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The City of Pikeville is a progressive city that, through years of strategic planning, has adapted to major economic changes. The City leaders and the community have their eyes set on the future by bringing new opportunities to the area. Pikeville was named City Government of the Year by the Kentucky League of Cities in 2018. Pikeville received this honor for its remarkable work in the area of strategic economic development. Historically, the coal industry has been the driving economic force in Eastern Kentucky. When this industry faced obstacles, thousands of miners and associated workers were impacted.

The City of Pikeville is working diligently to develop sound, thoughtful and successful economic plans 2

for its future. City leaders made a courageous decision to build the Kentucky Enterprise Industrial Park, re-purposing 400 acres of abandoned mine property for industrial development. The park is ready for tenants with all major infrastructure projects completed and utilities in place.

The City of Pikeville welcomes Silver Liner, owned by Chris Tomlinson of Stanville, Kentucky, to the Kentucky Enterprise Industrial Park. Tomlinson is an established business owner who chose Pikeville over other out-of-state locations because he had a desire to create jobs for out of place coal miners in eastern Kentucky. SilverLiner is a manufacturing and assembly plant producing transport vehicles, chiefly, tanker trucks to service several industries including petroleum, vacuum, septic, fire, utilities and government. The company projects a workforce of up to 100 employees with planned expansions over the next several years.

Now a regional hub, the city has helped bring billions of dollars to the area, all of which is changing the trajectory of Eastern Kentucky.

support local businesses, recruit new retail establishments and work with the University of Pikeville and Pikeville Medical Center for expansion opportunities.

The City continues to develop its downtown core,

Pikeville has an unsurpassed quality of life. CNBC recently ranked Kentucky number one in the nation for the lowest cost of living and Pikeville has been twice voted as one of the best small towns in America. Pikeville is surrounded by picturesque mountains that are perfect for outdoor adventures. The area is deeply ingrained with rich history that includes the famous HatfieldMcCoy Feud. Pikeville’s strength lies in blending our traditional families with those who have been invited to call us their home. 3



The earliest explorers in Pike County may have crossed from Virginia through Pound Gap during the mid 1700s. At David, Kentucky, there is a plaque which marks the location where Daniel Boone spent the winter of 1767. His route to reach David brought him through the Breaks Interstate Park, down the Russell Fork, to the Levisa Fork and along the Big Sandy River, past the current Pikeville City Park. Historical Time Line 1824 - The town of Pikeville, originally known as Piketon is established. 1861- Confederate Infantry establish an encampment in Pikeville and raise the Confederate flag over the Pike County


President James Garfield

Courthouse. Union Gen. William T. Sherman sends troops to drive them out. 1862- Col. James Garfield moves into Pikeville and establishes an encampment of 3,000 men in the present City Park. Troops camp at the current location of the University of Pikeville. Col. Garfield is appointed Brigadier General by President Abraham Lincoln and sworn in at the present City Park. 1863 - Devil Anse Hatfield forms a guerrilla band. Raids and thefts follow between McCoys and Hatfields. 1876- Col. John Dils deeds property on Main Street to his daughter, Augusta Dils York and her husband, attorney York House

James York, to build a house. The York House is still standing today at 223 Main Street. 1879 - Effie Waller Smith is born in the Chloe Creek community of Pikeville. The daughter of a former slave, she publishes three volumes of poetry in the early 20th century. 1889 - Pikeville Collegiate Institute holds its first class in a newly Effie Waller constructed brick building. The Smith bricks were made from riverbank clay and fired on site. The building is now the Coleman College of Business located on College Street. 1890 - Ellison “Cotton Top” Mounts is executed for Alifair McCoy’s murder. He was hung at the present day location of the University of Pikeville Armington Learning Center on Kentucky Avenue. 1890s - Independent operators begin mining coal in Pikeville. Coal is collectedin bushel baskets and shipped on steamboats upriver to Cattletsburg, KY. 1905 - The first steam locomotive arrives in Pikeville, traveling from Ashland and pulling cars filled with local dignitaries. Coal Operator 1912 - R.T. Greer builds an 1890s herb and root warehouse at the corner of Hambley Boulevard and Auxier Avenue. He ships locally harvested ginseng and blood root world wide. 1929- The last steamboat trip to Pikeville occurs on the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River.

The hanging of Ellison “Cottontop” Mounts 1934 - First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt arrives in Pikeville via train and greets crowds waiting at the train station that is still standing on Hambley Blvd. 1957 - A disastrous flood hits Pikeville. The town is almost entirely under water. More than 250 houses are destroyed. 1973- Mayor William Hambley begins the Pikeville Cut Through Project, designed to prevent the City from flooding and open new areas for development. It is completed 14 years later in 1987. William 1995 - Pikeville politician Paul E. Hambley, MD Patton is elected the 59th Governor of Kentucky. 1997 - Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine is established in Pikeville. 2016 - The Kentucky Enterprise Industrial Park at Marion’s Branch is completed and ready for occupancy.



DUELING BARRELS BREWERY & DISTILLERY Founders Pearse and Deirdre Lyons have long felt a special kinship with the mountains, craftsmanship and hardworking people of Appalachia. After immigrating to Kentucky from Ireland, they developed an affinity for the region because of the many ways it reminds them of home. Stories that move mountains live here, including the legendary Hatfield-McCoy Feud, the dawn of Bluegrass music and starry nights spent making moonshine along the Tug Fork stream. Dueling Barrels welcomes you to explore this rich history and culture 6

through the lens of brewing and distilling. Tours are $12 per person and guests over the age of 21 years of age will receive four tasting tokens to use in both the brewery and/or distillery. CONTACT FOR TOURS Email: DuelingBarrels@Alltech.com Phone: (606) 766-3835 Dueling Barrels Brewery & Distillery 745 Hambley Blvd. Pikeville, Ky 41501

PIKEVILLE CUT-THROUGH The Pikeville Cut-Through Project is the second largest earth removal project in the United States history. Spearheaded by former Mayor William C. Hambley, the Pikeville Cut-Through Project officially began in November 1973 with the purpose of relieving the flooding that the City of Pikeville regularly experienced. The Cut-Through Project also provided Pikeville with more room for development, due to the relocation of the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River away from downtown, and relieved the City of congestion caused by the railroad and the three major highways that passed through it. The Cut-Through Project was completed in four phases spanning 14 years and costing approximately $80 million. A total of 18 million cubic yards of earth were moved during the project, which filled the empty riverbed, creating a total of 400 acres of usable land for Pikeville City’s expansion. The Cut-Through Overlook is located on Bob Amos Drive on top of the mountain. Visitors can expect more than just an astonishing view when visiting the overlook. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and the Bob Amos Park, which features a rubberized walking track, hiking trail, horseshoe arena area, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and a YMCA. The Hatfield and McCoy River Trails is also located near the overlook and on weekends features kayaking and tubing.

Mayor Hambley memorial statue, City Park


APPALACHIAN WIRELESS ARENA From family-friendly shows such as Disney on Ice to thrilling rodeos, concerts and more, the Appalachian Wireless Arena provides a spectacular variety of entertainment for the young and the young at heart. This multi-purpose facility regularly features critically acclaimed entertainment and a wide variety of sporting events such as WWE and TNA wrestling and the NAIA basketball National Champions, the University of Pikeville Bears. The Arena also features 5,000 feet of ballroom space, conference rooms, a kitchen and an outdoor street-side stage. Professional, fullservice catering featuring Executive Chef Wes Hutchinson is available through the Arena’s Elite Catering service. Appalachian Wireless Arena & Community Trust Box Office Elite Catering 126 Main Street, Pikeville, KY 41501 Phone: (606) 444-5500



DILS CEMETERY The Dils Cemetery is located at 132 Chloe Road, in Pikeville. Buried in the cemetery are: Randolph McCoy, the head of the McCoy clan, his wife, Sarah, and their daughter, Roseanna, who ran away with Johnse Hatfield. The property was purchased in 1871 by Col. John Dils who set aside a space on the top of the knoll for his family. The cemetery is the first known cemetery in Eastern Kentucky to be integrated. Col. Dils let his freed slaves and their descendants be buried in the cemetery. The Dils Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud Historic District.

MCCOY HOUSE The Randolph and Sarah McCoy home is located at the corner of Main Street and Scott Avenue. The McCoys moved to this location after the burning of their home at Blackberry on January 1, 1888. Randolph operated a ferry across the Big Sandy River near this location.


Perry Cline served as Sheriff of Pike County for four years during the time of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. Later in his life, he became an attorney and served as legal council for both the Hatfields and the McCoys. His grave and that of his wife are located on Mount Martha Drive in Pikeville. 9

The Appalachian Center for the Arts (The APP) is a vibrant new venue for the arts located in downtown Pikeville. The APP presents a full season of mainstage and children’s programs along with educational camps for students ages 7 to 17. The APP believes in the future of Eastern Kentucky and strives to create a thriving regional arts hub here in Pikeville. Live theatre is an expression of our souls, and The APP is alive with the music and stories of our area. Stop by and see us soon!

2019 Season MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET Aug. 8 - 24 www.theapparts.org/MDQ #MDQAtTheApp Sally McCoy Sept. 13 - Oct. 5 www.theapparts.org/sallymccoy #McCoyAtTheApp


MOONSHINE AND MISSELTOE: AN APPALACHIAN CHRISTMAS Nov. 29 - Dec. 23 www.theapparts.org/moonshine #MoonshineAtTheApp FROZEN JR. Nov. 14 – Nov. 24 www.theapparts.org/frozen #FrozenAtTheApp

Dates are subject to change. Please check the web site for performance dates and times.

The Appalachian Center for the Arts 218 Second St., Pikeville, KY 41501 606-262-4004 www.theapparts.org

PAULEY BRIDGE The Pauley Bridge is a classic bridge that provides a serene view of the the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River, and is a popular spot for visitors to get a photo or take a short stroll. The Pauley Bridge was built by workers from the Works Progress Administration. Construction on the bridge began in 1936 and was completed in 1940. The wooden bridge is now closed to vehicular traffic, but is still intact. The stone towers on each end of the bridge are constructed of sandstone. It is the only WPA bridge with sandstone in the construction. The bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge is located on North Mayo Trail in Pikeville.

BIG SANDY HERITAGE CENTER MUSEUM There is a wealth of history to be discovered at the Big Sandy Heritage Museum. Come and see the tools utilized by our ancestors to tame the wilds of Appalachia. View artifacts from the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. Learn of Native American culture from our region, as well as African-American history and the significance the area had during the Civil War. Plan your visit today! Address: Pike County Courthouse, 4th floor 172 Division Street, Pikeville Hours of Operation: Wednesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 11

Recreation From ziplining in our beautiful Appalachian mountains, to horseback riding on our scenic horse trail and kayaking on the quiet Levisa Fork River, the Zip, Paddle & Saddle package covers everything you need for an outdoor adventure trip at affordable prices. Hatfield McCoy Adventures 606-794-9881 • visitpikeville@pikevilleky.gov


The blue-green waters of the Levisa Fork hold excellent populations of Smallmouth and Rock Bass along with Sunfish, catfish, and an occassional 12

Largemouth Bass. Floaters should wear protective shoes to prevent cuts from the many mussell shells lining the bottom of the river. Free shuttles area available for those who own kayakes or canoes from Friday through Sunday, April through October.

The White Lightning Zip lines have seven lines up to 1,000 feet long! Arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure time so we can suit you up and give you some training.

To schedule, call Hatfield McCoy Adventures at 606-794-9881 or email visitpikeville@pikevilleky.gov.

PADDLE ADVENTURES The Levisa Fork holds gentle riffles and flowing shoals, perfect floating conditions for families and beginners. This section is ideal for canoes, kayaks and small one-man pontoon boats. As part of the Hatfield-McCoy River Trail System, it is a Kentucky Blue Water Trail. This two-hour trip will take you through breathtaking scenery including the Pikeville Cut-Through Project. This trip is on Class 1 water and is suitable for beginners and families.

RIVER TUBING For a relaxing afternoon on hot summer day, grab an inter tube and float down the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River. Inter tubes are available for rent at Bob Amos Park and use the same river trail

as the kayaking adventure. Shuttles are available. Tubes and kayaks are available at the horse barn. 13

SADDLE ADVENTURES Take a scenic, three-mile horse trail in the beautiful mountains overlooking the town of Pikeville. You will be accompanied by an experienced trail guide with experienced trail horses. Our horses are selected for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders to ensure your maximum safety and to enhance your trail-riding experience. There are a variety of times available for your convenience and depending on the scenery you want to experience. Allow us to help make a memory in the mountains for you! Summer Horse Camp Children will learn about how to care for horses, horse and barn safety rules, and riding instruction. Children ages 5 through 12 may attend camp and will be divided according to knowledge and experience with horses. To schedule, call 606-794-9881 or email visitpikeville@pikevilleky.gov. Bob Amos Park 424 Bob Amos Dr., Pikeville, KY 41501


EVENTS Hillbilly Days: held the third weekend in April. Scheduled for April 16 - 18, 2020 Duck Float: August 24, 10 am - 2 pm Ruff, Tough, Cuss: September 20 - 22; running and obstacle events in conjunction with Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days Retailgating, Wine & Beer Tasting: September 28; Second Street, downtown Pikeville A Night with Janice Joplin: Monday, September 30, Appalachian Wireless Arena Black Label Society: Wednesday, October 2, Appalachian Wireless Arena Paint Pikeville Pink: October 19 beginning at 9 am, proceeds benefit breast cancer research and local cancer patients Nightmare on Main: Oct. 24 at 6 pm; Safe Trick-or-Treating for children at the Appalachian Wireless Arena Salute to Conway & Loretta with Tre Twitty and Tayla Lynn: October 25 at the Appalachian Center for the Arts Christmas Parade: December 7, downtown Pikeville Winterfest: Dec. 1 - 30; “Ice Skating� in the Pikeville City Park



Be sure to come out to the Expo Center Plaza to enjoy live music, food, drinks and a wonderful atmosphere on the first and third Fridays from June until September. The upcoming summer schedule features a wide variety of artists performing outdoors on the Billy Johnson stage. 2019 Schedule Aug. 16, Sept. 6 & 14, Oct. 14 & 18


From June through October, you will find racing enthusiasts cruising into downtown Pikeville on Saturdays for the Pikeville Streetcar Drag Racing Challenge, a competition that celebrates high octane race cars and cutting edge vehicles. This threetime, award-winning event features high-powered hot rods racing down the Riverfill Drag Strip. If you love the smell of burnt rubber and the roar of racing engines, make sure you plan a road trip to Pikeville! 2019 Schedule Sept. 14 Oct. 12 17



For more than 43 years, Shriners have been descending on Pikeville for one of Kentucky’s top festivals, Hillbilly Days festival, scheduled for April 16, 17 and 18, 2020. Hillbilly Days was founded in 1977 by two Shriners from Pikeville, Howard “Dirty Ears” Stratton and “Shady” Grady Kinney, members of Hillbilly Clan Outhouse No. 2, as a means to raise money for Shriners Hospitals for Children. 18

More than 100,000 people come once a year to experience this three-day family event. Shriners travel from all over the United States and Canada to Pikeville to roam the streets and raise money for children treated at the Shriners’ Hospitals. The festival features food, crafts, a carnival, a parade and music throughout the town. Come and see why Hillbilly Days has become one of Kentucky’s top festivals.

HATFIELD MCCOY HERITAGE DAYS Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days will be celebrated September 20, 21 and 22, 2019, with family descendants and friends gathering to celebrate their heritage and the history of the area. This festival is a joint venture with Pikeville and Pike County Tourism. Activities include music, entertainment, feud site tours, a theatrical performance of the feud, the Ruff, Tough, Cuss - a three-day obstacle and running event, and a Sunday church service.

JULY 4TH CELEBRATION The best seats to see fireworks on July 4th are anywhere in downtown Pikeville! Celebration features bouncy houses for the kids, a picnic with the Mayor, a band in the park and of course, spectacular fireworks beginning around 9:30 pm. In case of rain, the fireworks will be moved to another day. 19

WHERE TO Downtown Pikeville Parking downtown is available on the street or at the parking garage on the corner of Hambley Blvd. and Huffman Ave. Art & Gift Shop CC Belle Classic Printing Dance World Clothing & Gifts Dueling Barrels Gift Shop 20


Mickey’s Menagerie Levi’s Floral Rustic Roots Smalltown Tattoo Spoiled Rotten

South Mayo Trail A&L Outlet Creg Damron Furniture Graybella Furniture

Pikeville Floral Queen Bee’s Southern Bliss Southside Wine & Spirits T-D Sporting Goods Unique Boutique

McCoy Motorsports Page 3 Game Zone The Polished Look Weddington Floral

North Mayo Trail Bella Pooch Extreme Powersports

Cassidy Boulevard Aaron’s Audio World

The Pikeville Farmers’ Market, held from June to November, has become the go-to place for locals and visitors who are health conscious and hungry for fresh vegetables and locally sourced meats. The Farmers Market is open Tuesdays from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., June through November. The market is located at the Pikeville Pavilion at 130 Adams Lane next to Pikeville High School. This is a Kentucky Proud and Appalachia Proud Market. Sponsored by the Pike County Extension Service.

Cricut Dollar Tree Factory Connection Game Stop Hibbitt Sports Intensity Salon Lowes OP Nails

Mountain Vapors Pine Mountain Gifts Rent-a-Center Sleep Outfitters Staples The Castle Tractor Supply Walmart

Pikeville Commons Justice Way, Pikeville Appalachian Wireless Dress Barn GNC Hobby Lobby Justice Kay Jewelers

Maurice’s Marshalls Pet Co Rack Room Shoes Ross Dress for Less Ulta Wildcat Warehouse


WHERE TO Downtown Pikeville Parking downtown is available on the street or at the parking garage at Hambley Blvd./Huffman Ave. Bank 253 Blue Raven/Sliced Carbon Coffee Chirico’s Italian Ristorante Dorsie’s Dairy Bar Downtown Diner Hilton Inn Garden Grille & Bar 22


Joyce’s Place McDonalds Mona’s Fine Foods Orange Leaf Sweetie’s Cupcakes Tudor’s Biscuit World South Mayo Trail Captain D’s Dairy Cheer Dairy Queen El Azul Grande El Poncho

Kentucky Fried Chicken Little Ceasar’s Long John Silver’s/AW Peking Express Pizza Hut Slim Chicken’s Wendy’s Pikeville Commons Justice Way, Pikeville Moe’s Jimmy John’s Texas Roadhouse

Cassidy Boulevard 123 Cafe Applebee’s Arby’s Asia Buffet Buffalo Wild Wings Burger King Gatti’s Pizza Golden Corral McDonalds Penn Station Starbucks Steak & Shake

Raven BLUE


By Sean Patrick Hill The article first appeared in the May 2014 issue of Kentucky Monthly Matt Corbin, chef and owner of Pikeville’s The Blue Raven Restaurant and Pub dubs his food “pub-style Appalachian cuisine” comprising “Kentucky and Appalachian staples with unique twists that showcase quality ingredients and food preparation.” It’s not hard to see The Blue Raven as the family eatery reborn as well as a classic piece of Appalachia retrofitted and repurposed for a contemporary crowd, not only visitors to the area hiking the Pine Mountain Trail or whitewater rafting in Breaks Interstate Park but also the coal-country locals. Corbin, who attended the University of Kentucky and honed his culinary skills at Lexington’s Sullivan University, opened The Blue Raven in spring 2012 on Pikeville’s Main Street, in the very county in which he was born. Housed in the old Wells Motor Building, Corbin’s restaurant is the newest addition to Kentucky’s burgeoning farm-to-table restaurant culture. Corbin uses homegrown Kentucky food from outfits including HF Farms in Prestonsburg, and Weisenberger Mill in Midway, and uses local farmers’ goods whenever possible. He also is looking ahead to using his own

Chef Matt Corbin, Blue Raven Restaurant & Pub homegrown produce. “I am in the process of ramping up our farm to provide all of our herbs, honey and some other produce,” Corbin explains. “We have recently started growing hydroponic micro-greens. We love to feature Kentucky brewers as well.” Aside from using local products, Corbin also plans to build a high tunnel greenhouse on his family’s farm, which would allow him to grow his produce earlier in the spring and later in the fall. In addition to his micro-greens and beekeeping, he hopes also to produce all his eggs, and cucumbers for house pickles. For now, The Blue Raven is becoming an institution in Pikeville. Pikeville, like much of eastern Kentucky, like Corbin, is transforming something traditional into something new and exciting. With the Hatfields and McCoys at rest now, the restaurant’s only vestige of them is the old decanter statue of Randolph McCoy leering over the bar. Basketball is the only rivalry you’ll see here now, though the idea of family—a deep seam of ore here—certainly thrives. 23



Brookshire Inn & Suites www.brookshireinns.com 123 Alexandra Dr. Pikeville, KY 41501 (606) 433-0888

Hilton Garden Inn hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com 849 Hambley Blvd. Pikeville, KY 41501 (606) 766-2000

Hampton Inn hamptoninn3.hilton.com 1066 N M. Pikeville, KY 41501 Phone: (606) 432-8181

Landmark Inn www.landmarkpikeville.com 190 S Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 (606) 432-2545

Hatfield-McCoy Lodge www.hatfieldmccoy lodge.com 1066 S. Mayo Trail. Pikeville, KY 41501 (606) 423-2188

Mansion Inn 179 College St. Pikeville, KY 41501 Phone: (606) 509-0296

Holiday Inn Express www.ihg.com 476 S Mayo Trl. Pikeville, KY 41501 (606) 433-1800


Pikeville RV Park http://pikevilleky.gov/ pikeville-rv-park/


Floyd County Mountain Arts Center East Kentucky Science Center Jenny Wiley State Resort Park Middle Creek Battlefield Sugarcamp Mountain Trails Stonecrest Golf Course Johnson County Country Music Highway Museum Dawkins Line Rail Trail Mountain Home Place Loretta Lynn Homeplace Paintsville Lake

Hindman Settlement School Mine Made Paradise Park & Campground Letcher County Bad Branch Falls Lilly Cornette Woods Raven Rock Golf Course

Pike County Breaks Interstate Park Fishtrap Lake State Park Hatfield-McCoy Historic Sites

Knott County Appalachian Artisan Center Caar Creek State Park Caar Fork Lake

Perry County Leatherwood Memorial Park Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park Challenger Learning Center 25













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City Hall 20 Com










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Pikeville City Park






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Appalachian Wireless Arena & Pikeville Visitors’ Center





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Pike Co. Courthouse




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University of Pikeville Kentucky Optometry School




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Pike Co. Judicial Center






www.visitpikeville.com Kentucky School of Osteopathic Medicine



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26. Dueling Barrels Distillery 27. Appalachian Wireless Arena 28. Pikeville Vistors’ Center 29. Appalachian Center for the Arts 30. Riverfill 10 Cinemas 31. Hampton Inn 32. Hilton Garden Inn 33. Historic Mansion Inn 34. Historic York House 35. Dils Cemetery




Bank 253 Blue Raven/Sliced Mona’s Catering & Fine Foods Chirico’s Italian Ristorante Dorsie’s Dairy Bar Southern Biscuit & Grill Garden Grille & Bar (Hilton Inn) Joyce’s Place

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Art & Gift Shoppe CC Belle Classic Printing Creg Damron Furniture Dance World Clothing & Gifts Ghostbusters Tanning Levi’s Floral Mickey’s Menagerie Rustic Roots on Second Smalltown Tattoo Southern Bliss Studio 23 Hair Salon T-D Sporting Goods Unique Boutique


17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.



Downtown Pikeville




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For more information contact:

Jimmy Taylor

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