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3​rd​/April/2017 IPSF AfRO Call for First Essay Competition 2017 On behalf of the IPSF African Regional Office (AfRO) Professional Development subcommittee, I am pleased to announce the call for the first essay competition 2017.

TOPIC: “Transformation of healthcare delivery systems in Africa with the integration of orthodox and complementary medicine”. Guidelines: The essay should: - ​Follow IPSF Editorial Code (See appendix) - ​Be between 500-600 words - Clearly show the necessary information and content in line with the topic - Have clear references from trusted sources; APA referencing style preferred. - Be in Microsoft Word; Times New Roman; size 12. Should be submitted not later than 30​th​April 2017 23:59 GMT+0 Awards: 1. The first three winning Essays will be published on the AfRO blog. 2. The first will be guided on how to make an abstract and earn a spot to present in IPSF African Pharmaceutical Symposium (AfPS) 2017 Ghana. 3. All first three winners will be recognised and awarded during the awards ceremony in Ghana during AfPS 2017. All essays must be submitted to IPSF AfRO Regional Projects Officer, Mr. Beingana Geofrey on the email address: ​ ​and cc to IPSF AfRO Secretary, Ms. Felicity Karimi;  ​not later than the aforementioned deadline. The subject line of the email should be: IPSF AfRO Essay Competition. In case of any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me via the above email address.

Mr. Beingana Geofrey AfRO Projects Officer 2016-2017  


IPSF Editorial Code The Editorial Committee reserves the right to edit content for grammar, spelling and refining the style. All contributors to IPSF Publications are expected to adhere to the following Editorial Code: Contributors: Will respect IPSF’s principles and values, including those of respect for human dignity and cultural diversity. ● Will not make accusations against any named individuals or organisations, or otherwise make defamatory allegations. ● Will take a balanced approach in all reporting and strive to put across alternative views and counter arguments. ● Will not plagiarise, or copy, the work of others. ● Will take good care and never put themselves or anyone else in danger. ● By submitting any content (i.e. articles, pictures, and videos), you give IPSF copyright to distribute or republish said content on its websites or other platforms. ● Give permission for content (i.e. articles, pictures, and videos) to be offered by IPSF to other media outlets and platforms free-of-payment. (Re-publication will not entail commercial benefit, but will give added exposure to contributors’ work) ● Will not claim to represent IPSF unless employed as such. ● Will, above all, commit to professional standards and only submit articles regarding pharmacy, biomedicine, public health and scientific advances. ●


AfRO Call for Essay 2017  

Announcement for the first IPSF AfRO Essay Competition for 2017.

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