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Iowa Holstein Herald March 2020

MARCH 2020 VOL. 81 NO. 1

Editor - Paula Smith • 3422 140th St. • Brooklyn, IA 52211-8612 Cell: 641-990-1892 langsmit@netins.net

Iowa Holstein Herald


The official publication of the Iowa Holstein Association Officers Carl Mensen, President 21958 Ungs Rd, Guttenberg, IA 52052 563-853-2402 • mensenholstein@gmail.com Dan Moon, Vice-President 19475 155th St, Monona, IA 52159 563-880-4562 • moondalefarm@neitel.net Paula Smith, Secretary 3422 140th St, Brooklyn, IA 52211 641-990-1892 • langsmit@netins.net Shellie Volker, Treasurer 12686 U Ave, Sumner, IA 50674 319-269-0318 • shelliev@ymail.com District Directors Paul Stempfle • 536-920-9495 16707 100th St, Maynard, IA 50655 Doug Lyons • 563-419-0275 131 Military Rd, Castalia, IA 52133 Matt Henkes • 563-880-8614 17061 165th St • Luana, IA 52156 Jim Vierhout • 712-439-2932 Box 563, Hull, IA 51239 Jeff Hammerand • 563-580-3908 23920 N Bankston Rd, Epworth, IA 52045 Bob Rahe • 563-921-3745 15378 Rte 136, Dyersville, IA 52040 Directors-At-Large Dan Bolin • 319-278-4288 30707 180th St, Clarksville, IA 50619 Kevin Fossum • 563-568-7587 1267 Jeglum Rd, Waterville, IA 52170 Mark Knudtson • 563-419-1489 313 Hwy 9 Waukon, IA 52172 Larry Landsgard • 563-783-2489 17518 Gunder Rd, Postville IA 52162 Heather Moore • 563-357-1611 22654 92nd St, Maquoketa, IA 52060 Jason Volker • 563-920-8151 9161 M Ave, Maynard, IA 50655 Walt Wessel • 563-590-8162 28547 400th St, Greeley, IA 52040 Past President Trent Henkes 18467 165th St, Luana, IA 52156 563-783-2479 • tlhenkes@neitel.net Holstein AssociatION 1 Holstein Place, Brattleboro, VT 05301 Telephone: 802-254-4551 Toll Free Number: 800-952-5200 Fax: 802-254-8251 • www.holsteinusa.com Holstein Regional Representative Dennis Devore • 319-270-5038 Cedar Rapids, IA • ddevore@holstein.com Alan Graves • 712-574-6120 Hartley, IA • agraves@holstein.com


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Calendar of Events

March 20 Executive Committee Meeting, Gus & Tony’s Townhouse Cafe, West Union 21 State Board Meeting, Gus & Tony’s Townhouse Cafe, West Union 21 Junior Holstein Meeting, Fayette County Fairgrounds, West Union 21 Iowa State Holstein Spring Sale, Fayette County Fairgrounds, West Union 28-29 Iowa Youth Dairy Coalition, Holiday Inn, LeMars April 18 Hawkeye Holsteins Endless Opportunities, Ruthven May 1 Advertising Deadline for the June Herald/Midwest Holsteins June 17 District 1 Holstein Open & Junior Shows, Allamakee County Fairgrounds, Waukon 22-26 National Holstein Convention, Lancaster, PA July 19 District 8 Open & Junior Shows, Delaware County Fairgrounds, Manchester TBA District 4 Junior Show, Osceola Fairgrounds, Sibley August 13 Iowa Holstein Show, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines 13 Iowa State Fair Open Show, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines 15 Iowa Junior Holstein Show, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines 15 Iowa State Fair Youth Show, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines

On the Cover

Upper Photo: Chad and Erin Hunt are the recipients of the Outstanding Young Holstein Breeder Award. Lower Photo: Leon Sigwarth received the Distinguished Service Award. Their articles are printed on pages 32-33 in the Midwest section. These awards were presented at the State Convention. Convention highlights along with the Master Breeder Award and Hall of Fame Award articles will be printed in the June issue.


Subscriptions: A copy of each issue of the Iowa Holstein Herald shall be sent to each adult member of the Iowa Holstein Association and that $8.00 of each adult member's base rate annual dues of $25.00 shall be for a year's subscription to the Herald. Junior members may subscribe to the Herald for $10. The subscription price is $10 for people not residing in Iowa. Postmasters: Please send address changes to Iowa Holstein Herald, 12686 U Ave., Sumner, IA 50674.

Iowa Holstein Herald (USPS 024497) is published quarterly each year by the Iowa Holstein Association, 3422 140th St, Brooklyn, IA 52211-8612. The publication dates are March 1, June 1, October 1 and December 1. Periodical postage paid at Brooklyn, IA and additional offices. The deadline for submitting news and advertising copy is 30 days preceding publication date of issue. March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald 3

Top BAA Herds for 2019

President’s Perspective

The opinions and comments expressed in these articles are that of your president and NOT necessarily reflective of any board of director or member. What a disappointment, last year at this time we were up to our ears in snow and freezing our ears off, setting the stage to break a record for the snowiest calendar year ever. December was too warm. We got one inch of rain instead .8 of an inch of snow. So now we settled for 6th snowiest year instead. Global warming really is not that bad. lol. On a more serious note remember, the State Sale is March 21 and remember to purchase your ticket for the Heifer Raffle. Once again we will have a complimentary meal at the sale. You can view the catalog online or contact me at 563-329-0876. This sale is a great opportunity to add value to yours and your neighbors registered animal and to add new blood lines to your herd. So come join us at West Union Fairgrounds on March 21st. You just might find the Grand Champion of your district show or maybe even the state show, or just meet up with old friends and enjoy the day. Show season is soon here. Be sure to check out the show dates for your district and the rules and guidelines. The State Show will take place at State Fair in Des Moines. I hope we all have a safe and productive year ahead. Remember, life is what you make of it, so live every day as if it is your last, but don’t be foolish because you have a better chance you will have to face your consequences tomorrow. Hope you can make it to our upcoming Holstein events! Carl Mensen

District Officers District 1 President: Larry Landsgard Vice-President: Paul Stempfle Secretary: Kevin Fossum Treasurer: Dan Moon Membership: Mark Knudtson, Gary Sacquitne, Myron Arthur, Larry Landsgard Show Chair: Kevin Fossum Junior Advisory: Kevin & Julie Fossum, Bill & Shellie Volker, Lance & Jonna Schutte State Directors: Paul Stempfle, Doug Lyons, Matt Henkes District 2 President: Terry Eick Vice-President: Kevin Kueker Sec-Treas: Kelly Eick Membership: Dan Bolin State Director: Dan Bolin District 4 President: Heather Luitjens Vice-President: Brad Korver Sec-Treas: Charlotte Rollefson Show Chair: Charlotte Rollefson 4 March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald

Membership: Dave Chapman State Director: Jim Vierhout District 5 President: Mark Ludwig Vice-President: Leroy Meyer Sec-Treas: Connie Ludwig District 6 President: Larry Madren Vice-President: Ron Finch Sec-Treas: Charles Sloniger District 8 President: Jeff Hammerand Vice-President: Tom Simon Sec-Treas: Bob & Rita Rahe Membership: Rick Demmer Show Chairs: Jeff Hammerand Junior Advisory: Shirley Simon, Kathy Demmer, Joanne Rauen State Directors: Tom Holub, Jeff Hammerand District 9 President: Dean Miller Vice-President: Jack Lang Sec-Treas: Paula Smith

The following summary represents the highest classified herds in Iowa for 2019. This list includes all herds that were classified in the calendar year of 2019 with ten or more cows and a BAA% of 105.0 or above. If the herd was classified more than once during the year, the most recent classification was used.

Name Classification Date Nathan Meyer 09/17/19 Clover Hill Farms 09/16/19 Dan Moon 09/16/19 Ken & Ashley Kishman 09/16/19 Brian & Koral Harbaugh 09/16/19 Larry Dykstra 05/15/19 Trent Henkes 09/20/19 Douglas James Lyons 09/12/19 Leroy C. Eggink 12/06/19 Andrew & Jennifer Hauser 09/10/19 Eric & Jessica Rediske 02/20/19 Lands-Brook Farms 09/17/19 David Chapman 12/04/19 Paul F. Schmitt 02/12/19 Craig R. Harbaugh 09/23/19 Melanie Junk 09/24/19 Glen Ohloff 09/11/19 Marlin J. Bontrager 08/22/19 Joe & Linda Zuercher 09/16/19 J & J Dairy Inc. 09/09/19 Mark D. Hamlett 02/14/19 Chad & Erin Hunt 09/20/19 Heather & Brandon Moore 09/17/19 Cary & Jennifer Bierschenk 09/16/19 Leslie Shirk High 09/11/19 Coonridge Holsteins 09/11/19 G & J-Pol Farm 09/10/19 Bradley Korver 05/08/19 David & Rhonda Bahr 09/14/19 Patrick & Carlena Gallagher 02/12/19 Scottmore Holsteins 09/25/19 Douglas Fairbanks 09/10/19 Ted Domeyer 09/18/19 Petey-Built Holsteins 09/19/19 Reuben Nolt 09/10/19 Richard & Elaine Pausma 05/15/19

BAA 113.7 112.9 112.3 111.4 110.2 110.1 109.9 109.8 109.7 109.6 108.9 108.8 108.4 108.2 107.9 107.7 107.3 107.2 107.0 106.9 106.9 106.9 106.9 106.8 106.7 106.7 106.6 106.3 106.2 106.1 105.9 105.7 105.5 105.5 105.3 105.1

EX 9 13 27 6 13 22 19 16 18 5 12 5 19 24 4 4 1 6 2 11 6 4 4 5 3 11 2 0 2 1 4 3 1 2 0 0

VG 1 9 18 4 30 30 24 25 18 9 21 18 39 58 10 27 26 22 8 48 20 28 16 46 14 50 18 14 27 7 50 53 7 8 15 34

GP 0 0 3 2 8 16 15 8 11 5 15 7 29 38 9 19 18 21 17 54 34 31 18 34 14 54 18 14 33 8 78 80 5 12 21 49

~ For Sale ~ Iowa Holstein Auxiliary Cookbooks

G 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 1 3 2 6 1 0 0 1 0 14 2 2 2 7

Cookbooks are available upon request. Cost is $10 plus $4 for shipping. Contact: Kathy Demmer rkleola@yousq.net 6222 Sundown Rd Peosta, Iowa 52068 563.542.2983 or 563.876.3120

Total 10 22 48 12 51 68 58 49 47 19 48 30 87 120 23 50 45 49 28 118 60 63 39 88 33 121 39 28 62 17 132 150 16 24 38 90

Iowa Junior Holstein Association News Iowa Junior HOlstein Association Officers

Regan Demmer, President • 563-876-3120 • 6222 Sundown Rd, Peosta, IA 52068 Trenton Hammerand, Vice-President • 563-876-3783 • 23334 Kidder Rd, Epworth, IA 52045 Brooke Courtney, Secretary • 563-387-0035 • 2564 Pole Line Road, Ridgeway, IA 52165 Brylie Volker, Treasurer • 319-269-4558 • 12686 U Ave, Sumner, IA 50674 Henry Hamlett, Reporter • 5319-634-3383 • 4113 H Ave, Aurora, IA 50607 Brynlee Volker, Reporter • 319-269-4558 • 12686 U Ave, Sumner, IA 50674 Brenna Volker, Historian • 319-269-4558 • 12686 U Ave, Sumner, IA 50674 Brielle Volker, Historian • 319-269-4558 • 12686 U Ave, Sumner, IA 50674 Amanda Engelken, Digital Historian • 563-923-5375 • 2085 260th Ave, Earlville, IA 52041 Brylie Volker, Digital Historian • 319-269-4558 • 12686 U Ave, Sumner, IA 50674

2019 Iowa Junior Holstein Convention

Junior Advisory Committee cHair

Jeff & Tammy Hammerand • 563-744-3611 23920 N Bankston Rd, Epworth, IA 52045 • 24heavenlee@gmail.com

National Junior Membership Drive The National Junior Membership Drive has been a great success. The contest is continuing and we encourage everyone to sign up new national junior members. There are two categories: the state with the highest percentage of increase and the state with the highest increase in individual members. Membership increase will be determined by an initial count on January 1, 20120 and a final count on June 1, 2020. Membership applications can be downloaded at www.holsteinusa.com/juniors/content/membership.html. The fee for National Junior Membership is $20 and is a one-time fee for juniors from birth to age 21. For more information contact Kelli Dunklee at 1-800-952-5200, ext. 4124. Junior Holstein Spring Meeting & Lunch Stand Mark your calendars now to attend the next Iowa Junior Holstein meeting scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. March 21 in the Stephen’s Building at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in West Union. This is the same day as the State Holstein Sale. The Iowa Juniors will be helping serve the complimentary meal. Please bring wrapped bars or cookies for the complimentary meal. Also any help from juniors and their parents to run the lunch stand that day as well as to help with clothing sales would be greatly appreciated. Public Speaking Contest For those of you who are interested in the Public Speaking Contest, please let Jeff Hammerand know by March 21. There are three age divisions: Junior (9-13), Intermediate (14-17), and Senior (18-21) all as of January 1, 2020. Rules for the contest are available online on the junior page under contests at www.holsteinusa.com. Contact Jeff Hammerand at 563-580-3908 or email 24heavenlee@ gmail.com for more details. National Cow Awards In an effort to recognize more youth, Holstein Association USA Production/Breeder awards are automatically calculated. Juniors are no longer required to submit entries for these awards. Information regarding the various cow awards can be found at www. holsteinusa.com/juniors/content/jr_award.html.

2020 National Convention Delegates The following have been elected as Iowa's delegates to the 135th Holstein Association USA Annual Meeting to be held June 25-26 in Lancaster, PA. Dan Moon • 563-880-4562 • moondalefarm@neitel.net Trent Henkes • 563-880-1014 • tlhenkes@ neitel.net Tom Simon • 563-599-9183 • tomsimon1955@gmail.com Mary Scott • 563-920-2586 • scott.mar.faith@gmail.com

The 2019 Iowa Junior Holstein Convention was held December 30-31 at the Comfort Inn, Dyersville. Approximately 40 juniors attended the convention. The convention was kicked off with a knowledge test to see who would compete on the quiz bowl teams and in the jeopardy contest for the 2020 National Holstein Convention. The convention will be held in Lancaster, PA, with the theme being “Leading the Holstein Vision”. The meeting was held and new officers were elected as follows: President - Regan Demmer, Vice President - Trenton Hammerand, Secretary - Brooke Courtney, Treasurer - Brylie Volker, Reporter - Brynlee Volker & Henry Hamlett, Historian - Brenna & Brielle Volker, Digital Historian - Amanda Engelken, Brylie & Brynlee Volker. The afternoon was filled with fun ice breaker activities, games and pool time. We danced the night away as well as had a hulahoop contest and played musical chairs. After working up an appetite at the dance, we finished off the night with card games. The juniors would like to thank the parents and adults that assisted with the convention! We look forward to next year’s Iowa Junior Holstein Convention. The next Iowa Junior Holstein meeting will be held at the State Sale on March 21 at 10:00 am at the West Union Fairgrounds. Hope to see you there!

Thank You to Our 2020 Heifer Raffle Sponsors!

We would like to thank our 2020 Heifer Raffle Sponsors for their generous support! Driven Embryos DCS Pete Knipper Envisions Farmers Union Coop Hubbard Feed Mid America Select Sires ST Genetics Steel Cow Syngenta Enogen Corn Trans Ova Genetics Zoetis Remember to purchase your ticket for a chance of 4 heifers or a $2,000 cash prize or several other prizes. More information on the raffle is printed on page 10 in the Midwest Holsteins section, which has information on each of the heifers available. A special thank you to Duane Gibbs and Bill Norton, Joe Gibbs, Doug Fairbanks and Bret and Todd Kluesner for offering a heifer from their herd. March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald 5

2019 Iowa Holstein Princess

Hello Everyone! Many princesses choose a theme or goal for their reign; I didn’t. A year ago, I simply did not take the time to focus my efforts on product perception, or animal treatment. Rather, over that past year, I have done my best to speak to what is relevant in our everchanging society. That being said, I would like to reflect on what I feel was the most important topic of my year as Iowa Holstein Princess: Mental Health. Too many of us know someone who has struggled with depression or taken their own life due to the pressures of the dairy industry. A Google search of “Dairy Industry Suicide” reveals article after article of stories, statistics, and sacrifice. I know I do not need to explain the current economic state of the dairy industry and I will not dwell on the consequences of the state either. I am, however, going to ask you all to take the time to make a difference. Please do not stop telling your stories, buying dairy products, opening your doors to the public, and doing all of the things we are constantly reminded of, but beyond those, please check on each other. At the end of the day, only your neighbor knows how much the weather has impacted this year’s crop and only the farm that you string in with at cattle shows knows how bad it was to lose this year’s prized Senior Two-Year-Old. The greatest impact we can make is on each other if we simply take the time to ask. Please drive down the road, pick up the phone, or even Facebook message to simply ask a fellow farmer “How are you? “ The past year has not only been fun, but I have learned a lot. The people I have met through the Iowa Holstein Association are some of the best out there and I encourage everyone to keep in touch. Although my reign is coming to a close, my goal is to maintain an increased level of involvement within the dairy industry. If anyone needs help running a show or sale, planning an event, or increasing dairy knowledge in their communities I am here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out by phone (319)361-8883 or by email alcostello19@gmail.com. I hope I have represented the Holstein breed well over the last year and although I am sad to be finished, I am extremely excited for our 2020 Iowa Holstein Princess to make her own memories. Thank you all for welcoming me, teaching me, and supporting me throughout my reign. Sincerely, Alexis Costello

Mensens Holsteins Carl & Lisa

21958 Ungs Road Guttenberg, IA 52052 563-853-2402 Mensens lee Precise

mensenholstein@gmail.com 6 March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald

Linda Pagel Scholarship

Blake Courtney is the son of Scott and Amy Courtney of Ridgeway. He was very active in 4-H and FFA serving on County Council, Club Treasurer, Northeast District Officer, Chapter President and Leadership Committee Chairman. He has exhibited cattle at the county, district, state and national levels winning Junior All-Iowa and Reserve AllIowa awards. He was also on dairy judging teams that competed at the State Fair, World Dairy Expo and the North American International Livestock Exposition. Blake coaches the Winneshiek County 4-H dairy judging team and held a fitting clinic for local youth which allowed them to enhance their skills in fitting and show preparation. He is a member of Saint Bridget Church and serves on the Oratory Board, treasurer of the parish council and is the fundraising activities chairman. He attends the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Finance and currently is an Assistant Portfolio Analyst Intern at Rabo AgriFinance, Cedar Rapids. Upon completion of his degree, Blake would like to be an ag loan officer.

Iowa State University

Dairy Science Student Profile

Name: Natalie Eick Hometown: Plainfield, IA High School: Tripoli High School Class Size: 40 Farm Name: White Gold Dairy Major: Agricultural Business Why did you decide to attend ISU? I decided on Iowa State because it is one of the most highly regarded agricultural colleges in the nation. I knew that Iowa State would not only offer me an academic degree that is so highly-sought after by many companies in the ag industry, but also the countless extracurricular opportunities that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take part in anywhere else. Additionally, Iowa State’s beautiful campus and top-notch faculty truly lead to a quintessential learning environment. What has been your most memorable college experience? My most memorable experience was watching the homecoming fireworks near the Campanile. (The “Alternative” to the Midnight Curtiss to Beardshear Run) What has been your favorite course? My favorite course has probably been Econ 235. Intro to Ag Markets really opened my eyes to way producers, cooperatives, corporate buyers, and brokers interact in the commodity markets. Learning about things like basis, hedging, and options allowed me to gain a better understanding of how to make effective marketing decisions in the futures market. A semester-long project allowed for a more in-depth insight of the recent trade war with China and its effect on commodity prices. What are your future career goals? Upon graduation, my plan is to return home to the family farm and grow my existing business! With the help of a program at Iowa State called AgEI, last summer I was able to establish my own business called Hightail Ice Cream. I plan to build the operation and hope to eventually use milk processed on our farm. My ultimate goal is to put up an on-farm creamery and educate the public on the awesomeness of the dairy industry!

Iowa State University Dairy Science Department

1221 Kildee Hall, ISU, Ames, IA 50011 515-294-2160 • www.ans.iastate.edu • answeb@iastate.edu

Iowa Holstein Auxiliary Scholarship

Amanda Dougherty is the daughter of Ron and Julie Dougherty of Epworth. She is attending the University of Iowa majoring in Biomedical Science on a pre-med track. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she plans to apply to the Carver College of Medicine with a career goal of becoming a Pediatrician. Amanda was active in 4-H holding several offices in her club and FFA receiving a chapter degree and other various chapter awards. While in high school, Amanda was valedictorian, Student Council President, Class President, National Dance Champion, State Dance Champion two times, and received a Conference All-Academic Award in tennis. Other honors that she has received include Class of 2019 Governor’s Scholar Award, the Iowa State Bar Foundation American Citizenship Award and the George Eastman Young Leaders Award. She has been active in the Iowa Junior Holstein Association serving as historian and twice as digital historian, represented Iowa in various competitions at the National Convention, and exhibited cattle at district and state shows. Amanda was a Global Youth Institute delegate and is a twotime World Food Prize Borlaug Scholar. Also, she was active in Future Business Leaders of America receiving a first place in Healthcare Administration and first place in Electronic Career Portfolio at the state level in 2019.

Iowa Holstein Association Scholarship & Iowa Holstein Auxiliary Scholarship Brylie Volker is the daughter of Bill and Shellie Volker of Sumner. She attends Iowa State University majoring in Agricultural Business with a minor in Accounting. While in high school, she participated in golf, basketball and show choir, was a member of the Student Senate and was on the honor roll for all four years. Brylie was very active in FFA serving as Vice President and Treasurer of her chapter and helped coordinate chapter events such as petting zoos, field trips, teaching Waterloo 3rd graders about various farm animals and planned Meals for the Heartland. While in 4-H, she was President and Vice President of her club and participated in dairy judging and quiz bowl contests at the county and state levels. She has been very active in the Iowa Holstein Association serving as Vice President, Treasurer, Reporter and Digital Historian. She was a member of the 2018 National Dairy Bowl Champion Team and has represented Iowa in several other contests at the National Convention through the years. She also served as the 2018 Fayette County Dairy Princess and as the 2017 Iowa Brown Swiss Princess. Brylie has exhibited Brown Swiss and Holsteins at the county, district, state and national levels.

Congratulations to the District 1 Holstein Breeder Award Winners Outstanding Young Holstein Breeder Award ~ Matt Zuercher Distinguished Service Award ~ Frank Regan

~ Save the Date ~

June 17 ~ District 1 Holstein Open & Junior Shows Allamakee County Fairgrounds, Waukon Judge: Mandy Bue

District 1 Holstein Association March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald 7

Top 60 ECM holstein Herds *

Cow Rolling Type of # of Producer Name Town Years Milk Fat %F Pro %P ECM String X Test Tests REUTER DAIRY INC. PEOSTA 935.1 32593 1306 4 1030 3.2 35448 Overall 3X 23 13 MORMANN DAIRY LLC NEW VIENNA 766.9 31747 1226 3.9 991 3.1 33832 1 3X 31 13 MEYER, DEAN NEW ALBIN 2081.3 30938 1227 4 962 3.1 33360 Overall 3X 2 7 RONNEBAUM, MITCHELL EARLVILLE 195.8 30905 1215 3.9 968 3.1 33240 2 3X 31 12 GIBBS FAMILY DAIRY WATERVILLE 461.9 30210 1244 4.1 928 3.1 33080 Overall 3X 2 10 TOP-DECK FARMS WESTGATE 696.9 30149 1249 4.1 895 3 32880 Overall 3X 2 4 ENYART, STEVE & PAULA POSTVILLE 275.4 30801 1180 3.8 928 3 32452 Overall 3X 31 10 HOEFLER DOUG & NANCY NEW VIENNA 281.4 30251 1187 3.9 917 3 32276 Overall 3X 31 10 WHITE GOLD DAIRY LLC PLAINFIELD 55.7 30405 1150 3.8 963 3.2 32200 Overall 3X 23 13 VAGTS DAIRY LLC WEST UNION 436.2 30784 1164 3.8 909 3 32092 Overall 3X 22 4 MEYER, TROY & DON MAYNARD 89.6 28988 1180 4.1 944 3.3 31980 Overall 23 13 DOUG FAIRBANKS ANAMOSA 243.8 29790 1167 3.9 932 3.1 31980 1 3X 23 12 WEMARK DAIRY RIDGEWAY 393 30195 1140 3.8 944 3.1 31856 Overall 3X 31 8 KDS DAIRY FARM CRESCO 894.1 30381 1134 3.7 931 3.1 31740 Overall 3X 31 4 WESSELCREST GREELEY 250 28744 1172 4.1 934 3.2 31720 Overall 3X 22 6 STAUFFER, EUGENE RICEVILLE 120.2 31028 1083 3.5 961 3.1 31520 Overall 31 13 REUBEN NOLT ALTA VISTA 55.8 28664 1173 4.1 899 3.1 31440 Overall 31 12 MERVIN R BRUBAKER MILTON 93.7 29641 1134 3.8 905 3.1 31300 Overall 23 12 RAPSON DAVE HAWKEYE 210.4 28855 1170 4.1 874 3 31272 Overall 3X 31 5 GOEBEL, JOSEPH GUTTENBURG 150 25893 1263 4.9 842 3.3 31264 Overall 41 5 GAV-N-VIEW FARM LANSING 414.7 27529 1201 4.4 871 3.2 31216 Overall 2 4 KEVIN MOELLERS RIDGEWAY 917.4 30225 1104 3.7 917 3 31192 Overall 3X 31 5 STRIEF FARMS INC. FARLEY 614.5 29442 1114 3.8 915 3.1 31052 Overall 3X 71 13 ERIC & STEPHANIE PALMER WAUKON 191 29698 1115 3.8 902 3 31048 Overall 0 10 STEMPFLE HOLSTEINS MAYNARD 604.8 28167 1169 4.2 873 3.1 31024 Overall 3X 2 4 CARL Z NOLT ORCHARD 58.4 29567 1123 3.8 884 3 30972 Overall 31 12 REGANCREST FARM WAUKON 1036.8 28208 1153 4.1 891 3.2 30968 Overall 3X 22 9 RO-LINDA ACRES WATERVILLE 374.9 26697 1219 4.6 841 3.2 30948 Overall 23 7 DUSCHNER, GENE/CONNIE FARLEY 598.2 28122 1130 4 928 3.3 30928 Overall 3X 31 13 BURKLE, DENNIS EARLVILLE 131.8 26042 1231 4.7 819 3.1 30720 1 41 11 JAN BOELEN BROOKLYN 1622.6 28131 1127 4 890 3.2 30600 Overall 3X 71 8 JOHN WESTRA PRIMGHAR 900.2 28574 1104 3.9 898 3.1 30508 Overall 2 7 LEROY BURKHOLDER ELMA 63.9 28764 1102 3.8 893 3.1 30508 Overall 31 12 MALVEN, TONY & BONNIE CRESCO 48.2 29665 1079 3.6 889 3 30472 Overall 23 12 LAMAR Z BURKHOLDER CHARLES CITY 75.3 29016 1082 3.7 897 3.1 30360 Overall 41 11 LEROY MAASSEN MAURICE 1670.7 27913 1122 4 874 3.1 30340 Overall 3X 2 11 BRIMEYER,DANIEL,DEB & DEREK SHERRILL 158.9 28768 1096 3.8 880 3.1 30332 Overall 31 13 JOSEPH & ANNA MARY NOLT ALTA VISTA 54.6 28725 1078 3.8 912 3.2 30328 Overall 31 13 LANCE & JONNA SCHUTTE MONONA 117 28683 1108 3.9 862 3 30320 1 3X 22 5 PLYMOUTH DAIRY FARM LEMARS 5720.4 28281 1100 3.9 891 3.2 30308 Overall 3X 2 13 HONEY CREEK DAIRY LLC STRAWBERRY PT 191.3 28214 1096 3.9 898 3.2 30288 Overall 71 11 KEVIN AND JULIE FOSSUM WATERVILLE 204.6 27935 1115 4 876 3.1 30272 Overall 23 9 TERRY LENTH LUANA 111.8 29164 1082 3.7 876 3 30248 Overall 3X 31 9 STOLL FARMS, INC. CASCADE 303.3 28755 1088 3.8 879 3.1 30216 1 3X 23 5 ELVIN W SHIRK ELMA 67.7 28990 1087 3.7 868 3 30196 Overall 31 12 BERGAN, DENNIS & LORI ELKADER 104.3 29624 1037 3.5 922 3.1 30168 2 31 11 MICHAEL DEUTMEYER GUTTENBURG 144.7 29172 1075 3.7 874 3 30144 Overall 3X 31 13 SIMON, TOM & RICK FARLEY 283.6 26348 1120 4.3 918 3.5 30140 Overall 23 11 BRUMM DAIRY, LLP STACYVILLE 259.8 28763 1073 3.7 891 3.1 30116 Overall 31 10 MATT SCHELLING ORANGE CITY 141.3 27942 1086 3.9 901 3.2 30092 Overall 31 11 M & C DAIRY LIME SPRINGS 327.1 28832 1067 3.7 895 3.1 30092 Overall 31 12 MCALLISTER MARK & MARY NEW VIENNA 284 28581 1072 3.8 892 3.1 30052 Overall 31 13 FLUIT, CRAIG HULL 426.4 26990 1158 4.3 812 3 30032 Overall 42 9 TERRY DEUTMEYER DYERSVILLE 121.2 27855 1103 4 853 3.1 29916 Overall 2 12 BRUCE & JULIE BUDDENBERG DECORAH 343.7 29307 1042 3.6 881 3 29816 Overall 3X 31 10 KRUSE, MARTIN DYERSVILLE 534.9 29237 1038 3.6 888 3 29792 Overall 3X 31 7 WILCOX, MARK MARCUS 79.6 28073 1072 3.8 875 3.1 29756 Overall 23 10 VANMAANEN, TERRY ROCK VALLEY 1433.1 28334 1044 3.7 892 3.1 29608 Overall 3X 2 12 HELLE DAN & JODI WORTHINGTON 235 27194 1081 4 874 3.2 29576 Overall 31 5 * List is only the herds processed through Dairy Lab Services 8 March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald

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Breeder Advertising Rates

Full Page $100.00 1/2 Page 60.00 1/4 Page 45.00 Calling Card (1 year) 35.00 Photos (each) $5.00 Additional 2-Color 30.00 Full Color Available upon request


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Lands-Brook Farms

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Home of Terrick Holsteins Terry & Kelly Eick 1105 Ivory Ave. • Plainfield, IA 50666 Phone: 319-275-4719 Fax: 319-275-4501 Email: terrick@butler-bremer.com


HOLSTEINS milk strong

live long

Mike & Kathleen Scott Family 12402 R Ave • Westgate, IA 50681 k64scott@gmail.com 563.920.4005 • 563.637.2386 March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald 9


Jerit A. Yearous, 52, of rural Sumner, died unexpectedly, Tuesday morning, February 11, 2020, at his home, as a result of an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Memorial services were held on Thursday, February 20, 2020, at St. John Lutheran Church in Sumner. Jerit Alan, son of John and Ruby (Buhr) Yearous was born November 18, 1967, in Oelwein. He was baptized and confirmed at St. John Lutheran Church in Sumner. Jerit lived in Sumner all his life, graduating from Sumner High School in 1986. On April 4, 1992, he married Jennifer Flage, the cutest drive-through worker at the Hardee’s in West Union. They had two daughters, Taylor and Callie. At a young age, Jerit knew that farming was his calling. Most kids were into professional athletes, not Jerit, he would study sire directories! In addition to grain farming, Jerit and his parents raised and showed dairy cattle. After retiring from milking cows, Jerit assisted at Ryan Smith Plumbing & Heating, Jader Enterprises, and was a crop adjuster with Great American Insurance. He was a lifetime member of St. John Lutheran Church and was on the Fayette County DHIA board for many years. Jerit loved his girls and loved the time he would get to spend with them. Wednesdays were their special day, running to piano lessons and getting treats at Casey’s. He was always so active with them teaching them about showing cattle and lots of other life lessons. Jerit loved hanging out with his nephews sharing his love of the land with them. They aspire to emulate the caring passionate man he was. Family vacations have created such amazing family memories that Jenn, Taylor and Callie will cherish. Pool league, golf league and annual fishing trips were fun times with the “guys”. Jerit is survived by his wife, Jennifer of Sumner; two daughters, Taylor Yearous of West Des Moines and Callie Yearous of Sumner; mother, Ruby Yearous of Oelwein; two sisters, Margo (Al) Suckow of Van Meter and Jonna Yearous of Center Point; mother-in-law, Linda Flage of Fayette; two brothers-in-law, Justin (Lynnette) Flage of Elkader and Brian (Christine) Flage of Carrollton, Texas; and several nieces and nephews. In addition to his grandparents, he was preceded in death by his father, John; and father-in-law, Lanny Flage. Louise Annette Kregel, age 82, of Guttenberg, died Thursday, February 13, 2020, at MercyOne Dubuque Medical Center in Dubuque. Memorial services were held on Sunday, February 16. She was born on November 1, 1937 in Colesburg, the daughter of Wilson and Letha (Brown) Barnhart. Louise was baptized at the Methodist Church in Colesburg and later confirmed as an adult at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Guttenberg. Louise received her education locally and graduated from the Colesburg High School with the class of 1955. On August 20, 1955 Louise was married to Virgil Kregel at the Methodist Church in Colesburg and this union blessed them with two sons, Gary & Ron. Louise enjoyed being outdoors, gardening, and all activities supporting local 4H programs. In recent years, she especially enjoyed the time she spent with her group of girlfriends. Louise will be forever loved and cherished by her sons, Gary (Darlene) Kregel of Guttenberg & Ron (Billie Jo) Kregel of Weatherby, MO; 4 grandchildren, Maureen Seevers (Jim), Travis (Tracy) Kregel, Megan Kregel all from Guttenberg, and Colby Kregel from Buffalo MO ; 3 great grandchildren, Liam, Sienna & Scarlett Seevers. Louise was preceded in death by her parents and husband Virgil in 2004. 10 March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald

Did you know that there is a sire available that is. . . • Over 4 for PTAT • A2A2 • +.05P & +.12F • Over +2 for FLC • Over 2.7 for UDC • Over 900 lbs of Milk • Priced less than $20 * Information found in Red Book Plus

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For more information or to make a purchase, call Dennis Devore 319.270.5038 Alan Graves 515.552.2070 Steve Peterson 218.849.2238

Need Milk from an “Old-Fashioned” Pedigree?? Check Out Our State Sale Consignment! Heartbreaker’s Dempsey 2 Year Old Sells!

Henkeseen S Heartbreaker EX-93-2E EX-MS Reserve Senior Champion District 1 Holstein Show 2016 5-10 2X 365 33769 2.8 968 3.0 1032 Sired by Sanchez Dam: Henkeseen Dur Harley EX-92-3E EX-MS All-Iowa 125,000 Cow 2008 8-8 365 38256 3.7 1451 2.9 1159 Gr’dam: Henkeseen M Hillary EX-94-3E EX-MS 3rd Dam: Henkeseen Mark Marci EX-94-3E EX-MS

~ Selling is Heartbreaker’s Daughter ~ Henkeseen Dempsey Houston-ET

Fresh Jan 4th - 1st test 73# 3.8 3.1 17 SCC @ 24 days

Also selling is a recently fresh Slamdunk Granddaughter of Ri-Val-Re Observer Bailey EX-90-2E EX-MS 5-0 365 40360 5.0 1999 3.6 1452 Breeding Bulls and Cows for sale at all times! Both Red & White and Black & White! 9/19 Classification 109.9% 19 EX 24 VG 15 GP

Trent Henkes Family Trent: 563-880-1014 Matt: 563-880-8614

tlhenkes@neitel.net 18467 165th St, Luana, IA 52156


$100 Ea

Iowa Holstein Heifer Raffle ~ Heifer Choices ~

GenoSource doorman luster

O-c-e-c Mccutchen Priya

ms Licorice Lushous-ET *RC VG-87 Doug Fairbanks 319.480.2484

MS Dundee Petra EX-94 Bret & Todd Kluesner 563.853.2300

Gr’dam ~ All-American & All-Canadian Dam

Crescentmead JAurora-ET-REd

9/3/19 • A potential 8th Generation EX! Dam

Cloverhilldg al Tory-red-et

12-4-2019 • Dam ~ All-American R&W honors Dam’s All-American & All-Canadian Maternal Sister

9/6/19 • Dam ~ All-American R&W Summer Yearling Gr’dam

Crescentmead Sweetie Pie-Red EX-93 Joe Gibbs 563.543.0113

Silvermine Advent Tally-Red-ET EX-93-2E Duane Gibbs 563.920.4012 & Bill Norton 563.260.0631

Thank You to these Donors! Your support is greatly appreciated! Driven Embryos DCS Pete Knipper Envisions Farmers Union Coop Hubbard Feed Mid America Select Sires ST Genetics Steel Cow Syngenta Enogen Corn Trans Ova Genetics Zoetis

~ Raffle Prizes ~

1st Prize ~ Heifer Choice or $2000 Cash 2nd Prize ~ $1500 Cash 3rd Prize ~ Steel Cow Portrait & $500 Cash 4th Prize ~ $500 Trans Ova Certificate & $500 Cash 5th Prize ~ $250 ST Genetics Certificate & $250 Cash 6th Prize ~ $250 Mid America Select Sires Certificate & $250 Cash 7th Prize ~ $250 Mid America Select Sires Certificate & $250 Cash 8th Prize ~ $200 Envision Certificate & $200 Cash 9th Prize ~ Zoetis Gift Bag & $100 Cash 10th Prize ~ Zoetis Gift Bag & $100 Cash

The raffle will be held prior to the start of the 2020 Iowa Spring Sale on March 21 in West Union. Only 200 tickets will be sold at $100 per ticket. Proceeds to the Iowa Junior Holstein Association & the Iowa Holstein Association.

For tickets, please contact Shellie Volker 319.269.0318 or Carl Mensen 563.329.0876 10 - Midwest Holsteins, Spring 2020

Iowa Spring Sale Fayette County Fairgrounds • West Union, Iowa • 11:30 AM • March 21, 2020

RockyMountain Tal Licorice-ET EX-95 3-10 2X 323 34770 4.0 1384 3.2 1106 A beautiful Atwood who sells just fresh from an Uno from the great Talent Licorice EX-95, the All-American 4 Year Old in 2011. Let the winning ways continue! Arthuracres 563-920-1301

Val-Bisson Bookem Dona-ET EX-92 A Humblenkind spring yearling from Bookem Dona EX92 sells! Bookem Dona is Doorman’s full sister, then the EX-94 Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda! A rare offering from this tremendous family! Reuben Nolt 641-393-2337

Henkeseen S Heartbreaker EX-93-2E EX-MS 5-10 2X 365 33769 2.8 968 3.0 1032 An exciting fresh, young Dempsey 2 yr old from the heart of Henkeseen, from the EX-93 Sanchez Heartbreaker, then EX-92 Durham Harley and then the matriarch of the farm EX-94 Hillary. Henkeseen Holsteins 563-880-8614

VIEW-HOME MRDIAN IOWA-ET VG-86 2-02 3X 365 35670 3.8 1342 3.1 1099 Selling from the Meridan Iowa cow family comes groups of Twitch and Paco Embryos from Iowa’s Frazzled daughter! Your chance to get into a family that breeds true with embryos over +2750GTPI!! Bovine Genetic Partners 616-822-0101

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Complimentary Meal Thank you to our Meal Sponsors - Vita Plus & Star Blends!

Sale Staff:

Scott Courtney 563-380-1318 • Jason Danhof 715-305-0522 Kyle Demmer 563-451-5376 • Carl Mensen 563-329-0876 Bill Rauen 563-607-0694 • Jim Vierhout 712-439-2932 Aaron Ray Tompkins 336-363-4639

Catalogs available online at www.iowaholsteins.org or contact Shellie Volker 319-269-0318 or shelliev@ymail.com or Carl Mensen 563-329-0876 mensenholstein@gmail.com.

Managed & Sponsored by:

Iowa Holstein Association Midwest Holsteins, Spring 2020 - 11

Iowa Holstein Association Awards Distinguished Service Award Leon Sigwarth, Holy Cross

Leon grew up on a farm milking Guernseys by hand and selling the cream. In 1955 when he was 15 years old, the family purchased their first milking machine. Leon and Laura were married in 1963 and then moved down the road and rented a farm which had some good Holsteins and sold Grade A milk. But after three years, Leon and Laura returned to the home farm and began a partnership with his brother, Joe and his wife, Belle. Along with increasing their milking herd, they also added more land. Joe went to AI school and one of the monks from New Melleray Abbey was also taking the course. So when the Abbey decided to disperse their herd, Leon and Joe purchased three of their registered Holstein cows. Then Leon attended a Holstein sale in Waukon and purchased another registered Holstein where he met Paul Schneider who then introduced him to other Holstein breeders - Dick Lomen, Vernice Moon and Ralph Lyons, just to name a few. Also a Brown Swiss breeder, Larry Kruse and his family helped them. Leon and Joe chose the prefix Jol-Lee for their herd which became well-known for outstanding production and type along with superior genetics. Two of their premier cows were world renowned, Jol-Lee Mark Celeste and Miss Mark Maui. Jol-Lee Mark Celeste EX-91-3E produced over 365,000 pounds of milk in her lifetime. When she completed her 6-10 record of 57,070 3.9% 2224 2.8% 1603 in 365 days, Celeste ranked 2nd in Milk, 4th for Fat and 5th for Protein in the nation, and in Iowa, she was 1st for Milk and Fat and 2nd for Protein. Miss Mark Maui EX-95 was the 1994 All-American Junior Two-Year-Old. Maui has produced over 40 Excellent offspring in their herd alone. Leon and Joe exhibited at the district, state and national levels throughout the years winning numerous All-Iowa and Reserve AllIowa Awards. Maui had tremendous success at the World Dairy Expo and was named Grand Champion at the Minnesota State Fair two times. With a 125 year old barn that was added on 7 times, Leon and Joe decided they either needed to build a new one or make another change. Being the older brother, Leon, decided to seek work part-time off the farm and gradually the partnership was dissolved between Leon and Joe. Joe dispersed the herd in 2013. Even though, Leon did not have a high school education, it did not pose any problem for him finding employment. For 2 1/2 years, he was a farm consultant for Hawkeye Bank in Dubuque which later was bought out and became Mercantile Bank. During 32 - Midwest Holsteins, Spring 2020

this time, Leon also took classes for 3 semesters at NICC excelling in his classes except for his computer class. His advice is please do not ask him for help with technology. For another 3 years, he was a farm consultant for Kalmia Consulting followed by working for 10 years in ag real estate before his retirement. His Holstein activities are highlighted by serving as Co-Chair of the 2001 National Holstein Convention, a director on the Iowa Holstein Association Board, chairman of the Program Development Committee along with serving on various standing committees and being active in District 8. Leon also has represented Iowa as a National Holstein Convention delegate. He served as president and as a director on the Prairie State/Select Sires Board and as a director on the Select Sires board. Leon is a member of Saint Francis Catholic Church, Balltown, and is involved with Christian Experience Weekends. For the past 3 years, Leon has volunteered with Hospice of Dubuque calling on hospice patients providing some humor along with showing care and concern while visiting with them. He says that this has been a very eye-opening, faith-building experience. Leon and Laura have 8 children, 18 grandchildren and 3 greatgrandchildren. Leon commented that not only has Iowa developed some great Holsteins, but the Iowa Holstein Association membership has some great people which becomes like family developing a camaraderie amongst them which helps you become a better person. His advice to the current trend with larger farms and more technology is for the smaller farms to develop a niche market for selling registered Holsteins so we don’t continue to lose our good, young people.

Iowa Holstein Heifer Raffle Have you purchased your ticket yet?

~ Raffle Prizes ~

1st Prize ~ Heifer Choice or $2000 Cash 2nd Prize ~ $1500 Cash 3rd Prize ~ Steel Cow Portrait & $500 Cash 4th Prize ~ $500 Trans Ova Certificate & $500 Cash 5th Prize ~ $250 ST Genetics Certificate & $250 Cash 6th Prize ~ $250 Mid America Select Sires Certificate & $250 Cash 7th Prize ~ $250 Mid America Select Sires Certificate & $250 Cash 8th Prize ~ $200 Envision Certificate & $200 Cash 9th Prize ~ Zoetis Gift Bag & $100 Cash 10th Prize ~ Zoetis Gift Bag & $100 Cash For more information on the heifers, please refer to page 10 in this issue or in the sale catalog Lots 1-4. The raffle will be held prior to the start of the 2020 Iowa Spring Sale on March 21 in West Union. Only 200 tickets will be sold at $100 per ticket.

For tickets, please contact Shellie Volker 319.269.0318 or Carl Mensen 563.329.0876

Outstanding Young Holstein Breeder Award Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader

Both of these two individuals were born and raised with the love of Registered Holsteins running through their blood. Chad grew up on his family farm near Hopkinton which consisted of a 114 cow tie-stall barn. If you asked anybody who knew Chad when he was a little boy and growing up, they would tell you he was destined to be a farmer. When he was nowhere to be found, you could count on finding him in the barn strategically placing and tying his cows up with twine that he snuck from his toy box. He was active in 4-H and a member of the Maquoketa Valley FFA. In 1995 he was the reserve champion showman at the World Dairy Expo. In 1996, his FFA dairy judging team took 2nd place at the World Dairy Expo where Chad was the 1st place individual. Chad enjoyed showing cattle at the Delaware County Fair and District 8 shows. He purchased his first registered heifer, Morningview Mason Megan from the 1998 Iowa Spring Sale. After graduating from high school in 1998, he attended Northeast Iowa Community College where he received his Associate of Applied Science degree in Dairy Science. He then returned to the family farm where he took on the responsibility of herdsman and did all the mating and breeding of the herd. To assist in growing his own herd, he then purchased Morningview Emerson Push-UP-ET that produced many embryos and 2 bulls sent into A.I. Erin was raised on a 475 acre farm with a 60 tie-stall barn of registered Holsteins just west of Elkader. She could always be found outside amongst the cows making sure they were all cared for and things were clean. She was also active in 4-H, Central FFA chapter, state and national Holstein member where she held multiple officer positions. Since Erin was the only “dairy person” in her FFA chapter, there was no dairy judging contest. She turned to individual contest such as the FFA Creed where she received gold at sub-districts and districts, Silver at the State FFA convention and went on to receive Silver at Nationals. Erin enjoyed showing cattle at the Clayton County Fair, District 1 Shows, State Junior Show and the Iowa Youth Classic where many champions were shown and showmanship honors were earned. She was crowned the 1998-1999 District 1 Holstein Princess and alternate Clayton County Dairy Princess. Upon graduating from high school in 2000, she attended Northeast Iowa Community College where she received her Associate of Applied Science degree in Dairy Science and Veterinary Technician. In the fall of 2002, she accepted a job in pharmaceutical sales with Lextron Animal Health which was the second largest distributor in the U.S. with headquarters in Greeley, Colorado and regional office in Manchester, Iowa. Here is where their story together begins. After a long week of sales meetings for Erin and the rest of the sales team, it was a ritual to have supper at one of the local favorites in Manchester before parting ways. As Erin was walking out the door, she caught a glimpse of her friend, Adam, and a guy that looked like Chad sitting next to him. Long story short, Chad asked Erin on a first date for the following weekend and the rest is history. In September 2005, the two married. Chad continued to farm with his parents while Erin worked in pharmaceutical sales traveling the U.S. working with dairies, veterinarians and corporate accounts. Chad took a position as feed mill manager at Triangle Ag, Monticello in 2007 and also milked for Scott Coons, Coon-Ridge Holsteins. It was an emotional and difficult time, Erin’s father was diagnosed with cancer and after 47 years of milking cows, Erin’s

parents, George and Joyce Kuehl, decided to retire. In 2009, they had the opportunity to buy the springing heifers from Erin’s parents and were blessed to have a great friend like Scott who took the heifers in where Chad could care for them and calve them in. The calves were brought back to Erin’s parents’ and her dad would feed and take care of them. The couple’s herd was growing quickly. They realized Erin’s parents had a plan wanting someone to take the family farm over and have cows milking in the barn. On July 18, 2011, never in Erin’s wildest dreams did she think she would be looking at an awesome herd of cows to buy on her 30th birthday. Chad and Erin were greeted by beautiful registered Holsteins of John Grafenberg’s. It was a great day, they told John to mark them sold and Erin’s birthday present was 30 cows. They then traveled to Bill and Lana Streins’ where they also bought 23 head. On August 4, the cows were all brought to the farm and they started their journey together as sole owners of their own herd, Hunt-Haven Holsteins. In 2013, after 11 years in pharmaceutical sales, Erin started working full-time by Chad’s side and enjoying time with her dad until his passing in 2015. The herd’s current BAA is 106.9. The herd averages 25,545M 2X milking with 955 (3.9%) F, 802 (3.1%) P. Their breeding program focuses on longevity and type by improving feet/legs, udders without sacrificing milk and components. Some of their favorite bulls are Doorman, Meridian, Jordy, Golden Dreams, Atmosphere and Atwood. The couple has been recognized for numerous awards: 2014 Clayton County Outstanding Young Dairy Producer, 2016 Northeast Iowa Community College Outstanding Alumni, 2018 District 1 Outstanding Young Holstein Breeder, superior milk quality awards every year from DFA, production rosettes for being above state average and added 9 cows into the 200,000 lifetime production club. They are active in the Clayton County Dairy Promotion where Erin is now secretary, and Clayton Co. Holstein Breeders where Chad is a director and Erin serves as secretary. Chad and Erin are the proud parents of two children, Blake (10) and Kayla (7) where they are members of 4-H and are Iowa Junior Holstein members. The family enjoys spending their free time attending sales and shows. Blake and Kayla have their own herds started and have learned a lot of responsibility and work ethic from living on the farm. They both have been in the show ring since they were 3 years old and are following in their parents’ footsteps when it comes to showmanship competitions. They give credit to their parents, family and “dairy” friends for all their help, support and guidance through their journey. Thank you. Midwest Holsteins, Spring 2020 - 33

Hawkeye Holsteins Endless Opportunities Saturday, April 18th, 2020 • 10:00 AM • 260 Head Sell • Ruthven, Iowa

Nic-K Purple Passion-ET EX-90 EX-MS 2-01 2X 337 22,000 4.3 940 3.8 830 Nominated Jr. All-American Sr 3 Yr Old & 4th place at the International Jr Holstein Show in 2019 and All-Iowa Sr. 2 Year Old in 2018. Purple sells just fresh!

Hawkeye GC Adel EX-90 EX-MS 2-11 2X 194 17,380 3.3 578 3.0 522 Inc. This powerful Golden Dreams sells with her extra fancy Wilson summer yearling. Her pedigree runs deep with all VG/EX dams with the 4th dam Chief Adeen herself.

Hawkeye-JK Crush Amen-ET VG-87 VVVVV 2-00 2X 365 22,130 4.3 956 3.6 786 Amen was the 2019 Jr. All-Iowa Sr 2 Year Old and will sell just fresh along with her Jedi winter yearling.

Hawkeye Awesome Erica-Red PO VG-87 EVEVV @ 3-06 2-04 2X 365 21,040 4.4 905 3.4 716 Erica is due in June to King Doc and has multiple family members selling. Don’t miss her dam’s maternal sister, a VG-87 by Avalanche, that is just fresh and turning heads.

Attention Juniors: Any junior Holstein member that makes a purchase during the sale will go into a drawing to be done at the end of the sale. A very special pedigreed heifer will be given away. Juniors must be in attendance to be in the drawing. Schedule of Events: Friday, April 17th 4:00-7:00 PM • Hospitality, Cattle Viewing & Live Music Saturday, April 18th 8:00 AM • Endless Opportunities Breakfast & Cattle Viewing Saturday, April 18th 10:00 AM • Hawkeye Holsteins Endless Opportunities Hotel Accomdations: Wild Rose Casino & Resort 712-852-3400 Mention the Hawkeye Holsteins Dispersal for a $59 room rate. Call now to not miss out on the great rate. 48 - Midwest Holsteins, Spring 2020

Sale Force:

Scott Courtney.............563-380-1318 Larry Kleiner.................217-827-3468 Jim Vierhout...................712-470-1202 Alan Dykshorn.............. 712-441-0686 Ron Roskopf................. 414-587-4402 Bill Rauen......................563-607-0694 Scott Culbertson......... 507-923-1881 Tracy Schaefer........... 320-360-5188 Brian Olbrich.................815-482-7426

Hawkeye Holsteins Endless Opportunities ~ These All Sell ~

Hawkeye Equation Arrow VG-88 VEVVV @ 3-08 2-11 2X 103 7,860 5.3 413 3.4 264 Inc. Arrow’s dam is an EX-93 3E Goldwyn from Apple that is the cornerstone of this family with over 40 members selling. Also selling is her fancy Diamondback fall yearling.

MS Hawkeye Crush Angel-ET VG-88 VVVVE @ 3-01 1-10 2X 339 18,060 4.4 796 3.5 631 Angel sells as of three VG full sisters by Crush from the matriarch Arizona EX-93. Each of these fancy young cows have daughters selling.

Hawkeye-JK Artic Splash-ET VG-85 VG-MS @ 2-03 1-09 2X 188 11,620 3.6 424 3.1 358 Inc. Splash was the 2019 Res. Jr. All Iowa Fall Yearling in Milk and is from the EX-91 Defiant and them EX-93 Arizona. She sell due in June to sexed Tatoo and sells with a Sanchez summer yearling.

Hawkeye-JK Artic Rain-ET VG-88 VVEVV @ 2-09 2-00 2X 283 21,810 3.4 736 3.0 660 Inc. Rain sells with her Diamondback spring yearling. Rain is a full sister to Splash. This pair was 1st place produce of dam at the 2019 Iowa State Show.

Mark your calendars now for this very special event, that you don’t want to miss!

Dave, Lisa & Cody Chapman 3881 350th St. • Ruthven, IA 51358 Dave: 712.480.4410 • Cody: 712.480.0410 hhi@yourstarnet.net

2564 Pole Line Road • Ridgeway, IA 52165 Home: 563-387-0035 • Cell: 563-380-1318 courtneysalesllc@gmail.com • Fax: 563-387-0046 Midwest Holsteins, Spring 2020 - 49

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March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald  

The March Iowa Holstein Herald and the Iowa pages in the Spring issue of Midwest Holsteins.

March 2020 Iowa Holstein Herald  

The March Iowa Holstein Herald and the Iowa pages in the Spring issue of Midwest Holsteins.