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FISH FARMING TECHNOLOGY A Breath of Fresh Air in Fish Farming


by Stefan Dullstein & Hans Joerg Meissner, Linde

In the past 50 years, the global demand for fish products has doubled, and more than 45 percent of the world’s seafood today now comes not from wild catches, but from either land-based or offshore fish farms. To meet this rising demand for seafood worldwide, more fish have to be raised in fish farms, and aquaculture is an essential link in the agricultural chain.

he Food and Agriculture Organisation, a United Nations agency, has recently stressed the importance of fish farming, noting its place as the most sustainable and fastest growing food sub-sector in the world. The organisation stated that fish provide the world with 17 percent of its animal protein and emphasised the importance of fish farming as a global trade. However, with increased fish farming comes more responsibility from operators to ensure that their farms are maintaining the best possible fish growing conditions; including appropriate nutrition, prevention of disease and maintaining a healthy water environment.

The importance of healthy water

The most important factor for achieving healthy fish is to have healthy water. Therefore, controlling the concentration of oxygen dissolved in water is crucial in aquaculture. Maintaining the right level of oxygen in water improves utilisation of feed, reduces fish mortality and reduces the need for vaccination and antibiotics. This is particularly important in sea cages. Though some have sufficient oxygen levels from surrounding seawater, there are instances where this is not the case – particularly in locations experiencing rising water temperatures that contain low levels of oxygen. As there is lower solubility of oxygen at higher water temperatures, this situation becomes more critical during summer months than in winter. Linde, the world’s largest industrial gases and gases engineering company has a long history of working in the area of food security to give food processors and consumers the reassurance that the food they eat is fresh, authentic and sustainable. The company has been supporting fish farmers through its SOLVOX® 50 | March | April 2016 - International Aquafeed

Mar | Apr 2016 - International Aquafeed