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Classroom Supply List for 2012-13 GRADES 4 – 5 • 1 A4 hard cover notebook for writing (horizontal lines only) • 4 A4 notebooks with wide lines (Native Language, Foreign Language, Social Studies, and Science) • 7 sturdy A4 folders (1 for each subject) • 2 erasers • Colored pencils or colored markers • Ruler (with centimeters and inches if possible) • Pencil sharpener • Pencil case • Pair of scissors • Whiteboard/dry erase markers for individual whiteboards • Whiteboard eraser, sponge, or old sock • Pendrive (USB flashdrive), at least 2 G and labeled with student’s name • Water bottle with lid • Indoor shoes, non-slip • Change of clothes for PE: T-shirt, shorts or athletic trousers • Sport shoes for PE (non-marking)


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