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Dear IPSF Friends, The New Year has just started with a new, enthusiastic and experienced team to carry out the work of IPSF, through one more year of achievements for IPSF, My name is Mohamed Sultan, and I have been elected in Bali, Indonesia to serve IPSF as an Executive committee member and this year as the IPSF President. My involvement in IPSF started when I did my exchange in Budapest, Hungary back in 2007, and since then I have held many positions at local, national and regional level working for IPSF. Two years on I was elected as the IPSF Chairperson of Public Relations, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Mohammed Sultan IPSF President 2009-10

I hope my 2nd year on the IPSF Executive will be very fruitful, full of achievements and new ideas, thanks a lot to all the people who supported me during my election and my past year in IPSF work. Viva La IPSF! Viva La Pharmacie!

Dear enthusiastic IPSFers! Hope you are as excited as I am about the upcoming 2009-10 IPSF year! My name is Pedro Lucas, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Portugal. I’ve been linked to IPSF since the early beginning of my pharmacy degree and it’s just now when I’m almost graduating that I see how time flies and why we should take all the opportunities IPSF has for us students. It was in 2005, at the Bonn congress, I first meet the IPSF spirit and I was truly astonished by the Global belief in the Pharmacy profession and role, and by all the eager will of Pharmacy students to contribute to it and to Global Health. This spirit was and continuous to be very powerful and addicting; it allows us to make dreams come true! This is why I am truly thankful and honor for my recent appointment as IPSF Secretary General; I hope to be up to the responsibility. I hope I’ll meet many of you next August in Slovenia, but if you are already curious about knowing more about me, I can say that I like friends, traveling, photography, sports, and I close my eyes when I smile. =) Being proactive is a good way to catch up with time. Wishes of a successful year for us all!

Pedro Lucas Secretary General 2009-10

Dear IPSFers, I’m Mehdi Zeghal, from Tunisia, graduated pharmacist in 2007 and recently graduated from the school of Management of Lyon, France. After a very challenging and exciting year, it’s an honor to serve the federation for the second year as Treasurer, with a new motivated team. Not to look very old, I won’t mention the year of my first involvement with IPSF, but I’ll say I’ve been the student exchange officer for ATEP Tunisia and I’ve attended 4 world congresses and I only had great moments and crazy souvenirs. We’re expecting a very interesting year with a lot of challenges, which we only can meet with big involvements from students from all around the world, the real value of IPSF. Looking forward to meet you all in Slovenia next summer!

Mehdi Zeghal Treasurer 2009-10

Namaste (The Indian way of greeting) IPSFers, I am Murthy Chittoory from India. I graduated with a Bachelors of Pharmacy from Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai in June 2009. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Pharmaceutics at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Boston, USA. I was infected by the IPSF virus in Nepal at IPSF APRO Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium back in 2007. It was amazing to see how student pharmacists from all over the world came together for a unifying cause under the IPSF banner. I have been working for IPA-SF (Indian Pharmaceutical Association - Students' Forum) for the last few years and am currently Immediate Past Chairperson. It has always been a dream since APPS 2007 to serve the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Community. I am honored to have been given this opportunity and will try to do my best for it. Cheers to Pharmacy, Satyanarayana Murthy Chittoory Chairperson of Pharmacy Education, 2009 -10

From the heart of Transylvania, a big HELLO to all the IPSF people out there! My name is Anca Pop and I am a 25 years old PhD student from Cluj-Napoca. Me and IPSF…. We have a long history together! Everything started in 2005, in Bonn, Germany, when I decided that IPSF spirit should come to Romania, and one year later, on behalf of FASFR, I successfully bid to organize the congress! After that, I had two fantastic and super fast passing years, full of great memories. About the congress itself, it’s difficult to talk since it came and went way in the blink of an eye. This is my second executive committee I join and I hope that my previous experience would help not only on public health field, but also for other portfolios.

Anca Pop Chairperson of Public Health 2009-10

I look forward to the upcoming year and to working with all of you!

Warm Greetings to everyone around the world of IPSF! My name is Jane Ai-Chen Ho from Taipei, Taiwan – ROC . I first became involved in IPSF when the world congress was held in Taipei in 2007. I took up roles in the Reception Committee as program coordinator, hostess for all social events, English training coordinator, Chief-Editor for the Congress Daily Paper and Post Congress Tour coordinator . I was elected Contact Person and vice-President for PSA-Taiwan in 2008 and was also elected for the position of Regional Relations Officer (RRO) of the Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) of IPSF when I attended the 7th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) as the Official Delegate(OD) for PSA-Taiwan. In the same year I also attended the world congress in OD for PSA-Taiwan and as RRO of APRO. In June 2009, I finished my term as RRO in 8th APPS in Penang, Malaysia and also attended IPSF world congress in Bali, Indonesia in August, where I ran for election to be Chairperson of Public Relations. As Chair of PR I would love to see more interactions between our members associations by the sharing of activities, so as to help with each other’s development of activities to improve the visibility of the pharmacy profession. Last but not least to promote IPSF to non-membership countries, create more IPSF promotional materials in order to spread the IPSF energy around the globe! I look forward in working with you all this year!

Jain Ai-Chen Ho Chairperson of Public Relations 2009-10

Dear all IPSFers! Greetings from the freezing Hague – Netherlands! Directly from the IPSF office, where you can feel the greatness of the IPSF as a global student organization! My name is Amr, and I’m 21 Years old, a final year student at Tanta University – Egypt . It’s a great honour to work with this incredible team! After being elected in Bali as the Chairperson of Media and Publications, I promised to take media and Publications of IPSF to a new era of creativity and professionalism, I really hope I'm up to this huge responsibility! I’m really enjoying my work, and I’m certain that this year will be a memorable year! To give you a little more to know about me aside from the IPSF , I'm a poet, a computer geek and finally a pharmacist . I love travelling, Languages and Poetry. Wish you all the best!

Amr Sobhy Chairperson of Media and Publications 2009-10

Dear friends around the world! My name is Bálint Tóth, a third-year pharmacy student from Kalocsa, Hungary and I have the pleasure to fulfill the position of Chairperson of Student Exchange for this year. My first involvement with IPSF came through SEP in 2007 as LEO, and ever since I’ve been hopelessly addicted to the IPSF way of life! My first IPSF-related event was the 2007 WHSS in Albufeira, which got me lost for good! Since then I have attended 2 IPSF Congresses, numerous meetings and travels, it’s hard to remember them all. SEP is a truly remarkable chance to broaden your professional and personal knowledge of the world, and I can only encourage everyone to participate in it. I am looking forward to work closely with SEOs, LEOs, subcommittee members and everyone else, after all we are in one big family! Have a great year ahead, let’s make it great, shall we?

Bálint Tóth Chairperson of Student Exchange 2009-10

En velik pozdrav vsem IPSF-ovcem (A Big Hello to all IPSFers)! This is Urban from Maribor, Slovenia. I'm a pharmacy student, starting my fourth year at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana. People would say that I'm full of energy, always having fun and constantly enjoying the moment, but when there is work to do, I’m serious and hard working. My first IPSF event was back in 2007, Congress in Taiwan and since then I’ve become addicted to IPSF. I attended congresses in Romania and Bali and I really enjoyed all the general assemblies, lectures, workshops and parties, and especially meeting new people. These events gave the Slovenian students a great idea of organizing a congress in Slovenia, and now we are working hard in putting together the 2010 congress in Ljubljana! We want to show you our little nice country and we can promise you that this will be a 10-days event that you will never forget! Hope to see you next year in Slovenia.

Urban Brumen Chairperson of the 56th IPSF World Congress 2010

Dear IPSFers! I hope you are all doing fine in all parts of the world! My name is John Nguyen, from Melbourne Australia. I am a recently graduated pharmacist, and it is an honour and privilege to be elected and serve the Federation as IPSF Immediate Past President after such great experiences, friends and memories I’ve made over 5 years of IPSF involvement, 8 IPSF congresses and over 30 IPSF-related meetings and conferences! It’s been an honour to represent IPSF in 30 countries around the world and I hope to spread my passion for getting involved to as many students as possible, who will become future leaders in our profession! I am glad that most executives survived the past year and on positive note after the hard work, late nights and tens of thousands of emails... and I look forward to support the future challenges and hope to bring improvements to a wide spectrum of IPSF projects and strengthen the Federation during this tenure. As Immediate Past President, I look forward to supporting the incoming executive team and wish them a successful year!

John Nguyen Immediate Past President 2008-09

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Mohammed Sultan My name is Mohamed Sultan, and I have been elected in Bali, Indonesia to serve IPSF as an Executive committee member and thi...