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25th Annual Feed and Pet Food Extrusion Short Course

02 - 03 February 2015

15th Practical Short Course: Trends & Markets in Aquaculture Feed Ingredients, Nutrition, Formulation & Optimized Feed Production & Quality Management index.html

19 - 22 February 2015

Aquaculture America 2015 aspx?code=AA2015

11 - 13 March 2015

VIV Asia 2015

16 - 18 March 2015

AquaME 2015

25 - 27 March 2015

Aquafeed Extrusion Technology short course

05 - 07 April 2015

Middle East Aquaculture Forum 2015

21 - 23 April 2015

Seafood Expo

22 - 23 April 2015

European Algae Biomass Whitmore%20Group/59/events-pdfs-eu/ eal5-mktg-agenda.pdf

22 April 2015

GLOBALG.A.P. at Seafood Global Brussels

18 - 21 May 2015

VIV Russia 2015

26 - 30 May 2015

World Aquaculture 2015

09 - 11 June 2015


29 - 31 July 2015

Indo Livestock 2015 Expo & Forum Indonesia

24 - 26 June 2015

Livestock Philippines 2015 Expo

Aquaculture without frontiers: following Mardi Gras


quaculture without Frontiers is hitting the Directions”. This presentation will bring people up road next month and will be centering its to date with the AwF activities and global strategy activities on New Orleans and the American to promote and support responsible and sustainAquaculture event that follows the famous Mardi able aquaculture to alleviate poverty and malnutrition and to enhance food security for disadvantaged Gras. “I doubt if we will be parading in all the fancy people. Please do not forget If you or your organization would costumes as we have some serious activities like the AwF Board Meeting, a General Meeting for AwF and like to join with us, volunteer or donate please visit our an important session at the Conference but NOLA website ( is full of history and is the home of special music and giving-funding/donations-2/). well known for its seafood and hospitality and is very close to our base in Development, Welfare and Poverty Baton Rouge”, said Executive Director, Alleviation Session (AwF) Roy Palmer. The Session developed by AwF AQUACULTURE AMERICA 2015 “Development, Welfare and Poverty February 19 – February 22, 2015 - New Orleans, LA Alleviation” will see speakers from Session: Sunday, February, 22, 2015 Kenya, Ghana, Bangladesh, Nigeria, 2:00pm – 5:00pm Mexico, Netherlands and Australia Room: TBD covering a range of activities within the Chair/Moderator: Roy Palmer subject area. Gorjan Nikolik from Rabobank 2:00-2:15 Value chain financing International will start the session Gorjan Nikolik – Rabobank with a presentation about Rabobank Foundation, which pursues its objec2:15-2:30 Productivity, diversification and resilience of tives by supporting cooperatives, or saline aquaculture systems in coastal southern member-based organisation’s, which Bangladesh. offer an opportunity to save, borrow Kazi Ahmed Kabir – World Fish Centre or insure. This is directly relevant to 2:30-2:45 Does homestead food production hold another presentation centered on a promise to improved household food survey in the states of Kogi and Niger security? empirical evidence from the southin Nigeria that highlights that the major west coastal zone of Bangladesh. constraints faced by the respondents Manjurul Karim – World Fish Centre were inadequate credit and high cost of input. 2:45-3:00 Effects of socio- economic factors on Gorjan is a senior industry analyst on adoption of new production technolofood and agribusiness for Rabobank gies by fish farmers in kogi and niger states, International. Since joining Rabobank Nigeria. in 2005, he has focused on the global O J Oyero – Federal university of technology, seafood sector, including aquaculture, Nigeria wild catch, seafood trade and processing. In his primary role, Gorjan 3:00-3:15 The impact of aquaculture technology works as an internal consultant to adoption on households IN Kenya Rabobank depar tments such as Akuffo Amankwah – Purdue University Mergers and Acquisitions, Leveraged Finance, Venture Capital and Credit 3:15-3:30 Evaluating the role of aquaculture and fish on Risk Management. He also produces human nutrition in Ghana research articles covering the seafood Akua Akuffo – Purdue University industry. The bulk of the presentations relate 3:30-4:00 coffee break to outcomes from the Aquaculture and Fisheries Collaborative Research 4:00-4:15 Fish farming and household wellbeing: A case Support Program (AquaFish CRSP) study in selected regions in Ghana program in Africa, the CGIAR chal Akuffo Amankwah – Purdue University lenge program on water and food which highlights some good outcomes 4:15-4:30 UTMarT & AwF collaboration on rotational polyculture, and a pres Héctor Hugo Gójon Báez – UTMarT, entation on homestead food producMexico tion. There will be a presentation on AwF’s 4:30-5:00 AwF - Future directions involvement in Mexico and the session Roy Palmer – Aquaculture Without Frontiers will be wrapped up with “AwF – Future

January-February 2015 | INTERNATIONAL AQUAFEED | 44

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Jan | Feb 2015 International Aquafeed magazine  

The January February 2015 edition of International Aquafeed magazine

Jan | Feb 2015 International Aquafeed magazine  

The January February 2015 edition of International Aquafeed magazine