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ISnAP August 2008 All the News We Make Up to Fit

Comments from the Chair

This is your first issue of ISnAP - the International Society for Aviation Photography's primary communication tool. We want you to use it. It will sink or swim depending on the input we receive from you and other members of our organization. Please, at your earliest possible convenience, send us anything - and we mean anything! - you think would be of interest to members of this organization. That includes stories about your own photo experiences, assignments, equipment, forthcoming events, personal news (birthdays, weddings, new additions to the family - and obituaries). Photographs are, of course, not only welcome, but strongly encouraged. We'll use 'em! This first issue is essentially an experiment. We - your board of directors - concluded some time ago that we wanted to become more pro-active in staying in touch with ISAP membership. Our web site, ( remains fully functional and very much the epicenter of our electronic communications system, but it will now be supplemented by ISnAP. We hope that both tools will be used actively by you. Member Frank Landrus has volunteered to honcho ISnAP for us. He's got the expertise and apparently the time(!) and has high hopes we can get every single member onboard to make a contribution - not just once, but many times. Frank's contact information is noted elsewhere, but for future reference, his email is: Mark it and use it!

August 2008

ISnAP is primarily a communication device. If you have news you want to spread to your fellow aviation photographers, this is the device to use. If you have something to sell, you're looking for something to buy, or you plan to have a big retirement ceremony and want to invite the multitudes, ISnAP is here for you. Please, please use it! Diverging off of ISnAP for a moment and putting it to work, let me tell you that we are - as I write - negotiating with several hotels in the Everett, Washington area to serve as our venue for ISAP-IX. Things already are falling into place for this to be another extraordinary get-together. The Nikon troops called last week to say they have corralled Scott Kelby one more time for an unprecedented third-year-in-a-row presentation to our group - and we'll allocate appropriate time for him, accordingly. We're working on a special guest speaker that, we hope, will be of considerable interest to all, and the field trip is going to involve as many as five major stops in ten hours! It's looking good for some live air-to-ground demos, as well, including the strong possibility of a Boeing 777 delivery flight and our being positioned immediately adjacent to the runway at the time of take-off. We should have a lot of ISAP-IX locked-down by the release of the next ISnAP - so watch for it to appear in your e-mail in about six weeks. Would also like to mention that I am planning to attend the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. This starts on Friday, October 3, and ends on Sunday, October 12. I would like to know if there are any ISAP members other than myself who plan to attend? I have been asked by Media Relations chief, Kathie Leyendecker ( to have all ISAP members who plan to attend to contact her; she will arrange press credentials and comp parking (the latter is a big deal, believe me!). If we can get enough ISAP members to attend, I propose we have a little ISAP party - and arrange for accommodations in the same hotel. There is a Hampton Inn in Albuquerque that I have stayed in a half-dozen times. It is convenient to the Balloon Fiesta, it is nice, and the room rates are reasonable. For those interested, their phone number is 505 837-9300. They have asked me to tell all who plan to attend that they have about twenty-five rooms left - but those will almost certainly be sold out by the end of August. Call soon! That's about it for this ISnAP. Let us hear from you!!!

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

Jay page 1

Photoshop Tip Time How To Sharpen Flesh Tones In CMYK When you're sharpening CMYK images, one of the toughest areas to sharpen are the flesh tones. Oftentimes, because of the soft nature of skin, you'll need a lot of sharpening, which can introduce noise and color shifts, particularly in flesh tone areas. One tip that's often used to combat this is to apply your sharpening to just the Cyan channel in the Channels palette in images where flesh tone is the focal point (such as in portraits). By Scott Kelby and Felix Nelson

Marketplace ISAP VP Chad Slattery contributed a suite of photos to Barry Schiff's story in AOPA Pilot's June 2008 issue on actor and accomplished aviator Harrison Ford. Chad writes that Ford “...insisted on being called Harrison”. He was as folksy and low-key in person as on screen. He owns and pilots six aircraft, including a Waco, a Citation, and a Bell Jet Ranger, with over 3500 hours PIC total in them. We went up in the Bell and overflew the "little spread" he owns in L.A.'s upscale Brentwood neighborhood. This photo was the opener, accompanied by the headline 'This Man Is Having Too Much Fun.' So did I. I shot it with a 300mm atop a ladder, then used Photoshop to saturate the yellow stripe, clean up the asphalt, add vignetting, and warm up the midday light. Fill light came from a California Sunbounce on his right side."

Do any of you folks know of aero photographers D. Davidson or M.J. Kaciuba? Looking for contact info if they are still alive, or information that they are deceased. Appear to have been actively shooting at military bases in the 1970s. Thanks! Brian Nicklas

Getty Images markets his personal work, while Check Six distributes his aviation images.

August 2008

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

Photo © by Jay Miller

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On Assignment with Paul Bowen

Bombardier called me to shoot the three models of Learjets for their upcoming advertising and marketing needs.

The following picutes were used as part of a "book" given to all the participants of the shoot.

It had to be planned weeks in advance, as it’s difficult to take all three demo planes out of service for a dedicated sixday photo shoot.

This was a fun assignment. It was a lot of hard work, with long days, but I had a great time flying with some outstanding pilots.

The destination was determined and west coast/red-rock shoot.

August 2008

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

we began planning a

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I may get my name on the images, but there were a lot of people behind the scenes involved in making the shoot a success.

There were three platform planes used in the shoot. Clay Lacy flew his periscope-equipped Learjet for the video while I shot from an Impala and a B-25.

The pilots are of course the real heroes. I may have a great idea, but if the pilots can’t put the planes where I direct them, then the images will never happen. The Impala was used for the three-ship formation images because it would cruise at 250kts. I shot through the canopy, wearing black gloves to minimize reflections.

There were also people from the marketing department at Bombardier and an art director from the advertising agency who worked with me on planning and executing the shot list.

August 2008

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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We always shoot morning/and or evenings when the light is the best. The B-25, my favorite platform, was used for the majority of the shoot flying at 170kts.

I usually sit in the open tail-gunners’ position, but sometimes shoot from the open emergency exit on the right aft section of the plane, or from the glass nose using black cloths and dressed in black hoping to minimize the reflections.

The goal is to produce the most variety of stunning images, given the allotted time and weather conditions.

August 2008

This makes for long days, and it’s necessary to allow everyone their proper crew rest and to respect the length of the duty day.

Safety is the mo st important issue during an aerial photo shoot.

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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No shot is worth taking undo risks and mistakes can be made when you’re exhausted.

The pilots always have the final say. It’s very satisfying to create images that evoke an emotion from the viewer, rather than to just document the moment. We always have an extensive briefing before a sortie.

During the first part of the briefing I discuss what we hope to achieve artistically, and in the second half, the pilots plan how we can achieve it safely.

August 2008

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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But at the end of the shoot, and for the years that follow, it’s the friendships that are formed while in the trenches, that remain long after the magazine covers and ads have been thrown away.

Photos © by Paul Bowen

Mini-ISAP at EAA Oshkosh Hope everyone is doing well. If you are planning to attend EAA Air Venture, EAA PHOTO is hold an informal reception with FOOD on friday night behind the Press/Media Center. Some of you may have already hear about this reception, but if not , you now know about it. Pass on the information to anyone from our ISAP family who will be at the show. If it's your 1st time there the media center is near the FAA tower and next to the Canon photo HQ. You can find most of the folks who attend EAA each year hanging out in the yard between the building before and after the air show. My cell phone is on this email so feel free to give me a call at EAA Air Venture. Look forward to catching with some of you next week.

Larry Larry Grace Photography Email: 612-840-3811 It's not the camera, but who's behind the camera. – Anonymous

August 2008

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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Meet the Members Jessica Ambats

Photo © by Chad Slatterly

California, office, but two weeks turned into two years, and her assistant duties transformed into the position of Senior Editor. This launched her career as an aviation photographer and writer. Russell Munson has been Jessica’s biggest mentor. “No matter how many times I would complain about my less-thanstellar camera, Russell would reply bluntly that the problem was not my came ra,” she explains of an important lesson he taught her. “And each time I think I have a great photo, he shows me how it could be better. Russell’s tell-it-like-it-is feedback has helped immensely and keeps the journey challenging and enjoyable.” Jessica has attended each ISAP meeting since Dayton, and appreciates the camaraderie and sharing of knowledge that ensue, even beyond the get-togethers. “Chad Slattery has fielded endless questions from me,” she says, “If he’s reading this, he might want to consider changing his phone number, because I have many more! It’s an ongoing learning experience, and I try to return the favor by helping those who are just getting started.” Photographing aerobatic aircraft and writing about adventure flying are high on Jessica’s favorites list. Last year she covered the Red Bull Air Races in Perth, Australia; previously she explored southern Chile in a Cessna 210. An upcoming issue of Pilot Journal will feature her most recent trip: to the Greenland ice cap in a C-130 equipped with skis. Jessica's aviation photography portfolio is at . P.S. Special thanks to Mariusz for telling me that girls are not supposed to take photos of airplanes! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Jessica Ambats is an air-to-air photographer based in Santa Monica, California. She is Editor of Plane & Pilot and Pilot Journal magazines, and she previously worked as a Senior Editor at Pilot Getaways magazine. She is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Harvard University. When Jessica isn’t taking photos of airplanes, she’s flying them—her favorite is the J-3 Cub.

ISAP member Jessica Ambats has recently been named Editor of Plane & Pilot and Pilot Journal magazines. The promotion follows two years at Werner Publishing, where she previously held titles of Features Editor and Managing Editor. A New York City native now based in Santa Monica, California, Jessica is a Harvard University graduate and holds a private pilot license with a seaplane rating. At the encouragement of Jay Miller (yes, they are relatives!), Jessica first attended ISAP at Dayton, Ohio, in 2003. It was there that she realized the possibility of combining her two passions of flying and photography. The following year, she jumped at the chance to join Pilot Getaways in their Cessna 185 on a coast-to-coast photo mission. “George Kounis had the patience to explain basic concepts such as shutter speed,” Jessica recalls. (She may have gone to Harvard, but she didn’t study photography.) “I had a little old Canon G5 that I would point out the open door and hope for the best.” After the trip, she spent two weeks helping out in the magazine’s Glendale, August 2008

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

Photo © by Jay Miller page 8

Press Release BDN Aerospace Marketing Sponsors Global Photo Contest; Top Talent to Receive Cash Prizes Mesa, AZ, July 14, 2008 — BDN Aerospace Marketing (BDN) is sponsoring a contest to discover and promote the world’s best aerospace photographers. One top-prize winner will receive $1,000, and the front cover spot on BDN’s 2009 calendar. Thirteen others will receive $100 each. Their photos will also be used in the calendar, which will be distributed to aerospace companies and personnel worldwide. Entries will be accepted through Sept. 15 and will be judged by three industry experts: Jay Miller, Chairman of the International Society for Aviation Photography Caroline Sheen, Photography & Art Editor, Air & Space Smithsonian magazine Mark Bennett, a founding partner of BDN Aerospace Marketing “The contest is intended to promote the aerospace industry and to find and showcase talented photographers,” Bennett said. “We want to capture and convey the allure and excitement of aviation— and share it with the world.” Photos should have a clear aviation/aerospace point of view. Judges are looking for high quality and dynamic composition, specifically images that capture the drama, excitement, and beauty of flight. Winners will be announced by Oct. 31. To enter, send an e-mail to You’ll automatically receive a detailed package of information, including forms and complete contest rules. About BDN Aerospace Marketing BDN is a highly specialized marketing communications company with an exclusive aerospace focus. BDN develops and implements compelling strategies and integrated programs that help aerospace companies position, brand, and sell their products and services. To execute these strategic programs, BDN employs Advertising, Print Materials, Trade Shows, Public Relations and digital media solutions. For more information, contact: Mark Bennett / Kyle Davis BDN Aerospace Marketing (480) 924-0690

ISAP IX Seattle, Washington March 19 - 21, 2009 Just a few words real quick on ISAP-IX for all of you to start chewing on. We're now fairly firmly locked-in for March 26th , 27th , and 28th of 2009. The venue is tentatively scheduled to take place at the Holiday Inn Downtown Everett in Washington state. We're reviewing the contract with the hotel as these words are written. By the next issue of ISnAP we'll have everything confirmed, we hope, along with rates, contact phone numbers, etc. In the meantime, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail Chad or Jay. Do be patient with us, as things are just starting to roll and we won't be able to provide firm answers for another few weeks. The schedule of speakers and events is still very tentative, but for now, I can personally confirm the following: (1) We will have Scott Kelby back onboard once again. He's getting to be regular! We may have to make him an member of ISAP by default! (2) Other guest speakers are being contacted as these words are written. As each confirms, we'll keep you up-to-date through forthcoming ISnAPs. We have some serious surprises in store! For those of you who have suggestions or would like to present, please contact either Chad or Jay. We're certainly open to having new face onboard - but do keep in mind that we have only a limited number of slots open this year. (3) The field trip is looking to be one of our best and most intense ever. There are so many options at Paine Field, our biggest problem is going to be timing and scheduling. Among the stops currently being considered are: the Museum of Flight's storage and restoration facility; Paul Allen's new Flying Heritage collection (which may include the option of viewing some of his rarer warbirds in the air); the new Boeing Future of Flight Aviation Center; the Me 262 Project facility; a tour of the Boeing production plant (Everett is where all Boeing 777s, 747s, 767s, and the forthcoming 787 are manufactured); and a tour of the Paine Field base (with numerous photo ops). Again, we'll keep you posted on this through ISnAP. (4) We have a very special guest speaker planned this year. We'll announce him/her as soon as we receive confirmation. August 2008

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company;

Boeing August 2008

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The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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Events of Interest September 6, 2008 CAF Fly -In / Open Cockpit Day CAF DFW Wing Lancaster Airport Lancaster, TX October 11-12, 2008 Fort Worth Alliance Airshow ’08 Alliance Airport, Fort Worth, Texas

October 25-26, 2008 Wings Over Houston Ellington Field, Houston, Texas

September 20-21, 2008 FINA – CAF Airsho Midland International Airport Midland, Texas November 1, 2008 Armed Forces Day Airshow / Airport Open House Flight of the Phoenix Fox Stephens Airport, Gilmer, Texas

October TBD, 2008 2008 Sheppard AFB Airshow Wichita Falls , Texas August 2008

November 1-2, 2008 Airfest 2008 Lackland AFB, Kelly Field Annex, San Antonio, Texas

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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Seattle Area Museums Air Station Flying Museum Arlington Airport 18008 59th Drive NE Seattle, Washington (360) 403-9352

McChord Air Museum McChord Air Force Base Lakewood., Washington 98108 (253) 982-2485

The Museum of Flight 9404 East Marginal Way South Seattle, Washington 98108-4097 (206) 764-5720

Future of Flight 8415 Paine Field Blvd. Mukilteo, Washington 98275 (425) 438-8100

The Museum of Flight Restoration Center Flying Heritage Collection 3407 Paine Field Blvd. Everett, Washington 98204 (206) 342-4242

Legend Flyers 10728 36th Place West building 221, bay 3 Everett, Washington 98204 (425) 290-7878 August 2008 2909 100th St. SW Everett, Washington 98204 (425) 745-5150

Olympic Flight Museum 7637 Old Highway 99 SE Olympia., Washington 98501 (360) 705-3925

Evergreen Aviation $ Space Museum 500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way McMinnville, Oregon 97128 (503) 434-4068

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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ISAP Award of Excellence Pearson Air Museum 1115 East 5th Vancouver., Washington 98661 (360) 694-7026

Tillamook Air Museum 6030 Hangar Road Tillamook, Oregon 97141 (503) 842-1130

The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum 5917 south 196th Street Kent, Washington 98032 (206) 764-9453 August 2008

Honoring a Lifetime of Outstanding Contributions to Aviation Photography Whether making, supporting, or publishing aviation imagery, one individual can have a profound impact on the profession. The International Society for Aviation Photography Award Of Excellence recognizes outstanding individuals whose inventiveness and dedication to the field throughout their careers has improved our profession and positively influenced others. Eligibility Requirements - Candidates for this award are living or deceased professionals in the fields of photography, publishing, aviation, or space technology, whose life-long careers have had a significant impact on photography of aviation or space subjects. These individuals have proven to be role models and have inspired inventiveness in others. Selection Process - ISAP invites all members to nominate a candidate for the Award Of Excellence. Nominations open annually on July 1 and close on September 30 and should be directed to the Secretary electronically or by letter. Nominations should clearly describe the nominee’s positive contributions to aviation photography. A panel consisting of ISAP officers and the Board of Directors will review the nominations and submit three nominees to the general membership no later than October 31. Any ISAP officer or Director who is nominated will be recused from further participation. No campaign may be undertaken in support of any nominee. Members will submit votes electronically to the Secretary no later than November 30; if the Secretary has been nominated, a non-nominated Board member will be designated to receive ballots. The Board will ratify the winner, who will be notified by the Chairman by December 31 and honored at ISAP’s annual awards celebration the following spring. It is not mandated that this award be presented every year. The Award - The recipient shall receive an engraved award; lifetime membership in ISAP; and complimentary registration for the recipient and spouse or guest for the ISAP annual symposium at which the award is presented.

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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Code of Ethics

Each member is required to sign a code of ethics, which states I agree to abide by the ISAP Code of Ethics and pledge to honor the highest level of professionalism and conduct, with honesty and integrity at all times. I will familiarize myself with the rules and regulations of any facility that I visit and abide by them to uphold and dignify the reputation of ISAP and refrain from conduct that could harm any future opportunities for other ISAP members. I will treat others with courtesy and exercise good judgment in my actions. I agree to share my knowledge and skills with my fellow ISAP members to help increase the level of ISAP’s reputable knowledge base. If I breach any part of the ISAP Code of Ethics, my membership may be restricted or terminated by the Board of Directors.

Adult 1 Year, $35.00 For any questions or problems with your membership application/renewal, please contact : Since 2001, ISAP has grown to over 400 members representing some twenty countries. We have successfully filed and received a 501 (c) (3) as a tax-exempt status. Our new "official" name is now International Society for Aviation Photography, Inc. The board also determined that ISAP membership will be viewed as a privilege. Accordingly, along with membership comes a responsibility to fellow members. The board has created three types of membership: Full-time professional, Part-time professional, and Associate. All member types will share, educate, and network with each other to continually improve the skills and knowledge base of ISAP as a whole. ISAP, it is hoped, will quickly become a professional organization held in high esteem by the aviation industry.


Descent of the Phoenix

Membership Types • • •

Pro Full – Full Time Professional Photographers Pro Part – Part Time Professional Photographers Assoc – Aviation Photography Enthusiasts

Membership Benefits Becoming an "active" member of ISAP by signing and committing to the Code of Ethics and paying your annual dues allows you to: • Access the "members only" area of the web site. • Present your Portfolio to prospective clients via the ISAP Gallery. • Network and mentor with some of the finest aviation photographers in the world. • Carry the ISAP Membership Card which is fast becoming a recognized "icon" in the industry. • Active Membership is a requirement for attendance to the outstanding Annual Symposiums!

August 2008

Credit: MRO-HiRISE, NASA, JPL, Univ. Arizona In this sweeping view, the 10 kilometer-wide crater Heimdall lies on the north polar plains of Mars. But the bright spot highlighted in the inset is the Phoenix lender parachuting toward the surface. The amazing picture was captured on May 25th by the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Though the lander looks like it might be dropping straight into Heimdall, it is really descending about 20 kilometers in front of the crater, in the foreground of the scene. The orbiter was 760 kilometers away from Phoenix when picture was taken, at an altitude of 310 kilometers. Subsequently the orbiter's camera was also able to image the lander on the surface. The parachute attached to the backshell and the heat shield were identified in the image, scattered nearby. Of course, the Phoenix lander itself is now returning much closer views of its landing site as it prepares to dig into the Martian surface.

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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August 2008

The ISnAP - The International Society for Aviation Photography

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Tail Shot

General Dynamics F-16C Block 25D, 84-1282, California Air National Guard, 2006 Alliance Airshow Photo Š by Frank Landrus


ISnAP Chair of the Board and President – Jay Miller Vice Chair of the Board and Vice President – Chad Slattery Secretary – Denny Lombard Lawyer - Al Ross Board Member - Caroline Sheen Board Member - Katsuhiko Tokunaga Accountant - Bonnie (Bartel) Kratz Membership Coordinator - Larry Grace Web Site Coordinator - Michele Peterson Speaker Coordinator - Andy Wolfe Field Trip Coordinator - Richard VanderMuelen PR Coordinators - David Carlson and Eric Schulzinger Editor - Frank Landrus ( The AeroSnap is a monthly publication of the International Society for Aviation Photography and is used to communicate news, functions, convention information, and other events or items of interest on the local, regional, and national scenes. Subscriptions are 1,360 Kronor annually for an electronic subscription via email. The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and should not be construed as the views or opinions of International Society for Aviation Photography. Deadline for submissions to The ISnAP is the 25th of the month prior to month of issue. Please submit as a WORD text file as an attachment via email to your editor.

ISnAP 2008-08  

The August 2008 issue of the ISnAP Newsletter (publication of the International Society of Aviation Photographers)

ISnAP 2008-08  

The August 2008 issue of the ISnAP Newsletter (publication of the International Society of Aviation Photographers)