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Harry Colbert, Jr.

Comcast vice president, Susan Jin Davis speaking with Ahmed Haji, as his son, Abdullahi Haji, 8, and daughter, Shamso Haji, 8, look on. The family won a free laptop computer during a recent Internet Essentials event held at the downtown Hennepin County Library

The author with family circa 1960s

Photos courtesy of Irma McClaurin

The Henry Horner projects circa 1965

Comcast makes internet accessible:

WANTED: A caring and compassionate Dungy named spokesman presidential candidate for the 47% By Harry Colbert, Jr. Contributing Writer

I confess. I am now, and probably always will be, a member of the 47% about whom Presidential Candidate Romney has voiced his disrespect and disdain. I am African-American. I was a single mom after my divorce. I was a college student who received a government subsidized student loan. When I was a child, my divorced mom received benefits from Aid to Dependent Children


By Irma McClaurin, PhD Culture and Education Editor

(ADC). I am a working woman. And yes, I voted for President Barack Obama four years ago, and damn proud of it. I am in the ranks of the 47%. Having said that let me clarify for Romney and his camp a few misconceptions about the 47%— in my life experience, most of the people I knew who received government subsidies didn’t want them. A few lacked the skills and/

or education to get jobs at a livable wage. Others had childcare responsibilities at a time when it was not socially acceptable for women to leave their children in the care of others, and Head Start did not exist. Also, it was believed that a woman’s place was in the home, and while Black women had always worked historically,

47% TURN TO 10

With a broadening student achievement gap between African-Americans and whites, especially when it relates to lowincome households; Comcast has a program it says can help close the divide. In its second year, Internet Essentials offers low-income households reduced Internet rates and an opportunity to purchase personal computers at a reduced rate. Officials with Comcast believe this program can help

in bridging the growing gap between the haves and have nots. “We all know the Internet is a transforming technology that went from something people thought was nice to have to something people need to have,” said Susan Jin Davis, vice president of communications and data services for Comcast Cable. “Unfortunately, there is about 30 percent of the area population who cannot access the Internet at home due to economic circumstances.”


Dateline Spain: Places to visit By Abeni Hill Insight Intern SEVILLE, SPAIN - It is still a scorching 90 degrees over here in beautiful Seville. These past few weeks I have been spending part of my time in a classroom (three hours a day, five days a week to be exact) reviewing the ever so important grammar rules of the Spanish language. Afterwards, I have had the opportunity to visit culturally rich places around the city of Seville. While I would love to give you some grammatical insights,

Golden Knights Skydiving Team

Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon’s tandem skydive with her “Golden Knight” jump partner, Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Figel

Abeni Hill

Plaza de España


By Harry Colbert, Jr. Contributing Writer


Black media more ‘relevant’ to Black consumers By George E. Curry NNPA Editor-in-Chief WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Companies that fail to advertise with Black media are missing an opportunity to effectively reach nearly 43 million African Americans whose $967 billion annual buying power is projected

Lt. Gov. Prettner Solon skydives to support troops

to exceed $1 trillion in three years, according to the new study released by Nielsen and the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA). “Still the largest racial minority group in America, with a projected buying power of $1.1 trillion by 2015, Black consumers remain at the forefront of social trends and media consumption,”


Cirque Du Soleil’s “Dralion”


the study found. The findings were released Friday at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Legislative Conference. “Our collaboration with the NNPA has been successful,” said Susan Whiting, vice chair of Nielsen, a premier global information and measurement company. “NNPA’s insertion


Business profile: Bill Ashford


of the report into its 200 publications allows Nielsen access to millions of AfricanAmerican consumers, and allows us to share vital information that will help increase the awareness of Blacks’ consumer power.” And according to the report, that power is considerable.


Minnesota Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon wanted to do something to gain publicity for U.S. military serving in war – something that would really draw people’s attention. Writing a proclamation would not be sufficient. Holding a mere press conference just was not bold enough. The answer – jump out of an airplane. But this was not just any airplane and this was not a random jump into a wide open field.


Eggs: Worth another look


The Lieutenant Governor took part in a tandem jump onto the state’s Capitol Mall with the elite United States Army Parachute Team, dubbed the “Golden Knights.” The aircraft, a rare C-31 Friendship, piloted by Al Aben and CW5 Jeff Sopp took the Lieutenant Governor, along with seven members of the “Knights” to an altitude of 13,500 ft. and circled the Capitol several times to get correct wind readings before the jumpers exited the craft and dropped free-fall for close to a minute before they deployed


Full Circle

Seasons of love


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Redmond promotes healthy eating habits By Harry Colbert, Jr. Contributing Writer Healthy living begins with healthy eating. That is the message being preached by a local woman hoping to change food consumption habits in urban areas. It appears her message is spreading. Earlier in September, LaDonna Redmond was featured on MSNBC’s Melissa “Harris-Perry Show” for her efforts to promote healthy eating and urban farming. Redmond, who moved to Minneapolis from Chicago in February of 2011, works with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). Part of the institute’s mission is to promote what it calls “food justice” among people of color. “The Twin Cities has a very strong food culture,” said Redmond. “But there’s a part of the community that doesn’t have

access to good foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and food with limited calories and high nutrition.” Redmond said the food disparities are most evident in North Minneapolis. “You drive on (West) Broadway and you pass five to six fast food restaurants and just one major grocery store,” said Redmond. “This pattern repeats itself throughout the country in communities of color and we see the negative outcomes of people with high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and some forms of cancer that come with not having access to healthy foods.” Though there is ample cause for concern, Redmond says there is also cause for hope. According to the culinary crusader, there are several organizations working to offer healthy food options for people living is areas deemed food deserts. She praised Northside Fresh, which, according to

Redmond is converting vacant lots into farm sites. Redmond, herself cultivated urban farms while living in Chicago. Her work there was recognized by Time Magazine in 2009. Redmond believes a loss of food culture in the AfricanAmerican community has led to poor dining decisions. “We as African-Americans have to reclaim our culture,” said Redmond who is not so quick to bash what is traditionally known as soul food. “We have been brainwashed into thinking our traditional diet was bad. We just replaced (our diet) with quick, less healthy options. We have to get back to preparing our own food.” Redmond also thinks people confuse losing weight with healthy eating. Though the two are linked, Redmond asserts that just because a person is losing weight does not mean that person is getting the proper nutrition his

LaDonna Redmond or her body needs. “Healthy living is a lifestyle, it’s more than just losing weight,” said Redmond. “Dieting comes and goes, but a lifestyle stays with you.” Redmond said she had to practice what she preached and

in getting back to a lifestyle of healthy eating, she lost 80 pounds. “I went to the doctor with my back hurting and knees hurting and I’m looking for a pill,” said Redmond. “My doctor told me to change my diet, and sure enough, when I lost the weight my back

Mathew Gilson

stopped hurting; my knees don’t hurt.” Listeners of KMOJ-FM (89.9 FM) can hear Redmond give advice on healthy eating every Monday at 6 p.m. with her show, “It’s Your Health.”

Kids Voting Minneapolis Every election Kids Voting Minneapolis provides an authentic voting experience to Minneapolis K-12 students. Students go to polling places— the same buildings where adults vote—and cast their own ballots that include many of the same offices and issues on which adults are voting. They put their ballot in the box and receive an

“I Voted” sticker. The 2012 Kids Voting ballot will include president, US senator, congressperson, statewide judges, citywide school board, and both constitutional amendments. This year also brings a special experience for kids whose school buildings are also polling places: many of these students

will vote during the school day. This will happen in at least 21 Minneapolis Public School buildings and charter schools. To make the program successful, they are asking for the community’s help in two ways. First, they need volunteers


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Voting block power: The new Black power By Alfred BabingtonJohnson, His Works United This November the citizens of Minnesota will vote on a proposed constitutional amendment that would require presentation of a photo ID before voting. This is a part of a national effort to suppress the voting power of people of color, the elderly, immigrants, college students and military personnel. We are not confused about the negative impact passage of this proposed amendment will have on African Americans, and the insult it would be to the blood that has been shed to win our right to vote. Too long, too many have been able to take the African American vote and the influence

Comcast From 1 Jin Davis says Internet Essentials addresses three primary barriers to broadband adoption. According to Jin Davis, those areas are a lack of understanding of how the Internet is relevant and useful, the cost of a home computer and the cost of the Internet service. Through the program, Comcast is offering program participants residential Internet service for $9.95 a month plus applicable taxes with no price increases, no activation fees or equipment rental fees. Participants also receive a voucher to purchase a low-cost computer for $149.99 plus tax and access to free digital literacy training in print, online and inperson. “Every customer we add to

Spain From 1 I think it is more important to share a little of Spain’s history with you this week. The first place I would like

Courtesy of Alfred Babington-Johnson

Four HWU Policy Board members huddle to discuss community agenda. Left to right Alfred Babington-Johnson, Rev. Jerry McAfee, Bishop Richard Howell, Bishop Fred Washington of the African American clergy for granted. Every election cycle significant resources are aimed at mobilizing the African American vote, and we see a parade of

politicians and spokespersons seeking access to our congregations, but never properly acknowledging the value of that access with appropriate resources

for issue education, voter registration and mobilization by the churches. We will change that tired dynamic. We intend to use this referendum season to demonstrate the power of our voting block and the influence of our ministers. We will educate our people about this danger, but we intend to do much more than that. We want to survey over 10,000 persons through our churches for their disposition regarding this amendment. We will do this in a manner that allows us to document our ability to reach into our community, advocate for our rights and demand the respect of politicians, office holders and interest groups for years to come. Esteemed community member, we are asking you to lend your leadership to bring yourself, your family, your neighbors and friends to this effort

by connecting with the maximum number of persons you can ensuring that each answers the important power survey question below, and provide us with email/facebook/twitter contact information so we can continue to mobilize our community through mobilizing our vote. We want to complete this survey and collect the data before the second week of October. Please contact your church pastor for the survey form. Take extras and collect the information from people in your family and circle of influence. Return the forms to your pastor immediately. You can fill out the form online at www.insightnews. com Spread the work. Share the survey with your networks. Remember, we are better together. It is time to act.

HWU Policy Board

home are being left behind. It’s our responsibility to help level the playing field and get more families connected.” Since retiring as a coach in 2008, Dungy and his wife Lauren Dungy have been active in a number of charitable organizations including The Dungy Family Foundation, which has a mission to strengthen, sustain and empower communities by providing opportunities to those in need through education as well as emotional and financial support. He is a New York Times bestselling author of two books and is an analyst for NBC’s Football Night in America. Dungy made history when he led the Indianapolis Colts to victory in Super Bowl XLI becoming the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl. Dungy was a quarterback for the Gophers in the mid-1970s. According to Jin Davis, in

its first full year of availability, Internet Essentials helped more than 100,000 families, or 400,000 Americans, gain access to the Internet at home. Comcast will sign up eligible families in the program for at least three years, through the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Any household that qualifies during this three-year period will remain eligible for Internet Essentials if at least one child eligible for a free or reduced lunch remains living in the household. For information about Internet Essentials, visit for English, and visit www. for Spanish. Educators or third-parties interested the program can find more information at www. Parents looking to enroll in the program can call 1-855-846-8376 or, for Spanish, 1-855-765-6995.

Spain is the Plaza de España, which is one of the most famous places in Seville. George Lucas, writer and director of the Star Wars films, shot scenes for the movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clones there and the movie Lawrence of Arabia also has scenes of the Plaza de España. This plaza is built on an arc to

symbolize open arms that are welcoming other countries, specifically the United States. The Plaza de Americana is located directly across from the Plaza de España. Both plazas are located in María Luisa park, the park is

this program is getting us one step closer to eradicating the digital divide,” said Jin Davis. “If a child doesn’t have the Internet at home then they’re just one more step behind (in school).” Jin Davis pointed to her 11 year old daughter as an example of how vital home Internet access is to a child’s scholastic success. “School recently started for her. She’s in the sixth grade and every assignment she had needed to be completed over the computer,” said Jin Davis. A household is eligible to participate in Internet Essentials if it is located where Comcast offers Internet service, has at least one child who is eligible to receive a free or reduced school lunch, has not subscribed to Comcast Internet service within the past 90 days and does not have an overdue Comcast bill or unreturned equipment. This past week, Comcast

Nikki Brown hugs Comcast vice president, Susan Jin Davis after she learns she won a free laptop computer during the second year launch of Internet Essentials

announced former University of Minnesota Golden Gopher great and Super Bowl winning head coach, Tony Dungy, will take the mantle of national spokesperson for Internet Essentials. According to Dungy, in many ways, scholastic achievement is all about access. “The achievement gap doesn’t stem from ability, it stems from opportunity,” said Dungy. “I look at it as the difference between walking and riding in a car. Sure, you can get there by walking, but it’s a lot harder and takes a lot more time.” Dungy said Internet access is essential in today’s way of learning. “The Internet provides access to a world of knowledge and resources that kids and families today simply cannot live without,” said Dungy. “The world is moving too fast and families who are not online at

to feature is the Alcázar Real (Royal Alcázar) In 913 B.C., the Real Alcázar was constructed. Abd Al Raman III was instrumental in its construction. Alcázar is an Arabic word meaning fortress or royal palace. What makes this structure so beautiful is the mixture of different types of

architecture (gothic, Islamic, renaissance, and baroque). Throughout time, many monarchs have lived in this palace and today, the Spanish royal family resides here when visiting Seville. I personally think this is the one of most beautiful and majestic places in Seville. I

was captivated by the elegant architecture and gardens within the palace. After the tour, our guide allowed us to walk around and my group decided to go up to the 2nd floor. From the 2nd floor, you can see the beautiful garden, which is located in the center of the Alcázar. Another gorgeous part of

Harry Colbert, Jr.

Rev. Alfred Babington-Johnson CEO Stairstep Foundation Bishop Richard D. Howell Diocesan Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Rev. Jerry McAfee President MN State Baptist Convention Rev. Runney D. Patterson President St. Paul Black Ministerial Alliance Rev. Dr. Alphonse Reff Presiding Elder St. Paul/Minneapolis District AME Church Bishop Fred W. Washington Minnesota Jurisdictional Prelate Church of God in Christ


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AFRICAN-AMERICAN CONSUMERS: STILL VITAL, STILL GROWING 2012 REPORT The following four pages are excerpts from a full 26-page report produced collaboratively by Nielsen, the global information and measurement company that measures what consumers watch and what consumers buy, and the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), a 72-year old federation of more than 200 Black community newspapers. To download the full report, go to

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In 2012, the African-American consumer population continues to be a vibrant and dynamic market segment, providing both emerging and mature market attributes. Still the largest racial minority group in America, with a projected buying power of $1.1 trillion by 20151, Black consumers remain at the forefront of social trends and media consumption. Companies that seek to better understand the unique lifestyles, habits and shopping patterns highlighted within can enhance their chances of creating better connectivity with Black consumers. Similarly, African-American consumers and entrepreneurs will find information that can be helpful in making informed decisions about which products or services to buy and have a better understanding about the companies that provide them. The disparity in advertising dollars spent with African-American media is mapped out, suggesting a need for more fair methods of administering advertising spending to better reflect and align with Blacks’ preferences and the media environments most trusted by Black consumers. Ě? ‘†ˆÂ?Â?”š˜ŠÂ?”‘‰˜†—ŠÍˆÍ‰ÍŽĎĽ’”—Š‘ŽÂ?Š‘ž™”Ž“ˆ‘š‰Š a single parent, most often a woman.








The U.S. Black population is 43 million strong. Larger than 163 of the 195 countries in the world including Argentina, Poland, Canada and Australia.*

Ě? Í‹Í?ĎĽ”‹‘†ˆÂ?Œ—†“‰•†—Š“™˜ÂœÂ?”‘Ž›ŠŽ“™Â?Š˜†’Š household with their grandchildren serve as their primary caregivers. Ě? ÍˆÍ‡ĎĽ”‹‹—Žˆ†“˭’Š—Žˆ†“Â?”š˜ŠÂ?”‘‰˜Š†—“ $100,000 or more. Ě? ÍŠÍŒĎĽ”‹‹—Žˆ†“˭’Š—Žˆ†“Â?”š˜ŠÂ?”‘‰˜Š†—“ $50,000 or more.


The Multicultural Economy 2012 by the Selig Center for Economic Growth * The U.S. government does not recognize Taiwan as a country. Copyright Š 2012 The Nielsen Company.


General Market (Total - AA) 2011


Business to Business

Total dollars spent with African-American media ($2.10 billion) is just under 2% of total advertising dollars spent with general market media ($120 billion) during the same period.





FSI Coupon




Local Magazine



Local Newspaper



Local Sunday Supplement



Many companies assume that because there are no language barriers, there is no need to advertise to Black audiences through African-American media outlets. This is a missed opportunity for companies, who can use such outlets to reach Black consumers in trusted environments where Blacks see themselves most often reflected. Consider the following facts on Blacks’ perceptions on advertising.

National Internet





National Newspaper



National Sunday Supplement



Network Radio








Spanish Language Cable TV



Spanish Language Network TV












Cable TV

National Magazine

Network TV

Spot Radio Spot TV Syndicated TV Total †“ˍ͈˨͉͇͈͈ĚŒÂŠÂˆËŤ͈͊˨͉͇͈͈

Many African-American consumers have conducted research on mobile phones before making a purchase.











Copyright Š 2012 The Nielsen Company.

Insight News • October 1 - October 7, 2012 • Page 5

AFRICAN-AMERICAN CONSUMERS: STILL VITAL, STILL GROWING 2012 REPORT The Black population is not a homogeneous group. A deeper understanding of the unique lifestyles, viewing habits and shopping patterns can help companies create better connectivity with Black consumers. Here we show how behavior and shopping patterns differ by generations.. AFRICAN-AMERICAN GENERATIONAL TV USAGE



Baby Boomers

Live TV



DVR Playback



DVD Playback



Video Games



Total Use of TV



Viewing Source






Daily in Hours:Minutes, May 2012




All AfricanAmerican Shoppers










Generation Y



Greatest Generation


Generation X



Baby Boomers




Source: USA TouchPoints Study, 2012.1

Copyright Š 2012 The Nielsen Company.


Viewers Ages 18-49


The Game S5



Love And Hip Hop S2



Basketball Wives S4



Single Ladies S2



T.I. And Tiny



Let’s Stay Together S2



Whitney Houston: Her Life



La La’s Full Court Life S2





Braxton Family Values



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

WE: Women’s Entertainment

ÍˆÍ‰Ě­Í‰Í?Ë­Í?Ě­Í?Ě­Í‰Í‹Ě­ÍˆÍ‰Ë¨—Ž’ŠŽ’Š˨Ž›Šϧ͎†ž˜˨Š—˜”“˜͈Í?Ë­Í‹Í? Excludes specials, sporting events and award shows


Viewers Ages 2+


American Idol Audition Special



New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Part 1



The Game S5


Let It Shine



Whitney Houston: Her Life






Judge Judy



Dancing With The Stars



American Idol-Wednesday



Celebration Of Gospel



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Disney Channel

ÍˆÍ‰Ě­Í‰Í?ĚŒÍ?Ě­Í‰Í‹Ě­ÍˆÍ‰Ë¨”™†‘†ž˨Ž›Šϧ͎†ž˜˨Š—˜”“˜͉ϧ Viewers shown are in millions.

Viewers shown are in millions.


You may download a full copy of this report by going to We are optimistic that it will empower you to value your role in the economic infrastructure of the United States. Each purchasing decision, viewing opportunity, mobile phone activity and digital experience you have impacts a company’s bottom line. We encourage you to use that power wisely and with care. Whether you are a single mother, Baby Boomer or Millenial, your consumer dollars matter. You Matter!

Snap here to download full report or download at:

Sept. 2011 – June 2012

Copyright Š 2012 The Nielsen Company. All rights reserved. Nielsen and the Nielsen logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CZT/ ACN Trademarks, L.L.C. Other product and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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COMMENTARY Teacher evaluation system does not have to be divisive Building Creative Capital By Bernadeia H. Johnson MPS Superintendent I was pleased to hear last week that the Chicago Public Schools reached an agreement with their teachers’ union and


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students would be returning to school. As a former classroom teacher, principal and now superintendent, it was difficult to watch thousands of already struggling students miss a week of precious class time. It was equally difficult to observe the breakdown of communications among groups whose mission is to keep students front and center. Even before Chicago Public Schools’ teacher negotiations garnered national attention, issues such as teacher evaluations and common core standards were already receiving a substantial amount of attention locally and regionally. In some cities, implementing processes and systems for evaluating teachers has been controversial and sometimes contentious.

If we want all our students to graduate from MPS on track for college or a successful career, we need to focus on a single goal: great teaching in every classroom, for every student, every day But in Minneapolis, we are proving that establishing a

comprehensive teacher evaluation system does not have

to be divisive. We have seen that in school districts as small as New Haven, Connecticut, and as large as Houston, Texas, teachers, principals and district leaders worked together to design evaluations that treat teachers with the professional respect they deserve. I know that MPS and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers are tackling this challenge with the same collaborative spirit, just as we have done on so many other important issues in recent years. I believe that teachers are the foundation of our success as a school district. When teachers succeed, our students succeed. That is why I am committed to making sure teachers get the support they need to do their best work. If we want all our students to graduate from MPS on track for college or a successful career, we need to focus on a single goal: great teaching in every classroom, for every student, every day. I applaud our teachers for helping MPS lead the state when it comes to collaboratively designing an evaluation system that gives educators regular, meaningful feedback on job performance. We decided as a school district not to wait for a state mandate on teacher evaluations. As you might have read, all school districts in Minnesota will be required to implement teacher evaluation systems by 2014. Our work started almost two years ago and has included teachers and principals in the process from the beginning.

The MPS system is being developed based on feedback from over 900 teachers and principals from across MPS, with a simple goal in mind: to provide teachers with useful feedback and targeted professional development. Just as we are collaborating with teachers to build this system, we are also working cooperatively with teachers to implement our other educational reform priority – Focused Instruction. Most of the main features of Focused Instruction were suggested by educators who work with our students on a daily basis. Teachers from across the school district worked together with administrators to write curriculum guides and benchmark assessments for math, literacy, science, arts, physical education and social studies. As we continue to move forward with innovative ideas designed to close the achievement gap, I remain committed to working alongside teachers to make the necessary system changes that will benefit our students. Building a district of great schools will take the collective thoughts and work of all of us. I am more enthused and optimistic than ever that we are doing the right work with the right people. You can follow this work on our website,, where we feature information about teacher evaluation and Focused Instruction.

Poor Mitt Romney manages to be wrong, even when he’s right Nobody Asked Me

By Fred Easter I feel a bit sorry for poor Mitt Romney. He manages to be wrong, even when he’s right. Indeed, as he said on the “secret,” now viral, video, “Nearly 47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes.” Of that group of “moochers,” more than 60 percent do pay taxes in the form of payroll tax on their earnings. This means these folks have jobs – jobs that do not pay enough to require them to pay income taxes. So, more than one in four Americans have jobs that do not generate enough income to require them to pay income taxes. I’m guessing these are the kind of jobs Romney wants to create more of, if elected. That way Americans could compete on an equal footing with folks in the countries where Bain exports the jobs at the companies it controls. Let’s look at the rest of the “moochers.” 18.1 percent of Americans aren’t paying either income or payroll taxes. That’s nearly one in five. More than half of that group is elderly. These are likely folks who are surviving on Social Security and Medicare; programs Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan’s proposed budget would slash. Hopefully, you understand that “moocher” is Romney’s

Spain From 3 named after Princess María Luisa because she donated half of the San Telmo palace gardens to Seville in 1893. The princess became Queen consort of Spain when she married King Charles IV. It is said that he proposed to Maria Luisa in the park. My third and final historical site for this week is the Torre del Oro (Golden Tower). The Torre del Oro was built between 1221 and 1222. It was said to be one of the watchtowers for the Alcázar. Some Spaniards say that royalty kept gold inside the tower, others believe the tower had the name because

word – though he did not actually speak it in the secret video. He went on to suggest that he has no responsibility for these folks and they’ll be voting for his opponent. Here, Romney doubles down on wrong. Analysis shows that the overwhelming majority of people who pay no income taxes live in the southern states. These are the “red” states where the pollsters expect to support the Republican ticket. So, Romney only cares about some of the people in the states whose Electoral College votes will land in his column. It’s getting easier to see why one percent of Americans constitute Romney’s base. None of the rest of us qualifies to be in his base. The group for which we do qualify is the group in danger of having its vote suppressed. Back when the Founding Fathers were founding this country the phrase “a man” referred only to white men who owned property. Slaves, white women and landless white men were not counted as full-fledged citizens. Romney, Paul Ryan, the Koch brothers and the rest of the one percent would like to return to those days. In a “one person, one vote” country they have no chance of winning fair elections. Millions of young brothers and sisters are in jail and have lost their right to vote. The Tea Party plan targets minorities, the poor, elderly, students and new immigrants for voter suppression. Assaults have begun on absentee voting and early voting. You’ll soon have to bring an income tax return to the polls along with your passport. Be vigilant and get registered. These people want “their” country back.

golden-colored tiles were on the outside of it. It currently serves as a navel museum. Inside there are portraits of Spanish captains and sailors along with parts of ships. While inside the museum you also have the opportunity to walk up a spiraling staircase to the top of the tower. If you can get to the top of the tower there is also an amazing view of Seville, especially the cathedral. Attending classes conducted completely in Spanish are exciting, yet can be a bit challenging. Getting out and exploring the city and learning about its rich heritage is always a welcome break. Next time, I’ll share what I’ve discovered in the beautiful city of Seville.

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Cirque Du Soleil’s “Dralion” By Alaina L. Lewis Contributing Writer Engaging local audiences for only a short weekend, Cirque Du Soleil’s enchanting masterpiece, “Dralion” had its reemergence in the Twin Cities at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. The venue was contrary to the signature big top tent that usually signifies to bystanders that “magic” has arrived to town. But that didn’t stop fans of the acrobatic mainstay from filing into the Target Center for a large bite of entertainment. The show was greeted by yearning fans and insurmountable energy that translated into nightly performances dipped in fortune, leaving all who were privy with a priceless experience. “Dralion,” which is one of Cirque’s original touring productions, is an East meets West fairytale with its combination of traditional Chinese circus tricks coupled alongside


Courtesy of Cirque Du Soleil

Dioman Gbou as ‘Gaya the Earth Element’

Area filmmakers strike gold with indie horror film By Alaina L. Lewis Contributing Writer

For Twin Cities made feature film “After the Dawn,” a happy accident quickly transitioned into something greater than

either director Mitchel A. Jones, and actress Nicole Kruex ever expected. Sure, their plan was always to shoot a feature film they would share with their supporters and family upon completion, but their motivation was mostly to be able to say to themselves, “We did this, so now we can do anything.” However, “After the Dawn,” which was filmed on a budget of around $12,000 while utilizing the lush Minnesota scenery as the storyline’s backdrop, went from being a small, sporadically worked on project, to a major horror film success that can now proudly stand alongside some of the horror market’s greatest offerings due to landing itself a distribution deal that thrust their film onto retail shelves in places such as Blockbuster, Best Buy, Netflix and Amazon. “After the Dawn” is a story about a woman named Cassie Becker, who finds herself alive in a post-apocalyptic world brought about after a chemical fallout, and the journey she undertakes seeking other survivors and the hope for a new beginning. All this while she must attempt to stay alive in a world where the only faces she sees are those of the other chemically affected survivors who read like the woes of this life’s battered womb.


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Nielsen From 1 “Since 2000, the total U.S. population only increased by 11.3%, while the Black population increased by 17.9%, a rate that is 1.6 times the greater overall growth,” the Nielsen study said. The report noted that the U.S. Black population is larger than 163 of the 195 countries in the world, including Argentina, Poland, Canada and Australia. “The average income for African-American households nationwide is $47,290 with 35% earning $50,000 or more,” the report stated. Ten percent of Black households earn $100,000 or more each year. The study noted, “The Black population and its aggregate buying power is overall more geographically widespread

Solon From 1

Photo by Roy Lewis for NNPA

NNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell speaks as NNPA President and CEO Bill Tompkins (left), Nielsen Senior Vice President Cheryl Pearson-McNeil (center) and Nielsen Vice Chair Susan Whiting (right) looks on. and more diverse than other ethnic and racial segments.” Cloves Campbell, chairman

of the NNPA and publisher of the Arizona Informant, said: “Marketers underestimate

the opportunities missed by overlooking Black consumers’ frustration of not having products

parachutes and landed safely on the Mall. Prettner Solon said her first time jump was the least she could do to honor and support

the country’s men and women currently in combat. “I can only imagine what it’s like to be deployed,” said Prettner Solon. “This is the very least I can symbolically do to show support to the troops deployed and the families left behind.” The 66-year-old Prettner Solon, who was strapped to Staff Sgt. Aaron Figel for the jump, said though she had never parachuted before, she felt very relaxed and took it on as a bit of a challenge.

“The only time I jumped before this was when I jumped rope,” joked Prettner Solon. “I remember when President George (H.W.) Bush jumped at 80-something years of age, so I said, ‘I can do this.’” Sgt. 1st Class Christopher “Ace” Acevedo said it was an honor to jump with Minnesota’s second in command. “It’s awesome to be able to jump with the Lieutenant Governor into the Capitol Mall,”

that meet their needs in their neighborhoods. And companies that don’t advertise using Black media risk having AfricanAmericans perceive them as being dismissive of issues that matter to Black consumers. This report demonstrates what a sustainable ad influential economic force we are.” Benjamin Jealous, president and CEO of the NAACP, stated that African-American readers give more credence to ads placed with Black media than those that appear in the general interest publications. And the Nielsen research supports that view. According to the report: Ninety-one percent of Blacks believe that Black media is more relevant to them; Eighty-one percent believe that the products advertised in Black media are more relevant to them;

Seventy-eight percent would like to see more Black models/ actors used in ads (51 percent said they would purchase a product if the advertising portrayed Blacks positively); Seventy-seven percent of African Americans said Black media has a better understanding of the needs and issues that affect them; Seventy-three percent believe Black media keeps them in touch with their heritage; Sixtyeight percent want to see more commercials directed specifically to Black audiences and Sixtyseven percent of Blacks want to see more advertising targeting Black consumers. NNPA President and CEO Bill Tompkins said Black media plays a unique role in the AfricanAmerican community.


Harry Colbert, Jr.

Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon gets final instructions before her tandem jump with the “Golden Knights” from her jump partner, Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Figel. said Acevedo who was taking part in his 1,753rd jump. “Any time we’re backed by government (officials) it lets us know the American people have our backs.” Sgt. Trey Martin, who has more than 800 jumps to his credit said believe it or not, he has a fear of heights. “But it’s something about having a parachute on my back that lets me know I’m safe,” said Martin. But jumping from an airplane is certainly dangerous. Just ask “Golden Knight,” Staff Sgt. Kevin Pregraves. Pregraves,

who has more than 1,400 jumps to his credit, suffered a broken back (fractures to his L4 and L5 vertebrae) due to a missed landing. “I jumped nine weeks after the accident,” said Pregraves, who said the accident was a result of a poor decision on his part. “But I came right back because I’m ‘Army Strong.’” The Lieutenant Governor’s jump went off without a hitch and once on the ground, Prettner Solon held a news conference praising the team and all of the U.S. men and women in combat.

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BUSINESS Bill Ashford: BilyRay’s Old Style Gourmet BBQ Sauce By Erin Jerabek Heelan and Shaina Brassard West Broadway Business and Area Coalition Bill Ashford, Owner of BilyRay’s Old Style Gourmet Barbeque Sauce, recently visited the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition (WBC) office and shared a sample of his gourmet sauce, as well as its history. Upon tasting the incredible sauce, WBC staff realized we would be doing a major disservice to the community if we did not get the word out about this superior product – not to mention its inspiring beginning. “About two years ago I started having people taste it and got some positive feedback,” said Ashford who has produced 185 cases. “The recipe comes Courtesy of Bill Ashford

Interview review Plan Your Career By Julie Desmond After a “pretty good” job interview, Bryant viewed the replay with some skepticism. He said, “I think it went well, but you never know. I did a lot of preparation but she asked one difficult question I was not prepared for.” Preparing for every possible question that might come

up in an interview is impossible. Knowing what types of questions, generally, might come up can give help tremendously. Expect questions about your job history. Walking backwards from your most recent position to your first assignment as a fry cook when you were in high school, be ready to state, briefly, your title, primary responsibilities and reasons for leaving. Think in Twitters. Save the lengthy explanations for later. Expect questions about the job description. Take the job description apart and write down for yourself where you performed or learned or saw or read about each skill and responsibility

listed. Expect questions about who you are as a person. These are called behavioral interview questions and they are just that, questions about how you behave on the job. It was a behavioral question that stumped Bryant and it went something like this: If you are faced with a stressful situation between two co-workers, or a difference of opinion on how a situation should be handled, how do you deal with that? Although I stand by my belief that there are no trick questions in interviews, this one comes close. Part one of the question says the disagreement is between two other co-workers. The manager wants to know whether you stay focused and mind your own business or get into the fight at the bar with everyone else. The better choice here is to point out that this is between two other

co-workers and you trust they will work it out on their own. Note, you aren’t their manager or supervisor, which would change your answer. Part two of the question asks how you handle conflict generally. Answering behavioral interview questions is best approached with a three part response: Describe a similar situation you actually have been in, describe how you handled it and then tell what you learned or how your behavior changed as a result. That’s it. Practice, practice, practice. Look online for lists of behavioral interview questions and create answers that make sense. When the same questions come up in an interview, you’ll be ready. Julie Desmond is IT Recruiting Manager with George Konik Associates. Send your career planning questions to jdesmond@

from my father. I’ve been perfecting the taste for over 20 years.” Ashford’s father, as a farmhand on a plantation in Holy Grove, Ark., formulated the original recipe from scratch. “(My father) used the ingredients that they had around the farm to make the sauce – tomato, onion, syrup, sugar, honey and apple or peach wood for the fire,” said Ashford. “The sauce was mainly used with pork meat.” Ashford remembers the sauce and his father’s cooking as a tool to create community. “My father would barbecue beef ribs on the weekends and everyone in the neighborhood came to eat and enjoy that special tasty sauce,” said the owner of BilyRay’s.


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Eggs: Worth another look Our Health

By Nicole Winbush MD Science changes as knowledge grows and medical

recommendations are growing and changing too. Yesterday’s medical guidelines may become outdated as new research comes to light or old research is reviewed. A perfect example is the egg. Eggs are an excellent and low cost source of protein, a rich source of folate and other B vitamins and contain unsaturated fats (which have been shown to reduce heart disease). However, they also contain cholesterol. For this reason, over the past 40 years,

Stock Xchng / Andrew Medcraft

individuals have been counseled to lower their intake of eggs. It has been assumed that because eggs contain cholesterol they must also play a significant role in raising blood levels of cholesterol and thereby increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and death. After decades of study, the impacts of food cholesterol intake on blood cholesterol levels remains unclear. In this time of increasing food prices and concerns about meat production (cruel

practices, hormone and antibiotic exposures), incorporating moderate amounts of eggs into a healthy diet and lifestyle may be beneficial to overall health. Here are the facts. Studies of large groups and their egg eating habits Large epidemiologic studies (where a group of people are followed over a long period of


Think you’re not at risk for the flu? Think again Did you know? While the flu can make anyone sick, people with longterm health conditions—such as asthma, diabetes (type 1 and 2) and heart disease—are at greater risk for serious complications from the flu. African Americans are more likely to live with the chronic diseases that increase the risk of flu complications leading to hospitalization and even death.

You can protect yourself and your family from the flu by getting the flu vaccine each year. The bad news is that many African Americans are not doing this. So why are so few African Americans getting the flu vaccine? Some people may have concerns about vaccine safety. It is important to know, however, that flu vaccines (both the shot

and nasal spray) have excellent safety records, and are constantly being monitored for safety. The most common side effects reported after flu vaccination are minor, and are far outweighed by the vaccine’s benefits. It’s also important to know that the flu shot cannot give you the flu. Why? Because the flu shot contains killed viruses, and the nasal spray has weakened

viruses that cannot cause illness. Some people do get a headache or a mild fever after getting their flu shot. This is different from the flu, it is a sign that your body is responding to the vaccine and giving you protection, these symptoms will usually subside in 1 to 2 days. Sometimes getting flu-like symptoms means that you have been exposed to the flu or another illness during the

two-week period it takes the body to gain protection after vaccination. Also, because cold viruses are constantly circulating, it is possible that a person could become ill with a cold at the same time they receive the flu vaccine. Finally, the flu vaccine isn’t 100% effective, so it is possible that some people will not be fully protected with the vaccine. Even healthy children and

adults can get very sick from the flu. People with mild symptoms can still spread the flu to others. If you get sick with the flu, don’t fight it out, stay home when you are sick! To find a flu shot for you and your family visit www.mdhflu. com, click the “Find a Flu Shot Clinic” link in the right-hand column.


job she could find as a domestic, the same social workers would have accused her of neglect for leaving us alone without any way to contact her in an emergency. To this day those images of social workers, who were primarily white with a majority Black clientele—though there was the occasional Black one who acted no different towards us— looking down their noses at us is burned into my brain and emotional psyche. My mission in life was never to ask anybody for anything ever again: not my father—rest his soul, not the government, not anyone. And so, at the tender age of 14, I lied about my age and began working in the historically wealthy white community at the intersection of Michigan and Chicago Avenues in Chicago,

IL. There is today a Walgreens on that corner above which are some of the first condominiums in Chicago. Though now gone, the 777 Grill was once housed there. I began my working career in that place as a bus girl clearing dishes and making social observation that (wealthy) people who shopped down the street at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus (which we called Needless Markup) were some of the cheapest tippers and could be the nastiest customers. They intentionally made a mess so “the help” could clean up after them— sound familiar?

in 1967, I was the only Black face among the staff and the customers. Black folks (rich or poor) rarely ventured into the north side of Chicago. Even the late Martin Luther King observed the entrenchment of residential segregation in Chicago when he visited there in 1968 prior to his assassination. The patterns of disparity that characterized Chicago over fifty years ago are still prevalent in the city today. The recent teachers’ strike in Chicago made clear that those most affected by the outcome of the negotiations, whatever they are, will be primarily AfricanAmerican children who live well below the poverty level—junior members of the 47%. So that is the backdrop of my story. I grew up in the Henry Horner projects—now torn down to make way for wealthy people who are fleeing from the suburbs back downtown. We were poor back then, but not impoverished. We had pride and community. We received government subsidies, but it was a condition we knew was temporary because we were urged to work hard and rise above our current circumstances. Another memory branded on my brain is waiting for the bus to go to the hospital one cold Chicago winter. I was eightyears-old. This routine lasted for almost a week. As a youngster, I contracted double pneumonia and pleurisy. It is the sickest I’ve ever been in my life. Running a temperature of 104 degrees and barely able to breathe without being in pain, my family took me to the hospital. Rather than keep me as a patient, because we were on welfare, the hospital sent me

home and told us to return daily for almost a week for me to get an antibiotic shot. I am certain that had we had the economic means, I would have been hospitalized immediately, since the only way we had to get to and from the hospital was to stand in the freezing cold and wait for a bus. That situation made me even more vulnerable to further complications in my exposure to the elements of the weather. I survived the illness but the memory remains as one of the negative aspects of being poor—not being able to afford the medical treatment you may need. Throughout the ordeal, my mother bravely smiled and did her best to assure me that everything would be okay. I trusted her, but not the people who managed government support or who based my medical care on my ability to pay. As an eight-year old child, I learned early on that if you were categorized as “poor,” you were too often relegated to the status of a social pariah and treated with disdain and disrespect— sound familiar? Those of us who received it, clearly understood that government support was a helpaid rather than an entitlement, and that the sooner you left it behind, the better you felt.

which I paid back in full. I have worked at Research I institutions like the University of Florida and the University of Minnesota. I graduated from one of the most elite colleges in the United States (Grinnell College in Iowa), and I have served as a College President (Shaw University). Throughout this early working career, I have paid into social security and Medicare, and earned any benefits that I might receive in the future. And, I am entitled to them because I have contributed to the building of those resources since I was 14-years-old. I also have found myself in the 25-35% income tax bracket, and never complained. And, like Romney, though not at his income level, I have learned a few tricks of how to “shelter” my little bit of wealth. It is ironic that Romney and his constituency damn big government, but it is because of tax codes created by the government to shelter the wealthiest that he is able to maintain the bulk of his wealth and ship it off-shore to places like the Cayman Islands, where, by the way, his money contributes absolutely nothing to the local economy.

From 1 many subscribed to the social views of women at that time. As a child, I came to realize that receiving welfare was an embarrassing social fact. It subjected us to a form of class contempt reflected in the attitudes of the social workers who would sweep through our apartment to “inspect” our residence, and comment on the fact that we were “clean” and “well-kept.” I remember hiding a plug-in telephone under the linen because it was against welfare policy for us to have that item. And yet, had something happened to us, and my mother had gone out to look for work or take whatever

THE WORKING POOR Within a few weeks of working, I had proven my mettle and was promoted to a waitress and working the register. Back

LIKE ROMNEY, I’VE PAID MY FAIR SHARE OF TAXES, SORT OF… Today, I am a professional Black woman, who has earned two terminal degrees (MFA in English and PhD in Anthropology). I was able to complete college with a full scholarship that included a National Defense Loan (government subsidized),

TO TAX OR NOT TO TAX, THAT IS THE QUESTION I am confused by Americans like Romney who advocate for no tax increases. Are these people who believe that money is printed on demand to pay for basic services? Are these people who have never known anyone who is unemployed? Are these people who don’t understand that a successful society is one where the government has the responsibility of making sure that all of its citizens are taken care of? If everyone were fully employed at a livable wage, there is no question in my mind that the public’s reliance upon government subsidies would decrease immediately. Will there be a few who prefer subsidies over working? Absolutely. Are there wealthy who try and exploit the poorest (and even their own kind—the 53%) through schemes of mortgage inflations and charging higher interests on bank loans to people who can least afford it? Absolutely. NEWS FLASH--The largest number of people receiving government subsidies are WHITE. While African-Americans are viewed as the poster child of welfare, in reality, the segment of the population who most benefits from public assistance is white, since they constitute the majority of the population. AfricanAmericans represent only 12% of the U.S. population. We are not 100% of those who receive public assistance. Yet the media and politicians always portray African-Americans as the poster child of welfare recipients, and then focus on a few people who are Black and have manipulated the system. Does anyone remember the scene from Clint Eastwood’s boxing film, Million Dollar Baby? Hilary Swank’s character purchases a new home for her mother who refuses to accept it because it would cause her to lose her welfare payments. In every group of people, there will always be a few who manipulate the system looking for a free lunch. However, these exceptions do not prove that public assistance

47%TURN TO 12

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Seasons of love winter of the relationship will test the resolve of the people involved. There are no new crops,

and no new discoveries. Growth and development has ceased, and rigidness has settled in. The

things that have been stored deep in the heart of the individuals are the substance the relationship will live on. They will be forced to embrace or freeze to death. The best advice for this season of love is to rekindle the fire and cuddle as much as possible. Fall is a season for change. In this season of love, things may have cooled off, but there are clear signs that winter is coming. The first sign is the falling away, followed by slow decaying of those things that were once so beautiful. This is the period in the relationship where the signs of trouble are obvious. Both people in the relationship find themselves covering up, but the chill in the air is still apparent. The best advice for this season is to practice self-love and let go of those people, places, and things that have no root in you. Spring is a season of growth. This season of love is the most fruitful time in the relationship, but it also requires the most

declines were in auto insurance (34.45 percent) and department stores (12.77 percent). The top insurance/financial advertisers in the first quarter of 2012 were: 1. Berkshire Hathaway ($6.9 million), 2. Allstate ($6.2 million), 3. State Farm ($3.4 million), 4. Progressive ($3.3 million), 5. Bancorp ($2.3 million), 6. Wells Fargo ($2 million), 7. Nationwide ($1.7 million), 8. PGC Holdings ($1.7 million), 9. Zurich Financial and 10. JLL Partners. The top 10 restaurant advertisers in the first quarter of this year were: 1. McDonald’s ($8.2 million), 2. Yumi Brands ($3.1 million), 3. Doctors Assoc. [Subway] ($1.9 million), 4. Domino’s Pizza ($1.7 million), 5. Darden Restaurants ($1.7 million), 6. Wendy’s ($1.7 million) 7. 3G Capital, 8. DineEquity, 9. Papa John’s and 10. AFC Enterprises ($796,000). In the first quarter of 2012, the top 10 health and beauty advertisers were: 1. Procter & Gamble ($10.9 million), 2. L’Oreal ($9.6 million), 3. Unilever ($5.4 million), 4. Johnson & Johnson ($4.4 million), 5. Kimberly-Clark ($2.4 million), 6. Pfizer ($2.4 million), 7. Estee Lauder ($2.3 million), 8. Artal Luxemborg ($2.1 million), 9. Eqyss International ($1.8 million) and 10. NAC Marketing ($1.7 million). There were some glaring omissions from the Top 10 lists. Among banks, for example, only No. 4 Wells Fargo, with assets of $1.3 trillion, and No. 5 U.S. Bancorp, with assets of $340.12 billion, were top advertisers with the Black media. Missing from the list were: JP Morgan Chase, with total assets of $2.27 trillion, Bank of America ($2.13 trillion), CitiGroup ($1.8 trillion), Bank of New York Mellon ($325.25 billion), PNC Financial Services ($271.21 billion), State Street Corp. ($216.3 billion), Capital One ($206.02 billion) and

SunTrust Banks ($176.86 billion). Also missing from the Top 10 insurance and financial list were Liberty Mutual, Travelers Group, American International Group (AIG), Farmers, USAA, Hartford, Chubb, American Family and Met Life. When asked why some companies are not trying to reach Black consumers through the Black media, Cheryl Pearson-

McNeil, Senior Vice President for Community Relations and Public Affairs for Nielsen, said: “Some of it is that they just don’t know.” She added, “Just as you would not ignore an entire country…it’s important that these corporations have this information at their fingertips.” In general, Blacks are more brand-conscious than other groups and have other characteristics

Man Talk

By Timothy Houston The season is changing right before our eyes. Leaves are falling, days are getting shorter, and temperatures are dropping. Love has it season as well, and it is similar to what you would expect to see in nature. Whether it is the fall, winter, spring or summer, they all require change and adjustments. The sooner you are able to determine the season you are in, the easier it is to make the right type of adjustment. Here are a few seasonal tips to live by. Winter is a season of rest. This season of love is selfsustaining at this point, but the

Nielsen From 8 “The general media does not cover us as well as we cover ourselves,” he said. Tompkins noted that Black media receives only 2 percent of the $120 billion advertising dollars spent with general media. The top 10 companies advertising with the Black media were: 1. Proctor & Gamble ($75.3 million), 2. L’Oreal ($39.9 million), 3. McDonald’s ($34.9 million), 4. Johnson & Johnson ($27.7 million), 5. Verizon Communications ($26.3 million), 6. National Amusements ($24 million); 7. Hershey ($23.5 million), 8. Comcast ($23.4 million), 9. General Motors ($23.1 million) and 10. Berkshire Hathaway ($23.1 million). The top 10 advertisers spent a total of $321,892,840 with African American media in 2012, up 1.99 percent over 2010. Over that same period, the largest jump in advertising was Hershey (49.16 percent), followed by McDonald’s (19.52 percent), Comcast (19.44 percent) and National Amusements (14.98 percent). From 2010 to 2011, General Motors advertising with Black media declined by 30.45 percent and Johnson and Johnson dropped by 21.17 percent. The top advertisers by categories in the first quarter of 2012 were: 1. Automotive, 2. Quick restaurant service, 3. Motion picture, 4. Wireless telephone service, 5. Pharmaceutical, 6. Auto insurance, 7. Insurance, 8. Direct response service, 9. Restaurant and 10. Department stores. The largest increases in advertising over the past two years were insurance (118.7 percent), followed by motion picture (19.88 percent) and direct response (15.16 percent). The biggest


amount of work. Planting good emotions, watering them with gifts of affections, and pruning away the unproductive behaviors are all key activities. The heart of both individuals must be tilled, removing all the residue of the previous season. Once the relationship begins to grow, it must be supported by new experiences that are built on the previous day’s growth. These experiences become roots that are the foundation of a strong relationship. The best advice for this season of love is to dig deep, sow love, establish meaningful communication, and enjoy the new discoveries. Summer is the season of strength. This season of love is the most powerful time of the relationship. Every relationship should have its summer. The sun is shining. Laughter, love, affection, favor, and fellowship are shared in abundance. Both the individuals are better together. The days of love are

long and strong. Visibility is clear. Because of transparency, communication is at its best. Summer is fun. The best advice for this season is to bask in it. Enjoy every day as if it were your last. Determine your season. This will help you to best determine your course of actions. The true season of love begins with selflove. It is in your self evaluation that you are able to make selfimprovements. Winter, spring, summer, and fall all have one constant, you. May this season in your life be the most powerful and productive. For when it comes to self, it is always the season of love.

that give them clout beyond their considerable numbers. For example, Blacks buy hand and body lotion at a rate that is 54 percent higher than the general population. They make more shopping trips than any other group and over index in such categories as mobile telephones. The impact of AfricanAmericans extends beyond their immediate communities. The

Nielsen study cited a report from Burrell Communications that shows 73 percent of Whites and 67 percent of Hispanics believe Blacks influence mainstream American culture. Jesse Jackson said, “It’s not so much as what we spend with these corporations, but what they spend with us in trade.”

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to www.

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47% From 10 or government subsidies are evil or harm our nation. Rather government assistance is the manifestation of the social contract guaranteed to us in the Constitution that all members of this country deserve “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Who Romney did not talk about was the 53% who believe themselves “entitled” to their wealth and privilege, and who will probably vote for him—though a few who have some modicum of intelligence will understand that a man who is so dismissive of the poor may eventually turn on them if they are not in the wealthiest echelon of privilege. What they may also see is that it is sheer arrogance for someone to speak about people who sometimes need

Dawn From 7 “As budding filmmakers, Mitchel A. Jones and I felt it was necessary to break out of the idea of shooting a film and actually commit to just shooting one,” said Kruex. “It would have taken us twice as long to shop a script around Hollywood. We would’ve had to wait for a studio to respond and it would’ve taken forever to see our product on the shelf. Jones and I don’t believe in waiting for others to commit to our destiny, so we created one for ourselves and so far the result has proven promising.” What happened with “After the Dawn” and its unanimously favorable reception can be likened to how sleepers like “Slumdog Millionaire,” “The Hangover,” or even “Star Wars” dropped onto the film market in their era and came out on the other side with unexpected resounding praise for

some help as “victims,” when some of the 53% like himself and his children have never worked for their wealth, but rather have inherited it and learned how to shelter it and pass it on. Gunnar Myrdal characterized this condition as an “America Dilemma” in his famous 1944 book of the same name: An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy. There is something very disturbing about a presidential candidate who is prone to broadsweeping generalizations that are unsupported by factual information. There is something very disturbing about a presidential candidate who can on the one hand talk about the need for job creation yet denigrate those who receive government assistance because they are disabled or cannot find a livable wage job. Over fourteen years ago, I their execution and resonances with its audiences. “After the Dawn” has been turning heads and hearts ever since the horror community became privy to this tiny little masterpiece that features exceptional supporting cast members including Shane McCaffrey, Aaron Courteau, Tommy Propson and Kelly BarryMiller. Putting it plainly, “After the Dawn” signifies what happens when intelligent minds get their hands on a camera and have no fear of where the story will take them. “Production is in fact, a series of problems needing to be solved,” said Kruex. “We’ve never before experienced what it was like to turn around a full feature. Both Jones and I have created short films and commercial works, but to take on a feature is nothing short of crazy. However, what our practice runs had provided us with were the tools to get projects done quickly, with quality, and on reasonable budgets that when

wrote a book review on Making Ends Meet: How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work by Kathryn Edin and Laura Lein, published by the Russell Sage Foundation in 1997. What Edin’s and Lein’s research showed was a group of women (members of the 47%) who were expert managers of extremely limited resources. I wrote: Making Ends Meet is a successful use of ethnographic and quantitative data sources designed to refute these gross social (and often racially biased) stereotypes. The book should educate all to the harsh realities of women who live on welfare or work minimum-wage unskilled jobs. Expert managers, these women feed, house, and take care of the medical needs of their children with paltry welfare resources and minimum-wage work. Few of us could manage to survive as they do: [Says one of the women

interviewed] “Ask any politician to live off my budget. Live off my minimum-wage job and just a little bit of food stamps—how can he do it? I bet he couldn’t. I’d like him to try it for one month” (p. 148). That challenge is an intriguing one. Could Romney and company (wife, VP candidate, or any of his campaign employees) live for one month like the 47%? I doubt it. So perhaps they can at least read the book. What this study revealed fourteen years ago is still apropos today. Very few people actually live completely off of government assistance. Most supplement by either depending on the generosity of strangers in the form of community and church organizations, charities, and foundations that provide supplemental clothing, groceries, schools supplies, etc. Others participate in the informal

economic sector of bartering (which AARP has now made the new entrepreneurial landscape), receiving occasional funds from relatives, friends, and fathers (who are not permitted to live with them according to welfare regulations, if they receive Aid-toDependent Children subsidies—a fact that ironically promotes the continuation of single-headed households by women). Romney and his supporters have no true understanding of poverty, which Linetta J. Gilbert and Claire Gaudiani, co-founders of The Declaration Initiative, recently wrote about in a Huffington Post blog. They asked the reader to consider how one of the wealthiest countries can tolerate the fact that millions of people (members of the 47%) live in poverty. Americans value fairness. Yet 20.5 million Americans are born into and ensnared in a poverty

trap, never getting a fair break. What has happened to America’s promise that everyone get access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? If he actually believes that the vast majority of those who receive public assistance or government support in the form of earned benefits feel entitled, then he is removed from the vast majority of the American populace. And, he has no business running for president, much less being elected.

Triwar Pictures and Chasing Autumn production companies and African film producer Reggie Anderson’s company, End Time Harvest Entertainment. The film is already attracting interest in Hollywood on both the financing and talent front, and might see its lead character be portrayed by one of professional wrestling’s current hotshot fighters. The producers are concealing the name until they have inked a deal with the actor, but rest assured “Jobe” is going to pack some serious star power. Apart from seeking more investors alongside the few they have already acquired Kruex, Jones, and Anderson will also be seeking out production funds through a crowd funding campaign with the company Indiegogo as well as other inkind donations. The campaign is expected to launch early next month. “Jones and I have sparked the interest of people very capable of increasing our efforts in a business sense (with) things like working with named talent, distribution houses and larger productions,” said Kruex. “Our next project is on the slate to be shot before the end of the year. We are working to attach some incredible names and already have partial funding.” The local filmmaker said “Jobe” is a classic story with a

series of twists. “The film is an incredible modern take on a biblical story I grew up with as a child. I feel it’s a moral, yet exciting tale that should be repackaged for the youth of today (and) perhaps bring some light into the world while also entertaining mass audiences visually. The film is clean, but at the same time so heavy. It will feel intense. But then religion is just that, intense and driven,” said Kruex. Kruex said the new film is the type film Hollywood wants to produce. “It will be a subject matter that hasn’t been addressed in fiction in quite some time, and I believe it will touch a lot of people at a time (when) people need something more in life,” said Kruex. “It is our job to entertain and appeal to mass audiences and with next year’s Hollywood trend being biblical adaptations, we are right in line with what is the next product distributors will be looking for.” To find out more about these two incredible new filmmakers and to support their work by either donating to their newest film endeavor “Jobe” or purchasing a copy of “After the Dawn” please visit their websites www. or www.

WANTED: CARING AND COMPASSIONATE PRESIDENT Electing Romney will cement the dangerous direction in which America has been moving in which we are becoming entrenched as a society firmly divided between the have and have not’s. The Depression

47% TURN TO 14

Triwar pictures / Chasing Autumn Films

Nicole Kruex, the star of the movie viewed tend to look much higher in quality than expected.” Kruex shared her thoughts on what she learned through their journey with “After the Dawn.” “We learned what it really takes to make a movie and what steps we need to consider as we find ourselves at the next level of filmmaking,” said Kruex. “One of those things (is) how to build a marketable product as well as an

artistic one. That, in all honesty, is really what filmmaking is about in the business world. It’s about how to make art that is also profitable.” Currently the duo of Jones and Kruex, are working on their second feature film entitled “Jobe” based on the biblical story, which will be a blend of the Christian and horror film genres. “Jobe” is a collaboration between Jones’ and Kruex’s

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Private prisons in our midst By Sharon Brooks I have 1980s babies. Yeah, those good guys are always on to the latest sayings, the coolest moves and of course, the latest trends. 1980s babies seem to know quite a bit about what’s “in” and what’s not. And in the most intelligent ways,

Eggs From 10 time) have shown that in healthy individuals, egg consumption at a level of 6 eggs per week does not increase risk of stroke, heart attack or death. These studies have suggested that for diabetics, there may be a slight increased risk of stroke or heart disease (over the long term) with higher levels of egg consumption. Although it should be noted that these studies were not designed to be able to give a clear answer on this question. The information that was clearly gathered in this large group study said that six eggs each week did not increase risk of strokes, heart attack or death. Studies of individuals eating eggs Keeping this in mind, in a study of overweight men where more than 50% of the participants had metabolic syndrome (a condition that is often an early stage leading to diabetes) were placed on low carbohydrate diets and divided into two groups: one group received 3 eggs per day for 12 weeks in addition to their low carb diet, the other group received an egg substitute. At the end of the study, all individuals had lost weight, there was no change in total cholesterol in the 2 groups

Ashford From 9 Ashford’s family moved to Omaha, Neb. in 1945, and eventually the recipe was handed down from Ashford’s father to his brother. In 1973, Ashford moved to Minneapolis and in 1978 he was given the recipe from his brother and has been perfecting it ever since. Like his father, Ashford has embraced his community and is working hard to establish and grow his brand. In 2011, Ashford cooked at the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center’s commercialgrade kitchen. For his latest batch, he worked with Fischer’s United Supply in Northeast Minneapolis. Ashford is also connected to the North Minneapolis Business Center, a small business incubator located at 2201 N. 2nd St. The incubator is home to several unique businesses and entrepreneurs. “The reason I set up this incubator was because when I started my distribution business after a layoff, I could not find a small office with warehouse space,” said Dennis Werneke, owner of American Chemical,

these babies are not afraid to speak their minds. They can be straight, gay, professional, artistic, political and wealthy; many of them have achieved the status of millionaire in a variety of ways. That’s why I’m baffled as to why so many of these creative children from the 1980s are silently allowing themselves to

be ripped off of their adulthood by entering into the prison system. African-American males ages 30-34 have the highest incarceration rate of any race or ethnicity. Some blame rap music, some blame drugs, while even others want to say the media is the culprit. However, when all is said and done, most times it boils down

to a combination of personal decisions and menacing laws. Private prisons in America are banking on lobbyist to keep fighting for senseless laws that may seem trivial, but are effective in keeping our 1980s babies (and many, many younger adults) in their prisons allowing them to stay full. States such as Arizona,

Ohio, Illinois – and the biggest banker of all private prisons to date – Louisiana, are raking in big bucks on our babies. None of the private prisons have been proven to benefit anyone except their owners. In fact, the grossly unmonitored private prisons haven’t proven much of anything – and don’t have to prove anything. Today, I am

calling out to our intelligent brood of those born in the 1980s to reach out and stop the feeding of these prisons. Use that trendy way you have of getting everybody’s attention, through books, music, dance, movies – whatever. Let them know that we can beat them. We can put prisons in bankruptcy by not joining them.

and the HDL (good) cholesterol level had actually increased in the egg group. Also, only 10% of the group still had metabolic syndrome and they were in the non-egg eating group. So in 3 months of regular high level egg consumption (3 eggs per day), the entire treatment group was able to improve their cholesterol numbers and reverse their metabolic syndrome. What about eggs for people that already have high cholesterol? In another research study, individuals with high cholesterol who were taking cholesterol medication were enrolled in a 12 week study and were advised to eat 3 eggs per day. At the end, their HDL (good) cholesterol increased and their bad cholesterol remained unchanged. Thus, eggs only had a good or no effect on the patient’s cholesterol numbers.

picture. Eating a daily egg in the context of a unhealthy diet is not going to be beneficial. However, for individuals who are adding eggs as part of an overall eating plan that lowers the amount of saturated fats (the type found in red meat, other animal fats, etc.) and increases physical activity there is likely to be benefit. Remember also that the quality of eggs matter. I recommend buying the best eggs that you can afford. Free range and organic are the best bet, especially in light of recent food safety and animal cruelty issues with factory farmed eggs. Now that you understand the research behind eggs and that in moderate amounts they do not appear to increase bad cholesterol or cardiovascular disease risk, it is time to rethink eggs. Think about eggs for breakfast and also about incorporating them at other times of day: as healthy mid-morning snack or an omelet with veggies for an affordable, low cost, protein-rich dinner. The information contained herein should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Please check with a healthcare provider if you suspect you are ill.

Dr. Winbush is a family physician practicing at NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center. She has a strong interest in wellness

and patient education to help individuals feel empowered to optimize their health and functioning. To leave suggestions

for future articles and for additional resources and citations as mentioned in the article visit

So, what are we to make of the evidence? Eat some eggs (but hold the bacon) Based on well-performed, large scale trials, egg consumption on the order of ~ 1 egg/day or less appears safe with no impacts on cardiovascular disease or mortality. Levels of significantly more than one egg per day are likely safe in individuals who do not have diabetes. In diabetics, there may be some increased risk of disease at intakes of 1 egg per day or greater, but as always we need to look at the overall who started the incubator. “There was plenty of space available if I wanted 10,000 feet or more but nothing small. Thus I realized an opportunity in the making. I said to myself that if the opportunity ever arose, that I would purchase a large building and carve it up into small spaces so that other entrepreneurs would have a chance to get their businesses off the ground.” Werneke connected Ashford to SCORE, an organization that connects volunteers to small business entrepreneurs and provides confidential, no-charge business counseling and low-cost workshops. Ashford continues to be optimistic that his business will continue to grow, thanks in part to his new bookkeeper and a business mentor from the Minneapolis chapter of SCORE. Although Ashford has seen increased success and well deserved recognition with the barbecue sauce, like many entrepreneurs, he continues to work part-time. Ashford is a bus driver for Lorenz Bus Company. He also worked for many years as a commercial artist doing mainly air brush work, but had to give it up after a surgery on his neck left him with diminished sensitivity in his hand.

Grass Roots Gourmet in the Midtown Global Market was the first store to sell his sauces, followed by the EastSide Food Coop. Now eight different Hy-Vee grocery stores carry the barbecue sauce. In all, people can now find the sauces at 11 stores throughout Minnesota and four in Omaha. On the Northside, So-Low Grocery on Emerson Avenue North keeps it in stock, as does Festival Foods in Brooklyn Center. For BilyRay’s, the proof is truly in the pudding – or sauce. All varieties of the sauce taste amazing because they are made with the utmost care and with all natural ingredients, unlike most barbecue sauces. BilyRay’s sauces are not made with a ketchup base, and there is not a single unrecognizable ingredient in them. On all but one occasion, every store owner that has tasted the product has agreed to sell BilyRay’s. With any luck, you will soon be able to find it everywhere condiments are sold. Our advice is to get the sauce, and get grilling. To purchase the sauce directly, or to contact Ashford, call 612-418-8311 or visit his website at www.

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COMMUNITY Calendar • Classifieds Send Community Calendar information to us by email:, by fax: 612.588.2031, by phone: 612.588-1313 or by mail: 1815 Bryant Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55411. Free or low cost events preferred.

EVENTS 2012 Healthy Foods Summit Oct. 1 Join in a conversation with acclaimed vegan soul food chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry about how you can honor your soul food traditions and other food traditions while finding ways to eat better and have better health on Monday, Oct. 1, 7–8:30 p.m., Urban Research and Outreach– Engagement Center, 2001 North Plymouth Ave., Minneapolis, MN. $25, scholarships available. Registration: w w w. a r b o r e t u m . u m n . edu/2012HealthyFoodsSummit. aspx or call 952-443-1422. University of St. Thomas Graduate School Fair Oct. 2 Representatives from College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, Leadership and Counseling, School of Engineering including Graduate Programs in Software, School of Law, School of Social Work, Opus College of Business, and St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity will be available to share info and answer questions. Graduate Financial Aid and other Student Support Services will also be in attendance. FREE. Oct 2, 4–7pm at St. Paul Campus

Anderson Student Center. Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Health & Fitness Expo Oct. 5 – 6 The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Health & Fitness Expo returns to the Saint Paul RiverCentre – Exhibit Halls A & B on Friday, Oct. 5 - Noon - 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6 - 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. The expo is free and open to the public. Attendees can enjoy free seminars by a host of celebrated running experts and enthusiasts. The Saint Paul RiverCentre is located at 175 West Kellogg Blvd, Saint Paul, MN 55102. For more information visit website at “Navigating Children’s Mental Health: A Parent’s Guide” Oct 6 Learn about parenting challenges and when and how to seek help for a child. Speaker Elizabeth Burns, author of Tilt: Every Family Spins on its Own Axis, will share the compelling tale of her struggle to cope with her own family’s mental illness and autism. Event also includes other speakers, a resource fair and info booth, refreshments and craft activities for kids. Oct 6, 9:30am–12pm at East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center 2307 17th Avenue South MPLS, MN 55404 Event is free, but register at epsportsmom@ or call 612.825.9615. Change Your Pace and help the Joy Project fight eating disorders Oct 6 Unique ( leisurely/at your own pace) 5k walk to help broaden and deepen the impact of the

Phone: 612.588.1313

Joy Project and actively raising money to fight eating disorders. Dress as your own challenge to the breakneck pace and unrealistic standards set by the media and societal pressure or come as you are, costumes are entirely optional. Registration closes Thur., Oct. 4 2012 at 11:59pm. Event takes place on Sat., Oct.6, 2012 at 10am, Lake Como 1330 N Lexington Parkway St. Paul. Visit for more info or for registration and event details visit: http://www. change-your-pace-5k-to-fighteating-disorders-2012. Saint Paul Public Library Encourages Kids to Get a Move On Now Oct 6 The Saint Paul Public Library is hosting a series of free events to get kids moving! The Get A Move On series includes yoga, dance, and movement exploration workshops. visit www.sppl. org/grade-school/move to see a schedule of events and for more info.

Fax: 612.588.2031

event on the Holocaust as part of their new ‘Exploring Human Rights through the Arts’ series. The film, From Swastika to Jim Crow: Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges, explores the effects of World War II on America in littleknown ways. The documentary will be screened on Wednesday, October 10 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at William Mitchell College of Law in room 245. This film is being shown in collaboration with the Guthrie Theatre’s production of Appomattox (September 29 – November 11) about race in America from the Civil War to the civil rights movement a hundred years later. The screening and discussion are open to the public and no reservations are necessary. The events are free to students and seniors and $10 to the general public. Visit www.worldwithout for more information.


a silent auction of Native arts and the AICF will honor the late Stanley R. Crooks, former Tribal Chairman of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community. The Depot is located at 225 South 3rd Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55401. Hennepin County vehicle auction Oct. 13 Hennepin County vehicle auction scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 13, beginning at 10 a.m., at the Manheim Minneapolis location at 8001 Jefferson Highway in Maple Grove. Registration for bidders is from 8 to 10 a.m. Specifics about the auction are available at For more information about all Hennepin auctions, go to www. or contact Hennepin County Purchasing at 612-348-3181.

West Broadway Farmers Market Announces Second American Indian College Fund Season Now–Oct 19 Gala Oct. 11 Northside grown mushrooms, The American Indian College veggies, fruits, sweet bread, Fund (AICF) will celebrate its quality art, and more. Music, Examining the Holocaust 17th Annual Flame of Hope Gala cooking demonstrations (with through the Arts Oct. 10 at The Depot in Minneapolis, free samples), physical activities World Without Genocide, a Minnesota on Thursday, and classes, art activities, health human rights organization October 11 at 5:30 p.m. to services (i.e. blood pressure headquartered at William Mitchell raise funds for scholarships to checks), and more will take place College of Law, will host a film benefit needy Native students. weekly. New location at the The event will feature Hawthorne Crossings parking Native entertainment, lot, 900 West Broadway Avenue University of Minnesota Extension in Minneapolis, near Center for Community Vitality the intersection of Extension Educator – Leadership and Civic Engagement Assumed Name Bryant and West Moorhead, Minnesota Market 1. State the exact assumed name under Broadway. The Center for Community Vitality of the University of which the business is or will be conducted: hours are Fridays Minnesota Extension enhances Minnesota’s social, economic, civic, and technological capacity in communities. We seek candidates to join our innovative, intelligent, entrepreneurial staff and help Greater Minnesota’s communities build a stronger future.

AT Productions

This Extension Educator meets program area outcome and impact goals through education, outreach, applied scholarship and leveraging of University of Minnesota resources for and with communities in northwest Minnesota. The educator also serves as a member of a statewide program area and will serve on project teams outside the region and/or statewide as determined. Required: A Master’s degree at time of appointment in leadership development or studies (personal and/or community); educational, counseling or clinical psychology; and/or in public engagement, community studies, sociology, social work, communication, adult learning or a closely related field.

3. List the name and complete street address of all persons conducting business under the above Assumed Name OR if an entity, provide the legal corporate, LLC, or Limited Partnership name and registered office address. Attach additional sheet(s) if necessary: Anthony Tunstall, 6457 Zane Avenue North 301, Brooklyn Park, MN 55429

Application Review: The review of applications begins on October 15, 2012. Position will remain open until filled. To learn more about these positions and to apply, visit: @ or call 612-624-3717

47% From 12 democratized poverty and out of it grew a government safety net of programs and policies that are with us today—the New Deal. The civil disobedience and unrest of the 1960s reminded America that it still had not delivered on its promise of access to the American dream for all citizens. Thus, the Poverty programs like Headstart and Job Corp came into existence. We need a resurgence of the New Deal and Poverty programs not an erosion of the support they put in place for citizens who suddenly found themselves dispossessed or who had been relegated to a vicious cycle of what Oscar Lewis described as the

"NRRC informs, engages and facilitates the residents of the Near North and Willard Hay neighborhoods in Minneapolis to be primary agents for improving the social, economic and livability conditions in their community." Northside Residents Redevelopment Council (NRRC) is comprised of 13 districts that represent the residents of Willard-Hay and Near North Neighborhoods. Consider joining the NRRC Board and be a part of this amazing neighbor-driven community organization. This year’s elections will be for odd numbered districts and all open seats in the even district. 2 representatives for each district will be elected in the odd districts. (see map) .The NRRC Board elections will be held October 23, 2012, 8:30 am to 7:45pm at UROC: 2001 Plymouth Avenue

North Minneapolis, MN 55411. NRRC Board positions are volunteer positions and require a minimum time commitment of 4-6 hours per month. Nominations are open until October 18th.If you are interested you may nominate by filling out an application online at or by picking up an application at the NRRC office, located at 1315 Penn Ave N. Minneapolis, MN. Applications are also available at UROC.

Only homes on the side of the street contained within the red district boundary line are included in that district .For more information please contact: Nardal Stroud or Craig Pier or call the NRRC hotline: 612-335-5924

PLEASE NOTE: NRRC's office and meeting spaces are ADA-accessible. We invite and encourage participation by every resident to each NRRC program, service and event. Should you require an accommodation in order for you to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please let us know by contacting us at # 612-335-5924 or at least five days before our event. 

2. State the address of the principal place of business: 6457 Zane Avenue North 301, Brooklyn Park, MN 55429

4. I certify that I am authorized to sign this certificate and I further certify that I understand that by signing this certificate, I am subject to the penalties of perjury as set forth in Minnesota Statues section 609.48 as if I had signed this certificate under oath. Signed by: Anthony Tunstall Date Filed: 09/19/2012 Insight News 10/1/2012, 10/8/2012

“culture of poverty.” What Lewis finally acknowledged, after much critiques of the fact that his theory seemed to blame people for their own impoverishment, was that there is no gene or biological impetus that makes people poor; rather, it is the social structure that rewards the wealthy takers who can hoard their wealth, and penalizes the poor who for a variety of reasons, including racism, sexism, immigrant status, religion, and a myriad of other “isms”, are unable to tap into the resources. It’s not biology that makes people poor, it is an unfair distribution of wealth (yes, I said distribution) in which the wealthy invest heavily in systems of inequality that help them maintain their edge and keep others out. Romney’s children will inherit their part of the wealthy earth because he has sequestered his money in the Cayman Islands, taken advantage of government tax reforms that privilege the

from 3pm to 7pm. All who walk or bike to the market can enter to win a $25 voucher for market goods. For updates and to sign up for the weekly email newsletter visit or for any questions contact Alicia at 612.353.5178 or at marketmanager@westbroadway. org MN-NAME’s annual equity and education conference Oct 27 Focus on action and sustainability for educational equity. Sat. Oct 27, 8:30–3pm at Robbinsdale Cooper High School. As low as $35 per person, depending on the type of registration. Contact Jennifer Heimlich at 952. 988.4637. NorthPoint Health & Wellness ART GALLERY Presents The Photography of Donald Sparks Now–Nov 2 Covering multiple sports and other artistic and historical subjects, these rarely seen images include some of the great names in sports and the arts such as Jackie Robinson, Wilma Rudolph, Hank Aaron and Duke Ellington. NorthPoint Health & Wellness 1313 Penn Ave N. Mpls MN 55411. Mon. & Fri. 8:30am– 5pm, Tues.–Thur. 8:30am–7pm, Sat. 8am–12pm. Contact Helene Woods at 612.543.2549 for more info.

Enrollment opens for 2012 / 2013 Saint Paul Citizen’s Police Academy Dec 19–Feb 27 Classes begin Dec. 19 and continue through Feb. 27on Nature’s Edge Wed. evenings 6:30–9:30pm. 4222 Clearwater Road 25 community members will Affordable Housing participate in training modeled in a Beautiful Natural Setting after the Police Academy program 2BR Starting @ $660/Mo. 3BR Starting @ $760/Mo. that police officers complete. No Call today! 320-203-7726 cost to CPA participants. The Income Guidelines Apply CPA is not intended to serve as accredited law enforcement courses but merely to provide insight to the internal workings of the police Looking for Christian Roommates? d e p a r t m e n t . North & South Minneapolis * $400/month + utilities Applications due by Oct. 15 612-910-6054 / are available by calling CPA RENTALS Coordinator Remodeled duplex units in East St. Paul. Don Luna at Income Restricted, EHO. 651-430-1888 or 651. 266.5583.

wealthy, sent his children to private schools to ensure that they have the best education that money can buy, and now wants to be President so he can ensure that a small wealthy (usually white) segment of the society will rule (sort of like a wealthy aristocracy) over the vast majority of us who do not have such privilege in order to keep us (the 47% and some of the others at the poorer end of the other 57% )in our place. I am, and probably will always be, a member of the 47%. And I’m damn proud of it. I will also vote to give Obama another opportunity to try and steer this country into a future where disparities in employment, health, education, and opportunities will diminish— their disappearance may take another American Revolution. I am not naïve enough to think that with a Republican majority in key places that President Obama can

eradicate these issues in the next four years. But he may be able to make some headway in reducing them, and should be given the opportunity to give it the good ole American try. Hell, his distractors may just “get a life” and stop being oppositional. They might also get voted out of office in the next season of elections—wishful thinking on my part. I pray that President Obama will increase taxes. I am ready to pay my fair share, minus the tax loopholes that I’ve learned from people like Romney. The wealthy one percent who feels entitled to their wealth must recognize that it wasn’t earned without the tax breaks from the very “big” government their Republican presidential candidate want to eliminate. America needs a president over the next four years, as we try to recover from an economic disaster that took years to develop, who is intelligent, thoughtful, caring, and compassion. Those qualities point to only one logical candidate: Barack Hussein Obama, the incumbent President of the United States of America. A vote for presidential candidate Barack Obama will be a vote of support for 47% of the American people whom Romney has dismissed, and who by their right as a citizen deserve someone who actually believes that they are entitled (yeah—I said it) to have access to all the resources and opportunities this country has to offer without having to encounter barriers of race, class, gender, immigrant status, disabilities, age, religion, sexual preference, and the like. Now that’s the America I want to live in and the one I’m voting for. I will cast my vote for a man who fought for Obamacare over Romneydisdain any day. So let’s vote in November for a future for all (100%) Americans, and not just a few. ©2012 McClaurin Solutions Irma McClaurin, PhD is the Culture and Education Editor for Insight News of Minneapolis. She is a bio-cultural anthropologist and writer living in Raleigh, NC, the Principal of McClaurin Solutions (a consulting business), and a former university president. ( (@ mcclaurintweets).

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A Cedar-Riverside student casts her ballot in 2008

Vote From 2 in every neighborhood, in every precinct between 2:00 and 5:00, and 5:00 and 8:00 on Election Day (November 6th). The volunteers explain the process to the kids in their precinct, and help ensure that each precinct’s votes are tabulated correctly.

Dralion From 7 Western contemporary circus maneuvers. The show encompasses Chinese mythology and spiritual depth with characters Yao (fire), Gaya (earth), Oceane (water) and Azala (air) as well as Little Buddha and of course the many dralions, which are mythical hybrid dragon and lion creatures. Although the show is rich in its Asian inspired roots, the cast of over 50 characters is inclusive of a multicultural array of faces that together put forth a show that can speak to anyone in any language. Through the language of dance and acrobatic prowess, “Dralion” speaks a language all its own. “When I’m on stage, I’m more comfortable, because dance is the language that I

Judy Farmer

Volunteers code each ballot to reflect the child’s school and grade-level and provide any additional help the child needs to complete his or her ballot. They also need you to take the kids in your life to the polls, and encourage others to do the same. Some students will be voting during the school day, but most of Minneapolis’s kids will not—and so the only option they’ll have will be to

vote between 2:00 and 8:00 on Election Day. Kids don’t need to vote in the precinct where they live, and neither they nor their parents have to be citizens for the kids to vote. For more information about Kids Voting or to volunteer your time, you can contact Will Howell at will@ or 612-568-VOTE.

have to show to people,” said African actress Dioman Gbou. “I am the African dancer in the show, ‘Gaya the Earth Element.’ When I’m on stage I want people to know who I am, what I’m doing and which role I’m doing on stage. The communication is with my dance, with my movement, and what I’m sharing with all the rest of the elements.” Gbou was last here as a performer in the late 1990s with “Dralion.” During her stay she developed a sheer warmth and fondness for Minneapolis and its welcoming community. Gbou was so fond of the area, she later returned to the Twin Cities to buy a house and start a life here. For me, stand out acts in this production were Aerial Pas De Deux, a performance where a young couple take their love airborne – as one, they defy gravity and overthrow fear while intertwined in silk

ropes which perfectly illustrate the soft and sensual coils perusing their love, Spirits, an aerial ballet performed by four couples, and Dralions, a magnificent blend of Chinese acrobats and dralions performing incredible stunts and eye catching feats. Cirque du Soleil’s “Dralion” is a production that will capture your heart. If you didn’t get a chance to witness the magic this time, make sure you’re in the building the next time this beautiful show comes back to town.

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His Works United Photo ID Amendment Survey

Make Your Voice Heard A change to the Minnesota Constitution is proposed that would require a “valid” Photo ID to be presented before being able to exercise the right to vote. This amendment is being offered on the ballot this November and is presented as a means of preventing voter fraud, even though there has been no voter fraud in the state of Minnesota. This is a part of a national effort to suppress the votes of a range of people who are historically less likely to have State Photo ID’s including African Americans, elderly, college students, transitory ones, immigrants etc. and who are more likely to support social justice issues. Email your answer to with the subject line “PHOTO ID”. We will add your name and email address to our database for mobilizing Black Voter Power.

Choose One 1 - I strongly oppose the Photo ID Amendment 2 - I mildly oppose the Photo ID Amendment 3 - I am undecided on the Photo ID Amendment 4 - I mildly support the Photo ID Amendment 5 - I strongly support the Photo ID Amendment

Creative Commons

2012 presidential debate schedule October 3, 2012 Topic: Domestic policy Air Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time Participants: President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Moderator: Jim Lehrer (Host of NewsHour on PBS) October 11, 2012 Vice Presidential Topic: Foreign and domestic policy Air Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time Participants: Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan Moderator: Martha Raddatz (ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent) October 16, 2012 Topic: Town meeting format including foreign and domestic policy Air Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time Participants: President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Moderator: Candy Crowley (CNN Chief Political Correspondent) October 22, 2012 Topic: Foreign policy Air Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time Participants: President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Moderator: Bob Schieffer (Host of Face the Nation on CBS) Visit website for debate details:

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Insight News for the week of October 1, 2012. Insight News is the community journal for news, business and the arts serving the Minneapolis...