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International House


For the period of 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014 (International House’s financial year) and the period of 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014 (International House Foundation Ltd.’s financial year).


A Home Away From Home F

or 50 years International House (IH) has been enabling International and Australian young people from around the world to grow as leaders whilst they study at university. Since it was established in 1965, as a Rotary International Golden Anniversary Project, it has annually provided accommodation and a rich learning experience for over 200 undergraduate residents and 35 postgraduate residents within its 11 unique pagoda styled towers. IH’s residents, alumni and friends continue to live the College’s mission of creating a worldwide network of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds who are eager to live and learn together with respect, empathy and international friendship. This mission continues to drive the decisions the IH community makes to enhance the living and learning experience for new residents, to grow the global network of over 5000 alumni and to enrich the community organisations with which it is affiliated through excellent programs, scholarships and opportunities. This Annual Report provides a snapshot of life at IH in 2014.

2014 IH Staff

Pictured: Some of IH’s staff with famous Indigenous Australian singer Jessica Mauboy. From left to right: Mrs Sherry Zhang (Office Administrator), Mrs Yukiko Kelly (Office Administrator), Mr Graham Morgan-Kleinman (Operations Manager), Jessica Mauboy, Mrs Jill Charlton (Accountant), Mr Yohan Nair (Deputy Director) and Mrs Trupti Patel (Alumni and Development Officer). Not Pictured: Dr Carla Tromans (Director), Ms Laura Stokes (Advancement Director), Ms Lizzy Atkinson (Customer Service Officer), Mr Gary Cox (IH Chef/Manager), Mr Col Blumhardt (Grounds and Environment Officer), Ms Jaime Lee Walker/Ms Line Axelsen (Communications and Events Officer) and Dr Jon Piccini (Historian).


Board of Management President - Dr John Morrison


Above: IH Student Club Inc Executive teaching new residents the ‘Fresher Dance’ on G Lawn during O-Week in 2014.

2014 Senior Residents


uring the year and especially during the Christmas period, important renovations and improvements have been made as part of a long-term program of raising the comfort of the residents and meeting new technology demands. Included were the interior refurbishment of A Tower and some G Tower rooms, cabling in H, I, J and K Towers, and stage two of the 164 solar panels installation. Importantly this year IH looks forward to celebrating with you its milestone 50th Anniversary. It has grown from humble beginnings where, fifty years ago, a small group of Rotarians accepted the challenge of creating IH at the UQ. We recoginise them and we thank them. IH is now an outstanding College recognised for its global contribution to multiculturalism and education. I shall be stepping down as President of BOM after nine years on the Board and the past six years as President. It has been an honour and a privilege to lead the BOM of IH. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to my fellow Board Members for their passion, commitment and excellence. They perform as an outstanding team who hold the best interests of IH foremost. I am delighted that I am able to retire as President leaving IH in such robust standing and in such good hands.

International House Foundation Board Ltd Chair - Meryl McKenzie


Back Row: Ms Kristine Crouch (C Tower), Ms Anjali Rangnekar (B Tower), Mr Nicholas Farnsworth (G Tower), Mr Reid Barry (E Tower), Ms Jessie Demnar (G Tower) Front Row: Mr Shaun Hayes (D Tower), Mr Jeffrey Hamilton (A Tower), Ms Soe San Htike (PiPi) (I Tower), Dr Carla Tromans, Mr Yohan Nair, Ms Annabelle Douglas (F Tower) and Ms Sophie Moran (H Tower)

International House - Home Away From Home




Director’s Report


IH Student Club Inc




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IH Residents 2014


Cultivating Young Leaders


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IH Alumni


Celebrating 50 Years


2013/2014 Honour Roll



elcome to the International House Annual Report for 2014. I am very pleased to report that 2014 has been an outstanding year. We take great pride that, as a community, our first priority is the creation of a new generation of global leaders through an unrivalled living and learning experience. We maintain focus on upholding the traditional values of International House with its distinctive multi-cultural signature in a harmonious environment of merit, enthusiasm and inclusion. This year our residents come from 40 nationalities. Each brings to IH a unique contribution. They are a diverse and outstanding community of intelligent, imaginative and wonderful young people who have rewarded the Board of Management (BOM) with their personal bearing cultural contribution, social involvement and academic performance. Further, the BOM recognises the families of the resident where they have entrusted to us the care of their loved one. As a Board we are committed to ensuring the welfare of the residents, the long term sustainability of the College, its financial viability and establishing a clear future direction. I am pleased to report that in all respects we have succeeded. This success rests on the strategic vision of the BOM and the implementation of this vision by Dr Tromans and her exceptional team. We hold, and continue to foster, strong relationships with the University of Queensland (UQ), Alumni, donors, Rotary and the friends of the College.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

was a year of preparation for the IH Foundation Ltd as we looked towards ensuring that everything was in place to deliver an extraordinary 50th year in 2015. With this in mind, the Foundation’s focus was on continuing to foster the friendships and participation of alumni, finalising IH’s second history book entitled ‘Fifty Years of Friendship’ and coordinating the logistics for the year ahead. Overall, the Foundation continued to strive towards supporting the College to evolve and innovate in all areas to achieve its overarching strategy. The Alumni engagement, fundraising and marketing and communication arm of the Foundation have developed significantly and are having a positive impact. The generous support from residents, alumni and friends reinforces that the areas we are focusing attention on such as; resident professional development, leadership development and scholarship growth are important areas of interest for the community. I have been with the Foundation Board since 2009 and 2014 is my last year as Chair. My relationship with IH will be lifelong, as I stay on as a member of the Board of Management. I thank Laura Stokes and her team for their passion and determination in 2014. I look forward to celebrating with you this extraordinary community at the 2015 celebrations.

International House Board of Management 2014* Chair Dr John Morrison

Honorary Secretary Ms Jane Milburn

Member Ms Victoria Chatterjee

Current Resident BOM Representative Mr Reid Berry

Deputy President Ms Meryl McKenzie

UQ Senate Representative Mr Robert Moffatt AM

Member Ms Karen Gibson

Current Resident Student Club President 2014 Ms Soe San Htike (PiPi)

Honorary Treasurer Mr Mark Burnham

Member Dr Carla Tromans

Member Mr Geoffrey McGlashan

International House Foundation Board of Directors 2014* President Ms Meryl McKenzie

Honorary Treasurer Mr Chris Leon

Director Ms Jo Ahern

Director Mr Peter Gibson

Deputy President Ms Peta Irvine

Honorary Secretary Mrs Simone Finch

Director Mr Peter Forday

Director Dr Carla Tromans *As at AGM November 2014


Director’s Report A

t International House (IH) we always strive to exceed the past year’s successes. I am proud to announce that 2014 has been an exceptional year for IH. As a College our culturally rich and diverse residents have continued to achieve incredible academic success with an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.2. Equally, as impressive they have done this whilst ensuring that IH continues to participate and compete at a strong level in all of the sporting and cultural activities available to residents. Most importantly they have showcased that the younger generation is eager and capable to tackle the world’s biggest problems by showing exceptional leadership and promise. In 2014 we have continued to grow our domestic and international marketing strategy under the leadership of the Deputy Director to ensure that we are capturing passionate and capable young people from around the world (40 nationalities over the year) to enrich the College community. Furthermore, our Operations Manager has developed a robust facilities plan which will be implemented progressively over the coming years to ensure that resident’s rooms and common rooms continue to be of a high standard to support a quality living and learning environment.

five pillars under the strategic plan which include an Active Social Mission, Financial Viability, Engaged Partnerships, Liveable Sustainable Environment and Brand Identity. In 2014, International House continued to achieve many of its outlined goals including 100% occupancy, developing Investing Strategies and Sinking Fund Forecasts, a brand refresh and continuing to be recognised publicly for the work that we do in the community through a number of awards.

Recording the Past and Planning for the Future


significant achievement for the organisation was the completion of “Fifty Years of Friendships - A History of International House 1965-2015”. We were so grateful for the depth and breadth of information contained in Basil Shaw’s book “From Many Nations” that we felt it was a wonderful legacy to capture the more recent history in a celebrationof all that IH has achieved over the past 50 years. My thanks especially to our Advancement Director Laura Stokes and Historian Dr Jon Piccini for their tireless work delivering this project.

y appointment to the UQ Senate, being a Director on the Board of Unimutual Ltd (insurance) and being Secretary of University Colleges Australia positions IH strongly in the community and ensures we remain relevant and current and well informed of the higher education sector.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff, students, external partners and our alumni, whose ongoing dedication, commitment and expertise have made our many successes in 2014 possible. I look forward to continuing to work with you all in 2015, our Golden Anniversary year as we work together towards making IH even stronger and continuing to contribute to building leaders for the future.

The Board of Managmenet under the leadership of the President, Dr John Morrison has continued to focus on delivering the

Dr Carla Tromans IH Director

Planning for a Strong Future


IH Student Club Inc IH Student Club IH Student Club Inc 2014

IH Director Dr Carla Tromans Fostering an Incredible Experience



nternational House Student Club Inc commitment and support to community (IHSC) is an incorporated association and service and environmental initiatives. is the student representative body for all Alumni vs Resident Bowling Bonanza – residents living at IH. IHSC organises many an event organised by BOM Representative of nternational the social, cultural, sporting, Club arts and Alumniwith Liaison Mr Reidcollege Barry residents an Officer extraordinary House Student (IHSC) is an the 2015 IHand community services activities inis conjunction incorporated association and the representative body experience. together with Alumnus Mr Patrick Darling with theresidents IH Staff living at the at College. The IHSC brought together Alumni and current for all IH. IHSC organises many of Executive General Committee (GC) of residents and raise much needed funds for the social, and cultural, sporting, arts and community service 2014 have shown skills Committees the IH Foundation’s scholarships program. Above: IHSC Vice President activities. IHSC excellent Executiveleadership and General Ms Jessie Demnar (2014) by encourage residents to of continuing 2014 haveto shown excellent leadership skills, [Quote from PiPi] actively participate in all activities. Among encouragement of resident participation and commitment many highlights throughout the year IH’s and Soirée In addition, IHSC continued to strengthen to community service. The annual Bandfest two hallmark events Bandfest andevents Soiréewith turnouts its professionalism, ensure that members proved yet again to be successful continued to yet again exceed expectations. received value for membership. The exeeding expecations. The innovative IHSC Executives The IHSC important elements of IH life including also innovative implemented newExecutive initiativesandandGCevents which also implemented evolved afternoon casual sporting matches, robust include but are notand limited to: new and old events to ensure that the program of events dining room conversations, G-Lawn chill stay truly embody out sessions, the indelible 9:30pm IH • fresh, Housieinnovative Day (a dayand of celebrating thethe IH community); values of the vs. College. Some of these events (an afternoon Shop open call and the regular KickBack • Alumni Resident Bowling Bonanza included: and Variety nights were just some of the of bringing together Alumni and current residents); highlights of the year. Through the IHSC, Above: ICC Vice President and Sophie Moran (2014) Housie – organisedand by Vice President Cup Ms IH continues to be able to support the • ICCDay Community Environment (a Cup Ms Jessie Demnar, is an sustainability growth and development of young leaders awarding the bestHousie of UQDay Colleges’ opportunity forand all activities). residents to showcase who are given real world insight into time initiatives their pride for IH and showcase their management, financial understanding, spirit by towards wearing 2015, their IH and gold conflict resolution and much more as at Looking the black leadership, commitment and merchandise and presenting awards and and provide an early age they are introduced to new initiatives of IHSC will continue to grow prizes. opportunities and ways of thinking as leaders. The IHSC of 2015 has big shoes ICC Community and Environment Cup to fill but we know that with the calibre of – initiated by IH Inter-College Council Vice residents that we have that they will shine President Ms Sophie Moran. The Cup was brightly during the IH 50th Anniversary introduced as a tool to encourage all ten Year. Above: BOM Representative and Alumni colleges to increase their Liaison Officer Mr Reid

IH Student Club 2014


Barry (2014)

Audited Financial Report International House (Calendar Year – 2014)

IH Foundation Limited (Financial Year 2013-14)

1. Income - Resident Operations • Total = $4,803,243 Income - Conference Operations • Total = $143,504 2. Expenditure - Resident Operations • Total = $4,006,357 Expenditure - Conference Operations • Total = $57,962 3. College refurbishments to College • Total = $662, 998

1. Income • Total = $88,514 2. Expenditure • Total = $19,218 3. Net Assets • Total = $413,630

Expenses as % of Resident Fees 18.5%


Other Repairs & Maintenance Cleaning Expenses


Interest & Finance Costs




Wages and On-Costs






lease visit to download a copy of the BOM Audited Financial Report and the IHF Ltd Audited Financial Report.

Above: IHSC 2014 at O-Week



6 September Regatta Reunion. Annual reunion held at the Regatta Hotel in Toowong for all Alumni and current residents

10 September

Indigenous Youth Leadership Camp (IYLC) held at IH for the second consecutive year. 20 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander High School students

O Week A social and fun orientation week for the new residents to settle into IH.

1 January


1965 2013 1 July 4 July

23 February

ICC Dancefest

1 July

Indigenous Youth Leadership Camp (IYLC) held at IH for the third consecutive year. 30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander High School students

7 July - 13 July 6 Residents attended the National Association of Australian University Colleges Conference (NAAUC) in Melbourne

25 June 13 August Toowong Common Room Opening in the Sir Clem Renouf Tower

4 April 8 September Soirée the annual multicultural food and entertainment festival

Solar Energy for Sustainable Living


H is committed to being a leader in sustainability and renewable energy in the College environment. IH reinforced its position as a leader in this space in 2014 when it installed 92 solar panels to the 72 solar panels installed in 2013. The panels are located on the I-Plaza canopy roof and are a fine example of the old coming together with the new at IH. The system produces approximately 27,000 Kw hours per year and is part of an overarching Environmental Plan by IH to continue to foster and grow initiatives that support the environment and reduce IH’s ecological footprint. “International House is committed to sustainability. The decision to install 164 solar panels will reduce the monthly electricity bill by approximately 25% which can be invested into alternative initiatives for our residents and is further proof of the International House commitment to the environment.” Graham Morgan-Kleinman Operations Manager, International House


29 June 3 July

12 March International Women’s Day Breakfast held at IH supported by Rotary International and Officeworks

IH Singapore Reunion for Alumni with IH’s biggest turnout overseas ever

Alumni and Residents dinner with Speaker of the House at Parliament House Queensland

Indigenous Youth Leadership Camp 2013/2014


or the third year in a row, IH has run its Indigenous Youth Leadership Camp (IYLC). The camp provides an opportunity for Indigenous high school students (mentees), who aspire to attend university, to experience life in a crosscultural community by living at IH for four days. The camp supports and enables the mentees to build confidence and develop both personally and professionally. Since 2012, IYLC has had 55 mentees go through the program and 60 international and Australian IH residents (mentors) volunteer their time to deliver the camp. 97% of mentees from 2014 said that IYLC exceeded their expectations, 98.5% said they are now eager to pursue tertiary education and 100% said they would love to come back to IYLC in 2015. This is thanks to the support of the IH residents, Alumni, Rotarians, IH staff, Arrow Energy and the community. IYLC 2013/2014 was an incredible success and it is confirmed that the camp will be going ahead in 2015 to the excitement of everyone involved in IYLC.

22 August

19 November

New website launched:

Barack Obama visits UQ. 50 residents attended the event

24 July

2 October

Bara Khana (meaning: formal dinner) with UQ Vice Chancellor Peter Høj as special guest

92 Solar panels installed

14 September Soirée the annual multicultural food and entertainment festival was held at IH

31 October Valedictory Dinner

2 October Alumnus 10 October Malcolm Snow (1975IH awarded 77) awarded Arrow Energy Colleges’s grant for UQ Alumni annual IYLC Award

November IH residents finished the semester with a GPA average of 5.12

31 December


31 July Annual Appeal 2014. Largest donation total for IH Annual Appeal. (Not including IH Flood Appeal)

27 August IH awarded UQ Vice-Chancellor’s Internationalisation Award

23 September Mid Autumn Festival

October December

8 October

Large renovation project implemented thoughout the college

Housie Day A Day for Housies to wear their IH merch with pride

December Registration is open for IH Golden Anniversary Weekend on IH’s website:

9 October ICC Dancefest ~ 2nd Place

IH and Alumni Awards


H received the UQ Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Internationalisation (category 3: Partner Award) on 27 August 2014 for its work with Australia’s Indigenous community, in specific for delivering the third annual Indigenous Youth Leadership Camp (IYLC). The camp strongly satisfies the criterion of ‘Internationalisation with Community Engagement and Impact’. IH’s Alumnus Malcolm Snow (1975-1977) received the inaugural Colleges’ UQ Alumni Award on 2 October 2014 for “an outstanding contribution to UQ and a residential college and continues to make a positive impact on the wider community, nationally or internationally”. Malcolm is a passionate urban planner with a lifelong commitment to changing the future for the better. He is well-known for his previous role as CEO of South Bank Corporation and his current position as CEO of National Capital Authority. Malcolm continues to maintain close ties with IH and has made an impact both during his time at IH as well as after as an Alumnus.

New Branding and New Website


he IH brand underwent a refresh in April 2014 to keep up with the continually evolving image of IH. To accompany the refreshed branding collateral, the new IH website was launched on 22 August 2014 with a visually more pleasing and intuitive platform to keep our communication simple. See the new look here: The website features information for prospective residents, current residents, Alumni, Rotary and anyone interested in staying updated about IH. All information about IH’s Golden Anniversary Weekend is found on the website. The refresh follows a trend in recent years as IH continues to lead the way of engaging with its community through its website and social media.


IH in Numbers

International House Worldwide Inc.

IH 2014 Alberta

IHF Ltd July 2013-2014 Gift in Numbers

Total donations

Average gift

1% 5% 6% 34%



Alumni Staff Friends IHFB Ltd BOM Fellows Rotary International


International House Foundation Board Ltd giving


Staff giving

Partnership signed with Arrow Energy to support the continuation of IYLC

3 Rotary International & International House eNewsletters distributed


Vice-Chancellor Award for Internationalisation received for IH’s work with Australia’s Indigenous community


Increase in Facebook page likes


7 residents attended the

National Association of Australian University Colleges Inc (NAAUC) in Melbourne



Solar panels installed to bring the total to 164 solar panels. IH is the only college at UQ partially powered by solar power

Than k You


Thank You cards sent

Number of Donors





Annual Giving Growth 49

Best s he Wis


IHSC and IH created the ICC Community and Environment Cup

Christmas cards sent


Food alumni


held around

the world

117 kg The biggest reunion in Singapore brought together more than 40 Alumni

55 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander High School students have participated in IYLC since


IHWW Inc. conference held in Darwin in 2014. IH’s Director, Dr Carla Tromans, and four IH residents attended.


Board of Management giving

$ 88,514

Gift Origin


Number of grants received


$ 31,242

Total income

London Goodenough

Harrisburg New York Berkeley Northern Arizona Chicago Philadelphia Washington San Diego

7 Rotary clubs hosted meetings at IH


Rotary Club events attended

Coffee consumed per year

5 Star Eat Safe Rating

1.5% Residents employed by the kitchen

Residents 26%

Of undergraduate residents received a GPA of 6 or above


Academic tutorials offered weekly



Was raised by residents for the scholarships at IH

38 countries represented 6 Different languages spoken by office staff: Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Malaysian, Hindi, English, German and Danish

Minimum of 1 cross-cultural activity held per week Average attendence of 30 residents

$ 1200

Raised for Seeds of Hope Charity in Peru by residents

Darwin Brisbane Sydney Melbourne



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents living at IH


School visits conducted to prospective residents

24,570 Volunteer hours generated by residents

Events Bara Khana (formal dinner) each month 1 Soirée (multicultural festival)

Operations 19 Rooms renovated in A Tower 20 New fire doors in all 11 towers

1 Dancefest 1 Mid Autumn Festival

Cabling in H, I, J and K Towers

1 Bandfest

4 Rooms renovated in G Tower

1 Barack Obama speech

World Cafe renovation

1 Valedictory Dinner

New walkway flooring


IH Bios

IH Residents 2014

Reid Barry


moved into IH in 2011 after it had been devastated by the floods. I knew IH was my home when I saw that no matter where Housies were spread around Brisbane they all remained together at heart to ensure that cultural, sporting and social events still were actively participated in. Whatever occasion, and whenever you were in need, you knew another Housie would have your back. One year turned into four years and I quickly became addicted to the life lessons and teachings IH could bring to a person. Dining room conversations were a scintillating affair of hot global issues and sports – some that I had never previously imagined existed. It taught me to close my mouth and to open my eyes and ears to the wealth of knowledge and experience around me. As a resident once said, an intelligent person learns from their experiences, but a Housie will also learn from those around them. Four great years, with hundreds of amazing people and thousands of meaningful memories. IH will always have a place in my heart. Positions held: 2012 - IHSC Social Convenor, 2013 - IHSC Vice President and A Tower Senior Resident, 2014 - IHSC BOM Representative and E Tower Senior Resident

Academic Above: Reid Barry (IH Alumnus 2011-2014); BLaws/BScience; Cairns/Australia.


nternational House is, was and always will be one of the greatest gifts life has ever given me. High school is never easy for anyone, and the though of university is somethingthat can only really add more pressure. IH solved those stresses of the onset of adulthood by the end of O-Week. From day one through to present day I have felt supported, loved and welcome. IH has been a fantastic experience for me because of the unique community that thrives within its walls. The people and cutlure here is in a league of its own and I would not have it any other way. Here the IH Staff and Resident Leaders work to create cultural leaders that our future so desperatly needs. All cultural barriers and walls are torn down at IH through the acceptance of others no matter what background, language or location has previously definied them. This has been what has has made my overall experience and time here at IH unforgettable. The support, love and caring nature that has held me up from day one has never faltered, and now three years on, I still feel the same. I have developed and grown as a leader, a learner and a hugman being and I would not change a thing.


he Academic Support Program provides support to IH residents to ensure they perform to their best ability at university. Approximately 60 free tutorials across subject ranges were conducted in 2014. The tutorials are run by Alumni, external partners and current residents who have excelled in the specific courses. “2014 has been an impressive year academically. With a GPA average of 5.15 (semester one) and 5.12 (semester two), IH demonstrates that it is a College that cultivates excellence and academic achievement. IH will continue to strive for outstanding academic results in 2015. The Academic Support Program has grown from strength to strength and is now embedded as a main feature of IH. In the future, through initiatives such as this, we will continue to grow and ensure IH residents achieve incredible results in 2015.”Yohan Nair Deputy Director, International House

Madeline Reynolds

Above: Madeline Reynolds (IH Resident 2011-2014); BJournalism/ Arts; Townsville/Australia.

Daniel Lee



H fosters a social environment by hosting numerous events annually. The social events include ‘Housie Day’, IH Alumni vs. Residents Bowling Bonanza and several festivals. For the second consequtive year, Alumni were invited to join the 2014 IH Ball which demonstrates the strong friendships between current residents, IH staff and Alumni.



H relentlessly focuses on creating and encouraging cross-cultural experiences between residents to broaden their multicultural horizon. The highlight of the year was the annual multicultural food and entertainment festival Soirée which yet again proved to be a remarkable success. Furthermore, this year 28 Tabiat Selasas (meaning Tuesday rituals) were held. These are an opportunity for residents to explore different cultures and activities including Chinese Calligraphy, Bollywood Night and Mid-Autumn Festival, just to name a few. The turnout in 2014 was overwhelming and the number of attendees and topics explored in 2015 is expected to grow.


he IH residents have showcased their talents at the Inter-College Council (ICC) Cultural Cup in 2014 wih IH taking out an impressive 2nd place overall. Highlights were coming 2nd in ICC Art Show and 2nd place in ICC Dancefest. The gifted IH residents participated in 9 different ICC cultural activities which further enhanced their self-confidence to follow their future pathways.



Positions held: 2015 - H Tower Senior Resident, 2015 - Male Sports Convenor 2015



Positions held: 2014 - IHSC Social Convenor, 2015 - IHSC Vice President and D Tower Senior Resident

remember the first time I walked into IH on 23 February 2014. I had no idea what to expect. However, after the first day of O-Week I knew that this was the place to be. Everyone I met from my fellow Housies, to the Senior Residents, Executive members and IH Staff were all open, friendly and willing to help. Sporting, cultural, cross-cultural and social activities were an eye opening experience and of course, the meal time banter and robust discussion are always something to look forward to with friends. What I have experienced to date has allowed me to become a more understanding and accepting person. My world view has expanded so much because I have had the privilege of meeting people from all over the globe. To sum my experience up, IH has been amazing not only because of the people I have had the privilege of meeting and the events I have participated in, but also, because of the values and ideals that are upheld here.

Right: IH Freshers during O-Week get into the spirit of life at College.


I Above: Daniel Lee (2014-Present); BPhys; Singapore.

H exceeded all expectations in 2014 with impressive results. IH won 1st place in Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Table Tennis, Men’s Table Tennis and Women’s Badminton. 2nd place was secured in Men’s Badminton and IH residents participated admirably in hockey, rowing and other disciplines. The impressive scores are only exceeded by IH’s sportsmanship, camaraderie and enthusiasm, which are admired greatly by the broader UQ college community.


ore energy efficient LED lighting and timer sensors have been installed in several areas of IH as part of IH’s focus on sustainability. Further improvements include the refurbishment of A and B Towers, painting of E and F Towers, fire door replacement, cabling in H, I, J and K Towers, fans, blinds and flyscreens through most of the towers and new walkway flooring. The extensive improvements show IH’s commitment to creating the most enjoyable environment for young people to live and learn together. Further projects are planned for 2015 to continue IH’s vision for the future.. 11

Cultivating Young Leaders

Rotary’s Continued Support Rotary’s Generosity

Jarrah Young Scholarship 2014


he Jarrah Young Scholarship (JYS) holder for 2014 was Soe San Htike (PiPi) (left). PiPi’s contribution to the IH community has been nothing short of astounding. She was also the Student Club President of 2014 and took her responsibilities as a recipient very seriously to bring her fellow residents together and lead by example. PiPi also looked to the greater community as she encouraged philanthropy and nurtured the relationship between IH staff, Rotarians and Alumni. Nicholas Farnsworth (pictured) was announced as the 2015 JYS recipient at IH’s ‘Housie Day’ on 8 October 2014. This year, Jarrah Young’s father Peter Young (pictured) presented the scholarship. Nicholas received the scholarship to acknowledge his compassion, contribution and spirit at IH. We look forward to watching his leadership develop in 2015 as the Student Club President.


otary International has a long standing relationship with IH since it was announced a Rotary International Golden Anniversary project in 1955. The support, passion and time that Rotarians have invested in IH have been critical to its evolution and continued development. This year, IH extends a big thank you to the following clubs for generously contributing to the room upgrades in 2014.

The McKenzie Sports Bursary


he McKenzie Sports Bursary was established in 2014 by Meryl McKenzie, outgoing Chair of International House Foundation Board (IHFB Ltd) (2010-2014). The bursary was awarded to Matilda Dalton and Eoin Kennedy (left), the International House Student Club (IHSC) Sports Convenors for 2015. Meryl established the bursary out of love for the IH community and due to her passion for sport. It will support and encourage the IH family to continue to pursue sporting excellence, participation and a positive team spirit. The bursary will be awarded annually to an individual or group seeking to buy and upgrade much needed supplies for the sporting community of International House. Meryl McKenzie joined the Board of Management (BOM) in 2009 and was elected as Chair of the IHFB Ltd in 2010. Since joining the IH community she has relentlessly supported IH’s mission and vision (The IH Way). Meryl has had a tremendous impact on IH’s continued growth and will be a dearly missed Chair of IHFB. However, she will be continuing on as a Member of the Board of Management in 2015.

IH also extends a thank you to the following Rotary Clubs that have hosted their meetings at IH or welcomed IH to their Club throughout 2014 and therefore continued to demonstrate their passion for international friendship and young people.


Above: IH Director (2003-present) Dr Carla Tromans with Rotary Club of Ashgrove - The Gap President (2012-2013) Greg Edds.

Leadership Camps

ix young people from IH were selected by the Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium to attend the (District 9600) Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camp running from 16-20 May 2014. RYLA is a five day program which develops the attendees’ leadership skills and self-confidence under the guidance of business professionals, Rotarians and Rylarians. The event planning and expenses are generously donated by Rotary International. District 9600 also supported IH’s Indigenous Youth and Leadership Camp (IYLC) We are thrilled by the number of Rotary Clubs that have expressed interest in increasing their involvement in this annual event.

Above: Rotarians at Soirée 2014 (annual multicultural


Rotary Club of Toowong Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium Rotary Club of Ashgrove – The Gap

A big thank you also goes to Mr John Boyd the Rotary District 9600 and International House Liaison Officer for his ongoing commitment to nurturing the IH relationship between the two organisations. • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Above: IH Director (2003-present) Dr Carla Tromans with Rotary Club of Brisbane Planitarium President (2012-2013) Carol Wells.

The JYS was established in 2012 to celebrate the life of the incredible young woman and valued IH Alumnus (2003-04), Jarrah Young, whose life was tragically cut short in Africa in 2012.

• • •


Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley Rotary Club of Hamilton Rotary Club of Kenmore Rotary Club of Kippa-Ring Rotary Club of Sandgate Rotary Club of Toowong Rotary Club of Toowong Changeover Rotary Club of Redcliffe City Rotary Club of Ithaca AM Provisional Rotary Club of Ashgrove - the Gap District 9600 International Service Project Coordinators Rotary International – Women’s Day Breakfast

Rotary’s support

he International Women’s Day Breakfast was held at IH in March 2014 thanks to support from Rotary District 9600 and 9630, IH Women in Rotary and Officeworks. The event celebrated established and emerging women in business including several IH Alumni. Thank you to everyone who attended.With the support of the District 9600 District Governor (2013-2014) Trevor Taylor and the Queensland Community Benefit Fund Grant, IH has custom built a Rotary Shed. The purpose of the Rotary Shed is to store and protect the Rotary International flags and other items. The flags are free for Rotarians to borrow anytime and are also frequently used at IH events, most notably at the annual Soirée.

Above: International Women’s Day Breakfast.


IH Alumni I


nternational House continues to hold in high esteem the IH Fellows. Fellows are key members of our community who have contributed in a sustained and ongoing way to the community both at IH and around the world. IH would like to say a warm welcome and thanks to all of the IH Fellows listed below for their ongoing support and passion.

Donna O’Sullivan

nternational House has a strong record of being an ideal place to live whilst studing Medicine or an allied health profession at university. Donna O’Sullivan has been a trailblazer as a woman in medical management currently holding concurrently the positions of Executive Director Medical Services at Metro North Hospital and Health Service and Executive Director Medical Services of The Prince Charles Hospital. She is also active nationally in the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administration and surveys both nationally and internationally for the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards. Donna continues to passionately support IH’s work in the Indigenous space and leadership development lending her knowledge to residents and alumni whilst playing a key leadership role in her profession. Degrees: MBBS (UQ), MPH (UQ), BHA (UNSW)

Above: Dr Donna O’Sullivan (IH Alumnus 1974-75)

29-30 ST AUGU 2015

Jose Gato


ourism in Australia continues to be major export. Jose Gato who lived at IH 2008-11 and played a leading role in shaping the IH community during his time is now playing an active role in the tourism industry around Australia. Jose now works for Riverside Marine managing and developing their talent and recuitment, digital marketing and brand expansion across their national group of caompanies. Jose continues to be heavily involved in the IH community attending regular events as a recurring guest speaker. Alumni such as Jose, become role models for current residents and provide inspiration for what is possible in a residents future. Degrees: BBusMan Positions held: 2009 - IHSC Cultural Convenor, 2010 - IHSC President and B Tower Senior Resident, 2011 - G Tower Senior Resident

Join us in celebrating 50 years of cultivating global leaders. International House is proud to be celebrating its Golden Anniversary in 2015 which is a weekend of remembering, celebrating and looking to the future. Register now to be a part of remembering the last 50 years of friendship. We encourage you to bring your family and partner. More information is available below Confirm your attandance via the registration form.

Above: Jose Gato (IH Alumnus 2008-2011)

Gavin McGregor Skinner


he Ebola crisis has been a constant topic of conversation in the media over the past 12 months. Gavin McGregor-Skinner who lived at IH from 1986-89 is now an infectious diseases expert with extensive experience in organizational change management and negotiation. Over the past year he can regularly be seen on CNN, BBC, Australian ABC and/or speaking at global conferences about how to address the growing threat of Ebola. He lives in Washington DC, and teaches at the Pennsylvania State Unviersity and Harvard Medical School. Gavin was an active member of the community during his time at IH and it is wonderful to see that he continues to live many of the values IH empowers its residents to live including leadership, commitment and community. Degrees: BVSC, MSc, MPH IH Positions: 1987 - BOM/UQ Union Representative

The activities to the right are planned for the weekend and may be subject to change.



Degrees: BA 14

Above: Winnie Kiap (IH Alumnus 1969-71,77)



Celebrating 50 Years



• Registrations Open and IH Great Debate When: 9:00am – 11:00am. Where: Ivor Cribb, IH What: Light refreshments are served while registrations open before we kick off the weekend with The IH Great Debate. Celebrate the intellectual wit of IHers as we discuss life at IH then and now. • Mini Soirée When: 11:00am – 2:30pm. Where: G-Lawn, IH What: Live multicultural entertainment, stalls filled with international cuisine and refreshments at G-Lawn’s main stage. Tickets include all food and entertainment. Free for children under 12. • Golden Anniversary IH Ball When: 7:00pm - Midnight. Where: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank What: The black and gold themed main event of the weekend is a night of celebration and catching up with good friends. It includes entertainment, 3 course meal, 5 hour drink package etc. Seating arrangement by decade periods and/or nominated friends.

IH 50th Anniversary

Above: Gavin McGregor-Skinner (IH Alumnus 1986-89)

Winnie Kiap

er Excellency Winnie Anna Kiap from Baluan Island Papua New Guinea is the Papua New Gunea High Commissioner in London. Ms Kiap accredits her parents’focus on education – hard work enabled her to attend both secondary school and university in Australia – for her succeess. Ms Kiap has had a number of areas to focus on including democratic and governance processes and how to improve gender equality and youth leadership in Papua New Guninea. Ms Kiap was part of the first cohort of women to join International House. Ms Kiap continues to have fond memories of Internaitonal House and the role it played in her development.

IH Fellows

n 2015, IH will be celebrating 50 years of cultivating global leadership, excellence and cross-cultural friendship. IH will host six events bringing together Alumni from around the world to reconnect and share their stories. From 29 to 30 August 2015 IH will host a weekend of remembering, celebrating and looking to the future. The registrations are now open to attend the event with ticket prices and many options to suit everyone’s needs.

• The Brotherhood Brunch When: 10:30am – noon. Where: IH What: Join us at IH for a relaxed morning after the night before of sharing your memories, photos and reconnecting over brunch. A great opportunity for all IHers to come together in a casual setting at their old home IH. • IH and UQ St Lucia Tour When: Noon – 1pm. Where: IH and UQ What: See how IH and UQ have changed over the years with tours leaving over the hour to visit your alma marter and IH. • IH Sport When: Noon – 2:00pm. Where: Dependant on numbers What: Sport has played an important part in bonding IHers together over the last 50 years. Join us for a relaxed game of soccer and/or cricket at either IH or the local oval.

IH History Book (1965-2015)


hroughout 2014, IH has worked hard on creating the second IH history book, entitled ‘Fifty Years of Friendship’. This book captures fifty years of IH and will be launched in 2015. The book is already set for preordering through the registration for the IH Golden Anniversary Weekend or by contacting the IH office.

Thank You


hank you to everyone who has supported IH in 2014. IH is able to cultivate connected, effective, compassionate leaders for a global community, thanks to the support IH receives in any shape and form from you. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in 2015. Thank you.


2013-2014 Honour Roll

For the period 1 July 2013 - 30 June 2014

Individuals Ahern, Ms Josephine Angus, Dr Beverley Arcidiacono, Dr Francesca Baltzell, Mrs Diane Barry, Mr Reid Blenkin, Dr Chris Blumhardt, Mr Colin Boyd, Mr Robert Boyd, Mr John Burnham, Mr Mark Brandon, Ms Deidre Castle, Mr John Carter, Jan & Greg Charlton, Jill & Scott Chatterjee, Ms Victoria Chiew Thong, Mr Gan Cholinska, Ms Agnieszka Cholinska, Ms Ewa Cross, Mr Kenneth Dove, Miss Olivia Edwards, Mr Geoffry Edwards, Ms Rachel Forday, Mr Peter Gan, Mrs Alice Gibson, Peter & Karen Gibson, Ms Karen Gibson, Ms Janet Goh, Dr Yong Wah Harris, Mrs Andrea Harris, Ms Sue Hayes, Mr Joe Herbert, Ms Kelsie Hirschfeld, Dr Brian Holm, Neil & Margaret Hornsey, Mr Matthew Htike, Ms Soe San Htike Hutchinson, Mr Stuart

Irvine, Mrs Peta Kelly, Yukiko & Michael Ker, Ms Gail Krafft, Mr Michael Liew, Mr Ah Choy Maganlal, Mr Satish Martin, Mr Des McGlashan, Geoffrey & Alison McGregor, Mrs Jodie McKenzie, Meryl & Bruce Milburn, Ms Jane Moffatt AM, Mr Robert Morrison, Dr John Nair, Yohan and Carrie O’Donoghue, Dr Donald Okawa, Ms Natalie Ong, Mrs Annie Orford, Mr Fraser O’Sullivan, Dr Donna Ovaska, Dr Lea Overland, Dr Alison Patel, Mrs Trupti Pearse, Dr Kay Rasmussen, Ms Raylene Riche, Dr Yann Ruscoe, Dr Peter Skala AO, Mr Steven Sloan, Mr Andrew Smala, Dr Simone Spender, Hon. Jus. Jeffrey Stokes, Ms Laura Stokes, Tony & Mary Thomson AM, Mr Graham Trad MP, Ms Jackie Tranter, Dr William Tromans, Dr Carla Wai, Miss Thwe (Jewel) White, Mr Eugene Whiten OAM, Ms Agnes Young, Mr Joel Young, Mr Peter Young, Ms Noel

International House 1/5 Rock Street, St Lucia QLD 4067 Australia P: +61 7 3721 2480 | F: +61 7 3721 2476 E: W:

Young, Ms Tarli Young, Ms Kirra Zhang, Mrs Sherry

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The planned activities listed at the top of the page may be subject to change. 2014 © International House (ABN 98 372 412 842) is a Cosmopolitan College within The University of Queensland (UQ). Images @ International House and Jeffrey Hamilton. IH072.

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