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IPSF Newsletter | February 2014

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IPSF Executive Team 2013-14 IPSF Newsletter


Since establishment in 1949, IPSF now represents over 350,000 pharmaceutical students and recent graduates in over 70 countries worldwide. IPSF is the leading international advocacy organisation of pharmacy students promoting improved public health through provision of information, education, networking, and a range of publication and professional activities.


IPSF Newsletter

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Ms. Asmaa M. Ismail

Editorial Committee Coordinator

Editorial Greetings from our pharmaceutical sanctuary also known as IPSF!

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President Secretary General Treasurer Chairperson of External Relations Chairperson of Internal Relations Chairperson of Professional Development Chairperson of Public Health Chairperson of Pharmacy Education Chairperson of Media and Publications Chairperson of Student Exchange Chairperson of the African Regional Office Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Regional Office Chairperson of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office Chairperson of the European Regional Office Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Office

It’s magical how 4 letters can change your entire life completely. Once you’ve joined the Federation and got infected by the famous IPSF virus you have an access to super powers; the powers of creativity, multitasking, crossing the international borders, and so much more. In this newsletter you will get a close-up on the masterminds behind the continuous success of the Federation. Once you start reading their stories you will get the reasons why all the IPSF’ers refer to themselves as one big happy family. Enjoy reading what’s inside! Viva la Pharmacie!

Issue #103, January 2013

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Mr. Khaled Mostafa

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10 of IPSF Executives during the 1st Executive Meeting 2013-14

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IPSF Newsletter


Radek President On The Track Dearest friends in IPSF, When you grow a non-profit organisation as special as the Federation, it is easy to get lost or just feel small and insignificant. Behind all the great efforts that appear eventually in the form of amazing activities are the newly elected Executive Committee fellows; although we are chosen for the new positions based on our former backgrounds but our duties and responsibilities do not really show until we face the reality of the mandate. It then feels like you’re jumping in at the deep end of a mystery sea and your only option is to learn pretty quickly how to paddle your very own canoe. To be honest, everyone deserves a chance. My name is Radoslaw Mitura, but everyone calls me Radek. Being 25 years old and a final-year pharmacy student, I will soon receive my Master of Pharmacy diploma from the Medical University of Warsaw to crown the last six years of school work. 2

IPSF Newsletter

Although I come from elsewhere in Poland, my 6-7 year relocation to our capital city, Warsaw, has played a significant role in my personal life. Warsaw is not the oldest place in my country, and it is not considered the most beautiful town in the eyes of residents here either; however, the Old Town, which is the heart of the city, is placed on the UNESCO’s List of Heritage Sites. Warsaw Old Town has a history that puts its mark on pretty much everything, and it is considered the business centre at the same time. All these elements create an inspiring feeling of opportunity. Memories made here make it feel home and special; most importantly the memories make it feel unique. Here I am. IPSF has “scarred” me for life. Since the beginning of our -IPSF and I- story for the first time in August 2010 (Slovenia), I knew our relationship would last for good; you can call it “love at the first sight”. Then, something went awkwardly wrong, and at that moment I lost all attention, and was at a stage where I was trying to understand how it happened, and how

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I had just gotten elected. Well, actually this was what I had really wanted. That was in Egypt in August 2012, and the General Assembly had faith in me to run the Federation as its President in 2012-13. “What do I do now?” was a thought that had risen in my mind. Well there was just one thing left to do, to learn pretty quickly how to paddle this very special canoe. It wasn’t easy, but I know that strategic thinking at this point will make everything doable. In 2012-13, together with the Executive Committee we tried to look at the Federation from a critical angle, which had proven itself to be worthwhile. Examining decades-long operating practices, we attempted to improve, or at least tried, anything that was deemed necessary. Thereby, a solid foundation for years to come has been built. Having understood how big the commitment and responsibility to perform the President’s duties, you may wonder why I had decided to run for the position again, especially given how my time is so restrained; on top of my regular daily life, I’m still a student and I’m aiming to start a professional career... I must admit the decision was harder this time. While rerunning, you are more realistic about how much time it costs to handle the position and how many resources are consumed not only on traveling for meetings, but also on developing tasks, managing people and organising workspaces for everyone else in the team. In addition, you probably would also have to think up some in-depth plans for your objectives. This is all true. Holding a leading position in an international non-profit federation in which your main focus is all about development & management, you can never tell how hard your first year is going to be; your mind make a transition from simple operational thinking approach into a more strategic and organized approach. You start seeking for knowledge and advice on how to better utilise and leverage your limited resources. When you manage to do so, this can put the Federation ahead or even better; give it the right directions and a clear vision. Keep it away from slipping into a mission drift. Clearly the huge leadership turnover every year is the biggest obstacle, and we have to be incredibly successful in what we do with all the passion that unites us all. If the foundation is there, isn’t it time to take advantage of that, and really

taken during EM1 at the garden of IPSF Headquarters

IPSF Newsletter


do the things we talked about throughout the year? Transitioning between mandates, I can easily see something that I couldn’t when I took on this position for the first time. It showed how much was dependent on the past, and how many discussions could be skipped as adequate results were placed in documents last year. This is not easy to observe, as it is rare to reapply for positions within the Executive Committee, especially for the presidential one. However, seeing the hard work from the previous year being translated into a smooth workflow now, makes me want to express my sincere gratification to those who contributed to it – our predecessors. It now enables our thought-out objectives to be worked on: to develop a strong Alumni network, to design a competency-based professional development programme, to ensure that the quality assurance attempts are being continued, and to entrench the implementation of peer learning and life skill initiatives. For example, the Corporate Relations and Policy Committees, were recently established but they made a huge impact and left their mark pleasantly noticed in the Federation’s performance and can only be said to have performed exceptionally. Another idea is that, In the end, we may even end up having a comprehensive knowledge management database behind the main website, along with a feedback collection system. At the next General Assembly, a new strategic plan will be presented, with an aim to preserve the ideas and advancements that have been discussed and developed. A prize should be offered for the one who can name and list all the objectives and idea going on in his mind right now, but I confess I can’t. Not that it matters at the moment, it certainly doesn’t, but what does matter, is the team. How do you define a good one? Sure it is not a group of people with great individual skill sets... the Federation requires more than that. The complexity of the international setting and its challenges need a group of individuals that can put the greater good above their individual agendas and those who can stick to the overall priorities. In a team we keep an eye on each others’ backs so that we no longer feel small or lost, and we keep each others on track. Keep this in mind and you will see how much the Federation has progressed by the end of the year – and make sure


IPSF Newsletter

to credit and praise yourself for the contribution you have made! Let’s sum up some of the points raised here. Always remember to respect your predecessors – as they probably have discussed your concerns and will support you if you ever needed support. Your contribution does matter, though you might not feel and know it right now, but the future generations will see it. And finally: the foundation grows more and more every year, however we are also susceptible to just one step away from falling into a disaster. A great team is one that does the former and avoids the latter. Are we to be considered a great team? I surely believe so. IPSF left a permanent “scar” inside of me that is destined to stay forever and not to be ever removed. The objective for this year is IPSF-branding as much as you can, to keep our fellow counterparts passionate and proud, and to have them carry on the mission that started nearly 65 years ago. Have a very successful year, everyone! Yours in IPSF, Radoslaw Mitura IPSF President 2012-14

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Angela Secretary General Dear pharmacy students around the world, I am Angela, from the heart of Europe in black, red and gold: Germany. After my graduation from the University of Freiburg in 2012, I received my license as a pharmacist in July 2013. Followed by a summer full of IPSF holidays and congresses, I started working in a community pharmacy in my hometown since October 2013, the same time when the second term of my mandate officially started. There are some things you should do once in life. And for others, once is not enough. Since Secretary General is a two-year position, having the opportunity to fulfill this role means that I get a second chance to be involved in IPSF internationally. And after one year of my mandate finished, I just started again. When I see all of the pictures taken during the last few months, I can still feel the excitement from being involved with IPSF over the summer. I visited 7

countries; met over 1000 IPSFers, travelled thousands of miles in 7 planes and 16 trains, and have countless wonderful memories to treasure! Now that I am beginning the cycle all over again, I am making my new to-do list. Through this I realize and appreciate even more how many things were accomplished during the past mandate by the IPSF Team 2012-13. Every year, a new team takes over to improve pharmaceutical education, professional development, public health, and global exchanges. They dedicate time, effort, and energy to the international pharmacy involvement. For the past 65 years, this cycle has repeated – and IPSF keeps growing for the better, because of it, each year. A massive number of Student Exchanges were organised, 4 IPSF Events held – on 4 different continents and lots of Minutes and Reports were submitted along with statements presented at the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization. However, it is not just IPSF that has grown over the past

IPSF Newsletter


few years. The latest event I attended was the Annual Conference of the West African Federation of Students in Pharmaceutical Sciences (FESPAO; Fédération des Etudiants en Sciences Pharmaceutiques de l’Afrique de l’Ouest). FESPAO is a Federation representing 7 French speaking countries from Western Africa, namely Senegal, Guinea-Conakry, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin. In addition, a delegation from Niger participated. Only about one year ago, IPSF had heard about the existence of FESPAO for the first time and after frequent communication throughout the year between IPSF and FESPAO representatives, the Secretary General of FESPAO 2012-13, Mr. Richmond Tche, had attended the 2nd IPSF AfPS and Leaders in Training Event in July in Tanzania. In the same manner, IPSF was honored to be invited to join their Annual Conference in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, for the 10th anniversary edition. The intention for the Annual Conference is a scientific competition between the member countries, whereas every country presents a topic of their own choice. “Antibiotics and resistances in treatment”, “Difficulties of medication from the street” or “Derivatives of artemisinin in the treatment of malaria” are examples of the works presented during the most recent conference. In addition to the competition, lectures on the harmonization of the educational system between member countries were provided while IPSF was given the chance to present itself and deliver a session of Leaders in Training for the participants. Since all communication was facilitated in French, attending this event made me realise even more that there is more to discover in this world than only the English speaking part of IPSF. Languages such as Spanish, Arabic or French, can open doors to many more students and invite them to participate and learn from IPSF. This first year I learned a lot while this next year will still hopefully bring new experiences. To all out there: Be curious and discover the world!


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taken during EM1 after dinner at the IPSF apartment

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Laurens Treasurer Dear all, My name is Laurens Oort the elected Treasurer of IPSF. I’m 23 years old, living in my bachelor pad in Leiden, the Netherlands, a beautiful old city with the oldest University of the country. In the summer of 2013 (just before the 59th World Congress where I was an RC member) I graduated with a degree in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, you know, the fun part of Pharmacy. No standing behind a counter selling drugs to junkies but actually making the drugs. Ok, I wasn’t really making the medications since I specialized in research at a more biological setting, so I am actually eligible to make up new drugs or improve the old ones. One of my projects that I was working on during the internship was to knock down genes in cancer cell lines to see if they would lose their Cisplatin resistance. If a proper knockdown/knockout of a gene was found and it only affected cancer cells, this could possibly become a combination treatment with Cisplatin to boost the effect without the risk of resistance. Alas, my time was limited, so no Nobel prize

for me yet, but I’m very interested in staying involved in this kind of research. Maybe one day…. Currently I’m fully committed to IPSF while looking for an interesting project to work on. On the weekends, I’m a scouts leader. Having been a scout myself since the age of 6 makes me really enjoy working out a fun program each Saturday for a group of young boys and girls. Other things I fill my time with include: Looking at my guitars and wishing I practiced more when I was young; making up new Origami and paper folding projects; solving puzzles (both jigsaw ones or Rubik’s Cube type puzzles); choosing which one of all my watches I’m going to wear; or watching Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo as many times as possible. I caught the IPSF Virus (some call it Spirit, but I don’t drink) during my first IPSF World Congress in 2012, in Hurghada, Egypt. I was part of the 59th IPSF World Congress Reception Committee so I was there to do research on how it was actually done. Not being a Phar macy student, I had a lot of trouble envisioning how all activities would go. I was very happy to go to Hurghada

IPSF Newsletter


and had a wonderful time there. From then on I knew what to do and I wanted to work even harder to make ‘our’ World Congress in Utrecht, the Netherlands better than all previous ones. And hard work it was; my tasks consisted of making newsletters, processing all the registrations and answering questions from participants, all the while still studying. During the congress, I worked for 3 whole nights without sleeping, and didn’t even go to any of the social events. For some reason, my mind didn’t want a peaceful quiet rest afterwards as I was persuaded to join the IPSF Executive Committee as Treasurer. I had to ask the chairperson of the RC if I could have time off to prepare and run for the elections for goodness sake. I was very happy after being elected, but I had to focus on the congress immediately after that. At the end, I only could start my duties for the new position after the end of the congress. So far I’ve been busy with reorganizing the whole thing; Opening a new bank account, finishing up the financial year 2012-2013, keeping track of payments and sending invoices for

the membership fees as well as checking if it is being paid. We are nearing the halfway point and I feel there is so much more that I can do. Lucky for me I still have more than a year ahead of me. I hope to see many of you at IPSF events and hope you will catch the IPSF Virus just like I did. I’ve made friends from around the world and hope to stay in touch with them long after my mandate. As the Dutch would say: ‘Het ga jullie goed en tot snel!’ (Be well and see you soon!) Yours truly in IPSF, Laurens Oort IPSF Treasurer 2013-2015

taken during EM1 at the garden of IPSF Headquarters


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Jakub Chairperson of External Relations Dear IPSFers around all the world! It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Jakub Weber and I currently serve the Federation as the Chairperson of External Relations, which means I am responsible, together with the Corporate Relations Committee, for maintenance and further development of contacts with our external partners and for seeking new ones - both in the professional collegiate and corporate fields. I am originally from a small town in the middle of the Czech Republic called Havlíčkův Brod, but I spent the majority of my time in last few years in a beautiful city of Hradec Kralove, where I am in 5th year of my studies at the Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy. I currently study in Valencia, Spain where I am working on my thesis. My journey as an IPSFer started with my first international event, the 4th World Healthcare Students´ Symposium (WHSS) held in Prague 2011, where I worked as a member of Reception Committee. I have caught the international spirit there and since then, I have been eager for more and was inspired to attend quite a few international events; European Pharmaceutical Students´ Association (EPSA) congresses, IPSF World Congresses, FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and WHSS. In my first year of studies, I started to realise that I am not indifferent to the world around me and I started

to be involved in the Czech Pharmaceutical Students´ Association (CzPSA), where I worked in different positions from Public Relations manager, Vicepresident of Internal Affairs to the President. When my mandate as the President of CzPSA was about to end, I started to think, fully infected by the famous IPSF spirit, about the next step - IPSF Executive position, which came true during the this years´ 59th IPSF World Congress in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I have never met so many amazing people and great friends, never traveled so much and experienced the world in my entire life as I have in the last few months. Being a member of IPSF Executive Committee is a huge and life changing experience. I am really grateful for the opportunity and the trust given to me. So, what are we working on right now? This year, several Memoranda of Understandings need to be revised and re-signed, so we are working on the EPSA - IPSF Memorandum of Understanding, the WHSS Memorandum of Understanding, chasing new sponsors, developing advertising opportunities in IPSF publications and the most exciting one - creating the IPSF Cookbook, where each country would put some of their traditional meals! I wish you a good year full of success and the courage to take the responsibility of the world of tomorrow in your hands. Viva la Pharmacie! IPSF Newsletter


Jason Chairperson of Internal Relations My Leap of Faith. As each year ends, most of us find ourselves reflecting on what we achieved throughout the year and reminding ourselves of the good and the bad times. 2013 has been a real adventure as I closed a chapter of my life and started many new ones. However, It is never easy starting out in the uncharted ocean of opportunity. And with that, I will tell my story on the leap of faith that brought me here today. I am Jason Hong and I am from Malaysia where the food is great and the weather is always fair. My IPSF adventure began when I was presented with the golden opportunity to attend the 57th World Congress in Hatyai, Thailand in 2011. It was really an eye opener to what is out there in the world and how little I still have yet to experience. When I returned to my country, I was ever so determined to represent my country and be part of IPSF. That was when I became the Vice President and Contact Person of Malaysia for 2 years. Fast forwarding to 2013, I graduated from pharmacy school and jumped on a plane to the Netherlands for the World Congress. It was no easy task for me to

10 IPSF Newsletter

consider running for this position as I will start off in the rat race and being a pre-registered pharmacist, my schedule will be tight. In addition to that, being in a country in Asia would burden my wallet as travelling would cost more. However, knowing the complications I might face, this was a chance I was willing to take. So, I stood in front of the General Assembly and presented myself as a candidate for the position. Next, all I remembered that my name was announced as the IPSF Chairperson of Internal Relations. To close my story, all I can say is that I took a leap of faith and a chance in life. Not many can say that they achieve goals on an international level and are a part of a federation as wonderful as IPSF. My advice to all is to take a chance on something you want and do not pass on great opportunities when life presents them to you. You will not regret it later on! Viva La Pharmacie` Jason Hong IPSF CHairperson of Internal Relation 2013-14

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David Chairperson of Professional Development Infected with IPSF Spirit All Around the Globe! Greetings from Bonn, Germany, a country that is famous for its structure, bureaucracy and punctuality. My name is David Čechlovský and I am from the Czech Republic. I am currently in the 5th year of my studies at Charles University in Prague and will soon be starting my 6-month rotation in community pharmacy. Attentive readers may notice a discrepancy here! As an active student, I applied for Erasmus (an exchange programme between universities in Europe) and was accepted. My girlfriend Katarína (EPSA PHSS Coordinator) was accepted too, so we can enjoy our time here together! I am also working under a famous professor named Ulrich Jaehde in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy to complete the thesis for my diploma, which is necessary for me to graduate in 2014. Unfortunately, I am not good enough at German to be able to work with patients and was therefore assigned to the Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Working Group. The Czech Republic is not as well developed in this field, and I am amazed with the art of modeling! Enough about me, it is time to write about the infection called IPSF! Going back, I would say that the first time I was exposed to IPSF was in 2010, when we had an

12 IPSF Newsletter

international exchange with Serbia. Even before the event ended, the first symptom already occurred. Let´s call it “euphoria”: I was willing to travel, willing to meet new people and have a wonderful time. In 2011, I decided to chair the Organizing Committee of WHSS (World Healthcare Students´ Symposium) in Prague. The task was very hard and challenging, but I felt that I could do it. Let’s call the 2nd symptom “delusion in being noble”. After this, I continued being involved as the Chairperson of the Joint Working Group (JWG) for WHSS 2013. Even though there were difficulties and conflicts in WHSS 2011, the third symptom “craving” was stronger. The deadly combination of these three symptoms resulted in an “addiction to accomplishing loftier goals for the bliss”. Being influenced by the symptoms of this infection, I decided to run for Chairperson of Professional Development. This position brings me a lot of responsibilities and stress, but also opportunities, knowledge and challenges. What I have discovered most recently is a new fourth symptom, the “feeling of integrity”. The “IPSF stricken” people come together as a family that you can rely on. Everyone helps everyone. However, the cycle is not at its end yet, and I am looking forward to experiencing

Now that I am done with my metaphor, I will share a few ideas related to IPSF. As the Chairperson of Professional Development I shall of course start with PD, but honestly I do not have much to say. The Coordinators and Committee members are so enthusiastic and hard working, so they do not leave much for me to do. What a joyful experience! Currently the team is working on guidelines for all projects, establishing new projects like Trainers´ Development Camp and transforming abstract ideas into reality by writing everything down and considering pros and cons. We are also now aiming for some online projects so that we can reach a larger audience; so keep an eye out for that! Therefore I, mainly regularly check on the work of the team, have a deeper look into the vision of the portfolio, act as a source of new ideas, encourage and lead each member based on their personality, and maintain the motivation of the group. Of course, more heads (approximately 20) put together know more than mine alone. And with me being bored (exaggerating, I spend approximately

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the next set of symptoms.

20 hours per week with IPSF) I have more than enough time to spend on infiltrating other teams! Currently I am brainstorming with Fahmi and his Pharmacy Education Committee about establishing a database for online courses. I am also often involved with Sheena and her Committee Members to give feedback on their work, such as the Vampire Cup video. Lastly, I spend an unbelievable amount of time on Skype with Sheena and Fahmi to talk about top-secret ideas (e.g. “Ultimate Pharmacy Challenge”). If you have still not decided about whether you should get involved in IPSF, my advice is: “Do not think, just jump and dive in!” David

IPSF Family Tree fom David’s point of view

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Sheena Chairperson of Public Health Hello my dear IPSFers!!! My name is Sheena Patel and I am currently a final year pharmacy student (graduating in May 2014) at Wilkes University in the USA. I was born and raised in a small town (Mechanicsburg) in Pennsylvania! I love my hometown, but not as much as I love my family for all of the support and love they give me! Now four years ago, I began my journey with IPSF as a first year pharmacy student. I was given the position of IPSF Vice President at my pharmacy school. I held this position for a year and a half, and during this time I learned about many of the projects and initiatives that take part in being a member of IPSF. This position opened my eyes to a new world of pharmacy that I had not heard of before. When World Congress came around in Egypt I applied for the position of Public Health Sub-Committee, since I loved promoting public health to different patients in my community, and I wanted to do this on a more global level. After my acceptance on this team I really began to grow and love IPSF even more! I learned about even more projects that IPSF works on, and how I can really help in promoting different campaigns to patients all over the world. This experience led me to apply for and become the American Pharmacist Association –Academy of Student Pharmacists’ (APhA-ASP) IPSF National Project Coordinator for my country (USA). You cannot believe how excited I was to take on this new role of initiating even more Public Health Campaigns from a global level to my very own country! As I headed to my first Leaders In Training (LIT), and my first World Congress in the Netherlands, I was so nervous.

14 IPSF Newsletter

I had all of these thoughts running through my head, from not making any friends to being a really bad official delegate because of my little knowledge of IPSF. All these thoughts ran through my head as I headed to Utrecht, but disappeared when I got to LIT. Everyone I met, from the Reception Committee to the LITers, were so warm and welcoming that I really felt like I belonged to this IPSF family, and it was such a great feeling! During LIT, I also had the privilege to meet some of the past and present IPSF Executives who encouraged me to run for IPSF Chairperson of Public Health. I was very touched by their kind words and encouragement, but was torn between my duties to my association and IPSF. As we headed to World Congress I was still unsure about becoming an IPSF Executive, but then three APhA-ASP National Executive members (who will always hold a special place in my heart) came to my rescue. They helped me make the crucial decision to run for, and accept the position of IPSF Chairperson of Public Health. Even though I no longer serve as the APhA-ASP National Project Coordinator, I still dedicate my time to help out my APhA-ASP team members with IPSF Public Health Campaigns! After making that decision to become a part of this multicultural team of IPSF executives, I have not looked back (well maybe to reminisce a little bit)! I love every second of it from answering emails to planning events, I love it all! I have so many plans and I am so happy to serve as this year’s IPSF Chairperson of Public Health to implement as much as I can!! Viva La Pharmacie!

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Fahmi Chairperson of Pharmacy Education Dear IPSF’ers, By the time this newsletter is published, I’m hoping that you would all be in the festivities of the year-end holiday season. My name is Fahmi Fuady and I am 23 years old and a final year student in Faculty of Pharmacy of Istanbul University, Turkey. Aside of my daily routine as a pharmacy student, I also fill my days with my activities as IPSF Chairperson of Pharmacy Education. Two years ago, a classmate came to me out of the blue and invited me to attend the IPSF World Congress 2011 in Thailand, which is very close to my home country. I very gladly accepted. I attended the congress and I really enjoyed my time there. Of course, I had no idea that it would take me on this huge adventure with IPSF. The following year, I was the sole representative of pharmacy students in my faculty in the World Congress 2012 in Egypt. That time, as an Official Delegate attending the GA, I learned the inner workings of IPSF, what the actual objectives of IPSF were and how IPSF could actually make an impact. This is what made me apply for a position in the team that year. After the Congress, I started my work as the educational and

scientific publications coordinator and throughout the year I got fully immersed. It feels really fulfilling to do all this, despite actually having extra work to do every week. Thus, when the previous World Congress came, I got the opportunity to step it up even further. And here I am. It’s been about two months since I officially started my mandate. It’s certainly not easy and there are a lot of responsibilities, I sometimes even question myself, what am I doing here. But then an e-mail arrives in my inbox or a short text through Whatsapp and it reminds me of the vast network I am in and the wonderful opportunities that I have within IPSF. Throughout my mandate, I hope that my work will take IPSF a step toward its objectives. Sincerely, Fahmi

IPSF Newsletter


Khaled Chairperson of Media and Publications Warm greetings to all IPSFers everywhere! This is Khaled Mostafa, and I’m serving this year as IPSF Chairperson of Media and Publications, besides suffering from endless to-do lists and emails! For those who did not meet me during last IPSF World Congress in Utrecht, let me take the liberty to introduce myself. I obtained my BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2012 from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tanta, Egypt. I remember the first time I heard about IPSF, it was on my bus ride to my first day at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2007, I forgot about the lectures and everything and spent the day listening stories about IPSF. Looking back to my first IPSF involvement, everything started six years ago, specifically in 2009, when I was elected as Chairperson of Media and Publications of EPSF, Egypt, as well as one of the members of IPSF Design and Creativity Subcommittee. I was totally infected by the IPSF spirit during the 1st IPSF Eastern Mediterranean

16 IPSF Newsletter

Pharmaceutical Symposium in July 2010 in Amman, Jordan, which was the first IPSF event I attended. I was the Official Delegate of my national Federation, and I have had the pleasure to meet a lot of new IPSFers and friends from the whole Eastern Mediterranean region, and to see some of all the opportunities that IPSF is offering to us, it was really a memorable event and it opened my eyes, a lot. During the 1st Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS), I decided to run for the position of IPSF Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) Internal Coordination and Communication Officer. My regional contribution has added a lot to my personality and broadened my network. I have had the honor of being among the EPSF team who won IPSF Sydney J. Relph award 2010-11, and the Reception Committee team who organized the largest IPSF congress ever, the 58th IPSF World Congress 2012 in Hurghada, Egypt.

In the Media and Publications committee, we are working as hard as we can to make sure that every product represents IPSF well. The portfolio is really stressful, but we will do our best to fulfill the needs of the Federation.

inside IPSF

My passion to participate more in IPSF pushed me to continue. Following the congress, I’ve been appointed as IPSF Marketing coordinator 2012-13, and it was really a great year for IPSF and me as well. As I got more involved, I saw new doors opening which offered me more opportunities. Then, I applied for the position of IPSF Chairperson of Media and Publications.

since all my activities have focused on media, marketing and communications. After graduation I decided to seek another approach, to follow my passion. I’m a tech enthusiast, visual artist, and published writer. Currently I’m working as Social Media Consultant in a leading digital advertising agency in MENA based in Cairo. I have fun most of the time and i like to bring fun wherever i go. I have the passion to travel and explore new stuff, and I wish for a borderless world! Wish you all the best! Khaled

As a little more to know about me aside from IPSF, I actually have a failed relationship with pharmacy, as I discovered from my involvements in student activities,

taken during 59th IPSF GA

Just after announcing the new Chairperson of Media and Publications 2013-14

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Miranda Chairperson of Student Exchange Hello everyone :) My name is Miranda, I was born and raised in America, but my parents are both from Taiwan. I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist when I was 12 and surprisingly, I never changed my mind! I’ll be graduating from Jefferson School of Pharmacy (in Philadelphia) in May 2014, with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and I am SO excited for what my career has in store for me. My dream job is to work for the World Health organization one day, but for now, I plan on getting further clinical training in a residency within the USA. Travel is what I love and is what I constantly crave. For the past 5 years, I have been jet-setting around the world during my breaks from school, witnessing pieces of history, tasting different cultures, and meeting new amazing people. I have managed to explore 23 countries, with the rest of the entire world being on my list! Travel has become a part of me, and the world is my home. Since my involvement in IPSF, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet even more people and see even more places than ever! I hold true to the quote by Mariam Beard, “Travel is more than the

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seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living”. Being a part of IPSF has enriched my life beyond what I could ever imagine. My love for IPSF began through SEP in Egypt. This trip changed my life and taught me that best friends can be made in the most unexpected places. With my eagerness to promote IPSF in the US, I moved forward with sharing about IPSF locally at my University, then nationally as the USA exchange officer and I’m now serving as the Chairperson of Student Exchange. I have really high hopes for this year and want to improve the quality of SEP, expand and grow the program through innovative strategies, and hopefully, add to the program so that in the future, graduates who are in IPSF can also participate. I know it is going to be a lot of work, but with an amazing student exchange committee working with me this year, I am hoping to make huge strides to improve the program. Cheers to a great SEP year! Viva la Pharmacie!

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Prosper Chairperson of IPSF African Regional Office My name is Prosper Maposa, the Chairperson of the African Regional Office (AfRO) in IPSF, from the magnificent, sunshine nation of Zimbabwe. My first involvement with IPSF was in 2011 when I was the Local Exchange Officer for the Zimbabwe Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (ZPSA). I believe in this life it’s either you are improving or you are dying. As such I became the Contact Person for Zimbabwe, then the President of ZPSA, and now the Chairperson of AfRO. I practically got infected with the IPSF spirit when I attended the 58th IPSF World Congress in Egypt. Ever since then, I have literally enjoyed the world, whilst making it a better place, and my passion for global networking and capacity building is slowly taking shape. I have been to 13 countries in 3 continents in my life, 8 of which have been through IPSF. Currently I am a research intern at the Drug and Toxicology Information Services (DATIS), and an Executive Intern of the Impact Pharmacy Company in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is an honour to be working with a motivated and skillful team this year, and to help in moving the African agenda forward in the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF). ‘In the long standing history of mankind those

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that have learnt to collaborate have prevailed the longest’, Charles Darwin. In the same vein the African Regional Office has engaged with all the other regions of IPSF, to initiate fruitful exchange of vibrant ideas and to translate such ideas into meaningful and measurable results. AfRO is fairly young in IPSF however, dynamites come in fresh packages, so they say. The challenges we face are real but manageable. As a team, we will reach to member countries, to help improve the quality of their public health campaigns, pharmacy profession awareness campaigns, and national conferences. Communication will be one of the key tools that we will use to demystify IPSF, and to improve our standards of operation. An extensive membership drive will be of utmost importance during our mandate for the expansion and growth of IPSF in Africa. This can, and will be achieved using a multi-directional strategy including, but not limited to, attending conferences in non-member states, a ‘know your neighbor campaign’ in which IPSF member countries take up the challenge to motivate neighboring non-member countries to join the federation, and also use of aggressive online marketing tools.

shape the future together. Coming together is only the beginning, knowing each other is progress, and when we work together to achieve a common goal our success will be unimaginable. The road will be long but we can get there. Change is built on our willingness to take up the challenge, and I am confident that together we can do it.

Finally, from the 26th June to 1st July 2014 we will meet in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for a breath-taking 3rd African Pharmaceutical Symposium (AfPS). This will be a platform for regional cultural exchange, educational and scientific beneficiation, professional molding and an opportunity to get infected with the IPSF spirit. It is at this platform that decisions that affect the region will be made. Be there for a mindblowing, re-inventing experience, come, and let us

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I would like to welcome with joy the new IPSF members in AfRO Nigeria and Namibia and pledge our total support as the Regional Working Group in getting them in sync with the IPSF culture. To the veteran IPSF member countries it is my hope that we will work on adding more value, with such events/ programmes as the Student Exchange Programme, and the world health days. The AfRO focus project this year is Leaders in Training (LIT) as deliberated by the Regional Assembly. LIT will equip Africa and the World with competent leaders whose skills when coupled with motivation will result in the successful running of other projects.

See you all in Zimbabwe for the 3rd AfPS, and in Portugal for the 60th World Congress. Kind Regards Prosper Maposa (Mr) AfRO Chairperson 2013-2014

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Dora Chairperson of IPSF Asia Pacific Regional Office Hi everyone! My name is Meng San Lee, but everybody calls me Dora. I just graduated this summer from Taipei Medical University, where I studied for 4 years to get a bachelor’s degree. Now I am taking a year off to prepare for exams and see where my boundaries are. Even though I don’t go to school now, that doesn’t stop me from being a student. I am a member of the IPSF family and we learn from each other everyday, through emails and all kinds of social media. How did it happen? What got me into this big family? I was born and raised in Taiwan, a small island located by the southeastern coast of mainland China that is shaped like a leaf, narrow at both ends. To the north is Japan, and down south are the Philippines. Many airlines fly to Taiwan, making it the perfect travel destination. However, I never left this island until two years ago, when I went to Asian Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) 2011 in Indonesia followed by IPSF World Congress in Thailand. A series of IPSF events started my travels to foreign countries. Amazed by those great events, I became one of the Reception Committee (RC) for APPS 2012 in Taiwan, followed by my first position as regional project officer. I now serve as the chairperson of Asia Pacific Regional Office. In only 2 years, I’ve been to 9 countries and flown over 12 times. This is one of the good things about being an exec -- you get to see the world with a bunch of great friends who come from different countries themselves. I was excited when I tasted that special dish that other execs made for us after a long meeting, I was overwhelmed

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when the Honorable Life Member of IPSF hugged me, and I can’t wait to carry on this journey even when I am not sure where it takes us. This is because we share the same spirit: we believe in IPSF and we try our best to better IPSF for this meaningful profession and of course, for all of you. As the chair of APRO, I am working on a program for our students to have the chance to know what the “Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP)” is about and better understand the needs of the Asia Pacific region. This is especially true for Southeast Asia, where the WHO estimates that there will be a great need for healthcare workers in the near future. Of course, my regional working group and I will do our best to build coherence in APRO while having some fun together. Besides all that, I used to be a great break-dancer. I am 23yrs old and my bones hurt, but I still don’t regret it. I also like to eat, although I can’t really cook. I made a promise that I now regret, of cooking for the execs at the next meeting. I enjoy spending time by myself, but I also like to drink with friends. I had my ALDH enzymes checked and am proud of being Asian. I read the following sentence in a textbook: “Taiwan lies on the western edge of the Pacific “rim of fire,” and continuous tectonic movements have created majestic peaks, rolling hills and plains, basins, coastlines, and other wonders.” I believe that pressure can make us better, and that we bloom in diversity. I love Chinese poetry and my motto for the year is: Less is more. After all, happiness is being here at this very moment.

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Essra Chairperson of IPSF Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office My dear friends from around the world, A hearty hello to all! I am Essra Noureldin, a 25-year-old recent graduate from Khartoum, Sudan. I am currently working as a community pharmacist. I remember the first time I heard about IPSF. It was at my university back in December 2009, where I heard fellow colleagues talking about a great congress they had attended in Bali. I thought, “I must do that!” When I got home that day, I went onto the Federation website. Reading through every section of the website, my fascination grew more and more. At that time, I didn’t know to get involved with IPSF. Sadly, I was unable to attend the upcoming World Congress in Slovenia at that time. A year later, I heard about the second Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS) in Doha, Qatar. It was my first direct involvement with IPSF, and my relationship with IPSF was love from the first “event”. I fell instantly in love with IPSF’s magical spirit. I was appointed that same year as an IPSF Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) subcommittee member. During the next year, I was part of the helping committee for the 3rd EMPS in Khartoum, Sudan, and was lucky enough to be elected as the regional

Internal Coordinator and Communication Officer. Two World Congresses later, I am now serving as IPSF EMRO Chairperson. Since EMRO is still a young region, as a chairperson I’m planning to set a clear strategy to pave EMRO’s way for the next few years. I want to implement EMRO’s focus projects and strengthen our relationship with WHOEMRO. I’m looking forward to an extraordinary year with this year’s wonderful executive board and the amazingly supportive working group to bring out the best in ourselves. When it comes to IPSF, I will just repeat what everybody would say. IPSF is truly a life changing experience that enhances everybody’s professional and personal life. When I look back at the whole experience, it has been an amazing rollercoaster ride -- one that you would never want to get off. Yours in IPSF, Essra Noureldin, IPSF EMRO Chairperson 2013-14

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Parand Chairperson of IPSF European Regional Office Hello my dear IPSFers, My name is Parand and I have been living in the Netherlands for 19 years now. I was born in Tehran (Iran) and I moved to the Netherlands with my parents at the age of 3. Being a pharmacist wasn’t my first choice, so I decided to study Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences in Leiden and become a pharmaceutical research scientist. Right now, I am in the first year of my Masters degree and I am working on my first internship. During my executive year at the K.N.P.S.V. I learned that I like the world of management and policy more than the lab so I haven’t completely mapped out my future just yet. My journey in IPSF started not too long ago. The 58th IPSF World Congress in Hurghada, Egypt was my first ever IPSF event and also my time to shine as a newly elected CP and SEO. I enjoyed the congress and since then I’ve learned more and more about the federation and its members. It was amazing that some were having dinner, and others breakfast during a meeting. The diversity in people, their cultures and traditions is what made me fall in love. Another love that IPSF caters to is my love of traveling, which I luckily have been able to do a lot lately. During the 58th IPSF World Congress, another subject

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came up which has taken up a part of my life, the creation of the European Regional Office. I am grateful to have the opportunity to shape the office as its first Chairperson. I have been working on mapping out the needs for Europe within IPSF for the different portfolios and also on determining the manpower needed for my office. In addition to this, I also support our secretariat and president by acting as the vice-president, a full time schedule that I love. This mandate is not over yet, and I’m looking forward to what 2014 will bring us. For those who doubt going to an event or getting involved, I can only share the words of William G.T. Shedd: “A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.” I hope to meet you at either a local, a national or an IPSF event, and with these words being said I sign off! Viva la Pharmacie! Parand Akhavan IPSF Vice-President and Chairperson of the European Regional Office 2013-2014

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Lucas Chairperson of IPSF Pan American Regional Office “You mean ‘Know thyself,’ Socrates?” – Protarchus and Socrates about the Inscription on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, Greece.

all of this in mind, hadn’t I only completed a speech but also the ideologies guiding my decisions, even on new things, was created.

Dear friends, My name is Lucas Ercolin. I am from Brazil and the Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Office (PARO).

“Growing the Region” is our main motto. Everything will be centered on this. How can this be achieved? By increasing members’ participation and bringing new members to IPSF.

I’m on the verge of transitioning from being a student to being a pharmacist. I presented my thesis on R&D in December, leaving just the last internship report of 2014. After that, I’ll try to pursue a masters’ degree.

Despite the new members being very important, with all eyes on South America, the process of increasing activity of the actual members needed a special strategy based on the development of Public Health and Media activities.

I discovered IPSF in 2011 during a Council of Pharmacy Students’ Associations of Brazil, while representing my association, the “Academic Center of Pharmaceutical Sciences” (CACIF). After the elections of the association, as new Scientific Director, I decided to take the lead in making CACIF an IPSF member.

Some hard decisions needed to be made, such as aborting the new IPSF PARO Public Health Project, which was the group’s joint decision. The reason was based on our ideology of “growing the region” through developing our existing projects that will benefit us more than working on a very new project from scratch.

At the 58th IPSF World Congress in Egypt, I spearheaded CACIF’s bid for membership and started my journey into the Federation by participating in ‘Leaders in Training’ program, then being elected for the position of Regional Relations Officer in the Pan American Regional Office – Regional Working Group (RWG).

To unite as a region and increase the exchange of ideas, one of the main ways to represent the students was bringing the 8th Pan American Regional Symposium to South America, CACIF’s city: Araraquara, Brazil. It was a hard decision for both IPSF and CACIF since the time for finding a host was short, yet it was a great one as it showed that the Region has power to grow.

During the 59th IPSF World Congress, in Netherlands, I faced the General Assembly and after a tempestuous session, I was elected as the Chairperson of PARO. On the Dutch Day I decided to prepare my speech for the elections. Of course it had to be genuine not only about how I feel towards being a part of the IPSF, but also towards my own views and ideas. My first question was “Why am I doing this?”; followed by “What are my limits?” These two questions led me to see the reason and the aim of my work. In addition, I always try to philosophically discuss my views with someone, so Ms. Barbara Scoralick Villela, IPSF PARO Regional Projects Officer, had to suffer a little. Having

I call this “Surface Growing”. In order to complete the growth of the region, “Core Growing” is important. Having an active Regional Working Group, with a strong teamwork and thinking minds is the key to grow the Federation and the Region in all aspects. So what is more more important than having think tanks in the RWG or in the Executive Committee is having you, my dear reader, as one of the thinkers of your national or local association. As Plato said: “When the mind is thinking, it is simply talking with itself.”

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26 IPSF Newsletter

IPSF Newsletter, Issue #103  

IPSF Newsletter, Issue #103 is about IPSF Executive Team 2013-14

IPSF Newsletter, Issue #103  

IPSF Newsletter, Issue #103 is about IPSF Executive Team 2013-14