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“Resident Only” Website Rollout By Trebor Britt, photo by Bob Manteiga The Landings Website Project Committee composed of Sara Rhodes, Dick Bayles, Karl Maggard, and Truman Menefee, trained residents and answered questions about the “residents only” side of the website recently. Karl Maggard, past chairman of the LMA strategic planning committee opened the meeting by sharing several decisions his committee made a few years ago. At that time, the committee established a strategic mission to make The Landings, already Sarasota’s finest community, an even better place to live.

Three strategic goals were adopted.

Before the training ended, several of those who attended asked excellent questions and provided a few excellent ideas that would make the website even better.

How Can I Help?

* 2. To broaden the appeal of The Landings to families. * 3. To enhance values in The Landings. Maggard went on to share many features that make The Landings a one of a kind and unique community. The building of The Landing’s website certainly meets the three goals established by his committee. Maggard also recognized by name all 38 individuals that contributed to the website project. In April of this year, the website project committee launched the public or marketing side of the website. Website project committee chair, Sara Rhodes did a stellar job of explaining the “Landings residents internal website”. She began by instructing the 50-60 who attended about the resident sign-in process, and then explained the process of developing an individual profile. Sara went on to explain the resident’s directory including the powerful search options. She explained the discussion groups, the community calendar, the photo gallery, and how to list an item in the classifieds section.

Kids’ Corner PAGE 7

Landings Management Association Policy Statement

Violations of Traffic Regulations in the Landings PURPOSE:

The more a website is visited, the higher it moves in a search engines listing. You can benefit everyone at The Landings by doing the following:

1. To improve the quality of life at The Landings.

Visit the website daily to see what’s new. Create your profile- make it rich with content including your picture and interests.

* Join discussion groups. * Like us on FaceBook *

Add your pictures of Landings events to the Photo Gallery: be sure to label the Gallery so that it encourages others to join in next year.

* Watch the website for the announcement of the training roll out. * Volunteer to be a training leader if you are tech savvy. Your participation in the website will help build The Landings community. For questions, comments or help regarding The Landings website, email:

To address the safety of residents of the Landings from drivers who repeatedly violate posted speed limits and stop signs. The following policy will be implemented to address drivers who exceeded posted speed limits by five miles per hour or do not observe stop signs.


Formal written notification by our Management Company to be sent to the violator and property owner detailing event and citing board policy that if there are two violations within a three month period the vehicle bar code will be suspended for a thirty day period. Such written notification will be sent to commercial organizations for vehicle violations indicating access to Landings for that driver will be suspended in accordance with this policy. All such communication will be


Formal written notification by our Management Company to be sent to the violator and property owner citing policy stated in prior violation correspondence and that the violator’s bar code will appear on the board’s official meeting agenda. The Board will address the violations and take appropriate action. A copy of the first violation notification to be enclosed with correspondence and copies of such correspondence will be sent to board members. Such written notification will be sent to commercial organizations for vehicle violations indicating access to Landings for that driver will be suspended as prescribed by policy. All such communication will be sent via regular mail with return receipt notice.


1) All violations must be verifiable by Security personnel. 2) The Management Company will keep appropriate records of violations. 3) The second violation letter will be sent to reasonably arrive at least five days before the board meeting addressing the situation. 4) The board agenda will include under New Business “Traffic Violations – Vehicle bar code number (insert bar code #)” 5) Appropriate wording will be entered into the official minutes of the board meetings to officially record that due process prescribed by this policy has been followed and penalty imposed, if any. Adopted by the LMA BOARD on November 7, 2013


sent via regular mail with return receipt notice.





LMA Meeting Notes LMA Approves New Traffic Violator Policy and 2014 Budget

The LMA Board of Directors voted on two major proposals at the November 1st meeting. They unanimously approved a new policy outlining penalties for traffic violators and unanimously approved the 2014 Landing’s budget. Running stop signs and speeding has become all too common at The Landings and as a result, a real concern for Landings residents. The LMA board unanimously voted to approve new penalties for traffic violators at The Landings. Basically a firsttime offender would receive a letter from The Landings Management Company and a second time offender would receive a 30 day suspension of their vehicle barcode. The Security and Safety committee believes the new policy will make walking and bike riding safer on Landing’s roads. The complete and approved policy statement appears elsewhere in this issue of “The Landings Eagle”. This new policy will also be sent to all owners, residents and renters, put on the Landing’s website and sent to each Association president asking them to notify all their members of the new policy.

2014 Budget Approved

Finance Committee chair, Don McMurray presented the proposed budget for 2014. The operating side of the 2014 budget reflected minor

changes from the year before. Income for 2014 is proposed to be $672,088. The biggest change was the board approval of the new landscape contract and a slight increase in security costs. The “Reserve Funding” side of the budget will provide funding for the structures and assets under the jurisdiction of the LMA. Reserve dollars are set aside for projects such as road paving, roof repairs on the guard houses, gate replacement equipment, camera monitoring system equipment, wall repair maintenance, as well as nature trail structures. During discussion of the proposed budget, Larry Lawrence noted that almost 90% of the reserved funding collected would be used to eventually repave the roads at The Landings. The LMA board unanimously approved the 2014 operating budget including the reserve funding. As a result, the 2014 maintenance fee will be $1,087 per owner, increasing the fee by 7.3%.

Can You Hear Me Now?

After concerns were voiced by members of the board, and association members attending the LMA board meetings, microphones are now being used so attendees can hear better.

President’s Report

LMA Vice president, Jack Jost led the November meeting and shared Henry Rhodes presidents report in his absence. In October, the LMABoard


By Trebor Britt

of Directors approved a formal process for the presentation of The Landings Community, Greenfield Distinguished Service Award. The board is now in the process of securing a plaque in which the three recipients names, Bob Greenfield, Fritz Drybrough and Bob Capo will be engraved. The Landing’s Racquet Club has graciously agreed to display the plaque. Judy Greene has volunteered and assumed the leadership role of chairing the Presidents Council.

Landing’s Website

Karl Maggard shared a report of website activity. There were 831 visits to the site in September. Visits to the site in October more than doubled, reaching 1759. Maggard happily reported the challenges they were having getting the website registered with search engines has now been resolved. A demonstration and instructional meeting about the “residents-only” portion of the website was held on November 14th. A more detailed article about the website demonstration can be found elsewhere in this issue of The Landings Eagle.

Dollars & Cents

Finance committee Chairman, Don McMurray reported that income continues to exceed expenses. Even with a few added landscaping and drainage expenses, the committee believes they will still have a small budget surplus by the end of the year.


Drainage committee chair, Jack Jost reported the LMA worked with LHA and an engineering firm to prepare plans to correct the drainage problems on Peregrine Point Way. Bids have been requested from three contractors for the work. Correcting the flooding issue on Kestral Park Place cul-desac is making progress. An on-site meeting was held with residents in that area and two modifications to the action plan were made. A new bid has been requested, and Jost believes it will still come in under the $13,500 approved by the board for this project. South IV Association is developing a remedial action plan to address the issues in the Lake #7 Preserve. They hope to obtain approval from the county to remove the dead and dying vegetation, and replant the area.


The installation of the circular shell path, proposed and approved at the last board meeting is expected to be done by the end of November. The committee is checking on putting in a paver pathway that would go from Landings Boulevard to the entrance of the Eagles Nest area. The committee is also looking into possible modifications to the fence at the Eagles nest area to better accommodate pedestrians. Landscaping Committee chair, Joe Hennessey reported discovering a number of Brazilian pepper tree branches

overhanging the nature trail pathway and will get an estimate on removing them. A few areas of the Landings are being treated for Spiraling Whitefly disease. Trees and shrubs affected by this disease need to be treated immediately. The disease moves very quickly to weaken the tree and over time will eventually kill the tree or shrub.

Symptoms of Spiraling Whitefly (Source: University of Florida Article)

If your plants have it, you cannot miss it. The undersides of the leaves are covered with an abundance of white, waxy material and the top with excessive black sooty mold. The sooty mold is a particular nuisance as it also accumulates on uninfected understory plants, mulch, gravel, concrete, automobiles and even on the surface of water. The preamble to the sooty mold is a sticky material known as honeydew, a sugary substance that is food for the sooty mold fungus.


Lakes Committee chair, Larry Lawrence reported that two additional fountain motors have malfunctioned. One has been replaced and the other will be replaced after needed electrical work is completed. The brown areas residents have observed around several lakes was caused by weed treatments. Those areas will turn green again over the next few weeks. Story continued on page 4.

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1456 Point criSP roAD


the time is noW! if you are considering selling your home, contact Peg for your confidential appointment.

LHA Meeting Notes By Dick Bayles

Given the cost of mailbox replacement, generally underwritten by the Association if no responsible party can be billed, there was a discussion of sharing their maintenance costs with the property owner. No further action was taken on this issue. Judy Greene, membership chair, reported that there was one new owner, one property under contract and two properties without contract on the market. The Association is sending a Notice of Election to the Board of Directors to each member. There are four positions up for election at the February 13, 2014, annual meeting. Members who would like to participate in our Association’s management are encouraged to run in the election. Details are in the notice. The Board approved a budget for the 2014 calendar year that sets the Annual Assessment at $65.00, an increase of $15.00 over 2013. The increase is due to anticipated increases in insurance expense and property remediation expenses. The remainder of the brief meeting dealt with Landscaping and Architecture requests and violations. As is customary The Landings Eagle redacts names and specific addresses unless a violation is raised to the hearing level.

New Requests

Peregrine Point Dr – The owner requested approval to remove two ficus trees and an olive tree in front of the residence and to remove the rear pool cage and replace it with a Countyapproved security fence. The board approved the removal of the olive tree and pool cage, but requested further information regarding the impact of the ficus trees on the residence. Flicker Field Cir - The Board approved a replacement roof. Pine Harrier Cir - The Board approved a tree removal and landscaping plan Landings Blvd – The Board approved the replacement of an existing rear wooden fence with one that matches the neighboring fence installed by the Landings Management Association. Peregrine Point Circle E - The Board approved an extension to an existing fence.

Progress on Outstanding Violations

A hearing regarding continuing violations of the covenants with respect to the property at 4899 Peregrine Point Cir E was held and a fine of $100 per day (with a maximum of $2,500) accrues as of the date of the hearing until action is taken by the owner to correct the problems.

A survey of the Association properties resulted in nineteen (19) owners being requested to power wash their roofs.

Property Remediation

Pine Harrier Cir – The Board received complaints from a neighbor regarding the overgrown nature of the landscaping and general condition of this vacant property. The owner will be sent a letter insisting that action be taken to correct the situation; otherwise, the Association will take steps to remediate the property. Peregrine Point Way – With respect to the long-standing drainage issues, an engineering report and remediation project definition have been received and sent to prospective vendors for the work required. The Board anticipates that the cost of remediation will be shared by the respective owners of the property, who are responsible for maintenance of the swales on their property, the Landings Management Association and the LHA.

LMA Meeting Notes

By Trebor Britt

Story continued from page 3.

A landings resident for 17 years. Peg Davant, Sales Associate 941.356.4552 | Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.



The Lake’s Committee has received two bids to correct the erosion issue on the Carriagehouse Lake. A bid has been accepted and the problem will soon be corrected.

The Kestral Parkway Traffic Issue

LMA Vice President, Jack

Jost reported that none of the proposals suggested by the lawyers involved seem reasonable. One would need the approval of every commercial interest in the plaza and another would cost in excess of approximately $150,000. Jost recommended they revisit the engineering

proposal. If the parties involved cannot accept the engineering recommendation, the board has already approved seeking a Decla Tori judgment. Jost also recommended that for the time being, the signs that have been posted in that area regarding the potential changes be taken down.


President’s Column


By Henry Rhodes you did not need to Eagle issue. However, a month or so ago. I would like to call From your LMA your attention to an board we are pleased important new policy to have ended statement adopted the year slightly by the board at their below budget and November 7 meeting. with good budget The new policy was planning our annual designed to focus on assessment will the need to improve increase slightly next year. Thanks the safety of our walking and to our Finance 005722_MHBF_LandingsEagle_Mech Committee who biking residents around our Revision: 0 Created: 8/21/13 Printed 100% spent many hours reassessing community. Our @Security our needs and establishing an personnel report most of GEE the Client: M. Heights Creative Director: REX appropriate reserve budget. For speeding violations are made by Art Director: ALAN REYNOLDS many of us the decision to return a few residents and their guests. Bleed: N/A Copywriter: Please refer to another section of to Merle Raber for landscaping Trim: N/A the Eagle for theProofreader: TUCKER wordingNANCY of this is a welcome one. Our common areas are looking wonderfulLive: and10"x5.125" new policy. In essence it provides Studio Artist: LUIS ARRIAGADA soon the holiday lights will be up for the suspension of the vehicleInspected By: to add to this festive time of the code for repeat violators. Colors: 4/c We hope Production Manager: CAROL year. everyone had CAPOSINO a DPI: 300 wonderful Thanksgiving Project Manager: and/or LAURA WILMESMEIER I will provide a summary o f b o a r d a n d c o m m i t t e e Hanukkah and wish Christmas accomplishments in the January and holiday greetings to all. now to next.


I hope you have completed things & projects and enjoyed places, events and ventures you had planned for this year. If not -- you still have a little time left to do them. This month is also a time to reflect on those things we have accomplished and to recognize how fortunate we are to have such good friends here in the Landings including those who have left our midst and moved on to a better place. We will miss them and know how blessed we are to have had them for a period of time. December is also the month we eagerly look to another New Year with new expectations. Most of our “snow birds” have returned and our community is incredibly active. Just consider how difficult it is to obtain a tennis court at 8:00 or 9:30 AM or how you need to plan extra time to get to where you are going or how many are attending jazzercise classes, etc. Don’t forget you need to make restaurant reservations where

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Kids’ Corner

By Heidi Bodor

|Roan Lunte, 11: 4th grader, Phillippi Shores IB World School He has 2 cats, Kiko and Koki What do you like most about the Landings? I love the foxes, raccoons, possums, and other wild animals. Last year was the first time I saw a fox. I wasn’t scared because I thought it was a dog or something. My Mom even took some pictures of him and emailed them to my grandparents. The subject line was Mr. Fox! What do you do in your spare time? I like playing video games on my Xbox. I have a tankstick and joystick and can play arcade games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Pinball, Centipede, and Millipede (my favorite) and no quarters required! I also like riding my bike and scooter or going to the beach. What is your favorite subject in school? Math – because I can get all my work done at school. What are your favorite books? Where the Wild Things Are and Holes

I love computers and help my teacher with them at school. I fix them when they break. If it has a virus or needs a new hard drive, I reinstall Windows 7. I also have my very own computer with remote access at home to help my Mom.

Heidi Bodor

What’s your favorite food? Pringles Chips. I like the salt and lick them! If you were President for a day, what would you do? I would make my own coins like George Washington did except my face would be on them. If you could be any animal, what would you be? A cat - so I could go anywhere I want, and explore around, and not go to school. With the holidays approaching, do you have any wishes? My wish is to get Windows 8 Pro Computer Operating System.

What is your favorite sport? Soccer. I used to play when I was 9 and get pretty With the holidays approaching, what are you looking hot and sweaty! forward to doing? I am looking forward to seeing Santa and will again Do you have a favorite team? leave him milk and cookies! I like the Ohio State Buckeyes because that’s where my Mom is from and the Iowa Hawkeyes because my If you could have one wish for the world, what would Grandparents like them. it be? I wish I were an elf so I could make toys for all the What do you want to be when you grow up? kids of the world. I’d like to work as an agent for Microsoft Windows.

Roan Lunte

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|Phillippi Farmhouse Market

Wild Orchid Man

|Landings to host premier screening of documentary. Landings residents have a unique opportunity to see the most recent “Wild Orchid Man” documentary on January 17 at the Racquet Club, at 7:00pm. This, the third in a series, is titled “Wild Orchid Man in the Land of the White Bear.” Stig Dalström, a Swedish American who travels the world in search of orchids, is the Wild Orchid Man. He lives in Sarasota when he is not in Bhutan (where he advises the government on the creation of the Bhutanese Botanical Gardens) or traveling the world on expedition. In this new release he takes the viewer into Manitoba, where wild orchids are to be found as far north as Churchill. The documentary film producer is Sarasota’s Darryl Saffer, who says of his work with Stig, “I chase the world’s wild orchid expert all around the world with a camera.” But we are not to feel sorry for him, as Stig has a marvelous sense of humor

in addition to his prodigious knowledge. Darryl’s passion for the environment has led him in a number of directions, including the production of the “Florida Field Journal,” which is found on YouTube and sponsored by the Sarasota School District’s Education Channel. The Sarasota Orchid Society is the fiscal sponsor for the Wild Orchid Man documentaries. All have been funded by the sale of the DVDs (which will be available at the screening), donations to the Society, and by the generous support of interested orchid lovers around the world. In addition to the wild orchids, this documentary traces the story of the tragedy of the Sayisi Dene people, who were forcibly relocated to Churchill in the 1950’s by a Canadian government insensitive to the relationship between the tribe and the caribou. Today the remnants of the tribe, many of whom simply died in Churchill,

live in Tadoule Lake, Manitoba. Their story has been told by Ila Bussidor in “Night Spirits,” (University of Manitoba Press, 1997) This documentary film includes her voice. Churchill is also famous for its birds and Stig meets and interviews renowned bird photographer William Burt. Sarasota will have four screenings of this premier: The Landings viewing is set for January 17, 7:00pm. There will be no admission charge. However, you are encouraged to donate to the Sarasota Orchid Society or purchase the DVDs. Wine and cheese will be served following the screening here at the Landings, and both Stig Dalström and Darryl Saffer will be there to answer questions. If you are a birder, an orchid lover, or an environmentalist … or you are just curious about the remote regions of our planet… will want to make this a priority evening!

This Fall the Phillippi Farmhouse Market opened for its 5th season. The market is open for business every Wednesday October through April from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Phillippi Farmhouse Market is Sarasota’s only weekday farmers market and the focus of the market is local, fresh produce. The market also features USDA Certified Organic fruits and vegetables. Local vendors also bring plants, shrubs, orchids and flowers. There are several prepared foods vendors, including French crepes, barbeque, and beignets, and picnic tables where shoppers may relax, enjoy a sweet treat, breakfast or lunch picnic-style and listen to live music. There are also local artisans with unique handicrafts and specialty vendors. The market has ample free parking, is handicap accessible and is pet friendly. Please bring your four-footed friend on a leash and know that vendors put out bowls of cool water for their furry friends. For more information, please visit: or call 941-861-5000. SEE YOU AT THE MARKET!



Love Match

By Ralph Ricapito

Who is the mystery lady between Bonnie and Andre?

At a recent Koffee Klatch, Andrejs Jurjans, known to his friends as Andre, introduced me to the lady in the photo between Andre and his wife Bonnie Cummings. Andre and Bonnie have been married for over 33 years, spending the last decade plus at The Landings. Both are active tennis players and are valued members on their respective teams. They are also known as being the proud grandparents of Jeffery, a well-


known young boy of nine. But, who is the lady in the middle of the picture? Her name is Judy Petersen and she told me that she was from Davenport, Iowa, was an avid tennis player and loved a new sport called Pickle Ball (a sport becoming very popular on the East Coast of Florida). The reason for her importance is that 35 years ago Judy asked Bonnie if she would play in a mixed doubles night that she was organizing at their tennis club in Northern Virginia. Bonnie’s partner was to be a nice guy who worked for the Navy as an engineer. While Bonnie worked at the Pentagon, Judy felt that they would be a good mix. Naturally his name was Andrejs Junjans and they have been playing mixed doubles together ever since. This lady was very important indeed, she was Cupid.


Racquet Club News |News From the Court Another year, another great Halloween Cocktail Party. A lot of thought went into this year’s costumes-great ideas everyone. I’d like to begin by thanking the “decorating crew” - Debbie Wilson, Dee Ricapito, Sharon Goldman, Laurie Fitch and Barbara Pendrell. Christine Palomaa for the use of her “eerie” decorations, the judges - Susan and Jerry Padfield, Wanda and Larry Weiner and Katy Leidel. Judy and Tara were on board again with beverages and thanks to Rudy Blohm for his photography skills. Sharon Goldman and Sue Kerzisnik made delicious treats for dessert. The Coveted Tennis Balls went to - Niecie Handelman as most original, for Best Couples - Sharon and Neil Goldman and Dee and Ralph Ricapito as dog walkers and their dogs, the Bodor’s as Best Family - Heidi as an Elfin Warrior, Danko as a Knight, Karina as a Hooded Huntress and Ellie as a Knight who made

By Joe Venezia

her costume out of pop tops. Most Creative went to Barbara Pendrell and Meg Loomis as Judy and Tara as hostesses of the Koffee Klatsch. Teams have begun and I am seeing some good matches out there on the courts. Both the ladies and men are enjoying team clinics and it seems that having my buddy John on the second court has been a huge success. Next up will be our Night In Venice in January. Stop by the Pro Shop for further details. February brings a Valentine Mixer, March we will have the St. Patrick’s Day Round Robin and Irish Fare and Landings Day will be in April. I can’t believe we are coming to the end of 2013. Thanks to everyone for your continued support - I enjoy working with all of you.

Halloween Cocktail Party

Niecie Handelman as most original

Photos By Rudy Blohm

Golmans & Ricapitos as best couples

Judy, Barbara, Meg and Tara as most creative

Joe - Looking Buff As In His Tennis Playing Days

Enjoying The Cocktail Hour - Beverages

The Food Was Delicious

Bodor Family as Best Family

      


  

      

    





Condos in Common By Scott Diamond

No matter where you were last month, everyone felt that first chill in the air. It’s a natural wake up call that the year is coming to a close and that the tourist season has begun in Florida. Visitors and residents alike have come to enjoy the prewinter events such as the Chalk Festival held downtown, the Sand Sculpting Competition on Siesta Key, the return of McRib sandwich at McDonalds and the constant Christmas caroling at FM 92.1 just to name a few. Here are a few more events. Maybe less entertaining, but more important if you are a condominium owner. The 2014 budget mailing that all of you should have received by now is a pretty big deal. Some budget meetings have been completed, the budgets approved and the coupon books ordered. Others are just coming to a close with questions sure to

come from those in attendance regarding necessary reserve funding. Annual Meetings, some now, some next month will provide condominium owners an open forum for self expression on hot topics or general concern issues. It also allows for those volunteers that serve on boards and committees to recap some of the accomplishments or to look toward the future and explain upcoming plans. Summer projects have finally been completed due to many interruptions thanks to the rainier than usual rainy season. Thankfully, no storm threats this past year. Citizens Insurance will not renew many policies for the New Year due to some new players entering

the mix of admitted carriers in the insurance market that are regulated and bound by Florida state law. For the most part, the year was not an unlucky 13. But we are sure looking forward to a great New Year for everyone that calls the Sarasota area home.

Landings Residents Handbook & Directory The latest edition of the Landings Directory and Handbook was mailed to owners in late November to the mailing address on my records. Please let me know if the address is incorrect. Copies are also available at the Main Gate. Also available there is a binder for the update if you don’t already have one. The update reflects information made available to the editor as of Nov. 15th. Subsequent updates will be published in The Landings Eagle.

By Dick Bayles

The following are new owners since the last issue of The Landings Eagle: • Suedelle Ault, 1609 Starling Dr, 941-544-3080, 502-817-6272 • Delisle, Marc & Daniel, 1427 Landings Place • Louis & Amy Grossman, 1704 Starling Dr, 215-805-0299 215-630-6964 • Scott & Tristan Gurr, 5149 Flicker Field Cir, 941-961-0099, 941-961-8205 • John Huber & Lynn Phillips, 4868 Peregrine Point Cir N • Jerome Klein, 1622 Peregrine Point Dr • Edward & Kathleen Levins, 5455 Eagles Point Cir, • Mel & Sheila Schmittel, 1684 Starling Dr, 941-706-4114, 248 613 0789, The following are changes to existing entries: • Ian & Bernice Blackstone, 1650 Starling Dr, 941-925-4494, • James McClellan, 5134 Kestral Park Way S, 941-922-5486 • Katz, Alan & Sally,, • William & Debra McGaffin, 5261 Heron Way, 703-698-7923, 703 964-7859, 703-915-1447, • Gerald & Peggy Testa, 1641 Starling Dr • Earl & Susan Tomkins, 1710 Starling Dr, 941-926-5332 Additions, changes or corrections should be directed to me in writing. Directory forms are available at, from me via e-mail or from your association, and may be dropped off at the gate to my attention or sent via mail, e mail or fax.


Dick Bayles: 1729 Landings Way, Sarasota, FL 34231 Tel: (941) 927-8344 Fax: (941) 296-7404


Racquet Club News |President’s Report By Richard Bayles As I mentioned in last month’s letter, the December significant tennis event coming is the Lessons for Life charity event on December 7th. The activities include clinics and exhibitions by area tennis professionals and a dinner. Information is available at the Club. Once again, we had a record number of teams participating in the Senior and Super Senior Father/ Son tournament. And again, as usual, we had a large spectator turnout and participation in the team luncheon. I thank everyone who participated—the local volunteers that continue to make it run smoothly, the contributors to the luncheon and the spectators. It is this participation that sets us apart from the other three tournaments. We adopted the 2014 operating and capital budget at our November 19th board meeting. The Annual Assessment remained the same as last year’s at $1,244. Our annual meeting will be held at 7:00PM on January 21st. The principal purpose of this meeting is to elect the Board of Directors and subsequently the officers of the Club. It is important that as many of you are represented as possible. The meeting notice was sent out in November, along with a proxy for you to be represented at the meeting if you cannot attend.

|Manager’s Report

By Kevin Lechlitner

I would like tennis professionals are donating their Black Tie Catering is back again to to thank all the time and talents to conduct clinics provide the food. The menu is posted m e m b e r s t h a t from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. At 6:00 PM in the Tennis Pro Shop. Please register participated as there will be an exhibition by the Pros, by December 11th if you would like to h o s t f a m i l i e s dinner and music. The Silent Auction attend the party. during the Father/ runs from 3:00 - 7:00 PM. The cost is Beginning January 9th Bob & Son tournaments $60.00 per person, $100.00 per couple Teresa Manteiga will conduct a and especially Ralph and Dee Ricapito or $25 for children under 12 years of Conversational Spanish & Culture for organizing the entire group. As it age. All the money raised from this class. Whether you are fluent in is each and every year, the hosts did event will go directly to the charity. Spanish already or are just beginning, another outstanding job catering the Tickets are available in the Tennis this class is for you. Similar to the player lunch. The food brought in Pro Shop. Please join us for this great Italian Club we had years ago, by the members was outstanding as cause. For more information, contact members will meet once or twice usual. Thanks again for your help Brenda Mertz at 412-0781. a month to practice their Spanish in making this a special tournament The Annual Holiday Dinner and learn about Spanish culture, for all the players. I know they really Dance is Saturday, December 14th history, art, food and wine. If you appreciate it. in the Lakeside Clubhouse with are interested in joining the class or Our Annual “Lessons for Life” cocktails at 6:00 and dinner at 6:30 have questions about it, please contact charity benefit is scheduled for PM. Our popular one-man-band Earl Teresa at or Bob at December 7th. This will be the 8th NeSmith will provide the music and 401-374-3756. Tengas un buen dia! consecutive year that the Landings entertainment. James Riegel from Racquet Club has been New Private Lesson/Clinic Rate Change Effective 10/1/2013: the host facility. “Lessons ▪ ½ Hour Private Lesson: Members - $35 / Non-Members - $40 for Life” is a charity event ▪ 1 Hour Private Lesson: Memebers - $65 / Non-Members - $70 that benefits the Center ▪ Clinics – 8 or more with 2 Pros (1.5Hrs): Members - $25 / Non-Members - $25 for Building Hope and a ▪ Clinics - 7 or less with 1 pro (1.5Hrs): Members - $20 / Non-Members - $25 local family with a child NOTE: Clinics with 2 Pros will have a 24 hour cancellation policy where the full affected by cancer. Many amount will be charged for no shows. of our area’s most talented

Make Sugar Plums Dance in their Heads with

“Geck’ Ho Ho Ho’s” Gift Certificates Gift $100 in Gift Certificates and get a $20 GC or Gift $50 in Gift Certificates and get a $10 GC from Santa Gecko’s!

941-923-8896 At the Landings 5 Convenient Locations

Your Family Neighborhood Grill and Sports Connection 941.349.0194 • ISLAND VISITOR PUBLISHING, LLC


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or FREE Rental car For duration of repair. Must be scheduled prior to repair date.


SARASOTA 4851 S. Tamiami Trail 941.924.9995

Call for our upcoming seminar schedule.

Member SIPC




Around The Landings |Landings Learning Group Launches 2014 Season The Landings Learning Group will launch its 2014 season on Wednesday, January 8th. Ten high quality programs of lectures and musical entertainment are scheduled. All programs are on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM. The fee for Landings Racquet Club members for the ten program series is $25.00 and $35.00 for non LRC members. Sign up at the Landings Racquet Club. Guests are welcome for individual programs. There will be a $5.00 charge for non subscribing LRC members and $8.00 for non members. We are pleased to announce that a “HEARING LOOP” has been installed in the Lakeside Room of the LRC; this loop will significantly improve the clarity of sound for the hearing challenged who have “T-Coils” in their hearing aides. The technicians who installed the loop at the LRC suggest that you will experience significantly improved clarity if you sit close to the left or right walls, or in the rear of the auditorium, which will place you physically close to the “Loop”. If you have special “hearing needs”, speak to a LLG Committee member and a front row seat will be reserved for you. A special invitation is extended to new residents of the Landings, within the last 12 months, to be the guest of the LLG, and receive free admission to the opening performance and reception. Please call Howard & Adrienne Feltman (941 926 1306) or e-mail at so that you may be added to the guest list for the first program. The LLG season opens on Wednesday, January 8th at 3:30 with a special “MEET AND GREET RECEPTION”; WINE, CHEESE, & DELECTABLE “GOODIES”; hosted by Judy Greene and Tara Lamb, The Landings Realtors June Garber and her jazz quartet will perform at 4:00 PM. June Garber is an outstanding jazz vocalist who recently arrived in Sarasota from Canada. In Canada she performed in theatre, television and film. She has performed with outstanding jazz musicians who have inspired her and helped create magical experiences for audiences around the world. Whether singing with a symphony orchestra, a big band at the Palais Royal in Toronto, at the Mambo Club in Cuba or an intimate club in Australia, June always connects with her audience. Whether up tempo or ballad, her connection to each song is from her soul. When June sings you feel as though she is singing directly to you. The June Garber’s jazz quartet features Eddy Tobin, piano. We enjoyed Eddy’s jazz piano when he performed for the LLG at our tribute to Jerry Jerome event. Eddy is not only an outstanding pianist, but he is also an excellent jazz vocalist. Tom

Ellison will play the saxophone and flute. Tom is also known as a vocalist. Billy Pillucere plays the, bass and David Pruyn the drums. A very exciting jazz vocalist and jazz quartet will create an exciting and energizing afternoon of Jazz. On Wednesday, January 15th The Landings Learning Group welcomes the return of METROPOLITAN OPERA Baritone Soloist JASON STEARNS. His program will be “WITH A SONG IN MY HEART FOR YOU” .We were overwhelmed by Jason’s charm, warmth and voice at last year’s performance. IT WAS DAZZLING! We can still fondly remember the soliloquy from Carousel “MY LITTLE GIRL”; He will perform a wide-ranging program; from opera to Broadway. We are so fortunate to have Jason for a return performance. ENJOY! On Wednesday, January 22 “IT’S A GRAND DAY FOR SINGING”, Songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein; Lee Dougherty Ross of the Sarasota Arts Series presents Michelle Giglio, soprano. Ms Giglio performed five years in concerts, and recordings in France and throughout Europe. She has appeared in Don Giovanni, La Traviata, Of Mice and Men and other operas. Lee Dougherty Ross, Artistic Director and founder of the Artists Series will be the piano accompanist for Ms. Giglio. Ms Ross has appeared in Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, NY, the White House, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, Queen Elizabeth Room in London and concert halls in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. On Wednesday, January 29, Carol Kaufman; musicologist, will discuss the works of Cole Porter; “Let’s Do it”. A favorite music lecturer for preconcert lectures at VanWezel for Sarasota Orchestra and visiting orchestras Join the Landings Learning Group with your neighbors and friends at the Landings Racquet Club for stimulating and entertaining Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 PM during January, February and March. SEE YOU THERE!

LANDINGS LEARNING GROUP 2014 CALENDAR SIGN UP AT THE LANDINGS RACQUET CLUB (Details; bottom of the page) Wednesday, January 8, 2014 “Meet & Greet Reception” @ 3:30; Wine & Cheese & Goodies; hosted by Judy Greene & Tara Lamb, The Landings Realtors. Wednesday, January 8, 2014: ‘JAZZ IT UP AT THE LANDINGS” June Garber , Vocalist, Eddie Tobin, piano, Tom Ellison, sax/flute, David Pruyen, drums & Billy Pillucere, bass; Wednesday, January 15, 2014: Jason Stearns, Metropolitan Opera Baritone Soloist; “ WITH A SONG IN MY HEART FOR YOU”. Grammy Award winner; National and international operatic soloist returns to LLG . Wednesday January 22, 2014 ‘IT’S A GRAND DAY FOR SINGING; SONGS OF RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN”; Lee Dougherty Ross; Pianist; Michelle Giglio, Soprano: Wednesday, January 29, 2014: Carol Kaufman; Sarasota’s popular musical lecturer and musicologist will explore the works of Cole Porter, “Let’s Do It” ! Wednesday, February, 12, 2014: Discussion: “Sarasota Theater; Past. Present & Future” Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald Tribune Theater Critic, Moderator; Panel: Richard Hopkins, Artistic Director, Florida Studio Theater. and Howard Millman, Asolo Producing Artistic Director, Retired

Wednesday, February, 26 2014: Gwen Mc Kenzie, RN, MS, MHSA, President and CEO, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System discusses “Affordable Healthcare Act and its impact on Sarasota” Wednesday, March 5, 2014: Dr. Robert Brent Toplin, Professor at University of North Carolina, Wilmington; Author of 12 books on history; TV Personality, PBS , CBS Television, C-SPAN, History Channel, and Turner Classic Movies Channel. He will discuss: “History By Hollywood; THE USE AND ABUSE OF THE AMERICAN STORY IN THE MOVIES” Wednesday, March 12, 2014: Jenny Aldrich, actress, returns to the LLG. The LLG enjoyed her portrayal of Georgia O’Keefe and Mary Cassatt in the past. She was featured in forty productions in The Golden Apple; You will meet Mary Cassatt again and she will present her”Circle of Impressionist Artist Friends,”. Wednesday, March 19, 2014: . “THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF KURT WEILL”. Dr.Joseph Holt, pianist, performed for U.S. Presidents and dignitaries around the world. He is Artistic Director of Gloria Musicae. Vocalists Samus Haddad, baritone, and mezzo-soprano Robyn Rocklein will perform. The “END OF SEASON RECEPTION” will follow this performance.

Wednesday, February, 19 2014: Dr. Jerry Pubantz; , Dean, Lloyd International Honors College, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Author, TV Personality, Professor; “Ticking Time Bombs and America’s International Opportunities in 2014 June Garber

Jason Stearns

Lee Dougherty Ross

Dr. Joseph Holt

SIGN UP AT THE LANDINGS RACQUET CLUB. The fee for the series of ten programs for Landings Racquet Club members is $25.00; for non members $35.00. Guests are welcome at each performance. There will be a $5.00 fee at the door for LRC members and $8.00 for non members. 941.349.0194 • ISLAND VISITOR PUBLISHING, LLC


The Recipe Corner |The “Kitchen Ladies” Recipe of the Month 5758 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota (Serving Siesta Key and Vicinity)


Compiled by Dee Ricapito

Asparagus in Puff Pastry By Bonnie Dombrosky

This recipe uses only Three Ingredients! WOW and tastes great, too. • 1 package (17.3 ounces) Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry Sheets, thawed



from the Northeast region of Thailand known as Isan.



Vegan/Vegetarian Curries

Craft Beer

Tues.-Sat. 11AM-10 PM; Lunch ‘til 3 PM Sunday Noon-9PM; Serving Dinner Menu

• 6 tablespoons spreadable cheese (garlic & herb), softened • 30 medium asparagus spears, trimmed Directions 1. Heat the oven to 400°F. Unfold the pastry sheets on a lightly floured surface. Spread 3 tablespoons cheese on each pastry sheet. Cut each into 15 strips crosswise, making 30 in all. 2. Tightly wrap 1 pastry strip around each asparagus spear. Place the pastries seam-side down onto 2 baking sheets.












3. Bake for 15 minutes or until the pastries are golden brown.


If You Have a Property to Lease Call Jennette Properties Today.



Long Term & Rentals ON FLORIDA’S SUNCOAST 7222 S. Tamiami Trail, STE 104, Sarasota, FL



The Eagle has landed THE EAGLE FLIES: To Frankfurt Germany where Dee and Ralph Ricapito read the Eagle with new found Japanese friends at the Central Train Station. All on their way to cruise the Rhine River.

Since 1999


Around The Landings

|Art Festival at the Landings Art festival at the Landings by the artist residents of the Landings Saturday, January 18, 2014 and Sunday, January 19, 2014 10 AM - 4 PM Lakeside and Poolside at the Clubhouse Please contact Isabel Becker to

participate iabecker @ optonline. net 941-388-7823 You are welcome to show and sell your oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, photographs, A drawing will be held for a fabric works and other fine art donated work of art by an artist resident. pieces. Get busy now!

4441 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, Florida 34231

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Raising Landin Jolly ol’ LANDIN Boy here! Well I just got finished with something you call Thanksgiving. Many great smells came from the kitchen. The school frowns upon us being fed people food (for various reasons) so I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of tasty turkey morsels added to my kibble. I think I like this Holiday time of year. You people gather with family, friends and loved ones to celebrate a common thread. Someone said “The Gift that keeps on giving”. All of the joy, love, peace, caring, sharing…’s really quite wonderful! The weather is cooler but your hearts are as warm as ever. This is also a very busy time for me. Lots of events with my people and my school group. They call it “exposures”, I call it “fun”. Oh since I mentioned sharing; It’s time for another LANDIN LAUGH: How do Chihuahua’s say Merry Christmas? *** Fleas Navidog! Some of your Holiday

Pet of the Month

Some of you may think I have a funny way of showing how much I like all of you - but trust me - I’m very happy here in The Landings. Just takes me a while to get used to some things. My “Godmother” Keke Kahn found me for my mom when I was living in California. I then moved to Tennessee where my mom, Meg and my first canine buddy Mickey (I met Callie, Izzy and Grace later) came to get me. We had room service in the hotel before heading to Florida the next day in an SUV - great beginning. Everyone was very glad to see me when I got here. For awhile people called me Chobe - what was that all about? But it seems my name is Griff and I am a Brussels Griffon. I hear there are some others in The Landings - let’s get together. I have many friends - both two and four legged. I love when the “card girls” come over - treats for me. And I also visit my many friends at the Portside Villas - human, dogs and cats - Mosbey is a good sport. Of course starting the day off in the Pro Shop doesn’t hurt.


traditions and stories are great. One of my favorites ends with “ …and I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight “ HIS NAME IS LANDIN AND HE WAS BORN TO BE A GUIDE DOG” oops wrong story… now where did I put . OK Here it is : MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! TO BE CONTINUED....

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I watch everyone come and go while getting treats from Kevin. Alice thinks she is teaching me tricks and Gary and I are weekend buddies. I like walking with my dog group - thanks to all of you for including me and showing me around and I especially like rip racin’ with Charlie, Wally and Kip. Let’s go to the park! Now that tennis has started I enjoy going to lunch with the ladies’ team after the match. I am always the recipient of carrots from their salads. I turned one in October and the “card girls” and I had a delicious carrot cake....... Here’s to loving life in Paradise.

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Decorative Tiles Kitchen, Bath

4625 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, Florida

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Pet Talk

Around The Landings

By Dr. Anne Chauvet

1: Smelly discharge from pet’s ear – causes and treatment? Ah! This is a loaded question! Bacteria overgrowth/infection or yeast overgrowth/ infection (candida) can cause smelly ears. Yeast usually has a sweet smell - don’t ask, but this is our way of being a P.I. of disease: we smell, look, touch, but we don’t taste. Ear problems can be present due to poor ventilation – common in long-eared breeds, such as in Bassett Hounds, Cocker Spaniels and Beagles. Excess humidity can cause ear problems, particularly in dogs that swim a lot. Poor drainage can lead to deeper infections and even more complications. The treatment is usually in the form of topical antibiotics (drops or ointments), but (oral) antibiotics or antifungal work best with systemic. The most common issue however, is the underlying problem: allergies. When one ear is affected, it is probably due to infection. When both have a problem it is usually due to allergies. 2: I’m taking my “Florida dog” to Minnesota for the holidays. Is there any winter weather care I should know of prior to the trip? Sudden change of weather can be a shocker for you and your dog. A coat and booties for your pup would definitely be advisable. The snow can leave paws that have not habituated

to it with cuts and sores. Other than that, enjoy the weather, but watch out for the fishing holes in the lakes. 3: I just got a kitten – should I or should I not declaw her? Pros and cons of declawing a cat. Declawing is a preference. Personally, I do not declaw, unless it means the cat must go if the declaw does not happen. Imagine having your entire nails removed. Ouch! It is a rather tough and painful procedure, so unless your cat is strictly indoors and it is the only alternative, please do not declaw. 4: I adopted an obese cat. How can I adjust his diet to achieve a healthy weight? It is rather difficult to establish a weight loss program for a cat. If the cat is loosing weight too quickly, it can develop a fatty liver disease. Drastic change of food itself can also be harmful. Your best bet is to slowly replace your cat’s food with a healthy weight diet; many pet food companies offer weight loss alternatives. Over time, your cat should start getting leaner. Additionally, consider playing a lot with your cat. Exercise, like for us, is a great bonus. And remember that cat jelly bellies are fun and cute. So don’t be too harsh on your cat.

|Showtime for Landings Dog lovers

Dr. Chauvet earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, completed a small animal medicine/surgery internship at the University of Illinois in Urbana and finished her residency in neurology/ neurosurgery at the University of California, Davis. She has been trained in small animal rehabilitation by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute of Wellington, Florida and is known internationally for her specialized work in the relatively rare field of veterinary neurology speaking to, training, and consulting with veterinary practices and organizations globally.

If you have a question about your pet, please email your question to Each month, Dr. Chauvet will choose a few questions to share with readers.

January 15th (Wednesday) at 3 pm bring your leashed dog to the south parking lot of Eagles Point Circle. You will have the opportunity to make one single file lap around Eagles Point Circle and present your dog before Keke Kahn our own renowned world class dog show judge. Keke Kahn will also be judging at the Westminster dog show in February. The categories in our show will be a grand finale surprise - no costumes please. Reminder posters will be posted soon !

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I can smell again! Thank you endoscope!

Cats are prone to certain upper respiratory diseases, such as nasal polyps - common, noncancerous, teardrop-shaped growths that form in the nose or sinuses, usually around the area where the sinuses open into the nasal cavity. Symptoms include: nasal congestion, nasal discharge unresponsive to antibiotics, sneezing, decreased nasal airflow and noisy breathing, especially when inhaling. Surgical procedures are performed endoscopically, with a small telescope, which removes the polyps while preserving normal tissue.

When breathing matters, hope begins at...

Critical Care & Veterinary Specialists of Sarasota, LLC.

941-929-1818 • 4937 S. Tamiami Trail • Sarasota, FL 34231 • 941.349.0194 • ISLAND VISITOR PUBLISHING, LLC




Siesta Key News • The fate of North Beach Road

It is the one area of Siesta Key that demonstrates you can’t fight Turtle Beach • 8875 Midnight Pass Rd. • Siesta Key Mother Ocean. North Beach Road has been closed to traffic on and Serving Lunch & Dinner From 11:30 AM off since 1982. Storms continue to undermine the road. Last year Hurricane Sandy collapsed a 150-foot section and Includes complimentary Bloody Mary or Mimosa 10 AM - 3 PM necessitated emergency repairs. Even June’s Tropical Storm $ Andrea – a weak system – caused 10.99-$13.99 more erosion in the area. 3-6 PM Daily After “Sandy,” the county commission asked for independent 2 for 1 Well Drinks & Wine engineering analysis. The results Bar Appetizers Special (3-6 PM Daily) are in, and it is either “revetments HOLIDAY GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE and a seawall” or “hold your breath.” Cost estimates are north Buy $75 in Gift Cards of $2 million. $ GET 10 BONUS CARD FREE The area has been recognized (Free $10 Card Good From 1/1/14 through 2/14/14) for years as critically eroded. The county for years has not allowed any private construction near the area. County Commissioner Nora Patterson, who asked for the engineering studies, has been quoted as saying, “I think we have no option but a wait-and-see. At this point in time, it would be hard to justify that expenditure.”



• Illegal rentals on the key

The county’s code enforcement officer said, “This summer was the worst summer we’ve had.” John Lally was speaking before the Siesta Key Association in November about the number of illegal rentals on the island. Scams are starting to show up too. Lally noted people showed up on two separate occasions at a house on the key, saying they had rented it. It was a surprise to the owner. “The money went to Nigeria or wherever,” said Lally. He’s been chasing owners who converted below FEMAgrade areas into rental units, and structures modified to accept a greater number of people than allowed by code and fire safety regulations.

By Stan Zimmerman

• Ramirez runs for county commission

“The commissioner for Siesta Key” was an unofficial title for four-term county commissioner Nora Patterson. But she’s termlimited, and cannot run again. Enter Lourdes Ramirez, who would like to take up the mantle. Ramirez is a former chair of the Siesta Key Association, and now heads the Sarasota County Coalition of Neighborhood Associations. She’ll face Al Maio in the Republican primary election next year. He’s vice president of the consulting firm KimleyHorn which does a lot of business with the County and the City of Sarasota. Ramirez has already faced one smear tactic that resulted in criminal charges of a former chair of the county Republican Party for identity theft, as he tried to make donations in Ramirez’ name to Democratic candidates. Bob Wechter’s trial is expected next year in circuit court. Ramirez is campaigning to support the county’s comprehensive plan, which contains “fiscal neutrality” provisions that require new development to help pay for schools, libraries, roads, public safety and other infrastructure needed to support a larger population.

• Happy Birthday SKA!

The Siesta Key Association is 65 this year, and not about to retire. The group formed in 1948 when less than 500 people lived on the island. But one aspect has not changed. The SKA still tries to guide Sarasota County landuse policies, especially when they pertain directly or indirectly to Siesta Key. Unlike many other barrier islands, Siesta remains an “unincorporated area” governed directly by the county commission. Although at

times the idea of forming an incorporated town has risen, the concept never reached a take-off point. The two hot topics at the moment for the SKA are a proposed beach renourishment project that will syphon sand – for the first time in history – from Big Pass north to Lido Key. The SKA is calling for a peer review of the Corps of Engineers plan. The second topic under the association’s scrutiny is county treatment of outdoor merchandise displays in Siesta Village. There is a county-wide ban on showing wares outside retail shop. The SKA is thinking of asking for a change to the Siesta Key Overlay District that allows exemptions to overall county policies.

• Broken Egg broken up

One of Siesta Key’s signature restaurants made famous by ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale is no more. Broken Egg owners Bob and Pam Kirscher have sold their interest in the three-shop chain. The other two are at Lakewood Ranch and Clark Road. Soon after the announcement, the doors at the Siesta Key location were locked as new owners began renovations. It will re-open in early February as “Another Broken Egg,” one of a chain of stores from Louisiana to North Carolina. The Clark Road store was sold to Dawn Hair, the current manager. It will keep the “Broken Egg” sign, but menus will note it is not affiliated with the “Another Broken Egg” chain. Meanwhile the sale opens the door for the chain to make a significant expansion into Florida. It may open new stores at 35 or more locations in the state. Kirscher said he has no plans to leave Sarasota, or retire.

Be sure to support our advertisers 20


Featured Restaurant

By Paul Roat

|Village Cafe is place to see, be seen in Siesta Village Village Café is a perfect peoplewatching place for breakfast and lunch. Perched at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and “Eat Street” — nom de plume by foodies for Avenida Madera, so named due to all the restaurants on the street —outdoor dining and picture windows allow ample opportunities to watch the world pass you by while noshing on traditional and special dining fare. Breakfast and lunch are served from the 7 a.m. opening to the 2:30 p.m. close. A patron favorite is any one of the eight “Lotta Eggs” omelettes. Owners Kay and Tom Kouvatsos admit that although the menu describes the dishes as containing four eggs, they sometimes have five or even six eggs in each. A plain omelette is $6.95. From that starting point, splurge: Lox & Onion ($11.95); The Works with onion, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, diced ham, bacon, and sausage ($10.95); The Swimsuit with egg whites, spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, and “no cheese!” for $9.95; or the Greek Omelette with feta cheese, green peppers, onions, sausage, and tomatoes ($9.95.) Following suit with the “Eggseptional Dishes” is the Mexican Wrap or Siesta Benedict, both $9.95 and both served with home fries, grits, or fresh fruit. The popular Mexican Wrap features south-of-the-border favorites chorizo, refried beans, scrambled eggs, onions, green peppers, and cheeses wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. The Siesta Benedict has a

perfectly poached pair of eggs perched on Canadian bacon on top of a crispy English muffin, smothered with a tangy Hollandaise sauce. Following in the International theme of breakfast is Stuffed French Toast ($8.50) with either apricots and cream cheese or fresh apples, cinnamon, and cream cheese. Or diners may want to sample the Belgian Waffle topped with powdered sugar for $6.95. There are, of course, traditional first-of-the-morning meals offered at Village Café: bacon and eggs, pancakes, frittatas, and muffins. There are also Healthy Choices like fresh fruit, bagels with all the fixings, or the Siesta Key Oatmeal: oatmeal topped with strawberry yogurt, bananas, and strawberries, served with an English muffin for $6.95. Lunch fare at Village Café is as eclectic as breakfast, and also follows an International theme. In celebration of Tom’s heritage is Tom’s Greek Salad, with mixed greens, Greek peppers, onions, tomatoes, feta cheese, green peppers, olives, hard-boiled egg, and a house dressing for $9.95. A Taco Salad has a homemade shell filled with greens, peppers, onions, tomatoes, mixed cheeses, all topped with marinated grilled chicken and a special dressing on the side, for $11.95. Coming back to the U.S. is the Philly Cheese Steak ($9.95) with the flavorful beef served with grilled onions, peppers, and American cheese, served on a hoagie roll with a side of fries. Village Café has eight delistyle sandwiches, all served with

lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Popular is the Reuben ($7.45) and the Siesta Club ($9.25). The club is served with either ham and cheese or turkey, plus lettuce, tomato, bacon, pickles and fries, served with mayonnaise. Burgers are half-pound in size and run the gamut with add-ons. The Siesta is popular, with its guacamole, sliced tomato, and pepper jack cheese at $9.95 with a choice of a side dish. A meatless Veggie Burger has tzatsiki sauce for $6.75. Another lunchtime fare favorite is the Grilled Chicken Salad ($9.75: marinated chicken, grilled, served on a Romaine salad which includes cucumbers, tomatoes, cheeses, and a boiled egg. Also on the plate is pita bread and honeymustard dressing. Grilled shrimp is an alternative for the chicken for 20 cents more. A kids menu for those under 10 years of age offer either a hot dog, grilled cheese sandwich, or chicken fingers served with fries for $5.95. The 99-seat restaurant serves beer and wine and fills up fast. Carry-out and catering is available at Village Café, 5133 Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key, phone 941-349-2822, e-mail villagecafeonsiesta. com Perfect people-watching weather, perfect location, great food — what more could one want for breakfast or lunch in Siesta Village?


Covered outdoor dining adds to the ambiance at the Village Café restaurant in Siesta Village. Photo by Paul Roat

Village Café, with its plate-glass windows, definitely offers patrons a clean, well lighted place for breakfast and lunch in Siesta Village.

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Arts on the Horizon December 1 – Jingle Paws at Twin Lakes Sarasota noon to 5pm Fun for the whole family! It’s a free pet holiday event. http://jinglepawsjubilee. com/2013/07/01/third-annualjingle-paws-jubil December 1 to January 5 Icons of Style at the Ringling Museum of Art Go behind-the-scenes and explore the roles of designers, models, and the media who create the fashion buzz and how they interconnect. Join the experts for a Gallery Walk & Talk that focuses on fashion. Explore the process of creating icons of style from design concept to the finished piece. Multiple fashion designer pieces will be on display along with illustrations and photographs. The exhibition will feature runway pieces by John Galliano for Dior, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Olivier Theyskens for Rochas, Arnold Scaasi, and Christian Lacroix.

The exhibition is organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. events/gallery-walk-talk-iconsstyle-0 December 3 & 4 at 8pm Hello Dolly at the Van Wezel Starring Award winner, Sally Struthers, from “All in the Family” and the “Gilmour Girls”. Hello dolly has received 10 Tony awards, including Best Musical. Enjoy this Broadway classic! December 5 - Holiday Splendor at the Ringling Museum Celebrate the holiday season and support the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. The event will feature holiday music and performances by local area Elementary, Middle, and High school students. Admission is free with one unwrapped toy per guest or without a toy, at the regular “Art after 5” admission: $10 for adults, $5 for kids 6 - 17,

By Jaye Clements free for 5 and under. Toys will be available for purchase in the Museum Store. December 5 at 8pm Cheap Trick A legendary group from the 70’s at the Van Wezel December 5 - The Annual Christmas Walk. 5:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Historic Downtown Venice. Live entertainment, food & drinks, with Santa on hand & holiday decorations. (Santa will be on Miami Avenue in the breezeway) December 6 to 8 - Sarasota Craft Show by American Art Marketing. Robarts Arena - Friday & Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm - Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm. Admission: $9 Children 12 & under free. www.

December 7 – Bradenton Blues Festival – Downtown Bradenton World-class Blues artists will headline in this much anticipated event. Last year’s festival was sold out! This is the second year for the Blues festival in Bradenton and last year was a tremendous success… It’s a family friendly music event with food, fun and art by the bay at Bradenton’s Riverwalk. Music Line Up 11:00am – 11:40am Albert Castiglia 11:55am – 12:55pm Johnny Rawls 1:10pm – 2:10pm John Nemeth 2:25pm – 3:25pm Anthony Gomes 3:40pm – 4:40pm Trampled Underfoot 4:55pm – 6:05pm Eddie Shaw & the Wolfgang 6:20pm – 7:35pm Shemekia Copeland Between acts: Doug Deming, Dennis Gruenling and the Jewel tones

For more on each go to http:// www.bradentonbluesfestival. org/line-up/ Tickets are $30 in advance & $40 at the gate ($20 for students and $10 for children 5 to12. Kids 4 & under are free! For more information visit: www.BradentonBluesFestival. org There will also be an auction to raise funds for Realize Bradenton’s youth music programs. Also, on Friday, December 6, “Blues in the Schools,” an outreach program at Manatee High School, will feature appearances by a selection of festival artists, who share their talents and expert advice with students. December 7 & 8 KT Sullivan vocalist with Jon Weber on piano, at the Asolo! Artist Series Concerts http://artistseriesconcerts. org/event/kt-sullivan-cabaretsinger-with-joneber-piano/ Continued on the next page.

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Arts on the Horizon December 8 The 12 Days of Christmas at 3pm – The performance will take place at Riverview High School with one showing only. December 11 Bill Schustik in the Munchtime Musicale Performance at noon, at the David Cohen Hall – Bill Schustik is amusician, historian, and folklorist. He is sometimes referred to as the “American Troubadour,” and has an intense sense of drama and love for the traditional American experience, which he displays in his performances. This captivating singer, musician and storyteller plays the guitar, banjo, harmonica, mouth harp and more during his exceptional performances. Schustik has performed for three U.S. presidents, appeared both on and off Broadway, authored two full-length ballets and has written a show about the American Civil War. Schustik will perform “A Troubadour’s Christmas,” a concert of holiday songs, with traditional and rarely heard songs. He will surprise the audience with a familiar song written by a Connecticut Yankee who wrote battle songs for the south during the Civil War. Munchtime Musicales are a series of free concerts by area artists sponsored by the Sarasota Concert Association. http://

By Jaye Clements

December 11, 12, 13, 14 - It’s a Wonderful Life at Holley Hall. A Christmas Jazz Suite, A Klezmer Nutcracker and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Christmas favorites, Deck the Halls, Silent Night and Joy to the World. Tickets $29 - $49 index.php/concerts/let-it-snow

20 children from the Sarasota Ballet School will perform with the Sarasota Ballet.

December 14 & 15 from 10am4pm - Art in the Garden A Holiday Art Boutique at the Art Center Sarasota. www.

December 21 & 22 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year at the Asolo. Featuring Broadway’s original “Annie”, Andrea McArdle with pianist Steve Marzullo. event/the-most-wonderful-timeof-the-year/

December 20 & 21 – John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker Performed by the Sarasota Ballet & the Sarasota Orchestra at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall! Friday at 8:00pm, Saturday at 2:00pm & 8:00pm Follow a girl’s dream to join the circus in this production of Sarasota’s own Nutcracker. Music presented by The Sarasota Orchestra and performances by The Sarasota Ballet. Hoffmann’s original story with Sarasota circus flare will be sure to create lifelong family memories. John Ringling Circus Nutcracker draws on Sarasota’s connection with the Ringling Brother’s Circus. Adapting Hoffmann’s 120-year-old original storyline, the ballet follows the storyline of a little girl (Clara) who runs away from New York City to join the Ringling Circus. Set in the art deco period, characters from Hoffman’s original Nutcracker are re-imagined as celebrated circus figures from the city’s past.

December 21 at 2pm Amahl and the Night Visitors at the Asolo. http://artistseriesconcerts. org/event/amahl-and-the-nightvisitors/

December 22 at 7pm A Christmas Carol Van Wezel celebrates its version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Enjoy an enchanted set with traditional Christmas carols intertwined with the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge. This National Touring Production is a must see Family Holiday Classic. December 27 at 7:30PM Jukebox Memories at the Players Theatre A musical journey through yesteryear! Music from the 50’s & 60’s. Featuring Blend a quartet performing hits from that era, including familiar music from the Temptations, The Sha-na-nas and the Shirelles. index.php/jukebox-memoriesa-musical-journey-throughyesteryear/

Humanitarians for the Homeless Dear Joanne & John Meyer, Thanks again for your efforts to help the homeless. I knew you were going to put it in the paper, but was even more touched when i saw it in black and white. I will pass on your donations and again will know when the time and person is right. Blessings to both of you and maybe our paths will cross again soon.

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Artist of the Month

By Diana Colson

|The creative world of Kenney DeCamp The creative life of Kenney DeCamp is one that is truly unique. In the 1970’s while working as an orthopedic Physician’s Assistant (PA) at Patterson Army Hospital in New Jersey, Kenney met Bruce Springsteen. He soon became involved with the production company that was booking Bruce’s first band, Steel Mill. They brought Kenney and his Doctor’s Bag along for the tour, where he would be available to treat people who had minor injuries or were “bad-tripping” in the decadent style of the 70’s. The more Kenney worked around The Boss, the more Kenney became inspired by the imagery of his songs. “I took one song—Wild Billy’s Circus— and dance-acted it out. A friend was watching, and suggested I take pantomime classes. The idea intrigued me, and I started working with a mime teacher in New York City—Claude Kipnis, one of the star pupils of Marcel Marceau. Later, in 1974, Claude got me into a six-week workshop with the maestro himself, an experience that forever changed my life.” Soon Kenney was hired to put on mime performances during Andy Warhol’s infamous Factory parties. While exploring the world of the mime, Kenney continued practicing as a PA for the New York Medical College in NYC, eventually being promoted to serve as the first PA to practice Neurosurgery. During his limited free time, he began to study with the best of the dance masters, many of whom allowed him to audit a class free of charge because he worked at the Medical College. Kenney audited classes with Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Robert Jeoffrey, Twyla Tharpe, Tommy Tune, Paul Taylor, and others. He soon put these newly honed dance/mime skills to use when he started working as a stage director for musical groups, including The Crystals, The Brooklyn Bridge, and The Johnny Walker Band. Impressed


by his creative fire, RCA records hired him to begin staging shows, and also to work as a Personal Energy Trainer designing dietary and exercise plans for various performers. Initially he was hired to work only with the lead singer, but soon his job expanded to include all members of the band. This unique niche field turned out to be a perfect blend of Kenney’s medical interests and his skills as a body-linguist. “The first feature performer I worked with was Vicki Sue Robinson, whose debut single sold 350,000 copies in its first six weeks. It was the iconic disco song, Turn the Beat Around. Vicki had drug issues which were destroying her body, and I was brought in to turn her destructive habits around as well as stage the show for her upcoming first tour. It turned out to be a successful tour, and Vicki’s vision of herself improved.” Soon after that, Kenney began working with other performers, both dancers and singers. The list is long, and included Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Andrea True, and other disco up-andcoming artists. In the 1980’s and 90’s, Kenney traveled the world doing mime and body language work promoting the concept of Human Growth Education (HGE), a field in which he continues to become increasingly involved. Some of this work was done in conjunction with Rotary International’s Goodwill Ambassador Programs. From 1983-1996, Kenney built a successful career as the producer and owner-operator of a performing dance/mime school in the Chicago area. The school featured instruction in Dance, Modeling, Acting and Singing. In its twelve years of operation, Kenney and his teachers instructed more than 10,000 students of various ages. He staged show after show after show, with performances slated for almost every weekend. From 1991-2000, under the auspices of Rotary International, Kenney organized Health to the Children International in


Dundee, Illinois. This Not-ForProfit Organization fundraised and dispersed more than $3 million dollars in medicine, equipment, clothing, toys, and specialized surgeries for children in Yugoslavia, USSR-Russia, Albania, Montenegro, Jamaica,

Above: Kenney DeCamp at Southside Elementary School with children and Miss Florida photo taken by Diana Colson Left: Working with Oprah when we did a Parade together. (As a producer, I hired Oprah for a re-grand opening of a mall in a suburb of Chicago, just after her first year on ABC-TV, I paid her $300) Below: Here is a Charlie pic from the Ladies Night Out Hollywood Fashion Show Dinner October 2013.

Grand Cayman and Mexico. While visiting these countries, Kenney also performed and taught. Kenney had served as an Orthopedic Specialist during the Vietnam Conflict. Now in 2002-2003, he became the interim executive director of the Vietnam Veteran’s Art Museum in Chicago. He also served as cohost of the Veteran’s Radio Hour in Chicago, a program which served 94 USA radio stations plus 56 countries on internet stream. In 2006, Kenney moved to Sarasota, drawn by the crystal sands of Siesta Key. From 20072008, he served as Managing Editor-Public Relations Director for the Sarasota edition of Arts & Culture Magazine. He also established DeCamp Associates International (DCAI), and has been involved in many local projects as a publicist as well as a community/public/media relations director. Currently Kenney is the Education Chair for the Board of

the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, as well as a vice-president of Sister Cities Association of Sarasota. He also serves as President of the Board of Friends of Selby Public Library. In recent months, Kenney has appeared as a lecturer at the Einstein Circle at USF, performed as Charlie Chaplin in a fashion show at the Venice Yacht Club, and enlightened students at Southside Elementary School on the talents of Charlie, considered the world’s greatest mimic comedian. Kenney often uses his Charlie skills to entertain Sarasota crowds at various events around town. He recently gave a lecture on the silent film artist at the Selby Public Library, bringing with him 15 pieces of his personal collection of Charlie memorabilia. On December 11th of 2013, Kenney is producing the entertainment for the Fine Art’s Society’s Celebrate the Arts luncheon. On Wednesday January 8th, from 6 to 9, Kenney will host the fundraiser he created

for the Selby Public Library, an annual event titled Looking into the Crystal Ball. This has become one of the most delightful soirees in Sarasota! Known as “The People’s Gala” because of its affordable $20 admission, it is an evening filled with performances, artists, exhibitions, tasty bites and cash bar. The Crystal Ball is held inside Selby Library itself, and Kenney, of course, will serve as Master of Ceremonies. (For more information on the event, go to 2014 is the 100th year anniversary of Charlie Chaplin as an iconic star and director of silent films. An ambitious outreach program is planned to celebrate the centenary. Working with PBS producer Gus Mollasis, the pair plans to reach as many schools as possible in Sarasota County. In a performance Sarasota’s children will never forget, Kenney will appear all decked out like Charlie, complete with hat, moustache, walking stick, and signature strut.

Local Fishing Report By Captain Jim Klopfer - Adventure Charters 941-371-1390 December is a month that will test an angler’s ability to adapt to current conditions. Water quality will vary throughout the area as passing cold fronts churn up the Gulf of Mexico. The flats between Stickney Pt. and Blackburn Pt. will be more productive under these circumstances. After several days of nice weather, the water near the passes will clear and those areas will once again be good spots to fish. Creeks and canals will attract fish as water temperatures drop. Often times the tides will be very low in the morning in December. This will move trout, pompano, and other species off of the flats and into the deeper channels. Bouncing a jig down the sides of channel edges can be very productive. As the tide rises, fish will move up onto the flats to feed. Afternoon high tides can be the best time to fish the deep flats this time of year. A live shrimp under a cork is very

effective, as are jigs with plastic grub tails. Natural colors such as olive, rootbeer, and motor oil work well in the slightly darker water. Oyster bars south of Siesta Drive will hold redfish, snook, and trout, along with the first of the migrating sheepshead. Bars that drop off sharply into deeper water will be the most productive spots. Free lined live shrimp and scented soft plastics on a 1/8 ounce jig head work well. Docks, canals, and creeks in this same area will also hold fish, especially after fronts. Phillippi Creek and the Grand Canal on Siesta Key are some of the most popular fishing holes. Rapala X-Raps work very well on snook and jack crevelle for anglers who prefer to cast artificial baits. They elicit explosive strikes and allow anglers to cover a lot of area fairly quickly. Once fish are located, large live shrimp and slowly worked soft plastic baits will also

catch their share. Sheepshead and black drum will be found in the deeper holes, a live shrimp works best for these tasty bottom dwellers. Both Big Pass and New Pass will be good spots to fish in the morning incoming tide. Jigs bounced off the bottom will catch pompano, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, and ladyfish. Structure in both passes will attract sheepshead, along with grouper, snapper, flounder, and other species. Slack tides are the best times to fish these spots, a swiftly moving tide makes getting the bait to the bottom difficult. The many docks along Bird Key are especially productive for sheepies. Surf casters all along Siesta Key will score on whiting, silver trout, flounder, and more using live and frozen shrimp. A #1 hook with just a little bit of weight works best. Silver spoons will catch mackerel if they are still around, along with ladyfish.

1886 Stickney Pt. Rd. Between New Balance and Stonewood Grill 921-5700

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In addition to the nationally award winning brand of premium Florida made ice cream, Abel’s offers handmade chocolates, Stonewall Kitchens line of Jams, Jellies, Salsa and Chutneys, a nice selection of stationery and boxed mugs. Their handmade fine chocolates are displayed in a humidity-controlled refrigerated cabinet to insure just made freshness. Each truffle is individually handmade from the best ingredients available. The dark and milk chocolate bars are filled with whole premium quality fresh almonds and the peanut butter cups are sensational! The best-selling item is their dark chocolate almond bar, a must for dark chocolate lovers.

A great gift idea for the holiday season, an employee or customer appreciation gift is a box of 6 or 12 fine chocolates from

Abel’s Ice Cream

Back by popular demand for the upcoming winter season is Rum Raisin and Maple Walnut flavored ice cream. If you would like to return to the quality of the 1960’s and 1970’s try their Dreamsicle flavored ice cream (vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet swirled together), a malted milk shake or an order of real hot fudge on any of the 38 flavors offered. Other "good old days" ice cream parlor items available are floats, sodas, brownie sundaes or banana splits. Abel’s is locally owned and operated and is very proud of their squeaky clean, customer friendly facility that comfortably seats 20 patrons. They even serve a cup of filtered water with their ice cream. If you haven’t experienced Abel’s you may want to give them a try over the holidays.



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By Dr. Albert L.Weeks

|Ison Is Shaping up: Check New Location As previously detailed here, Comet Ison has rounded the Sun and is spewing gases like carbon monoxide and sporting a tail. We need to look for it in early December in the following, new location. In semi-darkness just before dawn on Dec. 5, 6, 7, it will be hanging in the east/southeast near the horizon. Its tail pointing upwards, it will be found in the little-known constellation of Ophiuchus (look up this star group in Google Search). Astronomers still are not sure how bright the comet will shine. Everyone hopes it will be at least as visible as the planet Saturn, which, helpfully, is about an elbow’s length up to the right of Ison on those mornings. It’s best that one gets up well before dawn’s light and focus on the region mentioned above with a pair of binoculars. It will be worth arising early to see if Ison turns out to be anything near the spectacular event we’re expecting. The few comets I have seen in the past always gave me a rare, spooky feeling. Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines are filling in some blank spots in comet science. The experts confess to much ignorance about these “mysterious visitors” from Outer Space. Among the unknowns is just how these weird UFO-ish interlopers originate. The theory is they are “born” in the ghostly, frigid Oort Cloud (with temps over 200 deg. below zero) located outside the Solar System. But how do they get into their orbits about the Sun? When do they first start on their multibillionmile journeys? Some are billions of years old. They go back to the time of the Earth’s formation, or some 4.5 billion years ago. Astronomers suppose that most comets explode and glow as they do because the Sun’s heat collides with the compressed gaseous “snow” inside the comet’s nucleus (or head). It turns out that comets act something like orbiting firecrackers. Their

gases are ignited under the terrific pressures built up in these tight relatively small objects. As to size, Ison is reckoned to be only about 3miles in diameter. BUT it packs a wallop. One reputable online source notes: Comet ISON has been emitting about 2.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide and monoxide per day in a tail about 186,400 miles long. Its emission of dust weighs as much as 266 statues of Liberty. The pent-up forces inside these mini-pressure cookers is like the pressures that would accumulate inside billions of unopened cans of soda and that would produce similar explosive effects. Several times, space probes have gotten a close look at various comets. Their cameras show how luminous gas is jetted out of the comet’s head. Some comets have small craters on them; others are smooth.

A g a i n , n o t e that a comet does not look in the sky like a “shooting star,” or meteor. It appears to our eyes not even to be moving. Yet it is zipping through space. You can detect its motion by observing Ison on successive nights in early December. The comet will be seen to have progressed upwards to the left on a trajectory that makes it bee line towards the North Star in the Little Dipper. Long before it reaches this point, it is expected to fade from view. Here’s hoping for clear dawns as December begins. Remember, as you use your binoculars, patiently pan about the region where the comet is located. The celestial visitor with the wispy tail will startle you as it appears in your lens.

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View From The Gate Compiled by: Capt. Jordan M. Joseph, Landings Security & Safety

There were a total of 50 Incidents reported to Security & Safety for the month of October 2013, they are as follows 2 Animal Problem Reports Dogs found in the Landings, off site owners advised. Near accident with dog running off leash. Unknown owner. 2 Disturbance Reports Resident party too loud. Resident corrected. Resident complaint about Comcast utility work. Resident given number to Comcast customer service. 1 Lost & Found Report White fluffy cat reported missing. Later found by resident.

4 Public Services Rendered 2 Escorts given. 1 Lock out assistance given. 1 Resident advised of vehicle lights left on. 4 Reckless Driver Reports 2 Resident drivers at unsafe speeds. < +20MPH over posted speed limit. 1 Near pedestrian collision. Vendor vehicle. Vendor company advised. 1 Resident driver, driving against the flow of traffic.

14 Parking Violations Reported Parking violations are now ‘no notice given’.

4 Suspicious Incidents Reported Visitor giving false info to gate officer. Subject finally identified by ID check. Visitor (non-member) found in LRC pool area. Subject removed by SSO. Resident advises strange people in back yard. Subjects identified as Comcast workmen. Subjects observed throwing items over (closed) North Gate. Identified as an “Airport” luggage delivery.

6 Patrol Requests Made Suspicious activity reported. Patrol check of areas indicated.

1 Vehicle Accident Reported Resident struck a mail box knocking it over. No damage to residents vehicle.

12 Open Door Reports 10 Garage Doors found open. 2 Pool Side Restroom Doors found open.

The ATS Speed Sentry has been shipped back to All Traffic Solutions for a firmware update, there is no traffic report for the month of October. When the Speed Sentry returns (next week) we will replace it at the Landings Blvd / Landings Place (Southbound) location.

Ad News Yoga Garden - Elissa Rosch RN, RYT, is a holistic registered nurse, a certified Integrative Yoga Therapy teacher, and a registered Yoga Alliance teacher. She has completed many advanced trainings and considers her style to be yoga therapeutics. Classes focus on alignment, body mechanics, and stress management. With personalized attention, props, and individual modifications, students can deepen their yoga practice and strengthen their body in an enjoyable and accessible class.

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Main Gate Oct 2012 Resident Entries at the Main Gate 13373 Resident Exits at the Main Gate* 0 System Visitor Entries at the Main Gate** 979 Manual Visitor Entries at the Main Gate*** 926 Visitor Exits at the Main Gate * 0 North Gate Resident Entries at the North Gate 16965 Resident Exits at the North Gate 15342 Visitor Entries at the North Gate**** 0 Visitor Exits at the North Gate**** 0 South Gate Resident Entries at the South Gate 4653 Resident Exits at the South Gate 4059 Visitor Entries at the South Gate**** 0 Visitor Exits at the South Gate**** 0

Oct 2013 11347 0 583 1080 0 16452 14815 0 0 4525 4010 0 0

* The Main Gate has no means of recording exit numbers at this time. ** This number reflects visitors that have been manually recorded in Gate Sure by an officer. *** This number reflects “Resident Call Ahead Logs” as well as a manual estimate based on regular daily traffic not otherwise recorded (lawn service crews etc...) **** As Visitors are prohibited from using these gates there is no system in place to accurately measure this gate for Entry / Exits at this time N/A = System Error. Information not available or missing.

Useful & Emergency Phone Numbers... Verizon - Phone Service....................................... 1.800.483.1000 Comcast Cable................................................................. 371.6700 Emergency Animal Clinic.............................................. 929.1818 Poison Info Center................................................ 1.800.282.3171 Waste Management........................................................ 924.1254 Landings Eagle......................................................... 941.539.0205 Landing’s Gate................................................................ 922.5531 Landings Racquet Club.................................................. 923.3886 LRC Argus Management........................................................ 927.6464 Sheriff Non-Emergency.................................................. 861.5800 FPL - Florida Power & light........................................... 917.0708 FPL - Outage Report............................................. 1.800.468.8243 Fishing & Hunting Licenses................................... 941.362.9888 Marriage License Bureau........................................ 941.362.4066 Sarasota County Hotline................................................ 861.5000 Sarasota/Bradenton Intl. Airport.......................... 941.359.2770 Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) ................ 941.316.1234 Sarasota County Information Call Center................................... ................................................................. 941.861.5000/ Sarasota Doctors Hospital....................................... 941.342.1100 Sarasota Memorial Hospital/Health Care ....................System 941.917.7760 Emergency (General)............................................................... 911 Life-threatening EMERGENCY: call 911 first, then call the gate. They will direct emergency vehicles

















































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Sarasota’s Only STAINMASTER FLOORING CENTER® Featuring Karastan Carpet STARTING AT



per sq. ft.

on in-stock Karastan Stainmaster Ultralife Carpet™


4608 S. Tamiami Trail

941-921-7704 GFRIEDFA.COM


Our commitment to carpet we remove will end up in a landfill.


Installation package starts at $1.49 per sq. ft.

VOTED FLOOR #1 I STORENG 13 Ye In A Roawrs !

Stop By -

If your carpet seams ever pop, pucker or split, we’ll fix it - FREE - forever!


We’ll take care of it...we even vacuum!

6:45pm 8:30am 9:30am 8:15am 9:30am

Landings’ Floor Covering Store

Meet your LandingS FLooring SpeciaLiStS

Jan Melville, Jim Rinchich, Mary Victoria, Cathy Raskey, Jacci Shovlin, Mike Benson




Judy Tara



Your Landings

Resident Real Estate Team


1492 LANDINGS LAKE DR # 38 • $319,000

1756 PINE HARRIER CIR • $525,000

Opportunity Knocks - this is the only Landings Treehouse on the market for sale and also an excellent opportunity to bring your own updating ideas. This 3 bed 2.5 bath condo offers a tropical Florida feel.

Enter this Landings home and you are immediately drawn to the outdoor living area with full view of the lake. This open floor plan offers a combination living and dining area with volume ceilings and sky lights.

1705 STARLING DR • $475,000

5125 KESTRAL PARK PL • $685,000

Rarely Available Townhouse Villa in the highly desirable Landings Community. It shows like a model and is priced to sell. Large screened lanai has a southern exposure and private preserve view.

You don’t want to miss this outstanding Landings Home. Lovingly updated with incredible attention to every detail. Home looks like it has stepped out of a magazine. Yellow and white is the prevailing theme throughout this 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath home.

dy & Tara Ju ighborhoo ’s Ne


Judy Tara 350-0451 266-4873

oPeN house Michael Saunders & Company

Watch for the “Judy & Tara’s NeiGhborhood” Open House signs on Sundays where “Just Looking” is always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to visit, call or stop us on the street. Your Landings resident real estate Team is always ready to discuss the market and how we can be of service to you.

Judy Greene • 941.350.0451 • Tara Lamb • 941.266.4873 •

Michael Saunders & Company Licensed Real Estate Broker



Landings Real Estate Database Address




½ BA

1,499,000 699,000 685,000 525,000 499,000

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5 4 3 2 3

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1,295,000 730,000 573,500 549,000

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1,512,500 761,579 648,000 635,000 525,000 500,000 460,500 425,000

5 4 4 3 3 3 3 4

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495,000 475,000 465,000 439,000 319,000 275,000

2 3 3 3 3 2

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474,500 229,000

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520,000 505,000 385,000 367,500 345,000 340,000 325,000 312,000 280,000 255,000 240,000 218,000 207,000 203,500 185,000

3 3 2 3 3 3 2 3 3 2 2 3 3 3 2

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1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0



Based on information from, Sarasota Property Appraiser, and Sarasota Association of Realtors for the period ending Nov. 11, 2013. These properties listed and sold in the past 4 months by various MLS participating offices.

5100 Ocean Boulevard • Sarasota, FL 34242

Landings Eagle - December 2013  

The Landing Eagle serves residents of The Landings, Sarasota, FL 34231 with key information about the area.

Landings Eagle - December 2013  

The Landing Eagle serves residents of The Landings, Sarasota, FL 34231 with key information about the area.