2021-22 Iowa FFA Foundation Annual Report

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Annual Report 2021-2022



Iowa FFA Foundation

Board of Directors

Board Officers

President & Executive Committee Chair


Past President Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair


Josh Earll

Jason Berkland

Ron Zelle

Jim Gardner

Tammy Niemann

FFA Enrichment Center Dwayne Faidley Commitee Chairs

Team Ag. Ed. Partner Representatives


Jamie Christiansen

Jon Davis Eric Weuve

Agri-Business/Industry Representatives

Julianne Johnston, MorganMyers

Time Kapucian, Kapucian Farms

Keith Soltwedel, John Deere Maggie Stith, Valent USA

Ex-Officio (non-voting) Members

Iowa FFA Association President (Student Officer) Iowa PAS President (Student Officer)

Iowa FFA Association - Executive Director

Iowa Deaprtment of Education - State FFA/PAS Advisor

Iowa PAS - Executive Director

Mia Gibson

Jenna Steffen

Scott Johnson

Mattew Eddy

Kevin Butt

Association of Agricultural Educators Iowa FFA Association Iowa Professional Agricultural Students

It is such a great honor to submit the annual report letter for the Iowa FFA Foundation.

When reflecting on what to articulate during this letter, I had such a great joy while thinking about all of the positive interactions and events that the Iowa FFA Foundation has had throughout the last year. The 2021-22 was a year for the record books. With the outstanding work from our FFA Foundation staff and supporters, new records were set; allowing us to establish new trends moving forward. Hard work from the Iowa FFA Foundation Board of Directors, the Iowa FFA Foundation Executive Committee, and each subcommittee of the Iowa FFA Foundation has allowed for this last year to be a complete success.

With the help of each and every one of you reading this article, we had record attendance and donations for the Annual Iowa FFA Foundation Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala. The support that was given both financially and through countless hours of preparation leading up to the Iowa FFA Foundation Gala provided so much momentum moving forward. This gala is truly the best event to go to in agriculture! Make sure you mark your calendars for February 18, 2023 – rumor has it, this will be the best Gala yet!

In June, we hosted our 26th Annual Iowa FFA Foundation Golf Tournament. No surprise here; we had both record attendance, donations and sponsorships! In one day, we raised over $50,000 for scholarships. I even roped together a few board members for a team. Needless to say, we did not win any prizes, but the ultimate prize is supporting the Iowa FFA Foundation.

We have so many outstanding supporters of the Iowa FFA Foundation, and I thank you for your support. Without each and every one of our supporters, we wouldn’t be able to support each entity of Team Ag Ed. Your support allows for students to develop their skills, to enjoy contests, to meet other students from across the world, and so much more. Your support allows for Ag Education Instructors and FFA Advisors to do what they do best; teach. Your support gives them the supplies, the education, and the support to do their job at a high-level and educate the future of agriculture.

We have a great opportunity in front of us! With the generous donations from an anonymous donor, for every donation to the Iowa FFA Foundation, your donation is matched at 50%. This al lows us to move closer to our goal of retiring the debt on the FFA Enrichment Center. Our goal is to completely retire this debt, but we cannot do it without your help. If we can all come together, support each other, and support the Iowa FFA Foundation, great things will happen. With your support, the future of the Iowa FFA Foundation is incredibly bright. If the future of the Iowa FFA Foundation is bright, so is everyone that represents. If everyone that the Iowa FFA Foundation represents has a bright future, I feel really good about the future of agriculture in the State of Iowa. Thank you for your support throughout the past year, and I challenge you to continue to support the Iowa FFA Foundation to the best of your abilities.


Josh Earll

2021-2022 President, Iowa FFA Foundation Board of Directors

Letter from the President


Mia Gibson, State President, North Fayette FFA

Maddy Stevenson, State Secretary, Roland-Story FFA

Kanyon Huntington, State Reporter, East Union FFA

Trenton Eilander, SC State Vice President, Newton FFA

Kiley Allan, NW State Vice President, Le Mars FFA

Avery Hanaway, NE State Vice President, Independence FFA

Sam Martin, SW State Vice President, Davis-Rogers FFA

Kesley Holdgrafer, SE State Vice President, Northeast FFA

Ella Hommel, NC State Vice President, Grundy Center FFA


Sam Martin, State President, Davis-Rogers FFA

Holly Schmitt, State Secretary, South Winneshiek FFA

Rachel Teunissen, State Reporter, West Lyon FFA

Sam Phillips, NW State Vice President, Akron-Westfield FFA

Ryan Wolf, NE State Vice President, West Dubuque FFA

George Martin, SW State Vice President, Davis-Rogers FFA

Anne Bower, SE State Vice President, West Branch FFA

Mary Ann Fox, NC State Vice President, Osage FFA

Kate Schaefer, SC State Vice President, Adel-DeSoto-Minburn FFA

The Iowa FFA Foundation focuses on encouraging youth to pursue careers and leadership roles in the agricultural industry. The foundation is a non-profit organization that provides leadership activities, scholarships, incentive awards, agricultural education programs, and instructor workshops. The foundation’s objective is the preparation of Iowa’s most valuable resource - its young people - to help chart the future of our state’s largest industry.

The Iowa FFA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Iowa FFA State Officers 2021-2022
The Iowa FFA Foundation cultivates partnerships supporting agricultural education.
Team Ag Ed by the Numbers 6 NEW Ag Ed Programs Denver North Scott Jr. High WACO Stanton Dike-New Hartford Fort Dodge 264 Members IAAE 19,200 members from 101 chapters 429 members from 9 chapters S P 18,607 MEMBERS from 254 chapters $14,408 annual contributions from Corduroy Club members 5 NEW endowments 5,613,016 bushels of grain enrolled in 2021-22 $468,468.19 FFA Enrichment Center Capital Campaign matched in 5 Team Ag Ed by the Numbers
PLATINUM Top Donors Harry Stine Stine Family Foundation Stine Seed $250,000 - $500,000 EAGLE $100,000-$250,000 EMBLEM $25,000-$50,000 BLUE JACKET $10,000-$25,000 American Family Insurance Sylvester “Sonny” Deke GROWMARK Pioneer Brand SeedsCorteva Agri-Science Iowa Corn Iowa State UniversityCollege of Agriculture & Life Sciences John Deere John Deere Des Moines Operations Kreg Tool Company Mike & Maggie McCoy Principal Charity Classic 6 Top Donors Gladys Doughtery Charitable Trust Casey & Tammy Niemann

Doing to Learn Doing to Learn

Ashley Henneman knew the minute she walked into Red Oak’s Agriculture I classroom her freshman year of high school that she wanted to be an ag teacher.

“I knew from a young age that I wanted to teach, but couldn’t decide what I wanted to teach. When I walked in the Ag classroom, I realized I could teach ag,” said Ashley.

When it came time to decide on her SAE, Ashley decided maybe she should use it as an opportunity to determine if teaching agriculture was for her.

“I wanted to find a career that I really enjoy. I knew when I started my SAE I would either love or hate ag ed at the end of it.”

Ashley’s SAE project included many different aspects of agricultural education. Her freshman year she wrote social media posts for the Red Oak Chapter’s Facebook page about all things ag like May Beef Month and FFA History. She also taught Ag in the Classroom lessons with the Kindergarten class each month.

During her junior year, Ashley sat down with her principal and school counselor to talk about re-establishing an FFA chapter in her school district of Stanton.

“My school counselor looked at me and said, ‘Well, you can help her get started,’ because they had someone to teach in mind already. It was really cool to be a part of that process,” said Ashley. “And with my SAE I spent a lot of time in and out of the classroom

Ashley Henneman’s experiences in ag education

with my ag advisor, Andrea Spencer.”

With the help of her advisor, Ashley established the first Stanton Ag Day. She worked with her fellow FFA members to set up different educational stations for the Kindergarten to Fifth Grade students to learn about different aspects of agriculture.

Throughout the day elementary students visited each station to learn about how to identify plants, soil types and several species of livestock animals - including guinea pigs. She even had one of her classmates bring a tractor and planter to school to teach the kids about planting crops. They also included a corn relay race for some fun to help entertain the students.

“It was a lot of work to coordinate all the FFA members, the supplies for each station and to communicate with each of the elementary teachers, but it was really rewarding to watch the kids have fun and learn so much,” said Ashley.

Even with all the hard work Ashley decided that ag ed was the career path for her. She is currently studying Agricultural Education at Iowa State University

“My love for agricultural education came from the classroom aspect. FFA was just an added bonus,” said Ashley.


Since 2018 The Corduroy Club has provided an easy way for individuals to support Agricultural Education on a monthly basis with a recurring gift of any amount. Each donor can select the option to donate via credit card to direct payment through a checking account, as well as selecting the day of the month that deduction is made. Donating through The Corduroy Club makes giving easy and does not require any monthly maintenance on the part of donors, while ensuring continued support of programs and resources directly impacting the lives of the members of Iowa Team Ag Ed.

When putting on my first corduroy jacket 12 years ago I never knew how a student-led organization would impact my life for the good. My family and I give to the corduroy club because we know that our dollars are being invested in young adults who are passionate about making agriculture and our society better. Agriculture Education and FFA gave so much to me that I knew I needed to pay it back in some way, so when this giving opportunity came up my family and I took advantage.

The FFA motto is something I try to live by every day “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve, and the Corduroy Club is just one small way I can serve the organization that served me. “

- Logan, Lizzie, & Elsie Bauer

I chose to be a Corduroy Club donor a few years ago, not because of any personal experiences as I was never a member of FFA.

I was first exposed to FFA when a State Officer came into my place of work and gave a presentation about FFA and their involvement. It was during this presentation that I learned the mission of FFA and quickly saw the talent of members that make up the FFA chapters. This individual was able to stand in front of a large group of strangers and articulate their message and mission of FFA so well, and they were only in high school at the time. Unbelievable!

I took this opportunity to learn more about the FFA organization and chose to give because of the skill development that FFA provides for future leaders. Seeing the capabilities FFA students exhibit in their interactions with others provides me with excitement for the future generations to come. I am proud to be a Corduroy Club donor and active in supporting FFA as I watch these young individuals grow and carry on the importance of agricultural education!

The following individuals have joined this elite group of donors to the Iowa FFA Foundation with their monthly gifts: Abby Wing Andrew Arends Andrew Edson Angel Brecht Anthony Brecht Ashely Wolfe Bailey Steffen Benjamin Zelle Braden Larson Bryon Weesner Caron Erion Christopher Davison Christopher Lacey Cindy P. Snell David R. Van Ahn Erin Hoffman Emily Rhoades Hope Brecht Jamie Christiansen Jason Ammons Jason Berkland Jennifer Johnson Jim Gardner Jim Howell Joe Heinrich Joshua Remington Joshua Roberts Julianne Johnston Kari Rindels Lindsay Fischer Logan Bauer Marty Schwager Marvin Hoskey Matthew Eddy Michael Knight Mike Bartling Natalie Jefson Patrick Diedrich
Scot Harold Shelby Westhoff Skylar Brittain Terrance Junker Time Rhoades Tyler Comes Zoie Shook

Investing in the Future of Agriculture


When Moe and Bob Sinclair started their business in 1998, it was humble beginnings. Their first equipment dealership was located at the local fairgrounds, before they moved to an abandoned warehouse located on the west side of Sigourney, Iowa. They worked out of office trailers and uninsulated buildings as they renovated that warehouse to become the Sinclair Tractor’s headquarters.

Almost 25 years later, Sinclair Tractor has about 15 locations spread throughout Southeast Iowa, but their focus has pretty much stayed the course. “Our profits go back into our business and investing in our employees and community,” said Bob Sinclair, CEO of Sinclair Tractor. “Our business does well when our customers and employees do well.”

When John Deere began a scholarship program with their local dealerships, Sinclair saw it as the perfect opportunity to do just that.

“We’re supporting our future employees, customers and community leaders when we help our local students further their education, so it was really a no-brainer,” said Bob.

“After a few years, John Deere ended their participation in the scholarship program, but we felt it was important to keep supporting our FFA students, so we continued on our own.”

Every year, Sinclair hands out five $2500 scholarships to FFA members in the 18 Southeastern Iowa counties in their service territory. The first half of the scholarship is paid directly to the university or community college in August, with the second half paid after the student completes their first semester with a GPA of 3.0.

“FFA is so important to teach our students about leadership and community. I’ve had three children who participated in FFA, and a fourth who is currently participating in FFA. The skills they have learned and the experiences they’ve had because of FFA have been key as they’ve gone to college and grown into adults,” said Bob.

“We believe these FFA members are the future of our communities so we want to contribute to that in any way we can.”


Living to Serve

Living to Serve

Former ag educator lives on through family’s gift.

In 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Jim Hamilton enlisted in the U.S. Army. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a B17 pilot with the 95th Bomb Group, flying 39 missions over enemy territory. While stationed in Southeastern England, the farm boy from Lucas County was exposed to new and different agricultural practices.

After the war, Jim came back to Iowa where he resumed his career as an ag teacher and helped the Audubon FFA Chapter get back on its feet.

In Jim’s classroom, students were taught leadership and took great pride in their competitive spirit as Jim escorted them around the state to FFA events.

“My earliest memories are of helping my mom and sisters make sandwiches for Dad’s ‘Ag Boys’ so they had something to eat on road trips to their competitions,” said Julie Wymore, Hamil ton’s youngest daughter.

Jim spent many hours in and out of the classroom with his students, helping with their projects and mentoring them throughout their FFA careers. His students were also shown the many opportunities available to them outside of rural Iowa. His dedication to his ‘Ag Boys’ went beyond the roughly twenty years he spent teaching in Audubon.

“The conversation around the dinner table was

often about his former students, where they were and what they were up to,” said Margaret McCoy, Hamilton’s daughter.

There was plenty to talk about, too. Notable stu dents included Charles Manatt, a prominent law yer, Democratic National Committee Chairman and ambassador to the Dominican Republic, as well as Nordahl Bruce, an entrepreneur and founder of Bruegger’s Bagels.

“Dad always had very high expectations for his students, and they worked very hard to meet them,” said Julie.

Many of his students kept in touch with Jim, even after his family left Audubon so he could help found Iowa Western Community College and serve as their first Director of Adult Edu cation. Jim spent the rest of his career helping people with disabilities realize their full potential.

When Jim passed away in 2019 at the age of 103, his daughters decided to make a generous gift to endow the annual proficiency award for the Agricultural Education SAE.

“It was important for us to support a cause that he wholeheartedly believed in so the Iowa FFA was an obvious choice,” said Margaret, adding, “Dad really embodied ‘Earning to Live, Living to Serve’ so it was important to us to honor that in his memory.”


Careers Under Construction


For Iowa’s Professional Agriculture Students, Iowa PAS for short, the next step on their journey to career success is found within the organization and being an active participant in honing classroom and practical skills. For many members, the decision to be involved in PAS has come from their first exposure to careers in agriculture in middle and high school. As they move into postsecondary education levels and start defining career paths, the ability to not only learn career ready skills but to practice and master them before receiving their degrees and heading into the workforce is valuable and sets them apart from their peers.

The theme of Iowa PAS matched that “under construction” philosophy, as students from across Iowa gathered for Fall and Spring conferences and allowed them the opportunity to put those skills to the test by competing in Career Program Area contests. These Career Program Areas allow a member to enhance and improve their competency levels (including but not inclusive) in the areas of self-confidence, leadership, oral and written communications, organization, information gathering, goal setting, presentation, and time management.

Student members can compete either as individuals or as part of a team in contests both at the state and national level, which typically include a written knowledge exam and a “real world” practicum in which students use knowledge gained and develop and present a solution in real time. Whether showing their skills in sales areas, developing a farm management program or showing their ability to speak as an advocate by using soft skills; each PAS member has the opportunity to continually grow and achieve through the feedback they receive.

One PAS member noted that the ability to put their skills into practice at contests showed what areas they excelled in. “For me the feedback received from the judges, who come from the industries where we will be working, was the greatest value. I could see where I needed to improve before I started a career and where my greatest strengths were. It also allowed me to be exposed to some career areas that I hadn’t considered before.”

The career ready skills that these young people continue to master as members of PAS, along with the network connections they are able to make as a part of their journey means that it won’t be long before the construction is done and the wide open road meets them as they work to further the journey of agriculture far into the future.


Thank you to our 2021-2022 Iowa FFA Foundation CheckOff Program Donors!

A & J Koenig Trust

A & M Farms, Inc.

Howard R. Adrian

Kyle Allee

Robert Anderson

Eldon Appenzeller

Arnold Realty Co.

Auwaeter Farms

B & C Burk

Jean Bailey

Ronald L. Barnes

Dale Barr

Dean Bartelt

Clint J. Bauer

Bentley East, Inc.

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Thomas Brewer

David R. Broderman

Aaron M. Burchland

Lucas Bushong

Jerry Buteyn

Jim Calvert

Carruthers & Marsh

Check Inc.

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Clarke Family Trust

Collins Production Inc.

Community Development Corp.

William Cooley

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Steve Cortum

Don Crawford

Ken Crouse

Travis Curry

D & B Henning Farms, Inc.

Lawrence Daniels

David & Betty Collison Trust

Donald G. Davidson

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Deka Corp.

Dillard Farms LLC

Don & Bonnie Vos Living Trust

Dorothy Mae Hidreth

Revocable Living Trust

Double D Enterprises of Iowa

D. Robert Downing

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Doyle Drake

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Drake Family Farms LLC

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Fox Farms of Loveland, LLC

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Doug Hefty

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Hillebo Family Farms Inc.

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Hunter Bros. Inc.

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Ivy Farms

J & B Family Enterprise LLC

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J.D. Mattingly Farms

David Jacobson

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Morris Jansen

Francis Jardon Joel Jensen Kenneth Jensen Jim White Inc.

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Odean H. Jukam

Robert Kaska

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Kestrel Inc.

Dennis Kiewiet Kinsinger, Inc. Michael J. Kirlin

Mike Kisling

Lynn R. Knutson

Koger Farms, Inc. Kody J. Kokemiller

Robert W. Koutny Brent A. Larson Nick S. Larson

Lawrence Menke Estate Steven Lee Shawna Lee

Lein Farm #2870

Robert Lenocker Bill Linnenbrink

Roger Loftin

Lorimor Farm, Inc. Michael Lovell Ken D. Lund

Jeff Lyall Mark A. Lyle Jana J. Lyle

Curtis Maddux Mag Farms LLC

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Meimann & Sons Inc. Thomas G. Miller Jack Miller

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North Forty Farms, Inc. Ben Novak

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Douglas H. Paulson

Phyllis Brown Family Trust

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S & B Feedyard Inc.

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Seventy Seven Investment Co.

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Spear Farm LTD Dean Stall

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Stratton Farm Account Strom Farm LLC

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Triple Z Acres, LTD

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Westercamp Trust

Fordon Whittrock

Whittrock Hay & Grain

Daniel J. Wilhelmi

Woebbeking Enterprises LTD

Woodall Consulting Inc.

Patricia Wortman

Lyle H. Wrage

Steven Wright


You can join them by donating 1/10th cent per bushel on grain marketed at Heartland Cooperative or Archer Cooperative by contacting your grain marketer today and asking to sign up for the Iowa FFA Foundation CheckOff in support of Agricultural Education!


The Gold Standard The Gold Standard

Since 1986, the Iowa FFA Foundation has been connecting partners with the organizations that make up Team Ag Ed in Iowa to provide funding for a variety of opportunities within each organization. The “one-to-one” method of sponsorship has worked well, but in 2020, the need to provide partners with an easier giving system, increased visibility and the ability to support agricultural education as a whole rather than one specific area, prompted Iowa FFA Foundation staff to develop the Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program.

The Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program is a unique and streamlined approach for corporate partners to support the mission of the Iowa FFA Foundation. With two tiers of giving levels to meet budgets from five hundred to more than one million dollars, each level provides valuable opportunities for recognition and interaction with more than 37,000 individuals across Iowa who are passionate about agriculture.

From a donor visibility standpoint, this program exceeds expectations, by offering front and center recognition at all Team Ag Ed conferences, whereas in the past, a donor would only find visibility for a conference area they sup ported. Not only does this program provide an umbrella of touch points to the more than 37,000 Iowans who make up the Team Ag Ed organiza tions, it also allows partners to continue to sup port areas that are historic cornerstones to their support of agricultural education in Iowa.

The Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program provides partners at all levels with visibility at each of Iowa Team Ag Ed major conferences and partners in Tier 2 can designate 50% of their gift towards sponsorship of a particular program or activity.

This year, seventeen partners took advantage of the program and were recognized at the Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference with a personalized corduroy banner and pin signifying their giving tier. New Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program partners will be recognized in the same way, with returning partners receiving a pin to attach to their banners each year.


Rising Sun

$5,000 to $10,000

Ag Processing Inc.

Beck’s Hybrids

Buena Vista University

Christensen Farms

Darling Ingredients

DLL Financial Solution Partners

Iowa FFA Alumni & Supporters Association

Iowa Pork Producers Association

John & Kelli Peters

R&R Investors, Ltd.

Smithfield Foods

Keith & Jennifer Soltwedel

Glenn & Maggie Stith


Titan Machinery


$2,500 to $5,000

4 Seasons Fundraising

Doung & Jenny Becker

Jason & Alisha Berkland

Jeremy & Jillian Beukema

CapTrust Financial Advisors

Chubb Agribusiness

Cyclone Sports Properties

Cylosoft, Inc.

Davis Equipment Corporation/Turfwerks

Jim & Irene Gardner

Hertz Farm Management Inc.

Iowa Ag Tag

Iowa Central Community College

Iowa Farmer Today Publications

Iowa Institute for Cooperatives

Iowa State University Dairy Science Club

Iowa Turfgrass Institute


MinnTex Citrus, Inc.

Morningside University

Producers Livestock Marketing

Tim & Emily Rhoades

U.S. Mary ROTC

John J. Wacha


Wick Buildings


National Blue $1,000 to $2,500

Accelerrated Ag Technologies LLC

Ames Eye Care

Assured Partners

Astra Security

Brian & Jennie Bailey Bankers Trust Company

BBS Architects Engineers

Becker Beef LLC

Beckman Catholic John Bonner

Chase Brinegar

Carroll Area FFA Chapter

CF Industries

Ediit & Renae Chesnut

Corteva Agriscience

Jim & Patty Cownie

Steve Dakin

Jason Dalton

Christopher & Heather Davison

DeWitt Central FFA Alumni Association

Josh & Hannah Earll Ellsworth Community College

Energy Panel Structures

Jeff Fight

Duane Fisher

David & Lori Gilmore Great Sourthern Bank Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co.

Cathy Halsten

Robert & Maureen Hanson

Scot & Carolyn Harold Hawkeye Community College

Informa Markets/Wallaces Farmer

Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation

Iowa Diecast Toys

Iowa Events Center

Iowa Finance Authority - Agricultural Development Division

John Deere Financial

Carrie Jorgensen

Tim & Brenda Kapucian

Keen Project Solutions

Kemin Industries

Kirkwood Community College

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

Scott & Alice Meldrum

Meriwether, Wilson & Company, PLLC Merschman Seeds, Inc.

MidAmerican Energy Company

Mid-Iowa Cooperative MinnTex Citrus MN

Renee H. Neddermeyer Neumann Brother, Inc.

Niece Trucking

Peoples Company

Polk County Farm Bureau

Principal Financial Group

Ronald & Mary Reedy

Josh & Caitlin Remington

Mike & Dawn Retallick

Robert Half Management Resources

Rose Acre Farms

Kory & Kristin Ross

RV One Superstores

Adam & Liesl Seabert

Seaboard Foods

Kathleen Tapper

The Baker Group

Times Citizen Communications, Inc.

University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital

Eric Weuve Whiterock Conservancy


Corn Gold

$500 to $1,000

AC/GC FFA Chapter

American Bank

Matthew & Dini Anderson

Paul & Jodi Bierschenk

Sally Bowden

Mary Brincks

Tom J. Church

Warren E. Clark

Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers Confluence Brewing Company

Courtenay Cramer

Terry Davis

Charlie & Twila Dietz

Dordt University

Andrew Edson

Envision Tees

Todd & Bridget Farmer

Fellowship of Christian Farmers International

Karla Frost

Glen Oaks Country Club

Grain Millers, Inc.

Brent & Brenda Halling

Harmison’s Hometown Fundraising

Joel Hergenreter

Hog Slat - Midwest Division

Herbert O. Hoover Jim. R. Howell

Thank you to our

Hy-Vee Inc.


Indian Hills Community College

Iowa Club Lamb Association

Iowa Division Izaak Walton League

Iowa Horse Council

Iowa Lakes Community College

Iowa Meat Goat Association

Iowa State University - Block & Bridle Club

Iowa Trappers Association

Iowa Wesleyan University

Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association

J. Ward Organics LLC

Jones Twine & Net Wrap - Agzaga

Key Cooperative

Michael Knight

Janine La Bastille

Brad Liggett

M2 Customs

Craig & Lisa McEnany

Krista Meyer

Douglas Moeller

Ivan Moss

David & Linda Mulder

New Cooperative Foundation


Dusty & Teri Rauschenberg

Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications

Riverside Casino & Golf Resort

Eric Sanny

Randy Schroeder

Ryan Schutjer

Keith & Barb Sexton

Zoie A. Shook

South Dakota State University

Southeast Valley High School (Central Plains FFA Chapter)

Southwestern Community College E. Spangler

Bailey Steffen

Mike Striegel

Matt & Janae Tapper

USDA - Natural Resource Conservation Service

Mark & Karen Van De Walle

Bryon Weesner

Todd & Denise Wiley

Willian Ory Trust

Ronald & Mary Beth Zelle


Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity - ISU House

Archer Coop Grain Company

Richard & Cathy Ayers

Barefoot Campus Outfitters

Aaron Bartholomay

Logan Bauer

Tyler & Melanie Bettin

Blank Park Zoo

Willian D. Blohm

Bob Brown GMC

Jacon & Linsay Bolson

Clayton & Jessica Brady

Brooks Golf

Amy Brown

Elmer Burger

Kevin & Honoria Butt

Jennifer Carrico

Central Iowa Tractor Club

Jamie Christiansen

Tyler Comes

Concordia University Nebraska

Jack & Jonell Cook

Alacyn Cox

Joshua Day

Richard & Nancy Degner

Kristi Demuth

Kevin & Joanne Diehl

Laila Down

Alan Duke

Dunlap Livestock Auction, Inc.

Matthew & Carol Eddy

Elder Coporation

Steve Farmer

Scott & Stephanie Finney

Lindsay Fischer

Joel Forsyth Ben Fry Martin Furst

Guthrie’s River Ruckus

Perry & Suzanne Hartley Mikyla Hefti

Joe & Shelley Heinrich Stacey Hippen

Hormel Foods Corporation

Kyle Howe

Iowa Premium Beef, A National Beef Company

JCG Land Services Sherry Johnson

Terry & Julianne Johnston

Karl Auto Group

Jolene Keim Hoyle

Stephen H. Keller

Klein Tools, Inc.

Tony & Andrea Klemm

Collin Knipper

Carolyn Knittle

Marelle Knudsen

Todd & Jackie Krone

Barbara Lemmer

Lindeman Tractor, Inc.

Russ & Karen Manternach

Bryon & Judith Martin

Dixie McCormick

Marc Menninga

Midwest Diesel Tech Academy

Aaron Miers

David Milbrandt

Eric & Carli Milby

Chaela Minor

Missouri Western State University

Muscatine Community College

Mike & Jaime Naig

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Niman Ranch

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Open Gates Group

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Brett Peelen

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Prairie Fire Wealth Planning

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Clark Schoening

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Marty Schwager

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Sprayer Specialties

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Thrivent Action Team

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Wapello High School

Audra L. Weber

Western Illinois University - School of Agriculture

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Bradley Wink

Jeff & Julie Wymore

Patrick Wynja

Mark & Lori Wyrick

Benjamin & Allison Zelle

Michelle Zumbach

Steve & Kathy Zumbach

Silver $250 to $500
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Greenhand Bronze $100 to $250

801 Chophouse

A & M Farms, Inc.

Brian Adams

Brian Alliger


Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Iowa FFA Foundation

2021-2022 Financial Statements Statement of Financial Position

For the Year Ending in June 30, 2022


Current Assets

Cash Accounts Receivable (Net)

Contributions Receivable-Current (Net) Inventory Prepaid Expenses

Total Current Assets

Non-Current Assets Investments - Endowment Funds Contributions Received - Non-Curent

Total Non-Current Assets Property & Equipment Buildings & Improvements Equipment

Less: Accumulated Depreciation

Total Property & Equipment



Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable Security Deposits Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue

$597,135 $105,204 $549,789 $1,167 $47,325 $1,553,633 $20,234

$1,573,867 $13,864,548 $564,652 ($4,899,832) $9,529,368 $12,403,855

Total Current Liabilities

Non-Current Liabilities Note Payable Accrued Interest

Total Non-Current Liabilities

$1,300,620 $154,212

Net Assets Net Assets Without Donor Restrictions Net Assets With Donor Restrictions


$101,281 $22,242 $14,914 $15,775 $2,775,000 $2,996,966 $5,771,966 $5,588,333 $889,344 $6,477,677




Statement of Activities

For the Year Ending in June 30, 2022


Support & Revenue

Sales of Promotional Items (Net) Proceeds

Contributions & Grants

Rental & Related Income

Net Investment Income (Loss) Other Support & Revenue



Programmatic Expense

Iowa FFA Association Iowa Professional Ag Students (PAS)




$443,059 $443,059


Iowa FFA Alumni Association $11,000 $11,000 Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators $15,249 $15,249

Enrichment Center - General Expense $145,971 $145,971 Enrichment Center - Depreciation $351,733 $351,733 Enrichment Center - Interest Expense $142,614 $142,614

Management & General Expense $216,558 $216,558


Change in Net Assets

Net Assets Beginning of Year

Net Assets End of Year

$17,912 $1,313,681 ($143,703) $83,367 $364,424 $18,850 $754,606

$17,912 $1,313,681 $443,059 ($143,703) $83,367 $364,424 $18,850 $319,392 $6,158,285 $6,477,677

Fundraising Expense $128,525 $128,525 $640,318 $1,394,924


Dave Siwek

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Ivy Farms

J & B Family Enterprise LLC

Partners up to $100
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J.D. Mattingly Farms

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Microsoft Rewards/Give with Bing

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Mississippi Valley Rabbit Breeders Association

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Moss Brothers Inc

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Gordon Wittrock

Wittrock Hay & Grain Inc

Matt & Ashley Wolfe

Jonathan M. Woods

Patricia Wortman

Lyle H. Wrage

Evan W. Wyer

Russ Zimmerman Sam Zoske


Time Honored Tradition

Endowing 25th Anniversary Clocks

No one can quite remember when ag educators were first honored for 25 years of service exactly. Long before the Iowa Vocational Teachers Association changed its name to the Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators, teachers who had reached this milestone were honored in a special way. As early as the 1970s some type of award was given, and in 1984 mention was found of 25th anniversary desk clocks sponsored by Farmland Industries.

Fast forward to the late 1990s, one special friend of FFA and Agricultural Education, Sonny Deke, was serving as the Iowa FFA Alumni President when he was approached by then Iowa FFA Foundation Executive Director, Wayne Nattress. Mr. Nattress told Sonny that the long-time sponsor of these awards was discontinuing their funding and he was having difficulty finding a new sponsor. Sonny jumped on board and has sponsored them every year since.

In 2021, Sonny approached Iowa FFA Foundation staff about making sure the awards continued far into the future and set up an endowment fund to continue to provide funding for these special awards.

At the 2022 IAAE Summer Conference, he was on hand as a new group of educators reached their milestone year and were honored with their clocks, and it also gave the group the opportunity to honor Sonny for his generous gift and his continued commitment to supporting a vital part of education in Iowa.

When asked why he chose to endow them, his reply was “Why not? I don’t do it for the recognition.”

“I wanted to be sure that the awarding of clocks continued long after my demise, and transferring money from an IRA to a non-profit without a tax liability made it really easy.”

Sonny’s unique and thoughtful gift is special, not only for the way it continues to honor and support those who stay in the profession for a quarter century, but also because it continues to be a way that he can support a cause that is very important to him long after he has earned his wings.


Niemanns Go All in for Ag Ed

When they first met at an FFA Public Speaking competition, neither Casey nor Tammy Niemann could have known that what the future had in store for them.

FFA kept them in touch throughout their high school and college years. First, they were District FFA officers, then State FFA Officers together when they attended Kansas State University. “But we weren’t dating at that time,” said Tammy.

“That would have been really scandalous,” Casey added.

Almost a decade later they would visit that same high school in Vermillion, Kansas for a much different purpose.

“She made me wait 9 years, but I took her back to the school where we met to propose,” said Casey.

Soon after graduating from Kansas State University, they got married and started their careers which led them to Iowa. Tammy began her career working for John Deere and had the opportunity to work in their Intelligent Solutions Group in Johnston while Casey covered a midwest territory working for Microsoft.

“We moved here thinking we’d be moving again in a few years, but then we started to love Iowa, even with all the snow,” said Tammy. “We really put down roots, and made a home here.”

After 15 years with Microsoft, Casey co-founded a start-up called AgriSync which helps farmers adopt new technology and make it easier for them to connect with advisors in the agricultural sector. Casey spent seven years building the app when John Deere acquired AgriSync, now known as ExpertConnect, in 2021.

“I ended up retiring from John Deere after the kids were born, so it’s really ironic that Casey has now found his way to the Intelligent Solutions Group at John Deere,” said Tammy.

With the fundamental part FFA played in their own stories, it seemed natural for them to give back to an organization that gave them so much. The Niemanns donated $25,000 to endow the All in for Ag Ed program which will help new ag teachers cover living expenses before they earn their first paycheck. “We also thought this would be a great way to honor my dad, Larry Hoobler, who was an ag teacher in Kansas for 31 years,” said Tammy.

Casey added, “The efforts of good ag teachers have blessed us in our careers and life, so we feel really honored to invest in the next generation of ag educators. It’s a great profession, and we want to encourage young people to pursue that.”


All in for Ag Ed

One specific hurdle to becoming an educator is financial. In the final year of school, the future educator must pay all of their college tuition, books, fees, room and board. Then, they must student teach – often incurring a second rental fee for housing in a local community along with increased travel expenses. At the same time, committing 100 percent of their efforts to student-teaching, they are not able to earn additional wages at a part-time job.

When awarded their diploma, a young educator’s financial challenges are not over. Most Iowa schools pay teachers once per month – and typically one month in arrears. For a new teacher who starts their contract on August 1, their first paycheck likely won’t arrive until September 20! After an expensive final semester at college, these newly minted educators now must move to their communities of employment, place deposits for rent and utilities, set up their classroom, meet with their students by conducting Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) visits, work at the county fair and in many cases assisting with many shows at the Iowa State Fair. All of this, before their first paycheck! One educator stated, “If it weren’t for my credit card, I wouldn’t have had money to eat. I didn’t turn on my water until I had lived at my apartment for 4 months… I couldn’t afford the deposit. I just showered in the school locker room and brought a few gallons of tap water from my parents’ house to cook and flush the toilet.”

Another shared “Each week I went to the grocery store, bought a medium tub of cottage cheese. When I got to my apartment, I would split the cottage cheese into 5 containers, as these would be my meals - one for each day of the work week. On the weekend, I would travel home, Dad would put fuel in my car for the week and Mom would make me a couple good meals. I dreamed of taking home the leftovers but dared not ask. The next week it would all start over again. I couldn’t wait for that paycheck to arrive.”

Our educators deserve to live above poverty between col lege and their first paycheck - we must do better than this. To directly target this barrier, the Iowa FFA Foundation’s Board of Directors allocated the first $50,000 raised from the 8th Annual Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala to support our future educators. These funds were used to provide a small stipend for living expenses while the educators are working to become established in their new schools and communities.

With the help of generous friends like you, the Iowa FFA Foundation provided 25 first year educators with stipends to help them through those first few weeks of their new careers as educators.

The responses to these gifts were filled with gratitude:

“I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for the $1,000 gift from the donors of the Iowa FFA Foundation. I have had an unestimated year of challenges and this contribution will ease some of that stress!”

“I would like to extend our gratitude to you for providing funds for the New Ag Teacher Incentives. Speaking from experience, student teaching and the first year of teaching can be brutal financially! We greatly appreciate you investment in our preservice and new teachers!”

As we look to the 100th Anniversary of FFA in 2029, we must continue to find ways to support the growing need for agricultural educators in Iowa. Fortunately, the New Ag Teacher Incentives is helping to fill that gap one teacher at a time.


Ben Hennessy

Ben Roed

Bridget Buol

Casey Allen

Christian Miller

Collin Johnson

Eric Davis

Haley Breeden

Jacey Goodale Jacob Baker

Joelle Grubbs

Kaylea Van Regenmorter

Liah Murray

Lindsey Meyers

Madalyn Dohlman

Maura Ballagh Nelson Findling Rachel Beary Ryan Faught

Sarah Manderfeld Shayne Hoeft Skie Campbell Tatum Kahler Tyler Wingert Zach Rankin

Fort Dodge

Bedford Clear Creek Amana


BCLUW (Conrad) Newell-Fonda St. Ansgar East Marshall


West Fork (Sheffield) AC-GC (Guthrie Center) West Sioux (Hawarden) Denison


Lake Mills

Van Meter East Sac Seymour Forest City North Union

West Hancock (Britt) AC-GC (Guthrie Center) Starmont Ridge View (Holstein) Gladbrook-Reinbeck

Weber named Golden Owl Award Winner Weber named Golden Owl Award Winner

Rock Valley Community School District Agriculture Educator and FFA Advisor Micah Weber was selected out of seven finalists from across the state as the 2021-22 Golden Owl Award winner. Sponsored by Nationwide Insurance, this annual award recognizes excellence in agriculture education and promotes the importance of the field. As this year’s awardee, Weber received a $3,000 grand prize and the Golden Owl trophy.

With 20 years of teaching experience, Weber serves as a valuable resource to his students in grades 7-12. He firmly believes in developing strong relationships in his classes and keeping an open mind. “The reason I love being an ag teacher is because no two days are ever the same. No two classes, no two years are repetitive. The way you teach the content will change with the students, which keeps it challenging. It is exciting to individualize your classes to your students, help them improve and see them grow.” Weber said.

He also spoke about the need for agricultural education in Iowa. “Agriculture education is important because of the diversity of activities that are offered. There are so many opportunities for students to become more specialized in a certain area and apply what they’ve learned to their careers. These include both technical skills in agriculture and soft skills that can be applied to any job. These kids are our future, the next generation. They will work in industries, become business owners and guide us into the future. Their development will help us all down the road.”


Learning to Do

Among the gently rolling hills and dairy farms of northeast Iowa, one would not think of Dyersville as a stronghold of agriscience research. However, a chap ter chartered just four years ago is just that, because of the efforts of Ag Edu cator and FFA Advisor Dawn Mausser. Beckman Catholic’s FFA program sets the bar high when it comes to research in agriculture.

For junior Grace Helle, the opportuni ty to join FFA wasn’t a clear picture at the beginning. “My mom was an FFA member,” Helle said, “I don’t think her experience was ever what she hoped it would be, but she urged me to join and when working on a research project for another class turned into an agri science project, it made perfect sense to become involved in the ag classes at my school.”

Beckman Catholic has a long tradition of science fair type research among its students, as any student taking Honors Biology has been required to have a research project. With the addition of the FFA program in 2018, research proj ects have blossomed, to this past year where out of forty to fifty projects Beck man had going to the State science fair, only three were not agriscience based.

In 8th grade, Helle’s first project took an in depth look at a subject many in Iowa wouldn’t really think about, but one that showed surprising results. In year one of the two year project, she grew grass seed and then treated it with the same percentage of salt and brine solu tion the Iowa Department of Transpor tation uses to keep Iowa’s roads free of snow and ice. She tested the variable

rates needed to determine what effect the ice melting agents would have on roadside grasses. In year two, she took that lab research to the field and set up roadside plots and measured the effect not only on roadside vegetation but on the soil as well. She shared these findings with the Iowa DOT, and even though she found that there was an increase in damage to vegetation and the soil, the habits of old tend to lean towards what works to keep the roads clear.

The next stop in her research journey was to look at Chelated minerals used as a post germination fertilizer and to discover if there were effects to plant growth and color. This led her into testing with RGB colors, something she hadn’t done before.

For Helle, the research portion of her academics are just a continuation of lifelong learning. She challenged herself in 2021 to step out of her comfort zone and started another project, this time looking at the protein content of sunflower seeds and trying to determine if they could be used as an alternative in livestock feed rations. As she has gotten results, she has shared them with individuals in the feed industry as a possible solution to the need for higher protein content.

Each one of her projects have gone on to the National Agriscience Fair and her latest project received a Gold rating at the national level. She credits much of her success to her FFA Advisor who is a combination of teacher, motivational speaker, friend and cheerleader.

Student Spotlight
Grace Helle’s journey in agriscience.

“Mrs. Mausser really cares about her students and keeps everything in her classroom hands-on and full of energy which makes students really excited about learning!” Grace noted. “The Ag Room and FFA are so exciting. Young people want to be a part of something and feel welcomed and that is exactly what you feel walking into her classroom.”

Helle got to see first-hand the work being done to engage students when she assisted ag educators in the score room at the Northeast District Horse Evaluation Career Development Event.

“Some people might have the notion that Advisors are just taking students out of class, driving them to the event and dropping them off and sitting around drinking coffee, but nothing can be closer to the truth!” Grace noted, “They are all helping to administer the events, grading tests, compiling results, doing all those little things that have to get done in order for students to be able to have experiences like this and others we attend.”

She also gives a nod to the partners and do nors who make these events possible, “With out them we wouldn’t have such successful chapters and state organizations. From fruit sales to helping sponsor awards and events, all the activities we can be a part of are made possible with their support. Without it we would have a lot less participation in our or ganization.”

For Helle, her FFA experience isn’t about taking tests, doing paperwork to submit re search or being a part of a winning team. For her, the journey holds a much deeper mean ing, “It’s the things you learn along the way; expanding your knowledge, being exposed to something new, building friendships and having experiences that help shape you and your future.”

With students like Grace Helle, setting the example for the incoming classes at Beck man Catholic FFA, it is easy to see that the work behind the scenes of ag educators and donor partners is going to continue to reap great rewards far into the future.


2022 Proficiency Award Winners

Agricultural Communications

Megan Clark, DeWitt Central FFA

Iowa Farmer Today

Agricultural Education

Ashley Henneman, Stanton

Iowa State University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Agricultural Mechanics Design & Fabrication

Tyconder Ellis, ACGC FFA at Guthrie Center

CF Industries

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Entrepreneurship

Konrad Boyer, Osceola Big Chief FFA

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Placement

Sawyer Tindle, Montezuma

Kreg Tool

Agricultural Processing

John Driscoll, Williamsburg

Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship

Bryan York, Atlantic

Titan Machinery

Agricultural Sales Placement

Hailey Bechtel, Little Switzerland FFA at Waukon

Titan Machinery

Agricultural Services

Diana Davison, Little Switzerland FFA at Waukon

Landus Cooperative

Agriscience Research - Animal Systems

Grace Helle, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Christensen Farms

Agriscience Research - Integrated Systems

Taylor Mayhue, North Scott FFA at Eldridge

CHS & CHS Foundation

Agriscience Research - Plant Systems

Tessa Tauke, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

MinnTex Citrus

Beef Production - Entrepreneurship

Brady Frascht, Charles City

Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation

Beef Production - Placement

Collin Grove, OABCIG FFA at Ida Grove

Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation

Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship

Noah Richards, Wapsie Valley FFA at Fairbank

Iowa State University Dairy Science Club

Dairy Production - Placement

Cassidy Gibbs, Little Switzerland FFA at Waukon

Iowa State University Dairy Science Club

Diversified Agricultural Production

Evan Mogler, West Lyon FFA at Inwood

Hertz Farm Management

Diversified Crop Production - Entrepreneurship

Kesley Holdgrafer, Northeast FFA at Goose Lake

Iowa Crop Improvement Association

Diversified Crop Production - Placement

Cole Thilges, Hawkeye FFA at West Bend

Diversified Horticulture

Connor Darr, Manson-Northwest Webster FFA at Manson

Diversified Livestock Production

Grace Schuckert, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Milt Luckstead Sr. Endowment

Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management

Joseph Schneider, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Iowa Division Izaak Walton League

Equine Science - Entrepreneurship

Iowa State University Block & Bridle Club Osten Blevins, Osceola Big Chief FFA

Equine Science - Placement

Iowa Horse Council Callie Lynch, Cascade

Forage Production

Agzaga Hayden Holdgrafer, Easton Valley FFA at Preston

Fruit Production

4 Seasons Fundraising Brady Van Meeteren, Sheldon

Goat Production

Iowa Meat Goat Association Hanna Bedwell, Interstate 35 FFA at Truro

Grain Production

Heartland Co-Op Luke Holdgrafer, Northeast FFA at Goose Lake

Landscape Management Logan Evans, Griswold

Nursery Operation Issabelle Rozeboom, West Lyon FFA at Inwood

Organic Agriculture

J. Ward Organics LLC Dylan Dudley, North Linn FFA at Troy Mills

Outdoor Recreation

Iowa Trappers Association Spencer Rea, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Poultry Production

Rose Acres Farms Holly Scmitt, South Winneshiek FFA at Calmar

Sheep Production

Iowa Club Lamb Association Jarrett McClain, ACGC FFA at Guthrie Center

Small Animal Production & Care Kynsly Gehling, North Polk FFA at Alleman

Specialty Animal Production

Rebecca Beaman, Adel-DeSoto-Minburn FFA

Specialty Crop Production

Ag Processing, Inc. Adam Knepper, Cascade

Swine Production - Entrepreneurship

Nathanial Gaul, Edgewood-Colesburg FFA

Iowa Pork Producers Association

Swine Production - Placement

Hog Slat Midwest Division Kortlin Knoblock, West Lyon FFA at Inwood

Turf Grass Management Justin Heyer, Charles City

Vegetable Production

4 Seasons Fundraising Christopher Ewart, Wapello

Veterinary Science

Bria Schwind, Boone A&M FFA


Putting Career Skills to Use

Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs, have developed specialized skills they can apply toward their future careers.

As a part of their SAE projects, students learn real life career skills or proficiencies while conducting hands-on learning. While every proficiency award area is different, there is a solid foundation of skills that can be learned with each one. Participation in each area makes student members more valuable assets as they embark on a possible career in agriculture. Members who are selected as winners in each area, advance on to compete with other students from across the United States at the National FFA Convention and Expo.

Each award area is made possible through the efforts of our donor partners who help us recognize the outstanding achievements made by student members.

A portion of this year’s winners were able to show unique skills they had mastered in their areas including:

Tyconder Ellis of the ACGC FFA Chapter at Guthrie Center is the winner in the area of Agricultural Mechanics- Design and Fabrication, sponsored by CF Industries. He has an internship at an operating pioneer museum where he has spent over 1200 hours learning to make wood-jointed furniture using hand tools similar to those used without electricity in the late 1800s. Ellis has had the opportunity to learn every aspect of the business to successfully produce a sufficient number of show pieces. In the future, Ellis plans to use his skills to open his own woodworking business.

Konrad Boyer of the Osceola Big Chief FFA Chapter is the winner in the area of Agricultural Mechanics-Repair and Maintenance Entrepreneurship, sponsored by Titan Machinery. Boyer has learned skills in engine preservation and overhaul. He designs his own equipment and created a strawberry picker that he used to improve efficiency in his strawberry production SAE. He hopes to continue with his restoration and design business after high school.

Kynsly Gehling of the North Polk FFA Chapter at Alleman is the winner in the area of Small Animal Production and Care, sponsored by Iowa FFA Gold Standard Partners through the Iowa FFA Foundation. Gehling’s SAE is working with dogs that she trains to serve as support animals for war veterans. Kynsly enjoys the interaction with the dogs in their training and development and has learned about the importance of laws and regulations concerning service animals.


Leadership Development Event Winners

Ag Broadcasting

Grace Helle, Beckman Catholic Iowa Broadcasters Association Foundation


West Liberty FFA Ag Processing, Inc.

Ag Impact

DeWitt Central FFA CF Industries - Spencer & Garner

Ag Issues

Calamus-Wheatland FFA at Wheatland ASFMRA - Iowa Chapter

Ag Sales

William Vlasek, Cedar Rapids Prarie FFA Energy Pannel Structures

Chapter Activity

Maquoketa FFA Ag Processing, Inc.

Chapter Program

West Liberty FFA GROWMARK, Inc.

Chapter Website

Midland FFA at Wyoming

Carroll Area FFA Chapter

Conduct of Meetings

Osceola Big Chief FFA

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa

Creed Speaking

Emma Lihs, Bondurant-Farrar FFA at Bondurant MinnTex Citrus, Inc.

Discussion Meet

Abigail Bean, Sioux Central FFA at Sioux Rapids Iowa Farm Bureau Federation

Experience the Action

West Liberty FFA US Army ROTC

Extemporaneous Speaking

Megan Clark, DeWitt Central FFA GROWMARK, Inc.

Job Interview

Tucker Rohrig, Creston FFA Christensen Farms

Parliamentary Procedure

West Liberty FFA GROWMARK, Inc.

Public Speaking

Emma Humphreys, Columbus FFA at Columbus Junction Iowa Soybean Association

Reporter’s Scrapbook

Fayeth Henningsen, DeWitt Central FFA Wallace’s Farmer

Secretary’s Book

Clayton McKenna, Vinton-Shellsburg FFA at Vinton US Army ROTC

Treasurer’s Book

Trell Amoss, Albia FFA

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa

Career Development Event Winners Ag Communications Montezuma FFA Iowa Farmer Today Ag Sales Team Muscatine FFA Nationwide Ag Biotechnology North Polk FFA at Alleman Darling Ingredients Farm Business Management Montezuma FFA Hertz Farm Management Marketing Plan Montezuma FFA Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program Partners Poultry Louisa-Muscatine FFA at Letts Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program Partners Vet Science Williamsburg FFA Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program Partners Ag Mechanics West Lyon at Inwood Titan Machinery Agronomy Denison FFA Iowa Soybean Association & Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program Partners Food Science Diamond Trail at Monroe Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program Partners Floriculture West Liberty FFA Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program Partners Horse Newton FFA Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program Partners Nursery/Landscape West Liberty FFA Wapello FFA Chapter & Iowa FFA Gold Standard Program Partners Livestock Southwest Valley at Corning Iowa State University Block & Bridle Meats South O’Brien FFA at Paullina Iowa Pork Producers Association Milk Quality & Products North Scott FFA at Eldridge Iowa FFA Foundation Dairy Cattle Maquoketa Valley at Delhi Iowa FFA Foundation Soils Evaluation Brokaw FFA at Clarinda Heartland Co-Op 31

Stars Over Iowa 2022

Stars Over Iowa

The Stars Over Iowa award program recognizes FFA members who have outstanding involvement in all components of the three-circle model: Classroom/Laboratory, Supervised Agricultural Experience and FFA. Students can apply in one of four star areas: agribusiness, agricultural placement, agricultural production and agriscience. Students who apply and qualify for their Iowa FFA Degree the same year are eligible to compete in this award area. The finalists are interviewed and an overall winner is selected and recognized. The Stars Over Iowa Program is made possible with support from Beck’s Hybrids through the Iowa FFA Foundation.

The 2022 Star in Ag Placement Winner is Megan Clark of the DeWitt Central FFA Chapter. Her ag placement SAE is within agricultural communications and she is a part of the CAC Media Group that specializes in print, digital, and social media. Megan has invested over 1,150 hours into her SAE since she was a freshman in high school. Her responsibilities on the team include conducting interviews with professionals in the ag industry, traveling to livestock shows and conferences throughout the country to create media content, and many others within writing articles, creating videos, and snapping photos. After graduation Megan plans on attending Iowa State University to receive a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications.

The 2022 Star in Ag Production is Drew Stock of the Little Switzerland FFA Chapter at Waukon. He owns and manages a Gelbvieh beef herd of 16 cows and 27 head of market calves. He got involved in the beef industry when he was gifted his first Gelbvieh balancer female from his father at age five. He has grown his herd from a 13 to a 43 head herd. He has strategically retained the best genetics, increasing the quality of his herd. His goal is to increase the size of this herd. After graduation, Drew will attend South Dakota State University to major in agricultural business and animal science production systems.

Davin Wickman of the Monticello FFA Chapter is the 2022 Star in Agribusiness winner. He owns and operates Wickman Lawn Care. Davin was inspired at a young age by his family, who later encouraged him to build his business. Growing his clientele from 4 to 23 properties, Davin has learned the importance of planning, organization, and communication. Davin plans to expand his services to include fertilizer and herbicide applications for the 2023 season. After graduating high school, Davin plans to attend Kirkwood Community College to major in Golf Course and Sports Turfgrass Management.

The Star in Agriscience Winner is Tessa Tauke of the Beckman Catholic FFA Chapter at Dyersville. She became interested in agriscience through the problems that she encountered on her family farm and her passion for solving them. Through Tessa’s research, she has learned how to use statistical analyses, communicates her projects, and uses new types of equipment each year. So far in her projects, Tauke has worked with adhesives, corroded trailer connectors, toxicity in black walnut plants, and her most recent project involving UV emittance from welding and plasma cutting. After graduation in 2023, she plans to attend a four-year university.


Supporting Chapters is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The Iowa FFA Alumni is no stranger to supporting and promoting Agricultural Education and FFA from their endowment of the Ferris George Rising Star Award to the newest tool in their support portfolio, chapter grants. In 2022, the board of directors was looking for a unique way to make an impact on the most students in a way that was easy and uncumbersome for FFA Advisors to apply. The board understood that time is the most valuable resource for an ag educator and wanted to

develop a program that would not only support students, but cut the red tape associated with requesting funds.

After much discussion, the board decided to award six $500 micro grants to chapters across the state to help promote Agricultural Education and chapter projects. At the Summer Ag Ed Conference, educators were invited to apply via QR code for one of the grants with an easy 1,2,3 process. Educators were asked who they were, what chapter they represented and a short description of what the funds would be used for.

Twenty-eight educators applied and six micro grants were awarded funding in 2022.

In one case, the funds were used to repair hydroponics and aquaponic systems used by students. In another, the funds were used to defray expenses of the chapter’s poultry flock which is used by many non traditional students for their SAE project. And on one occasion, funds meant a headstart for a newly chartered chapter to purchase materials and official dress for their first members.

By continuing the tradition of Alumni support on the local and state level, these grants are a stable source of support for not only agricultural educators, but also the students they serve in their quest for premier leadership, personal growth and career success.


Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala

Record-breaking is the best word to use to describe the 8th Annual Black Ties Blue Jack ets Gala. Held on the first Saturday of National FFA Week in February, the Gala brings partners and supporters together for one spectacular night of celebration. The Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala, which is the largest single event fundraiser held by the Iowa FFA Foundation, turned its attention to supporting agricultural education in a unique way this year, with the Board of Directors earmarking the first $50,000 raised during the event to support ag educators across Iowa.

With a record amount raised at the 7th Annual edition in 2021, the Gala Committee set the bar high for the 2022 event and discovered that not only did companies and individuals meet those expectations, but exceeded them again this year. With a sold-out crowd of 451 attendees, more than one hundred silent auction lots and twenty-three live auction lots, the evening began with a flurry of activity and excitement that carried on until the last lights were turned off in the FFA Enrichment Center.

From the first ticket, to the more than 1,100 bids during the silent auction, to the record setting $19,875 raised during the live auction conducted by former Iowa FFA President Chase Brinegar, those in attendance dug in and pushed the total raised amount far past the $100,000 mark. The night settled with a record $135,255 raised supporting agricultural education.

The success of this event provided a spark to the All In For Ag Ed initiative campaign and provided much needed support for those individuals starting their careers to lead, motivate and mentor the next generation of agricultural leaders in Iowa.


Memorials Memorials

In Memorial

Larry Arends

Margaret J. Arends

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Gladys Daugherty

Charitable Trust

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Cash Donations

Jim Cownie

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Laura Tryon Terry Wild William Ory Trust

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Diane Casady

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Andy Erickson

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