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CEO/Radio/TV/Web Host & Personality Hello everyone! I want to thank everyone for being a part of our Journey and our Online Digital Magazine. Our Magazine is simply here to inspire you and help be a Voice for everyone! We love to share your stories with the world. This is another wonderful Platform we have put together for you to enjoy. We are here to help encourage those who love to write but don't know where to start, have hidden talents as writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and so much more, to be a part of our Magazine. We want to inspire you to embrace new talented writers as some will be sharing their stories for the first time. We also have experienced, amazing writers from around the world. Here at Inspiration 4 Life, we are a judge free zone and love to give others the opportunities to also live their dreams and passions. We have been trying to make this dream come true since 2010 but with so many obstacles that stood in the way, we managed to break barriers and still made our dream come true. We inspire you to never give up on your Dreams!

Rita Hernandez Editor-in-Chief

In this Magazine, you will read about some of our amazing Inspiration 4 Life Team, our Members, Partners, Sponsors, Advertisers and more. Inspiration 4 Life has covered the Eastside, Westside, Southside, Northside, surrounding areas and also around the world. There are no boundaries of the location and type of inspiration we will cover in our Magazine. We have covered it all after all these years. We have so many amazing people in our Communities of San Antonio, therefore we will always have stories for you. Inspiration 4 Life will always be thankful for our Local Heroes Segment on KENS 5 Great Day SA, Sunday Morning Show from 2011-2015. If you would like to be a part of our Magazine or have any questions, you can visit www.inspiration4life.org/Contact

Get Inspired! Be Inspired! Stay Inspired!


IS THIS HEAVEN? NO, IT’S IOWA! ANA BANDA Travel America, I say! My bucket list consists of international travel, but traveling and enjoying America is on my bucket list too! In the Spring of 2023, on one of my travels in this great nation, I found myself enjoying downtown Chicago. After leaving downtown Chicago, I was excited to drive to Minnesota! Minnesota is a state that I had never visited until then. When traveling to a new town or city, my advice is to always try to include visiting and enjoying the neighboring towns or cities. On this trip, I took my own advice and decided to add a stop to my destination. We are in a country where you can find yourself in another city or another state within a couple of hours! As a Texan, I sure can appreciate that advantage of enjoying a new city or state in just a few hours when traveling by car. Therefore, I personally attempt to visit and enjoy the nearby surrounding towns or cities any chance that I get. This is of course if the time permits! Having the love for major league baseball, it has been my goal to travel and visit every baseball field in the nation. I recently reignited my passion for this journey. On this trip, Minnesota was on my itinerary after Chicago. After departing from Chicago, though, I decided that I was too close to Dyersville, Iowa to not include it as one of my stops. Dyersville, Iowa is on the way to Minnesota from Chicago. It is close to 4 hours by car or 215 miles in distance. If you remember the 1989 movie Field of Dreams, you will understand my madness! We drove 215 miles to Dyersville, Iowa. Iowa is in the Midwestern United States. Known as the Hawkeye state. The state bird for Iowa is the eastern goldfinch. The state flower is the wild (prairie) rose and the capital is Des Moines which is also the biggest city in the state of Iowa. Iowa is said to produce the most corn in the nation. This brings me to the movie site set on a cornfield located in Dyersville, Iowa. It is a 193-acre farm with part of the corn fields converted into a baseball field for the 1989 movie set of Field of Dreams. Driving into the movie set, you turn onto a gravel road. From a distance, you can begin to see the red barn that houses the fan/tourist store for the Field of Dreams. The dirt road guides you to the dirt parking lot and field at 28995 Lansing Rd, Dyersville, Iowa 52040. The field sits on a 193-acre farm! The original white farmhouse featured in the movie is 6

still there and it is open for booking for the night!

The temperature was in the 70’s and the sun was shining! I walked to the field and enjoyed watching the families play catch and even hit a few baseballs on that diamond field. I decided to try it out for myself. I tried my arm at a throw and at a swing of the bat. It was a feeling of inspiration and hope that I felt walking the field. Something about this property gives you such a feel-good feeling, an inspiration. It truly is more than just baseball, a baseball diamond or a movie set on a corn field. I learned that many events including baseball camps and tournaments have been held at this site. I toured the baseball shop and purchased some merchandise including a baseball and some tshirts. In the shop entrance, you can sit and enjoy a moment watching the movie Field of Dreams as it plays on the tv screen. The staff was so friendly and excited to share fun facts about the movie and about the stories over the years. I learned that Denise Miarecki Stillman purchased this property in 2013, with a vision to one day host a Major League Baseball game at this location. Her goal was to host traveling baseball kids as well. She worked on her goals, but sadly she passed away in 2018 before seeing her dream of go the distance to fruition. In 2021, the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees played the first ever MLB game in the state of Iowa. It was held at the field adjacent to the Field of Dreams. There in the Field of Dreams field, you will find a plaque commemorating Denise Miarecki Stillman. It reads: As you play on this field hear Denise’s words, “Reach for your dreams, no matter what they may be. Be true to yourself and dare to make a difference in the world.” So many projects and future developments are expected for this location. This site continues to attract over 60,000 visitors annually. May I add that admission is free! I recommend visiting this movie site if you are ever close to this town.

I did not have the extra time to explore more of the state of Iowa, so I continued my journey to the state of Minnesota. I must say that visiting Dyersville, Iowa was so worth the added detoured stop because it gave me such an inspirational feeling. The famous quote, “if you build it, they will come”, still resonates with me. Until next time! Stay tuned for my next adventures and travel tips! Follow me on social media: – Ana Banda






EDNA LUGO Edna Lugo is a contemporary cultural artist who was born in Queretaro, Mexico, and now is based in San Antonio Texas. She is an accomplished musician, stained glass and paper Mache artist and most recently, an emerging successful silversmith. When Edna turned her sights to silversmithing in 2022, she sought the help and guidance of legendary master silversmith, Art Tafoya. Her inspirations come from the world around her, most notably the natural world. Edna’s intricate pieces, using sterling silver and natural stones, feature elements such as flower, birds, tigers and horses. Edna Lugo Studio / Facebook / Instagram Email ednalugoarts@outlook.com Ph 210-996-4830 PO box 242 30131 Bulverde Lane, Bulverde, TX 78163 www.ednalugostudio.com



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Contact Rita Hernandez for Vendor opportunities. Text: 210-237-7496

BLESSINGS FOR 2024 By Rita Hernandez

As we prepare for 2024, you must never forget to give thanks to all those who have been there for you. Especially those who have shown love and support towards your Cause, Business, Non Profit or whatever your Passion is. Sometimes it is hard to express gratitude or we get too caught up in life to where we forget, but we must make the time for these precious moments. A simple thank you goes a very long way. Inspiration 4 Life is on the lookout for people like you! We are always ready to Interview those with a Heart of Gold, inspiring people and Events for great Causes. I love that I get to play a huge part in many lives, to send the message of a simple thank you or a heartfelt story of hope through my Inspiration




Thank you once again, to all those who have been following our journey and blessed beyond measure for this opportunity to add this very first Newspaper edition to our Media Organization.. Special thank you to Yvette Tello with La Presna Texas for believing in us and allowing us to bring inspiring people and events to your Newspaper as well. I want to give a special and warm thank you to my Mom, Maria Escobedo, , my brothers Robert and Rudy Ramos, entire family, all of my wonderful friends, business partners, sponsors and all of my family. I am thankful for every single one of you. My heart, love and many thanks goes especially to my Husband Blas Hernandez, my two beautiful daughters, Amanda Cantu and Jasmine Hernandez and my handsome son, Angel Julian Hernandez. Without their love and support, I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I love. Nothing would be possible without the never-ending love from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am forever grateful. I leave you with these last encouraging words. Be thankful and give thanks. I wish you all a very safe and New Year. I can’t wait to share some wonderful new stories for the New Year in 2024!


Follow along my journey and you will get to witness

Radio/TV/Web Network. I love capturing

some inspiring people, places, and businesses. As

moments through Radio Interviews, Shows, Video Productions, Photos, telling one’s story through an Article or TV Segment. It’s an honor to help be a Voice to get one’s message out and be heard. Inspiration 4 Life is thankful to all of you and helping us be successful in sharing your message. Let’s start this New Year with a giving heart and bring in the New Year with great, inspiring stories to be told. Sharing your story in humbleness from your heart, are the best stories to be told. Who or what are you thankful for? We are ready to hear from you! 16







International Internet Radio Station, Editor-in-Chief of three Magazines, I love covering stories and writing about amazing people, local heroes, my fascination with life, SA culture, adventures, my family, living a healthy organized life, great food and so much more! You have a topic; I will cover it. I have been inspiring and connecting leaders, businesses, and entrepreneurs on my media platforms to help be their voice and for them to be heard, 15 years in media and community outreach for 19 years. Be significant and know your worth to be the successful YOU are meant to be!” ~Rita Hernandez To read







On this note, I am excited to share inspiring stories from amazing people, places, events and more, with you all! For more information about me or Inspiration 4 Life, you can email me at rita@inspiration4life.org or visit my website at www.inspiration4life.org FB: www.facebook.com/inspiration4lifeworldwide IG: www.instagram.com/inspiration4lifeworldwide FB: www.facebook.com/liveonairwithrita IG: www.instagram.com/ritamariehernandez


Born and raised in San Antonio, Alison has maintained her passion for two things, jewelry and serving others. In every interaction, you can be sure to feel Alison's passion of wearing a timeless quality chain that is as unique and vibrant as the person who wears them. Each piece tells a story and if you are lucky enough to hear Alison's story, you too will find that there is no better time to be your very best self, than now!




Paul could have thought he was going in circles, or wondered what was going on. I know I often have, when I think I’m supposed to be going in one direction and EVERYTHING changes! Or is it just me? Not long ago my feet hit the floor on a Monday morning and before I could get to the kitchen and to the coffee my whole day was flipped! As if that were not enough to muddle my thoughts, by Friday I was just getting to where I was headed that Monday morning; it was a trying week of prayer and soul searching to say the least, a week of detours and delays… There are several reasons why things seem to come to a sudden halt. Timing is everything, I always say. I try to catch myself before I let emotions blur my sense of rational. Pre-menopause and menopause have come and gone for many of us and it’s not hard for emotions to blur our sense of reasoning, as it is. But I make deliberate attempts to not let the frustration of the moment take me for a ride. I attempt to lean into the heart of the Lord and listen for what He may be leading me to learn; God loves to pull me aside in the middle of my busy-ness, just to talk. The Lord is forever teaching and so I must learn to steadily be found by Him as teachable. In those times where my best efforts get me nowhere, I do my best just to lean into the Lord and follow His re-directing of my steps. Only good can come from the delays or detours that God orders and directs. My husband loves detours he calls shortcuts, even if they take longer to arrive at our destination. This calls for great patience on my part. Neither God nor my husband have disappointed me with their detours. Somehow, I always arrive, eventually, to my

There’s nothing like smooth sailing. Those times when we ask God in the Name of Jesus for something in line with His Word and will and before long it’s answered! It reminds me of when we first come to the Lord and our faith is on fire from heaven. Seemingly, every prayer is answered, blessings are abundant and there is joy! What happens to us though when the opposite is true, when prayer is not answered

destination with great joy! I personally don’t like detours. I like to go straight where I’m headed, get where I’m going and accomplish what needs to be accomplished. I think we all prefer those days, but regardless of how long it takes to get where we’re going, so long as we arrive, there’s joy.

quickly or at all or when delay or detours take longer than we

But I need to learn the joy in the journey! I’m not always quick

thought we could endure, or when we get in the way of receiving

to realize the Lord wants to speak to me along the way and show

from God?

me some things, more often, things about myself. He shows me roadblocks, pits and obstacles along my path. He shows me how

More than once on Paul’s journeys, the Spirit of God did not allow him to go forward on his way. God had a better plan. For example, one divine appointment is found in the book of Acts, Chapter 16. A Holy Ghost detour, if you will and Paul’s openness to the voice of the Spirit of God, paved the way for the plan of God. 20

much time I’ve lost waiting for those obstacles to be cleared away, as if they will go on their own. When the obstacle is bitterness or anger and God brings it to my attention, I do well to pay attention. Many things block and hinder us from receiving answers to prayer and one of those things is avoiding what God is dealing with us about.

He shows me how I am often the reason for those delays. God loves to deal with me on issues that I often think have been dealt with and to some degree, already have, but I’ve been guilty of thinking that I’m a finished-work when really, He’s still at work in me. The truth is as long as we are on this side of heaven God is still working in us. I have to be mindful of how the Lord deals with me. I have to be quicker at yielding to the working of the Holy Spirit in my life. Consider your ways. Are you up against roadblocks or facing detours on your journey with God? There are surely no shortcuts with Him but definitely what appear to us to be detours and delays. If this is where you find yourself right now, just keep following Jesus. He’ll not lead you astray or with no way through your situation. When it seems that God is not looking your way remember His promise. Make extra effort to keep your eyes off the circumstances and fixed on Him. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You. II Chronicles 20:12 You will guard and keep in constant peace whose mind stays on You. Isaiah 26:3 If it’s been a while since you’ve known His joy, it’s not too late to get it back. Turn to your Bible, look into the Scriptures and worship the Lord. He could be leading you through a way you’ve not known or considered. He may be leading you toward your divine appointment. His Word will lead the way as you begin to search. Oh, yes! Those divine appointments when all things come together! Let’s endeavor to keep those appointments! Try to maintain an open ear, especially when the suddenness of a change-of-plans happens. If we can continue to understand that our steps are ordered of the Lord in all things then we can better manage emotions or other quirky things that try to show themselves through us. I’d much rather count it all joy and not let anything rob me of it, including how I choose to respond to unannounced, unprepared for, unexpected and uninvited detours and delays. Whether you find yourself facing a detour or a delay, enjoy your adventure with the Lord. You’ll grow and mature well and go a long way in Him and with joy! There is joy in the journey when you open your heart to the leading of His Holy Spirit. When God says, ‘no’, it’s a good thing! Taken from the book, Water Me, Lord ©2013 All Rights Reserved. Available on Amazon. You can learn more about me and my work online at MaryMagdalene.Film.

January 29th 2024!

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A Look Back. Lobster Fest 2023

A Look Back.

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