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The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

Allen County Fair July 26 - August 3, 2013



Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 30


Riverside Park • Iola, Kansas Friday, July 26

Wednesday, July 31

4-7 p.m.........4-H Arts & Crafts Judging, community building 5:30 p.m.......Registration for Mutton Busting, rodeo arena 6 p.m............Mutton Busting, rodeo arena (Sponsored by JD’s Tire & Muffler) 8 p.m............URA-MRCA RODEO, rodeo arena (Rodeo ticket takers: Citizen’s Bank) ($10 or 2 event tickets*)

Saturday, July 27

7 a.m............Car Show, Riverside Park. Judging, 3 p.m. Awards given. For information call Tom Brigham 10 a.m..........Register for Dry Land Turtle Race, Baby Barnyard 10:30 a.m.. Dry Land Turtle Race, north of Baby Barnyard (Sponsored by Mid-West Fertilizer) 5:30 p.m.......Registration for Mutton Busting, rodeo arena 6 p.m............Mutton Busting, rodeo arena (Sponsored by JD’s Tire & Muffler) 8 p.m............URA-MRCA RODEO, rodeo arena (Rodeo ticket takers: Citizen’s Bank) ($10 or 2 event tickets*)

Sunday, July 28

8 a.m.-8. p.m. – Unload beef, sheep, swine, goats (no exceptions; must be inspected) 2-5 p.m.........Open class entries received, Little Theater (EXCEPT BAKED FOOD) 2-5 p.m.........4-H entries received (Clothing, Fiber Arts, Notebooks, Posters, Entomology, Geology, Rocketry, Woodworking, Electric, Forestry, Welding) (EXCEPT FOODS, PLANT SCIENCE,FLOWERS & PHOTOGRAPHY) 5-7 p.m.........Weigh-in 4-H/FFA Beef, Sheep & Goats 5:30-8 p.m....Kiwanis Train Ride, pick up near the Baby Barnyard 7-8 p.m.........Weigh-in 4-H/FFA Swine 7:30 p.m.......Becky French - Free stage east of community building 8 p.m. ..........DRAFT HORSE PULL, rodeo arena ($5 or 1 event ticket*)

Monday, July 29

COMMUNITY BUILDING CLOSED TO PUBLIC 8 A.M. - 3 P.M. LITTLE THEATER OPEN FOR OPEN CLASS ENTRIES 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Open class entries received 7:30-10 a.m. – 4-H entries received (Foods, Plant Science, Flowers & Photography ONLY) 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Consultation judging of 4-H entries by schedule listed in dept. 4:30 p.m.......Poultry Show 5 p.m............Judging 4-H & OPEN CLASS Garden, Crop, Horticulture, Flowers 5:30-7 p.m....Boy Scout Flag Retirement Collection Site, youth skills showcase building 5:30-7 p.m....Girl Scout activities 5:30-8 p.m....Kiwanis Train Ride, pick up near the Baby Barnyard 6 p.m............Rabbit Show 6:30 p.m.......Steer Show followed by Heifer Show 6:30 p.m.......SHODEO, rodeo arena 7:30 p.m.......TBA - Free stage east of community building

PSI, Inc.

Chris Elmenhorst Loren Korte Iola/Moran 365-6908 237-4631

Laci Sicka Humboldt Office 473-3831

8 a.m............Swine Show Little Theater 9 a.m............Judging of open class Home Economics exhibits closed during open Judging of open class Domestic Arts and Fine Arts class judging Judging of open class Photography 9:30 a.m.......Registration for Best Dressed Pet Contest 10 a.m..........Best Dressed Pet Contest, north shelter house 1 p.m............Dairy Cattle Show followed by Dairy Goat Show 5-6 p.m.........Registration for Pedal Pull, east of community building 5:30-8 p.m....Kiwanis Train Ride, pick up near the Baby Barnyard 6 p.m............Baked Pie Contest (peach only), prizes awarded, Little Theater 6-7 p.m.........4-H & FFA public speaking Youth Skill Showcase building 6-8:30 p.m....Pedal Pull (Sponsored by Allen County Farm Bureau) 6-9 p.m.........Program by Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks, Baby Barnyard 6:30 p.m.......Meat Goat Show followed by Sheep Show 6:30 p.m.......FREE Watermelon Feed, near show arena (Sponsored by PSI Insurance) 8:30 p.m.......Del Shields- Free stage east of community building

9 a.m............Horse Show 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Daycares visit the Fair (Special activities for kids in Baby Barnyard, Iola Public Library will read every hour on the hour in the Youth Skill Showcase building, Farm Bureau Ag. at the Fair Activities in Youth Skill Showcase building) 4 p.m............4-H/Cloverbud Bucket Calf Show 5 p.m............Round Robin Showmanship Finals 5:30-7 p.m....Origami Demonstration, Youth Skill Showcase building 5:30-8 p.m....Kiwanis Train Ride, pick up near the Baby Barnyard 6 p.m............4-H Trophy Presentations, free stage 6-9 p.m.........Snakes & Lizards, presented by KDWP, Baby Barnyard 7 p.m............RANCH RODEO, rodeo arena ($5 or 1 event ticket*) 7:30 p.m.......TBA - Free stage east of community building

Thursday, August 1

8:30 a.m.......Register for 4-H Livestock Judging Contest 9 a.m.-noon. .Livestock Judging Contest, show arena. All non-sale livestock released following Livestock Judging Contest Noon............4-H Barnyard Olympics, show arena 1 p.m............4-H Purple Ribbon pictures, Iola Register, show arena 1 p.m............Livestock Exhibitor Meeting, show arena 6 p.m............Livestock Buyers Appreciation Dinner 7 p.m............4-H and FFA LIVESTOCK PREMIUM AUCTION, show arena

Friday, August 2

7:30-9 a.m....Checkout open class exhibits 8-10 a.m.......Checkout 4-H exhibits 8 a.m............Fair checks for open class may be picked up at fair office. All exhibits must be picked up by 9 a.m. or they become property of Allen County Fair Association. Livestock must be out of barns for cleanup. 9 a.m............4-H’ers check in at show arena for cleanup.

Saturday, August 3

6 p.m............TRACTOR PULL, rodeo arena ($5 or 1 event ticket*)

*Event tickets $5 each. Some events require two event tickets for admission. For more information call (620) 228-2101

Insurance & Realty

A complete line of all insurance & real estate services • Marvin Chrisman Yates Center Office 625-3222

Don Smith Walnut Office 354-6150

Terry Smethers Mound City (913) 795-2344

Gari Korte Real Estate 228-8567

Lisa Sigg Real Estate 228-3698

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

3 State-of-the-Art Hi-Definition Flat Panel Televisions

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

Anna Setter — Southwind intern 4-H magic — manners, focus, discipline By SUSAN LYNN

As much as everyone loathes sweeping generalizations, it seems a handful could apply to 4-H’ers. Typically, they are above average when it comes to their studies, they have better than average manners, odds are they come from stable families, and if you were marooned on a desert island, they’d be the ones to come up with coconut macaroons. “I do think 4-H teaches us things we wouldn’t necessarily learn in school,” confirmed Anna Setter, 17. The Humboldt High senior is spending her second summer as an intern with the Southwind Extension District based in the Allen County courthouse. Anna credits her 10 years with 4-H as instrumental in making her the poised and confident young woman she is today. “I used to be shy as a little kid,” she said, “always hiding behind my mother’s skirts.” But an experience at Camp Friends when she was 13 was instrumental in building her self-confidence, she said. “I was expecting my best friend to be my roommate,” she said of the 4-H camp at Rock Springs. When that didn’t happen, Anna almost bailed. “I called my mom. I wanted to come home. She told me to give it one day.” Turns out the camp counselors knew a thing or two about wallflowers. In no time young Anna was making friends and branching out. “It was the best week of my life,” she said. From then on, Anna became more involved in 4-H and now is beginning her second year in the National 4-H Congress. ANNA FOLLOWED her family’s footsteps in joining 4-H. Her two older brothers, Jeremy and David, were members, as were her parents, Mike and Pam Setter, her grandparents and

great-grandparents. “I’m a fourth-generation 4-H’er,” she said. And while her brothers showed livestock at the Allen County Fair, Anna preferred the more domestic route. “4-H taught me how to cook, sew, and garden,” she said. Such essential life skills aren’t taught in a school classroom, she said. Cooking, especially, has taught Anna about proper nutrition. “I feel like I eat less junk food than most teenagers,” she said. “I’m more in touch with what I eat. I like to know what it is I’m actually eating and to know where it came from.” Anna plans to attend Kansas State University after she graduates from HHS next spring. Her focus, no surprise, will be food science. The Setter family raises wheat, corn, alfalfa, soybeans and oats on their farm. Anna tends to a garden that this year is bountiful. “I’m getting six cucumbers a night,” she said. She tempers her excitement with memories of last year’s harvest. “The weather was a killer. I wanted to give up the garden so bad. It taught me to be humble. As a farmer’s daughter I’ve learned there’s so much you have no control over. It teaches you to take better care of your resources, because you never know what tomorrow might bring.” Anna credits her parents with the success she and her brothers have had with 4-H. “Parents have to get involved,” she said, recalling the many times her mother would listen to her practice presentations she was to deliver at an upcoming meeting. “4-H brings families closer together,” Anna said, admitting it’s only recently that she feels able to speak in front of a gathering without being overwhelmed by nerves. “It just takes practice, and in my case, lots of it,” she said with a smile. Learning how to conduct a business


Anna Setter meeting according to the Robert’s Rules of Order is another trademark of 4-H youths. “4-H is the only place I’ve used such procedures,” Anna said. “But I think when we call a formal vote on an issue it makes us take it more seriously and we feel a greater commitment.” Besides 4-H, Anna is co-captain of the cheerleading squad at HHS and plays volleyball. She’s also beginning her second year as editor of the Cub Tracks, Humboldt’s award-winning school newspaper. And while she’s eager to enjoy her senior year at high school, her sights will all the while be focused on her future at KSU. “I already know so many people there from attending three years of 4-H Discovery Days based on the campus. KState will be like my second home,” she said.


11 N. Jefferson East side Iola sq. (888) 702-9390 or 365-2538

FullLine of Appliances


Personal service is always our policy.  For your life, home, auto, farm, business.

Jim Talkington

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Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper


The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

The Keller family — City Slickers

“W e Do It R igh t”

530 S . S tate, Iola • (620) 365-3041

Why Pre-Plan? There are some very good reasons why you should consider pre-planning:

• Peace of Mind • Personal Choice • Lower Costs S teven R . S tan ley D avid E . Y o ku m

4th G en eratio n O w n er


(620) 365-2948

Register/Kayla Banzet

Jill Keller, left, and Carson Keller, show off their two goats that they will take to the Allen County Fair. Carson, right, walks his lamb Roll around an open field. Carson and Jill practice showing their animals every day to prepare for the fair.

Kellers keep animals in tip-top shape By KAYLA BANZET

As the sun barely peaks over the horizon and the majority of Iola is still asleep, you can find Jill and Carson Keller on their grandparents’ farm working with their 4-H projects. The brother and sister start their day by working with their animals so they will be prepared for the fair. Jill and Carson make sure their animals are fed, watered and get plenty of exercise. “We run the animals down

the road,” Jill, a sixth grader said. “It helps keep them in shape.” This is Jill’s fifth year in the City Slickers 4-H club and Carson’s first year to show. “He was a Cloverbud for the last couple of years,” said their mother, Gretchen Keller. Carson is really looking forward to the fair. “I get to show my own animals this year,” Carson, a second grader said. The kids show lambs, goats, pigs and cattle. They

keep all of their animals on Gretchen’s parents, Jim and Beverly Lewis’, farm north of Iola. Gretchen was in 4-H when she was a kid and that’s what sparked Jill’s interest in 4-H. “My mom always talked about it so I wanted to try it and I ended up liking it,” Jill said. “It’s a fun activity to be in because you’re around animals.” During the school year the kids work with the animals before and after school. “It teaches them responsibility,” Gretchen said. “They

learn that the animals need food and water just like they do.” Carson said his favorite animals to show are pigs. “The pigs are a little easier to show for younger kids than the lambs are,” Gretchen said. This is because lambs and goats are on halters and need to be turned certain ways in the show ring. The pigs walk around the ring openly. They wash their steer twice a day and keep fans on him to help him stay cool. They also have a radio play-

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper





Ed Bideau

Proud To Serve As A State Representative & Proud To Support the 120th Allen Co. Fair! Register/Kayla Banzet

The Keller siblings made a trip to their grandparents’ barn to visit their pig. Jill guides her show lamb through a field. Carson grooms his steer.

ing in the barn so the animals will get accustomed to the loud noises at the fair, Gretchen said. During the fair the kids stay very busy taking care of their animals and showing them for judging. The fair isn’t all work, though. “When you’re in the club

you make a lot of friends,� Jill said. “You can hang out with them at the fair.� After the Allen County Fair the kids will continue working with their animals to get them ready for the Kansas Junior Livestock Show and the American Royal.

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Iola Office Supplies 4 S. Washington, Iola 365-7787


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The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Wilks family — Prairie Dell

The Legacy Lives On!


Started by Papa Cleto & Mama Sally. It’s A Family Tradition.

1401 East St. • Iola

Our 45th Year Serving You!

(620) 365-8352

Call In Your Order For Quick Pick-Up

Check Out Our Complete Menu Of Mexican Appetizers & Entrees

Register/Steven Schwartz

At left, Jenna Wilks rides rides her horse, Turtle, who came from a family member in Oklahoma. As the name suggests, he’s not too fast. At right, Jackson Wilks hangs out with his pony, Patches.

Heritage preps Wilkses for county fair By STEVEN SCHWARTZ

PLUS Enjoy Your Favorite Beverage!

Operated by Cleto Coronado, Jr.

5 p.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Open For Lunch Mon.-Fri. 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

The Wilks kids, Jenna, Jackson and Sarah, have a reputation to uphold for this year’s Allen County Fair. They are fourth-generation representatives for their family — their great-grandfather Don Nichols was one of the founding members of the Prairie Dell 4-H club. But, as the kids proved, they are not short on projects for the festivities this year. Jenna, 15, is in her seventh year and Jackson, 13, is in his fifth year. Sarah, 12, is

their cousin, and this is her fifth year with the 4-H club. “I’ve always liked animals,” Jenna said. Her specialties are rabbits and photography. She has horses, goats and chickens as well. Jackson, on the other hand, specializes in chickens and foods — his reasoning for cooking in 4-H is very simple. “It’s mostly the fact that I get to eat it,” he laughed. He said he makes a mean biscuit, hence his nickname, “biscuit.” The children spend time

at their grandmother, Susie Wilks’, farm south of Iola. They all live in Kansas City, and they caravan down to the country with their parents. On their trip in early July, Jenna and Jackson’s dad, JD, drove them down with a horse saddle and rabbits situated in the back seat. JENNA AND Jackson led the tour through their grandmother’s farm, showing off the different animals they will present during the county fair. They have been prepar-

ing their animals for many months now, but the week of the fair will prove to be the real test. Jenna said she and her brother will clean and inspect the animals before bringing them before the judges. “They need to be fresh for judges,” Jackson said. Jenna demonstrated what judges look for in the animals. She pointed out different colorations on her rabbits and goats, as well as how to present them correctly before the judges. She has four rabbits she will show in

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper


SHAUGHNESSY CONSTRUCTION LLC In business since 1969! Builders of fine homes.

Remodeling Specialists: Bathrooms & Kitchens Siding & Windows 523 Briarwood Dr., Iola (620) 365-6815 cell (620) 228-1303


HEATING & COOLING INC. 824 N. Chestnut • Iola

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Serving the area since 1978.

on the cutting edge of Heating & Cooling your home! We Specialize In:


Ice Machines Residential HVAC

Commercial HVAC

Register/Steven Schwartz

Commercial Refrigeration

Above, Jenna Wilks pets one of her two sheep that she will show in the Allen County Fair. At top right, Sarah Wilks shows off some of her chickens. At lower right, Jenna’s dog, Gus, a Weimaraner, takes a closer look at the camera. the fair. As for Jackson, he got the chance to show his Polish Crested Chicken, named P. Diddy. The tall chicken squawked in its cage as he showed off its features —

mainly a poofed-out mop of feathers at the top of its head. No matter how successful the Wilkses are in this year’s fair — they are both reserve champions in dif-

Residential Commercial

ferent categories — they realize they are learning life lessons through 4-H by raising animals and showing them in competition. Plus, they get to teach the judges a thing or two.

“I view it more as a way to teach people,” Jackson said. No surprise, after four generations in Prairie Dell 4-H, these children should know a thing or two.

See our ad on the inside back cover of


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The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Delaney Umholtz — Logan Pals

DALE’S SHEET METAL, INC. 211 N. Jefferson • Iola 365-3534 1-800-794-2662 Established 1968 Fully Insured

Register/Kayla Banzet

Piqua State Bank Member FDIC

P.O. Box 66 Piqua, KS 66761 (620) 468-2555 or (620) 365-6692


Bank of Gas

303 W. 1st Gas, KS 66742 (620) 365-3195 Member FDIC

Offering Internet Banking & 3 ATM Locations for your convenience:

Bank of Gas Hwy. 54 in Gas Ray’s Conoco 205 S. State, Iola Pump ‘N Pete’s 301 S. Frye, Yates Center

See you at the Fair!

Delaney Umholtz, above left, shows Trent Johnson how to turn on stage. Delaney, right, gives tips to fellow club members.

Umholtz helps members learn style By KAYLA BANZET

Delaney Umholtz has a passion for fashion. She shared her fashion knowledge with other 4-H members during a clothing modeling clinic on July 10 at the Allen County courthouse. The clinic was to help prepare 4-Hers on what to expect at the July 23 Fashion Review. Umholtz, a Humboldt junior, has been part of Logan Pals for nine years. She has worked on clothing construction projects ever since she joined. At the clinic Umholtz gave tips on what to buy for buymanship and how to present items for showmanship. “Wear age-appropriate

clothing,” Umholtz suggested. “If you wear a simple dress, wear simple makeup.” She also gave advice on what to expect from judges. “Make good eye contact with the judges,” she said. “Try not to be too quiet when talking to the judges.” Umholtz said to not be afraid to tell the judges what challenges a member ran into when working on a project. “If you had trouble sewing the sleeves on a shirt, let them know,” Umholtz advised. “Judges want to know.” This year Umholtz has two items for the buymanship category. She also made a dress, knitted a scarf and

cross stitched a table cover. As a third-generation 4-H member, Umholtz said she kind of “fell in” 4-H. For the last two years she has been a council representative for her club. “4-H has taught me to work with deadlines and work with others,” Umholtz said. Buymanship teaches youths to become more economical, she said. “It teaches you to look for sales when you go shopping,” she said. “It makes you a bargain shopper.” She also likes clothing construction because it “helps increase my wardrobe.” While standing in front of the other 4-H members Umholtz had no problem de-

livering her presentation. She said 4-H is the reason for that. “When I was young it taught me to be comfortable with talking to strangers and judges,” she said. After giving her accessory tips she taught the group how to properly model their outfits. With a huge smile on her face she reminded the other members to smile at the judges when modeling the clothes. Kids took turns walking from one side of the room to the other and learning how to turn properly. “Make sure to show the judges the back of your outfit, too,” Umholtz told the group.


The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

4-H & FFA members are eligible to receive 10% off regular priced items for 4-H or FFA projects.


Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper


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Sinclair Plumbing

We Salute Our Area 4-H Members!

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The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tara Meiwes family — Square B Gardens

Residential Care Community

Making a Difference

One Resident at a Time

(620) 365-3107 1110 E. Carpenter Iola

Access Realty FR A N


Residential • Farms Commercial

620.365.SA L E x 21 110 N .K entu ck y • Iola,K S 66749 sek m

FRANK’S BODY SHOP Chris Tidd owner & operator

214 West St., Iola (620) 365-2645

Register/Steven Schwartz

At left, Abigail and Levi Meiwes hold some of their poultry projects for this year’s Allen County Fair. Levi also gathers eggs daily for sale in the Allen County Farmers Market. At right, Levi points out some distinctive features on one of his pigs.

Meiwes’ skills span far and wide By STEVEN SCHWARTZ

Levi Meiwes may be young, but he is already getting a head start in his Square B 4-H program — and his country home is the perfect training ground. Levi, 10, has a plethora of projects coming for this year’s county fair. He is working with swine, poultry, fishing and trapping (minnows and raccoons). “I just like the outdoors,” he said. He spends most of his time working with the animals on the farm, fishing and setting traps. He

showed off his stash of fishing rods and tackle that leaned against the barn wall. He said he will be crafting a poster to present to the judges for competition about his fishing hobby. The area ponds and lakes serve as his training ground. As for the traps, that task is a bit more involved. He is registered as a junior trapper. He reached for a bar trap for the raccoons, a small metal plate had his name and registration information, in case it was found by an official. “I caught the biggest one

I’ve ever seen along that hedge,” Levi said as he pointed to the row of trees bordering the field. He said he skins the raccoons once he catches them, and sells the hides to a fur buyer for $10-$15 per animal. He sold four last year. Occasionally he’ll catch an opossum, but they don’t have the value. “For the biggest, best looking opossum you catch, you’ll only get a dollar,” he said. He uses eggs as bait for the animals, mainly because cats and dogs will not go after them. But, trapping isn’t his only

specialty — he’s in charge of the family chicken business as well. A wired cage contains around 35 chickens of various types that he uses to gather eggs and show at competitions. “Mom gave the chicken business to me,” he said. “They make about a dozen and a half eggs a day.” They sell the produce at the Allen County Farmers Market on Thursday evenings. Last but not least, Levi led the way to the pen where he keeps two pigs, a male and a female. He said the male has

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper


Smiles are Free at

Arrowood Lane

Residential Care Community

(620) 473-3456 615 E. Franklin, Humboldt Register/Steven Schwartz

Above, a group of chickens mull around the Meiwes’ farm yard. Levi Meiwes was given responsibility of the chickens by his mother. He said they produce around 16 eggs per day, which he sells. At left, Abigail Meiwes shows off one of the many large insects in her bug collection. She works on her project as part of the Cloverbuds, a precursor to membership with 4-H. a good disposition and he will most likely show him during the fair. The female tends to be a bit more unfriendly. When not tending to the animals, Levi serves as the recreation leader for his 4-H club, just to help his fellow 4-Hers “settle down and relax.” It’s just one of the tasks

that keeps him busy. 7, will be joining 4-H next year (you must be 7 to join). But, she has been involved indirectly for two years as a Cloverbud. She specializes in bug collection. “I see a lot of cool bugs, so ABIGAIL


I thought I’d start a collection,” she said. Although she doesn’t compete as a Cloverbud, she devotes a lot of time and effort to her collection. She said she uses a net to collect the bugs, and looks in grassy areas. After catching the bug, she pins it for display — her collection is growing almost daily.

She said her favorite bug in the collection is the leopard moth. The large bug is stretched out next to other moths, beetles and dragonflies in a large wooden display case. While the leopard moth may not be her largest specimen, it is unique. “It’s rare, and it’s really pretty,” she said.

B’s Tax Service, LLC 1201 East St. Iola, KS 66749 PH: 620-365-3900

Accounting ~ Payroll ~ Income Tax Complete Small Business Services Brenda Buck Public Accountant


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The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Allen County Fair Rodeo


(620) 365-5588

Miller’s Gas Body Shop Hwy. 54 in Gas (62 0 ) 365-6136

S pecializing in    ollision Repair  C  a nd Painting

No job is too big  or too small! NOW USING R VALSPA IVE T AUTOMO T IN PA

F REE ESTIMATES ON ALL   INSURANCE WORK.  8 a.m.-5 p.m.  Mon.-Fri.  David (Duke) Miller, owner

Cowboy action returns to Riverside Park Allen County 4-H’ers will get their chance to shine in due time, but some other cowboy fun, madcap antics and plenty of thrill rides will kick off Fair Week with the annual Allen County Fair Rodeo. The rodeo starts at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Tickets are available at the gate for $10 for adults and $5 for children 6-10. Children 5 and under will be admitted free of charge. The Allen County Fair Rodeo is sanctioned by the United Rodeo Association (URA) and the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association (MRCA). C.R. McKellips Rodeo Company of Raymore, Mo., supplies the rough stock. McKellips also brings

in the bullfighters, Derek Search and Keith Englar, the pickup men, Zach Livingston and Kyle Becker, and specialty act, “Disco” Dalton Morris. Even Charlie McKellips is on hand as the announcer. SEVERAL SPECIAL events are planned through the evening. Prior to each of the rodeos will be a round of mutton busting, in which youngsters will attempt to stay aboard a racing sheep, also provided by McKellips. The top five in the mutton busting will get to ride again, during the rodeo. The mutton busters hit the rodeo arena at 6 each night. Registration begins at 5:30. Only 30 comSee RODEO | Page 20


Fast Lube

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

I A •

of Iola


Iola Insurance Associates

Humboldt, Kansas (620) 473-2222

Debbie Taiclet Michelle Bigelow

P.O Box 653 203 S. Chestnut • Iola (620) 365-7601

In business over 100 years!

Auto • Home • Farm Business • Life Health • Crop Specialty We have a drop slot for after hours!

Monday-Friday 8-5 p.m. Saturday by appointment

Structural Steel Square & Rectangular Tubing Pipe and Shafting Bolts and Nuts Sprockets and Hubs Hay Hooks

Also Available: Complete Extended Life Coolant Exchange — $ 69.95

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If you choose to heat with wood, you know the value of having a readilyavailable heat source right in your back yard. With the E-Classic’s efficient design and operation, you can heat your entire home, shop and more with up to 70% less wood than other wood-burning appliances.

R’NS Farms 941 2400 St. Iola, KS 620-496-2406

KRETZMEIER, McCAMMON & ST. CLAIR, INC. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Jay Kretzmeier Duane McCammon Janet S. St. Clair-Hays

General Repair & Supply, Inc. 1008 N. Industrial Rd., Iola (620) 365-5954

(620) 365-2421 CE A-7 501 -A-A 5

Looks to suit every style!

Joining with our friends and neighbors to

Proudly Supporting 4-H & FFA

2795 N. State St., Iola (620) 365-2341

We change oil and filter, air the tires, lubricate chassis, vacuum the interior, check and fill all fluids, wash the windshield Up to five quarts of oil — Your choice of oil brand

Award Winning Company




D ecorator S upply , I nc . 102 N. Washington (620) 365-5211 Open 8-5 Mon.-Fri.; Sat. 8-noon

G ary W itherspoon,sales G erald Jacobs,service E rnie H ouk,parts P ete P eterson,parts Member SIPC

110 N. Kentucky • Iola 620.365.7253 x23 M-F 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m.-Noon

Graber Window Treatments


Tuesday, June 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper


The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Schoendaller family — Logan Pals

OMAHA Since Bedding 1895 Over 50 Years

Memory Gel Beds

Prices Starting As Low As:


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199 299 399 699

Ulrich Furniture, Inc. Add $100 for Pillow Top


Your TOTAL Car Care Center Since 1974


Full Mechanic Service WE DO IT ALL!! Full TimeINC. Experienced YourMechanic TOTAL Caron Care Center Staff Since 1974

Auto Painting • Body Work • Frame Straightening • Total Restoration  Computer 4-wheel Alignment  Pressurized Injector Cleaners  Computer Diagnostic Equipment — ASE Certified Technicians — 324 N. State • Iola • (620) 365-3401 Monday-Friday 8-5:30

Register/Bob Johnson

Calvin Schoendaller, left, shows off two photographs that scored well in previous Allen County Fairs, while his younger brother, Drew, likes to crow about this wooden puzzle he made.

Schoendallers’ interests are many By BOB JOHNSON

The brothers Schoendaller, Drew and Calvin, are at the front of the line when it comes to competition at the Allen County Fair. Drew, 10, and Calvin, 12, have been Logan Pals 4-H Club members for four years. Together, they have a large number of ribbons and successful entries displayed in their basement bedrooms at the family home east of Humboldt. Their parents — their biggest boosters — are

Clayton and Hailey Schoendaller. Drew plans to be busy until just before the entry deadline for woodworking. “I’m making an Adirondack chair,” he said, made famous by rows of the sturdy chairs situated on verandas at Adirondack and other woodsy resorts. Last year he made a large frame, shaped like home plate, to hold favorite baseballs and also previously fashioned a bank, puzzle and tool tote, all from wood.

“I’m also entering some photographs,” Drew said, from many he took during a weekend family journey to Lawrence to tour the University of Kansas campus. A KU fan? “I am,” he crowed, with a multitude of Jayhawks and other KU memorabilia in his bedroom tipping his interest. The brothers attended Rock Springs 4-H Camp near Manhattan June 8-11, which both said was not only a learning experience but also expanded their circle of

friends. “It was a lot of fun,” said Drew, recalling swimming, canoeing and rifle and shotgun target practice as some favorite activities. “I also enjoyed arts and crafts,” understandable with his interest in woodworking. Summer has raced by for the soon-to-be fifth grader at Humboldt Elementary. “I played rec and traveling team baseball,” Drew said. “And both of us are on the swim team.” Photography also is a fa-

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper


1-888-444-4346 2661 Nebraska Rd. LaHarpe, KS

OPEN: Mon.-Sat. 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Sun. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Earthwood Evolutions® Terrain

Grooved & Solid

Brown Oak 12’ - 16’ - 20’





Reg. 2.83 lft.

Home Owned & Operated

IOLA PHARMACY 109 E. Madison, Iola (620) 365-3176 1-800-505-6055

Register/Bob Johnson

Drew Schoendaller’s frame to hold baseballs, shaped like home plate, was a popular entry in 2012’s Allen County Fair. This year he plans to make a chair for the fair.

I played rec and traveling team baseball and both of us are on the swim team. — Drew Schoendaller

vorite 4-H activity for Calvin, who has expanded his focus to an eclectic list of subjects, including a ribbonwinning photo of his sister entered in last year’s fair. About to enter seventh grade, Calvin could fend for himself if need be. He likes to cook, and is good at it. Last year his lemon cake was reserve grand champion

at the county fair and he also made pumpkin spice cake, “which is a healthy snack,”

Calvin said. His granola bar scored a purple ribbon. Advantage of entering

food at the fair, Calvin noted, is “if it flops a little bit, we get to eat it at home.” He’s also interested in sports and intends to compete in basketball and track at Humboldt Middle School. He worked in Humboldt’s summer recreation baseball program, keeping score and running the pitching machine in younger kids’ games.

IOLA RESPIRATORY & HOME MEDICAL 107 E. Madison, Iola (620) 365-3377

PHARMACY CLINIC & DRIVE-THRU 1408 East St., Iola (620) 365-6848


Tuesday, June 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

J-D’s Tire Muffler, Inc.

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Hunter Nickell — Logan Pals

Complete Auto Care

Tire Sales & Service 620-365-3163 (Mechanic Shop) 620-363-4652 (Farm Service)

Goodyear • Firestone Bridgestone • Toyo Mastercraft • Cooper


511 S. S TATE S T . I OLA , KS

Get the

Thompson Realty is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

THOMPSON REALTY, Inc. Kent • Delma • Bob Jackie • Mark Ken • Charly 15 N. State, Iola 365-3197

Register/Steven Schwartz

At left, Hunter Nickell leads his heifer, Macy, around his backyard in Humboldt. He takes her on daily walks and lets her graze on the lawn. At right, Nickell gives his pig, Tickle, a pat on the back.

Nickell has a way with animals By STEVEN SCHWARTZ

An attachment to animals is what drew Hunter Nickell into 4-H, and he has had the chance to raise some nontraditional pets. “She’s kind of like a big dog,” Hunter said of his heifer, Macy. The Nickells live on a small farm in Humboldt, just south of B&W Trailer Hitches. Hunter, 13, is in his fourth year as a member of the Logan Pals 4-H club. Hunter walked out to Macy, untied her, and let her walk around their lawn. “We walk her around ev-

ery day and let her graze,” he said. He will be showing her in this year’s county fair. In addition to the walks, Hunter must lead the animal around the yard and practice how he will show her to the judges. He must demonstrate that he has control of the large animal. He said he uses a small hook to gently adjust Macy’s stance, and to lift her hooves. A belly rub from the hook serves as a nice reward for cooperation. Another project, or pet, is Tickle the pig. The large animal was snorting and rolling

We walk her around every day and let her graze. —Hunter Nickell

Serving you for over 25 years.

in the mud as Hunter walked into its pen. Its muddy snout nudged his boot as he petted its back. While Tickle may not seem clean, he said she will be groomed and ready to go for the fair. But, he said it’s also tough not to get attached to

the pigs he shows. They are intelligent creatures with unique personalities. “It’s kind of hard to let go of a good pig,” he said. He walked out of the pen and left Tickle to wallow in the mud. He said the workers at Westar Energy, next to Tickle’s pen, come to the fence to pet him and say hello. The field next to the pigpen had four small calves roaming around — Hunter had bottle-fed them. They will be another 4-H project as well, but not this year. “That’ll have to be next

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper



Personal Service Insurance and Realty

Good Luck 4-H & FFA Members!



Proud Supporters of The Allen Co. Fair!

TOWN & COUNTRY South Side Downtown Iola Square (620) 365-6642 Open late on Thursdays!

Insured Crew


LaVern Keim (785) 448-3562

We Can Do


SSee ee yo u a t the fa ir!


1327 W. Hwy. 54 • Iola (620) 365-2200

Just 3 blocks from the fairgrounds!


Blue Jeans Laundered

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Western & Casual Wear

1540 1300 St. • Iola (620) 365-3964

Specializing In: • Framing & Trimming • Custom Homes • Additions • Decks • Siding • Garages

King’s Sandwich Shop

Allen County Wardrobe Service

Open 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Mon. thru Fri.; 8 a.m.-Noon Sat. 1515 East Street (E. Hwy. 54) • Iola • (620) 365-2228


Join Us At The 120th Annual Allen Co. Fair!

Justin Gypsy Boots 8 Tall & 11 Tall ”

Triple K K Parts

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so red S p o n PS I by


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Real Estate

2103 S. Santa Fe Ave., Chanute

Over 30 Years Of Exceptional Service Several Colors Available

lon Feed e m r e t a W

211 South Street, Iola (620) 365-6908

Dealer for

3 Regular storage units 3 RV park for trailers & self-contained vehicles.


Lisa Sigg (620) 228-3698 Gari Korte (620) 228-4567 24-HOUR SERVICE

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Phone 365-5546 Fax 365-5450

Abstracts, Title Insurance, Closings, Bonds Judy A. Smith • Kay Jean Brown

LILLY’S TOWING 7 TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU RIGHT Iola - (620) 365-7860 Chanute - (620) 431-7706 — Reasonable Rates —


Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

Jones Jewelry

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

John Hutton — Square B

5 N. Jefferson • Iola East Side Iola Square (620) 365-2681

Jo Ann Butler, owner & operator

Jewelry • Watches Gifts and Class Rings

Chancy’s Kirk

’s Grill & Shake

Jct. 54 and 59 Hwy, Moran (620) 237-4534 Chancy’s, we’re more than a restaurant, we’re family! Open 6 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday & 6 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday

Register/Bob Johnson

Nelson Quarries Hutton happiest on horseback Inc.

John Hutton and his horses see plenty of action at area rodeos on weekends. They also will be a prominent part of the Allen County Fair’s 4-H division.


1307 2000 St., Gas (620) 365-5300

Selling crushed rock of all type and agricul tural lime, washed and grading.

John Hutton is not the quintessential 4-H’er. He was in the program a couple of years when he was younger, quit, and rejoined about two years ago. Also, he has a little tunnel vision when it comes to projects — his focus is entirely on horses, easily evident at his residence about five miles southeast of Iola. Passersby can’t miss seeing a rodeo arena, and there are horse trailers, large and small. Inside a spacious barn are four handsome horses, all of which Hutton rides now and again, although three are his mounts of choice for competition. He allows that 4-H experi-

ences have honed his knowledge of horses and what they can do, as well as having provided a springboard for many friendships. When horse events unfold at this year’s Allen County Fair, Hutton will be before judges frequently, competing in halter, showmanship, western pleasure and reining events. “I’ve dedicated myself to rodeo,” the amicable Hutton said without hesitation. “That’s what I love. I never had time for school sports,” which likely was Iola High’s loss, with Hutton’s strength and agility having served him well in rodeo arenas. “I grew up with horses,” he added, but allowed that he was practical enough to know

that “I don’t want to have a life just with rodeo.” He is working part-time with Allen County’s Public Works Department this summer, mowing grass along road rights of way, and would like to catch on full time with the county. Hutton’s longterm plans include attending welding school in Columbus, an outreach program of Coffeyville Community College. Also, staying in the area will give him ample opportunities to continue rodeoing with his horses, Disco, Sam, Buddy and Skeeter. “All four can do everything,” although roping is his favorite pursuit, Hutton said. “I kind of pick and choose which horse goes in which

event.” Hutton spends “lots of time with them, feeding, watering, exercising and practicing,” with most of the active time later in the evening to escape the heat. He has several armloads of trophies and ribbons from rodeoing. Among six belt buckles he has won is one that proclaims he was the 2011 Timed Event Circuit champion for riders 14 to 19. Hutton rides mainly on established rodeo circuits within about 60 miles of home, which has him on the road most weekends. His goal is one day to compete in roping in the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, the world series in his chosen sport.

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid


Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

Colton Heffern — City Slickers

Comprehensive Health Care From Newborn to Geriatric

1408 East St. IOLA (620) 365-3115 304 N. Cedar MORAN (620) 237-4621

ey Se

Register/Kayla Banzet

City Slickers president Colton Heffern walks his pig Larry around the pen at his home. Heffern, right, stands with his welder. He prepared a welding project for the Allen County Fair.

President pieces together projects By KAYLA BANZET

Sitting on a picnic bench in the backyard of his family’s home outside of Iola, Colton Heffern breaks down his jam-packed schedule during the summer. From sunrise to sunset, Heffern is continuously busy. Although it’s Heffern’s summer break, he is diligently gearing up for the Allen County Fair. Heffern, an Iola junior and City Slicker 4-H member, begins his summer days at the Iola High School gym weight lifting in preparation for the upcoming foot-

ball season. From there, he comes home to work on his 4-H projects. “After weights I come home and walk the pigs around,” Heffern said. “I do that right up until work or even when I have free time.” In the afternoons he bales hay for a local farmer. Heffern is president for the City Slickers 4-H club as well as president of the Iola FFA. This is his third year in the 4-H club. He said he decided to join for different reasons. “I had some pigs and I wanted to take them to the fair,” Heffern recalled. “I

also had a lot of friends in it so I decided to join.” Heffern let one of his pigs, Larry, out of the barn and walked him around the pen. As he sprayed Larry off with a hose he said it’s a lot of work trying to make sure Larry, and his other pigs, Curly and Mo, stay cool during the hot summer. Along with showing his pigs Heffern will have a welding project and a wildlife project for the fair. He said he welded stands for a man who uses it for taxidermy purposes and they are being used at the moment. “I learned how to weld

from my dad,” he said. “There is always something that needs fixed around here.” His wildlife project will consist of an informational poster. Heffern worked on setting up deer feeders and mineral feeders on a plot of land behind his house. Since the judges will not be able to see this land he will have the informational poster at the fair. His projects may take a lot of time and dedication but Heffern said he is looking forward to the fair this year. He said his favorite part of 4-H is the fair itself.

ou at the fai


Glen D. Singer, M.D. Brian D. Wolfe, M.D. Tim Spears, D.O. Rebecca Lohman, M.D. Frank Porter, D.O. Sara Clift, PA-C Becky French, ARNP-C Judy Works, ARNP Laurel Louderbaugh, ARNP-C Kate Works, ARNP-C

The Family Physicians has a tradition of putting your health first.

Duane’s Flowers

East Side Iola Square 365-5723

Flowers for every occasion!


Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid


T rees Sh ru b s G rasses P erennials P ottery

Terry Sparks 15 W. Madison Iola, KS 66749 BUS: (620) 365-7311 LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR

Barrel racing, at left, will return as a staple of the Allen County Fair rodeo action this year. Above, “Disco” Dalton Morris will entertain the crowd at Riverside Park.

STATE FARM IS THERE.™® State Farm Insurance Companies Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois

competitors will be allowed each night. THAT’S WHEN the action hits high gear. McKellips is known throughout the Midwest for its quality of stock for high-excitement bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, team roping, calf roping, over-40 calf roping, breakaway roping and barrel racing. For boys and girls ages 7 and under, Friday has the

boot/shoe race and Saturday features a stick horse race. The boot/shoe race has each child taking off one boot or shoe and putting it in the pile at the center of the rodeo arena. Then it’s off to the races. The first three children to find their boot or shoe, put it on and cross the finish line will receive cash prizes. In Saturday’s stick horse race the first three children to cross the finish line with their stick horses will win

cash prizes. Boys and girls are encouraged to bring their own stick horses to ensure entry into the race but the fair board will provide some stick horses. For boys and girls ages 8 to 12, both nights of the rodeo will have a chicken scramble. Chickens will be released in the arena and each kid who catches a chicken has the option of keeping it or trading it in for cash. Chuck and Regan McKellips operate the family-

owned rodeo company. Their son Charlie serves as arena announcer. The McKellips Rodeo Company owns some of the top rough stock on the URA and MRCA circuit. THE RODEO is sponsored by B&W Trailer Hitches, Twin Motors Ford, Town & Country Western and Casual Wear, Diebolt Lumber Company, J&W Equipment, O’Malley Equipment, the Iola Pharmacy and the Iola Register.

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Stub’s Market 129 E. Randolph, Moran

Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

In Our 25 th Year! Locally Owned. Locally Operated. • Parts • Sales • Service

2501 N. State, Iola 800-407-TWIN 620-365-3632

M oran L ocker

W elcom es Y ou To Th e 120th A llen C oun ty Fair. Ifyou are plan n in g to pu rch ase a m ark et an im al orslau gh terin g on e ofyou row n ,call M itch orSh aron at M oran L ock erfor profession al, cou rteou s service.W e w ill do all th e w ork in clu din g FR EE h au lin g ofan im als from th e fair.A ll an im als are state in spected,processed to you rspecification s, dou ble-w rapped an d frozen . Call for early appointment or see us at the auction. 620-237-4331 at locker or (620) 939-4800 at home.

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

We Know What A Kitchen’s For!

inside Diebolt Lumber 2661 Nebraska Rd. LaHarpe (620) 496-2002 888-265-7677

(5 mi. E of Iola to Hwy. 54/ LaHarpe Jct., 1 mi. S and 1⁄4 mi. E)

Bolling’s Meat Market & Deli

201 S. State, Iola (620) 380-MEAT (6328)

Market Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10-6; Sun 9-5 Deli Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11-7 p.m.


MODERN COPY SYSTEMS 5 W. Broadway Iola, KS 66749 365-5793

1-800-752-5793  copiers  printers  facsimile equipment Galen and Trena Bigelow, owners

See ya at the Allen County Fair! We invite you to stop by and visit our kitchen designers.

Im m el, W orks & H eim , P .A . A TTO R N EYS O F LA W

Moran Locker

H wy. 59 S . D owntown M oran Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Proud Allen Co. Fair Rodeo Sponsor

Good Luck to all 4-H & FFA Members!


M. Sean McReynolds D.D.S., L.L.C.

Commercial & Residential


(620) 365-0402

18021/2 East St. ~ Iola ~

4 E. Jackson • Iola (6 2 0 ) 36 5-2 2 2 2

3 registered Dental Hygienists on staff 711 Bridge Humboldt (620) 473-2289

Jct. Hwys. 54 & 169

See You At The Fair! ®

Iola Humboldt Moran Member Chanute

24-Hour Movie Hotline: (620) 365-2255

See what’s showing now at


Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

OF IOLA 301 W . M adison, Iola (620) 365-5282

C all-in orders are w elcom e!



More Items Available To Choose From!!

Get an The Strong, Silent Disposer.

D & R Plumbing & Electric, Inc. 204 N. Washington • Iola (620) 365-2704

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Allen County Fair rodeo

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

Memories from 2012’s Allen County Fair


Piqua Farmers












FERTILIZER & MORE! Coop (620) 468-2535 Farm Store (620) 468-2435

Open 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-Noon Sat.

TJ’s TOWING LLC (620) 365-8666 (620) 365-7677 Tires & Auto Repair

Used Car Sales


Tuesday, July 23 Register & Tuesday, July 23 Shopper

The Iola Register 2013 Allen County Fair Features Tabloid

2013 Allen County Fair Fri., July 26 & Sat., July 27 8 p.m. nightly

URA/MRCA Sanctioned


Adults - $10 or (2) event tickets. Children (6-10) - $5 or (1) event ticket. Under 5 FREE.


Fri. July 26 & Sat. July 27 Rodeo Arena Registration at 5:30 p.m.; Event begins at 6 p.m.


5 per ride

Draft ll Horse Pu Sun., July 28 • 8 p.m.

5 or (1) event ticket (5 & under free)


Check Out This Exciting Entertainment on the Free Stage East of the Community Building

Becky French


Sun., July 28

Mon., July 29

7:30 p.m.

7:30 p.m.





Wed., July 31

7:30 p.m.

7:30 p.m.


S hodeo

M on.,July 29 • 6:30 p.m . Riverside Park Rodeo Arena

Ages 4 to 12



30 Tue., Juply.m. 6:30

e Waterm

rea Arena A

Tractor Pull

Tue., July 3o • 6 p.m.


Near Baby Barnyard Friday & Saturday of Rodeo and throughout Week

Car Show

Sat., July 27 • 8 a.m. Riverside Park

Judging at 3 p.m. and awards given.

Turtle Race

July 27 E ed Sat., FRElo Registration: 10 a.m. Baby e F n Barnyard

East of Community Building

Sat., August 3 • 6 p.m. Riverside Park Rodeo Arena

Race: 10:30 a.m.

Best Dressed Pet Contest Tue., July 30 9:30 a.m. Registration

10 a.m. Contest

North Shelter House

Baked Pie Contest

Peach Only


Tue., July 30


7 p.m. at the rodeo arena

5 or (1) event ticket (5 and under FREE)


Pony Rides

Tue., July 30 • 6 p.m. Little Theater, Riverside Park Allen County Fair - Iola, Kansas

Get the latest news & schedule updates!

Kiwanis Train Rides Sun. - Wed. Evenings 5:30-8 p.m.


General Repair & Supply - Town & Country Western & Casual Wear Citizens Bank, N.A. - Great Southern Bank Community National Bank & Trust - Emprise Bank Sonic Drive In - Iola Area Chamber of Commerce - Iola Pharmacy

Event Tickets are $5 Each - Rodeo requires 2 event tickets.

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