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Jackie Balint, of The Kitchen Collection, Redondo Beach, Calif., won the Silestone Design Contest with this stunning kitchen makeover. The fabricator was Traditional Stone, of Van Nuys, Calif. Read the full story on Page 34.

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Things to consider when making concrete countertops in wintery weather

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Silestone Design Contest winners revealed

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From the Editor From the desk of Kevin Cole, Editor & Publisher, and ISFA Communications Director

Social Media — Why and How In the last issue, I wrote about the importance of having a website. However, that’s just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to your company’s digital footprint. Another thing to consider is a social media presence. I think there are some very good arguments for investing time in such endeavors. The main reason is because your customers are. According to the Pew Research Center (www., 67 percent of Internet users also use social networking websites. When you break that number down it remains true across almost all categories, including gender, ethnicity, education, household income, locale and, for the most part, even age, with only those 65 and older falling below half (at 32 percent). That’s a large number of your customers and potential customers. Why not take advantage of every opportunity to reach them? Another good reason is the fact that it works in increasing your leads. Social media allows businesses to engage in conversations with customers, accelerating their learning and building trust in their brands. The Social Media Examiner’s 2011 Social Media Marketing report (www., states that marketers who spent six hours a week or more utilizing social media saw an increase in their sales leads on average of 52 percent. I’ve never heard a business owner say, “I’m just getting too many leads.” Lastly, participation in social media doesn’t have to have any hard costs associated with it. Anyone can establish a Facebook or Twitter account for free, as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection (and I’m guessing that the vast majority of you do). The real cost of social media use is in time, not hard dollars. Of course there are those who will argue that “time is money,” and I have to agree. However, is less than one hour a day worth increasing your leads by 52 percent? Sounds like an easy choice to me. The biggest reason not to use social media is if you have serious problems with your customer service program or finished products. While taking part in social media outlets can make solid companies more successful, it can also do significant 6 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

damage to companies that don’t have their internal act together. If you are struggling with poor service, or worse yet, shoddy craftsmanship, you are better served holding off until you get your problems sorted out. But remember, the longer you wait to clean up your act and get involved, the greater the chance your competitors are taking advantage of that. Once you make the decision to take the plunge into the world of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, blogs, etc., it is something that should be done properly. There is a real risk of damaging your company’s reputation if you aren’t careful about how you use these outlets. Here are some general guidelines you can consider. Think through and plan out your strategy. Define your target audience and choose mediums you believe will appeal to them — don’t try to participate in every social media website out there. Choose the most applicable ones for your audience and focus on them. When planning determine what you can do to provide them with value and also what you are hoping to get from them. Promote your presence. Why spend the time if no one knows? Make sure to include social media icons on your website and in other ways you reach your customers. However, don’t be overly pushy in getting customers to your pages. No one wants to feel nagged to “like” you. Let them know of your presence and based on your content, they will decide if they want to “follow” you. Post good content in a variety of ways and on a regular basis. Make sure what you post is of value and is focused on your particular area of expertise. However, don’t be overly promotional. The idea is to develop relationship and trust, which will be of far more value than showing off how great you are. Stay away from posting controversial, personal opinions or posting the same message repeatedly. Focus on being educational and insightful. But also try to be entertaining. Make sure to use differing mediums — articles, photos, videos, coupons, tips, promotions, etc. It’s best to use a variety of ways to draw attention to your products

and services. And make sure to post regularly. While you certainly don’t want to overwhelm your “friends” with too many messages, you also don’t want to disappear for long periods of time or people will lose interest, or worse yet they will have negative thoughts about your business. Remember it takes time to build up interest. Speaking of negativity, there are two things to remember: Don’t be negative and don’t ignore it. Don’t bad-mouth your competition — people get turned off by that. If someone posts a negative comment on your page, deal with it. Instead of ignoring these types of situations, approach them head-on. Show real concern and patience, and address issues that arise. It is never good to argue with customers in public, but it’s even worse to look like you just don’t care. Share your contact information with them (or ask for theirs) and offer to take the conversation off line. These outlets are meant to foster conversation. Some conversations have rough edges, but try to stay above the fray. Don’t delete negative feedback, unless it is offensive. This just makes you look like you are sweeping problems under the carpet rather than dealing with them in a positive manner. Lastly, be open and friendly. Listen to what others have to say and learn from them. Maybe they have ideas you haven’t thought of that can be of big value. Make sure not to ignore people who make the effort to interact. Encourage it and make it a point to respond. And interact with others, too, so people will see it and interact with you. Also, understand that everyone comes from a different place and has different levels of understanding. Show that you care and people will care about you and your business. As always, I look forward to your feedback. Sincerely,

Kevin Cole Editor & Publisher

Concrete Manufacturers...

Learn Something New. Stone Fabricators...

Create More Profit. Woodworkers...

Make More Money. Solid Surface Fabricators...

Give Your Company The Leading Edge.

Whether it’s adopting a new material to offer more to your customers, or refreshing your staff on some of the best techniques and practices in the Solid Surface segment of the industry, there’s a reason for everyone to experience Total Fabrication Training of Solid Surface Material.

ffering Now O ced Advan raining T urface Solid S ne/Quartz o t S d ! an g Also Trainin

Find Out More & Watch Our YouTube Video! Visit or call us at (877) 464-7732

Circle RS#03 on page 49 or visit

From the Executive Director From the desk of Chuck Sawyer, Executve Director

Learning Opportunities It’s been about 13 years since the original

field. Once trained and approved, these ISFA

of help/training from suppliers, distributors,

founded. John Forst had the idea to create a

modules to individual shops or to conduct local

since the industry has changed so much I

ISSFA Training & Education Center (ITEC) was

ATPs will be able to bring specific training

class based on the concept of the break-even

or regional training. This process will allow

ITEC. An organization built by fabricators, a

employees without the costs of travel, meals

classes taught by fabricators — this has been

travel away from home to participate in our TFT

thousands of fabricators participating in some

ISFA ATP, please let me know by emailing me at

point and turned it into the Charter Class for

companies to provide ISFA training to their

training concept imagined by fabricators and

and lodging. Plus employees will not need to

a formula resulting in hundreds of sessions and

program. If you are interested in becoming an

of the best learning opportunities available.

As one participant of the Charter Class said,

“This was the most productive class I’ve ever

been to in 38 years of business. We have already put some of the ideas into action, and have a list of more ideas to work into our shop. The

interaction between all of the participants —

GREAT. You couldn’t have learned a fraction of so much useful information from a high dollar

consultant.” (Ron Biloff, Lincoln Laminating. Jan. 25, 2000.)

Another new concept for 2013 will be our CEO Roundtables. Created to provide business

owners with a mechanism to share common experiences about topics that are important in running a business, the Roundtable is

structured such that a dozen or so CEOs can

spend some quality time together with a focus of improving their business processes. With a two-day format, the participants will have the chance to discuss problems and solutions to

As we were planning for 2013 and beyond, it

real issues in the areas of finance, accounting,

its responsibilities to provide high-value training

management, sales, marketing and legal topics.

and trade association networking, etc., and don’t feel that we will get that guidance in

the same manner. Please let me know if this program is still available.” (Kate Dillenburg, Bisley Fabrication, Inc.)

Kate was referring to our Million Dollar Mentor Program and, yes, we will be conducting this awesome program again this year. It matches up participants with experienced business owners who become mentors, providing

invaluable assistance and advice about running a successful company. The program kicks off with a two-day Business Boot Camp where we conduct training sessions on a variety of business topics. Then, for a period of about

nine months, the participant and mentor confer and participate in follow-up phone sessions

with the group. This year the program will begin with the Boot Camp in Atlanta on May 7 to

8. To apply for this program, please contact

was obvious that ISFA needed to continue in

human resources, manufacturing, project

opportunities for our members. As such, I want

The peer-group interaction process is a proven

We anticipate that 2013 will be a great year for

ISFA will have its first CEO Roundtable in

taking advantage of our programs and that we

to let you know some of the things that are being offered this year.

First, we have a team of the most experienced trainers working on a new concept for ISFA.

As you know, we have a history of providing top-notch, hands-on fabrication training via

our program of Total Fabricator Training. This year we will be developing a concept of ISFA Accredited Training Professionals (ATP).

ISFA is in the process of creating a Train-

the-Trainer class in which independent ISFA

members will be able to become qualified to

conduct ISFA-approved training classes in the

8 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

concept in the arena of business improvement;

education at ISFA. I hope that you will plan on

Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 4 and 5.

will see you at one of our local Grass Roots

As we enter the second generation of our

Gatherings in your area!

industry, there are more and more sons

I would love to know your thoughts, so please

companies. Here’s a bit of correspondence


and daughters becoming leaders of their

email ( or phone

I received the other day:

“My husband and I are the second-

generation ownership in the business. My dad is looking to retire, and I feel like we

Chuck Sawyer

we are successful. My dad received a lot

are missing some very key skills to ensure

ISFA Executive Director

Grass Roots

Gatherings The Classic ISFA Events for Participation & Networking The heartbeat of ISFA is the energy of our members. Mark your calendars—2013 will be a year to remember! ISFA is planning a series of gatherings filled with fellowship, education, networking and fun.

LOS ANGELES – April 11 ATLANTA – May 11 NEW YORK – May 30 BOSTON – July 11 CINCINNATI – September 19 SEATTLE – October 17 Get Involved!

We need your help to make these events the best that they can be. For more information or to volunteer for the Grass Roots Gathering Committee in your area, please contact ISFA at If you are an associate member interested in sponsoring or displaying at these events, please contact ISFA at Thanks to these sponsors:

Circle RS#04 on page 49 or visit

From the President From the desk of Mike Langenderfer, ISFA 2012-2013 President

Wow… As I sit down to write this letter, I don’t know

offer. I ask this not just because we need your

doom. Yes, I know we’ve had some difficult

I guess I will start off by saying this: If you’re not

but because it will genuinely help your business,

some of our peers have closed up their shops,

where to begin. There is just so much to be said. a member of ISFA, you definitely need to get involved and join.

On one hand I’m saying wow, it’s March already, and on the other hand I’m saying wow, it’s only

March. So much has happened since I took over as president of ISFA. I would like to say it was

because of my outstanding leadership skills, but what I will say is that the ISFA staff — Chuck,

Kevin and Jen — has done an outstanding job.

You will want to read every page of this issue of

the magazine to try and keep up with all that we have going.

Since the last magazine edition was sent out,

ISFA has entertained fabricators (new members) from Russia and taken them on tours of several ISFA member shops from Florida to New York. We have conducted training classes. We have organized several Grass Root Gatherings

scheduled over the course of the year for

locations around the country. By the time you read this, we will probably have already been

to Tampa with our first gathering and be on our way to Los Angeles. We will also be hosting a

CEO Roundtable in Cincinnati in April, and be presenting at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in New Orleans. A new Million Dollar

Mentor Program will be introduced and the

training starts in Atlanta in May. And this is just

the beginning. There is much more going on, so

read the rest of the magazine for more important information and news.

I want to make a personal appeal to you to

please take advantage of the things ISFA has to

10 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

participation to make these events successful,

and in return the industry as a whole. The reason we put together all of these programs is not

out of vanity or self-perpetuation of ISFA, but because we are you. ISFA is made up of and run by fabricators and people with a stake in the industry, just like you. The ISFA Board of Directors all have businesses just like yours,

and we all were helped by participating in ISFA, in more ways than I can name. And if you get

involved, you will feel the exact same way. So,

don’t sit back and wait for some opportunity to come knocking at your door; get involved. You will find all the details of how to do that, and

more, in this edition of the magazine before you. Speaking of which, I hope this issue of the

magazine will help you try and keep up with

what is happening in our industry. There is a

lot going on. Stone Expo this year was a real

success — if you missed it I can only express my sympathies. I also recently attended a

Cosentino Conference and wow, the enthusiasm

that was displayed was tremendous. Yes, I know I’m getting all excited, but wow, it was great

attending gatherings where there was such a positive attitude.

Now I’d just like to say a little bit about the economy. When the late Sam Walton was

years and there are still people laid off and

but don’t base your future on that. Things are picking up and you need to get out there and

make it happen. As they say, you need to make

an investment to make money. Now is the time. President Kennedy said, “Don’t ask what your

country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” While I’m no Kennedy, I want to

borrow that statement and say, “Don’t ask what

the industry can do for you; ask what you can do for the industry.” You need to get involved and

really participate. Trust me when I say it will work in your favor. I know because it did for me. ISFA is presenting so many opportunities for you to

get involved with your peers to listen, learn and contribute that you just can’t go wrong. Wow,

this is an exciting time. I hope when I write my

next letter for this magazine, you will all read the

news and say, “Wow, he was right. I got involved and wow, I’m excited.”

Yes, I realize I have used the word “wow” several times in this letter, and my next letter is going to be titled “Wow what…” In the meantime,

I hope you will get involved with some of the

ISFA events, and I hope when you read my next letter you’re not one of the people saying, “Wow, I’m sorry I didn’t…”

asked about the 1991 recession, he famously said, “I’ve thought about it, and decided not to participate.” Wow, what a statement! I

encourage all of you to take that statement to heart when it comes to the current economic

Mike Langenderfer

local and national news who talk gloom and

situation. Don’t listen to those windbags on the

ISFA President

Calendar of Events Cheng Advanced Concrete Design Training March 18 – 22 Berkeley, Calif. (510) 849-3272

ISFA Grass Roots Regional Gathering

March 21 Tampa, Fla. (877) 464-7732

Park Industries Digital Stoneworking Expo March 23 Poway, Calif. (800) 328-2309

Marble 2013

March 27 – 30 Izmir, Turkey +90 232-497-1229

CCI Concrete Countertop Training April 1 – 5 Raleigh, N.C. (888) 386-7711

Cheng Wetcast & Fiber Reinforced Concrete Training April 3 – 5 Berkeley, Calif. (510) 849-3272

ISFA CEO Roundtable April 4 – 5 Cincinnati, Ohio (877) 464-7732

ISFA Grass Roots Regional Gathering

April 11 Anaheim, Calif. (877) 464-7732

Buddy Rhodes Basic Workshop April 7 Chattanooga, Tenn. (877) 706-5303

MIA Stone Industry Seminar

KBIS 2013

April 19 – 22 New Orleans, La. (800) 933-8735

Buddy Rhodes Basic Workshop

April 19 San Francisco, Calif. (877) 706-5303

Coverings 2013 April 29 – May 2 Atlanta, Ga. (703) 683-8500

Natural Stone Show

April 30 – May 2 London, United Kingdom +01 30-385-6117

ISFA Business Bootcamp

May 7 – 8 Atlanta, Ga. (877) 464-7732

Buddy Rhodes Comprehensive Workshop

May 8 – 10 San Francisco, Calif. (877) 706-5303

ISFA Grass Roots Regional Gathering

May 9 Atlanta, Ga. (877) 464-7732

CCI Advanced 3-D Molds May 14 - 17 Raleigh, N.C. (888) 386-7711

MIA Stone Industry Seminar May 16 Boston, Mass. (888) 530-6714

ISFA Grass Roots Regional Gathering

April 18 Columbus, Ohio (888) 530-6714

May 30 Westchester, N.Y. (877) 464-7732

Stonetech 2013

Stone + Tec 2013

April 18 – 21 Beijing, China+86 105-781-1660

May 29 – June 1 Nuremberg, Germany +499 118-606-8108

Buddy Rhodes Basic Workshop

Cheng Concrete Countertops Training

SFA Workshop

Cheng Advanced Concrete Design

June 11 Chattanooga, Tenn. (877) 706-5303

Sept. 20 Berkeley, Calif. (510) 849-3272

June 13 – 14 Shawnee, Okla. (405) 275-8453

MIA Stone Industry Seminar June 19 Salt Lake City, Utah (888) 530-6714

AIA National Convention June 20 – 22 Denver, Colo. (202) 626-7300

Cheng Concrete Countertops Training June 22 Berkeley, Calif. (510) 849-3272

ISFA Grass Roots Regional Gathering

July 11 Boston, Mass. (877) 464-7732

MIA Stone Industry Seminar July 18 Seattle, Wash. (888) 530-6714

Sept. 23 – 27 Berkeley, Calif. (510) 849-3272

Marmomacc 2013 Sept. 25 – 28 Verona, Italy (202) 783-7000

ISFA Regional Gathering Oct. 17 Seattle, Wash. (877) 464-7732

MIA Stone Industry Seminar Oct. 17 Atlanta, Ga. (888) 530-6714

MIA Stone Industry Seminar Nov. 7 Pompano Beach, Fla. (888) 530-6714

ISFA Grass Roots Regional Gathering

Nov. 14 Orlando, Fla. (877) 464-7732


July 24 – 27 Las Vegas, Nev.


SFA Workshop

Aug. 15 – 16 Thousand Palms, Calif. (706) 341-7525

Building Stone Institute Fall Study Tour Sept. 9 Minneapolis, Minn. (866) 786-6313

Feb. 4 – 6, 2014 Las Vegas, Nev. (800) 933-8735

Coverings 2014

April 29 – May 2, 2014 Las Vegas, Nev. (703) 683-8500

Carrara Marmotec 2014

ISFA Grass Roots Regional Gathering

May 21 – 24, 2014 Merina di Carrara, Italy +39 0585-787-6022

Sept. 19 Cincinnati, Ohio (877) 464-7732

IWF 2014

MIA Stone Industry Seminar

Submit your event for consideration in our Calendar by emailing Editor Kevin Cole at

Sept. 19 Dallas, Texas (888) 530-6714

Aug. 20 – 23, 2014 Atlanta, Ga. (404) 693-8333

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 11

In the Industry Silestone by Cosentino Offers New Transferable 15-year Warranty, Introduces New Suede Finish Silestone announced a new, transferable, limited 15-year warranty for North American residential applications. The new warranty began

Feb. 1 and covers Silestone surfaces that have been purchased from an authorized installer or

dealer and have been permanently installed in a

single-family residence. In addition, the warranty now includes the company’s Integrity sinks.

The improved warranty ensures that Silestone surfaces and Integrity sinks are guaranteed

for up to 15 years from the date of the original installation, regardless of the original owner.

Warranties must be activated within 60 days of

installation to be eligible under the new program. Those interested in taking advantage of the new

program can activate their registered warranty or obtain a Transfer of Ownership form by visiting

In other news, Silestone has introduced a new

matte finish called Suede, a refined, honed look

with a distinctive velvety design that sets it apart from the traditional high-gloss appearance with

little reflection. Suede is currently available in the company’s most popular black, white and gray

hues, including Black Tao, White Zeus Extreme,

Cemento and Vortium, along with the entire Nebula

ĒOS Surfaces Names New Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Makes 4 Other Staff Changes George Murphy, a 25-year veteran of the consumer packaged and durable goods industry, has joined solid surface developer and manufacturer, ĒOS Surfaces, as its new executive vice president of sales and marketing. Murphy will spearhead the firm’s business development and provide executive level oversight to its marketing initiatives during a period of anticipated growth. “We are confident that George, with his wealth of experience in national sales, research and market strategy, will accelerate ĒOS Surfaces emergence as a significant player in the green living and healthcare construction market sectors, especially as we expand into Home Depot stores nationwide” said Ken Trinder, CEO. EOS also announced four other additions and promotions. Gus Stuhlreyer has been named chief financial officer. In addition to overseeing the company’s financial functions, Stuhlreyer maintains banking and investor relations, and oversees human resource and risk management issues. Ken Cashwell was promoted to director of operations and will be responsible for the management of the new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Norfolk. The Cupron Enhanced EOS facility, expected to begin operation in early 2013, will employ specialized equipment that has been designed to implement EOS’ proprietary technology into a range of products. Kimberlee Sautter joins EOS Surfaces as its director of marketing and public relations, and is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s marketing strategy in domestic and global markets. Kate Mitchell was promoted to inbound marketing director and lead marketing strategist for Cupron Enhanced EOS. In addition to driving the company’s Web and social media presence, Mitchell will spearhead the EPA’s Stewardship Program for its new antimicrobial, Cupron Enhanced EOS product.

Series. The new finish is suitable for countertops

Teragren’s Complete Bamboo Line Certified USDA BioPreferred

of fingerprints. The company will also continue to

Teragren, a manufacturer of bamboo flooring,

and backsplashes and reduces the appearance

offer its quartz surfacing in the high-gloss Polished and deeply textured Volcano finishes.

Formica Group Marks 100-year Anniversary Formica Group, the inventor of laminate, marks

100 years of invention, innovation and design in 2013 and enters a year-long global celebration of the Formica brand and its past, present and future impact on residential and commercial

design. Formica partnered with world-renowned design consultancy Pentagram to create an

anniversary campaign that includes “Formica

Forever” 100-year logos and supporting brand

elements to be used throughout 2013; a Formica Laminate Anniversary Collection, featuring 12

panels, veneer and worktops, has earned the

USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its complete line of bamboo building products. The label verifies that the products’ amount

of renewable biobased ingredients meets or exceeds prescribed USDA levels. Biobased

products are goods composed in whole or in

significant part of agricultural, forestry or marine

materials. The purpose of the USDA BioPreferred program is to promote the increased purchase and use of biobased products to reduce

petroleum consumption, increase the use of

renewable resources, better manage the carbon cycle, and may contribute to reducing adverse environmental and health impacts.

PureForm Traditional Bamboo Veneer; and

Architectural Bamboo Panels. All biobased

amount claims are verified by independent labs and monitored by the USDA. The BioPreferred Program includes a preferred procurement program for federal agencies and their

contractors, who are required to give preferential consideration to USDA biobased designated product categories when making purchases.

Grenite Receives Food Zone Certification from NSF Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has

received “food zone” certification from NSF

International for its Grenite Engineered Stone Series. NSF International is an independent

global organization that writes standards and tests and certifies products for the consumer goods, food and water industries. NSF

new graphic patterns based on the brand and

The following bamboo products tested at 99

approved the use of Grenite as a table or

Forever, which chronicles its history.

Traditional Bamboo Flooring; Bamboo Worktop;

maximum temperature of 400 F in the following

its history; and a celebratory book, Formica

12 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

percent biobased content levels: PureForm

countertop for “all food contact types” at a

Grenite colors: Raw (tan); Viridani (green); Rouho (red); Azulize (blue);

Celebrity (black and tan); Birch Prada (beige); Cinario (light gray); and Java (brown). Grenite also has an NSF International “splash zone” certification, which means it can be used on surfaces that are subject to spillage, splash or other food soiling during operation.

KCD Software Rated No. 1 in CMA Survey The first annual Survey of Custom Cabinet Makers by the Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) showed KCD Software as the leading cabinet design

software being used in the custom cabinetmaking industry. A PDF of the full CMA survey results can be downloaded at CMA_survey.html.

Klingspor Releases New Catalog

the other with a cutout for a range. While these homeowners opted for a classic plain front edge, the beauty of zinc will be evident within a few weeks of use when the metal naturally reacts with everything from water and fingerprints to common acidic foods such as tomatoes and lemons.

MIA Hires New Education Manager The Marble Institute of America (MIA) hired Aaron Dahnke to fill the vacated role of education manager. Dahnke joins the association after nine years of nonprofit management experience, most recently serving as education and partnerships manager at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in Washington, D.C. He fills the role vacated

Klingspor introduced its new 2013

by Jim Hieb when he accepted the position of MIA executive vice

a range of abrasive materials for

initially be responsible for oversight of the Regional Education Program;

belts, discs, sheets, rolls, specialty

Safety Committee with the development of a turnkey safety manual and

Woodworking Catalog, which features

president and chief executive officer. In his role with the MIA, Dahnke will

wood products manufacturers —

launching the Chapter Development pilot program; and assisting the MIA

abrasives, and tools as well as, helpful

additional online safety training courses.

reference information for all facets of

woodworking. The full color catalog is available upon request.

Staron Super Saver Sales Event Winners Announced Samsung Staron announced the winners of its “Super Saver Sales

Event.” Watson Woodworks (Salem, N.C.), Spectrum Solid Surface

(North Highlands, Calif.), American Countertops (Albuquerque, N.M.), Bermuda Country Cabinets (Pembroke, Bermuda) and Les Surface Soliteck (Mascouche, Quebec) were all awarded Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

Zinc Countertops Chosen for TV Showcase Mio Metals, the Petaluma, Calif., -based

manufacturer of zinc countertops, plays a

starring role in an upcoming episode of “I Hate My Kitchen” on the DIY Channel. The episode, running March 19, showcases a home in

Minnesota during a kitchen makeover and will

feature exclusive footage of the manufacturing process of Mio Metals’ zinc countertops.

“It was a thrill to have the camera crew visit our shop as we made the countertops,” said Joe Cain, president of Mio Metals. “We recently

moved into a new space and this was a nice way to show it off to the world.” The filming and fabrication took place in early January at Mio

Metals’ workshop and may include the bending, laminating and cutting of custom zinc countertops. The kitchen featured on the episode

includes two long sections of countertops — one with an apron sink and

Circle RS#05 on page 49 or visit International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 13

In the Industry Artisan Group Inducts Two New Board Members, Featured on Television

featured on the television show “Run My

Artisan Group has inducted two new

Collection (Black Walnut) were installed in

Renovation” on DIY Network. Products from both the Artisan Stone Collection

(Bianco Antico) and the Heritage Wood

board members: Fadi Halabi, owner

the renovation.

of Duracite in Fairfield, Calif., and Tom

Cilio Hits $1 Billion Transaction Level

Rocks, owner of Rocksolid Stone Works in Cleveland, Ohio. Halabi and Rocks are

Cilio Technologies has grown to the point

taking the slots vacated by members,

where it is now responsible for processing

Mitch Hires, owner of Construction

$1 billion in transactions annually, including

Resources in Atlanta, Ga., and Gus

managing the installed sales and special

Blume, owner of Blume’s Solid Surfaces in Pittsburgh, Pa., after serving their two-year terms. Halabi and Rocks join Brad Pearce, owner of Front Range Stone in Denver, Colo.; Layton Day, owner of Bangor Wholesale Laminates in Bangor, Maine; Kellie Akins, sales and marketing manager of Innovative Surfaces in Minneapolis; and Joe Hoffman Jr., owner of Hoffman Fixtures Company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Okla., as well as Artisan Group Executive Director Chad

order sales for Lowe’s 1,750 stores.

Launched in 2001, the company built the “Partners Portal,” an Internet

application that allows all parties involved to see and manage orders in

real time. In the past, retail stores would take a countertop order and fax it

to the installer, who would go to the home, do the measurements and then fax the order for the materials to the manufacturer to do the work. Now, if a homeowner purchases countertops at Lowe’s, the Partners Portal will

Seiders to complete the board.

house all of the information from the retailer, the manufacturer and all of

In other news, two products from the Artisan Group were recently

Hausys, and Lowe’s was so pleased with the results that the company

the laborers who will work on the project. Cilio’s first customer was LG

hired Cilio to manage the installed sales and special order sales for five of its countertop manufacturers.

C.H. Briggs Sponsors Contemporary Exhibition C.H. Briggs recently

sponsored “Four Corners: Design from Philly

Surrounds,” an exhibition

during DesignPhiladelphia 2012, a citywide design festival celebrating the

region’s dynamic creative community. Curated by

design writers and experts Caroline Tiger and Royce Epstein, “Four

Corners” was a contemporary enactment of a lived-in loft apartment

that contained a hand-picked selection of furniture, lighting and objects conceived, designed, fabricated and/or produced by designers and brands based in Philadelphia and its immediate surrounds.

The exhibition featured a one-of-a kind, ultra-modern bench made entirely of DuPont Corian. Designed by Kevin Derrick of Philadelphia-based

design studio Bahdeebahdu and brought to life by skilled fabricator R.D. Wing, the bench, entitled “S’il Vous Play: Shipping Crates in Faux Bois,” demonstrates the creative possibilities of Corian as a design material. A whimsical sculpture of chickens designed by Harry Allen, of Harry Allen Design, and hand-carved out of Corian, by West Chester, Pa.-based Circle RS#18 on page 49 or visit 14 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

fabricator MacLaren Fabrication, was also showcased.

Management Matters From the desk of Jon Olson

You Need a Safe Shop Running a shop

can be a 24-hour-a-day business. For many

fabricators, there never seems to be enough time. It becomes a challenge to decide what

needs your attention first. Sadly, one area that sometimes takes the back seat is safety.

In reality, safety should be your top priority. So much of your business relies on a safe

shop. First and foremost, a serious injury could affect the quality of life for you or one of your employees. Secondly, a bad safety record

will reflect poorly on you with your insurance companies, potentially driving up prices for coverage. Thus you will have less money

to invest back into your business. Another

important point is that when injuries occur your

workflow suffers, quite possibly meaning longer

lead times for your clients, or having to pay other companies to help you. In today’s business

climate you can’t afford to have upset customers and your bottom line affected. your shop a safer place:

Safety Meetings — They don’t have to last very long, but they are important.

address shop safety. (For example:

You could discuss why frayed cords are not allowed on the shop floor

and the process for checking them

periodically.) As you progress take all the points you have been discussing and put them in a binder marked “Safe Practices.”

Material Safety Data Sheets

discomfort to alert us to dangerous sound levels.

tops. Industrywide, back problems are very

take proper action to protect our workers.

lift some very heavy raw materials and even

significant. Once a back is injured, it generally

Dust masks are also very important. We want

company if they have videos you could show to

in our lungs, whether dangerous substances or

surface, for instance, make a policy regarding

course, before using a dust mask, read all the

can be crippling. Why not ask your insurance

to avoid inhaling anything that doesn’t belong

your team during safety meetings? Or, with solid

just nuisance dusts. It’s just good practice. Of

how large a top can be before an extra seam

needs to be added. What costs more, the extra seam or the worker’s compensation bill?

Protective Wear Program — Protective wear

protects the eyes, ears, respiratory organs and hands. Let’s start with eyes. If you don’t think safety glasses are important, here’s a test:

Cover one of your eyes and try reading the rest of this article. Obviously, reading with two eyes is easier. Our eyes are remarkable pieces of

equipment and irreplaceable. Surely the slight worth the effort to protect them. How important is hearing protection? Here’s a list of tools

that are used in many shops. Notice the cross comparison.

Drill-95 db Random orbital sander-105 db Hand-held router-110 db Air gun-100 db CNC machine-110 db Air compressor-110 db Miter box-115 db Panel saw-110 db Shop general noise level-85 db

(MSDS) — Do you have binder for

damage to the ear occurs at 85 decibels. I find

should have been sent with the employee.

Having quick access to these sheets could be critical in an emergency.

handling just creates a better work environment. Supplying protective gloves should be mandatory in every shop. Of course, there are many other ways to make your shop safer, but these are some of the easiest ways to begin to develop a facility that promotes safety. A safe shop is important and well worth the effort, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Your insurance carrier has many helpful resources. Even OSHA can help; in fact they want to help. OSHA will come to your shop, find the problem issuing fines or shutting you down. Their main job is to protect us all, not to hurt our businesses. And they are more likely to be out to help rather than punish if you are preventing problems rather than getting inspected after someone has been hurt on the job. Remember, a safe shop is a productive shop, so please take the

ingested a dangerous chemical. The emergency the best way to treat the injury. The MSDS

the hands during the gluing process and

Motorcycle-95 db Boom box-100 db Car horn-110 db Snowmobile-100 db Rock concert-110 db Football game crowd-112 db Jet plane at the ramp-120 db Chain saw-115 db Heavy traffic-85 db

Experts say that our pain threshold will tolerate

room lost valuable time trying to come up with

required information on best use. Protecting

areas and help you to resolve them — without

your catalog of MSDS? This is very important.

I once heard of an employee that inadvertently

We have to be aware of shop sound levels and

takes a long time to heal, if it ever does. The cost

inconvenience of putting on safety glasses is

Here are four steps you can follow to help make

Perhaps cover one or two points to

Safe Lifting Program — In our businesses we

120 decibels of sound before being affected, but it interesting that tools we might not consider

dangerous to our hearing such as sanders and air guns are above recommended safe decibel levels. Almost all tools tested at 100 decibels

or above. Therefore, we can’t rely on physical

time to work safely. About the Author: Jon Olson has more than 30 years involvement in the solid surface industry, with experience in all aspects of fabrication and sales. He is the past recipient of ISFA’s fabricator of the year and ISFA’s Innovator of the year awards and can be reached at International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 15

Numerous Educational Opportunities Are in the Works for 2013 In 2013 ISFA is hard at work revamping its educational offerings to provide those in

the industry with numerous opportunities

to connect and learn. The first event is our

Regional Grass Roots Gathering in Tampa on

March 21, hosted by DixiePly and sponsored by a variety of vendors including: Gem Industries (; Glue Warehouse (; InPro (www.; Karran (;

Laser Products (;

and Specialty Tools ( However, it is just the first of many!

California Grass Roots Regional Gathering Set for April 11, this second Grass Roots

Regional Gathering of the year is being hosted by Cosentino ( at

its Cosentino Design Center in Anaheim, Calif. The event will feature plenty of opportunity for networking, lunch, vendor exhibits, a tour of

the Cosentino Design Center and door prizes. The Design Center creates an interactive

environment for fabricators to view the latest products and design trends, and to learn

about current ISFA activities. See how you can participate in helping ISFA set the path for the

$1million+ fabrication business, or who wish to take their business to the next $1million level.

This is a business development think tank and

incubation program providing everything you need to realize your goal: the mentors, networking,

business development lessons and the successful role models necessary to make it happen. All you

need is the determination to take the responsibility to get yourself there.

To participate, your business can be any size, age and in any shape — all you need is the

desire and commitment to learn how to develop your business to the next million-dollar level.

Cincinnati CEO Roundtable

future of the surfacing industry!

Sponsored by Kohler (, the

Face-to-face fabricator interaction has always

$250,000 in revenues all the way up to those

need to be at this event to keep up with the latest

does not matter where you are at now — it’s

the latest products from suppliers in our industry

Any ISFA Fabricator Member in good standing

Cincinnati CEO Roundtable event is the first of its kind to hit the surface fabrication industry.

The event is being held April 4 to 5 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a new opportunity for the executive management of fabrication companies to share experiences, common concerns and best

practices regarding the process of running a

surface fabrication business. This two-day event will bring together CEOs from 14 ISFA member

companies to share ideas and network in a small, close-knit semi-structured environment.

Originally designed to bring together just 12

member companies, the event was expanded

to include 14. And, because of the popularity of the program, a second CEO Roundtable event will be held later in the year. The tentative date

We have had new fabricators doing less than

been an essential part of the ISFA experience. You

doing millions of dollars in annual business. It

happenings in the industry. While you’re there, see

all about where you want to be going forward.

at the vendor display area.

can apply for a spot in the program. Here’s a

The ISFA Grass Roots Gathering is free

sampling of what the program offers:

to all fabricators, cabinetmakers, millwork

■■ Nine-Month Structured Program, complete

industry. Please RSVP by providing your name,

fabricator operations and monthly lessons that

professionals and technicians in the surfacing

with guidelines, examples of successful

company name and number of people attending

are designed to put you on the fast track to

to by April 3.

growing your business.

Vendors: Act now to reserve your space in our

■■ You will be Matched With A Mentor for

vendor exhibit area. Space is limited so contact ISFA before the end of March. For information email or call the main

one-on-one advice and coaching via face-to-

face meetings, shop tour, telephone and email discussions.

office at (877) 464-7732.

■■ The kickoff event, Business Boot Camp, is a

For more information on this event or to sign

ISFA Million Dollar Mentor Program

education, networking, peer group discussions

email or call the main

Mentor Program. This program is geared to those

is Aug. 21 to 22 in Chicago.

up to participate in the next CEO Roundtable,

Returning this year is the popular Million Dollar

office at (877) 464-7732.

members whose goal is to develop a profitable

16 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

two-day program offering business management and directions in what you have to do to grow

your business. Running from May 7 to May 8 in Atlanta, this program is just in advance of the

ISFA Regional Grass Roots Gathering being held there on May 9 at Oldcastle Surfaces.

Space in the program is limited, so if you are

interested in this incredible opportunity, contact

■■ New information to Increase Your or call Chuck Sawyer at

Development Focus.

More Regional Grass Roots Gatherings

Business Management Skills and Business ■■ Peer Group Discussions by webinar and

conference calls that review the lessons; share the Mentor’s wisdom; present new ideas, software and business processes (some with an expert authority leading the discussion on the subject of the month), all designed to give you

(724) 612-9768 for more information.

The events listed above are just the tip of the

iceberg when it comes to the events ISFA has

opportunity to see the Oldcastle fabrication facility and to network with other fabricators and vendors. Admission is free to fabricators. May 30 – Westchester, N.Y. Regional Grass Roots Gathering hosted by

planned for 2013. If you can’t make it to these

Cosentino at its beautiful New York-based

opportunities that are coming up.

to see this facility and to catch up on the latest

events, save the dates for one of the other

the Professional Knowledge, Processes And

May 9 – Atlanta

specialist to business developer extraordinaire.

Oldcastle Surfaces, a large and well-known

Mind-set you need to grow from fabrication

fabrication company. This will be a great

Regional Grass Roots Gathering hosted by

Cosentino Design Center. What an opportunity happenings in the surfacing industry. Mark your calendars! These are definitely events you aren’t going to want to miss.

Special Thanks to the Following Sponsors:

It’s more than just learning how to be more profitable, saving money on the bottom line and getting great referrals and discounts. Call ISFA today and find out how to make your world a better place.

Toll Free: (877) 464-7732 Circle RS#06 on page 49 or visit

New Colors & Materials Spotlight

Additions to the surfacing options available


Abet Laminati Stratificato, a decorative high pressure, self-supporting, compact laminate, by Abet Laminati, is used for countertops, furniture, backsplashes, gym lockers, toilet partitions or any laminate application requiring extra strength, durability and design. Offered in more than 500 colors, 30 finishes, eight sizes and various thicknesses, the surface is composed of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. Several colors in 12mm thickness are in stock in North America. Digital print is now possible – any design can be printed right onto the surface. It is Greenguard certified and has low VOC emissions.

available in wide and custom-sized sheets that can lower labor costs and eliminate waste. The company has launched 14 new colors lead by Super White. The remaining 13 colors contain recycled content. Coastline, a creamy neutral, has 16 percent recycled content. Seven new textured solids with sandy undertones have 13.5 percent recycled content. Moon Crystal, one of three new quartz-like products with large clear chips, has 6 percent recycled content. And Back Roads and Brown Sugar offer a minimum of 40 percent recycled content. Avonite also offers Wet Wall Panels, a commercial component system with a variety of panel sizes, shower pans and accessories. The ¼-in.-thick seamless acrylic solid surface panels are stocked in 36-, 48- and 60-in. sizes and are 96 in.high. Circle RS#21 on page 49 or visit

Brilliant Surfacing Brilliant Solid Surface offers Cordia Quartz Surface. In addition to the 18 colors in the Quartz Collection, Brilliant has added six new colors. Cordia is suitable for both residential and commercial projects. In addition to its solid surface and quartz surfacing lines, the company also offers 18 gauge stainless steel sinks and water-conserving faucets. More information can be found on the company’s website or on Facebook. Circle RS#23 on page 49 or visit

Circle RS#20 on page 49 or visit


Avonite Avonite Surfaces offers two product lines: The Studio Collection, inspired by glass, precious metals and a product collection with 40 percent recycled content; and Foundations, 100 percent acrylic products 18 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Basix Quartz Surfacing is comprised of 93 percent natural quartz and manufactured at a brand new state-of-the-art facility. It incorporates beauty and function with a refined palette of the best-selling quartz colors in the industry. It comes in 12 colors all available in 1.5cm and 2cm thicknesses. Like other quartz surfaces, it is nonporous and does not require sealing. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and the slabs are wider than most other quartz products, which reduces overall installed costs. Basix Quartz Surfacing is backed by a 10-year transferable warranty. Circle RS#22 on page 49 or visit

CaesarStone CaesarStone USA Inc. launched a new line of surfaces called Supremo. Mirroring nature’s diversity, each of the Supremo premium surfaces has its own spectacular flow of color and pattern. This patented new technology is unique only to CaesarStone. With its natural look and feel, no two Supremo surfaces are alike. It is available in eight colors with names inspired by aristocracy and fantasy worlds, from Swan Lake, a shimmering cream pattern, to Queen of Sheba, a black surface with rich texture and subtle veining. Translucent Supremo surfaces

can also be backlit creating a soft luxurious ambiance. Like all CaesarStone products, it is nonporous, stain-, scratch- and heat-resistant, and Greenguard certified. Circle RS#24 on page 49 or visit

was most voted for); Grey Moss, a mixture of grey and slate that resembles a contemporary concrete look; and Red Pine, a combination of recycled materials against a white background with chocolate and coffee accents, and available in Cosentino’s new matte finish — Suede. Circle RS#26 on page 49 or visit

Coverings Etc.

Cambria Cambria unveiled two new designs in its line of quartz surfacing, Berkeley and Rosslyn. These new additions to Cambria’s design palette expand the Waterstone and Jewel Collections taking Cambria’s offerings to 102 designs. The Waterstone Collection is modeled after marble and granite, and the Jewel Collection features designs with shimmering crystals deep within the surface to reflect light and create an iridescent, jeweled surface. The new Berkeley color features hints of copper and a smattering of bronze that swim amongst a sea of sandy tones. Rosslyn has striking metallic golds against a nuanced background of taupe and tans.

CoveringsETC has added three new colors to its Eco-Cem collection. These new hues, Derby Grey, Bexhill Beige and Devon Red, round out a total of 11 colors in the collection. Eco-Cem is a fiber cement product made from a proprietary mix of concrete with pre-consumer recycled fly ash and post-consumer recycled cellulose fiber; it is suitable for walls, flooring and countertops. Available in large format tiles and sheets, it offers minimalistic design and is lightweight, which allows for easy installation. Circle RS#27 on page 49 or visit

Circle RS#25 on page 49 or visit

Diamond Surfaces

Cosentino ECO by Cosentino, a line of eco-friendly surfacing composed of 75 percent recycled material, introduced four new colors to its palette that were chosen by architects, designers and consumers through social media voting. As a supplier of quartz surfacing, natural stone and recycled surfaces, the company asked its Facebook fans from 14 countries to weigh in on a selection of potential new hues. Along with adding these new shades, ECO has reduced its price range, making the brand even more accessible. The new colors include: Creamstone, a mixture of cream colors that resemble limestone; Forest Snow, a blend of recycled glass and ceramic pieces mixed with peach, cream, brown and terracotta speckles (which

Diamond Surfaces will now be taking orders for custom lengths and widths for its solid surface product. If you need a width of 25 in. by 110 in., the company will provide that exact sheet size. This will reduce waste, which will not only translate to the bottom line but is also good for the environment. Custom sizes have low minimum quantities of 500 sq. ft. in ½-in.-thick material or 250 sq. ft. 1¼-in.-thick material. Sheet thicknesses may be specified from ¼ in. to 1¼ in. In addition to custom sheet sizes, Diamond Surfaces also offers custom colors. With the company’s Custom Orders Program, it will match requested color specifications. Whether it’s matching a color of carpet, paint, draperies or any other color of solid surface material, the company will work with you to solve your design needs and help create unique projects. Circle RS#28 on page 49 or visit

DuPont The new 2013 surfacing colors from DuPont include nine additions to the Corian solid surface line and three Zodiaq quartz colors. All of these colors fall into three main color trends which were identified by London-based Global Color Research. The three trends are named Raw, Interference and Solidify. Raw has organic, yet polished effects that are blended to celebrate the natural world. Interference explores the lure of semiprecious stones, with a feeling of sparkle and glamour. Solidify was inspired by global climatic changes and includes crystallized and frosted solids. The nine new colors of Corian are: Whipped Cream, with light sliver micas and creamy veining; Seafoam, with frosted and froth textures accenting tonal veining and a natural white color; Pebble, with large soft brown and pearl flecks suspended in textured micas; Desert, with textured micas complementing soft browns and shimmering veining; Deep Sea, with ripples of ethereal blues and frosted grays married with silver micas; Luna White, with lightweight ripples infused with ice white; Stardust, with smoked gray mica fused with tinted pearl and soft blue scattered flecks; Mineral, with large scattered flecks of ethereal blues and frosted grays in a sea of silver micas; and Silver Gray, with an opaque ice-like gray. The three new colors of Zodiaq Quartz Surfaces are Snow Flurry, with intricate flecks combined with frosted whites and grays; Coarse Carrara, with frosted grays transcending into bright white color with scattered veining; and Coarse Marfil, with organic effect veining amalgamated with light cream and coffee tones. Circle RS#29 on page 49 or visit

EcoTec EcoTec Solid Surfaces are a unique new surfacing option now on the market. Developed by Tim Cox, the material is designed to combine the durability of urethane with color to make a decorative and durable surface material. In an effort to offer renewable and sustainable green product, the material is made of a soy-based urethane and developed with a grant by the International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 19

United Soy Board. The soy-urethane material can be utilized extensively by designers and architects for solid surface type applications from commercial building projects to the cruise ship and RV industry. Because of its versatility (20 percent lighter, thermoformable and antimicrobial if requested), the company considers it the next generation of surface material, and a natural solution.

Circle RS#30 on page 49 or visit

Empatico Empatico launched a new line of its quartz surfacing called Quartz for Kidz, which is manufactured using 95 percent natural aggregates. This new line comes in warm and vibrant colors geared toward providing children (and the kid inside all of us), a fun, bright, nonporous and durable surfacing material. It comes in 11 colors.

surfacing material to receive public health claims. This approval affirms that their surface has the potential to make a real impact with infection rates among healthcare institutions. Cupron, EOS Surfaces and the EPA have developed a product stewardship program to support the responsible use and maintenance of the technology. The companies jointly developed EOScu with a range of performance characteristics that provides the mechanical properties of nonporous solid surfaces along with the aesthetics for design flexibility and high antimicrobial performance. Because the Cupron technology is embedded throughout the surface, it will not lose its effectiveness over time. In addition to launching this new technology, EOS Surfaces also added two new colors to its recycled glass surface line, GEOS Recycled Glass Surface. First is Juneau, a bright, jeweltoned turquoise, and the second, Rincon, is a mosaic of olive, rust and light blue in a sand-hued base. Equally friendly to the fabricator as it is to the environment, GEOS is NSF, Green Circle and Elite Green certified, and may qualify for up to four LEED credit points. Furthermore, after being available in the Home Depot in limited areas, GEOS will be rolling out to all Home Depot stores over the next 12 to 16 months. *Testing demonstrates effective antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538), Enterobacter aerogenes (ATCC 13048), Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA-ATCC 33592), Escherichia coli O157:H7 (ATCC 35150) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 15442).

Circle RS#32 on page 49 or visit

Circle RS#31 on page 49 or visit


EOS Surfaces The EPA supports EOS Surfaces’ claim that its newest product, Cupron Enhanced EOS Surfaces (EOScu), kills 99.9 percent of bacteria* within two hours, making it the first and only synthetic 20 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Formica Group, the original inventor of laminate, celebrates 100 years with a fresh take on its iconic Formica brand laminate. The Anniversary Collection features 12 new patterns in four collections. Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design consultancy, created the collection exclusively for Formica Group. Pentagram partner Abbott Miller designed the anniversary patterns, introducing characteristics and colors that are new to the

range. The four new collections are Ellipse, Endless, Dotscreen and Halftone. Ellipse and Endless play off the anniversary theme “Formica Forever” by utilizing printing techniques that allow independent layers of pattern to randomly interact during the course of printing. The method creates seemingly infinite patterns that appear consistent because of the fluidity of the overlapping elements. Unlike most patterns that repeat every 50 in., the patterns in these collections repeat only every 500 to 700 sheets, the equivalent to more than a mile in length. Ellipse colors use the “hidden oval” in the company’s brand logo to create a series of layered strands that ripple across the surface. Endless creates a digital grain from bars that alternately layer and punch through a colored base. Dotscreen features luminous colors with extremely fine microdots in continuous ribbons. Halfton features “nearbright” colors patterned with various sizes of toned dots, reminiscent of halftone printing screens. The new colors are: White Ellipse; Gray Ellipse; Red Ellipse; Endless Graytone; Endless Smoke; Endless Indigo; Aqua Dotscreen; Mint Dotscreen; Tangelo Dotscreen; Blueberry Halftone; Citrus Halftone; and Tangelo Halftone. Each Anniversary Collection pattern contains a subtle, tone-on-tone Formica brand watermark embedded into the design on every sheet. Circle RS#33 on page 49 or visit

Hanwha Hanwha L&C | Surfaces launched six new colors in the HanStone quartz product line — the Momentum Collection. The collection reflects the inherent beauty of natural stone while highlighting the contrast between light and dark tones. Meteorite is a dark tone with black, taupe and tan veining, while Ivory Wave is a light cream tone reminiscent of nature’s seashell. Auburn Abyss sparkles with copper flecking and deep caramel and chocolate undertones. Dulcet and Doric are two imperative neutral toned quartz colors. Finally, Steel Patina is the classic countertop choice with a solid black background and a trace of gold veining for pattern impact. HanStone materials are rated to be SCS, Greenguard and NSF certified. Circle RS#34 on page 49 or visit


Lamitech, the largest exporter of high pressure decorative laminates in Latin America, introduced Country Oak, a wood grain with a rustic and distressed look suitable for both commercial and residential markets, for furniture, countertops, backsplashes, shelving and wall coverings.

Cutting-edge technology allows Lamitech to produce high pressure decorative laminates with high-quality surfaces in its plant in Cartagena, Colombia. Its postformability permits rounded and elliptical edges for an endless number of possibilities in kitchens, baths, commercial and institutional applications as well as recreational vehicles and motor homes. In addition to distribution in the United States, Lamitech exports its HPL worldwide, reaching countries in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and Canada. Circle RS#35 on page 49 or visit

New Ravenna New Ravenna Mosaics collaborated with product designer Erin Adams to release a new collection. In addition to the core selection of jewel glass colors offered by New Ravenna Mosaics, Adams has incorporated additional opaque hues. The first collection includes 12 designs ranging from the continuous line mosaics inspired by Italian still life painter Giorgio Morandi to African textile kente cloth. Adams has playfully reproduced venerable Italian smalti in stained glass, replicating the shape of the legendary material in a riot of colors. Pop plays significantly in her treatment of objects from the natural world — flowers, coral, clouds, fish, and hearts. Adams turns drops of water into mod cartoons using black and white stone, artfully allowing the grout to play a significant role. The collection in stone can be installed on floors and walls both indoors and out. The jewel glass mosaics are suitable for interior vertical installations. Circle RS#36 on page 49 or visit

Ozer Ozer — The Marble Group offers Bianco Dolomite in both slabs and tiles. The company, which has 12 quarries and four factories, offers hundreds of stone slabs, tiles, mosaics and accessories, including granite, marble, travertine, onyx, limestone and slate. Circle RS#37 on page 49 or visit International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 21

Circle RS#07 on page 49 or visit

Pangea Quartz Pangea Quartz has introduced its new color Calacatta Quartz made in Vietnam by Vicostone. It is made using the Breton tecnology with 93 percent quartz and 7 percent mix of pigments and resin. It is in stock now, and available throughout the company’s Florida stocking distributors.

White and Imperial Gray. Comprised of more than 93 percent natural quartz crystals, one of the hardest minerals found in nature, Samsung Radianz Quartz combines the beauty of nature with the intelligence and innovation of Samsung. The result is a surface that is ultra-durable, color consistent and requires no sealing. Samsung offers more than 30 distinctive Radianz color choices. Faceted quartz adds depth and texture but maintains a consistent color throughout the surface. And because Radianz is nonporous, it’s ultra-hygienic and nearly maintenance free. Circle RS#40 on page 49 or visit

high-resistance resins. It does not have any pores, antibacterial, hard wearing, and easy to repair

and clean. It comes in a range of colors, including a white finish that stands out for its purity and

neutrality. The company has introduced several new colors: Star Grey, in the Star Series, has

metal particles and a glossy effect; Extreme White Light is a new ultra-white color with improved

translucent properties; Marble Ivory, in the Marble Lux Series, has an ivory background with thin white veins; and Marble Carrara, also in the

Marble Lux Series, has a marble look with dark veins on a white background. Both Marble Lux colors have excellent backlighting capabilities.

Circle RS#42 on page 49 or visit

Teragren Teragren Xcora strand bamboo 0.6mm veneer is suitable for

Circle RS#38 on page 49 or visit

many interior applications where hardwood might

traditionally be considered. A


Polycor Polycor offers its new line of KarmaStone surfacing material. The product is a line of concrete slabs made with 70 recycled natural stone. It comes in three colors: Basaltic Black, Soho Grey and Dove White. It is available in 9-ft. by 5-ft. slabs, 3cm thick, and in a honed or antique finish. The company also supplies a topical sealer that cures in 48 hours and can be used to customize the color of the slabs.

SureCrete Design, a specialty concrete manufacturer, now offers a full line of 10 terrazzo concrete designs, utilizing the Xtreme Series Terrazzo Mix. This high early-strength cementitious casting product allows for a 150 percent load of recycled aggregates. Each terrazzo color design uses both post-consumer and post-industrial materials, delivering multiple LEED points. The company also trains fabricators to cast cement-based terrazzo utilizing the reduction method, designed to reduce raw material costs by 20 to 25 percent. Circle RS#41 on page 49 or visit

durable material at 160 percent harder than oak, it machines

nicely, finishes cleanly and is urea formaldehyde-free for superior indoor air quality.

Coordinating products include Teragren’s ⅛-, ¼- and ¾-in.

veneer and panel products, as

well as Teragren’s complete Xcora Flooring line. It is available in three colors: Wheat, Chestnut and Brindle. Standard AWI woodworking guidelines apply.

Circle RS#43 on page 49 or visit

US Surface Warehouse US Surface Warehouse, a private, vertically integrated company

Circle RS#39 on page 49 or visit

that manufactures, markets and

distributes solid surface materials, added two new colors to its

LivingStone solid surface product

line. Sold directly to fabricators, the

two new colors are Coral Quartz and

Samsung Samsung has added three new colors to its line of Radianz Quartz: Midnight Sapphire, Diamond 22 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association


Dakota. Along with our LivingStone

Krion is a new generation solid surface developed by Systempool, a company that belongs to Porcelanosa Group. It is a material that is warm to the touch with a look similar to natural stone. It is made of two-thirds natural minerals (ATH — aluminum trihydride) and a low percentage of

offers an array of stainless steel sinks,

solid surface, US Surface Warehouse

solid surface vanities, solid surface kitchen

bowls, sink clips and adhesives available for

purchase. For more information and product details, visit the company’s website.

Circle RS#44 on page 49 or visit




Vetrazzo offers three new colors of its

In 2013, Vicostone will continue its efforts to introduce the Natural Look Quartz Collection, offering a rainbow of colors to the U.S. and worldwide markets. Recreating the beauty and luxurious appearance of natural granites and marbles, Vicostone’s Romance Series is the latest achievement of the company’s design dynamics and creativity. The stunning new designs include Cosmic Black, and are made with Italy’s Breton technology using special molds and color technique unique to Vicostone. The company’s product is low maintenance, durable and highly resistant to chemical agents and scratches.

Wilsonart is adding two new designs inspired by Brazilian granite to its HD laminate collection. The

Circle RS#46 on page 49 or visit

Circle RS#47 on page 49 or visit

concrete-based, recycled-particulate

surfacing material. The colors are: Umbo

White, which has particulate from soda and

beer bottles along with oyster shells, pieces of

jars and crushed marble; Bretagne Blue, which is an azure-tinted color that includes pieces of

oyster shells, crushed marble and architectural float glass; and Amethystos, a white-gray

colored material that contains oyster shells, crushed marble and cranberry glass.

The slabs are 9 ft. by 5 ft. and 3cm thick. Circle RS#45 on page 49 or visit

Circle RS#08 on page 49 or visit

new additions — Winter Carnival and Summer Carnival — include large-scale elements, veining and striking colorations. Summer Carnival features large-scale areas of movement in golden ambers and browns with gray accents. Winter Carnival includes rich red-brown colors with accents in gray. They are available in a 35-Mirage finish, which carries subtle variations in matte and gloss that mimic natural finishes, and are made with the company’s exclusive AEON Enhanced Performance Technology.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 23

Industry Outlook 2013 By Kevin Cole, Editor


o accurately forecast the economic situation for an industry takes a

lot of time and research, and a little bit of luck, and even then it is more of an art than a precise science. When you add in the ups and downs

of a recovering economy and then try to tie it all into a particular subset of the overall market, such as the countertop industry, it makes for a difficult endeavor.

However, there certainly are indicators that can be examined. When

these are factored with expert voices and tempered with views of

experienced economists, they can give you a decent idea of what we

U.S. Housing Starts Historical Data Year
































Source: U.S. Census Bureau

are facing for the year.

Figure 1

Having done that, one can say with some level of confidence that 2013

unemployment and record highs in the stock market. Even the large

will be the best year the countertop industry has faced since the economic

spending cuts and increase in payroll taxes in 2013 have not been able,

than we would like, a look at specific areas of the economy that influence

numbers released by the Labor Bureau show a drop in unemployment

crash. While the general economy is still growing at a pace that is slower

the countertop industry, such as housing, construction, home improvement/ remodeling and cabinetry, paints a relatively sunny picture for 2013.

The General Economy The general economic consensus leans toward slow but steady growth in 2013. This is reflected not only in the stance of the Federal Reserve, but also in the opinions of a multitude of well-known economists.

Economic projections of Federal Reserve Board members and Federal

Reserve Bank presidents predicted GDP in 2013 to grow between 2.3 and

so far, to derail the progress the economy is making. January employment

down to 7.7 percent and the fed expects it to drop down to around 7.4

percent by year’s end. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all-time high in March, besting even its peaks in 2007 during the height of the housing bubble.

Overall, these provide confidence that the general economy is moving in the correct direction. However, for the countertop industry, there are even more good signs in a variety of allied areas that most affect the surfacing market. Housing

3 percent, higher than the 2.25 percent average than the recovery began.

The decorative surfacing industry is closely tied to the housing market,

economists have revised their numbers to reflect a higher increase in

plays a large role for the decorative surfacing industry, and over the past

However, in the past couple of months, even some of the more pessimistic

GDP for this year. For instance, Bill Gross, whose Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO) was credited for coining the phrase “new

normal” to describe a vision of lower market returns and lagging growth, revised his numbers for 2013 upward to 3 percent GDP growth.

Other positive signs for the general economy are decreases in 24 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

and we’ve seen a real turnaround on that front in recent months. Housing several years it has been among the hardest hit.

Last year saw a major increase in housing starts over 2011 of more than

28 percent (see Figure 1), which was also up over 2010. However, the

780,000 starts of residential units was still well below the housing peak of 2006, when they hit more than 1.8 million. Starts for single-family homes,

Nonresidential Building Construction (in millions of U.S. $) Type

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016


35,806 25,422 11,287 8,880 9,570 10,269 11,009 11,626 12,328









































Source: FMI Construction Outlook

Figure 2 which actually decreased in 2011, hit levels not seen since 2008, as did multifamily dwellings. If new housing starts continue to trend at these levels, we will see 2013 hit starts approaching 1 million. Another positive sign that housing is on the rebound is the decrease in vacancy rates. According to the Department of Commerce, vacancy rates for rental housing fell below 8.5 percent and 2.1 percent for homeowner housing. Data released in February by S&P Dow Jones for its Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices, showed that

nationwide, home prices grew on average 7.3

since the start of their indices in January 1991,”

solid gains,” said David M. Blitzer, chairman of

recorded their largest annual increases since

percent for 2012. “Home prices ended 2012 with

said Blitzer. “Dallas, Denver and Minneapolis

the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

2001. Phoenix continued its climb, posting an

economy in the 2012 fourth quarter.”

it posted eight consecutive months of double-

“Housing and residential construction led the

And when looking at individual markets, 19 of

impressive year-over-year return of 23.0 percent; digit annual growth.”

the 20 major markets included in the Case-

“The housing market is finally, firmly on the

including some of the most depressed markets

Outlook 2013. “Home prices nationwide

growth for the year was New York City. “Atlanta

existing homes jumped by almost $14,000,

Shiller Index showed an increase in home prices, in the country. The only market not averaging and Detroit posted their biggest year-over-

year increases of 9.9 percent and 13.6 percent

Circle RS#09 on page 49 or visit

path to recovery,” states Kiplinger’s Housing rose by 4.9 percent, and the median price for

to $185,000 … Buyers turned out in greater

numbers in 2012, driven by affordable homes

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 25

and historically low mortgage rates. All the

positive trends for the housing market will drift

into 2013, becoming more entrenched as the economy picks up steam in the second half

of the year. Market observers agree that home

prices will keep rising in 2013, but they disagree by how much. Clear Capital’s [a provider of real

estate data and analysis] forecast is at the higher end, with an overall gain of about 5 percent in

2013. Kiplinger expects a more modest 1 or 2

Home Improvement Products Market

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Billions $ 269.4 273.9 284.8 301.7 319.4 332.3 343.9 % Change








Source: IHS Global Insight/HIRI Home Improvement Products Market Forecast

Figure 3

percent hike.”

All in all, the indicators and subsequent

predictions are brighter than those of the past

few years, which bodes well for the surfacing industry.

Nonresidential Construction When it comes to nonresidential construction, the outlook also seems relatively positive.

FMI, a consulting and investment banking

services company for the construction industry,

predicted in its Construction Outlook Report

that the five major nonresidential construction

segments historically tied to surfacing (lodging,

office, commercial, healthcare and educational)

will all see increases (see Figure 2). FMI expects to see the largest increases in the healthcare, lodging and commercial/retail sectors, with

these areas advancing 8, 7 and 7 percent respectively.

Points of insight in the FMI report include: Occupancy rates for lodging were up 2.5 percent in 2012, but not enough to justify more than a

7 percent increase in hotel construction; hotel developers will renovate before building new

properties, with green building more common in remodels and retrofits.

The slowly improving job market has begun to stir the market for office construction. As companies relocate to move up in class or to find a better

neighborhood for potential growth, renovation

and improvement work continue to drive the market.

While there is some good news for commercial/ retail construction, in many regions more

construction just increases the overall vacancy rates. Increasing online sales is becoming the

most important trend and one that will reduce

the need for traditional new retail construction.

Increased store remodeling could also stall new construction.

New healthcare construction will include a

Figure 4 care and assisted-living accommodations.

Home Improvement/Remodeling

Educational funding is significantly lower,

When it comes to the home improvement/

rise only at 3 percent for 2013; green building will

for 2013 is pretty bright, according to experts.

meaning construction in that area is predicted to

get greater attention in this arena.

The Consensus Construction Forecast issued by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) also predicts growth for all of these sectors

for both 2013 and 2014, but at much different

rates. The AIA forecast predicts hotels, retail and

office construction to be the top three sectors,

with increases of 15.7, 7.8 and 7.3 percent

respectively. And for healthcare and education

construction the increases it predicts are much

more modest at 4.4 percent and 1.1 percent for


“After seeing construction activity seesaw for

remodeling sector of the U.S. economy, the outlook

In the most recent update of the Home

Improvement Research Institute’s IHS Global

Insight/HIRI Home Improvement Products Market Forecast, the 2012 home improvement market

was expected to finish up 4.9 percent to a total

overall size of $273.9 billion. This is a noticeable

improvement over the 3.8 percent growth seen

in 2011. However, in spite of the strong increase,

HIRI is predicting these gains will slow to 4 percent in 2013 (see Figure 3).

“We continue to anticipate slower growth of the home improvement products market in 2013.

Professional Market sales growth will slightly

outpace Consumer Market growth, since the

much of last year, there is a much stronger sense

former will benefit more from steadily improving

industry is positioned to see continued economic

employment growth accelerates and housing

into 2014,” explained AIA Chief Economist Dr.

growth of home improvement product sales.

that we have entered a recovery phase and the

improvement as we move through the year and

housing market activity,” states the report. “As markets improve in 2014, we will see stronger

growing number of renovation projects to update

Kermit Baker. “The resurgent housing market has

We expect growth averaging 5.9 percent in

a trend toward shorter hospital stays, expect

more retail establishments and office buildings

following two years as the housing market cycle

current facilities for modern hospital design; with

led to a ripple effect where there is a need for

more ambulatory care facilities and long-term

across the country.”

26 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

2014-2015 with a slight deceleration in the runs its course.”

Cabinet Sales in Billions of U.S. Dollars (includes 66 percent of industry reporting) Year

Total Sales

Overall % Change

Stock Cabinets % Change

Semi-custom Cabinets % Change

Custom Cabinets % Change













2010 $4.5





2009 $4.8





2008 $6.7





2007 $7.9





2006 $9.0 Source: Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Trend of Business Reports,

Figure 5 According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, the second half of 2012 showed immense growth, with Q3

2013 to 19.7 percent in the third quarter (see

Figure 4). The report attributes stronger home sales and retrofits by an aging baby boomer

finishing up 8.2 percent and Q4 to finish at an

generation as contributing to the rise.

8.8 percent increase. The center’s Remodeling

“After languishing near the bottom for several

Futures Program estimates via its most recent update of the Leading Indicators of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) that these upward trends will continue in 2013 in a big way, with growth ranging from 10.6 percent in the first quarter of

popularity. Older homeowners are retrofitting their homes to accommodate their future needs. And the future market potential is immense, as the

years, the remodeling market finally appears to be pulling out of its prolonged downturn,

and renewal of the nation’s housing stock is

getting underway,” stated the report. “Previously

foreclosed properties are being rehabilitated.

Circle RS#10 on page 49 or visit

Sustainable home improvements are gaining in

emerging echo boom generation is projected to be the largest in our nation’s history. Cabinetry The cabinetry industry is another predictor for the countertop industry, and the news on this

Circle RS#11 on page 49 or visit International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 27

U.S. Countertop Demand (in millions of square feet)

stone are predicted to experience the fastest % of Annual Growth

gains through 2015. It also predicts that trends in luxury home design will begin to turn toward




2015 2020

2005-2010 2010-2015

types of stone other than granite, mixing of

Total Countertop Demand





materials and more “eco-friendly” materials,



By Material: Laminates 405 338 395 425 -3.6%


Solid Surface







Natural Stone







Engineered Stone














Cast Polymers














such as those utilizing recycled paper or postconsumer glass. While there are some uncertainties in the general economy, such as the inability for Congress to get things done and potential weakness in the European economy that could spill over, barring disasters, the surfacing industry is poised for a good year. Housing is showing real improvement; nonresidential construction has turned around its year-over-year tumble; remodeling and home

By Market: Residential Building 545 472 610 685 -2.8%


improvement indicators predict real growth; and

Nonresidential Building







cabinetry is finally back on track.








All signs point to the best year in the countertop

$/square foot







Countertop Demand (in millions of $)



24,600 30,900



Source: The Freedonia Group’s “Countertops” report,

Figure 6 front is very positive. For the first time since 2006, the cabinet industry is growing.

Cabinet sales, as reported in the Kitchen

Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) monthly Trend of Business Survey, showed

gains for 2012 after repeat losses for half a

dozen years. Overall sales jumped 7.3 percent

in 2012 after year-over-year losses ranging

up to the double digits in 2007, 2008 and

2009 (see Figure 5). Considering more than

With all of the previous influencing factors

pointing in the upward direction, it is a solid bet that the countertop industry will have

the best year in 2013 that it has had since the recession. But, very little information

based on direct research into the countertop

industry is available. However, the most recent

“Countertops” report put out by research firm

The Freedonia Group does make predictions for the future (see Figure 6).

two-thirds of the cabinet market participates

According to the report, U.S. demand for

representation of where the segment stands.

per year to 760 million sq. ft. in 2015, valued at

in the survey, the numbers are a pretty solid

While stock cabinets showed the biggest gains (11.7 percent), semi-custom cabinets grew

4.5 percent and custom cabinet sales grew

0.1 percent after dropping 3 percent in 2011

and double digit declines in the three years

preceding. “KCMA members closed out 2012

on a positive note for the first time in six years,” stated KCMA Executive Director Dick Titus in

an interview posted on WoodworkingNetwork.

com. “Expectations for 2013 are positive as the economy continues to gradually improve.”

Once again, with the close ties between the

cabinet and countertop markets, this is a very

positive sign for the countertop industry. A Healthy Year for Countertops

28 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

countertops is forecast to advance 4.8 percent

$24.6 billion. This comes off of the back of an

overall contraction in the countertop industry by

-2.5 percent over the last few years. “Recovery

in new housing construction will drive countertop demand, while in the larger remodeling market

lower unemployment and greater credit

availability will provide incentive for consumers

to reinvest in their homes, including countertop installation as part of a kitchen or bathroom

remodel,” stated the report. “In value terms, gains

will be aided by the growing market penetration

of high-end countertop materials, such as natural stone and engineered stone.”

Laminate countertops will continue to lead

the market, in both value and area terms, but

countertops made from engineered and natural

industry since the recession, if everything stays on course, and most will agree that it is about time. Editor & Publisher Kevin Cole can be reached at The author would like to thank the federal government for a variety of statistical information made available to the public, as well as the following sources used in the creation of this article: The American Institute of Architects (AIA), www., a professional membership association for architects FMI,, a consulting and investment banking services company for the construction industry The Freedonia Group, a research firm that recently released a “Countertops” study that is available for purchase from the company at www.freedoniagroup. com The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI),, a membership-based, nonprofit organization of home improvement industry companies The Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS), www., Harvard University’s center for information and research on housing in the United States Kiplinger,, a publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA),, a nonprofit organization representing manufacturers of cabinets and decorative laminates S&P Dow Jones Indices,, a subsidiary of The McGraw-Hill Companies and the world’s largest global resource for index-based concepts, data and research

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International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 29

Business Fitness

By Kirk Heiner


hat’s your greatest


right now? If you’re like many

5 Keys to Adapting to the New Economy

business people, it’s figuring

of the fittest. So it’s time to get fit. It’s time

to get off the couch and do some business

situps. We can no longer afford to wait until the

Value, like

beauty, is in the

new strategies and principles that help you to

navigate the rough waters of this new economy. 3. Vision

eye of the beholder. If

It’s time for a new view. Begin to see through

turnaround and they care

What do they want and need to hear during

you are touting your fast

more about quality, you

out how to increase your sales. Today’s

economic climate has become one of survival


not yours.

lose. If they are concerned

about seams and you talk about

your low price, you’ll be missing the mark when it comes to sales.

the customers’ eyes. What do they want most? the sales process? What determines value in

their eyes? What creates trust? Answer these questions and you are on the road to higher sales.

Learn to look at your business through

economy rebounds. It might not.

Every buyer has one or two key buying factors

their lenses. The more you understand your

What used to be a challenge of keeping up with

value based on what they value most is the

will be to appeal to them and stand apart from

So decide right now, as you are reading this,

I guarantee you, most of your competitors are

serving clients has now become a challenge of simply finding them. And even though things

seem to be improving a little, it’s not enough. If you want to discover how to increase your

or “triggers.” Your job is to find theirs. Creating

customers, the more you’ll sell and the easier it

key to easily increasing your sales numbers.

the competition in ways that matter.

to take the steps necessary to strengthen

your company’s sales efforts and get results.

sales — keep reading.

Resolve to do whatever it takes to gain more

I’m going to share with you the five

company of choice in the mind of the new

fundamentals you must master if you want to do well in the new economy. Just as all creatures must adapt to a new climate or

environment they find themselves in, you too must learn to adapt to this new economic

climate. Here are the five fundamentals you’ll need to master. 1. Decision Decide to win. Determine to set and reach

specific, measurable goals. Put them in writing. Many business people in our industry have

been hit so hard by the recession that they are reeling about like drunken sailors. It’s time to

sober up and focus. Waiting for the economy to come back to former levels is a bad idea.

Yes, the pie is smaller. Get a bigger fork. Decide to take action and move your business forward

with a clear and laser-like strategy. Take charge of your company’s future sales by determining who is buying in your market, who they are choosing most often and why.

Make sure that your offering is unique and

compelling. Realize that people will buy for their 30 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

market share. Commit to becoming the consumer. Create an “I can” attitude. 2. Comparison

Look at the competitive landscape. How do

you stack up against the competition? Great

companies don’t ignore the competition. When they do, it is to their own demise. I promise

you, Pepsi is watching Coke and vice versa. However, when you look at your competition, it

is to see what the customer sees in them that is so appealing. Work to discover how you might be not only different, but better.

In a flat economy, the only way to grow your

sales is by taking it from your competitors. That happens by offering a greater perceived value to customers. Clearly tell them why you’re a better choice.

It’s time to reinvent yourself; to evolve. You

must adapt and become more than you have been to offer greater value than anyone else. Times have changed, the economy changed and consumers have changed. Have you?

Adapting to the new economy means adopting

not thinking this way.

4. Clear, Compelling Communication Make your message stronger. From your

marketing materials to your website, to the

words you speak when meeting with a new client, your communication must be clear, enticing and to the point.

Customers don’t care about you, or your goals; they care about theirs. Talk about their issues.

Resolve their concerns and fears — yes fears. From my experience, most women are afraid of making a bad decision. And 91 percent of

all buying decisions in the home are made by women.

Communication is critical to selling more.

A friend once shared a powerful insight on this. He said, “Our income is determined by our

communication.” The quality and quantity of

our communication directly affects our income. The more people you speak to plus the better you speak equals money.

Now here’s the challenge: It’s called Illusory

Superiority or “The Lake Wobegon Effect.” It

states that most of us think we are better than we really are. It’s been shown that 85 percent of people think they are smarter, luckier and

better looking than the rest. Did you know that

93 percent of college professors think they are

a huge competitive advantage. In ketchup, that

Get over it; this is the economy. Make

97 percent feel they are less biased?

single attribute and the result is ownership of

competitors. Get a realistic grasp of who you

doing a better job than their peers and

We all tend to overestimate our abilities,

especially when it comes to our ability to

No. 1 attribute is “slow.” Heinz captured that

60 percent of the ketchup market. That’s how powerful this concept is.

communicate. Most of us are mediocre. If we

In 25 years of selling, I am convinced that the

make an effort to improve our communication,

No. 1 attribute to own in countertops is trust.

the result will be more sales and profits.

Own this, and you own the market. Here’s proof.

Remember that everything communicates, from

I recently returned to visit my old neighborhood

website to your showroom and displays —

guys had gone out of business. The three that

the car you drive to your apparel. From your

to discover that virtually all of the low priced

everything is communicating.

remained strong were all the higher priced

Studies show that only 7 percent of

gone out of their way to secure relationships

communication is the words we speak. The

other 93 percent is our tone of voice and body language. Don’t misunderstand me; the words we choose matter. It’s just that our tone and body language matter more.

Customers are trying to determine which

product is right for them and then who to trust to provide that product to them. We should be focused on helping them to make that determination with our communications. 5. Trust Every industry has a No.1 attribute in the mind of their customer that, if owned, will give them

companies. The secret? These companies had with the top designers and builders. They had built their businesses on trust.

Low price is NOT the answer. Trust is. And trust

will help you to create allies, which is a powerful key in tough economic times. Relationships can save a business and provide you with valuable leads and referrals.

Putting It All Together These five fundamentals — decision,

comparison, vision, communication and trust — will make all the difference in your sales in

this new economy. Decide you are going to win. Stop waiting for the market to rebound.

a comparison of your company to your

are in the marketplace. Choose how you will

become more attractive to the new consumer. Adjust your vision. Develop a new view. See

through the customer’s eyes. Find out what they value most. Every one of us buys on value, not price. Improve your communication and watch sales soar. Communication is a skill and can

be developed. Spend an hour a week working on this ability and the result will be improved

sales. It’s that simple. And always remember that trust is the key. It is the No. 1 attribute to own.

Nothing is more important than associating your company with the attribute of trust. This should be the focus of any company trying to thrive in the new economy.

Develop mastery in these five fundamentals and you will change your company’s financial future.

Selling is a skill that anyone can master. Now go out and tear it up!

About the Author Kirk Heiner is an author, speaker, and sales and marketing coach with more than 25 years in sales, and two decades in the kitchen, bath and countertop industries. He is known for helping companies to succeed regardless of the economy and can be contacted at

Circle RS#12 on page 49 or visit International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 31

Considerations for Making Concrete Countertops in Cold Weather By Mark Celebuski



to know that casting of concrete countertops can be negatively affected. To minimize issues, it’s critical to keep your concrete (not necessarily

■■ Sealing — the less free water contained in the capillaries of your concrete, the better most sealers will perform.

yourself) comfortable.

Heating and Curing in Cold Temperatures

Many of the problems encountered by concrete countertop fabricators

There are several ways to use heat in the batching and curing

is especially crucial in the colder months of the year. These problems


can be alleviated using accelerated curing methods involving heat; this include:

process that can help to minimize problems caused by cold ambient

■■ Use hot water in your mix if required — keep your batch

■■ Curling — caused by one side of the slab losing moisture faster than

temperatures above 60 F at a minimum. This will give your concrete

denser the concrete at stripping, the lower the moisture loss potential.

50 to 60 F, where the heat of hydration will start to help things along.

the other side of the slab. Density is directly related to strength; the

a head start. It takes a lot of time and energy to get concrete from

Cracking — higher strength at stripping means there is less potential

Warmer concrete means fewer bug holes, and using hot water equals

for cracking.

less entrained air.

■■ Drying shrinkage/crazing — the higher the percentage of Portland

■■ The concrete must not be allowed to lose moisture during heat

available to evaporate and cause shrinkage.

so make sure to cover it with plastic sheathing to keep water from

that is hydrated prior to stripping, the lower the volume of free water

curing or you may be creating more problems than you are solving,

■■ Pop-outs while grinding or pieces that won’t take a polish — the

evaporating off the surface.

place and shaved off rather than pulled out.

(already covered in plastic) with a standard-type electric blanket that

higher the PSI, the better the sand grains (or glass) will be held in 32 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

■■ A simple way to apply heat to your concrete is to cover your pieces


For heat curing concrete, first cover it with plastic to lock in the moisture; then use an electric blanket to add heat and lastly use an insulating blanket to keep the heat in.

Creating beautiful concrete countertops need not be problematic in winter weather if proper heat curing methods are used.

turn your shop heat down at night and save a few bucks. With a little planning, casting concrete countertops in cold weather can be pain-free, for your concrete at least. About the Author To find out more about Trinic concrete process or admixes, go to or contact author Mark Celebuski at or at (800) 475-1975.

Keeping your concrete warm, not necessarily your shop, is the important thing in cold temperature settings.

you might find at a department store and then an insulating blanket. This adds heat to the curing process and maintains the heat of hydration, or temperature at which the concrete cures. The chemical reaction process that takes place when concrete turns from a liquid state to a solid one is an exothermic reaction that consequently gives off heat. You want to retain this heat for as long as possible to produce strong, dense concrete. This process will help to do that. If your budget allows, you may want to consider using a Power Blanket ( ■■ Concrete strength gain vs. temperature is non-linear. Once you cross the threshold of 130 F you can actually gain 500+ PSI per hour; heat to 180 F and you’re in the 1,000-psi-per-hour strength gain area. However, I don’t recommend heating countertops above 140 F as the moisture loss potential or a runaway temperature gain (boiling out the water) could ruin your concrete. ■■ If you were to cast tops today, cover them with plastic and cure at 70 F for seven days, then cast another set and heat cure them for one day, the strengths would be roughly equal. All said, if you follow this advice, you don’t have to worry about your shop temperature. As long as your concrete is kept warm and happy,

Circle RS#13 on page 49 or visit International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 33

Winners of Silestone Design Contest Reveal

Stunning Kitchen Transformations

Figure 1 – Before and after photos of the winning project designed by Jackie Balint, of The Kitchen Collection LLC, in Redondo Beach, Calif., and fabricated by Traditional Stone, of Van Nuys, Calif., show a remarkable change and utilized two different colors of Silestone for contrast. 34 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association


he winners of the Silestone Design Contest were recently announced, and the transformations made in the winning projects are stunning, to say the least. The idea behind the contest was to recognize independent designers on the forefront of creative and inspiring kitchen designs. From bold backsplashes to innovative islands, Silestone sought out designers who celebrate the influence of color and push the envelope of design possibilities in the foremost room of the home. A panel of high-profile design experts judged and selected three winning projects that feature Silestone quartz surfacing in a kitchen that reflect dynamic design. “There are so many outstanding kitchen projects that are colorful and truly innovative,” said Lorenzo Marquez, vice president of marketing for Cosentino North America, the parent company of Silestone. “The kitchen is the essence of a home, and functional, bright, bold design completely enhances the experience. As a company, we’re proud to be part of such creativity and look forward to honoring designers who rely on our quartz surfaces to bring their designs to life.” There were 86 entries in total, and the contest was open to all U.S. independent kitchen and interior designers. The projects were judged on overall design creativity and best use of color. The winners of the Silestone Design Competition were selected by an esteemed panel of leading designers who are renowned for their innovative design. The judges included: Kim Lewis, former designer for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and founder of Kim Lewis Designs in Los Angeles; John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, the design duo behind Madcap Cottage in New York City; and Mark Williams of Mark Williams Design Associates in Atlanta. After much deliberation, the panel of high-profile design experts selected the three top projects from Certified Kitchen Designers that featured compelling kitchens that reflect dynamic, yet functional design. First place was awarded to Jackie Balint, from The Kitchen Collection LLC, in Redondo Beach, Calif. In her winning design, Balint specified appliances, cabinetry and countertops based on the individual needs of the client. She selected Silestone in the sleek Nuit Blue hue for the island and contrasted the perimeter countertops with the clean and bright look of Bianco River (see Figure 1). The fabricator for the project was Traditional Stone, of Van Nuys, Calif. ( “Silestone had the perfect colors as well as a texture that added a special look to the kitchen,”

Balint said. For her efforts, she was awarded an all-expenses-paid, six-day trip to Spain along with $2,500. Brett Gonsalves, from Kitchens & Baths, in New Bedford, Mass., was awarded 2nd Place. Gonsalves’ project included a center island in his design as a multipurpose space — a priority for his client — allowing guests to congregate in the kitchen while leaving plenty of space to cook at the same time (see Figure 2). Stonetek, also of New Bedford, Mass. (, did the fabrication work for this project. “I knew a quartz surface was the only way I wanted to go, and Silestone’s Galactic Series offered a natural look with all of the benefits of a maintenance-free top,” Gonsalves said.

Figure 2 – This project (before and after) designed by Brett Gonsalves, of Kitchens & Baths and fabricated by Stonetek, both of New Bedford, Mass., was awarded 2nd Place. The project included a center island as a multipurpose space, allowing guests to congregate in the kitchen while leaving plenty of space to cook.

In 3rd Place was Alice Sin, from Sierra Custom Kitchens in Pasadena, Calif. Her kitchen makeover incorporated a dual-island layout, one for cooking and the other for entertaining, to open the space (see Figure 3). Pacific Stone Designs, of Commerce, Calif. (www., fabricated this countertop project. “Silestone Stellar Snow was the perfect color for the palette we were working with,” said Sin. “It provided the natural and organic color tones creating a light, modern look the client requested.” Both the 2nd and 3rd Place winners received American Express gift cards. “We had an overwhelming response with many great projects,” Marquez explained. “We are excited to continue this program and support independent designers using our products for their beautiful designs.” For more information, visit www.cosentinonorth

Figure 3 – Taking 3rd Place was Alice Sin, of Sierra Custom Kitchens in Pasadena, Calif. The kitchen she designed, which was fabricated by Pacific Stone Designs, of Commerce, Calif., incorporated two islands in Stellar Snow Silestone. International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 35

Here.Now.News. Upcoming ISFA Training & Events For more information or to sign up to attend any of these events, call (877) 464-7732 or email

Regional Grassroots Gathering Hosted by Dixie Plywood & Lumber Co. March 21 • Tampa, Fla.

Russian fabrication company ArtCor does amazing work as shown in these photos of the Glavvetprom triangular reception desk designed by Liturinskiy & Leost and the suspended construction in a Russian Trading Center.

CEO Roundtable Sponsored by Kohler April 4-5 • Cincinnati, Ohio Regional Grass Roots Gathering Hosted by Cosentino April 11 • Anaheim, Calif.

Visitors from Russia

Business Boot Camp Hosted by Oldcastle Surfaces May 7-8 • Atlanta, Ga.

Three ISFA-member shops hosted a visit by

Anastasia Kamenskaya and Andrey Kamenskiy from ArtCor, a solid surface fabricator from

Russia and one of ISFA’s newest members.

Woodworking. The visits were a valuable

As part of their stay in the United States,

interchange of methods and concepts. ArtCor

Oldcastle Surfaces, ASST and Jack’s Custom

shown in these photographs of their projects.

Kamenskaya and Kamenskiy visited

is one of the premier fabricators in Russia as

CEO Roundtable Aug. 21-22 • Chicago, Ill. Regional Grass Roots Gathering Hosted by Cosentino Sept. 19 • Cincinnati, Ohio

Both the Solid Surface and Stone/Quartz

versions of ISFA’s Total Fabrication Training

(TFT) programs were held in February with more than a dozen total participants taking part in the The solid surface class, held in Orem, Utah,

Solid Surface TFT Class

at the ISFA headquarters, was taught by ISFA

to increase safety, quality, productivity and the

nine participants: Terry Clayton and Lanwod

with both the beginning and experienced

and Rusty Ruby of The Countertop Shop LLC;

process to an actual kitchen countertop and

Monroe and David Bowman of Ketchum

This process includes templating, material

Marble LLC; and Terry Helmueller of North

treatments, cutouts, basic repairs, inlays, basic

Education Director Mike Nolan and graduated

utilization of time-saving tools and techniques

Aperto of AAFES Ft. Carson; James Cope

fabricator in mind. Students apply the

Jeffrey Hodges of Diamond Surfaces; Camron

fabricate one with their workstation partner.

Kustom Woodworks; Jim Folwell of Mt. Rainier

layout, cutting, seaming, bowl mounting, edge

Coast Countertops.

thermoforming, coved backsplashes, overhang,

The Solid Surface TFT adds to the

finishing and installation.

craftsmanship of the solid surface fabricator by

The stone/quartz class, held at the Alpha

techniques available. This course is designed

by industry veteran Dr. Fred Hueston and

presenting and practicing the best fabrication

36 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Regional Grass Roots Gathering Hosted by Cosentino May 30 • Westchester, N.Y. Regional Grass Roots Gathering Hosted by Cosentino July 11 • Boston, Mass.

Total Fabrication Training Classes Held in February

two programs.

Regional Grass Roots Gathering Hosted by Oldcastle Surfaces May 9 • Atlanta, Ga.

Tools training facility in Las Vegas, was taught

Stone/Quartz Total Fabricator Training Level I Hosted by Alpha Tools Oct. 7-10 • Las Vegas, Nev. Regional Grass Roots Gathering Hosted by Cosentino Oct. 17 • Seattle, Wash.

graduated seven participants: Mark Flint and Joshua Flint of Alaskan Counter Fitters; Tim MaConaha and Jon Hess of Alpha Tools; James Maynard of Alternative Surface; Terry Helmueller of North Coast Countertops; and Duane Pieper of Pieper Construction. The Stone/Quartz TFT offers basic training in the fabrication of both natural stone and quartz surfacing. Elements of the course include:

(Continued from page 36) a review of basic shop safety procedures;

a discussion of the properties, features and

Adam Albee Joins ISFA Board of Directors

Adam Albee, operations manager with Lincoln Laminating in Lincoln, Neb., was appointed to the ISFA Board of Directors to fill a vacant seat previously held by Christina Humiston, of Block Tops, who stepped down for personal reasons. The board of directors thanks Humiston for her service to ISFA, and announced that Albee will fill her seat for the remainder of her term. Albee has been with Lincoln Laminating for eight years and has degrees in business administration and marketing. “Adam is outgoing and active within the fabricator community, and we know he will be a great addition to the board,” said ISFA President Mike Langenderfer.

benefits of natural stone and quartz surfacing

materials; basic productivity concepts; manual and digital templating; seaming; cutouts; bowl

mounting processes; basic repairs; finishing and polishing techniques; installation; and support systems.

Those interested in more information or registering for one of these training classes, or their advanced versions, should contact ISFA at (877) 464-7732 or by email at Jennifer@

Looking to Make a Difference in the Industry?

We still have a few openings on the committees

“I’m honored that ISFA has given me the opportunity to help support the fabricators that make this industry so great,” commented Albee. Humiston previously held the position of treasurer on the Executive Committee of the board, and Langenderfer has appointed Board Member Mellisa Hill to fill the position. “Mell has already been an active participant and insightful member of the board,” said Langenderfer. “We are all confident she will do a stellar job as treasurer.”

working on both the Solid Surface and Quartz

Surfacing Fabrication and Material Standards.

will be product descriptions and product

receive forecast information looking at the future

and quartz surfacing standards currently

morning of April 21.

NSF — Product Category Rules for Countertops

more information on this process, contact

More information is available at the KBIS website at

Product Category Rules for Residential

ISFA’s very own communications director, Kevin

International’s National Center for Sustainability

Show’s (KBIS) Voices of the Industry Program,

If you are interested in being a part of one of

these teams, please contact Chuck Sawyer at

characteristics which relate to the solid surface being revised and developed by ISFA. For Chuck Sawyer at or the National Center for Sustainability Standards at

ISFA is part of a committee working on the


Countertops. The project is led by NSF

Cole, will be part of the Kitchen & Bath Industry

Standards, and the work is being done by a committee of countertop industry experts.

Product Category Rules define the parameters

of a life cycle assessment (LCA) for a particular product group and what to include in the

in which various members of the kitchen and bath industry present on a variety of topics. During KBIS, which is April 19 to 21 in New

Orleans, Cole will be offering a presentation

titled “Countertop Trends: Yesterday, Today and

resulting report, called an Environmental

Tomorrow.” The one-hour session will cover

inputs, outputs and environmental impacts

preferences, industry conditions and statistics,

to grave. The EPD is the third-party-verified

coming years. The information will help to paint

to explain the data generated from a life cycle

marketplace and a bit about how the future of

“boundaries” of the Life Cycle Analysis, which

with an understanding of the trends in both

construction, transportation, installation, the

market; gain insight into the economic factors

Product Declaration (EPD). LCAs measure

several areas: countertop trends, consumer

of a product across its life span, from cradle

and where the industry might be headed in the

report that may function like a nutrition label

a picture of the countertop industry, current

assessment. The PCR document defines the

the industry may look. Attendees should leave

for this particular PCR includes countertop

traditional and new countertop materials on the

use phase and end-of-life. Additionally, there

that affect the countertop market; and will

of the industry. The session is scheduled for the

ISFA, IWF Announce Expanded Partnership: 2014 IWF Show to Have Increased Focus on Countertop Industry

ISFA and the International Woodworking Fair, LLC (IWF) announced the formation of an

expanded partnership geared toward increasing the focus on the countertop industry for the

2014 IWF show. The partnership includes an

agreement in which ISFA will work with IWF to develop a full countertop educational track for

the show and a “Countertop Pavilion” which will be co-sponsored by ISFA.

The educational track will include six

educational sessions geared toward the

countertop industry, as well as continuing the

full-day Countertop Symposium that ISFA has put on for the past two IWF expos.

“With so many laminate and solid surface

Continued on page 38

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 37

ISFANews (Continued from page 37) fabricators already attending the International Woodworking Fair, it makes sense to expand

upon that and open the show up to fabricators

of all countertop materials,” said Rick Hannigan, IWF 2014 chairman. “The new educational track will include sessions geared toward laminate, solid surface, quartz surfacing, natural stone, concrete and other countertop materials.” The new Countertop Pavilion is designed

to bring new suppliers of materials, tooling,

machinery, equipment and other products and

services together in one area of the show for the convenience of those in the countertop industry. As part of the new focus, ISFA associate

members who have not previously exhibited at

the show will be afforded an exhibitor discount if

they exhibit in the pavilion, and all ISFA members will get discount admission to the show.

Additionally, ISFA will have its 2014 Annual

Member Meeting at IWF and will also host a networking event for those in the surfacing industry.

“We have worked closely with IWF for the

past two shows, and expanding upon our

established relationship will provide additional

benefits for our membership and for the entire surfacing industry,” said Mike Langenderfer,

lessons and the successful role models

conference calls that review the lessons;

need is the determination to take the

new ideas, software and business processes

necessary to make it happen. All participants responsibility to get themselves there. To participate, businesses can be any size, age and in any shape — all that is needed is the

desire and commitment to learn how to develop the business to the next million-dollar level. In

the past, the program has had new fabricators

doing less than $250,000 in revenues all the way up to those doing millions of dollars in annual

business. It does not matter where a business

is at now — it’s all about where it can be going forward. Any ISFA Fabricator Member in good

standing can apply for a spot in the program. A sampling of what the program offers follows:

ISFA president. “Educational and networking

■■ Nine-month structured program,

solidifying IWF as an outlet for increasing

successful fabricator operations and

together the industry and improve the quality of

companies on the fast track to growing their

events are a big part of what ISFA offers, and

complete with guidelines, examples of

those programs is another opportunity to bring

monthly lessons that are designed to put

the products fabricators offer.”


IWF 2014 will be held Aug. 20 to 23, 2014, at

the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Those interested in participating can contact either ISFA or IWF for additional information.

ISFA Million Dollar Mentor Program

Returning this year is the popular Million Dollar Mentor Program. This program is geared to those members whose goal is to develop a

profitable $1 million-plus fabrication business, or who wish to take their business to the next

(some with an expert authority leading the discussion on the subject of the month)

all designed to provide the professional knowledge, processes and mind-set

needed to grow from fabrication specialist to business developer extraordinaire.

Space in the program is limited, so interested parties should contact or call Chuck Sawyer at (724) 612-9768 for more information as soon as possible.

California Grass Roots Regional Gathering Set for April 11, this second Grass Roots

■■ Fabrication companies will be matched

Regional Gathering of the year is being hosted

coaching via face-to-face meetings, shop

Cosentino Design Center in Anaheim, Calif.

with a mentor for one-on-one advice and tour, telephone and email discussions.

■■ The kickoff event, Business Boot Camp, is a two-day program offering business

management education, networking, peer

group discussions and directions in what is required to grow a business. The Business

Booth Camp starts the mentor program on

May 7 to 8 in Atlanta, just in advance of the

ISFA Regional Grass Roots Gathering being held there on May 9 at Oldcastle Surfaces.

$1 million level. This is a business development

■■ New information to increase business

everything needed to realize the goal: the

development focus.

think tank and incubation program providing

management skills and business

mentors, networking, business development

■■ Peer group discussions by webinar and

38 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

share the mentor’s wisdom; and present

by Cosentino ( at its The event will feature plenty of opportunity for

networking, as well as lunch, vendor exhibits, a tour of the Cosentino Design Center and door

prizes. The Design Center creates an interactive environment for fabricators to view the latest

products and design trends, and to learn about current ISFA activities.

Face-to-face fabricator interaction has always

been an essential part of the ISFA experience, and this event provides that, so attendees can keep up with the latest happenings in the industry. The ISFA Grass Roots Gathering is free

Continued on page 40

Specialty Surfaces Fabricators, Manufacturers and Experts

Membership Application Main: (877) 464-7732 • Fax: (801) 341-7361 •

Renewal Instructions: To renew your membership with ISFA, simply fill out the Personal Information section, and Payment Method and that’s it! Fax it back to (801) 341-7361 and we’ll do the rest. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your membership renewal packet to be delivered. New Member Instructions: For Surfacing Experts wanting to become a new member, please fill out the entire form. Membership in ISFA is the industry endorsement of high quality. This endorsement cannot be purchased for the price of membership, but must be established by the company and upheld by each member of the organization. Fax this form back to (801) 341-7361 and we’ll do the rest.Your new membership packet will be in the mail shortly. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Personal Information Name: Title: Company: Address: City: State/Province: Zip/Postal Code: Country: Phone: Fax: y providing your fax number, you are giving ISFA permission to send you information via fax. q Check here if you do not wish to receive education event information via fax. B Email: q Check here if you do not wish to receive Product and Service information from ISFA and our industry partners via email. I Am: q Renewing My ISFA Membership

q Applying to Become a New Member

Method of Payment q I am faxing a copy of the check along with this form. (required if paying by check) Card Type:

q Visa

q Mastercard

q American Express

q Discover

Card Number: Print Name on Card: Expiration Date: Official Signature: If paying by check, fax copy along with this order form. You can also mail this form to: ISFA, 165 N 1330 W #A3, Orem, UT 84057

New Member Information Type of Membership: (please select one) q ISFA Membership: $400 — Any Specialty Surfaces

company that has been in business at least two years and carries appropriate liability insurance.

q Subscriber Membership: $400 — Applicant companies which meet all other qualifications, but have been in business for less than two years shall be eligible for Subscriber Membership in the Association.

q Branch Membership: $200 — Branch Membership is

available to companies having more than one location. Each location must fill out seperate membership applications. Branch Membership annual dues are one-half that of the headquarters location. Each location wlll be treated as a separate member in all respects, except only headquarter locations may vote in general elections.

Sponsorship Information: In order to become a member of ISFA, you need to provide information regarding an ISFA member or company willing to sponsor you. If you do not know what to put in this section, just leave it blank. We will help you with this. Sponsor Company: Contact Person: Telephone: Trade Reference: (Please provide a trade reference, generally your distributor of solid surface.) Trade Reference: Contact Person: Telephone: Proof of Insurance: A copy of your certificate of liability insurance must be attached to or faxed with this form to process this application.

q Monthly Membership: $35/Monthly Code of Ethics

(please sign below)

Each member of the International Surface Fabricators Association agrees to observe high standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility in the conduct of their business. By adhering strictly to the highest quality standards of fabrication, manufacturing and installation. By promoting only those products and services that are proven quality and value. By writing contracts and warranties that are clear, honest and fair to all parties involved. By honoring all contractual obligations in a reasonably prompt manner. By quickly acting on and attempting to resolve all customer complaints, and in situations where complaints appear unreasonable and persistent, by encouraging the customer to initiate and approach third-party dispute settlement mechanisms. By being fiscally responsible and honoring all legitimate financial obligations, By maintaining all required licenses and insurances. I,_______________________________, do hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and do agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the International Surface Fabricators Association for as long as I hold an active membership therein.

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 39

ISFANews (Continued from page 38) to all fabricators, cabinetmakers, millwork professionals and technicians in the surfacing industry. Interested parties should RSVP by providing their name, company name and number of people attending to gatherings@ by April 3. Vendors: Act now to reserve space in the vendor exhibit area. Space is limited so contact ISFA before the end of March. For information email or call the main office at (877) 464-7732.

Cincinnati CEO Roundtable

Sponsored by Kohler (, the Cincinnati CEO Roundtable event is the first of its kind to hit the surface fabrication industry. The event is being held April 4 to 5 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a new opportunity for the executive management of fabrication companies to share experiences, common concerns and best practices regarding the process of running a surface fabrication business. This two-day event will bring together CEOs from 14 ISFA member companies to share ideas and network in a small, close-knit semi-structured environment. Topics for discussion will be both planned by the organizers and contributed by participants and may include such things as new product development; global harmonization standards; succession planning; managing lines of credit; branding a fabrication business; developing middle managers; and dealing with workers’ comp. Originally designed to bring together just 12 member companies, the event was expanded to include 14. And, because of the popularity of the program, a second CEO Roundtable event will be held later in the year. The tentative date is Aug. 21 to 22 in Chicago. For more information on this event or to sign up to participate in the next CEO Roundtable, email or call the main office at (877) 464-7732.

40 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Board of Directors

Mike Langenderfer

Mellisa Hill

Russ Berry

Erica Hussey

Dave Paxton

Adam Albee

President The Countertop Shop 10406 Geiser Rd. Holland, OH 43528 Phone: (419) 868-9101 Immediate Past President A.S.S.T. 350 South St. McSherrystown, PA 17344 Phone: (717) 630-1251 Vice President Paxton Countertops PO Box 174 Grand Ledge, MI 48837 Phone: (517) 719-0146

Michael Astill

Secretary R. S. Hughes 3455 W. 1820 S. #1 Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4906 Phone: (801) 973-4211

ISFA Contacts Main Office

165 N. 1330 W. Unit A3 Orem, UT 84057 Toll Free: (877) 464-7732 Direct: (801) 341-7360 Fax: (801) 341-7361

Executive Director Chuck Sawyer

(724) 612-9768

Communications Director Kevin Cole

Magazine/Website Publisher & Editor (815) 721-1507

Treasurer Oldcastle Surfaces 1400 W. Marietta St. Atlanta, GA 30318 Phone: (404) 355-3108 Director JCW Countertops 3 Aberjona Dr. Woburn, MA 01801 Phone: (781) 935-1907 Director Lincoln Laminating 5010 Rentworth Dr. Lincoln, NE 68516 Phone: (402) 434-6009

Mark Anderson

Director, Associate Member Representative Cosentino USA 13124 Trinity Dr. Stafford, TX 77477 Phone: (866) 268-6837

Education Director Mike Nolan (828) 403-7386

Account Representative Paul Wisnefski (262) 498-4184

Administrative Assistant & Registrar Jennifer Plante (877) 464-7732

Fabricator Directory Companies in blue are Certified Professionals ALABAMA

Carroll’s Contemporary Designs Inc. 23585 County Rd. 41 Addison, AL 35540 256-462-3540

Oldcastle Surfaces Inc.

112 David Green Rd. Birmingham, AL 35244-1648 205-988-3246

Surface One

2421 Hwy. 11 Pelham, AL 35124 205-621-1125


Alaskan Counter Fitters 607 Old Steese Hwy. Ste. B PMB 354 Fairbanks, AK 99701 907-455-0247

Bicknell Inc.

PO Box 33517 Juneau, AK 99801 907-789-5727

Cook Inlet Housing Authority

3510 Spenard Rd. Anchorage, AK 99503 907-793-3047

Mountain Tops LTD

6605 Arctic Spur Rd. Anchorage, AK 99518 907-272-8107

North Coast Countertops

7720 Hacienda Dr. Anchorage, AK 99507 907-727-6419

Panco Inc.

PO Box 210 Talkeetna, AK 99676 907-733-6600


Classy Kitchen and Bath

4320 W. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 7 Chandler, AZ 85226 480-731-1236

Kirk’s Cabinets & Countertops (Kirk Construction)

4807 Hwy. 95 Parker, AZ 85344 928-667-7306

Kitchen Bath & Beyond

Specializing In Solid Surface 1440 Corona Fort Mojave, AZ 86426 928-788-1000


Block Tops Inc.

1560 Harris Ct. Anaheim, CA 92806 714-978-5080

Buck, Jason (Superior Surface) 3609 Crow Ct. Antelope, CA 95843 916-344-3022


2100 Huntington Dr. Fairfield, CA 94533 707-402-1600

European Artstone Inc.

7316 Bellaire Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91605 818-255-5585

Fischer Tile & Marble 1800 23rd St. Sacramento, CA 95816 916-452-1426

Humboldt Countertops

70 W. 4th St. Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-5918

Integra Cabinets & Millwork

249 W. Baywood #B Orange, CA 92865 714-283-2890

Lytle Construction Inc.

145 Otto Circle Sacramento, CA 95822 916-422-6639

Mio Metals

400 Western Ave. Petaluma, CA 94952 888-530-7630

Pacific Architectural Millwork Carbide Industries 1031 Leslie St. LaHabra, CA 90631 562-905-3200

314 Crittenden St. Groveland, FL 34736 352-429-8840

RR Laminates

Distinctive Surfaces of Florida Inc.

1403 Nichols Dr. Rocklin, CA 95765 805-582-7497


9336 Abraham Way Santee, CA 92071 619-258-9300

Southwest Carpenters Training Fund 533 S. Fremont Ave. #401 Los Angeles, CA 90071 213-739-9335

The Countertop Factory

12349 Telegraph Rd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 562-944-2450


AAFES Ft Carsom FMO 1510 Chiles Ave Ft Carson, CO 719-291-9206

Arlun Inc.

6250 Corporate Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80919 719-599-4175


1620 Paonia St. Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719-574-1250


Distinctive Countertops LLC 6 Tosun Rd. Wolcott, CT 06716 203-879-2835

8272 Vico Ct. Sarasota, FL 34240 941-377-7747 www.distinctivesurfaces

Natural Stone Motif Inc.

870 Sunshine Ln. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 407-774-0676

Reall Cabinetry

1985 Cattlemen Rd. Unit D Sarasota, FL 34232 941-377-2837

Surface Crafters

711 Commercial Dr. Holly Hill, FL 32117 386-253-0826


Atlanta Kitchen Inc.

196 Rio Circle Decatur, GA 30030 404-378-3220


1296 Jones St. Augusta, GA 30901 706-828-7544

Lovell Construction, Inc. 21880 Bradbury Rd. Grantville, GA 30220 770-253-0383

Oldcastle Surfaces Inc.

1400 W. Marietta St. Atlanta, GA 30318 404-355-3108


Troy Granite Inc.

Top South

711 Interchange Blvd. Newark, DE 19711 302-292-1750

830 Pickens Industrial Dr. Marietta, GA 30062 770-422-4009


Beverin Solid Surface 1108 Palmetto Ave. Lehigh Acres, FL 33972 239-368-9444


PO Box 1542 Aiea, HI 96701 808-652-0609

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 41

Fabricator Directory (continued) Companies in blue are Certified Professionals Gary’s Woodworking

F-W-S Solid Surface Specialist Inc.

Hard Surface Fabrications, Inc./Kormax

Parman Brothers LTD

PO Box 1857 Kailua, HI 96734 808-261-0357

Maxwell Counters, Inc.

Laminated Tops of Central Indiana Inc.

Top Master Inc.

Honolulu Tile & Marble Inc.

New Age Surfaces

60 Kaunaloa St. Hilo, HI 96720 808-936-4259

Hawaii Kitchen & Bath Inc.

1602-B Auiki St. Honolulu, HI 96819 808-845-3775

Jaco Builders Inc. 99-129B Waiua Way Aiea, HI 96701 808-486-6008

610 N. Illinois Ave. Carbondale, IL 62901 618-457-2326 PO Box 234 Farmer City, IL 61842 309-928-2848 1237 Naperville Dr. Romeoville, IL 60446 630-226-0011

Pierce Laminated Products Inc.

810 S. Beiger St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-259-4843

711 E. Dillman Rd. Bloomington, IN 47401 812-824-6299

M & W Countertops Inc. 11934 Witmer Rd. Grabill, IN 46741 260-627-3636

Michiana Laminated Products Inc.

Pohaku Fabrication

2430 N. Court St. Rockford, IL 61103 815-968-9651

Stone Tops

Solid Surface Technologies

981 Lunt Ave. Schaumburg, IL 60193 847-301-7171

Solid Surface Creations Inc.


Superior Solid Surface

403 S. Sycamore Villa Grove, IL 61956 217-832-8207


55 Laura Dr. Addison, IL 60101 630-917-4690

2990 Wise Way Boise, ID 83716 208-433-0033

7797 N. Caldwell Ave. Niles, IL 847-972-1193

1757 Haleukana St. Lihue, HI 96766 808-246-9480

360 Mokauea St. Honolulu, HI 96819 808-845-8677 1620 Hau St. Honolulu, HI 96817 808-842-5556

Bledsoe Cabinets

Candela Construction 4126 Couples Dr. Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83815 208-661-1398

Ketchum Kustom Woodworks

114 Lewis St. #3 & #4 Ketchum, ID 83340 208-726-1905 www.ketchumkustom


Custom Marble Inc.

PO Box 306 Millstadt, IL 62260 618-476-1345

Dirk Foster

802 S. 26th St. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 206-898-8163

Precision Stone Design

Sprovieris Custom Cabinets

Stalwart Systems

Stevens Industries Inc. 704 W. Main St. Teutopolis, IL 62427 217-540-3100


A. I. A. Countertops LLC 501 W. Railroad Ave. Syracuse, IN 46567 574-457-2018

Bollock Industries Inc. 900 Farabee Ct. Lafayette, IN 47905 765-448-6000

Granite Custom Design

2369 Heinz Rd. Unit #J Iowa City, IA 52240 888-452-0714

42 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

7130 N. 050 E. Howe, IN 46746 260-562-2871 426 Forestwood Dr. Valpairiso, IN 46385 219-669-7037

Custom Countertops & More 1801 E. Oak St. Algona, IA 50511 515-295-4835

Granite Custom Design

2369 Heinz Rd., Unit # J Iowa City, IA 52240 888-452-0714

Solid Fabrications Inc. 2515 Murray St. Sioux City, IA 51111 712-255-5319


Countertop Shoppe

5855 S.W. 21st St. Topeka, KS 66604 785-271-8675

Fisher Lumber Co., Inc. P.O. Box 355 Garden Plain, KS 67050 316-531-2295

Kitchens Inc.

2301 W. Frontview Dodge City, KS 67801 620-225-0208

Mid-America Kitchens & Baths 1105 N. Industrial Marion, KS 66861 620-382-3390 www.midamericamarble

PO Box 7 Johnson, KS 67855 620-492-6882 2844 Roe Ln. Kansas City, KS 66103 913-492-3030


Surfaces Unlimited Inc.

1272 Hwy. 490 East Bernstadt, KY 40729 606-843-6891


Dan Solid Surfaces

2020 Dallas Dr. Baton Rouge, LA 70806 225-216-3900

Top Distributors LLC 412 Post Oak Rd. Sulphur, LA 70663 337-625-5751


Shad’s Custom Countertops Inc.

11 Collins Pond Rd. Windham, ME 04062 207-893-3445

Tasty Food

232 Main St. PO Box 140 Van Buren, ME 04785 207-868-3011


SolidTops LLC

505 South St. Easton, MD 21601 410-819-0770


Black Beauty Granite & Marble Inc. 74 Devon Rd. Norwood, MA 02062 781-762-5885

Jack’s CustomWoodworking/ JCW Countertop 3 Aberjona Dr. Woburn, MA 01801 781-935-1907

PADCO Countertop Co.

5 Springdale Ave. Canton, MA 02021 781-828-1177

Sterling Surfaces

76 Leominster Rd. Sterling, MA 01564 978-422-3321

Sterling-Miller Designs Inc. 1079 N. Montello St. Brockton, MA 02301 508-894-6999

TWD Surfaces

75 Hale St. Bridgewater, MA 02324 508-279-2650

MICHIGAN Blasius Inc.

7343 Buell Rd. Vassar, MI 48768 989-871-5000

JC Tops Inc.

3156 Parker Dr. Royal Oak, MI 48073 248-733-8677

Marbelite Corp.

22500 Heslip Dr. Novi, MI 48375 248-348-1900

Paxton Countertops PO Box 174 Grand Ledge, MI 48837 517-719-0146

Solid Surfaces Unlimited Inc.

6689 Sterling Dr. S. Sterling Heights, MI 48312 586-274-9668



Martin’s Counter Tops Inc.

Spaulding Fabricators Inc.

1302 Live Oak Pascagoula, MS 39567 228-938-6484



Countertop Creations of the Gulf Coast

MISSOURI Genistone

137 E. State Hwy. CC Nixa, MO 65714 417-725-0909


1627 Dickie Rd. Billings, MT 59101 406-248-2670


3200 Hwy. 12 E. P.O. Box 5780 Helena, MT 59404

Jim Shreve

P.O. Box 721 Florence, MT 59833 406-880-3566

The Flooring Place 1891 Boothill Ct. Bozeman, MT 59715 406-587-2320

Pyramid Cabinet Shop 1201 Fourth Ave. N. Billings, MT 59101 406-671-8329

Solid Surface Designs 233 Lambeth Rd. Billings, MT 417-258-2787

VanSetten Walker Construction Co.

Innovative Surfaces Inc.

821 1st Ave. N.W. Great Falls, MT 59404 406-570-5283

The Pinske Edge

PO Box 30254 Billings, MT 59107 406-259-5177

515 Spiral Blvd. Hastings, MN 55033 651-437-1004 119 Main St. Plato, MN 55370 320-238-2196

The Top Shop of Rochester Inc.

235 Woodlake Dr. S.E. Rochester, MN 55904 507-282-9129

WoodCo LLC


Builders Warehouse 4600 N. Second Ave. Kearney, NE 68845 308-627-6702

Lincoln Laminating Inc. 5010 Rentworth Dr. Lincoln, NE 68516 402-434-6009

9101 Military Rd. Omaha, NE 68134 402-572-4044

B & C Cabinets & Millwork Inc.

1136 Industrial Pkwy. Brick, NJ 08724 732-840-4433

American Countertops 8013 Edith N.E. Albuquerque, NM 87113 505-897-3141

5241 Metric Way Carson City, NV 89706 775-322-6000

Carpenters Int’l Training Fund 6801 Placid St. Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-938-1111

Creative Surface Solutions 2855 Coleman St. N. Las Vegas, NV 89032 702-365-6444

K-C Maintenance

OGB Architectural Millwork 3711 Paseo del Norte Albuquerque, NM 87113 505-998-0000

Pieper Construction

2420 N. White Sands Blvd. Alamogordo, NM 88310 575-437-2262

Rojo Enterprises LLC

4710 W. Post Rd. #145 Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-228-5552

The Countertop Shop, LLC

PO Box 429 Roswell, NM 88202 505-626-3553

301B Sunpac Ct. Henderson, NV 702-839-2224



146 E. Third St. Mount Vernon, NY 10550 914-664-1200

Maui Solid Surface 182 E. Dunstable Rd. Nashua, NH 03062 603-718-0014

Dimensional Stone & Tile Designs, Inc

Evans & Paul LLC

140 DuPont St. Plainview, NY 11803 516-576-0800


Innovative Concrete Solutions

Marker Systems Inc.

28 Olympia Ln. Sicklerville, NJ 08081 215-983-9792

J. Dougherty & Son/ JDS Supply 337 N. Main St. Glassboro, NJ 08028 856-881-5444

940 River Rd. North Tonawanda, NY 14120 716-695-1102

Modern Home Distributing PO Box 395 Nunda, NY 14517 585-468-2523

Penn Fabricators Inc.

J&M Lifestyles

100 Bellport Ave. Yaphank, NY 11980 631-205-0282

215 Rte. 10 Building 3 Randolph, NJ 07869 973-668-5057

Unico Special Products Inc.

Marvic Corp.

2450 Lorio St. Union, NJ 07083 908-686-4340

Solid Surface Designs Inc. 1651 Sherman Ave. Pennsauken, NJ 08110 856-910-7720

25 Renwick St. Newburgh, NY 12550 845-562-9255

Wilbedone Inc.

1133 NYS Rte. 222 Cortland, NY 13045 800-734-8813

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 43

Fabricator Directory (continued) Companies in blue are Certified ISFA Professionals NORTH CAROLINA

Carolina Custom Surfaces

100 Landmark Dr. Greensboro, NC 27409 336-299-3030

Johnson Granite Inc. PO Box 511 589 Hiatt Rd. Mount Airy, NC 27030 336-719-2729

Meld USA Inc.

3001-103 Spring Forest Rd. Raleigh, NC 27616 919-790-1749

Premier Plus Inc.

165 Wildwood Ave. Hamlet, NC 28345 910-995-5615

Surface Matters

108 Forest Brook Dr. Cary, NC 27519 919-801-8021

Windbound Co.

PO Box 817 Glen Alpine, NC 28628 828-438-0892


Bertke Countertops 9355 Amsterdam Rd. Anna, OH 45302 937-538-7024

Cabinets 2 Countertops

7142 Frank Ave. N.W. N. Canton, OH 44720 330-244-0221

Countertop Shop LTD 10406 Geiser Rd. Holland, OH 43528 419-868-9101

Cutting Edge Countertops Inc. 1300 Flagship Dr. Perrysburg, OH 43551 419-873-9500

Granex Industries

32400 Aurora Rd. Salon, OH 44139 440-248-4915

Helmart Co., Inc.

4960 Hillside Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45233 513-941-3095

Heritage Marble Inc. 7086 Huntley Rd. Columbus, OH 43229 614-436-7465

Innovative Builders

6909 Engle Rd. Ste. 19 Middleburg Hts., OH 44130 800-936-4799

Korkan Granite

4561 Crystal Pkwy. Kent, OH 44240 330-677-1883

L. E. Smith Co.

1030 E. Wilson St. Bryan, OH 43506 888-537-6484

Laminate Shop, Inc. PO Box 1218 Marietta, OH 45750 740-749-3536

Mark Dietz

7513 Bartholomew Dr. Middleburg Heights, OH 44130 440-476-9905

Solid Surfaces Plus

4640 Manufacturing Rd. Cleveland, OH 44135 216-267-7040

Top Shelf Laminated Products 400 Dietz Rd. Warren, OH 44483 330-393-1289

Tower Industries

PO Box 647 Massillon, OH 44648 330-837-2216


Hoffman Fixtures Co.

6031 S. 129th St. Ste. B Tulsa, OK 74134 918-252-0451


Douglas High School 1381 Douglas Blvd. Winston, OR 97496 541-643-9344

Grifform Innovations Inc. PO Box 258 Glide, OR 97443 541-496-0313

South Umpqa School District 501 N.W. Chadwick Ln. Myrtle Creek, OR 97457 541-580-3750

44 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association


805 W. Elm Ave. Hanover, PA 17331 717-630-1251

Advanced Surfaces Inc. 130 Plastics Rd. Corry, PA 16407 814-663-0369

Blume’s Solid Surface Products 904 Freeport Rd. Freeport, PA 16229 724-294-3190

Chuck Sawyer

4802 Au Sable Dr. Gibsonia, PA 15044 412-213-0370

Formatop Co.

101 S. Franklin Sioux Falls, SD 57103 605-332-3151


Alexander Brothers Tile & Marble Inc.

1446 S. Cooper St. Ste. 101 Memphis, TN 38114 901-278-9626

Creative Countertop Solutions Inc.

300 Peabody St. Nashville, TN 37210 615-915-0718


J.A. Kohlhepp Sons Inc.

Classic Counter Tops

Jon Hirt

Counterscapes, Inc.

John Kramer’s Fabrications Inc.

Countertop Solutions LLC

Pence Countertops Inc.

R.L. Stephens Inc.

PO Box 423 640 DuBois St. Dubois, PA 15801 814-371-5060 258 Nichols St. Leesport, PA 19533 484-794-8263

PO Box 41 Bernville, PA 19506 610-488-6213 124 Ellis Woods Rd. Pottstown, PA 19465 610-326-6609


New England Counter Top PO Box F Pawtucket, RI 2861 508-761-7588


Creative Counter Tops 1056 Hunley Sullivan Rd. Awendaw, SC 29429 843-881-8315


Dakotaland Woodwork & Cabinets LLC 41181 179th St. Raymond, SD 57258 605-532-4150

DFC-Dakota Fixture & Cabinet Co. 45753 237th St. Madison, SD 57042 605-256-3707

2325 Executive Dr. Garland, TX 75041 972-840-1234 2228 Deerbrook Dr. Tyler, TX 75703 903-581-5676

PO Box 820847 Houston, TX 77077 713-204-0080 8916 Pepper Rock Dr. Austin, TX 78717 512-801-7105

Southwestern Counter Tops & Millwork 4100 Frankfort Ave. El Paso, TX 79903 915-562-1116

Walter Crum Construction

PO Box 12359 Lubbock, TX 79452 806-748-1899

W R Watson Inc. 12902 Mula Ln. Stafford, TX 77477 281-495-2800


Alternative Surface 250 E. 400 S. Vernal, UT 84078 801-414-3512

Associated Fixture Mfg. 8975 W. 3500 S. Magna, Utah 84044 801-250-7620

Bedrock Quartz

5996 Dannon Way West Jordan, UT 84081 801-282-3322

Quality Craft Wood Works HC 60 Box 703 Rocky Ridge, UT 84645 435-623-1707

SLC Corp

248 E. 600 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Ty’s Cabinets

PO Box 295 Cleveland, UT 84518 435-749-2467

Utah Kitchen and Bath

2098 E. 2250 N. Layton, UT 84040 801-814-8847


Boeing Service Co. 14675 Lee Rd. Chantilly, VA 20151 703-808-2717

Five Star Fab & Fixture PO Box 1726 Salem, VA 24153 540-444-0456

Metro Stone Works LLC 9115 Digital Dr. Unit 12 Manassas Park, VA 20111 703-396-866

RD Wing

11809 N.E. 116th St. Kirkland, WA 98034 425-821-7222

Sheridan Woodworking LLC 2175 Frog Hollow Rd. Walla Walla, WA 99362 509-540-7799

Synsor Corp.

1920 Merrill Creek Pkwy. Everett, WA 98203 425-322-9604

Mt. Rainer Marble LLC 2606 Jackson Hwy. Chehalisi, WA 98523 360-520-1844

Tommy T Cook

8202 St. Hwy. 104 Ste. 102 PMB 135 Kingston, WA 98346 206-349-6403

WEST VIRGINIA Alternative Building Concepts, Inc.

4341 Rt. 60 E. Ste. 187 Huntington, WV 25705 304-736-0494


Bisley Fabrication Inc. 700 Industrial St. Gresham, WI 54128 715-787-4410

McDermott Top Shop LLC

Kitchen Installations Ltd. PO Box HM1876 Hamilton, HMHX Bermuda 441-292-1556


Abet Laminati

50 Paxman Rd. Unit 10-11 Toronto, ON M9C 1B7 Canada 416-620-6556

Colonial Countertops Ltd.

609 Alpha St. Victoria, BC V8Z 1B2 Canada 250-383-1926

Coni-Marble Mfg. Inc. PO Box 40 99 Harrison St. Thorndale, ON N0M 2P0 Canada 519-461-0100

Executive Millwork #5 1212 38 Ave N.E. Calgary, AB T2E 6N2 Canada 403-291-0400

FloForm Countertops 125 Hamelin St. Winnipeg, MB R3T 3Z1 Canada 204-474-2334




Absolute ConcreteWorks 5795 N.E. Minder Rd. Poulsbo, WA 98370 360-297-5055

Fine Line Pacific Inc. 22445 76th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032 425-251-6177

Heritage Woods Inc. 1806 Pacific Ave. Ste. 4 Cheyenne, WY 82007 307-640-2445

J Booth Specialties PO Box 1152 Casper, WY 82602 307-258-2992



10 Rosshire Ord Rd. Warwick, WK08 Bermuda 441-332-0042

1st Floor Missirian Bldg. Beirut, Lebanon 90076 961-150-1414


Victor Coronado Services

Boulevard Hacienda Galindo 116 Villas del meson Juriquilla, 76230 Mexico 52-4422342743


Trioteknix Limited-Member NITP 19 Sule Abuka Crescent off Opebi Rd. Ikeja, Lagos 10011 Nigeria 234-7039707383

Guana Bay Rd. #1 Philipsburg Saint Martin 599-580-6348

No. 18C Kranji Loop Singapore 739554 Singapore 65-63658781

Granit Design

Paragon Surfacing Ltd.

1004 Obici Industrial Blvd. Suffolk, VA 23434 757-539-0262

Respond S.A.L.

Global-Allied Pte Ltd.

Spectrum Surfaces Inc. 812 Marquis Way Green Bay, WI 54304 920-337-6575



The Wood Palace

4825 W. Norfolk Rd. Portsmouth, VA 23703 757-647-8130

Bahnhofstrasse 16 D 09573 Augustusburg – Hennersdorf Germany 493-729-12524

Venio Woodwork N.V.

200 A Main St. Sullivan, WI 53178 262-593-2456

4200 Lafayette Center Dr. Ste. A Chantilly, VA 20151 301-482-1717

Rosskopf & Partner AG


77 Industrielle Stanstead, QC J0B 3E0 Canada 819-564-7111

Surface Link Corp.


SOUTH AFRICA Techno Surfaces

6720 Graybar Rd. Unit 110 Richmond, BC V6W 1J1 Canada 604-278-2225

SSC Countertops Ltd. 1253 W. 76 Ave. Vancouver, BC V6P 6M3 Canada 604-294-4071

Unit 2, 18 Losack Ave. Epping 2 Cape Town, Western Province 7806 South Africa 27-215340154


Tiffany Decor Co., Ltd. 6/2 m. 8 Klonghartawanook 29 Rd. Klonghar, Klongruang Patumtanee 12120 Thailand 66298-6446



ZA Le Cheval Blanc Solgne F-57420 France 38-764-6923

Unit 9 Willersey Business Park Willersey, Nr. Broadway Worcestershire WR12 7RR United Kingdom 441-386-858100

CREA Diffusion

Interfab LTD

International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 45

Product News Scientific Dust Collectors Features New Nozzle Design

GranQuartz Offers DIAREX ICE Polishing Pads GranQuartz now offers DIAREX ICE Polishing Pads specifically designed to polish the surface of engineered stone. They are also suitable for polishing granite and excel at reducing the effect of resin discoloration on lightly colored materials. The pads are engineered with a unique type of resin, have white/light coloring and a special diamond matrix. They are offered in 4-in. sizes and are made to be used wet.

Scientific Dust Collectors (SDC) announced the next generation of nozzle cleaning technology for reverse pulse jet dust collectors. SDC’s unique new cleaning nozzle provides an improvement in cleaning technology that achieves superior performance even at lower compressed air levels. These levels can be as low as 80 psig. SDC also has a new technical paper that explains this feature. The company’s nozzle-based cleaning systems for pulse jet collectors, is designed to provide more induced cleaning air into the filter media, are able to increase the cleaning velocity to supersonic flow even at lower compressed air levels thus saving energy and money. Circle RS#50 on page 49 or visit

Circle RS#48 on page 49 or visit

Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Deputy Upgrades Single-stage Dust Collectors Oneida Air Systems’ new Super Dust Deputy can turn inefficient single-stage 1.5- to 3-hp

dust collectors into super cyclonic collectors.

The molded, patent-pending, static dissipative plastic cyclone separates 99 percent of waste material before it reaches your collector. This

prevents filter clogging and keeps airflow high

Rockler Introduces Signmaking Template Kit

Samich Provides Legend Countertop Grinders Samich offers its line of Legend Countertop Grinders that can transform quickly into floor machines thanks to the company’s “standup kit.” The equipment is made to be used on countertops, stairs and hard-to-reach-places, floors and other surfaces. The machine has a counter-rotating planetary system that makes it possible to grind, hone and polish any kind of surface, states the company. It is suitable for use on marble, wood, concrete, granite, terrazzo and more, and comes with a toolbox with trolley for easy transport. It is easy to use and disassemble, and has a full metal gearbox with no belts.

Circle RS#49 on page 49 or visit 46 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware introduced the new State Park Signmaking Template Kits, which contain a full set of letters and numbers for general signmaking. The templates interlock like puzzle pieces to keep the letters aligned and properly spaced. The system produces a professional-style font of continuous letters, eliminating the need for a CNC machine or other expensive equipment. The sleek, straight-lined font is reminiscent of those found on state park, cabin and resort signs throughout the country. The templates produce continuous letters with no breaks using two-part templates for select letters. Difficult letters (such as B, O, P and R) are routed onto the sign in two phases (using two separate, interchangeable templates) to create smooth letters with intact islands. The State Park font also includes an option to tighten the space between certain letters that look too far apart when positioned next to each other. The kits come in two sizes, and each kit includes a brass guide bushing and detailed instructions. Circle RS#51 on page 49 or visit

and consistent. Users will no longer need to stop

in the middle of a project to clean filters or empty plastic bags. It allows users to work for hours.

Its cyclone is only 27 in. tall and can be attached to any sturdy, airtight dust container or use the optional 17-gal. steel drum. With a 5-in. inlet

and 6-in. outlet, installation is simple. You just

put it between the tool and collector using the

appropriate diameter flex hose and reducers and

you’re ready to go. It’s made in the United States and can retrofit to any type of collector.

Circle RS#52 on page 49 or visit

Colonial Saw Offers New Lamello Biscuit Joiner Colonial Saw Company, distributor of Lamello

precision Swiss power tools and wood joining systems, now offers the new, next-generation

Lamello Classic X Biscuit Joiner. New features

of the Classic X include flush base plate on both sides and a 780-watt motor. Classic X currently installs 15 different Lamello joining elements,

and it offers four additional applications besides

biscuit and connector joining: cutting of grooves for tongue and groove connections; the ability to cut expansion gaps for wood ceilings and floors; wood repairing of resin pockets and

Catalina Research, CTaSC Release New Ceramic Tile Report

small defects; and trimming of solid wood or plastic edges. One of its new features is that the swiveling front stop and the front stop square are now designed to be flush on both sides of the machine. This flush base plate allows for easy and fast alignment of the machine to the side of the work piece in all positions including tight corners. The scales for angle and height adjustment have been moved so that both are in clear view for the operator. The base plate is still equipped, however, with the company’s proven slide system to ensure accuracy in rendering precise parallel grooves for perfect alignment of the work pieces. Flat application on the work piece is guaranteed by the precision-machined reference surfaces on the base plate. The new multifunctional stop square with precise guidance can be slid onto the base plate, making the application surface larger for more accurate vertical use. It also allows for perfect alignment of the outside edge of miter joints in work pieces of varying thickness. The new 780-watt motor ensures even faster precision groove cutting in all materials. Its new ergonomic slick design allows for easier handling. Spare parts such as carbon brushes, switches or electronic parts are easily changed without tools by simply pulling off the motor cap. The system includes machine, a precision carbide-tipped cutter, suction stub, stop square, 4mm spacer, set of tools, manual and a new heavy-duty cardboard carrying case.

A new 196-page Ceramic Tile Product Industry Report was released by Catalina Research and Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants (CTaSC). It provides up-to-date information on North American and world markets, and ceramic tile’s position in the U.S. markets. In addition, the report examines the current state of U.S. construction activity and analyzes the market potential for ceramic tile. The data allows users to evaluate market size, growth potential, end-use markets, profitability, market share and the competitive environment. Catalina Research added new features to the latest edition including a breakdown of porcelain and ceramic tiles, and an analysis of the glass tile market. In addition, Catalina provides data on retail ceramic tile sales by channel and customer type, and calculated retail market shares for the leading retailers and manufacturer sales networks. This report provides ceramic tile sales for residential and nonresidential markets and for new construction and remodeling markets. End-use market trends are correlated with U.S. housing demand, homeowner hard surface replacement projects and spending, characteristics of new homes, nonresidential construction spending, mortgage interest rates,

Circle RS#53 on page 49 or visit

Concrete Countertop Supply by Fishstone Now Carries ALTO-POZZ Admixture Concrete Countertop Supply by Fishstone now offers ALTO-POZZ, a premium blend of reactive pozzolans and mineral admixures containing 50 percent post-consumer recycled content. Designed to enhance concrete, it was specifically created for high-performance concrete projects such as countertops and other high-detail architectural work. Its recommended dose is 15 to 25 percent cement replacement, and benefits include: reduced concrete permeability; a decrease in efflorescence; controlled alkali silica reaction (ASR); improved strength and density; reduction of drying shrinkage; and improved mix rheology, color and appearance. Circle RS#54 on page 49 or visit

Circle RS#14 on page 49 or visit International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • 47

Product News sia Abrasives Releases Bulk Configuration for Popular Maroon Handpad

and other economic indicators to uncover the factors driving demand and provide insights

into the direction of domestic demand in 2013 and beyond.

sia Abrasives, Inc. USA released its new

Catalina Research and CTaSC also announced

5,500-piece bulk boxes of the 6- by 9-in. Very

the release of the Natural Stone and

Fine Maroon handpad. These are their same

Manufactured Stone Products Report, which

Aluminum Oxide handpads the company

provides up-to-date market trends information

previously offered, just now in a new bulk

on all of the different geological classifications

packaging configuration. The new

of natural stone and will include sections on

configuration uses nearly 85 percent

manufactured and engineered stone products.

less cardboard packaging

Those who purchase both the ceramic tile

report and stone report together will be given a discount.

Circle RS#55 on page 49 or visit

New Tile Collection Offered by clé clé now offers

the pw.travelogue collection of tiles from award-

winning designer

and photographer Peggy Wong. The first series in the

collection is Urban,

consisting of seven photographs

selected by Wong and lithographed by hand onto

thassos marble. Each design is produced in a

limited edition

of 100 tiles. The dramatic black and white

photographs were taken by Wong to reveal

the graphic and textural qualities of the urban landscape.

The tiles, available in either 18- by 18-in. or 12by 12-in. formats are available exclusively on

clé, the online international artisan tile gallery.

Coordinating white thassos marble field tile is also available, and the Urban Series can be installed indoors and outside.

Circle RS#56 on page 49 or visit 48 • Vol. 6 / Issue 1 • International Surface Fabricators Association

material and 20 percent less

EcoDomo Offers Recycled Leather-covered Sheet Goods EcoDomo launched its Tailored Program: the

leather finish and embossing of your choice in an industry standard 4- by 8-ft. leather sheet

size. Via the program, sheets can be ordered

in 0.8mm or 1.8mm thickness. You can order

the recycled leather already mounted on MDF, plywood or laminate. Our Tailored Program

comes in pre-cut custom sizes or in full sheet size for millwork applications. EcoDomo

recycled leathers are comparable to wood veneers—and can be used in all the same applications for all interior areas.

Circle RS#57 on page 49 or visit

Customized MIA Consumer/Showroom Brochures Available The Marble Institute of America (MIA) is

once again offering customized consumer/ showroom brochures. A minimum order

is 500 brochures for any or all brochures,

which cannot be mixed and matched. There are three versions of the brochures: Care &

Cleaning, Beautify Your Home and Genuine

Marble and Granite—The Natural Choice. The

first two are packaged 25 brochures per pack (shrink-wrapped), and the third is packaged in lots of 100 brochures (shrink-wrapped). High-resolution logos must be provided

electronically to the MIA. A proof will be

provided before the printing is done and the deadline is May 15 to order.

Circle RS#58 on page 49 or visit

volume vs. 20-pack boxes that are shrink-wrapped three to a case. The bulk box contains 550 shrink-

wrapped packs of 10 pads.

The handpads are

comprised of compressible

nylon fibers impregnated with

abrasive grain. Bonded with a synthetic resin,

they will not rust and are washable. Additionally, because of their open structure, the handpads resist loading and offer extended life.

Circle RS#59 on page 49 or visit

Guhdo Launches Gmaxx Router Bit Line Guhdo introduced a premium line of router

bits in the United States under its new Gmaxx Series. The line of premium router bits is

available in both ¼- and ½-in. shanks and is

noted for the high quality of steel used, digitally calibrated carbide cutting edges and a variety of the popular cutting profiles. The bits use

an advanced steel alloy to protect structural

integrity, and a unique grinding process results in precision edges for more accurate cutting.

The router bits join the Gmaxx line of advanced technology saw blades that incorporate an

electrostatically applied coating, which is thinner, stronger and more uniform over the body of

the blade. The blades are manufactured using a proprietary grinding process for precision-

balanced blade bodies. The blades are designed for use on table saws, radial arm saws and chop/miter saws.

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ISFA's Countertops & Architectural Surfaces Vol. 6, Issue 1 - Q1 2013  

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces is the official publication of the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA). It contains th...

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