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Intech was founded in 1989 by Giuseppe Ceresa and Paolo Pirota, commencing the business of industrial automation products sales and distribution in their local Italian market. In the many years of building our now widespread international network of highly�valued business partners and clients, Intech has consequently grown to become a worldwide player in the international distribution of industrial automation products and components. The company deals with various categories of products manufactured by a wide variety of well�known industrial automation brands in the market today.

various parts of the globe: Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the African region. We at Intech realize that not everyone in the world communicates in English. In essence, our international team of friendly and dynamic native speakers is right here to assist business partners and clients in their favored language. We aim to assist our esteemed clients as their one�stop industrial automation products provider.

Services Multibrand product offering Multibrand industrial automation products in our inventory and within our distribution include sensors, process control transducers, position transducers, safety products, drives, digital instruments, interface modules, controllers, electric motors, and software.

Multilingual support We understand that not everyone in the world speaks English, therefore our committed team comprises of native speakers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas to provide multilingual sales support.

Consolidated shipment Efficiency and effectiveness is the emphasis in what we do, and we provide consolidated shipment as an option and strategy to decrease delivery costs and to help our clients stock up on various brands of industrial automation products all at once to help diversify their product mix.

Would you like to know more about our services? Visit intechsrl.com

Intech Around The World Network in over 90 countries A robust network of industrial automation products suppliers and clients is crucial to ensure business success in today’s globalized business atmosphere. Since its inception, Intech has built strong relationships with suppliers and clients from all over the world. As such, we can guarantee timely product availability and delivery at the best prices.

Intech Around The World II www.intech-2.com

Our Country Offices In 2015 we started to establish a series of new country offices dedicated to Asia and Latin America’s key markets, in order to address more and more effectively the specific needs of distributors and end users by providing dedicated resources, a constant support in the national languages and a tangible presence. In the following years, new proper subsidiaries have come to life, like Intech 2, based in Bulgaria and operating on Eastern Europe markets, and Intech 3, based in Kuala Lumpur and operating in the ASEAN Countries. These companies are part of Intech Automazione’s network, while operating autonomously in the relevant markets.

Intech Japan www.intechjapan.jpn.com

Intech Mexico



Intech Korea www.intechkorean.com


Intech Brasil www.intechbrasil.br.com www.intech-5.com

Our Brands Electronics

Our Brands II Pneumatics


Our Brands III Instrumentation



Our Brands IV Energy



Products The ability to source for products at the best prices really matters to us here at Intech, as we aim to provide our valuable Clients with the best pricing offers possible. Here at Intech, we focus on building and maintaining close and solid business rapport with our product suppliers, numbering more than 500 strong both locally and all over the world. The distribution of electronic products and components for industrial automation is Intech’s core business since the company’s very beginning. In more than 25 years, we built solid relationships with the world’s leaders in this field, developing a comprehensive offer that encompasses more than 200 brands and a complete range of products at the best available price. In recent years, the demand for hydraulic and pneumatic products for industrial automation has grown exponentially, thus motivating the decision to broaden the company's product portfolio in these areas. At the beginning of 2017, we decided to further expand our product portfolio, extending our offer to a series of new trading fields: Robotics, Energy, Laboratory, Instrumentation, Mechanics and Tools. New product sectors, new product families and a totally renewed and articulate offering, aimed to satisfy all the needs of the manufacturing sector and a demand more and more motley and oriented on new categories of tools, instruments and devices.

Safety Products


Process control transducers

Position transducers

Digital Instruments



SCARA, pickand-place, parallel robots


Measurement instruments

Tools for metrology, analysis and monitoring




Your One-Stop Products Supplier A look at our core business flow

Defining your needs We help you source for any product that  you need. 

Matching your needs We match your product, brand, and quantity requirements  with reference to our robust network of suppliers all over  the world.

Best Offer Proposal We tailor, in our quotations to you, our best offer  proposal for your consideration.

Ongoing Cooperation We engage in mutual and frequent business collaboration, a  win‐win situation for both our companies.

Company Annual Turnover Intech has been actively competitive within the industrial automation products distribution sector for more than two decades. Our commitment, customer�oriented spirit and enthusiasm to create new business and nurture our existing loyal clientele has propelled our growth and strengthened our commercial relationships with our business partners over the years. The following is Intech annual turnover from 2007 to 2018:

Geographic Turnover from 2007 The following chart demonstrates Intech’s evolution in terms of geographic focus in industrial automation products distribution. There has been a steady increase over the years in Intech’s commercial involvement in both the European and international markets, while a steady decrease can be seen on Intech’s distribution over the years within the local Italian market.


Extra EU

Italy + Switzerland 2007












Geographic Turnover 2018

Extra EU



Intech Store The marketplace for Industrial Automation Products Intech Store is a working space to buy and sell industrial automation products, created to optimize distributors’ inventories and timely meet the most urgent needs for specific items at competitive prices. The website ‐ www.intechstore.com ‐ features a comprehensive list of industrial automation products on offer and available for immediate order. It is also a channel that we use to help our business partners all over the world sell off slow‐moving or retained goods.

Advantages of selling via Intech Store  Business partners obtain access to “eye balls” in a global online network of clients in the industrial automation industry via Intech  The Store provides a free channel for business partners to sell off retained stock  Business partners obtain assistance from our international sales team  in matching inquiries to Intech Store's regularly‐updated industrial  automation products list Buy and sell on Intech Store now!

Fastprice The Fastprice platform has been made available to Intech Automazione’s partners in order to ease and speed up the procedures for getting the best quotations and purchasing items. It offers a simple user interface and features of the most popular e‐ commerce portals, showing the pricelists of our suppliers and other commercial partners ‐ by entering the code of the needed item in the search field, Fastprice will display in real time the most convenient price for said item. Once logged in, users can select the products they are interested in – by different manufacturers and from different price lists as well ‐ add them to the cart and continue following one of the available options: proceed with the order or ask for further information. Users can also submit their price lists for brands with the most advantageous conditions to be uploaded on Fastprice.

Area Managers

Bunyamin Agkus

Leila Esfandiari

Nuria Gutierrez

Hozaifa Kamal

Verena Kleinlogel

Valentyna Loyivska


Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan,  Turkmenistan 

Spain, Latin America

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

Elena Mora

Suchada Petai

Deviana Rianti

Kingsly Tamufor

Kristina Toshev

Saida Touali


Thailand, Laos,  Myanmar


Sub ‐ Saharan Africa


Francophone Africa,  Egypt, Lebanon

Area Managers

Giuseppe Cetti

Alessandro Ferrauto

Giulia Maira

Riccardo Rusconi

Matteo Artioli

Alessia Calvia

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist

Sofia Gonzalez

Giulia Molteni

Tiziano Carcaterra

Lucia Dominioni

Rami Knani

Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist ‐ China

Sales Specialist ‐ China

Sales Agent ‐ Tunisia

Purchasing and Sales Department

Davide Brambilla

Deborah Forgione

Nicoletta Orio

Antonella Sala





Marco Caibucatti Sales

Anna Faoro

Lisa Marzorati

Lorena Sbraletta

Elisabetta Zardo





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Via della Cerca, 23 – Lurago Marinone 22070 Como ‐ Italy +39 031 3523411 info@intechsrl.com

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Intech Automazione - Company Profile 2019  

Intech Automazione - Company Profile 2019