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To All Our Fellow Friends And Neighbors In Del Tura We Wish You A Merry Christmas We Wish You A Merry Christmas We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Seasons Greetings

From: Doris Meyer, Tower Editor and Ginnie Benjamins, Tower Co-Editor

Timely reminder: the end of the year is near so if you have not yet done so renew your HOA membership for 2017 and keep The Tower coming! See article page 4.

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The The

Poolside Pub Located Inside Del Tura Golf & Country Club • Public Always Welcome $4.99 Lunch Specials Every Day 11-3 • Happy Hour Every Day 3-6 STOP IN AND GRAB A CALENDAR OF EVENTS TODAY!

MONDAY Live Music at 5:30 pm TUESDAY Prime Rib Dinner Party (5 pm) • Karaoke (6 pm) WEDNESDAY Wing Night! Buy 20 Wings GET A FREE PITCHER OF BEER! “TASTE OF ITALY” in the FOUNTAIN GRILLE : A wonderful all-you-can-eat Italian themed buffet served every Wednesday evening. Only $10.99 (includes a FREE glass of wine!) THURSDAY “All Day/Night” Spaghetti & Meatballs Dinner $6.99 Name That Tune & Trivia Night (6 pm) FRIDAY Live Music Every Friday Night (5 pm) All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry All Day and Night! SATURDAY Famous Pot Roast Dinner $8.99, 3-8 pm Karaoke (6 pm) SUNDAY ULTIMATE SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!!! NFL Package Playing Every Game Every Sunday Plus Live Music In The Courtyard! Festivities Begin At 1:00 PM PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY • PARTY

Now Serving Breakfast

Don’t Miss Our...

Everyday 8:00-11:00 AM PUBLIC ALWAYS WELCOME!

Ring In The New Year!


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From the President’s Desk And, of course, the Holidays themselves, with a big New Year’s Eve dance to end the month (and year). Here’s a little sobering information, however. There seems to be no end of people trying to get into our wallets, usually in the form of one SCAM or another. They take all sorts of paths to try to get our information, including phone calls, texts, emails, and any other way they can. Almost always they will end up asking for personal information, such as Social Security number, Bank account number, Medicare number, whatever. Legitimate businesses and/or government bodies do not ask for that information. Bottom

CHRISTMAS DECORATION BALLOT Two ballots allowed per household (in case you can’t agree)

Your House Number: ___________

line here is, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give any personal information. Report any attempts to get your information to the Lee County Sheriff’s office Fraud Line at 239-258-3292. By the way, did I mention NEVER? One last note: This year, residents will vote for best decorated house/yard for Christmas. There is a ballot here in The Tower. Ballots will also be available in the HOA office, and the ballot box will also be there. There can be two votes per household, with a separate ballot for each vote. Voting will end on December 23. Also, there will be one lawn mowing in December, the week of 12-16 . Mowers are not supposed to mow if they see lawn decorations, but you might want to flag them that week. To sum up, have yourselves a wonderful holiday season, be safe, and protect yourselves. Al Wells, HOA President

YOUR VOTE FOR BEST DECORATED HOUSE/YARD NUMBER:_________ Drive around and check them all then choose your favorite! Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Ballot Box in HOA Office (or use mail slot) Voting Deadline is December 23





December already! November saw our Craft Fair and our Movember efforts both succeed. As for upcoming events: Our annual Christmas golf cart parade will be on Sunday, December 4, beginning with a cocktail party at 5:00 p.m., and the parade beginning at 6:00 p.m. Always a lot of fun, both to participate in and to watch. Next, the Choralaires Christmas concert/tree lighting will be December 10, with two presentations … one at 2:00 p.m., and one at 7:00 p.m.. If you saw last year’s concert, you know how good this group is. If you missed it, you have two chances to see it this year. Don’t miss out.


My name is Don Dowell and I am your HOA Director in Charge of Grounds 731-1566 or Please call or e-mail me if you see a problem or have a concern about any of our common areas such as the pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, Bocce, horseshoes, exercise room, or clubhouse.


Alan Wells President (2017)

Sandra Boykin Director (2017)

Don Dowell Vice-President (2018)

Bette Ewing-Cheney Director (2019)


(239) 731-1566


Florence Kay Nezamis Secretary (2017)

Joyce Lienert Director (2019)





HOA Liaison: ALAN WELLS Tower Photographer: BILL NEZAMIS

Many thanks to all the volunteer residents who have donated their time to “The Tower”. We are looking for more volunteers. Please Help!

(309) 360-1145 (cell)


Ruth Ann Blevins Treasurer (2018) (239) 543-8134 (239) 220-9381 (cell)

(410) 491-8824 (239) 652-3909

(973) 714-4117

Ray Schmoltze Director (2018) (239) 218-9444

Dave Adams Director (2019) (508) 284-6107

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No Job Too Small!

SCREEN REPAIR 10 years experience

Vinyl Window Repair 12/17

Please Call Jaime



Open 7 Days A Week Mon. - Sat. 9 AM-5 PM; Sun. 11 AM-5 PM

The Family Farmers Formerly the U - We Pick

We pick FRESH daily!

14600 Tamiami Trail/US 41 Punta Gorda, FL 33955 (5 miles North)

(941) 467-0509

HOA Membership Dues Doris Meyer, Membership Chairperson I will collect the dues at each Tuesday Coffee Hour starting at 8:00 a.m., prior to the meeting and immediately following the meeting. Your dues are due and payable prior to December 31, as your current dues expire on December 31 of the current year. NO MATTER WHAT MONTH YOUR DUES ARE PAID THEY STILL EXPIRE ON DECEMBER 31. Following is a list of the ways you may use to pay your dues: How do I pay my dues? 1. A check made payable to Del Tura HOA in the amount of $12.00. NO CASH will be accepted.

2. You must provide your Del Tura address and telephone number. What if I can’t come to Coffee Hour? 1. You may pay your dues at my home at 246 Las Palmas Blvd. There will be a drop container near my front door if I am away when you stop by. Again, NO CASH accepted, only a check payable to Del Tura HOA in the amount of $12.00. You must provide your Del Tura address and phone number on your check and a selfaddressed stamped envelope so your membership card/cards can be mailed to you if you choose to drop off your check. If you call me in advance at 731-1937, to be sure I will be home when you come to pay your dues, you will not need the stamped en-

velope to obtain your HOA membership card. What if I am away from Del Tura or unable to stop at your home? 1. If you opt to pay by mail, once again, only a check payable to Del Tura HOA in the amount of $12.00 will be accepted. You must provide your Del Tura address and a self addressed stamped envelope in order that your membership card/cards can be mailed to you. You should mail your dues to: Doris Meyer 246 Las Palmas Blvd. North Fort Myers, FL. 339031505 Any questions regarding delivery of The Tower call Joyce Fischer at 731-3305. Thank you for your cooperation.


NAME TAGS North Fort Myers


Bill Edinger




1/14 1/17

Licensed and Insured

• Sewer Drain Cleaning All phases of plumbing • Re-Pipes Well pumps and equipment • Water Heaters • Garbage Disposals Remodels • Repairs • Sewer Line Video Inspection ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED


(OCTOBER-APRIL) MONDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00 A.M. – NOON TUESDAY . . . 10:00 A.M. – NOON (or after Coffee Hour) WEDNESDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00 A.M. – NOON THURSDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. FRIDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00 A.M. – NOON SATURDAY & SUNDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CLOSED


Any resident wishing to purchase a “Name Tag” may do so on Tuesday mornings between 8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. before the start of announcements at the HOA Board table. A name tag with a “pin” backing is $5.00 and/or with a “magnet” is $7.00 (correct CASH ONLY). However, if you are going to be gone for several weeks, months, etc., please do not order your name tag until after you return. Normally takes one (1) week to process your order.

Mark Your Calendar December 6

Good Timers Meeting

December 10

Tree Lighting and Choralaires Concert

December 13

First Day Ticket Sales for New Year’s Eve Dance

December 14

HOA Board Meeting 7:00 p.m.

December 21

First Day of Winter

December 24


December 25


December 31

New Year’s Eve Dance with Greg Miller Band

The Tower |

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me at 322-9863 and I will make sure you get your own copy. It is FISH’s fundraiser for 2016. The cookbook is $10.00. Thanks to all who took time to spend an hour at the FISH table. Dorothy Cook, Dolores Smith, Sue and Rich Symes manned the table on Friday night. On Saturday the helpers were Ann Clanton, Garnet Fleming, Susan Baron, Denise Rose, Sherry Plisch, Linda Berlovich and Gerry Benjamins. We appreciate all our FISH volunteer drivers. This past month four new drivers came on board. Welcome to Andrea Driscoll and

Dick Roche and the husband and wife team of the Hinrichs! Remember drivers, when you are called to drive, if you are not available that day; just say that and our bookie will move on to another driver. Make sure you turn in your time sheets to Betty Scheetz or me. This is especially important this month of December since this will be a quarter that Betty has to turn in to the county. If you cannot turn in your driving time please call Betty at 609-4779147 or Ginnie Benjamins at 3229863. See you next year!

FISH Fruit Tree Picking Project By Rick Rudzik and Sherry Plisch, Co-Chairpersons As of November 10, 2016 the committee would like to keep our residents apprised of our progress and to give thanks to the resident fruit donors. Without these donors the needy of Lee County would not receive the fruit to supplement whatever diet they do have available to them. Our picking season runs from October 1 to September 30 each year. So far this year our team has

picked 213.5 pounds of Avocados. We had five volunteers and we picked at David and Karen Toothman’s residence. The fruit was delivered to a soup kitchen and was greatly appreciated. Thank you to the Toothman’s! We have over 25 volunteers who are eager to pick. So please spread the word. There are a lot of residents who are not aware of what we do. We would appreciate any help in identifying residents who may have trees

that need picking. Homes that are empty or the residents aren’t here yet are possible sources for us to pick. We always ask permission before we pick. Keep those requests coming. Call Rick at 5433662 or Sherry at 567-0538. We hope to have a great Fall season and we welcome back our seasonal residents! God bless and thank you very much!

FISH of Del Tura Service Hours YOUR NAME: ________________________________________________________ SERVICE PROVIDED: __________________________________________________ PERSON SERVED: ____________________________________________________ DATE OF SERVICE: ___________________________________________________ HOURS: _____________________________________________________________


to reach us please call 997-FISH (997-3474)

Jill’s Joint

889 NE 27th Lane • Cape Coral, FL 33909

(239) 242-8422


Served Daily 6:00 am - 2:00 pm

Dinner Special Saturday (4-8pm)

Prime Rib Dinner



By Ginnie Benjamins Now that Thanksgiving is past for this year it is time to look forward to parties, parties and more parties. We wish a Merry Christmas to the residents of Del Tura. Thank you to all who visited our table at this year’s Craft Fair. Kudos to Kay Nezamis and Wendy Wells for the excellent job they did in running the fair. FISH had a table at the fair selling the cookbook that we have been working on since last January. If you haven’t purchased your cookbook, which comprises of Del Tura residents’ recipes, please call



PLASTERING INC. QUALITY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Bands and Ornamentals Stucco and Plastering Contractors 3rd Generation Craftsmen

(239) 543-4104

Please return to: Betty Scheetz, 1308 San Miguel Lane (609) 477-9147




Check Your Neighborhood 12/16



PO Box 3661 • N. Ft. Myers, FL 33918

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How SHould You uSe RetiRement ement Plan diStRibutionS?

During your working years, you are (hopefully) putting money into your IRA and your 401(k) or similar employer-sponsored retirement plan. But once you’ve retired, how can you maximize the benefits you get from these plans? First of all, you need to be aware of the rules governing withdrawals from your retirement plans. If you are older than 59½, you can withdraw money from your traditional IRA without paying penalties, though the withdrawals will typically be taxable. But once you reach 70½, you generally must start taking “required minimum distributions” (RMDs) from these accounts, with the annual amount determined by your age, the account balance and other factors. (The situation is different with a Roth IRA. If you are the original account holder, you are not required to withdraw funds from your Roth IRA at any age. You can choose to withdraw your contributions at any time, tax and penalty free. To withdraw your earnings tax and penalty free, you generally must have owned the account for at least five years and have reached age 59½.) So, assuming you do have a traditional IRA and a 401(k) or similar plan, what should you do with the RMDs? You’ll probably require at least some of these distributions for your living expenses, but if you don’t need it all, what should you do with the “excess”? Here’s one suggestion: As part of your overall retirement investment portfolio strategy, you can reinvest the money into these three “buckets”:

• •

Near-term income bucket – For this bucket, you’re not concerned with high returns – you just want the money to be there when you need it for expenses and unexpected costs, such as a major car repair, a new furnace, and so on. It’s always a good idea to have an emergency fund containing three to six months’ worth of living expenses – and your short-term income bucket could be an ideal source to help build such a fund. Medium-term income bucket – During retirement, you can probably never have too many sources of income, so you may want to fill a bucket with intermediate- and long-term bonds, which make regular interest payments. Long-term income bucket — Even when you’re retired, you will need some growth potential in your portfolio to help keep you ahead of inflation in the long run. So this bucket should be filled, not surprisingly, with growth-oriented investments. These investments can fluctuate in value, but as long as you don’t need to tap into them in a hurry, you may be able to avoid taking withdrawals when the price is down.

In addition to this “bucket” approach, you do have other options for your RMDs. For example, you could give your grown children some financial assistance, possibly for help in funding their IRAs. Or, you could contribute to a college-savings vehicle, such as a 529 plan, for your grandchildren. And you can always make charitable contributions, which allow you to support worthwhile organizations and, by doing so, earn some potential tax benefits. Clearly, you can do a lot with your RMDs. And you worked hard for them – so make sure they work just as hard for you.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Edward Jones, its employees and investment representatives do not offer estate-planning, tax or legal advice. “Adam Hromiak AAMS, CRPC is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments in Cape Coral on 3571 North Del Prado Blvd. Suite 7 Entrada Plaza, 1/2 mile West of Rt. 41. He can be contacted at (239) 731-6338” 12/16

The Tower |

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“The Magic of December”

By Dianne J. Roderick There’s no other month of the year that strikes me as being more magical than December. What is it about this particular month that seems to make us feel differently? Even with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, people seem to be cheerier, greeting one another more frequently with a smile, a hug, or a handshake. Leaving each other with a warm kindhearted feeling…you know that “Oh, What a Wonderful World” kind of feeling! Why can’t all the other months be as magical? I think Thanksgiving plays a big role in answering that question. Thanksgiving sets the stage for all the magic of the Christmas holidays. Even though we are thankful each day of the year that special day allows us to truly stop, reflect, and give thanks for all the gifts in our lives. As we give thanks for our families, dear friends, and the true necessities in our lives we stop and realize how blessed we all are. Those blessings are the gifts that bring us to December and add to its magic.

The gifts of sharing, caring, and love are not the ones wrapped with shiny paper and tied with pretty bows. Long after those beautifully wrapped gifts that sit beneath the tree are opened and the holiday decorations have been neatly packed away, these gifts will continue to provide the “magic” that we feel in December all year round. We feel these gifts each time we place those treasured handmade school ornaments on our trees. I can still remember the love and excitement in our children’s eyes and how proud they were standing there, with the gift that you knew they had wrapped all by themselves, anxiously waiting for us to open it. They could hardly contain themselves! I feel it and remember it like it was yesterday and I know they do, too! How about those precious hours spent in the kitchen making dozens of cookies? I remember hearing these words, “Mom, our class is having a Christmas party and I volunteered you to bake those special cookies.” “Okay,

when is the party, son?” (I bet you already know the response) “It’s tomorrow, Mom!” Of course they had to be “the special cookies”, no store bought cookies would do! I look back at those times and realize even more how blessed I am to share this memory. We made the cookies but even more importantly we spent cherished family time together. During this holiday season we will toast to the cherished memories of the past and enjoy making new memories, celebrating special times with our families and friends. Old traditions will be honored and new traditions will begin, each one adding more to the magic of the season. Those traditions, so ingrained in all of us will serve as reminders of those amazing times we have shared with our loved ones. As we go through the next year, a certain song, an old photograph, a familiar scent will suddenly remind us of those memorable times allowing that “magical feeling” of December to overcome us once again.

Safety & Security Tip From The Office Of Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott Don’t be Fooled by Medicare Open Enrollment Scam The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is now open, providing con-artists the perfect opportunity to trick seniors into unknowingly giving away personal and financial information. If you are a recipient of Medicare, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office wants you to be aware of these unscrupulous scams: Scam: An “official Medicare agent” knocks on your door selling Medicare insurance that can save you thousands of dollars in healthcare costs next year. The offer is only good during Medicare’s open enrollment period. Fact: There are no Medicare sales representatives. If you haven’t asked for an agent to contact you, federal law prohibits an agent from trying to sell you

something on behalf of Medicare. If you receive unsolicited contact by phone, e-mail or a knock on your front door, you should report that person to authorities. Scam: You receive a call that says you must have a prescription drug coverage plan or you will lose your other Medicare benefits. If you don’t join a plan during enrollment time, your Medicare benefits will be terminated. Fact: If someone says you must join or you’ll lose your other Medicare benefits, it’s a scam. The Medicare prescription drug benefit is voluntarily. It supplements your other Medicare benefits. Scam: You receive a call from someone claiming you are due a $250 refund because you’ve reached the prescription drug coverage gap known as the “donut hole”. The caller asks for your birth date, Medicare number, and

bank account information so the refund can be automatically deposited into your account. Fact: Medicare will never call and ask for your Medicare number or other personal identifying information. Hang up and call 1-800-MEDICARE to report this fraudulent activity. Scam: You receive “official looking” brochures about new Medicare products that are available at a discounted price during Medicare open enrollment. Fact: Con artists try to impress consumers with sales materials made to look like they are from a government agency. Only private companies, not the government, sell Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans. In addition to reporting these scams to Medicare, you can also call the Sheriff’s Office fraud line at 258-3292.

Choralaires Holiday Concert and Tree Lighting Scheduled for December 10, 2016

It’s time to once again ring in the holiday season in style as the Choralaires present their annual “Holiday Concert and Tree Lighting Ceremony”. The event is scheduled for December 10, in the Starlight Ballroom and this year there is a new wrinkle. There will be TWO performances…..a 2:00 pm matinee, and a second at 7:00 pm. Both programs will be identical. If you enjoyed last year’s concert, you won’t want to miss the performance this year! The group will feature all new holiday music, the annual tree lighting, and the traditional sing along. As of the posting of this article, tickets are already being distributed. If seating is still available, tickets can be picked up in advance on December 6, at the Tuesday HOA Coffee Hour from 7:45 to 8:45 a.m.. Make sure you know which show you wish to attend as the tickets are marked and distributed accordingly. For more information, contact Choralaires Director Dave Adams at 508-284-6107.


Our Holiday Concert will be held December 10 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the Starlight Ballroom led by our director, Dave Adams. In addition to the generous cash donations the residents give to our Choralaires at our concerts, we will be offering you all a chance to win, via our raffle, one of four lovely wreaths fashioned for us by “Cookie” Feiner. These festive wreaths are one of a kind and would look lovely in your home. All the monies generated will go towards the purchase of music and other essential items needed by our Choralaires. A gentle reminder for you to please bring your money and take a chance. We enjoy entertaining you and hope you will continue to support our efforts. Sue Symes

2016 FLAG FLYING DATES December 7 - Pearl Harbor Day December 25 - Christmas Day


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North Fort Myers Florist Full Service Florist

WE DELIVER LOCAL and Worldwide ROSE SPECIAL/CASH & CARRY: $14.95 8190 Littleton Road, Suite #105 North Ft. Myers, FL 33903

239-997-1670 2/17

Stephanie Norris Del Tura Resident

A BIG CRAFT FAIR THANK YOU! Kay Nezamis and I would like to thank ALL who helped with this year’s Craft Fair. Susan Bell had a great team helping her with the Bake Sale. Thanks to all who baked yummy treats! We had a huge amount of baked goods to sell – and it all sold! Rich Symes and his merry band did a super job out in the parking lot keeping everything under control! Betty Scheetz also had a great team who helped her with the

Raffle Table. We had a lot of great items donated – some from our generous vendors and some from our fabulous Del Tura residents. This also was a great success. We served a Sloppy Joe lunch (made by Al Wells and Bill Nezamis) to about 130 diners. We had a lot of volunteers who helped our 39 vendors schlep their merchandise in and find their spot and then helped them after the show closed. Thanks and we’ll see y’all next year!! Wendy Wells 

I want to thank all of my Del Tura friends for the beautiful cards and well wishes that I received. My heart is doing fine and my leg is getting better and I will be out and about soon. I want to send a special thank you to Lorna Callan, Joyce Lienert, Sue Maginn and Barbara Simmons for all your help during my recovery. Fondly, Nancy Skorlinski

Video Corner By Elaine Schnur To paraphrase Sara Lee, “nobody doesn’t love the movies.” All the movies you might have missed and want to see and those you want to see again, are in our video collection, over 900 of them. The video library is open for business every Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse Library.

Come by and see what treasures you can fine for just one dollar per video and which you can keep for an entire week. The film I just watched and loved is INDIGNATION. Passions ignite and cultures clash in this provocative coming-of-age story based on the best selling novel by Philip Roth. It is an extra

ordinary tale of lost love and innocence. Our latest videos include: SPOTLIGHT 5 FLIGHTS UP THE MEDDLER GRANDMA “The next movie night will be Wednesday, January 18 at 7:00 p.m. in the Starlight Ballroom. We are showing the movie SULLY.”

Chef’s Corner THUMBPRINT COOKIES 1/2 cup Margarine 1/4 cup Brown Sugar (packed) 1 Egg, separated 1/2 tsp. Vanilla 1 cup Flour

1/4 tsp. Salt 3/4 cup Walnuts, finely chopped Jam/Jelly


Mix margarine, sugar, egg yolk and vanilla thoroughly Blend flour, and salt; stir in. Roll dough into balls (1 tsp. per ball). Beat egg white slightly with fork,. Dip balls in egg white then roll in the nuts. Place about 1 inch apart on baking sheet. Press thumb gently in center of each cookie. BAKE: At 350 degrees. On ungreased baking sheet 10-12 minutes or until set. Cool. Fill thumbprint with jam or jelly. Yield: 3 dozen. If you have a recipe you would like to share in The Tower, e-mail it to or drop it off at the HOA office. You must put your name on your recipe but may request it not be published.

The Tower |


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Meet Your Neighbors


John and Karen Brassem





CALL: 997-0923 or 246-3699




By Sue Dunigan John and Karen have recently purchased a home and moved into our Del Tura community and have hit the ground running. I am confident that you will enjoy getting to know this energetic and fun loving couple, via the Q&A interview below. Obviously-J=John’s answers and K=Karen’s answers to chosen questions. 1. When and where were you born and raised? J: I was born in Amsterdam, Holland during WWII and relocated to the US after the war. We were bi-lingual emigrants coming from a war shattered continent. K: I am younger than John. I was born 5 years later in Hollis, New York. 2. Your early Schooling? Did you do any graduate studies? J: I graduated from a local high school and then graduated from Colby College in Maine. After a stint in the service including a tour in Vietnam, I graduated from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Business. I was then chosen to complete a course on growing a new business at Harvard University. K: Graduated high school in 1963 in Long Island, New York. I received an Associates Degree in the 70’s and then went on in later years to study for professional designations and get my Connecticut Real Estate License. 3. Can you share with us a bit more about your career? J: I have been a businessman – specializing in mergers and acquisition -- virtually my entire career and have taught international business at a local university, at the same time, for about 8 years. I have also written over 97 articles for numerous publications from around the world.

K: I owned a printing business in another life. Moved to Connecticut in 1982 where I became involved with property management. On July 31, of this year I retired as a Regional Manager in Connecticut, managing and leasing office buildings and retail centers, for a private investment group. 4. Would like to share about your Marriage and Family ? J: I am married to beautiful Karen Tietjen. I have two kids from a previous marriage, both work in NYC. K: Married 11 wonderful years this November to John Brassem. I have two accomplished daughters from a previous marriage – one in Rhode Island and one in Maryland. 5. When did you move to Florida? J: Just a few weeks ago. We left our previous home in Connecticut on Sept. 6 and, after a few ‘stopovers’, arrived in Del Tura on September 11, 2016. 6. How did you discover Del Tura Country Club?

J: Karen did her ‘Google’ homework, indeed. We even rented a house in Del Tura (for a week) to be sure we liked the climate and culture. K: A friend of ours moved to a similar community north of here. After much internet searching and visiting here 3 years ago…we decided that when it was time this was where we wanted to live. 7. What activities do you enjoy here in our lovely community? J: I enjoy writing and submitted my first article “MEET YOUR VOLUNTER” to The Tower for the November issue and I enjoy golf and we keep track of our score by the number of golf balls we lose. I am looking forward to doing some wood working and teaching at a local college – if they’ll have me. I sing with the Choralaires Choir. K: Planned activities: Tai Chi, water aerobics, golf. The rest is yet to be discovered. I’m looking forward to starting this week. Have been unpacking boxes, boxes and more boxes! 8. Do you have special interests and/or hobbies that you enjoy? J: I enjoy gardening, writing, reading, woodworking, ceramics, golf and sailing. There are probably other things I enjoy, but haven’t discovered them yet. K: I like golf (although not that great), reading, needlework, the pool – going on vacation (especially cruising). However – I think we are now on a perpetual vacation. Thank you “John and Karen” for taking time to answer my questions. I am so looking forward to getting better acquainted with you and I am sure our readers are as well. We welcome you to our Del Tura family and can see already that you are going to be a grand addition to the life of our wonderful community!

The Tower |

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By Dr. Nathaniel Dunigan We have all had it happen: we have been caught with our listening-pants down, not paying attention to someone we care about. It’s embarrassing, sometimes hurtful, and it doesn’t represent our highest and best. Sometimes life in Del Tura seems busier and more hectic than ever! Between golf times and volunteer assignments and doctor visits and church or temple and, and, and—where does the time go? Or even a day at home can disappear into that good book or list of DIY projects. And then the phone call from up-north gets rushed, or a neighbor’s story gets brushed aside—and feelings of hurt and regret result quite unintentionally. So here are five ‘BE’ strategies to employ when we sense that our engagement is an important offering; five ways to express that highest-and-best version of ourselves when we’re needed most:

BE FORGETFUL. Yes, the chicken might get too done [as you let it cook instead of interrupting your friend’s story to check on the oven], but who cares?! The blackened fowl will just serve as a reminder that your priorities were in order. “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” – Kahlil Gibran BE VICARIOUS. Good listening means that we must be willing to take on the emotions (even the painful ones) of the people we care about; it means celebrating without envy; and it means caring by choice, not only by instinct. BE IGNORANT. Sometimes we mistake the need-to-be-heard for the need-to-be-advised. Often, though, people are sharing their struggles or frustrations simply to be heard. The weight of a burden

is often lightened through the process of expressing it out-loud to someone who cares. At our stage in life—and given the experiences we have had—we are likely to have the impulse to offer a “fix,” but not everyone or everything is in need of repair. BE HONEST. Sometimes, it just is not a good time for us to listen, so be honest about that. Say, “I very much want to hear what you’re saying, and I don’t want to miss anything, but I know that there will be several more interruptions in the next few minutes. Is it possible for us to talk again in a little while?” Then schedule a very specific time, and honor the commitment. BE. Don’t just do something, stand there. Be present, mindful, and in the moment. Don’t try to engage with an app or play a Facebook game while listening. Put the football game on pause, and switch off the radio. Even if we are capable of multitasking, the practice of switching-distractions-off says, “I care about what you’re saying.”

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Book Review Paris Match By Stuart Woods Stone Barrington is an attorney with the prestigious law firm of Woodman and Weld. He is also a very wealthy man following the death of his wife and the largest stockholder in the Arrington Corporation. This corporation was formed after his wife’s death and a very impressive hotel was built on property she owned and the hotel was named in her honor. Stone is now on his way to the grand opening of the newest hotel L’Arrington. Upon his arrival he is once again contacted by the CIA to whom he “consults.” It seems the Russian factor of dispute who attempted to kill him in the past is once again rearing their ugly head.

Once again Stone finds his life in peril as multiple attempts are made on his life and his French partner Marcel duBois is also being targeted as the Russians want controlling power and want to buyout both Stone and Marcel. It appears a high ranking member of the French police is involved and makes a further threat to Stone’s life. Stone must stay until the grand opening of the hotel and then plans to head back to the USA and safety. Lots of good action throughout and plenty of murders as well.

Meanwhile from the states Stone is being accused of fathering the Presidential nominee Kate Lee’s baby to be. He has been a longtime and close friend to both Kate and her husband Will, who is the outgoing president. Rumors fly and Stone needs to get these things straightened out as well as dealing with murder threats in Paris. The head of the CIA is concerned for Stone’s welfare and provides security and armored vehicles for his protection, but are they enough? Interesting to note, if Kate is elected there will be many “firsts” occurring. First female president, first pregnant female president, first child born to a president, first born in the White House and first former president not to move out at the end of his term.

Editors Note: The Tower welcomes reviews from our readers of books they have read. You can email them to or drop them off at the HOA office. You must supply your name upon submission but request that your name not be published.

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Mister Fix-It By Jim Stenzel This is the second in a series I hope to write for you monthly (I missed last month’s deadline, my bad). I have a number of topics already outlined, but if you have specific questions regarding maintenance of your home here in the South, please relay them to me in person or send to my email: Last time, I explained why you don’t need a humidistat, and if you already have one, why it’s best to simply set it “ON” and leave it… period. The discussion was concerned with keeping your home at an optimal humidity level, this article explains how your home’s “envelope” affects the intrusion of moisture into your home. Provided your roof is in good condition, the typical roofing materials and construction provide an effective barrier to both liquid water and water vapor (humidity). Likewise, if your walls are sound and properly painted and caulked they present an effective barrier


to the intrusion of water and water vapor. This leaves the issue of your floors. Your manufactured home came from the factory with an effective environmental barrier under your floors. This vapor barrier or belly pan consists of a uniform layer of fiberglass batting lying on top of a heavy sheet of (typically) black plastic. In fact at delivery, only the black plastic sheet would be visible if you were to look under your home. However over time, as workers come to work on your home, it is necessary to cut open this plastic sheet to access plumbing, electrical, to run cable or telephone wires, etc. The problem is that after the work is completed, either these openings are not resealed at all (yes, all too common) or the openings are resealed with materials that are not suitable for this job, so that after a matter of months, the openings flap open and give the outside air unre-

stricted access to the underside of your floors. These openings allow significant moisture intrusion into your home, as well as heat. The

combination makes your A/C work harder to remove the extra heat and moisture from your home.

These openings have other impacts as well. First, they allow animals to get into the space between the vapor barrier and your floors to nest, etc. This may encourage bacterial growth, mold growth, and unpleasant odors that may seep into the living space. The other impact is relevant to those homes with a tendency to have excessive moisture in the crawlspace due to improper grading (many homes here have been constructed such that the crawlspace is below grade, my home included). Naturally, if that area is below grade, water will naturally migrate downhill into this area. This excessive moisture creates a condition of prolonged, near 100% humidity in the crawlspace. This in turn promotes premature deterioration of the metal structural members under your home, and if there are openings in your vapor barrier, may contribute to mold growth or deterioration of your subfloor structure.

What’s a body to do? First of all, BEFORE you have any work done under your home, insist that ANY contractor or worker repair any openings they either make or utilize to access your mechanicals. You might also ask them to, as a courtesy, provide you feedback as to the condition of whatever portions of your vapor barrier (or A/C ducts, or tie-downs) they could observe in the completion of their work, so that existing problems might be brought to your attention. Reputable companies exist in our area, that specialize in inspecting, and restoring the integrity of your vapor barrier. Residents I know that have had badly deteriorated vapor barriers replaced, have noticed significantly reduced cycling of their air conditioners, and reduced moisture in their homes. Even though this most important feature of your house is out of sight, don’t let it be out of mind.

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Restaurant Review Bruno’s Of Brooklyn 2112 Second St. Fort Myers, FL 33901 (239) 278-0211

Specializing in all American and foreign auto repairs. Come to the people you can trust!


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By Oscar du Poulet Italian. Tiny. Quaint. Cheap. Expensive. Friendly. Awkward. Comfortable. These are all words that help describe this downtown Fort Myers Italian eatery. Delightful describes the dining experience. Only a single storefront wide and deep, the size of the space does not define the size of tastes of the Brooklyn, Sicilian and Italian cuisine. You will not be disappointed in the tastes of the handcrafted sauces, fresh pastas, daily specials (including seafood and steaks) and homemade desserts. Because of the size of the space you will need to make a reservation. When you do, don’t be surprised if owner/chef Calcedonio Bruno takes your call personally. And don’t be surprised if his wife Genevieve seats you and explains the specials of the day. The wait staff is friendly and attentive without being annoy-

ing (often a problem with family owned restaurants). I recommend requesting seating at the “Chef’s Table”, a six seat counter that faces directly into the open kitchen workspace. It is noisy, a bit hectic but gives you chance to watch the food preparation AND talk with the owner as he works. If that might be too much of an experience there are

indoor high-top dining tables and outdoor patio seating. Pricing is as varied as the menu, with pastas beginning at $11.95 to fresh seafood specials and steaks upwards of $35.00. Dress is casual. The noise levels can be a bit loud, after all you are in the kitchen. The experience is unforgettable.

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Editors Note: The Tower is featuring a restaurant review in our issues. If you want to participate in reviewing a restaurant you enjoyed, Doris Meyer will accept a review sent as an email to her with an attachment. Her email is If you do not have a computer you may type or print your review and bring it to the HOA office. If you submit a review you must provide your full name. Your name will not be published unless you choose to see your name in print.

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Wednesday, January 25th Join your friends in the Starlight ballroom from Noon to 2pm for a fashion show! (Doors open at 11:30)

Catered luncheon Door Prizes Raffle Entertainment Featuring Clothing and Accessories from

Ticket sales begin on Tuesday, January 3 before Coffee Look for further information in the January Tower, HOA website, electronic sign and of course at coffee. We’ll keep you up to date. See you there. The Fashion Show Committee

20 | The Tower Island Visitor Publishing, LLC • December 2016 • 941.349.0194 •

Know Your Volunteer

A Woman With No Reverse Gear... Nancy Adams


When: Where: Purpose:

Food: Raffle: Invitations:


Tuesday, January 17, 2017 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Royal Palm Room in the Clubhouse. Friends will get you involved with what they do, but we will show you all of the activities offered in Del Tura that you might enjoy. You will meet the people in charge of the activities and they can answer any questions and even sign you up. You will also discover all of the volunteer opportunities and will be able to join the HOA (Homeowner Association) and FMO Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida). Light refreshment will be served. There will be a raffle for gifts donated by Del Tura Venders. We will attempt to deliver an invitation with all of the important information to each new resident. Fliers will be on all bulletin boards at the pools, in the club house, and on the tables during Tuesday morning coffee.

Just A Reminder To Mark Your Calendar For The New Homeowners Get- Together! If you are able to attend please contact any of the committee members listed below. Marlene DeGraaf Welcome Committee Chairman Committee Members to contact: Marlene DeGraaf 599-4404 - Mary Harrell 543-3852 - Lorna Callan 731-8348 -

By John Brassem When Karen and I first arrived in Del Tura a couple of months ago, I asked Henry Moreau, a well -known resident, who I should ask about getting Karen and myself into the social swing of things. “That’s easy”, said Henry, “Talk to Nancy Adams. She is the perfect behind the scenes ‘kingpin’” – (his word). She’ll know what’s going on in Del Tura for sure. A few days later, as luck would have it, Doris Meyer, the editor of The Tower, asked me to write a piece on Nancy for the next issue. I set up a time to meet with Nancy and interviewed her for the article. This much I learned after only a brief meeting; she evidentially has no reverse gear – she’s always on the go; has a compendious amount of knowledge on the ins-n-outs of Del Tura and manages – if that’s the correct word – several important programs that make Del Tura a great place to live, indeed. Her career stops reads like as a US road map. She met Dave, her husband, while in Junior High School in Easton, Pa. in 1966. Through the years, and because of their combined musical talents, (Nancy was an important member of a district, state and regional singing organization), music became an integral part of their lives – “ingrained” – Nancy calls it. After college in Pennsylvania, (They were married in 1974), and after a stint as a “DJ” in Pa., Dave joined the Boy Scouts of America as an executive. During those 18 years, Nancy was a substitute teacher at a local grade school and, being certified in the American Institute of Banking, became a Loan Supervisor at Key Bank in Syracuse, NY and did financial analysis for a local bank in NJ. Nancy and Dave traveled around Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey for the Boy Scouts, spending little more than 4 years in any one spot. Understandably, Nancy felt it was difficult to “settle down” in those days.

But finally, they did. Nancy completed 24 years teaching elementary students at a K-8 school; was a Curriculum Leader for 10 years and directed school musicals for 15 years. Dave became a high school music teacher. Dave and Nancy now have two daughters, Sarah and Jennifer. (Nancy calls them “amazing”). They live in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Nancy and Dave fuss over their five granddaughters. So, what role does Nancy play in the current Del Tura scene. For starters, she’s manages the kitchen at the Tuesday morning Coffee Hour. That’s the important time when we hear official announcements and make new friends. Last week, 184 people attended. She also arranges coffee service for special events. She sings soprano and is an important Assistant to Dave, now the talented Choral Director – some call him a musical ‘rainmaker’. He directs The Choralaires, consisting of forty-six voices, and currently rehearsing for their Christmas presentation. Oh, did I

mention, the performance will be one of the best Christmas concerts you’ve ever heard. Nancy also plays a role in the Del Tura’s Entertainment Committee, as head of the Decorations Sub-Committee planning for dances and shows. (“It’s just plain fun”, she says.) She supports the Craft Fair, Junk in the Trunk show, and offers a welcome hand in animal rescue and food drives. (She also washes windows – no she doesn’t, that’s a joke.) In her spare time, (This writer is surprised she has spare time!), she likes to create silk flower arrangements -- and is quite the seamstress. Consistent with her personality, Nancy told me that on her 25th Wedding Anniversary, she drove 12 laps in a NASCAR, (“Yes I drove!”, exclaims Nancy). Her average speed was 137 mph. (No reverse gear here either.) So Nancy’s combination of being a very nice person, adds a ton of enthusiasm, energy and charm to our Del Tura community. If you haven’t already met her, you should. I think you’ll like her – everyone else does.

The Tower |

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New England Day

Repairs Replacement Systems Bacterial Control Maintenance Air Quality Insulation Duct Cleaning and Replacement Filters Extended Warranties Water Heaters


By Red Hansen


Come and celebrate your heritage and history. We’ll recognize each state, hold a trivia contest, raffles, “horse races”, and more. Music and entertainment will be provided by Jerry the DJ. The meal will be pot luck with other goodies provided. Admission will be $2.00 to defray the cost of paper goods. As always, BYOB. Please watch for additional announcements in future editions of The Tower. For further information, please call Red or Nina Hansen at 860-944-0507.


Our annual New England Day celebration will be held on Sunday, February 26, 2017, in the Starlight Ballroom from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

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18-Hole Women’s Golf Association By Carol Marra Yes, you are reading the December newsletter. You are finally used to writing 2016 and now it is time to move on. Those of us who live here year round have enjoyed some quiet months, a few hotter than we would like. Now, with many more folks here, there is lots more traffic but also lots more fun. And fun is easy; just check the temperature in Boston or Green Bay or Buffalo and you know you are going to have a fantastic day. In November we played our Club Championship. We played all three courses starting November 10th South to North. The second and third rounds were completed on the 16th and 17th.

Trophies will be awarded at the Awards Banquet on December 2. In early December we also will play our Member-Member Tournament (8th and 9th). Our Christmas Luncheon takes place in the restaurant right after the second day of the MemberMember. At this luncheon the new officers will be sworn in. Members will also be receiving birdie and hole-in-one pins. Our other Thursdays continue with various games, chipin contest and closest to the pin. Paula Lafreniere keeps us on our toes with lots of different ways to play 18 holes. Paula tries to mix the groups, when possible, so we have a chance to play with all the members.

Anyone new to Del Tura: We are always looking for new members. Our membership chairperson is Micki Sullivan. Contact Micki at 567-2975 if you are interested in joining. She has all the information and can answer your questions. LEGA and Invitationals are posted in the Dungeon. We organize car pools to the various courses. Lunch is always included. Prizes for LEGA are based on individual scores while Invitationals are team events. It is an enjoyable way to try another course and meet new people. October was Glow Ball. Who said older people have trouble with night vision? These golfers: Mary Ann and Floyd Light and Bob Wedge and Marlene Haag

had no problem winning first place! Then on November 5 the Unity Cup Challenge was held. We had four flights and the winners were: All women: Debbi Overholser and Lynne Miller. All Men: Steve Davy and Ron Fluet Mixed Flight l-Louise Bower and Jerry Leafer and Mixed Flight 2Steve and Carol Marra. (Now, just like last time, on Alternate shots Steve put me beyond trees on his very first shot but, after that, --and a little coaching!--we obviously did well.) Dreams do come true: By the time you read this the Election will be over and the Cubs did (they really did!) win the World Series. With that bit of good news, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!

9-Hole Women’s Golf Association


By Maureen Monroy It’s usually just about 7:30 on Sunday evening when the e-mail from Marsha Hinchberger comes through announcing the Gameof-the-Week. If you are new to DTNHWGA, and wonder what the various games are, this might help. Low Gross: This is your total score (total strokes plus any penalty strokes) without adjustments. Low Net: This is your total score minus your course handicap (printed on the scorecard). Count your Putts: Below your score, keep track of putts on each hole. For the DTNHWGA, once a player starts putting, the first putt and all remaining strokes on that hole are considered “putts” – even if you go off the Green. Tee-to-Green: Below your score, keep track of the number of shots it took to get onto the Green on each hole. 3 Clubs and a Putter: You can only have three clubs and a putter in your cart. Think about

what course we’re playing in selecting the clubs. Drop Your Worst Hole: Keep your total score. At the end subtract your worst hole. We have a variation on this game where you have to choose the hole you are going to drop before the game begins. O.N.E.S.: Keep your total score. At the end add up the scores for the holes that begin with the letters O.N.E.S. (one, six, seven, eight & nine). Scramble: Each member of the team tees off. The best tee shot is chosen and marked. All the players will hit from within one club length of the marked spot. Team members continue hitting the best shots until one player hits the ball in the hole. . (Putts need to be hit from within three inches of the marked spot). Best Ball is often confused with a Scramble. Best Ball is a team game. Each player plays their own ball. The lowest score at the conclusion of each hole counts as the team score.

Alternate shot: We play Alternate Shot for the Couples Challenge. Both members of the 2-person team play the same ball. Each player drives the ball, and the player whose ball was not selected hits the second shot. The players continue to alternate until the ball is in the hole. There are several variations of the alternate shot game. We typically play the format where both golfers tee off on every hole. Players then alternate shots until the hole is finished. Both players tee off at the next hole. Match play can be played by individuals or by teams. We play individual Match Play for our President’s Cup Tournament. Each player counts the strokes taken on a given hole. The golfer with the lowest score wins that hole. Points are accumulated, with one point for winning a hole and 1/2 each for a tie. A match can end in fewer than nine holes if one player is up by more holes than are left to be played.

The Tower |

23 • 941.349.0194 • December 2016 • Island Visitor Publishing, LLC


By Jack Blevons It is the time of the month to get my letter written again. The days really fly by fast. Our season started last week on Friday the 4th. Most everyone is back with a few exceptions and we were able to find subs to play in their place. We had a gorgeous day to play our three games. Almost perfect weather to be outside playing shuffleboard. I do remember in years past, not playing in November but maybe in the first or second month of the New Year, playing when it was so cold that when you looked at how people were dressed, you would have thought we were playing up in Wisconsin or Minnesota! No thank you, I don’t want to be up there in Janu-

ary or February! Anyhow, we had a beautiful day to play last week and looking forward to a lot more of those Fridays. With having played just one week as of this writing, I’m not going to post flight-standings in this letter but will do it in the January Tower because by then we’ll have played a total of five weeks which equals out to fifteen games. I hope everyone enjoyed our Halloween decorations, which are now down and put away until next year again. We did notice some people taking pictures of our yard so I am thinking they enjoyed seeing our display. We also decided we will put up our Christmas display with the hopes that our stuff won’t get destroyed by the feral

cats that seem to congregate close by and the other wildlife we occasionally see in our yards. We spent about $60 treating the yard before Halloween so will have to spend that much again after our Christmas display goes up. Hopefully it will keep everything out of our yard. We put our displays up for the enjoyment of everyone in our community as well as their guests and the visitors who come too. We have received so many compliments as well as “thank-you” and that is why we spend a week in getting it all up and another week to take it all down again. In closing today, Janet and I would like to wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2017.

Men’s Golf Association By Jay Flanagan The snowbirds have returned from their annual northern retreat but it appears they have brought some great weather with them. After putting up with the every day rains at any time during the day and the constant heat, it might be possible to shoot some reasonable scores. The added competition of the winter residents appears to have an effect on all players and the resulting scores continue to plummet. Accordingly, the first tournament of the season, the President’s Cup, produced some low scores and some great matches. In the kick-off tournament of the season, the line-up included 2 flights from the Blue Tees and 3 flights from the White Tees. There was also a single flight for those members that play 9 holes. The results of these flights were competitive with most matches coming down to a great made putt. In the first flight on the Blue Tees, Jack Howard and Jerry Beiermann came through to meet in the final. Howard beat Vaughn Wedge 1 up and Beiermann best-

ed Dave Denman 4 and 3. In the final Howard got up early and held on for 2-1 victory and the championship. The final in the 2nd flight of the Blue Tees resulted in the longest match of the finals as Dick Boesel was able to edge Roy Schuetz on the 20th hole to win this division. Schuetz beat Jim Erion 5 and 3 and Boesel kocked out Randy Gottsacker to reach the championship. In the White tee flights, again competition was close. Flight one saw Jack Medeiros besting Desi Pedersen (3 and 2) to reach the finals against Tony Oliver who got by Marcel Bedard (2 up). Medeiros then went on to beat Oliver on the final hole of the match for the win. In Flight 2, Dave Csuy stayed on a hot streak throughout the tournament as he beat Jay Flanagan (6 and 5) to make the final and then topped Neil Miller 7 and 5 for the win. Miller got by John Cook (2 and 1) to reach the final. In Flight 3, Lou Rotolo was able to get by Bill Immoor on the last hole for the blue ribbon. The results of the 9-hole championships showed Glenn

Tointon getting on top of Chet Lowrey by the score of 4 and 3 to best the 9 entries in the division. In other MGA news, a nominating committee is searching for a slate of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. If you are interested in any of these positions, please see Roger Rockenbaugh or Randy Finnerin, and let them know. The tournament schedule has also been announced and will be as follows; the Low Net/Low Gross will take place on December 7 and 14. The Bloody Mary Open will be, as always, on January 1 and will be followed by the Jack and Jill on January 4 and 5. The Member-Member is set for February 15 and 22 with the Member-Guest returning to its normal calendar dates on March 3 and 4. We will complete the season with the Club Championship on March 15, 22 and 23. “The Annual Awards Dinner was on Friday, November 2. The meal was provided by Anthony’s On the Green and music by Colton James.”

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Specializing inHome Parts Warehouse! Your Mobile Air Conditioning • Auto Electric • DOORS • Brakes • A/C UNITS 14940 N. Cleveland Ave. • Suspension • Low-E WINDOWS Ft. Myers, FL 33903 • Free A/C PRODUCTS Checks • ALUMINUM M-F 8-5pm, Sat. 9-3pm • And TUBS More... • 54”x27” / SHOWERS LIC#: CAC1818340

Your Mobile Home Parts Warehouse! Amigos Preseason Information • DOORS • A/C UNITS

will be retuning should al- Ave. the months of January, February By Jay Flanagan 14940which N. Cleveland Low-E WINDOWS The •Del Tura Amigos men low them to be competitive once and March at 5:30 p.m. Ft. Myers, FL 33903 Directions to see the games is again. softball •team has begun condiALUMINUM PRODUCTS The Amigos will open Sat. the seationing and preseason practices M-F 8-5pm, 9-3pm as easy as right, right, left, that is: • 54”x27” / SHOWERS son on January 4, 2017, against ri- after going north on 41 past Tuckin an attempt to readyTUBS themselves for the defense LIC#: of theirCAC1818340 champion- val Lake Fairways with all league ers Grade, take a right on Taylor games played at the Carmalita and follow to the second stop light ship season of last year. The team that went 16 wins Recreation Center in Punta Gorda (Airport) and take a right. Follow and 2 losses to triumph in the on Mondays and Wednesdays. Airport to Florida (do not cross Mark and Mary Ford League for The season’s schedule is set for the overpass for I75) and go left. the first time, will also be looking The fields are to your left on the to continue the success they have corner of Florida and Carmalita. had over the past five seasons. The ride takes 22 minutes and 46 The Amigos have compiled seconds. an 82–13–2 during that period The team has had great sup• DOORS and are considered one of the port from the community over elite squads in the 8 team league • A/C UNITS the past the includes Buccaneer, Herit14940 N. Cleveland Ave. years and they are hoping • Low-E WINDOWS that this will continue during this age, Herons Glen, Lake Fairways, Ft. Myers, FL 33903years fight for another championOld Bridge, Pine Lakes and Tara • ALUMINUM PRODUCTS Woods. M-F 8-5pm, Sat. 9-3pm ship. • 54”x27” TUBSall/ SHOWERS It appears that almost of the members of the CAC1818340 2016 squad LIC#:

Your Mobile Home Parts Warehouse!

GO AMIGOS! This communication will serve to announce the annual

Health And Wellness Expo

Your JANUARY Mobile Home Warehouse! FRIDAY, 20, Parts 2017 FROM 9:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.

The Expo is open to Del Tura residents and there is no fee to attend. Please come and enjoy over 45 providers with: • DOORS




Your Mobile Home Parts Warehouse!

• DOORS For more information,or if you would like to join the committee, or if you have any • A/C UNITSsuggestions/request for specific healthcare vendors 14940 N. Cleveland Ave. Contact Joyce Lienert, Committee Chair, 973-714-4117 • Low-E WINDOWS Ft. Myers, FL 33903 • ALUMINUM PRODUCTS (HOA Sponsored) M-F 8-5pm, Sat. 9-3pm • 54”x27” TUBS / SHOWERS LIC#: CAC1818340

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Make your home cooler. Call for a free estimate.




• Energy • Energy efficient. • Gives • Gives you a clear view outside and and privacy looking in! • Up • Up to 80% total solar energy rejection rejection and reduced glare.

Dr. Robert Hooper Board Certified • Doctor of Audiology Since 1975



(239) 850-4737


Mobile Pet Grooming Aaron Nelson

1876 N. Tamiami Trail (Old Business 41 - Weaver’s Corner)

Ellsworth Heating & Cooling was founded in SW Florida 48 years ago, making it one of the oldest and most reliable family owned and operated air conditioning companies in the county. T IC S O N G IA Started as a one-man operation 10% D in 1968 by George Ellsworth Sr., t ion n e M the company rapidly became You When his Ad! highly trusted for its exceptional T personal service and solid dependability. Today, Ellsworth Heating & Cooling is one of the most respected businesses in SW Florida.

T N U O C DIS 1/17

106 W. Hancock Bridge Pkwy. (Santa Barbara/Publix Center)

NORTH FT. MYERS 997-2414


2/17 5/14

CAPE CORAL 800-3203



Please Support Our Advertisers

• Here’s why $19 - $69 per month/aid • Affordable plans to fit any budget • Free batteries for lease duration • 5 yr. loss and damage coverage • 5 yr. repair warranty including parts & labor • Manufactured and repaired on site • Replaced/Upgraded every 5 yrs.

FF 10%50 O SQ FT.


Lease Your Hearing Aid

CMC 1205389 ER0001803 CAC057214

1905 N. Tamiami Trail -



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Del Tura Country Club Save Our Strays By Sherry Plisch Welcome to December! We hope you will all enjoy a great holiday season here in Del Tura. Thank you for coming out to support the “Junk in the Trunk” event and the Del Tura Country Club Save Our Strays (SOS) Bake Sale. Our SOS volunteers had a successful fall. We trapped fourteen cats and kittens and them spayed/ neutered and vaccinated with a long-term rabies shot. Del Tura residents adopted three of them. Three socialized kittens were surrendered to “A Roof for Roofus” rescue organization, which finds homes for them through their program. The rest of them were released back into Del Tura, where they will live out their days being cared for by the registered Caregivers in our community. These cats will have their left ear tipped, which is the universal sign that



10/11/16 Judy Sharpe Chuck Carothers 10/18/16 Mark Taylor Lacy Arnett Priscilla Peterson (tie) Chuck Carothers 10/25/16 John Peterson Zella Hoyt Louisa Vaillancourt 11/1/16 Judi Sharpe Donna Simmons Audrey Person 11/8/16 Kathy Boesel Leon Buss Donna Simmons

10/12/16 Bette Buscher Henry Dzedzej 10/19/16 Lacy Arnett Henry Dzedzej 10/26/16 Pat Wagner Chuck Carothers 11/2/16 Rocco Guereri Pat Wagner Henry Dzedzej 11/9/16 Pat Wagner Henry Dzedzej Dick Boesel

By Marcella Carothers

By Marcella Carothers

signals that cat has been spayed or neutered. If you are interested in becoming a registered Caregiver, you may contact Sherry Plisch, 239567-0538 or Karen Azza, 239220-0563. SAVE THE DATE: Fourth Annual Cats PJ’s Fund-raising Dinner

March 11, 2017 at 5:00 pm in the Starlight Ballroom More information will be in the January The Tower. Anyone interested in helping please contact Sherry or Karen. Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy Holiday Season!

THE DEL TURA REPERTORY COMPANY SUITEHEARTS, SUITEHEARTS, SUITEHEARTS No this is not a typo. All will be explained, so come to Coffee Hour on Tuesday mornings. THE DEL TURA REPERTORY COMPANY is going into rehearsals very soon. We are going to bring you a side-splitter of a comedy. This is my 14th year as director and I am so excited to bring this gem to you. All you have to do is buy a ticket for $14 and you will have a great evening of entertainment. We run from February 22 until February 25, 2017. Tickets will go on sale at Coffee Hour on Tuesday January 31 for HOA members. Our box office opens for everyone on February 1 from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. (731-1669) and also at Coffee Hour on subsequent Tuesdays. Jacqueline Keen

The Tower |

27 • 941.349.0194 • December 2016 • Island Visitor Publishing, LLC


Del Tura Contact Info Blood Drive - Shannon Flory - Recruiter

Lee Memorial Blood Ctr.


Coffee Hour - Tues. AM coordinator

Nancy Adams



Kathleen Quigley



Barb Jones


Contractor Survey Results

Dennis Cottini


Del Tura Repertory Company

Jacquie Keen


Entertainment Committee Chair

Betty Ewing


Equipment Loans- Medical

Rich Symes

Loan Closet

Val Coache

Loan Closet - Alternate

Denise Rose

Feral Cat Information "SOS"

Karen Azza/Sherry Plisch

FISH - Friends in Service Here

Ginnie Benjamins, Pres.

FISH - Fruit Picking Contact

Rick Rudzik/Sherry Plisch

FMO Membership

Betty Ewing

731-1308 239-543-6425 or cell: 508-789-4245 815-222-6466 220-0563 or 5670538 322-9863 543-3662 567-0538 652-3909


• Locks Rekeyed • Locks Installed •

Louis Rivet CRL Del Tura Resident

Doris Meyer


HOA Office - 609 Sierra Madre (off Catalina)

Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m. - noon


Homeowners’ Issues/Grievances

Clubhouse Office



Ruth Blevins


Name Tags

Wendy Wells


Seminars (HOA Board President)

Alan Wells


Tower - Advertising -

Bob & Emy Stein


Tower - Editor

Doris Meyer


Tower - Delivery coordinator

Joyce Fischer


Veterans Contact

David Jacobs


Video Library

Elaine Schnur


Marlene De Graaf


Welcome Committee

Contracting, Inc.

ADDITIONS & REPAIRS Remodeling ~ Kitchens and Baths Vinyl and Stucco Siding Plumbing ~ Water Softeners, Heaters, Faucets Repipes, Toilets, Sinks, Etc.

Sound Systems David & Judy Jacobs


Jim Stenzel



Charles & Peg Note 731-5615 Doris Meyer 731-1937 Please email any changes to Pam Price at Pam’s phone is 239-567-7929.



“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.” – George Bernard Shaw


Don Davis


HOA Membership



Front Guard Gate


(239) 731-9240 CGC059985


Other Contact Numbers


Best Wishes For A Merry Christmas!

28 | The Tower Island Visitor Publishing, LLC • December 2016 • 941.349.0194 •

Good Timers’ Singles Club News


By Joyce Lienert “We inch up to Christmas – prepare, count days, keep secrets, watch for the signs. A red evening sky, every fleecy cloud on fire for a last few minutes before the winter night falls, still brings shouts, Look! Christmas is coming! The angels are baking!” Gertrud Mueller Nelson Although Christmas time is very busy, don’t forget to give yourself a meaningful gift. If you are single, take time to join the Good Timers’ Singles group. You can attend a monthly meeting as a guest. The meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. in the Jacaranda Ballroom at the Clubhouse. For further information, call Joyce Lienert at 973-632-1147. Yearly dues are $30.00 and the fee includes a free Christmas dinner celebration. Our next meeting will be held on December 6. A meeting of the Good Timers’ Singles Club was last held on

Tuesday, November 2nd. We wel- (HOA) has a board meeting the 2nd age involvement). ‘Like what?’ comed Linda Brawn as a guest. Wednesday of the month at 7:00 asked Lorna who was still rubShe moved here from Pennsyl- p.m. in the Starlight Ballroom. All bing her eyes (after balancing vania and is originally from New residents of the community are the checkbook). ‘As if they were York. She resides on Avenida Es- welcome to attend this meeting. laughing,’ said Peg (who is very corial. patient when answerAt the meeting we ing a lot of questions). “I earnestly wish that every good brought into life ‘I suppose they know it discussed our yearly Christmas Party, by the Christmas Christ be yours, that you may have a is Christmas Day,’ said which will be held on heart of cheers, a spirit of hope, a life of love for every Ann (who religiously Monday, December day in all the year.” gives money gifts every – George Eliot month, not just De12 at the Fountain Grille. Don’t forget cember). ‘Bells do not to bring a $1.00 gift. laugh, bells ring,’ said M. J. attended our meeting and The Choralaires will be sing- Joyce (who likes to make sure the discussed changes in Medicare; ing at the Christmas tree lighting meeting minutes are accurate). particularly Part D drug plans. on Saturday, December 10. Sev- ‘I think they laugh when they are Peg McTernan provided in- eral members of our group will be Christmas bells,’ said Joan (who formation presented at the HOA/ singing at this event. The Christ- knows how to deliver a little joy Tuesday morning coffee held this mas Cart Parade is on Sunday De- and happiness when needed).” A date. A few highlights included the cember 4. Bring out the decora- Child’s Christmas. Evelyn Sharp November events of Craft Fair, tions and ring the bells. (names of Ellie, Nancy and Nurse Mustache Ball, Junk in Trunk; “A merry Christmas, a merry changed from original text). and a Fashion Show in January Christmas, a merry Christmas, Lorna Callan is president (and and a Spaghetti Dinner on April 5. rang the Christmas bells across temporary treasurer) of our group Thank you Peg! the snow. ‘Why are the bells ring- and Nancy Skorlinski is viceMembers were reminded that ing like that?’ said Nancy (who president. I am secretary (Joyce the Home Owner’s Association asks a lot of questions to encour- Lienert). Joan Whaley has charge

of the Sunshine Committee and Ann Boncore runs the monthly 50/50 raffle. Peg McTernan faithfully presents a recap of information presented at Tuesday morning coffee sponsored by the HOA. Officers serve a term of one year. Election of officers will take place at our December meeting. Get well wishes were sent to Nancy Skorlinski presently recuperating from leg surgery. We have parties to celebrate our member’s birthdays. We celebrated November Birthdays for Zella Hoyt, November 10; Ann Boncore, November 12; Lillian Klopp, November 14; and Peg McTernan, November 27, at “Applebee’s” located on Route 41. Susan Baron organized the luncheon event. Thank you Susan. Happy December Birthday to Nancy Skorlinski, December 1; Linda Leeper, December 3; Alice Harris, December 4; and Brenda Blasie, December 13.

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29 • 941.349.0194 • December 2016 • Island Visitor Publishing, LLC

The Entertainment Korner By Bette Ewing Cheney A great big thanks to all of you who supported our summer events. Without your attendance, summer events would not fly. Kudos to the very special members of the entertainment committee for all their help. They are the backbone of our group. We were able to keep summer ticket prices low because profes-

sional performers need summer gigs during the off season and charge us less. This fall, we are presenting dances and shows by first class, renowned entertainers. They are in high demand by clubs and communities like ours and command higher prices for their performances. The New Year’s Eve Dance band, THE GREG MILLER

BAND is now charging premium prices and getting it. If we want the best entertainment here at Del Tura, we must charge for it, just to break even. Tickets go on sale at Coffee Hour on December 13 at 8:00 a.m. First day of ticket sales is for HOA members only. After this date ALL are welcome to purchase tickets.

Ballroom Dancing because of a planned event in the Starlight. Classes are free and open to anyone in Del Tura. Come and learn the Waltz, Swing, Rumba and Cha-cha. If you have any questions please call Cindy at 603-3988001 or email at cbaron50@ Come join us in the fun!


By Cindy and Ken Baron Ballroom dancing is back! Classes will be on Mondays in the Starlight Ballroom between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. The first class will be on Monday, February 6 and will continue each Monday for 8 weeks. The dates are February 6, 13, 20 and 27 and March 6, 13, 20 and 27. On March 13 we will move to one of the smaller ballrooms

January Birthdays & Anniversaries 1/1 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/8 1/11 1/12 1/13

William Koch Garry Biddinger Greg Wipperfurth William Zabkar Jim Carroll Jim Hinrichs Tony Oliver John Ruttman Dick Wuerderman Kathleen Boesel Pat Wagner Brian Lippard Rita Salman Helene Stell

1/14 1/15 1/17 1/19 1/21 1/22 1/23 1/24 1/25

Rich Symes Isabel Passinger Sandy Pladsen Gerald Sadowski Jeanne Smith Loraine Hernaez Marion Mulcahey Susan Highfill Jack O’Hearn Cheryl DeCara Donald Toth Doris Thurber Janet Hoffay Joe Heidecker

1/26 1/27 1/28 1/29 1/30 1/31

Ann DeGrande Jane Doyle Chuck Schnepper Mildred Hanrahan Maria Soper Victoria Clark Margaret Feiner Wayne Richmond Elsie Bergh Dorathy Biddinger Paula Major Karen Rivet


Happy Anniversary to... 1/2 1/9 1/14 1/13 1/16 1/17 1/18 1/19 1/20 1/25 1/26

Dave & Marianne Denman Jay & Liz Flanagan Jack & Donna Moore Dennis & Paula Major Tim & Carolyn McNeff Dino & Ann DeGrande Henry & Dalia Shahar Bob & Teddy Reid Dave & Trudy Wilson Dave & Betty Scheetz Brian & Roseann Lippard James & Norrine McLaughlin

57 years 29 years 61 years 49 years 25 years 48 years 50 years 36 years 43 years 49 years 31 years 69 years

The Red Hat Sizzlers Are Looking For NEW Members. If you are interested in joining us for lunch, please call Lynne Mack at 543-4084 (after 10:00 a.m. please).

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30 DAY RISK FREE TRIAL 30 Years In Cape Coral

Bingo, Bingo, Bingo By Linda Schoonmaker, BINGO Chairman

That’s right it is time to start marking your calendar’s for our Del Tura Thursday Evening BINGO. Get your lucky number in mind for our Pay the Queen, which is free to all of our players. Our Share the Wealth is back again this year as well as our ever popular Hot Ball. We have new games and will continue to grow as we gain new ideas. Each day will be a new adventure for us to enjoy. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Sales end at 6:45 p.m. Games begin at 7:00 p.m. Florida State law requires that all players must be 18 years of age or older.


Nobile Hearing Aid Center 231 Del Prado Blvd. S., #5 • Cape Coral, FL 33990 (2 Blocks South of Hancock)

w w w. n o b i l e h e a r i n g . c o m

experience counts

Del Tura resident realtor with 30 years of real estate experience serving all of Lee & Charlotte Counties. Member of the National Association of Realtors, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte and Miami board of realtors. Call me for a no-obligation market value of your home. I’m right around the corner...

Rose Genovese

Century 21 Birchwood Realty

239.850.9766 3/17

Licensed Florida Realtor

German Classes

By Wolfgang Weber Starting: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. Place: Card Room #1 And will continue every Wednesday thereafter. If you have an interest and would like to give it a try, send an email with phone number to: Mark your Calendars!

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NEWS ITEMS FOR “THE TOWER”, PLEASE USE ONLY THESE 2 e-mails ADDRESSES: OR (PLEASE SEND TO ONLY ONE) The Webmaster and HOA web site, use Use password DTCCHOA where applicable.

The Del Tura Phone Book is not compiled by “The Tower”. It is produced by Hometown America. Please contact the HT office 731-3433 for errors and omissions.

To list events on the internet, please e-mail, and submit pictures & text in digital form. Tower Delivery: HOA Board:

HOA - The Homeowners Association of Del Tura Inc. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Del Tura Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Please be aware that when you hire an unlicensed/uninsured person to do work at your home, you accept the liability.  



Phone: _______________________________________________________________________________ Owner Check Here: _______ Renters Check Here: ________ Dues: $12.00 U.S. annually for homeowners and renters. Make check payable to: HOA Del Tura. Mail or deliver to Doris Meyer, 246 Las Palmas Blvd., No. Ft. Myers, FL 33903, 731-1937. If mailed, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of HOA cards.



HOA - Tower Delivery Travel Plans

Please Do Not Deliver “The Tower” during the time I/We are away. Name: __________________________________________________________________________ Del Tura Address: _________________________________________________________________ Date-Will be away from: ____________________ Date-Will return on: _______________________ Please complete and return to the HOA Office.

For the correct listing of your

Birthday & Anniversary

e-mail to or return this form to the HOA OFFICE BIRTHDAYS Name: _____________________________ Address: ___________________________ __________________________ (Required) Phone #____________________(Required) Month (Spelled)____________Day: ______ Name: _____________________________ ANNIVERSARY Name: ______________________________ Month (Spelled)____________ Day: ______ Year married: ________________________ Number of years married as of 2016: ______

FMO - Membership Application: Name: _________________________________ Del Tura Address: _______________________ Phone: (_____) __________________________ Email Address __________________________ _____ 1 Year Membership $25.00 _____ 3 Year Membership $65.00 # Of registered Fl. voters in household:____ Non-Florida Address if Applicable: __________________________________ __________________________________ Which months do you NOT live in Florida: ___________________________________ Recruiter Name_______________________ Send To: FMO, P.O. Box 5300 Largo, FL 33779-5300

Anyone needing to borrow equipment from the Medical Equipment Loan Trailer please contact: Rich Symes at 731-1308, Neil Miller at 731-3628, or Rick Rudzik at 543-3662.

Island Visitor Publications, LLC

Publishers: Bob & Emy Stein To advertise in print, contact: Bob or Emy Stein at 941-349-0194 or email us at Contributing writers are acknowledged with bylines accompanying their submissions. Attribution for photos are not included unless supplied. We sincerely thank everyone for their contributions. Your articles help showcase the strong and diverse community that makes up Del Tura. The Tower is published monthly from October through May. Summer issues are condensed: June/July and August/September. All ads are subject to the approval of the publisher. It is the responsibility of the party placing any ad for publication in The Tower to meet all applicable legal requirements in connection with the ad such as compliance with town, county and state codes in first obtaining an occupational license for business, permitted home occupation, or residential rental property.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that when you hire an unlicensed/ uninsured person to do work at your home, you accept the liability. Island Visitor Publishing is not responsible for claims made by advertisers.

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Daily Activity Schedule Activity/Contact Information

The Daily Activity Schedule is updated on a monthly basis. Please submit any corrections or additions to Pam Price at 239-567-7929 or email - pam. prior to the 9th of each month. Thank you








Exercise Tai Chi , Marjorie Lord, 543-9072 Tura Zumba, Teddy Reid, 731-7251 Jane Fonda Aerobics, Teddy Reid Water Aerobics,North Pool,Oct-April, Marilyn Miller, 731-9934 Water Noodle Aerobics, North Pool, Marylou Buss, 612-718-7878 Yoga Relaxation begins Nov 3,Starlight Bllrm, Dea Wells 283-5603

8:00-9:15 9:15-10:00 10:00-10:45 11:00-12:00

Billiards, Men's, Harry Christopher, 997-7345 Billiards, Women's, Ann DeGrande, 989-2206 Nov-Apr Bocce, Oct-April, Isabel Albert, 518-209-5968 Bocce, Nov-April, Peggy Terrasi,, 603-236-2209 Bowling For Fun, Call Cheryl DeCara for location 543-8751 Golf, Men's 18 Hole League, Jay Flanagan, 543-1640 Golf, Men's 9 Hole League, Jack Riordan, Pres., 543-3753 Golf, Women's 18 Hole League, Jan Pedersen 636-887-1449 Golf, Women's 9 Hole League-Marianne Denman, 543-5968 Shuffleboard, Jack Blevons, 731-0892 Shuffleboard, open Shuffleboard, Open, Robyn Geren, 839-6674 Shuffleboard, Traveling Team, Dec-Mar, Glenn Tointon 920-309-1294 Softball, Punta Gorda, Jay Flanagan - 543-1640 Tennis, Mixed, Open - Dave Harting, 599-8575


8:00-9:15 9:15-10:00 10:00-10:45 11:00-12:00 11:00-12:00 5:00-6:15

8:00-9:15 9:15-10:00 10:00-10:45 11:00-12:00 11:00-12:00


Sports 1:00-3:00 6:30-9:30 3:00-6:00 3:45-5:30 2:00 8:00 9:00 8:30 8:30 1:00 9:00 2:30 12:30 5:30 8:00-10:00

5:30 8:00-10:00



Games Bingo - Oct-Mar, Linda Schoonmaker 543-9432, doors open at 6:15-Sales end 6:45 Starlight Ballroom Bingo - Starlight Ballroom - all year Bridge, Duplicate - Deloris Nelson - 731-9503 Bridge, Duplicate-Carol Marra 731-0845 Bridge, Open - Marjorie Davis - 543-4225 Bridge, Open - Sylvia White - 731-5168 Bunco,Poinciana Ballroom, All year,1st & 3rd Wed of each month Patti Watson, 608358-7709 Canasta - Norrine McLaughlin , 543-1276 Dominoes - June Malonson 652-4151 Euchre- Marcella Carothers - 731-3315 Farkle - Ruth Anten - 997-9779 Hand & Foot - Card Game, Betty Scheetz - 609-477-9147 Hand, Knee & Foot - Poinciana Mon, Card Room II Thur Mahjong - Marianne Denman - Card Room II, 543-5968 Mahjong- Dianne Bevilacqua- Card Room I, 567-2234 Mahjong- Ruth Anten - Card Room II, 997-9779 Mahjong- Rheta Kanen, 731-0809 May I - Card Game- Norrine McLaughlin -543-1276 Pinochle - Marcella Carothers, 731-3315

7:00-9:30 11:00-12:00 6:00-10:00 6:00-10:00 1:30-4:30 1:00-4:00 6:00 to finish 1:00-4:00 5:30 7:00-9:00 6:00 1:00-4:00 1:00

1:00 7:00 1:00-5:00 6:00

7:00 1:00-4:00 7:00-10:00

Other Activities & Clubs Wood Carving- Bernie Forsey, 217-6024 - Nov-May Blood Pressure Readings - before coffee in the Starlight Ballroom Ceramics, Janet Ragone, 543-7818 Choralaires- David Adams - 508-284-6107 - Nov-Mar Coffee & Social Hour - Starlight Ballroom Quilting/Sewing Club-Wendy Wells-309-360-1145, Starlight Bllrm Good Timers-1st wk of Month, Lorna Callan, 731-8348 Library - open every day-Barb Jones 543-6922/Kathleen Quigley 543-1067 Oil Painting - Gerri Robbins, 731-6390 Oct-May Card Making-Mary Kay Tointon 920-309-2121/Gay Dye-731-2633 Video Corner- check hours in the Library Computer Club-Marlene Eck 543-9249, 1st & 3rd Wed.

9:00-12:00 9:00-12:00

8:00-9:00 9:00-12:00 6:30 - 8:30 8:15 AfterCoffee Hr 5:00




1:00-4:00 9:00 1:00-3:00 1:45-2:45

The Tower |

33 • 941.349.0194 • December 2016 • Island Visitor Publishing, LLC

Classifieds PROFESSIONAL PAINTING - Without Professional Prices! Interior/Exterior, 27 years of experience, Power Washing, Home Maintenance and repairs! Del Tura resident. Call Jim Smith 239-247-1917 (nov17) AIRPORT? SHOPPING? ERRANDS? - Linda Storma, resident DEPENDABLE Call (239) 9979066 (jun/jul17) HOUSE CLEANING - Have your home cleaned by an efficient and trustworthy Del Turian who is reasonable and uses her own products. Call Judie (603)305-5955 or (239)7311373 (dec16) LOCKSMITH - Auto/Home Lockouts, Locks Repaired, Installed or Re-keyed. Del Tura Resident. Louis Rivet 5431434 (oct17) RIDES TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT - Gerald J. Dyer, 231 Las Palmas Blvd. 731-1696 (feb17) GARAGE DOOR AND OPENER TUNE–UP AND FULL SERVICES

- Call Jim O’Brien (resident) 239-849-1644 (may17) “PRESSURE WASHING” - Houses, driveways, walkways. Call Del Tura Resident. Bob at 954448-1171 (aug/sept17) HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE - reliable, honest, & friendly service. Del Tura resident. Call Karen @ 543-1434 (oct17) LAMINATES - wood rot, power wash, int./ ext. painting, plumbing, gutters, roofs cleaned. Res. Ref. Call Stan 731-9756 (jan17) AVON PRODUCTS - sold by Del Tura resident. Call Pat 239567-1567(Home) or 631-8384323(Cell) (dec16) RENTALS - Got a rental? Need a rental? Call John Belpulsi (239) 313-8029. Home & security watch, and notary service also available. (aug/sept17) CERTIFIED NURSE - I am honest and dependable. 7 years of experience. Will work with you in your home and take you to


Dr. appts., bathing, shopping, cooking, laundry. Call Patty Lewis: 239-321-3166 (jan17) HOUSECLEANING - Honest, dependable, efficient. Uses her own products. Excellent references. Carol Ann 239-2446526 (jun/jul17) ROOF/GUTTER CLEANING - Resident Randy Boling, 239-7705531 (oct17) GIRL FRIDAY - Reliable & Trustworthy. Housecleaning, etc. Del Resident. Call Linda 239560-1948. (feb17) SPACE MAKER Feeling cramped? Need space? Call Del Tura’s space organizer, Carol, 304-641-3782 (jan17) DO YOU NEED “JUST THE RIGHT PERSON”? - Our caring team can help you stay in your own home. Many options for meal prep, housecleaning, bathroom support, assisted-lift, nursing & more. 239-599.4221. (may17) LOOKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL

AND RELIABLE PAINTER - for inside painting only? I also do house cleaning duties. Reasonable prices. Del Tura references. Call Ismael at 239-4781076 (jun/jul17) FOR RENT - 2 bedroom / 2 bath available now. Golf cart included. Call Bill at 810-9905878 (mar17) WINDOW CLEANING - at Del Tura. Call Dave at 239-543-7370 or 239-222-1583. (dec16) KITTY SITTER - Devoted animal lover. Cat owner for 25+ years. Will come twice a day. Call 239-217-6011 (dec16) CLEAN AS A WHISTLE - Love a spotless home? Honest, experienced, and ready to give your home a professional cleaning. Call Sue (262)2244843. (feb2017) HOUSE FOR RENT OR SALE - Totally remodeled, furnished and brand new appliances, 2BD/2BA. Washer/dryer in unit. Golf cart included. Call

Angelo (Jan17)



RATES for classified ads will be as follows: 2 to 3 lines is $8.00/mo, or $50.00 if you pay for one year; 4 to 5 lines is $13.00/mo, or $100.00 for one year; and 6 to 8 lines is $20.00 /mo. No ad over 8 lines will be accepted. Deadline is the 15th of each month. Place ads by calling: 941-349-0194 or 941-539-0205 email: We use only one page for the classified ads. “The Tower” does not inform you when classified ads expire. However; the expiration date is at the end of your ad in parenthesis (mo/yr). Please make checks payable to: Island Visitor Publishing, LLC DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that when you hire an unlicensed/uninsured person to do work at your home, you accept the liability.

Please bring your new phone number to the HOA office and also email it to: moredor1034@AOL. com and it will be published.

Dorothy Biddinger ............................ 980-2775

Peggy McMillan ................................ 652-3942

Paul/Janet Coconis .................... 740-819-0196

Henry/Margaret Zanger .................... 543-3263

Steve/Sandra Gove .................... 603-387-5350

Otis/Jean Smith ......................... 239-984-5722

Happy Holidays

5/17 11/16

Evangelia Klonaris ..................... 727-452-6789

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Island Visitor Publishing, LLC • December 2016 • 941.349.0194 •

20 Years Experience

One Call Does It All!

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Pressure Washing John & Ellen Senes 239-573-7811

1/16 3/17

Home & Auto Insurance Medicare Supplements

ADMIRAL Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Call Us Today For The Facts And All Your


Please Support Our Advertisers

Dennis Agrusti Agent/Owner

4518 Del Prado Blvd., Unit 6, Cape Coral, FL 33904 Office: 239-574-7283 Cell: 239-810-6283 2/17


? 0 0 $5 ITH... W O D U O Y LD WHAT WOU

Think about the possibilities! With $500, you could go on a cruise for two, use it toward a shopping spree, or buy a flat screen TV – just to name a few.

Invite your friends to live at Del Tura, and you could earn up to $500* when they purchase a new home. Call 239-731-3330 for details! *Referral reward restricted to Hometown America residents. Customer must register the resident who referred them at time of their initial visit. Residents whose referral purchases a new or special-order home will receive up to $500. Residents whose referral purchases a Hometown America-owned inventory home will receive up to $300. Residents whose referral purchases a brokered home will receive up to $100. Residents who refer will receive money after closing of escrow. Other terms and conditions may apply. Call 239-731-3330 for more details.

Cruise for two

Two laptops

Domestic flight

Outdoor Grill

Patio Set


Flat Screen TV

Shopping Spree 12/16

Exp. 4/17

Deltura Resident 20 years experience/ Former Allstate Agent

The Tower |

35 • 941.349.0194 • December 2016 • Island Visitor Publishing, LLC





3.49 SF/INSTALLED $ From 1.79 SF/CASH & CARRY From



0Up%ToFINANCING** 2 Years

• Up To Lifetime Wear Warranty* • 100% Waterproof* • Floating Floor - Goes Over Tile & Laminate • No Subfloor Prep For Most Floors• • Attached Sound Reduction• - Most Styles

LAMINATE From 99¢ SF/Cash & Carry WOOD From $4.99 SF/Installed CARPET From $4.99 SF/Cash & Carry **On specific products and qualified customers. Other terms available.



18251 N. Tamiami Trail - N. Ft. Myers FL 33903 (Just North of Del Prado & Rt. 41) 239-217-0087 -

36 | The Tower Island Visitor Publishing, LLC • August / September 2016 • 941.349.0194 •

Del tura Tower December 2016  

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