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Three Colour Management Technology Trends to Follow This Year Rik Mertens Datacolor AG Europe – Dietlikon, Switzerland

In the paint and coatings industry, colour consistency can be difficult to get right, in large part because we all interpret colour differently. The integration of a digital colour management workflow eliminates the potential for mismatched colour associated with visual evaluation and ensures accuracy, enabling an effective and streamlined colour control process.


he subjectivity of visual colour measurement increases the risk

The implementation of digital colour management tools

of errors during the paint and coatings production process, and

The adoption of digital colour management positively impacts supply

inaccurate colour measurements can delay production and lead

chains for many industries by reducing the time and costs of product

to increased business costs.

development, and paint and coatings is no exception. Digitalization is

Since products delivered by paint and coatings manufacturers are held

proven to increase speed to market by adding objectivity to the colour

to the highest industry standards, fast and accurate colour matching

management process, and it prevents time-consuming errors by enabling

is fundamental. A comprehensive digital colour management strategy

the virtual communication of digital colour standards globally.

positions manufacturers for success – saving time and resources and

A digital colour workflow usually includes hardware and software

increasing speed to market by enabling them to get colour right on the

components working together to ensure colour accuracy. One of the most

first try.

important tools is a colour measuring instrument or spectrophotometer.

Here are three trends driving colour management technology, which

Spectrophotometers measure light reflected or transmitted across the

will be particularly relevant as the industry prepares for an adjustment

visible spectrum and compare it to reference samples.

to post-pandemic normalcy.

Spectrophotometers also provide spectral data that can be used to


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