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On the cover: Young Burmese refugee harvests crops at II Global Farm South. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute Š International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis, May 2014


2013 Year in Review

In February, I had the privilege of accompanying a delegation of senior level government and business leaders to Washington DC to promote the value of immigrants in our region and to encourage immigration growth. We met with Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt as well as Congresswoman Ann Wagner and a variety of congressional staff. Our leaders are very aware of the issues and we hope they will be at the forefront of positive change.

In April, we rolled out Feast of Nations, our new and enormously successful dine-out event. Hundreds of globally-minded St. Louisans dined at more than two dozen international restaurants to benefit the Institute. In 2014, Feast will move to November so we can promote it at our annual Festival of Nations. Throughout the year, we worked with civic and government leaders to strengthen St. Louis’ economy by attracting more immigrants. The Initiative, rebranded as the St. Louis Mosaic Project in June, quickly launched a variety of popular programs to engage St. Louisans in building a more welcoming community for newcomers, especially immigrants. In September, I celebrated 35 years at the helm of the Institute and was honored at a reception. In November, the Institute celebrated its 94th!

During the year, I received several recognitions, which were accepted on behalf of all the staff and volunteers. They included the Most Influential Business Women Class of 2013, St. Louis Business Journal; Top 100 St. Louisans to Know, St. Louis Small Business Monthly; and the Peace & Dialogue Community Service Award, Niagara Foundation-St. Louis Chapter. By year’s end, the Board and staff leaders were actively pursuing a new headquarters campus for the International Institute. We had out-grown our current space and must expand if we are to offer services to growing numbers of immigrants who will be attracted to St. Louis in the coming years. And of course, such a move, also means that, in 2014, a capital campaign is on the horizon!

Anna Crosslin accepts the Niagara Foundation’s 2013 Community Service Award as Ali Durhan, Executive Director of the MO Chapter of Niagara, looks on.

Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

ur activities were many and varied in our three pillars of service: Immersion, Investment and Inclusion. In all, our 74 staff provided services to 7,512 clients. More than 1,059 volunteers assisted by providing 31,154 hours of service.

Clients Served 7,600




7,400 7,300 7,200 7,100 7,000

7,084 6,977

6,900 6,800 6,700 2010




Anna Crosslin President & CEO

International Institute 2013 Annual Report


Education & Social Services for Newcomers Refugee Resettlement

English Classes for Adults Citizenship Preparation

Job Training & Placement Specialty Services • Social Work • Counseling

• Elderly

• Human Trafficking

Immigration Assistance

Our refugee resettlement program continued to help those forced to flee their home countries to build new lives in St. Louis. In the first hectic months after arrival, we address basic needs for sponsored refugees, including food, housing, clothing, transportation, interpretation, medical access and orientation to the US and St. Louis. As refugees begin to transition out of dependence, they learn about and acclimate to their new surroundings. Their resilience and ability to survive beyond horrific conditions experienced overseas enable most of these new arrivals to adapt to their new environment in a surprisingly short time.

We continued our three-week Enhanced Orientation (EO) Program for new arrival refugees and participated in a nationwide workgroup to implement EO components to sister organization resettlement sites. The Institute for Family Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital continued providing immunizations to our new arrivals. Newcomer families also benefited from the support of partner organizations including the National Conference of Jewish Women-Back to School Program; the 100 Neediest Cases; and the Healthy Kids Express. New immigrant arrivals enroll in programs with thousands of other clients determined to learn English, support their families, and to eventually take their places as fully participating St. Louisans of immigrant heritage.

Left: Pairs practice using English language at the Institute. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Young refugee receives an eye exam, courtesy of the National Council of Jewish Women.

Photo by David Kennedy/International Institute

Pillar I: Immersion

Both immigrants and refugees attend English classes day after day or, frequently, evening after evening after a long day at work! In our literacy-through advanced-level classes, students got free customized training to develop English skills for the workplace and everyday life. Students in need of individualized literacy instruction received extra help thanks to the help of volunteer teacher aides.

Most new arrivals also attended job readiness classes while concurrently learning English. They must understand American workplace culture to obtain and keep a job. Some also enrolled in job-specific training programs, including three state-certified training programs. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Alterations and Industrial Sewing, and Hotel Housekeeping programs continue to be offered. Refugees and immigrants also studied for US Citizenship in one of our eight citizenship preparation programs, including 14-week Literacy-level and Beginning-level citizenship preparation classes, 12-week Intermediate-level classes, 10-week Advanced-level classes, and a telephone-based citizenship tutorial program. Computer training, Michigan testing services, and Higher Education counseling were also provided. We also benefited from our continuing collaboration with the TRIO Educational Opportunity Center.

Our two Immigration Specialists, Partially-Accredited with Board of Immigration Appeals, continued providing immigration forms services to assist clients with immigration applications, such as Lawful Permanent Residence, Citizenship, and travel documents.

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International Institute 2013 Annual Report


Students from around the world study English together.

Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

2013 Accomplishments

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We continued with specialty services in social work, counseling, elderly, human trafficking and domestic violence capacity building. Social work provided a range of services, including parenting information, medical access, substance abuse, persistent mental illness and family conflict. Counseling focused on trauma from forced migration. Elderly services included quarterly events for refugees 60+ on a range of topics, including Medicare, weatherization, disaster preparedness, and hearing and speech. In human trafficking, we continued oversight of our Rescue and Restore Coalition to raise awareness about the issue and help link possible victims to service providers. Our region includes all of Eastern MO and Southwest IL.

Finally our satellite office in Springfield, MO grew, as a result of a number of refugees migrating to Springfield and other portions of Southwest MO. Services in Springfield include employment assistance, along with general case management assistance to refugee families. We also provided technical assistance to providers in McDonald County, the southwestern-most part of the state. A number of Somali and Burmese refugees now live there alongside many immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America.


International Institute 2013 Annual Report

2013 Lead Underwriting Adult Education & Literacy Program

ESOL Classroom Instructors

Job Training facility Mental Health Services

Pillar 2: Investment

Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Economic Security for Immigrants and All St. Louisans Small Business Center

• Business Loans to $35,000

• Technical Assistance

• Peer Lending Circle

II Community Development Corporation Financial Literacy & Asset-Building • Matched Savings

• Credit Counseling

Our client, a Congolese refugee entrepreneur, is successfully selling Africanmade products at fairs and local markets.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistants (VITA)

Tax Services

II Global Farm

We used a combination of public and private funds to help immigrants achieve their financial dreams. The purpose of our economic development services is to improve the economic stability and future potential of immigrants, including both recently arrived refugees and other immigrants, to generate positive economic impact to strengthen St. Louis (job creation & sales increases), and to leverage public dollars by creating public-private partnerships. 2013 Economic Impact data was provided by the St. Louis Regional Chamber utilizing IMPLAN data analysis modeling.

Employment and Output Impact Estimates: New Jobs Direct



Jobs 14 6


Labor Income




Employment and Output Impact Estimates: Retained Jobs Direct



Jobs 15 9


Labor Income




Total Employment and Output Impact Estimates Total

Jobs 44

Labor Income












We provided hands-on technical assistance and micro-loans to immigrant entrepreneurs, with federal and local support. Immigrants need sound business plans and linguistically- and culturally-sensitive technical assistance to successfully start, strengthen, and expand businesses.

Micro-loans, up to $10,000 per loan, have been provided through a grant from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), DHHS. ORR Loans may be supplemented or new loans made with a maximum of $35,000 through pooled loan funds in the II Community Development Corporation.

We operated the II Peer Lending Circle. The program features a revolving fund from which budding female refugee entrepreneurs can borrow up to $1,000 – interest free – for up to 18 months. Take the case of Victoria who had a dream to be a successful entrepreneur. She approached our Economic Development team with a plan to craft and sell traditional African clothing. They helped her secure a $1,000 interest-free loan through our Peer Lending Circle. She worked hard to be successful and pay back her loan on schedule. Not content to rest, Victoria has worked closely with our business consultants to further develop her business, successfully securing four more loans.

We also coordinated submission of 411 state and federal income tax returns under our VITA sponsored Earned Income Tax (EITC) filing service. This free service helped clients obtain accurate and complete information about their rights, benefits, and responsibilities as members of their new communities. On average, beneficiaries received just under $1,000 in tax refunds. In total $337,394 in federal and $117,271 state refunds were filed. continued on page 6

International Institute 2013 Annual Report


Support of Local Institutions

Community Development Corporation

Summer Intern Program Bank of America Foundation

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We offer matching savings accounts known as the IDA Program. With the matched savings, immigrants can buy a home or a reliable car, enroll in post-secondary education, or start or expand a small business. Funding sources are made available through a collaborative partnership with the United Way of Greater St. Louis and a new grant from Office for Refugee Resettlement received in October 2013.


Refugees harvest crops at the International Institute Global Farms for personal use and for sale at local markets.

Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

2013 Accomplishments

In 2013, a total of 27 accounts were opened using United Way funds. We also began the process of enrolling refugees in our new ORR IDA program; by the end of the year, we had initial interviews with 70 individuals, laying the groundwork for opening IDA accounts in 2014.

Since 2008, we have operated urban gardens. Our program goals have been to teach refugees how to farm in America and also enable them to raise healthy and culturally-relevant produce for personal use. In 2013 we completed the third year of funding from ORR, and we continued our work with a US Department of Agriculture grant.

As a result, we launched the West End Farmer’s Market as well as a market at the Institute. The markets were a valuable teaching tool for refugee participants who plan to become independent sellers in the future. The West End Market also proved an important source of fresh produce to residents who live in an area with no nearby grocery stores – in other words, a food desert. The highest selling items were fruits, tomatoes, greens, onions, sweet potatoes, okra and red potatoes. Twenty-one families participated on two Institute-operated farms in the 2013 harvest season.

International Institute 2013 Annual Report

IICDC Statement of Financial Position

Year Ending December 31, 2013*


Current assets

Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of notes receivable

Total current assets

Notes receivable

Total assets

Liabilities and Net Assets


$433,160 $107,559




Current liabilities

Accounts payable and accrued expenses

Equity Equivalent Investment

Total current liabilities

Notes Payables to Banks Net assets



$57,449 $346,211

Undesignated, available for operations


Total net assets


Temporarily restricted

Total liabilities and net assets



* 2013 audited statement is a portion of the International Institute’s consolidated audit. Please direct any questions to the Institute’s accounting office (314) 773-9090 ext. 126.

2013 IICDC banking partners:

International Institute Community Development Corporation

The International Institute Community Development Corporation (IICDC) was founded in 2006 to increase micro-lending to St. Louis’ immigrant entrepreneurs, a market niche that is underserved by traditional financial institutions.

The IICDC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Institute with separate 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. It is also recognized as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a Community Develop– ment Entity (CDE), US Dept. of the Treasury. As such, the IICDC can make loans in economically-distressed target markets utilizing pooled loan funds for which banks receive Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit. IICDC’s certification as a CFDI/CDE was renewed in 2013.

The IICDC provides and receives services through a Memo of Understanding with the Institute. The Institute’s Small Business Center staff serves as loan officers for the IICDC pooled loan fund, and the Institute’s Senior VP for Programs also serves as President of the IICDC.

The IICDC pooled loan fund enables us to make loans up to $35,000 to immigrants, including refugees. Our banking partners have helped us carefully build our portfolio by contributing to our pooled loan fund and by serving on our Loan Review Committee. In 2014 we may add additional financial institutions.

Also in 2013, the IICDC processed 95 micro-loans of which 29 were new. Repayments totaled $315,817 in principal and interest; the outstanding balance in our loan fund as of December 31 was $303,431.

We are grateful to US Bank which during the year made a generous two-year grant totaling $140,000; the funds help underwrite operating and pooled loan fund capacity-building. By year’s end, Carrollton Bank was positioned to join the pooled loan fund.

IICDC Board of Directors

Jane Allen Jones — Chair Frederick J. Berger, Esq. — Vice Chair Jana Nester — Secretary Harry Xu — Treasurer Christina Anderson Andrew Scott Armstrong Alberto del Pilar Laurie Morgan Thomas Oldenburg Pradeep Rajendran

Karlos Ramirez Pari Sheth, Esq. Jay Staley Joseph S. Stock Narcisa P. Symank Suzanne LeLaurin - President

International Institute 2013 Annual Report


2013 Accomplishments

Pillar 3: Inclusion

Connecting and Celebrating all St. Louisans Festival of Nations

Community Connections & Welcoming Services II Business Solutions Center

• Interpretation & Translation • Speakers & Consulting • Workforce Training

Resources & Links

• International Community Calendar

• Culture Links: STL Directory

Website Growth* # Unique Visitors

# Hits




60,000 50,000

52,888 43,106

40,000 30,000 20,000

57,942 50,323


40,000 35,000 30,000







25,000 20,000






5,000 -


2011 IISTL

* IISTL FoNations

32% 88%




2011 IISTL


• National Network

As new Americans become integrated in the broader community, they want to preserve their arts and present them to all St. Louisans. Among the most popular venues is our annual Festival of Nations, the largest, most diverse multi-ethnic event in our region. This fun-filled annual late-summer celebration promotes the many cultural traditions of St. Louis, those of newcomers and long-timers alike.

This year, Festival of Nations was held on August 24 and 25. More than 150,000 visitors crowded into Tower Grove Park. There they enjoyed

Uncredited Photo/International Institute

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The Institute continued to play a leadership role in the St. Louis Mosaic Project, with Anna Crosslin serving as Infrastructure Chair on the Steering Committee. (Pictured here from left) Tim Nowak, Executive Director of the World Trade Center STL; Kathy Osborn, Executive Director of the Regional Business Council; Jack Strauss, formerly Simon Chair of Economics at St. Louis University and now at the University of Denver; John Nations, President & CEO of Metro/Bi-State; The Hon. Ann Wagner, US Congresswoman for MO Second District; Anna Crosslin, President & CEO of International Institute of St. Louis; Bob Fox, entrepreneur and Chair of Casa de Salud; Rodney Crim, President of the St. Louis Development Partnership; Joe Reagan, President & CEO of St. Louis Regional Chamber; and Denny Coleman, CEO of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership.


Right: Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago (MFDC), underwritten by NEA and Webster University, headlined 2013 Festival of Nations. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

International Institute 2013 Annual Report

Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Supporters, Collaborators & Partners

Mayor Francis Slay poses with appreciative students at the Institute’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner celebration.

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music and dance on four-stages, shopped at dozens of ethnic gift booths, and dined on ethnic cuisine from the four corners of the world. Hundreds of ethnic organizations and volunteers continue to make this magnificent celebration possible. The Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago headlined the 2013 event. Their swirling skirts and toe-tapping music entertained the audience on Saturday and Sunday. More than 40 ethnic food booths provided a veritable world feast.

We continued to work to directly inform St. Louisans about new Americans. During the year, we delivered more than 150 speeches and presentations in social service, religious, business, health and other settings. Our student interns shared information and their thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. We also provided sessions for FOCUS St. Louis’ Leadership St. Louis as well as CORO Fellows and CORO Women in Leadership classes.

2013 Festival of Nations Lead Sponsors Presenting Sponsor Area Sponsors

Other Supporters Tower Grove Park


International Institute 2013 Annual Report

All divisions of major networks/institutions are listed by INSTITUTIONAL name first, with department or program following.

3D Police Partnership Alzheimer’s Association of STL Ameren American Eagle Credit Union American Red Cross – Ready Rating© AmeriCorps STL Armstrong Teasdale LLP Asian American Chamber of Commerce Asian Pacific American Medical Student Assoc. Assistance League of STL Baisch & Skinner Bank of America Barnes-Jewish Hospital Barnes-Jewish Refugee Health Svcs. Better Family Life Bilingual Int’l Assistant Svcs. BMO Harris Bosnian Chamber of Commerce Botanical Hgts. Neighborhood Assoc. Bryan Cave LLP Carrollton Bank Casa de Salud Catholic Charities Midtown–City Greens Refugee Services Southside Center Cntr. for Survivors of Torture & War Trauma Christian Friends of New Americans Citi City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen Civil Rights Enforcement Agency Courts – Ofc. of Jury Commissioners Fire Dept. Health Dept. Mayor’s & Other Offices Metro Police Dept. College Bound STL Corp. for Nat’l & Community Svcs. Credit Builders Alliance Daughters of Charity Found. of STL Diversity Awareness Partnership Earth Day STL Engineer’s Club of STL Enterprise Holdings Employees Foundation Express Scripts Federal Reserve Bank of STL FOCUS STL CORO Fellows CORO Women in Leadership Leadership STL Friends of Bosnia Gannett Foundation Garden Dist. Commission Gateway EITC Community Coalition Gateway Greening

Volunteer helps a refugee child select school supplies for his back to school backpack at the NCJW’s annual Back to School Program held at Central Reform Congregation. St. Charles County Sherriff’s Dept. St. Louis Public Schools SLPS – Adult Education & Literacy Prog. K – 12 Bilingual/ESL Prog. New Americans Prep. Academy St. Louis University Boeing Inst. of Int’l Business Center for Global Understanding Medical School - Residency Prog. School of Nursing School of Nutrition & Dietetics School of Social Work STL Area Agency on Aging STL Children’s Hospital – CAB STL Chinese American News STL ConnectCare – CAB STL Convention & Visitors Bureau STL County Div. of Workforce Dev. Police Dept. Economic Council STL Economic Dev. Partnership STL Language Immersion School STL Mental Health Board CANA Network STL Mosaic Project STL Philanthropic Organization, Inc. STL Public Library STL Reg’l Arts Commission STL Reg’l Chamber STL Reg’l Health Commission STL Rescue & Restore Coalition STL Symphony Orchestra

Photo by David Kennedy/International Institute

Gitana Productions Great Rivers Greenway Healthy Kids Express Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Leaders Group Housing Options Provided for the Elderly Hoyleton Youth & Family Svcs. IMPRINT Institute for Family Medicine Interfaith Partnership of Gtr. STL Jewish Community Rel. Council JVS – Kansas City Laclede Gas Legal Services of E. MO Lincoln University Innov. Small Farmers Outreach Urban Impact Center Literacy Roundtable of Metro STL Local Harvest Grocery MasterCard Worldwide Mercy Neighborhood Ministry MERS/Goodwill Metro ADA Services Minority Advocacy Coalition Mission Center, L3C MO Arts Council MO Assoc. for Social Welfare MO Botanical Garden MO Career Centers MO Citizens for the Arts MO Community Service Commission MO Dept. of Health & Senior Svcs. MO Dept. of Higher Ed MO Family Support Div. MO Foundation for Health MO Immig. & Refugee Advoc. Money Smart STL NCJW - Back to School Prog. New City Fellowship Niagara Foundation NINA – Network for Integrating New Am. Nine Network - KETC-TV Oasis Int’l Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC Old Newsboy Day OneSTL Org. of Chinese Americans People’s Community Action Ctr. Places for People/Community Alternatives PNC Bank Principia College Prof. Latino Action Network Pulaski Bank Refugee & Immig. Consort. of STL S. Grand Community Improv. Dist. SabaH SGSM Network Shakespeare Fest. of STL SIUE – School of Social Wk. SLOEN SLU High School Southern Commercial Bank Southside Senior Citizens Cntr. Southside Wellness Cntr.

Tower Grove Park Tzu Chi Buddhists University of Missouri - STL Int’l Affairs Advisory Council School of Education School of Social Work United Way of Greater STL Multicultural Leadership Giving Initiative Women’s Leadership Giving Initiative Urban League of STL US Attorney’s Office/E. MO Anti-Human Trafficking TF Hate Crimes TF US Bank US Bankruptcy Court/E. MO US Citizenship & Immigration Svcs. US Dept. of Agriculture - FMPP US Dept. of Treasury - CDFI US Social Security Admin. USCIS - STL Field Office Vatterott College Washington University GWB School of Social Work Olin Business School School of Law Webster University Welcoming America Wells Fargo Advisors Wells Fargo Foundation Whole Foods Market World Affairs Council STL World Trade Cntr. STL YWCA - Sexual Assault Cntr.

International Institute 2013 Annual Report


Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

2013 Honor Roll Donors

CNN photographer films Institute English class for Anderson 360 with Emmy Awardwinning CNN reporter Tom Foreman. The team visited St. Louis to feature immigrant entrepreneurs, the Mosaic Project and the Institute.

$50,000 +

US Bank Community Development Corp.


Bank of America Charitable Foundation Citi Community Development Enterprise Holdings Foundation Mastercard WorldWide Webster University Wells Fargo Advisors


Ameren Anthony A. Gonzalez-Angel (The) Boeing Company Laurie & Ted Hellmuth Gayle & Randal Narike Beth A. Radtke STL Language Immersion Schools Sandy & George Tsai US Bank


Allstate Insurance AgcyMarroquin Ins. Grp. Carrollton Bank Lindenwood University Renewal by Andersen Welk Resort Group


Anonymous Galen D. Bingham Sandy & Ashok Chawla# Deborah Stein Clark Costco Wholesale Nancy W. & Henry P. Day Tina L. Deeljore Marsha & Thomas Feldmann Maxine K. Clark & Robert N. Fox Stacey George*


Greater STL Community Foundation Mary & Bob Heger Jane Allen & J. Kenneth Jones Arindam Kar Sophie Liebermann Manchester United Methodist Church Mandarin House Anne & John F. McDonnell Byron Moser III Anh Pham-Nguyen Jane M. & Bruce P. Robert Foundation# Beth Fisher & Amit Shah Ruth & Alvin Siteman SLBS Limited Partnership Janice & Edgar Smart Suburban Journals Old Newsboys Day Eliot Cori Tao & Richard K. Tao Helen & Jonathan Turner# Jeffrey Whitford


Dean Berry* Jan Anderson Cerny Crosspointe Fellowship R.E. Essen Fredman Brothers Furniture Co., Inc. Gallus Biopharmaceuticals, LLC Katherine E. Cochrane & Joel Glassman Harriet Goodman (The) Greater STL Peace Corps Assoc. Carol & Ward Klein Denise & Phillip Klevorn Pulaski Bank Luz M. Robles-Razzaq & Asim Razzaq Wendy P. Richardson Mary L. Rowlett STL Art Museum

Robin & Ed Seuc Washington University Thomas Wilcox Kris & Mike Zambrana


Anna M. Beck Aya Sofia Restaurant Elaine Berger Rev. Living Trust Linda & Fred Berger Biggies Restaurant Cafe Natasha's Khalilah & Sam Charrington Chimichanga Mexican Restaurant LLC Cleveland-Heath Charles & Julie Cobaugh# Covene LLC Jean & Joseph Dugan# Favazza's Inc. Fredman Family Charitable Trust II Yajaira Guedez James C. Guyol Cathleen & Robert Haar Hamburger Mary's HandleBar House of India Luis Jurado Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant Layla Lebanese Restaurant Mangia Italiano William Marston Brigid & Matthew McCauley Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant Clarissa P. Gaff & Steven P. Miller Cynthia Mitchell Fahime Mohammad Mojo Tapas Restaurant and Bar Michael Naccarato Susan & George Newman# Donna Nix Oishi Steak & Sushi, LLC Ranoush Nights, LLC Schnucks - Script Card

International Institute 2013 Annual Report

Siete Luminarias Helen Lee & Peter Tao# Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Yemanja Brazil Restaurant Shannon Yung


AAA Translation, Inc. Marilyn Abbott Diego Abente Katherine Andersen Afton Anderson Armstrong Teasdale LLP Anita M. & Tim Barker Bethanie Becker* Bellerive Elementary School Maureen Book Sharon Bower Andrew Bradley* Shawna & Nate Brinson April Buck Melinda Carney Brian Cherrick Elizabeth & Bruce Cohen, M.D. Ann M. Corrigan Anna E. & Wayne Crosslin Sarah Barnard & Patrick Cuba Amy DiMaggio Oanh Tin Tang & Ngoc Doan Melanie Embick Barbara Finch Flowers To The People LLC Leena Fry John Gathard Martha Lynn Turner & Salah Ghodbane Patricia Gray Harriet Hall Anjum Hassan Anne & Robert Hetlage Timothy Hill Gayle S. Hookerman Alan W. Hopefl Caron Brittany House Karen Jordan# Christina Juelfs Emma Kafalenos Shelli Kastin Claudia Kelleher Rodney K. Kerner# Tamara Khan Seung H. Kim# Norma Vavra Klein Robert Klepper Katherine Kornfeld Brian Kowert Rene Kreisel Kristen Krueger Ladue Chapel Women's Assoc. Erik Kent Van Landuyt Linda Langer Dave Leipholtz* Suzanne LeLaurin Katherine & Gregg Lemley Shannon & Tobin Lichti* Jack Lynn Patricia & Chris Maguire Aaron Malone Thomas Mantych Katherine Mazzarella Jane & Kent McNeil MidTown Printing Amparo Kollman-Moore & Ron Moore#

Amy Morros Mary Nguyen Nghia Peter Nguyen Linda & Marvin Nodiff Betty J. Okenfuss Carol Oliver Jennifer Paule Barbara Paulus Garie & Kenneth Perry Gary A. Pierson LLC Sarah Pleban Chris Ragain Ann Ruger JoAnn & Theodore Sanditz Tamara & Stephen Schenkenberg Daniel Schesch Schwab Charitable Fund Marietta Schwalbe Nancy Sellers Seltzer and Associates Erin & Kevin Seltzer* Rachana Shrestha Dr. Mark Spurrier Ann & Robert Steck# Lauren Stone Carol & Charles Stout# Nancy Symeonoglou Tao & Lee Associates The Blue Pearl Rajesh R. Thoopul Tim Tocco Eugene Toombs Eric M. Trelz David Tripp Typefounding LLC Andy Uecker Kathy & Joseph Weyhrich Joe Whittington Elizabeth Wild Cheng Yang

Up to $100

Dan Albes Christina Anderson Judith Anderson Joseph Antolin James Arnott Richard Aston Tolu Badejo Mujahida Baram Andrew Barnes Sabra Barnett Janelle & Jay Baur Sarah Bekemeyer Lorraine T. Bemis Mary Book Wayne Borgmeyer Brauer Industries Andrew Bretz Brian Buchheit Sarah Bush Helen S. Cadoret Lisa Cagle Ann Wu Chen Jennifer Chen Gregory Christoffel Citizens for Davis Mary Clemons Emily K. Stallone Coleman Nancy & Rex Couture Nicholas Cristel* Betsy Dankenbring Michael Dauphin Elizabeth Dee Judy Dempsey

Nicoletta Parato Linda Patterson Craig Peters Daniel Petty William R. Piper Pounds Media, LLC A. Rafferman Pradeep Rajendran Anabell Ramirez Laura Ramirez Jorge Riopedre Jane & Bruce Robert Alan Roman Flordeliz & Milton Ross Shana & Daniel Ruder Laurie Ryan Michael Sacks Sharath Sahadevan Dave Sanfilippo Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School Scarlett Garnet Jewelry LLC Jennifer & Jeffrey Schmitz Leanne & Harvey Schneider Karen Schwelle Colleen Seematter Cynthia Seltzer Kara Shaughnessy* Joel Shrestha Tracy Lee Shubitz Alison Sieloff Margaret Silver Sisters of Mercy/Americas Catherine Smentkowski Julia Steininger Katherine Stigers Kathryn Sullivan Marcelle Theodor Sarah Thompson Jan Trachta Barsha Tuladhar Bruce & Frederick Tuttle Katie Tuttle United Way of Metro Atlanta Thomas Venturella Janie & Herb Walker Anna Whelan Judith & Jeffrey Whisler Timothy Whitehead Josephine Wiegel Marie Wiese Keith Yeldham Nicole Zavradinos

IICDC Donors

Christina Anderson Andrew Armstrong Elaine Berger Rev. Living Trust Fred Berger Stella Dee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce STL Jane Allen Jones Suzanne LeLaurin Jana Nestor Thomas Oldenburg Jay Staley Narcisa Symank Lynette Watson Harry Xu

Refugee children “ham it up” for the camera.

Photo by David Kennedy/International Institute

Bradley Dickinson Jennifer Donovan Sarah & Robert Dunn, Jr. Mike Eaton Anne Edwards Gary Embick Steven Estes Judith W. & Wayne Failoni# Melisa Favuzza Annabelle & Robert Fischer Lisa Flegel Erin & Mark Fleming Kathryn & William Fondell Leah Gunning Francis Ronnie Fredman Cyndi Garcia Arnulfo S. Garza Steven Gaston Dorothy M. Gerner Oliver Gould Anne Grabner William Grivna Sharon Gutowski Eugene E. Guttin Samuel Ha Lisa Hake Iris Hall* William Walker Hamilton Barbara Hill Corey Hively Katherine Holley April Houston Kate & Mark Howell I Scream Cakes Carol Iglauer IISTL Young Friends Deena Jenner Elise A. Joerger Sheryl Johnson Gausper Joseph Mark Kearns Joshua Kendagor* Marcia & Robert Kern Lydia Kim* Sarah Kim* Megan Kimball Emily Klasing Amy E. Lampe Kelly Lettmann Yvonne M. & Joseph P. Logan Kenneth Long Janice & Paul Lowewenstein Lydia Luangruangrong* Rin S. Maa Aparna Malshet* Rachel Mapp Susan Marcus Jami Markley Mary Marsh Annabelle & Scott Marshall Joy E. Martin Joseph S. Maul Douglas McCormick David McCutcheon Josephine McDonald Jeffery McPherson Ken Medley Heather Mekan Elise Miller Kelly Moore Sarah Moore Jason Moritz John Newsham Bryan Niehaus Mary A. & John S. Olsson

Community Support

In-kind donations of furniture, personal care items, and household supplies provide a warm welcome to new Americans when they first arrive in St. Louis. Schools, civic and religious groups lead collections throughout the year to benefit newcomers. In 2013, several organizations, companies and families participated in our Adopt-A-Family holiday program.

The Adopt-A-Family (AAF) program is an opportunity for groups of supporters to give at a more personal level by fulfilling a refugee family’s wish list. We give new families the basic necessities when they arrive, and the AAF program offers the chance for them to get more than basics – toys, a television, bicycles and more.

The entire St. Louis community can have an impact on the lives of new Americans with in-kind donations throughout the year. Each refugee family arriving in 2013 received more than $300 of in-kind support from our community, totaling $45,000+ support. Check out our website at http://www.iistl.org/donate2.html for a list of our most current needs. Please call ahead to arrange a drop off. Thanks for your support!

* Young Friends Member # President’s Council

International Institute 2013 Annual Report


2013 Board of Directors As of December 31

Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Wendy Richardson Sr. Business Leader (VP) MasterCard Worldwide

(From left) Sable Campbell-Jones, Director of Diversity & Inclusion for St. Louis City Hall, presents Anna Crosslin with a Proclamation in recognition of her 35th Anniversary.


Sam Charrington Principal CloudPulse Strategies, LLC


Richard Tao

Stacey George Sr. Counsel, Law Dept. Wells Fargo Advisors

Vice Chair Mary Heger Secretary Amit Shah

Mary Heger CIO & VP of IT & Ameren Service Center Ameren

Treasurer Phillip Klevorn

Jane Allen Jones Sr. Consultant – Business Process MasterCard Worldwide

Immediate Past Chair Edgar Smart President & CEO Anna E. Crosslin

Arindam Kar Partner Bryan Cave LLP

Board Members

Phillip Klevorn Private Client Advisor US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Anthony Gonzalez-Angel Sr. Partner Gonzalez Companies, LLC

Frederick Berger President Riezman Berger, PC

Galen Bingham Sales Capability Director Coca Cola Refreshments, Inc.

Janice Cerny Principal Consultant & Owner Leadership Journeys, LLC


Gregg M. Lemley Managing Shareholder Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Steward, PC

Randal T. Narike Sr. VP, Canadian Operations Enterprise Holdings Inc. Anh Pham-Nguyen Sr. Vice President – Finance Wells Fargo Advisors

International Institute 2013 Annual Report

J. Eduardo Seuc International Sales Manager Convenience Products

Amit Shah VP & Assistant General Counsel MiTek Industries, Inc. Edgar Smart Community Volunteer

Richard Tao President & Founder Ti2, LLC Sandy Tsai CEO Deli Foods Mfg.

Jeffrey Whitford Global Citizenship Manager Sigma-Aldrich Michael Zambrana President Pangea, Inc.

Advisory Council Robin Carnahan MO Secretary of State David Kirkland Community Volunteer

Linda Morice, Ph.D. Chair, Associate Prof. Dept. of Educational Leadership SIU-Edwardsville George Newman Attorney Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP Kiku Obata President Kiku Obata & Company

Ellen Sherberg Publisher St. Louis Business Journal William Willert President Willert Home Products

2013 Staff

As of December 31


Anna Crosslin — President & CEO Suzanne LeLaurin — Sr. VP Programs & IICDC President

Cesar Figari — VP & Director of Fin. & Operations

Kate Howell — VP Development & Communications Marisa Echevarria — Accounting Mgr.

Christina Juelfs — Sr. Administrative Services Mgr. Sarah Bekemeyer Emsada Bilkan Mohamed Mohamed Rosa Puerto Emily Ratchford Jorge Rincon

Economic Development Diego Abente — Small Business Prog. Mgr. Nsengi Bertrand Nha Nguyen Joel Walker


Anita Barker — VP & Director

Sarah Barnard — Asst. Director Nate Brinson Hazel Doulas Fanya Epshteyn Angela Folkes Hyrije Hoxha Mirsada Karadzic Eric Kramer Marlene Kruse Sevil Kyazimova Leslie Myers Mary Owens Amy Pushkas Richard Rash Brandi Squire Andrew Uecker Ada Williams Shireen Yalda

Client Services

P. Ariel Burgess — VP & Director

Lara Fallon — Social Work Coord. Booker Gilliam — Housing Mgr. Spogmai Hashmi — MG Coord.

Kathy Tucker — Area Team Leader

II Language Services

Andrea Wren — Supervisor Sarah Barekzai

Quality Assurance, Program Development & Training Paul Costigan — VP & Director

Kelly Moore Jane Knirr Rene Kreisel Brian Hall Karen Heitzman Abdul Rahman

AmeriCorps/VISTA Brittany Boesch Maureen Book Michael Brickey Jennifer Chen Faye Cross Mary Foley Dana Gruber Mallory Hunter Zach Kassman Shella Kelsey Andy Kissinger Colleen Liebig Jenna Oh Anna Paulk Alena Pirogova Liz Schurk Jessica Wallace Lacey Watson Robert Weis


Zahra Abdollahi Bill Abkemeier Jagat Acharya Mohamednur Ahmed Wesam Al Wohoush Mariam Alshati Kyoko Araki Janet Armbruster David Arnold Angela Audet Renee Badenoch Jane Baker Matthew Baker Brian Barlay Barbara Barrow Alevtyina Beckett Samuel Bennett Ritika Bergfeld Laura Bresnahan Thomas Broekelmann Rachel Brown Katelyn Brungardt Angie Buczkowski Angela Chen Stefanie Chen Hsiang Chieh Lai Patricia Clements Julie Cobaugh Robert Coffey Kianna Cole John Collins Jack Connolly Debbie Corson Tatti Currey Liudmila Dabyshuk Ginny Daugherty Mable Davis Juan de Legarretta Matthew DeFreese Zoe dePenaloza Charles Donnelly Caitlyn Drozda Nancy Durbin Stephanie Edney Rebecca Edwards Tim Eidman Sonia Emmons Kim Ewing Camille Fiess Rachel Fischer Caroline Fish Erin Fitzsimmons Mark Frank Randolph Geary Melissa George Tracy George Laura Getz Carolyn Gioia David Gioia Jeanette Glaenzer Jennifer Gray Alexandra Grolimund Roman Gusdorf Cathleen Haar

The International Institute’s Festival of Nations delights all ages. Brendon Hamacher Sara Hanel Jessica Harrington Tricia Harris Adil Hassan Laurie Hellmuth Ted Hellmuth Eric Herst Theresa Hinkle Stephanie Holland Gayle Hookerman Michael Ingardi Brian Jacob Lara Jennings Rolanda Johnson Bob Juergens Mariana Jurado Joshua Kazdan Elise Keller Erik Kent Van Landuyt David Klayton Steve Koslovsky Janet Kostal Staci Kramer Kathy Krause Katie Kroeger Komal Kumar Patrick LeBlanc Steven Lerman Shelley Lewellen Patricia Lewis Vitaly Libman Gwen Liebman Ivy Love Linda Luks Jack Lynn Ashley Macrander Chris Macrander

Kim Malone Laura Markley Mike Marks Carling McAllister Sarah McCart Marilyn McCarthy Lauren McDermott Deanna McPherson Monica Meeks Heather Meiers Brittney Mevey Hayle Miller Heather Milton David Mitchell Natasha Mokeyeva Charles Moody Danielle Mueller Joseph Muller Elizabeth Murphy Susanna Murrie Wioletta Musekamp James Patrick Myers III Jaehyun Nam Shelley Nebberich Judy Nelson My Tran Diem Nguyen Selim Njeim Chris Oakes Dan O'Connor Jennifer Oeffner Peter Orth Joan Park Nilo Parsang Erica Pashia Tori Patterson Garie Perry Trisha Pham Kate Phillips

Kanita Pisutewongse John Puricelli Claire Rainford Fran Raniere Benjamin Rearick JoLyn Rekasis Megan Ritterbusch Amber Roberts Maria Rogers Cale Rogoyski Lisa Rolfes Ann Russell Geri Ryan Nadiah Sabrah Jane Safina Richard Sandler Ashlee Sang Elina Sapkota Jeffrey Schlette Kit Schmidtz Michelle Schmitt Michael Schuette Kaitlynn Schultz Devon Severson Claire Sheehan Monica Silva Barbara Simon Roohi Singh Charlie Smerz Barbara Smith Rachel Smith Meredith Spainhour Brandi Squire Sara Stagg Katherine Stepanek Bill Stowers Katie Sullivan Fleming Talton

International Institute 2013 Annual Report

Photo by Ron Anderson/International Institute

San Aung Ahmad Barekzai Zlata Bilkan Hazira Caus Marilou Connoyer Semere Desu Shukri Farah Abdulahi Haji Blake Hamilton Kari Hoggard Saad Hussein Varasteh Khazaeli Emily LaCour Rosie Lang Rachel Mapp Gedlu Metaferia Amanda Mohl Shatha Najaf Ranga Nepal Suk Sapkota Kam Sing Mustafa Suaray Lany van L. Maas

Lisa Taylor Nick Taylor Lauren Terzis Spencer Thury Katrin Tobben Darby Turner Helen Turner Jackie Unser Ana Urrego Peter Venker Amanda Viehland William von Schrader Katherine Waldman Christy Ward Lizzie Warner Jack Weatherford Matt Weber Rich Weinstock Mary Weishaar Julia Wenck Kathy Weyhrich Denise White Kathleen Williamson Kevin Williamson Amanda Wylie Nick Zyznieuski


Junior Board Increases Impact

Volunteers: Moving Our Mission Forward!

Each member coordinates one or two events to educate the public and raise funds for the Institute. Events included happy hour fundraisers, BINGO night and an annual holiday toy collection for our Children’s Holiday Party.

The Junior Board’s flagship event is the annual Trivia Night. In 2013, the event provided more than $4,250 for the Tao Refugee Resettlement Fund. The Junior Board also provides essential volunteer support for Institute-sponsored events, including Festival of Nations and our annual Thanksgiving Celebration.

Junior Board of Directors Dean Berry Hannah Burtness Betsy Dankenbring Blake Hamilton Sarah Kim Shannon Lichti Aparna Malshet Kyle Novak

Meghan O'Hara-Mebruer Kevin Seltzer Adewale Soluade Joe Wilson David Leipholtz Hannah Verity Rachel White Sarah Bekemeyer (Staff Liaison)

Young Friends Members Make a Difference

The Junior Board serves as the leadership for the Young Friends of the International Institute. For just $45, members provide important annual gifts to support our work to help immigrants and their families become productive Americans. As a bonus, members also get benefits to redeem at Trivia Night and Festival of Nations, and special invitations to Junior Board events. Visit our web site to join!


Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Formed in 2009, the Junior Board of the International Institute aims to further the mission and vision of the International Institute. The 15-member volunteer board works to raise awareness of the agency and the importance of immigrants in our region.

Junior Board member, Aparna Malshet, hosts a table at Layla Lebanese Restaurant for the first annual Feast of Nations.

In the past year, 1,059 volunteers gave more than 31,154 hours of service to the Institute. Our volunteers are highly dedicated individuals who give their free time to make a difference in helping immigrants and their families become productive Americans. 624 volunteers championed ethnic diversity as a cultural and economic strength at Festival of Nations.

Volunteers tutored hundreds of literacy class students, toiled in our global farms with refugees who were learning about agriculture, helped 150,000 visitors to the Festival of Nations, and served a traditional Thanksgiving meal to 300+ immigrants and refugees.

Some of our most outstanding volunteers were part of the nation-wide AmeriCorps program. These individuals dedicate a year of their lives to full-time service! In 2013, 14 AmeriCorps Members and five VISTAs served in our Administration, Economic Development, Education, Workforce Solutions and Client Services departments.

During the year, AmeriCorps served in nearly every aspect of our programming. They set up client medical appointments, provided life skills training, set up new apartments, met new arrivals at the airport, enrolled children in school and daycare, recruited and trained farmers, prepared resumes and training curricula, arranged immunization clinics and much more!

We offer a very special thanks, in every language, to all our volunteers!

International Institute 2013 Annual Report

Community support during the first early months after families arrive is critical. Pictured here, young refugee children ready themselves to pick out first-time school clothes and school supplies.

Photo by David Kennedy/International Institute

Financial Statement*

Tao Family Fund Supports New Arrivals

In the first few months after arrival in St. Louis, refugees have a multitude of basic resettlement needs. Housing, food and transportation costs frequently exceed the small grant they receive from the federal government. We must reach out to the community for financial and in-kind support, especially for small families and individuals who arrive alone. More donations are essential for emergency housing and medical expenses.

Current Fund

Revenues in Excess of Expenses

Unrestricted Net Assets on 12/31/12

Unrestricted Net Assets on 12/31/13




*Audited Statement

Address questions to: Anna Crosslin, President (314) 773-9090, ext 119

Find us online!

www.facebook.com/iistl www.facebook.com/iistlfestival www.facebook.com/iicdc @iistl @iistlfestival www.youtube.com/iistl

For example, a single person would be eligible for a $925 resettlement allowance. After the full expense of resettlement, there is more than $2,000 needed for basic necessities: utilities, food and a bus pass. Funds from the Tao Family Refugee Resettlement Fund help bridge this gap. Please make a donation today, using the enclosed envelope or by visiting our web site and clicking “Donate.� Household Size

Single Person

2 People

3 People

4 People

5 People

Security Deposit






Spending Money

Rent (3 months)









Utilities (3 months)





Bus Pass (1 month)





Home Set-Up

Food @ $5 day/each Subtotal-Expenses Resettlement Allowance Funding Gap






























International Institute 2013 Annual Report


We are a Missouri non-profit corporation with full 501 (c)(3) status.


SW Missouri Branch

3654 S. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63118 (314) 773-9090 info@iistl.org

c/o Missouri Career Center 2900 East Sunshine St. Springfield, MO 65804 (417) 841-3396 ext. 272 aungs@iistl.org

Visit us at www.festivalofnationsstl.org • www.stlthei.org • www.iistl.org

Profile for International Institute of St. Louis

2013 annual report  

Review of the 2013 activities of the International Institute of St. Louis

2013 annual report  

Review of the 2013 activities of the International Institute of St. Louis


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