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Mercantil Commerce Bank CELEBRATES STUDENT WINNERS OF 2015 Zoolens SM Photography Project

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SIX WAYS TO RING IN 2016 A Highlight of Miami’s Deluxe Celebrations

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COUNTDOWN TO 2016 PRIZES: First '5’ likes on INYBN's FB Page Win: 2 Tickets to The Chopin Foundation’s Chopin Salon Concert @ La Gorce Country Club, 2 Passes to Critically Acclaimed Romantic Drama “Carol” @ Gables Art Cinema, 4 Passes to PAMM, 2 Gift Certificates to Siga La Vaca restaurant in the Gables, & 2 Tickets to “The Trial of Ebeneezer Scrooger” @ Actors’ Playhouse At the Miracle Theatre ! ! !

In the Spirit of Giving: Highlighting 4 Charities You Can Help This Year


Be an Elf volunteer Photo Credit:




ith the end of the year approaching, it is top priority to establish those perfect plans to bid farewell to 2015 and greet the New Year with a new experience or festivity. Lucky for us, we live in the city known for its nightlife. INYBN SEE SIX WAYS | P.5

On a scale of Ebenezer Scrooge to Old Saint Nick himself, where does your holiday spirit reside? Are you more of a giver or re‐ ceiver during the holiday season? What does Christmas mean to

you? There is nothing more reward‐ ing than the “gift of giving,” espe‐ cially to those in need. Raise your holiday spirits this year in a way that helps everyone involved by


contributing to any of these char‐ ities during Christmas time. If you are closer to a “bah‐humbug” and think only of receiving gifts, it’s not too late to join the nice list this year. Show Santa you are




Happy Holidays! 305.710.6620

serious about joining the nice list by helping these organizations that are performing his work when he isn’t around.



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Travel & Tourism As reported in Travel Weekly, Swiss hotel operator Movenpick will inau‐ gurate Vietnam’s first all‐inclusive resort in 2017 on Phu Quoc island. Movenpick Resort Phu Quoc, which will be situated on the Gulf of Thai‐ land, will occupy 128 beachfront acres on Ong Lang Beach and feature 50 pool villas, 100 residences, 250 rooms, a cooking school, an am‐ phitheater, 11,000 square feet of convention space, and a kids’ club. Movenpick , which runs a 154‐room hotel in Hanoi, also plans to build an‐ other hotel in Vietnam in 2018.

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Beginning January 5th, National Ge‐ ographic and G Adventures will part‐ ner to offer travelers a selection of 70 exotic trips, which will invite them to meet with locals, partake in hands‐on sightseeing, and enjoy free time, all the while benefiting from the security and structure of group travel. Priced significantly less than National Geographic’s other itiner‐ aries, National Geographic Journeys will span 7‐21 days and run between $1,500 and $5000 per traveler, ex‐ cluding air travel. Most groups will be capped at 16 tourists, and each National Geographic Journey will feature a local guide from G Adven‐ tures. For instance, the 12‐day “Dis‐ cover Sri Lanka” voyage will provide tourists an opportunity to ride a jeep through the Vilpattu National Park, visit the CIC Seed Farm, which col‐ laborates with more than 20,000 farmers in Sri Lanka to enhance the quality of crops, and learn about Ayurvedic healing from a local prac‐ titioner. For more information about the joint National Geographic Jour‐ ney‐G Adventures expeditions, visit or na‐ Gastronomy & Spirits

Gastronomy & Spirits

In the past few years, a new trend known as the ‘apericena’ or the stu‐ dent supper has spread in northern Italy, particularly Milan and Turin. In a break from a long tradition hon‐ oring the home‐cooked meal, Italy’s students and younger crowd‐ who might lack the time to return home and have dinner before a night out on the town or lack the disposable income to afford a restaurant din‐ ner‐ are embracing the apericena (coined by blending the word ‘cena’

or dinner and ‘aperitivo’, an Italian custom whereby locals would drop by a bar for snacks and a drink be‐ fore dining chez mamma). The aper‐ itivo is a twist on this custom and involves gathering at pubs to enjoy a value buffet meal before heading out for the night. University towns such as Padua, Bologna, Florence and Pisa have witnessed the emergence of the apericena, with bars serving a buffet of cold and hot dishes with wine, beer and spirits at a low fare, typi‐ cally €10 for the buffet and a drink. Patrons can avail themselves of a nu‐ tritious buffet consisting of such classics as baked pastas, vegetable dishes, cured meats, risottos, br‐ uschetta, and crostini, along with desserts ranging from gelati and fruits to tarts and Nutella‐stuffed pastries.

High-Tech & Innovation High-Tech & Innovation

When it comes to broadband con‐ nectivity, the U.S. does not make the top ten global list. Akamai’s State of the Internet report places the aver‐ age worldwide internet speed at 5.1 Mbps (DSL). South Korea takes the global lead with a 20.5 MbPS aver‐ age, while the U.S. dominates North and South America with an average internet speed of 12.6 Mbps. As re‐ ported in PC Magazine, Norway showed the largest gains in speed among the top 10 countries ‐ a 44 percent hike leading to an average speed of 16.4 Mbps. Akamai found that 80 percent of internet users in the U.S. had an average connection speed higher than 4 Mbps, compared to nearly 65 percent of users abroad. The report also found that approxi‐ mately 5.2% of surveyed internet users from around the world had broadband speeds (25 Mbps or higher) ‐ a 15% increase from last year. Finally, at least 10 percent of residents in the top 10 countries with broadband speeds are using broadband.

climbing, says the leisure activity emerged in the U.S. in the ‘80s and gained recognition in Japan nearly 15 years ago. The hobby, which re‐ quires only ropes and harnesses, is neither dangerous nor challenging, point out its practitioners. Individ‐ uals with disabilities and children can also partake in tree climbing with the help of a pulley. As re‐ ported in The Japan Times, more sea‐ soned climbers can set their sights on trees higher than 100 meters by “throwing a rope using a crossbow”. The rope, which hangs vertically from a large branch, contains rings on which climbers step. Since 2000, Tree Climbing provides certification to individuals who have completed a course and mastered safe techniques to climb trees. Japan currently has ap‐ proximately 3,000 certified climbers. According to a new University of Toronto study, an individual’s nega‐ tive view of aging adversely impacts memory and hearing. “The worse your view of aging, the worse you tend to feel about your own abilities, and the worse you perform,” ob‐ served University of Toronto psy‐ chology professor Alison Chasteen, in an interview with The Star. “Peo‐ ple’s feelings about getting older in‐ fluence our sensory and cognitive functions,” says the lead author of the study titled “Do Negative Views of Aging Influence Memory and Au‐ ditory Performance Through Self‐ Perceived Abilities?” Researchers found that of the participants, who ranged between the ages of 56 and 96, those who scored high on the “fear of aging scale” and the “stigma concern scale” judged more nega‐ tively their abilities and performed worse on the memory and hearing tests. The results were also consis‐ tent for those who had failing mem‐ ories and hearing. The study also showed that seniors who performed poorly on hearing tests also fared poorly on memory tests, indicating that some problems associated with memory might be connected to the individual’s inability to hear the in‐ formation.

Health & Wellness Health & Well-B An increasing number of Japanese are turning to ‘tree climbing’ as a form of outdoor recreation and a means of fostering forest preserva‐ tion. Through trial programs appear‐ ing throughout Japan, city dwellers are finding rest and relaxation and a sense of adventure. Tree Climbing Japan, an organization touting tree

Merry Christmas & Season’s Greet‐ ings to our loyal readers and Face‐ book fans as we prepare to usher in a sparkling and savory 2‐0‐1‐6 and continue to do it ‘Our Way’ !! With Yuletide cheers and a cham‐ pagne toast, Yara Zakharia, Esq.


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ALIVE AND KICKING Photo Credit: Liane Metzler

Help a Family in Need


Getting involved doesn’t have to be on a massive scale; helping a local organiza‐ tion shows a genuine dedication to your community. For residents of Florida, two charities that are committed to make a difference in the state are Christmas Connection and Feed South Florida. Christmas Connection is a nonprofit as‐ piring to fulfill the needs of families in northwest Florida during the holiday sea‐ son. While it is prominent in Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Madison, and Wakulla counties, it serves other areas as well. Spearheaded by the national non‐profit Catholic Charities, it benefits families of every religion and ethnic background, try‐ ing to make full bellies across all cross sec‐ tions. With 600‐800 families to serve, the Christmas Connection is constantly seek‐ ing donations and volunteers. If that sounds like something you want to get in‐ volved with and would like additional in‐ formation, check out their website, www. If you reside in the southern tip of Florida, Feeding South Florida is a charity a little closer to home. Founded with a mission of supplying food deficient families with something to eat, Feed South Florida is the largest and most efficient food bank in South Florida. Serving Palm Beach, Broward, Miami‐Dade, and Monroe coun‐ ties, it is the sole food bank in those areas and reinvests over a whopping 98 percent of donations in the community. Donating food or funds, volunteering, and becoming an advocate are all effective ways to help support this cause and help eliminate hun‐ gry bellies. For more information, visit Helping locally is a noble cause, but there is nothing wrong with helping on the national level. Two charities looking for help each year are Be An Elf and Neigh‐ bors 4 Neighbors.

Elf‐in‐Chief Patrick Reynolds formed the concept for Be An Elf by participating in delivering gifts for another organization in 2004. Reynolds was so moved by the delight and joy on the children’s faces that he launched his own non‐profit to deliver Christmas gifts to children in need in 2007. Due to privacy laws and regulation of how children deliver packages, the or‐ ganization has changed slightly but is still driven by its original mission. Today, the organization’s goal is to “bring a brighter, happier Christmas to thousands of under‐ privileged children and their families.” To learn more about becoming an elf, visit A national organization based out of Miami is Neighbors 4 Neighbors. This na‐ tionally acclaimed non‐profit organization was formed after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Neighbors 4 Neighbors’ cor pur‐ pose is to “connect those who can help with those in need”. Using its vast network of resource providers, developers, and media power, Neighbors 4 Neighbors is able to respond to disasters, help build communities, and connect diverse popu‐ lations. They “come to the aid of victims of every major hurricane, tornado, earth‐ quake, flood, accident, terrorist attack, and other major crisis where help was needed–at home, in the U.S. or abroad”. For more information on Neighbors 4 Neighbors, visit http://www.neighbors4 and see how you can lend a hand. With so many people in need this Christmas, help give what you can to sup‐ port those that need it most. Remember the lessons of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and make it pos‐ sible for others to experience happiness this year. Spread the true spirit of Christ‐ mas this year and help support a charity any way you can.

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden

A letter from Santa Photo Credit:


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is here to provide you with some of the top spots to ring in the 2016 in style. Basement Miami – Take yourself back to the 1970’s with this unique Miami nightclub. Developed by the legendary Ian Schrager of Studio 54, Basement Miami is designed to take you back to the days of disco, complete with a full bar, bowling alley and ice‐skating rink. The New Year’s Eve festivities begin at 10 pm and last until 1 am. There will be an open bar along with sets by Questlove, Jus Ske, Chelsea Leyland and Mateo Difontaine. Location: 2901 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33140 Tickets available at: www.basement‐ Norwegian Worldwide Food & Wine Party – What better way to usher in 2016 à la Miami than to attend a mega party with Pitbull and 10,000 of his closest friends. The event takes place at Bayfront Park and begins at 6:30 pm; access is granted on a first‐come, first‐served basis. General admission costs $150, and VIP runs $500 plus fees. Location: 301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 Ball & Chain – Start your New Year fi‐ esta early at Miami’s favorite hole‐in‐the‐ wall with a performance by Pepe Montes and his Conjunto from 6‐10 pm in the main room. Continue the night dancing away on the decks with a set by Dj Danis La Clave that will play through 4 am. The best part? The event is free and open to the public. If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, Ball & Chain offers a VIP event on the patio, including a set by a surprise DJ, an open bar from 10‐1 am and

table service that includes a package of predefined premium liquor and cham‐ pagne. Admission for the patio is $100, table reservations run $1,300‐$3,900. E11ven Miami ‐ Kiss 2015 goodbye and all the baggage that may have accompa‐ nied it, as you count down to 2016 with Drake. Located at one of Miami’s pre‐ mium nightclubs, E11ven Miami offers you the chance to watch the rap per‐ former up, close and personal. Special guests include Miami’s very own DJ Irie. Tickets start at $300, however, according to the website, the cost may spike as the countdown to the 31st nears. Make sure to score your tickets as soon as possible; admission includes hors d’oeuvres and an open bar from 9 pm to 11 pm, plus a glass of champagne to toast to the New Year alongside Drake. Location: 29 NE 11st, Miami, FL 33131 Website: Location: 1513 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135 Website: http://www.ballandchainmi‐ Barton G – If you’re seeking something a little tamer and preferably an activity that includes a sumptiouous dinner, Bar‐ ton G is the right place for you. Patrons have two options: an early dinner, from 5:30 – 7 pm or a 21‐and‐over party that includes a DJ, champagne and party fa‐ vors. The total cost of the evening includes $35 cover fee, in addition to the restau‐ rant’s a‐la‐carte menu. Location: 1427 West Avenue, Miami Beach 33139 Tuyo – Ring in the New Year with a breathtaking view of downtown Miami and a specialty menu. For $175, enjoy a four course meal and a glass of cham‐ pagne overlooking the Freedom Tower.

Seating is from 9 – 10 pm, and a wine pair‐ ing is available for an additional $65. Location: 415 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami FL

33132 New Year’s Eve Menu: http://www.tuy‐‐happy‐new‐year.aspx


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BUSINESS HUB Photos courtesy of Denise Galvez


Girls do lunch. That’s a given. Piripi, a new restaurant at 320 San Lorenzo in the Gables, is ideally situated just a few comfortable steps from Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Owners Teo Arraz and Agustin Abalo thoughtfully inaugurated a delightful venue for daytime meetings with clear windows, crisp linen tablecloths and a Chihuly light creation crowning the bar. Upon arrival, I noticed the couple at the next table was finishing their repast. As the waitress Nubia poured our water ‘sin gas’, I engaged them in conversation and asked if they had recommendations about the menu… The woman, a sensible brunette, surpris‐ ingly pointed to the top of the drink menu and said” whatever you do, you must have that” and pointed at a drink called Shades of Blue. The concoction is a sin. Or a pre sin if you want to call it that. It is made with Kettle 1 Vodka, lavender‐infused vodka and a remoulade of blueberries. I ordered it im‐ mediately and sipped it slowly, as an aperi‐ tif. The aroma of blueberries danced with the lavender and culminated in the happy buzz when the alcohol hit. You definitely need to be over 21 to drink this libation. Were I not driving, I would have ordered another for dessert. The bar was designed by a protege of Chihuly and features a four by fifteen foot chandelier that is playful and modern. The bar stools, bless them, are comfortably topped, and hooks under the bar are pro‐ vided for purchases and purses. The bar‐ tender John, shook the cocktails until frosted ice formed on the outside, a step frequently skipped these days. The tapas and appetizer menu is stel‐ lar‐ everything from a generous tray of

cheeses served with olives, whole wheat bread topped with bruschetta and fresh rolls, to octopus. Fresh rolls were served with olive oil, on crisp beige linen table‐ cloths. We ordered the cheese tray, which included Manchego, Idiazabal, and Drunken Goat cheeses. Piripi’s wine list is well thought out with not only a variety of wines, but also un‐ usual choices in the single malt scotches begging to be served ‘neat’. A wall to wall refrigerated Cava makes up the rear of the restaurant, well away from the sunlit win‐ dows. We also ordered the ham and cheese croquettes, homemade and perfect. The croquettes were a ricochet trip back to the 1970s, when my cousin, Maria Vic‐ toria’s dad would make croquettes from scratch, and fry them to a crisp brown out‐ side and warm soft moist middle. We used to eat them by the dozen as we sat in the “Florida Room” while the grandpar‐ ents talked about growing up in Spain. Stories were told with Castilian accents, as Led Zeppelin played on our turn table. The salad options were plentiful. When I return, I will have the roasted beet salad. It is served with a smoked cheese from the Basque mountains and arugula. This is a perfect place to come for drinks and tapas, since the selections beg to be shared. Choices for entrees were also numer‐ ous, and portions were generous. I or‐ dered the Autumn Vegetable Paella, which is 100% vegan, made with vegetable broth. A panacea of vegetables, roasted and cooked with the rice was delicious. The rice was tender, the vegetables cooked to perfection. I would have pre‐ ferred a heavier ratio of rice to vegetables, but the flavor was outstanding. I hopscotched over the steak and chicken offerings, all of which were seductive, but decided on the Bronzino, which had been

University of Miami alumnus and former faculty member Julie Valderrama has published and reviewed articles for publications as well as chaired U.M.'s Academic Standards Committee. Julie is a gourmet cook with a discerning palate and a film aficionado with a broad taste from classics to Studio Ghibli.

recommended by our waitress. Kitchen timing was perfect, with the Bronzino and Paella arriving simultane‐ ously, both steaming with just prepared goodness. The flaky fish was served on a bed of buttery mashed potatoes and topped by baby carrots. Dessert took two tries, since the original selection of the rice pudding which had a scoop of cinnamon ice cream in the mid‐ dle was a disappointment; so, the staff was glad to offer a Crema Catalana in its stead. Warm vanilla custard topped with candied caramel glaze. Delicious crunch of caramel and warm, comforting pud‐ ding. A melt in your mouth heaven. The owner, Ana, came over, introduced

herself and gave us a tour. The restaurant features live musicians on the weekend, and during our meal, the strumming sound of the Gypsy Kings and Spanish guitar music served to generate a festive atmosphere. In the rear of the restaurant, a conference room, which can seat over a dozen, pro‐ vides a desirable meeting place. The opaque glass wall becomes translucent, and the room has a full media center and pro‐ jection screen to facilitate presentations. The fare is reasonable, and the atmos‐ phere is conducive to lunch and dinner conferences as well as a gathering place for family and friends. I will be back soon, for another Shade of Blue…


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Bûche de Noël au Nutella et crème de Marron (Chestnut spread cream)


Bûche de Noël au Nutella et crème de Marron (Chestnut spread cream) Ingredients Melted butter, to grease 80g (1 cup) Nutella 4 eggs 155g (3/4 cup) caster sugar 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 80g (1 cup) self‐rising flour 1 tablespoon plain flour 5 teaspoons caster sugar, extra 80g (1 cup) chestnut spread cream 125ml (1/2 cup) thickened cream Step 1 Preheat oven to 180°C. Brush a 25 x 30cm (base measurement) Swiss roll pan with melted butter to grease. Line the base and 2 short sides with non‐stick bak‐ ing paper to reach about 7 cm above the edge of the 2 short sides. Step 2 Use an electric beater to beat the eggs yolks and sugar in a medium bowl for 5 minutes or until pale and creamy. In an‐ other bowl whipped the eggs white with a pinch of salt until firm. Step 3 Sift the combined flour and bicarbonate

of soda over the egg and sugar mixture. Gently add and stir the eggs white into the mixture. Pour into the lined pan. Bake for 12 minutes or until firm and a skewer in‐ serted into the center comes out clean. Step 4 Meanwhile, place a 50 x 30cm sheet of non‐stick baking paper on a flat surface. Sprinkle with 4 teaspoons of extra sugar. Use the overhanging paper to carefully turn the cake onto the sugar on the paper. Remove the top sheet of paper from the cake. Trim the crisp edges of the cake. Starting with the long side closest to you, and using the paper as a guide, roll up the cake. Wrap in baking paper. Place, seam‐ side down, on a tray and set aside for 1 hour to cool completely. Step 5 Beat the Nutella, cream and chestnut spread cream until firm peaks form. Care‐ fully unroll the cake. Spread with Nutella mixture. Roll up. Sprinkle with remaining sugar. Cover with baking paper. Place in an airtight container in fridge for 1 hour to chill. Top with powder sugar or more of the chocolate mixture if you prefer a more chocolaty taste! Serve and Enjoy!

Born and raised in Lyon, France, Michèle has been recognized on both television as well as in print media for her exceptional ability to create unique culinary masterpieces. Her rare combination of warm personality and culinary skills propelled her to recognition as the best cook in Lyon, renowned as France’s capital of gastronomy. As a private cook, Michele has worked with several of the world’s most recognized culinary masters, including Georges Blanc, and Philippe Le Chat. Michèle has also offered private cooking lessons to international celebrities.


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SOUTH FLORIDA HEARTBEAT Photo courtesy of Barbara Muze

The Chopin Foundation of the United States Presents: The Chopin Salon Concert Series at the La Gorce Country Club, Miami Beach November 22, 2015, 4 pm Recital to Feature Pianist Krzysztof Jablonski (Poland/Canada) Juror of the 2015 National Chopin Piano Competition


he Chopin Salon Series presents a piano recital by Krzysztof Jablonski, an international acclaimed artist, juror and teacher. Krzysztof Jablonski is a Laureate of the 1985 Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw as well as nu‐ merous top prizes at international piano competitions, such as Milan, Palm Beach, Monza, Dublin, New York, and Calgary. He is also the winner of the Gold Medal at the 1989 A. Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition in Tel Aviv. The concert will be followed by a wine reception and dinner. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful La Gorce Country Club on Miami Beach, the Chopin Salon Concerts are open to everyone and offer an intimate opportu‐ nity to experience today’s finest classical

pianists in the company of a congenial group of Chopin music lovers. Ever increasing in popularity, the last few Chopin Salon Concerts were sold out. Early reservations are recommended. WHEN: Sunday, January 10, 2016, 4:00 PM WHERE: La Gorce Country Club, 5685 Alton Rd, Miami Beach Program: All‐Chopin: Mazurkas Op. 24, Ballade no. 1, Scherzo no. 1, Barcarole, and more Tickets: Concert and wine reception free to Chopin members; dinner $55. Non‐members and guests, $45 concert; $100 all inclusive. Reservations required at 305.868.0624 or at More information at


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onche (del inglĂŠs punch y este del hindi pĂŁÄ?, ¨cinco¨, nĂşmero original de sus ingredientes) es el tĂŠrmino general utilizado para un brebaje que puede contener fruta o zumos. Se sirve en recipientes grandes y anchos llamados poncheras. Originalmente la bebida se preparaba con 5 ingredientes principales: arrak, (aguardiente de vino de palma), azĂşcar, limĂłn, agua y tĂŠ. Esta bebida fue adoptada por los marineros de la Compaùía BritĂĄnica de las Indias Orientales, quienes lo llevaron a Inglaterra, desde donde se exâ€? tendiĂł al mundo. MĂŠxico lo heredo de los franceses. El ponche de frutas en MĂŠxico es muy popular en la ĂŠpoca navideĂąa y usualâ€? mente se prepara para las posadas, que son las fiestas de los nueve dĂ­as previos a la Navidad. Receta para 6 personas: Ingredientes 10 tejocotes (fruta nativa de MĂŠxico, en lengua nĂĄhuatl se le conoce como TexĂłâ€? cotl)

6 guayabas 1 taza de ciruela pasa 2 manzanas 4 trozos de caùa de azúcar 1 raja de canela 1 piloncillo (preparado a partir del caldo no destilado de la caùa de azúcar) 2 piezas de anís estrella 3 clavos de olor 10 tazas de agua Los tejocotes pueden sustituirse por du� raznos y el piloncillo por azúcar morena. Se cortan a la mitad los tejocotes, en cuartos las ciruelas pasas y se deshuesan, las guayabas se cortan en cuartos, a la manzana se le retira el corazón y se corta en octavos, la caùa de azúcar se pela y se corta en tiras, En una cacerola grande se vierte el agua y pone a hervir, una vez que alcance el hervor se aùaden todos los in� gredientes, se baja el fuego y se cocina por diez minutos. Hay que cuidar que la fruta no sÊ sobrecocine. Al ponche se le puede aùadir ron al gusto, se toma caliente o frío. Servir en unos tarros medianos de barro o vidrio.


.U]\V]WRI-DEORQVNL A laureate of the 1985 Int’l Chopin Competition & Juror of the 2015 National Chopin Piano Competition

-DQ‡30 /D*RUFH&RXQWU\&OXE $OWRQ5RDG0LDPL%HDFK Salon Concerts with Wine Reception are FREE for Chopin Foundation Members Non-Members are also welcome: $45 (concert + reception) Elegant buffet dinner optional: $55 (wine & tip included)

RSVP Required: 305-868-0624


Joshua Wright A laureate of the 2015 National Chopin Piano Competition

Fernando Montes de Oca Martin En los Ăşltimos diez aĂąos se ha dedicado a escribir poesĂ­a crĂłnicas, narraciones, cuentos, ensayos y novelas. Ha incursionado en el mundo de la foto grafĂ­a y la cocina, en que destaca su gran amor y sensibilidad a las artes.





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Peculiar Traditions to Spread International Christmas Cheer BY: SARAH MASON | SARAH@INYBN.COM


ecember is here, and with the Christmas season unfold our Yule tide traditions (although some began popping up pre‐Thanksgiv‐ ing: sales, Christmas music, decorations lining the aisles of the supermarkets and mega malls of the world), with everyone getting enraptured in the festive spirit. Ac‐ companying the Christmas trees are nu‐ merous additional holiday classics from beautifully wrapped presents and carol‐ ing, to hanging stockings, to eating deep‐ fried caterpillars... Oh, I’m sorry, that’s a South African tradition. Sometimes during the Christmas season, we get so wrapped up (pun intended) in our holly, jolly habits that we fail to notice what the rest of the world is up to. If feasting on the festive delicacy of the Emperor Moth’s caterpillar isn’t one of your family traditions, some of these exotic Christmas rituals may be off your holiday radar as well. Many people believe Christmas has be‐ come highly commercialized; if you were to ask Japanese families they might agree with a mouthful of fried chicken. A Japanese KFC campaign during the 1970s encouraged consumers to eat fried chicken during Christmas, which many still do today. In addition to commercials, television shows have been impacted by unusual holiday customs; though South Park does‐

n’t need much help for boundary pushing topics and off‐the‐wall themes. Their cre‐ ators looked to Catalonia, Spain to help them make the show’s holiday cheer a lit‐ tle weirder than before, creating Mr. Han‐ key, the Christmas Poo. Catalonians have Caganer, who is featured in the nativity scene doing a very private, every day act: defecating. To further the stinky celebra‐ tion, the region celebrates with the Tió de Nadal, known as the “poo log” who poos presents on Christmas days. Howdy ho, Catalonia! As repugnant as holiday feces may be, the children of Greece, Guatemala, and Austria would probably welcome it in lieu of their holiday traditions. In Greece, the Kallikantzaroi, a race of evil goblins, plague the Grecian underground during the twelve days of Christmas; they surface to wreak havoc and ruin holiday cheer. If goblins in the sewers aren’t bad enough, Guatemalans worry about them in their houses. They sweep their homes each Christmas until the neighborhood has amassed a large pile of dirt that they then top with an effigy of the devil before they burn it. Austrian families don’t have the holiday any easier, living in fear of Kram‐ pus, the Christmas devil who knows when SEE PECULIAR TRADITIONS | P.11

CHE MALAMBO Latino version of STOMP!

JANUARY 31 Infused with primal energy and thundering rhythms, this all-male troupe captivates audiences with vibrant and fiery excitement as Argentinian music and dance are brought to testosterone-drenched life through a wild spectacle of drumming and powerful foot stomping.

TICKETS at Ticketmaster | 954.462.0222 Group Sales | 954.660.6307 Follow us:


Mr Hankey, the Christmas poo. Photo by Chrysaora


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you’ve been naughty and is the feature character in this year’s popular Universal Studios holiday horror, Krampus. He is described as Saint Nicholas’s dark shadow who beats people with sticks when they have misbehaved. We are lucky in America that Krampus isn’t watching over Santa’s naughty list. Austria’s neighbors, Germany and Italy, have more light‐hearted traditions. On December 5th, look outside of German homes for shoes left by children expect‐ ing sweets for being nice; a tree branch awaits those making the naughty list. If you’re in the “Fatherland” on Christmas Day, however, look in the Christmas tree for the pickle (an ornament would be too easy); being the first to discover this vine‐ gary variation of an ornament receives an extra gift. In Italy, it wouldn’t be Santa Claus who brought you the gift, but rather Befana, the friendly witch who delivers toys and sweets on the 5th of January. In Norway, there is no cleaning on Christmas Eve or a friendly witch. All the brooms are stored away so no witches and evil spirits steal them. And don’t think Germany is the only country with a Christ‐ mas tradition involving shoes (American stockings don’t count): Iceland, the Czech

Republic, and Venezuela all have one. Ger‐ mans put a shoe out for one night, Ice‐ landic children leave their shoes on the windowsill for the twelve days of Christ‐ mas (and twelve days of sweets, of course.) Single ladies in the Czech Repub‐ lic take a shot (or throw, rather) at mar‐ riage during Christmas time; they stand by a door and throw a shoe over their shoulder hoping the toe lands facing the door, signifying they’ll get hitched the fol‐ lowed year. Venezuelans don’t take their shoes off; rather, the residents of Caracas don roller‐skates to get to mass, taking the concept of holy rollers to a new level. A wealth of holiday traditions grace our globe. If you need inspiration in finding the Christmas spirit, you can write to: Santa Claus North Pole, Canada HOHOHO

Christmas presents seem to be a pretty mild tradition. Photo by Pawel Kadysz

He will write you back! And while you are waiting on your reply, you can join your fellow Americans in the “spirited” nationwide Christmas tradition known as “The Running of the Santas,” the largest Santa bar crawl in the world. So whatever you tradition: Eat, drink, and be merry, or the Krampus may get you!

Makes you look at logs a little differently, doesn't it... Photo credit: Joao Silas

Krampus. Photo by Salendron

A Christmas tradition in Japan, thanks to Colonel Sanders. Photo by Brian Chan


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Liz Alicea-Vélez

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Perez

Empoderar a la mujer es el mejor camino para hacerla libre The Commonwealth Institute – TCI- apoya el liderazgo femenino y les proporciona un camino seguro hacia el éxito. BY: MININ AREVALO | MININ@INYBN.COM


ara muchas mujeres, tener éxito profesional es tan importante como tenerlo en sus familias. De hecho, cada vez más hay mujeres que están poniendo a un lado su rol de madres para erigirse como guardianas de la economía doméstica o siguen tras su sueño de hacer carrera. Esto, que hasta hace algunas décadas era impensable, es hoy en día una realidad aplastante. Y si no, que lo digan mujeres como las Primeras Ministras, Presidentas de países o de grandes corporaciones. Y es que las mujeres están dominando al mundo y esto no es simplemente una frase hecha. Es el resultado de la preparación académica que están llevando a cabo y de su innata ca‐ pacidad de ser multitarea. ¿O es que acaso no es fácil encontrar a una mujer que habla por su móvil, se maquilla y conduce su coche al mismo tiempo? Afortunadamente, para ayudarlas en el camino que las conduce a la absoluta pro‐ fesionalización y a asumir el liderazgo al frente de sus propios negocios y de pe‐ queñas y grandes empresas, hoy por hoy hay organizaciones que les brindan apoyo y hay otras mujeres, también, listas para ayudarlas en su proceso de em‐ poderamiento. Liz Alicea‐Velez del TCI es una de las piezas clave para que las fémi‐ nas que hacen vida en Florida logren ese cometido. De hecho, comenta que la insti‐ tución a la que representa ayuda a mu‐ jeres en las diferentes etapas de su vida profesional. “Como yo lo veo, las mujeres encajan en tres grandes categorías. Las mujeres que son líderes por si mismas y que buscan mentores experimentados para ayudarles a navegar hacia nuevos puertos; las mujeres que quieren ampliar su red de otras pares con ideas afines, y mujeres con experiencia que han logrado un mínimo de éxito, ya sea como un ejec‐ utivas o que quieren ayudar a otras a tener éxito. Para todas, damos apoyo”. Es importante destacar que el TCI, siglas en inglés de The Commonwealth Institute, es una organización sin fines de lucro que se dedica a la promoción de liderazgo fe‐ menino en los negocios y trabaja en Mas‐ sachusetts y Florida y justo, para el mercado latino de este pujante sector como lo son las mujeres, trabaja Liz. Empoderar, un ingrediente de éxito A través de un liderazgo consistente y propio, mujeres como Liz Alicea‐Vélez, que hacen vida en este instituto, apoya a otras pares y les proporciona la oportu‐ nidad de compartir en las redes de las demás y les brinda un camino para el éxito a través de relaciones de verdadera colab‐

oración en ambientes de negocio. Por ejemplo, entre sus principales productos dentro del Instituto al que representa, está el Top 50 Mujeres y Liderazgo, un encuen‐ tro que atrae a más de 400 consejeros del‐ egados y altos ejecutivos justo para el empoderamiento de aquellas que quieren alzarse en el camino profesional. Según Liz, “en nuestro caso, en la Mujer Top 50 liberamos la lista de las 50 empre‐ sas dirigidas por mujeres en el estado de la Florida y las reconocemos por lo que son y por lo que hacen”. Por otra parte, este Instituto, con varios tipos de afiliación, cuenta con el Foro Em‐ presarial, un programa de desarrollo para emprendedoras enfocados en llevar su ne‐ gocio al siguiente nivel. También cuentan con seminarios de alta penetración y util‐ idad para los negocios como los “Coffee Talks”, discusiones de libros de negocios, “Business Books & Coffee” y reuniones de miembros, donde ellas aprenden a com‐ partir información e inspirarse mutua‐ mente.´´ ¿Y si quieres ayuda? No importa si eres nativa de Florida o de cualquier otro estado del país, ni siquiera si eres inmigrante. Tampoco el tamaño de la empresa donde trabajen o que quieran construir. El papel del TCI es apoyar a todas aquellas mujeres que quieran hacer de su carrera el eje fundamental de sus vidas. De hecho, cuando se le pregunta a Liz acerca de cuál es la característica es‐ pecial que debe tener una mujer para recibir ayuda de la organización a la pertenece, comenta que “solo necesita voluntad de participar, de aprender y de dar parte de su tiempo a las demás”. Para cerrar, Liz dice que como mujer, que ha estado involucrada en varias orga‐ nizaciones locales de mujeres, “encontré como diferencia en TCI la diversidad de in‐ dustrias y la experiencia de sus miembros, así como la gran cantidad y calidad de eventos que hacen y de los programas de desarrollo que ofrecen”. Además, los ser‐ vicios de tutoría y la ayuda para que las mujeres consigan su autonomía, son piezas fundamentales en la labor que este grupo lleva adelante. Dice como corolario: “esperamos que nuestras mujeres in‐ spiren, se potencien y ayuden a otras a tener éxito en sus negocios. A fin de cuen‐ tas, en cada mujer que hay en la tierra vive una líder en potencia. Solo tiene que sacarla a relucir”. Para información de cómo el TCI puede colaborar con la mujeres, ingresen a su sitio en internet: http://commonwealth‐

Minín Arévalo, periodista venezolana con más de 30 años de trayectoria en medios de su país. Máster en Comunicaciones Corporativas de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. Actualmente, maneja su propia agencia de PR con su nombre en Miami y es CEO del portal periodístico para hispanos en Estados Unidos

Liz Alicea-Velez: Una latina que ha estado en grandes puestos de compañías muy representativas y que hoy apoya el liderazgo de sus pares.


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Photos courtesy of Cristina Torres

St. Agnes Academy held its annual Christmas Toy Drive. Thanks to the generosity of school families and staff members, the school collected hundreds of toys to donate to needy children at Centro Mater. The 8th grade students and teachers then delivered the toys to Centro Mater and spent the morning interacting with the children there.


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Concert by pianist DAVID VIRELLES with projected images from the book The School of Night by visual artist ARTURO RODRIGUEZ

Photos courtesy of Maggie Pelleya

The School of Night XXI , oil crayon and charcoal on paper

David Virelles


BRIO Tuscan Grille South Florida Locations Invite Guests to Savor & Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a Delicious Three-Course Prix Fixe Menu, Offered Dec. 31 through Jan. 2 In Tuscany, the Italians usher in the new year by celebrating in the streets. BRIO Tuscan Grille locations in South Florida invite guests indoors to welcome 2016 with a holiday special: a hearty three‐course New Year’s prix fixe menu. The prix fixe menu, featuring delightful choices of crisp salads, heartwarming soups, a savory en‐ trée and luscious desserts, will be available Dec. 31 through Jan. 2. The cost of the prix fixe menu when including the Crab & Shrimp Crusted Mahi Mahi entrée is $28.95. The cost when in‐ cluding the Strip Steak with Black Pep‐ per Shrimp entrée is $38.95. Salads OR soup choices: BRIO Chopped Salad: Chopped greens, tomatoes, black olives, red onion, cu‐ cumber, Feta, red wine vinaigrette Bistecca Insalata: Lettuce wedge, Gor‐ gonzola, bacon, tomatoes, creamy Parmesan dressing Caesar Salad with brioche croutons Soup of the Day Lobster Bisque with sautéed shrimp garnish Entrée choice: Crab & Shrimp Crusted Mahi Mahi: Orzo, farro, broccoli, asparagus, grape tomatoes, spinach, Feta and pesto vinai‐

grette. The recommended wine pairing for this inviting dish is Migration Chardonnay by Duckhorn ($11.95 per glass). Strip Steak with Black Pepper Shrimp: 14 oz. , perfectly seasoned, Reggiano scalloped potatoes and grilled asparagus. Decoy Caber‐ net Sauvignon by Duck‐ horn ($11.95 per glass) is the recom‐ mended wine pair‐ ing for this dish. Dessert Choices (one of BRIO’s house‐ made dolchinos (petite desserts): Crème Brulee with vanilla bean, caramelized sugar Caramel Mascarpone Cheesecake with anglaise sauce, vanilla whipped cream Chef’s Seasonal Dolchino: The finest and freshest ingredients of the season Gelato “There’s no better way to start off a new year than with a chef‐inspired Tus‐ can meal shared with friends and family,” said BRIO Tuscan Grille Chef & Culinary Director Alison Peters. “At BRIO, we love to celebrate and are excited to offer our guests a chance to indulge with a special New Year’s prix fixe menu.” Please visit the website for BRIO loca‐ tions at and follow the restaurant on Twitter (@brioitalian)

Concert by pianist DAVID VIRELLES with projected images from the book The School of Night by visual artist ARTURO RODRIGUEZ Saturday, January 9, 2016, 8:30 pm At the WDNA Jazz Gallery 2921 Coral Way, Miami FL TICKETS: $15/WDNA Members $25/General Admission Tickets available by calling 305.662.8889 More info at WDNA 88.9FM Public Radio presents for the first time in Miami, New York‐ based Cuban pianist David Virelles in a solo piano concert with projected images from the book The School of Night by vi‐ sual artist Arturo Rodriguez on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 8:30 pm, at the WDNA Jazz Gallery, 2921 Coral Way, Miami, FL. DAVID VIRELLES Virelles looks set to make big differ‐ ences in contemporary music for years to come. The Guardian Named one of four pianists on the rise by the New York Times and “ #1 Rising Star” in the Piano category in DownBeat Magazine’s Critics Poll in 2015, as well as being selected as one of the “Jazz Artists” and “Albums of the Year” in the aforemen‐ tioned publication, Cuban born pianist David Virelles grew up in a musical home. He started studying music at seven, as well as being exposed to the Cuban musi‐ cal traditions. In 2001, he left for Canada as a protégé of Jane Bunnett. David was the first recip‐ ient of the Oscar Peterson prize, presented by Peterson personally. He has performed with: Ravi Coltrane, Henry Threadgill, Tomasz Stanko, Dewey Redman, Sam Rivers, Steve Coleman, Andrew Cyrille,

Hermeto Pascoal, “Changuito”, Stanley Cowell, Chucho Valdés, Paul Motian, Chris Potter, Flea, Tom Harrell, among others. Virelles’ album Continuum made sev‐ eral “Best Of The Year” lists in 2012, being selected #1 in The New York Times. His latest album Mbòkó, was released on Oc‐ tober 7th, 2014 on the Munich label ECM and ended up in virtually every Best Of The Year 2014 lists, including the New York Times, NPR, ITunes and The Village Voice. Virelles has gathered much acclaim from fans, musicians and critics alike, hav‐ ing been called a “genius” by Chucho Valdés, one of the preeminent figures in Cuban music. ARTURO RODRIGUEZ Dancers, friends, exiles, saints, devils, childhood memories, sex, love and death are the characters that take center stage every night at around 3 A.M. An intimate collection of drawings by the artist and the writings of some of his best poet friends are the backbone of this limited edition book project The School of Night. The works of Arturo Rodriguez have been widely exhibited, including Switzerland, France, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Panama, and Colombia, and are included in the collec‐ tions of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jerusalem Museum, Smithsonian’s Ameri‐ can Art Museum, Norton Gallery of Art and Pamm Art Museum, among others. About WDNA 88.9FM WDNA 88.9FM Public Radio is South Florida’s only prime time Jazz, Latin jazz and world beat music station. Regular office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday. Phone: 305‐662‐8889, studio line: 305‐ 444‐7889 Website:


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Mercantil Commercebank CELEBRATES STUDENT WINNERS OF 2015 Zoolens SM Photography Project Emceed by Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill, con‐ test awards ceremony honored 30 middle school student finalists, including one grand prize winner who was awarded $2,000 Mercantil Commercebank, one of the largest banks headquartered in Florida, announced the winners of its 2015 Zo‐ olensSM Photography Project during a re‐ cent awards ceremony at the Bank’s Coral Gables headquarters. The Dec. 10 event was emceed by Zoo Miami’s Director of Communications and Nikon® Ambassa‐ dor, Ron Magill. Developed in partnership with Zoo Miami and the Zoo Miami Foundation, Mercantil Commercebank’s ZoolensSM Photography Project was designed to fos‐ ter awareness of wildlife among Miami‐ Dade County middle school students. The contest encourages them to creatively photograph their favorite Zoo Miami ani‐ mal and submit their best photo for a chance to win prizes. “Our ZoolensSM photography contest once again showcased the inspiring talent and creativity of local middle school stu‐ dents, while building wildlife awareness throughout our community,” said Mercan‐ til Commercebank President and COO Al Peraza. “We are pleased by the growth of this educational initiative each year, as we continue to receive more and more sub‐ missions from students throughout Miami‐Dade County.” At the culmination of the contest, more than 300 received entries were reviewed—

in the areas of composition, artistic merit, technical ability, and title—by a panel of judges. The distinguished group included Ron Magill, Pulitzer Prize‐winning photo‐ journalist Patrick Farrell, internationally acclaimed photo artist María Martínez‐ Cañas, New World School of the Arts vi‐ sual arts professor and curator Rosario Martínez‐Cañas, WPLG‐Local 10 anchor and animal advocate Jacey Birch, and Grizzel Gonzalez of Mercantil Commerce‐ bank. During the ceremony, the 30 finalists’ photographs were displayed and Magill announced the talented winners. First place went to Tristin Bolles from Westminster Christian School for her photo titled, “Motherly Love.” Tristin re‐ ceived a $2,000 Mercantil Commercebank savings account, a professional camera and a Student Membership to the North American Nature Photography Associa‐ tion. Second place went to Camila Mejia from South Miami K‐8 Center with her entry ti‐ tled, “Hide and Seek.” Camila received a $1,500 savings account, a professional camera and a Student Membership to the North American Nature Photography As‐ sociation. And third place went to Cassandra Lopez from Herbert A. Ammons Middle School for her photo titled, “Guess Who?” Cassandra received a $1,000 savings ac‐ count, a professional camera and a Stu‐ dent Membership to the North American Nature Photography Association.

Tristin Bolles - Motherly Love - Grand Prize

Cassandra Lopez - Guess Who - Third Place

Let’s fight toge ether to end d breas ast s ca cance nc cer in ou our commun nitty y. At Susan G. Komen® Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, we’re proud of our victories in the fight against breast cancer. We’re fighting for your mother, your sister, your friend and you. But there are thousands more in South Florida who need our help and have nowhere else to turn.

Honorable Mention Winners with Zoo Miami's Ron Magill

Photos courtesy of Rachel Krantz

Zoolens Awards Ceremony

We won’t rest until we end breast cancer forever. But we can’t do it alone. Please join the fight by donating today at Your gift will make a lifesaving difference and get us one step closer to a cure.

For more information, please contact us at: 305-383-7116 (Miami-Dade) or 954-909-0454 (Broward) or visit us online at


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The Broadway stars perform a special post–New Year’s Day concert on January 2 at Parker Playhouse Photo courtesy of Savannah Whaley

Will Swenson

Following their sold‐out appearance last year, six‐time Tony Award–winner Audra McDonald and Sirius XM satellite radio Broadway channel host Seth Rudetsky raise the stakes and the roof by returning to Parker Playhouse and bringing Tony Award‐nominated Broadway singer Will Swenson with them. The Broadway Concert Series at Parker Playhouse, produced by Mark Cortale, be‐ gins on Saturday, January 2 at 8 p.m. featur‐ ing McDonald, Swenson and Rudetsky in an evening of incredible singing, witty banter and intimate behind‐the‐scenes stories. McDonald and Swenson are one of show business’s most talented married couples. Broadway legend McDonald broke the record for the most Tony Award wins and became the first person to win in all four performance categories, taking home Broadway’s top honor for her perform‐ ances in Lady Day and Emerson’s Bar & Grill, The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess, A Raisin in the Sun, Ragtime, Master Class and Carousel. McDonald’s other accolades include two Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, being named to the 2015

Time 100, Time magazine’s list of the most influential people in the world. On the concert stage, McDonald has sung with virtually every major American orchestra including the Boston Sym‐ phony, Chicago Symphony, Cleveland Or‐ chestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, National Symphony, New York Philhar‐ monic, Philadelphia Orchestra and San Francisco Symphony. She is familiar to TV audiences for her recurring roles on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, ABC’s Private Practice, numerous PBS spe‐ cials and her critically acclaimed perform‐ ance as the Mother Abbess in NBC’s live telecast of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. Swenson is best known for his Tony‐nom‐ inated performance in Broadway’s Hair and stellar performances in Priscilla Queen of the Desert and the revival of Les Misérables in the role of Javert. He also appeared on Broadway in 110 in the Shade, Lestat and Brooklyn. Off Broadway, he was a member of the original cast of Rock of Ages as well as Little Miss Sunshine, Murder Ballad, Adrift in Macao and Two Gentlemen of


Business Improvement District of Coral Gables Elects New Board Members


he Business Improvement District of Coral Gables (BID) is pleased to announce its 2015‐2016 Board of Directors elected on December 16. Two new members joined the Board – retailer Craig DeWald of Uvaggio Wine Bar and property owner Truman Skinner of McBride Properties. “We have a very strong Board of Directors this year composed of merchants, restaura‐ teurs and property owners of all sizes who are dedicated to the future of Downtown Coral Gables,” said Marina Foglia, Executive Director of the BID. “The Board’s leadership will be essential this year, as we embark upon the long‐anticipated Streetscape im‐ provements to Miracle Mile and Giralda Av‐ enue and implement additional initiatives such as the Overlay District.” The mission of the Business Improve‐ ment District of Coral Gables is to promote commercial vitality to Miracle Mile and Downtown Coral Gables and to act as a strategic catalyst for the overall improve‐

ment of the area. Through the implementa‐ tion of marketing and advertising programs and engagement in the form of advocacy, this collective organization of property owners and merchants positions Down‐ town Coral Gables as a desirable place to shop, dine, play, live and do business. The 2015‐2016 Board members are as follows: President ‐ Mindy McIlroy, Terranova Corporation Vice‐President ‐ Barbara Tria, Property Owner Secretary/Treasurer – Venny Torre, Torre Development Member at Large – Denise Erwin, Bulla Gastrobar Officers: Craig DeWald, Uvaggio Wine Bar Zeke Guilford, Property Owner Erica Guzman, Aragon 101 Jorge Kuperman, JSK Architec‐ tural Group Matt Lahiff, Westin Colonnade Hotel Carolina Rendeiro, eMerge Ameri‐ cas Truman Skinner, McBride Properties Michael Steffens, Neville Steffens Archi‐ tects, LLP Helena Ulloa, I. Designs Optical

Photo Credit: Autumn de Wilde

Audra McDonald

Verona. Rudetsky has played piano for over a dozen Broadway shows including Ragtime, Les Misérables, and The Phantom of the Opera and is the man behind SethTV, his web‐based entertainment network. As a comic, Rudetsky was awarded “Funniest Gay Male in NY” at Stand‐Up NY and is a three‐time Emmy nominee as a writer for The Rosie O’Donnell Show. He co‐wrote and stars in the new musical Disaster! that will open on Broadway this February.

Tickets are $46.50 ‐ $126.50. Buy tick‐ ets online at,, www.Tick‐; by phone at 954‐462‐0222; in person at Ticketmaster outlets or the Broward Center’s AutoNation Box Office. Tickets are also available for purchase at the Parker Playhouse box office Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.. The Parker Playhouse, located in Holiday Park at 707 N.E. Eighth Street in Fort Laud‐ erdale.


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Aventura Arts & Cultural Center Showcases an Evening of Unforgettable Songs during On the Radio


isco Icon Donna Summer’s Grammy‐winning hit “On the Radio” said it best when poignantly illuminating how the words and music of a song can affect us all. Now, Aventura Arts & Cultural Center invites audiences to tune into an evening of the most unforgettable songs from the 70s during On the Radio on Saturday, Jan‐ uary 2 at 8 p.m. On the Radio takes the audience on a fan‐ tastic trip down memory lane, recalling the unique era of bell bottoms, mood rings and love beads, as the show’s star Mimi J and her impressive back‐up dancers perform all the greats of the decade, including “Car Wash,” “Dancing Queen,” “I Will Survive,” “Proud Mary,” “Midnight Train to Georgia,” “Neither One of Us,” “Let It Be,” and more. In a Miami Herald Review from 2014, Christine Dolen wrote, “Miami‐raised singer Mimi J is a woman with a power‐ house voice and an appealing stage pres‐ ence . . . On the Radio is all about the music, and the star has the pipes to deliver. . .” Tickets are $40 and $45. Buy tickets online at; by phone at 877‐311‐7469; in person at Ticketmaster outlets or at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center box office Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. and 90 minutes prior to each performance. The Aventura Arts & Cultural Center is located at 3385 N.E. 188 Street in Aventura.

Photo courtesy of Christine Feeley

Mimi J in on the radio

SOUTH FLORIDA HEARTBEAT Photo courtesy of Chris Feeley

Ma Mak ak kee histo hist stto ory ry Sign the Solar Choice petition today & help bring affordable solar energy to the Sunshine State!



Gilbert & Sullivan- I’ve Got a Little Twist

The Mikado Meets The Music Man at Aventura Arts & Cultural Center during I’ve Got a Little Twist: Gilbert and Sullivan with a Twist of Broadway The New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players take the stage at Aventura Arts & Cultural Center on Thursday, January 7 at 8 p.m. during I’ve Got a Little Twist: Gilbert and Sullivan with a Twist of Broadway, a one‐ of‐a‐kind show that celebrates the legacy of Gilbert & Sullivan in American musical theater, as well as features favorites from Rodgers & Hammerstein, Leonard Bern‐ stein, Stephen Sondheim, Lerner and Loewe, Meredith Willson and Jerry Her‐ man. With a new and lively repertoire, the celebrated company takes the audience on a thrilling journey down the Great White Way, proving that life really is a cabaret. Daniel Kelly from wrote,

“New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players’ mis‐ sion statement is ‘giving vitality to the liv‐ ing legacy of Gilbert & Sullivan.’ I’ve Got a Little Twist does just this and in the process gives one of the freshest and most heartfelt performances that I’ve seen the company do in years.” Tickets are $40 and $45. Buy tickets online at; by phone at 877‐311‐7469; in person at Ticketmaster outlets or at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center box office Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. and 90 minutes prior to each performance. The Aventura Arts & Cultural Center is located at 3385 N.E. 188 Street in Aven‐ tura.


sign 3

send Givingg Florridians a Voice o and i on Ene E rgy d a Cho Ch ice in the Sunshine State


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SECOND-ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS AND GLASS FAIR Featuring the finest in ceramics from around the world and American glass art


he Second‐Annual International Ceramics and Glass Fair (ICGF) will be held January 23 through 26, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, at the Gallery of Amazing Things, 481 South Fed‐ eral Highway in Dania Beach, Fla. Presented by Seaway China Company, Pascoe & Company and the Wiener Mu‐ seum of Decorative Arts (WMODA), the 2016 ICGF promises to be an unforgettable and interactive festival display of the finest ceramic art and craftsmanship from around the world and American studio glass. Along with exquisite pieces from interna‐ tional exhibitors, the ICGF will include sell‐ ing exhibitions, visiting experts, panel discussions, artist demonstrations, and offer guests a chance to take an artisan‐led master class to create their own works of art. Special guests include: Fée Halsted, founder of Ardmore Ce‐ ramic Art in the Midlands of KwaZulu‐ Natal, South Africa Royal Doulton Ambassador Michael Doulton, a sixth‐generation descendant of the iconic British ceramics maker and founder of Royal Doulton. Brenna Baker, founder and director of Hollywood Hot Glass, who appeared in the CBS TV special “The Art of Glass” with

world‐renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts Ex‐ ecutive Director Louise Irvine, an expert in British ceramic history and a leading authority on Royal Doulton antiques. Thrilling kiln‐formed fused glass demonstrations by the talented Chelsea Rousso, professor of Fashion Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Visitors also can take tea with Michael Doulton in the stunning Chihuly glass gallery at WMODA. The Royal Tea Party will include talks by experts, dainty sand‐ wiches and scones and cakes, along with tea‐infused champagne cocktails. The Royal Tea is being offered on Saturday, January 23, from 2 to 4 p.m. and tickets $45, which includes entry to the ICGF; RSVP for the tea is required. In tandem with the Fair, WMODA –also is hosting Splash!, a thrilling exhibition that pays homage to the sea through ce‐ ramic and glass art. Throughout history, fish, shells, mermaids and sea monsters have been creatively depicted in pottery, porcelain, crystal and glass. Splash! is a toast to South Florida and its Caribbean influences, featuring fine ceramics and glass dating back to the 19th century. Tickets are $10. For ticket information and more details about the ICGF, visit icg‐



Part Of The South Florida Bid Commit‐ tee’s Extensive Efforts To Bring The Super Bowl Back To The Region After 10 Years The South Florida Super Bowl Bid Com‐ mittee and Miami Dolphins representa‐ tives met with NFL officials at the NFL headquarters in New York City on Tues‐ day, Dec. 1st to present South Florida’s bid for the 2019 and 2020 Super Bowl. Miami Dolphins’ owner, Stephen Ross, was also in attendance as part of a surprise visit in support of the Committee’s efforts. The final bid is due on April 15th and the games will be awarded at the owners meeting in late May. This visit is part of the South Florida Bid Committee’s extensive efforts to bring the Super Bowl back to the region after 10 years. South Florida will be competing against Atlanta, New Orleans and Tampa for the final site selection de‐ cision in May 2016. “It was great to be back at the table with NFL officials discussing the Super Bowl’s return to South Florida. Stephen Ross’ 500

million investment into Sun Life Stadium’s renovations certainly allows us to com‐ pete with all of the new stadiums coming online. We had a great meeting and feel very optimistic,” said Rodney Barreto, chairman of the South Florida Super Bowl Bid Committee. South Florida after the region was cho‐ sen as a finalist earlier this year to poten‐ tially host Super Bowl LIII and Super Bowl LIV. If chosen, the games will be taking place at the newly revamped Sun Life Sta‐ dium, which will feature an extensively modernized exterior, shade canopy, four high‐definition scoreboards and other en‐ hancements. The first wave of renovations are set to be completed by the start of the 2015 season and the complete renovation will be finished prior to the start of the 2016 season. For any questions regarding The South Florida Super Bowl Bid Committee or de‐ tails about the NFL’s site tour of South Florida, please visit

Photos courtesy of Christine Feeley

Lladro painting or call 954‐654‐7739. The Gallery of Amazing Things is located at 481 South Federal Highway, just south of Fort Laud‐

erdale – Hollywood International Airport. For more information about the venue, visit


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TABERNACLE OF THE STARS Celestial Insights - Fortnight Edition | December 21 – January 6, 2016! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Blessed Kwanzaa Fortnight Catalogue of Aspects and Celestial Events Even if you do not feel the energy directly, those around you will! (Energetic indicators felt for 3 days prior and following the culmination of the angle.)

LUNATIONS The Full Moon in Cancer occurs on December 25, 2015, Christmas Day, at 06:11:25 AM EST! The Moon is in trine to Neptune in Pisces as it opposes the Capricorn Sun. Imagination and inspiration see manifestation in this cycle. Touch your paintbrush to the canvas, write the first chapter to your book or take a class in healing to help serve others with your spiritual gifts!

STATIONS Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on January 5, 2016 at 08:05 AM EST and remains so until January 25, 2015 at 09:50 PM EST. It revisits Capricorn in its tour, bringing back some of the unresolved issues toward the end of 2015. Old arguments and emotional blocks may return to haunt you! Know this is a unique opportunity to process through them. Accept the challenge! Uranus stations direct in Aries on December 25, 2015 at 10:53 PM EST. This cycle is interesting and can help us to re‐examine who we really are and what we are about. What facets of our nature have we abandoned and is it possible to reclaim our growth and inspiration as we move forward? Processes more than events are honored in this cycle, Pace yourself, knowing that it often takes time for dreams to come to fruition!

CELESTIAL EVENTS FOR ALL! On the Full Moon, which is on Christmas Day this year, Uranus stations direct and Mercury in Capricorn is in trine to Jupiter in Virgo! Promises you make now are much more powerful than waiting for a New Year’s resolution. Feelings of being blessed are strong, and it is easy to share the love with others! Enjoy the delightful cuisine and conversation on this special day! On December 29, 2015, Mercury in Capricorn is in square to Mars in Libra. If you are going to pick a fight ‐ you better be right! Avoid malicious gossip if at all possible and try to exercise compassion and understanding to offset this aspect. At the very least, you or those close to you can just feel tired and grumpy! Just nod and be still! On January 3‐5, 2016, there are some profound aspects! The Moon conjoins Mars in Scorpio as Mercury is stationing and in square to them! Venus in Sagittarius is in square to Neptune in Pisces and the Sun conjoins Pluto in Capricorn! If you have planets in Aries or Scorpio, this is an excellent time for deep psychic reflection, research and to stand on your truth! The intensity is overwhelming! If you have planets in

Taurus or Libra, you will be very imaginative but quite ungrounded! Keep a sense of humor and even laugh at yourself if need be!

INSIGHT FOR EACH SIGN! This fortnight embraces the Full Moon! Your power lies in completion!

ARIES MAR 20 ‐ APR 20 On the Full Moon, your ruler, Mars, is quincunx to the Tail of the Dragon in Pisces and in square to Mercury in Capricorn. In the midst of celebration, you may hear troubling news both near and far. Exercise compassion and love but maintain the inner joy and outer celebration of the season. Uranus, in your sign, stations direct on Christmas night. Prepare to ring in the New Year with glee! Your I AM will come to BE! TAURUS APR 20 ‐ MAY 21 On the Full Moon, your ruler, Venus, is in trine to the Tail of the Dragon in Pisces, and in sextile to both Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Capricorn. This is a very busy cycle with so many activities happening simultaneously. You will definitely be multi‐tasking, but the creative effort pays off! Food and decorations will be astounding! Recipes and family secrets will be selectively shared in this cycle. Be ready for a few surprises! Expect one person to be a bit late but they will be not the worse for wear! Celebrate! GEMINI MAY 21 ‐ JUN 21 On the Full Moon, your ruler, Mercury, forms a double trine to Jupiter and the Head of the Dragon in Virgo and a sweet sextile to Venus in Scorpio. Love deepens, loyalties emerge out of the blue and you smile deep inside in this cycle. You feel thankful for that which you hold in the palm of your hand and your faith is rejuvenated. Have a fabulous holiday! Spread the joy! CANCER JUN 21 ‐ JUL 22 This Full Moon is in your sign and forms a beautiful trine to Neptune in Pisces as it opposes the Capricorn Sun. Go BIG with your family traditions for best results. Bump up the volume on your favorite tunes and please your appetite and tingle the taste buds of those you love! Cooking, baking and decorating brings a special glee! Gleam! LEO JUL 22 ‐ AUG 2

On the Full Moon, your ruler, the Sun, is in Capricorn simply opposing the Moon in Cancer. A simple balance of devotion response‐ability and will bring you to a tender bliss! Appreciate all that others do for you and know you will be honored by others for all you bring to the table. Meet the challenge of bringing the wallflowers in the gathering into the limelight. The results will be nothing short of spectacular! Thank me later! VIRGO AUG 23 ‐ SEP 22 On the Full Moon, your ruler, Mercury, forms a double trine to Jupiter and the Head of the Dragon in Virgo and a sweet sextile to Venus in Scorpio. Love feels like a magnificent symphony at this time. Romantic love deepens but also the love you share with others is magnified in joyful embrace! You are very present in each conversation and a marvelous observer! WOW them! LIBRA SEP 23 ‐ OCT 22 On the Full Moon, your ruler, Venus, is in trine to the Tail of the Dragon in Pisces, and in sextile to both Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Capricorn. The thoughtfulness of others is so profound toward you just now. They may remember your favorite scent as well as your favorite musician or songwriter. Small gifts from friends and co‐workers may just appear. You are a gracious receiver now as well as a generous giver! Enjoy! SCORPIO OCT 23 – NOV 22 On the Full Moon, your ruler of event, Mars, is in Libra and is quincunx to the Tail of the Dragon in Pisces and in square to Mercury in Capricorn. Pluto, your ruler of process, is in sextile to Chiron in Pisces. You will find yourself separating from the troubles of the World and will desire to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed holiday. Good friends, good food, good fun! Find the most comfortable chair in the room! Relax! SAGITTARIUS NOV 22 ‐ DEC 20 On the Full Moon, Your ruler, Jupiter, is

lined up with the Dragon, in trine with Mercury in Capricorn and in sextile to Venus in Scorpio! You can do no wrong! You are delightful to be around and the perfect words come to your lips ‐ no matter where you find yourself. Practical matters and concerns that pop up are interesting and informative. You make important connections now! Reach for the stars! CAPRICORN DEC 21 ‐ JAN 19 On the Full Moon, your ruler, Saturn, is in square to Neptune but is also approaching a trine to Uranus in Aries as it stations and prepares to move direct on Christmas night! Nothing seems to surprise you just now and you take even starting news in stride. Your mentorship blossoms in your workspace and brings comfort and support to those in your home space. Rest on your laurels a bit once all the preparations are in place. Invite others to pitch in and share the joy of the feast! Take a bow! AQUARIUS JAN 20 – FEB 19 On the Full Moon, your ruler, Uranus, is in square to Pluto but is being approached by Saturn in Sagittarius to form a trine in the weeks ahead. Late on Christmas Day, Uranus stations direct and the excitement of the New Year begins to form in the heart of many! Travel can be an exciting adventure, especially if you are reuniting with family and close friends! Be the life of the party and be sure to have a toast prepared! Celebrate BIG! PISCES FEB 19 ‐ MAR 19 This Full Moon is in Cancer and in trine to your ruler, Neptune occupying your sign! Neptune is in square to Saturn in Sagittarius, causing a persistent impatience to realize your dreams. Allow yourself to embrace your inner child. Focus less on obligations and more on response‐ ability in each and every moment. Share your dreams for the future even if they seem like a long way off. You give them life and form in the ethers and others will cheer you on! Shine on!

Aphrodette North is the founder of Inner Mysteries Profiled, a full spectrum astrological entity as well as an organization devoted to enlightenment through metaphysics. INNER MYSTERIES PROFILED is dedicated to research and development of the unique Spiritual gifts inherent in everyone. Aphrodette is ever inspired to offer guidance to those who seek direction and development in the true unfolding of a fulfilling and prosperous life.


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Barry University’s “Barry Special Christmas” Draws Nearly 1,500 Attendees at its community holiday celebrating the holidays and the end of the fall semester. Children laugh and play at Barry Special Christmas

Barry Christmas guest enjoys the petting zoo

Photo Credits: Barry University

Children’s Voice Chorus

Bucky and guests enjoy Barry Special Christmas

The Harbour X Pulse Miami Beach Contemporary Art Fair Key International and 13th Floor Invest‐ ments recently hosted an elegant cocktail af‐ fair to commemorate The Harbour as the exclusive luxury development sponsor of the PULSE Miami Beach Contemporary Art Fair. The crowd experienced The Harbour lifestyle to the fullest and enjoyed the custom eco‐serene oasis that was created within the outdoor lounge of the PULSE Fair in celebra‐ tion of Miami’s Art Week.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Krantz

Key International President Inigo Ardid, CEO of Key International Sales Liliana Paez, and 13th Floor Investments Managing Principal Arnaud Karsenti

Maria Grazia Buzzi, Claudio Buzzi, Ruth Valderrama and Alex Wolak

Marita Corominas & Luis Felipe

Sandy Ruiz, Luis Felipe, Marite Corominas, Liliana Paez & Clara Susana Escobar

Sandy Ruiz, Ruth Valderrama, Jake Roffman, Ariel Pinho & Tatiana Chaparro

Michael & Emily Nunziata


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Thursday, Dec. 24:

Christmas Eve Dinner Enjoy a full course ($115) or six‐course ($145) prix‐fixe menu prepared by Michelin‐starred Chef Gregory Pugin @ Palme D’Or at the Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables Trumbo 6:35 PM @ MDC’s Tower Theater, 1508 SW 8th St., Miami 305.237.2463 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 9 PM @ Key Biscayne Community Church, 355 Glenridge Road


Friday, Dec. 25:

Carol The most highly acclaimed picture of the year and a film The New York Times de‐ scribes as “a study in human magnetism, in the physics and optics of eros” 1:30 PM, 4 PM, 6:30 PM and 9 PM @ Gables Art Cinema, 260 Aragon Ave. Christmas Day Brunch One of the country’s most celebrated and lavish Champagne Brunches @ Fontana at the Biltmore, 1200 Anasta‐ sia Ave., Coral Gables Live Piano Jazz Enjoy American standards and light jazz in our new piano bar. Friday 6:30‐10:30pm Happy Hour: Friday 5‐7pm Enjoy half price on Bar Bites and well cocktails @ Christy’s Restaurants’ Piano Bar, 3101 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables


Saturday, Dec. 26:

A Christmas Story 11:30 PM @ Gables Art Cinema, 260 Aragon Ave. Best of the Fest: Kid Flix Mix 1 /Miami Premiere 11 AM @ Gables Art Cinema, 260 Aragon Ave. Anatomie Outerwear Trunk Show @ The Biltmore Hotel’s Lower Lobby Shops, 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables


Sunday, Dec. 27:

La emancipación de la mujer: Lealtad vs. fidelidad ...somos lo que decimos Ven a compartir una taza de café y libera pensamientos tóxicos, para comenzar el 2016 amando a plenitud.

10 AM @ Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables Waterway Canoe Tour 9:30 AM‐ 12 PM @ Coral Gables Mu‐ seum, 285 Aragon Ave. “Moomins on the Riviera” Animated feature film addressing uni‐ versal themes such as finding joy in the small things in life, family, and optimism. 10 AM @ Gables Art Cinema, 260 Aragon Ave.


Monday, Dec. 28:

The Ten Tenors Australia’s premier classical cover group transitioning from classical arias to pop hits and rock anthems 8 PM @ Parker Playhouse, 707 NE 8th Street, Ft Lauderdale $35.50‐$55.50; Champagne by the Glass Afternoons @ Happy Wine Coconut Grove $5 ‐ glasses from 5‐6PM | $6 ‐ glasses from 6‐7PM | $7 ‐ glasses from 7‐8PM. Winter Day Camps 8 AM‐ 3 PM @ Key Biscayne Community Center (305) 365‐8900; Member Fee: $35 per day Non‐Member Fee: $42 per day


Tuesday, Dec. 29:

Author Event: Stephanie Arnold- 37 Seconds 8 PM @ Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables Montreal Canadiens vs. Florida Panthers 7:30 PM @ BB&T Center, One Panther Parkway, Sunrise $91‐$600.; 800.745.3000 The Kind and the Mockingbird- Florida premiere 12 PM @ Gables Art Cinema, 260 Aragon Ave. Ballet Boys 2 PM @ Gables Art Cinema, 260 Aragon Ave. Brass Ross Unbelievable! 7 PM @ Aventura Arts & Cultural Cen‐ ter, 3385 NE 188th Street, Aventura $25.50‐$35.50; MBB vs. Princeton 7 PM @ BankUnited Center, 1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables


Wednesday, Dec. 30:

The Sound of Music 8 PM @ Arsht Center’s Ziff Ballet Opera House, 1300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami


DEC 24 - JAN 3, 2016

305.949.6722; Musical Instrument Workshops 2 PM & 3 PM @ Gables Art Cinema, 260 Aragon Ave.


Thursday, Dec. 31: New Year’s Eve Freestyle

Explosion Come dance the night away with Shan‐ non’s biggest hit “Let The Music Play,” and Expose’s “Seasons Change” and “Point of No Return.” Free champagne toast at Midnight and a DJ playing your favorite freestyle hits until the wee hours of the night. 9 PM @ Magic City Casino’s Stage 305, 450 NW 37th Ave, Miami. Tickets for VIP Tables must be pur‐ chased in quantities of 4. These tickets are $75 each for a total of $300 per table. ‐ Purchase of a VIP Table includes a bot‐ tle of champagne. $35‐$75.; 888‐56‐ MAGIC Gala Dinner Dance Gala dinner, live band, DJ and fireworks 8:30 PM‐ 1:30 AM @ The Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables Tickets: 305.913.3246; newyears@bilt‐ New Year’s Eve Dinner 7‐course tasting menu created by Miche‐ lin‐Starred Chef Gregory Pugin @ Palme d’Or at the Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables New Year’s Eve Dinner Delectable three‐course dinner menu @ Fontana at the Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables Billy Joel 9:30 PM @ BB&T Center, One Panther Parkway, Sunrise $49.50‐$159.50.; 800.745.3000 Belle and Sebastian 12 PM @ Gables Art Cinema, 260 Aragon Ave. New Year’s Eve Complimentary glass of prosecco for a midnight toast and party favors Prix fixe menu $150 for a 7-course tasting menu for two @ Bocce Ristorante, 3252 Northeast First Ave., Miami Reservations: 786.245.6211 New Year’s Eve Join Foxen Wines for a five‐course meal alongside incredible wine and exquisite champagne 7 PM‐ 10:30 PM @ Uvaggio Wine Bar, 70 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables $150/person; 305.448.2400 Ring in the New Year at the Rusty Pelican @ 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne Broadway | Available in the Restaurant 10pm‐2am $175 per person (tax and tip not included)

Times Square | Available in the Ballroom 9pm‐2am $250 per person (tax and tip not included) For more info.: 305‐361‐3818


Saturday, Jan. 2:

Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert 8 PM @ Arsht Center’s Knight Concert Hall, 1300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami $45‐ $150. 305.949.6722; tickets@arsht‐ New York Rangers vs. Florida Panthers 7 PM @ BB&T Center, One Panther Park‐ way, Sunrise $287‐$424.; 800.745.3000 MBB vs. Syracuse @ BankUnited Center, 1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables


Sunday, Jan. 3:

Minnesota Wild vs. Florida Panthers 6 PM @ BB&T Center, One Panther Park‐ way, Sunrise $20‐$250.; 800.745.3000 World Stage Series |London’s West End Garrick Theatre | Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale 1:15 PM @ MDC’s Tower Theater, 1508 SW 8th St., Miami 305.237.2463 Sunday Sounds Enjoy live music performed by students of University of Miami’s Frost School of Music 1 PM @ Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gar‐ den’s Glasshouse Cafe, 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables Free with cost of admission




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bostwickstudio branding + digital design Debbie Bostwick | Creative Director T. 786 357 6842 |

Solange Warner Founder and President

World Chamber of Commerce 5588 Chamblee Rd. #163 Dunwoody, GA 30338 Phone 678.938.4605 Email


CLASSIFIED ADS EMPLOYMENT: Bilingual publication is seeking a few good advertising sales executives. Requirements: Strong communication skills, outgoing, experienced in sales, self-motivated. Contact: 786.218.0720

RENTALS: Available as of January 1st: 4 Bedroom/3 Bath home at

2940 S Fed Hwy, Miami, FL 33128 Great location across Brickell and Key Biscayne and close to Metrorail station. Large living room, large garden and backyard, very safe area and excellent neighborhood. Rent: $3,100/month. Contact: 786-487-0524 or 305-834 0401

SERVICES: Proofreading of college essays,

research papers, manuscripts, and other documents. Experienced and credentialed. 786.218.0720

Ad Hoc Legal Researcher and Assistant with law degree: Substantial exp. in researching legal issues, filing and drafting motions, pleadings, memos and other documents; pulling and reading court dockets; summarizing depos and discovery. For more info., email

TUTOR: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics. All grades up to AP/ IB/ Cambridge levels. Tests prep: ACT, NEW SAT, HSPT. Tel: 786 484 3708



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