IRD Duhallow Progress Report 2022 -2023

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The Land & People

The IRD Duhallow region includes North West Cork, South East Ker r y and Mid Cork. It is an area of natural development and is predominantly r ural Over 85% of the population live in the open countr yside or in settlements of less than 200 people.

The IRD Duhallow region has five market towns: Macroom (Pop. 3765), Kanturk (Pop. 2350), Millstreet (Pop 1555), Newmarket (Pop 976) and Rathmore (Pop 790)

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
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D e s i g n e d a n d p r i n t e d b y K a n t u r k P r n t e r s L t d P h o t o g r a p h s b y S h e l a F i t z g e r a d , F e r g a S i m p s o n N e i l y C u r t n , C h r s t o p h e r B o u r k e a n d T a d h g C u r t i n I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue with IRD Duhallow ’s CEO Maura Walsh, Chairperson Michael Twohig and Vice Chair Anne Maria Bourke.

Chairperson’s Address

In this my first year of this term as Chairman, I am pleased to repor t another successful year in IRD Duhallow, achieved against the backdrop of significant challenges, including responding to the continuing fallout from the war in Ukraine and providing a wraparound ser vice to the almost 1,000 people that now call Duhallow their home This exemplifies the resilience of this organisation and our collective drive to deliver long term sustainable development in the region while facing unforeseen challenges Our Equality disability and M igrants Work ing Group, its Chair, Pat Brosnan and Director Geraldine O Lear y from Millstreet has led our response

All our programmes were successfully closed out with impressive targets and outcomes achieved, that are outlined throughout the pages of this Progress Repor t New programmes were accessed and are bedding down, while we embarked on preparing and writing the Strategic Plan for the nex t LEADER programme, with a series of community consultations in the Spring I want to thank all those who turned out to suppor t us and input into our strategies, over 500 people were consulted at 29 meetings over a six-week period I want to commend the par ticipation of all our staff as well as Board members who organised addressed and facilitated these meetings The LEADER Strategy will be closely followed by drawing up the next Social Inclusion Strategic plan, while continuing to deliver the broad range of ser vices that our communities depend on This is a ver y competitive process as the Board made the considered decision to bid for independent status for the deliver y of LEADER that was afforded us through the provisions of the LEADER Guidance document agreed by the Depar tment of Rural and Community Development and the European Commission We did ask for safe passage in our bid but both Cork and Kerr y County Councils decided to submit opposing bids

Drawing on our Values, stated as Courageous, Innovative, Responsive, Caring, Driven and Trusted; that were confirmed by our Board at its annual strategic review to position and guide the company at all levels The stellar response of our Board, management and staff has drawn heavily on and validated, these core values Adapting to change is par t of our DNA

I want to pay tribute to my predecessor, Breeda Moynihan Cronin for her commitment and dedication to the success of the IRD Duhallow throughout her three years as Chair and thank her for agreeing to continue her ser vice on the board We bid farewell to Billy Murphy, South Eastern Community rep who has given solid and consistent ser vice, and welcome new members Rosie Cronin, South Eastern Duhallow and Geraldine Galvin, Lee Valley Enterprise Board

IRD Duhallow Board has a voluntar y board and people give freely of their time and exper tise This is especially laudable at this time when there are so many revelations in the media As Chairperson, I am satisfied that the appropriate controls exist and are managed effectively to meet the high governance requirements of the Charities Regulator As a company our Board and senior staff sign up to the Ethics in Public O ffice standards We are pleased to have achieved the Gold Standard NSAI Excellence through People, Award again this year

The Board decides the strategy, sets the tone and shared values for the way in which the company operates, and recognises the impor tance of culture to our success and I am delighted to repor t that we have achieved gender balance on the Board

I want to thank, my fellow Directors and Anne Maria Bourke our Vice chair, who also chairs our Finance Committee, for her suppor t and that of the committee for their diligence, financial probity, efficiency, risk management, governance, and value for money advice through the comprehensive monthly repor ts to the boar Thank you to our Auditors Westboro and Partners, represented by Mary Power and Deirdre Bardsley McGee, for their professionalism in carr ying out the

annual audit of our accounts

The Company ’ s contribution to the local economy and small businesses remains strong and significant, at over €4 5m directly and when coupled with the almost €2m in salaries paid to our RSS, Tús and CE participants and on top of €724,000 paid out to LEADER projects IRD Duhallow is responsible for injecting over €7 25million per annum into the Duhallow economy Furthermore, in this, the European Year of Sk ills, IRD Duhallow has provided upsk illing oppor tunities to an impressive 3,455 people in the region I must ack nowledge the Enterprise Work ing Group that oversees the Skillnet programme led by Padraic O Connell, it has grown the scale, scope, and standard of training and upskilling year on year

Our achievement in Environmental Sustainability, including meeting all our obligations under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is a credit to the work of our Environment Working Group led by Michael Doyle and the close link age with our Agriculture Working Group including measures to protect our high-status rivers, invasive species treatment and promoting biodiversity among communities and farmers has led to demonstration projects that has attracted state bodies and NGOs for training We were delighted to feature in the final episode of ECO Eye

I must acknowledge the support we get from Government Departments, Public Bodies and Agencies The programmes we deliver are funded by the following Depar tments: - Rural and Community Development; Employment and Social Protection; Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth; Agriculture Food and the Marine; Communications, Climate Action and Environment; Housing and Local Government; Justice and Equality ; Education and Skills; as well as the HSE; Cork and Kerr y Education and Training Boards; SEAI; Pobal; The Dormant Accounts Funds; Sk illnets I reland, Túsla, National Parks and Wildlife Ser vice, LAWPRO, Waters of Life, Kerr y County Council CEO and staff, Cork County Council CEO and staff IRD Duhallow delivers National Policy locally

It was our privilege to welcome a number of Government Ministers this year, with M inister for Social Protection and Rural and Community Development Heather Humphries TD; and Minister for Education and Science Norma Foley ; Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue; the then Minister of State at the Depar tment of Tourism, Culture, Ar ts, Gaeltacht, Spor t and Media, Jack Chambers; and Billy Kelleher MEP Thank you to M ichael Moynihan TD for inviting and hosting our Home Carers group at the Dail, and also for inviting our young people with disabilities, on Ability/Strive and Towards Occupation Groups to enjoy a guided tour of Dail Eireann

IRD Duhallow is widely recognised as having a high-per formance culture I want to acknowledge and thank our CEO Maura Walsh and her management team and staff for their continued hard work, dedication, and professionalism I want to ack nowledge and thank ever yone throughout the organisation for their contribution to the ongoing success of the company and the region

I was honoured to accept the role of Chair of IRD Duhallow and will endeavour during my term of office to ser ve the Board and the Duhallow Region to the ver y best of my ability We, the present Board are not only the Leaders and Governance Body for this wide-ranging organisation, which has been built over the years, but we are entrusted to do our best to meet the ever-changing needs of our communities, businesses, farming, and local organisations IRD Duhallow is high per formance, professional, relevant, responsive, agile, and deeply rooted in the community with a successful past, strong reputation for high standard of deliver y, with good solid governance and a firm view on the future

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

Manager’s Repor t

The year under review has been one of the more exciting that we have experienced in recent times We were completing our two long-term core programmes LEADER and SICAP and looking forward to getting details of the next phase of both LEADER came first with the CAP announcements and while we were disappointed with the reduction in the overall budget, we were excited that Local Development Companies like IRD Duhallow were given the oppor tunity to bid in their own right to administer the next round of LEADER 2022-2027 Our Board considered all aspects of the possibility at its externally facilitated Strategic Review and unanimously decided to go for independent status

Fur thermore, two long ser ving experienced Directors were elected to Chair and Vice Chair of the Board to provide the stable leadership necessar y to steer the company in drawing up the best strategy we possibly could, to best deliver to the communities that we were established to ser ve

The task was embraced by Management and all Staff across the company, getting back out to meet communities in their local halls and stakeholders through our working groups has invigorated the board and staff alike especially after the two years of Covid lockdown Having ever y shoulder to the wheel, the analysis is done, page and word-count matched with templates, we are now in a position to submit the three LEADER Strategies by the deadline set by the Depar tment The Duhallow Region is now split between Nor th and Couth Cork Regions and our Sliabh Luachra area in Kerr y, and all must have separate strategies Next up is the SICAP Strategies and we are ready to embrace that challenge and get dug into that work, albeit a break would have been welcome

I want to sincerely thank and commend our Board members that attended all the community and work ing group meetings and especially the staff from across all disciplines in the company, that took on the mammoth task, in true team spirit

The other exciting oppor tunities that we can repor t, was getting to deliver the Local Area Employment Ser vice, as par t of a consor tium bid with Cork City Par tnership and the four other Local Development Companies in the county Along with other Rural Companies we had lobbied for years to be included in this Dept of Social Protection initiative, to provide a funded comprehensive ser vice to our long term unemployed Our Employment and Training Manager Triona Dennehy has led out on this initiative and has ensured its early success, integrating the case workers of Stephanie Moynihan, PJ Murphy, Monica Gilmore, and Sandra Jones Our thanks to Cork City Par tnership team, Brenda Cahill, Tim Meagher, and Dan Daly For their suppor t and guidance This was followed by another contract we had sought for over a decade, a Rural Recreation Officer to suppor t the development of long-distance walks as well as looped walks We Welcome Alannah O Callaghan to our team and she has made a real impact since arriving Also new to Triona’s team is Drugs and Alcohol CE suppor t scheme super vised by Sandra Jones, our thanks to Elaine McDermott in DSP and Gordon Kingsley of the Southern Drugs Task Force for their suppor t The RSS and Tús schemes are doing stellar work in communities across the entire region, our super visors, Marie Fleming, Nuala Riordan, Don Murphy, and Colm O Connor ensure the par ticipants get the suppor t and training to assist them progress in their careers or small holdings Our regional CE Scheme ser ves 14 communities, with 44 par ticipants, super vised by Paddy O Connor and Amanda Keller

Rachel Budd leads our Social Farming Project We have 12 dedicated and caring farm families hosting 26 par ticipants but now we have the bonus of the newly developed IRD Duhallow community gardens with a new poly tunnel ready to host more par ticipants with wrap around ser vices on site Our thanks to the Management and Staff of Gilead Sciences who through their Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, gave us a huge boost by offering a team of ten people, who literally got dug in getting the garden into shape for this season We are indebted to Rachel McCar thy for arranging the team to come and help The fallout and impact of the war in Ukraine is still being felt with a mammoth task of finding houses and accommodation for those who have been in emergency and temporary accommodation Our Community Services Manager Helen O Sullivan, with SICAP Funding, now has two Uk rainian Development Officers on her team and excellent ser vices and supports are being offered with

communities continuing to welcome and assist wherever they can We are work ing with Cork and Kerr y County Councils Community Response Fora and welcome the increased SICAP budget that has enabled our work Our thanks to the HSE for their suppor t and Cork E TB for funding education and training programmes Also on the team is our successful Afterschools with breakfast club, and out of school camps, led by Bríghid Ide Walsh, it has catered for over 350 school age children including 90 Ukrainian children in the past year with up to 36 attending summer camps week ly Bríghid Ide is also the Development Officer for our Ability and Strive programme, suppor ting young people with additional needs into training and employment We have par tnered with the HSE Community Work depar tment to provide community mental health suppor ts in the region and were joined by Denis Justice in the role this year

Eileen Linehan, Assistant CEO, also leads our Enterprise and Environment team, that has implemented a range of practical and effective Climate change and Biodiversity measures with farmers, through EIP Agri, and with communities through LEADER in cooperation with LAWPRO and Cork Nature Network With the suppor t of our Ecologist Mike O Connor and wonder ful students from MTU Tralee, UCC, and UCD, and building on our previous LIFE programmes, we now have a Living Lab here in Duhallow that is used by the statutor y agencies including the EPA, Teagasc and LAWPRO for training

Another of our Social Enterprises doing Trojan work tackling climate change, is our Warmer Homes Initiative led by Colm Crowley, it has retrofitted over 4,600 homes as well as 20 Community facilities reducing the regions carbon footprint and halting climate change

Also, on Eileen’s Enterprise and Environment team is our hugely successful Sk illnet Programme with Louise Bourke, Monica Gilmore and Margaret O Connor doing trojan work outlined in page 19 with our Graduation ceremony attended by Minister Norma Foley and Dave Flynn of Skillnet Ireland Eileen also manages our LEADER programme and is assisted by Nollaig Murphy in its administration

This year we are delighted to have regained our NSAI Excellence through People Gold Standard, and our thanks to Marie Fleming for her work ensuring our compliance Also, in Marie’s remit is our Community Laundr y ser vice providing a vital affordable ser vice to family carers and others led by Super visor Anita Castle, the ser vice is growing steadily

Circular Economy Projects, Revamp and Relove paint have won national prestigious Awards as well as the Remark and CCRI Standards Full credit to Colm O Connor and Jessica Baron for growing and expanding the ser vices Special thanks to Michelle Green and Mar y Walsh, Cork County and City Councils for their support Our Social Enterprise projects have been mentored by PJ Murphy, through the social enterprise programme to assist them achieve their full potential

We have an excellent Finance team led by Jackie Kelly, with Maggie O Callaghan, Julie O’Flaherty and Patrick Angland that ensure we are compliant with all public funding and audit regulations, while Der val Corbett and Mar tina Enright staff our reception and provide enhanced communications producing our monthly newsletter

I want to ack nowledge once again the contribution of Eileen Linehan our Assistant CEO, to the success of the company with her professionalism, leadership qualities, commitment, flexibility, and clear strategic thinking Also, Triona Dennehy and Helen O’ Sullivan of our Management Team for their dedication and hard work and the leadership they provide to their teams

Staying true to our purpose as the organisation grows and expands fur ther, will be our challenge for the future but I have ever y confidence in the robustness of our mission, values, and culture to keep us on the right path

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

IRD Duhallow Board Members


M ichael is a founder member of IRD Duhallow and currently ser ving his second term as Chairman of the Organisation, having previously been Chair from 2011 to 2013 He sits on the Finance Committee as well as the HR and Environment Work ing Groups M ichael represents K anturk Chamber of Commerce on the Board With his wife Noreen and family, M ichael owns Super valu Stores in K anturk , Abbeyfeale and Askeaton A keen angler and countr y spor ts enthusiast he has developed a number of angling projects in Duhallow


Breeda re -joined the Board in 2014 to represent Duhallow ’ s Social Enterprises and held the position of Chairperson from 2019-2022 Breeda was a member of Dáil Éireann from 1992 – 2007 and a member of Kerr y Co Council from 1999- 2003 and from 20112013 Ser ving her community for over 20 years, her constituenc y included the East Kerr y area of Duhallow She is involved in a number of voluntar y and charitable organisations


Padraic is from K anturk where he lives with his wife and two daughters He is Chairman of the IRD Duhallow Enterprise Work ing Group He is Director of Energy Security at Gas Networks Ireland having held senior management roles there in Human Resources, Energy Polic y, Commercial, PR, Marketing and Legal for the past 20 years Padraic is actively involved in various community, school board and spor ting clubs in K anturk He is also an avid golfer and is a member of K anturk and Killarney Golf Clubs and plays Tennis in Lombardstown Tennis Club


Suzanne joined the Board of IRD Duhallow in 2005

She represents Inland Fisheries Ireland where she has held the position of Head of Business Development for IFI for 12 years and is currently the Head of Finance and Corporate Ser vices Suzanne has previously worked as a manager and accountant in the public and private sectors Suzanne represents IFI on the Boards of a number of other tourism and rural development strategy groups


Dominic joined the Board in July 2021 representing the ICMSA He is a dair y farmer from Boherbue and is the current Chairman of Duhallow ICMSA, as well as Vice Chairman of Nor th and East Cork ICMSA He is currently a Member of the ICMSA National Council, Dair y Committee and a member of the ICOS Dair y Committee Dominic has ser ved as a Board member of Boherbue Co-Op since 2005 and is a member of the National Water Forum He is a former Chairman of the National Dair y Council and currently sits on the Board of Ornua cooperative


Anne Maria is the current Vice Chairperson of IRD Duhallow She represents the INTO on the Board and held the position of company Chair from 2015- 2018 She is a former National School Principal and continues to work closely with State agencies in an advisor y capacity She is currently the Chair of the Finance Work ing Group and Vice Chairperson of the Womens Forum Work ing as well as sitting on the HR Committee She is a keen bridge player and is a member of the K anturk Bridge Club


Cormac is a former Chairman of IRD Duhallow holding the role from 2012 to 2015 He is from Gneeveguilla and works as a Senior Manager in the ESB He was appointed to the Board to represent the State sector having previously ser ved as Community Representative for Western Duhallow He is the current chairman of Gneeveguilla Community Council, who developed a cultural centre in Gneeveguilla village, “ Teach Failte” He ser ves on the HR, Finance and Community Development Work ing Groups


Amanda comes from Boherbue and is a primar y school teacher in Ballyclough National School She was nominated to the Board of IRD Duhallow in 2022 as the Macra Na Feirme representative Amanda is the current chairperson of Banteer Macra, is the Rural Youth representative for Avondhu and she is also on the National Rural Youth sub- committee Amanda represented Macra na Feirme on a Study Session entitled “Food as a Human Rite” in Budapest this year Amanda has previously been the PRO for her club She is look ing for ward to joining the board


James is the Blue Dot Farmer Representative on the Board He is a four th- generation dair y farmer from Lismire He is Chairman of the Newmarket Charleville ICMSA and was elected to the National COUNCIL of ICMSA in 2021 James was on Kerr y co- op advisor y committee from 2011 – 2021 and in 2018 he was elected to the Board of Directors of Kerr y co- op and is a member of their strategy committee He is an outdoor enthusiast who is married to Aine and they have two children


Geraldine is the Administrator of the Lee Valley Enterprise Board that promotes business and all aspects of Macroom town and the greater surrounding area of the beautiful Lee Valley A Qualified Financial Advisor and former Commercial Bank Manager, with experience in Por tfolio Management in the Business & Agri sectors, and in Credit Risk She holds a T T T QQI 6, and a Diploma in Speciality Food Production from UCC Geraldine is involved in the local community as a volunteer with a number of local organisations and clubs in Macroom

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

IRD Duhallow Board Members


Geraldine was elected to the Board of IRD Duhallow in July 2021 representing South Eastern Duhallow

She is the current vice chair of the Enterprise Work ing Group Living in M illstreet with her family, Geraldine is a volunteer on M illstreet Town Park Committee She recently concluded a 20-year tenure with Aon Ireland to focus on family life and other commitments

During her career at Aon she progressed to the role of Senior Retirement Consultant, managing a por tfolio of multinational clients and trustee groups


Margaret was elected to the Board in 2019 She is involved with a number of various boards and committees in her community on a voluntar y basis Margaret ser ved as Parent ’ s representative for 6 years on her local secondar y school’s Board of Management which granted her with an invaluable background in decision mak ing and communications She is currently the Child O fficer in her local GAA club where she is responsible for the provision of child safe guarding courses and Garda vetting


Tom O’Riordan was elected to the board in July 2019 to represent the communities of Nor th Eastern Duhallow A native of Kilbrin, he is married to Nora Mar y and they have six children Tom worked for many years in retail In recent times, he retired to par t time farming He has been actively involved in the Kilbrin Community for over 40 years Tom was one of the instigators of the heritage project, which restored Dr Croke’s bir thplace house in Kilbrin


Pat was elected to the Board to represent Western Duhallow in July 2020 He has over 20 years ' experience as an online marketing consultant Pat has lived in Gneeveguilla for over 40 years and has been involved in the GAA, Walk ing and Basketball Clubs He is an active member Gneeveguilla Development Association He also updates Rathmore Parish website He is the Chair of our Equality Work ing Group


Jack is from Rockchapel and represents the Saoi Network of which he is the Chairman A former IRD Duhallow Chairman, he sits on the Social Economy, Finance, Human Resources and Community Development Work ing Groups Jack has represented IRD Duhallow on ILDN and ILDN on ELARD the European LEADER Association for Rural Development of which he is past President Steeped in the cultural development of the region, he developed Bruach na Carraige Cultural Centre in Rockchapel, along with a dedicated Sliabh Luachra Archive and the Sliabh Luachra Cultural Trail



Rosie ver y recently joined the board ( July 2023), to represent the South Eastern Region She is involved in various groups locally on a voluntar y basis including Banteer, Lyre Nadd and Districts Community Council, Lyre School Parents Association & Lyre Pre School Board She is from Banteer where she lives with her husband and twins boys Rosie works with Eli Lilly where she has held various management roles over her 13 years tenure with the company


John represents the M id Cork Region He is a retired Coillte Forest Engineer He has been involved in various projects nationally and internationally relating to har vesting technology His current involvements include Macroom Tidy Towns, Macroom Handball / Racquetball club, Macroom Parish Safeguarding Committee, local community association, hillwalk ing club and an active member of Aghinagh Comhaltas Group Married to Frances, they have 4 daughters and nine grandchildren


Paul is from Newmarket where he lives with his wife and two children Paul works in Cork College of FE T –Mallow Campus where he has been deputy principal since 2013 He was nominated to the Board in July 2022 to represent the communities of Nor th Eastern Duhallow Paul is currently involved in a number of voluntar y organisation and ser ves as chairperson of Newmarket Juvenile GAA and vice chairperson of Newmarket Spor ts & Leisure and is a member of the Board of Management for the local primar y school


Billy Dennehy was elected to the Board of IRD Duhallow in May 2017 as a community representative for the Western Duhallow region He is the chairperson of IRD Duhallow ’ s Community Development Work ing Group He is an active member of the Kiskeam Community and is the current Development O fficer of the Kiskeam Development Association and Chairman of Kiskeam GAA Club He is work ing as an Area Engineer with Cork County Council Billy is married to Emily and they have two children


Judy first joined the Board of IRD Duhallow in 1997 representing womens ’ groups She Chairs the Women and Childcare Work ing Group and is a member of the HR Work ing Group Judy is a founding member of the Duhallow Women’s Forum She hails from Dromtariffe and is actively involved in her local community She is a long standing member of the Irish Countr y Women’s Association and is a member of the Kiskeam Guild She has also ser ved as Vice Chairperson of IRD Duhallow for three years

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

IRD Duhallow Board Members


David Doyle joined the Board in July 2015, as a nominee of the Chief Executive of Kerr y County Council David holds the position of Senior Engineer in the Operations & Safety section of Kerr y County Council He is currently work ing on the development of proposals for URDF projects in Killarney and Tralee, and RRDF projects in Caherciveen and Valentia Cable Station He previously worked in Roads directorate and as Killarney Town Engineer David lives in Beaufor t, Killarney and is an active member of the local Tidy Towns


Gobnait joined the Board of IRD Duhallow in June

2016 Gobnait was elected as a County Councillor by the people of M illstreet / Macroom Municipal District, and has been representing the people of the area since 2016 Gobnait works closely with her brother Aindrias Moynihan TD to represent the people of the area The IRD Duhallow region was expanded to incorporate the greater Macroom, Inchigeelagh, R ylane area Gobnait continues to build bonds between IRD Duhallow ’ s existing networks and communities in her own constituenc y


Cllr Maura Healy Rae joined the Board of IRD Duhallow in March of 2016 She has ser ved as an independent Councillor for the Killarney Municipal District, since 2016 Maura is the four th of the six Healy-Rae children of Danny and his wife Eileen Her constituenc y includes the East Kerr y area, so she is ver y familiar with Duhallow and the projects and work that have been carried out in her region Maura works as an English and Histor y teacher in St Brogan’s College, Bandon


Ian Doyle joined the Board in 2019 Hailing from Charleville, he was a founding member of Charleville Agricultural Show He is a member of the St Vincent de Paul and is Vice Chairman of the Charleville Heritage Society, Chairperson of the Charleville Tidy Towns Committee and he is currently a board member of Ballyhoura Development, Charleville Sheltered Housing and Community Care, Charleville Community Hall, Charleville Chamber, and Newtownshandrum Community Association He also sits on the Board of Management of St Mar ys Secondar y School and the CBS Primar y School Charleville


John represents the Environment Work ing Group on the Board He retired in September 2022 as Director of Ser vices with responsibility for Environment & Water Ser vices, Fire and Emergenc y ser vices, Civil Defence and Librar y ser vices as well as Municipal District manager for the Castleisland / Corca Dhuibhne Municipal District with Kerr y County Council He has also previously ser ved as Director of Ser vices in Limerick City and as Town Clerk in Tralee and Town Manager of Listowel and Killarney Town Councils A native of Kilkenny city he presently resides in Castleisland



Mar tin joined the Board of IRD Duhallow in 2019 He is a member of Cork County Council representing the Macroom Municipal District Mar tin was previously a Town Councillor in Macroom for 20 years Mar tin is a retired FAS super visor who lives in Macroom and is an active Community worker He is the current Chairman of the Macroom Tidy Towns group and on the Board of Directors of the Brier y Gap and also works with the Lee Valley Enterprise Board


Cllr Fionnán Fitzgerald is a secondar y teacher and was elected Councillor for the Castleisland Area in the recent local elections of May 2019 He was nominated to the Board of IRD Duhallow to represent Kerr y County Council He has been a community activist for many years par ticularly in the field of social inclusion for our elderly, community aler t groups and also the provision of spor t for our youth

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

IRD Duhallow CLG. Company Str ucture

IRD Duhallow is a Community based Rural Development Company established in 1989 I t is a Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital I t has charitable status and our directors are voluntar y and receive no remuneration for their ser vices

The Board of IRD Duhallow adheres to the Governance Code Principles Statement since 2013 and is listed on the Register of Compliance The Constitution reflects best practice and is in accordance with the Charities Act, 2011 The Board membership reflects the integration of S ocial I nclusion and Rural D e velopment, the impor tance of the environment and community volunteers and the democratically elected Local Authority Members Reflective of the integrated nature of our work , the Company ’ s Board and Sub Committee Structures have evolved over the years and enjoy a massive amount of good will and voluntar y contribution in the region

Upwards of 3,500 people, par ticipate from the bottom up approach through these struc tures IRD Duhallow has a number of Work ing Groups with representatives from our Board and staff as well as community and State sector representatives This structure allows us to targets specific exper tise beneficial to the implementation of the strategic aims assigned to the par ticular wor k ing group IRD Duhallow continues to str ive for excellence through the ongoing training and development of our staff We have attained the Excellence Through People Standard, I reland ’ s standard for Human R esource Management which is now administered by the National Standards Authority of Ireland

7 Enterprise & Tourism SKILLNET ENTERPRISE DUHALLOW ANGLING CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FARMING FOR BLUE DOT EIP Agriculture EIP STEERING GROUP CONSERVATION NETWORK COMMUNITY BIODIVERSITY Environment Community Forum BOA R D 2023 Social Partners Local Authorities Social Economy RELOVE PAINT REVAMP COMMUNIT Y LAUNDRY Equality UKRAINIAN RESPONSE WOMEN’S FORUM COMMUNITY CHILDCARE NETWORK GEOGRAPHIC CULTURE & HERITAGE BEFRIENDING NETWORK CARE & REPAIR FRIENDLY PHONE CALL SERVICE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SUPPORT FAMILY CARERS Independent Evaluation Committee Finance Human Resources Women & Childcare Youth & Education Community Development Statutor y Agencies ABILITY / STRIVE MIGRANTS MENTAL HEALTH Operational Sub-Committees Strategic Working Groups Strategic Working Group Sub-Committees Independent Evaluation Committee 1689 Jobs Created 1722 Businesses Supported 200 Community Groups Supported 560 Community Work Placements Supported 17,825 Training Places Created 4603 Homes Insulated WHAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED SINCE 1989: 1689 1722 200 560 17,825 4603 245 Tonnes of Furniture Diverted from Landfill 245 SOCIAL FARMING Employment & Training COMMUNIT Y C A R E BEE KEEPERS WARMER HOMES LAES STEERING GROUP
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

Details of Staf f


B A (Econ & Geog), MBS (Business Economics), Dip Personnel Mng Dip in Public Procurement EU funded projects

Eileen is the Assistant Manager and has responsibility for the Enterprise team which includes Sk illnet Community Employment & LEADER Programmes as well as the EIP Programme She suppor ts the Manager in the day-to- day running of the company including Human Resources & the financial operations of a number of programmes Eileen monitors LEADER through its IT system and she represents Local Development Companies on Cork County Childcare Committee, which she currently chairs Eileen is a Trustee of the Pobal Pension Scheme


B Soc Sc(Batchelor of Social Science) , Masters of Social Science, DipCom,Leadership & Mgt, Cer t in Agri Helen is the Community Ser vices Team Leader with 18 years ’ experience in the sector She oversees the Rural Community Health Initiative, Towards Occupation, Strive, and Newmarket Afterschools Helen is the co- ordinator of our Uk rainian Response Programme overseeing the rollout of our suppor ts across the region Helen also works closely with communities in South and Nor th Eastern Duhallow to access suppor ts and funding through LEADER & SICAP She also oversees the Community Development, Youth & Equality Work ing Groups


Masters of Social Work, H Dip Social Policy, B A (hons Sociology and Histor y), Q Q I level 6 Training Deliver y and Evaluation Nollaig joined the staff of IRD Duhallow in 2017 She works as a Development O fficer on both the LEADER and SICAP Programmes Nollaig is involved with projects relating to IRD Duhallow ’ s Equality and Integration of New Communities remit, EU 50 celebration projects and LEADER funded historic graveyard projects She also works as a tutor on the Touch Type Read Spell computer classes run as par t of IRD Duhallow s Literac y Suppor t Programme for children


M Ed Early Inter vention, B A Hons Child and Adolescent, Training Deliver y and Evaluation QQI 6

Bríghid-Íde joined IRD Duhallow in 2019, as a Development

Officer in Equality, Youth, Employment and Training She is the Afterschools Co-ordinator and Co-ordinator of IRD Duhallow ’ s Strive programme which suppor ts young people with a wide spectrum of abilities to improve their employment prospects and social sk ills She also oversees the Community Education Action of SICAP Bríghid-Íde is the staff resource for the Equality Work ing Group and the Youth and Education Work ing Group


MA Sociology (Youth, Communit y and Social Regeneration), B A Economics and Sociology

P J joined IRD Duhallow in November 2021 as the Social Enterprise Development O fficer P J works with social enterprises across Duhallow by organising training and workshops to help their development and increase their social impact He also became the KickStar t Coordinator in October 2022 which is a programme that provides employment oppor tunities to people with a criminal conviction P J s role is to offer suppor t and identify training which will help the par ticipants to secure full-time employment with the goal of reducing recidivism


MBS Cooperative and Social Enterprise, B Sc Public Health & Health Promotion, IMCV Professional Manager Award, Training Deliver y & Evaluation(QQIL6)

Triona is Employment, Training and Social Inclusion Coordinator with overall responsibility for SICAP and the Local Area Employment Ser vices Programme She oversees the Equality and Training briefs including: Duhallow REVAMP, the Walks Scheme, CE Rehabilitation Scheme, Social Farming, RSS and Tús She works with communities in Western Duhallow to access LEADER funding and suppor ts the work of both the Community and Employment Work ing Groups


B C L , Masters in Criminal Justice, Masters in Management, Dip in Learning and Development, Cer t in Agri , IMCV Professional Manager Award; Training Deliver y & Evaluation(QQIL6)

Louise joined IRD Duhallow in November 2010, as the Enterprise and Tourism Development O fficer coordinating the Enterprise and Tourism suppor t measures of LEADER and SICAP Louise implements the sk illnet programme in the region, coordinating quality affordable training for local businesses and she is the appointed staff liaison for the Enterprise Work ing Group She also oversees the for tnightly publication of Discover Duhallow


M A International Tourism, B A (Hon ) Business in Tourism, Training

Deliver y & Evaluation (QQI L6), Super visor y Management (QQI L6)

Stephanie joined IRD Duhallow in August 2018 and is a Development O fficer as par t of the Community and Employment Team suppor ting communities to access LEADER and SICAP grants She is the staff resource for IRD Duhallow Jobs Centre and CV Clinic ser vice as well as Local Area Employment Ser vice, the Duhallow Carers Network , Saoi Network , Women’s Forum and Dormant Accounts programme and coordinates a wide range of community events and educational offerings


Dip in Learning and Development, Diploma In Business, Digital Marketing Institute Professional, Training & Development QQI Level 6

Monica joined the IRD Duhallow team in June 2021 as Development O fficer on the Enterprise Team Monica works as Business Development Manager for the Company ’ s Community Enterprises through the Community Ser vices Programme She promotes good business practices developing the social enterprises and suppor ting their staff Monica also assists with our Sk illnet Programme, suppor ting local businesses to upsk ill and develop talent

She coordinates the enterprise and tourism actions of the LEADER programme


QQIL6 Project Management, Dip Journalism, Dip Public Relations Denis joined IRD Duhallow in May 2023, tak ing up the position of Rural Community Health Worker (RCHW ) Denis has a background addressing the needs of diverse populations with over seven years work ing in community suppor t and development par ticularly in the areas of Refugee Resettlement and Tenanc y Sustainment In his current role as RCHW Denis works to improve the health and wellbeing of communities in the Duhallow region through building connections and organising, delivering, and signposting to activities that promote health and wellbeing

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

Details of Staf f


BBus Honours, Bachelor of Business, BBus Advanced Cer tificate in Accounting, Training Deliver y & Evaluation (QQI L6)

Jack ie joined IRD Duhallow in September 2020 and is the Accounts Manager She is responsible for creating and implementing internal financial control procedures She presents financial repor ts for management and the Board of Directors monthly In addition she prepares financial returns for programmes such as LEADER and SICAP Jack ie is responsible for monitoring budgets and prepares variance analysis along with commentar y Jack ie liaises with company auditors for the preparation of year- end accounts


Maggie joined IRD Duhallow in Januar y 2020 She is currently suppor ting the finance depar tment through the preparation and processing of monthly accounts for IRD Duhallow Main Accounts IRD Duhallow Furniture Revamp and Duhallow Community Food Ser vices Maggie is responsible for compiling associated financial repor ts, which are presented at monthly Board and Social Economy Work ing Group meetings, whilst also offering suppor t to Management within these divisions Maggie liaises with the social enterprises within the company suppor ting them in preparing end of year financial statements


MSc Co- operatives, Agri-Food & Sustainable Development, BA Economics & Spanish

Alannah joined IRD Duhallow as the Rural Recreation

O fficer in October 2022 In her current role she oversees the management and enhancement of trails within Duhallow and implements the Walk Scheme along the Duhallow Way She also assists local communities with developing new routes and trails within the area She plays a key role in the promotion of trails and outdoor recreation around Duhallow and is currently work ing towards launching the Duhallow Trails App Alannah also leads walks for IRD





ECDL, Cer t in Super visor y Management

Der val is employed as a clerical officer and is based in the Reception and Administration O ffice She has been employed by IRD Duhallow on a par t time basis for over 23 years Der val deals with initial queries to the company and suppor ts Management and Staff with administration suppor t Her areas of responsibility include the company ’ s administration requirements and is editor of the company ’ s monthly Newsletter Der val is one of the Liaison Persons with the National Vetting Bureau on behalf of Par tnership Companies suppor ting Garda Vetting Applications nationally

Management & B usiness (QQI L6); Projec t Management (QQI L6), Computerised Payroll (QQI L5); Business Administration (QQI L5)

Amanda joined IRD Duhallow in September 2022 as the CE Assistant Super visor and is currently responsible for work ing alongside Paddy O Connor in assisting people who are long term unemployed to work towards their personal and career goals developing their sk ills and encouraging them back into mainstream employment She also under takes the payroll and suppor ts the monitoring of monthly financial returns and the administration for the CE scheme


MAAT-Accounting Technician, AIPA – Payroll Technician

Margaret is the Senior Accounts Administrator and has been employed by IRD Duhallow for twenty- six years She has responsibility for Sk illnet, EIP Blue Dot and Afterschools Accounts She prepares monthly accounts and updates budgetar y repor ts for Management to assist in ensuring annual targets are adhered to She completes the financial returns for each Programme and submits them to Depar tments on a monthly and quar terly basis She repor ts to the Social Economy Work ing Group each month on the financial information for Afterschools


MSc Sustainable Development, BSc Applied Plant Biology

M ike joined IRD Duhallow in November 2020 as the Project Scientist for the Duhallow Farming for Blue Dot Catchments EIP project where he is responsible for farm planning, results-based scoring and the monitoring of water quality and biodiversity on project farms M ike also provides administrative suppor t to the Duhallow Beekeepers Association and is responsible for many of the company ’ s LEADER-funded biodiversity projects In 2022, he also worked as the Project Ecologist on the O wentaraglin River EIP M ike is staff resource for the Environment Work ing Group


B A Hons Sociology, Cer t in Training and Development, Cer t in Communit y Development, Cer t in Therapeutic Hor ticulture

Rachel joined IRD Duhallow in 2014 as a Hor ticultural Trainer where she was staff suppor t to the award winning IRD Duhallow Community Gardens In March 2016 she became the Co- ordinator for the Local Training Initiative in Hor ticulture Rachel is currently the Duhallow Social Farming Facilitator She is responsible for recruiting and suppor ting host farmers and project par ticipants, work ing with the Towards Oppor tunities and Strive par ticipants and for developing and managing the Duhallow Social Farm hor ticultural enterprise


Bachelor of Business Studies & Finance, Training Deliver y & Evaluation


Julie joined IRD Duhallow in March 2015 and is par t of the Finance depar tment Her primar y responsibilities are in relation to Payroll for various programmes within the company Her role includes processing week ly payrolls and generating associated repor ts She is also responsible for CSP returns in relation to the Wages Grant received from Pobal Julie conducts the reconciliation of Creditor Accounts and processing payments to Suppliers on a monthly basis

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

Details of Staf f


BSc Rural Development; Super visor y Management (QQI L6); Payroll Manual & Computerise (QQI L 5); Cer tificate in Health & Safet y in the Workplace

Marie is super visor of the Rural Social Scheme and oversees the par ticipants’ placements throughout the Duhallow region She is secretar y of the Health and Safety Committee and coordinates company training and development in line with Excellence Through People guidelines Her other duties include overseeing the Company ’ s IT and Phone Systems and ensures we are compliant with national bodies such as the Charities and Lobbying Regulator and the Standards in Public O ffice


Dip in Rural Development, Cer t in Business Studies, IMCV

Professional Manager Award, BER Assessor

Colm joined IRD Duhallow in July 2007 as the Warmer Homes Scheme Coordinator and is responsible for the implementation of SEAI programmes including Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme, Home Incentive Scheme, Better Energy Communities & Senior Aler t Scheme Colm coordinates staff training in line with the NSAI’s Cavity Wall Insulation System He is responsible for the preparation of monthly accounts for Warmer Homes and processes the week ly payroll Colm chairs the Health and Safety Committee and is a qualified Manual Handling instructor


Super visor y Management (QQI L6), Training Deliver y & Evaluation (QQI L6), Manual Handling Instructor (QQI L6) Major Award In Carpentr y And Joiner y (QQI L6)

Colm joined IRD Duhallow and the Furniture Revamp Team in 2016 and in 2020 was the Revamp Kickstar t Programme coordinator He was appointed RSS Super visor in November 2021 with responsibility for coordinating and super vising par ticipants placed in a number of settings Colm also looks after the transpor t por tfolio in the company and oversees the maintenance of our fleet of vehicles

Colm is a member of the Health and Safety committee


PGDip Trauma Studies, BA Ar ts & Humanities, QQIL6 Social Care & Counselling Skills

Sandra joined IRD Duhallow in November 2022 as a Development O fficer and is currently responsible for coordinating the C E Rehabilitation Scheme work ing with individuals in the Duhallow area in recover y from substance misuse and addiction around their employment and education needs in order to reintegrate them into the community and enable them to gain employment in their chosen area She is also work ing as a par t time case officer with the Local Area Employment Ser vice


Batchelors of Civil Law (BCL), Masters in Criminal Law

Yuliia joined the IRD Duhallow team in September 2022 as a Uk rainian suppor t worker Having arrived in Ireland in April 2022 as a refugee herself she now works directly with Uk rainians across the region providing them with information and advocac y at our drop-in clinics and link ing them to training courses, English classes and social inclusion activities Yuliia provides translation suppor t to the HSE as par t of their InReach & Psychology teams while also work ing closely with the Local Authority Housing Dept

PADDY O’CONNOR Communit y Employment Super visor

Paddy is the Super visor of our CE scheme and has over 22 years ’ experience He focuses his work on engaging with the par ticipants to motivate them and to help them identify their strengths and develop these strengths through their work placements and through training Paddy completes detailed Individual Learning Plans with the Par ticipants on a one to one basis to enhance their sk ills for full time employment He also works with the local communities, agreeing the work to be carried out where the Community Employment par ticipants are placed


Cer t in Archaeology; Cer t in Oral Histor y; Training Deliver y and Evaluation (QQI L6)

Don was appointed Tús Super visor in June 2011 His main areas of responsibility include placement, induction, training and super vision of scheme par ticipants in the areas of built heritage renovation and vintage machiner y restoration Don has over 20 years experience as a subcontractor in the construction industr y in Ireland and abroad He is a master craftsman and stonemason and trains par ticipants on the LTI, T O and other in house programmes


Super visor y Management (QQIL6), BER Assessor, Cer t in Genealogy and Family Histor y, Manual Handling Instructor (QQIL6)

Nuala joined IRD Duhallow in Nov 2008 as par t of the Warmer Homes team and was their BER Assessor She joined the LIFE Project in Nov 2012, as clerical field officer

In August 2016 she became Tús super visor Nuala continues the work of the Raptor AfterLIFE actions and educates school children on the environment She suppor ts the RSS, Tús, Walks , Environment and AfterLife schemes Nuala leads the walks for IRD Duhallow and oversees the necessar y maintenance of them


Masters in Philology, English and French language and literature, Cer t in Administration

Mariia joined IRD Duhallow on a par t time basis in June 2022 as par t of the Community Ser vices Team work ing specifically on the Uk rainian response She is the Uk rainian Refugees` Suppor t Worker and through this role, acts as an English/Uk rainian translator As par t of her day to day activities, Mariia helps the team to communicate with Uk rainian Refugees, and assists the team in developing suppor ts to help integrate refugees into the wider Duhallow community


Masters Diploma in English Language & Literature

Alina was contracted by IRD Duhallow in 2022 initially as a par t time interpreter and has taken up the role of Uk rainian Suppor t Worker since Januar y 2023 Alina provides interpretation for courses and events that IRD Duhallow delivers and oversees social media activities relating to Uk rainian suppor ts Alina organises courses and events in response to the needs of the Uk rainian community and as par t of a team facilitates our for tnightly Uk rainian drop-in clinics Alina suppor ts families relocating to Duhallow helping them to integrate into the community

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023


The environment has been one of the four pillars of IRD Duhallow ’ s strategic plan since our inception Under the stewardship of Chair M ichael Doyle, the Work ing Group has made great strides in developing a range of environmental projects across Duhallow We are the only local development company to have secured two major EU Life programmes We continue to promote projects that positively impact the environment we live in One of the key objectives of the Environment Work ing Group is to raise awareness about environmental issues with an emphasis on safeguarding endangered species and habitats

Communities Planting for Biodiversity

projects are relevant to several of the SDGs in par ticular, our environmental projects address (13 ) Climate Action, (14 ) Life Below Water, and (15 ) Life On Land

detailing the findings of the repor t and its significance for future projects on the river

LAWPRO Blue Dot Award

Ever y year, LAWPRO (Local Authority Waters Programme) award NGOs and community groups funding to implement projects that benefit water quality and biodiversity through their Community Water Development Fund A special award for ‘Blue Dot Catchments’ (River Catchments with an objective under the Water Framework Directive to achieve the highest standard of water quality), has been awarded to exceptional proposals since 2022 I n April 2023, we learned that the Duhallow Environment Work ing Group and Duhallow Farming for Blue Dot Catchments EIP project won the Blue Dot Award for the second year in a row Both awards were presented to IRD Duhallow for riparian tree planting projects, that to - date have seen 5,000 trees planted on farmland across the catchment

Barn Owl Projec t

I n collaboration with Birdwatch

Communities Planting for Biodiversity is a LEADER funded project that aims to improve and promote biodiversity in the Duhallow region The project enables Duhallow communities to plant native hedgerows, woodland plants, fruit bushes, fruit trees, herbs, and bulbs This helps our biodiversity by providing ecological corridors, riparian buffers, nesting cover, food and shelter I nitiated in 2020, the project is now well under way with bareroot trees planted this past winter, a school tree planting project initiated in Banteer, and with perennial plants ready for planting in 2023 This project has been a great success with tremendous engagement from all par ticipating community groups!

Duhallow Conser vation Volunteer Network

The Duhallow conser vation

Volunteer Network was set up by IRD Duhallow in 2022 with suppor t from LEADER I n the past year, volunteers have been actively monitoring biological water quality, planting trees and constructing Dipper nest boxes from natural materials More activities are planned for 2023 including invasive plant species management and more tree planting

I reland, we launched our Barn O wl Video and held a community talk and schools’ workshop on Barn O wl conser vation in Duhallow Monitoring under this LEADER funded project has demonstrated that Duhallow is a hotspot for Barn O wls in I reland

Te s t i m o n i a l : R o w a n L a n n i n g

R o w a n p a r t i c i p a t e d i n o u r D u h a l l o w

Wa t e r B i o d i v e r s i t y Tr a i n i n g L E A D E R

p r o j e c t i n 2 0 2 1 a n d i n 2 0 2 3 , h a s b e g u n

w o r k i n g a s a n i n t e r n o n o u r D u h a l l o w Fa r m i n g f o r B l u e D o t C a t c h m e n t s E I P p r o j e c t :

‘ I t o o k I R D D u h a l l o w ' s wa t e r b i o d i v e r s i t y

t r a i n i n g c o u r s e s p r i n g o f 2 0 2 1 a n d I

River Feale Baseline Study

The River Feale Baseline Repor t was a LEADER co - operation project between IRD Duhallow, West Limerick Resources and Nor th East West Kerr y Development (NEWKD) Field work and repor t writing took place in 2020 and 2021, and in 2022, a layperson’s repor t was published

t h o r o u g h l y e n j o y e d i t T h e c o u r s e e x c e e d e d m y e x p e c t a t i o n s , e q u i p p e d m e w i t h h e l p f u l s k i l l s t h a t h a ve p r o ve n u s e f u l b e y o n d t h e l e n g t h o f t h e c o u r s e , a n d c o n n e c t e d m e w i t h l i k e - m i n d e d i n d i v i d u a l s i n m y l o c a l a r e a w h o I ' m s t i l l f r i e n d s w i t h n o w ! A l t h o u g h I h a v e a b a c k g r o u n d i n wa t e r s h e d m a n a g e m e n t , I f o u n d t h e i n f o r m a t i o n p r e s e n t e d wa s b o t h b a s i c e n o u g h f o r t h o s e w i t h o u t a n y f o r m a l b a c k g r o u n d t o c o m p r e h e n d w h i l e a l s o b e i n g c o m p l e x a n d d e t a i l e d e n o u g h t h a t I a l s o r e a l l y l e a r n e d a l o t I h a v e s i n c e s t a r t e d m y m a s t e r s i n C o - o p e r a t i v e s , A g r i - f o o d a n d S u s t a i n a b l e D e v e l o p m e n t i n U CC T h i s M a y, I b e g a n w o r k i n g a s a n i n t e r n o n I R D D u h a l l o w ’s E I P p r o j e c t w h e r e I w i l l n o d o u b t a p p l y m a n y o f t h e s k i l l s I l e a r n e d d u r i n g t h e wa t e r b i o d i v e r s i t y t r a i n i n g c o u r s e ! ’

Achieving the UN Sustainable Goals is ver y impor tant to IRD Duhallow All of our Members of Kanturk Tidy Towns planting a native hedge Duhallow Conser vation Volunteer Network members planting trees on a farm near Kanturk Riparian tree planting on a frosty December morning Students from Lismire NS dissecting a Barn O wl pellet to learn about the bird’s diet A stretch of the River Feale
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Rowan Lanning

EIP Blue Dot

The Duhallow Farming for Blue Dot Catchments

EIP project began in 2019 and aims to protect or restore the quality of freshwater in the rivers and streams of the Allow R iver catchment (Allow, Dalua, O wenanare, Glenlara, O wenkeal, Glashawee) Now in its final year, the project has 98 par ticipating farmers, exceeding its original target of 85 Project farmers in the EIP are implementing a wide range of measures in the project to protect and enhance water quality and the biodiversity of not only the river but also adjacent lands throughout the catchment

Projec t Measures

The project is results-based, meaning farmers receive a higher payment for maintaining higher quality habitats such as wet grasslands, in-stream woody habitat, and vegetated drains Howe ver, far mers also have the option to apply for ‘Additional Proposed Works’, which are capital actions such as solar-powered pumps, far m roadway upgrades, tree planting, biodiversity ponds and many other measures that protect water quality and biodiversity

Almost 100 farms were sur veyed for resultsbased payments and additional proposed wor ks in 2022 I n addition to this, far mers received a bonus payment based on their biodiversit y percentage I n total, €215,000 was paid out to project farmers in 2022

Training Events

Far mer training and k nowledge transfer is an impor tant par t of the projec t This year the projec t hosted four training events The first took place in March on the farm of Tadhg and Edel Buck ley in Lisrobin Here, far mers saw a silt-settlement pond and ver y efficient far m roadway upgrades that ensure no runoff reaches the river In April, a workshop was held on the topics of chemical fer tiliser reductions, soil biological activity, water quality, and results-based measure scoring

A third farmer training event took place in October Here we focussed on far m safet y and welfare At this e vent, Cor k Fire Br igade per for med a demonstration on far m safet y, and far mer clinics were set up where farmers could get a free health check for illnesses common to farmers Finally, a Bar n O wl Talk was held in November in collaboration with Birdwatch I reland

Farm Walks and Projec t Talks

The projec t hosted t wo wor kshops run by the EPA and LAWPR O on Catchment S cience and M anagement in O c tober O ver 80 Count y Council, Inland Fisheries Ireland, ASSAP and LAWPRO staff, among others, attended and visited four project farms Throughout the year, the project also hosted farm walks for University College Cork , Munster Technological Universit y, the Blue D ot Catchments Programme Steer ing Committee, the Char tered I nstitute of Ecologists and Environmental Managers and the Waters of LIFE project team Talks were also delivered by the team at the I rish Freshwater Sciences Annual Conference and at HomeTree HQ as a collaboration with another EIP project, I llaun Farm Forest EIP

Workshops were also run by the project team on both freshwater ecology and Barn O wls for national school and transition year students across the Duhallow Catchment

Eco Eye

Eco Eye was a much-loved R TÉ show that appeared on our T V screens since 2001 We were for tunate to have been joined by the legendar y Duncan Stewar t, on the farm of Tony Ahern in 2022, to film some project measures and to talk about the work of the project and its impor tance for high-status rivers The show aired in Februar y 2023 and was the last ever episode of Eco Eye

Student Placements

The projec t Team welcomed back Aisling Natoff, MTU Wildlife Biology Student, in the summer of 2022 Jamie Demsey also joined us from UCD’s MSC Environmental S cience Aisling has since star ted her MS c in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in UCD, and James has begun work ing as an ecologist

Leah M oynihan joined us for a month in June to gain some wor k experience Leah is now in her third year of Ecology and Environmental Biology in UCC From September to December, N iamh Berrigan (Coláiste Treasa, K anturk) and Laura Enright (Scoil Mhuire, K anturk) joined us on their T Y placements

A species-rich grassland Habitats such as this are scored 110 based on their quality and value to water quality This score influences the farmers payment Agri SpecialistMichael Morrissey presenting at a farm training event in April IRD Duhallow ’ s Project Scientist Mike O Connor with Eco Eye host Duncan Stewar t
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Aisling Natoff (centre) analysing a sample with Coláiste Treasa students Eve O Driscoll (left) and Susannah Guerin (right) for their BT Young Scientist project

Tony Ahern is a dair y farmer from K anturk His farm, adjacent to the River Dalua, has been a demonstration farm for both the Duhallow SAMOK LIFE and the Duhallow Farming for Blue D ot Catchments EIP During SAMOK LIFE, willow was planted along se veral hundred metres of eroding riverbank on Tony ’ s farm, a large S and Mar tin Colony nest box was installed along the bank , and in-stream measures were created to benefit fish species Under the Duhallow Farming for Blue Dot Catchments EIP, the riverbank willow previously planted was coppiced to improve the vigour of the trees and to allow more light into the river and onto the pastures

EIP Owentaraglin

Owentaraglin River EIP

The O wentaraglin R iver EIP was a one -year EIP coordinated by IRD Duhallow in 2022 This projec t was similar to the Duhallow Far ming for Blue D ot Catchments EIP and 24 farmers, with land adjacent to the River Owentaraglin or its tributaries, joined and implemented a range of measures to protec t the water quality of this high-status river I n total, €99,100 was paid out to far mers for measures such as habitat retention, far m roadway upgrades, fencing of the watercourse, installation of water troughs and planting trees The water quality of the Owentaraglin (k nown locally as the Araglen) is mostly at good status The aim of projects such as this is to fairly reward farmers who play an impor tant role in protecting and improving water quality for the benefit of all

Booklet of Measures

Tony ’ s farm road was also diver ted and cambered with water bars and a stone sump installed to ensure that no soiled water could reach the river In addition, Tony has installed a solar-powered pump to provide water to his cattle, eliminating the need for drink ing points in the river, he has planted riparian buffer strips, and installed rainwater har vesters and a rainwater garden planter in his farmyard The Dalua changed its course se veral decades ago on his farm and the historic riverbed is now an impor tant wetland habitat for which Tony receives a results-based payment each year

Tony ’ s farm sets a true example of how farmers can work with nature, whilst also managing a profitable farm enterprise He has hosted hundreds of visitors to his farm in recent years, with over 10 visits hosted by the project at his farm in 2022

The project team have produced an informative book let of measures to explain the impor tance of project measures for water quality, biodiversity and climate This publication was officially launched by M inister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue in June

Testimonial by Seán Murphy (Cullen), Owentaraglin River EIP Projec t Farmer

I went to meet IRD D uhallow in K iskeam in November 2021, after I heard that there was a ne w project on the A raglen The project seemed good to me, as I am always keen to farm in a sustainable way, especially in a way that helps the river D uring the project I was regularly in contact with the project team, and it was great to get some guidance on what I could do on my farm for nature Even now, after the project has finished, I am still in contact with the IRD Duhallow team, and they have called out to see if all the measures are working fine Under the project I received a payment for existing habitats on my farm and I put in a large pond and silt traps and planted trees in buffer strips and in groves These have been a welcome addition to the farm, and we are always delighted when we see ducks visit the pond O verall, I was ver y happy with the project, and I think it is a ver y fair way to help farmers to farm sustainably Seán Murphy, Cullen

Cllr Bernard Moynihan Maura Walsh and Minister for Transpor t Jack Chambers Seán Murphy alongside some Birch trees planted on his farm under the project
Case Study
Tony Ahern (right) with project steering group member Dr Fran Igoe (centre) and Project Agri- environment Specialist Michael Morrissey (left) The vegetated historic riverbed at Ahern s farm is now an impor tant wetland habitat
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue launching the Project Booklet of Measures with Michael Moynihan TD and IRD Duhallow s Maura Walsh, Mike O Connor, Michael Twohig, Anne Maria Bourke and Geraldine O’Lear y

After LIFE and Waters of LIFE

Raptor LIFE

IRD Duhallow secured its second EU LIFE project, R aptorLIFE in 2015 This €3million LIFE+ project was a 4 5 year project, which aimed to work with the local communit y to achieve a better environment for ever yone in Duhallow "Connecting and restoring habitats for Hen harrier, Merlin, Atlantic salmon and Brook lamprey in Duhallow, Ireland"

the active nest sites will have had fledglings by time this goes to press

This project aimed to restore habitat through a range of key concrete and innovative actions that were aimed at increasing the quality of the habitat for protec ted upland and r ipar ian/aquatic species and link ing t wo designated Natura 2000 sites: Stack ’ s to Mullaghereik , West Limerick H ills, and Mount Eagle Special Protected Area (SPA) to the Munster Black water Special Area of Conser vation (SAC )

Ac tions which were integral to this projec t were changing public attitudes, addressing public perceptions, and involving landowners in conser vation measures and monitoring of Hen harrier and Merlin

Af terLIFE objec tives

As par t of the projec t, we have an obligation to continue wor k of the project for 5 years post end of the programme The AfterLIFE ensured the maintenance of the measures that were car r ied out in the R aptorLIFE project Landowners continue to be engaged during this time, ensuring an ownership and a long-ter m outlook of protec ting these special designated areas AfterLIFE is made possible by the huge contribution of our Rural Social Scheme, Tús par ticipants and volunteers who continue to implement actions that form par t of our AfterLIFE commitments

Invasive species removal

IRD Duhallow continues its wor k in treating the tenacious Japanese k notweed on both the road network (these being vector routes to the watercourses) and Upper Black water catchment I t has been successfully eradicated in over 50% on the sites and dramatically reduced in other sites Those resilient remaining sites are still being treated with a slightly stronger application

Hen harrier monitoring

We have continued to monitor Hen Harrier activity This includes Winter roost monitoring at one of the most impor tant roost sites and this past winter has seen a slight upward trend in numbers and happily, an increase in the number of females

On the breeding side, this year is look ing ver y promising and hopefully,

Waters of LIFE programme

IRD Duhallow is par t of a consor tium deliver ing the “ Waters of LIFE Programme” This is an EU LIFE I ntegrated Projec t which aims to help reverse the deterioration of I reland’s most pristine waters

The ongoing loss of high status waters is among the most concerning, protrac ted and persistent water qualit y trend in I reland O ther water quality trends have well-understood cause and effect, with detailed plans in place to mitigate impac ts M ore ac tions are necessar y to protec t pr istine waters M any of these waters are small, upland streams The protection and restoration of these waters is one of the key underpinning principles of the Water Framework Directive

The overall objective of the Waters of LIFE is to suppor t the implementation of measures to protect and enhance H ighStatus Waters and thus to suppor t the work of the Blue Dot Catchments Programme

IRD Duhallow is one of 10 Local Development Companies which are Associated Beneficiaries of the project The river Awbeg in K ilbrin, a tributar y of the river Black water is one of the demonstration Catchments This project continues the work of IRD Duhallow on our two successive LIFE projects and subsequent EIP projects

After treatment - same site now, 65m of Japanese knotweed totally eradicated, with revegetated with native flora Before treatment - Japanese knotweed adjacent to the river Confluence of the O wentaraglin to the Munster Blackwater - the two project rivers Sky Dancer - a male Hen harrier Ireland's iconic uplands raptor The Waters of Life catchment in the Awbeg (Kilbrin) IRD Duhallow is a programme par tner on the Waters of LIFE project
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Volunteers have always played an impor tant role in the project Fred O'Sullivan braves the weather to monitor a Winter Roost site of the Hen harrier


Agriculture Working Group

The IRD Duhallow Agriculture Work ing Group is composed of Duhallow farmers and relevant agricultural stakeholders in the region I n May 2023, the group met to discuss agricultural projec ts in Duhallow, challenges currently facing farmers in Duhallow, and future strategies, par ticularly in relation to future LEADER programmes

Common Agricultural Polic y Strategic Plan 2023-2027

A number of changes have been introduced by the Depar tment of Agriculture, Food, and the M ar ine to agr icultural schemes under the new Common Agricultural Polic y (CAP) Strategic Plan (CSP) that came into effect on 1st Januar y 2023 Some of the key changes are highlighted below :

Pillar I

Conditionality replaces Cross Compliance as the core legislative requirements and minimum standards by which all farmers in receipt of a CAP payment must abide by This is implemented by t wo mechanisms: Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAEC ) and Statutor y Management Requirements (SMRs)

Basic I ncome Suppor t for Sustainabilit y (BISS) essentially replaces the Basic Payment Scheme which is awarded to farmers to ensure viable farm incomes and continuation of food security A voluntar y eco -scheme has also been introduced, representing 25% of the direct payments ceiling Farmers who avail of the eco -scheme must implement at least two of a total of eight agricultural practices to receive their payment (e g extensive livestock production, multi-species swards, soil sampling and appropriate liming)

Complementar y Redistributive I ncome Suppor t for Sustainability (CRISS) has been introduced to redistribute CAP funds from larger to medium and small far ms O ther Pillar I inter ventions include Complementar y I ncome Suppor t for Young Farmers (CIS-YF), an Apiculture Programme and Coupled I ncome Suppor t for Protein Aid

Pillar II

A new results-based agri- environment scheme was introduced under the CSP and began in Januar y 2023 This has two different approaches; the co - operation projec ts, that are based in eight defined high pr ior it y geographical areas (k nown as the CP Zones) who can opt to under take measures, as well as additional far m and landscape ac tions, and the general approach, for the remainder of far ming areas This scheme is results-based and many of its features were included in the Duhallow Far ming for Blue D ot Catchments EIP Projec t ’ s submission to the draf t CSP in 2021

O ther inter ventions in Pillar II include the Organic Farming Scheme and the Suck ler Carbon Efficienc y Programme

Space for Nature and Land Eligibility

I n order to meet GAEC 8 of Conditionality, all farms in I reland (limited exceptions) must have at least 4% ‘Space for Nature’ This includes biodiversity features such as hedgerows, ponds, buffer strips and scrub I n the past, farmers would lose land eligibility for having such natural features on their farm, essentially financially penalising them However, under the new CSP, up to 50% of agricultural land parcels can be made up of features beneficial to biodiversity, water and climate

Multi-species Swards

The Duhallow Farming for Blue Catchments EIP Projec t trialled over 70 acres of multi-species swards on project farms in 2022 Repor ts to date have been positive, although the trials are still at an ear ly stage Multispecies swards contain t wo grass species, t wo clover species and t wo herb species They require ver y little inputs to produce the same amount of forage as a grass sward This offers a financial benefit to the far mer, whilst also benefiting the environment by reducing chemical fer tiliser use and increasing species diversity

2022 has been another successful year for the Duhallow Beekeepers Association The new demo area at the James O Keeffe I nstitute has provided the group with an ideal area for experienced members to pass on sk ills to budding beekeepers in Duhallow Another series of talks was held by the group, aimed at both experienced and beginner beekeepers This included a talk from Dr Mar y Coffee on the pests and diseases of bees

IRD Duhallow welcomed a new Community Health O fficer, Denis Justice, to the team in April 2023 Denis is available to speak with farmers about health issues common to farmers such as mental health and hear t health

Duhallow Beekeepers Association IRD Duhallow Rural Community Health Officer An EIP Steering Group farm visit to see a multi-species sward in Freemount An EIP and Rural Community Health Programme demos was held at the James O Keeffe Institute in October 2022 This included a demonstration from Cork Fire Brigade on farmer safety
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
A Duhallow Beekeepers beginner ’ s demonstration at the James O Keeffe Institute demo area in May

Social Far ming

What is Social Farming?

Social farming offers people with disabilities the oppor tunit y to spend time on a family farm, tak ing par t in day-to-day farm activities Par ticipants attend the farm typically once a week for a few hours and get involved in far ming ac tivities which can be anything from feeding livestock or sheep, growing and delivering vegetables or flowers, attending the local M ar t or other communit y e vents Therefore, far ming life and ac tivities continue as nor mal while par ticipants are on the far m Through the suppor t of the host farmer, par ticipants meet more people in the local rural community, getting to k now the neighbours, other farmers and the farming family

Duhallow Social Farming

Duhallow Social Farming is now in the second year and going from strength to strength I n addition to new host farmers joining the programme, a showcase hor ticultural model is being developed at IRD Duhallow This new garden facility will include 2 large polytunnels with specially designed propagating facilities, a large all access growing area, a perennial garden and of course our existing therapeutic garden Our new gardens include wild areas where trees and wild flowers can naturalise by themselves and create undisturbed habitats for wildlife Social farming par ticipants can enjoy their time work ing in the gardens and tunnels, or watching the natural world in safe and secure surroundings

Training Oppor tunities

Duhallow Social Farming operates as a voluntar y model to enable real work ing relationships and friendships to develop The programme adapts to each host far m environment and the needs of each individual par ticipant Host farms are suppor ted with any maintenance and on-farm safety improvements This may involve upgrading pathways and access points, replacing or improving fencing and gates and providing polytunnels to facilitate par ticipants in wet weather conditions

Benefits of Social Farming

Social farming creates the oppor tunity for farmers to reconnect with their local communities by opening their farms as par t of a social suppor t system The Social Farming programme can improve the farm work environment, with the par ticipant providing the farmer with help and company Social farming give farmers a better understanding of disabilities, as well as giving them an oppor tunity to access relevant training and upsk illing courses Farm improvements are another benefit for farmers, with IRD Duhallow assisting with on-farm health and safety upgrades for social farming activities

Social Farming activities focus on the par ticipant ’ s potential and encourages them to socialise, aiding in the development of their life and social sk ills The new challenges and experiences par ticipants encounter while social farming improves their confidence, independence and wellbeing The increased activity improves their physical health and develops their motor sk ills

Duhallow S ocial Far ming provides funding for host far mers to avail of relevant practical training All of our host farmers have par ticipated in the ‘FARCURA - An I ntroduction to Social Farming’ course to acquaint them to the concepts of social farming and prepare them with the sk ills to take on par ticipants

Duhallow Social Farming provided funding for host farmers to complete the PHECC First Aid responder training Our farmers have also completed the HSE Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults training to equip them with the k nowledge needed if a safeguarding concern arises

Training can be tailored to requirements identified by the host farmers, for example courses on therapeutic hor ticulture, growing in polytunnels and composting

Testimonial from Richard O’Brien, Social Farming Par ticipant and Kay Fitzgerald Care Worker

Richard absolutely adores the farm It is the talk of the week Ever yday he is asking will Nora be there? Will we collect the eggs? He misses the cows now they are out in the fields as he loved helping to feed them during the winter To say that he loves going to the farm doesn’t go anywhere near to expressing how he feels Nora goes out of her way to suppor t and understand him, she plants flowers with him, she does baking with him and even yoga

Members of the Towards Occupation group breaking ground in the new Duhallow Social Farming Hor ticulture Hub Volunteer Farmers on our Social Farming programme Peggy & Michael Lynch with three project par ticipants Members of the Strive group har vesting carrots in the big polytunnel Tomas Moynihan watering young cabbages in the tunnel in the Duhallow Social Farming Hor ticulture Hub Hayley Naughton planting tomatoes
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Nora Keane Richard O Brien and Kay Fitzgerald

Rural Regeneration Fund

I n Januar y this year, there was great excitement in Banteer, as the new Astrotur f, Changing facilities, Café and Digital Hub were officially opened by M inister Heather Humphreys The M inister was duly impressed with the project and congratulated the community and IRD Duhallow on “this transformational project for the Duhallow area ”

necessar y to become a Smar t Village in European terms For their nex t community project they have set their sights on developing sheltered housing

The Rural Regeneration Project was one of the community ’ s most ambitious to date IRD Duhallow was Lead par tner on this project with our CEO acting as Project Manager for the entire project We suppor ted the community to develop the application and secured €1 3 million for the development of the Rural Regeneration Fund in 2019 We worked with the community in ensuring each phase of the project was completed as per contract, we drew up all repor ts and drawdown requests and liaised with Eddie Forsyth and his team in the Depar tment of Rural and Community Development

This project entailed the development of the regulation sized Astrotur f pitch and ancillar y facilities which include state of the ar t changing rooms, a community run café and digital hub with museum

IRD Duhallow, has worked with the community in Banteer for over three decades Through the animation and capacit y building of successive LEADER programmes that a dynamic community, in a small rural village at the foot of Mount H illar y, has developed a range of significant projects to improve the quality of life and economic prospects of all its citizens is commendable Their first projec t was to renovate the derelic t school building, outside the village and tur n it into a fine moder n theatre, building on the strength of its ac tive drama group, the Glen Theatre operates as a community enterprise The community hall was upgraded to ser ve the needs of the area including a Senior Citizens group, affiliated to our Saoí network , an active Youth Club and Macra na Feirme Group all based there I t was expanded to include a community gym and indoor astrotur f Banteer Community Childcare was one of the first in the region to be established by IRD Duhallow to successfully apply for the EU Equal Oppor tunities Childcare funding This facility is operating for over 20 years as a communit y enterprise, employing almost 40 staff and catering for over 250 children Banteer is well on its way to satisfying all the criteria

The addition of this facilit y has added value to the already impressive facilities at Banteer Community Pondfield The pond and walks itself has always been an attraction to local outdoor enthusiasts With the LEADER funded playground also on site, it is a ver y popular location for young families to feed the ducks, walk , explore the bug hotel, fair y homes and end up at the playground and ball wall for older children This year with the suppor t of IRD Duhallow ’ s Tús and RSS Schemes, led by our Super visor Don Murphy, the entire pond area was refenced to ensure safety for all The walks have been ex tended around both pitches now and cover 1 7k m

The official opening of the facility in Januar y was attended by a number of delegates including our local TD’s, Councillors, Cork County Mayor, IRD Duhallow Chairman and Board Members and members of the local community

IRD Duhallow CEO Maura Walsh addressing the crowd at the official opening of Banteer Astrotur f Facility in Januar y Minister Heather Humphreys officially opened the Astrotur f ; The Minister unveiling the plaque with Committee members Denis Withers and Dermot McCar thy The impressive astrotur f pitch at Banteer The digital hub is a great asset to the local community and offers high speed broadband IRD Duhallow Chairman Michael Twohig presents Minister Humphreys with a hamper of local produce The café facility is run by a team of local volunteers The Committee have applied to DEASP for a Community Ser vices Programme which would ensure the viability of the ser vice going for ward by providing staffing for the café, hub and wider facility
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Members of Dromtarriffe Active Retirement Group enjoying lunch at Cafe Green Bean

IRD Duhallow is committed to suppor ting businesses and local jobs in the Duhallow Region Our Enterprise Work ing Group oversees a myriad of suppor ts for local enterprises


Duhallow Enterprise Awards 2022

A magnificent night was had by all at the 2022 business awards, hosted by IRD Duhallow, with MC M ar t y M or r isse y With over 200 people in attendance, the night was a huge success and a wonder ful oppor tunit y to showcase the businesses of Duhallow

Winners on the night were:

• Best overall business award: Irish Rollforming

• Best established business award: Irish Rollforming

• Best emerging business award: The Sibly Food Company

• Best in the creative industr y : Sophisticuts Hair Salon

• Best women led business award: Mindview Clinic

• Best community enterprise award: Banteer Community Spor tsfield Ltd

• Best use of digital marketing for business award: Yumm Café

Since its launch in 1991 the LEADER programme has helped Duhallow communities across the region to actively engage and to direct the local development of their area, through community led local development

Through LEADER 14-20 just shor t of €1,000,000 of the fund was directed to projects in the Enterprise and Tourism measures in Duhallow


The social inclusion community activation programme is a vital resource to suppor t people to generate their own employment by establishing a new business Our star t your own business programmes, teaches new business owners the fundamentals of running a business, from finance to taxation to marketing and business planning


New and existing business owners in the Duhallow region can avail of business mentoring through the SICAP programme Mentoring can really suppor t business owners to find solutions to business challenges and to avail of the experience of our business mentors to allow them to move for ward with their business

Craf t Workers Training

Studies show that many craft workers, whilst talented in their trade and sk ill lacked business acumen Duhallow has a vibrant craft sector, and this winter we developed a dedicated programme for Craft Workers, offering a suite of workshops such as branding and marketing training, Christmas fair preparation training and creative clinics for growing your enterprise These were delivered by exper t craft mentor Meabh Ring who specialises in suppor ting this sector

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BT WEA)

The BT WEA scheme encourages people getting cer tain social welfare payments to become self- employed through the Depar tment of Social Protection IRD Duhallow assists BT WEA referrals by offering suppor t and advice in the form of mentoring and training We have a strong work ing relationship with the DEASP and par take on the DEASP / LDC focus group for the BT WEA

Kerr y Month of Enterprise

Celebrating 10 years in 2023, Kerr y Month of Enterprise had a wide variety of e vents and ac tivities throughout the month of M arch This unique event offers a spotlight on enterprise activities and suppor ts in Kerr y IRD Duhallow was a project par tner and offered suppor t through the SICAP Programme alongside other state agencies, Local D e velopment Companies and organisations such as MTU, Enterprise I reland, Udaras na Gaeltachta, the Local Enterprise O ffice and IDA

Toby Simmonds of Toonsbridge Diar y received funding for new equipment under the Ar tisan Food measure of LEADER 14-20 Patricia O’Reilly of Duhallow Gymnastics received funding from LEADER towards the purchase of new equipment Mar ty Morrissey was the guest presenter at the Duhallow Business Awards in November Irish Roll Forming under the stewardship of CEO Liam O’Sullivan were awarded Best O verall Duhallow Business of 2023
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Par ticipants of the Creative Craft Clinics which were held in Winter 2022 and were funded by SICAP

IRD Duhallow Skillnet

IRD Duhallow Skillnet

Sk illnet I reland is a business suppor t agenc y of the Government responsible for advancing the competitiveness, productivity, and innovation of businesses through enterprise led workforce development Sk illnet I reland’s primar y objective is to increase par ticipation in enterprise training by businesses

IRD Duhallow Sk illnet which is a par t of the IRD Duhallow Enterprise team is a network of Sk illnet Ireland dedicated to suppor ting businesses in the Duhallow region through provision of high quality, industr y led subsidised training and education

We par tner closely with industr y to create upsk illing programmes which are responsive to business needs and designed to develop future ready talent such as our childcare degree courses and our upcoming sustainability training for the farming community

Now in its 9th year, IRD Duhallow Sk illnet has suppor ted more than 3,000 companies with training suppor ts to date

Skills Connec t- suppor ts for the unemployed sec tor. Our sk ills connec t programme offers free training for people seek ing work I n the 2022-2023 period, IRD Duhallow Sk illnet ran the following upsk illing programmes:

• QQI Level 5 in Early Childhood Education and Care

• QQI Level 5 in Healthcare Suppor t

• Adventure Centre I nstructor Training Programme


October 2022 saw the launch of the Eirelingo Learning Hub with M inister of State at the Depar tment of Fur ther Education, Research, I nnovation and Science, N iall Collins This consor tium initiative to aid Uk rainians entering the workforce was suppor ted by Rural Food Sk illnet, South Kerr y Sk illnet and IRD Duhallow Sk illnet The hub is designed to suppor t Uk rainians with limited English to develop the language sk ills needed to work in sectors with high demand including hospitality, construction, healthcare and retail


In a post covid world business network ing continues to be a key focus for the team at IRD Duhallow Network events such as the Mallow Business Breakfast in conjunction with Mallow Chamber of Commerce and the Macroom Business Breakfast organised with The Lee Valley Enterprise Board were excellent oppor tunities for businesses to network and gain new business contacts


Future Dynamics -

Co Creation Funding- suppor ting the childcare sec tor.

The future dynamics programme cofunds Sk illnet networks to develop brand new training programmes with the higher education industr y and pilot them for the first time

Following consultation with the childcare sector, under this programme IRD Duhallow Sk illnet is developing a new QQI accredited room leader programme

This is the first QQI programme to focus on leadership specifically for staff in early years settings in I reland and IRD Duhallow Sk illnet are one of the only regional networks in I reland to successfully apply for this cocreation funding Our ongoing childcare degree programme and our new masters in leadership in early years are fur ther testament to the suppor t on offer to this impor tant sector

Sustainability in Agriculture

I n line with the Sk illnet I reland Key Pillar of Climate Readiness we will launch our first sustainable dair y development programme in conjunction with UCC and Kerr y Agri this year This programme will suppor t farmers with their sustainable farming practices in a practical and focused manner

Recognition of Learning

One of the highlights of the year for IRD Duhallow is the recognition of lear ning e vent which celebrates the achie vements of our trainees I n August 2022 we were delighted to welcome M inister for Education Norma Foley to IRD Duhallow to present the cer tificates to each graduate I n excess of 80 cer tificates were presented on the day, ranging from one day cer tificates of attendance right up to level 8- degree awards

Graduates of the QQI Level 8 BA in Early Childhood Education and Care which was delivered by SETU This was funded through the Brexit Adjustment Reser ve Fund Terr y O’Mahony of Kerr y Agri with development officer Monica Gilmore Duhallow Skillnet in conjunction with Kerr y Agri and UCC have developed a sustainability programme directed at local farmers Collaboration is a key par t of skillnet Ireland Pictured here is Gretel O Sullivan (South Kerr y Skillnet) Katie Kerins (South West Gno Skillnet), John Moriar ty (Rural Food Skillnet) and Louise Bourke (Duhallow Skillnet) at the co-hosted event Revolutionising How We Learn’ Development O fficer Louise Bourke and IRD Duhallow Board Member Geraldine at the launch of the Eirleingo app with Caoimhe O’Donnell from Skillnet Ireland Alan Shor tt was the guest speaker at the Macroom Business Breakfast which was a collaboration between IRD Duhallow and the Lee Valley Enterprise Board
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Margaret O Connor oversees the Skillnet accounts

Duhallow has its own unique tour ist offer ing with its rugged scener y, forest trails, historical trails and traditional heritage I t is a wonder ful place to visit and attrac ts its fair share of tour ists and visitors each year IRD Duhallow suppor ts a range of different tourism projects and amenities throughout the year and works with tourism providers to suppor t their businesses

A Walker ’s Paradise

Mount H illar y is one of many stunning walks in the Duhallow region I t is par t of the Boggeragh mountain range and is a forested mountain 391m in height The forest trails on Mount H illar y range from 3 2k m to 8k m and are suited to all levels of walker, and some are suitable for bic ycles

The walks on mount H illar y are forest loops and offer vie ws of K er r y, Limer ick and Water ford and can be easily accessed from the village of Banteer

O ther suggested walking routes include:

The Island Wood, Newmarket The Duhallow Way : M illstreet to Shrone

Clara Mountain Loop Mushera Mountain H ike

The Paps of Anu

Duhallow Angling Centre of Excellence

I t was identified that angling was a unique selling point for the region and under LEADER 07-13 the Duhallow Angling Centre of Excellence was established The quality of the wild brown trout stocks in our rivers is the major fac tor of attrac tion to visiting anglers Wor k was under tak en to suppor t the de velopment of angling in the region including improvement to physical access, infrastruc ture, the de velopment of angling guides, boat hire, and social amenities Through the collaboration of k e y stak eholders in the region and the suppor t of the RSS and Tús wor k ers, the infrastruc ture and access issues are being managed and enhanced on an ongoing basis

Newmarket Pitch and Putt

Ancestr y and Genealogy Tourism

In the Duhallow region biographical details from 28 graveyards have been recorded specifically to enable individuals from near and far to explore their genealogy and heritage

Genealogy tourists from all over the world can now log onto the online resource www historicgraves com and identify relevant burial places

Fur thermore, when visiting in person, people can easily locate relevant headstones via their GPS coordinates which are published on the website


Pitch and Putt is a spor t that is rapidly

gaining international acclaim across Europe and the United States Newmarket boasts one of Cork ’ s 30 Pitch and Putt courses and this renowned 18-hole course was designed by internationally acclaimed M ichael O’Lear y of Sol Golf Ballydesmond and funded by the LEADER programme The club welcomes a large number of visitors and green fees are busy throughout the season Promoting Pitch and Putt amongst young people and encouraging healthy living is a pr ior it y for the club and this year the y delivered national schools programmes with local primar y schools in conjunc tion with Pitch and Putt I reland This was complemented by over 50s beginners’ classes and leagues

IRD Duhallow has suppor ted self- catering tourism LEADER projects through all programmes down through the years including Fox ’ s Cottage this year Fox ’ s Cottage is a newly renovated self- catering cottage, located 5k m from M illstreet town at the base of the Derr ynasaggar t Mountain

The restoration of this cottage has been completed to a high standard and its modern and appealing décor will suit all types of tourists and visitors to the region

O wners Derr y and Marie Collins are delighted with the result which will allow visitors to relax and enjoy their time visiting Duhallow

A picturesque view along the Duhallow Way with the iconic Paps Mountains in the distance Through the Skills Connect Programme which was run in conjunction with Ballyhass Lakes, IRD Duhallow suppor ted eight young people to become Outdoor Activity Instructors All eight have gone on to secure employment following completion of the course Well done to all our beginners that attended the adult coaching class in April provided by Stephen Enneguess Head Coach of Pitch and Putt Ireland
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Before and after the renovation of Fox’s Cottage This project received self catering funding to develop a self- catering accommodation in Millstreet

Rural Recreation

New Rural Recreation Officer

Alannah O’Callaghan was appointed Rural Recreation O fficer (RRO) at IRD Duhallow in October 2022 The role of the RRO is unique resource locally, the y provide the best prac tise in trail maintenance, management, marketing and the development of a broad range or rural recreation and activity tourism products The RRO assists IRD Duhallow in the deliver y of the Walk Scheme along the Duhallow Way and with delivering a range of National Countr yside Recreation Ser vices as needed

Duhallow is rich with culture and heritage, and much of this can be found on trails in Duhallow, the S ource of the Black water and Duhallow Way are prime examples of this IRD Duhallow suppor ts outdoor recreation and walk ing in the area through the deliver y of the Walk Scheme along the Duhallow Way This scheme provides funding for 26 landowners along the trail which stretches from Clonk een, Co K er r y to B weeng, Co Cor k , and enables them to maintain sections of the trail which pass through their land O ther trails which are listed on the National Trails Register in the region which are promoted and suppor ted by IRD include the Mt H illar y and M ullaghareir k looped walks, the Island Wood and Claragh Loop

Duhallow Trails App

A LEADER funded walk ing trails app for Duhallow is in the process of being de veloped The app will be available to the public free of charge and will have all trails in the Duhallow are which are listed on the Spor t I reland National Trails register available on it

The app will have information on each trail along with a map and a variety of points of interest on it Points of interest include information on historical locations along trails, flora, fauna, folk lore and images Our RRO is always look ing for more information on the trails, so if there is any point of interest along a trail in Duhallow you think is wor th adding you can get in contact

Outdoor Recreation Infrastruc ture Scheme (ORIS).

This scheme provides funding for the de velopment of ne w outdoor recreation infrastruc ture and suppor t for the necessar y maintenance, enhancement and promotion of existing outdoor recreational infrastructure across rural I reland

This year IRD Duhallow is wor k ing on se veral ORIS projec ts with local communities The K iskeam loop walks secured funding to develop 800 meter of trail which will give the walk almost 6k m of walk ing along with signage and direc tional arrows S ec tions of the Duhallow Way are getting upgrades and ne w signage, while the trail in Bolomore is also befitting from upgrades from ORIS funding with wor k that will help drainage on the paths Finally, lighting on the pathway around the pitch and putt at the James O ’K eefe I nstitute is being upgraded which will be great ne ws for those who use the path coming into the shor ter winter evenings

IRD Duhallow Walking Group

Our walk ing group meets ever y second Wednesday evening during the summer months, and during the winter on the second Saturday of ever y month, to walk the trails on offer around Duhallow Currently the group is under tak ing the D uhallow Way Challenge, over the summer we are walk ing the entire trail from Shrone to Bweeng in sections, you can follow our updates in Discover Duhallow or join us on some sections!

RSS par ticipants building a bridge on the Duhallow Way RSS is a huge resource in maintaining walks across the region IRD DUhallow ’ s Alannah O’Callaghan and other Rural Recreation O fficers with Minister Humphreys in Dublin as par t of the Our Rural Future Initiative IRD Duhallow Staff Alannah O Callaghan, Nuala Riordan and Don Murphy checking out areas for trail maintenance work Walkers listen on as Nuala tells them all about local folklore Scenic views on the Duhallow Way The rain didn’t stop play as the IRD Duhallow Walking group enjoy a cuppa after a walk along the Slyguddal
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
RRO Alannah testing out the Duhallow Way Trails App

Culture and Heritage

Duhallow welcomes Booker Prize Winner Thomas Keneally

I n Februar y 2023, IRD Duhallow was delighted to host award winning author Thomas K eneally and his wife Judy who were visiting the local area from Australia Thomas is best k nown for his histor ical novel Schindler ’ s Ark , for which he won the Booker Prize in 1982 This book was e ventually adapted into Ste ven Spielberg’s film S chindler ’ s List, which won seven academy awards Local representatives from the IRD Duhallow H istor ic Grave projec t made themselves available to meet with M r Keneally in Clonfer t graveyard and were able to offer him information on his family ’ s connec tions to the grave yard Archaeologist J ohn Tier ne y gave M r K eneally an in- depth account of the histor ic geographical features of Clonfer t graveyard including the famine plot in the graveyard

The IRD Duhallow H istoric Grave project is a dedicated LEADER funded initiative which has focused on training volunteers from local communities in accessible systems for recording gravestones and stories

Access to records relating to graveyards sur veyed in Duhallow can be found at www historicgraves ie

Launch of In Praises of Dromtariffe

On the 4th of December 2022 a large crowd congregated in Dromtariffe Hall to mark the launch of an ex tensive publication entitled I n Praises of Duhallow, a book which offers an in- depth histor y of Dromtariffe GAA’s successes throughout the decades along with interesting information from yester years The book which runs to almost 600 pages features a vast amount of photos, along with interesting local histor y and poetr y This book was produced by a hugely dedicated committee who were committed to the task of creating an accessible record of local achievements by a club which can trace its roots back to the year 1885 This publication was produced with the suppor t of LEADER 2014-2020 funding

Journal of Cumann Luachra

I n December 2022 Cumann Luachra produced a milestone 20th edition of their well-k nown Journal of Cumann Luachra I ncorporating a broad spectrum of ar ticles, this publication contained several features of both local and historical interest I n this edition members of Cumann Luachra have yet again released an attrac tive treasur y of high- qualit y contributions, with something to interest all readers Several stand out features are included in the journal, and readers can immerse themselves in an array of ar ticles, some of which relate to the I rish Civil War, The Big Freeze of 1963, The M oving Bog and Eoghan Rua O ’Súilleabháin The jour nal which has been in produc tion since 1981, is much anticipated upon each release and attracts a great deal of local interest and interest from the diaspora The last three editions of this publication were produced with the suppor t of LEADER 2014-2020 funding with a vision of promoting the impor tant social and cultural her itage of the Sliabh Luachra area

Maurice O’Keeffe was born and lived all his life in Glounreigh, between Ballydesmond and K isk eam He star ted his musical journey at a young age As his sk ill progressed, he was often called to play at the dance halls which dotted around the countr yside at that time

M aur ice was k nown to always have an encouraging word for anyone interested in pursuing the tradition of I rish music and was renowned for his vast store of music which he recorded in his k itchen for friends and acquaintances

I n celebration, the M aurice O ’K eeffe Easter Week end Festival has been held annually in K iskeam since 2002, mark ing his legac y and nur turing the local tradition which he loved and championed This attracts many visitors to the region and is a wonder ful celebration of our musical heritage and histor y and was suppor ted by IRD Duhallow through the Day of the Regions project

The Annual Maurice O’Keeffe Festival Tracing his roots! Representatives from the IRD Duhallow Historic Graves Group Sheila O’Sullivan and Kathleen Angland in the company of Thomas Keneally (author of Schindler s Ark) in Clonfer t Graveyard Newmarket along with historic graves exper t John Tierney and Nollaig Murphy IRD Duhallow Members of Dromtariffe GAA histor y group: L-R: Joe O Riordan Michael Byrnes Mar y Browne Dan Joe O Keeffe, Frank Barr y Absent from photo - Sean Feely Pat and Cara Fleming pictured with IRD Duhallow ’ s CEO Maura Walsh and Maurice O’Keeffe’s daughter Margaret O Connor IRD Duhallow was a proud suppor ter of this year ’ s Maurice O’Keeffe festival Pictured at the launch of the Sliabh Luachra Journal 2022 Denny Donnelly ( Treasurer) Donal Hickey (Editor) Eileen Fleming (Chairperson Cumann Luachra) and Pat Brosnan (Secretar y)
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Éamon Ó Cuív TD pictured with Jack Roche and IRD Duhallow ’ s Eileen Linehan Louise Bourke Triona Dennehy Anne Maria Bourke and Maura Walsh at an event in Rockchapel where Jack was celebrated for his contribution to Sliabh Luachra Culture and Heritage and his work at Bruach na Carraige

LEADER in Duhallow

2023 is a busy year in the LEADER calendar The closing and paying out of projects under the LEADER 14-20 programme continues with interim and EURI funding also coming to a close this year Our staff are suppor ting all promoters to complete their projects and submit the required paper work to drawdown their grant

The new LEADER 2021-2027 programme has been announced and IRD Duhallow has been deemed eligible to submit a tender Given our 32 years ’ experience of LEADER, the Board of IRD Duhallow has taken the courageous decision to seek LAG status again for the implementation of LEADER across the IRD Duhallow region

the par ticipation of even more local people at ground level and not at a higher administrative level focusing on a bigger area that cannot garner representation of significance at a local level to deliver proper and effective bottom-up development

Consultation 2023

IRD Duhallow under took a widespread consultation in 29 villages and towns across the Duhallow region in March/April this year The consultation feeds back

Integrated and Multisectoral: The IRD Duhallow strategic plan shows how we integrate all our programmes and staff across the organisation and cross cutting across all sectors This method has been tried and tested across Europe and has been implemented by IRD Duhallow since 1991

As a Board, we belie ve in the LEADER methodology, proved and advocated for across Ireland and Europe by previous Board members and our CEO and LEADER team Central to LEADER methodology, is the natural area of development and bottom-up approach I n the cur rent programme, Duhallow is split across 3 administrative LCDC LAG’s with each sub region par t of a larger LAG area This ar tificial splitting of the region has resulted in an increase in administration and an expansion in the time it takes to get projects from evaluation to approval This system is stifling to real development and promotes only the shovel ready project t ype ethos and fails the animation ethos deeply embedded in the LEADER approach

IRD Duhallow believes that local people are the best people to drive the development of their territor y Our Board and Work ing Group structure ensures real bottom up with 8 seats on our Board made up of community representatives from Duhallow Our work ing group structure suppor ts

Networking: IRD Duhallow has networked across the region, the County, Nationally, Internationally since its inception

Innovation: The European Commission has demanded innovation from LAGs from the beginning challenging us to move from a local administration to take on new challenges and programmes to meet the unmet needs of the region IRD Duhallow has long been a champion of innovation taking on Social Enterprises, training, Environment projects tackling water quality, biodiversity and climate change, Circular and Green Economy

ideas and views of people on the ground into our strategic plan for the region This is the real bottom up approach As a Board we believe in the LEADER approach We have delivered it and we have witnessed what it can do and how it can transform rural areas, the people that live in rural areas, and the relationships and ownerships that rural people developed as a result of engaging in the LEADER method

This consultation feeds into our overall strategy however will form par t of the specific LEADER Strategy which was submitted in July

Cooperation: IRD Duhallow has par ticipated in over 30 transnational and inter territorial cooperation projects since in inception This has proved to be an effective mechanism for helping rural areas jointly develop and share solutions to common issues

a natural area of development is
enough to be cohesive but large enough to allow development, that recognises the cohesive natural boundaries free from ar tificially imposed administrative boundaries
Enterprise & Tourism SKILLNET ENTERPRISE DUHALLOW ANGLING CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FARMING FOR BLUE DOT EIP Agriculture EIP STEERING GROUP CONSERVATION NETWORK COMMUNITY BIODIVERSITY Environment Community Forum BOARD 2023 Social Partners Local Authorities Social Economy RELOVE PAINT REVAMP COMMUNITY LAUNDRY Equality UKRAINIAN RESPONSE WOMEN’S FORUM COMMUNITY CHILDCARE NETWORK GEOGRAPHIC CULTURE & HERITAGE BEFRIENDING NETWORK CARE & REPAIR FRIENDLY PHONE CALL SERV CE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SUPPORT FAMILY CARERS Independent Evaluation Committee Finance Human Resources Women & Childcare Youth & Education Community Development Statutor y Agencies ABILITY / STRIVE MIGRANTS MENTAL HEALTH Operational Sub-Committees Strategic Working Groups Strategic Working Group Sub-Committees Independent Evaluation Committee J B H SOCIAL FARMING Employment & Training COMMUNITY CARE BEE KEEPERS WARMER HOMES LAES STEERING GROUP The LAG: Mandated local and representative of the region IRD Duhallow has operated as LAG for over 25 years
Area Based: The IRD Duhallow
The Bottom up Approach: Duhallow now boasts over 50 Community Groups, coming together to elect 8 representatives to the Board of IRD Duhallow
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

LEADER Projects

LEADER South Cork 2014-2020, Transition and EURI Projects

LEADER Nor th Cork 2014-2020, Transition and EURI Projects

% Aid PROMOTER PROJEC T NAME GRANT COMMITTED € Rural Tourism 32% Gerard O'Rourke Publication of I reland at War - A Casestudy 1,570 00 Enterprise Development 50% Denis J Downey Ltd The I nstallation of 3 Phase Electricity 20,000 00 50% Macroom Tidy Towns Publication of Muskerr y Through the Lens 2,348 00 Rural Towns 75% Lee Valley Enterprise Board Macroom Christmas Lighting 6,441 36 Basic Services 50% Ballinagree Community Development Company The Development of Ballinagree Playground 64,999 34 75% Clondrohid Community Hall Committee Upgrade of Clondrohid Community Hall 9,870 26 75% Donoughmore GAA Donoughmore Walk Lighting 15,765 15 75% R ylane Park Association CLG R ylane Community Park 29,289 99 Rural Youth 90% IRD Duhallow's Youth & Education Work ing Group Duhallow Youth Research Project 2 582 00 Water Resources 100% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Water Biodiversity Training for Communities 12,612 19 Biodiversity 74% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Duhallow Swift Boxes 5,241 54 100% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group To Conduct a Biodiversity Training Plan 3,510 45 75% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Communities Planting for Biodiversity 9,999 99 Ar tisan Food 75% Lee Valley Enterprise Board Equipment for Macroom Food Festival 28,136 73 75% Toonsbridge Dair y Ltd Toons Bridge Dair y Expansion 162,574 92 Transnational 75% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group The Day of the Region Project 32,407 20 100% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group Smar t Villages Training Deliver y 8,173 91 Project Total 415,523.03
% Aid PROMOTER PROJEC T NAME GRANT COMMITTED € Rural Tourism 50% Tom Dennehy The Development of Self Catering Accommodation 20,000 00 50% K ilguilkey House Ltd Purchase of Por table Stabling 25,000 00 50% Maritime Tourism Ltd Enhancement of facilities and Equipment for Ballyhass Lakes 40,012 40 100% IRD Duhallow Women's Forum H istor y, Heritage and Genealogy Training 7,800 00 100% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group Training in the Planning, Recording and Publication of Community 12,850 00 Led Heritage & H istorical Stories 64% M illstreet Pipe Band M illstreet Pipe Band Uniforms and Equipment 25,000 00 44% Dromtariffe GAA Publication of Dromtarriffe Through the Years 5,000 00 75% K iskeam Development Association K iskeam Walk ing Trail 24,750 00 75% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group Duhallow Trails App 21,840 00 75% K atrin and Walter Ahler t Mount H illar y Holiday Pods 36,869 07 35% Derr y and Marie Collins Development of Fox s Cottage 20,000 00 Enterprise Development 100% IRD Duhallow's Enterprise Work ing Group The Provision of a Suite of Star t Your O wn Business Training Programmes 5,550 00 50% Cromur Engineering Purchase of Equipment 30 000 00 50% Daniel P Buck ley Wool Merchants Ltd Purchase of a Wool Press Baling Machine 10,000 00 50% K anturk Mar t Development of New Car Park 39,999 99 50% H ickey Metering Purchase of Equipment 12,500 00 50% Erin Geraghty Class Development for Cork Baby Sensor y 1,151 02 50% M ichael Winters Development of New Gallops 37,505 54 50% John Pigott Purchase of an Engraving Machine 2,694 50 50% Vanhalen Engineering Ltd Purchase of a CNC Plasma Cutter 55,000 00 50% John Guerin Purchase of a Wheel Lathe for Alloy Wheel Refurbishment 14,970 00 75% Janet Burke New Jumping Equipment for Valley View Equestrian Centre 8,561 69 75% Corker y Alu- Cast Enterprises The Purchase of a Robotic Welding Cell 64,950 00 75% Patricia O'Reilly Additional Equipment for Duhallow Gymnastics 16,693 29 75% Duhallow Community Food Ser vices Purchase of Generator 51,589 51 75% Vanhalen Engineering Ltd Purchase of Business Equipment 28,868 00 Rural Towns 75% Boherbue Community Spor ts Centre CLG Refurbishment of Boherbue Community Spor ts Centre & 12,373 52 Construction of I ndoor Spor ts Wall 75% Araglen Development Association Repairs to the Footbridge of the Glouneen Loopwalk 10,300 12 75% Boherbue Parish Hall Committee Repair of Roof of Boherbue Parish Hall 22,813 00 75% Lyre Community, Culture, Spor t and Leisure Association Ltd Development of Lyre Community Park & Leisure Area 35,752 00 75% Banteer Old School Heritage & Drama Trust CLG Glen Theatre Lighting, Seating & Equipment 20,721 94 I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

LEADER Projects

LEADER Nor th Cork 2014-2020, Transition and EURI Projects

% Aid PROMOTER PROJEC T NAME GRANT COMMITTED € Rural Towns 75% K anturk Rugby Football Club Repair of KRFC Driveway & Carpark 37,029 37 86% K nock nagree Community Group To Conduct a Community Development Plan for K nock nagree 27,673 12 75% Rockchapel Community Centre Upgrades to Rockchapel Community Centre 10,545 50 75% K ilbrin Community Council Refurbishment of K ilbrin Community Centre 8,475 00 46% M illstreet Town Park Committee Refurbishment of M illstreet Playground 55,431 66 75% Newmarket GAA Development of Newmarket GAA Walk way 35,114 06 74% Newmarket Community Development Association Floodlighting of Newmarket Tennis Cour ts 35,125 00 75% K anturk Christmas Lights Committee Purchased New Christmas Lights for K anturk Town 18,832 00 Broadband 75% Aubane Social Club Purchase of IC T Equipment 1,259 25 75% Laharn Community Action Ltd Laharn Broadband Connection Point 1,034 25 75% IRD Duhallow's Employment and Training Work ing Group Upgrade of Computer Lab 10,000 00 90% K ilbrin Community Council Development of K ilbrin Community Hub 9 853 21 75% Banteer Community Spor tsfield CLG Development of Banteer Hub 7,051 10 Basic Services 75% Boherbue Community Development Association Development of Boherbue Foot Path 39,999 99 90% M illstreet & District Housing Equipment Purchase of Equipment for M illstreet Day Care Centre 2,665 00 75% Tullylease Playground Committee Development of Tullylease Playground 37,104 64 75% Rockchapel Community Council Rockchapel Playground Development 36,435 20 100% Cullen Pipe Band Cullen Pipe Band Tuition Programme 4,737 50 52% Bweeng Community Hall and Grounds Committee Upgrade of Community Hall Roof 44,785 55 60% K iskeam Development Association Development of K iskeam Playground 57,200 00 59% K anturk & District Community Council K anturk Playground Refurbishment 57,615 11 75% K ilbrin Community Council Upgrades and Equpment for K ilbrin Community and Spor ts Centre 25,962 80 90% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group Community Gardens Lawnmower 14,157 00 75% Banteer Community Spor tsfield CLG Banteer Community Spor tsfield Carpark 62,590 00 90% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group The Purchase of Community Training Equipment 26,408 25 45% M illstreet Town Park Committee Upgrades to M illstreet Town Park 15,000 00 100% IRD Duhallow s Community Development Work ing Group Training for Duhallow Community & Voluntar y Groups 2,974 66 90% Bweeng Trail Blazers Athletic Club Feasibility Study for Bweeng Community Spor ts and Recreational Facility 10,236 60 36% K anturk Community Astro Tur f CLG Development of Car Park for K anturk Community Astro Tur f 40,000 00 Rural Tourism 75% K anturk Community Astro Tur f CLG Development of Lighting for K anturk Community Astrotur f 110 000 00 90% Bweeng Community Hall and Grounds Committee Bweeng Community and Recreational Facility 82,739 16 Rural Youth 90% IRD Duhallow ' s Youth and Education Work ing Group Duhallow Youth Research Project 12,646 61 75% Newmarket Pitch & Putt Upgrading and Development of Newmarket Pitch and Putt 48,266 06 75% Freemount Community Development Sur facing of Freemount Community Centre Car Park 42,842 00 75% K anturk AFC K anturk AFC Boundar y & Security Fencing 18,166 10 75% Freemount Community Development Development of Freemount Youth Space 38,809 35 47% K nock nagree Community Development Group K nock nagree Playground Development 50,000 00 Water Resources 90% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Feasibility Study on the Allow, Dalua & Glen Rivers 3,600 00 100% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Water Biodiversity Training Programme For Duhallow Communities 35,481 33 Biodiversity 75% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group The Conser vation of Swifts in Duhallow 19,033 40 75% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Publication of a Living Landscape 6,787 50 90% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Duhallow Bog Feasibility Study 7,583 69 74% Boherbue Community Development Association Development of a Biodiversity / Wild Flower Garden 8,700 00 90% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Barn O wl Monitoring and Awareness 23,283 00 100% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group To Conduct a Biodiversity Training Plan 17,189 10 75% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Communities Planting for Biodiversity Project 117 642 81 75% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Duhallow Conser vation Volunteer Network 4 182 65 Renewable 75% Banteer Community Spor tsfield CLG Banteer Community Spor tsfield Renewable Energy Project 17,867 25 90% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group Feasibility study into Duhallow Anaerobic Digester Hub 24,516 00 Ar tisan Food 75% Bainne Codladh Limited (Lullaby M ilk) Feasibility Study for Lullaby M ilk 5,625 00 50% Duhallow Community Food Ser vices Equipment for the development of DCFS 45,504 29 75% Jack McCar thy (K anturk) Ltd Food Production Area Fit Out 80,071 14 Transnational 75% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group Duhallow Day of the Region Cooperation Project 158,683 51 90% IRD Duhallow's Environment Work ing Group River Feale Catchment Management Study 9,711 90 90% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group SMAR T Village Training Curriculum Cooperation Project 7,078 50 100% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group Smar t Villages Training Deliver y 16,347 83 Project Total Committed 2,468,769.60 I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

LEADER Projects

LEADER Ker r y 2014-2020, Transition and EURI Projects

% Aid PROMOTER PROJEC T NAME GRANT COMMITTED € Rural Tourism 75% Cumann Luachra Publication of the Sliabh Luachra Journal 21,882 00 Enterprise Development 50% Sean H ickey Scaffolding Purchase of a Sandblasting Machine 56,000 00 70% H ickey Scaffolding H ire Ltd Purchase of a Scaffolding Plank Machine 99,425 86 75% Brendan McCar thy Fr William Ferris Publication 3,977 25 Rural Towns 75% Rathmore Community Council Rathmore Streetscape Development 78,013 65 75% Gneeveguilla Community Development Assoc Gneeeguilla Spor ts & Leisure Centre 27,564 30 75% Tureencahill Community Group Tureencahill Community Centre Replacement of Windows 13,477 48 75% Gneeveguilla GAA Reroof of Function Room 8,250 00 Basic Services 72% Tureencahill Community Group Ltd Furniture and equipment for Tureencahill Community Centre 6,621 25 75% Gneeveguilla GAA Repair the Roof of Gneeveguilla Community Centre 32,119 54 Rural Youth 90% IRD Duhallow Youth and Education Work ing Group Youth Feasibility Study 2,582 00 Water Resources 100% IRD Duhallow Environment Work ing Group Water Biodiversity Training 9 999 83 Biodiversity 74% IRD Duhallow Environment Work ing Group The Conser vation of Swifts in Duhallow 5,164 73 90% IRD Duhallow Environment Work ing Group Duhallow Bog Feasibility Study 3,753 93 100% IRD Duhallow Environment Work ing Group Biodiversity Training Plans 3,510 45 75% IRD Duhallow Environment Work ing Group Communities Planting Project 28,411 03 Transnational 75% IRD Duhallow Community Development Work ing Group The Day of the Region Project 32,407 20 100% IRD Duhallow's Community Development Work ing Group Smar t Villages Training Deliver y 8,173 91 Project Total 435,810.31
Maura Walsh speaking at the opening of the Board Strategic Review, which put in place the motions to under take a Public Consultation on the needs of the area as par t of the development of the Local Development Strategy IRD Duhallow CEO Maura Walsh with Minister for Community and Rural Development Heather Humphreys whose Depar tment oversees the deliver y of the LEADER programme Cllr Bernard Moynihan officially opening the Knocknagree Playground with members of the Knocknagree Community Development Committee This playground was developed with the suppor t of LEADER funding Maura Walsh and PJ Murphy of IRD Duhallow at the opening of the Donoughmore Walkway which was developed with the suppor t of LEADER
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Helen O’Sullivan IRD Duhallow with organisers of the ‘Duhallow Suppor ts Mar ymount ’ Fundraising Concer t which was held as par t of the Day of the Regions project in Kanturk Mar t


SICAP 2018-2023

SICAP provides funding to tack le pover ty and social exclusion through local engagement and par tnerships bet ween disadvantaged individuals, community organisations and public sector agencies

SICAP is a multi-faceted programme, which provides suppor ts to respond to individual and community needs, using a community development approach to improve people’s lives Suppor ts are provided directly to beneficiaries who are less likely to use mainstream ser vices and they are then linked into existing ser vices

IRD Duhallow aims to ensure that these people receive qualit y, tailored suppor ts, while also allowing flexibility to adapt actions to the local need on the ground The 17 Sustainable D e velopment G oals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action to ending pover ty and other deprivations go hand-inhand with the SICAP programme as these are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all

SICAP 2024-2028

The nex t iteration of SICAP will commence in Januar y 2024 and the tender process for same has commenced The new programme design will be based on findings from a broad consultation with relevant stakeholders, including an ex ter nal re vie w of the cur rent SICAP Programme (2018-2023) and a stak eholder consultation on the nex t iteration (SICAP 2024+) which was

conduc ted by KPMG Future Analytics IRD Duhallow has delivered social inclusion in the Duhallow region since 1996 We will be tendering again this year to ensure we continue to build on our work with communities in the region

The 2008 cohesion process highlighted the impor tance and preference of one strong Local Development Company delivering a suite of programmes such as LEADER and SICAP in one footprint

Action 1 Stakeholder Engagement 7,198.90 2,488.41 IRD Duhallow Newsletter 5 933 50 2 088 81 Discover Duhallow 1,265 40 399 60 Action 2 Empowerment of Disadvantaged Communities 789 13 249 20 Gardening Training Programme 684 00 216 00 Community Meetings 105 13 33 20 Action 3 Collaborative Networks 1,589 21 516 07 Saoi Network Meetings 104 12 46 88 Jacks Mystery Tour 419 90 132 60 Women s Forum Milestone Meeting 244 78 77 52 Saoi Network Conference 820 41 259 07 Action 4 Intergration of New Communities 3,343 15 748 49 Advertising in Discover Duhallow 982 6 275 28 Equality Working Group Meetings 13 99 1 45 Diversity Awareness Training 346 56 109 44 Community Christmas Event 2,000 00 362 32 Action 5 Community & Social Enterprise 2,132.00 1,000.00 Equipment Upgrade for Newmarket Afterschools 2 132 00 Printer for Tureencahill 1,000 00 Total Goal 1 Budget 15,052.39 5,002.17 Goal 1 €€ ACTION CORK KERRY SICAP has under taken extensive work with the Ukrainian Community in both Millstreet and Kanturk on programmes such as work readiness Goal 2 €€ ACTION CORK KERRY Action 6 Connecting Youth Provision 3,545 30 1,147 20 Career Guidance Workshop 171 00 54 00 First aid for kids 318 20 101 80 Public Speaking Programme 930 00 320 00 Apprenticeship Preparation Course 1,406 00 444 00 Careers Exhibition 568 10 179 40 Duhallow Youth Forum 152 00 48 00 Action 7 Community Education & Life long learning 7,832.91 2,442.60 Co-Parenting Workshop 323 00 102 00 Paediatric First Aid 424 85 134 16 Self Defence Programme for Women 266 00 84 00 Gardening Classes 684 00 216 00 Employment and Training Working Group Meetings 126 28 8 93 Dressmaking Training Programme 1,901 52 600 48 Chess for Children 693 12 218 88 Basic Arts and Crafts 532 00 168 00 Duhallow Bee Keepers 1,856 14 586 15 Sewing Machine Project 1,026 00 324 00 Action 8 Disability & Mental Health Comm Inclusion 5,691 67 1,487 52 Towards Occupation 2,567 49 564 10 Purchase of Sewing Machines 1,026 00 324 00 Strive Training Programme 2 098 18 599 42 Teach Mhuire Community Gardens 500 00 Action 9 Labour Market Activation 4,855.97 1,520.36 IRD Duhallow Training Brochure 630 37 185 96 Safe Pass Training 1,824 00 576 00 Forklift Training 2,401 60 758 40 Action 10 Job Centre 2,650 33 809 32 Emotional Support for Job Seekers 1,838 75 576 00 EAPN 50 00 Newspapers for the Job Centre 267 58 77 32 CV clinics 456 00 144 00 Job Centre 38 00 12 00 Action 11 Self Employment 6,858.80 2,221.20 Start Your Own Business Training Programmes 3,055 20 964 80 Kerry Month of Enterprise 300 00 Mentoring 2 200 00 450 00 Creative Workshops for the Craft Sector 1 596 00 504 00 Enterprise Working Group 7 60 2 40 Action 12 Supporting Disadvantaged Children & Families 7,191.00 2,270.85 Literacy 4 791 04 1 512 96 T TRS 215 57 68 08 Dyslexia Friendly Books 1,216 00 384 00 Literacy Camps 342 00 108 00 Dyslexia Support Webinar 171 00 54 00 Deirdre Holland Hannon 455 39 143 81 Action 13 Adult & Second Chance Education 1,750 00 Majella O'Dwyer 500 00 Cookery Course Participant 500 00 Esther Healy 250 00 Michelle Cronin 500 00 Total Goal 2 Budget 40,375.98 11,899.05 0 Action 14 Ukranian Support 18,385 00 Ukranian Response 3,165 54 Ukranian Supports 399 48 Ukraninan Response 14,819 98 Total Ukranian Support 18,385 00 I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023

Community Development

Community Engagement Meetings

for ever y area whilst also inform LEADER, SICAP and other programme strategies

The process of ongoing ac tive consultation and collaboration is engrained in IRD Duhallow ’ s approach to Communit y Led Local Development This has helped the board of IRD Duhallow understand the ever- evolving needs and pr ior ities across the region including the vie wpoints of those who are of ten under represented at a decisionmak ing level A series of 29 public consultation meetings were organised in Februar y/March 2023 across the entire IRD Duhallow region in an effor t to provide “outreach” to engage with people in their own communities These communit y meetings progressed the discussions which had already tak en place in these same communities in 2019 and the ne w issues which had arisen since the pandemic were also explored A posterbased wor kshop sought the input of all those in attendance Communities were encouraged through the “ bottom-up” approach to consider the potential of their areas whilst tak ing into account the needs of future generations I n addition to this, an online consultation was carried out for those who could not make it on the night and for those who wished to add fur ther infor mation A QR code was shared on all social media platfor ms to encourage people to par ticipate in the consultation online Hard copies of the questionnaire were also circulated at the community meetings and made available in the local post office and shops for those people who didn’t have the broadband access or sk ills required to complete the sur ve y online Rural communities face diverse challenges including gaps in public ser vice provision but unique oppor tunities for growth have also been identified Common themes emerged in all communities such as issues regarding poor qualit y broadband and the need for improvements to communit y facilities A strong desire to protec t the special charac teristics that define different communities was expressed including local traditions All of the information has been collated and will form the basis of community plans

SMART Villages

IRD Duhallow in conjunction with K ilkenny Par tnership and Galway Rural D e velopment Company came together to de velop a LEADER cooperation inter ter r itor ial projec t to de velop a cur r iculum for Smar t Village training The term 'Smar t Villages' refers to rural communities that build on and enhance existing strengths and assets through creative solutions, embracing innovation to create attrac tive and sustainable places in which to live and work Communities were suppor ted to draw up Smar t Village Communit y Plans that focused on innovative ways to create more vibrant, sustainable and attractive rural areas I n par ticular, communities explored how local ser vices could be enhanced and sustained through IC T tools and communit y-led ac tions and projec ts Net wor k ing with other communities through SMAR T Villages encouraged the sharing of ideas and experience

Kerr y Community Awards 2023

K er r y Communit y Awards recognises the wor k of the communit y and voluntar y sector that seeks to improve the Social, Economic, Cultural and Environmental quality of life in local communities, both urban and rural The ex tremely wor thy gold and silver winner communities showcased the work and dedication of volunteers and illustrated how community groups across the County of Kerr y are going above and beyond in their effor ts to keep their communities vibrant and thriving

Europe Day 2023

On 10th of May 1972 the people of I reland made a critical decision for the future of the countr y At a time where people had concerns about what this change would mean, their optimistic decision to join the EEC

Members of Freemount Community par taking in poster-based workshop as par t of the IRD Duhallow Community Consultations which looked at the community ’ s Social, Cultural, Economic and Environment oppor tunities and challenges Super visors Colm O’Connor and Sandra Jones exhibiting at “Meet the Clubs Day ” organised by Macroom and District Lions Club, where they showcased suppor ts available from IRD Duhallow IRD Duhallow CEO Maura Walsh with Louise Bourke and members of the Bweeng Hall Committee marking the commencement of work on the new Bweeng Running Track
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Maura Walsh, Eileen Linehan and Louise Bourke with members of the Kanturk Astro Tur f committee who received a grant of €110,000 from LEADER

Community Development

has made all the difference for the I rish nation The referendum which was held within tough economic times lead to a process of change for I reland which was neither linear or constant However, since becoming a member of the European Union on the 1st Januar y 1973, there has been profound social, economic and cultural change in I reland, shaping the countr y and its people, providing equality, prosperity and oppor tunity for I rish people ever ywhere

To celebrate 50 Years of Ireland's Membership of the European Union, the Depar tment of Foreign Affairs, together with the National Concer t Hall, the European Commission and European Par liament hosted a per formance of Beethoven’s Symphony No 9 per formed by the National Symphony Orchestra and conducted by David Brophy, with a speciallyformed choir and I rish and European soloists Symphony No 9 features the much-loved ‘Ode to Joy ’ , recognised today as the European Anthem IRD Duhallow were delighted to have two representatives present at that ver y special event, CEO Maura Walsh and Nollaig Murphy Development

Discover Duhallow

Discover Duhallow is a for tnightly magazine produced and circulated by a small team 4000 copies are delivered throughout the region, and it focuses on communit y ne ws, e vents, and unique individuals and businesses The core is communit y - nothing is too small! Groups and residents are encouraged to communicate with the team and they' ve established a good rappor t throughout Duhallow Dur ing 2022, the y released a number of bumper issues, from info for Uk ranian arrivals to IRD Duhallow Business Awards coverage S ocial media has helped the magazine reach fur ther than ever before, and has proved a huge benefit to both the team and the community

communities felt comfor table and safe to hold their usual communit y events and celebrations and since this we have seen communities in 2023 really pick up where the y lef t off pre covid with a great mix of e vents planned for the remainder of the year The concept for the LEADER

Funded Day of The R egions’ projec t is all about celebrating the uniqueness and assets of the region and building capacit y within communities to make it an attractive place to visit and live in Family fun days, cultural e vents, tea dances, guided walks have all been well suppor ted in communities across the region with an impressive line up of events scheduled for the summer of 2023

Community Elec tions

Communit y representation on the board of IRD Duhallow has always been promoted and recognised as vital for the bottom up approach the company takes to rural development With 8 of the 25 seats occupied by democratically elec ted communit y representatives, it consists of 2 representatives from Nor th Eastern, South Eastern, Western Duhallow and our M id Cork area We would lik e to thank Billy Murphy for his time on the board representing South Eastern Duhallow and we welcome Rosie Healy from Banteer and Geraldine Galvin from the Lee Valley Enterprise Board who take up their new roles on the board

Day of the Regions Co - operation Projec t

The summer and Autumn of 2021 was the first time since Covid where

Caleb O’Connor and Tadhg Cur tin co- editors of Discover Duhallow Members of the Board of Management of Hollymount National School celebrating its 150 years with the unveiling of a plaque and a community celebration suppor ted under the Day of the Regions project The Castlemagner Variety Concer t celebrated the talent in the parish and attracted large numbers to this community event as par t of Bealtaine and The Day of the Regions Project The Annual Tureencahill Summer BBQ proved as popular as ever with locals coming together to celebrate their rural community meet neighbours and welcome newcomers to the parish Having a break from all the fun at the Day of the Regions Family Fun Day in Kiskeam Showcasing the talent in the parish at the Meelin Variety Show guaranteed a great evening’s enter tainment and encapsulated the essence of the Day of the Regions Project
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Nollaig Murphy Development O fficer IRD Duhallow speaks with Minister of State with responsibility for EU Affairs and Defence Peter Bourke at Europe Day event in Dublin

Equality and Social Inclusion in Duhallow

While the theme of Equality and Social I nclusion permeates through all func tions of IRD Duhallow, the Equalit y Wor k ing Group is specifically task ed to foster positive change for those experiencing inequalit y The work ing group also creates a wider awareness of equalit y issues whilst building a commitment to addressing and mainstreaming equality issues in practice Activities are focused on work ing directly with people who are more excluded and disadvantaged, facilitating ne w and existing groups to promote par ticipation, social inclusion and equalit y, encouraging community network ing and enhancing quality of life

Equality Workshop

I n late 2022, members of IRD Duhallow ’ s Equality Work ing Group along with staff members attended an interactive training event facilitated by Dr Alvina Grossu The purpose of this training was to look at integration within the contex t of population diversity in Duhallow Broaching issues such as cultural sensitivity, challenging stereotypes, and avoiding mak ing assumptions, this thought provok ing training was well received by all attendees

Group in R athmore Co K er r y in D ecember 2022 With the aim of suppor ting families at Christmas time this wonder ful festive event was organised to ensure children enjoyed the excitement involved in the build up to Christmas time With each child meeting Santa and receiving a gift, this event which received suppor t through the SICAP programme was a great success

Communicating Europe

Multicultural Christmas

I n December 2022, IRD Duhallow was delighted to host its annual SICAP multicultural “Christmas in Duhallow ” event for children and families in M illstreet The unprecedented nature of the humanitarian crisis triggered by the Russian invasion of Uk raine has presented the Duhallow region with an oppor tunit y to provide meaning ful suppor ts to those experiencing upheaval, and to this end the hosting of this communit y integration e vent was ne ver more significant With attendees from Drishane Direct Provision Centre, the Green Glens Arena and other areas of Duhallow, this child and family centred event symbolised unity within the communit y at Chr istmas time The occasion which took place in M illstreet Communit y School saw families enjoy a fantastic interac tive children’s wildlife roadshow and a comical clown’s hilar ious magic per for mance This e vent culminated in all children present and their families meeting the wonder ful Santa and M rs Claus who had made themselves available on the mor ning to meet all the children in attendance in their festive grotto

A fur ther family focused Christmas event was hosted by the Social Action

IRD Duhallow was delighted to be selec ted to facilitate a communit y-based projec t focused on celebrating 50 years of I reland ’ s membership of the EU The overarching purpose of the projec t is to deepen public awareness of the role that the European Union plays in our daily lives and improve the qualit y and accessibilit y of public information on European issues, at local, regional, or national le vel To this end local people from var ious par ts of Duhallow, came for ward to wr ite ar ticles focusing on what the last 50 years of EU membership has meant for people on an individual level and for the countr y on a national le vel Ar ticles submitted included features on the impact of EU membership on local development, the environment, youth, women ’ s affairs, and changes in the Duhallow region that have occur red because of I r ish EU membership

IRD Duhallow will also have an upcoming project this Autumn which will be specifically for the benefit of local young secondar y school students This project is aimed at deepening understanding of I rish social cohesion within the contex t of EU 50 – Communicating Europe The projec t will look at recognising the diverse population of the local geographic area and will specifically focus on examining the I reland ’ s jour ne y and transition from being a monocultural entit y to a moder n multicultural European member state

Communicating Europe par ticipants with IRD Duhallow CEO Maura Walsh Tutor Meave Ferris and project co- ordinator Nollaig Murphy Santa and Mrs Claus at the Christmas in Duhallow event in Millstreet Visiting IRD Duhallow s Santa grotto is always a Christmas highlight for children in Rathmore, Kanturk and also Millstreet IRD Duhallow staff attend a social inclusion awareness workshop delivered by Dr Alvina Grossu, Culturewise An Táinaiste Micheal Mar tin meets with IRD Duhallow Ukrianian suppor t worker Alina Rusal and Halyna Lytvynenko at the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet Community Interpreter training was organised by IRD Duhallow to suppor t members of new communities living in the Duhallow area
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Billy Kelleher MEP speaks to Development O fficer Nollaig Murphy about how IRD Duhallow implemented the Community Europe Initiative celebrating EU50

Suppor t For Ukrainian Refugees

Since Easter 2022 IRD Duhallow has played a significant role in suppor ting Uk rainians in Duhallow and it has become a large par t of our social inclusion and integration work We sit on the County Response Forum in Cork and Kerr y where multisectoral collaboration helps ensure efficienc y and dialogue

We work closely with the local authority in the placement of Uk rainians in accommodation under the O ffer a Home programme Our team also works alongside the HSE where translation suppor t is provided to I nreach and psychology teams as well as with Cork E TB on the deliver y of courses and activities locally

The suppor ts we offer are ver y broad with Uk rainians initially suppor ted from ar r ival with humanitar ian aid and advocac y link ing them to local GP ’ s, social welfare, English language classes and schools Following this we link them to relevant courses and employment oppor tunities while also promoting integration locally O ver the last year we have suppor ted in excess of 1200 Uk rainians with approximately 800 now dispersed across the region

Employment Suppor ts

O ver the last 12 months we have delivered a programme which has consisted of educational and socially inclusive suppor ts which through a mechanism of actions helped to

alleviate the educational disadvantage they are experiencing, increase par ticipation, build resilience, improve wellbeing and mental health, and create oppor tunities for them to upsk ill and gain meaningful employment

There is great interest and enthusiasm amongst the refugees to commence employment and education so that they can improve their situation and create a future for themselves in I reland As is the realit y across the countr y there are employers struggling to fill vacancies To help overcome this and suppor t Uk rainians to become more settled in

Duhallow we rolled out a suite of work preparation suppor ts while also addressing their wellbeing and mental health and promoting socially inclusive initiatives for them to take par t in also

Courses were delivered both in person and online classes which addressed, I nter view sk ills, understanding the I rish market, work culture and developing career progression plans Personal development classes were also facilitated where par ticipants were suppor ted to set realistic and achievable goals, build resilience and be suppor ted to explore their personal values, strengths and sk ills

Social Inclusion Suppor ts

We delivered a Duhallow wide holistic phased trauma care initiative for Uk rainians which involved nonclinical community-based inter ventions that helped refugees feel safe again, build resilience and nur ture a sense of belonging while also helping to manage the insecurity, stress and trauma that comes from conflict and forced displacement

Suppor ts varied from psychoeducation suppor ts such as ar t therapy and dance using therapy techniques M indfulness, yoga, and forest bathing all proved ver y popular as a method for self- care

Conscious that there are a significant number of Uk rainian children in Duhallow we have delivered ar t and craft classes and dance classes for them along with facilitating them to attend the Newmarket Afterschools Easter Camps Second level students have also been suppor ted through workshops in school promoting integration, team building and cultural awareness With first aid workshops also delivered

Drop In Centre

We have established for tnightly drop -in centres in M illstreet, K anturk and Newmarket giving Uk rainians the oppor tunity to come and meet us to discuss any issues and receive information on suppor ts and upcoming events

Community Car

Public Transpor t is a significant issue in the region and we are delighted to now have a communit y car initiative established with Cor k Count y Council for those Uk rainians living rurally to avail of so they can access appointments, English classes and their week ly shop


To deliver this vast programme of suppor ts we leveraged funds from a fe w sources including SICAP together wtih REACH, Communit y Foundation of I reland and the Refugee Health & Wellbeing fund, which have ensured a comprehensive programme was delivered

IRD Duhallow Ukrainian Suppor t Worker Yuliia iLiashenko with Kyr ylo Butt & Yuliia Savenko and their children Tymofii and Mykhailo who relocated to Kanturk through the Local Authority
ffer a Home Programme In collaboration with Cork ETB we delivered a Safepass Course in Millstreet for 20 Ukrainians now eligible to work in the construction sector
Par ticipants on a
Teachers Miriam O Regan, Aggie O’Riordan and Ir yna Halaieva with their students who delivered a Youth Integration Project in their school
Bootcamp with tutor Ruth Cosgrave Yoga teacher Irina Popova who delivered classes to Ukrainians in Millstreet, Kanturk and Newmarket Mariia Palchak IRD Duhallow at the launch of the Skillnet Funded Eirelingo Learning Hub with Minister of State at the Depar tment of Fur ther Education Research Innovation and Science Niall Collins where she presented him with traditional Ukrainian bread
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Fr Fitzgerald Millstreet blessing the Easter Bread which is a Ukrainian Easter tradition and made by Duhallow Community Food Ser vices for the occasion

Equality For Women & Childcare

The Women and Childcare Wor k ing Group is proud to wor k towards the attainment of equalit y for women with a strong focus on gender proofing

36 6 % of females in I reland live in rural areas whereby their impor tance and impact often remains underestimated and underappreciated

and lighting of walks to enhance safety to name but a few

Women’s Forum Milestone celebration

The IRD Duhallow Women’s Forum was delighted to mar k their 25th Anniversar y with a special Milestone Celebration in Duhallow Community Food S er vices in 2022 and continued to meet in regular inter vals to engage and plan relevant activities

I n 2023, many women still encounter many obstacles and remain at a greater risk of disadvantage, par ticularly those most marginalised such as those parenting alone, with disabilities, older women and migrants Obstacles and disadvantages women are more lik ely to face include greater risk of pover ty, earning low wages, main providers of unpaid care wor k , lone parent, accessing educational oppor tunities, precar ious employment, sexual and domestic violence

The commitment of the Forum to deliver impor tant topical events and campaigns to suppor t all Women in Duhallow is stronger than ever in attracting women of all ages and backgrounds

The IRD Duhallow Women’s Forum is associated to the National Women’s Council of I reland, which is an umbrella organisation for women ’ s groups in I reland This enables the Forum to work with the NWCI in defining its core priorities and be involved in decision-mak ing levels at local, national and international level

The Wor k ing Group seeks to identify challenges facing women in Duhallow promoting the enhancement of women ’ s r ights and oppor tunities We address these challenges through targeted inter ventions to assist women to enter or remain in the workforce and benefit from education and training offer ings Employment and education traditionally remain t wo strong components of gender discr imination and stereot yping Bet ween 1996 and 2016, there was an increase in the number of women in education (6 6 %) The corresponding increase in Cork County was 5 5 percentage points, and in I reland, it was 5 1 percentage points This increase showcases the oppor tunity to build on IRD Duhallow ’ s proficiency and accomplishments regarding employment and education pathways for females

The public communit y consultation meetings conduc ted by IRD Duhallow in ear ly 2023, identified issues including the need for more Childcare availability, difficulties relating to broadband connection and mobile phone coverage hindering remote and flexible work ing models

Cyber Security training

The IRD Duhallow Women’s Forum was delighted to welcome Jason O’ Mahony, Founder of Children of the Digital Age and specialist in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime I nvestigation as well as Cyber psychology, who delivered an infor mational talk on how to protec t children and teenagers from har m by online predators Children and teenagers are exceptionally vulnerable to risks posed by the anonymity of the internet including c yber bullying, c yber scams, exposure to inappropriate content and grooming This impor tant workshop sought to empower parents and guardians all across Duhallow giving prac tical advice on how to use technology safely

Vir tual Co -Parenting Workshop

The IRD Duhallow Women’s Forum recognises the impor tance of actively suppor ting parents and guardians through training initiatives on topical and relevant issues such a co -parenting which refers to parents jointly

Chairperson Judy O’Lear y and Vice Chair Anna Maria Bourke of the Women’s Forum alongside Stephanie Moynihan, IRD Duhallow Development O fficer delighted to celebrate the 25 Year Milestone celebration with Forum Members Mar y Hickey, Jeanette O’Connell, Kathleen O’Sullivan, Mar y O’Connell, Noreen O’Connell and Mar y Wallace The Duhallow Women s Walking Group, established in 2022 to combat rural isolation experienced by Women in Duhallow, enjoy a walk in Doneraile Park Chairperson Judy O Lear y and IRD Duhallow CEO Maura Walsh celebrating the 25th anniversar y of the Women’s Forum with Forum members
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Ukrainian Suppor t Workers Alina Rusal and Yuliia Iliashenko speaking with Minister for Community Development and Charities Joe O Brien Many of those seeking refuge from Ukraine are women and 43% describe their status as being one parent with children

Equality For Women & Childcare

par tak ing their children’s upbringing The Duhallow Region has a 6 58 % above rate of Lone Parents to Children under the age of 15 years of age representing 13 46 % (Source: CSO, 2016)

Nor th Cork Childcare Managers Network

The Women’s Forum hosted a Vir tual wor kshop on Co -Parenting with Children’s Therapist & Online Child Parent Relationship Suppor t Specialist Eithne Dr inan The wor kshop provided access to prac tical therapeutic tools and communication techniques including the acceptance of var ying parenting st yles, tolerance and most impor tantly to put the children’s wellbeing over any indifferences or conflicts between parents of care - givers The mode of vir tual deliver y was deliberately chosen as this allowed par ticipants to log in from the comfor t of their own home and remaining anonymous if they chose to do so

50 years celebration of NWCI

IRD Duhallow was proudly represented at the Áras an Uachtaráin Garden Par t y to mar k 50th Anniversar y of the National Women’s Council with President M ichael D H iggins and Sabina H iggins by Judy O ’Lear y and Anne Maria Bourke

The Women’s Forum is a long-standing member of the National Women’s Council and this wonder ful occasion presented a welcomed oppor tunit y for members to get to together and celebrate milestone accomplishments for Women’s r ights and equalit y over the past five decades

The Nor th Cor k Childcare M anagers Net wor k was established by IRD Duhallow in 2015 and is made up of managers of community childcare facilities from across Nor th Cork and East Kerr y The meetings provide an environment to net wor k , share infor mation, exper tise and have discussions I t is a collaborative platfor m with managers from 20 community childcare facilities as well as representatives from Cork County Childcare and IRD Duhallow The Network meets on a bi-monthly basis where they share exper iences, discuss challenges facing the childcare sector and to identify oppor tunities including funding and staff training To celebrate I nternational Womens Day, and all the inspirational women who manage and wor k in the childcare sec tor, the Childcare Net wor k organised an event, funded through SICAP, for the Managers and Staff of the Nor th Cork Community Childcare facilities The event was held in IRD Duhallow with a bespoke workshop from Motivational Speaker and Life Coach M airead M or iar t y followed by Af ter noon Tea from Duhallow Community Food Ser vices

The Network welcomed the announced of the new funding model, Together for Better, for Early Years and School Aged Ser vices in September 2022, which is a move towards a public model of childcare Together for Better suppor ts improved affordability for parents, better work ing conditions and pay for staff, increased capacity and greater financial stability for ser vices through Core


By introducing the new Core Funding plan and continuing to fund the Early Childhood Care and Education program, AIM, and the National Childcare plan, Together for Better is a step in the right direction in relation to funding the childcare sector and should provide a basis for future investment

Rose O’Brien from Cork County Childcare pictured with IRD Duhallow ’ s Eileen Linehan Eileen is the Chair of the Cork County Childcare committee Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Sharon Clernon of Mindview Clinic pictured alongside Cait Ir win of Bank of Ireland who was awarded the Best Woman Led Business at the Duhallow Business Awards Judy O’Lear y (Chair of Duhallow Women’s Forum) and Anne Maria Bourke ( Vice Chair of Duhallow Women s Forum) met Sabina Higgins at the garden par ty in the Aras, celebrating activists for female rights and equality and marking 50 years of the National Women’s Council of Ireland Congratulations to all graduates who completed the Level 5 in Early Childhood Care and Education through Duhallow Skillnet The need for this programme was identified in conjunction with the Nor th Cork Childcare Network
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
International Women’s Day Event: Dar yna Liubytska Newmarket Afterschools, Mairead Moriar ty Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Miriam Collins and Claire Buckley Blackwater Childcare, Margaret Kerins Tir na Nog Ballydesmond and Mar y Guiney Freemount Pre School

Duhallow Carers

The Duhallow Carers network was established in 2006 and ser ves as a catalyst for the suppor t of Family and Voluntar y Carers in the Duhallow region There are over 150 Carers on our Database with monthly suppor t meetings held in the James O’Keeffe I nstitute with a regular cohor t in attendance at all times

The Duhallow Carers network ser ves as a safe place for those look ing after someone in a voluntar y capacity offering an environment to exchange k nowledge and information as well as providing mental suppor t to one another

The annual calendar of the Duhallow Carers network consists of many staple events including the annual summer outing, summer barbeque, annual carers mass and Christmas outing as well as numerous workshops and training offerings

Dormant Accounts

IRD Duhallow has a long standing track record of suppor ting communities since 1989 From the beginning carers and older people have been a significant priority since its ver y inception as we have an ageing population in the region The Dormant Account Fund 20202022 programme was the third programme of its k ind awarded to IRD Duhallow in 2021 and aimed to empower and suppor t carer in Nor th West Cork , M id Cork and par t of East Kerr y Dormant Accounts Funding was instrumental to our organisation allowing us to run a suite of ex tremely valuable workshops and training for the carers community in Duhallow, which would not have been possible without the funding Courses ranged from accredited to non-accredited course, some with a duration of a number of weeks while others were designed in ‘workshopst yle’ with a duration of an hour or more suppor ting 97 individual learners

Upon completion of the 2020-2022 Dormant Accounts programme, we were delighted to announce the new 2023-2024 programme which once again seeks to empower Carers by providing them with the k nowledge and information relevant to their needs and situation along with developing and expanding our existing suppor t network for carers in the region which would help to improve the quality of life of both the carer, the family as a whole and the person being cared for

Carers Dail Visit

At the invitation of M ichael Moynihan TD, the Duhallow Carers Network alongside IRD Duhallow Board Member Pat Brosnan and Development O fficers Brighid Ide Walsh and Nollaig Murphy travelled to Dáil Éireann in June 2023 This visit was an impor tant oppor tunity to receive a compelling tour of Leinster House including the public galler y and chambers of parliament and to learn about the histor y of this truly iconic building After wards, a wonder ful meal was enjoyed by all The IRD Duhallow Dormant Accounts Programme 2023-2024 focuses on suppor ting and improving employment and self- employment oppor tunities for Carers IRD Duhallow will be running an exciting array of courses, workshops and information sessions on topics including Mental Health & Wellbeing, Effective Communication & Resilience, C V & I nter view Sk ills as well as Personal Development

Minister Norma Foley TD and IRD Duhallow Board Member Geraldine O’Lear y presented Marie Healy of Duhallow Carers network with her MS O ffice cer tificate Development O fficer Stephanie Moynihan at the Mother s Day Coffee morning for Carers Elmarie Creedon and Dolores Goggin enjoying a meal in the Vintage Kanturk as par t of the annual Carers Christmas outing Carer ’ s Network Chairperson Sheila Crowley, Kathleen O’Sullivan and Eileen Murphy preparing delicious food for their fellow Carers group members during the annual Carers Summer Barbeque Members of the Duhallow Carers Group with IRD Duhallow staff Nollaig Murphy and Brighid Ide Walsh and Board Member Pat Brosnan, with Michael Moynihan TD on their trip to the Dail IRD Duhallow Employment, Training and Social Inclusion Team Leader Triona Dennehy and Development O fficer Stephanie Moynihan
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
A little bit of pampering is always a good idea! Linda enjoying a manicure by Christina of Croi Beauty, Newmarket during the Carers Mother ’ s Day Coffee morning

Saoi Network

The Saoi Network is one of IRD Duhallow ’ s longest established networks centring its activities around the enhancements to the quality of life of older people in Duhallow through improved provision of suppor ts directed at senior citizens and by facilitating social outing oppor tunities and promoting the third age concept

Senior ’s conference

I n 2022, The Saoi network was delighted to see the return of the annual Duhallow S enior ’ s Conference welcoming I r ish Celebr it y Chef Dar ina Allen as the keynote speaker, who delivered a talk on the “Forgotten Sk ills of Cook ing”

Bealtaine 2023

Bealtaine 2023 celebrations spreading over the month of May were truly enjoyed by all aiming to promote active and healthy aging in Duhallow and beyond Events included an array of activities including Tea Dances, Coffee Mornings, Scenic Walks as well as Jack ’ s Famous Myster y Tour

Myster y Tour

Jack ’ s renowned Myster y Tour is a highlight for many on the Bealtaine Calendar as people sign up for day ’ s excursion without having a clue where they are going This year the trip ventured to Macroom Buffalo Farm, Clonak ilty Distiller y, Clonak ilty Black Pudding Factor y and the Model R ailway Village After wards dinner was ser ved in the Auld Triangle in Macroom

The day was one of var iet y with excellent guest speak ers and talks on positive mental health strategies, personal safety, energy saving strategies, ser vices for the elder ly in Duhallow and physical ac tivities for older people

HSE Funding

Through the suppor t of the Communit y Team in the HSE the Saoi Network received an umbrella pot of funding which was then distributed to groups This meant that groups had to under take minimal paper work and red tape for the pur poses of the grant Through this fund, groups bought essential items such as k ettles, photocopiers and spor ts equipment

Senior Aler t Scheme

The Senior Aler t Scheme funds the provision of socially monitored alarms to householders over 65 years of age and IRD Duhallow is one of a number of companies registered with Pobal to deliver this scheme This highly popular ser vice allows qualifying householders to receive a free alarm and pendant which can be worn around the wrist or neck When pressed it connec ts wirelessly to a base unit which is link ed to your landline or mobile phone This base unit immediately sends a call to a 24hour monitoring centre The equipment is supplied and installed free of charge along with one year ’ s free monitor ing Af ter one year, the householder must pay the monitor ing fee ranging from €65 to €137 However, if there is no suitable landline available and a mobile signal is used to connect the equipment to the monitoring provider, a fee will be charged annually for SIM credit I n 2022, over 160 applications were approved by Pobal, and the alarms were installed by TASK Communit y Care We continue to promote this ser vice through the Saoi Net wor k , Duhallow R e vamp, Duhallow Communit y Laundr y, DCFS and the Community Care group

Friendly Phone Call Ser vice

IRD Duhallow ’ s Saoi network held the annual Dawn Mass at the Source of the Black water in M arch 2023 M ass was celebrated by Fr Tarrant of Ballydesmond parish Delicious treats prepared by Duhallow Community Food Ser vices were enjoyed by all after the ceremony

IRD Duhallow has been providing its free Friendly Phone Call Ser vice for more than 10 years combating loneliness and isolation in older people, those with mental health or physical disabilities, and people who are socially isolated We have a team of RSS par ticipants and volunteers that call clients at a time and frequenc y that works for them Receiving a call ever y day and having a chat with one of our friendly team members has a profound impact on people

Dawn Mass IRD Duhallow vice Chair Anne Marie Bourke and Noreen O’Connell enjoying the sunshine at the Model Village, Clonakility as par t of Jack ’ s Famous Myster y Tour Blessed with exceptionally fine weather par ticipants of Jack s Myster y Tour 2023 enjoyed a wonder ful day out among friends Father Tarrant Parish Priest of Ballydesmond pictured with IRD Duhallow CEO Maura Walsh and Tús Super visor Nuala Riordan enjoying the scenic beauty of the Source of the Blackwater Maura Walsh, CEO of IRD Duhallow alongside IRD Duhallow vice Chair Anne Maria Bourke were delighted to welcome Irish Celebrity Chef Darina Allen to the IRD Duhallow SAOI Senior ’ s conference Local Sergeant Mark Daly and Catherine Canty Gardai delivered a compelling presentation on how to safeguard your home in the darker winter and beyond as par t of the 2022 Senior ’ s conference
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
The location of the Source of the Blackwater is truly symbolic and representative of the star t of new life, hope and the gratitude for nature and wildlife which Father Tarrant beautifully emphasised during the celebration of this ver y special mass and gathering

Disability and Mental Health

Towards Occupation:

The IRD Duhallow Towards Occupation Programme continues to provide invaluable communit y-based suppor t to individuals facing multiple bar r iers to progression due to their mental ill health Built upon the principles of equality and inclusion, the Towards Occupation programme focuses on par ticipation, progression, positive mental health, and selfcare Through the utilization of the HSE Wellbeing Wor k books, the programme has witnessed significant advancements in ver bal communication, social sk ills, personal appearance, and self- care among its par ticipants R egular attendance at the t wice -week ly sessions has proven highly beneficial for the individuals involved

Regrettably, the programme ' s previous annual funding from the Depar tment of S ocial Protec tion is no longer available Moving for ward, our aim is to secure more per manent funding sources to expand and sustain the programme, ensur ing it meets the growing needs of our region We are ac tively seek ing assistance from the HSE (Health Ser vice Executive) and an enhanced SICAP (Social I nclusion and Community Activation Programme) to suppor t our cause B y secur ing additional funding, we can mak e a lasting impac t on the lives of individuals facing employment and educational challenges Our goal is to provide them with the oppor tunity to achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life

Our Rural Communit y Health Wor k er (R CHW ) Denis has been wor k ing with the Towards Occupation Group facilitating them to tak e par t in a range of activities designed to develop their soft sk ills Most recently they par ticipated in a sewing programme funded by Cork E TB on Mondays, with the suppor t of Tutor Una Additionally, they have been exploring the wor ld of hor ticulture alongside R achel Budd, our S ocial Far ming Coordinator from IRD Duhallow, who has been instrumental in guiding them through the transfor mation of their garden beds Together, they have cleared, planted, and nur tured the gardens, resulting in vibrant colours that ser ve as a testament to their hard wor k and dedication Fur thermore, Angela, an Ar t Tutor, has been leading sessions on Fridays, enabling the par ticipants to explore their creative side through painting, drawing, creative writing, and poetr y

Duhallow Emotional Suppor t & Counselling Ser vice

Through our work in the communit y and with individuals and families we recognised that the need for counselling for those who could not afford to pay for it was a constant recur r ing issue Now 9 years in existence the Duhallow Emotional Suppor t & Counselling Ser vice was established as a confidential, non-judgemental voluntar y ser vice offering emotional suppor t & counselling The ser vice is provided by five voluntar y Counsellors / Psychotherapists (made up of student and pre -accredited therapists) who offer one -to - one emotional suppor t & counselling/psychotherapy to anyone over the age of 18 affec ted by mental ill health

However, the Towards Occupation Group's commitment to well-being extends beyond physical activities They have actively sought to improve their health and overall wellness by engaging in chair yoga, mindfulness exercises, and regular walk ing These ac tivities have brought them joy and solace Notably, the group ' s summer highlights included a group trip to the Donk ey Sanc tuar y at Liscar roll, as well as other enjoyable social outings like visits to the cinema, bowling, and Fota Wildlife Park

Denis Keane and John Fitzgerald par ticipating in TO hor ticulture workshops in IRD Duhallow Aoife Douglas, Counsellor who co- ordinates the IRD Duhallow Emotional Suppor t & Counselling Ser vice in a safe and private space in the James O’Keeffe Complex Toward Occupation Group working on poetr y with Ar t Tutor Angela O Connor Members of the Towards Occupation group enjoying an outing to Liscarroll Donkey Sanctuar y
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
TO Group taking par t in Sewing Classes with Tutor Una Murray and RCHW Majella Canty

Rural Community Health

Rural Community Health Projec t Launch

The ne w Rural Communit y Health Projec t, which is a collaboration between IRD Duhallow, Ballyhoura Development, Avondhu Black water and the HSE was officially launched at the M erc y Centre, M allow in September last year The RCHP focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of communities in Duhallow and Nor th Cork The project welcomes refer rals from healthcare professionals, voluntar y groups and the community and signposts people to activities and suppor ts in the region

(Cognitive Behavioural

AOSTA Conference

Denis our Rural Community Health Worker along with his counterpar ts in Avondhu Black water and Ballyhoura took par t in a panel discussion at the Aosta (Association of Ser vices to the Aged) Final Fling Conference in Springfor t Hall, Mallow Denis spoke about his experience tak ing over the role as well as cur rent and future planned initiatives under the Rural Community Work Project in IRD Duhallow

ICMSA Presentation

Farm Health & Safety Event

Our Rural Community Health Project and Blue Dot Project collaborated to host a Farm Health & Safety event at the James O ’ K eeffe I nstitute with presentations from K antur k Fire Brigade and An Garda Siochana The event demonstrated the impor tance of health and safety on the farm and encouraged farmers to prioritise their health and well-being I nfor mation on cancer pre vention and hear t health along with free blood pressure checks were also offered at the event

Based on our close wor k ing relationship with the far ming sec tor our RCHW was invited to speak at the I rish Creamer y M ilk Suppliers National Council in Limerick last December The group were ver y pleased to hear about the work under tak en by the Rural Communit y Health Projec t to address stress and isolation that can impact farmers The talk was followed by an in- depth question-and-answer session Delegates were eager for information on minding their mental health and information on how to suppor t others

IRD Duhallow Ac tive Workplace

Women’s Group

Our Duhallow walk ing group was established in June 2022 to address issues identified in the communit y such as loneliness, isolation, depression, and stress, I t has since evolved into a Women's Group which meets t wice a week on M ondays and Wednesdays The group walks during Spring/Summer with the Autumn/Winter programme focusing on indoor health activities The Women’s Group also took par t in a CBT

Following on from a Webinar hosted by the HSE, the IRD Ac tive Wor k place I nitiative was established allowing staff to pr ior itise their physical and mental health Staff were encouraged to take time out and par ticipate in a walk ing and jogging group which was well received by all


The RCHW hosted safeTALK in IRD Duhallow, in November 2022 this is a half- day suicide aler tness training that prepares attendees, regardless of prior experience or training, to become a suicidealer t helpers and aver t suicide r isks I t proved popular and was attended by over 20 par ticipants fur ther safeTALKs will be hosted in 2023

Therapy) workshop, in 2022, funded by Cork Spor ts Par tnership Deputy Mayor Deirdre O’Brien with Eileen Linehan, Helen O’Sullivan, Majella Canty and Maura Walsh at the launch of the Rural Community Health Work Programme Rural Community Health workers Denis Justice, Jackie Hehir and Lorna Hurley with John Arnold, (centre) MC for the event, and Sorcha Ni Chrualaoich, Principal community Worker HSE, at the Aosta Final Fling Conference at Springfor t Hall Majella Canty RCHW with members of the IRD Duhallow Women s Walking Group Members of the Duhallow Women s Group at a CBT workshop RCHW Majella Canty with members of the Kanturk Fire brigade at the Farm Health & Safety event held in IRD Duhallow RCHW Lorna Hurly with par ticipants at the safeTALK held in IRD Duhallow
37 I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
IRD Duhallow staff Maggie O’Callaghan and Julie O’Flaher ty completed the Newmarket 5k after par ticipating in the Couch to 5k Active Workplace Initiative


IRD Duhallow's Strive: 'Strive to achieve your potential' project suppor ts a strengths-based approach to increasing labour market par ticipation of people with disabilities through a range of person- centred and wrap around suppor ts The programme seeks to enhance oppor tunities for career progression, increase oppor tunities for paid and voluntar y employment and suppor t greater engagement in communit y life through tailored wor k readiness programmes The projec t specifically targets par ticipants who may have limited work experience and suppor ts them to take their first or subsequent steps towards employment

Coffee Morning in aid of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland

The Str ive group held a coffee mor ning in aid of Alzheimer S ociet y of I reland to become active citizens and promote volunteerism The event was held in conjunction with Duhallow Community Food Ser vices and was ran by the par ticipants themselves with the suppor t of programme staff To prepare for this par ticipants were trained in basic barista sk ills, customer ser vice and e vent set up This coffee mor ning had multiple benefits; the par ticipants learned new sk ills which will benefit all of them dur ing their wor k placements/employments The local communit y, individuals and businesses came on the mor ning and suppor ted the initiative, resulting in raised local awareness of employing people with disabilities as they displayed their employability sk ills

Person- centred

Through meaningful conversations and workshops, par ticipants identify their goals, strengths, and areas for de velopment An individual and a group plan is de veloped collaboratively which promotes selfdetermination and autonomy, empowering individuals to make informed choices and have control over their own lives

Education & Training

A broad range of courses have been delivered this year including:

• Social and Personal Development which included confidence building, community involvement, asser tiveness, public speak ing and relationship building

• Personal Advocac y

• Career Preparation; inter view sk ills, C Vs

• Public Speak ing

• Ar t and Crafts

Engagement with Local Employers

By actively involving local employers in hiring people with disabilities, we promote equal oppor tunity and inclusion in the workforce I t helps break down bar r iers and prejudices, foster ing a more diverse and equitable societ y O ver the past number of years, dur ing the pre vious Abilit y Programme and Str ive Programme, over 50 local employers have engaged with us and have taken par ticipants on work placement, which has led to meaningful employment for some

• Cooker y, Money Management, Teamwork Spor t, Exercise, Nutrition and Healthy Eating

• Social Farming

• Relationships

Testimony – Daniel O’Loughlin

“I have done so much because of the Strive course I star ted off singing for them and then Brighid Ide recommended I join DCS (Duhallow Choral Society) which I have been a member of since S eptember 2021 The highlight for me has to be at the end of year graduation is 2021 I was recorded singing on camera and it was shown at the graduation to great applause I was given the oppor tunity to write game re vie ws for the D iscover D uhallow magazine by editors Caleb and Tadgh The boxercise with Limerick trainer Jeff Fitzgerald inspired me to take up boxing and I’ve just star ted a QQI Le vel 3 fitness course in Cork City to become a Personal Trainer I met friends for life at Strive and I feel I can explore the many interests I am passionate about there ”

Strive par ticipants completed a series of Public Speaking Workshops
Presenting the cheque to the Air Ambulance of €1012 60 raised during Strive’s coffee morning Assistant Manager of IRD Duhallow Eileen Linehan, Hayleigh Naughton, Daniel O Loughlin, Jamie O Donoghue, Tim Twomey and Development O fficers Sheila Kelleher and Bríghid-Íde Walsh The Strive group enjoyed a trip to Corpus Christi Boxing Club in Limerick to Jeff Fitzgerald after completing their Star t Box course Daniel O Loughlin, Tim Twomey, Rachel Passet, Suppor t Worker Barr y O Brien, Jamie O Donoghue, Boxing Coach Jeff Fitzgerald, Hayleigh Naughton, Jack Cur tin, Denis Buckley and Co- ordinator Bríghid-Íde Walsh Alzheimer ’ s Coffee Morning- Daniel O Loughlin, Suppor t Worker Barr y O Brien and Tim Twomey ready to ser ve the delicious treats Strive par ticipants preparing vegetables for a soup as par t of their practical life skills course
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Daniel O Loughlin receiving his Star t Box cer tificate from Corpus Christi Boxing Coach Jeff Fitzgerald

Local Area Employment Ser vice (LAES)

IRD Duhallow Local Area Employment S er vice (LAES) provides employment assistance and advice ser vices to jobseekers to help them to enter or return to employment on behalf of the Depar tment of Social Protection under the National Employment Action Plan A new Regional Employment S er vice which replaced the existing J obs Clubs and Local Employment Ser vices in urban cities & towns was initiated in four Regions across the Countr y IRD Duhallow was par t of a consor tium bid that was approved in August 2022 Cor k Cit y Par tnership are lead and other par tners include IRD Duhallow, SECAD, Avondhu Black water and Ballyhoura Development Cork City Par tnership cover the Cork City area and each of the other companies cover their LEADER footprint

oppor tunities We assist with “ Welfare to Work ” information and providing ex tensive information on incentives and entitlements in the transition to work from Job Seekers Payments These ser vices are provided within the communit y based locations of Ne wmar k et and M acroom and are therefore able to provide a gateway for clients to access other resources and links in the community

Clients must be direc tly refer red from the D epar tment of S ocial Protection The jobseekers in the ser vice are primarily those who are longterm unemployed and distant from the labour mark et IRD Duhallow ’ s LAES is committed to assisting unemployed people to progress towards employment by responding to their individual needs for training, education and access to employment oppor tunities

In engaging with LAES, clients have access to a wraparound ser vice across all our programmes and ser vices The initial one to one meeting is an introductor y meeting for the job seeker and the case worker where the range of suppor ts are explained and together, they explore the persons sk ills, work readiness, areas of strength and barriers to employment The job seekers are then suppor ted to develop a Personal Progression Plan which focuses on employment goals and ac tions to achie ve them R e vie w meetings are conduc ted e ver y 20 wor k ing days to assess the progress being achie ved in relation to the training and employment goals

IRD Duhallow continues to suppor t business and employers across the IRD Duhallow region and the LAES is assisting in filling local job vacancies providing a pool of potential employees with var ying sk ills, abilities and qualifications Job placement and in employment suppor ts are provided for those who enter the wor k place Suppor t is also provided to the employer to help ensure a successful recruitment

Case wor k ers use a person- centred approach to assist job seek ers in a friendly, suppor tive environment with career planning, job searching, job applications, CV preparation Referrals to schemes such as Community Employment or Tús are made where appropriate Referrals to education / training courses including SICAP and I ndustr y cer tified employment training oppor tunities are also made e g , Safe Pass, M anual Handling, Fork lift Training etc Technical sk ills training in applying for jobs online is provided as well as access to IT facilities to pursue employment

Case officers Stephanie Moynihan and P J Murphy at the Newmarket office Case worker Sandra Jones with IRD Duhallow Board Member Cllr Gobnait Moynihan in our Macroom O ffice IRD Duhallow ’ s Macroom O ffice situated within the Workbase over Deasy s Pharmacy
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Case officer P J Murphy in a meeting with a client in IRD Duhallow ’ s Newmarket O ffice

Youth and Education

IRD Duhallow ’ s Youth and Education Work ing group has representatives from the many organisations and sec tors that have a role to play in fostering an inclusive environment in Duhallow for our young people to live and study We have developed a variety or suppor ts and programmes over the years to engage youths from 15-35 years of age

Public Speaking

Throughout the months of November and December 2022, IRD Duhallow was delighted to facilitate Public Speak ing wor kshops for the national school children of the region Strong oral communication is long seen as a conduit for the voices of rural youth in the area, and this long-standing event remains ever popular with local children and their schools alik e From presentations on spor t to mak ing a difference in societ y the children were ver y well prepared to deliver excellent speeches on issues close to their hear ts Look ing at key sk ills such as standing up, speak ing and eye contact, hand gestures, facial expressions, stor y deliver y, speech struc ture, visual aids and body language these wor kshops provide students with an excellent grounding in public speak ing The workshops were of par ticular benefit of children who are not outspoken by nature, giving them the oppor tunity to use their voices to express their views on issues that the y consider to be of impor tance At the closing e vent, parents and teachers of par ticipants were welcomed to hear the presentations the children prepared These wor kshops were facilitated by teacher Siobhan Fitzgerald who is the creator of LE T ' s Stand (L-Listen, E-Evaluate, T-Talk , S-Stand) Public Speak ing Programme cur r iculum for primar y school children Well done to all the children who par ticipated on their hard work and excellent presentations IRD Duhallow ’ s Youth and Education Wor k ing Group is look ing for ward to facilitating this e vent again in the Autumn of 2023

Literac y and Touch Type Read Spell Classes

For children with dyslexia and other literac y-related learning differences, IRD Duhallow offers literac y classes and Touch Type R ead Spell ( T TRS) sessions on a week ly basis The development of students' reading, writing, and spelling sk ills are the focus of the week ly literac y lessons, which are facilitated by teachers and have a low student to teacher ratio The T TRS computer programme uses modules, repetition, and dictation exercises

First Aid for Young People

IRD Duhallow Youth and Education Work ing Group organised a M ini First Aid Course for Young People Aged 8 to 16 This was delivered through SICAP Children learnt how to per form CPR, deal with chok ing, and deal with bruises, burns, breaks, and bleeding throughout the three and a half hour course The young people lef t the prac tical, enjoyable class with the confidence to handle mishaps if necessar y

Apprenticeship Preparation Course

Young people were given all they needed to succeed in the selec tion tests and inter views utilised in a variety of apprenticeship contests, such as ESB, Aer Lingus, etc through this online Apprenticeship Preparation Course

The young par ticipants acquired transferable sk ills and inter vie w techniques that can be used for any job application Following course completion, par ticipants have access to an online lear ning platfor m where they can continue to prepare for the apprenticeship competitions

Duhallow Chess Club

Duhallow Chess Club was established in early 2023 With the suppor t of SICAP they were able to purchase chess boards, clocks and demo boards Ak im Pik h Banteer, a member of this new club, was the star of the Munster Junior Chess Championships At only 8 years of age, he competed in the under 18 competition As he is a highly sk illed player, Ak im wished to challenge himself by enter ing the under 18 sec tion to showcase his strong character, confidence and passion for the game Each game was played with high-intensity and against the clock Ak im was only beaten in the end by the top seeded player and came in 2nd place Ak im and his family arrived in Banteer last year having fled the war in Uk raine

to enhance reading, listening, and t yping abilities while reinforcing learning Children can improve their computer abilities through T TRS by learning how to use a mouse properly and how to lay their fingers on the keyboard correctly for typing, both of which are lifelong sk ills

These classes are funded through SICAP and are offered at ver y affordable prices for families in the Duhallow area

Webinar: Suppor ting Children with Dyslexia At Second Level

The challenges faced by second le vel students with dyslexia are ver y different to those in pr imar y school; subjec t choice, language exemptions, note tak ing, organisation, to name a few This webinar gave insightful, practical and useful information to parents on how to suppor t their child at second level or those preparing for second level

Eight year old, Akim Pikh from Duhallow Chess Club middle, winning 2nd place in the under 18 Munster Junior Chess Championships finals The recently formed, Duhallow Chess Club was suppor ted through the SICAP programme Brothers Dillon and R yan O’Sullivan with course tutors Nollaig Murphy and Sinead Guiney accept their trophies for completion of Touch Type Read and Spell course
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Students in the SICAP funded IRD Duhallow Literacy and T TRS classes celebrate their excellent work by collecting their trophies and cer tificates at their awards night Also pictured are course co- ordinator Brighid Ide Walsh and tutors Eimear Guiney, Sinead Guiney, Eimear Boyce and Nollaig Murphy

Youth and Education

Trac tor Safety for Teenagers

IRD Duhallow in conjunc tion with NEWKD delivered two tractor safety courses for teenagers in K antur k M ar t These focused on mak ing young people more health and safety conscious along with having the sk ill and competence to operate a trac tor in compliance with recommended standards The training programme also included first aid and CPR

2022 saw the retur n of IRD Duhallow ’ s Careers Exhibition, which is a significant occasion that assists young people in exploring their potential career paths The year ly e vent, which is now in its 18th year, br ings students from Duhallow and beyond together with exhibitors from Third Level I nstitutions from around the nation I n order for young people to mak e educated decisions about their future studying and career oppor tunities, the y need access to appropr iate and effec tive career guidance, infor mation and sk ills IRD Duhallow ’ s Youth and Education Wor k ing Group understands the significance of ensur ing that young people have the information and sk ills necessar y to choose appropriate study paths and careers in order to realise their full potential and avoid ear ly school leaving I n 2022, close to 20 exhibitors from Universities, Technological Universities, Colleges of Fur ther Education, Army and Naval S er vice had stands where students were able to explore the many options available to them and have any questions answered There were over 200 young people in attendance on the day with a Career Guidance Counsellor giving a talk on Enabling Young People which fur ther empowered the students on decision mak ing and studying/career options

Careers Exhibition John Lusby, Raptor Conser vation O fficer with Bird Watch Ireland gave a talk to local school children on Barn O wls and Raptor Conser vation This education programme was funded through LEADER Graduates of the Outdoor Activity Instructor programme with IRD Duhallow ’ s Monica Gilmore This 16 week programme was delivered in conjunction with Ballyhass Lakes through the Skills Connect programme Its aim was to get young people into employment in adventure centres All programme par ticipants have since gone on to be employed for the busy tourist season Par ticipants of the Tractor Safety for Teenagers course ran by IRD Duhallow Students from Scoil Mhuire Kanturk receiving information on perspective courses and careers from one of the many exhibitors at IRD Duhallow Careers Exhibition Development O fficer Bríghid-Íde Walsh pictured with the representatives from the Irish Army and Naval Ser vices at the IRD Duhallow Careers Exhibition Jennifer Lyons of AIB presenting the award for Best Star t Up to Young Entrepreneur Matthew Collins of the Sibly Food Company at the Duhallow Business Awards
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Children from the Newmarket Afterschools got the oppor tunity to meet the Minister for Education Norma Foley when she visited the James O Keeffe Institute in July

Employment and Training

I n 2022, IRD Duhallow facilitated local employment related and training activities suppor ting more than 2,500 learners in their pursue of upsk illing by offering more than 170 courses across various programmes including SICAP, Dormant Accounts, LTI, Sk illnet etc

D e velopment O fficers engaged closely with in-house S cheme super visors to identify the needs of employment scheme par ticipants and offer ing relevant courses accordingly providing an effec tive wrap around ser vice for par ticipants

Job centre

The IRD Duhallow J ob centre continued to go from strength to strength offering practical suppor ts and ser vices to job seek ers and employers in Duhallow This ser vice remained a strong par tner to many in Duhallow seek ing wor k or pursuing a career change Ser vices for individuals included regular C V clinics and one -to - one meetings to wor k on an individual ’ s C V, mock inter view sessions to practice for an upcoming inter vie w and general advice on career paths These staple ser vices were offered online and inperson in order to make ser vices as accessible and convenient as possible for ser vice users The J ob centre suppor ted employers across the Duhallow region by adver tising vacant positions online on the designated Job centre page and by fur ther aler ting job seekers to suitable vacancies

Where necessar y, job seekers will be referred to ser vices such as The I rish National Organisation of the Unemployed, DEASP etc Also in the case of those who are involved in low paid work and underemployment, referrals and liaison with Duhallow Sk illnet, which is funded by the Depar tment of Education and Sk ills, for training courses to help them upsk ill

IRD Duhallow has been mandated by the D epar tment of Rural and Community Development to assist Uk rainian refugees in Duhallow Par t of this suppor t includes wor k ing with Uk rainian refugees on C V preparation and job search as par t of ongoing to the Uk rainian Cr isis response

Labour Market Ac tivation

Resk illing and upsk illing is of vital impor tance to those seek ing to enter or re - enter the job market whereby the may have been affected by low le vels of for mal educational attainments, the linger ing effec ts of the CO VID -19 pandemic or relocation to displacement due to war in their countr ies of or igin Through Labour mar k et ac tivation initiatives, IRD Duhallow delivers local training oppor tunities responding to industr y needs including Safe Pass and Fork lift

Community Education & Lifelong learning

Ser vices are adver tised in the monthly IRD Duhallow newsletter reaching 14,200 homes in Duhallow, the Discover Duhallow magazine with 4,000 for tnightly editions, the IRD Duhallow Facebook page and training brochures The for tnightly ar ticles in the Discover Duhallow magazine remained ex tremely popular offering valuable information, tips & tricks for job seekers as well as effectively promoting this SICAP funded ser vice Fur thermore, job seekers remained readily informed about oppor tunities in their locality through digital newsletters and social media posts across Facebook and LinkedIN

The Job centre strongly links with the Local Area Employment Ser vices O fficers to assist job seek ers in identifying local employment oppor tunities and link ing potential employees with vacant job oppor tunities

IRD Duhallow continued to offer innovative Communit y education offer ings tak ing pr ide in enabling those who are educationally disadvantaged to par ticipate in courses and workshops Courses on offer included a seven week sewing course, an Air fyer and Slow cooker course, Forest Bathing as well as Beginner & I ntermediate Computer courses to name but a few


IRD Duhallow is a long-term advocate for the provision of lifelong learning and oppor tunities for upsk illing in Duhallow IRD Duhallow ’ s Employment and Training Work ing Group has suppor ted the provision of six grants to individuals to facilitate access and entr y to fur ther and higher-le vel education These grants have been targeted towards adults who may not

Chef Francois Conradie of the Food Safety Company giving the Air Fr yer / Slow Cooker Training class Development O fficer Stephanie Moynihan attended the Mallow Return To Work Event last October in the Hibernian Hotel showcasing the wide array of ser vices offered by IRD Duhallow to job seekers Sewing tutor Jess Lucas with the Sewing course par ticipants The group crafted a beautiful tote bag
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Mar tina O Sullivan with her daughter Rachel O Sullivan who graduated with a Level 8 BA in Early Childhood Care and Education at the IRD Duhallow Recognition of Learning Ceremony

Employment and Training

have had a chance to par ticipate in education or those who may wish to gain a qualification having not had a previous oppor tunity to do so I n the past year, grants have been provided to individuals par ticipating in childcare training, healthcare courses and training for the hospitalit y sector The availability of these bursaries has allowed these individuals to continue in their education and become trained in roles relating to these various areas

in response to the increasing numbers of people in rural I reland affected by substance misuse

IRD Duhallow felt there was a need to suppor t people coming out of treatment and back into their communities This CE scheme is designed with that purpose in mind A person is referred to this ser vice through their treatment provider or addiction counsellor The aim is to enable the person to continue the recover y process through providing education and employment suppor ts based on their own personal goals Par ticipants will have the oppor tunity to par take in a variety of courses and activities

This scheme is delivered with the suppor t of and in collaboration with the Southern Regional Drug & Alcohol Taskforce and the Depar tment of Social Protection

IRD Duhallow ’ s Local Training I nitiative in Hor ticulture, run in conjunction with Cor k E TB, produced more qualified hor ticultur ists in 2022 with 5 par ticipants completing an ele ven month full time training course leading to a QQI Le vel 4 Award This year ’ s students were involved in star ting a seed saving initiative with a dedicated polytunnel for preser ving local and her itage var ieties of seed suitable for the Nor th Cor k environment

Testimony – Bursar y Recipient Esther Healy

" I successfully applied for the SICAP bursar y programme that was available through the IRD Duhallow SICAP programme to help fund my par ticipation in Health Care Assistant (Healthcare Suppor t) course in Cork College of Fur ther Education and Training S er vices at their Mallow campus This grant was of great assistance in helping me to progress in my course and fur thering my career goals and I would recommend this scheme to anyone hoping to return to complete return and complete their education as an adult I am now a Healthcare Assistant with a full QQI Le vel 5 and it was wor th it I enjoyed it so much I am returning to fur ther my studies and career oppor tunities with a QQI Level 6"

Community Employment Drug Rehabilitation Scheme

IRD Duhallow is delighted to announce the rollout of a new Community Employment Drug Rehabilitation Scheme This programme was created

O ver the duration of the programme the students lear ned how to propagate plants from seed, cuttings, division and other methods, how to grow fruit and vegetables, including crop rotation and organic production They are now equipped with the sk ills and k nowledge to best select plants for different locations and environments and how to get the best out of flowering plants by careful planting and pruning They studied the impor tance of our most valuable resource of all, the soil, and how to care for it as a living entity They also learned how to be a par t of nature, one aspect of the biodiversity all around us

IRD Duhallow, in conjunction with CE TB, have ran the LTI in Hor ticulture for 6 years I n this time a total of 55 people graduated with QQI Levels 4 and 5 in Hor ticulture Students have found employment with local landscaping companies, garden centres, golf courses, organic food producers and have been employed by the OP W based at M uck ross House in K illarney National Park A number of past students have gone onto fur ther education achieving Level 8 and 9 in Hor ticulture related areas

LTI Bríghid-Íde Walsh LTI Assistant Co- Ordinator with Amphai Heiphimai, Sheila Collins, Hazel O Mahony and Shane Haugh receiving their LTI QQI Level 4 Hor ticulture Cer ts from Minister Norma Foley Par ticipants of the Sugar Craft Training programme which was delivered through Skillnet Development O fficer Stephanie Moynihan assisting CE par ticipant Tommy Culloty with his CV
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
CE Rehabilitation Super visor Sandra Jones attending SAOR II training - Screening & brief inter vention for problem Alcohol & Substance delivered at HSE Drug and Alcohol Ser vices , Kinvara House in Cork along with project workers from other schemes and treatment centres across the Cork & Kerr y region

Rural Social Scheme

IRD Duhallow has implemented RSS since it was first introduced in 2004 The scheme offers low-income smallholders, their spouse or children, the oppor tunity to work across a range of community projects IRD Duhallow has 3 schemes with 74 places and we currently have vacancies Below is listed the cr iter ia required to be fulfilled to join and the wide -ranging benefits you can avail of

The benefits of par ticipating on IRD Duhallow ’s Rural Social Scheme

By joining IRD Duhallow ’ s RSS you will be entitled to a Class A stamp of which the benefits include access to a Contributor y State Pension and you’ll be receiving an increased week ly income

On the scheme you will wor k for 19 5 hours per week and receive the same statutor y (pro rata) annual leave (10 5 days = 4 weeks) and public holiday entitlement as other employees

We have a var iet y of wor k placements available such as; Caretak ing at communit y and spor ting facilities, Energy conser vation wor k for the elder ly and the less well- off, Village and countr yside enhancement projec ts, look ing af ter waymar k ed ways, agreed walks and bog roads across Ireland, Social care, and care of the elderly such as meals on wheels Community care for pre -school and after-school groups, Environmental maintenance wor k such as Tidy Towns projec ts, helping non-profit cultural and heritage centres and oppor tunities for you to learn new sk ills by accessing our in-house training

Review of Scheme

Eligibility to join the RSS

To be eligible to join the RSS you, your spouse or family member must be in receipt of a means tested payment such as Farm Assist or Jobseekers Allowance, have a Basic Payment S cheme payment and be ac tively farming more than 1 hectare

Financial Benefits of being on the scheme

The rates of payment for new par ticipants on the RSS depends on your qualifying Depar tment Social Protection payment The minimum week ly payment increased to €247 50 in Januar y 2023 If the actual social welfare payment (including dependants) you were getting is €220 a week or less, then you will get the minimum RSS week ly rate of €247 50 (that is €220 plus €27 50) I f your ac tual week ly social welfare payment (including dependants) was €220 01 or more, then you will get the equivalent rate plus €27 50

I f you were getting an age -related reduced rate of payment your payment is increased to the minimum week ly rate of €247 50

The management and super visors were delighted to meet with the newly appointed Principal O fficer for Employment Programmes M r Tony K ieran We got the oppor tunity to showcase a variety of our projects that we ’ re involved with Since M r K ieran’s appointment he along with Pobal and the Depar tment of Social Protection are under tak ing a review of the scheme and how better it can be improved and to better understand the successes and challenges experienced by those involved in the scheme such as par ticipants, super visors, placement providers and implementing bodies

This consultation process is still under way with a sur vey being circulated to all the stakeholders, as well as written submissions being invited which will be reviewed by a specially formed steering group I n anticipation of this, the I r ish Local D e velopment Net wor k (ILDN) who is the representative body for I reland’s Local Development Companies (LDC ), held a workshop with representatives from all LDCs on RSS, under tak ing a SWOT analysis in advance of submitting their viewpoint for the future of the scheme

RSS Par ticipants Tomas Moynihan and Denis Murphy washing and removing overgrowth at Boherbue Playground IRD Duhallow ’ s Management and Super visors with Mr Tony Kieran Principal O fficer for Employment Programmes with the Depar tment of Social Protection on his visit to Duhallow
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Seán O’Connell and Tom Healy preparing the DCFS vans for their daily meal deliver y routes

Rural Social Scheme

The findings from the re vie w are not published in their entiret y but preliminar y findings from the review of the scheme has revealed:

• The RSS complements several National Policies and Frameworks in a ver y valuable way e g Our Rural Future, the RoadMap for Social I nclusion and the National Positive Aging Strategy

A shared concern for the prosperity of RSS exists with Local Development Companies and Government both affirming their commitment to the Scheme into the future

• More than 35 per cent of current par ticipants are aged 60 and over meaning they are on the cusp of becoming ineligible (par ticipation is not currently allowed beyond a person ’ s 66th bir thday)

• Par ticipation in RSS declined by 13 per cent between December 2019 and December 2022

• Oppor tunities exist to revitalise RSS and by mak ing it a more attractive and inclusive scheme for those with the abilities to contribute in a meaningful way to their communities


I am now completing my second year of IRD D uhallow ’ s STRIVE programme Through this I was suppor ted to complete 6 months of Work Placement Experience Programme in D uhallow Community Food Ser vices (DCFS) and put the soft sk ills I had de veloped through STRIVE to practical use I enjoyed this placement and wanted to continue my work in DCFS; I explored my options for employment with the STRIVE coordinators and was eligible to apply for the Rural Social Scheme I have now been employed through the RSS in DCFS since Februar y 2023 and I am also continuing the STRIVE programme in IRD D uhallow I would recommend IRD Duhallow ’ s STRIVE programme and RSS to anyone "

Years of ser vice

The Board and Management of IRD Duhallow were delighted to honour some of our long-standing RSS par ticipants M ar y Wallace Chair of the Social Economy Work ing Group was delighted to make presentations to the par ticipants who were present on the night Between them they have a combined ser vice of 240 years and some have been on the scheme since it star ted in 2004 We would like to take this oppor tunity to thank each of our par ticipants who work across a variety of placements and are an impor tant par t of our community

Recognition for years of ser vice to:- Neily Cronin, Patrick Dillane, Tom Healy, D on Horgan, Bridget Keating, D enis Murphy, Margaret Murphy, Stephen McAuliffe Mar y Kelleher, John O'Connell, Mar y O'Connell, Helen O'Connor, Neil Rahilly, Maurice Reidy, Pat Shanahan, Nora Shine, Willie Walsh

Willie Walsh and Pat Shanahan doing ground works for ORIS funded walks in Duhallow Paddy Dillane and Nora Shine painting the perimeter fence at Bruach Na Carraige Cultural and Heritage Centre in Rockchapel Pat Shanahan, Maurice Reidy, Mar y O Connell, Nora Shine & Bridget Keating who were all recognised for their years of ser vice with IRD Duhallow at the Board Christmas dinner Testimony – Tim Twomey
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Tim Twomey joined the RSS in 2022 and completes his placement in DCFS where he works in the kitchen


What is the Tús scheme

The Tús initiative is a community work placement scheme providing year long work oppor tunities for unemployed people The work itself benefits the communit y I n Duhallow the Tús initiative is managed by IRD Duhallow on behalf of the Depar tment of Social Protection (DSP)

preparation including mock inter vie ws Fur ther more, the programme provides the par ticipant with an up to date employment record on their Cur r iculum Vitae and a recent reference, invaluable for those with no employment record or those having been unemployed for a long period

Benefits of Tús

Getting back into the job mode is only one small benefit, this helps the par ticipant not only get used to the commitment and routine of work ing again, but gives a sense of responsibilit y, confidence and self-wor th

Following the Par ticipant Profile I nter view Super visors identify the type of work placement most suited to the par ticipant ’ s needs and aspirations

Par ticipants have the oppor tunit y to lear n ne w sk ills and have the satisfaction of their work benefitting the community In IRD Duhallow the par ticipant is encouraged to progress with var ious training courses to upsk ill and equip them for the job mar k et The J ob Centre and Local Employment ser vices in IRD Duhallow offer the par ticipants suppor ts to progress onto employment with assistance with their C V and inter view

Type of projec ts

All the work carried out by par ticipants on the Tús scheme is communitybased The t ypes of projec ts eligible for the scheme can include: environmental/conser vation wor k , maintenance of national walk ways, childcare, care of older people, meals on wheels, caretak ing community buildings, village maintenance, community projects, maintaining spor ts facilities, the Newmarket Pitch and Putt, local heritage projects, rec ycling fur niture, administration for communit y ser vices and de velopment projects production of the newsletter and community magazine

Some of the projects the Tús par ticipants have been work ing on include:

• The Relove Paint project which is the collection of water-based paint from the rec ycling centres and the par ticipant was trained on the mixing process and then put into ne w containers and sold at a marginal cost

Zbigniew Pedrak power washing the graveyard walls in Millstreet Darren Seer y maintaining the town park in Macroom with the assistant of colleague Tús par ticipant Joseph Cronin and other members of Macroom Tidy Towns Joan O'Callaghan on her placement at the National Council for the Blind's shop in Macroom
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Mar tina Enright looking after the calls and queries in the reception at the James O'Keeffe Institute


• This year all the looped walks and the Duhallow Way (one of the National Way marked walks) were audited this required maintenance and remedial work on the walks

• Work was under taken by par ticipants at Dromagh school, repairing stone walls, hedging and strimming around the playing pitch and painting two play areas and outside seats

Who can take par t in Tús?

To qualify for Tús, you must: Have been unemployed for at least 12 months and "signing on " on a fulltime basis or have been receiving a jobseek er ' s payment ( Jobseek er ' s Benefit or J obseek er ' s Allowance) from the D epar tment of S ocial Protection for at least 12 months or be aged 18 or over, fully unemployed and in receipt of Disabilit y Allowance (there is no qualifying per iod, applications are by self-referral only) or be aged 18 or over, with refugee status and getting Jobseeker's Allowance payment (no qualifying period applies)

Working conditions and pay

Par ticipants wor k 19 5 hours a week and the placement lasts 12 months

You receive the same statutor y annual leave, public holidays and sick leave entitlement as other employees I f you need childcare in order to par ticipate in the Tús scheme, you may be eligible for the National Childcare Scheme

Since Januar y 2023 the minimum week ly payment for par ticipants (based on 19 5 hours wor k ed) is €247 50 If your Jobseeker ’ s Allowance payment (including increases for dependants) was €220 a week or less, then you will get the minimum Tús week ly rate of €247 50 (that is €220 plus top up of €27 50) I f your week ly Jobseeker ’ s Allowance (including any increases for dependants) was €220 or more, then you will get the equivalent rate plus €27 50 (there are some exceptions to this) Par ticipants will retain any ex tra benefits such as Fuel allowance and the medical card, provided they are still eligible

You have the possibilit y of obtaining paid employment whilst on the scheme

How to apply for Tús

Potential par ticipants are selected and contacted by their I ntreo Centre or local Social Welfare Branch O ffice

You can also self-refer, this can be done by contacting IRD Duhallow on 029 60633 or duhallow@irdduhallow com

Testimony – Kerri Powell

" I joined the Tús programme in April 2021 I got a placement in a creche in the community of Ballydesmond I've learned new and improved existing skills and became a par t of the team work ing there Thanks to the Tús work placement, I was able to work during the Covid pandemic

The placement gave me a great insight into childcare and inspired me to do an online college course I graduated with a QQI Level 6 in Early Childhood Care and Education in May 2022 I was able to get more work hours and help cover full days when other staff were off I am now aspiring


to go onto level Kerri Powell after attaining her degree in Childcare during her Tús placement at a creche Having reared her family Therese Duggan returned to the workplace on a Tús scheme Kevin O'Sullivan mixing paint on the Relove Paint project Tús par ticipant Timothy O Lear y with colleague RSS par ticipant Michael Lynch maintain Inchigeelagh village and its amenities
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Triona McSweeney par ticipates in Manual Handling training All par ticipants undergo Manual Handling training on their induction, this cer t is valid for 3 years

Community Employment

IRD Duhallow ’s CE Scheme

IRD Duhallow runs its geographical CE scheme on behalf of the Dept of Social Protection

I t covers the communities of Ballydesmond, R athcoole, Boherbue, Ballydaly, K ilcorney, Dromtarriffe, Lyre, Newmarket, K iskeam, K nock nagree, Cullen and Banteer and community initiatives such as Meals on wheels, Community Laundr y, Furniture Revamp and Discover Duhallow Our super visor Paddy O’Connor has this year been joined by Assistant Super visor Amanda Keller

With 44 places, the scheme is a busy one The range of work experience on the scheme is wide and varied and we are continually work ing with our Social Welfare HEO Elaine McDermott to ensure the scheme is relevant to the par ticipants, the communities we ser ve and the requirements of the CE Scheme

I t provides a unique oppor tunity to par ticipants to develop their sk ills and abilities while under tak ing valuable work in the community setting I ts ideal for the long term unemployed who have been out of the workforce for some time and in need to build up their self- confidence I t is also useful to people who have lost their jobs and need to retrain in order to re - enter the workforce Par ticipants can take up other par t time work during placements However, after placement, par ticipants are encouraged to look for permanent jobs elsewhere, based on the experience and new sk ills gained while on the CE scheme

All CE vacancies are adver tised on Jobs I reland for at least 6 weeks, and anyone interested in a Community Employment vacanc y must go and see their Depar tment of Social Welfare Activation O fficer who will decide if they recommend them for inter view

Matching the needs of par ticipants, with the demands and expectations

of the communit y can be challenging We always strive to provide the best possible ser vice to communities while ensuring the most valuable work placement experience for par ticipants, which is ver y impor tant to the par ticipants’ work experience

Par ticipant Development through Training

Training and retraining is a key focus of the CE scheme O ver the past year par ticipants took par t in Manual Handling, Driver Cer tificate of Professional Competenc y, I nter view sk ills, Hor ticultural Equipment, Accounting Technician, Safe pass courses All of the courses under taken by par ticipants are cer tified through QQI, SOLAS or City and Guilds

Focus on: Knocknagree

IRD Duhallow has t wo Communit y Employment S cheme par ticipants work ing in Knock nagree Community

They look after the three GAA pitches including grass cutting and lining the pitches in readiness for matches

They work in the village maintaining the fair field, flower beds and keeping the area clean and tidy They also take care of the Grave yard where the y strim the grass around the graves to help keep the place look ing nice

Being involved in this work in the village helps both the Community as well as the Par ticipants as both par ties work ing together take pride in the work completed and having a nice village and surrounding areas to enjoy and be proud of

Testimony – Kr yztof Lichorobiec


W hen I joined the CE S cheme my English was poor I was encouraged to complete Personal Training, so I signed up for an English language course This gave me more confidence in myself and work ing in a team e ver y day helped to improve my English as well as mak ing friends I went on to complete a craft upholster y course during my time on C E as it was an oppor tunity to gain more skills I really enjoyed it and at the end of my time on CE, I got a job in Furniture Revamp"

Anne O’Connor in Duhallow Furniture Revamp reupholstering a chair from star t to finish The valuable skills developed on CE are transferable to employment Tommy Culloty stacking the chairs after a meeting in the James O’Keeffe Institute where he carries out caretaking duties Philip Casey works in Knocknagree Village as par t of his time on the scheme Amanda Keller CE Super visor oversees the administration of the scheme Julie Messmer is placed with DCFS where she works as a deliver y driver for the Meals on Wheels Ser vice CE Super visor Paddy O’Connor and Timothy Tarrant at an individual planning pathways meeting
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Krz ystof Lichorobiec has gained employment in IRD Duhallow s Furniture Revamp having completed his time on CE


Opened in 2005, IRD Duhallow Newmarket Afterschools has been providing care for the children of Newmarket and surrounding Duhallow areas for more than 18 years The Afterschools is a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable setting that encourages children to grow socially, emotionally, and cognitively in accordance with their interests and aptitudes

Children are picked up by bus ever y day from Newmarket Boys and Girls National Schools In addition to receiving a filling nutritious meal from Duhallow Community Food Ser vices, children receive super vision and help with their homework

After dinner and homework children can pick from a variety of child-led activities, including ar t, bak ing, games, walks around the James O’Keeffe grounds, pitch and putt, STEM activities, mindfulness, and yoga They can also engage in unstructured free play which is impor tant after a structured day in school Our Afterschools was the first childcare facility awarded a Green Flag and we are now working towards our 6th Green Flag The Afterschools has been appointed two Childcare CE places; one par ticipant works directly with the children ever y day and the other covers the Afterschools polytunnel and carries out gardening activities with the children

Not only does the Afterschools provide care for work ing families but families also send their children for the homework suppor t, as some do not have the provisions for online learning at home, while others may struggle with literacy, numeracy, or they may be facing other social issues

The National Childcare Scheme extended its universal subsidy up from 3 years of age to 15; meaning all children attending the Afterschools, Breakfast Club and Camps are entitled to a non-means tested subsidy of €1 40/hour

The Breakfast Club operates from 7am-9am where children can relax in our sensor y/chillax room, par ticipate in activities and games, and are provided with a variety of breakfast options before being dropped to school

The Breakfast Club and Afterschools is an essential ser vice for parents in Newmarket and surrounding regions who other wise would be excluded from par ticipation in work or training due to a lack of childcare


Our camps run during all School mid-terms and holidays, with the exception of Christmas, and are ver y popular with children from all over Duhallow

We operate a number of camps throughout the summer with various themes, such as Little Chefs and Ar tists, Nature Detectives, and Whizz Kids

Little Chefs and Artists kids enjoy making a variety of arts and crafts projects as well as baking and cooking food from beginning to end

We spend the most of the day outside during Nature Detectives, discovering and appreciating our natural environment; colleagues from IRD Duhallow ’ s environment team take the lead on activities like k ick sampling in the river and catching, identifying and releasing small mammals

With a literacy teacher leading literacy games and activities as well as Touch Type Read Spell ( T TRS) in the computer lab, Whizz Kids is all about science experiments, computers, and literacy These activities are especially helpful for kids with dyslexia or reading issues

The Spooktacular Halloween Camp and the Egg- citing Easter Camp are two camps offered by the Afterschools during midterm

All children, not simply those enrolled in the Afterschools, are welcome at camps


IRD Duhallow Newmarket Afterschools has developed a natural playground and play area; it is a fantastic addition to our Afterschools and provides numerous benefits for the children It allows for physical, social, cognitive and emotional development, as it is a safe and fun environment for children to play, exercise, explore and interact with each other It offers a variety of natural equipment such as swings, slide, climbing frame, balance beams etc that encourage children to develop their motor skills, balance and coordination We created a natural environment for children to nur ture their curiosity and foster learning in an environmentally aware space Natural playgrounds promote more imaginative, interactive and dramatic play, which helps children develop a deeper connection with nature and the environment Fruiting trees, a willow arch, a variety of plants and flowers, which the children helped to plant, surround the playground and allows for appreciating the beauty of nature and the impor tance of preser ving it

Typical Daily Schedule

2.00 Junior and S enior I nfants are picked up by bus or dropped off by parents.

2.10 Homework and Play

3.00 1st – 6th class are picked up by bus or dropped off by parents

3.15 Dinner is ser ved ( We can cater for special dietar y needs)

3.40 Homework time

Children enjoying a STEAM activity : watching something erupt is always fascinating! The Afterschools had a special visit from Santa and Mrs Claus pictured with Afterschools staff Liz O Loughlin, Dar yna Liubytska, Rachel O Callaghan, Coordinator Bríghid-Íde Walsh and O wen O Connor Fun in the sun: the new playground is exclusively for the use of our Afterschools children and fantastic addition to our ser vice Help suppor t and super vision of homework is provided daily at the Afterschools Garda Marie Lynch visited the Afterschools to talk to the children about policing and show them the Garda car Afterschools Team: Co- ordinator Bríghid-Íde Walsh staff Liz O Loughlin Dar yna Liubytska and Bernie O Connor pictured with Alex Healy Liam Dennehy Bill Cronin, Orla Healy, Áine O Callaghan, Róisín Buckley and Kara O Carroll
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
4 30 Ac tivities/Free Play 6.00 Closing Time


IRD Duhallow with the assistance of the Community Ser vices Programme operates Duhallow furniture Revamp since Januar y 2016 and is providing a range of in- demand ser vices to the community and in par ticular to disadvantaged individuals and groups in Duhallow I n addition to the wide offering of good quality second-hand furniture for sale, Duhallow Revamp provides a repair, restoration and reupholster y ser vice A discount is also made available in an effor t to

In June 22, Colm O Connor and PJ Murphy attended the SocialiSE Summit at the F2 Centre in Dublin Organised by the I r ish Local D e velopment Net wor k , this was a national summit for social enter pr ises in I reland, where Revamp featured as a case study on successful, innovative social enterprises

R e vamp was invited by Cor k Count y Council to attend a staff Environment Awareness Day at Alcon, Cor k O ver 700 staff members attended on the day where we promoted reuse and upc ycling in the furniture sector

Training and upskilling oppor tunities

fur ther assist and entice those in receipt of social welfare, lowincome households and students

A detailed workflow plan is in place to ensure that there is as little waste as possible and that project goals and priorities are met on time and within budget

The S ocial Enter pr ise has ser ved over 7,200 customers to date and played a significant role in the circular economy in Duhallow

Promoting community based sustainability

With over 230 tons of furniture diver ted from landfills to date, over 207 tons redistr ibuted back into the communit y through sales and refurbishment, and with over 97% of reused goods and materials in its operations, Duhallow Revamp’s success in the circular economy speaks for itself

I n 2022-2023, Duhallow Furniture Revamp took an even more active role in the promotion of the impor tant role of the concept of the circular economy and the impor tant role that Communit y Enter pr ises lik e Revamp can play

Training and upsk illing has always been a priority for Revamp and the IRD Duhallow Sk illnet Programme has proved essential in suppor ting us upsk ill our staff I t is also an impor tant aim of Revamp to offer upsk illing oppor tunities to staff and par ticipants and through the Social Enterprise Regeneration Programme, the effor ts were focused on providing training in the field of Digital innovation such as social media, Digital marketing and content creation

We also offer ongoing training in upholster y and woodwork to eligible par ticipants on Tús and CE schemes and welcome self-refer rals from people interested to learn these useful and fulfilling crafts

Remark Quality reuse mark

I n June 2023, Revamp’s representatives attended a ceremony in Dublin where the enterprise was awarded the Remark accreditation Remark is a reuse cer tification scheme involving accreditation of a reuse organisation to a per- determined operational and sustainable standard Revamp was the first enterprise in Ireland to be awarded the accreditation in 2018 and we are proud to have been awarded the quality mark again in 2023

Jessica Baron represented Revamp at Alcon, Cork city for their Reuse awareness day, where she showcased some of our recent work Kr ysztof Lichorobiec, Revamp, applying stain to a wooden chair Duhallow Furniture Revamp specialises in upcycling old furniture The Circular Economy at work! Furniture Revamp donated left over upholster y sponges to Liscarroll N S , who use them at sensor y stations throughout the school Jessica Baron and Colm O’Connor of IRD Duhallow Furniture Revamp accepting the Remark Award
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Anne O’Connor, CE, reupholstering a chaise lounge for a client

Circular Economy

We live in a world where we take materials produced by the ear th and make things that we may only use once before throwing them away This ‘take, make, use and dispose' system is k nown as the linear economy Our focus now is to move from a linear to a circular economy

enterprises active in the circular economy I t conducted case studies at the end of 2022 aiming to highlight the impor tant role social enter pr ises have to play in an inclusive and just circular economy Within Europe, 18 social enter pr ises were chosen to par ticipate and 3 from I reland R e vamp pr incipally highlighted the potential impac t of cer tification of sk ills and a sk ills passpor t for the employability of scheme par ticipants

Freemount Community Hall Testimonial for Relove paint

I n the circular economy system, we use less raw mater ial, we design products for long-life and rec yclability, we share products, we use them for longer and we reuse and repair things before we rec ycle or throw them away

Relove paint: an award winning initiative

IRD Duhallow ’ s ne w R elove paint initiative, par t funded by the EPA through Cork County Council, is a resounding success for Revamp, one of three social enter pr ises in Count y Cor k offer ing the high- qualit y remixed paint The scheme sees unused water-based paints being diver ted from Civic Amenity Sites to social enterprises to be remixed and sold in our Revamp shop We currently pick up Paint from 3 local Civic amenity sites K anturk , M illstreet and Macroom and as we grow we will bring the Mallow Civic amenity site on stream

We feel this is an easy way for all in the communities of lowering their carbon footprint and changing the narrative of high cost involved in the circular economy with waste paint being accepted at the bring sites for free and us selling Quality reused paint at only €15 for a five litre bucket

The Relove paint project was also a winner of the Community Rec ycling Award at the Pak man Awards 2022 and we were delighted to be par t of this huge achievement and recognition on the national stage

“ We used your paint on the inside walls of Freemount Communit y Centre I t was ex tremely easy to apply and went a long way when painting plaster boards It was nice and creamy and non- drip so all good, we were ver y pleased with it ”

Reuse Republic 2023


IRD Duhallow Furniture Revamp and Cork County Council were delighted to join forces for the return of Reuse Republic event which had not taken place in recent years due to the Covid-19 pandemic This year ’ s event took place in IRD Duhallow ’ s M arquee, dur ing National R euse M onth in October was also the first time it had been held outside County Hall The Event was opened by IRD Duhallow ’ s Assistant Manager, Eileen Linehan, and by Cor k Count y D eput y M ajor D eirdre O ’Br ien National and local reuse initiatives were invited to exhibit their ser vices and showcase how individuals and communities can tak e ac tion to reduce their consumption and positively impact the environment

An exciting ser ies of wor kshops themed around reuse and waste pre vention including, fur niture upc ycling, composting and reducing single use plastic took place on the day The exhibition aimed to empower local homes, community groups and businesses to move away from a throw away and single use society and to bring reuse into their daily lives The event concluded with a cook ing demonstration by chef and advocate Tr isha Le wis of Tr isha’s transfor mation demonstrating cook ing on avoiding food waste

The event proved ver y popular with huge attendance to all scheduled activities

IRD Duhallow and Cork County Council promoted Relove paint through a free paint initiative to communities in 2022, 15 communit y projec ts received free paint from IRD Duhallow This successful initiative is being repeated for summer 2023


Case Study

IRD Duhallow Furniture Revamp took par t in a case study conducted by RR euse RR euse is the inter national net wor k representing social

Wayne O Donnell, NCE, Michelle Green and Katherine Corker y, Cork County Council, Colm O’Connor, IRD Duhallow, Mar y Walsh, Cork City Council, Ruth Bullough, Cycle Sense, at the inaugurate meeting of the Relove Paint recycling group RREUSE European Case Study Trisha Lewis of Trisha s transformation doing a cooking demonstration for Reuse Republic in the IRD Duhallow Marquee IRD Duhallow staff, Colm O’ Connor, Eileen Linehan, PJ Murphy and Maggie O’ Callaghan with Deputy Mayor of Cork County Council Deirdre O Brien at the Reuse Republic event Colm O’Connor and Jessica Baron representing Revamp and the winning Relove Paint project at the Pakman Award 2022
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Relove paint in Freemount Hall

Duhallow Community Laundr y

Duhallow Communit y Laundr y is one of our established communit y enterprises that helps to suppor t those most disadvantaged in our region I t was established in response to a need identified by our elder ly and carers in the region to help lessen the pressure on caring for a loved one

improve the impact and sustainability of social enterprises that address economic, social, and educational disadvantage, or suppor t those with a disabilit y This funding will purchase equipment such as washing machines, tumble dr yers, it ’ s hoped to have this projec t completed by the autumn


The team are committed to deliver ing a qualit y ser vice whilst also ensuring a personable connection with all clients Anita Castle leads her team by example, ensuring a k ind word for all their clients and along with Margaret Murphy, Joan Sheehan and Christine Murphy they ’ re dedicated to delivering a professional ser vice

The ser vice is a demand deficient social enterprise and is operating as an affordable laundr y ser vice where it is accessible for those most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community such as the Elderly, Lone Parents, Carers, the Unemployed, recipients of Family I ncome Supplement, Disability Allowance, Farm Assist, and par ticipants from our schemes such as Tús, Rural Social Scheme and Community Employment Many of our users lack access to transpor t and we offer a free collection and deliver y ser vice thereby ensur ing that no one is excluded from accessing this ser vice

Social Enterprise Regeneration Programme

The ser vice availed of mentoring under the Social Enterprise Regeneration Programme and this assisted in improving the marketing of the ser vice by updating the brochure and introducing pack aging labels


Under the guidance of the Social Economy Work ing and their Chairperson Mar y Wallace, the ser vice is committed to reviewing its ser vice always ensuring it ’ s operating to a high

standard The Work ing Group are cognisant of the impor tance of this ser vice and are proactive in sourcing funding to ensure continuity and future proofing the ser vice by investing in it

The Work ing Group were delighted that the application submitted for the Dormant Accounts Scaling Fund for Social Enterprises scheme was successful This grant is designed to

The ser vice is grateful for the suppor t received from our ac tivation schemes Tús and CE as well as from the Rural Social Scheme

Last year we successfully applied for a staffing grant for our 3 social enter pr ises:- The War mer Homes S cheme, Fur niture R e vamp and Community Laundr y which has been approved for five years

Testimony – John Linehan

I have been with this communit y laundr y for the last number of years and i think it ’ s an outstanding ser vice as I have no car or any k ind of transpor t

The staff at the laundr y are so friendly and helpful and do an outstanding job with washing of my clothes It is a ser vice that is needed ver y badly for the community which I hope will be there for many years to come

Laura Cur tin of Platinum Solutions conducting a mentoring session on social media for Community Enterprises with super visor Anita Castle Our staff are always willing to help customers pick up their laundr y Anne O’Lear y getting her laundr y dropped to her car by Christine Murphy Our team consists of Margaret, Christine, Anita and Joan who deliver a professional ser vice with a personal touch Regular customer Margaret McLoughlin collecting her laundr y from Anita Castle
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Mar y Wallace Chairs the monthly Social Enterprise working group meetings where operational and financial updates are reviewed

War mer Homes Initiative

Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme (BEWHS)

IRD Duhallow ’ s War mer Homes S cheme has been in operation for 17 years and has to date insulated over 4,550 houses across Cork City and County, South Limerick , and all of County Kerr y

who provide Home Energy Upgrades for homes which require 3 or more upgrade measures

Most homeowners, once eligible, opt for insulation (attic and/or cavity) upgrade, heat pump and solar PV installation This guarantees that the house will reach the minimum building energy rating of B2 required to be eligible for SEAI grants Ashgrove install the heat pumps and Solar PV while IRD Duhallow install the attic and cavity wall insulation I n total, 36 houses received works through this scheme in 2022

Better Energy Communities Programme (BEC)

O ver the summer months, IRD Duhallow will car r y out cavit y wall insulation works at Ballydehob Community Centre in West Cork and attic and cavit y wall insulation and associated ventilation wor ks at the I r ish Guide D ogs for the Blind in M odel Far m R oad, Cor k Both projec ts are funded through the BEC programme under Nor thside Communit y Enterprises in Cork

The scheme is funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of I reland (SEAI) and Pobal, through the Community Ser vices Programme I n recent years SEAI added deeper retrofit works such as internal dr y-lining, ex ternal wall insulation, heating upgrades, demand control ventilation and window replacement to the BEWHS IRD Duhallow has a Ser vice Level Agreement with Nor thside Community Enterprises (NCE) through SE Systems in Cork to deliver these additional measures to our customers


The Warmer Homes Scheme is staffed through the Community Ser vices Programme (CSP) which contr ibutes towards the employment of a coordinator and 5 full time staff, with these roles split bet ween Administration, Attic and Cavit y Wall teams, Ventilation teams and a Sur ve yor/Qualit y Control O fficer The scheme is fur ther suppor ted through a number of labour schemes including RSS, CE, and the Tús Schemes all of which supply par ticipants to work with teams insulating attics and cavity walls

Enprova & Kingspan Retrofit Home Incentive Scheme

IRD Duhallow is a registered installer of attic, cavity wall and internal dr y lining insulation measures under the K ingspan & Enprova Retrofit Home I ncentive Scheme I n 2022, SEAI announced increased grant amounts of €3,250 for a detached house, €2,550 for semi- detached and €2,050 for a mid-terrace house A BER (Building Energy R ating) Cer tificate must be generated for each completed house by an independent assessor I n 2022, 22 houses received insulation works through this scheme

Continuous Training & Quality Assurance

I n early 2023, IRD Duhallow received confirmation from Pobal that our 2022 submission for staff funding has been approved for almost €1 4m under the Communities S er vices Programme (CSP) This amounts to €278,330 per year over 5 years and runs up to the end of 2028 The funding covers our 3 enterprises, the Warmer Homes Scheme, Furniture Revamp and Community Laundr y

Home Energy Upgrade Grants

I n 2021, IRD Duhallow teamed up with Ashgrove Renewables in K anturk

Training is an essential par t of our ser vice where Warmer Homes staff are kept up to date with industr y standards These include Manual Handling, Wor k ing at Heights training, Abrasive Wheel training, M obile Tower S caffold training, I nstaller I nsulation training, Projec t Super visor Construction Stage (PSCS), Project Super visor Design Process (PSDP) and Safe Pass Our cavity wall teams have received training from Envirobead I nsulation on sur veying and insulation and are cer tified with the National Standards Authority of I reland (NSAI) to deliver Bonded Bead Cavity Wall I nsulation KSN oversees the quality control for all SEAI funded schemes where their inspec tors car r y out random qualit y checks on houses completed by IRD Duhallow

Colm Crowley of IRD Duhallow and Eoin Keane, Environmental Health & Safety advisor with SE Systems, discussing Health and Safety requirements for upcoming cavity wall insulation works at Ballydehob Community Centre This project is par t funded through SEAI’s Better Energy Communities Scheme John Collins, Millstreet, pictured here with installers Noel Heffernan and Tom Cambridge John received a grant towards the cost of attic insulation works under the Better Energy Homes Scheme funded by SEAI Installers Noel Heffernan and Tom Cambridge fitting roof vents on a house recently Installer Lukasz Frey cutting rolls of fibreglass insulation to fit between joists in attic
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
DJ Sheehan filling the cavity wall van with bead before setting off to complete another house

Duhallow Community Food Ser vices

Linda O ’Connor has been manager of DCFS since 2021 Linda is responsible for the day-to - day running of the business She holds a higher cer tificate in Ar ts & Culinar y Ar ts, a diploma in in Professional Cook er y along with a QQI le vel 6 in super visor y management Linda has been in the catering industr y for more than 16 years and br ings a wealth of k nowledge from wor k ing in both the public, pr ivate and healthcare sector

The rural meals dispatch team can assist customers of the ser vice to identify other needs and put them in touch with ser vices such as our War mer Homes Scheme, Communit y Laundr y or Communit y Suppor t Groups

About Duhallow Community Food Ser vice (DCFS)

I n operation since 1994, DCFS has been providing an essential ser vice to the elderly population of the region for nearly 30 years Our primar y aim is to meet the needs of the elderly through the provision of a hot meals ser vice at an affordable price

DCFS now produces close to 40,000 meals per year for senior citizens, and those not in a position to cook for themselves This ser vice is vital for those affected by social exclusion and isolation

While DCFS receives staffing funding from CSP and a smaller grant from the HSE there is still a large shor tfall to make up Finances have become increasingly difficult with r ising costs, and this puts the ser vice under additional financial pressure

To suppor t this vital ser vice, DCFS operates se veral other enter pr ises including:

• Restaurant

• Outside Catering Ser vices

• Baker y

• School and Creche Meals Ser vices

The meals- on-wheels ser vice caters for the nutritional requirements of older people who may be considered among the most vulnerable of the communit y- dwelling population Studies have shown that a meal deliver y ser vice has both pre ventative and restorative effec ts on the health status and wellbeing of older people

Clients can also avail of a senior ’ s hot meal ser vice from our DCFS restaurant which provides a vital social outlet for people to meet up and enjoy a nutritious meal in the company of others

Catering for Educational and Childcare Settings

DCFS caters for the students, staff, and young children in a variety of settings in the local area

Healthy eating is a key focus in these settings, our belief is that health and fresh food helps children with concentration, per for mance and in developing health eating habits

We work closely with each setting to ensure that we meet the needs of the children, the staff, and the teachers

I n addition to Coláiste Treasa and Scoil Mhuire in K anturk , the team also cater for Banteer Childcare Facilit y, The Ne wmar k et Af terschools and Mallow College

This allows us to provide fur ther employment locally and provide an essential ser vice to enhance the nutrition and health of our youth

Other Ser vices

Since its inception in 1994, DCFS engaged in commercial activity to help offset the running costs associated with providing a meals ser vice This is as impor tant today as it has been through the years Large scale meal production and distribution to homes, in isolated areas is ver y costly

Our restaurant is open daily, M onday to Saturday ser ving a delicious selection of food, cakes, drinks and is an excellent local meeting place for old and young

Rural Meals Ser vice

I n 2022 DCFS produced and delivered 37,000 of the highest nutritional quality meals to senior citizens across the Duhallow region

The ser vice is a vital source of social contact and connectivity for many older people who are vulnerable to social exclusion and social isolation, not just a hot meal

Our senior ’ s menu is available from our restaurant each week day from 12 30pm -2 00pm with our a la car te menu available all day We offer indoor and outdoor dining spaces and cater for all t ypes of dietar y requests

DCFS restaurant is a lovely comfor table venue to enjoy a meal in the company of friends and offers excellent value

Outside catering is a specialty of DCFS and is per fect for special occasion

Linda O Connor, Manager of DCFS The exceptional and dedicated team at Duhallow Community Food Ser vices DCFS Manager Linda O Connor with regular customer Marie Forrest Rural Meal Ser vices drivers Aidan O Connor, Julie Messmer, Paul O Connor, Joanne O Connor Francesa Hendr y
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
Chef Julius Binny busy preparing for our school lunch meals ser vice

Duhallow Community Food Ser vices

offer ing cater ing and BBQ ser vices for bir thdays, confir mations, communions, funerals, community events or any other occasion

for the restaurant and specialit y occasion cak es for all t ypes of celebrations

I n 2022 we launched our new website, w w w duhallowfoodser vices ie This development means that customers can view our menus and baker y offerings online I t also allows customers to order catering or cakes online, meaning that this can be done at any time of day

We also added a pre - ordering website for our school ser vices, allowing parents to pre - order their children’s school meals and snacks in advance, ensuring that they receive delicious hot food daily

The hot meals k itchen team are responsible for preparing the hot meals for Duhallow Community Food Ser vice Meals on Wheels ser vice The team including Craig Hurley and Julius Binny are dedicated to providing nutritious, tasty meals which are delivered to those in need in the Duhallow region daily They also cook delicious meals and snacks daily in our restaurant and cater for all types of special occasions, community events and BBQ’s

O ver the past 12 months, the team at DCFS catered for numerous special e vents with their BBQ S er vice This ser vice is available for all t ypes of celebrations and community events

One of the largest catering events of the year was the Duhallow Business Awards where the team sur passed themselves with a four- course banquet for more than 200 people Using the finest of local produce this event was a highlight of the year for the team


While Duhallow Community Food Ser vices provides an essential ser vice, it is also a great wor k placement oppor tunit y for the long ter m unemployed A var iet y of sk ills are de veloped while wor k ing in DCFS, including bak ing, sugar craft, cook ing, ser ving, deliver y driving, customer care and teamwor k We ack nowledge the suppor t received from the communit y ser vices programme, rural social scheme, Tus and CE activation schemes which suppor t the staffing of this ser vice DCFS are providing a source of local employment for many who may not be able to travel to larger ur ban areas Training and de velopment of staff is impor tant, and staff are encouraged to par take in training oppor tunities for job development but also for personal development

The baker y depar tment, led by super visor Sarah Healy, work diligently to supply desser ts for the rural meals ser vice, baked goods and sweet treats

Led by super visor H ilar y Boyle, the restaurant at Duhallow Community Food Ser vices offers a warm welcome, friendly ser vice and tasty food daily With delicious hot lunch specials, gourmet sandwiches, home bak ing and children’s menu available each day

The dispatch team are led by super visor Joanne O’Connor The catering and dispatch team ensure that the rural meals are delivered safely to the customers They provide a friendly face and regular check in on some of our most vulnerable clients

Olive Casey and Julie O’Flaher ty oversee the administration and accounts for Duhallow Community Food Ser vices Customers calling DCFS with food orders can be assured of helpful advice and excellent ser vice and assistance


DCFS is managed by a board of 17 voluntar y directors who meet once a month to oversee the operations of the company They help DCFS to move for ward as an organisation seamlessly and offer their time and exper tise to ensure the success of the organisation

Craig Hurley preparing for a busy day in the hot meal’s kitchen
I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
DCFS s new website which was launched in 2022 and allows customers to place online catering orders In May this year, we welcomed Baker y Super visor Sarah Healy Restaurant Super visor Hilar y Boyle getting a baker y order ready for collection Sarah Healy Baker y Super visor Linda O Connor Manager DCFS Olive Casey Administrator Joanne O Connor Dispatch & Catering Super visor Hilar y Boyle Restaurant Super visor

IRD Duhallow Proudly Representing the Needs and Views of Our Communities for the last 34 Years.

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023


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IRD Duhallow Representatives

John Kelleher & Noreen Kelleher

Denis W ithers & John Kir wan

Jeanette O'Connell & Sean Kelly

Judy O'Lear y & Andrias O'Sullivan

Marie Wallace & Monica Kennedy

Rachel Kelleher & Peter Caf ferkey

Seamus Curtin & Dan Burke

Eileen Forde & Sheila Crowley

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Noel Buckley & Denis Hickey

Mar y Leahy & Paudie O'Shea

Donnache O'Donovan & Br yan Byr ne

Caitriona Buckley & Mar y Keller Sexton

IRD Duhallow Representatives

Liam Doody & Betty Collins

Richie O'Connor & John McCarthy

Siobhan Moynihan & Shane Buckley

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Mossie Fitzpatrick & Timothy Collins

Cor mac Collins & Yvonne Crean

PJ O'Lear y & David Curtin

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Noreen McSweeney & Mairead O'Sullivan

Nora Shine & Denis McAulif fe

Brian Kelly & Marie O'Lear y

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Conor Creedon & Colette Car mody

Batt O'Callaghan & Jeremiah Murphy

Damien Fenton & Aine Fleming

IRD Duhallow Representatives

Andy Bourke & Annette O'Mahony

Jer r y O'Connell & John Feeley

John Fuller & Aine O'Lear y

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Martina Aher ne & Marie Ar nold

Dan O'Riordan & Ollie Dugdale

Liam O'Gor man & Maureen Daly

PJ O'Sullivan, Mike O'Regan & Michelle Green

IRD Duhallow Representatives

Joan Kelleher & Cait Ring

Breda Kelleher & Peter Lane

Cal Healy & Conor McSweeny

Martina Casey & John Crowley

Shane Lehane & Aonghus MacSuibhne

Don McCarthy & Denis McCarthy

Tim Maher & Mar y McSweeney

Siobhan O'Dowd & Nora Casey

Declan Sheehan & John Lyons

Gerald Coakley & Donal O'Callaghan

I R D D U H A L L O W | P RO G R E S S R E P O RT 2022 - 2023
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