2019-2020 Iowa FFA Foundation Annual Report

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IOWA FFA FOUNDATION Annual Report 2019-2020

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MISSION The Iowa FFA Foundation cultivates partnerships supporting agricultural education. The Iowa FFA Foundation focuses on encouraging youth to pursue careers and leadership roles in the agricultural industry. The foundation is a non-profit organization that provides leadership activities, scholarships, incentive awards, agricultural education programs, and instructor workshops. The foundation’s objective is the preparation of Iowa’s most valuable resource — its young people — to help chart the future of our state’s largest industry. The Iowa FFA Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Chandler Jahner, State President, Pella FFA Natalie Jefson, State Secretary, Forest City FFA Grace Long, State Reporter, Ballard FFA Hope Brecht, SE State Vice President, Belle Plaine FFA Lukas Bucknell, NC State Vice President, Nashua Plainfield FFA Mickayla McGill, SC State Vice President, Knoxville FFA Nole Bochmann, NW State Vice President, GTRA FFA Shelby Westhoff, NE State Vice President, Beckman Catholic FFA Tyler Comes, SW State Vice President, Atlantic FFA

2 0 2 0 - 2 0 2 1 I O WA F F A O F F I C E R T E A M Mickayla McGill, State President, Knoxville FFA Mia Gibson, State Secretary, North Fayette Valley FFA Blake Van Der Kamp, State Reporter, Diamond Trail FFA Kabe Boysen, SE State Vice President, Wapello FFA Bronson Forsyth, NC State Vice President, Charles City FFA Devin DeVore, SC State Vice President, Osceola Big Chief FFA Haley Williams, NW State Vice President, Lawton Bronson FFA Carson Brincks, NE State Vice President, South Winneshiek FFA Cory Miller, SW State Vice President, Denison FFA



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17,547 MEMBERS from 88 Chapters





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FROM THE FOUNDATION PRESIDENT The Iowa FFA Foundation was on pace for a record year of giving through the first three quarters of the 2019-2020 giving year but that certainly isn’t what most of us will remember about this year. COVID-19 resulted in a temporary closure of the FFA Enrichment Center as well as the cancellation of the annual golf tournament and the Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference. However, we still have a great deal to celebrate from this past year!

inviting at least one guest. Our goal is to achieve more than $100,000 in donations this year. Iowa FFA Foundation Support In spite of COVID-19, the Iowa FFA Foundation continues to provide traditional support for FFA award programs, career development events, the career show, as well as other programs at the Iowa State Leadership Conference. Additionally, the Foundation provided funding for PAS conferences, the IAAE Tradeshow and Annual Summer Conference, the Iowa FFA Alumni Annual Conference, and many other events.

FFA Enrichment Center Celebrates 10 Years The FFA Enrichment Center is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, an event we plan to celebrate as soon as we can. Although COVID-19 has brought many challenges, the FFA Enrichment Center is open, providing opportunities for large groups needing meeting and event space. We are proud to have one of the best facilities in Iowa!

Now is the Time We need your support. Now is a perfect time to support Agricultural Education in Iowa and help us retire the debt on the FFA Enrichment Center. Your gift, no matter the amount, will make a difference. My family, and my employer, John Deere, continue to donate a significant portion of our annual charitable gifts to the Iowa FFA Foundation and I would ask you to consider joining me. Thank you to those who give annually without fail. Now that we have a matching campaign, please consider increasing your donation over the next five years to take advantage of this opportunity. In closing, I thank you for your continued support of Iowa agricultural education efforts through the Iowa FFA Foundation. The Foundation looks forward to your continued support of our Team Ag Ed organization and helping continue an Iowa tradition of strong young leaders in agriculture.

New Giving Programs Announced I want to thank the Iowa FFA Foundation Board for approving and launching two new giving programs to help diversify the donor base. The Iowa Farm Bureau has already made an Eagle Level ($100,000) leadership gift to the Gold Standard Program, our corporate giving program. Our planned or estate giving program, the Forever Blue Society, is also thriving. We hope to establish a long list of charter members during the 2020-2021 year. These programs will complement our individual giving programs such as the Corduroy Club. Please consider joining me in becoming a member of at least one of these programs. Annual FFA Gala & Matching Gift Program Our annual FFA Gala had a record number of attendees resulting in donations exceeding $80,000 this past year. The highlight of the night was the announcement that each donation would be matched by an anonymous donor, who generously agreed to match every donation made to the Iowa FFA Foundation for the next five years. Each dollar donated to support Team Ag Ed in Iowa will be matched with a fifty-cent donation that will go towards the FFA Enrichment Center Capital Campaign. This means that 100% of your donation will help support our current and future agricultural leaders. Mark your calendar for our Virtual Gala on February 20, 2021, and consider

Regards, Keith Soltwedel, 2019-2020 President, Iowa FFA Foundation Board of Directors


2 0 1 9 -2 0 2 0

BOARD OF DIRECTORS BOARD OFFICERS President President-Elect Past President Treasurer Secretary

Keith Soltwedel, John Deere Ron Zelle, Iowa FFA Alumni Representative Eddie Chesnut, Nationwide Jim Gardner, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Tyler Bettin, National Pork Producers Council

BOARD COMMITTEE CHAIRS FFA Enrichment Center Committee Chair Sponsoring Committee Chair

Dwayne Faidley, Des Moines Area Community College Josh Earll, Klaassen Realty & Auctions

TEAM AG ED PARTNER REPRESENTATIVES Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators Iowa FFA Association Professional Agricultural Students of Iowa

Craig McEnany Amber Greiman Eric Weuve

AGRIBUSINESS/INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVES Independent Consultant Rock Life Consulting Bayer Crop Science - Channel American Family Insurance

Mike Mitchell Tammy Niemann Randy Ramundt Stacey Sanderson

EX-OFFICIO (NON-VOTING) MEMBERS Iowa FFA Association President Professional Agriculture Students of Iowa President Iowa Professional Agricultural Students Executive Director Iowa FFA Association Executive Director Iowa Department of Education 5

Chandler Jahner Lane Reifschneider Kevin Butt Scott Johnson Matthew Eddy

2 0 1 9 -2 0 2 0




$25,000- $49,999

Harry Stine, Stine Seed & the Stine Family Foundation

BLUE JACKET $10,000- $24,999

RISING SUN $5,000- $9,999

Beck’s Hybrids


Robert & Brenda Haney

Cyclone Sports Properties

Great Caterers of Iowa

Iowa Pork Producers Association

DLL Financial Solution Partners

Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co.

Iowa Soybean Association


Producers Livestock Marketing Keith & Jenifer Soltwedel


“When I joined FFA, I found where I belonged; students-turned-friends with a shared interest in agriculture, becoming our best selves, and living life to the fullest. It led me down paths I couldn’t have imagined, broadened boundaries I didn’t know were there and laid a foundation of communication and leadership skills that, years later, I now use every day. This is why I joined the Corduroy Club. I’m proud to have the opportunity to give back to an organization that gave so much to me and have a monthly reminder that it’s doing the same right now for students in schools across the state of Iowa.” - A ND RE W ED S O N

“Stepping into the ag classroom for the first time, I felt so out of place. I didn’t picture myself as an ag student, let alone an FFA member. Despite all my doubts, I quickly found a home in FFA. Showing up to my first ever FFA conference, I was prepared to learn about crops and livestock. Instead, we discussed leadership and teamwork. As I learned that day, FFA expands beyond agriculture. The organization utilizes its platform to equip its youth with skills and qualities that allow students to find success throughout any of life’s endeavors. This is just one of several reasons why I chose to donate to the Corduroy Club. To give back to an organization that has invested so much in me, as well as thousands of other students. I cannot think of a better example of ‘Living to Serve.’” - H O PE B RECH T


“I give monthly to the Corduroy Club because, for so many years, Iowa FFA and the Iowa FFA Foundation gave me life-long friends, life-changing experiences and opportunities that opened doors for me I didn’t even know existed. This is one small way that I can pay forward everything this organization has done for me. Agriculture’s future depends upon the students wearing the blue corduroy and if my donation has the ability to play a small part in an FFA Member changing the world, then I have accomplished what I was put here on this earth to do.” - ZO IE S H O O K

Gifts GiftsWill WillBe BeMatched! Matched! Gifts Will Be Matched! An anonymous donor will generously contribute

An anonymous donor will generously contribute 50 CENTS FOR EVERY $1 given for agricultural An anonymous donor will generously contribute 50 CENTS FOR EVERY $1 given for agricultural programs supported by the Iowa FFA 50 CENTS supported FOR EVERYby $1the given forFFA agricultural programs Iowa Foundation. This match will continue until the programs supported by the FFA until the Foundation. This match will Iowa continue debt is retired on the FFA Enrichment Center. Foundation. This will continue until the debt is retired onmatch the FFA Enrichment Center. Here are examples of how a gift can grow with this match: debt is examples retired of onhow the FFAcan Enrichment Here are a gift grow with thisCenter. match: Here are examples of how a gift can grow with this match:

50 ¢¢FOR EVERY $1 50 FOR EVERY $1 Equals Impact$1 50 ¢a aHigher FOR EVERY Equals Higher Impact

YOUR YOUR GIFT GIFT YOUR GIFT $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $50,000 $50,000 $50,000

MATCH MATCH AMOUNT AMOUNT MATCH AMOUNT $500 $500 $500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $12,500 $12,500 $12,500 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000

TOTAL TOTAL GIFT GIFT TOTAL GIFT $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $7,500 $7,500 $7,500 $15,000 $15,000 $15,000 $37,500 $37,500 $37,500 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000

Equals a Higher Impact

How You Can Help Invest in Our Future Leaders How You Can Help Invest in Our Future Leaders Investing future a way you Leaders can positively impact agricultural How Youin Can Helpleaders Invest inisOur Future

Investingand in future leadersin is Iowa a wayfor you can to positively education agribusiness years come. impact agricultural Investing future leaders is way you can positively education in and agribusiness inaIowa for years to come. impact agricultural • Your gift be made in honor • education Gifts may beand made in cash or securities agribusiness in Iowa for years tomay come. •orYour gift may made in (a honor • Gifts may be made in cash or securities in memory ofbesomeone letter •• Gifts can include bequests, real estate, life • Your gift may be made in honor Gifts may be made in cash or securities or in memory of someone (a letter recognizing your gift will be mailed to the •insurance, Gifts can include bequests, realproperty estate, life grain and personal or in memory of someone (a letter recognizing your gift will be mailed toof the person you are honoring or the family • Gifts can include real estate, life insurance, grainbequests, and personal property recognizing yourhonoring gift will be mailed to the person you are or the family the person you are memorializing) of • Matching gifts through your employer insurance, grain and personal property person you are or the family of the person youhonoring are memorializing) •orMatching through employer spouse’sgifts employer canyour double, • Please know that yourmemorializing) gift to the Iowa the person you are • Matching gifts throughcan your employer or spouse’s employer double, even triple your gift •FFA Please know that your gift to the Foundation is tax deductible toIowa or spouse’s employer even triple your gift can double, • Please know thatisyour gift to the to Iowa FFA Foundation deductible the greatest extent tax of the law • Pledges are encouraged and may be even triple your gift FFA Foundation is tax to the greatest extent of deductible the law •extended Pledges are may overencouraged a period of and up to fivebe • Remember that extent your gift matched the greatest ofwill thebe law • Pledges are encouraged and be extended over a period upmay totofive years (a reminder will be of mailed • Remember that your gift will be matched 50 CENTS FOR EVERY DOLLAR GIVEN extended over a period up to five to years (a year) reminder will beofmailed you each • Remember gift will be matched 50 CENTS that FORyour EVERY DOLLAR GIVEN years (a reminder will be mailed to you each year) 50 CENTS FOR EVERY DOLLAR GIVEN you each year) Iowa FFA Foundation Foundation 1055 SW PrairieIowa TrailFFA Pkwy., Ankeny, Iowa 50023 1055 SW Prairie Trail Pkwy., Ankeny, Iowa 50023 Iowa FFA Foundation (515) 965-7370 (515)Pkwy., 965-7370 1055 SW Prairie Trail Ankeny, Iowa 50023 (515) 965-7370 8

FFA ENRICHMENT CENTER CELEBRATES 10 YEARS! In 1991, conversations began about Iowa’s need for a centralized facility dedicated to challenging and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. Those early fundraising efforts were led by then Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Norman Borlaug. Their dedication, along with generous contributions from many donors, culminated with a groundbreaking ceremony on a plot of land north of the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) campus on October 8, 2007. Construction on the 30,000 square feet facility was completed in early 2010 and the Iowa FFA Alumni Conference was the first event held in the building.

Throughout the last 10 years, the FFA Enrichment Center has gone on to host events of all sizes as well as housing offices for the Iowa FFA Foundation, Iowa FFA Association, and DMACC Agriculture Studies Department. Today, the Center provides classroom and lab space for DMACC students, headquarters for the Iowa FFA State Officer Team and staff to conduct programming and space for other large events. In 2019, we hosted more than 360 events, ranging from weddings and corporate gatherings to church services and FFA events, with more than an estimated 20,000 individuals in attendance. With a capital campaign underway, members of the Iowa

FFA Foundation, FFA Enrichment Center staff, volunteers, partners, and donors continue to work diligently to retire the note on the building. Through a generous donor, any donations pledged to the Iowa FFA Foundation through 2025 will be matched to help in that campaign. Today’s FFA Enrichment Center is a vibrant, busy building that continues to serve the public and inspire those who visit it. We look forward to many more years helping to cultivate Iowa’s young leaders.

FFA Enrichment Center Statistics 2017 – 351 Overall Events 2018 – 357 Overall Events


2019 – 368 Overall Events

Student Events

Educator Events

18 District FFA Officer Trainings

9 Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators Summer Conferences

27 State FFA Officer Trainings

10 Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators New Teacher Workshops

4 Legislative Symposium Events 17 FFA 212 Leadership Conferences 9 FFA 360 Leadership Conferences 4 National Leadership Conferences for State Officers (regional training events) 1 National PAS Conference

2 Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators Mid‐Year Mentoring Conference 2 National Association of Agricultural Educators – Region III Conferences 21 National Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) Institutes attended by 420 educators

Alumni Events

Fundraising Events

10 Iowa FFA Alumni Association Annual Conferences

6 Black Ties Blue Jackets Galas

1 National FFA Alumni Regional Development Events Conference *Numbers do not include numerous committee meetings, board meetings, State Officer preparations & rehearsals, or daily DMACC classes.



Honoring Iowa’s Oldest Past State Officer There is nothing more treasured than the blue corduroy jacket worn by FFA members as an honored symbol of the organization. It’s hard to imagine what FFA looked like before the infamous jacket first appeared at the 1933 National FFA Convention. For one past Iowa FFA State Officer, the wait for a jacket of his own has been nearly 85 years in the making. Paul Hassman of New Hampton, who celebrated his 106th birthday this year, is the oldest living past Iowa FFA State Officer; he was elected as the Vice President of the Iowa FFA Association in May 1934. At the time there were only 50 chapters in Iowa and fewer than 1,200 members. Of his FFA career, Paul said, “We went to Waterloo to catch the train to Des Moines and Kansas City for the convention. In our day, we didn’t really have much responsibility as officers, but we were proud of it. We were

just a bunch of farm kids, and I’m sure glad they let girls in.” As part of a partnership trip to north-central Iowa in 2019, the Iowa FFA State Officer Team and Foundation staff members visited Paul, an experience that had a profound effect on all who attended. Paul shared with the group how important they are as role models, stating, “In everything you do, someone is watching. It may be your brothers or sisters or someone younger than you; you need to do things right and work hard.” For 2019-2020 Iowa FFA President, Chandler Jahner, the connection between the past and the present was immediate. “This is one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had as an FFA member. To know that we, as officers, are following in the footsteps of people like Paul, who set the groundwork for us 85 years ago, is inspiring,” he noted. Agriculture has certainly 10

evolved since 1934, but according to Chandler, meeting Paul made him realize the core values for those of us involved in agriculture haven’t changed. “Our conversation with Paul focused on a hard work ethic, dedication and striving to love others; this is just as important to our society today as it was in 1934,” Chandler said. Paul Hassman grew up on a small farm near New Hampton, Iowa, during the Great Depression. His parents, both German immigrants, instilled in him old-world values, and when it was time for him to move from his country school to New Hampton High School in 1930, he joined an organization that was only two years old. “I drove a buggy to school for the first 30 days,” Paul added. “Until I knew some people who had cars, and I could ride with them.” For his Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) project, Paul

raised Spotted Poland hogs and in 1933, was the first member from New Hampton to earn his Iowa FFA Degree - known at that time as the Iowa Farmer Degree. After graduation, he attended Iowa State University where he met his future bride, Lucille, who later became a teacher. They settled back in New Hampton where they raised eight children, while Paul marketed grain and ran a trucking business delivering feed. “We never worked on Sundays,” he noted. When they began to wrap up that first visit, Paul asked to try on Chandler’s FFA jacket. While posing for photos with the group he remarked that it “fit him like a glove.” Despite being adopted as the Official Dress in 1933, the blue corduroy jacket, which cost $5.50 at the time, was not widely worn yet. Instead, Iowa’s State FFA Officers wore suits to any official events; saving every penny for tuition money was a higher priority during the Great Depression. After saying their good-byes and heading for the next tour stop, the four officers discussed the experience and quickly decided that Paul deserved his own FFA jacket. After phone calls with Jim Russ, the New Hampton FFA Advisor, as well as the assistance of the New Hampton FFA Alumni and Iowa FFA Association Staff, a crisp new FFA jacket with Paul’s name embroidered on the front arrived at the FFA Enrichment Center. New Hampton FFA, which had recently completed an expansion of their Ag Ed facility, put together a program to honor Paul. On October 13, 2019, the Iowa FFA State Officer Team, as well as members of the Iowa FFA Foundation staff and the New Hampton community showed up for a not-so-secret party. After formal introductions,

Iowa FFA President Chandler Jahner rose to the podium flanked by his fellow State FFA Officers. Chandler spoke about agriculture’s strong connection to the values of the past. “When Paul joined FFA, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president, the country was reeling from economic collapse and the agriculture industry was suffering from the Dust Bowl,” Chandler said. “Paul faithfully served the individuals who believed in the future of agriculture. It’s incredible to think about it today, so many years later.” “The blue corduroy jacket unites us as State Officers, as FFA members, as a family,” Chandler said during the presentation. “Today, we’re given an opportunity to unite the past and present by honoring Paul’s dedication. We’d like to present to you, Paul, your very own blue corduroy jacket.” The smile on Paul’s face stretched for miles as he rose with his new jacket in hand and quipped, “There’s a bunch of people here that knew what was going on, but to tell the truth, I didn’t know anything about this! I don’t know what to say.” After the ceremony, Chandler said, “To be able to recognize an FFA family member in that way, 11

to say this is how much we owe you, it means the absolute world to me.” When asked what wisdom he would impart to future generations of FFA members, Paul - wearing his brand new jacket - offered this advice: “Whatever you do, apply yourself and work at it. It’s our responsibility to help those who need help. Be a good neighbor and friend. Don’t be selfish and think too much of yourself.” Time continues to pass today as each new team leads the organization and slips on their crisp, blue corduroy jackets. Meanwhile, one of their predecessors wears his own proudly - most recently at his 106th birthday party. For one brief moment, two generations, while far apart in years, were united in a common goal and more than two lifetimes of memories.

PANDEMIC FORCES UNPRECEDENTED CHANGES It is no secret that in March 2020, our day-to-day life changed overnight. After a successful weekend where four of six FFA District Conventions were held, forces outside of anyone’s control soon cancelled any upcoming FFA and Team Ag Ed events. Credit must be given to the countless Iowa FFA staff, State and District Officers, advisors from across the state, and students as the focus shifted to revamping and discovering how to deliver vital programming without meeting in person. By the end of March, the Northeast and Southeast FFA Districts held virtual conventions to elect new District Officer teams and conduct career development events. The 2020 Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference was postponed indefinitely and on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the Iowa FFA State Officer Team, Iowa FFA Association, and Foundation staff packed up and headed to work from home as the FFA Enrichment Center doors were locked behind them. Finding the new normal continued throughout the summer when the Iowa FFA Foundation Golf Tournament’s

25th Anniversary was put on hold until 2021. The fundraising portion became known as the Mulligan Scholarship Drive; held completely online and exceeding its goal of funding full scholarships for the State Officer Team. With the cancellation of the Iowa Association of Agriculture Educators Summer Conference, Summer Skills CDEs, and the Iowa State Fair, we have all been searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. FFA Enrichment Center rentals began again as staff returned to work in June, although we miss having our usual crowds in the building every day. FFA members across the state started taking classes virtually and were burdened with the cancellation of so many special moments. However, they looked for ways to help support their local communities and anyone in need. They helped with food distribution, spent many hours at their jobs where they were considered essential workers, and helped with storm clean up after August’s unexpected derecho. These members spent time in their 12

local areas demonstrating the true meaning of “Living to Serve”, and most importantly, kept working on their SAE projects. These stories are the feel-good messages we all needed during such an uncertain time. One constant through all of these unknowns has been our partners and donors like you. From being flexible and understanding when some programs were delivered and others canceled, enabling us to shift dollars to other programs, push them until next year, or simply saying “make it a general donation”, your unwavering support of our mission, and the students we continue to champion has allowed us to keep pushing forward. The FFA Creed describes 2020 best with the words, “For I know the joys and discomforts of agricultural life and hold an inborn fondness for those associations which, even in hours of discouragement, I cannot deny.” Thank you for your continued support of Agricultural Education. You make a difference every day and we couldn’t do it without you!

ELSA SCHMIDT NAMED THE 2020 IOWA GOLDEN OWL AWARD WINNER In 2019, Nationwide partnered with the Iowa FFA Foundation to recognize outstanding agriculture educators, creating the Golden Owl Awards. Nominations come from students, fellow educators, and members of the public. Nominees are then vetted by a panel who select one outstanding agriculture educator from each of Iowa’s six FFA districts and one from Iowa’s post-secondary schools, who each receive a plaque and $500. Finalists then vie for the title of Iowa’s Outstanding Ag Educator, with the winner being presented a trophy and a check for $3,000. Elsa Schmidt, who is the Agriculture Educator and FFA Advisor at Mid-Prairie in Wellman, was selected as the 2020 recipient of the Golden Owl Award. The nominations she received noted the admiration felt by staff and students for her dedication. One nominator wrote: “This teacher is a tireless advocate and supporter for her students. She

focuses a great deal of energy on connecting with ALL of our students while attending many different events at our school. She leads our FFA program, which has been recognized locally and statewide as a top program. She currently has approximately 55 students in our FFA program and has established strong connections with all of these students. Her instruction in the classroom is “hands-on” and encourages a student-centered learning experience. In addition to her role as a teacher and FFA sponsor, she is an active teacher leader who serves on our Social and Wellness team, which provides support for teachers in and out of the classroom.” Another former student noted, “I first met this teacher when she became the ag educator and FFA advisor at Mid-Prairie and I was a student entering my junior year of high school. She was (and still is) an inspiration to me and countless others. She has a way 13

of connecting with students of diverse backgrounds and inspiring all to do more in and out of the classroom. She inspired me and many others to become ag educators. She currently has numerous former students across the state as agricultural educators in high school and collegiate settings.” For Elsa, the award was special in many ways. “This is an incredible thing. It’s very nice to be recognized for the things that I do every day, but that’s not at all why I do these things,” she said. “I have been so blessed to be able to work here with these kids. I feel very lucky.” Forming relationships with her students is a central part of her teaching philosophy. According to Elsa, “The big thing is finding a way to connect with every kid. It comes down to making sure that they get the opportunities they need, and deserve, then helping them be successful.”

T H A NK YO U TO O UR 201 9 -2020

IOWA FFA FOUNDATION CHECKOFF PROGRAM DONORS You can join them in donating 1/10th cent per bushel on grain marketed at Heartland Cooperative or Archer Cooperative by contacting your grain marketer today and asking to sign up for the Iowa FFA Foundation Check-Off!

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NEW AMES AG PROGRAM FILLS VALUABLE NEED When you think about Ames, Iowa, your first thoughts are probably about the popular Hickory Park or the beautiful campus of Iowa State University. It might surprise you to know that while Iowa State attracts students from around the world as a leader in agriculture, the Ames Community School District has never had an agricultural education program, until now. The Ames FFA Chapter is one of the 17 new programs in Iowa since 2018, bringing a new opportunity to students in one of Iowa’s largest metropolitan areas. The Ames Community School District boasts more than 4,400 students, with nearly 1,400 of them in the high school. In 2019, Ames superintendent, Jenny Risner, saw the need for an agriculture program and with the support of the Board of Education and community, they hired Emily Lair. Emily, a native of Estherville, noted that her first few months were extremely busy. “We had students in the classroom learning about agriculture, many of them for the first time.” The program began with a little over 100 students, which Emily says was a surprising start for a district that never had an Ag Ed program.

The program’s proximity to Iowa State University’s Learning Farms makes field trips very popular with students. They can see firsthand what they learn in the classroom from textbooks and the bovine artificial insemination simulator, provided by a CASE grant through the Iowa FFA Foundation. The Ames FFA Chapter was officially chartered in October 2019 and the first FFA jackets with “AMES” on the back soon arrived. While membership has started off small, the group hasn’t shied away from setting high expectations for their chapter. From planning and implementing National FFA Week, activities to taking part in contests, students have been working hard to show other students in the district what FFA is all about. “I was really proud that we had a student in almost every contest this year,” Emily said. “If you consider that most of the members had no idea what to expect, their willingness to try and work hard was something I’m really proud of.” Students’ leadership skills have grown, not only in FFA, but as a result of what students have been learning in the classroom as well. As part of their animal 15

science classes, they learn about animal welfare, a topic of interest to the students. She takes students through the food production chain where they learn about best practices and watch videos about harvesting animals for food, allowing them to see the full picture. “The section was only supposed to last a week or two,” Emily noted, “but the students were so engaged it lasted an entire month. I want students to see the truth and make up their own minds. I’m very open with them that there are unfortunate situations that occur, but those are very rare instances.” This education was invaluable when a student was shown a PETA in science class later in the year. The student explained to the educator that the information from the video wasn’t accurate, and had the facts and data to back it up. Agricultural education fills a need, not just in small, rural communities. By opening up the world of agriculture we educate the next generation of employees, the future of our industry. As for the Ames program, the future looks extremely promising.


STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION For The Year Ending In June 30, 2020



Current Assets Cash $700,279 Accounts Receivable (Net) $94,824 Contributions Receivable-Current (Net) $180,501 Inventory $8,177 Prepaid Expense $21,090 Total Current Assets $1,004,871

Current Liabilities Accounts Payable Security Deposits Accrued Expenses Note Payable Deferred Revenue Total Current Liabilities

Noncurrent Assets Investments - Endowment Funds $663,954 Contributions Receivable - Noncurrent $19,480 Total Noncurrent Assets $683,434

Noncurrent Liabilities Note Payable Accrued Interest Total Noncurrent Liabilities

Property & Equipment Buildings & Improvements Equipment Less: Accumulated Depreciation Total Property & Equipment



$13,864,548 $547,475 $(4,189,634) $10,222,389

$88,678 $20,207 $11,425 $65,407 $11,740 $197,457

$3,400,000 $2,689,483 $6,089,483


Net Assets (Unrestricted) Net Assets Without Donor Restrictions $5,387,634 Net Assets With Donor Restrictions $236,120








STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES For The Year Ending In June 30, 2020

SUPPORT & REVENUE Support & Revenue Sales of Promotional Items (Net) Proceeds Contributions & Grants Rental & Related Income Net Investment Income (Loss) Other Support & Revenue Total Support & Revenue




17,436 17,436 697,541 697,541 304,006 304,006 (13,408) (13,408) 12,579 12,579 714,148 304,006 1,018,154

EXPENSES Programmatic Expense Iowa FFA Association Iowa Professional Ag Students (PAS) Iowa FFA Alumni Association Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators CASE Curriculum Events Enrichment Center - General Expense Enrichment Center - Depreciation Enrichment Center - Interest Expense

160,343 8,500 6,100 12,798 140,159 31,812 148,908 356,003 171,664

160,343 8,500 6,100 12,798 140,159 31,812 148,908 356,003 171,664

Management & General Expense Fundraising Expense Other Expense

Total Expenses Change in Net Assets Net Assets Beginning of Year Net Assets End of Year

692,204 676,575 1,368,779 (350,625) 5,974,379 5,623,754

211,967 120,525 0


211,967 120,525 0


The Stars Over Iowa Award Program recognizes FFA members who have outstanding involvement in all components of the three-circle model: Classroom/Laboratory, Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), and FFA. Students can apply in one of the four star areas: agribusiness, agricultural placement, agricultural production, and agriscience. Students who qualify for their Iowa FFA Degree in the same year are eligible to compete in this award area. The finalists are interviewed and an overall winner is selected and recognized. The Stars Over Iowa Program is made possible with generous support from Beck’s Hybrids through the Iowa FFA Foundation.



The 2020 Star in Ag Placement is Gabe Knobloch of the West Lyon FFA Chapter at Inwood. Through his SAE, Gabe has learned both effective time management and the value of a strong work ethic. Both come in handy while working at Fly’n K Berkshires. After graduation, Gabe plans to attend Lake Area Technical Institute and study Aviation Maintenance Technology.

The 2020 Star in Agriscience is Chase Krug of the Linn-Mar FFA Chapter. Chase has completed fourteen research projects, including one as a USDA Wallace-Carver Fellow at Purdue University in the USDA-ARS Crop Production and Pest Control Research Unit. After completing his Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University, Chase plans to pursue a Ph.D. and become an agriscience researcher.



Collin Witte of the West Fork FFA Chapter is the 2020 Star in Agribusiness. Collin owns and manages Collin’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal. His company maintains many churches, cemeteries, and residential lawns. After high school, Collin plans to attend community college before transferring to Iowa State University.

Blake Frascht of the Charles City FFA Chapter is the 2020 Star in Ag Production. Blake’s SAE consists of a partnership with his dad in their beef cow/calf, feeder cattle, and crop production operation. After high school, he plans to stay on the family farm and further expand the operation.


NEW LOOK AND SUPPORT FOR RISING STAR PROGRAM Farris George, a charter member of the Kelley FFA Chapter, fondly remembered being a member during the early years of the FFA organization. In 1929, he and other members rode the train to Kansas City, Missouri to attend the 2nd National FFA Convention. That experience changed his life. After his passing, his family provided a gift in his memory to the United FFA Alumni Chapter near Boone. Beginning in 1993, members of the United FFA Alumni Chapter selected a freshman FFA member from each of Iowa’s six districts to compete for the title of Rising Star; presented annually at the Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference. Over the years, students in the finalist pool have included eighteen future state officers, two future state presidents, one future national officer, and five future agriculture educators. Money from that first gift provided medals for each finalist and a plaque for the state winner. In 2019, the Rising Star Award was revamped to include new rules and rebranded to honor Farris George. It was then that the Iowa FFA Alumni Board of Directors took interest in supporting the project and made a $20,000 pledge

to permanently endow the award. Their gift, payable over four years, further enhances their commitment to supporting student achievement at all levels. Nate Gibson, Iowa FFA Alumni President spoke of the importance of endowing the award. “We as a board truly believe that the future of agriculture lies within those who wear the blue corduroy, and by endowing the Rising Star Award, we are ensuring that those members can continue to make strides for the future of American agriculture.” The Iowa FFA Alumni is no stranger to working with endowments. In December 2017, they started their first endowment with money from lifetime memberships. This initial gift, and subsequent gifts every year, fund the Iowa FFA Alumni Endowment, which provides funding for Alumni activities and hopefully will be able to fund their entire operation someday. That endowment has grown to more


than $30,000. With the ability of other groups and individuals to contribute to that endowment, it should continue to see growth far into the future. Just one of many endowment opportunities available, the Farris George Rising Star Endowment Fund gift will fund the award each year for generations to come; not only recognizing the achievement and potential of FFA members but also perpetuating the memory of Farris George.

FFA MEMBER PUTS SKILLS TO WORK When you think back to your teen years, you were asked often, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For one FFA member, her early dreams of being a neonatologist to appearing in print in an eastern Iowa newspaper wasn’t the typical path, but in the end, provided her with a clear direction for her future in agriculture. Growing up on the farm with two older brothers, Kesley Holdgrafer was excited to finally become a big sister. When her brother Luke was born prematurely while on a family trip in Canada, she witnessed how doctors and nurses helped her brother overcome those early challenges. She decided working in a neonatal unit would allow her to help others. However, her plan started to shift when she was asked to be a part of a local Current Ag Concerns Media group in eastern Iowa. Learning how to effectively communicate and advocate for agriculture provided Kesley with a new passion. It wasn’t long before she was interviewing leaders in the ag industry for a weekly podcast

and local radio show on KCLN out of Clinton, Iowa. As her skills began to grow, she was asked to write an article for the Farm Bureau Spokesman. She was originally going to write about her involvement in FFA but chose another agriculture-related topic instead. Her article resonated with readers as she wove in stories about life on the family farm. The response from that first article was so great that she was given her own column. Today, Kesley’s Corral appears regularly in the Spokesman, reaching 11 eastern Iowa counties. In her column, she focuses on what is happening on her family’s crop and cattle operation near Bryant, Iowa, and often writing about her family or any events she is attending, including a once in a lifetime opportunity as a reporter at the PRCA National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. For Kesley, the opportunity has taught her some valuable lessons. “I have to be really good with time management, meeting deadlines, and getting things done around all of the other activities I’m involved with,” she noted. “I have the ability to think 20

and talk on my feet because of it,” she said, “I never dreamed I would have the ability to walk up to and talk with agriculture industry leaders and connect with them on a personal level during interviews.” Kesley’s mother, Lisa, laughs as she points out that her daughter has become a local celebrity. “She gets cards and letters about her column,” Lisa said. “Her grandfather even carries her columns around to show everyone he talks to.” The valuable career skills she has gained earned her the 2020 Iowa FFA Agriculture Communications Proficiency Award sponsored by Iowa Farmer Today, but she says the real reward has been in the confidence she has gained. For Kesley, her final year of high school this year will lead her to Iowa State University, where she will major in Ag Communications. Her achievements in personal growth have set the path for her career, and it is certain that she will continue to connect and advocate for the agriculture industry far into the future.

6TH ANNUAL BLACK TIES BLUE JACKETS GALA SMASHES RECORDS! A record crowd of more than 400 supporters gathered on February 22, 2020, at the FFA Enrichment Center for the 6th Annual Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala. The event, presented by Nationwide, brought together individuals and companies who support agricultural education in Iowa to celebrate the achievements of our students. During the social hour, guests took time to view and bid on more than $14,000 worth of silent auction items. New for this event was the option to bid on the silent auction from their cell phone, with bidding open the week prior to the Gala. The mobile bidding platform, provided by BigIron Auctions, allowed the crowd to bid from the comfort of their tables and added to the excitement of the evening as phones constantly buzzed, notifying bidders that they had been outbid. Mobile bidding was proven to be a success when it

was announced that the silent auction total alone had doubled from previous years. During dinner, provided by our friends at Great Caterers of Iowa and the Iowa Pork Producers Association, attendees heard from United States Senator Joni Ernst, Iowa Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg, Iowa FFA Champion Creed Speaker Tyler Louden, and Iowa FFA Champion Prepared Public Speaker Averie Hascall. Iowa FFA Foundation Board President, Keith Soltwedel, announced that with the help of an anonymous donor, all funds raised to support Team Ag Ed programming would be matched 50 cents on the dollar, which would go towards paying off the note on the FFA Enrichment Center. The Heads and Tails contest was a heated affair, with contestants trying to predetermine the flip of a coin until one person was left standing 21

in the room. This year’s winner, Eric Weuve, took home a $250 cash prize for correctly guessing each round. Julie Baudler was the lucky winner of the raffle prize; $500 in gift cards, thanks to the generosity of the Ankeny-area Hy-Vee stores. The live auction was fast and furious as the evening reached the pinnacle with the Reverse Raffle for a Henry Golden Boy American Farmer Edition Rifle, won by Chris Bursiek. Local Ankeny band, Nice Bangs, entertained the group and concluded the evening as more than $88,000 was raised setting a new record! Thank you to the many donors, supporters, and friends who made the event possible. The 7th Annual event is scheduled to be held Saturday, February 20, 2021.

DORDT STUDENTS BUILD RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH PAS Among the farms and small towns in northwest Iowa, one might not expect to find a diverse university that attracts students from across the United States. However, that is exactly what you find when you walk onto the Dordt University campus in Sioux Center. With around 1,500 students, Dordt has made great strides to support its students who are interested in future careers in agriculture since hiring its first agriculture instructor in 1977. After 40 years, the agriculture program has grown to include a state-of-the-art science and technology building and the recently-opened $5 million Agricultural Stewardship Center, two miles away from campus. The Agricultural Stewardship Center is the cornerstone of 320 acres of hands-on student learning, including acres for row crops, a Black Angus cattle herd, a machinery maintenance facility, and a welding lab. It isn’t only the new facility that draws students to Dordt’s program, but the message of stewardship is emphasized in each course.

“Our instructors really highlight being good stewards of the land and the things we produce,” said Aubriana Vander Woude, a junior from California. “That message is very important to our industry and to the students here.” Of the nearly 160 students who study agriculture at Dordt, nearly all of them are members of Dordt’s Ag Club which also allows them to be members of Professional Ag Students of Iowa (PAS). The Ag Club is not only extremely popular with the students, but also with the Sioux Center community. Their Ag Day, held each spring, attracts more than 400 school-age children from the surrounding area and is open to members of the university and community as well. Students plan and execute this hands-on learning event, exhibiting everything from equipment, livestock, and even conservation efforts to help participants understand how their food is produced. The Ag Club, as a gateway to PAS, makes perfect sense for Agriculture Department Chair Gary De Vries, “PAS competitions 22

P S are a great way to measure how our students fare against other schools of different sizes.” De Vries noted the first year that Dordt PAS students attended the PAS Spring Conference in Des Moines, they weren’t sure what to expect but wound up placing 3rd nationally in the College Bowl competition, which tests students on overall agriculture knowledge. For Gretchen Lee, who came to Dordt from Ohio, PAS provides real opportunities for students to test their knowledge. “In my experience, FFA contests were based more on memorizing what you learned in the classroom. The PAS contests are based on realworld events and make us rely on our knowledge to find a solution.” Students also appreciate the opportunity to interact with the judges who come from many different sectors of agriculture. De Vries agrees, “Agriculture is largely based on building relationships. Our students find that building these relationships working with local agricultural companies or interacting through PAS helps them to understand the real problem-solving skills we teach in the classroom.”

SAE PROJECT EXEMPLIFIES “LIVING TO SERVE” There aren’t many community events across Iowa where you won’t find an FFA member volunteering. In the small town of Wyoming, among the rolling hills of eastern Iowa, one FFA member has taken service to a higher level. As a child, Kristina Agnitsch spent many hours at the Wyoming Fairgrounds and Park, which not only has been home to the Wyoming Fair since 1957, but also serves as the town park and gathering space. For the last seven years, Kristina has volunteered there, helping clean the grounds. On one of her trips to pull weeds from the playground, she noticed that the 50-year-old playground equipment was starting to show its age. She began to consider how new equipment could provide years of entertainment to even more families and children. After researching the cost of new equipment, she met with members of the Wyoming Fair

Association to develop a plan. With their approval, Kristina started raising funds to reach her $45,000 goal. From trivia nights, to bake sales, to community donations, Kristina’s hard work and determination paid off with more than $31,000 raised in just a year and a half. With over twothirds of her goal raised, she and the rest of the Wyoming community looked forward to the new equipment, only to have the COVID-19 pandemic cause a significant price increase for steel and thwart her efforts. This setback hasn’t deterred Kristina from reaching her goal. “We had to postpone some of our fundraisers and the price of the equipment went from $45,000 to $60,000” Kristina noted. “We changed our plans a bit, so we will install half of the equipment later this summer and the rest as we get the funding.” 23

Kristina’s volunteering spirit and her drive to pay it forward earned her top honors in the Iowa FFA Service Learning Proficiency Award. “This is home to me,” Kristina said, “I want to make sure that future generations have the opportunity to make memories here, just like I did.”

“This is home to me. I want to make sure

that future generations

have the opportunity to make memories here, just like I did.”


Allows More Students to Attend Greenhand Fire-Up The first real experience beyond the classroom for most FFA members is a trip to Greenhand Fire-Up (GFU). The short-course camps provide new members the opportunity to learn about all that FFA membership has to offer, how to effectively communicate when meeting new people, and provide the basis for leadership skills as they begin their FFA careers. Facilitated by Iowa FFA State and District Officer teams, with help from past officers, GFU is held every fall in each of Iowa’s six districts. Locations of the events, depending on the district, are either at the same site every year or rotate to a new host school district. In years past, chapters paid a small fee to cover workbooks, a t-shirt, and a meal for each member.

In 2019, our friends at Hoegemeyer Hybrids stepped forward to be a part of the magic for new FFA members. Through their generous gift, all six GFUs were fully funded; allowing FFA chapters across Iowa to send students free of charge. What happened over the course of a month can best be described as a “bin buster” of student attendance! A record 2,056 FFA Members from 164 chapters attended, each of them sporting their first FFA event t-shirt and GFU workbook with the Hoegemeyer logo proudly displayed. The visibility of that partnership continues as students still sport the 2,056 roaming Hoegemeyer billboards on their shirts at FFA functions and in their everyday activities. For Bob Warnemunde, Hoegemeyer East Sales Team 24

Lead, the photos from the events and thank you notes that rolled in from across the state showed the impact of their partnership. “We were very pleased to partner with the Iowa FFA. As part of Corteva Agriscience, the premier agronomic and crop protection company based in the U.S., we feel that it just makes sense for us to invest in the youth of agriculture. The flood of thank you cards, handwritten by so many of your FFA members, was overwhelming and very appreciated. We look forward to our next opportunity to support the Iowa FFA”. Partnership opportunities, like Greenhand Fire-Up, not only provide excellent visibility and brand awareness but also set students on a firm path to developing their skills as they start their FFA careers.

FFA MEMBERS CONTINUE TO EARN HIGH HONORS Since 1987, Pioneer has sponsored the Iowa FFA Degree for members who have met the necessary requirements to earn the degree. The Iowa FFA Degree is the highest degree that can be bestowed upon an FFA member by the Iowa FFA Association. Only 5% of FFA members in Iowa earn this degree by meeting the following requirements: being an FFA member for at least 24 months, completing at least 2 years of agricultural education instruction, as well as earning and investing at least $1,500, or working at least 375 hours in a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program. Due to COVID-19, this year’s 696

recipients were unable to walk across the stage to receive their gold charm so they were recognized digitally. Nothing should take away from the pride of accomplishment that each of these young people feels. We are extremely proud of their efforts and congratulate them on this important step in their FFA journey. The Iowa FFA Degree Program would not be possible without the continued partnership with our friends at Pioneer and Corteva Agriscience. The video recognition of the 2020 Iowa FFA Degree recipients can be viewed on the Iowa FFA Association Youtube page.



MARILYN STORBECK Merry Christmas Grandma! Jenna Huntley


GARY A. BERNAU 1958-1959 Iowa FFA Secretary Sandy Griffin Dixie Jensen


Kent Rosenberg

ROGER SCHONHORST MEMORIAL Michael Aitken Brad Alleman Carol Alleman Merle Brendeland Rev. Kevin “Boo” Brown Rodney Burt Centene Corporation Shri & Mary Cheddie Nancy Conway Elwell Inc

James Mathis Miller Pharmacy Brad & Joyce Moeckly Ike & Vicki Moeckly Wayne A. Nattress Steven Nichols Carrie Pearson Gary Reinhart James Roth Susan Schaudt

Jeff Fight Bill Frederick George Guffey Tracey Hildreth John Hillebo Scott Hillebo Kenneth & Carol Howard Thomas Jones Ken & Rosalie Lund Dorothy Mathis


David Schonhorst Gary Schonhorst Gloria Sinclair Miller Faith Stipanovich Nupur Talwar Dennis Thompson Brian Tomlinson Debra Wilfon Corrie Richard Yarrow

STUDENTS SHOWCASE CAREER SUCCESS IN 46 AREAS Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects, have developed specialized skills they can apply toward their future careers. While every award area is different, there is a specific set of skills that can be learned in each area. Participation in any area makes student members valuable assets for the agriculture industry and their future employers. This year’s winners were able to effectively demonstrate the proficiencies they mastered. Nicole Schilling of the Beckman Catholic FFA Chapter at Dyersville is the winner of Agriscience Research-Plant Systems sponsored by MinnTex Citrus. Nicole dedicated three years and invested 375 hours in researching plant systems. She created a new antimicrobial agent using hops, which could eventually be used to help protect crops against gray/white molds

and other microbes that affect plant development. The winner of Dairy Production Entrepreneurship, sponsored by the Iowa FFA Foundation, is Faith Palmer of the Little Switzerland FFA Chapter. Faith increased her organic dairy herd from two to nine head. She has learned to manage her herd by identifying health issues, as well as developing quality feed rations. Maintaining her organic status and increasing milk components have been a significant focus, so far she has increased the average herd butterfat production from 4.1% to 4.4%. Joshua Hefflefinger of the Grinnell FFA Chapter is the winner of Specialty Animal Production, sponsored by DeWitt Central FFA Alumni. Joshua has grown his operation from a single fish tank to 12, allowing him to house 12 different species of fish. He even conducted his own fish auction and, to this day, has sold 26

700 fish. After graduation, he wants to pursue a job as a DNR officer and expand his SAE project into his own aquatic store. The Wildlife Production & Management award, sponsored by the Iowa Division Izaak Walton League, went to Hunter Cummings of North Fayette Valley FFA. He transformed a pasture into a thick forest, turning 300 acres of farmland into 25 acres of food plots and 275 acres of CRP ground. Each year he has cut and baled the hay, spending a total of 461 hours over three years. Andrew Van Nice of the Muscatine FFA Chapter is the winner of Forage Production, sponsored by Triple “A” Seeds. Andrew rents eight acres where he grows alfalfa. In 2019, he produced over 900 bales on these acres. Andrew has learned how to incorporate pest management, as well as how to maintain his own equipment.


Equine Science – Entrepreneurship Sponsored by Iowa State University Block & Bridle Taylor McCreedy, Atlantic FFA Equine Science – Placement Sponsored by Iowa Horse Council Bianca Sponseller, Nevada FFA Fiber &/or Oil Crop Production Sponsored by Iowa Soybean Association & the Soybean Checkoff Tristen Liebe, North Linn FFA at Troy Mills

Agricultural Communications Sponsored by Iowa Farmer Today Kesley Holdgrafer, Northeast FFA at Goose Lake

Forage Production Sponsored by Triple “A” Seeds Andrew Van Nice, Muscatine FFA

Agricultural Education Sponsored by Iowa State University Department of Agriculture Education & Studies Kaitlyn Bean, North Linn FFA at Troy Mills

Forest Management & Products Sponsored by MinnTex Citrus, Inc. Minnesota Levi Lauer, North Fayette Valley FFA at West Union

Agricultural Mechanics Design & Fabrication Sponsored by CF Industries Carly Palmer, Little Switzerland FFA at Waukon

Fruit Production Sponsored by 4 Seasons Fundraising Carson Brinks, South Winneshiek FFA at Calmar

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance – Entrepreneurship Austin Jaegar, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Goat Production Sponsored by Iowa Meat Goat Association Kayla Beyer, Pella FFA

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance – Placement Lane Melllencamp, Brokaw FFA at Clarinda

Grain Production Blake Meyer, West Lyon FFA at Inwood

Agricultural Proccessing Chad Bishop, West Delaware FFA at Manchester

Landscape Management Collin Witte, West Fork FFA at Sheffield

Agricultural Sales – Entrepreneurship Sponsored by Wyffles Hybrids Collin Knipper, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Nursery Operations Tailin Knobloch, West Lyon FFA at Inwood Organic Agriculture Sponsored by J.Ward Organics LLC Abigail Welter, Cascade FFA

Agricultural Sales – Placement Sponsored by Wyffles Hybrids Payten Lehmann, North Fayette Valley FFA at West Union

Outdoor Recreation Sponsored by Iowa Trappers Association Katherine Grebner, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Agricultural Services Sponsored by Landus Cooperative Kirk Moser, West Lyon FFA at Inwood

Poultry Production Abbigail Bean, Sioux Central FFA at Sioux Rapids

Agriscience Research – Animal Systems Kaitlyn Doedken, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Service Learning Kristina Agnitsch, Midland FFA at Wyoming

Agriscience Research – Integrated Systems Sponsored by Milt Luckstead Sr. Sean Kluesner, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Sheep Production Sponsored by Iowa Club Lamb Association Theresa Crawford, Grinnell FFA

Agrscience Research – Plant Systems Sponsored by MinnTex Citrus, Inc. Nicole Schilling, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Small Animal Production & Care Kristi Bries, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville

Beef Production – Entrepreneurship Ty Schoelerman, Spencer FFA

Specialty Animal Production Sponsored by DeWitt Central FFA Alumni Joshua Hefflefinger, Grinnell FFA

Beef Production – Placement Jordan Klarenbeek, West Lyon FFA at Inwood

Specialty Crop Production Abigail Welter, Cascade FFA

Dairy Production – Entrepreneurship Faith Palmer, Little Switzerland FFA at Waukon

Swine Production – Entrepreneurship Sponsored by Iowa Pork Producers Association Kabe Boysen, Wapello FFA

Dairy Production – Placement Amber Engelken, Maquoketa Valley FFA at Delhi Diversified Agriculture Production Sponsored by Hertz Farm Management Blake Frascht, Charles City FFA

Swine Production – Placement Sponsored by HogSlat - Midwest Division Gabe Kooiker, Central Lyon FFA at Inwood

Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship Sponsored by Iowa Crop Improvement Association Jordan Balderston, Alburnett FFA

Turfgrass Management Sponsored by Iowa Turfgrass Institute Brady Gehl, Cascade FFA

Diversified Crop Production – Placement Nathan Kroeger, Carroll Area FFA

Vegetable Production Sponsored by 4 Seasons Fundraising Corbin Wolfe, Red Oak FFA

Diversified Horticulture Dalton Hanenburg, North Scott FFA at Eldridge

Veterinary Science Conner Becker, Maquoketa FFA

Diversified Livestock Production Zachary Schoelerman, Spencer FFA

Wildlife Production & Management Sponsored by Iowa Division Izaak Walton League Hunter Cummings, North Fayette FFA at West Union

Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management Kayla Bonert, Beckman Catholic FFA at Dyersville



Mike & Sue Beukema Paul Bierschenk $2,500 - $4,999 Jessica Brady Ag Ventures Alliance Amy Brown American Family Insurance John & Shelly Brown Doug & Jenny Becker Reverend Kevin Brown BigIron Michele Brown Eddie & Renae Chesnut Danny Burke CornerPost Marketing Ronald Buroughs Cylosoft, Inc James & Barbara Bushman Josh & Hannah Earll Jim & Lisa Calvert Freeman Lindsay Calvert Hinshaw Trailer Sales Billy J. Carpenter Hy-Vee Inc. Chicago Cubs Iowa Ag. Tag License Plates Paul Christiansen Iowa Farmer Today Publications Tyler Comes Craig Johnson Craig Constable Mycogen Seeds Jack & Jonell Cook Ranco Kent Davidson Titan Machinery Decker Manufacturing Co Zoetis James DeKeryel Des Moines Symphony Patrick & Megan Diedrich $1,000 - $2,499 Dave & Ellen Doese 4 Seasons Fundraising Ken Doyle Bankers Trust Company Zachary Drape Brownells Mark Drost CapTrust Financial Advisors Mark Dvorak Carroll Area FFA Chapter Matthew & Carol Eddy Casey’s General Store Billy & Karen Elrod Dahlberg Portraits Elwell Inc Furst-McNess Company Andy Erickson Jim & Irene Gardner Nelson Findling Scot & Carolyn Harold Caleb G. Finnegan Informa Daniel Folsom Iowa State University Edith Fortmann-Comley Block & Bridle Club Daniel & Diana Frieberg Landus Cooperative Friendly Acres Farm Larry & Barbara Lykins Martin Furst MinnTex Citrus, Inc Larry Geerts Matt & Lisa Meline Nathan & Kim Gibson New Cooperative Foundation Gary Goering John & Kelli Peters Brad C. Greiman Spokesman Press Dusty & Amber Greiman Scott & Tina Starkweather Sandy Griffin Krista Soda Paul Grovert U.S. Bank $100 - $249 Angie Hall John J. Wacha A & M Farms, Inc. Justin & Beth Hansen Wallaces Farmer $250 - $499 Ben Abatti Keith Harlan Wyffels Hybrid Matt Adams Michael Aitken Hawkeye Breeders Service, Inc Richard & Cathy Ayers Kyle Allee Mikyla Hefti Bayer CropScience (Monsanto) Ames Convention Dale Henke $500 - $999 Tyler & Melanie Bettin & Visitors Bureau Dee Hense ACGC FFA Chapter Bob Brown Buick-GMC Robert Amos Chris Heshner AgriSync Boone A&M FFA Chapter Barry & Melanie Anderson Scott Hillebo Archer Daniels Mary Brincks Randall Anderson Randel Hiscocks Midland Company Steven Brockshus Richard A. Anderson Lurlin & Connie Hoelscher BBS Architects Engineers William & Diane Brown Ashley Armstrong Rick Hogg Jason & Alisha Berkland Central Lee FFA Chapter Charles & Marilyn Arnburg Doug Holliday Wendy Burkholder Elliot Cobb Auwaerter Farms Dennis & Janet Hosek Chris & Sarah Bursiek Matthew & Erin Cumings Brian & Jennie Bailey Bill Hughs Catch Des Moines Terry Davis Rick Ballinger Darryl Hull Central Plains FFA Chapter Richard & Nancy Degner Christine Bean Jenna Huntley CF Industries Kevin Diehl Rex & Cheryl Behnke Iowa Charolais Breeders Shri & Mary Cheddie Jon Ebert Jim Behrens Association Steve & Jan Conrad Andrew Edson Dennis & Rhonda Bell Iowa Events Center DeWitt Central Executive Ag Recruiting Benton County Corn Growers David Jacobson FFA Alumni Association Advisors, Inc. Benton County Dairy Producers Monica Janssen Edmund & Malinda Dietzel Dwayne D. Faidley Bernardo Castro Jim White Inc. Mike & Angie Dillon


Steve England Marji Guyler-Alaniz Robert & Maureen Hanson Hertz Farm Management Inc. Doug Hlas & Marla Clark-Hlas Hog Slat - Midwest Division Iowa Club Lamb Association Iowa Crop Improvement Association Iowa Division Izaak Walton League Iowa Horse Council Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association Iowa Speedway Iowa Trappers Association Iowa Turfgrass Institute J. Ward Organics LLC Erin Leifker Bob & Barbara Leonard Mackenzie Lewis Vance Lundell Lynnville-Sully FFA Chapter Russ & Karen Manternach Scott & Alice Meldrum MinnTex Citrus MN National Swine Registry Renee H. Neddermeyer Neumann Brother, Inc Casey & Tammy Niemann Oasis HR Peoples Company Polk County Farm Bureau Randy & Jennifer Ramundt William & Julie Rooney Fredrik & Gemma Sandberg Clark Schoening Keith & Barb Sexton Zoie A. Shook Thomas & Holli Striegel Thrivent Triple A Seeds John Van Ryswyk Wapello FFA Chapter Hannah Weesner Eric Weuve

Steven Farmer FarmHer Jeff Fight Jerry Flint Chad C. Fry Dr. Larry Hageman Joe & Shelley Heinrich Frank & Trish Holdmeyer Carrie Jorgensen Key Cooperative Gerald R. Kinney Tony Klemm Marelle Knudsen Chris & Ann Latham Ann Leonard Lowe’s Home Improvement (Ames) Joe Maloy Laura Mehlhaus Perfect Pie LLC Clinton & Carol Pilcher Joshua & Caitlin Remington Martin & Jo Reynolds Tim & Emily Rhoades Joshua Roberts Rod Rosenow Kory Ross Rick Sander Scheels Snap On Tools Mark Stock Janae Tapper Theisen Supply Inc. Mark A. Thompson Lowell Tiedt The Winery at Kirkwood Michael Tupper Michael & Susan Ugulini Molly Vincent Dan & Tamera Warnke Bryon Weesner Benjamin & Allison Zelle Ronald & Mary Beth Zelle





THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS Alberta Jirak Jeremy & Jeni Johnson Bruce & Deena Jones Tim & Brenda Kapucian Dann Kemmann Jayson Kingsbury Mike Kisling Arna Kitzmann Paul G. Klimesh Duane Klink Carolyn Knittle Alan Lamborn Thomas A. Landis LaVerne Lee Barbara Lemmer Susan Lensch Jim Liska Dean Luft Jerald Lukensmeyer Ken & Rosalie Lund Lundell Plastics Corporation Terry Main Manning Farms Jaclynne Maranell Byron & Judith Martin Dr. Robert A. Martin Christopher Marzen Dorothy Mathis E.R. & Lois McCloney Ryan & Becky McCullough Craig & Lisa McEnany James L. McLeland Lynn Meade Judi Meinhardt Meyocks Mark & Lisa Miller Josh & Darci Minor Brad & Joyce Moeckly David Mulder Wayne A. Nattress Chad Newton Steven & Leslie Nichols Noce Dennis Oliver Bradley D. Olson Wade Paeltz Craig Payne Melvin Pennington Chris Peterson J.R. & Lisa Peterson Tom & Linda Pirkl Gary Reinhart Residence Inn by Mariott Mike & Dawn Retallick Scott Richeal Tyler Riglas Kent Rosenberg Adam Rosentreter Steve Roth Marlon Rudolph Jim & Sandra Russ Brian Sander Stacey Sanderson Chris Schulte John & Kristen Schweitzer Adam Seabert Kyle Danielle Sexton Larry Sharer Jaime & Teresa Shelton

Eric Small Smithfield Foods Adam Snodgrass Mike Sobotka SpecCast Collectibles Dale Spencer Bill Spratt St. Ansgar FFA Chapter Neil & Nancy Stadlman Glenn & Ginger Sterk Katie Stien Ryan Stien Verlyn Strellner Jim & Vickie Striegel John Strong & Carole Gandy-Strong Dennis & Pauline Sweet Bret Thies Robert Thomas Brian Tomlinson Toy Farmer Publications Tractor Supply Company David & Jacqueline Van Ahn Ronnette Vondrak Kenny & Diane Wenger Mark Wilden Winneshiek County Cattlemen Yuan Xi Debra Zelle Nolan Zumbach

PARTNER $1 - $99

North Forty Farms, Inc Dwaine Alexander Larry Almond Mark & Vicky Bierstedt Travis Bitner Charles Bogaard Rex Borcherding Junior H. Bowers Robert G. Braasch Randolph J. Bray Jerry & Sheila Brown Jim Buldhaupt Ronald J. Carlson Debra Carroll-Jones William Casady Harold Comstock Kevin Coon Randy Cooper Ken & Eileen Denekas Glenn Dodd Ed Donaldson Gary L. Downey Dean Dyson East Buchanan FFA Chapter Patti Edge Judy Faust Bob & Deborah Fett Bob Flaherty Kathi Florea Debra Frank Dean Gerzema Roger & Judy Griffin Ronald Hagedorn David Henningsen John & B. Elizabeth Hiel Cordt Holub


Tyler Hough Duane Hoversten Duane Hueneke Mike Huff Greg Kinser Justin Kluck Keith Komprood Merlin Kooistra Beryl Kyner Loretta Lauer Bruce Lindle Bronson Lump Devin Maurer Jerry W. Mez Aaron Miers Layne & Erin Murty W Oltrogge David & Cindy Pint Lee & Marilyn Purdy Mark Putney LeRoy R. Raabe Richard & Roxanne Reinig Warren A. Reiser Cheryl C. Ries James R. Stacy Wayne Stewart Mark A. Stoaler Glen Vander Hart Doug Veenstra Ted Waldock Joe Warrick Rhonda Wehr Dan Westercamp Wayne & Cathy Weuve Randy Wohlers Larry “Bud” W. Garner Wade Hutchison Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse Ezra Kies Ryan & Nichole Onken Dakota Pitts Leo Haack B & C Burk Don & Dorothy Faidley Kurt & Melissa Hageman Iowa State Fair Andrew Lauver Wig & Pen - Ankeny Michael L. Helland Stanislav Myakkiev Karen Adam Howard Cakerice Jay Dekker Lee Finlee Jacob Fox Curt Frazee Tom Good Darrell & Evadne Goodhue Scott Grinter Tim Havens Robert Helton Wayne & MaryAn Huit Mike Isley Robert Johnson Richard Lee Max Leyda Wayne Mabeus Janet K. Maiers Gary & Wanda Mickle

Paul Moreland Gary Mundy Bill Outhouse Larry Phillips Paul Prose Beth Schmidt Joe Schwartzhoff Gary Silva Carrie Snieder Ray Stephan Travis Tedrow James Tegner Dennis Uitermarkt Jerry Van Waardhuizen Kyle Van Zante Brian Watson Aaron & Keri Anderson Eric Drobny Adair Feed & Grain Co., Inc. Paul E. Guy Jason Dalton Kendall Helmers Justin Lockwood Robert Scott Jason Davis Jon & Linda Matson Nupur Talwar Jim Thrasher Ankeny Community Theatre D & B Henning Farms, Inc. Robert Anderson Hush Massage & Skin Care LLC Lyle H. Wrage James D. Doyle Michael Lovell Doyle Drake Brent Findley Marvin & Karen Hoskey Trisha Snodgrass Dan Taylor Ronald D. Steenhoek Andrew J. Geer Collins Production Inc. Chris & Susan Boyens Joseph L. Ertl Kayla Kaalberg Scott Kirstein Charlie & Shawna Snuggs Rolland Roberts Vincent McFadden Steven Lee Mike Kaufman Hillebo Family Farms, Inc. Adam Hill Gordon Anderson Bryan Blauwet Jacob & Lindsay Bolson Mary Boote Centene Corporation Sara Clifton Nancy Conway Brent & Deborah Donohoe Dots Gallery & Frame Shop Steve & Denise Ferreira Megan Gienger Thomas Goodhue Dale & Dawn Gruis George & Marcia Guffey Katie Hall

THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS Jane Herrmann Tracey Hildreth Dixie Jensen Ed Keuning Miller Pharmacy Ike & Vicki Moeckly Drew Mogler Rodney Mulder Joe Pyle John Schneider Gloria Sinclair Miller James & Vista Smid Faith Stipanovich Dr. Camille Telleen Alan Tokheim Clint Trebon Ed & Nikki Wiederstein Kenneth Folkmann Chad Hafkey Aaron M. Burchland Mariah Hainline Hotger Farms Dennis Fitzi Jeff Lyall Thomas Brewer Hunter Bros. Inc. Nichole Henrich James Mathis Bailey Steffen Jacob Van Horn Stanley C. Schaaf AmazonSmile Donations Beckman Catholic Kevin Butt & Honoria Balogh Don & Norma Dyson James Engstler Kenneth Harrison Matt Hense Johnnie Hoggatt Dennis Jans Roy & Shiloh Johnson Logan Kelly Richard & Faith Martin Edward Patterson Charles Peahl George Steuart Matthew Trask Allen Wasko Harry Chilcote The Chocolate Storybook Doug Hefty Spear Farm LTD Donald E. Grim Brian P. Holt John Warrick Curtis Maddux Bob Heimbaugh Lucas Bushong Max Vande Lune Charles Haden Deka Corp. Kody J. Kokemiller Kathy Krafka-Harkema Rodney & Carolyn Burt Evan Domeyer Kenneth & Carol Howard David Schonhorst Mark & Carol Timke Denny Drake

Thomas G. Quinlan Nick S. Larson Jason Hirsch R.W. Hoenig Bros Michael J. Kirlin Brad Alleman Barn Town Brewing Chris Berends Bill Frederick Mainstream Boutique Thomas Manning Janet Olsen James & Kari Roth Marian J. Sanders Daniel & Jody Smicker Morris Sump Dennis & Carol Thompson Debra Wilfon Corrie Richard Yarrow D. Robert Downing Kevin A. Borcherding Robert W. Koutny Ron Hotger Howard R. Adrian Teachout Harvest Brandon Warren Lynn R. Knutson Thorpe Farms LLC Craig B. Earley Carol Alleman Mike Banks Cathy Folsom John & Joyce Hillebo Thomas & Deanna Jones Paul Oien Selena Olson Taylor Olson Carrie Pearson Brian Rice Alberto Saldana Susan Schaudt Gary & Cathy Schonhorst Eric Schild J & B Family Enterprise LLC William J. Sandquist T.S. Investments LLC Travis Curry Dan A. Vesely Roger Twedt Drake Family Farms LC Uitermarkt Farm Daniel J. Wilhelmi Donald G. Davidson Perry Sinner David McKinney Ila J. Taylor Melonie Doyle Walker Family Farms LLC Meimann & Sons Inc. Gro Mor Llc Barbara J. Olson Terry Sell Duane Houge Check Inc. Dale Barr Westercamp Trust Ben Novak Thomas L. Upah Merle Brendeland

Karilyn Claude Friedrichs Coffee Christine Van Der Veer Richard Siek Kirke C. Quinn Dan & Judy Hays Jana J. Lyle Lawrence Watts Steve Cornelius Dale Nicholls Roger Loftin Seventy Seven Investment Co Jean Bailey Douglas H. Paulson Jeffrey L. Montang Odean H. Jukam John Green Jim Rains James Warnock Woebbeking Enterprises LTD Frazee Farms Ltd. Fox Farms Of Loveland, LLC Ronald L. Barnes Stratton Farm Account David & Betty Collison Trust Francis Jardon Steven Wright GLB Inc. Dillard Farms Llc Harold & Evelyn Shivers S & B Feedyard Inc Jim Hochstetler Larry Swaim TS Weaver Farms, Inc Irvella Farm Llc. Jim Henderson Clarke Family Trust Kinsinger, Inc Ken Crouse John Ganzhorn Carruthers & Marsh Shirley Sealine Jack Miller Russell & Marnie Fox Thomas Hildreth A & J Koenig Trust Shawna Lee Morris Jansen Nancy Fausch Joel Jensen Phyllis Brown Family Trust Myron Ness Heidi Pool Strom Farm Llc. Donald & Mary Beth Hill Jeff Fritz Karl Eby Merrill Tuttle J & D Carlson Farms Inc Kestrel Inc. Don Crawford Casey Robinson Steve Cortum Lawrence Menke Estate Patricia Wortman Mag Farms LLC Don & Bonnie Vos Living Trust T.T. Hughes Gerald Judkins


Dennis Kiewiet Ted Tostlebe Bill Linnenbrink Kenneth Jensen Butch Sigler Gvm Corportation Thomas G. Miller Mark Boender Eldon & Joanne Appenzeller Lawrence Daniels Happy Acres Donald Erb Lorimor Farm, Inc. Gregory Eibs

ng Thank you for supporti the FFA proficien cy te awards. I truly apprecia FFA to n tio your dedica an d agriculture. – Na than

Thank you for securing sponsors for the Iowa FFA Alu mn i Conferen ce. Ha ving the conference sponsored so it was fre e to particip ate really made it a special event for many of us! We are a new cha pter an d were able to bring a nu mb er of our me mb ers . We no w ha ve the tools an d ren ewed excite ment to go back ho me an d support our FFA me mb ers an d our Ag tea ch er! –Beth

Thank you for sponsoring the Spring PAS Conference. Visiting your booth to learn about careers opened my eyes to all the possibilities. It will greatly help as I look at starting a career with a company rooted in agriculture. -Maddison

Thank you to everyone invo lved in the Golden Owl Award. You r kind words meant a great dea l to me. Thank you for all you do! -Jim

The FFA Gold Standard Program, through the Iowa FFA Foundation, allows individual and corporate partners to support FFA members across the state. Your gift will not only impact more than 35,000 Iowans, but also invest in the future, with a career-ready workforce in all areas of agriculture. Enhanced funding of programs across Team Ag Ed enables all students to learn, achieve, and succeed regardless of financial need.

Engage with Students and Supporters. Build Brand Awareness. Provide Enhanced Learning Opportunities. Invest in Your Future Workforce. Multiple Areas of Visibility for Your Company.

Request more information about the Gold Standard Program today!

Iowa FFA Foundation 1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway, Ankeny, IA 50023 info@iowaffafoundation.org | 515-965-7370


IOWA FFA FOUNDATION 1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway Ankeny, IA 50023 iowaffafoundation.org 515-965-7370

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