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FAF plankton strainers for rotifer and artemia collection

FAF microalgae disk and micro algae grow F2 fertiliser

FAF rotifer cysts strainer rotirich

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Rohan Mak has 27 years’ experience in aquaculture, aquatics, biotechnology, research holding systems, specialising in early feeding, live-food and microalgae culture. He trained at Sparsholt College, Hampshire and the University of Plymouth for his M.Sc. in Applied Fish Biology. He was subsequently employed at the University of Southampton on transgenic Nile tilapia and at Kings College, London and University College, London on zebrafish for developmental biology and medical research studies. ZM Systems are ZM fish-food and fishroom equipment UK distributors for INVE products including Sep-Art Polarised Artemia, S.parkle, S.presso enrichments, Florida Aqua Farms microalgae culture plates and fertilisers, resting rotifer cysts and the Plankton Culture Manual. Their customers include developmental biology, biomedical and ecotoxicology research laboratories, government and commercial fish hatcheries and public aquaria. In 2015 they are due to sponsor the first UK Artemia Workshop at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, currently being planned by John Rundle.

ZM rotifer culture station

World Aquaculture 2015 AquaForum Jeju Island, Korea May 26-29, 2015


WAS aqua


The International conference and trade show on Aquaculture, World Aquaculture 2015, Jeju, Korea, will enhance industry participation by incorporating the newly organized WA15 AquaForum.

The WA15 AquaForum has been created to benefit industry professionals during the WA15 conference and exhibition. The organizing committee invites Asian farmers, suppliers, and other industry professionals to Jeju, Korea to attend this forum. Activities will include specific topical industry sessions, facilitated workshops, round table discussions, simultaneous translations, designated meeting spaces, farm tours, etc. The focus of the WA15 AquaForum is targeted towards the most important industry issues affecting key Asia Pacific aquaculture producing countries. It is a true Industry forum whereby timely topical and regionally relevant sessions are tailored to enhance industrial representation and participation. Session topics will include Flatfish Health, Shrimp Health, Aqua Feed technologies, Marine Finfish Technologies, Enhancing Shellfish Production and Integrated Aquaculture.

VISIT US AT SEAFOOD EXPO GLOBAL 21-23 April 2015, Brussels, Belgium Booth 4026 in Hall 9

GLOBALG.A.P. News Conference at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels 22 April 2015, 2.30 - 3.30 p.m. Hall 11, Room 1122, 3rd Floor


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March-April 2015 | INTERNATIONAL AQUAFEED | 33

Mar | Apr 2015 - International Aquafeed magazine  

The March - April 2015 edition of International Aquafeed magazine

Mar | Apr 2015 - International Aquafeed magazine  

The March - April 2015 edition of International Aquafeed magazine