner Dance. It was a fantastic event with over 60 members in Kathy Whyte of Totally Tennis takes a moment to pose with Kevin. attendance. Earl Nesmith, our one-man-band,

|News From the Court By Joe Venezia I must say, this year the Father/ Son Tennis Tournament was one of the best ever. It was great seeing some of our favorite teams back along with several teams new to The Landings and our tournament. And once again I heard so many positive comments from the teams and their families about the club. Many thanks to Barbara Pendrell, Meg Loomis, Truman Menefee, Dee and Ralph Ricapito, Kevin, Alice, Gary in the Pro Shop and Edvin and Hans for doing a great job getting the courts ready for play, Guy Mileni, Colin Wendell, Rudy Blohm for taking “action shots” of the Father/Son


teams - they really enjoyed the photos, Judy and Tara, the many sponsors, the host families and to everyone who brought such delicious dishes for the luncheon. I am sure we will see many of the same teams back next year. January brings our Night in Venice tennis round robin. Check in the Pro Shop for all the details and the sign-up sheet. Here’s to fun tennis in 2014 and I’ll see you on the courts. I would once again like to start a clinic for anyone new to tennis or anyone who has played in the past and is interested in getting back into the game. I will have a sign up sheet in the Pro Shop for those interested. A day and time will be determined based on interest.


|Letter from the Founder of the Father/Son Tournament Hi Kevin & Joe, In 1983, when the RAMAR DEVELOPERS asked me to design the LRC, I proudly accepted and Nordis and I also moved to the Landings Treehouses. Seeing the LRC today (don’t laugh) gave us a ‘real thrill’. How it has developed into a “1st Class” facility; the landscaping is exquisite; the new Fitness Center

is ‘awesome’ and the way you both are running the Father/ Son events is wonderful. All the little details have been done to make this the ‘best’ F/S event in the nation. As the person who brought this event to the LRC, you can’t imagine how good this makes me feel. Please keep up the great work in all departments.

I wasn’t surprised today when Lou Furlong told us that home sales were booming which can only continue because of the improvements that have been made. Our photographer will be at the club this weekend to cover all the great tennis which we will publish in our next issue. Regards, Bob

New Private Lesson / Clinic Rate Change Effective 10/1/2013:

▪ ½ Hour Private Lesson: Members - $35 / Non-Members - $40 ▪ 1 Hour Private Lesson: Memebers - $65 / Non-Members - $70 ▪ Clinics – 8 or more with 2 Pros (1.5Hrs): Members - $25 / Non-Members - $25 ▪ Clinics - 7 or less with 1 pro (1.5Hrs): Members - $20 / Non-Members - $25 NOTE: Clinics with 2 Pros will have a 24 hour cancellation policy where the full amount will be charged for no shows.

Around The Landings |Jim Greenfield book Signing Louise hosted a book signing at her home on Landings Blvd. the day after Thanksgiving. She has been living there since the Landings was only four years old. Louise and her deceased husband, Bob, were benefactors of all the arts, but she especially enjoys music. Her first love is playing the piano and then flute; often giving concerts at her home or the Lakeside Clubhouse for all our Landings residents to enjoy. Louise certainly is a legend with her tennis games. At age 96, she still plays in a weekly game having lots of fun. A little known fact is that Louise was also a Scrabble champion. The Greenfield’s talents have certainly rubbed off on her son, Jim. He was educated at Cornell, and graduated Univ. of Penn Law School following in his Dad’s footsteps. Yet, his creativity stems from his Mom, since she also wrote poetry in The Landings

|Art Festival at the Landings

By Dee Ricapito

Eagle, and has authored books as well. Her son, Jim Greenfield currently resides in the Portland, Oregon vicinity. He has authored his first book titled, “The Taxman Cometh”. He said, “It’s fictional and comical, but the message is a serious look into the tax bureaucracy which affects us all.” Jim was a radio talk show host in Portland and he was very entertaining telling us some of the book’s satire dealing with the IRS. This book originally started out as a movie script which, he noted, is still a good possibility.

The Following is a synopsis of Jim’s book, The Taxman Cometh. Used car dealer Sam Samson never backs down from a fight, whether it’s against an irate customer like Pete Not-SoHappy, an American Indian

who’s as big as Hulk Hogan, or against the IRS, which is even bigger than Hulk Hogan. When IRS Special Agent Elliott Mess, who looks like Robert Stack as Eliott Ness in The Untouchables, steals Samson’s money, they get into an altercation. At his trial Author, Jim Greenfield holds a for tax evasion, and assaulting copy of his novel, The Taxman an IRS agent, Samson is asked Cometh during his book signing why he filed no tax returns for which took place at the Landings late November. 17 years. He says he forgot. The jury buys this argument, but Mess rigs the trial. Samson decides he ain’t gonna take it anymore. He declares war against the United States government. Guess who wins.

Art festival at the Landings by the artist residents of the Landings Saturday, January 18, 2014 and Sunday, January 19, 2014 10 AM - 4 PM Lakeside and Poolside at the Clubhouse Please contact Isabel Becker to participate iabecker @ optonline. net 941-388-7823 You are welcome to show and sell your oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, photographs, fabric works and other fine art pieces. Get busy now! A drawing will be held for a donated work of art by an artist resident.

For media reviews of the book go to:

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of The Taxman Cometh, by Jim Greenfield can At age 96, Louise Greenfield order it through Amazon. The continues to play a weekly game cost is approximately $14. of tennis.

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Around The Landings |Landings Learning Group January 2014 On Wednesday, January 8th at 3:30, a special “MEET & GREET RECEPTION”; wine, cheese. & delectable goodies” will be presented by JUDY GREENE AND TARA LAMB, “THE LANDINGS REALTORS” in honor of the opening of the Landings Learning Group’s 2014 series. The reception will be followed by the, January 8th program at 4:00 PM. The program will be “JAZZ IT UP AT THE LANDINGS”: This program features TOM ELLISON’S jazz quartet and vocalist, JUDY ALEXANDER. Judy has appeared in numerous musical productions, as Daisy Mae in ‘Lil Abner, leading roles in Gypsy, Brigadoon, Once Upon a Mattress and on the Regis Philbin road show. This jazz group was originally lead by June Garber. Unfortunately, June is unable to perform this year, but we do hope that she will perform for us in the future. TOM ELLISON will lead the group, featuring his saxophone and flute. EDDIE TOBIN on the piano, DAVID PRUYEN on drums, and BILLY PILLUCERE on bass. TOM ELLISON, leader, performed with Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, John Denver, Henry Mancini, Andy Williams, The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Woody Herman, Liza Minelli, Joel Grey and many other top name artists. He has been active in his career as a conductor, pit musician, actor and director of professional theater productions; Man of La Mancha, 1776, Chorus Line, South Pacific, Hello Dolly, Funny Girl, and many more. TOM ELLISON AND EDDIE TOBIN are also jazz vocalists that add excitement to the program. Pianist, EDDIE TOBIN presented an outstanding program for the Landings Learning Group two years ago when we paid tribute to JERRY JEROME, our friend and neighbor. The jazz quartet will feature jazz and swing of the early and mid forties.; Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw; our old favorites. On Wednesday, January 15th at 4:00 PM METROPOLITAN OPERA BARITONE SOLOIST JASON STEARNS will present “WITH A SONG IN MY HEART FOR YOU”. LEE DOUGHERTY ROSS, nationally and internationally acclaimed pianist, will accompany JASON STEARNS.

MS. ROSS has appeared in New York’s Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, Queen Elizabeth Room in London and concert halls in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. The audience at last year’s performance was overwhelmed by Jason’s charm. warmth and voice. IT WAS DAZZLING! We still fondly remember the soliloquy from Carousel “ MY LITTLE GIRL”. JASON STEARNS will perform a wide ranging program; “FROM OPERA TO BROADWAY”. We are so fortunate to have JASON STEARNS AND LEE DOUGHERTY ROSS for a return perfomance. THIS WILL BE A PERFORMANCE THAT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN! On Wednesday, January 22nd at 4:00 PM “ SONGS OF RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN”. LEE DOUGHERTY ROSS, piano accompanist, founder and Artistic Director of Sarasota Arts Series, presents MICHELLE GIGLIO. Ms. Gigliio performed five years in concerts, and recordings in France and throughout Europe. She has appeared in feature roles in Don Giovanni, La Traviata, Of Mice and Men, and other operas. On Wednesday, January 29th at 4:00 PM, CAROL KAUFMAN; musicologist, will discuss and play the works of Cole Porter; “LETS DO IT”. A favorite music lecturer for pre-concert lectures at Van Wezel for Sarasota Orchestra and visiting orchestras. A special invitation is extended to new Landings residents, (within the last 12 months), to be a guest of The Landings Learning Group, and receive free admission to the opening performance and reception. Please call Howard & Adrienne Feltman (941 926 1306) or e-mail at so that we may add you to the guest list. The subscription fee for Landings Racquet Club members for the ten program series is $25.00, and $35.00 for non LRC members. Sign up at the Landings Racquet Club. Guests are welcome for individual performances. There will be a $5.00 charge at the door for non subscribing LRC members and $8.00 for non members. For educational and delightful musical events on Wednesday afternoons sign up for the series at the Landings Racquet Club!

Tom Ellison

Lee Dougherty Ross

Jason Stearns

Michelle Giglio

Carol Kaufman

Judy Alexander

USTA National Senior & Super Senior Father/Son Clay Court Championships

Kace King, of Bradenton,hammering a service return during an early round Super Senior match.Photo by Trebor Britt

2013 USTA National Senior Father/Son Clay-Court Champions and Finalists acknowledging their names on the tournament winners board. Photo by Sue Lewis.

Super Senior player, Mike Stewart leaving the ground to add power to his serve in an early round match. Photo by Trebor Britt

2013 USTA National Senior Father/Son Clay-Court Champions, Jerry and Brett Morse-Karzen posing by the Landings tournament sign with their awards Photo by Sue Lewis.

Dee Ricapito (yellow top) proudly posing with just a few of the numerous Landings volunteers that make the Players and Families Luncheon so unique. Photo by Trebor Britt

Young Carl Erikson stretching for a volley as his father, John looks on during a Super Senior match. Photo by Trebor Britt

Doug Dancer returning a volley while son, Dean looks on, during a Super Senior match. Photo by Trebor Britt

2013 USTA National Senior Father/Son Clay-Court Champions, Jerry and Brett Morse-Karzen, found something else to do in Sarasota besides play tennis. Photo by Trebor Britt

Chris Parker volleying off his shoestrings. He and his father, Jim Parker went on to win this years’ USTA National Super Senior Father/Son Clay Court Championships. Photo by Trebor Britt



Around The Landings |Landings First-grader Awarded by County Commissioners On Dec 11, 2013 one of our very own Landings children was awarded by the Sarasota County Commissioners for her artwork contribution to the official 2014 Sarasota County Calendar. Ava Michalopoulos, a 7 year-old first-grader at Phillippi Shores Elementary School, was recognized by the Commission during the Regular Board Meeting. Ava was one of thirteen 1st place winners chosen to grace the cover and each month of the calendar. The theme of the 2014 calendar is Be Floridian, which highlights the beauty and recreational value of Florida’s waterways by asking residents to stop using fertilizer during rain-heavy summer months. The folks behind the Be Floridian campaign sponsored and judged the artwork contest to select the winners for the calendar. Ava’s artwork is represented for the month of January 2014. The contest started earlier

this year when students in Sarasota County’s public schools were asked to draw a picture that they felt addressed their feelings about Florida’s natural habitat, waterways, and what the meaning of the Be Floridian campaign meant to them. Ava, who was 6 years old when she submitted her artwork, titled her piece “Be Nice To Our Earth”. It is a drawing of a lake in a field with a boy, a flamingo, fish, and trees. Sharing her inspiration for the drawing, she explained that the picture represents two of her favorite natural settings combined into one picture. The two settings are a forest and a big lake. In her picture, the habitat had become polluted. She highlights this fact by drawing fish that appear sick and palm trees leaning over as if droopy or sleepy. “Florida is a happy place to live”, she points out, “but it would lose its happiness if the

5758 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota (Serving Siesta Key and Vicinity)




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plants and animals got sick”. Ava further clarified that the boy in the picture is cleaning up the polluted wood and water. She recognized that this act by the boy has an immediate impact as the fish begin to get healthy. Cleaning the environment also lured a lone flamingo back to the lake and the sun, looking down on the improving environment, is now also happy. She first learned of being chosen as a first place winner at school by Mrs. Seace, her first grade teacher. “My teacher pulled me aside before class last month. She told me about my art being chosen for the calendar. I was so surprised and really excited!” Ava exclaimed. During the morning of Dec 11, Ava and the other twelve winners were invited to a welcome reception by the County Commissioners. The children were accompanied by their parents and teachers.

At the reception, each of the Commissioners spent time with the families and winners. Each child sat at a desk that displayed their artwork. Lines formed at each station with family, visitors, and County officials and staff seeking signed copies of art from each child. “I felt so special when people were asking me for my autograph,” said Ava. After the reception, the children were escorted to the County chambers. The County Commission Board Meeting was opened and the first order of business was having the Commissioners officially recognize Ava and the rest of the winners by awarding them a 1st Place Blue Ribbon and shaking their hands during a receiving line. Reflecting on the ceremony, Ava explained “I was nervous but happy…and I felt so proud!” All of us in The Landings are very happy for you too Ava…and so proud! Congratulations!

Proud parents, George & Erin Michalopoulos with Blue Ribbon Winner, Ava (7) and brother Ian (4).

A close up of the drawing that earned Ava her award and the one that will be included in the 2014 Sarasota County Calendar.

The Recipe Corner |The “Kitchen Ladies” Recipe of the Month Compiled by Dee Ricapito

Kale Salad

By Lynn Mayne

1 large bunch of kale, washed and dried Pull or slice leaves from central stems. Discard stems. Pile leaf pieces and slice into narrow ribbons. If you use the bagged and washed kale, you have to sort through and remove the stems.

Since 1999


Add: 3-4 carrots, peeled and shredded 1 package frozen edamame beans (T. Joe’s) cooked 5 minutes & drained 1 cup grape tomatoes, cut in half 1 cup sliced almonds, or chopped walnuts or pecans Lynn is a nurse and 1 cup dried cranberries, cherries, or raisins married to a doctor. several green onions sliced This recipe proves to Put kale and above ingredients in a big bowl and add dressing. be NUTRITIOUS and (You may not need all of the dressing. DELICIOUS!! Size of kale bunch may vary.) She brought this dish to the It will shrink down a bit when tossed, but will keep well. Dressing: 1/2 c. balsamic vinegar 1/3 c. blueberry preserves 1/3 cup olive oil

Father/Son Tournament and it flew off the table

4441 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, Florida 34231

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Raising Landin

Pet of the Month

Hi, MY NAME IS LANDIN AND I WAS BORN TO BE A GUIDE DOG. But as you can see I am also quite the party animal!


This New Years thing is new to me as well but the way I understand it “At 12:00 Midnight The ball drops” well say no more…. I love chasing balls so this is going to be a lot of fun! New Years also brings a lot of excitement around the football games. I’ve heard the questions; “What is your favorite Bowl? Orange? Rose? Cotton? Fiesta? Nay Nay I Say. How about ; Purina! IAMS! Science Diet! Eukanuba! Really folks, if we are going to have a bowl, let’s have a bowl !!!!! Pour me another! You people make things you call “Resolutions” I looked over a few of them and am having a hard time choosing one for me. Let’s see… there is “loose weight” ummmm if that means less kibble in my bowl count me out! How about “exercise more” well that one requires my person to take me on more and longer walks. I am all in on that one but wish me luck getting him to join in. Ooh, driving along with my person I saw one that said ”Wag More Bark Less” well now you are speaking my language. Join me !

2014 I like the sound of it. This is going to be a fabulous year! In a few more months, I go to Guide Dog University and begin the intense training that we all have been waiting for. So it’s worth repeating “MY NAME IS LANDIN AND I WAS BORN TO BE A GUIDE DOG “ Also worth repeating “ Have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!”

Hello, pet lovers. Hope you like us cats. My name is Bino, from “Bambino.” I’m now seven. I’m Abyssinian. Yes, I look ancient Egyptian. The Egyptians made statuettes of my cousin-forebears. They worshipped lithe cats with big ears and almond-shaped eyes. I play a lot and like carrying around a stuffed mouse. I’m thinking of running for Alderman, if there’s such a post in Sarasota County, because I am so popular with everybody who meets me. Well, I happen to like people. Anyone who wants to can groom me with a comb. You’ll never see me running and hiding when someone new comes into the house. I’m not afraid of vacuum cleaners or thunder. I love observing animals— including cats and foxes--passing by

Great Sandwiches

Since 1994

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Bino one of my big lanai window-doors. Fearlessness is an Abyssinian-cat trait. But no one had better mess with me. My claws and fangs are awesome. My long claws are clipped monthly by a home vet. Oh, I do some tricks, too. Like jumping through a hoop.

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Pet Talk

By Dr. Anne Chauvet

1: My dog suddenly developed foul smell in his mouth. Should I be concerned? Ah, that famous bad breath! Halitosis, the proper medical term, is most often due to poor mouth hygiene. Although many people brush their dog’s teeth, tartar can build up and gingivitis sets in. It is the bacteria that grow in the mouth leading to such foul odor. And of course, if your dog cleans your cat’s litter box, well, that might be yet another reason. Dental cleaning might be your best option to help your companion. 2: My 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel seems to be thirstier recently. Should she be seen by a vet? Polydypsia is the problem: drinking excessively. This is common sign of many diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, urinary tract infection, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and

much more. I advise measuring the water your dog drinks, particularly if you live in a hot climate. A dog should drink about 60 ml per kg per day. When the heat increases or if they exercise more, dogs can drink 1.5 to twice as much. However, above this value, you should be concerned and see Dr. Chauvet earned her Doctor your local vet for a work up. 3: My dog coughs after exercise and he seems to have difficulty breathing. I read these might be signs of a heartworm disease. Could it mean something else?

of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, completed a small animal medicine/surgery internship at the University of Illinois in Urbana and finished her residency in neurology/ neurosurgery at the University of California, Davis. She has been trained in small animal rehabilitation by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute of Wellington, Florida and is known internationally for her specialized work in the relatively rare field of veterinary neurology speaking to, training, and consulting with veterinary practices and organizations globally.

This problem can be an alert for cardiac disease, lung disease or collapsing trachea. Please take your dog to your vet as soon as possible and get a full exam including radiographs and cardiac If you have a question about check up. your pet, please Yes, heartworm could be a email your question to problem as well. Is your dog on Each heartworm prevention? month, Dr. Chauvet will choose

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a few questions to share with readers.

No more bummed knee... Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is a common injury of dogs’ stifle (knee). It is almost identical to the football player knee injury (ACL). The ligament bridges the two long bones of the back leg, stabilizing the knee from too much movement forward. Once the CCL is damaged or ruptured, the knee is painful and inflammation sets in rapidly. Sudden lameness of that leg is the first symptom. Certain breeds are more prone than others, such as Labradors and Poodles, but any dog can be affected regardless the size and age. Although small dogs can improve with rest and anti-inflammatories, surgery, whether invasive or arthroscopy, is the most effective treatment, allowing dogs to regain full mobility.

...I can play again!


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$ $ NOW Served with a garden salad, hot rolls and butter Entree Choices: Certified Black Angus Prime Rib, Grilled Swordfish Steak, Soft Shell Crabs, North Atlantic Salmon, Gulf Grouper, Filet Mignon & Gulf Shrimp, Choice Filet Mignon, Broiled North Atlantic Sea Scallops, Surf and Surf, Loin Lamb Chops $

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9 oz. Carafe of Fine California Wine......................................


Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon

Condos in Common By Scott Diamond

I am glad that so many new words and terms were added to the dictionary last year. For example, it’s really important for everyone to understand that a photograph that one has taken of oneself typically with a smart phone or a web cam that is uploaded to a social media website is known as a “selfie”. If you think that I am serious, I might be able to arrange a purchase for you of a certain bridge in Brooklyn that I hear is for sale. Business buzz words from the last few decades have found their way into Webster’s, but I still don’t understand this hashtag (#) thing. It’s used to categorize posts on Twitter according to topics. I think we knew it as basis for Tic-Tac-Toe and later as the pound sign on the telephone keypad. Speaking for myself and many others, I think we’re more accustomed to skin tags rather

st ed !








Best Sunsets In Sarasota!

DIRECT GULF FRONT, FULL GULF VIEW! Enjoy the white sands from this front corner 2/2 unit directly on Crescent Beach. Excellent Rental Property. Turn Key Furnished. The picturesque serpentine pool is secluded for your privacy and heated for your comfort. The office/clubhouse, rest rooms & shower are close by for your convenience. A full time professional rental manager is on premises. $599,900

Direct Pool Front!

This 2 Bed 2 Bath Condo is walking distance to South Siesta Village, offering restaurants, shopping, grocery, bike rentals, kayak rentals, scooter rentals, snorkeling gear. Low HOA fees at $400 and rents well in season if you choose. Quiet lanai at night with dimly lit pool lights for romantic and tranquil atmosphere. Turn key furnished, excluding just a few personal items. $226,500

Unparalleled Gulf Views!

This 4 bedroom, 4 bath condo close to Crescent Beach has the best views on Siesta Key! Two separate Lanais with full Gulf of Mexico views for all those spectacular sunsets. Completely and elaborately renovated and turnkey furnished. A very versatile condo that could be separated into 2 units of 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. A gorgeous heated pool only steps from the beach and the warm waters of the Gulf. $2,375,000

View All Siesta Key Listings at Or Call 941.894.1255 For More Information! 20

the Board of Directors wear at least two hats. One dress hat for carrying out official duties and one everyday hat when that person acts as a condominium owner and fellow resident. It’s important to know the difference in any given situation. Some new directors will be elected this year in order to join veteran volunteer leaders at so many annual meetings this month. Hats off for those who take on this legal responsibility as they continue to look out for those within their associations. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If this gets any traction, it might just go viral.


ed !

This week’s featured listings...

than hashtags. Enough of the social irrelevance, let’s get back to this selfie thing. Just like that there is no I in team, there is also no I in condominium. OK, there are two in lower case and they have a purpose. The first one refers to you as a partner in the condo corporation where your unit can be found. You, like all of the other owners share responsibilities within the organization. Elected officers and directors tend to do the heavy lifting, but the responsibilities pertain to all and are defined in the governing documents. The other one refers to all of you as individuals within your residences. Let’s call it a good neighbor policy. No matter what title that you might hold within your association, the eyes have it. Neighbors’ looking out for each other is always the best policy. Remember, those serving on


Dock, Pool, and Beach!

Enjoy winters on beautiful Siesta Key in this 2 bed 2 bath villa. Located on a tree lined, private street on the inter-coastal waterway side of Midnight Pass, Provincial Gardens has a community dock, deeded beach access and use of the Olympic size swimming pool at Aloha Kai. Spend your days sitting on the pier, watching wildlife and boaters alike. This Villa is being sold partially furnished. $435,000

*Short Sale. Listing price may not be sufficient to pay the total of all liens and costs of sale. Sale of property at full listing price may require approval of seller's lender.

Landings Residents Handbook & Directory The latest edition of the Landings Directory and Handbook was mailed to owners in late November to the mailing address on my records. Please let me know if the address is incorrect. Copies are also available at the Main Gate. Also available there is a binder for the update if you don’t already have one. The update reflects information made available to the editor as of November 15th. Subsequent updates will be published in The Landings Eagle.

By Dick Bayles


Due to an error in generating the information to the printer, no member addresses were included in the directory. I apologize for this error that I did not recognize prior to the mailing. This will be corrected. The following are new owners since the publication of the Directory: • Isabel A. Becker, 1711 Starling Dr, 941-388-7823, 914-591-1332, The following listing was omitted in error in the newly published Directory: • Richard & Debra Greene, 941-544-7330, The following are changes to existing entries: • Shirley Brodsky, 5226 Landings Blvd, 941-924-8008, • John J. Huber & Linda Z. Phillips, 4868 Peregrine Point Cir N, C:202 714-7970, C:202-251-9375,, • Bonnie Silverman, 1670 Starling Dr, 941-929-0010, 941-374-3599, • Nelson & Dawn Smith, 5341 Landings Blvd, 906-786-3892 • Irwin Starr, 1697 Starling Dr, 941-925-8559, 941-321-4570, • Laurie S. & Rick Waller, 1617 Starling Dr, 714-589-6225, Additions, changes or corrections should be directed to me in writing. Directory forms are available at, from me via e-mail or from your association, and may be dropped off at the gate to my attention or sent via mail, e mail or fax. Dick Bayles: 1729 Landings Way, Sarasota, FL 34231 Tel: (941) 927-8344 Fax: (941) 296-7404

New Styles For The Season

Birkenstock & More 5128 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Village


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CUSTOM HOMEBUILDING & REMODELING BY MARK Remodels and Repairs Room Additions Garages


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Featured Restaurant

By Paul Roat

|Chianti offers bold, fresh Italian flavors to Sarasota dining scene A bright, shiny new year deserves a bright, shiny new restaurant. Chianti Ristorante Italiano on Clark Road has been open since March and is indeed a shiny new entree on the Sarasota restaurant menu. The 160-seat-plus restaurant has a pair of large bars, one used mostly for special events. The bar areas cascade onto dining tables and banquettes. High-ceilings and a wall of glass windows are sound-tempered by wave-like baffles to produce an intimate feel at Chianti. The restaurant is a family enterprise. Owners Josie and Edward Pizzuti met in Buffalo, N.Y. They moved to California and opened a string of Italian restaurants in the San Francisco area. Upon their “retirement” to Sarasota — it lasted about a year — the Pizzutis decided to open a restaurant here. They were joined by daughter Anna Maria and Chef Al Massa, he of Michael’s-On-East and Eat Here fame. Chianti features Tuscan cuisine. Flavors are bold, bright, and fresh. Homemade pasta is a highlight for both lunch and dinner entrees. A good start to any meal is Caprese Salad, which is at Chianti is large enough to serve as an entrée. Heirloom red and yellow tomatoes are sliced. Fresh mozzarella, basil, and a choice of grilled chicken, salmon, or prawns may be added, all drizzled with olive oil, priced from $9.50 to $15.45. Carpaccio is another feature. The thin-sliced raw filet mignon is complemented by capers and arugula, all again sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon ($10.95 lunch, $11.95 dinner). You’ve got to try the meatballs at Chianti. They’re heavy on veal, ground to an almost pate texture, and served in a rich red tomato sauce. Try them as a side dish or



Chianti Ristorante Italiano offers patrons Tuscan meals on Clark Road in Sarasota. It has a full bar plus luxurious seating to accommodate 160 diners for lunch and dinner Photos by Paul Roat

as part of a main meal. Lunch highlights include five Panini pressed meals complete with salad garnish and fresh fruit for $9.95. Popular is the Focaccia Grilled Chicken Breast Panino, with lettuce, tomato, and red onion. A meatless offering is the Focaccia Vegetarian, with eggplant, zucchini, fresh mozzarella, and sundried tomato pesto. A popular dinner selection is the Sunday Family Dinner for $17.95. Expect to eat well on a traditional meal of meatballs, baby back ribs, and sausage, all served on penne or spaghetti. The Veal Saltimbocca is a tasty blend of thinly sliced veal topped with prosciutto, provolone, and sage ($17.95 lunch, $22.95 dinner). Another dinner highlight is Lamb Osso Buco, a lamb shank sautéed with vegetables and served on a bed of risotto for $28.95. A hearty dish for seafood lovers is Spaghetti alla Pescatore ($26.95) with prawns, scallops, calamari, clams, mussels, and fresh fish. A six-ounce lobster tail may be added for an additional $10.

Chianti Ristorante Italiano offers an early dining special of a three-course meal with a glass of wine or a cocktail for $19.95 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. daily. Lunch at the restaurant is served Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. There is also a daily happy hour from 4 to 6:30 p.m. with halfprice appetizers and reduced wine and drink prices. Speaking of wine, owners Josie and Edward have given free reign to their Italian and California backgrounds with Chianti’s wine list. The wines are showcased at occasional wine dinners. Reservations at Chianti, 3900 Clark Road, are suggested at 941952-3186. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to dine out a bit more in 2014 and gift yourself with a dinner at Chianti?

Off Island


By Paul Roat

|Sand wars here, but no problems on Anna Maria Island While sand wars are slated to start in Sarasota in late January, our neighbors to the north are quietly watching fine, white sand flow onto their eroded beaches. A beach renourishment project began in mid-December for the southern two-thirds of Anna Maria Island. The $16 million project replaces sand lost from the beaches during Tropical Storm Debby in June 2012. The gentle flow of sand-infused water pumped ashore on that island is in sharp contrast to the ongoing war of words regarding sand on Lido and Siesta Keys. Lido is looking for an infusion of sand to combat perennial beach erosion. A quick sand fix is scheduled for later this year with sand from a shoal at the northwest tip of the key. A bigger sand renourishment plan next year or even later would take sand from a portion of a shoal off the north end of Siesta Key. Siesta residents are leery of the sand removal. They argue the fine,

white, virtually erosion-free shores of Siesta would suffer as a result of the loss of the shoal’s sand. The sand wars between Lido and Siesta are expected to come to battle Jan. 28 when city, county, state, and federal officials meet to discuss the matter. At stake is an estimated $49 million dredging plan for Lido.

Best beach on two fronts

Fort De Soto Park is one of St. Petersburg’s gems and has received a pair of honors for one of its beaches. The park, just north of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, is huge, with 1,136 acres, 238 camping spaces, more than 7 miles of trails, plus beaches with Tampa Bay and Gulf of Mexico vistas. North Beach, on the Gulf, was named the nation’s number one beach in 2005 by Stephen “Dr. Beach” Leatherman, an honor he gave Siesta Beach in 2011. North Beach was ranked as the best family beach by Dr. Beach for USA Today newspaper in December.

It also received the sixth-best beach ranking for accommodating Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community members, according to VISIT Florida, the public relations arm of the state tourism bureau, as reported in the Tampa Bay Times. Oh Myyy.

New way to run a city?

Newly elected city commissioners in Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island implemented a different governance tact last month. They fired the entire administrative staff. Commissioners agreed that a significant shake-up of city employees was needed. All employees in the city clerk’s office were terminated, but will remain on staff while an office reorganization takes place including open hiring for all positions. There are only a half-dozen or so people impacted, and it’s doubtful any will really get canned, but a message of changing the status quo in the small municipality is clear.

Companionship & In-Home Care A Safe and Reliable Source for Quality Care Since 1992





A Nurse Registry Providing: Personal Care and Homemaker/Companion Services

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Local Fishing Report By Captain Jim Klopfer - Adventure Charters 941-371-1390 January fishing in Sarasota is all about the weather, pure and simple. Angling success is determined by the ability to adapt to the existing weather conditions. Tides will often times be very low in the morning. Couple that with a northeast wind and the flats will not have very much water on them. Water temperatures will be at their annual low. It is time to change tactics! I spend a lot of my time fishing the area around Siesta Key in the winter. Both passes and the surrounding flats will be productive under ideal conditions. Weekly fronts will stir up the Gulf, bringing cold, dirty water in through the passes and up onto the nearby flats. However, the area down south stays protected, and this will result in better fishing. Extreme low tides will force the fish off of the flats and into the channel. This actually makes locating them easier. 1/4 ounce jigs in



olive and rootbeer/gold are very productive, as is a shrimp free lined with a small split shot. Speckled trout, ladyfish, jack crevelle, and pompano will be the primary catches, but sheepshead, grouper, flounder, and bluefish will also be found in the deep water. As the tide rises and the day warms up, fish will move out of the deep channel and up onto the flats to feed. A late Afternoon high tide can offer great fishing for speckled trout, with jigs and live shrimp under a popping cork producing a lot of action. The flats south of Spanish Point are very productive, but any flat in four to six feet of water with grass will hold fish, keep moving until you find them. Creeks and residential canals are great spots to fish this month. Besides offering protection from harsh winds, they provide cover for bait, which attracts fish, and the water is normally a few degrees warmer. A large hand

picked shrimp is a great bait for redfish, snook, sheepshead, drum, and jacks. Deeper water is the key, find a dock or area in a creek with a little more depth and there should be fish there. A few pieces of shrimp tossed out as chum can help get the bite going. Rapala X-Raps are a terrific artificial bait to use in creeks. They are deadly on snook and jacks, and a lot of water can be covered quickly. Go with smaller lures this time of year to imitate the bait that is present. Surf casters will do well off of the Siesta Key beaches during periods of light winds when the water is clear. Small pieces of live or frozen shrimp fished on a small hook with a bit of weight will catch plenty of whiting, along with trout, flounder, pompano, and other species. Jigs and silver spoons are effective artificial baits to use, especially when surface activity is seen, this indicates feeding fish.



By Dr. Albert L.Weeks

|Are we prepared for a Celestial Missile Strike?

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By Dr. Albert L. Weeks (Former staffer, Newsweek Science Desk) Answer: No. Question: Should we be prepared? Answer: Ask the citizens of Chelyabinsk, Russia, a city of 1.1 million. Last Feb. 15, a huge truck-size meteorite, weighing 1,260 lbs., came crashing down from the sky. Luckily, some people sustained only minor injuries. The meteorite fell into a lake. Fortunately, too, before it hit the ground, much of the object was burnt up and pulverized by Earth’s atmosphere. Had it been bigger and had hit homes or businesses, many people would have been killed. Question: What are the chances of something like that occurring again--say, somewhere in the U.S.? Answer: No one knows. Astronomers have been able to track only small portion of the thousands of celestial rocks that are careening about the Solar System. Question: Why haven’t we thought before about defense against such intruders from outer space? Answer: Good question. Unfortunately, much of the discussion has been distorted by opponents of Anti-Ballistic Defense (ABM), which they call “Star Wars.” Pressure groups, for example, like the Union of Concerned Scientists, have bitterly opposed ABM, which could actually do double-duty by defending against enemy=state missiles as well as against celestial threats. Skeptics claim ABM doesn’t work, that it is mere Star-Warmongering. Yet others say these lobbyists are mistaken. First, such defenses can and do work. Second, some nations are already developing such defenses, including the U.S. In fact, our latest such

effort is building a small, landbased form of local ABM on the strategic island of Guam. It is directed at enemy-state missiles, not celestial missiles. We have in place other such defenses off our West Coast with means of detection in Alaska.. For defense against celestials, on the other hand, discussion is now finally taking place. We are progressing from merely passively observing where such potential meteorites are located in space to actively destroying them if they’re headed toward us. Scientists, with Government support, are trying to figure out ways of capturing and or destroying such objects well before they hit Earth. Tracking them is not easy. Some are relatively small but nevertheless could do terrible damage upon hitting the Earth, especially a large city.. Question: Has Earth ever been hit with larger bodies in the past? Answer: Yes, many times. Tourists have seen the huge meteorite crater near Flagstaff, Arizona. But millions of years before that collision, Earth was repeatedly bombarded by huge space objects. The scars have been covered up by terrain

augmentation and plate tectonics. The Moon still shows the results of these collisions. It is known that the results of such crashes were horrendous. The widelyheld theory is that the whole dinosaur population was wiped out by one such collision off the Yucatan Peninsula across the Gulf from Florida. (Interesting discussion of these events may be found in Ward and Brownlee’s book, Rare Earth, available via Question: So what kind of plans are afoot today to intercept and destroy such objects? Answer: Scientists (at NASA and elsewhere) are finally working on roughly two types of programs. One is a “capture” operation by which a meteor is caught in mid-space and towed out of its trajectory towards our planet. A second option under consideration is to explode a device at the incoming object and utterly destroy it.


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Bottom Line: One hopes that science will find a way to eliminate this potentially catastrophic threat to Earth and its civilization. And do it “as soon as.”

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Local Businesses Ad News Mayta’s Peruvian Restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Sarasota where you can eat the “REAL” Peruvian food. They bring you the best flavors from their country so you will enjoy healthy and delicious dishes. Their promise is to cook the authentic food of their beloved country, in the way that their families cooked for them. They have live music on Fridays, with Tierra Nueva, Andean Music, guitars, quena, cajon, Harp. For Reservations Call: 941.444.7245, 4854 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL Near Publix Super Market Create your own one of a kind hand-made USA custom shade at Liz’s Lampshades. They are able to order any and all parts from top brand-name companies. Perhaps you’d like to refinish grandma’s heirloom lamp or a favorite one you’d like to spruce up. 3519 N. Lockwood Ridge, 941-312-5183

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cleaning needs. They’re also offering 10% OFF with the ad, which comes or call 941-961-4309. in handy as you pack away your The YMCA Foundation of holiday outfits. 941-275-4647. Sarasota is a 501c3 non-profit direct If you’ve been hearing strange service organization and operates noises in the middle of the night as the fundraising and endowment and it’s not your partner snoring, manager for the Sarasota Family it might be time to call Nuisance YMCA. The organization solicits Wildlife Removal to find out what gifts that will be used to create it is. They can provide an animal a brighter future for individuals control solution for almost any and families in our community. nuisance critter. And Nuisance Premium Estate Liquidators is a Wildlife Removal always uses limited liability entity of the YMCA humane trapping methods and Foundation. To learn more about relocates animals as allowed by law. donating or consigning , call 941941-729-2103 is the number to keep 951-1336. handy, just in case… Don’t be one of those armchair Suncoast Home Concierge world travelers. Go out and see Service offers professional vacation the world. Allow Cruise Planners home management services to to help you plan that dream trip residents of Sarasota, Key Siesta, you’ve been meaning to take. They Key Casey, and surrounding will help you discover exciting communities. From landscaping to adventures around the world. From security, personal errands, and so cruises to land tours and completely much more, they offer their clients packaged vacations, they specialize the peace of mind that comes with in all types of travel and will create knowing their properties will be an unforgettable vacation just for protected while they are away. Check you. their website for more information:

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View From The Gate Compiled by: Capt. Jordan M. Joseph, Landings Security & Safety

There were a total of 87 Incident Reports generated for the month of November 2013. They are as follows: • 1 Alarm Report Alarm deemed to be false. • 1 Animal Problem Reported A slow moving turtle in traffic. Relocated. • 1 Criminal Mischief Reported Persons unknown throwing banyan fruit at home and car. • 3 Disturbance Reports 1 Report of an ‘open house party’. Dispersed by SSO. 1 Report of loud music. Resident corrected. 1 Report of dog barking. LMA investigating. • 1 Fire Reported Microwave at Main Gate caught fire • 1 Report of Harassing Phone Calls Resident referred to SSO for follow up. • 1 Hit & Run Reported Black Lexus SUV observed hitting mailboxes and leaving the scene. Incident referred to LMA for follow up as needed. • 14 Informational Reports 9 Reports of bicycles being left outside overnight unsecured. 2 Reports of sewage backups. County and LMA advised. 1 Mechanical failure of North Gate arm. 1 Report of unauthorized entry by a finance company. 1 Report of attempted entry by persons trespassed. 1 Report of door sensor failure. SSO investigated. • 1 Lock Out Report Resident locked out of home. Patrol contacted locksmith and stood by until resident safely inside. • 1 Lost & Found Report Resident reports missing cat, later found.

• 32 Open Door Reports 26 Garage doors. 5 Common area restroom doors. 1 Residence front door. • 1 Overdose Reported A teen transported to hospital for alcohol poisoning. In conjunction with open house party. • 12 Parking Violations Reported 4 Vehicles parked in roadway facing oncoming traffic. 3 Vehicles parked in roadway overnight. 3 Commercial trailers parked in driveways overnight. 2 Vehicles parked on the grass. • 6 Public Service Reports 1 Lift assist for fallen resident. 1 Resident advised of vehicle lights left on. 4 Escorts / Directions given • 3 Reckless Driving Reports 1 Resident driving erratically on flat tire / vehicle rim. 2 Vehicles observed at unsafe speeds. • 1 Special Interest Report Resident concerns requiring a ‘Wellness Check’. • 3 Suspicious Incident Reports 1 Unexplained damage to residents door lock. 1 Vehicle left overnight at LRC. Owner contacted. 1 Vehicle observed loitering at North Gate area. Subject left area when approached. • 1 Trespass Report Trespassed subject attempted entry to community. SSO advised and is investigating. • 2 Vehicle Accidents Reported Garage door fell striking resident vehicle. Lawn service knocked over mail boxes.


Main Gate Nov 2012 Nov 2013 Resident Entries at the Main Gate 12921 12244 Resident Exits at the Main Gate* 0 0 System Visitor Entries at the Main Gate** 910 540 Manual Visitor Entries at the Main Gate*** 1388 1542 Visitor Exits at the Main Gate * 0 0 North Gate Resident Entries at the North Gate Resident Exits at the North Gate Visitor Entries at the North Gate**** Visitor Exits at the North Gate****

17066 15147 0 0

16731 15225 0 0

South Gate Resident Entries at the South Gate Resident Exits at the South Gate Visitor Entries at the South Gate**** Visitor Exits at the South Gate****

4990 4375 0 0

5204 4556 0 0

* The Main Gate has no means of recording exit numbers at this time. ** This number reflects visitors that have been manually recorded in Gate Sure by an officer. *** This number reflects “Resident Call Ahead Logs” as well as a manual estimate based on regular daily traffic not otherwise recorded (lawn service crews etc...) **** As Visitors are prohibited from using these gates there is no system in place to accurately measure this gate for Entry / Exits at this time N/A = System Error. Information not available or missing.

Useful & Emergency Phone Numbers... Verizon - Phone Service....................................... 1.800.483.1000 Comcast Cable................................................................. 371.6700 Emergency Animal Clinic.............................................. 929.1818 Poison Info Center................................................ 1.800.282.3171 Waste Management........................................................ 924.1254 Landings Eagle......................................................... 941.539.0205 Landing’s Gate................................................................ 922.5531 Landings Racquet Club.................................................. 923.3886 LRC Argus Management........................................................ 927.6464 Sheriff Non-Emergency.................................................. 861.5800 FPL - Florida Power & light........................................... 917.0708 FPL - Outage Report............................................. 1.800.468.8243 Fishing & Hunting Licenses................................... 941.362.9888 Marriage License Bureau........................................ 941.362.4066 Sarasota County Hotline................................................ 861.5000 Sarasota/Bradenton Intl. Airport.......................... 941.359.2770 Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) ................ 941.316.1234 Sarasota County Information Call Center................................... ................................................................. 941.861.5000/ Sarasota Doctors Hospital....................................... 941.342.1100 Sarasota Memorial Hospital/Health Care ....................System 941.917.7760 Emergency (General)............................................................... 911 Life-threatening EMERGENCY: call 911 first, then call the gate. They will direct emergency vehicles

The ATS Speed Sentry was off site for a firmware update for the first part of the month of November, so this report only covers a deployment at Landings Blvd. and Landings Pl. (Northbound) from 11/17/13 to 11/30/13. As a result the deployment for December will remain at Landings Blvd. and Landings Pl. (Northbound).














































































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485,000 1,100,000 761,579 675,000 635,000 525,000 500,000 425,000

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3 3 3 3 2 3 3 2

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254,900 799,000 599,000 495,000 475,000 465,000 439,000 319,000 275,000

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474,500 265,900

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Based on information from, Sarasota Property Appraiser, and Sarasota Association of Realtors for the period ending 12/16/13. These properties listed and sold in the past 4 months by various MLS participating offices.

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Landings Eagle - January 2014  

The Landing Eagle serves residents of The Landings, Sarasota, FL 34231 with key information about the area.

Landings Eagle - January 2014  

The Landing Eagle serves residents of The Landings, Sarasota, FL 34231 with key information about the area.