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Quality Control as the Driver of the ipcm® Academy Courses Monica Fumagalli ipcm®


uality control is one of the most

to understand the principles behind

approach to provide future technicians with

delicate phases of the coating

the various types of checks and choose

both theoretical and practical foundations

process: checking the suitability of

the right approach to every problem.

and to give them a complete overview of

the substrate, the coating system, and its

Even though I work for a company that

the activities they will be carrying out.

application results is decisive in laying the

produces measuring instruments, I try

As far as my course is concerned, it would

foundations for a successful product that

to be as neutral as possible and avoid

be complicated and possibly unproductive

meets both customer and end user needs.

giving information with even the slightest

to offer only theoretical information without

Indeed, the courses organised by ipcm®

commercial purpose.

giving to the students the opportunity to use some instruments and try them out

Academy were launched in 2011 precisely in order to deal with these themes and

The courses organised by ipcm®

train QC professionals, the lack of whom

Academy have always been “hybrid”,

was a deeply felt issue in our industry back

with both a theoretical part and

How important was your university

then. Subsequently, the Academy’s training

practical tests. The same is true for

education in your personal

programme has expanded to include other

your lessons. Do you think this is the

development? Do you think it is

equally fundamental process steps; however,

ideal approach to train new coating

essential to attend the ipcm® Academy

knowledge of the regulations, the most


courses, or can they be easily attended

suitable tools, and the tests to be carried

I certainly consider it the best possible

by both graduates and non-graduates?

directly on samples.

out to check a product’s compliance to

The ipcm® Academy courses are not

specifications remain among the topics that

© ipcm

conceived for university graduates only,

most interest our students. We talked about

but they are rather specially calibrated

why this happens with Pasquale Roberti, an

for an audience with an upper secondary

expert in quality control solutions for the


appearance, colour, and physical properties

Very often, our participants are technicians

of paints and plastics and, since 2016, a

who already work in paintshops and carry

lecturer at ipcm® Academy.

out their tasks on a daily basis according to their established procedures.

You started collaborating with ipcm

Our aim is to qualify these resources, give


Academy in 2016, as an expert in

them the opportunity to expand their

quality control solutions. How do you

horizons, and help them look beyond

deal with this topic in a vocational

their everyday lives. Even those who do

training course?

not have a diploma can easily follow the

QC of liquid coatings and dry parts involves

courses because they are comprehensive,

a very wide range of tests and inspections,

well structured, and easy to understand.

from colour and appearance control to

The university background of the lecturers,

the verification of a variety of physical

including myself, is a further benefit that

properties. Therefore, the aim of the

can be useful when there is a need to go

course is to provide basic theoretical and

deeper into topics upon the students’

scientific information to enable participants

request. Pasquale Roberti.


N. 70 - JULY/AUGUST 2021 - international PAINT&COATING magazine

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ipcm® n. 70 - July/August 2021  

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