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. A Solo Exhibition

by eunice lim

. A Solo Exhibition by eunice lim

Exhibition venue: 15 Minutes Blk D, #01-01, 1 McNally Street, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, Singapore 187940 artist and Copyright of artwork images and write up belongs to the may be ion publicat this of part No . reserved right All vely. writer respecti on. reproduced by any means and processes without prior permiss

INSTINC is proud to present Eunice Lim’s first solo exhibition “.”. Eunice Lim won Squares Invasion People’s Prize last year in October by a staggering 1000+ ‘likes’ on Facebook for her painting. The main objectives of Squares Invasion 50cm by 50cm Painting Show are to promote painting as an art form, which seems to be forgotten in this digital era and to create a platform for talented up-and-coming local painters to showcase their works.


This series of works is inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Tree of Codes. Jonathan used the book as a canvas, cutting into and out of the pages to arrive at an original new story. “Refreshing” is the word that comes to mind - this delightful series of paintings is derived from her sketches of her precious sketchbook. These works born out of chance, imagination and risk, which transformed into unpredictable compositions of shapes and text. The results are of an interesting play of colour, positive and negative space. Once again, thank you Kelley, for generously sponsoring the venue and the opening reception at 15 minutes. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with you on Squares Invasion and this project. I would also like to thank the artist, Eunice Lim for her great effort in creating these amazing whimsical works and designing all the publicity materials and this catalogue. Your enthusiasm and passion is an inspiration. “Every good painter paints what he is.” Jackson Pollock. I enjoyed the honesty and innocence in Eunice’s paintings in this exhibition. I hope you will love this exhibition as much as I do.

Yeo Shih Yun Artist/Director of INSTINC

Eunice can draw. But in this show, she is not really drawing. She is re-presenting her own drawings. Originating from her personal sketchbooks, which she employed as a tool for both her process of thoughts and as a sub-conscious map for these eventual drawings. Exploring the relationship between copy and original, the planned and the unplanned, presenting and re-presenting, the young artist deconstructed the context of what is being produced on the pages of the sketchbook, and re-defined the relationships of these little doodles and writings to each other and recontextualise them on the canvases.

architecture. In fact, I actually quite like it for the complexity and possibility it brings to making and reading text, art and architecture. In fact, my quarrel with this artist’s work is not the employment of deconstruction as a starting point, but that she didn’t bring it far enough with the possibilities. With such an abstract process and the promises of much more complex visual collage that can arise from the multi-layered multi-dimensional sketchbook, I find the resulting artwork, which is suddenly figurative, a much too simplistic solution for a process with enormous visual potential.

Deconstruction, a big “trend” in the 80s, especially in architecture, is much avoided by the same architects who shot to fame for their works of distorted and decontextualised forms. As the architects continue to build such abstract-looking buildings, deconstruction as a theory seems to lose favour with the critics and is seen as intellectual masturbation which now seems more like an excuse rather than a reason for architectural acobatics.

But having said that, I am optimistic that the artworks you see here is but only a starting point for Eunice. As the title of her show “.”,as explained in her won words “is to end a sentence with an option either to start another or to leave”. And while we look at these works, the most important thing you should be seeing is that here is a young artist who could have chosen to remain in her comfort zone and paint in the same old way that she is good at, but instead, she took an adventure in attempting a process which has lead her to a place that she has never been. I, for one, am enjoying this secret place that Eunice is sharing with us, and I hope that this is but a very small comma that will eventually lead us to an amazing kickass destination.

So, it is for better and for worse, that I say – Eunice is deconstructing her sketchbook (if we summarise simply the essence of deconstruction as the act of understanding a text through its relationships to various contexts). The better part of my above conclusion is that - I actually do not despise deconstruction as a theory in text, art or

Kelley Cheng Creative Director/The Press Room

Eunice Lim (b. 1992, Singapore) has always been intrigued about what goes through the human heart and mind, thus it results her having a strong desire in exploring and studying the intangible factors of a human being to express it in visual art.


Eunice’s works revolves around how people’s thoughts, emotions and decisions bring forth anticipation, relation and interaction with the other. Her current approach towards her works occurs in the form of sketchbooks. Eunice is currently studying in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Diploma in Fine Arts with a Major in Western Painting.


I believe the only reason that limits our capabilities deals with our mind. It is only when we begin to muster every ounce of courage to use our wildest imagination, then our possibilities finally become limitless. Thoughts are constantly questioning, and answers were never much answers; they mostly develop into more questions. Thus, I explore what goes through the human heart and mind, the process and the result.


It is own its own, being in being.

– Eunice Lim


To end is to place a punctuation known as the full stop. It is to end a sentence with an option either start another or to leave. A message can sum up in a line to illustrate; a story could take a few more. . is an exhibition of paintings derived from a sketchbook, portraying variations of how different pages with different subjects come together to create new stories. This series of works are results of several pages interplaying with negative spaces that were jotted down within a period. Eunice’s interest in how people’s thoughts and emotions bring forth anticipation and interaction is being reflected in the approach of the sketchbook. Exploring the significance where individuals from various backgrounds encounter with one another, similarly to a page in the sketchbook, results in one being open to influence and reform. As individuals divide and merge into something new, the exchange in that moment of conversation and experience is a reflection of the title “.” and the exhibition. It is in that period of encounter and exchange, new stories are thus being formed and created.

. One “No flying because I’m stuck in a gallery.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Two “Dear finding speech in the wild.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Three “Someone sat here, floating.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Four “The unit of Truth is not in the world.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Five “Theory overloads kills.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Six “Humans fly in holes.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Seven “Lion bears rabbit.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Eight “Sketching a man in the coffee cup.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Nine “Took a bus swimming.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Ten “Monster invading the city.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Eleven “Entity of animals we never are.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

. Twelve “I saw a sculpture, two humans, wrong.” 2012 Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm

Contact Details Eunice Lim Wei Mon (+65) 8111 1355

Education 2009 – Present

2005 – 2008

Diploma in Fine Arts (Western Painting) Nanyang Academy of Fine Art GCE’O levels Peirce Secondary School

Awards 2011 2008

Curriculum Vitae


Square Invasion People's Prize, Ins Tinc Top in Art, GCE' O levels, Peirce Secondary School

Solo Exhibitions . , 15 minutes Friends Food & Fame

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Noise Singapore Showcase Exhibition, ION Orchard Art Garage: Art The Hall, The Arts House Square Invasion The 50cm by 50cm Painting Show, Ins Tinc, Soho2 Evropa, NAFA Wing B Campus 1 Image of Images, ANATA Gallery Three - Day Pass, NAFA Wing B Campus 1 100 Wings Exhibition, Asana Gallery

Press/Media 2011

Featured in Culturepush Spotted Eunice Lim

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