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BLUELEG MONITOR WISP-3, ECOWATCH AND SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY BlueLeg Monitor is a world leader in providing products and services in the field of water quality monitoring. The WISP-3 is a hand held instrument for taking measurements in the field. The device gives an instant result and is easy to operate. A measurement captures the optical reflectance of the water. This requires no direct contact with the water. The EcoWatch is an autonomous monitoring station on a fixed position providing reflectance measurements continuously. The measurements are transmitted wirelessly and the station is powered by a solar panel and battery. The final instrument uses satellite imagery to monitor large surface areas. Not only can it identify the total biomass of algae in the water, it can also identify species of algae. The images are acquired from ESA and NASA and are processed in near real-time.

SMITH-ROOT’S HUMANE FISH HARVESTER The new and innovative Humane Fish Harvester kills commonly farmed fish of all size ranges, while complying with animal welfare requirements and can work in fresh and saltwater (two versions). Farmed fish are pumped through its series of plastic tubes for instant electrosedation and slaughter. Based on trials at Scottish trout farms, it sedates and slaughters 6000-10,000 blemish-free fish per hour while meeting the highest standards for humaneness and animal welfare. In portion-sized fish applications, the system renders fish senseless in less than 1 second and then maintains a stronger field for about 90 seconds, resulting in death. For larger farmed salmonids, a smaller, single treatment protocol is used. Fish are available for exsanguination immediately after stunning and do not recover during bleed-out. The Humane Fish Harvester has the potential to enhance processing efficiencies, improve fillet quality and prolong shelf life by minimizing pre-slaughter stress on fish.

62 | September | October 2016 - International Aquafeed

SEP | OCT 2016 - International Aquafeed