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Newsletter No.1 March 2013

EMPS 2013 4th IPSF Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium Alexandria, Egypt 13th - 18th July 2013

Bringing Pharmacy To The Light ...



Newsletter No. 1 March 2013

Design & Layout Ms. Essra Noureldin IPSF EMRO Internal coordinator & communicationOfficer

Proofread by Michelle Garner Yuqian Liu

What’s EMRO ?

Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office Established in August 2008, after being approved during The 54th IPSF World Congress in Romania, our Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office is managed by the Regional Working Group (RWG), who are pharmacy students from the Eastern Mediterranean region. The establishment of the IPSF EMRO gave us the opportunity to expand the IPSF worldwide activities to reach pharmacy students in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and give them the chance to explore and enjoy IPSF spirit.

The mission of IPSF EMRO is to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of education, research and public service. The regional office provides superior and comprehensive educational opportunities through symposia, campaigns and special professional educational levels.

What’s EMPS ?

The Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS) is a major and one of the greatest events concerning pharmacy students and their associations in the Eastern Mediterranean region. This event’s schedule includes scientific and educational sessions presented by the most professional speakers in the Eastern Mediterranean area besides the IPSF workshops and other social events. EMPS was launched in July 2010, and was hosted by Jordan, who made the 1st EMPS a memorable experience. The 2nd EMPS was hosted

by Qatar in July 2011, and was another successful event for the region. The 3rd EMPS was hosted by Sudan in 2012, which was another amazing event for EMRO. This year Alexandria undertook the mission of carrying out another extraordinary event (4th EMPS) for the region.

Messages From the RCs


Special Thanks... Though I feel it is a great honour to be a part of the IPSF EMRO family, there is a great responsibility that comes with it. I have been involved in IPSF for three years as the ASPSA (Alexandria Scientific Pharmacy students Association)contact person and have just now entered my fourth year. I was really amazed by IPSF and IPSF EMRO’s spirits, and I believe in its capability to gather students and make the pharmacy profession a better one. Being chairperson of the 4th IPSF EMPS gave me the chance to do something for IPSF and IPSF EMRO, and with the help of my amazing and highly dedicated tea, I hope we can create something

that doesn’t just match your expectations, but an EMPS to sweep you off your feet. I hope to see you all in Alexandria, Egypt July 2013 and I also hope I won’t let you down. VIVE ASPSA! VIVA EMRO! VIVA IPSF! Dina A. Saeed Past RC Chairperson


Messages from the RCs...

It’s a lifelong dream to be part of the warm IPSF EMRO family! Hosting the IPSF EMPS is a chance to prove that ASPSA has always been a very active and effective part of the IPSF and EMRO. We assure you that this year; EMRO will witness an EMPS that people will be talked about for years We can’t wait to see you all in July in our beautiful Alexandria Hossam El-laboudy RC Chairperson

My name is Sara El Mahdy, studying in my fourth year. As EMPS treasurer and ASPSA president, it will be hard to describe how excited I am for the next EMPS. Working with EMRO has undoubtedly taught me a lot. , I am proud ASPSA is taking the huge responsibility this year and determined to not let you down.We are working very hard to guarantee an EMPS experience that you’ll never forget. In Egypt’s most beautiful city, the Mediterranean breeze and diverse culture will definitely blow you away. Mark your calendars,because the biggest EMRO event that you won’t want to miss is sooner than you expect. See you all in Alexandria. Sara Elmahdy Treasurer



Excited by the idea of working with students from all over the world and taking part in international events, I took the SEO position for ASPSA this year . I can›t wait to see you all in Alexandria at EMPS this summer. This summer students from both SEP and EMPS will get to meet in Alexandria,. It will be a great experience. See you there!!

Hosting the 4th EMPS is something I have wanted During my two terms as ASPSA president. I’m sure ASPSA will do an amazing job hosting the 4th IPSF EMPS. I’m sure you will experience something you have never seen, touched or felt before. Mohamed Ali Secretary General

Marwan Al Hammamy Registration committee


Messages from the RCs...

Egypt is one of the most attractive countries in the world and Alexandria a really unique city. This year ASPSA will get the chance to host the EMPS in Alexandria. I am extremely happy and excited to be a part of the 4th EMPS team. All of the team members will do their best to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. I hope to see you all this July at this amazing symposium where we can learn from each other. We promise to make it an unforgettable experience. Kheloud Youness Registration committee


Being part of the 4th IPSF EMPS team is an experience I have waited a long time for. It’s such an amazing opportunity to be part of an international organization and channel my experiences into something big. I hope to see you all in our city that is so beautiful you won’t be able to stop taking pictures I know I can’t! Mostafa Eltorky Publication Team


The more we expand our people’s knowledge, the more we break free from the danger and ignorance bubble. Delivering a message can be challenging, but with the help of visual communication, we hope to get our messages across. In ASPSA, we do our best to reach all minds and deliver information, to make a difference. I think EMPS 2013 will be a scientific-cultural & communication festival. I am looking forward to meeting you in Alexandria next summer.

" I’m really excited to be part of EMPS 2013. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and help improve my social network. Hope you like your stay here in Alexandria” Rowan Hicham Publication committee

Rime El Sisi Publication Committee


Messages from the RCs...

“ I Find myself indebted to the community I was raised in. That’s why I accepted the Public health committee post in the ASPSA , to pay my debt to my small community and the whole humanity . EMPS is a challenge I choose to the community I was raised in. That’s why I accepted the Public health committee post in the ASPSA , to pay my debt to my small community and the whole humanity . EMPS is a challenge I choose" Mustafa Kamal Academic Committee


I’ve always seen ASPSA as a great organization capable of hosting such an event. I was very excited to be part of the 4th IPSF EMPS reception committee, I hope I won’t let my team down and give all participants the experience of a lifetime. Waiting for you all here in the greatest city of the world. Ali El-Amrawy Logistics committee

Alexandria Alexandria was built on the site of the ancient village of Rhakotis. The actual spot lies a little south of the Central Station and is marked by Pompey’s Column. Further south of Pompey’s Column lies the monument known asKom-el-Shogaba “The Hill of Shards” with its marvelous catacombs. These were built in three stories, the lowest of which now lies far below sea level. Nothing is known about the numerous burial chambers and tombs contained in the catacombs, not even if they

are the graves of ordinary people or of nobility. The air of the burial chambers is always cool, even in the height of summer. Standing there in the subdued light, I could not help but contemplate the history of the country and the many unsolved mysteries that exist in Egypt.


“Alexandria...the Greek heritage in pharaonic Egypt...a sophisticated city where odds meet and blend in complete harmony...the sunny mornings in a hot summer’s day, the chilly evenings in a cold winter’s night, a dip in the deep blue Mediterranean and the warm cup of tea in a caffe in Anfoushi...nothing more beautiful than its sparkly streets after a rainy day, nothing more bewitching than walking in its old alleys and losing

sense of time, nothing more refreshing than a jog along its corniche in the early morn...home to many scientists, artists engineers and poets, pioneers and innovators throughout time, who added a lot to the history of the human race... Its friendly and cordial people will make you feel instantly at home and the noise that makes you feel like you’re never alone...Alexandria is not just a city, it’s an experience to be lived...”

We all wish to see you here in Alexandria from the 13th till the 18th of July to have the experience of your life!!

The Story Behind the Logo

EMPS Newsletter

The Logo of the 4th IPSF EMPS has the Lighthouse of Alexandria which is a huge building on the island of Pharos at the entrance of the eastern port of Alexandria, constructed in the era of Ptolemy II in bout 280 BC. It consists of four floors: the first is squared, the second is octagonal and the third is rounded and contains a large lamp that lies on the top of three pillars with the highest in the form of the statue of the God of the Sea “Posei-

don”. The Lighthouse is about 120 meters high and built of limestone. Its columns are made of granite and decorated with marble and bronze. The Lighthouse was completely destroyed in the fourteenth century after a major earthquake. Qaet Bey Citadel is located in the same place now. It’s a symbol of hope, science and the guidance to the right path, so it is a perfect icon for our IPSF EMPS.




1st Registration Period 15th of February till 31st of March 200 US $

2nd Registration Period 1st of April till 30th of May 230 US $

3rd Registration Period 1st of May till 31st of May 260 US $

venue & Accomodation

The GRAND ROYAL ALEXANDRIA Hotel is located in the Heart of lively and wonderful down town,in Borsa el Kadima area, Ramla Station, Alexandria is one of the most cosmopolitan towns in the Mediterranean Sea, The hotel is just a 10-minute drive from The Bibliotheca Alexandria. The hotel is also well connected with Al Nozha Air Port (18 km) and Borg El Arab International Airport and many located in city center.Moreover, the Sporting Club is just twenty minutes away.



Hotel Description

Location : Down town Nearest Points of Interest : 1- Alexandria Library: The Bibliotheca Alexandria (located 10 Minutes from the Hotel) 2- Pompey’s Pillar : Is made of beautiful red granite and can be found in the southern end of the city. It measures 27 m and is topped with a Corinthian 4- Catacombs of Koum El Shoqacapital (Located 20 Minutes from fa: the Hotel) The Catacomb, which may have been the burial place of a par3- Sultan Qait Bay Fort: ticular religious community, was At the northern tip of pharos on discovered in 1900. Laid out on the site of the ancient Lighthouse several levels, they have been (finally destroyed by two earth- made conveniently accessible by quakes in the 14th C) Fort Qait Bay the provision of wooden ganghouses a small naval Museum (Lo- ways and electric light (Located cated 15 Minutes from the Hotel. 20 Minutes from the Hotel)



Visit the most beautiful city in the world, with a unique cultural diversity, great weather and smiling people.

Visit a city that was a pioneer in many sciences, proof of which is the great bibliotheca Alexandrina. Alexandria has always been a cradle for pharmaceutical sciences in the whole world.



See two of the ancient seven wonders of the world, which are the Pyramids of Giza and the ruins of the light house of Alexandria.



Meet future pharmacists of our region, to share our healthcare issues .

#5 Feel the IPSF SPIRT !!!


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EMPS 2013 Newsletter, Issue 1  

EMPS 2013 Newsletter, Issue 1

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