2018-2019 Iowa FFA Foundation Annual Report

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WHO WE ARE MISSION The Iowa FFA Foundation cultivates partnerships supporting agricultural education. The Iowa FFA Foundation focuses on encouraging youth to pursue careers and leadership roles in the agricultural industry. The foundation is a non-profit organization that provides leadership activities, scholarships, incentive awards, agricultural education programs, and instructor workshops. The foundation’s objective is the preparation of Iowa’s most valuable resource — its young people — to help chart the future of our state’s largest industry. The Iowa FFA Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

2018-2019 CD Brinegar, State President, Agri-Power FFA Laken Mullinix, State Secretary, Akron-Westfield FFA Jodie Mausser, State Reporter, East Buchanan FFA Alexis Berte, NC State Vice President, Algona FFA Jake Hlas, NE State Vice President, North Tama FFA Cole Rieman, NW State Vice President, GTRA FFA Chandler Jahner, SC State Vice President, Pella FFA Lane Morrison, SE State Vice President, Agri-Power FFA Gwen Black, SW State Vice President, Greene County FFA

2019-2020 Chandler Jahner, State President, Pella FFA Natalie Jefson, State Secretary, Forest City FFA Grace Long, State Reporter, Ballard FFA Hope Brecht, SE State Vice President, Belle Plaine FFA Lukas Bucknell, NC State Vice President, Nashua Plainfield FFA Mickayla McGill, SC State Vice President, Knoxville FFA Nole Bochmann, NW State Vice President, GTRA FFA Shelby Westhoff, NE State Vice President, Beckman Catholic FFA Tyler Comes, SW State Vice President, Atlantic FFA


IOWA FFA FOUNDATION President’s Report

Through the generosity of our partners, the Iowa FFA Foundation continues to look towards the future as we support our Team Ag Ed partners. As a former FFA member, I can testify that the skills and leadership principals I learned in my years as a member were extremely valuable and have continued to serve as the foundation of my career skills today. This past year, the Iowa FFA Foundation was pleased to award twelve students with their own blue corduroy jackets as part of the Iowa FFA Foundation Blue Jacket Endowment. Through the initial gift of Glenn and Ginger Sterk, we were honored to be a part of the FFA journey for these students. With the generous support of our long-term partner and friends at Corteva Agriscience – Pioneer brand, more than 700 students not only received their Iowa FFA Degree, but were excited to help us bring back the Iowa Degree reception as a part of our program during the 91st Iowa FFA Leadership Conference. After a hiatus of many years, it was only because of Pioneers’ long-term dedication to the Iowa Degree program that the reception was made possible again this year. The Iowa FFA Foundation Checkoff Program, with the assistance of Heartland Co-op, continues to show measurable support through producer donations of 1/10th cent per bushel of grain. This program, which had more than six million bushels enrolled, is part of a two-tier approach for individual donations to the Iowa FFA Foundation. The second tier for individual gifts is The Corduroy Club, allowing individuals to make monthly recurring contributions to enable those who believe in the work of FFA and Ag Ed, and donate at levels that are within their budget, while making a significant impact on the organization. We hope you will join this elite group of donors by making a monthly gift in support of FFA. In partnership with Nationwide, the Iowa FFA Foundation was proud to launch the Golden Owl Award. This program asked FFA members, former students and community members to nominate their favorite agricultural educator, and the response was overwhelming! We were proud to recognize seven outstanding agriculture educators from across Iowa and present Brad Taylor from Roland-Story FFA the inaugural overall award. We must continue to support and recognize our Ag Educators who work tirelessly, beyond regular hours to educate and mentor our youth. Finally, the Iowa FFA Foundation, through your generous contributions, provided more than $556,000 to agricultural education programs, conferences, competitive events, awards and scholarships this year! More than $40 for each participant at the 91st Iowa FFA Leadership Conference was provided by this funding, helping to keep the cost of registration affordable for student members for more than a decade. As membership across Team Ag Ed continues to reach record levels each year, it is important that we continue to cultivate our relationships throughout the state of Iowa in support of our mission. With donations ranging from six cents to more than $100,000, we thank each of the nearly 3,000 donors who made a commitment to support agricultural education and FFA in Iowa. Without each one of you, generously standing with us, our mission would not have been possible. Thank you!

Eddie Chesnut, 2018-2019 President, Iowa FFA Foundation


BOARD OFFICERS President Eddie Chesnut, Nationwide President-Elect Keith Soltwedel, John Deere Past President Scott Starkweather, U. S. Bank Treasurer Jim Gardner, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Secretary Ron Zelle, Zelle Farm

BOARD MEMBERS Tyler Bettin, Iowa Pork Producers Association Kevin Butt, Ellsworth Community College Ellen Doese, Wapsie Valley High School Dwayne Faidley, Des Moines Area Community College Kristi Krafka, Kemin Industries Mike Mitchell, GROWMARK, Inc. Randy Ramundt, Bayer Crop Science/Channel Eric Weuve, Ellsworth Community College

EX-OFFICIO BOARD MEMBERS Chase Brinegar, Iowa FFA President Ashlynn Langle, Professional Agriculture Students President Scott Johnson, Iowa FFA Association Kent Seuferer, Iowa Department of Education


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15 ,644 Members from

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Members from



A Record


Iowa FFA Members Attended the


Association of Agricultural Educators


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Corporate Donors


Individual Donors

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Reinvested back into LOCAL COMMUNITIES through



72 5

Iowa FFA Degrees Awarded


Golden Owl Finalists


Iowa Golden Owl State Winner


- RUBY -

$100,000- $249,999

$50,000- $99,999

- BLUE TOPAZ $25,000- $49,999

- PEARL $10,000- $24,999


- DISTINGUISHED $5,000- $9,999

Brewbaker Farms, Inc.

Robert & Brenda Haney

DLL Financial Solutions Partners

Iowa Soybean Association

Iowa Pork Producers Association

US Army ROTC Kemin Industries


32-Year Commitment Impacts Generations of FFA Members PIONEER HYBRIDS GROW LEADERS THROUGH IOWA FFA DEGREE PROGRAM Tradition is the word that best describes the partnership between Iowa FFA and the Pioneer Seed Brand, a division of Corteva Agriscience. Early records of the Iowa FFA Association note that Pioneer founder Henry Wallace worked closely with FFA members to develop and promote the use of hybrid corn at the very beginning. Both Pioneer and FFA are important pieces in the success of agriculture in Iowa and their working relationship continues to be strong today. Because of Pioneer’s commitment to Iowa FFA since 1987, they have provided 22,929 Iowa FFA members with recognition of attainment of the Iowa FFA Degree, the highest degree that the state can confer upon its members. It is this unique and valuable connection that keeps Pioneer at the forefront of the minds of these young people as they transition into the agriculture workforce. As part of that partnership the return of the Iowa Degree reception, after a hiatus of many years, was made possible. The overwhelming, positive response to the return of the Iowa Degree reception shows not only the value of the young men and women who work so hard to attain this degree, but also provides a great source of networking for these students. 6

For Doug Reynolds, Leader of U.S. Marketing and Digital Communications for Corteva Agriscience, sponsorship of the Iowa FFA Degree is more than just a good deed, “Being a part of the Iowa FFA Degree program in Iowa is very important to us. As a former FFA member, receiving the Iowa Degree was something I was very proud of and we want to continue to be a part of that tradition in Iowa.” The Iowa FFA Degree is the highest degree that can be bestowed upon an FFA member by the Iowa FFA Association each year. Only 5% of FFA members in Iowa earn this degree by meeting the qualifications of: being an FFA member for at least 24 months, completing at least two years of systematic agricultural education instruction, as well as earned and invested at least $1500, or worked at least 375 hours in a supervised agricultural experience program. Each recipient receives a certificate and the gold State FFA Degree charm. In 2019, 725 Iowa FFA members received their Iowa FFA Degree at the 91st Iowa FFA Leadership Conference, all of it possible with the working partnership tradition between FFA and Pioneer.

NEW SCHOOL RECORDS WITH OLD SCHOOL SAE FFA Member Uses Technology to Track Sheep Operations It’s a chilly October morning when Osceola Big Chief FFA member Nathan Manternach heads out to do chores and check on his Supervised Agricultural Experience project. Nathan, who owns 17 head of ewes with his brother, reaches into his pocket for his cell phone, but instead of taking a selfie with his prized flock, he turns to the app which helps him track his herd. “In the app, I can track when they are bred which really comes in handy to know exactly when to start expecting the next crop of lambs, and I can track vaccinations and lamb outputs easily,” Nathan noted. The records stored in his phone can be uploaded into his SAE records, making efficient use of the time he needs to keep up-to-date, but also helps keep input costs down.

“Calling the Vet out is expensive, so being able to know when vaccinations should occur and being able to see if treatment is working has really helped,” he said, noting that getting to know the local veterinarian led to an internship where he has learned valuable skills. It has also afforded him the opportunity to put those skills into action at home. His business of selling club lambs has expanded over the last few years which has allowed him to experiment bringing a few Dorset ewes into his herd. The continual improvement of the herd is important to him. When asked about what stood out about his FFA career, Nathan noted that receiving a scholarship to attend the Washington Leadership Conference made a huge impact not only for himself, but for his local community. “Our FFA chapter conducts a farm safety day each year and invite all the elementary kids out to get to see and touch everything from livestock to machinery,” Nathan said. “Those things are really fun to be a part of and provide a valuable service to kids in our area.” 7

Alumni Supports Local Chapters One Box at a Time ENHANCEMENT BOXES PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR NEW ALUMNI CHAPTERS When an organization is faced with record membership it presents challenges. The Iowa FFA Alumni Board of Directors found a unique answer to those challenges inside of a plain white box. Over the last five years Alumni membership, bolstered by associate membership to those FFA members within their first five years of graduation, has grown from 7,000 to over 16,000 members in Iowa. During that same time active chartered local Alumni chapters have nearly doubled. When it came time to find a way to support those local chapters the board took an “outside the box” approach and started to put together what would become the Iowa FFA Alumni Enhancement Box. The boxes, which are distributed to local FFA chapters who are starting to form Alumni chapters, contain items that will assist them in that process. For Patrick Diedrich, Past Iowa FFA Alumni President, putting the boxes to good use made perfect sense. “We really wanted to find a way to provide local Alumni chapters with the tools they needed to be successful,” Diedrich said. “It also becomes an important tool for our district representatives to use when they are out talking 8

with FFA supporters about forming Alumni Chapters.” A thumb-drive, containing templates for award certificates, social media posts, membership posters and other official paperwork were included, along with pens, bookmarks and calendars that showed important dates in the FFA Alumni calendar. These items which can be tailored to a specific chapter allow local leaders to continue to stress the importance of Alumni at the local level in assisting Agriculture Educators in everything from contest preparation, to chaperoning, to connecting FFA members to industry professionals. The mission of supporting FFA in local chapters through the investment of time and resources continues to be the main focus of the Iowa FFA Alumni, and through the Enhancement Box program, the dividends of their work in supporting those local leaders is one more way that past FFA members and those who support the programs can continue to be involved in shaping the next generation of Agricultural leaders.

BRAD TAYLOR NAMED FIRST IOWA GOLDEN OWL WINNER Nationwide and Iowa FFA Foundation Partner to Recognize Outstanding Ag Educators If you were to ask any former FFA member who was the person that influenced their life the most, nearly all of them would not just mention their Ag Educator and FFA Advisor, but would regale you with stories of just how meaningful that bond became. It was a natural fit when the Iowa FFA Foundation was approached by Nationwide asking how best to recognize outstanding Ag Educators and it was during those conversations that the Golden Owl Award was born. “We created this award to bring attention to the growing need for agricultural teachers in this country,” said Brad Liggett, President of Agribusiness for Nationwide, in a press release. “Providing teachers with these additional resources will help develop their programs and provide their students with an optimal learning experience.” The award, which recognizes one finalist from Iowa’s six FFA districts and one post-secondary educator, consists of nominations from students, community members and other educators. The result was 369 nominations for 92 different Iowa teachers. The finalists are presented awards at their schools and come together at the Iowa FFA Leadership Conference in April for an interview round where the Iowa Golden Owl Award winner is selected and announced.

Brad Taylor from Roland Story, the 2018 Iowa Golden Owl Award winner, approaches each class with the same energy and level of commitment to the contests, conventions and projects as his students. This dedication to students has inspired many to continue within the agriculture field. “I think it’s important to be a role model for the students that we have in our classes, so they understand what the opportunities are for their futures,” said Brad. “Hopefully that involves agriculture.” Brad has created a positive program and atmosphere for his students and the community. For example, he formed a partnership with a local company to plant a garden cared for by FFA members with produce donated to the local food pantry. In 2018, more than 20,000 pounds of produce was donated. Even though the Roland-Story community is mostly made up of non-agricultural students, with Brad’s reputation among students, staff and community members that generates enthusiasm for students to take his classes. Nearly one-third of the entire student population take his classes. “We’re proud to recognize Brad Taylor as an outstanding teacher who has dedicated over 40 years of service to agriculture education,” said Liggett. “Throughout his career, Brad has inspired the next generation of agricultural leaders while providing for community members in need.” 9

2018-19 Iowa FFA Proficiency Winners FFA MEMBERS DEVELOP CAREER SKILLS THROUGH THEIR SUPERVISED AGRICULTURAL EXPERIENCE Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs, have developed specialized skills they can apply toward their future careers. Students compete for awards in forty-seven areas, ranging from Agricultural Communications and Production Agriculture to Nursery Operations and Wildlife Management. Students learn real life skills or proficiencies while conducting hands-on learning as part of their SAE projects. While every proficiency award area is different, there are valuable skills to be learned in each area. Participation in each area makes student members more valuable assets as they embark on a career in agriculture. A portion of this year’s winners were able to show unique skills they had mastered in their areas including: Chase Krug of the Linn-Mar FFA Chapter at Marion, recipient of the 2019 Agriscience ResearchPlant Science Proficiency Award, has invested over 1,953 hours conducting plant science research at 10

the local, national, and international levels. He has conducted research into drought tolerance that is induced by epigenetics and gained understanding on how plants adapt to environmental factors. His plant breeding projects have strengthened his interest in plant genetics and the plant breeding process. Allison Wood of the Diamond Trail FFA Chapter at Monroe, recipient of the the 2019 Wildlife Production & Management Proficiency Award, has invested over 600 hours working at the Neil Smith Wildlife Refuge. She has improved her communication skills, tracked wildlife, and learned how to care for seeds to insure high quality production. Emily Van Regenmorter of the West Lyon FFA Chapter at Inwood, recipient of the 2019 Fruit Production Proficiency Award, rents 18 grape vines from her father to raise three different varieties of the fruit. Van Regenmorter attributes her increased yield on proper pruning, adequate fertilization, and fertilization, and the control of fungus and insects.

2019 PROFICIENCY AWARD WINNERS Agricultural Communications Skylar Bloom, DeWitt Central, Iowa Farmer Today Agricultural Education Hannah Miller, Wapsie Valley, Iowa State University College of Agriculural Education & Studies Agricultural Mechanics Design & Fabrication Reece Annee, Newton, CF Industries Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Entrepreneurship Spencer Paysen, DeWitt Central, Van Wall Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Placement Nick Ford, Hawkeye, Kuhn North America, Inc. Agricultural Processing Lydia Lee, West Lyon, Iowa Corn Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship Zach Oolman, Unity Christian Agricultural Sales Placement Brooke Gifford, Newton Agricultural Services Will Kiesewetter, Louisa-Muscatine, Landus Cooperative Agriscience Research - Animal Systems Lauren Goldsmith, Beckman Catholic Agriscience Research- Integrated Systems Avery Tauke, Beckman Catholic, Milton J. Luckstead, Sr. Agriscience Research - Plant Systems Chase Krug, Linn-Mar, MinnTex Citrus, Inc Beef Production Entrepreneurship Blake Frascht, Charles City, Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation Beef Production Placement Shane Duffy, Sumner Fredericksburg, Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation Dairy Production Entrepreneurship Grace Howe, Little Switzerland, Koopman Hay & Forage Dairy Production Placement Kaylee Gibbs, Little Switzerland, Koopman Hay & Forage Diversified Agricultural Production Gabe Knobloch, West Lyon, Hertz Farm Management Inc. Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship Eric Henkle, Vinton-Shellsburg Diversified Crop Production Placement Tristen Liebe, North Linn Diversified Horticulture Morgan Castenson, Central Plains, Mid-Prairie FFA Diversified Livestock Production Carla Edleman, Ballard Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management Sean Kluesner, Beckman Catholic, Easten Lovelace Equine Science Entrepreneurship Marissa Fuerstenberg, Nashua Plainfield, Iowa State University - Block & Bridle Club Equine Science Placement Douglas Wiese, Wilton, Iowa Horse Council Fiber &/or Oil Crop Production Hunter Holdgrafer, Easton Valley, Iowa Soybean Association Food Science & Technology Megan Van Wyhe, West Lyon, Hy-Vee Inc.

Forage Production Michael Droeszler, Cascade Forest Management & Products Brendan Lovstuen, Decorah, MinnTex Citrus, Minnesota Fruit Production Emily Van Regenmorter, West Lyon, 4 Seasons Fundraising Goat Production Anna Beckman, Mediapolis, Iowa Meat Goat Association Grain Production Entrepreneurship Kiah Thiessen, Central Lyon, Iowa Crop Improvement Association Grain Production Placement Carson Brincks, South Winneshiek, Heartland Co-op Home &/or Community Development Korie Jack, Newton Landscape Management Brady Williams, Brokaw Organic Agriculture Faith Palmer, Little Switzerland, J. Ward Organics LLC Outdoor Recreation Lane Arrowood, Newton, Iowa Trappers Association Poultry Production Brett Schoenherr, Midland, Iowa Poultry Association Sheep Production Lydia Johnson, Southeast Polk, Iowa Club Lamb Association Small Animal Production & Care Alicia Westering, Manson Northwest Webster, Diamond Animal Health Specialty Animal Production Grace Long, Ballard, DeWitt Central FFA Alumni Association Swine Production Entrepreneurship Emily Harold, West Branch, Iowa Pork Producers Association Swine Production Placement Talia Knobloch, West Lyon, Hog Slat-Midwest Division Turfgrass Management Megan Osborn, Boone A&M, Iowa Turfgrass Institute Vegetable Production Grant Evans, Pilot Creek, 4 Seasons Fundraising Veterinary Science Molly Brodahl, Little Switzerland, Iowa State University Pre-Vet Club Wildlife Production & Management Allison Wood, Diamond Trail, Iowa Division Izaak Walton League

11 11

with a faith born not of words but of deeds

Photo Credit: Jennifer Carrico

Foundation CheckOff Program Yields Big Dividends PRODUCERS GIVE ONE BUSHEL AT A TIME You may not pay much attention to that grain truck rolling down one of Iowa’s many rural highways towards the elevator, but did you know that truck holds more than just a load of grain? Inside that load is a donation through the Iowa FFA Foundation CheckOff Program. For each bushel of grain that is marketed by the producer, 1/10th cent per bushel is donated to the Iowa FFA Foundation. In the first year of the program, 196 producers signed up through the program at their Heartland Co-op locations and enrolled more than 6 million bushels of grain. Each donation of 1/10th cent per bushel of grin marketed through Heartland Co-op was then matched by Heartland, bringing total donations through the Iowa FFA Foundation CheckOff program for the fiscal year 2018-2019 to $12,204.78. Those small donations make an immediate and direct impact on the Iowa FFA Foundation’s mission of supporting agricultural education. 12

“A producer can go to any Heartland location in the state of Iowa and sign up to be in this program,” says Josh Remington, Executive Director of the Iowa FFA Foundation. “At that point, 1/10th cent per bushel sold would come off their settlement check to be donated back to FFA.” Remington says that works out to about one dollar per semi-load of corn or soybeans. “Over the next five years, our goal is to roll this out to every first point-of-sale within the state of Iowa for all soybeans and corn.” The Iowa FFA Foundation CheckOff Program is a great way for producers to make a lasting impact on the more than 16,000 FFA members across the state of Iowa who are growing into the next generation of agricultural leaders. With the support of producers the organization will continue to show strong yields for years to come.


Brent Findley

Robert Kaska

Casey Robinson

A & M Farms, Inc.

Kenneth Folkmann

Mike Kaufman

S & B Feedyard Inc

Howard R. Adrian

Russell Fox

Kestrel Inc.

William J. Sandquist

Kyle Allee

Fox Farms Of Loveland, LLC

Dennis Kiewiet

Stanley C. Schaaf

Robert Anderson

Frazee Farms Ltd.

Kinsinger, Inc

Eric Schild

Eldon Appenzeller

Fred Friedrichsen

Michael J. Kirlin

Richard Schwarting

Arnold Realty Co.

Friendly Acres Farm

Mike Kisling

Shirley Sealine

Auwaerter Farms

Jeff Fritz

Lynn R. Knutson

Terry Sell

B & C Burk

John Ganzhorn

Kody J. Kokemiller

Seventy Seven Investment Co

Jean Bailey

Jim Gavin

Robert W. Koutny

Larry Sharer

Ronald L. Barnes

Andrew J. Geer

Nick S. Larson

Harold Shivers

Dale Barr

GLB Inc.

Lawrence Menke Estate

Richard Siek

Clint J. Bauer

Gourley Grain Company L.C,

Steven Lee

Butch Sigler

Mark Boender

John Green

Shawna Lee

Leroy Simmons

Kevin A. Borcherding

Donald E. Grim

Lein Farm #2870

Perry Sinner

Thomas Brewer

Gro Mor Llc

Robert Lenocker

Anthony L. Smith

Aaron M. Burchland

Paul E. Guy

Bill Linnenbrink

Charlie Snuggs

Lucas Bushong

Gvm Corportation

Roger Loftin

Marvin Spear

Jim Calvert

Leo Haack

Michael Lovell

Spear Farm LTD

Carruthers And Marsh

Charles Haden

Kenneth D. Lund

Ronald D. Steenhoek

Earl Check - Check Inc.

Chad Hafkey

Jeff Lyall

Stratton Farm Account

Harry Chilcote

Happy Acres

Jana J. Lyle

Strom Farm Llc.

Clarke Family Trust

Dan Hays

Mark A. Lyle

Larry Swaim

Collins Production Inc.

Heartland Co-op

Curtis Maddux

T.S. Investments LLC

Community Development Corp.

Doug Hefty

Mag Farms LLC

Dan Taylor

Bob Heimbaugh

Manning Farms

Ila J. Taylor

Michael L. Helland

Glen McElroy

Teachout Harvest

Jim Henderson

Vincent McFadden

Thorpe Farms LLC

Thomas Hildreth

David McKinney

Ted Tostlebe

Adam Hill

Bob Meimann

Triple Z Acres, LTD

Donald P. Hill

Meimann & Sons Inc.

TS Weaver Farms, Inc

Hillebo Family Farms, Inc.

Thomas G. Miller

Merrill Tuttle

Jason Hirsch

Jeffrey L. Montang

Roger Twedt

Jim Hochstetler

Steve Neal

Uitermarkt Farm

Charles Hochstetler

Myron Ness

Thomas L. Upah

Brian P. Holt

Dale Nicholls

Max Vande Lune

Ron Hotger

North Forty Farms, Inc

Dan A. Vesely

Hotger Farms

Ben Novak

Walker Family Farms LLC

Duane Houge

Dennis Oliver

James Warnock

T.T. Hughes

Barbara J. Olson

Brandon Warren

Irvella Farm Llc.

Bradley D. Olson

John Warrick

J & B Family Enterprise LLC

James Olson

Lawrence Watts

J & D Carlson Farms Inc

Douglas H. Paulson

Adam Wauters

David Jacobson

Phyllis Brown Family Trust

Marcus Weigelt

Morris Jansen

Heidi Pool

Paul Wentzien

Francis Jardon

Joe Pyle

Westercamp Trust

Joel Jensen

Thomas G. Quinlan

Daniel J. Wilhelmi

Kenneth Jensen

Kirke C. Quinn

Woebbeking Enterprises LTD

Jim White Inc.

R.W. Hoenig Bros

Woodall Consulting Inc

Alberta Jirak

Jim Rains

Patricia Wortman

Gerald Judkins

Gary Reinhart

Lyle H. Wrage

Odean H. Jukam

Rolland Roberts

Steven Wright

Steve Cornelius Steve Cortum Ken Crouse Travis Curry D & B Henning Farms, Inc. Lawrence Daniels David and Betty Collison Trust Donald G. Davidson Deka Corp. Dillard Farms Llc Don & Bonnie Vos Living Trust Dorothy Mae Hildreth Revocable Living Trust Double D Enterprises of Iowa D. Robert Downing Ken Doyle James D. Doyle Doyle Drake Denny Drake Drake Family Farms LC Dunn Huxley Craig B. Earley Karl Eby Donald Erb Don Faidley Nancy Fausch



STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION For The Year Ending In June 30, 2019



Current Assets Cash 549,287 Accounts Receivable (Net) 85,548 Contributions Receivable-Current (Net) 122,973 Inventory 5,075 Prepaid Expense 19,823 Total Current Assets $ 782,706

Current Liabilities Accounts Payable Security Deposits - Rental Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue Total Current Liabilities

118,108 20,357 9,023 14,784 $ 162,272

Noncurrent Liabilities Note Payable to Contributor Accrued Interest Total Noncurrent Liabilities

3,450,000 2,517,819 5,967,819

Noncurrent Assets Endowment Funds 672,577 Contributions Receivable - Noncurrent 62,775 Total Noncurrent Assets $ 735,352 Property & Equipment Buildings & Improvements Equipment Less: Accumulated Depreciation Total Property & Equipment



13,864,548 547,475 (3,825,611) $ 10,586,412

$ 12,104,470


$ 6,130,091

Net Assets (Unrestricted) Net Assets Without Donor Restrictions Net Assets With Donor Restrictions



5,713,690 260,689

$ 5,974,379

$ 12,104,470


STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES For The Year Ending In June 30, 2019

SUPPORT & REVENUE Support & Revenue Sales of Promotional Items (Net) Proceeds Contributions & Grants Rental & Related Income Leadership & Related Income Gain on Sale of Property Net Investment Income (Loss) Other Support & Revenue Total Support & Revenue




17,569 17,569 835,685 835,685 429,095 429,095 - (178) (178) 46,839 46,839 - 899,915 429,095 1,329,010

EXPENSES Programmatic Expense Iowa FFA Association Iowa Postsecondary Ag Students (PAS) Iowa FFA Alumni Association Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators CASE Curriculum Enrichment Center - General Expense Enrichment Center - Leadership Expense Enrichment Center - Depreciation Enrichment Center - Interest Expense Management and General Expense Fundraising Expense Other Expense

286,980 9,000 4,000 16,181 240,255 158,189 - - 368,759 185,000 184,446 157,496

Total Expenses Change in Net Assets Net Assets Beginning of Year Net Assets End of Year

898,358 711,948 1,557 (282,853)

286,980 9,000 4,000 16,181 240,255 158,189 368,759 185,000 184,446 157,496 1,610,306 (281,296) 6,255,675 5,974,379

Audited financial information is available on the Iowa FFA Foundation website, iowaffafoundation.org. 15

Corduroy Club Makes an Impact MONTHLY GIVING PROVIDES ONGOING SUPPORT When the Iowa FFA Foundation began in 1986, the work to provide support for agricultural education in Iowa was based largely on corporate donations. While that sector still accounts for the majority of donations that come into the foundation every year, a path for contributions from individuals in support of the Foundation’s mission was needed. In late 2018, the Corduroy Club was rolled out to answer that need. Individuals can contribute monthly for as little as $5, which over the course of a year is enough to provide an FFA jacket to a member. Larger monthly gifts help fund other areas of programming from helping to sponsor award areas, to developing necessary resources in support of Team Ag Ed. Donors can select their contribution amounts, along with the day they want the deduction made, and receive special gifts throughout the year as a thank you for their donation. The recurring 16

donation makes giving easy and does not require any monthly maintenance on the part of donors. For past State FFA Officer, Zoie Shook, the reason to give back is simple: “I give monthly to the Corduroy Club because for so many years, Iowa FFA and the Iowa FFA Foundation gave me life-long friends, life-changing experiences and opportunities that opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed. Agriculture’s future depends upon those students wearing the blue corduroy. If my donation has the ability to play a small part in an FFA Member changing the world, then I have accomplished what I was put here on this earth to do.” Joining the Corduroy Club is easy and takes just minutes. Please join this elite group of individuals who are dedicated to the true spirit of “Living to Serve” by signing up today at www.iowaffafoundation.org.

ERIC KOEHLMOOS NAMED 2018 NATIONAL STAR IN AGRISCIENCE South O’Brien Student Produces Ethanol in his Basement They say, ‘Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice,’ but that is not the case for the Iowa FFA South O’Brien Chapter. Eric Koehlmoos, a student from Paulina, Iowa, was named the 2018 National Star in Agriscience. Eric’s idea for his high school SAE sprung out of a science fair project for biology class. He looked at the ethanol industry and was curious if ethanol could be made from switchgrass and prairie cordgrass. He began his research, utilizing knowledge from his animal science class. “A cellulosic ethanol plant and a cow’s rumen are two very, very similar things,” Eric said. Creating ethanol from prairie grasses, Eric said, is important because it can “better the tool box” for potential energy sources that will eventually replace oil.

“It can help use less of the high-quality ground where we grow corn and other types of crops, and then on poor quality ground we can grow switchgrass and prairie cordgrass to produce ethanol,” Eric said. Not many teenagers have an ethanol producing facility in their basement, but it was all part of his supervised agricultural experience (SAE). With his at-home, ATF-approved ethanol facility, Eric had to get creative to match the processes used in a commercial ethanol plant. In high school, his research competed nationally and internationally against the work of college researchers with more funding and better facilities, and Eric said he was proud of and took value in his research experience. Now as an Agricultural Education student at Kansas State University, Eric said his goal is to be a high school ag teacher and FFA advisor. He plans to utilize the skills he gained through his FFA and research experiences to help “spark some ideas in the next generation of agriculturalists.”


2019 IOWA STARS SHINE BRIGHT FFA Members Cultivate Success through FFA and SAE

TRISTEN LIEBE Tristen Liebe of the North Linn FFA Chapter at Troy Mills is the 2019 Star in Ag Placement. Through his SAE, Tristen has learned both effective time management and the value of a strong work ethic. Both come in handy as he helps his father manage 5,000 acres of seed corn and soybeans. After graduation, Tristen plans on receiving his Class A CDL and driving truck for his father’s truck operation.

SPENCER COLLINS Spencer Collins of the Adel Desoto Minburn FFA Chapter at Adel is the 2019 Star in Ag Production winner. Spencer began his SAE by purchasing six bred heifers and has expanded his cattle herd to 35 breeding cows and 24 feeder calves. Throughout his SAE, Spencer has worked to increase operational efficiency, improve genetics and expand his operation. He has participated in the Iowa State Fair, Conduct of Meetings CDE and volunteered in many community activities. After high school, Spencer plans to attend Iowa State University and major in Ag Studies.


The Stars Over Iowa program recognizes FFA members who have outstanding involvement in all components of the three-circle model: the classroom, Supervised Agricultural Experiences and FFA. Students can apply in one of four star areas: agribusiness, agricultural placement, agricultural production and agriscience. Students who apply and qualify for their Iowa FFA Degree the same year are eligible to compete in this award area.

Interviews and recognition of the winners in each area takes place annually at the Iowa FFA Leadership Conference each April. The Stars Over Iowa program is made possible with support from Beck’s Hybrids through the Iowa FFA Foundation.

EMILY HAROLD Emily Harold of the West Branch FFA Chapter is the 2019 Star in Agribusiness winner. Emily has produced Berkshire hogs with a main diet of acorns and has marketed her pork as Natural Oak Pork. After processing her pork, she has sold to restaurants as well as local clients. Emily has established lasting relationships with her clients including making cold calls and following up on her commitments to her clients.

TY SCHOELERMAN Ty Schoelerman of the Spencer FFA Chapter is the 2019 Star in Agriscience Winner. Ty has completed three livestock-based agriscience projects. The first project to see how sheep production relates to barometric pressure, and the second to determine the starch utilization of early versus late feedlot cattle. In his final project, comparing cattle manure nutrient values. Ty plans to continue his research and pursue his career goal to becoming a livestock veterinarian.


2018-2019 Career Development Award Winners FFA MEMBERS DEMONSTRATE REAL WORLD SKILLS Career opportunities abound within today’s agricultural industry. FFA Career Development Events (CDE) help students to develop the abilities to think critically, communicate clearly and perform effectively in a competitive job market. CDEs encompass a variety of job skills from communication, mechanics and evaluation of agricultural products to effectively running meetings and advocating for agriculture. Some events allow

students to compete as individuals, while others allow them to work as a team. FFA members prepare weeks in advance for these events, many of which include competing at sub-district and district levels in order to advance onto the state level. Placing first at the state level in a CDE demonstrates a student’s mastery of premier leadership, personal growth and career success in that field and qualifies the individual or team for national competition.

2019 CDE WINNERS - CHAPTER, SPONSOR Agricultural Biotechnology North Scott at Eldridge, AgVentures Alliance

Chapter Program of Activities North Fayette at West Union, GROWMARK

Agricultural Broadcasting Karli Recker, Monticello, Iowa Broadcasters Association Foundation

Chapter Website Ashley Yedlik, Lone Tree

Agricultural Communications Ballard at Huxley, Iowa Soybean Association & The Soybean Checkoff & Iowa Farmer Today Publications Agricultural Montezuma, Innovative Ag Services Agricultural Discussion Meet Rachel Findling, Clay Central-Everly, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Agricultural Impact Montezuma, CF Industries Agricultural Issues & Perceptions West Liberty Agricultural Mechanics & Technology West Lyon at Inwood, Titan Machinery & Farm Credit Services of America Agricultural Sales - Individual Chandler Smith, Central Trail at Leon, Energy Panel Structures Agricultural Sales Team Wapello, Nationwide


Conduct of Meetings Brokaw at Clarinda, Beck’s Hybrids

Meats South O’Brien Milk Quality & Products Belle Plaine Nursery/Landscape Louisa-Muscatine at Letts, Wapello FFA Chapter & Farm Credit Services of America

Dairy Cattle Maquoketa Valley at Delhi, Iowa State University Dairy Science Club

Officer Book - Reporter’s Scrapbook Red Oak, Wallace’s Farmer

Experience the Action Grinell, U.S. Army ROTC

Officer Book - Treasurer’s Book Sumner Fredricksburg, U.S. Army ROTC

Farm Business Management Montezuma, GROWMARK & Iowa Farm Business Association Floriculture Muscatine, Farm Credit Services of America Food Science Diamond Trail at Monroe, Heartland Co-op Horse West Dubuque at Epworth Job Interview Brett Schoenherr, Midland at Wyoming

Agronomy Wapello, Iowa Corn

Livestock Evaluation Bellevue, Iowa State University Block & Bridle

Chapter Activity Exhibit Albia

Marketing Plan Ballard at Huxley

Officer Book - Secretary’s Book Wapsie Valley at Fairbank

Parliamentary Procedure North Fayette at West Union, GROWMARK Poultry Evaluation Muscatine, Iowa Poultry Association Extemporaneous Speaking Shelby McCasland, Martensdale-St. Marys FFA Creed Speaking Tyler Louden, Creston, Minntex Citrus Inc. Prepared Public Speaking Averie Hascall, Red Oak, GROWMARK & the 2003-2004 Iowa FFA Officer Team Soils Evaluation Wapello FFA Veterinary Science Cherokee, Farm Credit Services of America

A UNIQUE SMALL SCALE OPERATION Beckman Catholic FFA Member Finds SAE at 1/64th Scale Dyersville Beckman FFA member, Collin Knipper took his love of farming in small scale and expanded upon that vision to build a unique Supervised Agricultural Experience Program. He now has his own business specializing in die cast collectable farm toys sales on social media as Farmtoys4you. His love of the farm toy hobby came easily to him as he and his father would tinker with toys as he was growing up, building displays to showcase their collections. It wasn’t until he joined FFA and attended the Farm Business Management Career Development Event that he really began to think about turning his hobby into a business. “My first experiences with FFA came from doing research projects for the agriscience fairs and I didn’t really think FFA was something that I could be a part of.” Collin said. “I was a quiet kid, and am still a little, but I’m much more confident and outgoing than I used to be.”

Collin started by doing simple modifications to toys he would purchase at shows and expanded into buildings for the hobbyists who build scale dioramas. He kept good records and began posting photos online of toys he had available for sale. Soon he had regular customers and others who would contact him looking for those hard to find or unique items to add to their own collections. He noted over the years that he had a few toys he found added to his own collection, “Sometimes I’ll come across something that I’ve always wanted. It is sometimes hard to keep them when I get good offers, but there is always something new to look for in this hobby.” Collin would urge new FFA members to get involved early, “Try attending everything you can, and getting involved in many different things and you will find something you can succeed in.” For Collin, the size and scope of his SAE may not be 1:1 but even a smaller scale operation can lead to personal growth and career success!


IOWA PAS 40 YEARS OF PREPARATION FOR THE WORKFORCE For forty years, PAS has been developing two and four-year college-level professional agriculture students for the workplace through participation in employment experience programs, skill-set development, network opportunities, and organizational activities. State Office Team It’s national collegiate-level, (Back Row L to R): Taylor Olson, Lane Reifschneider, Mollie Upton competition-style learning model is (Front Row L to R): Macy Janssen, Tiffanie Koch, Katelyn Zimmerman one-of-a-kind and gives students the practical and hands-on development opportunities essential for career success. Students compete at the local, state, Iowa PAS holds two conferences each and national levels and are guided by faculty year for members to learn, grow and develop. advisors to develop the technical, professional The Fall PAS conference introduces them and soft skills required for career success within to the organization and allows students to the agriculture industry. network and learn from industry leaders about opportunities open to them after In Iowa, twelve chapters from colleges and graduation. The Spring Conference brings out universities, large and small, compete on equal the competitive side in students as they are footing to demonstrate the learning that is focused on specific agricultural areas as part of taking place day-to-day inside and outside of presentations and competition. the classroom. With forty years of tradition behind them With students in college focusing on and a large number of former PAS members industry knowledge to expand upon what they already in the workforce, new PAS members have already mastered in their FFA careers, should be well prepared for the professional the race to the finish line into the workforce agricultural careers in front of them. is bolstered by their time as members of PAS. While many PAS members come from an FFA background, many members find this their first interaction with Career Technical Student Organizations and find the ability to perfect communication and workforce ready skills, an important part of their own portfolios.



2020 GALA

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Iowa FFA’s Biggest Night BLACK TIES BLUE JACKETS GALA CELEBRATES 5TH YEAR OF SUPPORTING TEAM AG ED The Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala is held annually on the first Saturday of National FFA Week to celebrate the achievements of Agricultural Education in Iowa. With presenting partner Nationwide, the event, held at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny, Iowa, attracted a crowd of more than 300 people who support and invest in FFA and Team Ag Ed.

Along with a cocktail hour, raffle games and a silent auction, there was fun to be had throughout the evening with the Heads or Tails Game and the ever popular Dessert Dash, where tables competed to see who got the chance to score the sweetest reward. Following the live auction, attendees broke out on the dance floor as the dueling pianos closed out the evening.

In its fifth year, the 2019 program kicked off with opening ceremonies conducted by the Iowa FFA officer team and featured comments from Iowa Lieutenant Governor, Adam Gregg; Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig; Iowa FFA Creed Speaking Contest winner, Anna Campbell; and 2018-19 National FFA Central Region Vice President, Ridge Hughbanks.

The opportunity to come together to support the Foundation’s mission of cultivating partnerships between industry and members of the Team Ag Ed community, also allows attendees an opportunity to network and enjoy a night truly like no other. Supporting the more than 30,000 members of Team Ag Ed in Iowa is possible through the sponsorship and attendance of folks who continually support the work of the Iowa FFA Foundation.



1958-1959 Iowa FFA Secretary

CHARLIE B. SPAID Leora Jarnagin

Patricia Abernathy Susan Abernathy William Basler Steven Bernard Patricia K. Bernau William Bernau Diane Bridgewater John & Shelly Brown Karilyn Claude Alan Court Jennifer Deppe Karin Derry Mary Dzubak Elizabeth Garst Geraldine Gilbert Martha Gilbert Judy Goldberg Dara Jaeger Ronald Jurgens Kent Kroeger Alice Krumwiede Aaron Lehman Janet Longcor Jerald Lukensmeyer Tracy Lumetta

EUGENE SUKUP Brunkan Equipment Custom Agri Systems Inc DXP Enterprises, Inc. Don Eyerly Hupp Toyotalift Jaspersen Insurance & RE Jessica Sprung JoAnne Meldahl Kari Johnson-Markla K&S Millwrights, Inc. Klapperich Farm Systems Roger & Gail Lacey Lonnie & Deb Barkema Jarrod Mosier Richard & Gail Schurtz Mark Rother Sally Heuberger Suku & Mary Radia Tina Sukup Tyler Rau United Healthcare Svs Inc

Jim Lundberg


Michael Lynch

Jennier Kuhn

McMahon, Stowater, Lyncy & Laddusaw Carol Merrill James Mitchell Tanna Moretz


Sharyn Nelson Penny O’Connor Pioneer - Algona Seed Production Margit Ross Lisa Salmons Rick Schuller Kristen Sehr Chuck Staudt David Stewart Janeen Stewart Janine Stewart Andrew Swanson Travis Thomas Jacqueline Warming


In Loving

Memory Of


Calcium Products Inc.

$4,000 - $4,999.99

Josh & Hannah Earll

Cyclone Sports Properties

East Sac FFA Chapter

Iowa Ag. Tag License Plate

Energy Panel Structures

Edmund & Malinda Dietzel

Iowa Farmer Today Publications

Fellowship of Christian Farmers International

Mike & Angie Dillon Dordt College

Producers Livestock Marketing

Foremost Farms USA

Ellsworth Community College

DeWitt Central FFA Alumni Association Diamond Animal Health


Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co.


Hog Slat - Midwest Division

Steve Gilbert

Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation

Todd Glynn

ASFMRA - Iowa Chapter

Iowa Central Community College

Gregg Gustafson & Peg Armstrong-Gustafson

Bayer CropScience

Iowa Poultry Association

Scot & Carolyn Harold

Doug & Jenny Becker

Iowa State University - Block & Bridle Club

Hertz Farm Management Inc.

$3,000 - $3,999.99

Eddie & Renae Chesnut Hawkeye Community College

Iowa Trappers Association J. Ward Organics LLC

Iowa Finance Authority Agricultural Development Division

Koopman Hay & Forage

K & B Farms

Linc & Margie Kroeger

MinnTex Citrus, Inc

Easten Lovelace

Keith & Jenifer Soltwedel Titan Machinery

Michael Knight

Meriwether, Wilson & Company, PLLC Bruce Miskell


Neumann Brother, Inc

4 Seasons Fundraising

Northeast Iowa Community College

Ag Ventures Alliance

Ronald & Mary Reedy

CapTrust Financial Advisors

Glenn & Maggie Stith

CF Industries

Van Wall

Envision Tees

John J. Wacha III

$2,000 - $2,999.99

Doug Gaul

Perry & Suzanne Hartley Adam & Michelle Hill Holmes Murphy & Associates LLC Harmison’s Hometown Fundraising Hy-Vee Inc. Indian Hills Community College

Realityworks Joshua & Caitlin Remington Clark Schoening John & Kristen Schweitzer Keith & Barb Sexton Zoie A. Shook Mark & Cindy Snell Southwestern Community College Glenn & Ginger Sterk Jim Straub Thomas & Holli Striegel Three Rivers FS Thrivent Financial University of Iowa Children’s Hospital ATV Task Force John Van Ryswyk Eric Weuve Ronald & Mary Beth Zelle


$250 - $499.99 A & M Farms, Inc.

Innovative Ag Services

Faraz Asad

Iowa Club Lamb Association

Richard & Cathy Ayers

Iowa Crop Improvement Association

Ballard FFA Chapter Baratta’s

Iowa Horse Council


Iowa Lakes Community College

Matt Bashor

Iowa Meat Goat Association Iowa State University Dairy Science Club

Patricia K. Bernau James Bernau Paul Bierschenk

Jim & Irene Gardner

Wallaces Farmer

Iowa Institute for Cooperatives

Wapello FFA Chapter

Iowa State University Pre-Vet Club

Chris & Susan Boyens

John Wasson

Craig Johnson

Wyffels Hybrid

Iowa Turfgrass Institute

Chris & Sarah Bursiek

Kirkwood Community College

Benjamin & Allison Zelle

ISU Department of Agricultural Education & Studies

Lindsay Calvert

Landus Cooperative


Manson Northwest Webster FFA Chapter

$500 - $999.99

Mark’s Tractor & Implement, Inc



Randy Miller

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Randy & Carol Miller


John & Kelli Peters

BBS Architects Engineers

Pleasantville FFA Alumni



Mel Brus

Dan Schoenherr

Buena Vista University


Greater Des Moines Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

Gerald R. Kinney Kuhn North America, Inc. Alan Lamborn Milton J. Luckstead, Sr. Russ & Karen Manternach The Maschhoffs Mid-Prairie FFA Chapter MinnTex Citrus MN TJ Morehouse Morningside College MVAO FFA Chapter

Central Plains FFA Chapter

Renee H. Neddermeyer

ARMtech Insurance Services

Ken Clark

North Linn FFA Chapter

Jeremy & Jillian Beukema

Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers

Nutrients for Life Foundation

Concordia University Nebraska


$1,000 - $1,999.99

Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, LLC

Nicholas Piekema

John & Shelly Brown

Jason Dalton Terry Davis Richard & Nancy Degner Sonny Deke Kevin Diehl Marshall Dolch Zachary Drape Mark Dvorak Elder Corporation ExecutiveAg Recruiting Advisors Steven Farmer Jerry Flint Chad C. Fry Gary Garst David & Lori Gilmore Rod Grodahl Hawkeye Breeders



Anthony Whelchel

Heartland Limousin Association

Joshua Wooldridge

Jim White Inc.


Scott & Alyssa Johnson Stephen H. Keller

Ben Abatti, Jr.

Almoodin Khan

Eric Ackerberg

Scott Kirstein

Jason & Annette Adams

Marelle Knudsen

AEA Learning Online

Pat & Mary Knueven

Dwaine Alexander

Craig Lambert

Alliance Pipeline L.P.

J.D. Lathrop

American Legion Post 108

Bob & Barbara Leonard

Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau

Chris & Dixie McCormick Scott & Alice Meldrum Jenelle Meyer

Bob Amos Eric & Bonnie Andersen

Brian & Brenda Meyer

Randall Anderson

Minnesota State Centers of Agricultural Excellence

Barry & Melanie Anderson

Jarrod Mosier

Dean Anderson

Murphy Tractor Inc.

Charles & Marilyn Arnburg

Muscatine Community College

Tony & Cari Aylsworth

New Cooperative Foundation

Christine Bean

Northwest Missouri State University Northwestern College People’s Bank Perfect Pie LLC Justin & Iris Piekema Martin & Jo Reynolds

Roger Anderson

Derek Balk Louis & Patricia Beck Rex Behnke Jim Behrens Dennis & Rhonda Bell Molly Bergfeld William Bernau Travis Bitner

Rotary Club of Independence Iowa

Kelly Blankenship

Marlon Rudolph

Joel Bobb

Brent & Samantha Schwenneker

Jacob & Lindsay Bolson

Aaron & Jamie Seifert

Rex Borcherding

South Dakota State University

Kevin A. Borcherding

Southwest Minnesota State University

Josh Braby

Jessica Sprung State Technical College of Missouri Ryan Stien Joe Sweeney Lowell Tiedt University of Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture USDA - Natural Resource Conservation Service James Utesch Molly Vincent Bryon Weesner Western Illinois University School of Agriculture


$100 - $249.99

Brian Boelens

Yogi & Ruth Braet Brunkan Equipment Jim Buldhaupt Aaron M. Burchland B & C Burk Danny Burke Elizabeth Burns-Thompson Ronald Buroughs Jim & Lisa Calvert Paul & Debra Campbell Eldridge & Joyce Canada Billy J. Carpenter Ted Carter Central Lee FFA Chapter Checkerboard Restaurant

Western Christian

Joe & Shelley Heinrich

Sherry Clark

Michael L. Helland

Marla Clark-Hlas

Dale Henke

Clay County Fair

Dee Hense

Elliot Cobb

John & B. Elizabeth Hiel

Cody & Chelsea McKinley

Randel Hiscocks

Collins Production Inc.

Lurlin & Connie Hoelscher

Craig Constable

Mervyn Hoermann

Jack & Jonell Cook

Zachary Hoffman

Alacyn Cox

Tony & Susan Holder

Matthew Cumings

Dennis & Janet Hosek

Michael Dau

Hotger Farms

Kent Davidson

Duane Hoversten

Mark E. Decker

Kyle Howe

James DeKeryel

Duane Hueneke

Jay Dekker

Bill Hughs

Dave & Ellen Doese

Darryl Hull

Wes Dorhout

IFA Roller-Grinder

Ross Dowell

Iowa Beef Industry Council

Mark Drost

Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

John Duer Don & Norma Dyson Manning Farms Auwaerter Farms Brent Findley Lee Finlee Pat & Brenda Fitzgerald Chris Fleshner Florida Fruit Association, Inc. Daniel Folsom Edith Fortmann-Comley William & Debora Frazee Daryl Fritzke Dan & Alysia Fullerton Martin Furst Dan Gallagher Elizabeth Garst Larry Geerts Nathan & Kim Gibson Gary Goering Judy Goldberg Jane Graesser Brad C. Greiman Hubert J. Greiner Paul Grovert Leo Haack Ronald Hagedorn Larry Hageman Justin & Beth Hansen Mr Brandon Hanson Tim Hays Jessica Hebert Mikyla Hefti

J.R. & Lisa Peterson Monica Janssen Roy & Shiloh Johnson Bruce & Deena Jones K&S Millwrights, Inc. Mike Kaufman Jayson Kingsbury Mike Kisling Charles Klaassen Klapperich Farm Systems Paul G. Klimesh Duane Klink Knoxville Raceway Kent Kroeger Barbara Kuhl John Lacey Thomas A. Landis LaVerne Lee Barbara Lemmer C. Max Leyda Justin Lockwood Brian Lowry Dean Luft Lawrence Lukes Kenneth D. Lund Wayne Mabeus Terry Main Jaclynne Maranell Byron & Judith Martin Christopher Marzen McCone Foods, Inc.


T.S. Investments LLC

Susan McLeland

Janae Tapper

Lynn Meade

Pat Thieben

Meals From The Heartland

Travis Thomas

JoAnne Meldahl

Jim Thrasher

Matt & Lisa Meline

Kreg Tool Company

Aaron Miers

Matthew Trask

Mark & Lisa Miller

Trees Forever

Kylie Miller

United Healthcare Svs Inc

Mike & Barb Mitchell

James Van Waardhuizen

Erin Moeller

Susan Vance Hjelm

Cole B. Moody

Leland & Sally VanderLinden

Susan Moriarty

Gerald Vandevorde

Dennis Morrow

Dan & Tamera Warnke

Motor Inn of Knoxville, LLC

Scott K. Watson

Layne & Erin Murty

Micah Weber

National FFA Foundation

Ronald Weidauer

Wayne A. Nattress

Kenny & Diane Wenger

DeWayne Newell

Dan West

Chad Newton

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Dennis C. Oliver Bradley D. Olson Wade Paeltz Edward Patterson

Mark Wilden Jonathan M. Woods Tim Wulf

T hank you for the oppo rtunity to at was an expe tend W LC. rience that T his I will never tours of th fo rget. From e city to w the orkshops le d by state national offic and ers, Washin gton Leader is an experie ship Confer ence nce that I w ould recom member. Yo mend to an ur sponsors y hip of my at greatly appr tendance w eciated, an as d I hope m any genera come will ge tions to t this once in a lifetime you for yo opportunity u continuous . T hank support of this organiza students w tion. It cert ith in ainly does not go unnoticed because th ese experie nces and opport unities, I will carry with me the rest of my life. T hank you for helping shape Iowa FF A to what it is to Thank you fo r letting us be day! - Leah a part of your event this year ! Supporting the community we live in is something we are passion ate about and we appreciate yo ur contribution to our community through Iowa FF A Foundatio n’s heart and effo rts! Thank you for sponsoring - Andrea the new teacher Ag conference. As a second

year Ag teacher, know this

Melvin Pennington

experience has made me a better

Larry Phillips

teacher and FFA advisor. The

Prairie State Select Sires

collaboration time with other Ag

Suku Radia

teachers mid-year

Todd & Caitlyn Ramaeker

is irreplaceable.

Randy & Jennifer Ramundt

- Malayne

Gary Reinhart Warren A. Reiser Joshua Roberts William & Julie Rooney Troy Rosenmeyer Rod Rosenow Steve Roth Craig & Mary Schmidt Chris Schulte Adam Seabert Kyle Danielle Sexton Steven Simpson Eric Small

Thank you for the combined support and funding for the Ag teachers mentoring program. The resources provided do not go unnoticed, and we appreciate the opportunity to

congregate each year. We are forev er grateful for the program and the support to continue to be the best teachers for Ag education in Iowa.

Thank you for recogn izing Dr. Robert Martin as one of Iowa’s Golden Owl recipients. It is a nice tribute to his career and ongoing ded ication to agricultural education. I am grateful for the Iowa FFA Fou ndations partnership with Nationw ide and your commitment to agri cultural education. Thanks for helping to promote agriculture, edu cation and agricultural education. - Michael

- New Hoots

Mike Sobotka Bill Spratt St. Ansgar FFA Chapter Ronald D. Steenhoek George Steuart Stratton Farm Account Verlyn Strellner John Strong & Carole Gandy-Strong Dennis & Pauline Sweet

Thank you so much for your work to make scholarships

possible for F FA members across Iowa. I have always been amazed at the

unyielding support of the

Foundation for all of our F FA activities. It is truly amazing!

rt I would like to sta off by thanking you est for choosing to inv s. in students’ fut ure Your support is ! greatly appreciated -Hollie



IOWA FFA FOUNDATION 1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway Ankeny, IA 50023 iowaffafoundation.org 515-965-7370

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