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The possibility to work comfortably outdoors with a studio equipment maximum power output 900 J (charge) or 450 W (power supply) Printed in switzerland 09/08 D6067.XX

Professional flash light on a secluded beach in Hawai or in the Gobi desert miles away from a mains power supply? No problem with the new Powerbox 900. Mains-independent power supply with a GEL (Gelified Electrolyte Liquid) based battery. Up to 900 joules (watt seconds) can be delivered. This means that, for example, 3 monolights each with 300 J may be connected (although without modelling light). Should only one unit with 300 J be connected, 240 flashes can be triggered at full power output and over 2900 flashes (depending on unit used) at minimum power output. When working with modelling light, the amount of flashes is reduced accordingly. Powerbox 900 – Special features and advantages • • • • • • • •

automatic voltage monitoring high efficiency under- / over voltage protection low weight precise crystal-controlled 50 or 60 Hz frequency short circuit protection short circuit and internal overheating protection soft-start function for loads with high inrush current TeCHNICAL DATA

Powerbox with shoulder strap | 56.302.00

flash energy / Power energy outlets Power output distribution Power requirements for broncolor/VisaTec units

max. 900 J for charge / max. 450 W for power supply 1 for battery supply, 1 for the unit after use, 900 J as maximum Powerbox 230V – unit with 200-240V / 50 hz Powerbox 120V – unit with 100-120V / 50 - 60 hz info-LeDs depends on the power consumption, the selected power level and the level of charge of the battery (without modelling light). 215 x 140 x 205 mm / 8,5 x 5,5 x 8,1 6,5 kg / 14,3 lbs Powerbox 900, shoulder strap, mains cable, charger without mains cable, operating instructions dependent on the power of monolight used on fast charge approx. 2.5 hours on normal charge approx. 3 hours

controls number of flashes per battery charge Dimensions Weight scope of delivery number of flashes recharge time of battery

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Broncolor Powerbox 900  

Powerbox er robust og godt egnet for utendørsbruk. Støtter både Broncolor og VISATEC monolamper.