Definitions on areas of concern for TIF

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GREEN PAPER A Green Paper is a document which aims to stimulate discussion on a specific topic. It invites the relevant parties (e.g TIF’s members, partners, bodies or individuals) to participate in a consultation process and debate on the basis of the proposals put forward.

WHITE PAPER A White Paper includes clear recommendations and suggestions that might be a) based on our experience or b) derive from a Green Paper. It may also contain proposals for TIF’s action in a specific area. It is also known as a procedure paper.

POSITION PAPER A position paper published by TIF presents TIF’s opinion about a critical issue. The purpose of the position paper is to clarify what TIF believes for a particular subject and seeks through it to generate support on that issue.

BLUE PAPER A Blue Paper is technology related. When TIF prepares one, it refers either to a new technology developed by TIF, or website updates, or the technical specifications of a new piece of equipment e.g application (components, features, uses, etc.)

CONSENSUS PAPER A TIF Consensus Paper is published when there is general agreement on a united issue, usually as an outcome of a meeting, a seminar, a workshop or a conference. This is usually followed by the preparation of a position paper.

DECLARATION A declaration is a brief statement through which the results, outcomes, recommendations or suggestion are described. This document is meant for delivery to decision making bodies to declare TIF’s determination to act on a particular or a set of related issues in full collaboration with the participants of a regional or international conference.