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VOLUME 3 • ISSUE 2 • 2010 • SINGLE ISSUE $14.95

What’s Inside: New Colors and Materials

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Design Contest: The Results Are In

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Cladding the Ivory Coast Page 24

ICE 2010 Review

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2 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

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Please send letters to or to Letters, ISFA, 165 N 1330 W Unit A3, Orem, UT 84057 or fax to (801) 341-7361 attention: Editor. Include a telephone number and address (preferable email address). Letters may be edited for clarity or space. Because of the high volume of mail we receive, we cannot respond to all letters. Send queries about Countertops & Architectural Surfaces to or mail to ISFA, 165 N 1330 W Unit A3, Orem, UT 84057 or fax to (801) 341-7361 attention: Editor. Contacting ISFA Phone: (801) 341-7360 Toll Free: (877) 464-7732 Fax: (801) 341-7361 About This Magazine Countertops & Architectural Surfaces is published quarterly by the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA). Individual copies of Countertops & Architectural Surfaces are available at the non-member “newstand” price of $14.95. Countertops & Architectural Surfaces is also available by individual subscription at the following rates: ISFA non-members, one year (four issues) $30.00; ISFA members, one year free with every membership renewal. Special rates and charges apply for orders outside of the United States. Call for details. To subscribe, call (877) 464-7732. Printed in the United States of America. Copyright © International Surface Fabricators Association 2010. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reprinted or otherwise reproduced without publisher’s written permission. Countertops & Architectural Surfaces and The International Surface Fabricators Association assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. Materials will be returned only if accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. For change of address, please include old label with new information, including both old and new zip codes. Allow 3-6 weeks for address change to take effect. Periodicals postage rate is paid at the Lehi, Utah, post office as well as others. Opinions expressed by writers in this magazine are not necessarily the opinions of Countertops & Architectural Surfaces or the International Surface Fabricators Association, but rather those of the individual writers.

Postmaster: Send address change to Countertops & Architectural Surfaces magazine, 165 N 1330 W Unit A3, Orem, UT 84057. Photography: Photos in this publication may not depict proper safety procedures for creative purposes. ISFA and Countertops & Architectural Surfaces support the use of proper safety procedures in all cases and urge readers to take steps to institute such procedures. Photography Provided By: Smoke & Mirrors llc., Cosentino, Custom Counters by Precision. Magazine Credits Publisher & Editor Kevin Cole Creative Director Jeff Pease Contributing Editors Russ Lee ISFA Officers Of The Board Evan Kruger, President Hunter Adams, Vice President Ted Sherritt, Treasurer Joe Hoffman, Asst. Treasurer Kurt Bonk, Secretary Sid MacKay, Immediate Past President Russ Lee, Executive Director

M agazine Credits

Letters To The Editor Countertops & Architectural Surfaces welcomes Letters to the Editor. If you have questions about the magazine, or would like to make a comment, or voice an opinion about the magazine, ISFA, or the industry in general, please feel free to write to us.

ISFA Directors Mike Nolan, Director Mike Langenderfer, Director Martin Funck, Director Dave Paxton, Director Russ Berry, Director Michael Job, Director Michael Bustin, Director Harry Hollander, Associate Member Rep. Bryan Stannard, Associate Member Rep. ISFA Staff Russ Lee, Executive Director Jeff Pease, Art Director & Web Services Kevin Cole, Communications Director Sandy Milroy, Membership & Event Director Margaret Pettingill, Administrative Assistant Cover Photo: Cover photo was taken during the construction of the Abidjan Convention Centre in the Ivory Coast of Africa by CREA Diffusion.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 3

Table of Contents

ICE 2010 Review ICE 2010 was a success! Come experience it again. Page 48

Surfacing Beyond US Borders Check out some amazing examples of surfacing outside the U.S. Page 42

New Colors & Materials Judging by the wealth of new colors, designs and product innovations, decorative surfacing is alive and well. Page 28

Fabricator Profile Thierry Delles and CREA DIFFUSION push the limits of solid surface fabrication. Page 24

Departments 06 - From The Editor 08 - President’s Letter 10 - Executive Director’s Letter 12 - Safety Corner 14 - Calendar Of Events 16 - Industry News 19 - 5 Questions 22 - Shop Management Matters 56 - ISFA News 60 - Supplier Profile 62 - Product News 66 - Classifieds

Innovations In Design Competition The Innovations In Design Competition is all about stretching the limits decorative surfacing applications. Page 36

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Publisher’s note: By press time, we had not yet received materials for the quartz countertop ad slotted for this page. The team responsible for the ad is reported to have fallen into a deep and prolonged hypnotic state upon seeing samples of the new Noble collection from Samsung Radianz™ and have been heard murmuring the words, “mmm…sparkly.” In lieu of the ad, you can view the product at the website.

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FromThe Editor From the desk of Kevin Cole, Editor & Publisher, and ISFA Communications Director

Looking Back and Charging Forward Recent events in my life have been a catalyst for much reflection. I have spent many an hour thinking about the choices I have made. During that introspection, I have found peace and comfort in some of the things I have accomplished, but I have also thought about things I wished I would have done or done more of. And I have learned, sometimes painfully, that time isn’t always on your side. You don’t always get a second chance to do something you always meant or wanted to do. It may very well be important that you do something now, because in some cases the opportunity won’t be around later. I believe this is just as applicable to business as it is to everyday life. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” And in this troubling economy we’ve all been challenged by over the past few years, we have only to look around us to see examples of those who were unable to make it. Conversely, there are plenty of examples of those who tried and made it in a big way. Some of these success stories may be at your very own business, and others may require you to look beyond your fence or even beyond the horizon. And we’ve tried to give you a taste of what lies beyond that horizon in this issue of Countertops & Architectural Surfaces.

Cranke and Interfab found opportunities to push the boundaries. However, you don’t always have to look far and wide. Sometimes you can find these examples that separate a good company from a great one right in your own business, or just down the street. In every issue of this magazine are plenty of examples of those who went beyond the normal parameters and have accomplished great things. And if you don’t feel that you are among those greats, you hopefully know that you can be. You just have to take the chance and dig for it. Stop waiting for opportunities and make them when and where you can. I’m going to try to push myself so I won’t have to look back and wish. I hope you do the same. The time is now (Carpe diem!). As always, I look forward to your feedback. I N T E R N AT I O N A L S U R FAC E FA B R I C AT O R S A S S O C I AT I O N


Kevin Cole Editor & Publisher

We did some exploring and found some great success stories from abroad that we hope will inspire you to seize the day and push your boundaries. Our exploration took us to the Ivory Coast of Africa, where we found Thierry Delles and his company CREA DIFFUSION handling a very complex and inspiring project. It took us to Australia, where Arnold Trenkner and his business Arketique went beyond the typical by taking advantage of the translucent properties of solid surface. We also found an inspiring venture in Switzerland where Rosskopf & Partner engineered a spectacular project to showcase among the many others for which it is now well known. We also took a look at plenty of successes in the United Kingdom where David

6 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association


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ICE STONEXPO Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas, NV, October 22-24, 2009 Feb 8-10, 2010 Booth 1844 Circle Reader Service #03 on the Reader Service Page or go to ®

The Official Show of the International Surface Fabricators Association

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FromThe President From the desk of Evan Kruger, ISFA 2010-2011 President.

Looking Toward the Future First off I want to thank Sid MacKay, our immediate past president, for steadying the helm during an economically tough, and evolutionary time for ISFA. Speaking personally and on behalf of the ISFA staff led by Russ Lee and the board of directors, we thank you whole heartedly for a job well done. For me it is an honor to serve as ISFA president this year. When I think back about my involvement with our industry throughout the years, I can’t help but realize how very lucky I was to become an ISSFA member and I feel that way about becoming ISFA president as well. It sounds like a cliché, but I really want to give something back to the countertop and decorative surface industry that has given so much to me. ISFA already offers us the premier magazine of our industry, a comprehensive countertop and decorative surface resource Web site ( ), our own industry specific tradeshow (ICE) and an energized membership with renewed interest for local and regional chapters and events. With so much already happening, I’m not quite sure where I will get my chance to “give back,” but I’m darned sure going to try! The first ISSFA influence to my fledgling shop was getting a letter inviting me to subscribe to the brand new Solid Surface magazine. I sent in my $14 check, waited and waited, and then finally the first issue arrived. It was sparse on advertising and the typeset looked a little more than double spaced but, WOW, I was thrilled!! I read every word, twice!! I got so many ideas and so much inspiration from that magazine. Now, once again, I get that same feeling with our very own and very fine Countertops & Architectural Surfaces magazine, thanks to Kevin Cole’s capable efforts. I remember going to an early “ISSFA” meeting at Gus and Dottie Blume’s old shop near Pittsburg in 1996. I couldn’t believe how much I learned in one day. Someone there asked me will I be going to the first national ISSFA trade show and meeting in Las Vegas coming up in a few months. I thought about it for a second and said “Go all the way to Las Vegas? Heck no!” Well, my attitude and luck were about to change because a fellow association member convinced me to go. I took my entire staff

(all 3 of us) and we came away fired up with ideas and new tricks and new tools ready to grow the business. Now, once again, we have our own show and in a venue geared for networking and idea swapping, just like the old days. I witnessed that enthusiasm and feeling of camaraderie amongst many new and old members a few weeks ago at the ICE show. It’s one of our original traditions, and its value should never be underestimated. My first official position with ISSFA was as Maryland state chapter director about 10 years ago. The state chapters faded for a time and now we are seeing renewed interest in forming new chapters. I want to congratulate our Arizona members for making the commitment and being the first state to form an official chapter. Who will be the next great state? I can tell you from experience, getting together with fabricators from your area is a very rewarding thing to do. It may seem a little strange to be sharing ideas with folks you sometimes bid against, but the upside far outweighs this in the local and regional knowledge you will gain. In the past, state meetings led to new work for my shop from other fabricators that wanted to farm out certain types of jobs. It’s a win-win everyone should consider. We didn’t have a Web site back in the old days, but we sure do now. In the last year or two, www. has become a place not only for fabricators but also for all information about countertops and decorative surfaces, as well as a source of job leads that benefits each ISFA member. It is a place where the consumer can go, educate themselves and find a nearby qualified ISFA fabricator all in one site. It is where builders, architects, designers and specifiers go for the resources they need for upcoming projects and how to find the best fabricators on the planet to make their ideas come to life. So here we are with our magazine, Web site, trade show and new state chapters beginning to form; ISFA has all this to offer and more. So when I asked myself, “How will I give back to the industry?” and considered all that is going on, I really am not quite sure yet. I want your feedback to answer that question. How can ISFA be more helpful to you and your business? What do you like and what do you dislike? Please let me hear your thoughts and maybe we can build a better ISFA together. I N T E R N AT I O N A L S U R FAC E FA B R I C AT O R S A S S O C I AT I O N


Evan Kruger ISFA President

8 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Reliable and Direct Distribution

Yellow Dream




Piazza Carrara

Tuscany Brown


Giallo Quarry

is Now a Little Closer to You.





R L I Q U m a r b l e by



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FromThe Executive Director From the desk of Russ Lee, Executive Director of ISFA, Charter Fabricator Member (1997) and Industry Partner (2007).

The Only Good Meeting I confess I’m not much of a “meetings” kind of guy. Deep down inside I think I secretly believe that many meetings are held as a substitute for actually getting something done; kind of a twist on the rather cynical “Those who can’t . . . teach” idiom, i.e., “Those who don’t . . . meet.” Of course, in many cases – in most cases, in fact – that bias is clearly wrong, especially in the case of teachers. But I have sat in enough non-effectual meetings (to my way of thinking) over the years to reinforce the rather arrogant pre-conceived notion that the only good meeting is the one that was never held. The notable exception to that highly subjective and often erroneous bias has been, for me, countertop fabrication training of any sort. In my early days as a fabricator, if there was a training session or meeting that touched on the craft of countertop fabrication you could count on me being there. Sadly, I believed then that the entire secret of my success as a fabricator lie solely in my abilities as a craftsman – to the near exclusion of everything else. Now, decades later, I look back on a string of missed financial opportunities that negatively impacted my creative abilities, not to mention my own personal wealth. What I didn’t want to acknowledge then and have recently had the opportunity to observe firsthand multiple times in my position at ISFA, is that planning for success always precedes the actual event. In fact (and this was a real eye opener for me), non-craftsmen who know how to make and execute a plan, are more often involved in the really creative, trend-setting, envelope-pushing projects than many “authentic artisans.” Plus, they enjoy, on average, a higher standard of living and a quality of life filled with opportunities I could only dream about.

right direction. For that it takes guidance – mentors, peer counselors, concerned friends, colleagues – whatever you want to call it. The truth is that you don’t necessarily need to rub shoulders and compare notes with other countertop professionals to be successful, but it sure helps speed up the process and greatly reduces the learning curve. There’s one more extremely valuable secret to success I have learned over the years: get involved. For some people, like me, that might mean overcoming a natural tendency toward shyness. When we allow others to serve in our industry without becoming involved ourselves, we miss out on valuable opportunities to learn, to network and to collaborate. If you volunteer in your community or church you already know the benefits of serving often include opportunities for growth and personal gain above and beyond the ostensible reason for serving. The same goes for industry involvement. Those I know who serve or have served in ISFA claim without reservation they get many times more out of their service than what they put in. That’s a pretty good return on investment in anyone’s book. So, here’s the bottom line: ISFA wants you to be profitable. I believe ISFA has the tools, the knowledge, the programs and the opportunities for growth to help you become profitable and prosperous. Like so many things in life, no one will force you to take advantage of any of it. But if you are willing to put forth the interest and the effort, I can guarantee you a return far beyond your expectations. Call me and I’ll be happy to give you my take on it. Or let’s set up a meeting in your hometown with other industry pros. That’s one meeting I’ll be sure not to miss. I N T E R N AT I O N A L S U R FAC E FA B R I C AT O R S A S S O C I AT I O N


Russ Lee Executive Director, ISFA

So, when we say the mission of ISFA is to help its members become more profitable, it rings particularly true for me in a very personal way. Another golden lesson I have learned through ISFA is that very few of us are born with business smarts oozing out of our pores. Not only that, most of us initially don’t know which questions to ask or even how to point ourselves in the 10 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

YES, Mrs. Smith. We’ll be there on the first.

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SafetyCorner From the desk of David Mack, Senior Account Executive of Schechner Lifson Corporation.

What Is Loss Control? Loss control is a term used in the insurance industry that basically means controlling accidents, injuries and losses. A loss control department is most concerned with reducing the number and severity of injuries and accidents. Insurance loss control divisions will help fabricators by providing safety training materials, hazard identification and on site consultations. Why? Because they know that when their clients have fewer accidents and losses are reduced, employees are more productive and both the client’s and the carrier’s profitability rises. This is truly a great example of a win-win situation. You shouldn’t use loss control services because your carrier offers it free of charge. You should use it because ultimately, if you don’t use it you will pay for it. Whether you use a loss control department or not can be the difference between extremely valuable or very expensive. There are several key concepts to keep in mind when designing and implementing a comprehensive loss control program. At the management level, reports should be required on accident and exposure investigation and safety inspection committee progress. Consider these questions: Are results considered part of performance measures? Are basic operational procedures customized to your individual processes? Does employee selection include background, reference and prior employment checks? Does new hire training include position description, hazard identification, communication procedure and review programs? Do you have first aid available? Who investigates losses? How and when? When do you inspect and test automatic sprinklers and other fire control methods? What are your emergency evacuation plans? How are these concepts disseminated to your staff? Specific duties and accountability need to be organized, reported and recorded. Tracking results for realizing benefits of a good loss control program will justify the extra time and effort. Basic loss control measures should lead to fewer injuries, less damaged material and equipment, lower operating and replacement costs and lower insurance premiums overall! Minding the Shop Review your potentially hazardous exposures continually and consistently. Make sure the floor is clear of debris and there is sufficient lighting.

Regularly check electrical outlets, power extension cords and make sure that ground-fault indictors are fully operational. Are any power tools, machines or equipment in need maintenance and/or repair? Have your workers removed the machine guarding? Where there is loud noise, are your employees wearing ear protection? Is fire protection equipment accessible and are employees trained in the use in case of an emergency? Are fire exits clearly marked? Is your forklift operator properly trained and has the forklift been inspected recently? Is there proper ventilation and do your fabricators that work with stone and/or quartz surfacing wear well-designed and properly-fitted respirators at all times? Be Prepared Always plan ahead for potential emergencies. An evacuation plan will help your employees move to the nearest exit quickly in case of an emergency. They will need two pre-planned, primary and secondary, evacuation routes clearly marked, well lit and clear of materials and equipment at all times. Make available a list of telephone numbers including fire, police, ambulance, hospital, employees, owners, insurance agent, insurance carrier, customers and suppliers, etc. Make sure you back up critical data and protect important papers and keep additional copies at an off-site location. Is your physical location prone to natural catastrophes? Take measures to minimize potential damage by flood, wind and earthquakes. Be sure that you understand what your insurance policy covers and especially what it does not cover! Most policies exclude floods and earthquakes, and some have high deductibles for wind damage. Once you have identified exposures and potential catastrophes, you can make an informed decision about buying additional coverage. In most cases the premium is affordable. Just make certain you make a decision you are able to live with in the event of a disaster! If you would like more information, you may contact me personally for more details on safety awareness, safety training, consumer safety, return to work programs, workplace violence, workplace fire safety, controlling contractual liability and facility safety inspection check lists. I N T E R N AT I O N A L S U R FAC E FA B R I C AT O R S A S S O C I AT I O N

David Mack joined Schechner Lifson in 2006, before which he managed a small insurance agency in Plainfield, N.J. He has a BA in education from Kean University and is a New Jersey certified Teacher of the Handicapped. He worked as a volunteer for Youth at Risk as a Team Leader in charge of training and fundraising. He can be reached at 908-5987875 or

12 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

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Calendar of Events AZ School of Rock Basic Fabrication Training May 3 – 6 Gilbert, Ariz. 480-309-9422 CCI GFRC for Concrete Countertops 201 May 6 – 7 Raleigh, N.C. 888-386-7711 SFA Owning Your Market Workshop May 6 – 8 Farmington Hills, Mich. 248-477-4044 Buddy Rhodes Two-Day Concrete Training May 7 – 8 Sebastian, Fla. 772-646-0545 Buddy Rhodes Three-Day Concrete Training May 12 – 14 San Francisco, Calif. 877-706-5303

Calendar of Events

CHENG Three-Day Professional Concrete Countertop Training May 14 – 16 Atlanta, Ga. 510-849-3272 CHENG Three-Day Professional Concrete Countertop Training May 17 – 19 Berkeley, Calif. 510-849-3272 ISFA Total Fabricator Training May 17-20 Orem, Utah 877-464-7732 CCI Intensive Concrete Countertops 101 May 17 – 21 Raleigh, N.C. 888-386-7711 Park Industries Thin Stone Conference & Expo May 19 St. Cloud, Minn. 800-328-2309 CarraraMarmotec May 19 – 22 Carrara, Italy +39-058-578-7963 Park Industries Digital Stone Profiling Expo May 20 St. Cloud, Minn. 800-328-2309

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AIA National Convention and Design Expo June 10 – 12 Miami, Fla. 888-242-2824

SFA Importing/Marketing Workshop Sept. 2 – 4 Morris, Ill. 815-942-3347

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AZ School of Rock Basic Fabrication Training Sept. 7 – 10 Gilbert, Ariz. 480-309-9422

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CHENG Professional Mold-Making Workship May 20 Berkeley, Calif. 510-849-3272

ISFA Total Fabricator Training July 19-22 Orem, Utah 877-464-7732

CHENG Professional Fiber Reinforced Concrete Countertop Training May 21 – 22 Berkeley, Calif. 510-849-3272

CCI Intensive Concrete Countertops 101 July 19 – 23 Raleigh, N.C. 888-386-7711

Buddy Rhodes One-Day Concrete Training May 22 Poulsbo, Wash. 360-779-8814 Buddy Rhodes One-Day Concrete Training June 4 San Francisco, Calif. 877-706-5303 Buddy Rhodes One-Day Concrete Training June 5 Aberdeen, Wash. 360-533-4947 AZ School of Rock Basic Fabrication Training June 7 – 10 Gilbert, Ariz. 480-309-9422 CCI Concrete Countertop Master Class June 7 – 11 Melbourne, Australia 888-386-7711 14 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

MIA Education Seminar July 20 Calgary, Alberta, Canada 440-250-9222 MIA Education Seminar July 22 Denver, Colo. 440-250-9222 AZ School of Rock Basic Fabrication Training Aug. 2 – 5 Gilbert, Ariz. 480-309-9422 CCI Intensive Concrete Countertops 101 Aug. 2 – 6 Des Moines, Iowa 888-386-7711 SFA Shop Tech/Management Workshop Aug. 12 – 14 Bangor, Maine 207-947-7858

ISFA Total Fabricator Training Sept. 13-16 Orem, Utah 877-464-7732 CCI Intensive Concrete Countertops 101 Sept. 13 – 17 Raleigh, N.C. 888-386-7711 MIA Education Seminar Sept. 15 San Francisco, Calif. 440-250-9222 KBDN Industry Leadership Conference Sept. 21 Chicago, Ill. 800-827-8009, ext. 3322 MIA Education Seminar Sept. 22 Minneapolis, Minn. 440-250-9222 Marmomacc 2010 Sept. 29 – Oct. 2 Verona, Italy +39-045-829-8111 MIA Vermont Quarry Tours Oct. 6 - 7 Vermont 440-250-9222 CCI Intensive Concrete Countertops 101 Oct. 11 – 15 Raleigh, N.C. 888-386-7711 CCI Concrete Countertop Master Class Oct. 25 – 29 Melbourne, Australia 888-386-7711 CCI Intensive Concrete Countertops 101 Nov. 1 – 5 Des Moines, Iowa 888-386-7711 MIA Education Seminar Nov. 10 New York, N.Y. 440-250-9222 ISFA Total Fabricator Training Nov. 15-18 Orem, Utah 877-464-7732 CCI Intensive Concrete Countertops 101 Nov. 15 – 19 Raleigh, N.C. 888-386-7711 CCI Intensive Concrete Countertops 101 Dec. 13 – 17 Raleigh, N.C. 888-386-7711

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InTheIndustry In The Industry has the latest news and events for the decorative surfacing industry. Silestone, Hoffman Fixtures Support Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Build Silestone by Cosentino and Hoffman Fixtures Company donated time and materials to assist a needy family via the television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The episode, which is scheduled to air on ABC May 9, features a family in Tulsa, Okla., with a disabled son. Cosentino with hands-on involvement from Hoffman Fixtures Co. at the Starkweather family build site, has donated Silestone quartz countertops for the family’s kitchen, laundry room, kitchenette and master bathroom. Custom-fitting and installation services were performed by Hoffman Fixtures Co., which has been a working partner with Silestone for 10 years.

ISFA Reveals Mobile Phone Web Site for Countertops & Architectural Surfaces

The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) unveiled a Web site configured specifically for mobile phones that allows decorative surfacing professionals to read current and archived issues of Countertops & Architectural Surfaces magazine anywhere they can get a data connection. The address for the new site is www.mag. “Optimizing the magazine for mobile phones is the first step in making accessible anywhere you can access the Internet,” said Jeff Pease, ISFA creative director. “Ultimately, the full library of resource information and social media provided by ISFA will be available through your mobile phone. It’s just one more way ISFA strives to be more relevant in the lives of its members.”

Lansen Becomes Karran, Announces Distribution Partnerships

Karran previously sold its 100 percent acrylic sinks under the Karran brand name and its stainless steel and quartz sinks under the Lansen brand name. However, because the Karran name is more established, having been around for more than 15 years and Lansen is

16 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

relatively new at only 4 years, the company has decided to combine all of its products under the “more powerful” Karran brand name. Over the next few months all Lansen products will be rebranded under the Karran name. No models or model names/codes are changing. Profile, Select, Elite, Q and Edge series of sinks will remain under these series names but from now on they will be Karran, not Lansen. Karran has also announced a partnership with Louis and Company as a distribution partner in the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. The company also announced it has entered into an exclusive arrangement with A & M Supply Corporation. All of Karran’s Florida customers will be serviced by A & M Supply Corp. through one of their many Florida locations.

Colonial Saw Teams Up with J&G Machinery

Colonial Saw Inc. has partnered with J & G Machinery to distribute STRIEBIG Vertical Panel Saws in the Carolinas and Southern Virginia. As a new dealer, J & G will provide sales, service and parts for the full-line of Swiss made saws. Founded in 1966 by Johnny Johnson, J&G Machinery remains a family-run business that is located on its original site in Sanford, N.C. Today, its 55,000-sq.-ft. operation provides a showroom for machinery demos, company offices and a warehouse.

DuPont Launches iPhone App for Surfaces

DuPont is changing the way consumers, architects and designers can choose their surfaces by creating mySurface, the first iPhone application of its kind in the surfacing industry. Among the features of the mySurface app: • Searching for Corian solid surface and Zodiaq quartz surface colors by hue, providing a color swatch that fills the screen along with information on how to order a sample. • Paperless access to all 130 colors of Corian and more than 60 colors of Zodiaq. • A fun and easy way for consumers to match countertop colors with their kitchen and bath designs with an all-in-one tool. DuPont will provide updates and enhanced features to the app on a regular basis. Currently, mySurface is available only in the United States.

LG Student Design Challenge with Aloft Hotels Underway

LG Hausys Surfaces and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. have collected entries for the 2010 LG Hausys Surfaces Student Design Challenge with Aloft Hotels. The contest challenges students throughout North America to design solid surface innovations for the hospitality industry, capturing the theme “Where Life Happens.” Contestants are encouraged to utilize bold, modern design techniques that embody elements of Starwood’s Aloft Hotels brand. Five student finalists will be invited to Boston to present their designs to a panel of judges comprised of leading architects, designers and media from the hospitality industry. The panel will announce the three grand prize winners of the challenge, who will move on to see their concepts come to life at the 22nd annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City. The final designs will be displayed in one of 40+ global Aloft locations. Student designers were asked to enter their fully conceptualized submission, specifying material and color from among the solid surface product lines by LG Hausys Surfaces: HI-MACS, Spectrum, Lucent or Eden. The designs were to address the needs of today’s forward-thinking travelers, making the Aloft Hotels experience easy, fun, and social, while demonstrating the evidence of understanding solid surface fabrication and design. “This program is completely inclusive—allowing students to take their personalized design and work with our world class fabrication partners, meet representatives from the Aloft design team

and LG Hausys Surfaces. Each student finalist will get a chance to see their idea turn into a stunning, fashion-forward design suitable for one of the hottest emerging hotel brands,” said Michael Tasch, commercial marketing director for LG Hausys Surfaces North America.

IWF Announces Exhibitor Count

According to a release by the International Woodworking Fair (IWF), the show, which will be held Aug. 25 to 28 at the Georgia World Congress in Atlanta, has contracted with 700 exhibitors. “It’s difficult out there and we understand the challenges everyone is facing as the whole industry looks for ways to move from treading water to heading upstream. The fact is we have 700 companies that are making a strong statement by deciding to invest their marketing dollars in IWF 2010 to reach their potential buyers and we will do everything we can to ensure they do,” said Riccardo Azzoni, IWF 2010 Chairman and President of Atlantic Machinery Corp.

Since the early 60s, Daubert has been an innovator in the formulation of adhesives for manufacturing. For example, the company formulated a two-part epoxy designed for flat laminating, used predominantly in the furniture and consumer electronics markets. A more recent example was Daubert’s discovery that manufacturers needed a more versatile and fast setting adhesive for profile wrapping, edge banding and composite panel lamination. In response, Daubert chemists formulated new adhesive products, such as the Daubond PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive line. “Waiting for the adhesive to set or spending too much time staging the laminate costs money,” said Dick Bramwell, VP of sales. “For the laminate industry, we’ve added value by giving them an adhesive that allows faster production, maximum performance, longer runs, better engineering and even new markets.”

“There are exhibitors who have had to make some very difficult choices, and we understand that and respect their decisions and look forward to these companies exhibiting at IWF again in the future,” added Patrick LaFramboise President & CEO of IWF. IWF will conduct 21 sessions at the 2010 Technical Conference and 5 conference tracks such as; Business Management, Production Strategy, Manufacturing Techniques, Green/ Environmental and Non-Wood bases sessions. IWF will also feature industry specific half day and full-day educational symposiums, including a full day symposium put on by the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA).

Structural Stone Granted Further M/DBE Certification Structural Stone LLC has been grounded Minority/Women Business Enterprise Certification in the state of Massachussetts. This is in addition to the Women Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certifications it was granted in the state of Rhode Island.

Daubert Chemical Celebrates 75 Years

George A. Daubert founded the company in 1935, and today, 75 years later, Daubert Chemical is still going strong. Originally a provider of corrosion prevention products, the company has grown to include the manufacture of adhesives and specialty lubricants.

Dynabrade Publishes New Vacuum Power Tools Catalog

Dynabrade Inc. has introduced a new catalog showcasing its line of vacuum power tools and accessories. This entire line of power tools is designed for efficient capture of dust, debris and contaminants in the workplace. These tools help in the capture of dust and contaminants including metal, wood dust, composites and other harmful materials including Hexavalent Chromium. This new 64-page catalog features random orbital sanders, die grinders, disc sanders, cut-off wheel tools, routers, drills, abrasive belt tools, finishing sanders and more. A full compliment of vacuum accessories and abrasives is offered as well. Additional vacuum products are also featured including portable vacuum systems and downdraft tables.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 17

Montana Stone Gallery Hires New Sales Director

Montana Stone Gallery, a natural stone importer and distributor in Missoula, Mont., has hired Mike Dunbar as the corporate sales director. Dunbar has 20 years of experience in the stone, tile and building industries, ranging from tile and stone contracting to regional sales manager of a large tile and stone distributor in Billings and several other roles in the industry. These experiences have reportedly provided knowledge of the tile and stone business and an understanding of the process from installation, distribution and working directly with the client.

Vetrazzo Participates in ‘Green’ McDonald’s Project, Announces New ‘Master Fabricators’

Vetrazzo, a recycled glass material in a concrete matrix, was recently installed in a green McDonald’s franchise project in Cary, N.C. Vetrazzo’s new Martini Flint color is featured on the lobby order counter and Cubist Clear is installed in the bathrooms. This was the first ‘green’ McDonald’s restaurant in North Carolina and the third in the United States. The project featured a new building that replaced a 25-year-old McDonald’s that stood on the same spot and reportedly included the recycling and reuse of more than 99 percent of the old building. Vetrazzo also announced the achievements of Scan Top of San Jose, Calif., and Refresh Interiors, of St. Petersburg, Fla. on earning the company’s Master Fabricator status. According to the company, this is a designation reserved for only those shops that have fabricated more than 50 Vetrazzo jobs and have demonstrated superior craftsmanship working with the product.

HOW TO STAND OUT IN THE MARKET? Use our tools to deliver quality... not just countertops.

MIA Establishes Natural Stone Sustainability Fund

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“Ultimately, it will help the MIA to further develop a case for natural stone being viewed as an environmentally preferred, sustainable building material,” said 2010 MIA President, Brett Rugo, from Rugo Stone, LLC in Lorton, Virginia.


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Omni Cubed, Inc.

Engineering to a Higher Power

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Circle Reader Service # 07 on the Reader Service Page or go to 18 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

The MIA has launched the Natural Stone Sustainability Fund in order to raise funds to support the Natural Stone Council’s sustainability initiative. The fund will also help the MIA defray the costs of several of its own sustainability initiatives including a green advertising campaign on behalf of the natural stone industry, the creation of natural stone sustainability CEU programs and the development of educational resources.


Part of NSC’s effort, supported by MIA and other stone industry organizations, has been to gather and develop data that makes a credible case for natural stone as a sustainable building material. Much of this work substantiating the stone industry’s environmental footprint through scientific means has been done by the University of Tennessee’s Center for Clean Products (CCP), a credible and neutral third party. Expenditures from the fund will be overseen by MIA’s executive committee.

Hermance Machine Hosts 2010 Summer Exposition

Hermance Machine Company is celebrating its 108th year in business by hosting an interactive and educational machinery exposition June 23 and 24 in its 80,000-sq.-ft. remodeled facility in Williamsport, Pa. The format includes hands-on instruction, as well as individualized direction for machinery selection and proper configurations. Some of the hands-on education include: setup and maintenance of a variety of different machinery and processes including edgebander setup and maintenance, CNC fixturing and setup, optimizing saw systems, lean manufacturing, material handling/labor reduction techniques and others. There will be approximately 15 focused courses/seminars scheduled throughout each day designed for business owners, plant and production managers, maintenance personnel and machinery operators.

Five Questions For

Todd Werstler

By the time Todd Werstler turned 30 he had obtained a degree from Wake Forest University, and worked his way up to become the youngest regional manager in the history of Carolina Freight Carriers. Then he quit his job to see the world, taking two years off to travel the globe as an observer and participant. Back in his home state of Ohio, he spent another year putting together a business plan before cofounding Tower Industries in Massillon, OH with his father, Bob. Today Tower Industries manufactures, fabricates and installs premium solid surfacing, natural stone, quartz surfacing, standard and custom shower bases and a variety of cultured products. It also manufactures Lumistone Glow-In-The-Dark Solid Surface, distributes its own line of solid surface sinks and distributes Hanstone Quartz Surfacing and Hanex Solid Surface. Werstler has served as board member and president of the International Cast Polymer Alliance (ICPA), board member and president of ISFA and currently serves on the Alumni Council at Wake Forest University. 1. We’ve just gone through a tough economic crisis, yet Tower Industries seems to be very much alive and well. What is your secret? Diversification – not only in product offering, but in geography, and especially in our client base. The days of being able to survive as a single product fabricator/manufacturer are gone. Unless you are a one-man shop and that is all you want to be, you have to be able to offer the customer a range of products. 2. Based on your experience, what would be the most important thing to know if you were just starting in business today? Cash is king. It is king from the day you start, it’s king 15 years later and it’s still king 30 years down the road. You have to make wise decisions about anything that has to do with dollars. I think most small business owners believe their only mechanism for controlling money is to buy cheap. There is something to be said for being frugal, but don’t trip over a dollar to save a dime. You have got to get the right customer – and that is the one who pays you. If you make a sale but don’t know when you are going to get paid, then that is a bad sale. The key to our success is that we have always had cash, not because I have a rich uncle or started out with a ton of money, but because we make wise selling decisions. 3. What impact has your involvement in trade associations, especially ISFA, had on your success as a fabricator? Unquestionably it is the most important single thing I have ever done. It’s about building a base of people from whom you can draw their experience. The most extraordinary thing about trade associations is the free flow of information. It astonishes me how free and open people are. They realize that if they share some information it is not going to impede them; rather, it is going to enhance their business. If you share with someone else they will share with you. It’s not all rhetoric. I have real life examples of putting major dollars in my pocket because I was involved with ISFA. 4. You’ve had the opportunity to view the business from the perspective of a fabricator, manufacturer and now as a distributor; It seems distributors are taking the biggest hit these days. What do you think the future holds for decorative surfacing distributors? The large fabricator/distributor is the model I see succeeding. It is tough for a distributor to stand alone. There are so many cases of people going direct to cut out the middleman. The distributors are getting killed because they can’t make the margins and have no other means for creating revenue. That said, I don’t think it works when a traditional distributor gets into fabrication because it drives his customers away. 5. What is your all time favorite business book? Good to Great by Jim Collins. I think every company that has survived 10 years is a good company, but there is a difference between a good company and a great company. This book really helped me pave the road out of mediocrity. It helped me identify where Tower Industries needed to travel to fully appreciate its potential.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 19

Education C


ISFAandIWF: TurningOpportunitiesIntoProfits

Although it generally represents only a small fraction of the cost of most commercial projects, the countertop often provides the “wow factor” for many installations – and it can be a nice profit center, too. That is the message of an upcoming ISFA seminar featured at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta. The day-long symposium is primarily directed to woodworkers, and to a lesser extent, architects and designers. “Cabinets to Countertops: Turning Opportunities Into Profits” is scheduled for August 24, 2010 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to run concurrent with IWF 2010. The purpose of the symposium is to provide specifiers and woodworkers with product knowledge about the many types of decorative surfacing used in commercial applications today. IWF has traditionally been the largest woodworking and machinery fair in North America, and figures to repeat that role in 2010. Beginning this year, the expo seeks to expand its reach and impact by providing information and training on decorative surfacing. The ISFA symposium is a key element in that effort. The day begins with a session on how decorative surfacing can become a true profit center for a woodworker. That is followed by a discussion of performance characteristics of the many decorative surfacing options available, complete with examples of application environments. Attendees are then treated to an informative session on what it takes to put on a successful event geared to specifiers. After lunch, the discussion turns to the specifics of what it takes to gear up for production of countertops and then weighs the merits of in-house fabrication versus utilizing a qualified fabricator to build and/or install the tops. Following a break, the focus turns to the current market environment, including material trends, end-user preferences and pricing policies. Finally, we bring all the elements of the sessions together through a case study of a millwork company that successfully integrates decorative surfacing into its overall interior finishes package. As with any educational event, what makes this symposium so valuable is the line-up of qualified presenters, who approach their topics with a wealth of knowledge and hard-won industry experience. Instructors include Evan Kruger of Solid Tops, LLC; Russ Berry of A.S.S.T.; Grant Garcia of Sterling Surfaces, and Michael Job of Quality Surfaces. Admission for the full event, which includes seminars, snacks, lunch and a networking reception, is $175 before July 23, 2010. Symposium registration also includes a show badge good for all four days of the IWF show. After July 23rd, the price rises to $225. For more information and to register for “Cabinets to Countertops: Turning Opportunities Into Profits” go to the IWF Web site at or contact the IWF office at (301) 662-7319. For less than the price of a good router you have the opportunity to sit at the feet of the decorative surfacing industry’s best and brightest for an entire day. It’s simply one of those deals you can’t afford to pass up.

20 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Cabinets to Countertops 9:15 am –

Money On The Table: Don’t Forget the Countertop

10:05 am – Cutting Edge Materials. Performance Characteristics. New Applications 11:10 am – What Architects Want: How to Host A Killer Specifiers’ Event 12:00 pm – Sponsor Message 1:20 pm –

What it Takes To Gear Up for Countertop Fabrication

2:15 pm –

Outsource vs. In-House: The Profitability Tipping Point

3:05 am –

Survey Says . . . Countertop Trends, Margins & Pricing, Consumer Preferences

3:55 pm –

Putting it all Together: Case Study

4:45 pm –

Closing Remarks

5:00 pm – 6:30pm


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Using Social Media to Your Advantage

We all have many social media sites at our disposal: Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, to name just a few. You may wonder if using these services is really worth your while. In my opinion, there are definitely more advantages than disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the ins and outs of social networking, and you can decide for yourself if it is for you. The most important reason to use social media is to drive potential customers to your Web site. The more unique hits you get on your site, the higher your Web presence will be. Then, when someone is looking for your type of business, your site will be the most relevant to search queries. More views from search engines, means more potential customers. Social networking sites put you in a position to make this happen. I’ve talked to many fabricators from all over the country in the last few months about social networking. I have found that interest is high but people have a lot of questions about the correct way of establishing a presence. Some think that only large companies benefit, which just isn’t the case. Others struggle to find the time to set up and maintain a profile. Even things as simple as a lack of photographic ability or computer skills keep people from taking advantage of social networking. I think it is well worth it to overcome these obstacles.

Think of social media sites as a mini marketing arm of your company. For many years all you had at your disposal for advertising were phone books, newspapers and radio. The Internet and social networking have made some of these older types of advertising less effective. The Internet is one way the majority of people find the products and services they are looking for. We’re not just talking about young people. People of all ages are on the Net. By not using it to your advantage, you could be losing your target audience. Consider what Karen Newman, a successful business coach, had to say in a recent article. “If you think that 20-year-olds dominate the Internet marketplace like they did during the dot com craze, you would be wrong. The target demographic for many online marketing companies is the baby boomer generation.” Still not convinced? Consider these facts. On YouTube, people are watching “hundreds of millions of videos a day” according to the site. Facebook claims to have more than 400 million active users. If you took all the members of Facebook and made a country, it would be the third largest country in the world! Those are staggering statistics. Social networking sites are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Now, let’s take a look at a few of the sites to see how they work and what the advantages are for you and your business. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great place to brand yourself and your company. I like to look at it as your resume online. I’ve noticed that many companies have more than one of their employees as members. You can really get to see the talent of a company this way. There are opportunities for business on LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn has built a network of groups in all types of business categories. Joining those gives you access to education and sales possibilities right there at your fingertips. The traffic back to your Web site, in my opinion, is weak with LinkedIn, but if you blog there are

22 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

places via this Web site to link your blog. Just be careful not to spam others about your Web site too much. It is also nice if you post a picture of yourself for a professional look. Facebook You may or may not already have a personal account on Facebook, but you need to make a fan page for your business. On the fan page you can post pictures of projects you have done and provide information that a future customer might be looking for. This is an opportunity to position your company as the one with the know-how. For example, I once heard of a small fence company that was on the verge of going out of business trying to compete with the big box stores in its area. The owner started a fan page on Facebook where he talked about which fence was best for certain applications. Potential customers started too see how valuable his wisdom and experience in his field were. They realized they were getting far better answers from him than the sales associate at the box store. As a result, his business went through the roof. A fan page can also be your traveling PowerPoint presentation as you make sales calls. You can add pictures and videos of your work, as well as comments from customers. It’s really a great tool. Photos really help draw interest to your company profile. And ISFA members can also have their photos posted on ISFA’s Facebook fan page. YouTube YouTube, which is owned by Google, is designed exclusively to post videos online that are accessible by anyone with a computer. What a great way to brand your company. Videos are now so easy to produce they don’t have to be made by a professional to get your point across. Your customers aren’t looking for a Steven Spielberg production. What they really want is knowledge about you and the services you can provide. I’ve posted many videos just from my digital camera right off the shop floor. It is so very simple and easy to do, but the payback is outstanding.

Twitter I think people find Twitter the most confusing of the social media sites. When it was first introduced there was a lot of press about people “tweeting” silly things from their cell phones. Things like, “Going to the grocery store,” or “In a senate meeting, so bored.” You may wonder how “tweeting” can help your business. I have found Twitter to be a valuable information gathering tool. On Twitter you can track what folks might be saying about your competition, find out what’s new in the industry and add what you know about a certain subject. My advice to you if you want to learn about Twitter is to start an account and move slowly as you begin. Don’t just start following every company or person you find. You’ll get overwhelmed. Also, there are different sites that can help you if you are already using Twitter, such as You could start by following the ISFA site (click on the Twitter link at, watch what the association is doing and follow its lead as you are learning the ropes. Blogs Blogs are part of social networking. In fact, if you believe that driving business to your Web site is important, then you really need to have a blog on your site. Derived from the term “Web Log,” your blog can tell the world what your

company is about. It is sort of like an online journal about a particular topic, such as your business or industry. On my company’s site, whenever a blog entry is posted the stats take off. You can also use blogs on the other sites discussed above. A blog doesn’t have to be long. It can just be a short blurb about something that’s happening at your company. For example, you might have new colors in the showroom or have thoughts concerning a new product. Also, there are many bloggers for hire out there. Perhaps using that type of service would be of value. Putting It All Together This is just an overview of the major social networking sites. There are many more. As with all new things, it takes time to get the hang of using these tools to their fullest advantage. You can’t build up all your accounts to their maximum potential overnight. It takes patience and perseverance to see results. In this information age, not taking advantage of social networking would be a mistake – one that could cost you.

to ask questions about social media. Also, I encourage you to check out this video about the advantages of social networking: Fabricators can work together to strengthen our industry by building social networking connections. On these sites we can find updated information quickly, which will help us respond to our customer’s needs. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your companies grow by utilizing these social networking opportunities. Contact me if I can help. About the Author: Jon Olson is production and operations manager for Sterling Surfaces in Sterling, Mass. A solid surface fabricator since 1982, he has gained experience in all phases of fabrication while helping Sterling to grow from 10 to 50 employees and become one of the world leaders in the industry. He can be reached at

ISFA is making a huge effort in using the social networking sites. If you have a Facebook account, consider joining the ISFA fan page. If you don’t have one, make one and then join. Once you have joined I can assist you through the process. The fan page will be an excellent place

Betterley V-Grooving Router • The only hand-held router designed to miter fold 1/2” thick solid surface material. • Miter fold edges from 1” to 6” wide - ideal for drop edges, backsplashes, scribe sticks, table edges etc. • Save time - Reduces the steps and labor required to produce built-up edges with solid surface material. • Perfect for material with a pattern - Pattern will match from top to edge. • Simple operation - First place tape on the material opposite the cut, run the router across the material making the “V”, or miter cut. Clean the material and run a bead of glue in the cut and fold the edge up. After adhesive has cured, remove tape for a finished edge. Model #275 Complete with carbide bit and Porter Cable®router.



P.O. Box 49518, Blaine, MN 55449 Phone: (763) 755-3425 / (800) 871-7516 Fax: (763) 755-5084 Circle Reader Service # 09 on the Reader Service Page or go to

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 23

Fabricator Profile

N O I S U F F I D A E CR It seems somehow appropriate that the crowning achievement in Thierry Delles’ amazing career should involve a major restoration project. That Thierry Delles was named is because Delles, a ISFA Fabricator of the Year at second generation the International Countertop Expo (ICE) in February. woodworker, is a card carrying member of the Compagnons du Devoir, a trade guild established in the 12th Century devoted to the upkeep and restoration of French religious monuments using traditional techniques. The project in question involved cladding the Abidjan Convention Centre in the Ivory Coast of Africa entirely with DuPont Corian. Not only was it the largest Corian project ever attempted (9,000 sq. meters, or 96,875 sq. ft.), it required engineering a whole new process for producing the thermoformed panels. Originally clad in diamond point mosaic tiles, the 40-year-old Abidjan Convention Centre was definitely in need of a face lift. Time and weather had taken their toll – discoloration, breakage and missing tiles marred the look of the striking edifice. For a solution, the Ivory Coast government turned to Lebaneseborn architect, Pierre Fakhoury. In turn, Fakhoury contacted DuPont, who put him in touch with Thierry Delles and his company CREA DIFFUSION, based in Sologne, France. A longtime ISFA member and former president of ISSFA Europe, Delles has dedicated his professional

24 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

life to pushing the known limits of solid surface applications. Although his company does get involved in the odd kitchen and bath project from time to time, CREA DIFFUSION is widely regarded as a leader in the production of anything that requires a creative touch, meticulous engineering and an unerring attention to detail. Delles was recently honored as ISFA Fabricator of the Year at the International Countertop Expo (ICE) in Las Vegas. “This project was essentially a human adventure,” said Delles. “I invited the architect to visit CREA DIFFUSION to witness a test run on our products. I offered him a CNC-manufactured sample of what he wished to use, and he was very much impressed.”

Everything seemed a “go” until Delles learned a little more about the scope of the project. “Processing 9,000 sq. meters of material was just not possible with our CNC machines,” he said. “We opted After 40 years of use, the original mosaic tiles coverfor a thermal ing the convention center had become loose, broken and discolored. compression molding technique instead, which would allow us to increase our output with a consistent quality that conformed to the architect’s specifications.” According to the Fakhoury, the design challenge was to reproduce the look of the existing sandstone tiles without changing the overall appearance of the facade, thereby ensuring continuity with the initial architecture. Due to the versatility of solid surface, the Corian panels worked out perfectly. After the budget numbers were run and approved, the project began in earnest. “This human adventure could now begin,” Delles observed.

And what an adventure it was. It required the construction of a 600-sq.meter (6,450-sq.-ft.) shop outfitted with a whole new production line, all within the space of three months. The equipment included a CNC machine purchased from AXYZ Automation, specially configured to meet the requirements of the project. Two 300-ton hydraulic presses, two thermal compression furnaces and two specialized aluminum demolding units rounded out the list of major equipment. “It is one thing having the machines installed,” Delles said. “It is quite another getting them to work. It took us three weeks to do this. The first trial runs were catastrophic. If the smaller parts were more rapidly mastered, it was not the case for the bigger parts. Many panels were rejected. We had to increase not only the number of tests but also the pressing capacity, review heat levels in the furnaces and refine all the parameters to finally obtain a 1700- by 900-mm (67- by 35 1/2-in.) textured panel of a parallelepiped rectangular form with a serrated design border.” Several weeks of testing ensued to be sure the thermoformed panels would perform as expected. There were weathering tests that included impact resistance testing and engineering a fastening system to hold the panels in place while allowing for expansion in the hot African sun. The unique serrated edge design also had to be tested for fit and a uniform look. Most importantly, the finished structure had to echo the design of the original installation. In the end, the Corian panels, expertly engineered and processed by CREA DIFFUSION, passed with flying colors. Installation of the Corian cladding took six months to complete. International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 25

the tests and simulations have indisputably contributed to the acquisition of knowledge and experience, which will be put to good use by CREA DIFFUSION in the successful development of new projects, notably in the field of decorative exterior wall cladding.” So, what’s next on the horizon for CREA DIFFUSION that might possibly top a high profile, 9,000-sq.-meter exterior cladding project on one of the premier buildings in the Ivory Coast? How about cladding the 12,000-sq.-meter (129,000-sq.-ft.) Ivory Coast hotel located just a stone’s throw from the convention center? Prior to installation, the mosaic tiles were stripped off the building and aluminum tubing installed, to which the Corian panels were fastened.

It just keeps getting better (and bigger).

“The installation was complicated because the required adjustment of the panels to a particularly unusual zig-zag border,” Delles explained. “A hollow 6mm joint was placed in the joint to facilitate expansion and contraction of the material. Each panel contained six small flat sections, through which screws were run into the aluminum superstructure on the outside of the building. These fastening points created adhesion to the main support. The screw heads were then covered with polished diamond point elements, ensuring a perfect finish.” Installation of the finished panels took six months to complete. In all, the entire project began in the autumn of 2008 and went through the late summer of 2009. A high point of the installation came when Ivory Coast president, Laurent Gbagbo, inspected the cladding project for himself. “This project has been extremely beneficial for CREA DIFFUSION,” explained Delles, “particularly in terms of its image. It has led to increased production capacity and to the overall development of the company. All

Circle Reader Service # 10 on the Reader Service Page or go to

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The cladding project used 9,000-sq.-meters of thermoformed Corian panels. The Ivory Coast Hotel (shown in background) will use 12,000 sq. meters of material.

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What’s New in Colors and Materials? There’s a lot happening when it comes to new materials and new colors, whether it’s solid surface, quartz, concrete, natural stone or any of a number of surfacing materials. There is so much happening and so many recent launches that it is more than a small task to keep up on just what the suppliers have to offer. That’s why we went to work and dug up as much as we could on the latest and greatest. Of course, no one can gather all of the information, but we sure tried, and there’s bound to be something here to catch your eye… Abet Laminati Abet Laminati has introduced its Volume II collection, a group of 234 new laminates. This addition allows ABET to offer a total of 642 laminates in the United States, including: solid colors, woodgrains, metals, patterns and textured designs. Pictured are ABET’s solid colors with a high gloss Lucida finish (green cabinets) and a low sheen Sei finish (black cabinets). The solid colors collection reflects the vivid, eye-catching hues of the late, renowned Italian designer Ettore Sottass who had worked with the company since the early 1980s. Circle Reader Service #14 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Artisan Group The Artisan Group, an independent organization of North American countertop fabricators, is now selling Saratoga Soapstone throughout North America to complement its granite and marble offerings. Quarried like granite but with a velvety smooth texture, soapstone is a heavy, mineral talc composition that can endure temperatures up to 600 degrees. The soapstone is available in three colors, Vineyard Green, Saratoga Black and Stillwater Gray. In addition, Artisan Group will be soon be launching its own brand of Soapstone surface treatment. Additionally, the organization also offers Heritage Wood brand countertop surfacing. This reclaimed line of wood countertops recycles wood from original sources including barns, factories, warehouses, textile mills and other commercial buildings, and meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) specifications as eco-friendly. The Heritage Wood reclaimed line offers a variety of stylish designs and customization 28 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

options with 24 species and 29 edge choices. Circle Reader Service #15 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Avonite The new additions to Avonite Surfaces’ product line are designed to reflect trends in the commercial and residential markets, and were developed after an in depth design process. Color developers combined insight from the Color Marketing Group with findings from an extensive Voice of the Customer study of leading architects and designers to provide a common direction for new product work. The new colors include three new additions to the Studio Collection (pictured) – Cirrus, Neptune and Sirocco, and four new colors in the Foundations Collection – Honey Crunch, Khaki, Terrene and Recycled White. Circle Reader Service #14 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Buddy Rhodes Buddy Rhodes now offers the Bone White Spray Coat Mix to provide concrete countertop artisans with the well-known and consistent in a light and spray-ready mix. Now available in 50 lb. bags for use with glass fiber reinforced concrete techniques (GFRC), the new mix is designed to be a face coat for use with a spray gun. Screening out the larger aggregate in the Buddy Rhodes Concrete Counter Mix, the new face coat mix is suitable for those who use spray guns. Unlike cement and sand mixtures, it is designed to have more body and stick where it’s sprayed, making it suitable for bonding to vertical surfaces. With the addition of glass fibers or glass scrim, the original BR Mix provides a second back-up coat. Buddy Rhodes Spray Coat Mix is designed to combine with water, BR Curing Polymer, and BR Water Reducer to complete the BR GFRC system. BR Ultra Fine Pigment may be added for integral color. Circle Reader Service #16 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Cambria Cambria has launched 16 new colors, expanding its total palette to 64 colors. Cambria’s new colors possess movement, depth and veining, and 10 of the new colors will be included in Cambria’s Quarry Collection including Aragon, with warm creams and caramels, a hint of red berries, and grey veining; and Blackwood, a rich black with subtle caramel fossils and blue pearls. The remaining six are in the new Desert Collection, a group of colors representing consistent tones and hues throughout its palette. These colors have been produced in response to the demand of both the contemporary and commercial designer. Examples of new colors in the Desert Collection include: Devon, a blue-grey similar to natural concrete; Minai, a deep rich black with vibrant mirror chips; Cuddington, a creamy sandstone; and Waverton, a popular marble. Circle Reader Service #17 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

CARPOREE CARPOREE has broken the all traditional designs of solid surface materials with new collections that are colorful, dynamic and creative. CARPOREE comes in hundreds of patterns and colors ranging from natural marble and stone patterns, to richly veined designs. The acrylic-polyester composite material is available in both 1/2- and 1/4-in sheets and comes with a 10 year limited material warranty.Circle Reader Service #18 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

CeasarStone CaesarStone has launched “Pure White” quartz surfacing. This new color features a beautiful silk finish and is suitable for hospitality designs, smart office spaces, stunning kitchen countertops to match white lacquer cabinets, shower walls, bar tops and custom-made furniture. Pure White, like all CaesarStone surfaces, is scratch, stain, crack and heat resistant. It is also resistant to most household chemicals and is nonabsorbent, nonporous and mold and mildew resistant. Additionally, the company offers a lifetime residential warranty and a10-year limited commercial warranty.Circle Reader Service #19 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Cosentino Cosentino Group, to show its deep commitment to its corporate and social responsibility initiatives has announced the launch of the new Silestone LOVE2YOU Series featuring two signature colors, Love, a beautiful pink hue, and You, a stylish lilac color. A percentage of sales from this new series contribute towards the

mission to eliminate cancer as a major health problem through prevention, research, education, advocacy and service. Circle Reader Service #20 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Coverings Bio-Glass from Coverings Etc. is a “future friendly” material made of 100 percent recycled and recyclable glass with no colorants or additives. It has cradle-to-cradle Silver Tier third party certification and may help contribute toward LEED credits with USGBC project certification. Sheets are available in 110 by 50 by 3/4in. and weigh 470 lbs without crating. They are suitable for countertops, worktops, interior flooring and walls. Bio Glass has a multidimensional appearance and its coloring varies with direct and indirect light. All the colors are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled content. It has a matt finish. Fabrication of the material is similar to that of natural stone.Circle Reader Service #21 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Domain Industries Domain Industries Inc. has announced the introduction of its new 2010 color line for its Affinity brand solid surface, featuring Solid Surface Redefined. 52 reformulated and redefined colors that reflect current and future consumer life trends. The colors are divided into two collections, Essentials and Surreal, which feature enhanced tones, and the use of translucent particulates. The Essentials Collection features 15 colors that are designed to cover 80 percent of the market demand for standard solid surface patterns. The Surreal Collection is a dramatic new approach to solid surface and boasts a uniquely personified collection that has the ability to mimic natural looking stone and quartz products, while still keeping the freedom and ease of fabrication of solid surface material.Circle Reader Service #22 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

DuPont DuPont Corian solid surfaces hits the runway this year with 10 new colors including eight stylish, reflective metallic colors; Aqualite, Olivite, Azurite, Silverite, Sorrel, Graylite, Bronzite, Copperite; the bold and crisp Designer White, and the natureinspired Cottage Lane, which has caramel, tan and beige tones. The metallics provide a fashionable and unique contemInternational Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 29

porary aesthetic that allow homeowners to add a little glitz and effervescence to their interior surfaces. Each color is infused with sparkling silver or gold metallic accents. The directionality of these metallic flakes make these aesthetics appear lighter or darker depending on the viewing angle. Also announced recently is that the majority of the DuPont Zodiaq product line will be permanently converted to 63-in.-wide slabs. The changes are designed to result in more seamless design possibilities for designers and consumers and increased efficiency for fabricators and installers. The company estimates average material yield improvements will be as high as 30 percent because of the larger sheet size and further efficiencies can be realized through the inventory and material handling processes. Circle Reader Service #23 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Eldorado Stone Eldorado Stone has introduced the Gemstone Walls Collection, a series of architectural stone veneer possibilities. The new collection of transformations for interior spaces offers a fresh perspective on how to structure and combine elements to create distinctive masonry walls with architectural stone veneer. Designs such as the ArtWall, CandleWall, VinoWall and the most recently introduced EmberWall are carefully crafted to create an authentic masonry stone wall that is attainable, purposeful and most of all, believable. Circle Reader Service #24 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

scale and striking color variations and veining of a full-size natural granite slab. Unlike granite laminates that were designed with a repeating pattern throughout the sheet, Formica hand-selected granite slabs and used advanced printing technology to capture every detail. Combined with the multi-faceted Radiance finish, 180fx is designed to achieve realism. Featuring nine granite colors, the collection includes two colors in the Mascarello Series, which have striking, large-scale granites characterized by rich veins of color and large masses of quartz; Blue Storm, which features swirling blue, and gold and warm-white veins with ruby red garnets; two colors in the Yellow River Series that have small crystalline flecks of color with characteristic diagonal streaks; three colors in the Red Montana Series that have rich colors dispersed in a wavy strata and diffused with a crystalline mist, creating a sweeping pattern with subtle veining and small quartz details; and Espirito Santo, a large-scale classic with gold, white and black even-sized crystals.Circle Reader Service #27 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Granitex Granitex, a Verona, Italy, based provider of natural stone from around the world, including India, Brazil, Africa, North America, Australlia, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Iran, Finland and Spain now offers 11 new granites – Bianco Napoleone, Casnova, Iron Red, Orix Brown, Oro Fino, Oxford Gold, Red Hollywood, Rosso Fuoco, Royal Black, Springbok, and Stone Rier as well as Green Iron Soapstone. Circle Reader Service #28 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to www.

Enviroglas Enviroglas now offers the EnviroMODE, a new terrazzo surface made from recycled tubs, sinks and toilets. It’s designed to be easy to maintain, durable, eco-friendly and beautiful. Available in hundreds of resin colors, the bone-colored porcelain looks fantastic in neutral and earth-toned resins, and really pops in bold resin colors like black, yellow, blue and red.Circle Reader Service #25 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

EnviroWorld (Dongguan Shihuan Building Materials) EnviroWorld, with more than 15 years in the solid surface market, offers Brilliant brand solid surface and quartz surfacing, as well as prefabricated sheets. Offering a wide variety of colors and textures, the company is focusing on its “12 + 12” special collection – 12 solid surface colors and 12 quartz surfacing colors at a discounted price.Circle Reader Service #26 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Formica Formica’s new 180fx Formica Laminate is designed to reflect the true

Grothouse Lumber The Grothouse Lumber Company, a supplier of custom-built wood counters, tables and bar tops, has introduced a new serpentine bar top series. The smooth, winding curves of this bar top lend an organic feel to a traditionally geometric style. The serpentine-shaped bars can be embellished with Grothouse Lumber’s custom Chicago Bar Rail, which is shaped to follow the curves of the bar top. The bar tops can be fabricated from more than 60 species of wood, and enhanced with distressing, cut-outs or stain-matched to achieve the ideal color. The bars are sealed with Grothouse’s specially-formulated Durata permanent finish protective coating. Circle Reader Service #29 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to www.

Hanwha Surfaces Hanwha Surfaces’ HanStone quartz surfacing product line now has the benefit of its new plant built in Canada last year and has several recent product line additions, such as Winter Riveria, a Black/dark gray graniteappearing pattern; Orion, A subtle granite-appearing pattern, in a warm gray tone; Pewter, a Light gray, fine grain, monotone pattern; and the Fiorito Series, a new product that is designed to have the look and feel of Italian marble, from which the name Fiorito is derived. The series includes a two-color vein, and a four-color pattern to create depth and richness to the finish.Circle Reader Service #30 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

30 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

The color palette for the company’s Hanex Solid Surfaces, crafted from a blend of acrylic resins and natural materials, has also been increased. The SOLO Series includes Aqueous, a translucent, pale blue, solid color; and Hydra, a translucent, pale green, solid color. The DUO Series includes Desert Walk and Brook Chase; and the TRIO Series includes Meadow Creek, Cotton Wood, Stone Hedge and Night Shadow Creama. The Constellation Series, which is a modern pattern with a subtle metallic shimmer, includes Andromeda, a shimmering warm gray color; Libra, a shimmering cool gray color, Taurus, a shimmering rustic copper color; and Pegasus, a shimmering pearl-essence white color.Circle Reader Service #31 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

InPro In the summer of 2009, InPro Corporation opened a new, world-class automated production line to manufacture its PRISM Solid Surface sheet goods in 70 colors and patterns. The plant features a digitally controlled pour, cure, bake and sanding operation that requires only three staff members to run. Made with a polyester resin, the solid surface sheets can be poured in 1/4 in., 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. thickness depending on the application. The sheets are available in 4- by 12-ft sizes, but the company also offers a sheet optimization program – custom-sized sheets can be made in virtually any dimension to match specific projects. In addition to standard sheets, the company offers Decorative Panels to add flair to

Circle Reader Service # 32 on the Reader Service Page or go to

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 31

solid surface wall cladding. They are available in five designs: Diamond Accent, Plankboard, 4- and 12-in. tile square and Beadboard. Additionally, the company now has a new line of quartz surfacing known as Glacial Quartz Surfaces to complement its solid surface product. Like most of its contemporaries, Glacial Quartz Surface is composed of 93 percent quartz, blended with 7 percent unsaturated resins, additives and inorganic non-fading pigments using a patented vacuum-vibroprocess press. It is available in two thicknesses, 1.2 cm for vertical applications and 2 cm for horizontal applications, and is offered in 11 colors ranging from classic neutrals to prismatic patterns.Circle Reader Service #33 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

LG Hausys LG HI-MACS is now available in two new series; Galaxy and Marmo. Galaxy is billed as the next dimension in solid surface. Out of this world colors are fused with large transparent chips to emphasize today’s new quartz-like styles while maintaining all of the features and functionality of solid surface. Marmo is a solid surface that embodies the organic look of natural stone. With a veined pattern throughout, solid surface is designed to look natural. Whether elegant or edgy, new design goals are possible with the new styles of LG HI-MACS. Circle Reader Service #34 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Livingstone US Surface Warehouse, a private, vertically integrated company that manufactures, markets and distributes solid surface materials, added seven new colors to its LivingStone solid surface products. Sold directly to fabricators, the new colors include three in the Explore Series – Stone Henge, Chestnut and Honey Wheat; and four in the Discover Series – Kona, Meredian, Jakarta and Tuscany.Circle Reader Service #35 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Meganite Meganite is offering 16 New Colors of solid surface: Ladies Night; Little Boy Blue; Blue Bayou; Mint Julep; Pajama Party; Chocolate Latte; Goldrush; Tiger Eye; Just Beachy; Rice Pudding; Copperglow; Silver Lining; Magic Moon; Downtown Brown; Gold Coin; and Speckled Hen.Circle Reader Service #36 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to 32 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Meld USA Meld’s newest product offering, Micro, is a balance of elegance and sustainability in the form of a cement-based eco-sensitive surfacing material comprised of up to 74 percent recycled glass. At minimum Micro qualifies for potential LEED credits within the MR 4 and MR 5 categories. Micro is available in two forms: Slabs and tailor-made, ready to install products. In slab form Micro is available in standard 30- by 96- by 1.5-in.-thick slabs, which minimizes the waste typically associated with the fabrication of oversized or large format slabs. For special applications oversized Micro slabs are available via Meld’s custom slab program. Slab sizes and configurations conforming to a 60- by 108-in. footprint or smaller can be manufactured with a no minimum order purchase. On the tailor-made side, Meld’s in-house custom capabilities allow design freedom and expression on any scale, from one-of-a-kind countertops, table tops and tiles to 3-D objects, sinks and furniture. Micro’s color potential includes six standard colors and virtually limitless

personalized hues. Circle Reader Service #37 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

MS International MSI’s latest “Q” quartz color “Arctic White” meets the industry demand for a pure white quartz surfacing. Like others it boasts 93 percent quartz content and a 15-year warranty. The product has 17 additional color choices that are available through its 11 distribution centers throughout the United States. MSI also carries many other products, including natural stone in slabs and tile and landscaping materials, porcelain tiles, glass tiles and mosaics. Circle Reader Service #38 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

NISA NISA Jade Stone offers color, texture, strength and performance designed to be greater than natural stone, glass and engineered quartz surfaces. Colors range from rich, opaque, natural tones to bright, translucent pastels. Texture also plays a major role with NISA, with three finishes available -- highly polished, softly honed or sensually leathered. The material is heat, scratch, moisture, acid and alkali resistant, and it contains no polyester or petroleum-based resins. It is composed of jade, quartz, kaolin and pigment powders that are melted, fused and crystallized by intense heat. It is suitable for interior and exterior wall cladding, countertops and decorative work, as well as tile work and mosaics. It is available in 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-1/4-in. thicknesses, with slab sizes of 59 by 118-in. This material is currently available in 10 colors – Snow, Graphite, Chocolate, Siena, Yellow Series, Red Series, Green Series, Purple Series, Blue Series and Gray Series, each in the three texture choices. It can be cut, shaped and polished with traditional stoneworking equipment, and its tight grain structure allows for high quality polished

edges to be produced quickly. Circle Reader Service #39 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to AG031 First N Main

Pionite Pionite has released the new Motion Series, which offers 21 new colors from inspired by America’s active and mobile lifestyle. Whether it’s the realism of natural wood grain in Looks Likatre, the retro feel of Crisscross or the subtle hue of Ice Fishin, these unique colors and designs will keep pace with most any creative vision. The new colors are: Opto Printatre; Looks Likatre; Appears Likatre; Leave Likatre; Seems Likatre; Smooth Paddlin; First N Main (pictured here); Crisscross; Ice Fishin; Cavalcade South; Tropical Getaway; Summer Heat Wave; Setting Sun; Sunny Side; Days End; Shooting Star; Brick by Brick; Groundswell; Gold Pannin; Travelin Light; and Passin Through. Circle Reader Service #40 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Pokarna A newer quartz surfacing material on the market is Quantra, offered by India’s well known granite provider Pokarna. A new Breton manufacturing complex has been established by the company in India to produce the material. The entire production line is fully automated and uses programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to help ensure uniform thickness in slabs. The plant also manufactures ‘veined looking”, “granite looking” and “fiorito” engineered stone. Slabs are sized at 55 by 120 in. standard, with finished thickness of 1.2 cm, 2 cm and 3cm. The company offers custom colors and a variety of finishes, such as polished, honed, sandblasted, antique, brushed, velvet, egg and leather. Circle Reader Service #41 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Pangea Quartz Another relatively new product entry is Pangea Quartz — a line of engineered quartz stone manufactured in a state-of-theart facility in Vietnam, using the patented Breton system. The facility has two manufacturing lines and reportedly produces 5,000 sq. meters (about 1,200 slabs) of quartz surfacing daily. The product comes standard in slabs of 118 by 55 in. and in thicknesses of 1.2, 2 and 3cm. More than 50 colors are available. Circle Reader Service #42 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Richlite Richlite, a manufacturer of paper-composite surfaces, has introduced the Cascade Range of FSC-Certified materials with a solid-color top and two- to three-tone edges. The multi-color surfaces blend

the best of the natural and design worlds with subtle accents that enliven kitchens, baths and commercial surfaces. The finished surface has an attractive matte finish that complements a variety of design tastes. It fabricates similarly to wood, and is durable, and heat- and stain-resistant. The Cascade collection comes in six color schemes, including Rainier, which is 1 1/4-in. multicolor with red stripes; Shasta, a 1 1/4-in. multicolor with green stripes; Adams, a 1-in. brown and yellow; Hood, a 1-in. blue and yellow; Little Tahoma, a 1/2-in. black and brown; and Baker, a 1/2-in. red and black. The linear design of the Cascade Range allows for interesting edges that match coordinating Richlite sheets. Custom combinations and thicknesses may be ordered through Richlite’s network of distributors. In addition to FSC-Certification, Richlite surfaces can contribute to LEED points and are approved by the Rainforest Alliance. Circle Reader Service #43 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Samsung Radianz Quartz, a division Samsung, has added a unique collection to its surfacing options – the Noble Collection. By incorporating metallic quartz chips, the Noble Collection provides surface patterns that offer dimension and depth. Available in five colors (Ferio Black, Korbu Cocoa, Mariposa Buff, Mirama Bronze and Saltoro Cliff), Noble surfaces blend well with a classic look or contemporary décor. Radianz is suitable for kitchen countertops and other high-use areas of the home, as well as commercial interior uses where long-lasting durability and color consistency are important. Circle Reader Service #44 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

TerraCORE TerraCORE transforms the ageless beauty of authentic natural stone into a reinforced, lightweight stone panel cladding system that can be used for new or renovation work for any type of exterior or interior application. TerraCORE panels are constructed by bonding a thin natural stone veneer to a variety of CORE substrate materials. This CORE may be comprised of honeycomb, polymer aluminum, ceramic, glass, fire retardant or fiberglass backing. The thin stone veneers can be cut from most stones, including: granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx and sandstone. Multiple finishes are offered: polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, sandblasted, antiqued and acid washed; water jet etching and inlays are also available. The stone panels are suitable for projects now considered to be weight, time and/or costprohibitive. Circle Reader Service #45 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Terragren Bamboo Surfaces Teragren’s bamboo countertops are a beautiful and durable alternative to traditional hardwoods for counters, kitchen islands and table tops. Manufactured to exacting standards for quality and environmental safety, these furniture-grade

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 33

products are made with rapidly renewable Optimum 5.5 Moso bamboo, a naturally bacteria-resistant material. They are available unfinished or prefinished with a food-safe mineral oil/beeswax finish. Circle Reader Service #46 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

TorZo Surfaces TorZo Surfaces, a manufacturer of sustainable surface products for interior applications, has introduced a new surface product line: Parda. Made from FSC Certified particle board and infused with an acrylic polymer, Parda is a unique, elegant and beautiful product that brings a distinct style to any application. Because of the infusion process, it is incredibly hard and durable, making it suitable for vertical and horizontal applications. Parda, like the other five TorZo products, can help a project qualify for LEED points. It comes in four standard colors: natural, copper, cocoa, and onyx. In addition to Parda, TorZo is adding four custom color options to its Orient, Parda and Seeta lines. These colors are available with a minimum order of 15 sheets, and add a new color dimension for the three product lines. The custom colors are Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst and Turquoise. Circle Reader Service #47 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go

Wilsonart Wilsonart laminate now combines its AEON Enhanced Performance technology with designs that take full advantage of a shimmering, durable gloss finish. AEON technology deposits aluminum oxide particles in layers within the overlay sheet for superior durability and enhanced scratch/scuff/mar resistance. Five new looks in the Girona Series reflect the polished marble and travertine stone found in European spas and retreats, including Girona Falls, a mediterranean blue; Girona Envy, an earthy green; Girona Beach, a warm sand; Girona Cavern, a blend of rich browns; and Girona Cliff, a sun-baked clay. New additions to the Glass series features three designs that play off of the reflectivity of glass and the translucence of water: Frosted Glass, a white with subtle gold accents; Sea Glass, a glassy-green with sandy undertones; and Bottle Glass, a blue-green with a hint of brown. Two additional designs in the Glass series – Mercury Glass and Antique Glass – carry a matte finish and were inspired by the look of worn/weathered glass. Additions to the Mosaic Series translate granite and limestone in a pixelized geometry, including: Polished Mosaic, a dark reflection of black, green and sienna with a gloss finish; and Tumbled Mosaic, reflects softer stone and tile with a matte finish. Circle Reader Service #49 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to


Vetrazzo Vetrazzo has unveiled four new earth-tone colors that showcase the intersection of high design and respect for the environment. The collection of neutrals all combine “Flint Glass,” from recycled clear bottles and jars, set in a lightly tinted base. As with all Vetrazzo colors, the new Flint collection combines 100 percent recycled glass in a proprietary cement-based, resin-free binder. Vetrazzo takes what can’t be used for its original purpose and transforms it into the sparkling flint glass Vetrazzo colors: Martini Flint, Champagne Flint, Margarita Flint, Porter Flint. Suitable for both residential and commercial use, the new color palette ranges from an elegant white on white – Martini Flint, to a classic taupe – Porter Flint, with midrange beige and khaki - Champagne Flint and Margarita Flint. The new colors are immediately available in the U.S. and Canada through Vetrazzo’s network of distributors and Authorized Dealers. Circle Reader Service #48 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

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Innovations In Design Competition Commercial/Institutional This award is for the best use of one or more surfacing materials in a commercial or institutional application. Applications may include, but are not limited to, office buildings, banks, nursing homes, retail outlets, hospitals, schools, etc.

n Best i Show

Winner Artist: Brandon O’Neill Company/Sponsor: Sterling Surfaces Design Category: Commercial/Institutional Project Name: Ambient Experience/VCI – California SS Casework designed for nationwide installations of imaging labs. Design and material augment medical applications and add environment enhancement.

Other Entries Artist: Troy Thompson Company/Sponsor: Surface Studios Design Category: Commercial/Institutional Project Name: Baptismal Font Baptismal font custom designed, fabricated and produced for a local Catholic church. We manufactured every part of the baptismal font including the vessel bowl, pedestal and tub surround. Artist: Gary Hayden Company/Sponsor: Prehistoric Tops & Custom Hardscapes Design Category: Commercial/Institutional Project Name: Pro Build Lumber Job

Artist: Gene McDonald Company/Sponsor: Refresh Interiors, Inc. Design Category: Commercial/Institutional Project Name: The Credit Crunch of 2009 The high bars are Vetrazzo Recycled Glass. The island is also Vetrazzo but has a carbonized bamboo inlay in the top and an Avonite Amber Glass illuminated edge. The Bank Teller Tops: Plum Paperstone w/bamboo edge inlay. The inlay mix is used CD’s & competitors credit cards. Bank Education Center: The tabletops are Shetkastone w/Lumistone edges & recycled logo w/bamboo bases. Display case is Vetrazzo & Mocha Paperstone. Bank Bathrooms: Paperstone wall cladding & toilet seats w/Lumistone crunch mix. Bank Refreshment Area: Countertop is Grass Paperstone w/Lumistone edge & inlay mix is money flakes & mirror chips. The small sink top is same but inlay includes coffee beans. The ice cream counter has sprinkles, jelly beans and m&m’s inlaid into Mocha Paperstone. Bank Art Work: 5-ft.-diameter recycled logo sculpture is 3-in.-thick Grass Paperstone w/Lumistone logo. 36 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Residential Kitchen This award is for the best use of one or more surfacing materials in a residential kitchen application. Applications can include, but are not limited to, countertops, wall splashes or other wall cladding, integral bowls and cabinetry.

Winner Artist: Troy Thompson Company/Sponsor: Surface Studios Design Category: Residential Kitchen Project Name: Paulson Project – Residential Kitchen Two tiered circular shaped bar with many custom features. Base was formed and poured on site, tops were fabricated in the shop and installed.

Other Entries Artist: Gary Hayden Company/Sponsor: Prehistoric Tops & Custom Hardscapes Design Category: Residential Kitchen Project Name: Kitchen in an Inside Swimming Pool out of Concrete

Artist: Gene McDonald Company/Sponsor: Refresh Interiors, Inc. Design Category: Residential Kitchen Project Name: Volcanic Molten Lava Countertop This countertop is made with Avonite Copper Canyon and Amber Glass edge that gets illuminated. This chiseled edge was included in the design to resemble what a slab would look like if we extracted the slab from an active volcano – hence the name “the Volcanic Molten Lava Countertop”.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 37

Residential Bath This award is for the best use of one or more surfacing materials in a residential bath application. Applications may include, but are not limited to, countertops or vanities, tub/ shower surrounds or enclosures.

Winner Artist: Christopher Carroll Company/Sponsor: Innovative Concrete Systems Design Category: Residential Bath Project Name: Guitar Sink/Countertop This vanity has the sink shaped like a guitar and when dark the guitar glows.

Other Entries Artists: Moses Schilling & Jason Pawley Company/Sponsor: Counter Stone Designs, LLC Design Category: Residential Bath Project Name: Shirestone Integral Vanity This Shirestone vanity was created with an integral sink. The top and sides have a texture that lends itself to the look and feel of stone. The coloring is an array of solid, transparent, metallics and iridescents that exemplify the wondrous variety of nature. The base was hand forged and custom made for this vanity.

Artist: Gary Hayden Company/Sponsor: Prehistoric Tops & Custom Hardscapes Design Category: Residential Bath Project Name: T.N.T.’s Builders

38 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Freestyle/Art This award is for the best use of one or more surfacing materials in an application generally not associated with the use of the product(s). Applications might include furniture, lighting applications, etc.

Winner Artists: Eric Pottle & Eric Perkins Company/Sponsor: Surface Works Design Category: Freestyle/Art Project Name: Outdoor Fire Table The Outdoor Fire Table was fabricated using both the GFRC and the Wet Pour method. The corner detail was first poured with “Mother of Pearl”, chiseled, and then inlayed within the mold after which the GFRC was sprayed around it as well as throughout the rest of the mold. Lava rock surrounds the burner.

Other Entries Artists: Murray Sandford/Tripp Sandford Company/Sponsor: Móz Designs, Inc. Design Category: Freestyle/Art Project Name: Fireplace Eclectic and enigmatic, “Fireplace” is part of a collection of one-of-a-kind contemporary metal art pieces overlaid with brilliant translucent colors and metamorphic patterns on solid aluminum plate. Handcrafted and Mondrian-inspired, “Fireplace” is suitable for residential and commercial applications. Size 5 ft. by 3 ft. Artist: Philip Hutfield Company/Sponsor: Pah Design/McD Marketing Design Category: Freestyle/Art Project Name: Wrapped Thermoformed from Corian, ‘Wrapped’ takes inspiration from the presentation of cut flowers in a bid to draw attention to a plant’s importance and longevity within the home. Artist: Hugh Simon Company/Sponsor: Refresh Interiors, Inc. Design Category: Freestyle/Art Project Name: Illuminated Floating Blue Pool Bar The top is Vetrazzo Floating Blue with a thermoformed Avonite Sky Glass edge to conceal LED lighting. We also had to compliment this poolside bar with a matching sink of 100 percent Avonite Sky Glass. Artist: Christopher Carroll Company/Sponsor: Innovative Concrete Systems Design Category: Freestyle/Art Project Name: Baby Grand Piano Coffee Table White concrete baby grand piano coffee table with black granite piano icy inlays. Measures 3 ft. by 4 ft. International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 39

On Site Vanity Fabrication This award is for the best vanity top fabricated on site at ICE during exhibit hall hours. Vanities may be fabricated using any decorative surfacing material suitable for a vanity top.

Winner Artist: Kirk Olsen Company/Sponsor: Envision Concrete Countertops Design Category: On Site Vanity Fabrication Project Name: Concrete Vanity Top

Other Entries

Artist: Chris Franzen Company/Sponsor: Surecrete Design Products Design Category: On Site Vanity Fabrication Project Name: Concrete Vanity Top

40 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Green This award is for the entry that best exemplifies the use of recycled or other environmentally friendly surfacing material or materials. All entries in this category should include information on what qualifies the project as environmentally friendly.

Winner Artist: Hugh Simon Company/Sponsor: Refresh Interiors, Inc. Design Category: Green Project Name: Illuminated Vetrazzo Coffee Bean Kitchen The high bars are Vetrazzo Recycled Glass. The island is also Vetrazzo but has a carbonized bamboo inlay in the top and an Avonite Amber Glass illuminated edge.

Winner’s Row

Awards presented by Michael Bustin of the ISFA Board of Directors

Christopher Carroll Innovative Concrete Systems Residential Bath

Brandon O’Neill Sterling Surfaces Commercial/Institutional Best of Show

Eric Pottle & Eric Perkins Surface Works Freestyle/Art

Troy Thompson Surface 519 Residential Kitchen

Kirk Olsen Envision Concrete On Site Vanity Fabrication

Hugh Simon Refresh Interiors Green International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 41

Surfacing Beyond US Borders The United States may be largest single market for decorative surfacing, but there is no doubt that innovative design is alive and well outside its borders. And when it comes to solid surface, the sky is literally the limit, as witnessed by the project from the French firm CREA DIFFUSION in the Ivory Coast (see Page 24). But it doesn’t stop there. According to a recent report released by The Freedonia Group, solid surface is the No. 1 choice for countertop materials in the quickly-growing Republic of China. And it also has its appeal in Australia and Europe, where it continues to advance the boundaries of design…

42 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2010 • 42

Arketique Solid Surface Take Arketique Solid Surface located in Sefton, New South Wales, Australia, for instance. Originally a fabricator of fiberglass architectural products, Arketique has evolved into a custom manufacturer of solid surface materials, with a heavy emphasis on custom. Where the company once consumed its entire production of solid surface for its own projects, it now has expanded its operation to offer sheet goods to other fabricators. The goal is to eventually manufacture only and get out of fabrication entirely. “We manufacture some finishes that are unique to us, such as Metal and Translucent Swirl,” said Arnold Trenkner, who manages the company and heads up research and development. “We have five options for every color which are Solid, Opalescent, Translucent, Pearl and Swirl. Eighty percent of our production is in translucent solid surface and about half of that is in backlit applications. We can make any level of translucency.” A case in point is the Star City Casino in Pyrmont, NSW. The scope of the project was making wall panels, bar tops, monitor surrounds, shelving, lighting fixtures and dancing stages all backlit with LED lighting. “We used 10mm translucent red rectangles mounted with pins to 13mm amber translucent solid surface substrate for the wall panels,” explained Trenkner. “For the TV monitors, light fixtures and shelving we used 13mm translucent amber. The dancing stages used 25mm thick material.”

Another project that showcases the versatility of Arketique’s material palette as well as the company’s penchant for problem solving is the OPSM flagship store in Sydney. OPSM is a leading retailer of eyewear in Australia. The scope of the project included building a translucent store front, signage, display panels for eyeglasses and shelving. “The hard part was to make the shop front, because we had to suspend the floor, wall and ceiling panels without showing any of the support structure. The panels were all backlit with LED lighting,” said Trenkner. Arketique matched OPSM’s corporate colors for the project.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 43


A hemisphere away in Worchestershire, England, one finds Interfab, a 22 year-old solid surface fabrication company that specializes in working with DuPont Corian. Its managing director, David Cranke, was recently honored at the International Countertop Expo (ICE) in Las Vegas as ISFA Innovator of the Year. Great design is what sells in the United Kingdom, and Interfab is more than up to the task. Whether it is coordinating sink and inlay colors with the décor of a customer’s kitchen (see photo, bottom left) or engineering a working mini-waterfall complete with pebbles and an illuminated tank, (see photo, bottom right). Interfab’s mastery of solid surface is on full display. Even the digital revolution provides opportunities for showcasing the versatile properties of the material. A technique called image transfer by sublimation offers homeowners the ultimate personalization tool for their projects. “The customer supplies us with a digital image in any one of several formats (jpg, tff, gif, etc.),” explained Cranke. “These, in turn, are printed onto low absorption paper using special water-based inks, and then transferred under heat and pressure to the Corian sheet. The result is a perfect reproduction of the image embedded into the solid surface.” The sublimated image, while of high clarity, is easy to clean and adds an interesting and sentimental feature to a bathroom or kitchen wall (see photo, upper left).

44 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association


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Rosskopf & Partner Thermoforming and engineering are terms practically synonymous with Rosskopf & Partner of Hennersdorf, Germany, when it comes to the fabrication of solid surface. The firm made ample use of both skills while cladding a new exhibition tower with LG HI-MACS for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. Called “focus Terra” the tower was reconstructed in the “light court” of the Institute of Earth Sciences, a building that is protected as a historic monument. The exhibition encompasses three floors, with each floor dedicated to a separate theme (“Dynamics of the Earth,” “Crystals and other Treasures of the Earth” and “Archives of the Earth”). Holz Kobler Architects designed the exhibition tower. Rosskopf & Partner installed solid surface cladding on the exterior of the entire “focus Terra” tower, as well as cladding for the parapets and exhibition displays. Rosskopf & Partner is a founding member of ISFA. Its managing partner, Martin Funck, has been awarded ISFA Fabricator of the Year for 1999 and ISFA Innovator of the Year for 2006.

46 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 47

ICE 2010 Review Israel, Brazil, Germany, China, India, Lebanon, Albania, Ireland, France and Singapore – those are among the 17 countries who were represented at the first-annual International Countertop Expo (ICE) held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center in Las Vegas, February 7 to 10. ICE attracted an energetic and engaged audience, who came to the decorative surfacing Expo to learn, to connect and to do business.

Manager and ISFA Director of Meetings and Membership. “There was something going on all the time. People came prepared to share, to strengthen relationships and, above all, to learn.” Anchored by a stellar conference program that covered a wide range of topics relevant

“The quality of the attendees was high,” said Gary Sorrells of Color Rite Inc., a maker of specialty caulking for countertop fabricators. “We did more business this year at ICE than at two or three other expos combined. There was a spirit that reminded us of the early days of solid surface, when people were hungry to learn and were open to new ideas.”

“The difference was the energy level,” said Michael Wilson-South of Solid Surface Technologies in Honolulu, Hawaii, “There was a feeling of excitement and brotherhood that reminded me of the early days of ISSFA. This was something really special.” “Great things come in small packages,” said International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) president, Evan Kruger of Solid Tops in Easton, Md. “ICE may not be the largest Expo of the year, but I can guarantee you that everyone who came took away at least two or three nuggets that will save or make their companies thousands of dollars in the coming year.” Creating opportunities for fabricators to interact and learn from each other was the primary goal of ICE, according to officials at ISFA, which sponsored the four-day event. “Everything we did, from the Super Bowl Party, to the conference format, to the on-site vanity fabrication competition and Networking Luncheon – even holding it in a hotel – was designed to bring countertop professionals together,” explained Sandy Milroy, ICE Show

“I work a lot of trade shows,” said Beth Siatta, Event Manager of Eshow/Netronix Corporation, which provided registration services for the event, “and I have heard just about everything from exhibitors over the years. This is the first show I have worked with in at least two years where the exhibitors were excited about what was happening and had only positive things to say. I didn’t hear any negatives.”

to countertop fabricators, the learning opportunities spilled over into the exhibit hall itself. Seminars on the essentials of running a countertop business, including sales, financial management and gaining a better understanding of the sustainable movement, ran continuously in the ISFA Area. Fabrication demonstrations, live fabrication of countertops and a special “Ask the Experts” area brought countertop professionals together in a way that encouraged attendee participation. Exhibitors at ICE came away feeling that the inaugural show was a worthwhile investment.

48 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

“ICE was a total success for us,” said Joseph Winters, marketing director for Domain Industries. “By the second day of the show we already had nearly 150 leads. And the people we talked to were serious about doing business.” “It was a great show,” said Kirk Olsen of Envision Concrete Countertops, which produces pre-mixed bag mixes for concrete countertops. “We talked to a lot of people who showed real interest in our products.” Something For Everyone From the beginning, show organizers encouraged attendees to “Come early and stay late” in order to take advantage of the complete ICE experience. It started with a

capacity crowd at the Big Game Football Party hosted by Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant. Revelers snacked on an endless supply of chips and salsa, guacamole and bean dip during the first half of the game, and feasted on an all-you-could-eat buffet at halftime. “It was a fantastic party,” said Lynda Apple of InConcrete Custom Countertops and Design Elements of Flagstaff, Ariz. The ICE registration desk opened Monday at 7 a.m., with conferences convening at 8:30. The meeting rooms were filled and the discussions lively in practically every session. At 11:30, everyone broke for lunch, which was highlighted by the Networking Luncheon. The Networking Luncheon was a paid-ticket event,

although holders of three-day conference passes gained free admission to both the luncheon and the Big Game Football Party as part of their conference package. At 1pm the exhibit hall opened. “We were pleasantly surprised by the number of attendees,” said Doug Turner of Integra Adhesives. “We had planned on this being a smaller show, but the turnout exceeded our expectations.” In addition to the exhibits, which featured practically every product and service a countertop fabricator needs to be successful, the On-Site Vanity Fabrication competition began in earnest in the ISFA Area of the show

floor. Two companies, SurCrete and Envision Concrete Countertops, built custom concrete countertops literally from scratch in full view of attendees. It was a big hit with fabricators, many of whom had never witnessed concrete countertop manufacturing before. Mike Nolan, Director of Education on the ISFA Board of Directors and Instructor for the association’s acclaimed Solid Surface Total Fabrication Training (TFT) program, conducted mini-courses on solid surface fabrication taken from the TFT curriculum. In an adjoining booth, industry veteran, Chuck Sawyer, presented seminars focusing on Sustainability, the LEED system, How to Become a Greener Company and the Break

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 49

Even Point model for financial management in a fabrication business. At the back of the exhibit hall, industry leaders manned tables in the “Ask the Experts” area, fielding questions and talking informally with attendees. ISFA General Session Tuesday evening ISFA held its annual General Session, in which Evan Kruger was installed as President for 2010. Rounding out the Executive Committee were Hunter Adams of TRINDCO in Suffolk, Va., as Vice-President; Ted Sherritt of Flo-Form Countertops in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, as Treasurer; Joe Hoffman of Hoffman Fixtures Co. in Tulsa, Okla., as Assistant Treasurer; Kurt Bonk of Cabinets2Countertops in N. Canton, Ohio, as Secretary; and Sid MacKay of Creative Surface Solutions in Las Vegas, as Immediate Past President. In other business, Todd Werstler of Tower Industries in Massillon, Ohio, a former president and leader for the association retired from the ISFA board and Russ Berry of A.S.S.T. in Hanover, Pa., was welcomed as a new board member. In addition to the installation of the new board and the review of the state of the association, the annual ISFA Awards were presented to outstanding companies and individuals who had impacted the countertop industry during 2009: The Associate of the Year Award is given to an associate member company that in the past year has best exemplified the role of servicing the needs of fabricator member companies, and who has best supported ISFA in all activities. Colonial Saw of Kingston, Mass., received this award for its continued support of ISFA as a sponsor and as a cheerleader for the association. The Innovator Award is for the fabricator member firm or individual who goes outside the box and creates a product or system that enhances the life of the solid surface fabricator. David Cranke of Interfab in Worcestershire, England, received this honor for incorporating the ISFA Certified Professional program into his business and pioneering a marketing template for other fabrication companies to help set themselves apart from the competition. The Envision Award is given to the manufacturer member that excels in creating something imaginative and special for the surfacing industry. ITW Plexus of Danvers, Mass., received this award for its Stone Repair Kit, which offers natural stone and

quartz surfacing fabricators a quick and effective tool for making invisible repairs. The Fabricator of the Year is awarded to an individual of a fabricator member company that in the past year has best exemplified the ISFA ideals of quality, innovation, character and exemplary service to ISFA and/or the decorative surfacing industry, with overall excellence. Thierry Delles of CREA Diffusion in Sologne, France, received this honor for his continuing support of ISFA and leadership as an innovator in the decorative surfacing industry on an international stage. The ISFA Hall of Fame is awarded to the individual, or individuals, who have in the course of their career made significant contributions to the decorative surfacing industry, and have demonstrated leadership and commitment to the ideals of ISFA. Richard Christ of Richard Christ Consulting in Cypress, Texas, won the award for his service to the industry as an advisor and business innovator that helped change the paradigm of fabricators as traditionally small Mom and Pop businesses. Even after leaving the industry, Christ continues his role as a mentor to individuals and companies interested in improving their business acumen and market position. Dream Sweeps Giveaway Drawing Of course, not everything at ICE was all about business. The Dream Sweeps Giveaway Drawing capped off ICE featuring valuable goods and services generously donated by industry vendors. The Grand Prize was a trip for two to Spain, donated by Cosentino USA. Attendees qualified for the drawing by visiting each booth at ICE. Attendees were required to be in attendance in order to win. The following industry suppliers donated goods and services to the drawing: Color Rite, Domain Industries, Gruber Systems, Integra Adhesives, ITW Plexus, Monument Toolworks and Schechner Lifson. The grand prize, trip for two to the Silestone plant in Macael, Spain, provided by Cosentino USA was won by Kate Bisley of Bisley Fabrication Inc. in Gresham, Wis. 2011 Location and Dates Building on the success from this inaugural show, ISFA has announced that ICE 2011 will be held at the Rio Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, October 20-22, 2011. “The meeting facilities at the Rio are modern and conveniently located,” commented ISFA

50 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

show director, Sandy Milroy. “The sleeping rooms are all suites and very comfortable. The Rio seems to be a perfect fit for ICE in 2011.”

For more information contact Show Manager Sandy Milroy by e-mail at or by phone at (702) 240-1660.

ISFA Director Michael Bustin congratulates Kate Bisley, of Bisley Fabrication in Gresham, Wis., for winning the grand prise in the Dream Sweeps Giveaway -A trip for two to the Silestone plant in Macael, Spain, provided by Cosentino USA.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 51

Greening Your Company By Chuck Sawyer

Look around you. In newspapers, magazines, online, on the TV – you can’t help but run into topics that relate to “green” issues all over the world. Formally an issue embraced by a handful of environmentally-minded organizations and individuals, the green movement has now become a mainstream topic. Even Corporate America has begun to see the need for more sustainable policies and operations. In a recent survey of 1,500 companies, the Boston Consulting Group in collaboration with MIT learned that 92 percent of survey respondents said their companies are addressing sustainability. And even in this period of economic slowdown, more than 75 percent have either maintained or increased their attention to sustainability issues. Whether driven by government legislation, consumer concerns about the environment or employee interest within a company, companies of all sizes and configurations are making changes that will help us pass on what we have built to our grandchildren and their grandchildren. As you look at your own company, “going green” may seem like a task that is either too big or too expensive to tackle, or maybe, in these tough economic times, just too much of a diversion to get involved with. You may find, however, that taking the proper steps now will not only contribute to our environment, but will also help your bottom line by improving energy efficiencies, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity. (Note: If you really want to look into the impact you can make, check out the variety of “carbon calculators” that are available online. With these calculators, you can compare the results of the energy savings that you make with various types of greenhouse gas emissions. You can learn a lot about your carbon footprint and things you can do to reduce the effects of greenhouse gasses.) Although there are many opportunities to create more sustainable companies, here are some practical things that you can do to help your company and the environment. They address a variety of things like reduction of emissions, efficient water consumption, improved indoor air quality and reduction of waste. Most of these suggestions are fairly lowcost and/or result in cost savings because of operating efficiencies.

Replace gas-powered mowers, trimmers and other equipment with electric-powered equipment. For managing the landscaping around our buildings,

we generally grab those lawnmowers, leaf blowers and trimmers and go at it. But did you know that operating a gas-powered lawnmower for one hour creates about the same emissions as driving a conventional automobile more than 300 miles? By changing to battery-powered devices the resulting lowering of emissions of harmful compounds can be significant, especially if the practice becomes widespread.

52 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Reduce commuting trips by using compressed workweeks, carpools, employee incentives for alternate transportation and efficient scheduling techniques. We all know that automobiles contribute to smog

and other forms of airborne pollution. By converting to four 10-hour workdays, the total number of commuting miles by our workforce could be reduced by 20 percent. Additionally, you could set up a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan (Flexible Spending Account) that could provide for pre-tax benefits for your employees’ costs for carpools or public transportation. There are potentially additional benefits for both employees and the company under a Cafeteria Plan so it is a program that is well worth looking into.

Reduce potable water use by installing waterconserving indoor plumbing fixtures. Water treatment

costs money and in many areas water itself is in limited supply. By using water-conserving fixtures in our facilities (and at home) we can reduce costs and help preserve our potable water supplies. For those companies that sell plumbing products from their showrooms, featuring water-conserving fixtures shows your customers that you are sensitive to environmental concerns, while providing additional value to the products you sell.

Develop water management strategies that assure efficient use of process water for cutting and grinding equipment. Whether you use a closed-loop system or city water from a hose, water is an important part of any stone or concrete business. Understanding the optimum levels of water usage and working to minimize these levels will help save you money and reduce the load on local water treatment plants. If you have recycled water systems at your facility, work with equipment suppliers to optimize water usage.

Develop an operating plan that includes settings for HVAC and lighting including the use of programmable thermostats for HVAC control. In the green building industry,

some of the most productive technical advances have been in the HVAC and lighting sectors. Building owners are finding that high-efficiency systems are paying for themselves in reduced operating costs. By using intelligent controls of your HVAC and lighting, you too can save dollars in operating costs. The advantages of programmable thermostats are well documented, and they’re inexpensive and easy to install. In many cases, lighting costs can be as much as 40 percent of your energy bill. With additional types of controls such as dimmers, light sensors, motion sensors and other devices, this cost can be cut significantly.

probably most familiar with the Energy Star ratings for appliances. An Energy Star rating assures that the equipment conforms to standards of energy efficiency set up by the program. For more tips on energy efficiency, visit the Energy Star Web site at

Use compact fluorescent lamps or LED lighting. A

fairly simple, yet effective way to save money and energy is to use more efficient lighting. Several recent advances have made both compact fluorescents and light emitting diodes (LEDs) brighter and more affordable. While you are changing your bulbs, take a look at light placement to try to get the best arrangement of task lighting with general ambient lighting. Well-placed task lighting will allow you to reduce the amount of general lighting and contribute to lower energy costs.

Develop a sustainable purchasing policy for your company (USEPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program Guidelines). From office paper to saw

blades, everything that you purchase for your business uses energy and natural resources. Through the establishment of a purchasing policy that encourages products and services that have a balance of price, performance and protection of the environment, you can contribute in numerous ways to a more sustainable future. Development of such a policy can be a huge task, so start small with some of your largest purchases. To help you develop your sustainable purchasing policy, refer to the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guidelines developed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency at www.epa. gov/epp. This site has done most of the homework in advance, so just choose those components that apply to you.

Reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill or incineration (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). How many

dumpsters leave your plant for the landfill each year? The reduction of waste in our operations is a management task that we all should be doing everyday. From packaging materials to consumables, from copy paper to computers, we consume and discard around a gazillion dollars of stuff each day. Look at virtually everything that comes in and everything that leaves as waste and figure out a way to reduce, reuse or recycle these items. Just look and think and you will be amazed at the solutions that you come up

Develop preventive maintenance programs to assure efficient operation of building mechanicals and manufacturing equipment. How often do you change the oil

in your car? Every 3,000 miles? Or 5,000 miles? Whatever the case, it makes good sense to use regular maintenance to keep your car or truck in top operating condition. The same thing goes for your fabrication and installation equipment. Refer to your equipment manuals and your suppliers to create specific maintenance schedules for all your equipment. Even small things like monitoring compressed air piping for leaks can contribute to a healthier bottom line and a reduction in energy usage.

Use Energy Star rated equipment. Energy Star is a

program created by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy to develop and foster energy efficient products and services. Although this program does many things, we are International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 53

with. As an example, consider “non-traditional” items to recycle such as cell phones, office equipment, hydraulic fluids, batteries and architectural samples.

For general information on green building you also might want to visit the U. S. Green Building Council site at and the National Association of Home Builders site at

Provide appropriate controls and systems to eliminate exposure to respirable silica dust and airborne contaminants. Indoor air quality is an important area

Chuck Sawyer has been in the solid surface industry since 1975, originally with fabrication shops in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. As a DuPont certified trainer, he pioneered some of the early fabricator training in the United States and South America and was one of the original faculty members of ITEC. Additionally he has sales and marketing experience at both the distributor and manufacturer levels. Recently he has achieved the LEED Green Associate accreditation from the USGBC. He can be reached at

of environmental control. The air we breathe can have a catastrophic impact if it is laden with harmful, toxic contaminants. Even “nuisance” dusts like we find in solid surface fabrication can lead to short-term respiratory and eye problems. Using dust control at the source, properly designed ventilation and wet cutting and grinding operations can all help provide a healthier environment with the benefit of higher productivity because of the reduction of personal downtime.

Develop a green cleaning policy, using sustainable cleaning products and equipment. There are numerous styles and

brands of green cleaning products on the market today. Use the knowledge of your suppliers and investigate on your own the characteristics of all the types of cleaning materials that you use in your plant and on your products. Create a “Green Cleaning Guide” to present to your customers at the time of sale.


Use air filters with MERV value of at least 13 and maintain regularly. As a

complement to dust controls that you might have in your plant, try to use the highest efficiency rating for your air filters as possible. The rating system for air filters is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV), with a range of 1 to 16. Where practical, use a MERV of 13 or higher to assure good quality filtering. You may need to check with the manufacturer of your air handling equipment to be sure a MERV 13 filter is compatible with your fan performance.

Use grilles, grates or mats to reduce the amount of contaminants entering the building and/or office areas. Both indoors

and outdoors, we are constantly moving dirt, dust and debris in and out of working areas. By strategically locating mats or other devices to catch these particles, we can improve the overall cleanliness and air quality of our facilities. If you would like to learn more about the steps you can take to make your company more sustainable, the Internet is a great resource. Just do a search for “sustainable companies” or “sustainability” and you will come up with more information than you could ever use! This is a hot topic and there are many sites addressing sustainability. Here are just a few that contain some good, readable content:

54 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association







Faucets too!




LOWEST PRICE All Guaranteed!!!

Austin, TX



SAME DAY * SHIPPING * Orders before 3PM

Atlanta, GA


Circle Reader Service #50 on the Reader Service Page or go to


Specialty Surfaces Fabricators, Manufactures and Experts Membership Application I N T E R N AT I O N A L S U R FAC E FA B R I C AT O R S A S S O C I AT I O N

Main: (877) 464-7732 • Fax: (801) 341-7361 •

Renewal Instructions:

To renew your membership with ISFA, simply fill out the Personal Information section, and Payment Method and that’s it! Fax it back to (702) 567-8145 and we’ll do the rest. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your membership renewal packet to be delivered.

New Member Instructions:

For Surfacing Experts wanting to become a new member, please fill out the entire form. Membership in ISFA is the industry endorsement of high quality. This endorsement cannot be purchased for the price of membership, but must be established by the company and upheld by each member of the organization. Fax this form back to (702) 567-8145 and we’ll do the rest. Your new membership packet will be in the mail shortly. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Personal Information




Company: Address: City:


Zip/Postal Code:

Country: Phone:


By providing your fax number, you are giving ISFA permissioon to send you information via fax.

Check here if you do not wish to receive education & event information via fax.

E-mail: Check here if you do not wish to receive Product and Service information from ISFA and our industry partners via e-mail.

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New Member Information Type of Membership: (please select one)

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ISFA Membership: $400 - Any Specialty Surfaces company that has been in business at least two years and carries appropriate liability insurance.

Sponsor Company:

Subscriber Membership: $400 - Applicant companies which meet all other qualifications, but have been in business for less than two years shall be eligible for Subscriber Membership in the Association

Trade Reference: (Please provide a trade reference, generally your distributor of solid surface.)


Branch Membership: $200 - Branch Membership is available to companies having more than one location. Each location must fill out seperate membership applications. Branch Membership annual dues are one-half that of the headquarters location. Each location wll be treated as a seperate member in all respects except only headquarter locations may vote in General Elections.

regarding an ISFA member or company willing to sponsor you in. If you do not know what to put in this section, just leave it blank. We will help you with this.

Contact Person:


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Proof of Insurance: A copy of your certificate of liability insurance must be attached to or faxed with this form to process this application.

Monthly Membership: $35/Monthly

Code Of Ethics Agreement (Please Sign Below)

Each member of the International Surface Fabricators Association agrees to observe high standards of honesty, integrity, and responsibility in the conduct of their business. By adhering strictly to the highest quality standards of fabrication, manufacturing and installation. By promoting only those products and services that are proven quality and value. By writing contracts and warranties that are clear, honest, and fair to all parties involved. By honoring all contractual obligations in a reasonably prompt manner. By quickly acting on and attempting to resolve all customer complaints, and in situations where complaints appear unreasonable and persistent, by encouraging the customer to initiate and approach third party dispute settlement mechanisms. By being fiscally responsible and honoring all legitimate financial obligations; By maintaining all required licenses and insurances; I,_______________________________, do hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and do agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the International Surface Fabricators Association for as long as I hold an active membership therein.

Here. Now. News. ISFA Offices ISFA has moved its offices. The move is due in part to favorable leasing rates in the commercial real estate market and in part to the changing needs of the association. The new facility is larger and affords ISFA the opportunity to host Total Fabrication Training and other fabricator education programs on site, instead of at nearby Utah Valley University (UVU). “Having a shop and the offices under the same roof allows us to be more flexible in terms of class size and the number of training programs we can offer,” said ISFA executive director, Russ Lee. “We also have a training room located adjacent to the shop area that is ideal for educational seminars and other group activities. This new situation will allow us to host local fabricator events as well as expand educational opportunities for fabricators across the globe.” The new ISFA address is (phone and fax remain the same): International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) 165 N 1330 W, Unit A3 Orem, UT 84057

56 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Arizona Chapter On March 16 approximately 30 fabricators and industry suppliers met at the Airport Hilton in Phoenix for a discussion on how ISFA can help make their businesses become more profitable. The topic of discussion then turned to the formation of the Arizona Chapter. Tom Wagner of StoneNet, who led the discussion, was also voted the interim leader until formal elections could be held. Dennis Cunningham of Bell Stone, Les Laws of Desert Surfaces and Kevin Padden of AZ School of Rock volunteered to assist in the formation of the chapter. The meeting was generously hosted by LG Hausys, who provided the meeting facilities and refreshments. The next meeting is scheduled for May 11th at LG Hausys.

Member Feedback “Dear ISFA, I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your solid surface fabrication training course. As a manufacturer we need

a source of solid surface training for those companies who want to learn how to properly fabricate solid surface. With the current economic climate, many millwork and stone fabricators are expanding their offerings to include solid surface. We have sent several companies to ISFA for training. The feedback we have received from those attendees is very favorable. They especially appreciate the knowledge of the various solid surface tools unique to proper fabrication.

recognition. In a very fragile economy slowly emerging from recession, clients do appreciate a trustworthy supplier.”

David Cranke Interfab, Ltd Worchestershire, UK

Keep up the good work.”

Ray Fowler Surface Warehouse/Livingstone Solid Surface Austin, TX “Dear Russ Lee, As you know, I have been a skeptic of ISFA since becoming a member in 1998. Recently, you challenged me to become a more active member and I accepted the challenge. I recommitted to helping ISFA be a vibrant part of the premium decorative surfaces industry. I renewed membership. I skeptically listened to the power of networking, and honestly could see no business value. Because I renewed my ISFA membership, started the ISFA certification process and attended ICE, I am able to reach out to a newly established business contact I met through ISFA. The individual owns a business near one of my jobsites and I asked for help. I can trust that he will do good work because of our common bond through ISFA. The savings in this one circumstance alone more than pays for my ISFA membership. Somehow, these real world stories need to ring throughout our industry. ISFA membership is cost justifiable! Investment in ISFA requires continued membership and continued participation. Certainly ISFA gives back more than you put in!”

Russ Berry A.S.S.T. Hanover, PA “Dear ISFA, We were pleased to get the ISFA Certified Professional materials. We sent mail shots out to all our 250 dealers, using your format; we also printed the small folded leaflets and the single sheet leaflet. We have had a number of small press releases printed in the UK trade press. Our vans now have the ISFA Certified Professional logo clearly on display! As and when we reprint our letterhead the new logo will also be shown. In a nutshell it helps support our professional approach to our standing in the market place, which also endorses our DuPont Network

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 57

ISFA New & RenewedMembers Accent Surfaces, LLC Murray, UT

Creative Surfaces Ponchatoula, LA

Jack’s Custom Woodworking/JCW Countertop Woburn, MA

Scantibodies Santee, CA

Alaska Stone & Precast Inc North Pole, AK

CSC Herndon, VA

King County Library System Issaqua, WA

Smokey Mountain Tops, Inc. Knoxville, TN

Alron Industries, LTD Abbottsford, BC

Custom Counters by Precision Passaic, NJ

Kitchen Bath & Beyond Specializing In Solid Surface Fort Mojave, AZ

Solid Surface Creations, Inc. Villa Grove, IL

Atlanta Kitchen, Inc. Decatur, GA

Dan Solid Surfaces Baton Rouge, LA

Kohler Company Kohler, WI

Spelts Schultz Countertops Kearney, NE

Ball Consulting, LTD. Ambridge, PA

Dolan & Traynor, Inc. Wayne, NJ

Laminated Tops of Central Indiana, Inc. Bloomington, IN

Sterling-Miller Designs Inc. Brockton, MA

Bertke Countertops Anna, OH

Dolls Cabinets & Woodcraft Havre, MT

Lytle Construction Sacramento, CA

Stevens Industries, Inc. Teutopolis, IL

Beverin Solid Surface Lehigh Acres, FL

Dolva & Rocali Marmotec Las Palmas, Canary Islands

Marbelite Corporation Novi, MI

Superior Solid Surface Honolulu, HI

Bisley Fabrication, Inc. Gresham, WI

Dongguan Shihuan Building Materials Ltd (Enviroworld) Guangdong, China

Martin’s Counter Tops, Inc. Omaha, NE

Surface 519 Des Moines, IA

Marvic Corp. Union, NJ

Surface Products Cornelius, NC

Masco BCG (formerly TFI Benchmark) Lakewood, NJ

Talquin Fabrications, Inc. Tallahassee, FL

Meld USA, Inc. Raleigh, NC

Technical Cabinetry and Millwork Cedar Knolls, NJ

Modern Home Distributing Nunda, NY

The Cabinet Shoppe Woodstock, IL

Monument Toolworks, Inc. Assonet, MA

The Concrete Countertop Institute Raleigh, NC

Moraware, Inc. Reno, NV

The Concrete Store Fort Worth, TX

Morris Craft LLC Charleston, WV

The Countertop Factory Santa Fe Springs, CA


Tiffany Decor Co., Ltd. Kannayao, Bangkok

NBC Solid Surfaces, Inc. Springfield, VT

Top Shelf Laminated Products Warren, OH

Pierce Laminated Products, Inc. Rockford, IL

Tower Industries Massillon, OH

Pristine Countertop Distributors Saskatoon, SK

Troyer’s Custom Cabinetry Wasilla, AK

Quality Surfaces, Inc. Spencer, IN

University of North Texas Denton, TX

Renaissance Granite & Marble Des Moines, IA

West Coast Countertops Temecula, CA

Rosskopf & Partner AG Augustusburg – Hennersdorf, Germany RR Laminates Simi Valley, CA

Willean Woodworking Seward, AK

Blume’s Solid Surface Products Freeport, PA Borey & Sons Construction, Inc. Burbank, WA Buck Jason Antelope, CA Cabinet & Countertop Designs Hollis, NY Cabinets 2 Countertops N. Canton, OH Carpenters International Training Fund Las Vegas, NV Chemcore Industries, Inc. Austin, TX Chemical Concepts, Inc. Huntingdon Valley, PA Classic Counter Tops Garland, TX CMS-Cultured Marble Specialists, LLC Centerville, UT Coni-Marble Mfg., Inc. Thorndale, ON Countertop Shop Ltd Holland, OH Countertops by Topsecret Klamath Falls, OR Craftmark Solid Surfaces, Inc. Norcross, GA Craftmasters Countertops Houston, TX CREA Diffusion Sologne, France

Douglas High School Winston, OR Fine Line Pacific, Inc. Kent, WA Fischer Tile & Marble Sacramento, CA Five Star Fab & Fixture Salem, VA Floor To Ceiling Store Mason City, IA Formatop Company Sioux Falls, SD F-W-S Solid Surface Specialist, Inc. Carbondale, IL Greg Rae Interiors Longview, WA Grifform Innovations, Inc. Glide, OR Honolulu Tile & Marble, Inc. Honolulu, HI Hunter Millworks, Inc. Lubbock, TX Innovative Surfaces, Inc. Hastings, MN J R Stephens Company Arcata, CA J&M LIFESTYLES, LLC RANDOLPH, NJ J. Dougherty & Son/JDS Supply Glassboro, NJ J. Suss Industries Montreal, QC

Sawyer Chuck Gibsonia, PA

ISFA Staff

Serving Our Members And The Surfacing Industry Russ Lee Executive Director Email: Office: (877) 464-7732 ext. 12 Direct: (801) 735-7606

Jeff Pease Creative Director & Web Services Email: Office: (877) 464-7732 ext. 11 Direct: (702) 468-2639

Kevin Cole Communications Director Email: Office: (877) 464-7732 ext. 13 Direct: (815) 721-1507

Sandy Milroy Meeting & Membership Director Email: Office: (877) 464-7732 Direct: (702) 240-1660

Margaret Pettingill Administrative Assistant & Registrar Email: Office: (877) 464-7732 Ext. 10

Main Office Toll Free: (877) 464-7732 Direct: (801) 341-7360 Fax: (801) 341-7361 Email: Web:

58 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Board Of Directors

Serving The Industries Surfacing Professionals

Evan Kruger President Solid Tops, Inc. 505 South Street Easton, MD 21601 Phone: 410-819-0770 Fax: 410-819-0783 Email:

Sid MacKay Immediate Past President Creative Surface Solutions 2855 Coleman Street Las Vegas, NV 89032 Phone: 702-365-6444 Fax: 702-365-6798 Email:

Martin Funck Director Rosskopf & Partner AG Bahnhofstrabe 16 D 09573 Augustusburg - Hennersdorf Germany Phone: 493-729-12524 Email: martin.funck

Hunter Adams Vice President TRINDCO 1004 Obici Industrial Blvd. Suffolk, VA 23434 Phone: 757-539-0262 Fax: 757-539-8921 Email:

Michael Job Director Quality Surfaces, Inc. 2087 Franklin Road Spencer, IN 47460 Phone: 812-876-5838 Fax: 812-876-5842 Email:

Michael Bustin Director 3001-103 Spring Forest RdRaleigh, NC 27616 Phone: 919-790-1749 Fax: 919-790-1750 Email:

Kurt Bonk Secretary Cabinets2Countertops 7142 Frank Avenue NW N. Canton, OH 44720 Phone: 330-244-0221 Fax: 330-266-7635 Email:

Ted Sherritt Treasurer FloForm Countertops 125 Hamelin Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T3Z1 Phone: 204-474-2334 Fax: 204-475-9295 Email:

Mike Nolan Director 2171 NC 18 US 64 Morganton, NC 28655 Phone: 828-438-0892 Fax: 828-438-0893 Email:

Mike Langenderfer Director The Countertop Shop Ltd 10406 Geiser Road Holland, OH 43528 Phone: 419-868-9101 Fax: 419-868-9104 Email:

Russ Berry Director A.S.S.T. 805 West Elm Ave. P.O. Box 144 Hanover, PA 17331 Phone: 717-630-1251 Fax: 717- 630-1271

Harry Hollander Associate Member Representative Moraware 3020 Zeus Way Reno, NV 89512 Phone: 650-242-4272 Fax: 309-414-1013 Email:

Joe Hoffman Assistant Treasurer Hoffman Fixtures Company 9421 E 54th St Tulsa, OK 74145 Phone: 918-627-3055 Fax: 918-627-3560 Email:

Dave Paxton Director Paxton Countertops P. O. Box 174 Grand Ledge, MI 48837 Phone: 517-719-0146 Email: paxtoncountertops

Bryan Stannard Associate Member Representative ITW Plexus 30 Endicott Street Danvers, MA 01923 Phone: 210-389-2917 Fax: 978-774-0516 Email:

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 59


Established in 1938 and headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Samsung employs approxi-

mately 222,000 people worldwide and has sales revenue of $121 billion.

Samsung has five business areas: Electronics, Machinery, Chemicals, Finance and Trading and Services. Staron

Surfaces and Radianz Quartz are part of the Chemical Division and are manu-

CAS: What decorative surfacing products do you currently offer? How are they distributed? Today Samsung offers two lines of surfacing options: Staron Surfaces and Radianz Quartz. Staron Surfaces consists of

100+ color options of solid surface choices (70 or so marketed in North America), 20+ colors of Staron Tempest (a unique solid surface product specifically designed with a look that

emulates quartz) and Staron all-acrylic Solid Surface kitchen

sinks and vanity bowls (avail-

factured by Samsung’s

able in 10 models). Radianz

parent company Cheil

Quartz was introduced into

Industries Inc. Samsung

the Samsung family in 2006

Chemical USA Inc., the

and is manufactured at

sales and marketing arm

Samsung’s Cheil Industries

for Staron and Radianz

facility adjacent to the solid

brand products in North

surface factory. The distribu-

America, is located in La

tion network for Radianz

Mirada, Calif.

Quartz has rapidly grown and

Samsung is an ISO

it is available in numerous

manufacturer and has

countries around the world,

earned two GREEN-

including the United States

GUARD certifications

and Canada.

for improving indoor air

quality for all of its deco-

rative surfacing products.

CAS: When and how did Samsung first get involved in the decorative surfacing industry? Samsung/Cheil Industries has been manufacturing and distributing decorative and industrial plastics and solid surface

products within South Korea and Asia since the mid 1990’s. Currently, Samsung’s decorative plastics, solid-surface products and quartz surfacing products are distributed worldwide.

CAS: When did Samsung decorative surfacing come to North America? What products were featured? Samsung introduced high-performance Staron acrylic solid

surfaces to the North American market in 1999. During that time the color range was relatively limited but has since

expanded to approximately 70 standard colors for the North American market.

60 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

CAS: Have you recently introduced any new products to the market? We have three new products that are noteworthy: 1. En-core Series: This surfacing option (available in seven colors) utilizes recycled content and has earned the SCS Recycled Material Content Certification.

2. Noble Collection: This new collection added to the Radi-

anz Quartz family incorporates metallic quartz chips, giving it added dimension and depth.

3. Expanded Radianz Palate: We’ve recently added seven

new colors to our Radianz Quartz line, now offering 30 color options ranging from traditional to contemporary ultra-fine particulate patterns with reflective chips.

CAS: Where are your decorative surfacing products produced? How do they get to the fabricator?

products to the consumer community at large. This includes architects

Both brands, Staron and Radianz, are manufactured at our factories

ments, as well as OEM clients that incorporate our products. We

of authorized distribution partners. These distributors not only stock the

excellent choices and should be considered. Whether it is a Samsung

the products at a local and regional level. Distributors support the fabrica-

benefits by promoting the generic product category. Samsung’s mis-

service, as well as promoting the products to architects, designers and the

tions for the products.

CAS: How do you view the role of the fabricator in your products’ route to market?

CAS: What might we expect to see from Samsung in the near future in terms of new products/innovations?

Fabricators are integral to our success. In many ways the fabricator is the

Samsung is in-tune with the “green” initiative, LEED and the im-

market our products is geared toward educating the fabricator and making

products to market.

ties we provide by way of the relationship and the Samsung brand equity.

CAS: Where do you see the opportunities for surfacing professionals in the next five years?

and designers that are specialized in commercial projects and kitchen designers and dealers serving the residential and home-builder seg-

located in South Korea and are available locally through a global network

want everyone to know the reasons why solid surface and quartz are

products in their warehouses, but are also actively engaged in marketing

product that is selected or a competitor’s, the point is that everyone

tors they work with through competitive pricing and pre- and post-sale

sion is to invest in innovation and to broaden the uses and applica-

K&B community.

direct-link to the specifier, dealer and the end-user. Much of what we do to them comfortable with who we are, our products and the B2B opportuni-

CAS: What is the Samsung philosophy regarding unity within the industry, and how do you feel that affects innovation over the long term? Our mindset is to promote the benefits of solid surface and quartz

portance of bringing additional environmentally-friendly surfacing

Both solid surfaces and quartz will remain popular choices among residential and commercial audiences. Quartz in

particular is expected to continue to surge as more and more people realize the benefits of this alternative to granite and other stone products.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 61

ProductNews Omni Cubed Supplies Dolly for Larger Countertops

Yurway Designs Offers Solid Surface Seam Clamps Yurway Designs Inc. offers SEAMRITE solid surface seam clamps, designed to be effective and easy to maintain, while requiring no electric or air to operate. A unique adjustment wedge on the SR2X and SR4X models will help align the seam just right so fabricators can minimize sanding time, and the SRMini mode works great on backsplashes. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee and is setting up new distributors to help supply customer needs faster. Circle Reader Service #52 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Groves Offers New Universal Storage System

The Pro-Dolly was engineered by Omni Cubed to provide easier transport and installation of countertops, and is especially helpful when used in pairs for very tall, extremely heavy or extra large countertops. This square-tube aluminum dolly features a lightweight and compact design that weighs only 19 lbs., yet has a rated capacity of 750 lbs. (1500 lbs. when used in pairs for very large tops). The low profile dolly (only 5.25 in. from the support rail surface to the ground) allows rolling of tall tops through doors. The dolly features four, 8-in., flat-free, closed-cell polyurethane tires with excellent shock absorption. The support rail is lined with rubber to prevent chipping, and countertops are secured with an integrated clamp (useful when climbing stairs, the dolly stays attached). All Omni Cubed products are engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the United States and are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Circle Reader Service #51 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

hold 2 by 4s. They also have 1-in. dia. Round holes spaced every 3 in., and a secondary plate with identical holes is located below the top of the rail, 1 in. from the bottom. Rails are 6 in. wide by 3 in. high by 60 in. long and can butt together for desired length. Posts are 1 in. dia. steel coated with a galvanized finish, and can be removed for easy loading and unloading of product. Circle Reader Service #53 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Park Industries Introduces CNC Saw/Waterjet with Programmable Saw Miter Park Industries has introduced the FUSION 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjet with Programmable Saw Miter. The new saw has all of the capabilities of the FUSION 4000 with the new miter cut feature, which produces stone and quartz countertop parts requiring a mitered edge for commercial work or thick lamination. The programmable miter feature provides the added capability to cut parts at any angle and change the angle between 0 (vertical) and 47 degrees. The FUSION’s dual capabilities are designed to result in fast, accurate, efficient cutting for straight and curved applications. Circle Reader Service #54 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Domain Offers New Line of Diamond Tooling Products

Groves Incorporated now offers a new high-strength solution for storing finished pieces, cut-downs and remnants in an organized fashion in the form of its new Universal Storage System. The system features outside rails that are constructed of extruded aluminum, to provide a strong, but lightweight storage solution and have slots to

62 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Domain Industries Inc. is now a stocking distributor for the Voodoo line of Premium Diamond Tooling. Voodoo adds to Domain Industries’ growing line of stone fabricator tools. Voodoo offers a range of options for fabricators, including blades, core bits, nine types of polishing and finishing pads, cup

wheels, vacuum brazed profilers, antiquing brushes and backer pads. Included in Voodoo’s lineup, is the introduction of the Houdini Collection, a new pad with sophisticated interlayer metal technology. Also featured is Hex, an advanced collection of ultra-premium turbo dry cutting blades, providing chip free cuts on granite, engineered stone and hard marbles. They have an 8mm segment height for a lengthened lifespan and a narrow tooth design. Voodoo Diamond Tooling can be found in the latest Domain Industries wholesale catalog.

lifetime of their warranty. Circle Reader Service #56 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Dynabrade Releases New Electric Rotary Polisher

It does not contain any solvents and is VOC compliant in all 50 states. Ver Glow #2 is a non-acidic natural stone polishing compound, which is designed to add a beautiful shine to stone surfaces. All products in the “green” line are Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliant. Circle Reader Service #58 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Rockler Provides New Crosscutting Sleds for Smaller Table Saws

Circle Reader Service #55 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Daltile Launches Proadvanced Protection Program for Natural Stone Slabs Daltile has partnered with DuPont to create a natural stone slab water-based penetrating sealer infused with Microban antimicrobial protection. It comes with a 15-year, fully transferable residential warranty and eightyear commercial/industrial warranty. If for any reason during the warranty period a stain cannot be removed from a treated slab, Daltile will replace it with a new one – including installation. Additionally, there are no resealing requirements for the lifetime of the warranty, and this program also covers marble. Daltile’s full assortment of more than 300 granite and marble slab types is eligible. To participate in the Proadvanced Protection Program, fabricators must purchase a threepiece product kit from Daltile that includes the Daltile-exclusive water-based Proadvanced sealer, DuPont StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector and DuPont StoneTech Professional Polish. Fabricators then offer the protection program to their customers as an add-on to installation services, seal the countertops and then register their customers online in less than five minutes. The consumer finishes the registration after the installation is complete and is given the 24-ounce bottles of cleaner & protector and polish for future use. The sealer is available exclusively through Daltile-certified stone fabricators and cannot be purchased by consumers. Additionally, consumers participating in the protection program receive a 20 percent discount on all DuPont StoneTech Professional stone care and maintenance products, as well as other DuPont tile and grout care products, for the

Dynabrade Inc. has released a new Electric Rotary Polisher suitable for a variety of surfaces, including solid surface, fiberglass, plastic, painted surfaces, composites and more. The Electric Polisher features a rotary motion for cutting, polishing and buffing using compounds. The polisher has a rotating trigger handle, which rotates 180 degrees. This allows the trigger handle to be adjusted to any position for optimum comfort. A rubberized side handle is also included that allows the handle to mount to the left, right or on top of the tool for additional comfort and control. The Electric Rotary Polisher features a 120-volt, 11 amp motor. Operating at a maximum RPM of 3,000, the tool includes a “Lock Set Button” for locking in the desired speed for consistent RPM. The double insulated housing protects against electric shock and the variable speed trigger allows for feather-touch adjustment of your speed. The polisher accepts optional polishing pads and buffs in diameters of 6 to 8 in. The tool includes an 8-ft. electric cord. Circle Reader Service #57 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

International Stoneworks Unveils New “Green” Natural Stone Care Products Line International Stoneworks has presented a new line of “green” products that allow clients to clean, seal and polish natural stone, while remaining environmentally-friendly. The line includes Lavenet Green, Seal & Go W and Ver Glow #2. Lavenet Green is a neutral cleaner for natural stone, tile, ceramic and grout. This product is VOC compliant and biodegradable with no solvents or phosphates. Seal & Go W is a water-based, impregnator sealer that provides protection against water and grease stains for all interior natural stone surfaces and grout, while preserving the stone’s natural appearance.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced its new Portable Crosscut Sled, a professional-grade crosscutting jig specially designed for portable and benchtop-style table saws. The new sled — essentially a scaled-down version of Rockler’s original Crosscut Sled — improves the versatility of any compact table saw, letting users leverage their saw for precise cross-grain cuts, one of a table saw’s only weaknesses. The Portable Crosscut Sled replaces flimsy stock miter gauges with a stable platform, robust fence, powerful clamps and an easy-to-read protractor scale to make executing crosscuts smooth, safe and easy. Users can quickly set angles up to 45 degrees with the extruded aluminum fence and stainless steel scale, which features large 1/2-degree graduations and a hairline indicator. A sliding flip-down stop helps position the workpiece along the fence, while a hold-down clamp secures it in place. The sled runs in any standard 3/4-in. miter slot and features a miter bar that adjusts for a no-slop fit. Plus, since the MDF platform is designed to be cut down to fit snugly against the saw blade, it offers splinter-free performance without the need for a zero-clearance insert (an optional Drop-Off Platform is available to extend zero clearance to both sides of the blade). The sled measures 16 in. square, making it small enough for popular benchtop and wheel-based table-saws. Circle Reader Service #59 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 63

Freedonia Offers New World Residential Countertops Study

Product News

The Freedonia Group Inc., a Cleveland-based industry research firm, has developed a new study titled “World Residential Countertops,” which examines global trends in the residential countertop market. The 354-page study analyzes the 289 million sq. meter world countertop industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 1998, 2003 and 2008, with forecasts for 2013 and 2018 by material (e.g., laminates, solid surface, natural stone, engineered stone), type (e.g., kitchen, bath), market (new construction, remodeling), world region (e.g., Asia/Pacific, North America) and for 18 countries. The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 35 industry players, including Fletcher Building, Illinois Tool Works and DuPont. Circle Reader Service #60 on the Reader Service Page ((pg. 35) or go to

New Book Highlights Business Advancement Techniques

Small Business. The book takes a look at the chaos that exists in businesses with critical tasks are performed incorrectly, at the wrong time or not at all and discusses a process-driven approach to managing to ensure those critical tasks no longer slip through the cracks. It is a manual for owners wishing to create and maintain order in their companies by applying proven management practices. Circle Reader Service #61 on the Reader Service Page ((pg. 35)or go to

Scientific Dust Collectors Releases New High Ratio Baghouse Dust Collector Scientific Dust Collectors has just announced a new addition to its line of baghouse dust collectors. The SPJ-BL Series Baghouse is a high ratio unit which features the company’s patented nozzle cleaning system and internal high side inlet baffles. The SPJ-BL Series offers a heavy duty design for various fibrous dust applications. This series is ideal for 1,000 to 5,000 CFM, depending upon the dust type. It features all welded construction. Standard hopper discharge options include a 55-gal. drum and 20 cubic ft. cart on wheels. Bags are easily accessed from the front via a large door. All SPJ-BL collectors are online self cleaning units with a solid state timer board. Operation efficiency and bag life are guaranteed in writing. Circle Reader Service #62 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Braxton-Bragg Now Offers Glaze ‘N Seal Products Braxton-Bragg now offers products from Glaze ‘N Seal, a supplier of sealers and maintenance care products for the concrete, masonry, tile and natural stone markets. Glaze ‘N Seal offers a complete line of sealers, including film-forming and penetrating sealers. Also offered are cleaners, polishes and restoration products under the same brand. Circle Reader Service #63 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Aaron J. Crowley, founder of Crowley’s Granite Concepts in Tualatin, Ore., has written a new book titled Less Chaos More Cash – The PROcess for Reducing Confusion and Improving Profits in Your 64 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Móz Designs Provides Standardized Aluminum Column Covers A new collection of standardized and stylish column covers is now available from Móz Designs. Móz column covers are widely used in high-profile projects to “dress up” structural supports with vibrant and distinctive aluminum surfacing. A rich array of 25 Móz color tones and 14 hand-etched patterns are featured in the series, along with Móz Blendz, an innovative

treatment of blended colors. Stainless steel with a brushed #4 finish and choice of patterns is also available. DuraFilm surface coatings, available in satin or gloss, act as a barrier in high traffic areas and prevent scuffing or graffiti. Surfaces can also be wiped down with ammonia-based or other institutional cleaners.

The product’s color palette offers a versatile selection of tones from exciting Electric Reds and Sapphire Blues to subtle earth shades that include Pewter, Champagne, Goldrush and more. Created from 80 percent post-industrial recycled aluminum, Móz column covers contribute to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4 – recycled content. They are featured in four shapes: round, square, oval and race-track and are constructed from 0.090-in. aluminum plate or 18-gauge stainless steel. Standard sizes include 16- to 70-in. dia., which can be installed in two to four sections. Race-track shapes can be accommodated up to 81 inches wide in four sections. State-of-the-art precision rolling allows standard covers to reach up to 12 feet in height. Solid metal vertical open reveals and butt seams are included. Durable gloss and satin finishes are available for all interiors, high-traffic areas or exteriors. Circle Reader Service #64 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Warmboard Offers Heat Loss, Mechanical Designs Warmboard Radiant Subfloor, a radiant heating system, has announced that it is expanding its product offering to include complete Heat Loss and Mechanical design services. The new services will provide customers with designs and specifications for building a complete radiant heating system that maximizes efficiency and comfort. Heat Loss and Mechanical designs is made to provide customers with the information they need to size and purchase every component of their entire radiant flooring system, from sizing

the boiler to assembling the overall control system. Circle Reader Service #65 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

Daubert Chemical Provides Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive for Laminated Products Daubert Chemical offers Daubond PUR polyurethane reactive adhesive. The U8000 series single-part adhesives are specially designed for difficult to bond areas, such as intricate edges and profiles. The adhesive is designed to laminate flat components, as well as to wrap and edge band, and is suited for use with thicker membranes prone to high returns. Daubond PUR is available in three standard formulations for edge banding applications, four for profile wrapping -- all of which vary in viscosities and open times. Custom formulations are also available. The line allows for equipment clean up requirements that are virtually nil; further, viscosity levels and glue heads are precisely synchronized to maximize the efficient use of adhesive being applied, saving on material costs. Circle Reader Service #66 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

MIA Offers ASTM Standards and Technical Material for Dimension Stone

the Taber Abraser for Abrasion Resistance of Dimension Stone Subjected to Foot Traffic; C1354 - Standard Test Method for Strength of Individual Stone Anchorages in Dimension Stone; C1496 - Standard Guide for Assessment and Maintenance of Exterior Dimension Stone Masonry Walls and Facades; C1515 - Standard Guide for Cleaning of Exterior Dimension Stone, Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces, New or Existing; Cl526 - Standard Specification for Serpentine Dimension Stone; C1527 Standard Specification for Travertine Dimension Stone; C1528 - Standard Guide for Selection of Dimension Stone for Exterior Use; C170 Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Dimension Stone; C217 - Standard Test Method for Weather Resistance of Slate; C241 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Stone Subjected to Foot Traffic; C406 - Standard Specification for Roofing Slate; C503 - Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone; C568 - Standard Specification for Limestone Dimension Stone; C615 - Standard Specification for Granite Dimension Stone; C616 - Standard Specification for Quartz-Based Dimension Stone; C629 - Standard Specification for Slate Dimension Stone; C880 - Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Dimension Stone; C97 Standard Test Methods for Absorption and Bulk Specific Gravity of Dimension Stone; and C99 Standard Test Method for Modulus of Rupture of Dimension Stone. Circle Reader Service #67 on the Reader Service Page (pg. 35) or go to

The Marble Institute of America is now offering a publication titled “ASTM Standards and Technical Material for Dimension Stone,” which includes the 25 latest ASTM standards, as well as 10 technical articles from an ASTM special technical publication on the use of dimension stone in building construction. The standards and technical articles in this compilation include: C119 - Standard Terminology Relating to Dimension Stone; C120 - Standard Test Methods of Flexure Testing of Slate (Breaking Load, Modulus of Rupture, Modulus of Elasticity); C1201 - Standard Test Method for Structural Performance of Exterior Dimension Stone Cladding Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference; C121 - Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Slate; C1242 - Standard Guide for Selection, Design, and Installation of Dimension Stone Anchoring Systems; C1352 - Standard Test Method for Flexural Modulus of Elasticity of Dimension Stone; C1353 - Standard Test Method Using International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • 65

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NTERTOPS & ARCH DESIGN MAGAZINE K, 2.4722 X 5.0625, DUE 2/28/10

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66 Select Machinery

Attention Fabricators The parallign for solid surface


Gorilla Clamp for Stone & Parallign Clamp for Solid Surfacing

ISFA Fabricators, do you have used equipment taking up space in your shop that you would like to sell? Are you looking to fill a key position in your operations? We have 10,000 readers that might be interested. Why not submit a FREE classified ad? That’s right, classifieds in this publication are free to ISFA fabricators! Just send us the text you’d like us to run, and we will do the rest. Email us today at To place your ad or for non-member classified rates, e-mail us at or call 887.464.7732.


• The most powerful clamps in their class. • The power to pull seams tight without fear of over clamping • Perfectly aligned seams that require little sanding Solid Surfacing Machinery & Equipment For all your solid surfacing needs

800-789-2323 NY Circle Reader Service #68 on the Reader Service Page or go to 66 • Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Northeast Regional Sales Manager Major international manufacturer/marketer of solidsurface and quartz surfacing is seeking qualified candidates for a Regional Sales Manager position. The ideal candidate will already reside in the northeastern area of the US and have extensive experience promoting surfacing materials through various commercial distribution channels. Direct experience in developing B2B distribution channels, specifications, and dealer networks is required. A Bachelors degree in Business, Marketing or similar is a definite plus. Please email resume and salary history to:

INTEGRA Surface Bonder XI

Adhesive with Epoxy High Strength Fast Cure Superior color matching Solid Surface Quartz Natural Stone



Cartridge System

Molded in North America Hi-Impact Nylon 6™ reduces breakage Pre-blending with Coaxial activator injector Seal and O-ring extends shelf life

Mixing Tip

Bayonet tting with Wings for easy attachment Mixing element matched to ow properties Uniform Cure Reduced Adhesive waste

To learn about our range of products: Call toll free (North America) 888.862.6665 Phone (1)-604.850.1321 Fax (1)-604.850.1354 Circle Reader Service #69 on the Reader Service Page or go to

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KOHLER® Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks. Over 20 gorgeous colors to coordinate with today’s most popular kitchen cabinets and countertops and an enameled surface guaranteed not to chip, crack or burn. Circle Reader Service #69 on the Reader Service Page or go to


ISFA Countertops & Architectural Surfaces vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010  

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces is the official publication of the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA). It contains th...

ISFA Countertops & Architectural Surfaces vol. 3, Issue 2, 2010  

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces is the official publication of the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA). It contains th...

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