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August 2013 rendering created by CET Designer User Leah Sauter, a designer with Environments at Work, a Haworth dealership in Boston.





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Tips Using Photo Lab in CET Designer Photo Lab is a built-in tool for creating renderings in CET Designer. It offers a range of rendering options – from simple black and white, to sketchy/ cartoonish, to high-quality realistic renderings – all that can be done simply and quickly. Photo Lab can render multiple images at once, allows for post-processing edits and will automatically updates any changes made in the drawing to the renderings. Renderings take place in the background and do not interrupt the work process. Photo Lab is fully synchronized with Paper View to make presentation documents and printing simple and easy to create. Learn all the Photo Lab tips in our special August webinar!

The “Simple” view in Photo Lab for Photograph Setup and Post-processing limits the options but reduce the complexity of the settings. Our favorite Setup is “Product Lighting,” which easily creates photorealistic renderings. The “Advanced” view in Photo Lab allows for complete customization of both Setup and PostProcessing. The setup options include type of rendering, quality, size, lighting, shadows, “ghost” rendering and adding a background. The postprocessing tools include edits to color, exposure, manipulating the focus/blur, cropping an image, adding a logo, applying a sketchy appearance and manipulating the transparency of the “ghosts.” To post an image into Paper View, simply right-click on a thumbnail of your rendering and choose Insert in Paper View. You can also save as a .jpg or email directly from the right-click options.

The Photo Lab interface includes “Photograph Setup” settings on the left side of the screen. These are selections that you make before rendering your image for the quality and type of rendering that you want to achieve. “Post-processing” edits are on the right side of the screen. These are options for editing an image after it has already been rendered.

Contour Rendering (top left) Cartoon/Sketchy Rendering (top right) Photorealistic Rendering using Product Lighting (bottom left)

Meet Leah Sauter, CET Designer User

Alina Bruder, Employee of the Month

Leah Sauter has always been a creative type and says CET Designer has brought creative freedom to her work.

Alina Bruder is a recent new Configura hire – but she’s already a familiar face. She spent three semesters working in Configura’s Grand Rapids, Mich., office as part of a co-op program through Grand Valley State University’s School of Engineering.

“I like how the software lets me act more as a designer rather than a specifier because the emphasis is on space, color and texture instead of part numbers,” says the designer with Environments at Work, a Haworth dealership in Boston serving clients throughout New England. The Training and Support team at Configura helps her with learning all of the features in the software. “Configura’s team is so easy to work with. The training and support are among the best in the industry,” Leah says. Colleagues and clients have been very impressed with the program: “I think as technology advances clients are coming to expect more,” she says. Leah graduated from University of Rhode Island with a major in textiles, merchandising, and design and a double minor in art and business. She and her husband love taking road trips that usually involve brewery tours. She’s a sucker for a good deal – “Most of my house is furnished with yard sale and thrift store finds that I have painted or added my touch to bring back to life.”

Alina graduated in August with a degree in computer engineering. Prior to her studies at GVSU, she studied fine art painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. With her varied academic background, she appreciates both the practical and aesthetic aspects of Configura’s software. “With a cup of coffee in hand and my headphones on, I get into the world of CET Designer and work my way through a list of tasks. I get a thrill out of converting solutions that I envision in my head into the actual tool or Extension that I’m working on. It’s rewarding to solve problems that will contribute to a better user experience,” she says. When she first found out about Configura, she was excited about the prospect of developing the software. It wasn’t until she sat next to actual users in a training class, however, that she realized how powerful and useful CET Designer is for users. “It really is an elegant solution,” she says. Alina was born near Detroit where she spent most of her childhood. Her family also lived in Japan for two years when she was young – she says she still goes crazy for Japanese food.

Connect with Configura August Webinars

Training Opportunities in 2013

Call 877-568-4106 and use code 671-407-662 and join by clicking on “Join Webinar Now” at

CET Designer Academy, Grand Rapids, MI Classes

Special August Webinar: Using Photo Lab in CET Designer Aug 8 – 2 pm ET Aug 14 – 1 pm ET Aug 20 – 11 am ET Installation Documents Aug 7 – 2 pm ET Aug 22 – 2 pm ET Getting Started with CET Designer Aug 13 – 11 am ET Aug 21 – 2 pm ET

Change it up in Grand Rapids!

These two-day Beginner and Advanced classes* in CET Designer are interactive and hands-on. The cost is $300 per two-day session and includes course materials. Check out our updated training webpage to sign up for Grand Rapids classes, virtual classes and webinar opportunities. Beginner: Aug 13-14, Nov 12-13 Advanced: Aug 15-16, Nov 14-15 CET Designer North American Training Tour Configura partners with Haworth and Steelcase to offer CET Designer classes*. These two-day classes (both Beginner and Advanced) are $100 per person. Steelcase dealers can sign up on the Steelcase University website. Haworth dealers can sign up at HAWORTH REGIONAL CLASSES Santa Monica, CA: Aug 27-28 Beginner, Aug 29-30 Advanced Tampa, FL: Oct 22-23 Beginner, Oct 24-25 Advanced *CET Designer Beginner and Advanced classes are IDCEC-approved courses. CEUs are accepted by ASID, IDC and IIDA.

Self-Study Videos The CET Designer User Conference is two days of learning, getting inspired and meeting some very creative people. Master the power of CET Designer. Learn how CET Designer experts use the program to its full extent. With more than 20 presentations, breakout sessions and engaging events, you’ll have a creative learning experience that will help you do more and sell more. Registration is now open at userconference. Hurry – space is limited.

Learn CET Designer when you want for free. Check out our library of self-study videos at

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